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Rynux91is it possible to get Xubuntu to dual boot with another linux distro?01:17
viddis the other linux distro already installed?01:18
viddif the other distro WAS already installed...the default install would detect it, and allow you to "make room" or use an open partition....01:19
viddthen when grub was installed and configured, it would add the other distro to its list01:19
viddjust like it does for that redman OS company01:19
viddotherwise...if you install *buntu first.... then the other distro would have to detect it, and add it to the bootloader01:21
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Rynux91so....if I install the other distro first, then install Xubuntu...it'll work fine?01:35
Rynux91the other distro is puppy linux btw01:37
viddshould be fine....01:41
viddif you do the reverse....it should STILL be fine...but i may not be able to help if it isnt01:42
vidd=] 01:42
Rynux91I'll test it and see what happens...01:45
Rynux91not like this is a primary use computer in my house anyway..01:45
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dav-eIs there a program (or guide) to customize the xubuntu install cd that runs under Windows?  I found the ubuntu customization kit but it requires being in linux, and since the os just died while upgrading to 7.10 I want to have it customized before I install it.02:31
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cheeseboyhow do i delete sessions04:31
cheeseboythen disable them04:31
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rynux91hey guys05:40
rynux91got a weird question...05:41
rynux91can I install multiple versions of Xubuntu on the same hard drive?05:41
rynux91I have my 6.06 and my 7.04 disk...running of the 7.04 disk now...05:42
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jet65Can I have help uninstalling Xubuntu? I doulbe boot and done07:42
jet65*don't want to ruin my hard drive or anything07:42
jet65Anyone? Could you at least tell me if "sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop" is the right command?07:46
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jet65How do I completely remove Xubuntu from  my computer and undo my partitions?08:11
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TheSheepjet65: just remove the partitions and restore MBR with any other operating system (or a parody of an operating system) you are using08:27
TheSheepjet65: obviously you cannot delete it from within itself08:28
jet65sorry to sound so dumb how do i do that?08:28
jet65Yes, do I need to use the livecd againg?08:29
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TheSheepjet65: do you have any other operating system on that computer?08:32
jet65Windows ME (shameshameshame)08:32
TheSheepjet65: then boot into it and use it to remove the partitions and restore the mbr08:33
jet65TheSheep: MBR?08:33
TheSheepjet65: master boot record08:34
d1n0Is there anyone who think I can get DualScreens (NOT with clone, Only Extended desktop) to work with ATI Radeon HD2400 on either Ubuntu, Xubuntu 7.04, 7.10?08:34
TheSheepjet65: right now you have grub in it, you want to have the windows bootloader in it08:34
TheSheep!xinerama | d1n008:34
ubotud1n0: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead08:34
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jet65TheSheep: so summarized I need to restore mbr in windows and get my partitions back?08:34
TheSheepjet65: yes08:35
d1n0doesnt anyone in the linux community know what i mean with "extended desktop" --- NOT ONE desktop, two desktop, on each monitor!08:35
TheSheep!dualhead | d1n008:35
ubotud1n0: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama08:35
jet65TheSheep: what's the best way to configure that? is there a windows program to do that?08:35
TheSheepjet65: no idea, don't use windows, try asking on ##windows08:36
d1n0I'm about to give up these irc channels, sorry I did not mention: I've gone through EVERY single wiki guide that is.... I need LIVE help.08:36
jet65TheSheep: thanks08:36
TheSheepd1n0: you could also try the forums08:39
d1n0tried everything08:40
