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Coringaokiko-zzz, ola colega ..blz?01:03
Coringaokiko-zzz, cprov  ola colegas..blz.. estou precisando de uma ajuda sua no Launchpad, pode me ajudar?01:09
Coringaocprov, ola01:15
cprovCoringao: sure, what's your doubt ?01:17
Coringaocprov, fiz uma besteira no launchpad .. tava fazendo um modo de colocar o programa IUG (Instalador Ubuntu Games) no Launchpad01:17
Coringaocprov, e acabei adicionando outro launchpad do Ubuntu Games 01:18
Coringaocprov, agora esta mostrando dois 01:18
Coringaocprov, tem como excluir um01:18
cprovCoringao: sorry, but conversation in this channel has to be in English. I don't mind to help you in pt_BR in pvt.01:19
Coringaocprov, ops!! sorry01:19
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ubotuNew bug: #153112 in malone "Subscribed bug does not show in personal bug listing" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15311201:50
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KeithWeisshari'm getting an error message when i try to reset my password05:32
KeithWeissharon launchpad.net05:32
mptKeithWeisshar, what does the error say?05:32
=== RAOF [n=chris@123-243-65-41.tpgi.com.au] has joined #launchpad
KeithWeissharSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad. Weve recorded what happened, and well fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience. 05:34
KeithWeissharTrying again in a couple of minutes might work. If it doesnt, and this is blocking your work, let us know on the launchpad-users mailing list (requires subscription). Include the error ID OOPS-654E182 in your message. 05:34
KeithWeisshari'm unable to log in with the new password that i just set to05:34
KeithWeissharit's a timeout error05:35
lifelesswin 2005:35
KeithWeissharis there any launchpad.net admin online?05:37
Hobbseeunlikely, they're in the UK for the most part, or brazil05:38
KeithWeissharwhy is the shipping to usa from shop.canonical.com so high05:39
KeithWeisshareven for regular mail05:39
KeithWeissharthe shipping is almost $10 for a $1.38 pen05:39
KeithWeisshari forgot my launchpad.net passwore05:41
KeithWeissharwhen i try to reset the password i get a timeout error that says Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad. Weve recorded what happened, and well fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience. 05:41
KeithWeissharTrying again in a couple of minutes might work. If it doesnt, and this is blocking your work, let us know on the launchpad-users mailing list (requires subscription). Include the error ID OOPS-654E182 in your message. 05:41
KeithWeissharID OOPS-654E18205:42
KeithWeissharID OOPS-654E18205:42
KeithWeissharcan you fix the launchpad password05:44
=== Hobbsee suspects a LP admin would need to do that.
KeithWeissharis there a lp admin on irc05:46
Hobbseeyou asked that 8 minutes ago.  i dobut the answer has changed.05:46
KeithWeisshardoes freenode accept connections from uk05:48
KeithWeissharubuntu is located in uk too05:49
Hobbseenot quite sure that's accurate05:50
Hobbseebut the data centre is in the UK, yes05:50
lifelessKeithWeisshar: hi. A developer, not admin, needs to look at the error report.05:54
lifelessKeithWeisshar: if its still not working, as you say its not, please follow the instructions in the error report (contact the launchpad-users mailing list)05:55
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lifelessany volunteers to run the review meeting ?07:58
lifelessthumper-office: ^ spiv ^ BjornT ^07:58
=== thumper looks at BjornT
=== thumper looks around for jamesh
=== thumper wonders if he is alone...
=== spiv looks at thumper ;)
=== BjornT yawns
=== thumper uses the "I'm still ill" trump card
=== lifeless uses the I will be ill trump
jmlI'll do it. where's the agenda?08:04
=== thumper adds +1 to jml's brownie points
=== spiv looks for a spare nine of diamonds
=== thumper wonders how many nine of diamonds spiv has...
jml= Meeting begins =08:05
jml== Roll call ==08:05
lifelesspoolie is ringing me08:06
lifelessif you need me sms08:06
jmlBjornT: ?08:06
jml== Next meeting ==08:06
jmlDST is sweeping its way across the southern hemisphere.08:07
jmlBut I don't think we need to change the time for next week08:07
thumperperhaps after all hands...08:07
jmlExcellent. It is decided.08:07
jml== Action items ==08:08
jmlNothing listed in previous minutes08:08
jmlI wasn't at the meeting though.08:08
jmlAnything worth mentioning?08:08
thumperwasn't there an email from SteveA somewhere?08:08
=== thumper looks
jmlOh right.08:08
jmlthat was a view / tal thing.08:09
thumperproperties for no-arg funcs08:09
jmlI'll look after the meeting to confirm that it was added to the relevant wiki checklist08:09
spivAbout using properties rather than no-arg functions on view classes, iirc.08:09
jmlACTION: jml confirm above.08:09
thumperI'm for adding it to the checklist08:09
jmlMoving along!08:09
jmlQueue status08:09
spivMe too.08:09
jml== Queue status ==08:10
thumperthe script seems somewhat behind08:10
thumperthe two oldest are mine and were both finished a number of hours ago08:10
jmlThe needs review queue is big, red and out of date08:10
thumperI have one other still in progress08:10
=== thumper thinks we should redo the script and distribute the checking...
