Ubulettelibpipnss.a is bundled into libxul.so01:15
asaclike everything most likely ;)01:17
asacdid you rebuild xul? or ffox?01:17
asacor both?01:17
Ubulettefor what ?01:17
asacfor new nss ;)01:18
Ubulettei'm all head her01:18
Ubulettebut that cert error is not new01:18
asacmoving three components forward doesn't really help to track the issue down01:18
asacdidn't know its an issue01:18
asacis there a bug?01:18
UbuletteI can't find one01:19
Ubulettebut that doesn't mean anything01:19
asacfirefox-3.0 in gutsy works fine01:20
asacwith and without added root cert01:20
asaci get a cert warning and can accept it temporarily et al01:20
asacso it must be a recent regression01:20
asacnow it crashed \O/01:22
asacopenend a long rss feed bookmark01:22
Ubulettemozilla bug 39990501:22
ubotuMozilla bug 399905 in English US "Bad cert domain error when clicking a link on fedex.com" [Normal,Reopened]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39990501:22
asacyou started this discussion with stgraber site ... that one works here01:23
Ubuletteit's bad cert domain, i get certificate is not trusted or its issuer certificate is invalid.01:24
Ubulette (sec_error_unknown_issuer)01:24
asacwhich url?01:24
asacthat bug is from yesterday01:24
Ubuletteit's for a cert domain, not me01:25
Ubulettemozilla bug 39840601:27
ubotuMozilla bug 398406 in General "Cleanup remaining uses of nsIBadCertListener in Minimo" [Normal,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39840601:28
Ubulette"Bad cert's are now full stop error, there is no longer an interface to "proceed01:28
Ubuletteanyway". A workaround requiring the manual use of certificate manager was made01:28
Ubuletteavailable in bug 387480.01:28
Ubulettemozilla bug 38748001:28
ubotuMozilla bug 387480 in Security: UI "Support network-fetched cert import in Servers tab of Cert Mgr ("Add Exception" dialog)" [Normal,Assigned]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38748001:28
Ubuletteok, it works if I add an exception for that site using the cert manager01:34
Ubuletteso it could be an a9 thing01:35
Ubulette387480 seems to be it01:35
asacmozilla bug 38748001:39
ubotuMozilla bug 387480 in Security: UI "Support network-fetched cert import in Servers tab of Cert Mgr ("Add Exception" dialog)" [Normal,Assigned]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38748001:39
Ubulettethere's a new UI but it does not popup when needed01:41
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asacUbulette: i assigned a xulrunner-1.9 bug to you ... about xpcshell. did we forget to include that or isn't it build at all?11:20
asaci guess this should go to the -dev package ... but not sure11:20
=== rexbron [n=rexbron@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakok got kiko looking at changing the owner so i can add admins02:11
asacgnomefreak: i confirmed that you are ok to be owner02:14
gnomefreakwho else was gonna be admin?02:17
gnomefreakasac: your now admin, there was someone else but cant think of who02:19
asaci think its enough to have two admins for now02:21
gnomefreak!info sunbird02:22
ubotuPackage sunbird does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas02:22
gnomefreakinfo sunbird gutsy02:22
gnomefreak!info sunbird gutsy02:23
ubotusunbird: Sunbird stand-alone Calendar. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5-0ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 7506 kB, installed size 22304 kB02:23
gnomefreakthere added sunbird to page02:25
gnomefreakshould we add nss and nspr as supported packages by mozillateam?02:25
asacxulrunner-1.9 + firefox-3.0 as well02:32
asacgnomefreak: ^^02:32
gnomefreakleave granparadiso there?02:33
asacno ... remove02:33
asacits superseeded ;)02:34
gnomefreakremove xulrunner 1.8 as well02:34
asacyes, i think thats sane02:35
asacthough its still in use02:35
asacso maybe keep it until after gutsy02:35
gnomefreakok ill just add 1.902:35
gnomefreakill be back i need to do some work on windows02:40
