tazgodxi can send you my lircrc, i have modified it a little01:35
superm1tazgodx, no use sending it to me.  file a bug against mythbuntu lirc generator01:35
=== directhex has lost all his recordings, suggests completely removing JFS support from mythbuntu to save other poor unfortunates
superm1i will lose these kidns of things otherwise01:35
superm1ruh oh?01:36
superm1directhex, what happened?01:36
Davieydirecthex: JFS or XFS are the recommended types..01:36
directhexDaviey, well, unrecommend JFS!01:36
DavieyWhat happend?01:36
directhexsuperm1, random glitch caused my /data/MythTV folder to become eaten by a grue01:36
superm1freaking grue's.  :(01:37
tazgodxwhere do i file bug reports again?01:37
superm1either launchpad.net/mythbuntu or launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythbuntu-lirc-generator01:38
directhexunfortunately, retard that i am, i forgot to check /lost+found before doing some database spring cleaning01:38
directhexso i have 210 files without proper filenames, about 50% of those have "target" filenames i'm trying to determine from file creation/modify dates. the rest i need to rebuild DB entries01:39
directhexit's only 210 things to do by hand \o/01:39
superm1so lesson of the day is that we stay away from jfs and reiserfs then eh?01:41
Davieyreiserfs is just bad, period01:41
DavieyXFS is what i recommend01:41
directhexhi ho, hi ho, renamin' rcn's we go01:44
directhexdoode doode dooo doode doodeedee01:44
directhexhi ho, hi ho hi ho hi ho!01:44
directhexi'll stick with XFS from now on. format speed be damned01:44
directhexshould've trusted sgi before ibm01:44
directhexOct 15 07:36:04 localhost kernel: [1059800.146483]  ERROR: (device sda3): DT_GETPAGE: dtree page corrupt01:45
directhexthat was if. after that, all downhill01:45
tazgodxanyone know how i can change which input i am watching? i have 3 inputs now, and just curious how i can switch from my analog to my digital cable input01:51
tgm4883tazgodx, that would be the Y key.  You can also select which channel your watching (and depending on the setup, the tuner) from the guide01:54
tazgodxfrom the guide you say huh?01:55
tgm4883depending on the setup01:59
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=== MythbuntuGuest96 [n=Mythbunt@24-155-14-187.dyn.grandenetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tazgodxhmmmm, how to map that to a key on my remote...just which one...02:09
=== MythbuntuGuest96 is now known as superNoob
superNoobok someone showed me how to edit a file but when i rebooted it came back. it was sudu nano x11/xconfig?? or something i edited the file and and it works..how do imake it prermanant02:11
tgm4883superNoob, you need to remember were not paid to be in this channel02:13
tgm4883so we don't sit here eagerly waiting for a question02:13
superNoobohh sorry.02:13
tgm4883it would have been02:14
tgm4883and you should have used sudo to edit it right02:14
superNoobDo you know why the line came back? after rebooting?02:15
tgm4883so what exactly do you mean it came back?02:15
tgm4883what line?02:15
superNoobi deleted line virual 1400 .. because my monitor screen moves with mouse02:15
tgm4883well it came back because something else put it back there02:16
tgm4883or because you didn't sudo02:16
superNoobit started when i changed my video driver.02:17
superNoobdo you think it is set wrong?02:18
tgm4883well i dont' know what virual 1400 does02:18
superNoobme either02:18
directhexokay, 97 recordings fully recovered02:23
directhex111 recordings partially recovered02:23
directhexdealing with the partials is a job for another day02:24
rhpot1991anyone have any bright ideas for how to find out why a box is randomly locking up lately?02:26
tgm4883check syslog maybe02:26
tgm4883what has changed02:26
rhpot1991well it was doing it randomly before I upgraded to gutsy02:27
rhpot1991I thought it was from installing kismet, so I removed that and thought it was ok02:27
rhpot1991but I came home just now to find it locked up and not recording how I met your mother02:27
rhpot1991I am currently upgrading the slave backend to gutsy, not that I would think that would do it02:28
rhpot1991I suspect it might be a hard drive issue, the one drive makes noise sometimes02:28
tgm4883could very well be02:29
rhpot1991its the drive that the OS is on too none the less02:29
tgm4883well just make sure your database is ok02:29
tgm4883and backed up02:29
rhpot1991I have a backup (on the same drive), I should move it somewhere else02:30
rhpot1991any ideas how you would go about checking a drive for errors?02:30
tgm4883yes if the drive fails your screwed02:30
rhpot1991I'll have to reboot and see if it is enabled02:31
tgm4883that or maybe a filesystem check02:31
tgm4883but i dont know how deep that check would go02:32
rhpot1991hmmm, gonna have to boot with a live cd to check it02:33
rhpot1991that is gonna be a pain in the ass with it only hooked up to a tv02:34
tgm4883why do you need live cd?02:34
rhpot1991WARNING!!!  Running e2fsck on a mounted filesystem may cause02:34
rhpot1991SEVERE filesystem damage.02:34
tgm4883that is true02:34
rhpot1991damn, db backup is almost 60 megs02:34
tgm4883That is one thing that usually doesn't get checked often on mythtv systems02:35
tgm4883since it's set to do it like every 30 times02:35
rhpot1991and it only reboots when something gets busted02:35
rhpot1991or there is a kernel update02:35
rhpot1991I wonder if it might have to do with deleting not happening soon enough for recordings to save02:38
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solarbabyIm trying to folow some directions written for Fedora..  what is Sysconfig called on Ubuntu?02:44
tgm4883what does sysconfig do on fedora02:45
tgm4883if it opens the terminal in gnome, then the command is gnome-terminal02:45
solarbabyhere's the refrence02:45
solarbabyIn /etc/init.d/irblaster, replace every instance of "lircd" by "irblaster". Then put this into /etc/sysconfig/irblaster:02:46
=== tgm4883 shrugs
MitoTranintgm4883: I have an annoyance for you that you just might know the answer too02:48
MitoTraninwrong answer02:48
MitoTranincan we try again?02:48
tgm488342 is never wrong02:48
MitoTraninthis time with me asking first?02:48
tgm4883it's the i ching02:48
tgm4883ok shoot02:48
MitoTraninI have my mythtv keeping it's recordings on a network storage02:49
MitoTraninit's done it before without problems02:49
MitoTraninthis time though, and every time with mythbuntu that is, the lockfile is never removed02:49
MitoTraninI manually make sure that there is no lockfile, startup myth-backend, and everything works02:49
=== rhpot1991 runs memtest to be sure
MitoTraninI close/stop mythbacked and the lockfile doesn't get deleted02:50
MitoTraninthis makes it so that the next time mythbackend is started, it crashes out because there is already a lockfile, thus it thinks it's already running.02:50
MitoTraninI've already checked and made sure that the network storage is being mounted read/write, and it is, because from the backend server I can remove the file without problems02:51
tgm4883when you stop it, do you verify that it actually stopped?02:51
MitoTraninso I thought maybe that user couldn't delete it...02:51
MitoTraninwell... when I tell it to stop a 2nd time it says that no pid found02:51
tgm4883how about a restart when running, does that work?02:52
MitoTraninok, so my next thought02:52
MitoTraninwas that the mythtv user couldn't delete the file02:52
MitoTraninso I su'd to the mythtv user and removed the file without problems02:52
MitoTraninso now I'm lost :)02:52
MitoTraninrestart does the same thing02:52
tgm4883same thing as in doesn't work?02:52
MitoTraninit stops it, doesn't delete the lockfile, and then it says it starts, but it doesn't02:52
MitoTranin(it starts, but then crashes due to lockfile)02:53
tgm4883what are the permissions on that lock file?02:53
tgm4883and what kind of share is this?02:53
MitoTranin-rw-r--r-- 1 1003 nogroup        0 2007-10-15 18:20 nfslockfile.lock02:53
MitoTraninsamba share02:53
MitoTraninmounted via fstab02:53
MitoTraninusing the cifs protocol02:53
MitoTraninhere's the mount line for that mount:   // /data/nas-mounts/risk cifs username=tvmyth,password=mythtv 0 002:54
tgm4883is tvmyth the default user on the main system02:54
MitoTranintvmyth is a user I made up for the share02:55
MitoTraninit's not used anywhere else except for this share02:55
MitoTraninnas is debian02:55
MitoTraninbackend is mythbuntu rc02:55
tgm4883so on the backend, you have it mounted at /data/nas-mounts/risk02:56
tgm4883and you are able to (on the backend) go into /data/nas-mounts/risk and remove the file?02:57
tgm4883and it worked, but then you reinstalled and now it doesn't?02:58
tgm4883is all this correct?02:59
MitoTraninsorry, was registering a blueprint03:00
MitoTraninyes and no03:01
MitoTraninyes it's mounted there03:01
MitoTraninyes, by going there, I can remove the file03:01
MitoTraninbut I never reinstalled...03:01
tgm4883what changed?03:01
MitoTraninit's always been like this03:01
MitoTraninmythbuntu has always been like this03:01
MitoTraninpreviously I was running fedora as my backend, and it worked then03:02
MitoTraninbetween the two I ran feisty as a backend, but I never really got that functional, so I don't know03:02
MitoTranin(wasn't functional due to my tuner problems, nothing to do with this)03:02
tgm4883but this has worked on before on the current installations on both the backend and NAS?03:03
MitoTraninsame installation of the NAS03:03
MitoTraninit has never worked with this installation of the backend03:03
MitoTraninthus the problem03:03
tgm4883but I never reinstalled...03:03
tgm4883^^ your quote03:04
MitoTraninI was working when fedora was my backend03:04
MitoTraninnow that machine has been molested, and is now mythbuntu03:04
MitoTraninand while mythbuntu, it has never worked03:04
tgm4883how do you go from fedora to mythbuntu without reinstalling?03:04