TheSheepd1n0: then you probably have more experience in this topic than anyone of us08:41
d1n0yes, probably. that's why i'm lookin for someone with the same card or more linux-experience08:42
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fiz1hey, anybody know how to turn off a primary hard drive when booting from the live-cd10:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hdparm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:00
TheSheepfiz1: see the manual for hdparm10:00
TheSheepfiz1: man hdparm10:00
fiz1i only need to turn it off long enough to install ubuntu onto a usb stick10:01
fiz1will hdparm work for that?10:02
TheSheepfiz1: I don't follow10:02
TheSheepfiz1: why would you need to turn off the hdd for that?10:02
fiz1ok, so i want to boot from a live cd, and install ubuntu/xubuntu onto a usb pendrive10:03
fiz1i have XP on the computer and i dont want to mess up the mbr10:03
fiz1so i have to turn off the primary hard drive10:03
TheSheepfiz1: just don't tell the installer to install grub on your hdd10:03
fiz1last time i tried it, it just did it automatically10:04
fiz1hold on, im going to boot into ubuntu10:04
TheSheepfiz1: you use the livecd or the laternate cd?10:04
fiz1but it was a different distro10:04
fiz1alright, brb10:05
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TheSheepfiz1: ubiquity is the same10:05
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fiz1thesheep: are you there?10:15
TheSheepfiz1: yes10:23
TheSheepfiz1: I was going to tell you that ubiquity will act the same both on xubuntu and ubuntu10:24
TheSheepfiz1: it's the alternate installer that asks before installing grub10:24
TheSheepfiz1: apparently they removed it from the livecd installer10:24
fiz1so how can i use that?10:26
TheSheepfiz1: I'm not sure10:26
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:26
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TheSheepfiz1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:38
fiz1yeah i tried that one10:43
fiz1didnt persist10:43
fiz1im going to try this tutorial10:44
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Bonelessi would like to know, does xubuntu have a desktop manager, or is it only a window manager?11:08
Bonelessin the latter case, are there any compatible lightweight desktop managers?11:08
warblerWhat does a desktop manager do that a window manager doesn't?11:11
Bonelessit's just for having icons on the desktop11:14
Bonelessthey are handy, after all11:14
hyper___chxfce is a desktop environment11:16
Bonelessis it?11:16
Bonelessall the screenshots i've seen don't have icons on the desktop11:16
Bonelessi assumed it wasn't11:16
hyper___chXfce is a lightweight desktop environment for various *NIX systems. Designed for productivity, it loads and executes applications fast, while conserving system resources.11:16
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Bonelessso you can also have icons on the desktop11:18
Bonelessbut is it really much faster compared to ubuntu or kubuntu?11:19
Bonelessi'm running ubuntu, i've benne running it for two years now11:19
hyper___chBoneless: just test it and you'll see11:19
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Bonelessok, it's just that i have to back up all my things11:19
Boneless(well, just /home actually)11:20
Bonelessand I wanted to avoid having to try it out and then eventually switch back11:20
Bonelesswhat are you referring to with "why?"11:20
hyper___ch[11:19]  <Boneless> ok, it's just that i have to back up all my things11:21
Bonelessto have a clean install11:22
Bonelessi would format the partition11:22
Bonelessand install everything all over again11:23
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Bonelesssince I installed many things not from repositories11:23
Bonelessbut by manual compiles and external repositories11:23
hyper___chwhy do you compile?11:23
hyper___chand why do you need to make a clean install?11:24
Bonelessi compile since some software11:24
Bonelessis not really up to date in the repositories11:24
Boneless(such as aMSN... plus, I have recompiled it with antialiasing support - I recompiled the beta version of tcl/tk as well to let it work)11:25
