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vishalraohello. is ubuntu-mobile only meant for ultra-mobile devices? any chance of work/support for tablet pc's and their touchscreens and fingerprint readers? i have a new hp pavilion tx1302au and i got wireless and touchscreen working with commandline tinkering. still researching possibilities for the authentec aes1610 fingerprint reader :)07:06
pwnguini think the developers are focused on getting hildon running on umpc07:07
pwnguinive been looking at it for Tablet PCs07:07
pwnguinat least what's in gutsy is not impressive07:07
vishalraoany place i can help, maybe by installing test software to collect info for developers?07:08
pwnguinthe wiki has a guide07:09
pwnguinfor a xephyr install07:09
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pwnguinvishalrao: also, there's a debian team called FingerForce looking at fingerprint Auth07:59
vishalraoyup i have some links, currently that one too :)08:00
pwnguinvishalrao: im aiming to get a similar tool into 8.0408:00
pwnguinfor a different device08:00
pwnguinits already in my ppa, but it requires users to be in the root group to work perfectly at the moment08:01
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pwnguinbeware, US developers have certain export restrictions regarding fingerprints08:02
pwnguindo umpcs have fingerprint auth tools?08:02
vishalraoright. im umpcs have auth tools in windows :)08:03
vishalraoim *sure* umpcs have...08:03
pwnguinyou own one?08:04
pwnguini dont see one on the q1u08:05
vishalraothe sony ux has one iirc08:06
vishalraono i have a regular hp pavilion tablet pc tx1302au, just got it saturday :)08:07
pwnguinhave the tablet working?08:09
vishalraoyup, tried both ubuntu gutsy rc and opensuse 10.3, both need some tweaking to get sound, wireless working. lot of work to get touchscreen working. now im interested in getting the fingerprint reader working (somehow) :)08:13
pwnguinwhat kind of digitizer does it use?08:13
vishalraosome sort of "passive" one, the proc/bus/devices displays it as an "eGalax USB touchscreen"08:14
vishalraoits not very good for handwriting, just basic touch is feasible... toshibas are better with their "active" screens i guess...08:14
pwnguinmy tecra is verra nice08:15
pwnguinbut the hardware integration isn't there08:15
pwnguini was hoping ubuntu mobile could produce some packages i could steal in a hurry, but they seem to be after a different kind of device08:16
vishalraoreally now laptop sales are (have) overtaking desktops, linux distros should try to support touch/finger/wireless as best as possible. i know vendors are not providing much hardware spec support... but some campaigning can help :)08:17
pwnguinyou'd be surprised what's starting to work these days08:18
vishalraoyup, my main requirement was to get wireless working, which it does nicely using ndiswrapper. touch and finger are nice bonuses to have working... the hp tablet has a good price/feature/specs combuination which other laptops couldnt match...08:21
pwnguinim quite satisfied with the tecra m7; it's a bit expensive, but it did come with a worthy video card08:22
vishalraowhat video do you have? mine is "onboard" nvidia geforce go 6150 :) runs vista aero glass fine, and i dont go gaming08:23
pwnguinquadro nvs 110M08:23
pwnguinapparently it's around geforce 7300ish08:24
pwnguinand a year old08:24
pwnguinanyways, this isnt very mobileandembedded-ish08:24
pwnguinperhaps #ubuntu-laptop would be a place more suited to discussing the finer points of tablet PC08:24
vishalraoumpcs are all the rage these days08:24
vishalraoah, will check that out08:25
vishalraoheh, it asks to go to plain #ubuntu for support :) very few people in there08:25
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dholbachgood morning08:40
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Peter_u2Mithrandir, hello10:48
MithrandirPeter_u2: hi?10:49
Peter_u2One strange gtkrc issue I don't workout. 10:49
Peter_u2I add one style and setting *.wm_pm_tb_prev_bn to use that style. Then in moblin-media app, glade file use wm_pm_tb_prev_bn as id of a GtkButton. Know possible reasons?10:51
Peter_u2The style and its usage is in gtkrc.maemo_af_desktop like what we did with marquee buttons.10:52
Peter_u2Just can't work.10:52
MithrandirI don't know much about how GTK theming works, sorry.10:53
Mithrandirmaybe kwwii knows?10:53
Peter_u2kwwii, he might still not wake, I guess10:54
Peter_u2kwwii, you wakeup and lol?10:54
Peter_u2Mithrandir, thanks anyway10:56
Peter_u2Anybody here knows the gtkrc issue?10:57
kwwiiPeter_u2: now I am11:28
Peter_u2kwwii, lol. Very happy you are here. 11:28
Peter_u2You saw my issue description above?11:29
kwwiiPeter_u2: to be honest gtkrc stuff is pretty much magic to me too11:29
kwwiiI have no idea11:29