tgm4883im so confused03:04
MitoTraninby formatting :)03:04
MitoTraninI've never reinstalled..03:05
MitoTraninreinstall means that I install the same as before03:05
MitoTraninI didn't...03:05
MitoTraninI formatted and installed mythbuntu03:05
tgm4883I get it now03:05
MitoTraninnow, mythbuntu works great when setup to use a local dir as the recording source03:06
MitoTraninbut when it's using the nas, I have this problem03:06
MitoTraninoh, one other thing03:06
MitoTraninthe recording dir is actually in /data/nas-mounts/risk/mythtv/recordings03:06
tgm4883ok i figured as much03:07
MitoTraninbut that's long... and only the recordings are there, the videos are somewhere else on the nas, the music is somewhere else, etc03:07
tgm4883did it work with the feisty backend?03:07
MitoTraninso I have each symlinked03:07
MitoTraninthat's where I actually have my recordings set to03:07
MitoTraninwith a symlink for music, videos, pictures, etc all in that mythtv dir too03:08
MitoTraninjust to have them all together03:08
MitoTraninshouldn't matter, but just wanted to say it03:08
tgm4883ok makes sense03:08
tgm4883did the feisty backend work or did you even try?03:08
MitoTraninI never got my tuner working in feisty, so the backend wouldn't start because of that03:08
MitoTraninso I'm quite confused...03:10
tgm4883is the backend running as the same user as you are logged in?03:10
MitoTraninthe path for the backend lockfile is /data/mythtv/recordings/nfslockfile.lock03:10
MitoTraninI can delete that no problems manually, but the backend closing can't......   that just doesn't make sense to me...03:10
MitoTraninI start it via the init.d script03:10
tgm4883im not sure03:11
MitoTraninsee my problem?  :)03:11
tgm4883the first thing that jumped out at me was user-id's03:11
tgm4883making sure those matched up properly, but you can delete the file manually so i dont know03:12
MitoTraninyeah, well, the user-id gets screwed up because it's a samba share...03:13
MitoTraninit automatically gets changed to being owned by nobody03:13
=== Tari__ [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
solarbabyIm going to have to give up on making Lirc work correctly with UbuntuMyth unless I can get some good help with it..03:21
solarbabywhich means I need to give up on UbuntuMyth since I can't record anything correctly with out Lirc03:22
tgm4883are you blasting or receiving?03:23
solarbabyI am trying to send a single with the USB Uirt to the Dish Satalite03:24
solarbabyI've probably changed my configs so much around I'd need to reinstall Lirc at this point03:24
solarbabybecause im desperate after so many days of dicking with it.. I even tried a Fedora howto..  but it doesn't work either03:24
solarbabynext step is move to fedora and try it03:25
solarbabythe last thing I wanted to do was abandone UbuntuMyth cause I really dig it03:25
solarbabyIm just thinking after a week if it dont work.. drop it type thing..03:26
tgm4883perhaps superm1 could shed a little light on sysconf03:26
solarbabyIm hoping in future versions things like this will be supported either in documents or even better03:26
MitoTraninsolarbaby: have you tried totally removing the lirc config and starting over with a Uirt howto?03:26
MitoTraninis that from home-electro ?03:27
solarbabyMitoTranin: is what?03:27
solarbabyMitoTranin: I followed this manual http://guillaume.filion.org/blog/archives/howto/03:28
MitoTraninI thought you were talking about a device I had03:28
solarbabydidn't help me at all03:28
MitoTraninbut it's a different device03:28
MitoTraninsolarbaby: does your uirt get detected properly even?03:28
MitoTraninis it listed in lsusb ?03:28
solarbabyI think it does03:29
solarbabywhats the command?03:30
MitoTraninif it doesn't get listed there, you have no hope of it working until it does03:30
MitoTranin.....   lsusb03:30
solarbabyBus 002 Device 002: ID 0403:f850 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd03:31
MitoTraninthat lists (thus ls) all the usb devices detected on the system (thus usb)03:31
solarbabyBus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000003:31
solarbabyBus 001 Device 002: ID 046d:c508 Logitech, Inc.03:31
solarbabyBus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000003:31
solarbabyI dont see it03:31
solarbabybut I have seen it before03:31
MitoTraninyeah, it's the first one03:31
MitoTranin0403:f850: [FTDI]  [USB-UIRT] 03:32
MitoTraninsame ID03:32
MitoTranindifferent description03:32
solarbabymine might be an older device03:32
solarbabyits not the USB UIRT 2 I think its just the USB UIRT03:33
MitoTraninthat might be your problem03:33
MitoTraninare the drivers you're using for your version?03:33
solarbabyit does fine with sending when using GBPVR but I want myth03:33
solarbabyYeah..  they are03:33
MitoTraningbpvr is windows though, so totally different03:34
MitoTraninthat just proves that the device itself works :)03:34
solarbabytrue..  and like I said i want myth03:34
MitoTraninthough this is always a good thing to know :003:34
solarbabyI've been wanting to run myth forever.. and I thought I and Myth were both ready for eachother03:35
MitoTranindid you check this out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lirc_USB-UIRT03:36
MitoTraninsolarbaby: gotta run for a bit... good luck, and I'll be back in a while!03:38
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solarbabysuperm1: I am failing03:53
superm1with what?03:53
solarbabysuperm1: lirc03:53
superm1what's wrong with lirc?03:53
solarbabysuperm1: I've tried for days now to make it work..  cause with out it mythtv doesn'tt function03:54
superm1solarbaby, what lirc device?03:54
solarbabysuperm1: usb uirt..03:54
superm1have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lirc_USB-UIRT03:54
solarbabyyup.. it doesn't give enough info03:54
superm1well is lircd not running when your done?03:55
superm1or what's happeneing03:55
superm1are you seeing the ttyUSB0 made?03:55
solarbabyit starts03:55
solarbabynow what?03:55
superm1okay and so you have the right lircd.conf in /etc/lirc?03:55
solarbabyI found one for dish network and I put it in03:55
solarbabyit loads with out error03:55
superm1so you are trying to do ir transmitting right?03:56
superm1okay so the syntax to send a button should just be like this03:56
superm1irsend -d /dev/ttyUSB0 SEND_ONCE BUTTON03:56
superm1does that work for you?03:56
superm1no that's wrong03:57
solarbabyirsend: Connection refused03:57
superm1i just checkjed the man page03:57
superm1it should be03:57
superm1irsend -d /dev/lircd SEND_ONCE BUTTON03:57
superm1where BUTTON is the button you're trying to send03:57
superm1my mistake03:57
solarbabyok so I'll replace button with power03:57
solarbabysuperm1: root@mythpvr:/usr/local/bin# irsend -d /dev/lircd SEND_ONCE power_on03:59
solarbabyirsend: not enough arguments03:59
superm1solarbaby, oh it appears irsend wants the remote name too03:59
superm1try it like this03:59
superm1irsend -d /dev/lircd SEND_ONCE REMOTE BUTTON03:59
solarbabysuperm1: root@mythpvr:/usr/local/bin# irsend -d /dev/lircd SEND_ONCE dish info04:00
solarbabyirsend: command failed: SEND_ONCE dish info04:00
solarbabyirsend: transmission failed04:00
superm1have you tried to siwtch it over between uirt2_raw and uirt_raw?04:03
solarbabysuperm1: nope04:04
superm1solarbaby, you might consider modifying your lircd.conf for that to see04:04
superm1man i cant type today04:04
solarbabysuperm1: ok04:04
=== Wy_ [n=wy@c-24-21-162-35.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
solarbabyI changed it but I still get connection refused04:09
superm1well if you get a connection refused, it sounds like the other driver was the right one04:09
superm1can you test receiving buttons with this receiver too?04:09
solarbabywith IRW? I'll try04:09
solarbabyirw loads and takes control of the screen, but it does not report any button presses from any of my 4 remotes sitting next to me04:11
solarbabyand the dish network remote doesn't even make the usb uirt led glow like most of the other remotes do04:12
superm1do you have the other remote's lircd.conf's listed?04:12
solarbabyno.. just the dish network04:12
superm1well if the red led doesnt light up, i'd say you need to make sure that your dish remote is even working in the first place04:13
solarbabyin all interest of fairness..  in another life time I installed UbuntuMyth with Lirc Hauppauge 350 Remote turned on, and it worked..  but this time I left it off at install because I am only interested in being able to access dish network and turn channels04:13
solarbabyit works04:14
solarbabymy xbox remote also doesn't make the led flash04:14
superm1i see04:14
superm1so its only sensitive to certain frequencies04:14
superm1what you want to do is make sure that you have the uirt working04:15
superm1with any remote then04:15
solarbabyyeah..  but the device is totally capable of doing this freq, its just the software isn't doing it04:15
superm1add a lircd.conf for another one in04:15
superm1and get it to receive04:15
superm1then worry about transmitting04:15
superm1i say04:15
solarbabysounds most logical04:15
solarbabyI've made it work with the Hauppage before, well default install of Myth made it work before04:16
solarbabycourse that was never going through the usb uirt, that was going through the hauppage tuner card04:16
superm1this usbuirt is a different beast04:16
superm1i haven't used one myself04:16
solarbabyit was nearly $6004:16
superm1well for that much $ you'd hope it'd work :)04:17
solarbabyand it worked great when I was using SageTV and GBPVR, but like I said before I want myth04:17
MitoTraninsolarbaby: did you try uninstalling lirc and following that ubuntu guide for it?04:18
solarbabyyeah..  I think I followed it right04:19
superm1wait a minute04:19
superm1you aren't using a compiled lirc package??04:19
solarbabyapt-get install lirc04:19
superm1okay good04:19
solarbabyyeah there wasn't hardly anything to that guide..04:20