TheSheepthat's why I usually keep /home on a separate partition11:27
Bonelessyeah, I know11:27
Bonelessthat's what I would do today11:27
Bonelessbut at the time11:27
Bonelessit didn't seem necessary11:27
hyper___chyou could still create a seperate home partition11:28
hyper___chhuhu TheSheep11:29
Bonelessthe thing is11:29
Bonelessi probably could11:29
TheSheephello hyper___ch11:29
Bonelessresizing another partition11:29
Bonelessbut! my HDD is only 13GB... and I have, erm, 247 MB free :D11:30
hyper___ch13gb isn't much11:30
BonelessI know, i probably should buy a bigger HDD, but... $$$11:31
hyper___chhds don't cost much anymore11:31
=== hyper___ch is now known as hyper_ch
Bonelessthe thing is I'm saving for a new PC11:32
Bonelesssince this one's an old one11:32
Boneless(PIII 850 Mhz, 256 MB RAM... it's an old IBM Netvista)11:33
hyper_chhow big is your home folder?11:33
Bonelesslet me check11:33
hyper_chcd /home11:33
Bonelessyeah, I'm using disk usage analyzer11:34
hyper_chdu will tell you how much disk space is used in /home11:34
Bonelessi'ts faster this way, I've noticed :d11:35
Boneless(kB right?)11:37
hyper_chof that would by kb you'd use 7 tb11:39
hyper_chbut it's 7 GB11:39
TheSheepBoneless: use du -h11:39
Bonelessah, by the way, is there a command to show free space on disk?11:41
TheSheepBoneless: df -h11:41
Bonelesscheers, mate11:41
Bonelessnow that I think of it...11:43
Bonelessit there a way to convert a NTFS partition in a ext3 - ReiserFS - whatever?11:43
hyper_chBoneless: delete the partition and recreate it ;)11:43
BonelessI supposed so :(11:44
TheSheephyper_ch: no need t delete it, just format11:44
Bonelesswell, the end result is just the same anyway...11:44
hyper_chif you have ntfs partitions that are not fully use, you could also resize them11:45
TheSheepbut less opportunities to make a mistake11:45
Bonelessis xubuntu 7.10 coming out on the same day as "regular" ubuntu?11:46
hyper_chI guess so11:46
Bonelesscompatibility with Gnome and KDE apps is total, right?11:47
Bonelessare my hardware specs enough for it anyway? using Gnome, everything is... well... sluggish11:49
hyper_chthose apps will be more sluggish I tend to think11:50
Bonelessno, my greatest concern11:51
Bonelessis not with gnome-specific apps11:51
Bonelessactually, i don't really use gnome specific apps... the programs i use most are firefox, amsn, audacity, audacious, cd burning utilities...11:52
Bonelesswhich may be GTK apps... but isn't XFCE based on GTK?11:52
hyper_chit is11:53
Bonelessso I shouldn't have any problems... since the GTK libraries are preloaded to work with XFCE right?11:55
hyper_chdepends on the libraries11:55
Bonelesswhat do you mean?11:56
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whykingwhy is pyqwt5 present in debian but not yet in ubuntu? its been around for a while..01:18
TheSheepwhyking: I don't know, but it seems that xubuntu uses gtk01:23
whykingwell... but it should be in the repositories..01:28
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aryr100hello all01:53
aryr100what is the cmd for gconf-editor in xfce ?01:53
TheSheeparyr100: none02:01
TheSheeparyr100: gconf is a gnme thing02:01
d1n0is there a similar program in xfce?02:02
aryr100yes i know how do i use the editor in xfce like i would use gconf-editor in nome ?02:02
TheSheepd1n0: xfce keeps its configuration in text files02:03
TheSheepd1n0: you just edit the files in ~/.config02:03
d1n0aryr100: you need to sharpen your head and edit those bastards yourself :-)02:03
whykinghm? I mean there is a settings manager02:03
TheSheepd1n0: actually almost all options are available in the settings menu02:03
aryr100lol thx02:04
d1n0TheSheep: btw, it's aryr100 you should say this to :-)02:04
TheSheepd1n0: I was responding to: 14:02 < d1n0> is there a similar program in xfce?02:04
d1n0yeah, but i was just trying to help you understand him02:05
d1n0just so we are clear on that one... : )))02:05
TheSheepor her or it ;)02:05
d1n0if it's a she i'll take her02:05
TheSheepd1n0: if you desperately want to meet a girl on irc, go to #ubuntu-ops ;)02:06
d1n0haha :p02:06
aryr100nope I'am a him lol02:07
TheSheepd1n0: argh, it was a joke02:07
