MythbuntuGuest14what does that mean?01:19
MythbuntuGuest14what you mean proprietary stuff01:19
tgm4883therethinker, do you remember where the control centre is from the frontend01:20
tgm4883i'd look, but the LSU kentucky game just went to OT01:20
therethinkerGood...for... you?01:20
tgm4883no, from inside the frontend01:20
therethinkerOh, I didn't know  it was IN the frontend01:20
MythbuntuGuest14i need to be watching that. i am watchin ou game01:20
tgm4883Go Missiou01:21
MythbuntuGuest14ou just intercepted01:21
tgm4883anyway, i think in the frontend it is at01:21
tgm4883Settings > General Settings > Mythbuntu01:22
MythbuntuGuest14ok then just type libdvdcss2?01:22
=== Binary_Crap50 [i=1010101a@gateway/tor/x-1a5d82d6264b9e6b] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883no, then click on Proprietary codecs01:23
tgm4883then enable libdvdcss201:23
MythbuntuGuest14ok i have a check box for enable prop codec support but the boxes below are greyed out01:25
tgm4883did you click enable medibuntu?01:25
MythbuntuGuest14umm hold on it is doing something01:25
MythbuntuGuest14downloading packages01:26
MythbuntuGuest14uk about to scoore01:26
MythbuntuGuest14uk scoressssssssssssssssssss01:28
MythbuntuGuest14ok now i have the options01:29
MythbuntuGuest14ffmpeg is checked01:30
MythbuntuGuest14do i check the other 201:30
tgm4883ok, now you should be able to install libdvdcss201:30
MythbuntuGuest14w32codecs also?01:30
tgm4883if you want, but it shouldn't be needed for dvd playback01:30
tgm4883for divx, xvid, etc probably01:30
MythbuntuGuest14ok it is installing packages01:31
MythbuntuGuest14ok, that installed easy. i am now installing w32codecs01:46
tgm4883you could have installed both at the same time01:46
MythbuntuGuest14i have a orange star should i install updates from here?01:48
MythbuntuGuest14or do i have to quit?01:49
=== katie- [n=katilici@EASTCAMPUS-THREE-FIFTY-THREE.MIT.EDU] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MythbuntuGuest14ok i am installing updates from here01:51
MythbuntuGuest14i am hoping this also corrects my 7 wired connection icons01:52
tgm4883i think theres another fix for that.  You're not getting any more are you?01:52
MythbuntuGuest14not sure. i will check. after i reboot01:53
katie-hey, simple question, whats the best way to reinstall mythbuntu?  booting from the install disc, "install" and "start mythbuntu" are the same option, how can I start the installer instead of booting from the (broken) installation?01:55
tgm4883katie-, is your computer set to boot from CD first?01:55
katie-well, it isn't but it can be, I just go to the boot menu and tell it to load the cd01:56
tgm4883well if you tell it to boot from cd, then just install it like you did the first time right over the existing installation01:57
tgm4883just make sure you tell it to format the partition01:57
katie-i guess the issue is the installer assumes that if you have mythtv, of course you'd rather boot from it and not install it again, but i accidentally killed something during installation, so it doesn't work right01:57
katie-the option on the menu is "Install or Start mythbuntu"01:57
tgm4883well thats because the live cd can be used as a frontend.  You should be able to install from that.01:58
katie-or maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like I'm doing what I did to install it, and it just boots01:58
tgm4883do you see grub come up at all?01:59
katie-no actually, i think thats part of the problem, the install stopped before grub started02:00
tgm4883well thats good02:00
tgm4883because if you tell it to boot from cd, then you shouldn't see grub02:00
katie-just booting from disc with no cd, i get something like no operating system found02:00
tgm4883ok, then it is definetly booting from disk02:01
tgm4883if without disk it cannot get to the desktop02:01
tgm4883AFAIK, there is no code that changes between install and live.  It's the same environment02:01
tgm4883is this the RC or an earlier CD?02:02
katie-if rc = the one out yesterday, then its that!02:03
=== Nixus_Maximus [n=simon@i577B4B17.versanet.de] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
katie-its going again, I'll see if I can get the install now02:05
tgm4883ok, keep us updated02:05
=== billf [n=bill@203-214-21-112.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== mindframe_ [n=mindfram@ip72-207-244-33.br.br.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Suggleyi just about have everything working ok - but the samba shares seem to disapear any idea's?02:11
tgm4883Suggley, what do you mean they dissapear?02:14
Suggleyi was lookin in recordings02:19
Suggleycame our of that directory02:19
Suggleyand teh only otehr 1 left was music02:19
therethinkerSuggley: how did you mount them?02:21
therethinkerDid you use the command line, fstab, or using "connect to server"02:21
Suggleyi am connecting accross windows network02:24
Suggleyie from winxp machine02:24
therethinkerOh, so you're having problems in windows, not ubuntu02:24
Suggleyso i guess it might mean its not broadcasting the folders02:24
therethinkerOh, okay02:24
Suggleyno - i can browse any other linux box in this place from here no probs02:24
therethinkerHave you restarted samba?02:24
therethinkersudo /etc/init.d/samba02:25
Suggleyi have restarted the mythbox a couple of times but i will do it manually02:25
Suggleythat just sounded so windowsy didnt it - i rebooted :P02:25
Suggleynah still only getting Recordings and music02:26
=== MythbuntuGuest51 [n=Mythbunt@ppp113-204.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
therethinkerso its just the one share not showing up, correct?02:27
SuggleyPictures and Videos02:28
Suggleyi am lookin at smb.conf now02:28
therethinkerand you are only having trouble showing up on windows02:28
Suggleyi only have windows desktops...02:28
therethinkerAnd half of them do show up... do they all have the same settings?02:29
Suggleyyes clean install of MythBuntu02:30
Suggleyi have changed nuthin to them02:30
Solar_Ok Im having a serious issue..  hehe..  crap!  Im still a new install here and a newbie..  Live TV watching works fine.. but recordings even though they say they are recording aren't02:31
Solar_not sure where to start here02:31
Suggleytherethinker - i think i fixed it - but not sure wat caused it02:31
therethinkerSuggley: Great02:31
therethinkerSuggley: sorry I didn't really help02:31
Suggleythe settings seemed to have changed in the config02:32
Suggleynah u did good - u pointed me where to look indirectly02:32
therethinkerSuggley: I know, aren't I awesome :P02:32
=== therethinker laughs alone
Suggleyhehe u sure are02:32
Solar_I could use a hot red poker in the right direction02:32
Suggleywant a lolly pop?02:32
therethinkerSolar_: hmm... I don't know I'm trying to figure it out...02:33
therethinkerSuggley: Sure!02:33
Suggleyi tell u i am STOKED that i got around to trying mythtv - its freaking awesome - ordering remote control on monday and all done02:33
Suggleyit craps on MCE and MediaPortal02:34
Solar_Suggley: Lirc is difficult stuff..02:34
therethinkerSuggley: I assume you're using mcc -- setting upi lirc is SO much easier with that ;-)02:34
Suggleyi am gunna get a winblow media centre controller - i was told it was easy to set up02:34
Solar_I would like Myth to change the channels on my satalite box.. but thats hard too02:35
therethinkerSolar_: Yeah, do you have a blaster?02:35
Solar_even more then changing channels, I'd be stoked if I could record something02:35
Solar_I have a USBUIRT02:35
Suggleyahhh i dont have to worry about that - i just got plain jane DTV and i download the rest02:36
Solar_its weird that live tv does fine.. but you ask it to record something and it thinks its recording but its not02:36
therethinkerYeah, that's really odd02:36
Solar_Suggley: sweeet deal there02:36
therethinkerYou've set everything up, right?02:36
Solar_sure have02:36
Solar_I just dont understand.. I even rebooted02:37
Solar_I even reran the setup02:37
MythbuntuGuest14what is lirc?02:40
=== mythbot [n=mythbot@c-76-24-122-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
mythbotLIRC is a program that allows you to use remote controls and IR blasters02:42
MythbuntuGuest14it keeps saying lirc not configured02:42
MythbuntuGuest14oh ok.02:42
therethinkerHmm... where?02:42
MythbuntuGuest14after update and on shutdown02:42
therethinkeroh, yeah02:42
therethinkerDo you use MCC, or did you install using apt-get?02:43
MythbuntuGuest14i clicked the orange star at the top right02:43
therethinkersorry, MythbuntuGuest02:43
therethinkerMythbuntuGuest: You're using mythbuntu, right?02:44
MythbuntuGuest14i am using mythbuntu02:45
=== dannyboy79_ [n=daniel@rrcs-67-53-185-163.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MythbuntuGuest14do i need to download the newest version burn it to a cd and reinstall?02:46
dannyboy79_anyone use automysqlbackup that can help figure out why it's not running from cron.daily?02:46
therethinkerHmm... solar_: no clue, tgm4883 should be back soon to help02:46
therethinkerMythbuntuGuest nothings in great danger here02:46
Solar_therethin: thanks for looking it up02:47
MythbuntuGuest14correct but the only thing i can get to work is the weather02:47
therethinkerSolar_: sorry :(02:47
dannyboy79_anyone use automysqlbackup that can help me?02:48
Solar_therethin: all we can do is try02:48
MythbuntuGuest51G'Day all, i've just booted a mythbuntu 7.10 rom to try mythbuntu for the first time. When I pick "Start or Install" or "Start in safe graphics", after a short while, the screen freezes at the mythbuntu logo with the purple bar going back and forth. Any ideas?02:50
therethinkerhow long was it going back and forth, and what are the approx system specs?02:50
MythbuntuGuest51maybe 20-30 sec02:51
MythbuntuGuest51its not a brilliant spec... 1.7ghz02:51
therethinkerhow long was it going back and forth?02:51
MythbuntuGuest51i think 380mb ram ... bit low i know02:51
MythbuntuGuest51i can time it if you like... about 20-30 sec i think02:52
dannyboy79_anyone use automysqlbackup that can help me? ity's not running from cron.daily?02:52
therethinkerWait, but how long did you leave it before you considered it frozen?02:52
therethinker380MB is a bit on the "edge" for the live CD02:53
therethinkernot exact time, but like 4 minutes, or an hour?02:53
MythbuntuGuest51about 10min... caps, scroll etc stopped working and it needed a hard reset02:53
MythbuntuGuest51just rebooted02:53
therethinkerHm... I'll test it out with those specs02:53
MythbuntuGuest51ill check timing02:53
therethinkerI don't need timing, I just wanted to know approx02:54
MythbuntuGuest51like i said.... 20-30 sec02:54
therethinkerGive me 20 minutes to get the iso ;-)02:54
dannyboy79_do scripts in cron.daily need to be owned by rot?02:54
dannyboy79_root to run?02:54
therethinkerI think...02:54
MythbuntuGuest51like i said.... 20-30 sec from when i select "Start or Install"02:56
therethinker(what kind of mythbuntu dev am I, that doesn't have the ISO!? :P)02:56
therethinkerYeah, that's fine. I know I've thought it locked up, and I gave ti some time02:56
therethinkerIts not your fault :P02:56
therethinkerI should have gotten it by now02:56
MythbuntuGuest51that was meant to be its 1min 20sec from hitting "Start or Install"02:57
MythbuntuGuest51is it possibly a driver issue at that stage?02:57
