PriceChildSeveas, I thought ubuntu-irc was a team of operators trusted by the council which other channels could trust to take ops from? :/01:13
SeveasSeeker`, now try @btlogin, ubtu should reply with a URL01:13
Seeker`Error: Authentication failed01:13
PriceChildI bet the ` is messing it up :P01:14
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Seveastry again, I forgot a semi-manual step (didn't want to wait for cron)01:15
Seeker`same again01:15
Seveas3rd time's a charm or I give up01:16
Seveasso try again please :)01:16
Seeker`same again01:16
Seveasok, I give up01:16
Seveasah, duh: first @login (to make it create your account) and then @btlogin01:17
Seveasdoesn't happen too often that we add people :)01:17
ubotuAn error has occurred and has been logged.01:17
Seveas*now* the ` is messing it up :)01:17
Seeker`woo :P01:18
AmaranthSeveas: do you remember MatBoy?01:18
ompaulvague memories01:18
SeveasSeeker`, actually, @btlogin might work, the error occured after account creation01:19
SeveasAmaranth, not really01:19
Seveas@reload FreenodeAuth01:19
DavieySeeker`: out of interest - why did you pick to have a "'" in your nick?01:19
SeveasAmaranth, ah, one of the offtopicers, I remember that incident01:20
SeveasAmaranth, he's probably no older than 11, pm'ed me in sms-language dutch01:20
Seeker`Seveas: Works now01:21
AmaranthHe doesn't seem to understand the problem01:21
Seveaswhere's he now?01:21
Seeker`Daviey: I tried "Seeker" on another network, and it was taken, so I added a '01:21
Davieyheh.. /me adds "DROP ALL" to his nick :P01:21
AmaranthSeveas: #compiz-fusion01:21
Amaranthand a bunch of other places01:21
Seeker`Daviey: heh01:22
SeveasDaviey, input is properly escaped :p01:22
Seeker`XKCD ftw01:22
SeveasAmaranth, kill :)01:22
SeveasSeeker`, yup01:22
Amaranth"it seems to be the ubuntu way to kick people there"01:22
Seveaswould be a shame if he was a liar01:23
Seeker`Seveas: Why doesn't the bantracker distinguish between kicks and bans?01:25
ompaulSeeker`, removes and kicks are the same and bans are +b 01:25
ompaulSeeker`, want a demo?01:26
SeveasSeeker`, hm?01:26
Seveasit shouldn't make a difference, it should store both :)01:26
Seeker`Seveas: I understand that it should store both, but browsing quickly there isn't any difference in the presentation of a ban or a kick01:26
Seveasyou recognize them by mask, bans have a ! and @ in there, kicks/removes not01:27
DavieySeveas: can you ack me?01:27
Seeker`Seveas: Fair enough01:27
Seveastry again01:29
Seveasthe syncer wasn't finished yet01:29
Seeker`woo :)01:30
DavieySeveas: hey, you removed the 'human' theme \o/01:30
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nalioththat was most interesting.  my X just shut down spontaneously02:30
naliothnope, no compiz involved02:45
PriceChildgah i'm subscribed to ubuntu-irc with @ubuntu.com, but it seems like its sending emails to @gmail.com so when i simply click reply it just doesn't accept it :/03:10
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Picikahrytan, troll or not?03:27
PiciOr just generally clueless03:27
PriceChildnick rings a bell#03:28
PriceChildwhere is it?03:28
LjLhe's been in -offtopic for a relatively long time03:28
LjLi think he might have been sort of trollish at times, but i don't really remember03:29
PiciI didnt even check the tracker yet..03:29
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krux0i need to get back into #ubuntu...I believe I changed to the port to 8001. Netstat reports 8001 open on niven.freenode.net. Can someone validate this? 04:25
=== krux0 [n=richard@ool-182c9ffc.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
krux0i am not a bot04:33
krux0i need to get back into #ubuntu04:33
PumpernickelPlease be patient; people who can help you will, when they get here.04:34
krux0thank you04:36
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ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu05:14
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ubot3In #freenode, GPT said: !bAH, my link is better.06:01
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Tm_Tgood morning08:31
Tm_Thmm, was there some way to clear ban lists from irssi windows?08:44
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Tm_Twii is not banned anymore :O11:01
Seveaswas muted, not banned11:02
Tm_Tah right11:02
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=== Hattory [i=darkrad@host144-161-dynamic.15-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-ops
