AfCPeng, nilton: there is a mans whereby you can transparently, internally redirect a http:// request to a mod_python running a Bazaar server instance. It's purported to work from http:// although that may still be a bug.12:05
AfCGood morning12:05
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Alien|Freakis there a guide for importing an svn tree to bzr?12:52
jelmerAlien|Freak: not really - what sort of information are you lookjing for?12:54
Alien|Freakit's just one project really.. but I want to import the history from an svn repo to a bzr repo12:55
jelmerAlien|Freak, the bzr-svn plugin has a svn-import command that can do that01:06
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jdubhey folks02:30
jdubbzr-rebase is still not available in gusty02:30
jdubwhich is problematic for folks already using bzr-svn02:30
jdubso i've installed bzr-rebase from debian02:44
jdubbut get the following on svn-upgrade:02:44
jdubUsing saved location: http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-mu/trunk02:44
jdubbzr: ERROR: Repository KnitRepository('file:///home/jdub/src/wordpress/wpmu/.bzr/') is not compatible with repository SvnRepository('http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-mu')02:44
jdub(which is the same as what i get with merge)02:45
jduboh, rm02:45
jdubshared repo02:45
jdubjelmer: ping02:47
jelmer'morning jdub :-)02:47
jdubhi :-)02:47
jelmerThe local repository has to be upgraded to a newer format ('bzr upgrade --dirstate-with-subtree')02:47
jdubhrm, is there a reason why bzr upgrade doesn't change to that by default?02:48
jelmerthat format is only required by subtrees, which aren't the supported yet02:49
jelmerand it's not the default format02:49
jduboh, another problem -> bzr-svn recommends bzr-rebase >= 0.202:49
jdubdebian only has 0.102:50
jdubam i safe? :)02:50
jelmerjdub: No, I'd recommend using the branch of bzr-rebase for now02:51
jelmeralso, it looks like gutsy is two releases behind for bzr-svn :-/02:51
jdubi can just branch those into ~/.bazaar/plugins, right?02:52
jelmerlifeless: Any chance we can update that before gutsy?02:53
jdubhttps://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-svn/trunk <- this branch?02:54
jelmernope - that's the next unstable release series, 0.4 is http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/0.402:55
jdubhttps://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr-rebase/trunk <- for rebase? :)02:55
jelmeryup (-:02:56
=== jdub relieves his launchpad anxiety
jelmerI think lp:bzr-rebase and lp:bzr-svn as urls should work as well03:02
spivYeah, they do.03:12
jdubcurrently doing svn-upgrade, will report :-)03:13
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jelmerjdub: something broke?03:21
jdubhttp://en.pastebin.ca/735991 <- yeah03:22
jelmerjdub: Argh, this has actually regressed because I don't have rebase here locally so it's not running the testsuite.03:28
jelmerjdub: I'll see if I can fix rebase and release 0.2 tomorrow. Should've been done earlier..03:29
jelmerjdub: Should I email you once I get this fixed?03:29
jdubnot wildly pressing, i'm just pottering around with relaxing maintenance things atm 8)03:30
jdubbut i would like to do some more work on blogo some time ;)03:30
jdubi guess the pressing part of it is that gusty could really do with this stuff updated03:31
jelmerwell, it needs to happen anyway and I keep postponing it03:31
jelmerand yeah, would be nice to have it in gutsy03:32
jelmertime for some sleep first though03:33
jdubciao :)03:34
jdubthanks again03:34
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abentle1jdub: in case it's not clear, dirstate-with-subtree is a watershed, and not currently supported.  So don't convert a shared repo to it unless all the branches are bzr-svn branches.03:45
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jdubabentle1: ah, ok. in this case, they are (or branches of bzr-svn)03:47
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nick125Is there a way to setup a centralized bzr repositority over HTTP without WebDAV?09:15
vilanick125: for read-only access, yes, just serve the .bzr directory and you're done09:25
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jelmerjames_w: were you working on git-like support for branches?03:07
hsn_you mean more branches in one directory? thats pretty evil03:49
jelmerhsn_: Yes, it is. I wouldn't want that to be in bzr as default (because it will be confusing for a lot of users)03:50
jelmerbut it can be pretty useful for C projects03:50
jelmeror large projects03:50
jelmerI now have 10 working trees, all of which take up a lot of space (C files and object files)03:50
hsn_jelmer: dispace is cheap03:51
hsn_human work isn't03:51
jelmerWhy does it cost human work?03:51
jelmeralso, disk space is actually a problem on my machine03:52
jelmer640 Mb per Samba tree * 10 trees = 6 Gb03:52
jelmerthat's a fair share of my 80Gb notebook disk03:52
luksbut do you always use only one branch?03:53
jelmerno, I work on all of these in parallel03:53
luksand how would you build them in parallel with git-like branches?03:54
hsn_you can use shared repos03:54
luksthis is why I personally don't like it03:54
luksI prefer to have multiple branches ready to use03:54
jelmerhsn_: it's not the history that is the problem03:54
jelmerit's the working tree03:54
hsn_whats are benefits of git model vs lightweight checkouts and shared repo?03:56
jelmerluks: when I switch, the build system takes care of building the few files that are different03:56
jelmerhsn_: Each lightweight checkout is still 640 Mb for me03:57
viladoes that include uncommitted changes ?03:57
jelmervila: in git you have to commit changes before switching to a different branch, but I guess you could shelve them in bzr03:57
vilahow does that play with makefiles ?03:58
vilaevery file which has a non-empty diff between branches get touched ?03:59
jelmeryes, and rebuild04:00
vilacan't you just get that with the right merge commands ?04:00
jelmergenerally, I only tend to have a few percent of the files changed between branches04:00