therethinkerI don't think so, SGM would have done it02:58
therethinkerand you would have gotten an error02:58
therethinkerI'm 90% sure it's a spec thing02:58
MythbuntuGuest51ah ok... wierd02:58
MythbuntuGuest51i figured its a bit on the low spec side, so im not expecting miracles02:58
MythbuntuGuest51just thought it would be cool to try02:59
therethinkerNo, it should work02:59
MythbuntuGuest51i wouldnt really have expected a live distro to run in that sort of ram, but figured i might get the installer up...02:59
therethinkerIs there an option like "install from command line" or "alternate installer"03:00
therethinkeror "OEM install"?03:00
MythbuntuGuest51cant remember, will have to reset to check03:01
therethinkerTry that out, if it exists03:01
MythbuntuGuest51no menu option as such... there was accessibilty and options (F5 and F6 i think)03:02
MythbuntuGuest51just running a "Check CD for defects" as well03:03
MythbuntuGuest51the md5 of the iso was fine03:03
therethinkerYeah, but after burning03:03
MythbuntuGuest51and i verified the burn, but yeah, probably worth the check as well03:03
dannyboy79_is it safe to allow Feisty to upgrade mysql-server-5.003:06
therethinkerDon't know03:06
MythbuntuGuest51turns out hitting esc will exit the menu to a text mode03:08
MythbuntuGuest51any suggestions for what i can use a the "boot:" prompt though? hitting enter goes back to the purple bar03:09
MythbuntuGuest51bugger... gotta go. Will leave this window open just in case. Thanks for the help! Cheers.03:16
=== solarbaby [n=Doc@70-41-210-60.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== troy_s [n=troy_s@d206-116-6-170.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraninMythbuntuGuest51: I would suggest grabbing the normal Gutsy installer and doing a command-line installation of that03:42
MitoTraninthen install mythbuntu via apt-get03:42
tgm4883MitoTranin, actually that would be the alternate Gutsy cd03:45
MitoTraninok, well, then do that :)03:45
MitoTranin$poke tgm488303:45
mythbot/me stabs tgm4883 violently with a rusty spoon03:45
tgm4883how much ram?03:45
therethinkerthere's a alt mythbuntu CD?03:45
tgm4883(im skimming the log)03:45
therethinkerI couldn't find it03:45
tgm4883therethinker, alternate gutsy cd03:45
MitoTranintherethinker: no, the alternate gutsy cd03:46
tgm4883380 should be fine03:46
tgm4883more than enough03:46
MitoTranin256 was enough03:46
therethinkeris there a mythbuntu package?03:46
MitoTraninI was able to install on that with the beta03:46
tgm4883i've installed it in a 285MB VM03:46
MitoTranintherethinker: it's like the linux-source package03:47
MitoTraninit isn't really a package itself03:47
therethinkerbut, can someone say "sudo apt-get install mythbuntu" and install everything?03:47
MitoTraninbut it is a group of packages that is referenced by a single package03:47
MitoTraninI believe so03:47
therethinkersimilar to sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?03:47
MitoTranin(that's what I'm told... haven't done it yet)03:47
therethinkeryou mean a meta-package?03:47
solarbabytgm4883: I've been waiting for you to come back03:51
tgm4883solarbaby, can you give me 10 more minutes?03:52
MitoTraninhey guys...03:52
tgm4883i need to run the GF somewhere then i will be back to help03:52
MitoTraninhaving some problems with my tuner:03:52
solarbabytgm4883: I've got myself a problem that I just can't seem to get through.. I've got the newest install of UbuntuMyth as of today.. Live to works great, but recordings say they are recording but just dont03:52
solarbabytgm4883: sure03:52
MitoTraninthis is a thumbnail of a recording... every recording or live-tv looks like this:  http://mitopia.net/files/1009_20071013043500.nuv.png03:53
MitoTraninI had this problem in feisty with it, but I thought that it was due to a graphics problem... but I'm getting the same thing in a VMware install03:53
MitoTranin(that pick is installed into a VMware VM)03:54
MitoTranin*pick = pic03:54
tgm4883and im back04:10
solarbabytgm4883: Heya04:11
tgm4883MitoTranin, what card04:12
tgm4883solarbaby, what is the permissions of your recordings dir04:12
solarbabytgm4883: im kinda stocking you cause im just desperate04:12
MitoTraninPlextor TV402U04:12
solarbabytgm4883: ;)04:12
tgm4883solarbaby, I guess thats ok.  I'm in a good mood cause LSU lost ;)04:12
tgm4883MitoTranin, can you record outside of mythtv?04:13
solarbabytgm4883: drwxrwsr-x 2 mythtv mythtv 4096 2007-10-13 18:46 recordings04:13
MitoTraninit's a specialized tuner that does on-the-fly divx encoding, MythTV is one of the few programs that are said can read it04:13
MitoTraninit's works in Windows perfectly04:13
MitoTraninbut I'm still trying to figure out how to get it's default player/recorder (gorecord) to use the tuner instead of a video input04:14
tgm4883that just proves that the card isn't broke.  I'm interested to make sure the correct drivers are loaded and such in linux04:14
solarbabytgm4883: with live tv working so well, i can't imagine why i can record anything.. hehe.. i double checked my settings.. and I even put my normal log in user into the mythtv group04:15
tgm4883solarbaby, this is a default mythbuntu install?04:15
solarbabytgm4883: yeah.. default and as recent as version 7.10rc04:16
solarbabytgm4883: my tv tuner card is a Hauppauge 350 using Svideo 1 input04:16
tgm4883solarbaby, is nothing being recorded, or is something being recorded and it not showing up in the recorded programs list04:17
solarbabytgm4883: It sez its recording anything I ask for..  but nothing records to the directory and nothing shows up in the frontend04:18
solarbabytgm4883: my recording directory is set to default..04:18
tgm4883so the recordings dir is empty then, hmm04:18
tgm4883what filesystem?04:18
solarbabytgm4883: yeah there is a lock file that keeps getting created there04:18
solarbabytgm4883: you know, im just not sure how do I check?04:18
tgm4883theres nothing like 3081_20071012233500.mpg in the dir?04:19
solarbabyno..  but if I watch live tv it leaves an mpeg04:19
tgm4883MitoTranin, did you set up the recording profiles for the device?04:21
solarbabyI googled it and checked over the most common things I have found recommendations for04:21
tgm4883MitoTranin, also, you may want to skim some of this as it may help https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/px-tv402u-support04:23
MitoTranintgm4883: I'm the one that made that blueprint04:24
MitoTraninand tgm4883, it depends on what you mean by the recording profile...04:25
tgm4883heh, so you've already seen it?04:25
MitoTraninare you talking about the device settings in myth-setup?04:25
MitoTraninheh, yeah04:25
tgm4883also, FYI, you would be the drafter of the blueprint04:25
MitoTraninand there's lots more, but I was waiting until I actually got it functional before I added the more part04:26
tgm4883recording profiles should be under settings, general settings in the frontend (I think)04:26
tgm4883solarbaby, is this a master backend?04:27
MitoTraninI just saw an old MythTV mailing list article that said they could only watch the channel that gorecord told it to tune to04:27
MitoTraninso I checked the options, and found how to get gorecord to tune into a channel, and got it to record, and it does, actually, record... kinda04:28
solarbabytgm4883: yes04:28
tgm4883MitoTranin, kinda?04:29
MitoTranintgm4883: just a sec...04:29
solarbabytgm4883: this keeps on reappearing in my recordings directory nfslockfile.lock04:29
tgm4883solarbaby, did you change the mysql.txt file at all04:29
mythbotWelcome to #Ubuntu-mythtv.  Please state your question or comment.04:30
solarbabytgm4883: I dont believe I did04:31
tgm4883solarbaby, anything in the backend log about it?04:31
solarbabytgm4883: I have to find the log.. never seen it04:31
solarbabytgm4883: I did change one thing04:32
solarbabyI changed the mysql password for the mythtv user to an old_password so its compatable with mysql 4.004:32
solarbabytgm4883: thanks04:32
tgm4883what do you mean old password?04:32
tgm4883any why do you need it to be compatible with mysql 4?04:32
solarbabytgm4883: I have a xbox script that can connect to mythtv and schedule recordings and stuff..  but its only compatable with mysql 4.0 so I had to make the password use older scheme04:33
tgm4883where did you change that?04:33
tgm4883also, how did you get mysql 4 installed?04:33
MitoTranintgm4883: this is what I mean by kinda:  http://mitopia.net/files/testing.avi04:34
solarbabytgm4883: mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('secretmagicpasswd') WHERE User = 'live';04:34
MitoTraninthat is with the gorecord program that comes with the tuner driver04:35
solarbabytgm4883: I didn't install mysql to the backend04:35
solarbabytgm4883: i mean i didn't install mysql 4.0 to the backend I left it alone, I just told it to use an older password scheme for mythtv user04:35
tgm4883MitoTranin, you're going to have to help me. Whats the problem there04:35
MythbuntuGuest14ok, i tried the codec stuff and I still cant play dvd04:35
MitoTranindid you watch it?04:35
MitoTraninthe video quality is utterly terrible04:36
MitoTraninBUT: it does give video, and audio04:36
tgm4883solarbaby, did you tell the backend the new password?04:36
MitoTraninthe problem is that I still can't get MythTV to get even that much04:36
tgm4883MitoTranin, so just the quality is bad?04:36
solarbabytgm4883: the new password is the old password04:36
solarbabytgm4883: its just using a different scheme04:37
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest14, does the dvd try to spin up when you tell it to play?04:38
MythbuntuGuest14let me try again04:38
MythbuntuGuest14no spin, no light. screen goes black and it comes back04:39
MythbuntuGuest14real fast less than half a second04:40
tgm4883did you set mythdvd so it knows where your dvd drive is?04:40
MythbuntuGuest14umm no.. how?04:40
tgm4883do you know which device your dvd drive is?04:40
tgm4883ie /dev/hdc04:40
tgm4883primary or secondary master04:40
MythbuntuGuest14only have one hooked up04:41
MythbuntuGuest14no cd04:41
tgm4883you have a hard drive hooked up?04:41
MythbuntuGuest14secondary ide controler.. master on cable and jumpter04:41
MythbuntuGuest14yes i got a hard drive. that is how i boot04:42
tgm4883then it's secondary master i presume04:42
tgm4883which is04:42
MythbuntuGuest14ok, now what?04:42
MythbuntuGuest14should i check?04:43
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest14, Utilities/Setup > Setup > Media Settings > DVD Settings > General Settings04:43
tgm4883solarbaby, any backend log errors?04:43
tgm4883MitoTranin, so the gorecord program is able to tune and record04:44
MythbuntuGuest14now what04:44
MythbuntuGuest14location of dvd device: /dev/dvd04:44
tgm4883set location of dvd device to /dev/hdc04:44
MythbuntuGuest14ok got it. now try it?.. i clicked finish also04:45
tgm4883yes try it now04:45
MitoTranintgm4883: yes... but feel free to take care of the others, I can wait :)04:46
tgm4883MitoTranin, are you saying I can't defend the three man weave?04:46
MitoTraninI'll even try to keep-up and chime in when I know something about it :)04:46
MythbuntuGuest14aww samething.. this is a new install.. anything I might of missed?04:47
solarbabytgm4883: http://paste-it.net/393304:48
MythbuntuGuest14if i click import dvd it says no jobsand or waiting on dvd04:48