HattoryHi all.... could you please add my ubuntu/member cloak? my LP profile is https://edge.launchpad.net/~hattory/11:52
jpatrickhi Hattory11:55
Hattoryhi jpatrick ;)11:56
jpatrick(remember you from last CC meeting)11:56
jpatrickgood to know I'm not the only 16 year old on ubuntu11:56
Hattoryjpatrick, yea :D 11:57
Hattoryyoung peoples rock11:57
naliothcloaks, eh?11:58
Hattorynalioth, yes11:58
naliothplease link an alternate nick and add an email, Hattory 11:59
Hattorynalioth, ok12:02
naliothHattory: when you are done, just PM me that you've completed the task, and i'll turn on your cloak12:06
=== nalioth returns to bed
Hattorynalioth, no problem... thanks12:06
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Hobbseemc44: btw - there have been a fair few instances of trolls using the info in this channel01:52
mc44Hobbsee: yes, I wasn't saying you shouldn't kick people01:53
mc44Hobbsee: however Sev seams to think it no applies to everyone01:53
Seeker`There should be a quick "can anyone vouch for this person" before they are kicked though01:54
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d1n0Is this a nice place to meet a young girl?02:07
d1n0ah, someone tricked me :)02:08
=== d1n0 [i=dino@] has left #ubuntu-ops []
mc44ok then02:08
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ikoniadid someone call me ?02:20
ompaulikonia, I can by phone :)02:24
ikoniayou could if I was on a machine with a sound card :D02:24
=== ompaul chuckles
ikoniahello ompaul, how are you02:25
ompaulmobiled phonez02:25
ikoniagood good02:26
ikoniajust how it should be ?02:26
ompaulbetter almost ;-)02:26
ompaulI got energy for the first time in years02:26
ikonianow that is good to hear02:26
ikoniadoing something production with it ?02:26
ikoniathe energy that is02:26
ompaulI had no idea what normal energy reserves were like02:27
ompaulthe op the diet the exercise02:27
ompaulso this is what it is like to be a normally healthy person ;-) I'll keep it thanks02:28
ikoniabig difference huh02:28
ompaulI had  no idea02:28
ikoniaits nice to hear you feeling so well 02:28
=== ompaul is rockin
=== jpatrick [n=patrick@ubuntu/member/jpatrick] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ompaulikonia,  even listening to leonard cohen would not get me down today 02:29
ikoniathats strong positive attitude02:29
ompaulna its a simple fact :)02:30
ompaulikonia, but then again I think I am not listening to him - I am listening to coldplay and being bored so I think I will pump some semi pop02:31
ikoniaramp it up !02:31
ompaulits loud enough thanks :)02:32
ikoniaI meant pick up the pace 02:32
ompaulinxs is what I call semi pop :)02:32
=== QMario [n=QMario@c-98-200-244-80.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu-ops
jrib.ubotu fix bantracker!02:56
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ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 14 2007, 13:09:21 - Next meeting: Kernel Team in 2 days03:09
Seeker`lo PriceChild 03:10
PriceChildHey Seeker` 03:10
PriceChildHello Hattory, can I help?03:10
HattoryPriceChild, i'm waiting for the cloak03:11
PriceChildubuntu member?03:12
PriceChildIs anyone currently dealing with you or shall I try and sort it out? :)03:12
Hattorynalioth, should activate it03:13
HattoryPriceChild, 03:16
Hattory<nalioth> Hattory: when you are done, just PM me that you've completed the task, and i'll turn on your cloak03:16
PriceChildright ok :)03:16
PriceChildhe's away though so you'll have to wait :P03:16
Hattoryyes... no problem :D03:16
PriceChildYeah see you've been added to the launchpad team, I'm sure he'll be back soon :)03:17
PriceChildUntil the updated group contact form goes through, the irc council can't really ask other freenode staffers for the cloaks as we're not really group contacts yet.03:18
=== coreymon [n=coreymon@ubuntu/member/coreymon77] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== troubled [n=troubled@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/troubled] has joined #ubuntu-ops
troubledsome stats for you: http://picpaste.com/chan_msg_counts.jpg03:42
troubledgratz :)03:42
=== troubled waves
=== troubled [n=troubled@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/troubled] has left #ubuntu-ops []
=== ikonia [n=mattd@88-97-208-57.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
ompaulikonia, eh check out the playlist ;-)04:27
ompaulnot back long 04:27
ubotucafuego called the ops in #ubuntu04:33
ubotuMartinW called the ops in #ubuntu04:33
