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umop-apisdnany networking gurus present? i'm trying to get iptables to do what i want it to, and it's not playing fair (ie, it's not being psychic and doing everything i wish it would out of the box)12:29
umop-apisdnmy system: ubuntu server 6.06, using iptables and aliased external interface12:30
umop-apisdnmy problem: internal machines all appear as x.x.x.194, when i want them to be specific ip addresses (for instance, when i hit www.ipchicken.com, i want machine a to appear to be x.x.x.195, and machine b to appear to be x.x.x.196)12:31
umop-apisdnnon-specific machines should still appear as x.x.x.194, of course12:32
leonelumop-apisdn: you need to setup   nat translation    not  masquerade12:45
leonelumop-apisdn:  nat    one to one12:45
umop-apisdnyeah, my linux guru buddy is explaining that to me on the phone right now, between calling me an idiot, and virtually slapping the back of my head ;)12:46
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kayevening all01:03
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ScatterbrainAny LAMP guys/gals here?01:39
kaywhat is problem ?01:48
Scatterbrainkay: I'm trying to find out if putting a production LAMP server into a vmWare Server Virtual Machine, and then using snapshots of that VM is a good thing.01:50
ScatterbrainMainly for backups - but also doing fault tolorence in a dirty way.01:51
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ka1can someone help with php install ? i got it broken somehow it seems03:01
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leonelka1:  what errors  you have ?03:07
ka1hey leonel03:23
ka1i think i manage to fix somthing . but now i get problem with index.php not showing03:24
ka1when i press link it gives me option to save it :/03:25
ka1http://h15opatija.selfip.org/3t , web server is working but not showing php page03:26
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zobboUbuntu server comes with ntpdate-debian installed by default. Seems to be called by network up. Do most of you people stick it in a daily cron job as well ?06:47
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kayi still didnt manage to solve php problem, seems there is broken package i cant fix. can someone help ?07:23
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Kamping_Kaiserzobbo, i run ntp-server09:15
zobboKamping_Kaiser, ta, I'll take a look09:16
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acer_fusionquestion on ubu-server ed.12:18
acer_fusionwant to use it as thin client server....12:18
Kamping_Kaisershould be easy enough12:18
acer_fusionwell for you mebbe, hehe12:19
acer_fusioncan i run a few questions by yo?12:19
Kamping_Kaisershould be a package ltsp-server and ltsp-server-standalone (or there is on dapper)12:20
acer_fusionmachine is all setup... lamp works great...12:21
Kamping_Kaiserit should do 90something% of the work12:21
acer_fusionshould the machine have two nics?12:21
Kamping_Kaiserdoesnt need to12:21
acer_fusionok.. then on the client machines... PXE boot, then?12:22
acer_fusionlinks to good docs??12:22
Kamping_Kaiserpxe is easiest12:22
Kamping_Kaiserum, i dont have any handy - theres good guides on the wiki12:22
acer_fusioni did ubuntu 7.04 server ed... it should be all setup? and a client should just connect?12:23
Kamping_Kaiserdo you have services like dhcp+nfs running currently? if not, install the -standalone pacakge, and you should be good to go12:24
acer_fusionok.. but what if i already have dhcp on the network?12:25
Kamping_Kaiserserved by another system?12:25
Kamping_Kaiserdoes it support dhcp options, or just sit there and spam the network?12:26
Kamping_Kaiserif you can, turn it off in the router12:26
acer_fusionubu server will act as router? I suppose I can set it all up separately just to get started...12:28
Kamping_Kaiserit doesnt need to do the routing, just the dhcp12:28
acer_fusioni gues my prob is there are windows machines and edubuntu machines on the network as well...12:29
acer_fusionwould they all get ips from the ubu server?12:29
acer_fusionthe wiki is on the bu site?12:31
Kamping_Kaiseralso, help.ubuntu.com/community12:32
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Hoempapaahi all, I'm facing this problem when I do apt-get install mysql-server-5.0: http://pastie.caboo.se/10686603:34
Kamping_Kaiserwhich ubuntu release?03:35
HoempapaaI'm using 7.04 server :)03:36
=== Kamping_Kaiser waits for his internet connection to grind along
Kamping_Kaiserdamn sharing 64k/s between 4 systems ;|03:37
=== Kamping_Kaiser is counting down the days until his connection works again