gnomefreakoh crap ill add nss and nspr later.02:41
bluekujaheya all02:46
bluekujamr. gnomefreak, mr. asac02:46
bluekujaeverything fine there?02:48
=== ThunderStruck [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
bluekujaThunderStruck: heya mr. gnomefreak02:52
ThunderStruckhey ;)02:52
bluekujaeverything fine?02:52
ThunderStruckwindows pc nick02:52
bluekujaoh :D02:52
ThunderStruckbluekuja, everything good for now02:52
bluekujagreat to hear02:52
bluekujaThunderStruck: any news?02:53
ThunderStruckbluekuja, you here most of the day?02:53
bluekujayeah, I guess so02:53
ThunderStruckbluekuja, yes its all set i will set it up when i get back downstairs, windows == work and coffee02:54
bluekujaoh :)02:54
bluekujaThunderStruck: need me to do something later?02:54
ThunderStruckbluekuja, i dont think so, i have a bunch to do i think02:54
bluekujawhy you asked if I'll be here most of the day?02:55
bluekujathought you needed some help02:55
bluekujafor something02:55
ThunderStruckjust in case. im gonna get to ML later if i get that far i might need input02:57
bluekujayeah, I'm here then02:58
bluekujajust ask if you need any information02:58
bluekujaI'm searching a new router to buy, wireless and cable03:00
bluekujabrowsing some pages to find out what is out atm03:01
ThunderStruckive  had bad times with d-link wireless routers. i love my motorola wifi router :)03:04
bluekujaThunderStruck: dlink is bad?03:08
ThunderStruckbluekuja, i havent had a good experince with it. my aunt got one and i had to reset ip range every day03:09
ThunderStruckthats why when i was in PA i would get disconnected so often03:09
bluekujaoh damn03:09
ThunderStruckbut it might just be me03:09
ThunderStruckwindows it works great03:10
bluekujaI guess I'll buy NETGEAR DG834G03:10
bluekujacheck google for it03:10
ThunderStrucknetgear is nice. just when using it with irc use port 800103:10
ThunderStrucknetgear and dlink iirc both have the exploit issue in IRC03:11
ThunderStruckbluekuja, the dcc send <16 chars>03:11
ubotuThere are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit03:11
bluekujaoh :/03:12
ThunderStruckthat should give you what routers and firmware are effecfted03:12
bluekujathanks for pointing me to that03:12
bluekujaI just want a router that gets online03:13
bluekujaand I can connect03:13
bluekujacable/wireless at the same time03:13
bluekujawithout disconnecting03:13
bluekujaone pc and connecting another03:13
ThunderStruckbrb have to restart xchat to install python03:13
bluekujain fact I cant have more than one active connection at home03:13
bluekujaheya asac03:18
bluekujaasac: went to bed yesterday at the end? :)03:18
asacmore or less :) ... returned at 2am for a few minutes03:18
bluekujaoh :D03:18
bluekujaI was sleeping then^^03:19
bluekujaasac: still busy like yesterday?03:19
asacmore or less ... but things look better ... i hope i can do my AM job tonight ... depending on whether i drink a beer after sport03:20
asacotherwise tomorrow - unless some serious issues pop up03:20
bluekujaasac: which sport?03:20
asacmore important than your advocacy is to send in my AM report for my NM student ... he waits for 2 month now i guess03:21
bluekujaoh 2 months, that's a lot03:21
asacwhich i feel _really_ ashamed about03:21
asacwell ... he had multiple month latency in the mids of his application ... so i don't feel that guilty03:22
bluekujaasac: that's ok then03:22
bluekujaasac: my advocacy will be done after that then?03:22
bluekujaso I can move waiting to have an AM assigned03:23
bluekujaasac: I've seen some delays on AM reports in some other apps inside the list03:25
bluekujaasac: some students of anibal03:26
bluekujaI guess03:26
asacbluekuja: there is no need to feel blocked because of this ... you can also start to help the debian qa team ... which is a good addition to your NM profile03:27
asacanyway ... I will advocate in the next moment i feel good about it03:28
bluekujaasac: yeah, I'm trying to setup a good collaboration between Ubuntu and Debian QA03:28