jmlI count 30+ on the wiki page.08:11
jmlAnyone here have any overdue branches?08:11
spivI do.08:11
jmlspiv: oh really? ;)08:11
spivBut you'd know that, as one of them is for you ;)08:11
thumperI have only one red and I'm working on it 08:12
spivAnd the other is a branch that's returned from needs-reply.  They should both be done today.08:12
jmljamesh, BjornT: how are your reviews going?08:12
jmlI've just bounced the last one of mine.08:12
BjornTjml: quite good, non are overdue (almost cleared my queue yesterday)08:13
jameshjml: okay.  I've also got to mentor-review a few of jtv's ones08:13
jmlthat segues neatly into the next item08:14
jml== Proposal: needs-mentoring ==08:14
jmlI get the feeling that this agenda wasn't updated last week.08:14
jmlHas this been resolved at all? The thread seemed long, inconclusive and slightly bike-sheddy.08:14
=== thumper doesn't know
BjornTthat's right, and no progress has been made since the last meeting.08:15
=== Fujitsu [n=fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #launchpad
jmlok. Probably the thing to do is to get Barry to make a decision and we can go with that.08:16
jml(Barry is review team lead, right?)08:17
spivI agree.  Pretty much all the interesting points I can think of have already been discussed, so it just needs someone to make a decision.08:17
=== jml leaves a couple of moments for disapproval to be expressed
jml== Mentoring update ==08:18
jmleveryone here except me is a mentor -- how's it going?08:18
=== thumper isn't mentoring
BjornTi'm not a mentor08:18
spivBusy all of a sudden :)08:19
jmlspiv: haha08:19
jmlI have nothing else to say.08:20
spivNothing much for me to remark on though, it seems to be going smoothly enough.08:20
jmlOh, I see there were actions from the last meeting, but none of them concern anyone present.08:21
jmlspiv: good to hear :)08:21
jmlPlease take a look at them now so you know how to deal with our next segment.08:21
jml== Any other business? ==08:21
jml= Meeting ends =08:22
thumperjml: thanks, and don't forget the minutes :)08:22
jmlThank you all for coming08:22
jmlthumper: I shan't08:22
=== thumper off to get kids in bed
lifelessthanks jml 08:24
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baijumIs it possible to disable Launchpad Janitor ?10:10
mwhudsonbaijum: it is disabled10:10
mwhudsonthe recent run was a mistake10:10
baijummwhudson, ok, thanks !10:10
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sorenDid the details portlet get removed from edge.lp.net/~whoever/+participation get removed today or have I just not noticed it before?10:22
sorenBah, you know what I mean :)10:23
Fujitsusoren: You mean the person details?10:23
FujitsuI'm sure it was there a few days ago. It looks empty now, I guess 'cause it's all green.10:24
mptsoren, it was removed in the past day10:24
sorenmpt: Mkay..10:24
=== mrevell [n=matthew@canonical/launchpad/mrevell] has joined #launchpad
sorenI've heard rumors that there is a way to fetch the contents of a portlet on launchpad without having to fetch the entire page.. Could someone fill me in on this?10:29
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stu2intellectronica: How did structural subscription discussions go with Mark?01:08
=== stu2 is now known as stub
intellectronicastub: why here?01:09
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mwhudsonnow _that's_ a wtf type bug01:43
Nghehe, yeah01:44
NgI put my name on a website and now the web can see it!01:44
NgI recommend having a name that's absurdly popular :)01:44
mwhudsonthe suggested solution is also quality01:47
mwhudsonoh, hm01:47
mwhudsoni misread that bit01:47
ddaait's true that launchpad is a very effective googlebomb01:55
=== Watersevenub_ [n=Watersev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
ddaaI believe the real problem is the multiple hosts01:55
ddaapeople get one google hit for launchpad.net, one for bugs.launcphad.net, one for answers.launchpad.net, one for code.launchpad.net, one for translations.launchpad.net, and one for blueprints.launchpad.net01:56
ddaaif they only got one hit, they probably would not mind that much01:56
ddaaSee: http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=Felix+Heinonen01:56
ddaaThe whole first page of google results is the person's page in various facets01:57
=== allenap [n=allenap@87-194-166-60.bethere.co.uk] has joined #launchpad
ddaait was discussed at length before, and no real conclusion came out01:58
ddaain my personal opinion (that does not represent the official position of canonical, launchpad, or any affiliate ;)01:58
ddaawe should just back out from the "multiple hostnames" scheme01:58