Peter_u2kwwii, no need say sorry. no problem. I have sent this to mailing list to see if anyone can help. 11:29
Peter_u2kwwii, once I get that done. I will update ume-basic theme as well. 11:31
Peter_u2you know when is it time to add ume-basic to gutsy repository?11:35
MithrandirPeter_u2: it's not going in.  Too late.11:36
Mithrandirwe'll add it in hardy11:37
Peter_u2Mithrandir, get it. That's fine. 11:37
Peter_u2Mithrandir, neither not for libtelepathy, right? I didn't see upgrade for libtp neither.11:39
Mithrandiryeah, sorry, I didn't get around to getting it in.11:40
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Peter_u2Mithrandir, no problem. what's the quickest possible time to begin hardy circle?11:41
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MithrandirPeter_u2: the next release usually opens sometime during the UDS, between one and two weeks after release.11:45
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Peter_u2When is gutsy released? I assume currently it's just code freeze stage11:48
pwnguinthe schedule suggests the 18th11:49
Peter_u2pwnguin, good. Thanks.11:50
Peter_u2where can I see such schedule info? A link is welcome11:53
Peter_u2cool, pwnguin. I appreciate it. 11:58
pwnguindoes the lpia arch work well in gutsy?12:00
pwnguinive set up a chroot and im underwhelmed so far12:00
loolpwnguin: What's the problem?12:00
pwnguinwell right now12:00
pwnguinstart-hildon tanks on a missing mas12:00
pwnguinwhatever that is12:01
loolYes, but it's not packaged I think12:01
loolYou're not supposed to use start-hildon12:01
pwnguinah well12:01
=== pwnguin just follows the wiki
loolI came across the same error yesterday (and it's harmless)12:01
pwnguinand when it was working, the whole thing felt... not nearly as finished as the screenshots i'd seen. i donno if theres some theme transition or what12:02
loolpwnguin: Note that the wiki mentions custom scripts, not the one you saw here12:02
pwnguinperhaps its just that chroot doesn't cut it anymore12:02
loolpwnguin: There's a ume-xephyr-smthg script in a config package which you get when you build a fset12:02
loolpwnguin: I think you should setup a chroot via mic instead of manually12:02
pwnguini think mic crashes on me12:03
loolpwnguin: I started the same way you did, and the results were awful12:03
loolpwnguin: What's the crash?12:03
pwnguinit locks up trying to add an fset12:03
loolpwnguin: I got this in my chroot http://people.dooz.org/~lool/ume-xephyr.png but it was nearly as expected when using mic12:03
pwnguinsee, that looks nice12:04
pwnguini just got a "zomg you dont have flash"12:04
loolpwnguin: If you start it from a terminal you should see what it's running12:04
loolpwnguin: Perhaps your choice of packages wasn't exactly the same then12:04
loolI simply installed ubuntu-mobile to get this12:04
pwnguini wonder what i installed12:05
pwnguinbecause it wasnt ubuntu-mobile12:05
pwnguinmaybe i just grabbed hildon-desktop thinking it was the equiv of ubuntu-desktop12:06
loolhildon-desktop is just an application handling the hildon desktop; it's not a meta-package pulling everything12:07
loolMight be the source of the confusion12:07
pwnguinwell, that didnt exactly fix it =/12:13
loolpwnguin: I really recommend you try from the fset, making it work in a chroot means more manual work to repeat for you12:15
pwnguinoh, it just takes time to start =/12:15
pwnguinits not like i actually have a umpc12:18
loolHere neither :)12:21
pwnguinman, theres' gotta be some insane dbus problem or something causing this huge lag12:21
pwnguin** (gecko:26146): WARNING **: could not start: org.moblin.media: dbus-launch failed to autolaunch D-Bus session: EOF in dbus-launch reading address from bus daemon12:22
pwnguinprobably because of the chroot12:23
loolpwnguin: You did start dbus in the chroot?12:23
pwnguini thought so12:26
pwnguincomplains about NetworkManager and system-tools-backends12:27
pwnguinthat's on a restart12:34
pwnguinif i just start it, nothing bad happens...12:35
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=== agoliveira got rid of the "size mismatch" error on image-builder by chroot into a target and apt-get clean. Looks like the problem was a corrupted cache
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agoliveiraHappyCamp, sodarock, ping me when you arrive, please.04:58
agoliveiraThe package libgl1-mesa-dri is not installed when a Q1 fsets is selected. Is there any specific reason?05:03
StevenKI thought Mesa wasn't built on lpia05:04
StevenKIf I recall05:04
MithrandirStevenK: it is now, at least.05:05
agoliveiraStevenK: Well, it is :) I didn't have direct redering on the Q1 because i915_dri.so was missing. I installed it manually and it's fine now.05:05
agoliveira(by manually I mean installing libgl1-mesa-dri)05:05
=== agoliveira was scared how poor the games were running for a moment...
