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Centaur5What would I look for to find out why windows updates no longer go through to work stations after configuring a transparent proxy with Squid?02:01
kgoetzCentaur5: squid logs02:02
kgoetzCentaur5: did you install squid alone or squid+something? (eg dans)02:02
kgoetznot familar with it02:04
kgoetzare the dozes set to use the proxy?02:04
Centaur5logs don't show anything about blocking02:04
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Centaur5Well since it's transparent I haven't actually manually configured them.02:04
kgoetzdo teh logs show requests for the files?02:05
kgoetzso how does squid listen, on port 80 or using iptables to rediret to squid?02:05
Centaur5iptables redirects from port 3129 to 8002:06
Centaur5That way the machines can't get around it by disabling the proxy settings in the browser and they don't have to be configured.02:07
kgoetzdoes ay http work?02:07
kgoetzand dont you mean port 3128?02:07
Centaur5port 3128 gave me errors when I tried to use it so I used 3129  :)02:09
Centaur5yeah, all http traffic works02:09
Centaur5The only things I ran across that don't work is windows updates, watching youtube videos, and logging into hotmail.02:10
kgoetzgave errors?02:10
Centaur5Yeah, a couple weeks ago it said 3128 was already being used by something so I just changed it to 3129 and didn't worry further about it.  With port 3129 basically all browsing works.02:11
kgoetzhm... i've only ever known squid to listen on 312802:11
=== kgoetz is thinking about this a minute
Centaur5okay, go ahead cause I've googled for many hours and haven't found anything helpful.02:13
Centaur5I can go to youtube and hotmail but I can't actually login it freezes at login.live.blahblah and youtube just sits there pretending to load the video but no denied requests in access.log02:13
Centaur5I read that Squid isn't supposed to be capable of doing transparent SSL sites but banking and other web mail certificates work so I don't think that should be the problem.02:17
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kgoetzSSL runs on a different port, so unless you redirect hte ssl port to squid its moot02:20
kgoetzare you doing any dns weirdness that could be interfering?02:21
kgoetzdo you hve any filtering running, or just squid caching?02:23
Centaur5squidguard is filtering porn and spyware02:25
=== kgoetz is not a fan of squid atm, i get more TCP_MISS then anything else
kgoetzdoes it filter filetypes?02:26
Centaur5What do you use?02:26
kgoetzeg cab?02:26
Centaur5Nope, I haven't setup any other filters other than porn and spyware lists downloaded from some site.02:26
kgoetzchec if it has default blocking on anything02:27
Centaur5Well my intention is to setup clamav to scan the squid cache. Can this be done with dansguardian?02:27
=== kgoetz cant remember the full windows update ritual
kgoetz# OPTION: virusengine02:27
kgoetz# Set the embedded virus scan engine to be used (clamdscan, clamav or kav).02:27
kgoetzvirusengine = 'clamav'02:27
Centaur5It's that easy?02:27
kgoetzinstall clamav-daemon and set the option, iirc thats all ther eis to it.02:28
kgoetzthen again, i've never checked its stscanning ;) the network is effectively all ubuntu02:28
Centaur5geez, no wonder I never found a howto with dansguardian....that's not needed  :)02:28
Centaur5Well all my machines are Ubuntu, computers that come in for repair are typically windows.  :)02:29
kgoetzi ws goin to write one, but for some reason didnt (i think i saw something in teh works)02:29
kgoetz* :)02:29
Centaur5That's why it needs to be transparent cause so many computers come in and out.02:29
kgoetzmine is setup transparent02:29
kgoetzso i know the feeling :)02:29
Centaur5Does dansguardian give you a problem with windows updates?02:29
kgoetzyes, because it blocks cab, but you say 'whitelist everything microsft.com' or 'whitelist everything update.microsfot.com' and it lets it all through02:30
Centaur5Oh, one side note.  I can login to hotmail and watch youtube videos if I do manually set the proxy in firefox to use port 3129.02:30
Centaur5I'll try the whitelist real quick.02:30
kgoetzyour transparent redirect isnt working02:31
kgoetzi think :\02:31
Centaur5oh, well that's odd.02:31
Centaur5So it works on most everything just not a few sites?02:31
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Centaur5well perhaps I'll just scrap what I've done and try out dans guardian02:35
kgoetzdoes yoru redirect look something like this ?02:37
kgoetziptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port02:37
Centaur5iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -d ! -j DNAT --to
kgoetz-d ?02:38
Centaur5apache web server on the proxy machine02:38