gnomefreakisnt cafuego an op?04:35
gnomefreakor wasnt he04:36
Seeker`gnomefreak: /msg chanserv access #ubuntu list04:37
gnomefreakSeeker`: i know ho to tell if he does but it wont tell me if he was04:38
gnomefreakseeing as he was the bot owner i thought he had ops04:38
Seeker`gnomefreak: sorry04:40
tonyyarussoHobbsee: I have since realized that the thing I was going to ask about would be insane, since it would require promoting a package from universe to main before Thursday.  :P05:13
tonyyarussoSo, nvm05:13
gnomefreakgood luck05:13
gnomefreakwhat package?05:14
tonyyarussognomefreak: compizconfig-settings-manager05:14
tonyyarussoanyway, on my way out the door again05:14
gnomefreakif all the depends are in main its possible but this late unlikely unless you can get a core-devl and archive admin to do it05:14
gnomefreakto ack it05:14
ikoniadid someone call again05:19
ikoniamy connection dropped and it looks like someone said me name05:19
ompaulikonia, yeah they did, in fact it was me :)05:20
ikoniahello again05:20
ikoniasorry my connection is a bit flakey at the moment05:20
ompaulikonia, no worries05:20
ikoniawell, not mine, my connection from where I am to my machine at home 05:20
ikoniaapologies if I drop in and out, if its bad I'll leave the channels to not cause disruption05:20
ompaulna it is not too frequent - we have some people who seem to accept falling off the internet every 3 mins as good they get banned but staying on more than once an hour is okay05:22
ompaulfor more than an hour that is05:22
ikoniamy connection is normally rock solid, however today I'm struggling05:22
ompaulopenvpn ?05:22
=== ompaul fought with that the week before last - ended up clamping the mtu inside the openvpn config files
ikoniaahh openvpn !05:23
ikoniaa favourite05:23
ompaulnothing like a good openvpn config file edit to kick off the week ;-)05:24
HattoryPriceChild, if nalioth comes back you can ping him?05:25
ikoniaa good introduction05:25
ompaulikonia, been using it for years05:25
ompaulchanged versions and got bitten ;-)05:25
ikoniaI've touched on it, I'm considering it for a vpn I work on at the moment05:25
ompaulHattory, perhaps I can help 05:25
ompaulikonia, it is good stuff05:26
ompaulikonia, however use linux / freebsd both ends - not that other popular heap of trash05:26
ompaulfor more than religious reasons05:26
gnomefreakHattory: i think PriceChild is away atm05:26
ikoniaI have no use for the operating system you speak of05:26
ompaulikonia, I love it when someone says the likes of that05:27
ompaulhave a coffee and a gold start05:27
ompaulgold star05:27
gnomefreakikonia: he didnt say windows freebsd is cool :)05:27
ikoniagnomefreak ha ha ha05:27
gnomefreakjust wish i knoew how to make the best of it but will try again some day when i feel like reinstalling everything05:27
=== ompaul is confussed
gnomefreakHattory: can we help you with something?05:28
HattoryI'm waiting for the cloak... 05:28
Hattoryi talk with nalioth this morning05:28
gnomefreakah ok member ckoak?05:28
ompaulgnomefreak, I actually don't see the joke .. can you explain it to me .. or ikonia perhaps 05:28
gnomefreakclock even05:28
gnomefreakompaul: yes05:28
ompaulHattory, cloak even05:28
gnomefreak11:26 <          ikonia > I have no use for the operating system you speak of05:29
gnomefreakompaul: when you said linux/freebsd05:29
=== ompaul grins
Hattorygnomefreak, yes05:29
ompaulgnomefreak, well caught05:29
gnomefreakompaul: are cloaking or does it have to go through nalioth 05:29
ompaulI can 05:29
gnomefreakHattory: is waiting for ome, i missed the meeting so im assuming he got memebership05:30
ompaulgnomefreak, well we gota check05:30
gnomefreaki can look05:30
ompaulplease you will be faster than me05:30
gnomefreakHattory: give me a minute please05:30
Hattorygnomefreak, yea :D no problem... 05:31
gnomefreakHattory: what is real name?05:31
HattoryPaolo Naldini05:31
=== Seveas [n=seveas@ubuntu/member/seveas] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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Hattoryhi Seveas 05:32
ompaulSeveas, Hattory okay for a cloak?05:32
gnomefreakompaul: he did make it05:32
ompaulHattory, make my day ask seveas for that cloak 05:32
=== ompaul pokes Seveas in the ribs with a big stick
Seveasompaul, isn't he in the cloaks group already?05:33
gnomefreakafaik from agenda page he was accepted05:33
Seveasompaul, he's ok for a cloak05:33
ompaulehh 05:33
gnomefreakhe is05:33
ompaulHattory, here have a look at this05:33