TheSheepd1n0: although there are girls among the ops, you better not make them angry02:08
d1n0yeah i know, just playing along... too bored..02:08
TheSheepd1n0: do behave02:08
TheSheepd1n0: don't play with ops02:08
TheSheepd1n0: they are busy with keeping it all together02:08
d1n0wont do it again02:08
TheSheepsorry, I should have encouraged you02:09
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ancient1hi.  " bash: alsaconf: command not found "  WHY ?02:16
TheSheep!info alsautils02:17
ubotuPackage alsautils does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas02:17
TheSheep!info alsa-utils02:18
ubotualsa-utils: ALSA utilities. In component main, is important. Version 1.0.13-1ubuntu5 (feisty), package size 1026 kB, installed size 1848 kB (Only available for i386 ia64 alpha amd64 arm armeb hppa m32r m68k mips mipsel powerpc ppc64 s390 s390x sh3 sh3eb sh4 sh4eb sparc)02:18
TheSheepancient1: should be there :/02:18
ancient1... should I reinstall alsa ?02:19
TheSheepancient1: anyways, what do yuo need the alsaconf for?02:19
ancient1my audio card is detected by kernel , but ..02:20
ancient1sudo modprobe snd-sb1602:21
ancient1FATAL: Error inserting snd_sb16 (/lib/modules/2.6.20-16-generic/kernel/sound/isa/sb/snd-sb16.ko): No such device02:21
TheSheepancient1: are you sure you have sb16?02:21
TheSheepancient1: the right module should be loaded automatically anyways02:22
ancient1isapnp: Card 'Creative ViBRA16C PnP'02:24
ancient1isapnp: Card 'U.S. Robotics Sportster 33600 FAX/Voice Int'02:24
ancient1isapnp: 2 Plug & Play cards detected total02:25
TheSheephmm... maybe it uses the wrong one by default :/02:25
ancient1there's nothing like : Soundblaster audio driver Copyright (C) by Hannu Savolainen 1993-199602:26
ancient1which I see on the net . no mention of any driver in dmesg02:27
ancient1I have no audio device in xubuntu02:27
ancient1any idea ?02:28
ancient1if not , I'll go for a nap02:28
=== J-_ [n=justin@unaffiliated/j/x-388422] has joined #xubuntu
ancient1thx anyway02:29
J-_It seems as though when I go to shutdown my brother's computer, it doesn't shut down. My screen shuts down normally like it usually does, but the computer just sits on.02:29
J-_Is this mornal?02:30
J-_What can I do to fix this problem?02:30
TheSheepJ-_: you mean all the fans and disks are still working?02:30
nanonymeacpi failure?02:31
J-_yes fans working I can hear 1 anyway02:31
TheSheepthat's strange02:32
TheSheepJ-_: is this an old computer?02:32
J-_fairly old yes02:32
J-_I get an acpi warning02:32
TheSheepJ-_: if it has an AT power, not ATX, then it cannot powerdown itself02:32
J-_"unable to locate RSDP"02:32
TheSheepJ-_: it has to be disabled manually02:32
J-_disabled manually, meaning shutting off? =P02:34
TheSheepJ-_: yes02:40
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hraefnhello all04:15
hraefnanyone here to answer a question/give an opinion?04:16
d1n0hraefn: yeah, probably anyone here is able to do that :-)04:16
hraefnwell, here it goes:04:16
hraefnI'm running Xubuntu 7.10, and am okay with it...however, I have an older machine, and I'm looking to pare my OS down to the minimum04:17
hraefnI'm wondering if there is another Ubuntu derivative for older machines04:17
hraefnor if anyone could suggest a more light-weight Linux distro04:18
hraefnif that's allowed on here ;)04:18
TheSheepdsl is pretty small04:18
TheSheeparchy can be easily cut down to size04:18
hraefnI've got a P4 laptop04:18
TheSheepthat's all I tried04:18
d1n0i think xubuntu is what you are looking for =P04:19
hraefnI've been scouring the nets looking for any suggestions/help, but I figured I'd come here and ask04:19
hraefnI like Xubuntu, as it's easy for me to use, but I think I might want to move up the experience ladder and dive a bit further into Linux with Fluxbox/Blackbox...04:19
hraefntried them, and like them04:19
hraefnbut need to adjust to them04:19
hraefnanyway, thanks for the suggestions04:20
hraefnhmmm...while I'm here...X Windows System libraries and headers would be found in which package???04:33
TheSheepxorg-dev probably04:33
hraefngood assumption...I'll plow through synaptic and look for it...04:34