MythbuntuGuest14is there a way I can see which drive the dvd is?04:49
tgm4883ls -l | grep hd04:49
tgm4883ls -l | grep /dev/hd04:49
MythbuntuGuest14exit mythtv?04:50
tgm4883solarbaby, you said that it is svideo in?04:50
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest14, no04:50
tgm4883Utilities/setup > setup > mythbuntu04:50
tgm4883you can get to terminal from advanced management04:51
solarbabytgm4883: yes svideo in is correct04:52
tgm4883how do you change the channel?04:52
MythbuntuGuest14did not get anything on the ls04:52
solarbabyI have dish network..  I program my Reciever to turn itself to the right channel at the right time04:53
MythbuntuGuest14ls same as dir?04:53
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest14, thats cause im a dork04:54
tgm4883ls -l /dev/ | grep hd04:54
MythbuntuGuest14ok got something04:55
MythbuntuGuest14cdrom -> hdc04:55
MythbuntuGuest14does it know it is dvd? i only see cdrom stuff04:56
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest14, what is in /media/cdrom04:57
MythbuntuGuest14i see hda hda1 hda2 hda5 hdb hdb1 hdb2 hdb5 hdc04:58
MythbuntuGuest14umm dvd movie04:58
MythbuntuGuest14should i try another movie?04:58
tgm4883solarbaby, I think* that what is happening is that it is trying to change the channel and failing04:58
tgm4883but thats just a guess, give me a few more minutes04:58
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest14, thats in /media/cdrom/??04:59
tgm4883or there is no /media/cdrom04:59
MythbuntuGuest14no i only have a dvd hooked up now.. i removed the cdrom and hooked up a dvd05:00
solarbabytgm4883: I think your right.. just dont know what to do.. I'll be glad to wait for your help, and Thanks!05:00
MythbuntuGuest14go a head solar.. i am so new. i do not know anything05:00
MythbuntuGuest14this is the first time i messed with any linux stuff about 2 weeks ago.. all i can get to work is the weather05:01
=== MythbuntuGuest00 [n=Mythbunt@24-155-14-187.dyn.grandenetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MythbuntuGuest00my bad. this is guest1405:03
MythbuntuGuest00or was i 41?05:03
MitoTraninGuest14, you can type /nick MyNameHere to change your name if you want05:04
=== MythbuntuGuest00 is now known as SuperNoob
SuperNoobdid that work?05:05
SuperNoobso do you think it is confused because i installed on a cd rom drive. then i just now hooked up a dvdrom drive and unhooked my cdrom?05:06
=== Wy_ [n=wy@c-24-21-162-35.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883it should pick up the new hardware fine05:07
SuperNoobshould i try to completely reinstall?05:07
TariI think Ubuntu just sticks all optical discs in /media/cdrom*05:07
tgm4883yea looks that way05:08
tgm4883SuperNoob, can you post the output of05:08
tgm4883ls /media/cdrom005:08
SuperNoobi got a new line05:09
SuperNoobor nothing05:09
SuperNoobi am chating on my windows laptop. so i can do exactly what yall say at the same time05:10
SuperNoobi did get something when i tryied that other grep thing05:11
tgm4883SuperNoob, how long ago did you install?05:17
tgm4883what cd did you use?05:17
SuperNoobumm.. i think the alpha05:19
solarbabytgm4883: we were right my friend05:19
tgm4883how long ago05:19
SuperNoobbut i think i tried the beta05:19
solarbabytgm4883: Thanks for your help05:19
tgm4883solarbaby, right about what?05:20
SuperNoobshould i retry with the beta05:20
solarbabytgm4883: I told it to scan for channels, now I have a bunch of channels in my list that I dont have.. they come up as unknowns so I need to get rid of all that crap now.. but at least it records05:20
SuperNoobhow i tell what version i got?05:20
tgm4883SuperNoob, do you have anything important that you don't want to lose on there?05:20
SuperNoobi will try to reinstall05:21
tgm4883get the new release candidate and install that05:21
tgm4883make sure to verify the iso, burn at a slow speed and verify the cd05:21
SuperNoobwhen i boot i now have option 26.12 and 26.14 or something05:21
solarbabySuperNoob: the new release candidate kicks ass05:22
solarbabySuperNoob: it was easy easy easy05:22
tgm4883I think something got screwed up in the install05:22
SuperNoobnow that i have a dvd is there a verstion for dvd05:22
solarbabySuperNoob: it was almost easier then installing windows05:22
tgm4883there is only a cd version, but it will work just fine05:22
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SuperNoobso on install should i select format entire drive.. it will get rid of everything right05:23
SuperNoobit is like the second option05:23
tgm4883ideally a custom partition would be best05:24
tgm4883how big is your hard drive05:24
solarbabyI'd use the whole drive05:24
solarbabyand then i'd go to the store and buy a second drive05:24
solarbaby500 gig should do05:24
=== Wy|laptop swears at comcast
SuperNoobi do have a second but it smaller05:25
tgm4883I'd do 10GB for /  (ext3) 1GB swap and the rest xfs for mythtv05:25
solarbabybigger is better.. you'll soon agree05:25
tgm4883how big is the second05:25
solarbabyit'd set this one up just so you know how to do it.. then when you get your paycheck buy a bigger drive05:26
SuperNoobmaybe 10 or 20g it is old05:26
tgm4883what kind of tuners do you have?05:26
SuperNoobumm, i dont05:26
SuperNoobi was waiting to ask yall what you think i should get05:27
solarbabyHauupage 25005:27
tgm4883Wy|laptop, what's your beef with comcast?05:27
solarbabyI have a 350 but you might not want that05:27
tgm4883SuperNoob, what do you want to record?05:27
tgm4883hd or sd?05:27
Wy|laptop*mutter* *mutter* most of the usable channels are encrypted :P05:27
SuperNoobyes, would like hd.05:27
tgm4883how do you get the signal to the TV?05:28
tgm4883what are your system specs?05:28
SuperNoobi have an hd cable box05:28
tgm4883do you live in the US?05:28
SuperNoobscientific atlanta 8300hd05:28
tgm4883Wy|laptop, well yeah05:29
Wy|laptopthat, and right now my HDHomeRun isn't picking up any OTA channels05:29
tgm4883Wy|laptop, are you getting OTA over cable?05:30
tgm4883SuperNoob, what channels do you primarily watch?05:30
Wy|laptoptgm: yeah, sorta. about half of the OTA digital channels come through05:31
SuperNoobabc hd, espn hd, hbo hd,05:31
SuperNoobnbc hd, cbs, fox hd05:31
tgm4883espn hd you will only be able to get through the cable box, hbo you probably won't be able to get05:32
solarbabyI personally am not ready to do HD yet05:32
tgm4883Wy|laptop, if you don't mind me asking what part of the country do you live in?05:32
Wy|laptopOR, USA05:32
tgm4883no freakin way05:33
tgm4883me too05:33
Wy|laptopall I want is fucking discovery in digital :P05:33
solarbaby<-- Nevada USA05:33
Wy|laptoptgm: PDX?05:33
SuperNoobwaco texas usa05:33
solarbabyRemember the Alimo!05:33
Wy|laptophrm, another irc guy I know is down there. Plays eve-online as well05:33
SuperNoobi discovery hd05:33
solarbabyor .. i forget05:33
solarbabyAlamo maybe05:33
SuperNoobsolor: lol05:33
tgm4883Wy|laptop, you can only get discovery through the cable box afaik05:34
Wy|laptoptgm: yeah05:34
Wy|laptopguess it's good old analog for me, then05:34
solarbabyIm waiting until its easier to record in HD05:34
tgm4883Wy|laptop, um you can stream it via firewire05:34
solarbabyand then i'll spend some $$ on it05:34
MitoTranintgm4883: found this, and it fixed my problem:  http://lists.atrpms.net/pipermail/atrpms-users/2005-April/002855.html05:34
MitoTraninnow I just have to do it on my real system, and I'll be a super-happy camper :)05:35
Wy|laptopyeah, I know05:35
solarbabyas is I compress all my recordings to Xvid cause I can fit way more that way05:35
tgm4883MitoTranin, that's great05:35
MitoTranin(real system as opposed to this vmware system)05:35
Wy|laptopgotta rig up an ir blaster, though05:35
tgm4883Wy|laptop, fyi there is a gutsy release party on the 20th at free geek05:35
solarbabyMitoTranin: are you running Myth in Vmware?05:35
tgm4883MitoTranin, do you want to do a little write up on that for us?05:36
MitoTraninsolarbaby: I am right now for testing, not for production05:36
Wy|laptoptgm: *laugh* I'm volunteering there, y'know05:36
solarbabyMitoTranin: I see..  had me interested for a moment05:36
MitoTraninsolarbaby: I'm sure it would work... but I'm just not interested in using it that way05:37
MitoTraninit seems to work great05:37
solarbabyMitoTranin: sounds unstable05:37
tgm4883SuperNoob, if you can handle espn in sd and no hbo hd (you're not gonna get it HD anyway) getting a hd card is much more reliable than firewire05:37
MitoTranintgm4883: I've been writing it up as I go the whole time: http://wiki.mitopia.net/Plextor_PX-TV402U05:37
solarbabyI have the Plextor PX TV402U05:37
tgm4883SuperNoob, fyi you will need a bigger harddrive for hd, around 7GB/hr05:38
solarbabyI haven't used it with Myth Yet..  but as soon as I put myth on a second computer up it goes05:38
MitoTraninsolarbaby: oh?  I am just getting it working05:38
MitoTraninlike it sofar :005:38
MitoTraninwhat have you used it with/on/etc?05:38
solarbabyMitoTranin: I used it with GBPVR for a little while..  the quality isn't as good as the Hauppage Cards so I just shelfed it05:39
tgm4883Wy|laptop, there is also an oregon local team #ubuntu-oregon05:39
solarbabyMitoTranin: its a nice little device though..  I dont know if myth will support its divx encoder, i doubt it05:39
Wy|laptopanyone know how long it's going to take the imod pad stuff to get merged into lircd and the imon lcd to get into lcdproc?05:39
Wy|laptoptgm: *grin* not really partisan to any distro, really05:40
Wy|laptophell, I'm not really partisan to any platform05:40
tgm4883no your best bet is the lirc mailing list05:40
solarbabylirc is killing me05:40
MitoTraninsolarbaby: actually Myth supported it's divx almost right when it came out05:41
MitoTraninrecords to .nuv files though05:41
solarbabyif the myth team can make lirc as easy to use as myth is to install I might be so tempted to write a song about it05:41
solarbabyMitoTranin: wow I didn't know that.. Now Im happy05:42
SuperNoobok, i can will get a bigger harddrive. I will get a new computer. Why is it says my scientific atlanta 8300hd cable box only has 250mhz processor and 64 m of ram. I can record 2 hd shows while watching a recorded one? how fast of a comp do i need to do that?05:42
solarbabyMitoTranin: what the heck is a .nuv?05:42
Tarinupplevideo format05:43
solarbabyIm not sure what i'd do with that..  an avi would be fine05:43
MitoTraninsolarbaby: when setting up your encoder, one of the options it actually says "plextor TV402U etc"05:43
MitoTraninsomething like that at least05:43
tgm4883SuperNoob, you need to build a core two duo05:43
tgm4883then you'll be fine05:43
Wy|laptopsupernoob: custom decoder chips.05:44
SuperNoobwhat kind of tuner?05:44
tgm4883are you ok with espn in sd?05:44
SuperNoobcan i get if from fry's or best buy?05:44
tgm4883you could but not the one you should get05:45
SuperNoobwhere do i get it?05:45
=== gib [n=gib@c-24-118-4-13.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883online you need a hdhomerun05:45
solarbabytgm4883: after doing that automatic scan of channels, I am now left with extra channels in my list ..  I need to disable those some how05:46
MitoTraninok! burning the RC for a clean install on my hardware system.. lets hope this thing works as good as it's supposed to :)05:47
tgm4883solarbaby, step 5 of mythTV setup05:47