SeveasRecently approved05:33
Seveas    * Naldini Paolo (hattory) 05:33
gnomefreakSeveas: by rule they have to be accepted into the irc-cloaks team then they get cloaked?05:34
Hattoryone second...05:34
Seveasgnomefreak, that's the easiest way to keep administration correct05:34
gnomefreakok makes checking alot easier05:35
PriceChildHattory, woo :)05:35
gnomefreakPriceChild: good morning05:35
Hattorybut but....05:36
PriceChildgnomefreak, ty05:36
HattoryNobody warned me05:37
Hattoryok thanks05:38
=== Hattory [i=darkrad@ubuntu/member/hattory] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Ex-Chat"]
naliothhattory has been cloaked for quite some time06:22
=== Pici [n=Pici@unaffiliated/pici] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== Supremus [n=Supremus@222-49.5-85.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #ubuntu-ops
naliothhi Supremus, what's up?07:13
Supremusnalioth, could you please add my ubuntu/member cloak?07:15
naliothwhat's your LP page, Supremus ?07:16
=== nalioth mumbles about lovely ajax and other newfangled technologies that lock his browser
naliothwoops, make that 'kill my browser' (it just failed)07:18
naliothSupremus: enjoy your cloak  :)  make us proud  :)07:18
Supremusnalioth, thanks !07:19
Supremusi go tanks07:20
=== Supremus [n=Supremus@ubuntu/member/supremus] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Sto]
=== jussi01 thinks its getting about time he applied for ubuntu membership...
naliothLjL: PriceChild: please fill out one of these, and put seveas as the "approving contact"  http://freenode.net/group_contact_form.shtml07:36
PriceChildnalioth, could you op me in #ubuntuforums-hardware please?07:37
PriceChildgah this contact form is evil :)07:40
=== Nicke [n=niclasa@ua-83-227-140-135.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== Nicke [n=niclasa@ua-83-227-140-135.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Ex-Chat"]
Seeker`PriceChild: How can a form be "evil"?08:02
DavieyIt asks for the sacrifice of 3 cats08:03
Seeker`but cats are evil themselves08:03
naliothwhat is the square root of the residual soul weight left in the dead cats?      <<< it ask stuff like that, too08:05
jussi01nalioth: 0, cats dont have souls :P08:06
naliothnot after they're dead, no08:06
Seeker`nalioth: Or before they are dead08:06
nalioththey're full of baby souls when they are alive08:06
naliothdon'tcha know anything about cats?08:06
Seeker`i know they are pure evil08:06
ompauloneko does not agree08:10
=== Dave2 [i=dave@freenode/staff/dave2] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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=== Pricey [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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jussi01Pricey: dodgy connection?08:32
Priceyjussi01, nope dodgy modem08:33
jussi01Pricey: ahhh... amounts to much the same thing :)08:33
Priceymight be overheating... not sure08:33
jussi01Pricey: just open the window :P:P08:33
Dave2Pricey, water cool your modem.08:35
jdongjust dump it in a tub of oil.08:36
jdongproblem solved08:36
naliothuse flammable oil, for sure resolution08:37
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu09:25
=== totopalma [n=Palma@host199-116-dynamic.55-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== totopalma [n=Palma@host199-116-dynamic.55-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Pricey*turns modem upside down in hope that'll fix overheating problems*09:56
PriceyHey totopalma, can I help?09:56
totopalmahi :)09:56
totopalmasorry for my english09:57
totopalmais possible to have09:57
totopalmathe cloack ?09:57
LjLtotopalma: you need to be an ubuntu member09:57
totopalmaLjL, yes09:58
totopalmai am an ubuntu member09:58
PriceyAre you an Ubuntu Member totopalma? (part of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntumembers )09:58
totopalmaa moment09:58
Priceytotopalma, could we have your launchpad url please?09:58
LjLtotopalma: https://launchpad.net/~palma-salvatore i assume09:58
totopalmayes :)09:58
PriceyLjL, you wanna sort it? :)09:59
LjLPricey: probably better for him :)09:59
Priceyah what with the Italian and all.... :P10:00
LjLtotopalma: ho bisogno che ti ti assicuri 1) di avere un indirizzo email registrato qui su IRC (scrivi /msg nickserv info totopalma per controllare, se non sei sicuro di averlo)   2) che tu abbia un secondo nickname "linkato" a quello principale (anche qui, /msg nickserv)10:00
Amaranthhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-users <--wth10:01
LjLAmaranth: what about it?10:01
Amaranthweird team10:02
LjLAmaranth: quite. but i suppose it can't do any harm10:03
totopalmaLjL, il secondo nick linkato al primo  palmatoto10:03
totopalmalinkato al principale10:03
LjLtotopalma: bene, l'email c'? (chiedo a te semplicemente perch io non posso vedere se c', se  marcata privata)10:04
totopalmaLjL, si, ho messo quella con l'alias ubuntu.com10:05
LjLtotopalma: va benissimo. dovrebbe arrivarti un'email con la conferma dell'entrata nel team ubuntu-irc-cloaks. per la cloak vera e propria, dovrai aspettare ancora un pochino fino a che non mi capita sottomano qualcuno dello staff di Freenode10:07
totopalmaok :)10:07
totopalmagrazie :)10:07
totopalmaLjL, arrivata10:08
totopalmaciao :)10:08
LjLgrazie a te10:09
=== totopalma [n=Palma@host199-116-dynamic.55-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Sto]
Amaranthwii/mii is back10:58
AmaranthSeveas: ping11:00
Seveastroubles somewhere?11:00
Amaranthand probably every other channel Wii/Mii is in11:00
Seveas-ChanServ- [Amaranth]  has been added to the access list for #ubuntu-desktop with level [10] 11:00
Seveas#kubuntu and the -fr channels that is11:00
Seveas(that's where he's in)11:01
Seveasand ##windows, but I don't care about that :)11:01
=== Wii [n=wii@AMarigot-102-1-10-37.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Wiiok wrong ch hhh :D11:02
=== Wii [n=wii@AMarigot-102-1-10-37.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #ubuntu-ops ["Konversation]
Seveasnothing says troll like a hit-and-run11:03
AmaranthThis is the guy that was disrupting #ubuntu-motu, no?11:04
AmaranthI could have sworn he was klined, not that it would help11:04
LjLhe's been bothering #ubuntu-desktop for a while for sure11:04
LjLi think he *was* once klined11:04
Seveasdunno, didn't know what happened there11:04
LjLbut the address is dynamic11:04
Amaranthhe won't be bothering #ubuntu-desktop anymore11:04
Amaranthwell, not more than a couple minutes at a time anyway11:05
SeveasAmaranth, any other suitable +o candidates there? The list is pretty short11:05
Amaranthi don't think so11:05
AmaranthLjL can handle the #kubuntu ones11:05
LjLhandle what?11:06
Amaranthif wii causes any trouble11:06
Amaranthalthough i'd just ban him outright before he gets a chance11:06
Amaranthhe has been causing trouble everywhere11:06
LjLi think he's banned in #k already, by ident11:06
Seveasmii has a diff. ident11:07
Seveasand is in #kubuntu11:07
LjLok, with ident and real name change, there's little more than banning the hostname we can do11:08
Seveasyou could ban ?ii!*@*.wanadoo.fr11:08
SeveasI doubt there will be many false positives to that11:08
Amaranthnow it's down to #ubuntu-fr #kubuntu-fr11:09
Amaranthi think he is still muted in #ubuntu-fr11:09
Amaranth#ubuntu-fr told me to leave though :P11:10
LjLSeveas: if he can change the ident and the realname, he can change the nickname more creatively for sure =)11:11
SeveasLjL, but does he want to? :)11:11
Amaranthmaybe but he'd have to figure out how he was banned first11:12
Seveashe seems keen on the wii/mii gig11:12
LjLSeveas: he'd try iiw if we banned both11:12
Seveasban wanadoo entirely until they drop stupid clients11:12
Amaranthand maybe there will be some pattern to the IP he gets so we only have to ban a few hundred possibilities instead of a whole ISP11:12
Amaranth"Wannadoo Broadband is now Orange Broadband"11:13
Amaranthi'm in the US and even I know that name :P11:13
LjLSeveas: yeah well wanadoo.fr *has* a copious amount of trolls, but it's still not like 83.230 to warrant a net ban :)11:13
LjLAmaranth: except it's got one N only11:14
AmaranthLjL: huh?11:15
Amaranthjust a typo though, it's still orange11:15
jdongwhat do YOU wannado?11:15
jdongthat sounds like some butchered MS slogan11:15
jdongIn Soviet Russia, ISP wannado YOU11:16
ompauljdong, in soviet russia users ban ops11:19
jdongthat sounds like fun :)11:19
ompaulin soviet russia software compiles you11:20
jdongIn Soviet Russia, DRM restricts YOU11:20
jdongoh wait it does that here too11:20
ompauljdong, :)11:21
ompaulin soviet russia drm frees you11:21
ompaulin soviet russia irc talks on you11:22
LjLin soviet russia you make sense11:23
ompaulno no no11:24
ompaulin soviet russia sense makes you11:24
LjLyes, i know it didn't follow the standard IETF approved russian joke pattern11:24
ompaulLjL, which leads to the classic11:25
ompaulin soviet russia jokes tell you11:25