asacthats a good start ... mapping ubuntu bugs to existing debian bugs for instance03:28
bluekujareceived a mail from luk03:28
=== ThunderStruck [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
bluekujaasac: yeah, oki. Take your time :)03:29
=== asac back to finish my cd testing for today
ThunderStruckasac, testing final ISO's already?03:30
bluekujagoing to study something03:31
asacThunderStruck: i think so ... yes03:31
asactodays isos03:31
ThunderStruckok cool maybe thursday is possivle03:31
bluekujaThunderStruck: going to study now, be back later03:32
ThunderStruckbluekuja, k03:32
=== ThunderStruck [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacanybody volunteers to install dapper for testing and then doing the mozilla.qa.stgraber.org tests?03:53
asacThunderStruck: can you please blog about that?03:53
asacdamn :)03:53
=== ThunderStruck [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
ThunderStruckfucj xchat03:54
asacThunderStruck: read topic03:58
asaccan you blog about the mozilla qa site ?03:59
ThunderStruckwhen im back on ubuntu i will03:59
asacare you on windows?03:59
ThunderStruckim waiting on a phone call for windows help from a freind03:59
asacshame + pain :)04:00
ThunderStruckyep but shouldnt be long04:00
ThunderStruckatleast it better not be04:00
ThunderStruckbrb reinstalling xchat to  see if it will load python04:00
=== ThunderStruck [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
ThunderStrucki think it was built without python support04:06
ThunderStruckthat sucks04:06
=== ThunderStruck [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== mode/#ubuntu-mozillateam [+o ThunderStruck] by ChanServ
ThunderStruckhot damn it worked04:12
=== mode/#ubuntu-mozillateam [-o ThunderStruck] by ChanServ
ThunderStrucklomaf @ blinking nm-applet04:23
ThunderStrucklmao even04:25
asaci hate my bugmail backlog ... 1300 for firefox04:37
ThunderStruckasac, yes someone said thiers was04:48
ThunderStrucksomeone in #ubuntu+1 said thier nm-applet was blinking04:52
=== mertiki [n=zxz@modemcable023.30-56-74.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacdoesn't sound too scary ;)04:57
ThunderStrucknot really but i found it funny blinking (maybe connection is unstable?04:58
asacgnomefreak: we need to add ubufox to the mozilla-bugs mailing list as well i guess05:25
gnomefreakok ill check on it05:33
gnomefreakasac: already was05:34
gnomefreakadded nss and nspr to homepage05:37
gnomefreak3.11 and 4.605:37
gnomefreakadded nss nspr to bugmail for mozilla-bugs as well05:38
gnomefreakreset ubufox to make sure05:39
bluekujagnomefreak: talked with steve?06:01
bluekujadid he said it's possible to have it fixed?06:02
gnomefreakbluekuja: i got the teams stright for most part for time being i will add you sometime today06:02
gnomefreakthe ML i have to figure out06:02
bluekujaneed to send a mail to rc?06:03
bluekujaor already done?06:03
gnomefreaki might be ok for ml i have to play with it06:06
gnomefreakright now im waiting for a boarder line legal topic turn to illegal topic06:06
bluekujagnomefreak: ah, so you get assigned to owner on ML06:07
bluekujashould be ok then06:07
gnomefreakbluekuja: may not have to but will find out06:21
bluekujaoki, let me know06:21
=== cwong1 [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-fc8deee1ac025984] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakwill do06:23
asacbluekuja: wanna blog about the mozilla.qa.straber QA site that now needs testers for dapper edgy feisty and gutsy ;) ?06:24
asacread topic06:24
bluekujaasac: what do you mean with "blog"?06:25
bluekujaasac: want me to add an article for the fridge?06:26
gnomefreakasac: are these firefox versions?06:26
asacbluekuja: no ... call for help in testing these beta packages06:27
gnomefreakasac: it would help if the builds were there06:27
asacbluekuja: you can use the site in the same was as the iso testing site06:27
gnomefreakWe are sorry but the build you requested isn't available for download (or the website don't know how to get it).06:28