=== agoliveira is going to grab a coffee...
StevenKWe so need to hack stylus gestures into frozen bubble05:07
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StevenKThat would *rock*05:07
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loolIs there a way to calibrate the touch screen?06:12
lool(on the Q1)06:13
agoliveiralool: I don't know if it actually works but in the control panel there's a utility that does it.06:13
loolI'll try that in a breeze, my manual build doesn't have the control panel, let's see the dailies06:16
loolagoliveira: (thanks!)06:16
agoliveiralool: The daily (at least from yesterday) does not have either. You need to install a package... let me see...06:17
loolDoes the daily have SSH?06:18
agoliveiralool: No.06:18
loolagoliveira: BTW wifi worked fine here! :)06:18
loolagoliveira: So I guess you mount the .img or the USB key and chroot + install the package in there?06:18
agoliveiralool: Here is working well too. I don't know what happened yesterday.06:18
agoliveiralool: No, I star the network and apt-get.06:19
agoliveiraI just installed a image-creator image with the samsung-full-mobile-stack and it has the control-panel working.06:20
agoliveira(and the wifi works better too)06:20
loolagoliveira: Thanks for the tips06:20
agoliveiralool: My pleasure06:20
loolDid you upgrade the BIOS?06:21
loolOr rather, should i?06:21
agoliveiralool: No. I didn't.06:21
agoliveiraI don't know either :)06:21
loolDo you know on what the installer is based?  Is this some preseeded d-i or is it a kind of scripted ubiquity copying the casper live tree?06:22
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agoliveiralool: I beg your pardon?06:23
cwong1Mithrandir: ping06:23
loolagoliveira: The "Install" flavor of the .img: do you know which software is used to do the installation?  Is it the same software as the alternate install CD (d-i based) or the one of the live CD (casper / ubiquity based)?06:24
loolagoliveira: Indeed, wifi is better with the daily build06:24
agoliveiralool: It's just a script that does the instalation. Nothing fancy.06:24
loolagoliveira: Ok06:25
loolagoliveira: So it's based on the live FS on the USB key which is being cped; thanks06:25
loolGroumpf, screensaver also kicks in when one doesn't move the mouse on the daily build06:25
agoliveiralool: Never took a closer look but makes sense.06:26
loolCrap, panel didn't come up and WM died06:27
loolOr something died06:27
loolArf, Ctrl Alt Backspace to the rescue06:29
loolagoliveira: I don't get the Control Panel unfortunately; it writes loading on the right top corner, then I see a small window part on the top left, and that's all :-/06:30
agoliveiralool: On the daily yu have to install something... I don't recall what it is right now but using the image-builder I get it right from beginning06:31
cwong1agoliveira: do you know anything about the Acrobat reader for gusty?06:32
agoliveiracwong1: Acrobat reader is commercial, I don't know the status in this case but you can use evince.06:33
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loolPff can't get focus in the terminal06:34
loolLet's find a second keyboard06:34
cwong1agoliveira: I have tried evince and it works fine. Does Mithrandir know more about this?06:34
agoliveiracwong1: Very lkikely06:35
cwong1agoliveira: tx, I will contact him. What timezone is he in?06:35
agoliveiracwong1: Good question but I guess is GMT +506:36
sodarockagoliveira: what's up?06:37
agoliveirasodarock: Hello there. Sorry but now I forgot :) Shouldn't be anything important...06:38
sodarockokay :)06:39
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Mithrandircwong1: don't ask to ask, just ask your question and I'll respond when I'm around.08:23
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cwong1Mithrandir: Do you know that status on Acrobat Reader?08:24