LjLthey do in italy too, when my friends get bored of talking about football11:25
LjL(football *network games* actually, most of the time)11:26
jdongLjL: In Iran we don't have russian jokes, like in your country.11:27
ompaulLjL, you do live in the land of the beautiful game11:27
=== jdong adds that pattern to his meme generator script
LjLompaul, don't make me want to hurt you11:27
ompaulLjL, ignoring soccer is a great game11:27
ompaulI have managed to do it for years11:27
PiciI've ignored soccer _and_ football11:28
ompaulLjL, now if it was rugby .. that is worth watching 11:28
jdongI've ignored the outside world for 19 years and still going strong11:28
LjLme too, but i've had to put up with the embarrassment of replying "none" to "what's your favorite football team" during infancy. that's a tremendous shock for an italian child to bear.11:28
LjLin soviet russia though, world ignores you11:29
LjLyou realize you should start putting your Samba shares in fstab when you type a 100-characters long mount line automatically -- and it turns out it's the one that mounts the *wrong* share11:31
ompaulin soviet russia computers run you .... ohh wait, I have just discovered the the core idea, and how they got it for the matrix - hollywood owes irc11:31
LjLompaul: but, being the free software advocate that you are, you really can't ask for the rights now.11:32
ompaulI want them to share with everyone on the planet11:34
ompauland stop treating their customers as criminals11:34
ompaulfor instance walking into a cinema - I am still shocked by this11:35
LjLyou're shocked that people walk into cinemas?11:35
ompaulgetting an announcement on the screen that they would remove people with cameras11:36
LjLah, we don't get those.11:36
ompauland confiscate cameras11:36
ompaulwell I wanted someone arrested for assault 11:36
LjLwe merely have the obnoxious ad: "would you ever steal a car? would you ever steal a book? would you ever steal a movie? piracy - is - a - crime"11:37
ompaulthat as well11:37
LjLompaul: those announcements won't be needed anymore when all cameras come with a built-in stegano mark detector that shuts down the camera when it detects a pattern marking a protected movie, you know that11:37
ompaulso I let it be known in the cinema - and seveas can testify to the fact that I have a loud voice11:37
LjLi give them the finger when they play the ad, but i dare not shout :P11:38
ompaulthat notice was a crime, it was assault and people should not stand for it11:38
ompaulwe as consumers have options and I for one will not be back for a good while 11:38
ompaulnow that is the law of this land11:39
LjLyeah we have the option of building our own record player, i'm afraid11:39
LjLi hate it that i've just bought this symbian phone that is *filled* with trusted computing, every app has to be signed by symbian, blearg11:40
ompaulyou know DRM is just another way of enforcing the cartel and its monopoly 11:43
ompaulif you forgive me mixing my metaphors11:43
LjLompaul: in that case it goes further than just the music/video industries... for instance, getting GSM cell id information is "protected" and can't be done by self-signed applications. that's to protect me, of course - not, it's because phone companies want to provide their own location-based services11:44
ompaulthat is theft of your freedom11:44
ompaulcan you get that information from some other $phone ?11:45
LjLompaul: i think i could on, err, windows mobile ones - since i don't think they're using signatures to restrict the API (at least heavily) yet11:45
LjLand surely i could get it on openmoko or greenphone, i bet11:45
LjLbut then again, i wouldn't pay an openmoko 99 like i paid this one. once again, cheapness wins over ideals11:46
ompaulwhat is openmoko costing?11:46
=== ompaul checks his pocket for spare cash
LjLi think the dev version is 300, and the final version is planned to be 50011:46
LjLthat's not my target price for a phone really11:46
ompaulmass produced so in a year after that it will be sub 20011:47
=== ompaul wonders if he could get a dev version
LjLif it gets sub 200, with wifi and all the bells and whistles, i'd consider it11:47
LjLi think you can11:47
LjLi'm not sure, but i think they just give them out, they simply lack some hardware that will be in the final version11:47
LjLi'm not *sure* openmoko/greenphone are 100% open, anyway, should need to check. you know, for instance, that FCC regulation that basically says, "if you run software defined radios on open source software, we'll laugh at you and never certify it"?11:48