hraefnfabulous! thank you again!04:35
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cjaehi I have been asking in other forums for days anyway using k3b on 7.04 and cannot write dvd with .mpg and .mov to disc faster than .40x - 1.5x. The burner is a plextor that is capable of burning dvd5 @ 16x05:17
cjaeis this is long standing issue or can it be rectified05:18
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cjaeand is this still an issue if one burns via cli?05:34
cjaeoh and it s not media cause I ve used noname, maxell and vertibatim05:40
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ancient1whole lotta problems ..  how do I increase fonts size globally ? this login they've become tiny05:50
=== K3rl0u4rn [n=yrenard@] has joined #xubuntu
K3rl0u4rnhi ! is it possible with xfce to change the language for a single user ?05:52
cjaetook me 53 min to burn to burn dvd505:52
ancient1K3rl0u4rn, It should be possib;e .. but i don't know how05:56
K3rl0u4rnancient1: so do I think :)05:57
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ancient1actually i don't understand why u have this problem. session=user05:57
K3rl0u4rnI don't get you point05:58
ancient1well , you log in , right ? thats a user identification , right ?06:01
ancient1there must be a session/user config06:01
ancient1look at the log-out screen - there is "save session for future logins"  right ?06:02
ancient1do u know how to get to nvidia controls ?06:04
ancient1xubuntu is too problematic .. now I see that none of my cards is working properly under xubuntu06:05
K3rl0u4rnwhat is nvidia doing with xfce language ?06:05
ancient1ERROR: NV-CONTROL extension version 1.6 is too old; the minimimum required06:06
ancient1       version is 1.9.06:06
ancient1i have my own problems too06:06
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hyper_chTheSheep: online?06:26
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dickydolittlehi folks, can anyone help get ndis_wrapper working for wicd, can't connect to wpa network07:17
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mwaxdoes anyone know if ubuntu has problems detecting usb 2.0 devices07:42
mwaxi have a couple external lacie drives connected by usb and when i look under hardware profiles, it notes all of my usb devices as 1.007:43
mwaxhow do i get it to detect everything as usb 2.007:43
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=== alnokt0a is now known as hydrated
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BlueParrotOk, the guys in Gutsy didn't seem to have any suggestions so before filing a bug I figured I'd ask here in case I've missed something obvious08:38
BlueParrotBasically the help contents options in gnome based apps, opens yelp, but I get errors akin to "ghelp:gnumeric is an invalid URI" , even thou I have gnumeric-doc installed08:39
BlueParrotit appears to apply for all gnome apps08:39
BlueParrotis this a known problem , or do I likely miss something obvious ?08:40
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BlueParrotah, nvm, seems to be a yelp issue... foudn an open bug : /08:46
gnomefreakBlueParrot: i havent seen it please file a bug on it08:46
gnomefreakah ok08:46
BlueParrotgnomefreak: hmm, I'm not sure actually08:52
BlueParrotgnomefreak: At first I thought it might be this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/yelp/+bug/13877008:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138770 in yelp "fails to open valid links" [Medium,Triaged] 08:52
BlueParrotgnomefreak: but it seems to claim part of it is resolved08:53
BlueParrotI guess gnumeric might miss the omf file ...08:53
=== BlueParrot checks
BlueParrothmm, there is an omf file there08:53
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warddrI've got a question about keyboardsetting in xubuntu, how do I set the keyb layout to AZERTY (belgium)?09:20
=== uriahheep [n=alexis@bas1-montreal45-1177813060.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xubuntu
uriahheepdoes gutsy have compiz fusion support out-of-the-box?09:25
TheSheep!gutsy | uriahheep09:29
ubotuuriahheep: Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information09:29