solarbabytgm4883: checking05:47
gibMy ADS usb irblaster isn't working.   The proper config file was loaded at startup, I see that the usb driver was loaded, and I also see the lircd deamon running, but it's not working, so I assume lircd doesn't know what port to link to.  The blaster is registered on ttyUSB0.  How do I config  lircd to look there?  Or am I barking up the wrong tree, and it's a differnt issue altogether?05:49
=== clarkey [n=mc@c210-49-178-24.mckinn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
clarkeyhey everyone quick question mythbackend has stopped starting up automatically on boot is there a way to get it to do so?05:50
tgm4883clarkey, is there anything in the backend log?05:51
solarbabytgm4883: what I dont understand is how I get rid of the extra channels, shouldn't it automaticly go with the channels I selected on the schedules direct site?05:51
tgm4883solarbaby, no, it only does that if you grab the channels from there not scanning05:51
tgm4883what you need to do is manually go through the channels and hit delete05:51
solarbabytgm4883: I originally grabbed the channels from there, and the problem seemed to be that I didn't scan05:52
solarbabytgm4883: I know I jumped the gun to figure out the answer before you were ready ;)05:52
gibI think you can just myth-frontend  to the xfce programs started at launch menu.05:52
tgm4883solarbaby, you did good sometimes setup just takes a little extra work :)05:52
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solarbabytgm4883: Thanks Buddy..  Im pretty happy with myself..  but Im happier with the UbuntuMyth Crew..  man you guys did it all for us05:53
solarbabytgm4883: I dont really understand how to delete the channels.. it looks like I can delete everything or nothing.. in iption 505:55
tgm4883solarbaby, you can, but you don't want to do that05:55
=== claydoh_ [n=claydoh@66-252-52-158.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
solarbabytgm4883: help05:55
solarbabytgm4883: im confused05:56
tgm4883go up to the channels and scroll through to the ones you want to delete on the keyboard (you may have to hit d instead)05:56
solarbabytgm4883: You nailed that one, Thanks!05:56
tgm4883no prob bob05:56
clarkeysolarbaby: im not sure how do I check these logs?06:06
clarkeysorry tgm4883: im not sure how do I check these logs?06:06
tgm4883clarkey, /var/log/mythbackend06:07
tgm4883you can use nano06:07
clarkeytgm4883: the file doesnt even exist06:11
clarkeyis that a problem or does that just mean the backend hasn't experienced any errors yet06:12
tgm4883my bad06:12
tgm4883clarkey, /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend06:12
clarkeystill no file there06:13
tgm4883clarkey, /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log06:13
tgm4883one of these times i will get it right06:13
clarkeyyay found it06:13
clarkeyhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/884/   thats the contents of the file06:15
clarkeyas you can see theyre all three days old by the looks06:17
tgm4883when did it start not starting?06:17
tgm4883obviously 3 days ago, but what changed?06:18
clarkeyI think the problem is that mythbackend is just not set to run at startup, i didnt follow the whole setup properly from the cd at the end of the install when it asks you to configure the backend I ignored it because there were other steps (compiling tv card drivers) that I had to do first so maybe that caused it)06:18
tgm4883that shouldn't have caused it06:19
tgm4883can you start it from the command line?06:19
clarkeywell its a new install its probably never started on its own, I have been starting it up in a terminal06:19
clarkeyyeh and I dont see any obvious problems06:19
clarkeylike not being able to acess the record directory or something (Ive had that b4 as a problem with it not starting up) everything to me looks fine)06:20
clarkeyctrl + alt + left to get to a new workstation right click the desktop and select terminal then just punch in mythbackend06:21
tgm4883mythbackend should be started via06:21
tgm4883/etc/init.d/mythbackend start06:22
clarkeyis there some file I should add this to to get it to start06:22
clarkeyohh u saying thats what I should use in the terminal?06:23
tgm4883well thats how it should be started in the terminal06:24
tgm4883but that won't make it autostart06:24
clarkeyisnt there a file that I can stick it in to make it start on start-up06:24
MitoTraninyou make a symlink in one of the rc.d directories that points to that file06:26
tgm4883clarkey, whats the output of06:26
tgm4883 ls -l /etc/rc3.d/S20myth*06:26
MitoTraninin /etc/rc3.d/ there is a bunch of symlinks that run when the system is booted.. you just make sure that a symlink is in there06:26
clarkeylrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 24 2007-10-10 18:25 /etc/rc3.d/S20mythtv-backend -> ../init.d/mythtv-backend06:27
MitoTraninthey are started in alphabetical order, which is why they all have a number with them, so that they start in the right order06:27
MitoTranin(ie: you can't start mythtv-backend before you start mysql, so you make sure that mythtv-backend has a higher number, so it comes later alphabetically06:27
clarkeyoh ok so its a folder is it?06:28
clarkeyohh btw the backend is running from the terminal atm if that makes any difference to the output above06:28
tgm4883can you post a new pastebin with the new info from backend.log06:29
clarkeyits exactly the same06:29
gibI got it working :)  I had to add /dev/ttyUSB0 to /etc/lirc/hardware.conf06:29
gibIt would be nice if MythBuntu would set that up automatically, or at least give a message that it needs to be added manually.06:30
clarkeythere is still nothing in the mythbackend.log from within 2 days06:31
tgm4883gib, do you want to add a blueprint for that?06:31
gibWhen you install Mytbuntu and choose your ir device from the list, it gives the impression that it is going to be all the way set up.06:31
gibWhat do you mean?06:31
tgm4883a blueprint is a feature request06:31
mythbotSorry, I neither I or ubotu knew, but Wikipedia says: "A blueprint is a type of paper-based reproduction usually of a technical drawing documenting an architecture or an engineering design." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blueprint06:32
gibAh, OK.  Thanks.06:32
tgm4883there ya go06:32
gibOK.  Thanks.06:32
MitoTraninshould tell therethinker to add blueprint and bugreport to the tag-list06:32
tgm4883MitoTranin, it should be on there06:33
MitoTraninI know it *should* be... but it wasn't... therefore, why I said we should tell him to add it :)06:33
MitoTraninah, didn't try bugs06:34
mythbotSorry, I neither I or ubotu knew, but Wikipedia says: "Feature (archaeology), any dug, built, or dumped evidence of human activity" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Features06:34
tgm4883im pretty sure there is ablueprint one too06:34
mythbotSorry, I neither I or ubotu knew, but Wikipedia says: "a question" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Request06:34
mythbotSorry, I neither I or ubotu knew, but Wikipedia says: "a question" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Requests06:34
gibNow I only have one problem left, and that's getting the PTV-305 hardware channel to work.  I have a feeling the firmware it's loading is close, but not close enough.06:35
=== bendailey [n=ben@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MitoTraninclarkey: you're having problems still, right?06:35
clarkeyahh not sure06:36
MitoTraninyour last pastebin showed database problems06:36
gibI think there is a way to extact the exact firmware from the windows driver somehow.  I wonder if that would work better than the ivtv firmware it's using?06:36
MitoTranindid you try to do something with it manually?06:36
clarkeycould you step me through this whole thing of adding mythtv to rc3.d06:36
MitoTraningib: what card?06:36
gibADS PTV-30506:37
MitoTraninclarkey: it's already there06:37
MitoTraninyour pastebin showed that it did startup properly06:37
MitoTraninbut that it encountered an error with the database, then closed06:37
clarkeyahh no havent done anything to the database06:37
MitoTraninok, get to the terminal then06:37
MitoTraninand then run this command:06:37
MitoTranindpkg --reconfigure mythtv-database06:37
clarkeyyeh but those are 3 days old and its been rebooted 10 times since then06:38
gibSoftware channel /dev/video one works, but Harware MPEG2 /dev/video1 doesn't.06:38
MitoTraninafter you do that, run mythbackend in the console and then see if it works06:38
MitoTraninah gib, I remember you now :006:38
MitoTranin:) rather06:38
clarkeyyea ive already got mythbackend running in a console06:38
MitoTraninclarkey: close it06:39
MitoTraninrun dpkg --reconfigure mythtv-database06:39
MitoTraninthen re-open it06:39
clarkeyok will do06:40
clarkeyis it ok if I ssh in06:40
=== bendailey [n=ben@] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
clarkeydpkg says --reconfigure is an unknown option06:42
clarkeyMitoTranin: any ideas06:45
MitoTraninsorry, I was on another screen06:45
gibhmm, my remote kind of works, but I I'm not sure the keys are all mapped correctly.  I can't figure out how to back up a level.06:46
MitoTraninah, sorry06:47
MitoTranindpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database I think06:47
MitoTraninprobably need to add a sudo to the beginning of that06:47
MitoTraninand yes, ssh is fine06:47
clarkeyok done and so now I start the backend with: /etc/init.d/mythbackend start      ???06:48
clarkeyor just mythbackend command06:49
MitoTraninjust use the command06:49
MitoTraninso the output comes to your console/terminal06:49
MitoTraninthen pastebin it06:49
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:49
MitoTraninlooks like it fixed the error that I saw earlier... try using it and see how it works06:52
clarkeyas in try restarting it?06:53
MitoTraninand then try whatever wouldn't work before06:53
MitoTraninit should work now06:53
MitoTraninlast time you were getting a database error06:53
MitoTraninthat last post you didn't...06:53
MitoTraninso it looks like it's fixed06:53
clarkeyok give me some time, thnx for your help06:53
MitoTraninnp, I'll be here :006:53
MitoTraninbah, I can't seem to do :) right these days on the first try!06:54
solarbabyI was hoping to somehow tell MythTV I have a drive on my network with lots of tv shows, and then I was hoping to tell Myth to go online and download TV Show descriptions and movie info as well.. How should I go about this?07:02
MitoTraninare these recordings that have been recorded with MythTV previously, or?07:03
solarbabythey all have the scheme that TheTVDB.com uses07:03
solarbabycause my xbox's are setup to grab info like that.. I just need myth to do it too07:04
MitoTraninthen you'd have to import them as standard videos07:04
MitoTraninand I don't know if you'd be able to get the TV info imported or not... that's be a Q for someone smarter in MythTV than I07:04
=== tgm4883 sneaks in for a sec
solarbabyOk.. so I go into some menu and do an import, and then can I tell it that I'd like it to search from thetvdb.com?07:04
solarbabyWB tgm488307:05
tgm4883solarbaby, mythvideo will grab from imdb.com afaik07:05
solarbabyimdb is good for my movies, but its horrid for my tv shows07:05
tgm4883you will need to use mythvideo, as if you use the recordings dir you will get no info at all07:05