LjLfor some parts they might simply be forced to lock things down11:49
=== ompaul looks at it
ompaulI like the irish dept of communications rules better11:50
ompaulyou can drive the device any way you like 11:51
LjLompaul: and you know, on symbian, even if you write an app that only uses what they call sometimes the "user-grantable" capabilities, and sometimes the "user-UNDERSTANDABLE" capabilities... i.e. you don't use what they consider to be "sensitive" APIs (which are mostly harmless really)11:51
ompaulBUT don't step outside of the allowed frequencies or power or you will feel us breathing down your neck11:51
LjLwell, even then, you can self-sign your application (it cannot simply be UNsigned), but the certificate you sign it with expires after a while anyway11:52
ompaulthats nutz11:52
LjL(yeah, you *can* just wind back the phone's clock to install the application, but....)11:52
ompaulwith a capital Z11:52
ompaulLjL, I really don't want to know any more it is depressing :)11:52
LjLompaul: yeah that's reasonable, "do what you wish just don't break the sensible rules we have", but the trend instead seems to be "in order that you don't break the sensible rules, you aren't allowed to even touch your own equipment"11:53
LjLompaul: well that's basically everything. except, perhaps, i should mention that symbian used to be a really *fine*, though always closed-source, operating system, and they've ruined it like that.  (and in other technical ways too - such as, it takes 1 minute to boot)11:53
ompaulI need to diall 112 and you have to wait a min11:54
ompaulthats nuts11:54
LjLompaul: but, you see, "this is just a phone". people aren't even used to the concept that they can install applications on a phone *at all*, so they won't mind if certificates are needed to do that11:54
ompaulLjL, we need to write an app that encourages them to program it11:55
ompauland get that application signed11:55
LjLonce they get used to seeing "This application is not certified and cannot be installed" messages on their *phones*, it will certainly be less surprising for them to see the same on their *computers*11:55
LjLompaul, there is python for starters. and it's signed. but it's only signed because it implements its own access restrictions -- your own python scripts have to be signed, or they can't access the protected parts of the API11:55
=== ompaul feels ill
ompaulthats just sick11:56
ompaulokay I am going to go to bed11:58
ompaulhave lots of fun11:58
=== Pici waves
LjLompaul: well, in their infinite magnanimousity, they *do* offer a free way to sign freeware/foss applications11:58
LjLyou just have to wait a couple of months11:58
LjLand if it gets rejected, it's 6 months before you can re-submit it11:58
ompaulafter they rip the code 11:58
LjLfor commercial applications, if they get rejected, you just have pay for the whole signing process again11:59
ompaulLjL, pfffft11:59
ompaulno 11:59
=== ompaul now runs away screaming
LjLfortunately, i can install just about anything, if not very easily, since i managed to get a "developer certificate" while they're still giving them out to almost anyone11:59
LjLbut they'll stop - they've realized everyone uses them.12:00
LjLi've done my duty to guarantee ompaul a sleepless night :)12:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about now - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:02
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 14 2007, 22:02:58 - Next meeting: Kernel Team in 1 day12:02
gnomefreakSeveas: LjL can we add wii to autoban list?12:28
LjLgnomefreak: what good does that do, when he changes just about everything changeable?12:28
gnomefreakhes ban evading and being a mence(sp)12:28
LjLyeah it's fine with me i just don't see how it would help12:28
gnomefreakdoes autoban use hostmask?12:28
PriceySo Gutsy upgrades are already offered from Feisty?12:28
gnomefreakor can it use names realnames ect12:29
LjLgnomefreak: it uses things it can know. and those are hostmask, ident, realname, nickname12:29
PiciPricey: They are?12:29
gnomefreakPricey: yes and most bugs are gone if you use -d only12:29
LjLgnomefreak: but wii has changed all of the above12:29
gnomefreakso there is no way to keep him out?12:29
Priceygnomefreak, does it automatically bring up a notification? Or do you have to invoke the command with -d manually?12:29
LjLgnomefreak: keep banning him when he joins.12:29