TheSheepuriahheep: and yes09:29
TheSheepuriahheep: (ubuntu that is, in xubuntu you have to install it additionally)09:30
uriahheepah, k... but that isn't complicated, is it?09:30
uriahheepTheSheep: is there a network install version of the install cd?09:33
uriahheepTheSheep: i need an iso that fits on my 256mb usb key :-/09:33
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:41
TheSheepuriahheep: you should have a network install howto there09:42
TheSheepuriahheep: there is the minimal cd, I thibk about 50MB09:42
uriahheepalright, cool, thanks09:42
uriahheepwell, wait...09:42
uriahheepwhat about for xubuntu though?09:43
TheSheepuriahheep: minimal cd only installs the base system09:43
TheSheepuriahheep: you need to install xubuntu-desktop manually after that09:43
uriahheepah, ok09:45
uriahheepthanks for the info09:46
=== Mark7 [n=Mark-W@cpc2-nfds11-0-0-cust599.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #xubuntu
Mark7Help me someone :(09:47
TheSheep!ask | Mark709:48
ubotuMark7: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)09:48
Mark7Hey TheSheep09:49
Mark7I need help with SIM09:49
Mark7Hye Ubotu.  BTW, how are you both?09:50
TheSheep!bot | Mark709:51
ubotuMark7: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:51
Mark7Is there a better IM client for xubuntu I'm not aware of?09:52
TheSheepMark7: I use gajim09:53
Mark7Does that do multi-protocol?09:53
TheSheepMark7: no, only jabber, but there are jabber gateways to other protocols09:54
uriahheepTheSheep: can i put the normal iso onto a usb key, but not include the packages in that, to save space on the key?09:54
uriahheepcause i just want a quick-and-easy automated network install09:54
TheSheepuriahheep: no idea, probably not09:54
TheSheepuriahheep: but I've heard tehre is a tool for creating your own livecd with custom packages09:55
uriahheephmm, ok...09:56
Mark7I'm installing gajim now09:56
Mark7Let's see how far I get09:57
Mark7Damn.  It's asking me for a jabber account09:59
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TheSheepMark7: if you have a gmail account, then you already have a jabber account10:00
Mark7I don't do Gmail10:00
TheSheepMark7: otherwise you can freely create accounts on most jabber servers10:00
Mark7What about connecting to other protocols?10:00
TheSheepMark7: the servers can have gateways to other protocolas, running at them as services10:01
TheSheepMark7: once you're logged in, you do 'service discovery' on a server, and enable the gateways you want10:01
TheSheepMark7: most of them will then ask for your username and password from that protocol10:01
TheSheepMark7: what protocol do you want to use?10:02
Mark7Yahoo, AIM and MSN10:02
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TheSheepMark7: this should help you http://support.jabber.com/faqs/gatewayfaq/gatewayfaq.html10:07
TheSheepMark7: and this http://www.jabber.org/user/userfaq.shtml10:08
Mark7I'm going to go and read those10:08
Mark7BYe for now10:09
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brodmannanyone know the name of the file to see all of your NICs settings?10:26
TheSheepbrodmann: you mean /etc/network/interfaces ?10:27
brodmannyup thank you10:28
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westyvwwheres the console in xubuntu?11:09
westyvwah accessories11:09
westyvwi have a sis chip, it didnt identify my resolution, even though i specified. can i run xresprobe again?11:10
westyvwnvm ill edit xorg.conf11:11
David-AIs there a multimedia guide for xubuntu 7.10? (Have tried install gstream packages as listed in https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/musicvideophotos/C/codecs.html but didn't made totem work)11:11
westyvwso i dont have a recognized sound chip or acpi, how can i turn off the acpi so i dont get warnings?11:11
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xjkxis xubuntu's kernel different than ubuntu's? i can boot xubuntu's livecd, but i can't boot ubuntu's11:32
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PumpernickelNo, but the memory requirements are slightly lower with Xubuntu.11:33
PumpernickelDepending on where the boot process is failing, that could be the problem.11:33