MitoTraninyeah... which is why it sounds pretty simple to me...04:22
solarbabysuperm1: good news..  Hauppage remote works great using IRW when connected through the UIRT04:23
superm1solarbaby, okay that's a good sign then04:23
superm1solarbaby, try sending a hauppauge key through irsend04:23
superm1to rule out troubles in your dish lircd.conf04:23
solarbabysorry.. I dont know how?04:24
superm1grab a digital camera04:24
superm1and point it at your ir transmitter04:24
superm1and then issue a similar command as before04:24
superm1that you used to send a dish info key04:24
superm1but send a hauppauge key instead04:24
superm1i've gotta run04:25
superm1i'll be back later on04:25
solarbabysuperm1: thanks buddy04:25
solarbabysuperm1: it sends with hauppage04:26
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superm1solarbaby, okay back from my meeting05:01
superm1solarbaby, so that means something is wrong with that lircd.conf you have for dish05:01
solarbabysuperm1: it sends now with dish too but it doesn't control my box05:03
superm1what was wrong with the sending before?05:03
solarbabysuperm1: and when i use irw it doesn't respond to my dish remote..05:03
superm1solarbaby, you need to try a different (but similar) dish remote lircd.conf it sounds like then05:04
solarbabysuperm1: maybe it was the script I was use lircd.conf05:04
solarbabysuperm1: i agree..  I've used every single one I could find05:04
superm1solarbaby, have you come across anyone who claims this to work (dish) with usb uirt on linux in your searches?05:05
solarbabysuperm1: no actual people.. jsut some forums05:05
solarbabysuperm1: i'll restart the search05:05
superm1well the forums are authored by people05:06
superm1so i mean you've come across evidence that it should work at least05:06
=== MythbuntuGuest35 [n=Mythbunt@24-155-14-187.dyn.grandenetworks.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
MythbuntuGuest35when i rip a dvd where do i go to see it05:09
superm1in your videos directory05:10
superm1for mythvideo05:10
MythbuntuGuest35the size of the file?05:10
superm1what do you mean the size?05:11
MythbuntuGuest35the size of the ripped dvd05:12
superm1oh that depends on the options you chose05:13
superm1because the "perfect" option does a direct rip05:14
superm1the others compress ti05:14
MythbuntuGuest35how i do the perfect one?05:14
MythbuntuGuest35why did it make seperate selections to watch the video?05:15
superm1that is the default option05:15
superm1when you rip05:15
MythbuntuGuest35oh darn05:16
MythbuntuGuest35what is excellent do?05:16
MythbuntuGuest35is that better?05:16
superm1perfect is a perfect rip05:16
superm1excellent is good compression05:17
superm1in all honesty though i dont rip dvds in mythdvd myself.  you'll find more detailed info on the mythtv.org wiki05:17
MythbuntuGuest35aww is there an easy way to delete it05:18
superm1go into the filesystem and browse to where it was made05:18
superm1and hit delete05:18
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-76-115-157-227.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1Thunar is installed on mythbuntu installs for a graphical file browser05:18
superm1or via terminal05:19
superm1it ends up in /var/lib/ somewhere05:19
superm1you can probably also delete via samba05:19
solarbabysuperm1: even though this isn't actually changing my channels, I'd like to make Myth believe that it is, so im not getting these damn errors that prevent me from recording my TV shows05:22
solarbabysuperm1: I found a script called channel_change.sh and I told myth to use it.. but it doesn't seem to be working cause I still get those errors in the log05:23
superm1what errors?05:23
superm1and did you remember to mark the script as executable05:23
solarbabysuperm1: http://paste-it.net/395905:26
solarbabysuperm1: yeah its 77705:26
superm1solarbaby, so in your lircd.conf do you not have a '0' key defined?05:28
solarbaby 0                        0x000000000000440005:29
=== foxbuntu [n=nfoxqci@12-216-16-102.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1can you irsend one by hand?05:29
superm1and see if it does the same thing?05:29
solarbabyit does irsend by hand :)05:29
solarbabyI'll show you the script I used05:30
solarbabysuperm1: http://paste-it.net/396005:32
solarbabysuperm1: maybe this is the prob irsend --device=/dev/lircd SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME O05:32
solarbabythe 0 at the end maybe?05:32
superm1why is there that extra command at the end?05:33
solarbabythats an O not a 005:33
solarbabyI dunno..  in that script it also said lircd1 and i edited that out05:33
solarbabyi'll edit the script05:33
superm1try issuing that script by hand05:34
superm1and seeing if you can fix it there05:35
solarbabysuperm1: congradulations.. it thinks its tuning the channel now ;)05:38
solarbabysuperm1: just editing that O out helped05:38
superm1easy nough i guess :)05:38
solarbabysuperm1: now I still have 2 problems.. #1 it doesn't actually change the channel cause the conf needs to be edited with working perameters and #2 my install of myth handles scheduling conflicts very badly05:39
solarbabylike for instance it thinks its recording the show right now but it isn't05:39
superm1the conflicts issue you'll have to poke with the -users channel or mailing list i think, because i've never had to deal with poorly handled conflicting schedules myself05:39
solarbabysuperm1: fair enough05:40
solarbabysuperm1: i gotta admit this sure has been a tough time ;)05:40
solarbabysuperm1: I like projects with a little kick to them.. but this is more like falling off a building05:40
superm1solarbaby, i suspect that to be related to your tuning issues though05:40
solarbabysuperm1: yeah pretty much05:41
superm1a fresh reboot will likely fix the scheduling problem i bet05:41
solarbabysuperm1: the install cd you guys made is excellent stuff05:41
solarbabysuperm1: i'll give that a shot.. brb05:41
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
solarbabysuperm1: didn't help the conflicts.. just handles them really badly05:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: PING05:58
superm1solarbaby, that's interesting.05:58
solarbabysuperm1: and even though it thinks its recording its still not recording05:58
foxbuntutroy_s, evening05:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: I have a um...05:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: Delivery05:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: Sorry -- not much progress this week and tonic won't be able to code it until his skool temps down in two weeks.05:59
troy_sfoxbuntu: But you can see ye thing that shall not be spoken.  At least a v1 of it.05:59
foxbuntuemail it05:59
troy_suh... let me check the size06:00
troy_sfoxbuntu: rendering... five mins.06:02
solarbabysuperm1: the external tuning is exiting with an error thats why its not recording06:03
solarbabysuperm1: but it still makes it blink06:03
troy_sfoxbuntu: Check your mail.06:07
foxbuntutroy_s, I love you!06:07
troy_sfoxbuntu: Did you see it?06:08
troy_sfoxbuntu: Kinda neat eh?06:08
foxbuntunot kind of.06:08
troy_sfoxbuntu: Oh crap... the clip will be black and white to keep our era feel06:08
troy_sfoxbuntu: Like the clip images?  lol.06:08
troy_sfoxbuntu: Very funny if you look close.06:08
foxbuntuwhat was it06:08
foxbuntulet me look at it slower06:08
troy_sthere are four clips -- one is padding plus three different people.06:09
troy_sfoxbuntu: Let me add a black and white node into my compositor...06:09
troy_sfoxbuntu: Ok... black and white version now rendering.06:12
foxbuntutroy_s, great...you have great timing06:13
foxbuntuterrible day and this is a great pick up06:13
troy_sfoxbuntu: Yeah, I only wish I had some of that nasty theming started.06:14
troy_sfoxbuntu: Its a scary mountain that one.06:14
troy_sfoxbuntu: I think that will turn out well though06:14
troy_sfoxbuntu: It is a leap and a bound above what the others have thus far.06:15
troy_sfoxbuntu: And I strongly suspect it will remain that way for at least a release or two.06:15
foxbuntutroy_s, yup06:16
foxbuntutroy_s, you have done great work for us and we seriously appriciate all your hard work06:16
troy_sfoxbuntu: Dammit... ok the new revision has the hue and the scanlines back in it... For some reason it was off in the previous render.06:19
troy_sfoxbuntu: Blah... all we can do is try to make all the things we are involved with as good as possible.06:19
troy_sfoxbuntu: Ping.  Mail check.  That's better!06:22
foxbuntutroy_s, k06:22
foxbuntutroy_s, oh I see what you meant06:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: Not much to show in that, but it was a helluva lot of work.06:23
foxbuntuthats better06:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: Simply because of the learning and such.06:23
troy_sfoxbuntu: That was the original goal.  lol06:23
foxbuntutroy_s, thats awesome06:24
foxbuntugreat work once again!06:24
foxbuntutroy_s, shuttleworth?06:27
troy_sfoxbuntu: That's one06:27
troy_sfoxbuntu: Two more to go :)06:27
troy_sfoxbuntu: Off to watch tv with wifey... back in a few.06:27
foxbuntutroy_s, later06:27
solarbabyI can't find channel.pl anywhere on my system06:30
solarbabyI thought that was supposed to come with myth?06:30
rhpot1991hmmm strange, this wifi card runs too slow to be usable under gutsy06:33
rhpot1991ran ok under fiesty though (other than the random packet collisions it was having)06:34
rhpot1991isn't channels.pl in trunk?06:34
solarbabywhat is trunk? the cd?06:34
rhpot1991or svn, one of them06:34
rhpot1991its a work in progress06:35
rhpot1991thats where the new changes are06:35
solarbabyshrug..  wish I could find it.. they say its on contrib but I can't find a directory named that either06:35
rhpot1991let me check mine06:35
superm1solarbaby, its part of the mythtv-backend package06:36
superm1in /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib06:36