jelmervila: you're right in that it shouldn't be too hard to implement04:01
jelmerjust changing last-revision of the working tree04:01
jelmerand then updating the working tree04:01
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vila'revert -r' followed by  'merge --remember' should address quite a good part of the cases no ?04:02
jelmerI don't think you'd want to do a merge04:03
jelmerthere are also a couple of other things - such as being able to list the possible branches04:03
lukswhat about tree-less branches + one checkout?04:03
vilaluks: that's what we are talking about04:04
jelmerluks: that works, but impossible to push at once04:04
hsn_you cant checkout into directory with checkout?04:04
vilajelmer: I agree that the '-r rev' parameters should be assisted04:05
vilajelmer: what do you mean 'impossible to push at once' you're pushing in one branch at a time04:05
james_wjelmer: I was looking at it. It's not easy though.04:06
james_wjelmer: (there is now git-stash to allow you to switch with changes in the working tree).04:06
jelmerjames_w: should be quite simple - what problems did you hit?04:07
james_wjelmer: there are things like what it means to push in to a branch that is using this system, do you have a default thread that it goes to, or the one that is currently checked out.04:09
james_w(I use thread to try and avoid overloading the branch term).04:09
james_wand from the branch API it is hard to know what the operation is.04:10
jelmerjames_w: Is your work-in-progress published somehwere?04:10
james_wjelmer: no, it's just playing around at the moment. Would you like to see it anyway?04:10
jelmerjames_w: yes, please04:11
james_wThere's no ui to it, just look at threads.py and tests/04:14
james_wI'm not sure but I think it might need to provide a Branch, Repository and WorkingTree, CommitBuilder and others.04:16
james_wor at least API changes may be needed.04:16
james_wtests/test_threads.py is where the interesting stuff is.04:17
james_wAt the moment it is written for quilt style, but it could be adapted for git style.04:17
jelmerhmm, I was thinking of something much simpler04:18
jelmerUI only really, perhaps only a new branch format04:19
james_wI would be interested in your ideas, I'm all for simplicity.04:19
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bialixjelmer: switch command in bzrtools -- may be this is answer for your question?05:27
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jelmerbialix: partially, I'd like to have the branches in one directory, otherwise it's impossible to propagate them05:44
bialixI use repo-push plugin for this task05:44
vilabialix, jelmer, james_w : It looks like you're all having specific  workflows that share many bits, that may be worth documenting if only to understand what can be reused and what should added to bzr (core or plugins)05:56
bialixI don;t use switch, but use repo-push a lot to sync my branches at work and at home via USB d=flash disk05:57
vilajelmer: Is that what you called 'impossible to push at once' ?05:58
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vilajelmer: just trying to understand05:58
jelmervila: there's no way to push a set of 10 branches to a remote machine at once05:59
vilajelmer: only because you don't have the UI you mean ?05:59
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Qhestionhas anyone used the bazaar plugin for eclipse?06:37
hsn_:raises hand06:44
Qhestionhsn: does it work? *sceptical look*06:53
Qhestionoops, misspelled your name... for highlighting only: hsn_06:53
Odd_BlokeQhestion: It's still in alpha/beta, so probably suck-it-and-see is the only way you're going to find out whether it does what you need...06:54
Qhestionthe other way is asking06:54
Odd_BlokeQhestion: The last commit to trunk was 2 days ago.  The odds of someone having used it in the last 2 days being in-channel to answer your question are fairly low.07:00
Qhestionbut chances are07:00
Qhestionand i didnt say "latest version"07:00
Qhestioni just wanted an overall impression07:00
Qhestioni mean - chances are that even the dev of it is here07:01
Qhestioni alread had such situattions07:01
ubotuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.07:01
Qhestionoh forgot that...07:02
Odd_BlokeThe dev is Verterok, who's not in channel ATM.07:02
Qhestionok, thank you07:02
Qhestionbut it anyway was just a try07:02
Qhestioni think i will stick to the console and come back in half a year...07:03
Qhestionthis is what i know, and i know that works :)07:03
Qhestionk, cu07:03
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hsn_element tree is part of python2.5?09:07
nick125hsn_: Yup.09:07
hsn_i am updating wiki windowsinstall page to python 2.5, it seems to be easier09:09
hsn_less packages needed than for python2.409:09
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schierbeckjelmer: ping09:37
jelmerschierbeck, pong09:37
schierbeckcan i ask you something about the viz?09:37
schierbeckit seems weird to me that one must specify the branch being visualized with set_branch()09:38
schierbeckwhen will you ever use the viz without a branch?09:38
schierbeckwouldn't it be more reasonable to specify it in the constructor?09:38
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hsn_maintainer of bzr for win32 around?09:38
jelmerschierbeck: The idea is that eventually it should be possible to visualise a set of branches (like gitk --all)09:38
jelmerhsn_: that's bialix I tihnk09:39
jelmerschierbeck: but I don't think being able to pass it to the constructor is a bad idea09:39
schierbeckjelmer: i'm looking at extracting the treeview into its own file09:39
schierbeckand having to define a set_branch() there, too, seems a bit much09:40
jelmerschierbeck: feel free to remove it if you think that makes sense09:41
schierbeckok :)09:41
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ubotuNew bug: #152746 in bzr "bzr commit to bzr+ssh hangs on 'No handlers could be found for logger "bzr"'" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15274610:50
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