Kamping_Kaisercan you have a look https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=mysql&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch=&field.has_no_package=03:40
Kamping_Kaiserperhaps cleaning up the search terms just to see if your problems been reported?03:40
Kamping_Kaiseralso, is this the latest update?03:40
Hoempapaayes, I did a dist-upgrade and a normal update/grade just 2 mins. ago03:41
HoempapaaI'm gonna take a look at the url you gave me :)03:43
Kamping_Kaiserdist-upgrade to udpate an existing fiesty? not an update from edgy?03:43
Hoempapaayes, I was updating an existing feisty install03:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 113065 in mysql-dfsg "mysql-server-5.0 does not install on AMD64" [Undecided,New] 03:47
Kamping_Kaiserstill waiting for it to load ;)03:48
Hoempapaabut i'm not getting the "/etc/mysql/conf.d/old_passwords.cnf: No such file or directory" error03:48
Hoempapaaweird thing is, it worked just fine03:49
Hoempapaabut just one week ago I also did an update/grade, and I think that's when things got broken03:49
Kamping_Kaiserits the same version.03:50
Kamping_Kaiserdo you have the file "/etc/mysql/conf.d/old_passwords.cnf ?03:51
Hoempapaa# sudo touch /etc/mysql/conf.d/old_passwords.cnf03:51
Hoempapaadoesn't give an error :)03:51
Kamping_Kaiserit shouldnt.03:51
Kamping_Kaiserit should either create the file, or update its timestamp03:52
Hoempapaaah okay03:52
=== Hoempapaa isn't an ubuntu-pro
Kamping_KaiserHoempapaa, can you look for a file with a name similar to /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.0.config (i'm guessing) and near the top add a line 'set evx'03:53
Kamping_Kaiserneither :)03:53
HoempapaaI added set evx just below #!/bin/bash -e03:55
Kamping_Kaiserthat should be fine.03:55
Kamping_Kaisernow rerun `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade` or `sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.003:55
Hoempapaastill the same..03:56
Hoempapaa: (03:56
Hoempapaainvoke-rc.d: initscript mysql, action "start" failed.03:56
Kamping_Kaiserit should have been verbose - eg filled your screen with debugging crap03:56
Hoempapaaoh.. I guess something went wrong then. The output hasn't changed03:57
Kamping_Kaiserif it didnt, "subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1"  might indicate something like /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.0.postconf03:57
Kamping_KaiserHoempapaa, its quite likely i asked you to change the wrong file.03:57
Kamping_Kaiserjust a tic, i'm going to try and find a list of files in the package ;)03:58
Kamping_Kaiserquestion to anyone: who do we file bugs with about packages.ubuntu.com and its colouring?04:00
Hoempapaaokay, ls /var/lib/dpkg/info tells me I have those files: mysql-server-5.0.conffiles, config, list, md5sums, postinst, postrm, preinst, prerm and templates04:00
Hoempapaathose = these04:00
Kamping_Kaiseryou want postinst i think04:01
Hoempapaapostinst called with unknown argument 'evx'04:02
Hoempapaa(but hey, we have the right file :))04:02
Kamping_Kaiser'set evx' ?04:02
Kamping_Kaiseror `set -evx` (cant remember)04:02
=== Hoempapaa changed it to set -evx, we'll see what happens :)
Hoempapaaah, the debug crap is here :)04:03
Kamping_Kaiseri just noticed, the .config script references /bin/bash - afaik thats officaly a bug04:03
Kamping_KaiserHoempapaa, yay :)04:03
Kamping_Kaisercan you do another pastebin with all the crap?04:04
Hoempapaasure, just a sec: )04:04
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Kamping_Kaiserzobbo, shakespear?04:04
HoempapaaKamping_Kai: http://pastie.caboo.se/10687604:05
zobboKamping_Kaiser, well spotted :)04:06
Kamping_Kaiserzobbo, :)04:06
Kamping_KaiserHoempapaa, nothing springs out to me as causing the problem. can you run `sudo /etc/init.d/mysql-server restart` (or whetver the script is)04:09
Kamping_Kaiserthen check syslog with `tail -n 30 /var/log/syslog` and see if theres any helpful output there04:09
Kamping_Kaiser'./mysql/host.frm' is an absolute path - unfortunately i dont know if thats meant to be the case04:13
Kamping_Kaiseri suggest 'locate host.frm' and see if anything turns up04:14
=== Kamping_Kaiser is about out of suggestions
Hoempapaahost.frm is in /var/lib/mysql/mysql04:17
Hoempapaamaybe I can remove all mysql-related stuff and then make a 'fresh' mysql install?04:17
Hoempapaacd /04:18
Hoempapaahaha, wrong window :\04:18
Kamping_Kaiseryou could try, but i doubt you can.04:18
Kamping_Kaiserlooks like the problem there is with your databases (for what little i know about mysql) - incorrect ownership for example04:19