superm1i believe06:36
rhpot1991its not06:36
solarbabyroot@mythpvr:/usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/channel_changers# ls06:37
solarbaby6200ch.c.gz             d10control.pl.gz      red_eye.c.gz06:37
solarbaby6200ch-README           d10control-README     red_eye-README.gz06:37
solarbabychange-channel-lirc.pl  dct2000serial.tar.gz  sa3250ch.c.gz06:37
solarbabychange-channel-lirc.sh  dct-channel.tar.bz2   sa3250ch-README06:37
rhpot1991ah I thought you were looking for the channel icons script06:37
solarbabythe documents on adding support for an external tuner really need to be updated06:37
=== gib [n=gib@c-24-118-4-13.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
rhpot1991btw superm1 upgrade broke my remote on this one box06:38
solarbabythey say only this Look in the contrib/channel_changers directory for a number of programs and scripts which may be used to change channels. Once you find one which works, copy it to /usr/local/bin/changechannel.06:38
rhpot1991I use the hauppauge IR to recieve from an all-4-one universal remote06:38
gibWhere is the keys.txt file supposed to be located?  The file for maping key lirc keys to keyboard keys.06:39
solarbabymy hauppage recieves just fine, but i use a usb uirt to transmit remote codes to the satalite box06:39
solarbabyand i gotta tell you i've spent days trying to make this work06:39
solarbabylike entire days06:39
superm1rhpot1991, well it will overwrite custom configs06:40
superm1so that's no surprise06:40
gibI looked at the file contents the other  day but can't find it for the life of me today.  I've search and grepped.06:41
gibOh yeah, that's right, it's in each users home directory.06:42
tazgodxits also in the .mythtv dir06:43
tgm4883_laptopyes, one should be a sym link06:43
tazgodxif your changing mythtv remote functions, you need to change that one06:43
superm1tgm4883_laptop, those screenshots in http://www.mythbuntu.org/image/tid/406:43
superm1are those with 0.10-0ubuntu1 of mcc?06:44
superm1or earlier06:44
gibSome of my keys aren't mapped for certain functions or are setup weird, so I need to make changes, esp fo xine.06:44
tazgodxxine use the one in your hom dir06:44
superm1tgm4883_laptop, looks like 0.10-0ubuntu1 to me06:44
tgm4883_laptopit's got w64codecs06:44
tazgodxbut you can make them both the same if you want06:44
tgm4883_laptopand I took them today06:44
tgm4883_laptopso, probably .10-006:44
superm1tgm4883_laptop, ah okay06:45
tgm4883_laptopthe gallery needs renamed06:45
superm1i was going to say they might be better suited for here: http://www.mythbuntu.org/image/tid/506:45
tgm4883_laptopas that probably release06:45
superm1tgm4883_laptop, i renamed all the galleries06:45
superm1take a look06:45
superm1and put up snapshots with the new mythtv theme in action06:45
tgm4883_laptoplooks good, i added weight to the old ones yesterday06:46
tazgodxhaha i see chuck and heroes in the recorded programs list, looks like my list06:46
gibThat looks nice!  What is that a custom mythbuntu theme?06:46
solarbabysuperm1: Oh My GOD IT WORKS!!  the first thing it recorded was CHESTER STILES CAUGHT!!06:46
solarbabyHAHAHA FUCK YEA!!06:46
tgm4883_laptopgib, yes06:46
superm1solarbaby, it started to work?06:46
superm1the transmitter and all?06:46
superm1tgm4883_laptop, yeah i saw that06:46
gibYou just added that?06:46
superm1good call on the weighting06:46
tgm4883_laptopgib, yes today06:47
superm1gib, yeah that will be in the final06:47
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, i figured we didn't need old stuff floating to the top06:47
superm1gib, do you want to install it on rc?06:47
solarbabyYeah! Transmiter had no errors (dont know if it actually changes channels thoug, probably not) but it records now since theres no errror06:47
superm1i can link you to it if you want06:47
superm1gib, http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mythtv-theme-mythbuntu/mythtv-theme-ubuntu_0.20071015~ppa1_all.deb06:47
tgm4883_laptopgib, keep in mind it's 4:3 only, but doesn't look terrible in 16:906:47
superm1tgm4883_laptop, yeah makes sense06:47
solarbabysuperm1: now I can use mythtv for the first time.. Thanks so much buddy!06:47
gibI'm at 4:3, so it's OK for me06:48
superm1solarbaby, glad you finally got it going :)06:48
solarbabysuperm1: me too.. I was feeling pretty bad..  you caught me in the worst mood06:48
solarbabysuperm1: im feeling pretty good now06:48
tazgodxsomeone gave me a link once for why my OSD text are overlapping, anyone know it off the top of their heads?06:48
tgm4883_laptopits in launchpad06:49
rhpot1991will it overwrite them in all home dir's or just mythtv's?06:50
superm1rhpot1991, which?06:50
rhpot1991 .lircrc06:50
superm1it overwrites them just in the user you launch as06:50
tazgodxfound the link, but all these say they only apply to non 4:3 screens, and im 4:3 with this problem....06:51
tazgodxguess ill do more searching06:52
rhpot1991hmmm seems my lircrc's are there, might be the lirc.conf06:53
tazgodxso, i have like 3 jobs jsut sititng in the job queue, why aren't they going? and how can i make them go?06:55
rhpot1991hmmm does it no longer use ~/.mythtv/lircrc ?06:59
superm1it does06:59
superm1tazgodx, dunno06:59
gibWow, great work!  That theme is really, really nice.  The best I've seen.07:00
=== thoroth [n=rol@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1thank juski if you ever see him.  he donated his efforts to make it for us07:01
gibOK, Will do.07:02
gibVisuals mean everything for catching peoples interest on Distrowatch :)07:03
superm1yeah that's the big reason i wanted to get this in last minute07:03
superm1it won't be on the ubuntu archive unfortunately07:03
superm1but it will be on the disk and installable from the website07:03
superm1and its also the last item from that only review that we got that we failed under07:04
superm1everything else has been addressed07:04
superm1(and then some)07:04
gibWhat review was that?07:04
superm1google for 'mythbuntu review'07:04
superm1they did a review on us when we were back at like alpha207:04
MitoTraninsuperm1: it can be added to the updates soon though, right? just not right away?07:04
superm1comparing us to mythdora and knoppmyth07:04
superm1MitoTranin, well i dont think so.07:05
superm1MitoTranin, the best we can get is backports07:05
superm1gib, and we have come a LONG way since alpha 207:05
MitoTraninwhy can't it be considered an update?07:05
superm1that's back before mcc, if you can remember such a time :)07:05
MitoTraninbecause it's not actually updating something?07:05
superm1MitoTranin, ubuntu politics07:05
superm1we can leave it at that07:05
MitoTraninthat's just silly07:05
superm1MitoTranin, as long as someone installs off of the final disk they'll get the theme though07:06
superm1and if they want it from an earlier disk or a ubuntu->mythbuntu conversion, they can just install the deb07:06
rhpot1991hmmm just needed to reboot apparenlty07:06
foxbuntusuperm1, what might cause my machine to skip like 10 secs early and land about 10 sec late on comm skips?07:06
rhpot1991it didn't touch my lircrc, just my lirc.conf07:07
MitoTranintoday's woot is pretty nice... very tempting too07:07
rhpot1991now if it was a roomba07:07
MitoTraninlol, those were on there about 2 weeks ago I think07:07
superm1rhpot1991, mlg touches only ~/.lircrc and ~/.mythtv/lircrc07:08
rhpot1991they have them every wootoff07:08
superm1that's it07:08
superm1foxbuntu, i dont know07:08
gibI tried Mythdora, and liked Mythbuntu a lot better.  I didn't try KnoppMyth because the 2.6.18 kernel doesn't support the card I was trying to use.   Mythbuntu is, by far, the most up to date.07:08
rhpot1991I have 2 now thanks to them07:08
tazgodxi tried all, and i liked the alpha of mythbuntu over all others07:08
gibAnd Doesn't install a lot of extra gnome garbage that's not needed for a mythtv machine.07:08
MitoTraninI tried to buy something last wootoff07:09
MitoTraninfirst time I tried to buy something07:09
MitoTraninby the time I signed up, it was sold out07:09
gibI think xfce is a good choice too.07:09
MitoTraninthe whole lot was sold in 46 seconds07:09
rhpot1991hmmm I wonder if I have my perms screwed up then, cause it didn't modify my .lircrc in either my home dir or mythtv's07:11
superm1rhpot1991, sounds like you would07:11
superm1if that's what's happening07:11
rhpot1991-rw-r--r-- 1 mythtv mythtv 6316 2007-08-20 11:32 .lircrc07:11
rhpot1991I would be running it as john not mythtv07:12
superm1yeah that's why it can't be overwritten07:12
superm1the mythtv group doesn't have write access07:12
gibThat  thin font in the new theme allows for more info to be jammed into the tv guide boxes while still remaining readable.  It will allow me to set the grid back to 4x4 or 5x5.  I had to set it to 3x3 with the chunky bold fonts in the other themes to make it most readable.07:12
superm1it should be john:john07:12
rhpot1991I recall I made it that way cause mythtv wasn't reading it right07:13
rhpot1991I have a single file in /home/john and symlinks to it everywhere else07:13
rhpot1991I'll mess around with it on my box that actually uses that hauppauge remote, so I don't lose my custom config07:14
tazgodxdoes mythbuntu have their own OSD theme too?07:15
superm1tazgodx, no we don't have our own OSD07:18
superm1this new theme was just introduced07:18
superm1possibly for hardy we might07:18
tazgodxi like this theme, still hoping to find a nice OSD tho07:19
superm1tazgodx, see mythtvthemes.co.uk07:20
superm1that is what this theme is based off of07:20
superm1juski customized his blootube theme for us07:21
superm1(the free variant that is, before he release blootube as CC noncommerical)07:21
tazgodxblootube-osd does look nice07:22
tazgodxill have to try that out07:22
=== pdragon_ [n=pdragon@cmu-24-35-50-128.mivlmd.cablespeed.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tazgodxwhat is mythbuntus default theme directory?07:24