kgoetznot sure if dnat would be a problem or not, dont kow enough about iptables02:40
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Centaur5Well the -d is the resolution I found on google to give access to the local machine by saying if it's the web servers ip address then it doesn't redirect the traffic.02:44
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Centaur5Well thanks kgoetz for the help.  I think I'll just try Dans guardian and scrap what I've worked on for days.  :)02:47
BurgundaviaCentaur5: you could try willow-ng02:48
Burgundaviait is in the archvies02:48
Centaur5What is that?02:48
Burgundaviaanother filtering software02:49
Centaur5okay, I'll look into that as well02:49
Centaur5I'll probably be back in here tomorrow but heading out for dinner now.02:49
Centaur5thanks, have a good one02:50
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zylstra555Hello. I need to get FTP on my server. How do I do this?04:04
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zylstra555woah.... disconnected there for a second04:05
kgoetzinstall proftp, or some other ftpd?04:05
zylstra555is proftp a good one?04:05
mralphabetzylstra555: you need to pick an ftp server package, proftp is one of the common ones04:05
zylstra555mralphabet: thanks, Ill try ProFTP04:05
mralphabetzylstra555: sudo apt-get install proftp should get you rolling04:06
mralphabetzylstra555: sudo apt-get install proftpd04:06
zylstra555"E: Couldn't find package proftp"04:06
mralphabetmy bad04:06
zylstra555thank you very much04:06
zylstra555(I have been clueless on how to get this to work)04:07
zylstra555Run ProFTPd as Inetd or Standalone?04:07
mralphabetinetd should be fine04:07
zylstra555"ProFTPd warning: cannot start neither in standalone nor in inetd/xinetd mode. Check your configuration."04:08
zylstra555Now what do I do with such an error?04:10
kgoetzconfigure it?04:10
kgoetzgoogle it? :P04:10
mathiazzylstra555: have a look at the server guide on help.ubuntu.com04:11
mralphabetlook in the messages file04:11
mathiazzylstra555: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/ftp-server.html for feisty.04:11
zylstra555hmm... Ill follow that guide and see if  sudo apt-get install vsftpd  works better than proftpd04:11
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zylstra555I get the same error when trying to remove proftpd04:12
zylstra555problem solved04:14
zylstra555Thanks, everyone04:14
zylstra555woah... "this FTP server is anonymous only"04:19
zylstra555How do I set up FTP so that it can be accessed via my servers username and password?04:21
=== kgoetz points to /usr/share/doc/vsftpd/
zylstra555Is it possible to open another terminal through SSH?04:22
=== zylstra555 balancing things enevenly
kgoetzyou need to run screen04:23
zylstra555run screen?04:24
kgoetzzylstra555: you need to ssh into the box, run 'screen', then you can create new terminals04:25
zylstra555(can you tell I am new at this?)04:25
kgoetzyes, your asking questions badly :)04:26
zylstra555Okay, so, I have no idea what I am doing04:26
zylstra555How do I access my public HTML folder through FTP?04:27
kgoetzcan you explain the setup you have?04:27
zylstra555kgoetz: Probably not, but I will try. Its a Ubuntu LAMP server, with FTP (SSL somewhere along the line) currently connected to the web (HTTP server). As for FTP, what I have is whatever was set as the default04:28
zylstra555kgoetz: (with local FTP access enabled)04:28
kgoetzand you want to put files in your ~/public_html directory04:29
zylstra555Yes, using FTP04:29
zylstra555kgoetz: but I am not sure how to go about doing this04:29
kgoetzzylstra555: look in the directory i pointed you to before /usr/share/doc/vsftpd/04:30
kgoetzzylstra555: it should have instructions on setting up authentication against the system password file04:30
kgoetzzylstra555: but i'd expect the server guide to tell you as well04:31
zylstra555kgoetz: There is a list of files in that directory. when I try to open those files in Nano, nothing happens04:38
zylstra555ah, wait04:38
zylstra555I get it04:38
zylstra555they are directories, not files04:38
kgoetzafk, lunch :)04:41
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MLFnetI was wondering if anyone could point me to some documentation on getting an MTA setup properly.05:43
MLFnetI've tried setting up sendmail, postfix, and exim. I seem to have a problem getting the emails off of my box and onto the Internet.05:44
MLFneti.e. Local delivery is the only thing I can get to work.05:44
sommerMLFnet: this is the official doc: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/postfix.html05:44
MLFnetI've been there. Even took a look at the "05:45
sommeryou might also want read through the DNS section: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/05:45
