yeagermdke: you there?12:53
mdkeyeager: (In case I'm not around at the moment, please provide a bit of information about what you want and I will respond when I get back)12:53
yeagermdke: i noticed that someone have included a string in the gnome2-user-doc called "Introduction to the Desktop", similar to the "Assistive Tools"12:54
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ubotuNew bug: #152482 in launchpad "Languages support" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15248202:00
toxygenany developer here?02:05
thumpertoxygen: what's your question?02:16
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toxygenthumper: https://help.launchpad.net/JoiningLaunchpadBetaTesters02:56
toxygendown there is anchor called Changing your display name02:56
toxygenand it's brokon02:56
toxygenthumper: one more thing02:59
toxygenfirst package - need 25 reviews03:00
toxygentry to click on it, and find there 25 reviews03:00
toxygenwith filter03:00
toxygeni'm getting There are no messages that match this filtering.03:01
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toxygenone more question03:20
toxygenif there is "D_omain name:" to translate03:21
toxygenwould "_Domena:" or "D_omena:" fit?03:21
toxygenor does it need to be made of 2 words?03:22
thumpertoxygen: re: changing your display name, yes the link is broken, but go here https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+edit04:11
thumpertoxygen: sorry, don't know much about translations04:11
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mptGooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!05:00
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toxygenthumper: and the middle question?06:51
=== Hobbsee stomps on launchpad, and wishes 1.1.11 would come sooner.
thumpertoxygen: it's still translations07:02
thumperHobbsee: what are you after?07:02
Hobbseethumper: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/15240007:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 152400 in soyuz "accept from +queue UI does not send mail to announcement list" [High,Confirmed]   - Assigned to Julian Edwards (julian-edwards)07:03
Hobbseethumper: just been bitten by that, which means it's absolutely useless for me to be in ubuntu-archive ;)07:03
Hobbsee(and means i accepted a whole bunch of stuff, with no paper trail)07:03
Hobbseewhich is frustrating.07:03
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mdkeyeager: yes, that's true11:00
mdkeyeager: we weren't organised enough to arrange translation of that string; we'll hopefully be able to update translations by way of a post-release update11:01
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yeagermdke: want me to file a bug regarding the "Introduction to the Desktop" string so we won't forget it?12:07
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Kmosyeager: maybe the package is ubuntu-docs12:57
Kmosbut first do the report12:57
yeageri guess it's in the gnome-user-guide package12:58
yeagerhmm, looks like i had both gnome-user-guide and gnome2-user-guide installed. gnome2-user-guide has version 2.16.1-0ubuntu1 which sound a bit obsolete01:00
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mdkeyeager: yes please; gnome-user-docs package04:23
mdkeyeager: gnome2-user-guide is obsolete, yeah04:23
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JessehkI don't know if this is an appropriate place for this question. Can I think of launchpad as an equivelent of sourceforge and google code? Is everyone encouraged to host their projects?04:51
JessehkOr do they have to be large scale?04:51
Hobbseeno, anyone can04:52
JessehkHobbsee: So if I have a 1000 line Qt C++ project, I can host it one Launchpad and it's encouraged?04:52
Hobbseeif you like, sure!04:53
stgraberJessehk: two of my projects on LP are <100 lines :)05:03
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JessehkOk, so I'm really confused. I have some code (that is currently not under a RCS) that I want to host on launchpad using bazaar. I've been looking for 1/2 an hour and I can't figure this out. :p05:35
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ubotuNew bug: #152672 in launchpad-answers "Cannot navigate <div> for selecting Project (under Opera browser)" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15267206:15
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KaedennGreetin's. I've tried a number of times to create a launchpad account, but each and every time, I don't get an email.06:41
KaedennTried changing my email through launchpad, but that's not it.06:41
KaedennI have the spam filter disabled on my email, so it's not that either.06:41
KaedennIt's as if the emails aren't being sent, and my account isn't being created.06:41
DavieyKaedenn: if you can, leave it 24hrs06:42
DavieyYou might have greylisting on your email server06:43
KaedennI've done that too.06:43
KaedennI waited at least a day between each attempt.06:43
DavieyAh.. wait for a weekday then.. when the LP devs return06:43
ubotuIt's a weekend.  Often on weekends, the paid developers, and a lot of the community, may not be around to answer your question.  Please be patient, wait longer than you normally would, or try again during the working week.06:43
DavieyHobbsee: haha beat you :D06:44
=== Hobbsee has a slow uplink
KaedennWhat span of time should I try to be here?06:45
Hobbseemonday - friday06:47
KaedennI'm speaking time of day >_>06:47
Hobbseeeuropean, or brazilian06:47
KaedennLet's try GMT06:48
KaedennI actually live in GMT-8.06:48
KaedennMaybe it's because they're someone already registered in launchpad with my exact name.06:49
