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Konamsomeone know how can I change the resolution of the upstart screen04:54
sorenKonam: There's no such thing as "the upstart screen"05:16
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Konamsoren fuck, yes, sorry, I was referring to usplash :D05:36
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=== Jc2k chuckles
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Keybukyay, I have a garden now :)07:35
Jc2kKeybuk: plan to grow anything :P?07:42
Jc2kor just get drunk in it?07:42
Keybukjust relax in it07:43
=== Keybuk doesn't drink :)
AlexExtrememmm. why wasn't 0.3.9 announced on the website? :)07:52
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AlexExtremeKeybuk: still around/08:28
AlexExtremeKeybuk, would you mind removing the link to Frugalware packages on the download page? that repo is out of date, and I'm actually no longer a Frugalware developer ;)09:06
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mbieblAlexExtreme: will frugalware still use upstart as default init in their next release?11:05
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