gnomefreakis there a way to get LP admin to change owner of a team if the owner had removed himself from team (also been gone for months) change owner to me(as im the only admin for the team atm) so i can make a few other admins02:08
kikognomefreak, which team is it?02:09
gnomefreakkiko: also https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozilla-bugs02:09
gnomefreaksame situation02:10
kikognomefreak, done.02:14
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=== oojah is now known as oojahN
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kikoLaserJock, siretart: ping02:44
Hobbseehiya kiko 02:53
=== Hobbsee thought kiko was on holidays
kikoI'm back :)02:53
Hobbseewhat, already?02:53
kikoyeah, it was only 2 days02:54
siretartkiko: pong03:00
=== Hobbsee watches them go off for the sekrit meeting, and waves goodbye
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kikowow, PDF export!03:36
=== Pricey [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #launchpad
intellectronicawe could just export as latex and let the users process it :)03:38
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evarlastLaTeX <303:54
=== pitoow [n=nao_@201-2-209-54.fnsce702.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #launchpad
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ddaaLaTeX is sooo last-century04:06
ddaaMaybe export to ReST, or some ML that can be converted to LaTeX.04:07
mwhudson<Socks> What should rt do with HTML mail?04:08
mwhudson<doop> Send a reply in DVI04:08
mwhudsonhm, that wasn't quite as appropriate as i remembered :)04:09
mwhudsonstill a good quote...04:09
Spadsddaa: reST needs a way to generate PDFs without going via LaTeX04:09
Spadsddaa: it'd be nice if it could generate scribus files or something04:09
ddaaSpads: I can only concur with that. The beauty of using an intermediate code such as ReST is that we can make it Someone Else's Problem.04:10
=== ddaa is still looking for something that looks as good as LaTeX and whose UI is not offensive.
siretartddaa: sssh, it is still popular in academics ;)04:13
ddaasiretart: I used to be a core dev of http://www.texmacs.org04:13
siretartuh, impressive :)04:15
ddaaI mean, I know a lot about LaTeX prevalence in academia, since this project is (among other thing) a competitor of LaTeX.04:16
=== lakin [n=lakin@S01060013101832ce.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #launchpad
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ddaaIn some fields, journals and book editors will require articles to be LaTeX documents using some custom stylesheet.04:20
ddaaOther fields are married to MS/Word.04:20
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ddaaAlso, scientists find a (pervert IMO) pleasure mastering TeX/LaTeX arcana. So I do not expect those niches are going to migrate away from LaTeX, ever.04:23
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #launchpad
ddaaBy the time people get into decision-making positions they have a thorough Stockholm syndrom with LaTeX.04:24
Spadsit's basically sendmail all over again04:26
=== siretart detects animosities against latex
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
ddaaDo not get me wrong. LaTeX was revolutionary, 30 years ago.04:34
=== jordi_ [n=jordi@115.Red-213-96-69.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #launchpad
ddaaBut even Leslie Lamport said that the future should be LaTeX-like structured documents with TeX-grade rendering in a WYSIWYG fashion.04:36
ddaaThe current situation is largely a consequence of MS/Word dominance, causing stagnation in word-processing technology.04:37
=== ddaa stops rant
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evarlastYou all are crazy. LaTeX is just wonderful.05:09
evarlastAs an end user, I'd rather write LaTeX markup than wrestle with MS Word or Open Office Writer. I tend to loose those wrestling matches and win with LaTeX05:10
ddaaThe MS/Word-like editing paradigm sucks big time. 05:10
ddaaThe LaTeX-like structured document paradigm is vastly superior.05:11
ddaaThey just both suck in different ways.05:11
mwhudsonnevertheless latex still sucks05:11
mwhudsonmaybe just not as much :)05:11
intellectronicalatex is great. anything else i know is a compromise on quality05:11
ddaaTeX's design dates from a time where computers were a lot smaller and a lot more expensive than they are today.05:12
ddaaintellectronica: give TeXmacs a shot.05:12
=== laga [n=laga@mythwiki.de] has left #launchpad []
ddaaToday, we can do structured AND beautiful AND WYSIWYG.05:12
intellectronicaah yes, i remember giving it a try a few years ago and it was pretty good. these days i don't tend to produce many printable documents anyway05:13
Hobbseehmmm.  i'm going to love the day when launchpad gives me automatic debdiffs between releases, wiki-style.05:19