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twbStill can't log in using w3m 0.5.1-5.1+b107:58
twbStill can't log in using links2 2.1pre28-107:59
twbStill can't log in using lynx 2.8.6-208:01
twbStill can't log in using elinks 0.11.1-1.508:03
twbStill can't log in using lynx-cur 2.8.7dev7-308:06
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twbAFAICT, this means it is impossible to use the web UI -- including reporting bugs -- from a server.08:07
elmotwb: have you filed a bug about this?08:10
twbelmo: how can I?08:10
elmotwb:  you only have access to those browsers? no laptop etc.?08:11
elmoanyway, that's fine, if you haven't, I will08:11
twbelmo: the last time I reported it here, I was told it was because launchpad deliberately failed to comply with the cookie RFC (2109?) and that it wouldn't be fixed because then people would have to use www.launchpad.net instead of launchpad.net.08:11
elmotwb: hmm, well, i'd like that answer documented somewhere, so I'll file it anyway ;-)08:12
twbelmo: I don't appear to still have a log of that discussion.08:13
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elmotwb: ok, no worries08:13
elmotwb: it's now https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/15270608:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 152706 in launchpad "login doesn't work from text based browsers" [Undecided,New]  08:14
twbelmo: thank you.08:14
elmotwb: btw, you can file bugs via email08:16
elmotwb: (of course you have to have created an account for that to work, but still)08:16
twbelmo: you can, but to do so you need to register a GPG key, which can only be done via the web UI.08:17
twbI must say I vastly prefer roundup's SMTP interface.08:18
ubotuNew bug: #152706 in launchpad "login doesn't work from text based browsers" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15270608:21
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lagahi. 08:27
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twbelmo: what is the equivalent of "bts subscribe 152706"?08:31
elmotwb: by email?  I don't know, sorry - I don't think there is one.08:32
elmo(there is through the web UI though, obviously)08:32
lagacprov-out: a while back, you told me that the PPAs will automagically requeue packages again if the build failed because a dependency could not be satisfied in launchpad 1.1.10 (eg, for cases where package B depends on a specific version of A which is not published in the PPA yet). did you get around to that?08:33
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ubotuNew bug: #152733 in malone "multi-package bugs with the first marked "invalid" do not show up in searches" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15273309:41
ubotuNew bug: #152736 in soyuz "Changing upstream link/series gives (=) No Entry "Thank you"" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15273609:46
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zachtibhi, i've applied to join the launchpad beta so i can use ppa to host packages for deluge, is there anything i can do to help out my application to join the beta team?10:46
mwhudsonzachtib: wait until mrevell gets up tomorrow :)10:48
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zachtibmwhudson, ok, i should ask him, then?10:48
mwhudsonhe looks at pending applications pretty regularly i think10:49
mwhudsonyou're not the only person to have asked about joining the beta team over the weekend, i'll try to remember to give him a prod10:50
zachtibi just looked at the list of pending applicants, and some had been on the list a long time, which is why i asked10:50
zachtiballright, thatnks10:50
mwhudsonhe'll send you a mail asking some questions10:50
mwhudsonprobably the people who have been one the list haven't answered them :)10:51
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jjesseok so if i make changes to a bzr branch do i do a bzr branch to create my own and upload it to launchpad?11:04
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ianm_can I get an app imported?  there's a .tgz here  http://gnomecoder.wordpress.com/screenruler/11:26
ianm_it hasn't lived in version control11:26
ianm_er well it is in gnome CVS but barely 11:26
ianm_I don't care if it's imported from CVS or the .tgz11:27
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ianm_added a project here https://launchpad.net/screen-ruler11:45
mwhudsonianm_: if you don't care about revision history, just cd src-directory11:47
mwhudsonbzr init11:47
mwhudsonbzr add11:47
mwhudsonbzr ci -m 'initial import'11:47
ianm_ah ok11:47
mwhudsonbzr push sftp://ianm@bazaar.launchpad.net/~ianm/screen-ruler/trunk11:47
ianm_ok great thanks11:47
mwhudsongnome cvs doesn't exisit any more does it?11:47
ianm_no but I suppose it was moved to gnome svn11:48
mwhudsonin which case, yes you can get an improt11:48
ianm_either way I guess11:49
mwhudsonon https://edge.launchpad.net/screen-ruler/trunk/+source11:49
ianm_it has had no bug reports or problems for a long time now11:49
ianm_is using a dash in the name common or should it be /screenruler/ ?11:49
mwhudsondashes are common11:50
KmosI want to remove disksearch trunk on LP, how to do it ?11:54
Kmosthis one11:54
mwhudsonKmos: an admin has to do it, so file a question11:56
Kmosmwhudson: you can't do it ?11:57
Kmosanswer in launchpad ?11:57
mwhudsoni'm not an admin11:59
Kmosit's done11:59
mptGooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!12:01
Kmosmpt: morning.. u're a LP admin ?12:04
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mptKmos, no, sorry12:23
mptstub is12:23
mptso is SteveA 12:23
Kmosstub: are you there?12:25
Kmosmpt: thx 12:25
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