gnomefreakIn most case that means that the download link has been put as notice on the main page.06:28
asacyou just click on the produce you want to test and confirm that it works06:28
bluekujaasac: writing an article is a way to call for users06:28
asacbluekuja: whatever is suitable to get the masses test that dapper package :)06:28
gnomefreakproblem is they are not ther eto test06:28
asacbluekuja: please take a look and see if all is clear06:28
asacbluekuja: e.g. how to use that tracker et al06:29
bluekujaasac: ok. First an user have to register06:29
asacbluekuja: if there is more info needed i can add that to the notice area06:29
bluekujathen test and approve if ok?06:29
gnomefreakthe tracker works the packages just are not there06:29
asacbluekuja: yes ... unless you have an account for iso testing already06:29
bluekujaasac: I guess adding a small howto for it would be nice06:29
asacbluekuja: yes if you click on the build you will see the testcases you can work on and verify06:29
bluekujausers are not very familiar with it06:29
asacif its fine you say so ... and we will see that someone ackknowledges that it works for it06:30
asacbluekuja: i asked stgraber about if there is a short howto for the tracker06:30
bluekujaasac: perfect, every istruction is appreciated so I can write a full article06:31
bluekujaeverything should be clear06:31
asacbluekuja: sure ... we need to get these packages tested till thu ;)06:31
bluekujaasac: so two days?06:31
asacbluekuja: well they are out there for a day already ... its important to get more testers on every release06:31
asacif we get a few this time it would be all fine06:32
asacthis update is not a high-risk one imo ... but next one probably will06:32
gnomefreakhmmm has to be done through repo i guess06:32
asacespecially dapper users are NEEDED06:32
bluekujaasac: that's harder06:32
asacgnomefreak: thats a left over from iso testing06:32
gnomefreakdapper chroot ok?06:32
gnomefreakah ok06:32
asacgnomefreak: yes ... thats ok as well06:32
asacat best if you are a regular user06:32
asacbut chroot or virtual box install is fine06:32
bluekujaasac: I finish writing something and then I try to catch up on it06:33
bluekujalet me know about istructions et all06:33
asacbluekuja: a call to setup a dapper chroot might be worth itt06:33
asacbluekuja: yes06:33
asacthanks ... waiting for reply by the author06:33
bluekujaasac: then I move to write the article06:33
gnomefreakok testing gutsy atm06:34
asacbluekuja: thanks ... it doesn't need to be poetry ... just get the news out to as many people as possible06:34
gnomefreakhmmmmmm repo isnt working?06:34
asaclots of people usually don't know how to contribute ... this is their chance ;) ... its just a few minutes and helps a lot to raise the quality of stable ubuntu releases06:34
asacgnomefreak: which one?06:34
bluekujaasac: true :)06:34
asacgnomefreak: gutsy doesn't have a package yet06:35
asaconly dapper/feisty/edgy for this release06:35
gnomefreakok starting with dapper06:36
asaci just finished the first 350 bugmails for mt in my mailbox :)06:36
gnomefreakwell on dapper it wont upgrade firefox06:38
gnomefreakok what is this https://mozilla.qa.stgraber.org/qatracker/result/1042/210 for06:38
gnomefreakah ok i guess i go to each section instead of the listing page06:39
asacgnomefreak: that should be a link06:40
asace.g. the testplan06:41
gnomefreaknot bad so far test 1 passed just one thing missing but not a showstopper06:47
gnomefreakleft comment06:47
gnomefreakin the 3rd link one for testplan from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/QA is that where you want the test case that i used?06:56
gnomefreakhttps://mozilla.qa.stgraber.org/qatracker/result/1042/210  even06:57
asacbluekuja: ok we don't have up to date docs ... its pretty simple: 1. get an account 2. click on the distribution you want to test (dapper/edgy/firefox) and fill out the form after you did the tests07:01