MLFnetPerfect setup" one as well (similar but does a few more things manually).05:45
sommerMLFnet: are you getting a specific error in /var/log/mail.log ?05:46
MLFnetThe Postfix logs say that it's looked up the mail server on the other end and reports the IP addres.05:46
MLFnetThen it just sits there saying it's connected. Eventaully the mail gets deferred.05:46
sommerjust a thought, but is port 25 open on your firewall?05:47
MLFnetGood question.05:47
MLFnetThis is my first time at Ubuntu.05:47
MLFnetI've use SME forever.05:47
MLFnetLet me look into the mail log.05:48
MLFnetIt's a small business box that works quite well.05:48
MLFnetI just wanted to try new things.05:48
sommerlooks like port 25 is open... at least I was able to "telnet www.contribs.org 25"05:49
kgoetzsommer: contribs.org hosts SME server05:49
MLFnetOct 14 22:55:30 mlfnet sm-mta[10795] : l9F08wb0014139: to=<thedailyspank@gmail.com>, ctladdr=<www-data@www.mlfnet.com> (33/33), delay=05:46:32, xdelay=00:44:07, mailer=esmtp, pri=680500, relay=gsmtp163.google.com. [] , dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection timed out with gsmtp163.google.com.05:49
sommerah... okay05:49
MLFnetUsed to be called E-Smith.05:50
kgoetzfedora based thing05:50
kgoetznever really jelled with me :)05:50
MLFnetredhat before that05:50
sommerI take it mlfnet.com is your domain?05:50
sommeryep... I'd double check your firewall I couldn't telnet to mlfnet.com 2505:51
MLFnetWell it's not open to the outside world.05:51
MLFnetI don't send mail externally05:52
sommerso you don't want to receive mail from outside?  I must have misunderstood your question.05:52
MLFnetI send mail from that box to my gmail account05:53
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MLFnetas well as send out invoices to customers using SureInvoice (a php based invoice system).05:54
kgoetzhi all, anyone seen this behaviour in bugzilla? http://pastebin.ca/73825905:54
sommerah... have you setup your DNS correctly?  Google may only allow mail from proper MX records.05:54
=== kgoetz is finding Ubuntu/Debians bugzilla package the most broken thing hes found ina long time
MLFnetThat's what I thought too at first. I couldn't send to other domains either. My MX records are funky since I use the Google Apps to handle my email.05:55
MLFnetI just want it to send out email. That's all. If I could just make it bounce off of mail.comcast.net that would be fine with me but I can't get it to do that either.05:55
sommerkgoetz: it looks like your missing some templates... you probably firgured that though05:57
kgoetzsommer: the line i put aside - take out th extra /var/lib/bugzilla/data/template/ from teh start and ls '/var/lib/bugzilla/template/en/default/index.html.tmpl' and you can see the file05:58
sommerkgoetz: does your webserver have permission to read the file?05:59
sommeris the directory in @INC?06:01
kgoetzdont know, i'm just trying to track whats calling the INC06:01
MLFnetok, well I think I'll give it one more try, on a 100% fresh installation as per the instructions you gave me above.06:04
MLFnetIf it fails, I think I'll just have to go back to SME.06:04
sommerMLFnet: you might also take a look at this link: http://www.postfix.org/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README.html06:05
sommeryou may just need to configure the relayhost = some_smtp_server06:06
sommeryou could try setting the relayhost to comcast's smtp server and see if that works...06:06
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kgoetzis there any point filing a bug in ubuntu if the bug is known to exist in debian?07:10
kgoetzand is there any point filing a bug against gutsy at this stage of its cycle?07:10
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lamontkgoetz: as documentation of the defect, certainly07:39
lamontif there's already a bug filed in debian, it's easiest to just mark it as affecting ubuntu in launchpad07:40
lamontif there's not a bug filed in debian, it's best to file the bug there, and then see previous step.07:40
kgoetzlamont: so file a bug -> mark it as known upstream?07:40
=== lamont goes digging
lamonthrm.. looks like one reports it, and then marks it as also affecting debian... really a question to ask in #launchpad (given a debian bug number, how do i make that show up in launchpad as an ubuntu bug, too?)07:43
kgoetzthanks, i'll chuck it on tonights todo list07:44
lamontI know there's a trivial way to do it (for some launchpad-ish value of "trivial")07:45
lamontgreasemonkey is love07:45
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Tanmanhello is anyone free?02:22
ScottKFor what?02:28
krautfor sex?!02:28
=== Kamping_Kaiser resists taking this conversation to the next level :P
Tanmanjust a questiuon about apache but i have to get it going02:36
Tanmanthe process going ..its not behaving02:36
