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juliuxhas somebody allready dvd/cd covers for gutsy?02:38
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penguincentralhi everybody03:02
popeyjuliux: I guess canonical must have done the artwork already03:04
juliuxpopey, but normaly they dont do a dvd cover03:05
popeyoh, ok, sorry, didn't realise you meant dvd specifically03:05
juliuxwe want to burn dvds for the german ubucon 03:06
=== penguincentral is reading with some interest
juliuxbut we want to have them with a nice dvd cover03:10
popeyyou could get the artwork off the wiki and modify it?03:11
penguincentralhold on a minute, ubuntu actually sells dvds?03:11
juliuxpenguincentral, we will burn them ourself;)03:11
juliuxpopey, hmm there is no gutsy artwork atm03:11
penguincentraljuliux: what sort of artwork?03:11
juliuxfor example i am searching for a gibbon;903:12
popeyjuliux: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/DVDCover?highlight=%28artwork%2903:13
juliuxpopey, that is only feisty;) i have everything without gutsy;)03:14
penguincentraljuliux, popey: where do you sell these?03:14
juliuxpenguincentral, we dont sell these03:14
juliuxwe will distribut them at the german ubucon03:14
penguincentralwhat is an ubucon?03:14
popeyjuliux: sure but you could modify them?03:14
=== penguincentral doesn't know these things
popeyUbuntu Conference03:15
popeyUBU  CON03:15
juliuxpopey, that cost a lot of tim, so my first idea was to use something that allreay existes03:15
penguincentralpopey: thanks03:15
popeyjuliux: just translate what someone else has done, it wont take long03:15
penguincentralyet another conference which _I_ can not attend03:15
juliuxpopey, i have german texts i am only searching for the basic art work, but there is only artwork for feisty not for gutsy03:16
penguincentralthere has to be an event staged in Melbourne Australia one day03:16
popeypenguincentral: organise one03:16
penguincentralpopey: you going to help pay for one...03:16
juliuxpenguincentral, for what you need money?03:17
penguincentraljuliux: if i were to run an ubuncon in my home city, i'd need to hire a venue, source stall furniture, among other things03:18
popeyyou can seek sponsorship03:18
juliuxpenguincentral, why? go to your local university and ask for rooms03:18
penguincentraljuliux: i can get people to pay for their own accommondation and food i guess03:19
penguincentralwhat about printing promotional materials etc03:19
penguincentraleven making the name tags that make you feel a part of the event03:19
juliuxpenguincentral, you can 03:19
popeyaccomodation and food is not your responsibility03:19
juliuxpenguincentral, we don t pay everything to people03:20
penguincentralpopey: that's what I was saying03:20
popeyname badges can be done via sponsorship03:20
juliuxwe only have cost for the rent for the rooms and the marketing stuff03:20
popeyget some company to pay for them and put their logo on the back03:20
penguincentralpopey: sounds interesting03:20
=== penguincentral will one day organise an ubucon or other event some day
popeylugradio live got sponsorship from google, sun, bytemark03:20
=== penguincentral puts it on his to-do list
penguincentrallugradio got sponsorship from google out of all companies03:21
=== penguincentral remembers when he used to learn German at school
popeyand they got Chris DiBona to speak there03:21
popeyhe's a nice guy03:21
penguincentralthat's pretty good03:21
=== penguincentral creates a Google Docs document that lists everything that he wants to do in his life
popeysomeone should make a "planning events" page on the wiki03:22
penguincentralthat would be useful03:22
penguincentralit could teach me how to do it03:22
penguincentrallike how popey created the how to make screencasts wiki page03:22
penguincentralit was useful03:23
penguincentralpopey, juliux: would you fly up to Australia if there was a _insert_ _name_ _of_ _ubuntu_ _conference_ here_?03:23
penguincentrali understand that it is a long and expensive flight03:24
penguincentralpopey: juliux: i _need_ to go to bed now.  nice chatting to you guys.  cya03:27
juliuxpopey, i think there are allready how to run a ubucon wiki pages03:28
juliuxpenguincentral, general yes but i can t pay the flight to australia;903:28
penguincentraleh, if you find it, tell popey to email me with the link. cya03:29
juliuxpopey, btw it is very hard to find some sponsors for an event that happens the first time;)03:29
popeyyeah, so really you need to start small03:30
juliuxpenguincentral, popey https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/RunningAnUbucon03:30
juliuxbut i don t used this wiki site for the german ubucon;)03:30
juliuxpopey, we e-mailed all ubuntu partners in german, austria and switzerland03:31
juliuxthat are more then 60 companies and we get exactly _one_ response03:31
juliuxand that response was sorry we cant do it this year because we are a very small company and we just started a few weeks bevor your e-mail03:32
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ryanakcawho's in charge of ubuntu.com ?11:43
ryanakca(other than canonical webhosting... might as well specifie... who designed the "Get Ubuntu" page/subpages?)11:43
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