asacafter adding the lines to source.list you need to apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade07:01
asacor run synaptic or whatever07:01
bluekujaasac: perfect07:01
bluekujaI finish writing a policy07:01
gnomefreakasac: thats not what i meant07:02
bluekujafor the italian repository07:02
gnomefreaki had a account07:02
bluekujaand I move to that07:02
bluekujathen I ping you when done07:02
bluekujaso you can check every detail07:02
bluekujathen I move it to the fridge07:02
bluekujaasac: k=07:02
asacbluekuja: i will be to sport soon ... as you know :)07:02
gnomefreakif you look at https://mozilla.qa.stgraber.org/qatracker/test/1042 the 3rd link what test it that for07:02
asacgnomefreak: yes thats the test case you should do07:02
bluekujaasac: when you'll be back?07:02
asacthe first two tests are just "normal" use ... the third lists specific tasks that would catch issues we had in the past07:03
asacbluekuja: probably late.07:03
asacbluekuja: what info do you need?07:03
bluekujaasac: I just need you to give a last check07:03
bluekujato final text07:04
asacbluekuja: i trust you :) ... its more like communicating that the site exists and that they can get to #ubuntu-mozillateam or #ubuntu-testing if they need guidance07:04
asacbluekuja: if you want to give initial guidance give the 3 points i mentioned above to get started07:05
asacbluekuja: maybe try it yourself :) ... you can create an account and can click through ... you don't need to submit if you don't want to submit a not-done test :)07:05
=== gnomefreak really doesnt like the way tabs are closed in 1.5
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(gnomefreak/#ubuntu-mozillateam) buttons: /whois gnomefreak08:17
(gnomefreak/#ubuntu-mozillateam) buttons: you should see all channels08:18
(buttons/#ubuntu-mozillateam) i do08:18
(gnomefreak/#ubuntu-mozillateam) yay it works :)08:18
(bluekuja/#ubuntu-mozillateam) gnomefreak: done08:18
bluekujagnomefreak: I paste it for you08:18
gnomefreakcan i have the link?08:19
gnomefreakok gone for a while.08:21
gnomefreakbe back later when my troll starts his shit08:22
Ubuletteasac ?08:26
Ubuletteabout bug 15140008:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151400 in xulrunner-1.9 "xpcshell missing" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15140008:26
Ubulettexpcshell is explicitly excluded08:26
Ubulettemozilla bug 28949408:51
ubotuMozilla bug 289494 in XULRunner "Make xulrunner work with toolkit packager" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28949408:51
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bluekujagnomefreak: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/10:27
bluekujacheck latest story10:27
bluekujagoing to have a bath10:27
=== Ubulette_ [n=Ubulette@APuteaux-153-1-64-1.w82-124.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacUbulette: the forum guy has a messed up install ... probably not using pristine ubuntu packages -> /usr/local/bin...10:53
asacUbulette: what do you want me to fix before 2008?10:54
asacbluekuja: that looks great ... lets see what response we get10:54
Ubulettejust that but maybe it's already in10:54
asacUbulette: upstream products still have those issues i guess10:55
asaci reminded them multiple times ... i will try again the next time i get reminded that this bug still exists :)10:55
Ubuletteby 2008, I meant ;)10:56
asacah :) ... well we have that fix10:56
asaci am not even sure that his issue is the recursuve link issue10:56
Ubuletteit looked similar to me10:56
asacfor me it looks like he has messed up something else10:56
Ubuletteso, what do you think about bug 15140010:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151400 in xulrunner-1.9 "xpcshell missing" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15140010:57
asacUbulette: do you know chpe?10:57
asacUbulette: he is the (nowadays main) epiphany/gecko developer ... i asked him to test our xulrunner package and report issues he has10:58