tgm4883I don't think there is a plugin for that though07:05
solarbabywow..  that is kinda amazing to me07:06
tgm4883well not really, downloading tv shows is kinda on the side of illegal07:06
tgm4883in the US anyway07:06
solarbabyhas nothing to do with downloading tv shows.. I compress them right from dvd07:06
tgm4883also illegal07:07
solarbabyI have wanky satalite here.. I can't download07:07
solarbabyits not illegal if you own them07:07
solarbabythen its considered a backup07:07
tgm4883anyway, you can do a search for unofficial plugins and if you find one that would work, let me know07:07
solarbabymy idea is to get all my TV shows onto 233 meg avi files..  so its all accessible with out the clutter of dvd's07:08
tgm4883actually (huge gray area since it's never been taken to court) it is still illegal07:08
tgm4883because you have to defeat the encryption in order to back it up07:08
tgm4883backing up is ok, but defeating encryption is not07:08
tgm4883you can thank the DMCA for that07:08
solarbabyI see..07:08
tgm4883write your congressman07:08
solarbabythats so uncool07:08
tgm4883i agree07:09
tgm4883write your congressman07:09
tgm4883they make decisions with the best info they have07:09
solarbabyIf I buy a Statue of Micky Mouse, and I wanna give him lipstick and a tatoo..  it's my choice..  but im defacing a disney character..  Jail Time07:09
tgm4883unfortunatly, they usually only get info from lobbiests07:09
tgm4883heh, i hadn't seen that07:10
solarbabyI made it up07:10
tgm4883well most people blame congress, but IMHO, congress doesn't usually get both sides of the story07:11
tgm4883timer just went off, dinner is done07:11
=== tgm4883 sneaks back out
=== tgm4883 [n=tgm4883@c-76-115-157-227.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
clarkeyMitoTranin: ok so it didnt work :(07:20
MitoTraninmy cousin just got woke up in the middle of the night by a pair of cops, *in* his bedroom, shining flashlights in his eyes07:20
MitoTraninsaid that his door was wide open, and was asking if he had heard any screaming07:20
MitoTraninthen when he said no, they asked for his name, and then left07:21
MitoTraninclarkey: can you post the results of this to pastebin?  tail -n 30 /var/log/mythtv/mythtvbackend.log07:21
clarkeyno such file or directory07:22
MitoTraninuh, let me check the name07:22
MitoTraninthat was from memory07:22
MitoTranintail -n 40 /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log07:23
clarkeyaha I see the problem it cant access the storage directory07:25
MitoTranin/storage/tv/nfslockfile.lock: Permission denied Unable to open lockfile! Be sure that '/storage/tv' exists and that both  the directory and that file are writeable by this user.07:25
clarkeyI set it so that everyone can read and write07:26
MitoTranineither that, or the lockfile already exists07:26
MitoTraninif the lockfile exists, delete it07:26
MitoTraninthen restart and try again07:26
clarkeybut why does it start without a hitch when Im logged in then?07:26
MitoTraninis that storage location on the network?07:27
MitoTraninthe fact that there's an nfs lockfile should mean that it's either shared on the network, or that it is mounted via the network07:28
MitoTraninif it's on the network, and you're mounting it, then the way that you are mounting it is probably the problem07:28
clarkeyno its a seperate xfs partition that took me ages to set up because of a stupid bug in ubiquity that doesnt let you create large partitions07:29
MitoTraninthis isn't mythbuntu?07:30
clarkeyist that the installer?07:30
MitoTraninok, so, anyways07:30
MitoTraninit's a local drive then07:30
clarkeyI think thats the name of the ubuntu installer07:30
clarkeyyea its local07:30
MitoTraninwhen it runs on boot, it's running as root07:31
MitoTraninnot your normal user07:31
MitoTraninwhen you run it manually, how are you running it?  as root, or your user?07:31
clarkeynormal user07:31
clarkeyshould I try it running as sudo?07:32
MitoTraninfirst thing I would try is to delete the lockfile and then restart07:32
MitoTraninsee what happens then07:32
MitoTraninif it still doesn't work, then run sudo su to get to a standard root console07:32
MitoTraninand then run it manually07:32
clarkeyyea there is a lockfile there07:33
MitoTranindelete it07:33
MitoTraninthen restart07:33
clarkeysame here brb swaping computers07:40
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ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:53
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MythbuntuGuest68hi.. sorry im using the flash client, so i cant figure how to change my nic.  im stevetv.. recently joined the mythbuntu forum.  i dont like the mapping of my streamzap remote.  where are the config files located to remap it?08:09
MitoTraninjust say /nick MyNameHere08:10
=== MythbuntuGuest68 is now known as stevetv
stevetv:) .. danke.08:10
MitoTraninmy pleasure :)08:10
MitoTraninas for your other question... tgm4883, tgm4883_laptop, do you know?08:11
stevetvi presume lirc.conf and lircrc08:11
stevetvbut i was wondering if there was anything else im missing08:12
MitoTraninI would think so08:12
superm1stevetv, ~/.lircrc and ~/.mythtv/lircrc08:13
stevetvuhu.. there are two lircrc files?08:13
MitoTraninsuperm1: wasn't there a dynamic mappings button I heard someone talking about?08:13
superm1stevetv, the mapping is dynamically generated, so if you come up with a better mapping that you'd like to see us target instead, filing a bug on launchpad is the way to go08:13
superm1attaching the lircrc mapping you liked08:13
superm1stevetv, yeah ~/.lircrc for all !mythtv, and ~/.mythtv/lircrc for mythtv08:13
superm1MitoTranin, yeah they are all dynamically mapped08:14
superm1which makes it hard to have a "one size fits all" scenario08:14
stevetvforgive me, im unsure of what dynamic mapping means08:15
superm1stevetv, well foxbuntu and I wrote an app during this cycle called mythbuntu-lirc-generator08:15
superm1it goes through and takes all the buttons listed in /etc/lirc/lircd.conf08:15
superm1and attempts to assign them to logical commands supported by various apps08:15
stevetvoh right.  that was done to prevent the need for you to provide info for each of the remotes correcet?08:16
superm1which unfortunately i mean you can't have a perfect mapping for all remotes, but as long as a majority of them work with a majority of the buttons, you can at least get people up and running initially08:17
superm1and then the non-ideal mappings people find can be submitted into bug reports08:17
superm1and better adapted08:17
stevetvwell theres a time saver.  yes ive somewhere got my lircrc from my previous install.  i'll simply copy that over to the two locations you mentioned.  my previous lirc.conf is the same as the one created by mythbuntu08:19
superm1stevetv, okay cool.  please do file a bug against mythbuntu-lirc-generator attaching your old lircrc configs08:20
superm1we can try to better target the way you had it for the next cycle08:20
superm1stevetv, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythbuntu-lirc-generator08:21
stevetvof course.08:21
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superm1stevetv, and thanks for helping keeping up with responding to posts on the forums, most appreciated to see users helping other users :)08:22
MitoTraninsuperm1: I have my plextor working with video now08:23
MitoTraninvery well even08:23
superm1MitoTranin, awesome!08:23
superm1MitoTranin, what'd you end up doing?08:23
MitoTraninnow my only problem is that I don't know if sound is working or not08:24
MitoTraninI still have to update my wiki, with the solution, but the basic was that I had to install the driver with the pre-patched driver for the 2.6.22 kernel08:24
MitoTraninwithout manually telling it to use udev08:25
superm1MitoTranin, as well as that usbfs workaround08:25
MitoTraninthen I had to enable the proc/bus thing08:25
superm1well overall not too difficult an experience then eh?08:25
MitoTraninand that there got it to where I was able to get this: http://mitopia.net/files/1009_20071013043500.nuv.png08:25
MitoTraninto fix that, I had to go into the recording profiles and set it to 640x48008:26
MitoTraninand now video works good08:26
MitoTraninmy only problem is that I'm not getting any sound08:26
superm1eh sound is overrated anyway08:27
MitoTraninbut I don't know if that's due to my windows codec not working properly (because I'm watching it via my windows machine)08:27
superm1there's some people on the forums complaining about their sound for ivtv stopping working too08:27
MitoTraninor if there is actually no sound08:27
superm1MitoTranin, oh actually08:27
superm1MitoTranin, when i used to stream to a windows box i ran into the same thing08:27
superm1because i didn't have an mpeg2 audio decoder08:27
superm1MitoTranin, play it with VLC on windows08:27
MitoTraninyeah, well, this is mpeg408:27
superm1or even better "Mythtv player"08:27
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localgod13anyone run a nvidai geforce mx 40008:28
MitoTraninI just installed 3ivx for the codec08:28
MitoTraninand dsmyth for the player etc08:28
MitoTraninbut no sound08:28
superm1MitoTranin, well the nice thing about vlc, all codecs are integrated with the setup08:28
superm1MitoTranin, so there isn't a chance that you need to fuss trying to find other ones08:28
superm1for audio and such08:28
MitoTraninhadn't heard of mythtv player before08:29
superm1localgod13, well similar cards, but not the mx400 specfically08:29
MitoTraninpreviously I used tapeworm08:29
superm1MitoTranin, its a very cool app08:29
superm1MitoTranin, my roomate who dual boots uses it when in windows08:29
superm1someone on the forums pointed me at it08:29
localgod13i cant seem to get the video out running with that card08:29
MitoTraninyeah... I have feisty installed too, but I still find myself mainly in windows because my onboard sound is screwed up, so I use a pair of usb headphones08:30
superm1MitoTranin, http://www.sudu.dk/mythtvplayer/08:30
superm1MitoTranin, usb headphones should work fine in feisty still08:30
superm1i use a usb headset a lot on my feisty and gutsy boxes08:30
MitoTraninBUT, I just got a new pair of usb headphones ordered, which work in both windows and linux (the set I have now has zero linux support) so I should soon have sound in linux08:30
superm1mainly for skype though08:30
MitoTraninwhich means I should be able to use the linux-side of my dual boot a LOT more08:30
superm1MitoTranin, that's surprising to see a headset without usb support in linux08:30
superm1localgod13, what sort of issues are you having?08:31
MitoTraninPlantronics DSP-50008:31
MitoTraninawesome headset08:31
superm1localgod13, and what have you done so far08:31
MitoTraninvery very terrible linux support08:31
superm1MitoTranin, i have a plantronics 500 myself too08:31
MitoTraninthe only good way to get it to work in linux is to install skype08:31
superm1and use it daily08:31
MitoTraninI can get it to work partially, but it doesn't work well08:32
superm1er its a "Plantronics .Audio 500"08:32
superm1i'm not sure if its the same08:32
MitoTraninyeah, different beast08:32
superm1MitoTranin, how so?08:32
superm1what is diff with the dsp-500 and the .Audio 500?08:32
localgod13when i did that xserver went bye bye08:32