PumpernickelIt could also just be a badly burnt cd.11:34
xjkxnonono, i know, but when i say i can't boot, i really mean it, not to get the x up11:34
xjkxit gives some errors of I/O which i believe that it just doesn't have the proper module to my IDE hd11:35
xjkxon other distro i had the same I/O problem just before i recompiled the kernel11:35
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xjkxon ubuntu the problem is that i have the I/O while the system is being loaded, which takes me unable to load, install, recompile the kernel, as i done on the other system that just gave the errors when the system was installed11:38
h3lloWorldI dont really understand the difference between the alternative install down load and the Desktop one can anyone enlighten me?11:39
xjkxh3lloWorld, one will boot the "whole" system, the desktop cd. Other will not, the alternate11:40
xjkxif you prefer to install while runnig xfce you will like the desktop cd11:40
xjkxif you want a text mode install/some more advanced stuff/had problems with the desktop cd/believes the desktop cd is too heavy (since its a livecd) you should try the alternate11:41
h3lloWorldthe alternative one is command line11:41
=== waspdigger [n=waspdigg@] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxlike that, its a text mode install11:42
David-Ah3lloWorld: the  desktop cd is a live-cd. the alternate is not and has a less pretty user interface for install.11:42
xjkxprobably the alternate cd is like the slackware install, i couldn't load because of hardware problems so i can't tell you exactly11:42
David-Ahistorically "alternate" was required to install xubuntu on a prepartitioioned disk11:44
h3lloWorldbut wit hthe desktop one I can actually install the OS on to my HD right? When I think Live I think running off of like a cd/dvd/floppy/or flashdrive11:44
xjkxyou can11:44
h3lloWorldYeah this computer that I am installing it is not partitioned, does Xubuntu give me the option to partition my drive>11:45
David-Abut today I installed a xubuntu 7.10 rc from a livd cd11:45
xjkxit does11:45
xjkxyou will have gparted on the live cd, which is the most easy and the greatest partitioner11:45
h3lloWorldperfect, I think this is the OS I want for my PIII computer, especially with xfce environment11:45
David-Ado you have more than 256 MB on that P III ?11:46
David-AI have 380MB, I found 256 is not quite enough for xubuntu, if I want to use firfox and many other progs simultanosly.11:48
h3lloWorldwell I have some more at home, so you suggest more than 256, huh?11:48
David-Afirefox often use a lot. if you want to use firefox and other heavy progs at the same time 256MB feels a bit sluggish in my experience.11:51
h3lloWorldthis one only have 128 but I have plenty for at home11:52
h3lloWorldwill it even function at 128?11:52
David-ANow I have 384MB and it works fine for me. (I don't edit movies.)11:52
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David-Aa fresh xubuntu needs less than 128 i think. but a few days of browsing and firefox needs about 100MB ram plus 200MB swap.11:55
David-Aadding beagle search, uses 20-40 MB11:56
h3lloWorldyeah not a problem ram is cheap and I have some extra, the computer was only like 30 bucks11:57
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h3lloWorldany tips I should know about the OS or xfce?11:58
David-Ah3lloWorld: very general question:-)  I was plesantly suprised the xubuntu 7.10 restricted driver manager work with my nvidia 6200, me only needed to click ok.12:04
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alnoktai have that question i have been asking for months no answer yet12:33
alnoktai want to see whats taking up my disk space, so i can free it..but i cannot use ls -sh /12:34
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Mark7It's impossible to addd accounts to Gajim12:39
=== ThePub [n=nathan@host-172-160-220-24.midco.net] has joined #xubuntu
Mark7The GAteways option doesn't exist in my version, TheSheep12:41
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Mark7Why does Yahoo only work with Pidgin and Kopete?12:53