PriceyI'm confused by the posts on forum12:29
gnomefreakmaybe we should get hem a cloak :)12:30
LjLgnomefreak: cloaks can be disabled ;)12:30
gnomefreakPricey: gksudo update-manager -d or change sources.list and dist-upgrade12:30
Priceygnomefreak, ahhh so starting upgrade-manager doesn't suggest it to you automatically yet?12:30
gnomefreakhe giving me a frigging headach12:30
gnomefreakPricey: no it *better* not12:30
Priceygrrrr silly forum people12:31
gnomefreakif it does let me know and ill ping mvo12:31
gnomefreakthat would be bad12:31
gnomefreakPricey: tbh the only way to prove that wrong would be screenshot of command and update-manager at same time12:32
gnomefreaki think someone ran -d and didnt think about it12:32
=== Vorian [n=Steve@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.Vorian] has joined #ubuntu-ops
=== mode/#ubuntu-ops [+v Vorian] by ChanServ
gnomefreakwhat about banning n=wii@AMarigot12:34
gnomefreaksince it always starts with AMarigot ;)12:34
gnomefreakor that would still need wii@ :(12:35
jdonggnomefreak: we can just ban him every time he comes in... the amount of time we're wasting trying to get a step ahead of him is just lose-lose for us12:36
gnomefreakthere has to be a way or us banning people doesnt mean anything, how many times is his ban gonna show up in bt since ites public that also gives him a step foward12:37
gnomefreakhe always uses wii ro xp_killer12:37
gnomefreaki have never seen him with another nick12:38
robusing n=wii@AMarigot will work for a bit I think12:38
jdongcan we just wildcard to AMarigot?12:38
jdonghe seems to have not figured out how to change that yet12:39
gnomefreakhes the only one ive noticed with it12:39
jdongI have not seen any other AMarigots :)12:39
gnomefreakbut that is *noticed*12:39
jdonggnomefreak: meh we can send the other ones here to do a AreYouNotWiiSpec test.12:39
gnomefreakthats an idea12:39
gnomefreaki have never noticed anyone else with it (doesnt mean they are not out there) but that is a low trafic good idea12:40
=== gnomefreak hasnt /whois'ed everyone either
PiciMy logs say we could narrow it down to *!*@AMarigot-102-1-*.abo.wanadoo.fr12:42
LjLrob, no, the wii ident he already changed12:42
LjL /whois mii12:44
gnomefreakthan we n=*ii@12:45
gnomefreakso on12:45
gnomefreakbut pici might be on to something12:46
LjLi don't know12:47
LjLi don't particularly like overbroad bans...12:47
LjLmake it !#ubuntu-ops at most i'd say12:47
LjLthat and/or the 102-1-*wanadoo12:47
LjLtoo broad to just ban12:47
gnomefreakis that all i add for a forward is the !?12:47
gnomefreakwho thinks @AMarigot-*!#ubuntu-ops is too broad?12:49
gnomefreakme too but it would work12:49
gnomefreakhow about @AMarigot-102-1-*.abo.wanadoo.fr!#ubuntu-ops12:50
PiciI dont, I've seen nothing that matches Amarigot12:50
gnomefreakPici: me neither but i would much rather have more than 2 agree to it before i set it12:51
stdinI've only seen 2 nicks with AMarigot, both wii/mii/xp_killer (and I've kept a lookout got that hostname)12:51
gnomefreakbut either way should grab him12:51
LjLgnomefreak: the latter seems ok with me - we just have to see how many hits from other people we get. i used to have the whole wanadoo.fr on highlight once12:51
LjLbut the former, no12:51
gnomefreakok tha latter i will set in channels i can12:52
gnomefreak18:53 -!- mode/#ubuntu [+b @AMarigot-102-1*!#ubuntu-o*@*12:53
gnomefreakdo we need to shorten that?12:53
LjLwhat's that?12:54
LjLgnomefreak, the *!*12:54
gnomefreakit keeps showing up that way12:54
Picignomefreak: Are you using some kickban script?12:55
gnomefreakPici: i did but tried it free hand after12:56
gnomefreaknormally the script adds *!812:56
PiciI just set it in offtopic, worked fine with my script thing.12:56
LjLgnomefreak: if you tried with *wanadoo.fr, then perhaps yeah it was too long12:56
gnomefreaki cut that part off12:57
Picifor irssi: /csbfw = /msg chanserv op $C $N;/wait 50;/ban $0!$1;/msg chanserv op $C -$N12:57
gnomefreakAmaranth: if you can please ban *!*@AMarigot-102-1*!#ubuntu-ops in -desktop12:59
PiciAnd forums?01:00
gnomefreaki would but i cant01:00
=== gnomefreak not brave enough to hang in there so i let others do it
stdinwe still have *!*n=wii@*.abo.wanadoo.fr set in most channels too01:01
stdinjust noticed it01:02
gnomefreaki hope this works01:05
PriceyNeoGeo64 rings a bell01:05
Picifamiliar enough that its an autocomplete option for bantracker search here.01:06

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