localgod13i just copy and pasted what he reccomended08:33
localgod13now i am going to try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48099108:33
MitoTraninthis is mine: http://www.plantronics.com/north_america/en_US/products/cat640035/cat1430032/prod44004408:34
MitoTraninthe .audio series is the new series08:34
superm1localgod13, actually this can all be handled via nvidia-settings08:38
superm1which is available once you have the nvidia proprietary driver installed08:38
superm1no use going through all this extra hassle hand editing files08:38
localgod13please tell me how08:38
superm1localgod13, open up mythbuntu-control-centre08:39
superm1and click on the proprietary drivers tab08:39
superm1there is a button right there for it08:39
MitoTraninsuperm1: I forgot to mention that there might be a bug with that08:39
superm1MitoTranin, ?08:39
superm1you do realize that we are in a hard freeze now, right?08:40
MitoTraninwhen I was still having troubles installing the beta, the first time I got it installed was without the proprietary drivers08:40
MitoTraninI installed it post-install via the mcc, but it didn't work right08:40
superm1which didn't?08:40
MitoTraninthe install08:40
localgod13i actaully have just ubuntu running right now08:40
MitoTraninafter it installed it, it wanted to restart, so it did08:40
superm1MitoTranin, via restricted-manager?08:40
localgod13the next step was going to be installing myth08:40
MitoTraninI installed it via the mcc08:41
superm1localgod13, gutsy or feisty?08:41
superm1MitoTranin, well so that calls restricted manager08:41
superm1MitoTranin, so if there are issues, they are with restricted manager not mcc08:41
MitoTraninyeah, well, still...08:41
MitoTraninthe system never booted into the gui again08:41
superm1localgod13, i'd really recommend that you go for a regular mythbuntu install08:41
superm1localgod13, which is gutsy based08:41
superm1the whole point is that it saves you all this hassle08:42
MitoTraninand since it was a fresh install, I spent a whole 10 minutes troubleshooting, and installed from scratch again, this time with the drivers installed during the install08:42
MitoTraninand it worked great08:42
localgod13damn i have already install fiesty x208:42
superm1localgod13, we released the release candidate two days ago, and final release it planned for within the next 1-2 weeks08:42
localgod13ok fine08:42
superm1localgod13, trust me, its worth the amount of time you will be saving by how much is automated for you :)08:42
MitoTraninvery very much worth it08:42
superm1MitoTranin, well also mind you BulletProofX is now active as of the RC08:43
superm1MitoTranin, so if things fail with a driver, BulletProofX kicks in08:43
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localgod13that one?08:43
localgod13ok i already got it08:45
localgod13u sure this is going to work with the old nvidia card?08:46
superm1localgod13, there are three varieties of drivers available during install08:47
superm1along with a list of which cards are supported for each.08:47
superm1you're probably within either nvidia_legacy or nvidia, you'll see during install08:47
localgod13im bettin legacy08:48
MitoTraninwhat card is it?08:48
MitoTraninif it's a geforce 2 - geforce 4, it'd be normal08:48
MitoTraninolder than that is legacy08:48
MitoTraninnewer is new08:48
localgod13geforce mx 40008:49
MitoTraninsuperm1: where is the alsa config stuff in mythbuntu?08:50
MitoTraninI need to make sure which output port my soundcard is set to use08:50
superm1localgod13, like i said, you'll see during install which card to select08:50
MitoTraninit has an spdif out and standard out08:50
MitoTraninlocalgod13: for that you would probably want legacy08:50
superm1MitoTranin, there is an applet that you can add to your xfce panel, or alsamixer08:50
superm1command line08:50
MitoTraninwhat's the applet called, because I looked and didn't see it08:51
MitoTraninis there a reason it's not a default option under the settings menu?08:51
superm1MitoTranin, i was wondering that myself.08:52
superm1right click the panel08:52
superm1and there is a sound mixer option08:52
superm1to add08:52
MitoTraninadd to panel08:52
MitoTraninI didn't see it, I'll look again though08:52
MitoTraninvolume control is the only sound-related entry08:52
superm1that's it08:53
superm1add that08:53
superm1and then you can right click it from your panel08:53
superm1and you get a full out mixer08:53
MitoTraninah, k08:53
MitoTraninsounds a lot more simplistic08:53
MitoTraninI'll try it08:54
MitoTraninstill not quite what I was expecting, but I'll try it anyways...08:55
MitoTranintomorrow though08:56
MitoTranin(I just wanted to make sure that the system was set to use the spdif as the sound output, and not the analog sound jacks)08:56
MitoTraninI have to physically move the machine to connect it though08:56
stevetvlocalgod, ive used the tv out with that card.  sorry im a long way behind the conversation so it may not be relevent.08:56
MitoTraninso... bed for now, and that tomorrow!08:56
MitoTraninnight all08:56
localgod13no it is08:57
localgod13care to tell me how08:57
localgod13stevetv: care to tell me how08:57
stevetvas suggested, use the legacy drivers? im sorry ive got no idea whats been suggested so ill tell you everything i know08:57
localgod13anything else?08:58
stevetvyes, :) .. sorry. im smoking. hard to type too.  the legacy drivers will just work with that card.  from then youre only issue is configuring xorg.conf to do the tv out09:00
stevetvyoure using svideo correct?09:00
superm1localgod13, during mythbuntu installation, tv out is one of the questions that is asked09:01
superm1and it's configured for you so you wouldnt need to touch the file by hand, or via nvidia-settings even09:01
stevetvok.. yes superm1 is right.. with a fresh install, you would just need to select the legacy driver and select tv out.  (sorry i didnt read everything... are you doing something different from the standard mythbuntu install)?09:02
localgod13what are the system reqs for mythbuntu09:02
mythbotLooking for recommended hardware specs?  Look no further than here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57020409:03
localgod13ubuntu with myth09:03
localgod13love the bot09:04
stevetvlocalgod.. specifics? ive run very low powered systems fine09:04
localgod13p4 256 ram09:05
localgod13geforce m40009:06
stevetvp4 no problem.  ive run a slot 1 p3 550mhz .. you'd appreciate more ram tho09:06
superm1yeah specs are very generalized, you can get away with quite a bit09:06
stevetvsuperm1 - locate lircrc is giving me four files.. not two. they are :/home/mythtv/.lircrc; /home/mythtv/.mythtv/lircrc; /home/steve/.lircrc; /home/steve/.mythtv/lircrc09:10
superm1stevetv, don't worry about the ones in /home/mythtv09:10
superm1you run things as the user 'steve'09:11
superm1those are just put there in case you ever wanted to switch over to running it as the 'mythtv' user09:11
stevetv:-) ... i knew that.09:11
solarbabyI really can't believe nobody has created a script that serached meta info from TheTVDB.com..  the lack of this script just seems wrong09:19
solarbabyit should be prety simple since TheTVDB.com doesn't depend on scraping..  they deal out their info just like zapt2it used too.. in database format I believe09:20
solarbabyI wish I could just take my script off the xbox and apply it to Myth09:21
stevetvsolarbaby.. there's on on gossamer09:21
solarbabyhow do I check that out?09:21
stevetvwait.. letme find the link09:22
solarbabystevetv: Thanks09:22
stevetvoh wait.. this is for the imdb.  it assigns metadata to all your video files in one batch rather than you needing to do it one by one.09:24
solarbabyI see09:24
solarbabyyeah..  I was just about to put a proper mythtv frontend on my xbox, but actually I think the xbox frontend is better still09:24
solarbabysince I have a little python script on the xbox that allows me to schedule recordings I'll be sticking with that, until a script like this can be made available09:25
stevetvso sorry.. it's not quie what you want.  what specifically are you looking for? (im just interested)09:25
solarbabyI'm glad to tell you09:25
stevetvoh .. i figured it out.  a scapper for guide data right?09:26
solarbabyI have lots of tv shows from my DVD archive..  they are all properly named like "Star Trek The Next Generation 1x01 Pilot.avi09:26
solarbabywhere talking nearly 20 TV shows.. all done up proper like that09:26
stevetvoh .. so i was wrong.  it's very much like the imdb.. but for tv shows?09:26
solarbabywell TheTVDB.com doesn't require a scraper.. they give their data out freely through ethical means, no scrapping necessary..  and thats where my xbox gets its TV show info, it also searched IMDB for movies09:27
solarbabyYup you got it09:27
solarbabyso my problem is I have it so good right now, the frontend to myth even as fantastic as it is, is still a tiny step downwards, but in a major way at the same time09:28
solarbabyas I've been searching google I've been reading other peoples frustration09:28
solarbabyI know it's just a matter of time..  the scripts are easy enough to copy for someone who knows how09:29
stevetvwell.. if you have the skills, maybe you could modify this http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/29178509:29
solarbabyI have no interest in gossamer  TheTVDB.com is awesome09:29
localgod13was i suppose to run the mythdatabase upon install?09:36
solarbabyyou can run the mythdatabase anytime.. as soon as your done with mythtvbackend it asks you if you want to run it09:37
localgod13should i?09:37
solarbabyonly if you signed up with schedules direct or whatever your using to get your data09:37
localgod13i mean i did i am just curios09:37
localgod13i didnt09:38
solarbabyyou should run it09:38
solarbabyits fun09:38
localgod13i dont plan on using it as a dvr i just want to use it like a vcr09:38
localgod13no record only playback09:39
solarbabythen you dont need the database info09:39
localgod13well i got it anyway09:39
solarbabydatabase gives you tv guide info09:39
solarbabyyou can't really run myth with out a database09:39
localgod13is that gonna be a problem?09:39
solarbabybut you dont have to download info from schedules direct if your not going to use it09:40
solarbabyI dont think its a problem09:40
solarbabyI think it should work just fine so long as mysql is setup and working09:40
localgod13no pic on tv09:42
stevetvlcoalgod.. can you ssh into your box?09:46
localgod13i mean maybe but i dont know how09:46
localgod13but i cant get to the mythbuntu controll center09:47
stevetvsamba is enabled by default if you completed the install?09:48
localgod13i dont know09:48
stevetv.. sorry.. did you complete the install?09:48
localgod13but i am not running windows do i still need samba?09:49
localgod13i think it froze09:50
localgod13I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!09:50
stevetvit what?09:50
localgod13\only took me all day09:51
stevetvlol.. only one?09:51
localgod13we have tv out09:51
localgod13i just had to turn it on09:51
stevetvthe tv?09:51
localgod13i like that editor for the config file09:51
localgod13no in the config file09:51
localgod13that would have been dumb09:52
localgod13i think it got stuck\09:52
localgod13Pre-scaling theme images 9%09:52
stevetvit takes awhile09:52
localgod13hasnt moved in a min09:53