evarlastI just don't see how LaTeX "sucks". It is what it is. It is an SGML for document publication. Its NOT a WYSIWYG editor and it isn't supposed to me.05:21
ddaaevarlast: the only think that can RELIABLY parse LaTeX documents is TeX.05:22
ddaait's not a markup language05:22
mwhudsonevarlast: have you looked at the source to xypic?05:22
ddaait's not structured, it just gives the _illusion_ of structure, and people who know TeX love to break the abstraction.05:22
ddaaI know that first-hand from working on a project which critically needs good latex import and export filters. And that's a horrible problem.05:23
ddaaIt allows, even invite, people to mix logical and physical markup.05:24
ddaaoops, I ranted again.05:24
evarlastddaa: I like rants. It is cool. I'd argue that it IS a markup language. It may not be deterministic.05:25
ddaaIn short, LaTeX is NOT a document format. It's a programming language.05:25
evarlastah!  I hate physical markup in ANY system.05:25
=== synic [n=squish@pdpc/supporter/student/synic] has joined #launchpad
ddaaevarlast: okay, then we agree. LaTeX sucks as a markup language because it cannot be reliably parsed, and it's tied to TeX which, by design, cannot be made WYSIWYG.05:27
ddaaThe notion that it's not possible to be both WYSIWYG and structured is incorrect. But the way LaTeX sucks at WYSIWYG and the way conventional word processors suck at structured cause this notion to survive.05:27
evarlastas long as we still agree that LaTeX is pretty awesome ;)05:27
ddaaIt's legacy. Document writing needs to move into the 21st century.05:28
jtvForsooth, thou art on crack!05:29
=== jtv ducks
ddaaThere's nobody named Forsooth in this channel.05:29
jtvSigh.  Trust me to get the guy who doesn't know his classical English.  :-)05:29
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ubotuNew bug: #153333 in launchpad "Clean up owner and registrant attributes" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15333306:05
Odd_BlokeAlthough this is _so_ one hour ago, I use LyX for the majority of my LaTeX needs. :)06:19
LaserJockkiko: pong06:25
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bigjoolslamont: hi08:19
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lamontbigjools: howdy08:53
bigjoolshey lamont - your chroot fix suggestion worked like a charm, thanks!08:53
bigjoolslamont: would you be able to make me new chroots with that change for all our active distroarchseries?08:54
lamontall as in _ALL_?08:56
lamontand yes, i can do that08:56
bigjoolsyes - we're ditching the pocketchroot concept in favour of one chroot per d-a-s08:57
bigjoolsand the slave scanner will tell it which pockets it can use, as we talked about yesterday08:57
lamontah, and LP will just force sources.list to what it should be>?08:57
lamontcool.  because, for instance, -security probably shouldn't be using -updates08:58
bigjoolsyeah, it doesn't in the new code :)08:58
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lamontso... give me one collection of tarballs on chinstrap, and I'll give you a replacement set.08:59
=== lamont is also getting hardy chroots ready
lamontdoes the overrides append to sources.list, or force it completely?08:59
bigjoolssee here for the deps we're using:08:59
bigjoolsit forces it completely09:00
lamontok.  needed feature: there must be a way to add a non-LP archive to sources.list for bootstrapping purposes.  for bonus points, it should be painfully obvious that such a thing has happened.09:01
lamontmaybe a -bootstrap pocket, which then gets the results, and can be forced for the actual build... anyway, we'll need to hammer that bit of things out.09:01
bigjoolsthat could be arranged09:01
bigjoolscprov: can you grab all the active release pocketchroots for lamont and put them on chinstrap please?09:02
cprovbigjools: gutsy or all supported atm ?09:03
lamontfor example, if you look in sources.list.{mult,un}iverse on several of the gutsy chroots right now, you'll find that they also look at sanae/~lamont/bootstrap (which is how we got mlton and icedtea-java7 into gutsy *verse), and that the hppa chroot fully looks at sanae/~lamont/gutsy-stage0 (bootstrapping hppa into LP)09:03
bigjoolscprov: we'll need all active d-a-s when this code goes live09:03
=== lamont will use a while loop. :)
bigjoolsthis is going to be a lot of chroots, but look on the bright side, it's a lot LESS in the end :)09:05
bigjoolsor fewer, I should say09:05
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bigjoolslamont: cprov has put the chroots on chinstrap for you09:40
bigjoolsthanks very much for helping09:40
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evarlastcan I get lauchpad cloak?10:13