Kamping_KaiserHoempapaa, you should try #mysql (if your not already), theres probably people there who can set you strait04:22
Hoempapaahmm.. I think it has something to do with corrupted tables04:23
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Hoempapaadoes anyone have the /etc/mysql dir for me? I just removed it04:23
Kamping_Kaisercould be. thats *definately* outside area04:23
Kamping_Kaiserfeisty's version no.04:23
Kamping_Kaiseri can tell you how to extract the vanila config out of a deb though04:24
Hoempapaaokay :)04:25
Hoempapaamysql is installing fine right now, I think. but it can't start cause some files in /etc/mysql are missing04:26
Hoempapaa(which I don't get, cause they should be created at the install, right?)04:26
Kamping_Kaiserdpkg -x /var/cache/apt/archives/mysql-common* ~/mysql04:26
Kamping_Kaiserthen look in ~/mysql for ./etc/mysql/*04:26
Kamping_Kaiseryes tehy should04:26
Hoempapaaah, I think I have the problem04:28
HoempapaaI just installed mysql-server04:28
Hoempapaabut since the /etc/mysql files are created by mysql-common..04:28
Hoempapaaso I did a apt-get remove mysql-common04:28
Hoempapaaand now just apt-get install mysql-server again :)04:28
Hoempapaa(which also installs mysql-common)04:29
Kamping_Kaiserhow can you not install mysql-common with mysql-server?04:29
HoempapaaWHOOP WHOOP! It works!04:30
Hoempapaa(at least no errors or something :))04:30
Kamping_Kaisermysql-common (>= 5.0.38-0ubuntu1.1)04:30
Kamping_Kaiser    mysql database common files (e.g. /etc/mysql/my.cnf)04:30
Kamping_Kaiser^^ mysql-server-5.0 depends on mysql-common04:30
Kamping_KaiserHoempapaa, :)04:30
Kamping_Kaiserbad configuration files?04:31
HoempapaaI had mysql-common already installed, but removed the /etc/mysql dir.. so there were no dependency probs :)04:31
Hoempapaathanks for helping me out! :)04:31
Kamping_Kaisernp. hope it helps04:32
=== Kamping_Kaiser is still unsure what was causing the issues ;)
Hoempapaacan't say exactly.. but I guess corrupt tables04:33
=== Kamping_Kaiser has no active irc channels atm :( wonder what to do
Kamping_Kaiserdid you replace the tables, or just the configuration?04:34
Kamping_Kaisertables a4rnt stored in /etc/04:34
Hoempapaarm -r /etc/mysql /var/lib/mysql04:34
Kamping_Kaiserah, lol.04:36
Kamping_Kaiseri'll go with the tables theory in that case :)04:36
Hoempapaame too :)04:39
Kamping_Kaiseri was hoping to get a pile of hacking done tonight. dont think i'm going to :(04:40
Hoempapaahm, why not?04:42
Kamping_Kaiserto tired.04:42
Hoempapaaah, i see :)04:42
Kamping_Kaiserdidnt go and buy redbull earlier, so nothign to fight the tiredness04:42
=== Kamping_Kaiser is watching his updates download for crying out loud ;)
Hoempapaawhy the hell does phpmyadmin need to be 2.1 mb in size? :x04:43
Hoempapaa(and I downloaded the .tar.gz2)04:44
Hoempapaag =b04:44
Kamping_Kaiserfancy artwork?04:44
Kamping_Kaiserit should be packaged i thought04:44
Hoempapaai guess it's the nice skin indeed.. ;)04:44
NafalloKamping_Kaiser: it is. in universe.04:59
Kamping_KaiserNafallo, i would have been supprised if it was missing05:00
Nafallonafallo@wizard:~$ apt-cache show phpmyadmin | grep ^Section05:00
NafalloSection: universe/web05:00
Hoempapaahmm, but if I do: apt-get install phpmyadmin, where does it get installed?05:01
HoempapaaI'm having a fancy webroot structure you know ;)05:01
Nafallodpkg -L phpmyadmin05:01
Hoempapaahm, needs to be installed first :)05:02
Kamping_Kaiserpackages.ubuntu.com lets you look05:02
Kamping_Kaisersearch the package, the select 'file list' or 'list of files'05:02
Hoempapaaand it depends on libapache2-mod-php505:03
Hoempapaawhich (ofcourse) isn't true.05:04
HoempapaaIt should work just fine on lighty too.05:04
Kamping_Kaiserit should depend on httpd (or whatever the alternative is)05:06
Hoempapaaso until that's fixed, I'll just go to phpmyadmin.net and uploadi t myself :)05:06
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Kamping_Kaisergnight all05:16
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ScottKIf there's anyone around this weekend that knows about dbconfig-common stuff, Bug #105542 looks like it'd be worth fixing before release if we can.09:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 105542 in mantis "package mantis is not installing properly" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10554209:00
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Centaur5Could anybody give me an idea of what to research if my squidguard proxy is allowing me to visit youtube and hotmail but I can't login to e-mail or watch videos. Also windows updates don't go through.10:52
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