stevetvwith 256mb ram probably a long while.. it'll get there09:53
stevetvgrab a coffee09:53
localgod13its 4am here not more coffee09:53
stevetvlol.. tea then09:53
localgod13i am running on cigarettes and a meatball sub as it is09:54
localgod13why did i think this was going to be quick and ro smooth09:54
localgod13still at 9%09:54
stevetvhmm... numlock key working?09:54
localgod13u still with me?09:57
stevetv just reboot man.. cant hurt09:57
stevetv0.20.2 is suposed to be better on ram.. but id guess ubuntu uses lots.09:58
localgod13i got some extra sticks laying around09:58
stevetv265mb might not cut it.  i had a very unstable box with 265mb..09:59
stevetvstickem in09:59
localgod13not all the same though09:59
localgod13dont wanna let the blue smoke out of the moutherboard10:00
stevetvtry em. imho you want need to reinstall..10:00
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solarbabyit doesn't appear that I could put a \\location\directory entry in MythVideo..  should there be a way to access network drives?10:00
localgod13thats gonna take an hour10:01
stevetvnono.. dont reinstall.. just stick the ram in.10:01
stevetvif it works.. just modify the partitions to get an appropriate swap10:01
stevetvoh wait... mythbuntu doesnt have a swap partition i dont think..10:01
stevetvso just stick it in10:01
stevetvim used to other disto's ... very new at ubuntu :P10:02
localgod13you sure i am pretty sure they are different series10:02
localgod13but isnt mythdora heavy on the system?10:03
stevetvno idea.. ive realyl only used knoppmyth10:03
localgod13so the million dollar question why switch to buntu?10:07
localgod13ok anothe 256 just went in10:08
localgod13prescalling seems to be stuck at 23% now10:08
localgod13im gonna run a mem test10:08
localgod13u with me?10:09
solarbabycan I create a symlink that works with samba?10:10
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solarbabyOk I messed up and in the Videos section my movies are listed twice each11:21
solarbabyis there a simple way to clear that database?11:22
=== hugolp [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
solarbabyforget my question11:34
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tafkazhi there. thank you for letting me now, that the internal player is also good for avi... worx perfectly now.12:48
DiggThissuperm1: if you are here say yes.12:48
tafkazcan i use this "Internal" player also as a command in an xterm ?12:48
tafkazcause i would like to use it in Myth-Apple-trailers too12:49
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superNoobI am just downloaded the current version. the one with RC at the right?04:32
lagathe RC is the current version, yes04:33
superNoobi am trying again04:34
lagawas there a problem?04:35
superNoobhey do you think that it is possible to hack my sanso rhapsody e250r?04:35
superNoobno problem04:35
superNoobnow with out a subcription it locks me out of my mp3 player04:36
lagano clue, and that question is a little bit off-topic in here ;)04:37
superNoobi know but i am waiting on my new install04:38
superNoobi have been trying to install for about 2 weeks. I only can get the weather working04:39
superNooblast night someone said to reinstall the newest version04:39
superNoobso i am starting over again04:40
mythbotAlthough I didn't know, ubotu says: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots04:41
lagahum. weird bot.04:41
lagasuperNoob: good luck. you can also post in the forums if something goes wrong, btw04:42
superNoobwell i am new. so i do not know if something goes wrong or it is me04:53
superNoobthat is why i just hang out here and ask questions04:53
superNoobi have only been messing with linux for about 2 weeks04:53
lagahope you'll like mythbuntu04:54
superNoobok it says launch mythtv setup.. it says i need to complete 4 sections but then it said fill mythdatabase. was that it?05:09
superNoobi am at configure guide data/backend05:09
lagawhere are you located/what type of hardware do you have?05:10
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superNoobwhere are you?05:16
superNoobstep 15 of 15. should i just click finish?05:16
lagaso you're in the US. i suggest you sign up with schedules direct, at least for their 7 day trial...05:16
superNoobi click launch mythtv setup.05:17
lagasuperNoob: yes05:17
lagayou can run mythtv-setup later if you want to05:17
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superNoobok. i thought it said i needed to do 4 steps05:17
lagafour steps in mythtv-setup.05:18
lagayes, you need to run mythtv-setup in order to watch TV05:18
superNoobi ran it. i hope it worked.05:18
lagayou need to complete all four steps05:19
lagai think you need to read some documentation... let's see05:19
lagasuperNoob: ^^ read this. it should answer your questions.05:20
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sebrocklaga you seem to know your way around :D05:47
sebrockGot a quick question, thats not really mythrelated05:47
sebrockwhen I try to watch /dev/video* with VLC, VLC seems to play it to fast05:48
sebrockjust slowing down makes it way slower05:48
lagano clue, i dont use VLC05:48
sebrockso I guess the framerate is not correct or something05:48
sebrockok worth a try :D05:48
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tgm4883eh, no mythbot07:56
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superm1therethinker, ^07:57
therethinkerIt just keeps crashing randomly...07:57
tgm4883error message?07:57
tgm4883katie-, did you get that installed yesterday or was it still giving you problems?07:57
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lagasome dns admin at MIT must like CAPS07:59
therethinkerCAPS? WHY!? WHY MIGHT HE OR I LIKE CAPS?07:59
tazgodx_so i just noticed that my OSD text is like overlapping, any ideas how to fix?08:02
tazgodx_not overlapping by a lot, but still overlapping. making it hard to read08:03
lagatazgodx_: known problem...08:03
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tazgodx_oh, ok08:03
laga^^ tazgodx_08:03
lagathere's a workaround or two08:03
tazgodx_i don't see a workaround in that post08:06
mythbotHi, I'm mythbot! You can pick my brain by using $. (See also: $source, $cmdhelp)08:07
mythbotMy original source is: http://inamidst.com/phenny/08:07
lagatazgodx_: i meant this ^^sorry08:07
tazgodx_laga: does it matter the fact that im actually not using a HDMI cable? im useing S-video out converted to RCA08:09
mythbotpastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste!)08:09
lagatazgodx_: maybe you just want to read that bug report including the comments before asking further questions08:10
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superNoobok, i got it mythbuntu to work08:27
superNoobi can play a dvd. now can i rip it. and now have to worry about the dvd in the drive?08:27
superNoobnow* not08:28
tgm4883I believe so, have you tried?08:28
superNoobhow you start it?08:28
tgm4883how are you trying to?08:29
superNoobdo i check the select box08:29
superNoobthrough import dvd08:29
superNoobquality iso08:29
superNoobno sure how to start the ripping08:30
superNooboh dang. i am dumb08:31
superNoobthe 0 and the 9 at the bottom08:31
superNoobhow long does a 2hr movie take?08:32
tgm4883_laptopdepends on your hardware08:32
superNoobhow big are the movies?08:32
tgm4883_laptopI would say about 50% of the length of the movie08:32
tgm4883_laptopcould be less08:33
tgm4883_laptoptazgodx_, no there smaller than that08:33
tazgodx_i said "~"08:33
tgm4883_laptopcause it's only ripping the main movie08:33
superNoobi only have a 60g hard drive..08:33
tgm4883_laptopnot any extras08:33
tazgodx_i know08:33
tazgodx_but if you have a movie that has an extras disk seperate, they try to get a 4GB movie08:34
tazgodx_i would say its around 3, if you do a perfect rip. you can encode it to make it smaller tho08:34
tgm4883_laptopalthougth the movie could also be much larger08:37
tgm4883_laptopid say 3 - 7GB08:38
therethinkercan someone kick mythbot?08:38
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tgm4883_laptopwell that wasn't a kick08:38
superNooball i did was select the default how would i be able to see the size08:38
tgm4883_laptopi don't know if you can see that in there08:38
tazgodx_go to your video setting, and it will tell you size08:38
therethinkerOh, wow... how convenient :P08:39
tgm4883_laptopI rip my movies via my desktop08:39
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therethinkerThere, now he won't die so much08:39
tazgodx_yeah, i usually rip on my desktop and transfer it over08:40
superNoobis that harder?08:41
superNoobhow you do that?08:41
tgm4883_laptopi think it's easier08:41
tgm4883_laptopi use k9copy08:41
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rob-ehey if i wanted to have a box with mythtv and use t as a small web server, what would you recommend doing?08:42
MythbuntuGuest40does anyone know how to force mythbuntu to use a specific sound mixer? for some reason i think its defaulting to a tv cards mixer instead of my sound card so i do not get any audio?08:43
tazgodx_web server? what are you hoping to host?08:43
rob-esome files for friends or whatever, nothing major08:43
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest40, you can set that up in settings > general settings08:43
tgm4883_laptoprob-e, /var/www08:44
tazgodx_in the setup there is an audio option08:44
tazgodx_rob-e: mythbuntu installed mythweb, which installs apache, so a server is basically set up for you08:44
tazgodx_as tgm4883_laptop says, put your HTML files in /var/www08:44
rob-eand then just give them my ip huh?08:45
MythbuntuGuest40i think its more of an ubuntu issue.  i can get it to work in a standard ubuntu install by using the appropriate control panel applet but this is not present when using mythbuntu?08:45
tazgodx_yeah, or get a dynamic ip08:45
rob-ei thought it would be hard08:45
tazgodx_you can go to like no-ip.com and sign up for a free dynamic ip like rob-e.no-ip.net08:45
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest40, you can tell mythtv which sound card to use08:46
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest40, you can also run alsamixer from the command line08:46
rob-eyoure a true mythbuster08:46
tazgodx_there is also a program on no-ip.com so it continually updates your ip for your dynamic link.08:47
MythbuntuGuest40cheers.  it appears each time i restart sometimes the audio works and other times it doesn't is this linux detecting things in different orders?08:47
tgm4883_laptoprob-e, you may need to do some setup on your router too08:47
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest40, what does uname -a output?08:47
superNoobok i think it ripped.. how i watch it?08:47
rob-eo, yes, open up some ports huh08:47
tgm4883_laptopsuperNoob, did you rip it in the frontend?08:48
rob-ecomeon no upnp?08:48
superNoobi think so08:48
tazgodx_port 80 is normal port for webhosting to forward to your PC08:48
superNoobimport dvd08:48
tgm4883_laptoprob-e, some routers don't like static ip addresses and upnp08:48
MythbuntuGuest40 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Wed Oct 10 06:00:47 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux08:49
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rob-edont most isps block that so i have to foreward it to another?08:49