superm1is the systemwide one07:24
superm1you can also do user specific ones07:24
rhpot1991is there any color XvMC hack for nvidia 6 cards yet?07:24
superm1but dont know that off hand07:24
superm1not afaik07:24
superm1they don't support it07:24
gibDoes anyone know why the the selected menu item on a DVD is offset/goofed up so it doesn't land in exactly the right place when using the MythTV internal DVD viewer?  It works perfectly fine if I use Xine instead.07:26
superm1gib, probably a bug in mythtv 0.20.207:27
superm1i know the trunk dvd viewer has a ton of bug fixes07:27
=== tazgodx_ [n=tazgodx@adsl-71-147-57-117.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
gibGuess I'll stick with Xine then.  What do most people use?  Internal, xine, or vlc?07:28
gibXine has always worked well for me in other applications.07:28
superm1i use xine07:29
superm1but i know a bunch of ppl like internal07:29
Wy|laptopWhat's the default powerd (or whatever) daemon in ubuntu?07:32
Wy|laptopInternal, here07:33
=== tazgodx__ [n=tazgodx@adsl-70-232-163-38.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1i believe07:35
=== DiggThis [n=anon@123-2-145-209.static.dsl.dodo.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DiggThishello everyone07:37
DiggThissuperm1: any idea about the current state of the ati driver for gutsy?07:38
superm1DiggThis, couldn't comment there no.07:38
Wy|laptopokay, it's not working properly in conjunction with FAH right now.07:38
Wy|laptopDigg: not functional with the x2xxx series yet07:38
DiggThisthey should get the driver right already!07:38
rhpot1991is xv still 2x too high?07:39
Wy|laptopYou can manually install the 8.41 driver yourself, but afaik they're waiting for the ATI 8.42 to merge it in07:39
=== rhpot1991 abandoned his ati card long ago
DiggThissuperm1: any possibility of adding the ipod plugin for mythtv like knoppmyth has?07:39
Wy|laptoprhpot: i picked up the x2400hd for the HTPC07:39
superm1Wy|laptop, 8.42 isn't gonig to be merged in either07:39
tazgodx__anyone look at those new ATI cards coming out soon?07:39
Wy|laptopsuperm1: geh, no? :(07:39
superm1Wy|laptop, 8.42 still has broken workstation card support07:39
superm18.43 will be fixing it.07:40
rhpot1991what does knoppmyth do with ipods?07:40
troy_snight superm1 and fox07:40
troy_sfox be gones07:40
superm1night troy_s07:40
Wy|laptopI guess all the firegl users (all 3 of them) will be whining if default ubuntu doesn't work?07:40
Wy|laptopvs the many more with the x2xxx cards07:40
superm1Wy|laptop, i'm a firegl user actually07:40
superm1Wy|laptop, and lots of thinkpad users are07:40
Wy|laptopsuperm1: *grin* Yeah, I have one on my T43p, but it doesn't run linux07:41
rhpot1991my 9600pro always displayed half of a mythtv video, got fed up with an 18 month old bug not letting me watch tv correctly07:41
DiggThisknoppmyth has a plugin that is called myth2ipod that converts and sends the show to the ipod format07:41
superm1DiggThis, if there isn't a spec already made, file one and we can target it for hardy07:41
superm1it's not going to happen in time for gutsy though07:41
superm1maybe backported07:41
rhpot1991isn't that an unofficial plugin?07:42
superm1but not any time in the immediate future.  there are a lot of other items that are being settled last moment07:42
rhpot1991there is this too: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Ipod_export07:42
Wy|laptopSuperm1: btw... http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1279/1394118666_36ad3119f8.jpg07:42
rhpot1991I will be working on getting that running tomorrow (maybe)07:42
tazgodxisn't that just a job, useing nuvexport?07:42
superm1Wy|laptop, :)07:42
superm1i love having a port replicator myself07:42
superm1you need to get yourself a usb hub though07:42
superm1so you dont have to use that left port07:42
rhpot1991myth2ipod: http://www.myth2ipod.com/myth2ipod.html07:42
rhpot1991kinda old though07:43
DiggThisit is unofficial07:43
rhpot19911.0b2 updated 3/5/0607:43
superm1well if anyone happens to get it working, please make a tutorial on the wiki or forums07:43
DiggThisbut it makes everything so much easier for us commuters that can't watch tv properly07:43
Wy|laptopsuperm1: that was temporary07:43
Wy|laptopbut *grin* shiiiiny07:43
superm1yeah why is that so shiny....07:43
superm1i just realized that07:43
rhpot1991I am going to use the ipod export, and make a bash script to scp the files to a server07:43
Wy|laptopsuperm1: case mod. :P07:43
rhpot1991or try to at least07:43
superm1i see07:44
superm1very shiny indeed07:44
DiggThissuperm1: just a thought if you could add it to the apps to get list that would be awesome feature for myth to have07:44
Wy|laptopbtw, any chance of merging in the imon pad pad2keys patch optionally?07:44
superm1DiggThis, yeah please add some comments to this spec: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+spec/mythbuntu-ipod07:45
superm1with urls and such07:45
DiggThisim not good transcoding and that program could be awesome07:45
superm1and then subscribe to it07:45
Wy|laptopalso the lcdproc imon lcd patch (the lcd is a bit more than just plain ole' vft)07:45
DiggThisok i will07:45
superm1Wy|laptop, same as DiggThis, specs specs specs :)07:45
Wy|laptopbtw, as far as vfts go, looks like lcdproc does everything you really need07:45
superm1okay folks i'm headed to bed07:46
superm1it's been a long day today.07:46
Wy|laptop'k, nite dude07:46
DiggThiscya superm107:47
=== thoroth [n=rol@chello062178111049.10.12.vie.surfer.at] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
rhpot1991hmmm anyone have any idea how long it will take to fsck ~80gb of data?07:52
=== DiggThis [n=anon@123-2-145-209.static.dsl.dodo.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
DiggThisdoes anyone know if i can use a knoppmyth script with mythbuntu??07:59
solarbabyAnyone using a Lirc with Dish Network and a Platinum remote?08:16
tazgodxim gonna work tomorrow to get my serial ir blaster to work with my STB08:18
tazgodxbut i don't have dish08:19
solarbabyits been real tuff for me08:19
tazgodxi have comcast digital cable08:19
solarbabyMy dish remote doesn't even make my IR device flash like others do08:19
solarbabyI wish I had comcast they are probably well supported08:19
solarbabyI found dish network config files but none of them work with mine08:20
solarbabyso im kinda like.. Uhhg.. all this work and I cant even turn a channel08:20
rhpot1991except comcast rapes you constantly08:21
rhpot1991unless you like being locked into a single company paying over inflated prices and getting shitty service08:22
tazgodxi hope to move to the AT&T service when its available, but thats only cause my mom works for the company, so ill make her give me a hook up :)08:23
MitoTraninsolarbaby: why do you insist on using your dish remote?08:24
rhpot1991I have contemplated calling up verizon and asking about fios08:24
Wy|laptopfios isn't deployed on my side of town yet .. or else I'd be switching08:24
rhpot1991I hear only some of the channels are available without the STB though08:24
Wy|laptopanyways, I'm done playing with HD. There'll be like 4 channels I can tune, and the rest.. well, suck.08:24
Wy|laptopYeah. there are lots of channels available via the analog cable that aren't there via digital cable.08:25
=== rhpot1991 doesn't have HD yet
Wy|laptoprhpot: I just picked up a HDHomerun. Highly recommeneded.08:26
MitoTraninsolarbaby: my understanding is this:  you have a dish and you need myth to be able to change the channels on the dish receiver... right?08:26
rhpot1991ya I hear everyone likes them08:26
rhpot1991I'm not convinced paying comcast for HD is worth it though08:26
tazgodxi need a HDTV08:26
rhpot1991also the tv I have to buy too08:26
=== Wy|laptop doesn't have one yet, and won't be getting one for a while
Wy|laptopbut that's the whole point behind incremental upgrades08:26
MitoTraninwell, why do you need to use the dish remote to do that?  use any remote that works with the receiver to control myth via the receiver...08:26
rhpot1991why get an hd homerun then?08:26
tazgodxi didn't want to buy a homerunner without the TV, no point is there?08:27
Wy|laptoprhpot: digital channels come in clearer than analog channels.08:27
MitoTraninthen, you program the transmitter to transmit signals that work with the dish...08:27
Wy|laptopa lot crisper, I mean08:27
MitoTraninthere is no reason that I see for your receiver to need to receive the signals from your dish remote...08:27
Wy|laptopwell, a future purchases (when my projector dies) will be a 1080p projector08:27
rhpot1991how does hdhomerun hook up?08:28
Wy|laptoprhpot: to your ethernet hub08:28
rhpot1991what goes into it though (tv wise)08:28
Wy|laptopit's got 4 inputs. 2x coax, 1s power, 1x 100baseT08:28
Wy|laptopit tunes both unencrypted QAM and ATSC08:29
tazgodxHDhomerunner plugs into a OTA antenna for HD programming08:29
Wy|laptoptazo: also can work on unencyrpted cable08:29
rhpot1991ya but he doesn't have HD, so I am wondering what the setup is08:29
tazgodxoh, it can work for normal analog cable?08:29
rhpot1991ah so you just go cable in and skip the STB?08:29
Wy|laptopno digital cable08:30
Wy|laptoper, I mean, NO, it works for DIGITAL cable only08:30
Wy|laptopand digital OTA08:30
rhpot1991aren't most digital channels encrypted though?08:30
Wy|laptoponly problem is 'what channels are available to you unencrypted'08:30
Wy|laptoprhpot: most digital channels that are available OTA will be available unencyrpted on your cable08:30
Wy|laptopyeah, no STB here08:31
Wy|laptopif you have a STB, your best bet is an IR blaster and firewire08:31
rhpot1991thats only like the big 5 though08:31
tazgodxi can't get most my digital cable channels without a STB08:31
rhpot1991only if firewire is enabled on it though08:31
tazgodxi only get up to chanel like 70-somthing08:31
rhpot1991tazgodx sounds like the analog channels08:31
