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=== kwwii is off to bed for tonight
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Lunzdoes anyone know about animated wallpaper?07:41
troy_sLunz: What are you trying to do?07:41
troy_sLunz: You can write a python script that updates the gconf setting every now and then07:41
Lunzi want to use a wallpaper07:41
troy_sLunz: And you can have an animated wall.07:41
Lunzbut i want my wallpaper animate..07:41
troy_sOh man07:42
troy_sRead what I just typed.07:42
Lunzusing glmatrix as my wallpaper..is that possible?07:42
troy_sThat is a different thing07:42
troy_ssetting a screensaver as your root window will cause a few issues07:42
troy_sfor one, all of your desktop icons will not be there any more07:42
troy_sas you must tell nautilus to relinquish control of the root window07:42
troy_s(being the desktop)07:42
troy_sthen you simply tell the screensaver to display on the root window07:42
troy_sso in summary 1) set your gconf setting so that nautilus won't draw to the root window07:43
troy_s2) tell your glscreensaver to display on the root window (handle 0)07:43
troy_svery simple07:43
troy_sgoogle if you need more help07:43
Lunzwow..i dont understand what are you talking about...i am newbie lol07:43
Lunzhave you came across with xwinwrap07:44
troy_sLunz: Effectively 'nautilus' is your browser and file manager for the system -- it grabs hold of the root window so that you get automount icons and shortcuts on it.07:44
troy_sLunz: To display a screensaver in the root window (the desktop you are staring at) you will need to DISABLE nautilus from grabbing it -- that is a gconf setting.07:44
troy_sLunz: Then you tell your glscreensaver to write on it.07:45
troy_sLunz: http://gentoo-wiki.com/TIP_Screensaver_in_Background07:45
Lunzdoes this work?07:46
troy_sLunz: Probably.  Experiment and learn something ;)07:48
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Lunzhow to edit the splash screen?08:06
troy_sLunz: What splash?08:07
troy_sLunz: There is the usplash -- the splash when you start the computer08:07
troy_sLunz: then the splash that is between logon and desktop08:07
troy_sLunz: Ignore the latter as it is gone in Gutsy08:07
Lunzhow to edit with custom image?08:08
Lunznot usplash..08:10
Lunzbetween logon and desktop08:10
Lunzcan i edit/replace it?08:10
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nothlitgnomesplash is in gconf iirc08:26
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nysosymhi there10:35
lassegulhi nysosym10:36
nysosymhi lassegul how are you?10:36
lassegulwe just upgraded the internet product we sell to our customers, so its wild wild west at work.10:37
nysosymohh that's bad, good luck ;)10:38
lassegulpeople complain that they dont get the right speed. Customer:"I was promised 26000 kbit/s. I only get 4000 kbyte/s." etc.10:38
nysosymohhh i have promised 16000kbit/s and get 3800kbit/s :D10:39
lassegulnysosym: whats new on your end?10:39
nysosymhmm nothing interesting, i draw some characters for a computer game of a good friend :D10:40
lassegulcool. Link?10:41
nysosymnothing official yet, it's a private game in a very very early state10:41
lassegulok :P10:42
nysosymbut if you want you can see a work in progress concept character ^^10:43
lassegulcool. What kind of game is this?10:46
nysosyma mic of rpg and ego shooter, a little bit like oblivion but in a possible future10:47
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hellraiser_robMorning all :)10:51
nysosymmorning hellraiser_rob10:51
hellraiser_robIs it raining everywhere, or just in London?10:51
nysosymin the middle of germany everything is clear and dry :D10:52
hellraiser_robThats not fair10:53
nysosymthat's life :D10:53
hellraiser_robYou @ work?10:53
nysosym@home ;)10:53
hellraiser_robDouble not fair!10:54
nysosymhehe, sry :D10:55
hellraiser_robNever mind, at least i'm not busy10:55
hellraiser_robhence irc chat :D10:55
nysosymlol, what kind of job do you have?10:56
lasseguldont worry, its raining in norway as well.11:00
hellraiser_robdesign department11:01
hellraiser_robgood to hear lassegul :P11:01
tonic-pushcartI remember somebody was asking about usplash stuff?11:21
tonic-pushcartI can give pointers if people like11:21
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nysosymfor the next ubuntu release, we need more default wallpapers, people love the idea, to have the choice of a poll with good wallpapers12:47
