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Burgundaviaanybody alive?08:57
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popeyyes Burgundavia10:10
Burgundaviahey popey10:10
Burgundaviahave you been able to get the new firefox stuff working?10:11
popeynew firefox stuff?10:12
popeyinstalling add-ons via package management?10:12
Burgundaviathis stuff: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/gutsybeta10:12
popeyyes Burgundavia10:13
Burgundaviahow do I get that 2nd dialogue?10:13
popeywhen I first saw it was available i uninstalled some add-ons and used that to add them back in10:13
popeyTools --> Add-ons, then choose "get ubuntu addons"10:14
popeytiny link at the bottom of the add-ons window10:14
popeyfind it? it work?10:14
Burgundaviafoudn it10:15
Burgundaviapopey: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/116910:43
Burgundaviacan you give it a quick proof?10:43
Burgundavianot yet ready to go live10:43
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Burgundaviahey beuno09:58
beunohey Burgundavia10:06

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