rhpot1991the hdhomerun can't read analog though?08:31
Wy|laptoprhpot: nope08:31
rhpot1991$140 for 2 tunners would be worth it08:32
rhpot1991do you pay for digital cable?08:32
rhpot1991or did you just plug this in and it worked?08:32
Wy|laptopplugged it in and it worked :P08:32
rhpot1991if only there was a way around the encryption though08:32
Wy|laptopJust ... no encrypted channels.08:32
Wy|laptopWell, my next step is to wait for blu-ray and hd-dvd drives to a) get cheap, and b) be supported in myth08:33
Wy|laptopand b) get a 1080p projector08:33
Wy|laptopbut that can wait08:33
rhpot1991what video card are you using?08:33
tazgodxi want a 1080i LCD, i don't eve know the difference between i and p08:33
rhpot1991I went with fx6200's for both of my boxes (mainly cause I wanted the component output on one) and am sad about the black and white osd when using XvMC08:34
Wy|laptoprhpot: ati x2400hd. Not quite well supported, but works well enough08:34
Wy|laptopi = interlaced. p = progressive scan08:34
Wy|laptopinterlaced updates 1/2 of the screen (every other line) every 1/60th of a second08:34
rhpot1991see I started with a 9600pro, but it wasn't supported at all08:35
Wy|laptopprogressive updates the entire screen every 1/30th or 1/60th of a second08:35
hugolptazgodx:  You dont want i, I prefer 720p than 1080i08:35
hugolpinterlaced is shit08:35
rhpot1991unless I went through some loops and made it eat cpu to play junk08:35
solarbabyMitoTranin: My problem is that I need my USB Uirt to transmite the same codes my Dish Remote uses directly to the Dish Reciever, so my channels can be changed by MythTV.. I am in no way interested in controlling MythTV by Remote Control08:35
Wy|laptop1080p is teh sweer.08:35
Wy|laptopsolarbaby: look into getting an 'IR blaster'08:35
tazgodxso 720p is better than 1080i?08:35
Wy|laptoptaz: depends.08:35
hugolptazgodx:  its opinable, but in my opinion yes08:35
Wy|laptopit's subjective, really.08:35
solarbabyI dont believe I need an IR Blaster, what I need is the correct dish network codes for my remote control08:36
Wy|laptopdepends on the refresh rate of the 720p08:36
tazgodxmaybe ill just go cheaper and get a 720p08:36
tazgodxi can't afford a 1080p right now08:36
solarbabyI've sucessfully gained access of my USB UIRT from Myth TV, I just need the right codes now ;)08:36
Wy|laptoptaz: get something that does 1080p08:36
rhpot1991my main concern with a hdhomerun is that comcast f*ck's customers constantly08:36
Wy|laptopit's cheap enough08:36
hugolptazgodx:  but for the price of a 1080i you can almost get to a 1080p dont you?08:36
rhpot1991they have been killing bit torrent traffic for a few months now08:37
rhpot1991I'd be afraid of spending the money and having it randomly not work a few months later08:37
tazgodxill have to look at prices again08:37
Wy|laptop1.2k for a 42" 1080p lcd08:37
tazgodxim hoping for like half that, for a 32"08:38
Wy|laptoptaz: my wife just got a 24" samsung WUXGA lcd for her desk.08:38
Wy|laptopfor $55008:38
Wy|laptopwell, if you're just lookinga t 32", 720p is what you want08:38
Wy|laptopbecause you won't notice the added resolution anyways08:39
Wy|laptophell, you might as well stick to 480p :P08:39
Wy|laptop /snob08:39
hugolp1200$ for a 1080p is tempting specially now that the dollar is so cheap08:40
Wy|laptopgranted, I pasted to you costco (very cheap membership store) prices08:41
Wy|laptopwhere are you at, .ca?08:42
hugolpIm at Barcelona08:42
hugolp.ca its Catalonia08:42
Wy|laptopah :P08:42
Wy|laptopeurope, then08:42
Wy|laptop.ca is canada, actually :P08:43
hugolpI know I read .cat08:43
hugolpsoon everything will be 1080p, they are chargin 1000$ for a 720p and 1200$ for a 1080p both 42"08:44
tazgodxnow to look for a good priced 32"08:44
Wy|laptopthe 200 extra is worth it08:45
hugolpWy|laptop:  yes, thats why I said soon everything will be 1080p, the difference its not big08:46
tazgodx32" for 650 coming soon?08:46
tazgodxdon't see resolutions tho08:47
tazgodxwell its 1080i, but does 720p....think ill be buying that soon08:52
tazgodxwow, i can't find it for sale ANYWHERE08:58
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hugolphi, anyone in gutsy?09:41
hugolpIm having trouble conecting to the network with this morning updates09:41
hugolpwell, more like I cant connect to the net09:41
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solarbabyAnyone using a Dish Network Echostar 5.3 IR with Lirc?12:27
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reclusivemonkeyhello everyone03:18
DaveMorrisreclusivemonkey Hi DaveMorris; I just downloaded the rc ISO. I'm getting the dreaded L 99 99 99 99! I checked the MD5SUM and I am just trying a fresh burn now03:22
DaveMorristhe md5sum passed then?03:22
DaveMorrisand the installer got to 99% installed then hung?03:23
reclusivemonkeynope, it just does boot the CD03:23
DaveMorrisI've had problems before with dodgy cdrom drives/ide cables03:24
DaveMorrisyou able to play with those?  Also try booting with acpi turned off03:24
reclusivemonkeyGusty CD boots fine03:24
DaveMorriswell this is the same as the gutsy cd03:25
DaveMorriskernel wise03:25
reclusivemonkeyI've got a fresh burn now I will see how this one goes...03:25
Davieydiffernet brand cdr?03:25
DaveMorris/off to cook dinner03:25
Davieyyum.. what are we having?03:26
reclusivemonkeyI get the same problem. Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM then L 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99. An exact same brand CD-ROM burned with a Gutsy ISO boots fine03:27
hugolpanyone using Gutsy and dvb-t pci card nova t-500 or dvb-t usb dongle aver media volar?03:35
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Davieyhugolp: I _think_ DaveMorris uses the t-50003:37
DavieyI use the Nova-T, single tuner03:37
hugolpThis morning I updated the gutsy packages. They were 210 MB including new mythtv packages and a new kernel. With the new kernel I get an error everytime I try to compile the v4l-dvb source to get suport for those cards03:39
hugolpIm following the guide at mythtv webpage that worked before in Gutsy03:39
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reclusivemonkeyDaveMorris: I've just burned a Xbuntu ISO; it boots fine03:59
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DaveMorrisreclusivemonkey: eveything I read about that problem points to a MBR problem with your disks, rather than when loading from a CD.04:20
DaveMorrisit's weird04:20
DaveMorriscoz if it's the rc it should affect me as well04:21
reclusivemonkeyDaveMorris: Yeah it threw me. I have seen L 99 many times before, but its always been when booting from a HD.04:22
DaveMorrislooking at your bug, it doesn't seem to even uncompress the kernel etc04:22
Davieyis the i386 or amd64?04:23
reclusivemonkeyNo that's it it just sticks as soon as it tried to boot from the CDROM. As I say, Gutsy is fine; I am installing that now, and then hopefully I can grab the Mythbuntu packages that way04:23
reclusivemonkeyits the i38604:23
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MitoTraninsolarbaby: did you see my messages from last night about your remote?04:52
reclusivemonkeyGAH! Its not the CD giving the L 99 99 99 error05:04
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solarbabyMitoTranin: Heya07:10
MitoTraninI have a meeting in 10 minutes...07:10
solarbabyMitoTranin: Yeah.. I get your point entirely07:10
solarbabyMitoTranin: no worries..  I spent all night trying to figure this out, and I still can't figure this out07:10
solarbabyMitoTranin: I even talked through email with the guy at USBUIRT and he thinks that Lirc is lacking07:11
MitoTraninso have you tried anything along those lines?07:11
solarbabyMitoTranin: all I wish to do is transmit from MythTV to my Dish, thats all07:11
MitoTraninhave you tried asking around in #lirc or whatever their channel is?07:11
solarbabyMitoTranin: USBUIRT Transmits perfectly from a Windows computer to the same satalite dish07:12
solarbabyMitoTranin: I'll do that07:12
solarbabyMitoTranin: at least I know the hardware is fully capable07:12
MitoTraninyes, and this is always a good thing to know :)07:13
MitoTraninnow it's just that the software needs to be told what to do :007:13
solarbabyMitoTranin: Im having difficulties getting IRW to respond with any codes from any remote..07:13
solarbabyMitoTranin: I figured if I could get IRW to work, then I could figure out what these codes are07:13
MitoTraninwell, see, that was part of my point07:13
MitoTraninget it working with *any* remote, just so that you know lirc is working properly07:14
solarbabyMitoTranin: done that07:14
MitoTraninonce lirc is working properly, THEN deal with getting it to transmit07:14
solarbabyMitoTranin: it controls my xbox perfect from lirc07:14
MitoTraninbut don't ever try to get it to receive from the dish remote, because that's not needed07:14
solarbabyMitoTranin: right07:14
MitoTraninI didn't know you had it setup to transmit to your xbox07:15
solarbabyMitoTranin: I just dont understand why any of the premade dish scripts wont work, but the premade xbox one is absolutely wonderful07:15
solarbabyMitoTranin: the xbox was just a test07:15
MitoTranin-> #lirc   :)07:15
solarbabyMitoTranin: yeah its crazy my friend07:15
solarbabyMitoTranin: if only lirc would make things easier07:16
MitoTraninI would say get it working to the xbox07:16
MitoTraninand then don't mess with the hardware configs anymore07:16
solarbabyMitoTranin: all i have to do is copy a script over and it works on the xbox as is07:16
MitoTraninat that point you know it works... so deal with the transmit codes and frequencies etc07:16
solarbabyMitoTranin: i shouldn't say script.. all I have to do is copy over lircd.conf and reset lirc and it works on the xbox07:17
=== MitoTranin would also like to take this time to mention that he has never delt with setting up an IR transmitter via lirc, so he is purely talking from theories...