hellraiser_robsounds like a sensible idea to me12:48
hellraiser_robi guess once the wiki comes up people can start submitting them12:48
hellraiser_robi've no idea who makes the decision about how many get included per release12:49
nysosymbut i think there would be a problem with the space on a normal cd :-/12:49
lassegulyeah the CD is packed as I understand it.12:50
hellraiser_robyes there is that12:51
hellraiser_robbut i mean wallpapers are very simple to install yourself12:51
nysosymsure, but i think the most people use the wallpaper inside of the package12:53
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nysosymthe best example is vista, many people love the collection of the wallpaper inside12:56
nysosymmaybe the best feature in windows vista :D12:56
nothlitmore default, lol, i don't know that any more will fit12:56
nothlitubuntu keeps getting larger and larger12:56
nothlitlassegul: what did you ping me about before12:57
lassegulnothlit: hi. do you know if there have been any discussions about moving to dvd at some point?12:57
lassegulnothlit: hmm..12:57
lassegulnothlit: thats a very long time ago, isnt it?12:57
nothlitthere is a dvd already12:58
nothlitbut isos are more accessible to burn or use on legacy systems12:58
nothlitcd isos*12:58
nothlitlassegul: yes it was two days ago12:59
lassegulnothlit: i dont remember anymore...12:59
nysosymhmm but ubuntu is one of the last distros who didn't use dvd isos as default12:59
nysosymi think cd isos should be the option, not the default one12:59
nysosymsooner or later is it impossible to avoid the dvd iso image01:01
nysosymwhen i look at me, i didn't buy cd-rs anymore, only dvd-rw01:02
nothlityou're still a tech geek01:03
hellraiser_robhopefully there will be no need to do anything but a seamless upgrade soon ;)01:03
nysosym(i know i'm not the middle of the earth*01:03
hellraiser_robi wonder what the chances of getting an area on the official site01:05
hellraiser_robfor additional official wallpapers + usplash options etc etc01:05
nysosymi think there should be one "big" default wallpaper, for official screenshots etc.01:07
lassegulhellraiser_rob: if you see the mailing list archives for this month, you will find discussions about art.ubuntu.com01:09
hellraiser_roblassegul: what was the outcome, greenlighted/01:10
nothlithellraiser_rob: http://ubuntu-art.org/01:12
nothlitfor less official, the wiki will hold less random works01:13
nothlitand i'm guessing most of it will go into the community package01:13
nothlitor someone will finally use the artwork builder01:13
nothlitand submit it themselves01:13
hellraiser_robnothlit: thanks for the link01:14
lassegulnothlit: great work with the wiki. its nearly finished now, until we have more to put up.01:15
lassegulnothlit: but still if you are clicking next to browse all the incoming alternate you will get to platypus and from there press next and go to /Incoming. You know how to solve that?01:17
nothlitmake a copy of platypus in hardy/alternate instead of a redirect01:19
nothlitlassegul: we have a whole page to work on, contribution guidelines01:20
nothlitand we can start on the faq as well lol01:20
nothlittheres always things to do01:20
lassegullol ok.01:21
lasseguli was just browsing through it today, and was happy about it. :)01:21
lassegulwant to work on it tonight?01:21
nothlitlol, i was shocked01:25
nothlitsomeone pasted two wallpapersized heron references on the animals page01:26
nothlitno thumbnail01:26
nothlityeah sure, dunno what your tonight is though, dumb time zones01:26
lassegulyou are +6 so its about your 4AM, which usually isnt a problem for you for some reason.01:28
lassegulnorway +6. i like this way of zoning time.01:29
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hellraiser_robwhat are you guys going to do to the wiki then?01:49
hellraiser_robjust update the guidelines etc?01:50
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lassegulhellraiser_rob: yeah, the whole site has been redesigned, so we only have single pages left to do.02:02
lasseguland some occasional tweaking. nothlit is the wiki wizard though.02:05
lassegulhellraiser_rob: you never answered that poster guy?02:10
lassegulhellraiser_rob: if you have the time, why not create an alternative? Im sure the loco teams could make use of a good poster.02:15
hellraiser_roblassegul: Was there a specific brief/need for it?02:28
lassegulhellraiser_rob: not that im aware of.02:30
hellraiser_robexcuse my ignorance, but loco teams are regional groups?02:31