asaci am not sure what use-case he has for xpcshell ... however i think it should be shipped somewhere10:58
asaci would guess it should be in xulrunner-1.9-dev ... unless we want to add a new package called xulrunner-1.9-tools10:59
asacanyway, all this with a grain of salt, because i don't know why xpcshell is not installed in xulrunner anymore11:00
asacmaybe its a bug and ment to go to the sdk hierarchy11:00
asacbut maybe its intentional11:00
Ubulette<Ubulette> xpcshell is explicitly excluded11:00
Ubulette<Ubulette> http://mxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/xulrunner/installer/Makefile.in#4711:00
asacyes i saw that ... its explicitly exlcuded in the installer code11:00
ubotuMozilla bug 289494 in XULRunner "Make xulrunner work with toolkit packager" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] 11:00
asachowever it probably wasn't excluded in install: target11:01
asacso maybe it has just been forgotten upstream11:01
asacmozilla bug 28949411:01
asacis ubotu dead?11:01
Ubuletteread comment 211:01
asacasked bsmedberg ... lets see what he replies11:04
bluekujaasac: back11:07
bluekujadid you like it?11:07
asacyeah ;)11:08
asacyou should be marketing head of the MT :)11:08
bluekujaasac: did you see my interview?11:09
asacnot yet :)11:09
Ubulettei did11:09
asacUbulette: ok does it work?11:09
bluekujaUbulette: does it look good? :)11:09
asace.g. just removing it from NO_PKG_FILES ?11:09
Ubulettebluekuja, nice :)11:09
bluekujaasac: you can see it on http://planet.ubuntu.com or http://behindmotu.wordpress.com11:10
bluekujaUbulette: thanks :)11:10
Ubuletteasac, well, haven't tried but it should11:10
asacUbulette: ok he wants the patch ... and thinks it should go to the _runtime_ package11:10
asac(not -dev)11:10
Ubuletteok, I'll do it then11:11
asacUbulette: maybe drop a line and tell chpe about the ppa ... as we will only update xulrunner on new alpha/beta releases in gutsy11:11
asac(once it works)11:12
Ubulettewell, i've used my ppa for a while as you wanted to keep mt one close to a811:13
Ubulettemy ppa has the new nss11:13
asacUbulette: well ... i am not sure ... i would prefer if ppa doesn't drift too far away from the packaging point of view from what we have in gutsy11:14
asac(i think)11:14
asacUbulette: what packaging things are changed on .dev branch since release?11:14
Ubulettejust read bzr logs ;)11:14
Ubulettei've pushed everything11:15
asacUbulette: i read bzr logs ... but i don't remember every tiny detail11:15
asacbut let me look11:15
Ubulettenss.head and xul.dev should be enough11:16
asachmm ... you didn't merge revision 50 ;)11:16
asacdo you have the uploaded  1.9~a8-0ubuntu2 changelog in your history?11:17
asacthats what i closed in revision 50 on the xulrunner-1.9 branch11:17
asacoh wait :)11:17
Ubuletteyou committed a9, I merged it in 49 with the rest and fixed it in 5011:19
Ubuletteforum users are complaining about java not working in a811:20
asacoh ... maybe say in the commit comment that its a MERGE11:20
asaclaunchpad web interface isn't that great11:20
asacoh that was me?11:20
asac49 is a merge?11:20
bluekujagoing to sleep11:21
bluekujatake care everyone11:21
=== bluekuja out
Ubulettehmm, no. I think it's yours11:21
asacUbulette: ok 47 was the merge11:22
asacok fine now let me look :)11:22
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asachmmm ... why do we strip the tests out of xul orig tarballs? i think they should be shipped. e.g. xulrunner as upstream declares MINUS files that are bad/non-free/binary ... firefox is different in that it somehow has to be tackled upstream at some point.11:25
Ubulettemore than half the tests are either non linux or binaries11:26
asacwhat kind of binaries?11:26
Ubuletteso the easiest way what to drop everything, especially as we don't build them (--disable-tests)11:26
asacanyway ... stripping sources for non linux is not nice ... we should strip tarballs as close to what upstream would ship.11:27
Ubuletteand it makes the tarball 30% smaller11:27
Ubuletteit's cvs, they don't ship it11:27