solarbabyMitoTranin: hehe.. yeah i understand07:17
MitoTraninok, but I gotta run07:17
solarbabyMitoTranin: I really could use someone whos been there right about now07:17
MitoTraningotta get to a meeting07:18
solarbabyMitoTranin: seeya later07:18
MitoTraninlook for the lirc channel and ask around there07:18
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-mythtv): set by superm1 at Fri Oct 12 23:13:00 2007
(pdragon_/#ubuntu-mythtv) are you running as a different user than you were before?08:17
(reclusivemonkey/#ubuntu-mythtv) pdragon: nope, same user all through the setup08:17
(pdragon/#ubuntu-mythtv) hmm... there went my one try at troubleshooting :)08:18
reclusivemonkeyDaveMorris: the L 99 error was a red herring; the Mythbuntu CD-ROM still didn't start but the L 99 error was nothing to do with it08:19
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reclusivemonkeyhave we got anyone else here trying out mythbuntu?08:28
DaveMorriswhat was the cause?08:28
DaveMorriscan you close you bug report if thats the case, and if it still doesn't boot because of a nother problem open a new ticket08:29
reclusivemonkeyDaveMorris: I had swapped some of the internals of my myth box as part of my upgrade and it was trying to boot from the archive HD when the CD-ROM failed. I will remove the L 99 from the bug as the rest is still the same.08:29
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pdragonreclusivemonkey: i've been running it since alpha 408:29
reclusivemonkeypdragon: How is it working for you?08:30
pdragonworking great08:30
reclusivemonkeyexcellent =]  what do you think of the Mythbuntu Control Centre?08:30
Davieyreclusivemonkey: I've been using it since pre Alpha 1 :D08:30
pdragononly 2 bugs not fixed yet that i've run into. nothing show stopping08:31
pdragonthey're both reported08:31
Davieypdragon: which ones?08:31
reclusivemonkeyits great, but I thought it might be slightly more intuitive run as a wizard step by step08:31
pdragonneeding to boot in safe graphics mode to install & the error message when you eject an optical disk08:31
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: pdragon where are you both from?08:32
Davieyreclusivemonkey: next release will do more for you... remember this is the first offical release coming up...  It does more than i expected it tod it to08:32
pdragoni'm in the US08:33
Daviey"it do do" .. damn keyboard lag08:33
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: Yes of course I think I was expecting a bit too much. I have done it so many times by hand before I can do it pretty quick. I am still wading through it now :-S08:33
reclusivemonkeypdragon: ah, you have a lot more channels than me then ;-)08:34
Davieyreclusivemonkey: ah, your a regular pro then :D08:34
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: lol well not quite, but I have fought my way through a fair few problems =] 08:35
reclusivemonkeyI started with it on Slackware; just compiling everything took about a week first time!08:35
=== Daviey is ex-slack'
reclusivemonkeyI'm just glad I have kept all my notes over the years!08:36
DavieyIf you have suggestions for 8.04, make them known - we'll be planning soon08:39
reclusivemonkeyDaviey: where would the best place be for that?08:39
rhpot1991hmmm: anyone ever seen anything like this in dmesg?08:40
rhpot1991[ 5846.399748]  ivtv0: All encoder MPEG stream buffers are full. Dropping data.08:40
rhpot1991[ 5846.399757]  ivtv0: Cause: the application is not reading fast enough.08:40
Davieyreclusivemonkey: either the mailing list or launchpad.. marked as "Wishlist"08:40
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Davieyrhpot1991: nope, never seen that08:51
reclusivemonkeyOk Daviey thanks I will make a note. Although I have a 16 month old son so I don't get anywhere near as much time as I used to for technical matters!08:51
rhpot1991also this in the mythbackend log:MPEGRec(/dev/video0) Error: select timeout - ivtv driver has stopped responding08:51
rhpot1991does that till the box crashes apparently08:51
Davieyrhpot1991: what card is this?08:51
rhpot1991within the past 2 weeks I have noticed the box randomly freezing08:51
Davieyrhpot1991: Hmm.. that is odd.. the 350 is pretty popular08:51
rhpot1991let me check my otherbox with the 150 and see if there is anything in there08:51
Davieyrhpot1991: maybe worth checking the IRQ sharing?08:51
rhpot1991how would I go about that?08:51
rhpot1991nope, 150 doesn't seem to be doing it08:51
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(rhpot1991/#ubuntu-mythtv) its strange though, this is a new problem08:54
(rhpot1991/#ubuntu-mythtv) nothing hardware wise has changed08:54
rhpot1991think it could possibly be files not being recorded fast enough to transfer to the hard drive?08:55
Davieycould well be!08:56
Davieymind you.. i store DVB over NFS08:56
Davieyhow much RAM does this box have?08:57
rhpot1991I'm gonna bump the % of drive to be left free and see if that helps08:57
rhpot1991if I can find it in mythweb08:57
Davieyerm, think that is in mythfrontend options08:58
rhpot1991might have to wait till I get home08:58
rhpot1991I see: HDRingbufferSize08:58
rhpot1991but I don't want to change it and junk stuff up08:58
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reclusivemonkeygah I completely forgot what a mess the nvidia config settings made of xorg.conf :-S09:34
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reclusivemonkeyI'm almost there... anyone got any tips on how to get LIRC working?10:54
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rhpot1991whats up with the screen saver kicking on in gutsy?11:43
tgm4883_laptopis this a fresh rc install?11:53
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991, ^^11:53
rhpot1991upgraded from feisty11:53
tgm4883_laptophow long ago did you upgrade?11:54
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, ping ^^^^^11:54
rhpot1991last night11:54
rhpot1991I'll check for updates when my wife is done watching her soap opera11:54
tgm4883_laptopwell i just want to check with superm1 to see if this is still a problem11:55
tgm4883_laptopis it a slow fade?  Or instant?11:55
tazgodxi had that problem with knoppmyth, a slowfade into screensaaver. main reason i left knoppmyth so fast. :)11:56
rhpot1991slow fade into black11:57
tazgodxtgm4883_laptop: do you know if its possible to use knoppmyth's '.sh' scripts to install certain things on mythbuntu?11:57
tgm4883_laptopdoubt it11:57
tgm4883_laptopwhat are you trying to install?11:57
tazgodxim gonna install my serial irblaster today, and they had a sh script for my serial irblaster and my box already11:58
tazgodxguess ill do it the hard LOOOOONNNNNNG way11:58
tgm4883_laptopwell open the script up and see whats inside11:58
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Davieytazgodx: can you pastebin the script so i can look at it?12:15
superm1tazgodx, setting up a blaster shouldn't be difficult unless you *also* have a remote setup12:15
superm1rhpot1991, in ubuntu-mythtv-frontend, ubuntu, or mythbuntu?12:16
tazgodxjust a blaster, im gonna look for the script in one second and ill let you see it12:18
tazgodxi know its on the disk, i jsut have to find it :)12:18
superm1tazgodx, i really think you are much better off doing it by hand12:20
superm1we do things significantly differently12:20
superm1i can tell you that already12:20
superm1you need the lircd.conf that represents your cable box added to /etc/lirc/lircd.conf12:20
superm1sudo dpkg-reconfigure lirc12:20
superm1and choose the serial option12:20
superm1and then test a blast like this12:20
superm1irsend -d /dev/lircd SEND_ONCE REMOTE BUTTON12:20
superm1where REMOTE is your REMOTE added to lircd.conf12:20
superm1BUTTON is the button you're trying to send12:21
superm1rhpot1991, hm interesting.12:22
superm1rhpot1991, well two options i see12:22
superm1either turn off the screensaver12:22
superm1via gnome-screensaver-preferences12:22
superm1or try to add a delay after it's launched12:23
superm1in /usr/share/mythtv/startmythtv.sh12:23
rhpot1991let me go ahead and make sure its up to date and still doing it12:23
rhpot1991got another question for you while you are here12:24
rhpot1991[ 5846.399748]  ivtv0: All encoder MPEG stream buffers are full. Dropping data.12:24
rhpot1991[ 5846.399757]  ivtv0: Cause: the application is not reading fast enough.12:24
rhpot1991in my dmesg12:24
tazgodxyeah ill probably do it that way, i would need to reboot into my knoppmyth cd to get the script. but they do have my box, so maybe ill use thier lircd.conf file tho.12:25
rhpot1991and a bunch of these in my mythbackend.log till the box crashes:12:25
rhpot19912007-10-15 19:39:16.811 MPEGRec(/dev/video0) Error: select timeout - ivtv driver has stopped responding12:25
rhpot1991 /dev/video0 is a pvr35012:25
rhpot1991could it be a problem where there isn't enough hard drive space cleared up in time for the video? or have you ever seen anything like that?12:26
tgm4883superm1, do you still think that the gnome-screensaver is going to come up on new installs?12:27
superm1tgm4883, it doesnt happen in mythbuntu installs afaik12:27
superm1its just affecting ubuntu-mythtv-frontend ones12:27
superm1it seems12:27
tgm4883as long as it doesn't effect mythbuntu installs im ok12:28
superm1rhpot1991, i've seen that happen before too, but never to a crash.  can't help you too much with it though sorry12:28
tgm4883we can add something to the wiki about it12:28
superm1tgm4883, well never really identified the surefire solution for it though i think12:28