tazgodx_superNoob: go to main menu and go to media library/videos08:49
tgm4883_laptoprob-e, no08:49
tgm4883_laptopyou would have to listen on another08:49
tgm4883_laptopand forward to port 8008:49
rob-eo, i thought i read something like that08:49
superNoobit says no files found08:49
tgm4883_laptopsome isps do block08:49
tazgodx_yeah, tell people to connect to yo.ur.i.p:808008:49
tgm4883_laptopsuperNoob, where are you looking08:49
superNoobthe dvd i just ripped08:50
tgm4883_laptoprob-e, try port 80 first08:50
tgm4883_laptopsuperNoob, well your wont be able to use your eyes to look at the dvd, thats what dvd lasers are for.  Where are you looking in the frontend to try to play the already ripped dvd08:51
tazgodx_superNoob: go to utilities setup/video manager, and see if it lists your rip there08:51
tgm4883_laptopit lists it there?08:51
tgm4883_laptopthen go to myth video and see if it is there now08:51
tazgodx_ok, then it should show up in media library/watch videos08:51
superNoobyes. i does08:52
superNoobit says .iso? is that correct?08:52
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest40, I use to have that issue too.  Have you tried apt-get dist-upgrade08:53
superNoobi can even edit the info08:53
superNoobi do not see it in media library08:53
tgm4883_laptopsuperNoob, does it play08:53
MythbuntuGuest40tgm4883, will give it a try - if i use alsamixer the 1st,2nd device is my tv cards the 3rd device is my actual sound card.  can i use alsamixer to change my default?08:54
tazgodx_hit the menu button on the watch videos menu08:54
tazgodx_look at your filters08:54
superNoobyes it did...........YOU GUYS ARE the GREATEST.. i know my problems sound small to you guys.. .but man yall are great08:54
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest40, im not sure, although you should be able to tell mythtv which card to use08:55
tazgodx_rob-e: just be carefull with your webserver, if someone goes to http://yourip/mythweb they can alter your video recordings.08:56
MythbuntuGuest40okay thanks. dist-upgrade finds no packages08:57
tgm4883_laptoprob-e, yes, you should add a password for mythweb08:57
tazgodx_yeah, add a password for the mythweb dir.08:57
superNoobwhen i went to video manager..it updated  then when i want back it was there. I am watching my dvd08:57
superNoobnow i got to go watch cowboy game08:57
superNoobsee yall08:57
rob-epfft cowboys...08:57
tazgodx_you can add a password for mythweb through the MCC08:58
tazgodx_bears game is where its at!08:58
mythbotMythbuntu Control Centre - a admin panel for MythTV - Created and maintained by the mythbuntu team. http://www.mythbuntu.org/about08:58
rob-ego packers08:58
tazgodx_im helping a packers fan?!?!08:58
=== tazgodx_ shudders
rob-ehaha, yes08:59
therethinker$whack rob-e08:59
mythbot/me whacks rob-e08:59
tazgodx_$poke rob-e08:59
therethinkerThat's for liking the packers08:59
mythbot/me stabs rob-e violently with a rusty spoon08:59
therethinker$hug rob-e, he's a packer's fan!08:59
mythbotIf I had emotions, I'd laugh! No one would ever hug rob-e,!08:59
rob-ei like like 5 mins from the stadium08:59
therethinkerI'm like 5 minutes from the Patriots stadium09:00
tgm4883_laptopI like like the 49ers09:00
tazgodx_i like like the Bears09:00
rob-ewell we all know the bears just suck09:00
tazgodx_i like like 35 mins from soldiers field09:00
tazgodx_haha, we will see at the end of the year whos doing better :)09:01
tazgodx_i did enjoy watching the bears break that undefeated packers record! :)09:01
rob-ewhats the deal with mythbuntu and gutsy?09:01
tazgodx_what do you mean?09:01
rob-eare they updating in 4 days also?09:01
tazgodx_well they went into RC the same day09:02
tazgodx_didn't they? tgm4883_laptop?09:02
rob-eor ohh09:03
rob-enanananana... mythbusters09:04
MitoTraninquick question for you tgm4883_laptop:  what remote drivers/setup etc should I choose for this:  http://irblaster.info/receiver.html09:04
rob-eso my plan is to use a wiimote as the mouse, i think itll be sweet09:05
therethinkerThat'd be cool09:05
therethinkerMake sure you enable the pointer... its hidden by default09:05
rob-eand somewhere in there a giant projector too09:05
rob-e*squints at tv*09:06
tazgodx_one of these days im gonna plug in my other 2 tuners, and set up my cable box, and plug in my internet09:06
tazgodx_its all on my list of things to do09:06
tgm4883_laptopMitoTranin, good question09:06
MitoTranintgm4883_laptop: yeah... that's what I said :009:06
rob-ewell thanks for all the help, ill c ya09:06
tazgodx_so can anyone explain why you have to go to the video manager first before it shows new videos on the mythvideo menu?09:08
tgm4883_laptopuh, thats the way it is setup :)09:08
tazgodx_why don't they just like call the video manager to search for all videos before you open up the mythvideo menu?09:09
tgm4883_laptopwhy don't you just tell video browser to browse files by default :)09:10
tazgodx_oh i can do that?09:10
tazgodx_well, i iddn't know that, ill check that out soon09:10
tgm4883_laptopsetup > setup > media settings > video settings > general settings09:11
tgm4883_laptopscreen 209:11
tgm4883_laptopoption 2, 3, and 409:11
tgm4883_laptopalso, who was asking me about tv shows and scanning for info?09:12
tazgodx_sweet, thanks09:12
MitoTraninfrom the files?09:13
MitoTraninI think that was SuperNoob09:13
MitoTraninnope, checked the backlog, it was solarbaby09:14
therethinkerIs the ADSTech Mini Dual TV supported by Mythtv?09:14
MitoTraninugh... ok... so someone help me out with this09:15
MitoTraninmy video didn't look the greatest on my monitor, so I switched it from Qt to OpenGL09:15
MitoTraninnow the menu items don't show up, it's just the background09:16
MitoTraninso by memory I go through the menu's to the same location, and change it back to Qt09:16
MitoTraninit reloads, but it's still the same problem09:16
MitoTraninI restarted the system to give it a fresh start, and it's the same problem...09:16
MitoTraninI go back in to the same settings, and it's back to opengl09:16
MitoTraninanyone have any idea why 1) it's like this, and 2) why I can't change it back?09:17
tazgodx_anyone know if the mplayer plugin for firefox has hotkeys for fullscreen and play and pause?09:29
superm1totem's ff plugin does (and it works out very nice actually now in gutsy)09:29
tazgodx_totem's you say huh? ill try that i guess09:29
MitoTraninsuperm1: can you confirm a bug for me, so I can know that it's not just my system having problems before I make a bug report?09:35
superm1what's that?09:35
MitoTraninI switched from Qt to OpenGL today09:35
superm1MitoTranin, does your card support it?09:35
superm1didy ou install proprietary driver?09:36
MitoTraninwhen I did, all the menus are gone, and just the background shows09:36
MitoTraninI did install the proprietary driver09:36
MitoTraninand it's a geforce 4mx09:36
MitoTraninso it should support OpenGL09:36
superm1sounds like the driver isn't working then right now.09:36
superm1close out myth09:36
superm1and pull open a terminal09:36
superm1and type mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=qt09:36
superm1to start it with Qt once09:36
superm1go through and save it as Qt again09:37
superm1and then sort out your driver issues to find out why 3d isn't on09:37
MitoTraninwell, that's the actual bug part09:37
MitoTraninI got back to the menus via memory09:37
MitoTraningot back to the screen where I can choose Qt or opengl09:37
MitoTraninI changed it back, but it's still using opengl09:37
MitoTraninso I restarted the computer09:38
MitoTraninand the menus are still gone... I went back to the same screen, and it still says opengl in there09:38
superm1you must not have saved the setting09:38
superm1start it how i said09:38
superm1and make it all the way through those menus09:38
superm1you can't hit escape while in the appearance section09:38
superm1you have to hit enter through them all09:38
MitoTraninI hit enter all the way through09:38
MitoTranindoing it again though just for fun :)09:39
MitoTraninweird... that time it worked09:40
MitoTraninoh well09:40
MitoTraninanother quick Q, this one I could probably google but just haven't yet09:40
MitoTraninwhen I rebooted, hotplug didn't pickup my tuner right away, I had to disconnect it, reconnect it, then load the firmware manually09:41
MitoTraninany idea how to make sure that hotplug finds it and loads the firmware properly?09:41
superm1i'm not sure how its handled by hotplug09:42
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Dawson64superm1 I've got the menu up on my tv now but i'm getting "unable to initialize video yet"  any ideas09:56
MitoTraninDawson64: he just said in another channel that he'd be out for a bit just 3 minutes before you messaged..09:57
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localgod11i got a problem- i get mythbuntu installed but it hangs at around 16% when i try to load the frontend10:36
localgod11running 384 ram10:37
localgod11o yah its sodimm ram btw10:37
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solarbabyoops another night of falling asleep in the computer chair10:42
solarbabyah well I feel great10:42
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localgod11i got a problem- i get mythbuntu installed but it hangs at around 16% when i try to load the frontend10:56
localgod11running 384 ram with a p410:56
solarbabysounds icky11:00
localgod11idea what could be happening11:00
solarbabyI've never had that problem11:00
localgod11i was told i need more ram11:00
solarbabyoh how much you got?11:00
solarbaby256 isn't enough..  384 might do it..  shrug...  Im using 512 and everything is real smooth11:01
localgod11naf still nhangs11:01
localgod11running memtest now11:01
solarbabystill even with 256 it should install with out those kind of problems..  but you might actually have bad ram.. that would do that11:01
solarbabyI'd take one of your ram chips out.. and try installing11:02
tgm4883256 is enough11:07
tgm4883localgod11, did you verify the ISO, burn the CD slow and verify the CD?11:07
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solarbabytgm4883: next big thing I need to do is get my USBUIRT to change the channels on my Dish Network Satalite box11:25
solarbabytgm4883: if its smarter to buy a device that works easier I'll do that11:25
tgm4883solarbaby, im not sure of an easy way to do that currently11:25
tgm4883afaik, ir blasting is a PITA right now11:26
solarbabyI see11:26
solarbabyI bet all the smart ones are working on it11:26
tgm4883yea, but I don't know if there be an easy solution until hardy11:28
solarbabyeasy or not..  I would like to make it work :)11:28
solarbabyso far there just aren't any good directions out there11:28
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solarbabywhat do you mean until hardy?11:36
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tgm4883as in gutsy +111:40
solarbabyoh so we're waiting for hardy release?11:43
tgm4883eh, i think it's more we can't really change anything after today11:44
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localgod11anyone around?01:11
mythbotWelcome to #Ubuntu-mythtv.  Please state your question or comment.01:15
localgod11my mythbuntu box freezes upon start up01:15
localgod11its starts loading the front end then gets stick at about 36%01:15

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