Mithrandircwong1: I have a local package which seems to work.08:25
cwong1Mithrandir: Is it the same as the one that you can download from Adobe site?08:26
cwong1Mithrandir: Does it work for you in Firefox on Gusty?08:27
Mithrandirhaven't tried.08:27
cwong1I tired it and it didn't work for me.08:28
cwong1Will this package be available in gusty for download?08:29
Mithrandirgutsy is closed for further uploads, and additionally adobe reader doesn't come with a redistribution licence.08:29
agoliveiracwong1: For quite some time I don't feel the need for Acrobat reader as evince is working quite well and it's smaller, quicker and free :)08:30
cwong1is evince an opensource project?08:31
agoliveiracwong1: Unless it has changed since last time I messed with the sources, yes :)08:32
cwong1agoliveira: is there any plan on hildonize Evince?08:33
agoliveiracwong1: It's done already (though I didn't test it lately to tell you the truth...)08:34
=== agoliveira is firing up the Q1
cwong1agoliveira: I tried it and it wasn't.08:34
agoliveiracwong1: Did you try the lpia build?08:34
cwong1agoliveira: I just did.  The menu is not hildonize.08:35
agoliveiracwong1: Crap... let me check08:35
cwong1agoliveira:  The version number is
agoliveiracwong1: 2.20.0-3?08:37
agoliveiraI'm checking the sources and the patch is there. Let me check the binary... hold on08:38
cwong1agoliveira: mine is 2.20.008:38
cwong1agoliveira: from the about box08:38
agoliveiraThe problem is that the latest binary available from ports.ubuntu.com is 2.20.0-1 (don't know why)08:39
cwong1agoliveira: how do i get the 2.20.0-3 then?08:40
agoliveiracwong1: apt-get source evince and build in a lpia chroot.08:40
cwong1agoliveira: will this be fix in gusty?08:51
agoliveiracwong1: I don't think so.08:51
cwong1agoliveira: apt-get source evince didn't find the package08:51
agoliveiracwong1: Check you sources.list. I just did it.08:51
cwong1agoliveira: my sources.list has "deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports gutsy main"08:51
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agoliveiraports don't have sources. Do it from your normal gutsy install or add a gutsy source linux there08:51
cwong1ok.  tx08:51
Mithrandiragoliveira: because hildon's not in main yet, and evince is, so it can't build on lpia until hildon is in main08:51
agoliveiraMithrandir: Oh... understood. Thanks for the explanation.08:51
agoliveiracwong1: So you will have to do build yourself but should be pretty straightforward08:51
cwong1agoliveira: got it08:51
agoliveiracwong1: Cool.08:51
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Inukarobr, ping10:52
robrInuka: yes?10:53
Inukarobr, does the current kernel support lpia?10:54
Inukawhat is it called when I specify the architechture at compile time? (lpia?)10:54
robryes, in the sense we compile it with lpia optimizations...the architecture passed into the kernel makefile is still i38610:55
Mithrandircwong1: I repackaged it into a .deb10:55
Inukarobr, oh ok so I do not need specify any special options. it is already in the rules?10:55
robrInuka: if you're building it in an lpia build root (i.e. image-creator lpia project) then that's correct, as far as i know10:57
cwong1Mithrandir: Can you send me the instr. on how to do that or put the image somewhere that I can try?11:01
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Inukarob, where you able to get x to start after enableing c4, my x windows keeps on restarting in a loop.11:59
Inukarob, I am in the process of recompiling a new kernel I will give it a shot with that 12:00
Inukarob, if I boot to the terminal the system is not stable though...  12:03
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Inukarob, left usb drive and instructions on your desk12:51

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