lassegulhellraiser_rob: np, yes.02:32
lassegulhellraiser_rob: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams02:32
hellraiser_robAre there specific core fonts which tended to be used in the art team?02:34
lassegulhellraiser_rob: not sure. theres always the ubuntu title font. nothlit do you know?02:38
hellraiser_robnothlit the user?02:39
hellraiser_roboh sorry i see what you mean..02:40
hellraiser_robhe must be on a coffee break02:47
lassegulhellraiser_rob: Maybe you can tell from this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/DVDCover02:52
nysosymwuaaahh osx leopard edu 115 against 90from tiger02:53
lassegulnysosym: what?02:54
nysosymlassegul: mac osx 10.5 is as edu version 25 as the 10.4 edu pendant .... :-/02:55
hellraiser_roblassegul: thanks for that02:56
lassegulnysosym: maybe im an idiot, but i still dont understand what you are saying. edu version 25?02:59
nysosymthe edu version of osx 10.5 costs 25 more as the 10.4 edu version03:01
nysosym90 from 10.4 against 115 from 10.503:01
lassegulnysosym: oh ok. im not seing the euro sign right. or dollar or pound or whatever it is you are writing.03:02
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hellraiser_robyou folks work on mac hardware/03:14
nothlit`alphai doubt it, ppc isn't even official anymore03:18
lassegulnot without putting a gun to my head / not a big Apple fan, no.03:19
hellraiser_robi do find it amusing the way apple fans think steve jobs is the massiah03:25
hellraiser_robamusing article which turned up on digg recently: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,2193640,00.asp03:27
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kwwiiboah, what a day04:32
=== kwwii just flooded his kitchen
kwwii*everything* is wet04:32
kwwiieven the drawers were full of water04:32
nysosymhi kwwii04:32
nysosymwtf, how does this work?! O.o04:32
hellraiser_robhow did you manage that?04:33
kwwiiI was preparing a salad, missed the fact that the water was still running very slightly and left the room to check my email04:33
kwwiicame back about twenty minutes later, slipped and fell in the lake in my kitchen04:34
kwwiieven the toolbox was full of water04:34
hellraiser_roboh dear :P04:34
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kwwiihi lapo04:35
nysosymkwwii: i hope nothing is damaged04:35
kwwiinysosym: luckily I don't keep any electronics or electric stuff down low04:36
nysosymfine :)04:36
kwwiibut my kitchen table is now a provisional drying table04:37
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kwwiiat least my wife cannot say that I never clean the floor04:41
nysosymhehe :D04:41
andreasnkwwii: ouch, flood04:41
kwwiiI mean, I am just finishing up my work for gutsy, looking forward to a bit of peace and then I go and do something like this04:43
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lassegul_MMA_: whats up with the upside down writing?08:58
_MMA_Grabs attention.08:59
lassegul_MMA_: it sure does.08:59
_MMA_Been kinda quiet in here last few days.08:59
lassegulit has.Im looking forward to kwwii finishing up his work on his other project, and can focus on this again.09:00
_MMA_I see.09:00
lassegulanything new with ubuntustudio?09:01
_MMA_Not really. Im taking a break.09:03
_MMA_The guys are supposed to be handling things now.09:03
_MMA_Im fried atm.09:03
lassegulthe guys?09:03
_MMA_The rest of my team.09:04
lassegulmy laptop shut down when exporting a svg to bitmap earlier tonight, because of CPU temp over 75C. Not too happy about that.09:09
lasseguldo you know the danger zone of an intel centrino cpu09:10
_MMA_I gotta talk to those guys about using multiple CPUs when exporting.09:10
_MMA_Sorry sir. I do not.09:10
lassegul_MMA_: that would have been great.09:10
_MMA_I saw about 6 months ago when exporting it only used 1 core. :(09:11
lassegulit still is.09:11
_MMA_Maybe I can talk to its lead at UDS and see if he can do anything about that. ;)09:13
_MMA_kwwii: Yo! :)09:13
kwwii_MMA_: hey man09:15
_MMA_kwwii: What's the chances of strongarming bryce into doing some things for Inkscape?09:16
_MMA_ie: Dual-core support?09:16
kwwiilol, good luck09:17
kwwiiI do not think that he really works on inkscape anymore09:17
kwwiihe only does high-level management afaik09:17
kwwiibut we can just look at him really mean until he complies09:18
kwwiinever underestimate the effect of the old evil eye09:18
=== _MMA_ gets his "ugly-mug" face ready.