rhpot1991alright, I'm gonna try increasing the HD free space percentage, if that doesn't help I'll hit the mailing list12:28
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foxbuntutroy_s, evening12:41
troy_sfoxbuntu: greets -- how you doing?12:42
foxbuntutroy_s, alright, yourself?12:42
troy_sfoxbuntu: Good thanks... we should perhaps start discussing the default design?12:42
foxbuntutroy_s, indeed12:42
troy_sfoxbuntu: Being all of the options and sub pages that will be available in the default design12:42
troy_sfoxbuntu: so that I can wrap my head around all of the bits...12:43
troy_sfoxbuntu: Perhaps a wiki with a SVG flowchart?12:43
troy_sfoxbuntu: erm wiki page.12:43
foxbuntutroy_s, we could do that12:43
foxbuntuand kind of fill in the blanks12:43
troy_sfoxbuntu: I think it would help to - exactly.12:43
troy_sfoxbuntu: We can put checkmarks in for the various bits and I can use pencil sketches for 'temp art' areas.12:44
foxbuntuyou want to create one...or see an existing one?12:44
foxbuntutroy_s, ok12:44
troy_sfoxbuntu: I am unfortunately entirely unfamiliar with Myth -- learning -- but still unfamiliar.12:44
troy_sfoxbuntu: The main thing is the default design -- as it is fully cusomizable12:44
foxbuntutroy_s, no big deal...I can fill all that in12:44
troy_sfoxbuntu: So some of those decisions are going to need to be made regarding the default installation audience.12:44
troy_sfoxbuntu: Once you have the full 'plan', I think I can start generating the content relatively quickly.12:45
foxbuntutroy_s, agreed12:45
troy_sfoxbuntu: Sooooo - Inkscape has that 'link' tool to design flowcharts... probably a good starting point.12:45
troy_sfoxbuntu: Are you up to a precursory map?12:45
troy_sfoxbuntu: It can be completely rough and I can polish it up12:46
troy_sfoxbuntu: As a starting point, I would say we need the basic pages with flow links to the sub pages12:46
troy_sfoxbuntu: fully mapped out.12:46
foxbuntutroy_s, I will put together a good flow chart for that12:47
foxbuntuactually...how about Visio?12:47
troy_sfoxbuntu: That would be IMMENSELY helpful.12:47
troy_sfoxbuntu: Never used it... what / where?12:47
troy_sfoxbuntu: Whatever works easily for you -- I can generate a visual svg from there.12:47
troy_sfoxbuntu: The main thing is to see how we are going to alter the default installation to make it very 'turnkey' and easy for a new and inexperienced user.12:47
foxbuntuI can actually send you a jpeg of the list12:48
troy_sfoxbuntu: Mythbuntu could be a key player in getting Ubuntu exposed to people who might not be using it as a desktop.12:48
troy_sfoxbuntu: To start though, we need that flow chart with a full subpage flow outline.12:48
foxbuntutroy_s, I would sure hope to be invovled in something like that :)12:48
foxbuntutroy_s, I would highly reccomend to download a tarball of one of the existing mythtv themes so you get an idea of the artwork inside12:49
troy_sfoxbuntu: That's exactly the point.  Map out a flowchart as you think.12:49
foxbuntutroy_s, I will get started on that asap...(however tonight is consumed with attempt #2 at fixing my old pickup12:50
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foxbuntutroy_s, the internals of MythTV actually has two seperate theme peices we will have to deal with12:52
foxbuntutroy_s, the Main Theme...and an OSD Theme12:53
rhpot1991anyone have any idea how I would figure out which gdm.conf gnome is using?12:54
tazgodxok, hypothetically speaking, if i were someone looking for a pre-made lircd.conf file for my certain STB, where would i be looking for it? :)12:56
troy_sfoxbuntu: OSD?12:57
troy_sfoxbuntu: On Screen Diagnostics?12:57
foxbuntutroy_s, On Screen Display12:57
foxbuntutroy_s, close :)12:57
troy_sfoxbuntu: Ok... so two chunks12:57
troy_sfoxbuntu: When I run MythTV I take it I am seeing the 'Main Theme'12:57
foxbuntuthe OSD is a small theme package however12:57
troy_sfoxbuntu: What does the OSD control?12:57
foxbuntuthe OSD is the Guide, and the channel info that shows up in the title bars12:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: Yes.  This is where it is going to get really sticky for us.12:58
foxbuntutazgodx, a lircd.conf for a STB?12:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: As you can imagine with our design, we are looking at trying to get (obviously) a font that works for htat.12:58
foxbuntutroy_s, agreed12:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: The general 'buttons' and such are going to be a huge problem.12:58
foxbuntutroy_s, and the DPI based rendering of fonts can make that tricky12:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: As the big buttons most certainly should be in that sort of pre-visual style or something akin to that12:58
troy_sfoxbuntu: Absolutely.12:59
troy_sfoxbuntu: Further still, the availability of free fonts that meet our design is well... non-existent12:59
troy_sfoxbuntu: Some are 'free' but not Free.12:59
foxbuntutazgodx, I assume you are looking for a way to change the channels on your STB?12:59
troy_sfoxbuntu: So perhaps a little legwork and some email could help to resolve that -- once we come to some agreement on a final verdict.12:59
troy_sfoxbuntu: I believe we could make headway with brody01:00
foxbuntutazgodx, then you are looking for the channel binary and a serial cable, or an ir blaster01:00
tazgodxi have an irblaster01:00
tazgodxbut superm1 said "<superm1> you need the lircd.conf that represents your cable box added to /etc/lirc/lircd.conf"01:00
foxbuntutazgodx, ah right...01:01
foxbuntuwhat you need to do is generate that yourself..or google for your STB model01:01
troy_sfoxbuntu: It will turn into a show stopper for us at some point however, if we are met with failure.01:01
tazgodxi was hoping to steer away from making it myself, cause im hella lazy today, and don't ahve much time01:02
foxbuntutazgodx, sorry01:02
foxbuntutroy_s, I hope we can work around that01:02
troy_sfoxbuntu: As it would probably require rendering to PNG (and all of the nasty locale problems from that -- heck -- I don't even know if we will be in locale problem with the character set as it is)01:02
troy_sfoxbuntu: Well that's just it... from my vantage this is a monumental bit of thinking ahead.01:02
foxbuntutroy_s, agreed01:02
troy_sfoxbuntu: My worst fear is that we can't negotiate something and we end up using the fonts currently in place -- which as you can already probably see would be underwhelming and half - as*ed.01:03
foxbuntutroy_s, I think in the mean time while the planning starts on this next phase...we should work out some fine tuning in the GTK and Xfce arena01:04
foxbuntutroy_s, we will make it work :)01:04
foxbuntutroy_s, however...the good news is...in the .21 (next) release of MythTV the DPI based rendering is gone01:04
troy_sfoxbuntu: Phew.01:05
troy_sfoxbuntu: Soooooooooooo baby steps -- that flow chart.01:06
foxbuntutroy_s, yup01:06
troy_sfoxbuntu: I presume that XFCE has its own theming format?01:06
foxbuntutroy_s, yeah01:06
troy_sfoxbuntu: and then it would require some matching set for the gtkrc01:06
foxbuntuits pretty easy though01:06
troy_s(as I assume there is gtk in mythbuntu)01:06
foxbuntutroy_s, yes01:06
troy_s(although if there is, there isn't much need to use xfce really)01:07
troy_sfoxbuntu: Okie.  I didn't really much give any thought to window interfaces... could be a bit of experimentation there.01:07
foxbuntutroy_s, we are using xfce to have a desktop for easy use of things like the managment interface (Mythbuntu Control Centre01:07
foxbuntutroy_s, and icons if you can do that too :)01:08
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troy_sfoxbuntu: I guess we need to start brainstorming what it might look like using reference photos or something.01:08
troy_sfoxbuntu: The icons are already more or less having a starting vector -- that was a byproduct of thinking ahead to the mythtv interface01:08
foxbuntutroy_s, yup going to have to roll back to step 1 like we did to get the logo, overall look and such01:08
=== claydoh [n=claydoh@66-252-52-67.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntuat least we have those for a jumping point01:08
troy_sfoxbuntu: It would make sense that if you say boil down the interface page to 5 or whatever options, that each offer an era-like fun glyph/icon next to the buttons.01:09
troy_sfoxbuntu: Yes, and easier as we have some idea of a tonal range etc.01:09
foxbuntutroy_s, ok...sounds great01:09
foxbuntutroy_s, can you email the HTML values for the pallete on the wallpaper?01:10
foxbuntutroy_s, well...that won't do much good right now however01:11
foxbuntutroy_s,  I will start the wheels turning on ideas for all the work ahead01:11
troy_sfoxbuntu: Yes.  I am still browsing some of my library colour books to see how to round it out -- in particular I want to twiddle the 'extremely lighter' base of the usplash for example so that it pulls more into greeny a tad -- we need to really avoid that nasty 'everything is blue' and make it distinctly that tealy.01:11
troy_sfoxbuntu: Great.01:11
troy_sfoxbuntu: So if you can bang out a flowchart as you would like to see the default design installation, I can start fleshing out the bones.01:11
foxbuntutroy_s, great!01:12
foxbuntutroy_s, I gtg...but I will catch up with you more later01:12
troy_sfoxbuntu: Aight... as always, feel free to hit with email.01:13
foxbuntutroy_s, same...later01:13

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