Tanmanwhen i start apache i should use /etc/init.d/apache2 start02:39
Kamping_Kaiseryes, unless its already running02:39
Kamping_Kaiserin whichcaes you want restart or reload02:40
Tanmanthat doesn't seem to work02:41
Tanmanit only loads one process instead of 4-502:42
_rubenchecked the error_log?02:42
Tanmanjust this:02:45
Tanman[Wed Oct 17 01:42:46 2007]  [notice]  Digest: generating secret for digest authentication ...02:45
Tanmanwhich is relating to what i have a question for02:45
Tanmanah it s back..lets see02:47
Tanmanmy question is in regards to password protecting the web directories02:47
_rubenand depending on the MPM i guess it'd be normal to have only 1 process .. when using prefork you would end up with more processes (unless you specify 1 in the config)02:48
Tanmanit just took time :)02:48
_rubenah ok .. makes sense to generate the secret prior to forking childs02:49
Tanmanmy question is in regard to password protecting the directories. i have the realm created, it comes up with the dialog box with the username and password02:49
Tanmanbut everytime i put my username and password in02:49
Tanmanthat i specified in the passwd file02:49
Tanmanit doesn't accept it02:50
_rubenhmm .. never played with digest auth myself, though it might not even be related to that02:51
Tanmanwwhat could it be relsated to?02:51
_rubenmisconfiguration in the broadest sense of the word02:52
Tanmanin my htaccess02:52
Tanmani have the authtype digest02:53
Tanmanrequire user xxxx (user being blanked out)02:53
_rubenapache has read access to the passwd file ? (i assume it'd show appropriate errors if it doesnt')02:54
Tanmanyeah it has read. 744 for root02:54
Tanmanis the realm case sensitive?02:55
_rubendont think so, but like i said, never used it myself02:56
ivoksthe Digest thing happens quite often02:56
ivoksit depends on amount of RAM on computer02:56
_rubenyou could try if it works with basic auth02:56
ivoksand it's normal thing02:56
ivoksjust wait 3-4 minutes and it will start normaly02:56
ivoksjust, one more thing02:57
Tanmanit wasw case sensitive02:57
ivoksIE6 doesn't work very well with digest auth02:57
ivoksin some cases, you will get 400 on IE6, while IE7 and FF2 would work ok02:57
Tanmanff for me all theway02:58
Tanmanoh well that workds02:58
=== chuck_ [n=chuck@CPE0006258ec6c1-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
Tanmangoing t;p note that02:59
_rubenIE behaves odd when it comes to auth .. when i enable user/pass login to my broadband router, i cant use IE to login, keeps throwing auth popups at me, firefox works just fine :p02:59
Tanmani am using munin02:59
Tanmanto monitor my box03:00
_rubenbroadband router = dsl modem/router in this case :)03:00
sommerdendrobates: quick question about ISO testing, for the server install would it be okay to select all the tasksel options then run the tests?03:14
sommerdendrobates: or is it better to do a fresh install for each task?03:14
=== RAdams [n=radams@smtp.summitnetworking.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
dendrobatessommer: I have been doing each test seperately03:15
RAdamsmorning. Can anyone point me to a reliable step by step on joining an Ubuntu server to a domain? It's NOT going to be a DC, just a fileserver03:16
RAdamsSorry, Windows 2003 domain03:16
dendrobatessommer: Technically though, I'm not sure there is a diference.03:16
sommerdendrobates: okay I've been doing them seperately as well.03:16
sommerI'll stick with what works... thanks03:17
sorenDoes anyone recognize this issue: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.0/+bug/153221 ?03:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153221 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "MySQL server fails to upgrade in Gutsy" [Undecided,New] 03:19
sommersoren: I'm about to upgrade on feisty03:21
sorensommer: Alright. Keep an eye out for this, will you? Thanks!03:27
sommersure, np03:28
ScottKlamont: Do you have an opinion on how packages for Postfix specific 'helper' packages (policy server in my case) should be named (e.g. should I include postfix in the binary package name)?03:31
lamontthere's a history of prefixing with "postfix-"03:31
lamonte.g. postfix-policyd, postfix-gld, postfix-smtpguard03:32
ScottKOK.  I'll go with that.03:32
ScottKlamont: Would you be up for uploading a source backport for me (clamav in Fiesty).03:32
lamontyeah - in a couple hours or so - I need to get ready, get to the office, and get one thing started before I do much else03:33
ScottKOK.  Maybe soren can be bothered in the meantime.03:34
=== mindframe- [n=mindfram@] has joined #ubuntu-server
sorenI was on the phone...03:37
ScottKsoren: I'm still looking for an upload for the clamav source backport.03:37
sorenScottK: Oh, right.03:37