lassegulcombined with big blue teary eyes?09:18
_MMA_kwwii: Got time for Skype or is it too late?09:19
kwwii_MMA_: taking my (sick) son to bed, maybe after that09:20
=== _MMA_ is sick as well.
_MMA_I have some KDE4 questions.09:20
=== kwwii hands out pills to everyone in the channel and suggests they get some sleep
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troy_s<_MMA_> I saw about 6 months ago when exporting it only used 1 core. :(10:05
troy_s_MMA_: Not easy.  Breaking an image into parts and applying a gaussian blur on the bits such that they seamlessly align is tricky stuffs.10:06
troy_s_MMA_: Just ask the Blender devs.10:06
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hellraiser_robevening all10:31
troy_sgreets hellraiser_rob10:33
hellraiser_robare everyone's floods under control now?10:34
troy_shellraiser_rob: Who knows.10:34
troy_shellraiser_rob: You are skilled in the web dev alchemy are you not?10:34
hellraiser_robi think it was kwwii that flooded his kitchen earlier10:35
hellraiser_robtroy_s: i try my best :D10:35
hellraiser_robtroy_s: can i help?10:36
troy_shellraiser_rob: Side projects, but most certainly I would think.10:37
troy_shellraiser_rob: What is your site again?10:37
hellraiser_robi should put more icons and stuff up really10:39
hellraiser_robit's pretty basic at the moment10:39
troy_sbig fan of basic10:40
troy_sis 'moodalbox' based on moolibs hellraiser_rob ?10:40
hellraiser_robso where you from troy_s ?10:42
troy_shellraiser_rob: Vancouver British Columbia Canada (more or less -- a burb outside)10:43
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hellraiser_robcool, you still at work?10:43
troy_shellraiser_rob: I work in one of those silly creative industries -- I work in terms.10:44
troy_shellraiser_rob: Short answer, not today.10:44
hellraiser_robthat's cool10:44
hellraiser_robif only the same were from me10:44
hellraiser_robi'm a creative soul trapped in a corporate world10:45
hellraiser_robtroy_s: so what exactly do you do?10:46
troy_shellraiser_rob: I work in the motion picture industry and keep creative side projects on the fly.10:46
hellraiser_robtroy_s, sounds good to me10:47
troy_shellraiser_rob: Vaguely ranging from still photography, motion picture photography in music videos, illustration, and other silly combinations of worthless relevance.10:47
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hellraiser_robtroy_s, i feel you are being modest, sounds very interesting10:48
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hellraiser_robis anyone else having trouble getting bloody deluge to do anything?10:49
troy_shellraiser_rob: It can be for about the first two seconds of 'wow' -- then the hard work of execution comes into play and it is just ugly hard work in my estimation.10:49
troy_shellraiser_rob: Use bittornado10:49
troy_shellraiser_rob: It isn't terribly well designed, but works like a bomb.10:49
hellraiser_robtroy_s, roger that, thankd10:49
=== MetalMusicAddict is now known as _MMA_
troy_shellraiser_rob: Do you have any other work up onlines?10:59
hellraiser_robtroy_s, what kind of work are you after?11:00
troy_sonline even (jesus -- onlines sounds like my mother from 25 years ago "You are going out to play 'ataris'"?11:00
troy_shellraiser_rob: Anything really... I am always interested to see collections of work of the folks who drop by here.11:00
hellraiser_robi'm afraid not at the moment, i had to get my site up in a rush to get a job, but will update it to be complete soon hopefully11:02
hellraiser_robanyway i must retire for the night - good evening to you all11:04
Misosakilaters hellraiser_rob11:06
troy_snight hellraiser_rob11:06
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