Mark7Oh,  Apparently I have to compile the damned thing12:55
Mark7What's the bleeding command for that?12:55
Mark7I HATE command lines12:55
Mark7I hate the bloody goobledegook12:55
Mark7Hi All,12:56
Mark7can any one tell me how to configure yahoo gateway with jabber server.12:56
Mark7I have compiled the yahoo transport successfully .what is next step ?12:56
Mark7what other configuration will be needed so that i can send the Im to yahoo12:56
Mark7user ?12:56
Mark7Thanx in advance12:56
b0lleanyone around to help me a bit with my wireless network? it worked on the livecd but not after i installed it12:57
Mark7First, you would probably have more luck with this on the jadmin list... but12:57
Mark7here's all you should need.  You need to adjust the following to fit your12:57
Mark7situation and insert into your jabber.xml file:12:57
Mark7        <service type="yahoo" jid="yahoo.localhost" name="Yahoo Transport">12:57
Mark7          <ns>jabber:iq:gateway</ns>12:57
Mark7          <ns>jabber:iq:register</ns>12:57
Mark7          <ns>jabber:iq:version</ns>12:57
Mark7          <ns>jabber:iq:time</ns>12:57
Mark7        </service>12:57
Mark7        <service id="localhost">12:57
Mark7         <config xmlns="jabber:config:yahoo">12:57
Mark7         <vCard>12:57
Mark7                <NAME>Yahoo Transport</NAME>12:57
Mark7         </vCard>12:57
Mark7         <server>scs.yahoo.com</server>12:57
Mark7         <port>5050</port>12:57
Mark7         <charmap>CP1252</charmap>12:57
Mark7         </config>12:57
Mark7        </service>12:57
Mark7That's weird.  Maybe it didn't install something12:57
gnomefreakMark7: pastebin12:57
=== mode/#xubuntu [+o gnomefreak] by ChanServ
=== mode/#xubuntu [+b *!*@AMarigot-102-1*!#ubuntu-ops] by gnomefreak
=== mode/#xubuntu [-o gnomefreak] by ChanServ
b0lleit says in dmesg: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready12:58
Mark7PAstebin isn't a legitimate command, gmomefreak12:58
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)12:59
Mark7Now tell me why I can't use a Yahoo account unless I use Pidgin or Kopete01:00
b0llesorry, no idea01:00
gnomefreakask yahoo01:00
ZambeziMark7: Pastevin nexttime please.01:00
Zambezignomefreak: Is the adress to you repo changed or do I need some key?01:00
Mark7Tell me how to add a transport to GAjim01:00
gnomefreakZambezi: yes it has its now on LP01:01
ZambeziMark7: Right click, add service.01:01
gnomefreakZambezi: what in it are you looking for? i have been sick lately so i havent done alot of PPA work01:01
Mark7There's no such function in my version, Zambezi01:01
Zambezignomefreak: I'm not sure how I'll fix it. Is there instructions on you homepage.01:01
gnomefreakZambezi: ill get you the link for it01:02
Zambezignomefreak: Thanks. What I'm looking for is a better maintained sources for FF and TB which you used to provide. :-)01:03
Mark7Perhaps add services is only in the non UK version01:03
gnomefreakZambezi: they should be fine i believe i built them for PPA01:03
gnomefreakZambezi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/PreviewArchives?highlight=%28CategoryMozillaTeam%2901:03
gnomefreakZambezi: feisty and gutsy should have most of what it had in it only newer01:04
=== gnomefreak thinks i found time to add iceape to feisty as well
Mark7I can't even get it to connect to bloody AIM01:05
Zambezignomefreak: Thanks. Working now.01:06
ZambeziMark7: Is the server supporting the transport?01:06
Mark7I don't know01:06
Mark7I don't even know what the server is01:06
ZambeziMark7: That might be a good idea to check.01:07
Mark7I don't even know how01:07
ZambeziMark7: Create a Jabberaccount, chose from the serverlist, but click on the link to see what each server got for services. I think Jabber.dk is good.01:07
Mark7Oh those servers01:09
Mark7Sorry, I thought you meant the ISP01:09
Mark7There's no jabber server in the UK?01:11
Mark7NO wait, there is.  But it's rubbish01:12
Mark7I ahve to go to Canada to get a decent range of options01:12
gnomefreakZambezi: yw ill update it again when i get a chance but getting ready for release and court for the next 2 weeks01:12
=== gnomefreak gone like the wind

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