ScottKBug #15130803:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151308 in feisty-backports "please backport Clamav from Gutsy to Feisty " [Wishlist,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15130803:37
sorenScottK: I really need to see if I can track down that mysql bug first. If it's a common problem, it's pretty grave.03:38
=== RAdams [n=radams@smtp.summitnetworking.net] has left #ubuntu-server ["Till]
lamontScottK: ok.  I'll ping you when I get to the office and see where we stand03:39
ScottKlamont: Thanks.03:39
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RAdamswhat's the bare minimum for a GNOME desktop on ubuntu server?03:41
sorenSame as on any other system..03:42
sommersoren: my MySQL upgrade on feisty went fine.03:42
sommersoren: I'm also upgrading a Gutsy system, but it could take a while.03:43
sorensommer: np03:43
RAdamssoren: If I knew what that bare minimum was on any system, then I wouldn't be asking the question03:43
sorensommer: The fiesty upgrade was feisty->feisty?03:43
sommersoren: correct just like the second comment: 5.0.38-0ubuntu1  5.0.38-0ubuntu1.103:43
sorenRAdams: Nevertheless, you felt the need to specify that it was on ubuntu server. That sort of suggests that you're loooking for how it would be different from a regular system.03:44
sorenRAdams: I think a couple of GB of space and 384 MB of RAM is what is usually suggested as a minimum.03:44
sorenRAdams: More is preferred, less is possible, but probably rather annoying.03:44
RAdamssoren: ok, thanks. What packages constitute that minimum set?03:45
sorenRAdams: That's for you to decide. It depends what you want to do.03:45
sorenRAdams: Try asking in a different channel. This is not server stuff.03:45
RAdamssoren: fair enough. I'm more concerned about joining this windows 2003 domain than I am about X, anyway ;)03:46
sorenRAdams: You can come back with that sort of questions when they arise, then :)03:46
RAdamsare there any good guides for joining a windows 2003 domain?03:46
sorenProbably :)03:47
sorenI don't know if it's any good, but it's there: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JoinWindowsDomain03:48
sorenUargh, no don't use that.03:48
sorenIz evil.03:48
sorenSomeone ought to go through the wiki and do a sanity check.03:49
RAdamssoren: I haven't RTFA, but what is wrong with it?03:50
sorenIt tells the reader to install strange packages from odd places.03:50
sommersoren: heh... we sort of started doing that as part of the ServerTeam documentors section.03:51
sorensommer: I meant the *entire* wiki. It's probably full of that sort of thing :)03:51
sommerah... I would agree with that03:51
sorenhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto looks sensible (at a glance)03:52
RAdamssoren: thanks, I'll read through it03:52
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=== RAdams hopes he doesn't bork the fileserver POC
sommersoren: I was also able to update MySQL on Gutsy: mysql-server-5.0 5.0.45-1ubuntu2 (using .../mysql-server-5.0_5.0.45-1ubuntu3_i386.deb)03:56
RAdamssoren: on the first step of that guide you linked to, it indicates I ought to be able to ping my AD DC by hostname. I cannot. Ping by IP works, but not by hostname. I have all the packages recommended. What do you suggest?03:58
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sorenFix your dns?03:58
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@d23-153.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
RAdamssoren: how do I set what DNS server to use? :(03:59
Jester45anyone know how to fix a dependacy conflict with libc6 being allready installed but libc6-i686 needs a diffrent version i just dist-upgraded a headless server to gutsy03:59
sorenJester45: Does "apt-get -f install" do the right thing by any chance?03:59
Jester45should i do apt-get -f install libc6 or without a package04:00
Jester45i tried it with a pakage name and it didnt work04:00
RAdamssoren: the right IPs are in my resolv.conf, but I still can't ping by hostname04:00
Jester45humm... do you know how to leave irssi without closing it :004:00
sorenJester45: Try in another terminal?04:01
Jester45RAdams: can you ping those ips?04:01
RAdamsjester45: yes04:01
sorenRAdams: It's hard to say. Can you ping your name servers?04:01
RAdamssoren: those are my nameservers. I can ping them, but not by hostname04:01
Jester45it said 1 package not fully installed or removed so i guess the lic upgraded failed04:02
sorenRAdams: Try nslookup ip.of.your.ns04:02
sorenand see if you can lookup a hostname04:02
sorenJester45: Sure, but we already knew that? Does it offer to fix it?04:03
RAdamssoren: excellent. turns out the name of the server is hostname.domainname04:04
RAdamsI didn't realize this04:04