Ubuletteyou can keep the full stuff for releases if you want11:28
asacUbulette: but they will ... its their intend to include tests ... same for firefox11:28
asacok ... we can do that11:29
asacat least for now ... or until someone complains :)11:29
asaci would like the patch to go away then at some point :)11:31
Ubulettewhich one ?11:31
Ubuletteplenty should go upstream11:31
asacthe ifdef ENABLE_TEST patch11:31
Ubulettethat should go upstream11:32
asacok we have:11:35
asac  bz38430411:35
asac -> is send upstream11:35
asac   bz386610 -> send as well (python) the above is symlink11:35
asacso all bz are on track i guess11:36
asacwhat about  dont_install_so_in_dev.patch11:36
asacis that a hack?11:36
Ubulettei'd say a fix11:37
asacsuitable for windows et al?11:37
Ubuletteotherwise you end up with duplicates11:37
asac(well doesn't look like this whole code is suitable for that)11:37
asacquestion is if upstream wants to ship sdk alone at some point11:38
asacbut that is already impossible because of the lines below, right?11:38
Ubulettei've just exluded .so for the tar and made 2 symlinks instead11:38
Ubuletteyep, ln -s is everywhere11:38
asacok so this should go upstream11:39
asac install_pkgconfig_files_with_version.patch .. hmm11:39
Ubulettethat's ours11:39
Ubuletteotherwise, we'll have to do alternatives11:40
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asacUbulette: or maybe just "conflicts" of the -dev packages11:40
asaci have no idea if upstream wants to shift to readable extension ids11:41
asaci think its sane given you can have your own namespace using a @domain11:41
asace.g. for  rename_venkman_addon.patch11:41
asacso we should suggest that as well i guess11:41
asacfor installer_use_stdout_for_missing_files.patch i am not sure as well ... maybe they think its good to identify a build failure by counting lines of stderr ;(11:42
asacwhat other benefit might this have?11:42
Ubulettein logs, it proved useful to me11:43
Ubulettebuild logs11:43
asacwhat is useful for you? to split error messages to stderr ... or to log all on stdout?11:43
asacyes ... i see its useful11:44
asaci just want to figure if it might be bad as well :) ... thinking about a valid use case to log errors to stderr11:44
asacbut i think there is none that makes sense11:44
asacso  we should send it up as well11:45
Ubulettefeel free :)11:46
asaci hate these kind of bugs12:07
Ubuletteif you open mozbugs, give me the number so I can rename our patches in .dev12:08
asaci will do that in same turn i guess12:08
Ubulettei(ve made the xpcshell patch, building12:09
asaci have the feeling that will be released tomorrow ... without advisories12:09
asaci think this will shorten my live by yet another 6 month12:10
gnomefreakasac: bluekuja post to planet was sent12:11
gnomefreakatleast to my blog but planet should have it soon12:11
asacUbulette: we (distributors) need some ahead time ... and need advisories to document and QA our builds12:12
asacsometimes they just release ... even without announcement12:12
asacsometimes they do it well12:12
asacsometimes they just release without advisories ;)12:12
asacits the mix that makes this painful :)12:13
asacyou hope ... hope more ... then fall down ;)12:13
Ubulettewell, i was aware of 2008 and 2007 even without notices12:13
asacbeing aware and knowing what goes in is not the same ;)12:14
Ubulettei haven't look deeper as i'm not interested by ff212:15
asacUbulette: then try to do the same: track security issues on ffox 3 branch :)12:15
asacyou read every commit anyway :) ... so it shouldn't be that hard ;)12:16
Ubulettehopefully, as it's trunk, it should be fixed there 1st or immediately after12:16
asacyeah ... hopefully12:17
Ubuletteok, by default, it goes into /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9a9pre/xpcshell01:13
Ubuletteif I link it in /usr/bin, we need an alternative01:14
asacdoes xul 1.8 ship that in usr/bin?01:15

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