Odd_Bloke"ircname  : fuk" .10:14
evarlastI can change that if need be.10:14
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mptGoooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!10:30
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jtvmpt: I guess that's my cue to go to bed.  Have a good one!10:31
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ScottKWould someone please explain to me what this information is supposed to mean? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/pyspf/+packaging10:34
kikoScottK, that Ubuntu pyspf is packaged from upstream PySPF?10:36
ubotuNew bug: #153407 in launchpad "feeds template needs info about date a bug was made private" [Low,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15340710:36
ScottKkiko: We get it in Ubuntu from Debian.10:36
ScottKThere is an uptsream eventually, but not directly.10:36
kikoScottK, which in turn gets its code from upstream pyspf10:36
kikoit doesn't matter if it's direct or not10:37
ScottKBut that doesn't actually point to anything.10:37
ScottKAnd it can't be removed.10:37
kikowhy would you remove it?10:37
ScottKBecause it doesn't point to anything meaninful.10:37
kikoScottK, it actually does. it includes the homepage to the upstream project10:37
kikoand if the upstream project had a code repo or a bug tracker10:38
ScottKWhere?  I don't see any links on that page?10:38
kikoit would also allow further functionality10:38
kikodo you mean https://edge.launchpad.net/pyspf?10:38
kikoI think you're just confused by the poor UI in +packaging10:38
ScottKNo.  That's not the upstream.10:38
kikoScottK, really?10:39
ScottKI'm one of the upstream maintainers (in addition to an Ubuntu dev) and I"ve never seen that before.10:39
kikohow interesting10:39
ScottKUpstream is on Sourceforge10:39
kikoso that may be an honest mistake then.10:39
kikowhat's the URL?10:39
ajmitchregistered by Registry Administrators10:39
kiko(to the project)?10:39
=== ScottK looks
ScottKkiko: It's part of this project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pymilter/10:40
kikoScottK, okay, I'll fix it up.10:41
ScottKkiko: How is it that random incorrect data like this gets filled in?10:42
ScottKAn "Assume all projects use Launchpad" model doesn't seem likely to have a very high accuracy.10:43
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kikoScottK, it gets filled in when people notice unlinked packages, and it gets fixed when people complain. that's actually a pretty effective process.10:45
kikofor most packages the information is correct10:45
kikoand given that you've complained for this instance, we're improving accuracy as we speak :)10:46
ScottKI'd have preferred just to be able to remove the wrong information.10:46
ScottKThat would have sucked up a lot less of my time and still been an improvement.10:46
kikoScottK, that's a known bug. blame salgado for not fixing it for 1.1.10! :)10:46
kiko(I had scheduled it)10:46
ScottKOK.  Is it in 1.1.11?10:46
kikoseriously 1.1.10 was tricky because of ubuntu and shipit 10:47
=== kiko looks at salgado
salgadowhat's the bug/spec?10:47
ScottKIn other news, I'm still seeing launchpad janitor closing bugs.  I thought it was stopped?10:47
kikosalgado, deleting packaging?10:48
kikoScottK, it was a crontab typo, fixed again, will be reverted.10:48
ScottKOK.  When is the reversion planned to happen?10:48
ScottKkiko: I also just noticed that the description/home page on https://edge.launchpad.net/pyspf come from an old (Dapper/Edgy) package description.  That's probably part of the error source.10:50
kikoScottK, hmmm. but the ubuntu package has always come from pymilter?10:52
ScottKNo.  The homepage for the project used to be the one listed, but since Feisty it's been pymilter10:53
ScottKThe package has always come from Debian or Pymilter though.10:53
kikoso for dapper and edgy it used to be pyspf (standalone) and from Feisty onwards it's packaged from pymilter. is that correct?10:54
ScottKSort of10:55
ScottKIt's a separate package within the pymilter project on sourceforge10:56
kikoScottK, all in a single upstream SVN (or CVS) repository?10:57
ScottKYes (cvs).  Pymilter itself is also in Gutsy, FYI.10:58
kikothis is interesting and useful; I have a discussion to raise with mark now.10:59
ScottKOK.  Well good luck.11:02
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lamontcprov-afk: I wonder if we could populate all the unbuilt gutsy packages into gutsy-proposed. :-)11:14
=== lamont goes afk
cprov-afklamont: it's not possible, it will require new uploads.11:15
lamontah, ok.11:15
lamontit wasn't a completely serious idea, of course.11:16
lamontanyway, afk11:16
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