Jester45yes, i didnt know that. i think the upgrade didnt finish. aband i restarted the server thinking it did04:05
sorenJester45: Oh, ok. I thought that was part of your original question :)04:05
Jester45o i know what i did i ran sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y & so i could close the ssh session and it would finish04:05
Jester45not thinking of the preconfiguring stuff that i had to tell it whatto do04:06
sorenI'm not sure that would work.04:06
Jester45at least it downloaded it all now it just has to install the packages04:06
sorenI'm not sure how apt-get will feel about the terminal disappearing.04:06
Jester45it stalled im guessing when it asked me what apache to configure04:07
Jester45that was the first think i had to tell it what to do this time04:07
sorenYou passed -y?04:08
soren...so it should have just said yes to whichever questions your were asked. Almost, anyway.04:08
Jester45yes do get past the part when it ask if you want to continue when it shows the packages that will be upgraded04:09
Jester45well i dont think it will auto answer to the ncurses questions04:10
Jester45because its not y/n its multi choice04:10
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sorenWell, I believe it will e.g. overwrite config files with new versions.04:12
mathiazJester45: I don't think that running apt-get and then closing the terminal is a good idea, even with -y.04:13
mathiazJester45: debconf may expect a valid terminal.04:13
mathiazJester45: you should run the upgrade command in a screen session.04:13
Jester45i think it just stalled after the download because after a rebooted it was the same kernel then when i ran the upgrade again now that i can leave the terminal open it didnt need to dnwload anything but is installing04:15
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Jester45whats your suggestion for a mail server + webui for it04:29
Jester45im thinking squirrelmail but im not sure how it works04:31
_rubenwebui for reading mail or for administering mail accounts04:33
Jester45i want a server so that i can use a desktop client as they tend tobe better then a webui but if im away from my house i would like a webui so i can access it04:34
Jester45there will be only 1 or 2 accounts so administering can be cli/config only04:35
_rubensquirrelmail is decent choice then, been quite a while since i set it up, but from what i recall its pretty straightforward04:35
Jester45i dont think squirrel main is what im looking for i tihnk its only only web ui04:35
Jester45or im i wrong04:37
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leitaohello. How could I enable/disable dad (Duplicate Address Detection) in my dhcp server?05:14
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sommerleitao: IPv4 or IPv6?05:17
leitaosommer: IPV405:17
sommeris it possible with IPv4?05:17
sommerI just did some quick searching and the only stuff I can find is for IPv6.05:18
leitaosommer: yes. That is what I've found as well.05:18
leitaosommer: do you know if it is impossible in IPv4?05:19
sommersorry, this is actually the first time I've heard of it.05:19
sommeryou could always configure IPv6 I guess... heh05:19
leitaosommer: hahahh05:20
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lamontScottK: so I'm at the office if you still need that06:13
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ScottKlamont: Yes I do: Bug #15130806:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 151308 in feisty-backports "please backport Clamav from Gutsy to Feisty " [Wishlist,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15130806:40
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lamontScottK: and doing this backport is a good thing? and you have a diff for me to apply? (or a packaged source-blob)?06:48
ScottKlamont: Yes.  Debdiff is in the bug (I've checked it).06:48
lamontI need to get something started and then I can do that06:49
ScottKYou should be able to get the Gutsy package and apply the debdiff and be off the the races.06:49
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RAdams"/etc/init.d/ntpdate restart" returns a no such file error on a fresh install of Ubuntu Server. What should the content of that file be, and why isn't it there when ntpdate is installed?08:17
ScottKsoren: Since jdong clarified the source backports policy, would you be up for one?08:18
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sommerRAdams: I think the package you're looking for is: openntpd08:19
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sommerif you're looking for a ntp server that is?08:20
RAdamssommer: I'm actually configuring this machine to look to the local Windows AD DC for time configuration. I've set everything correctly, but the howto I'm reading tells me to restart ntpdate, which does not exist in my init.d08:21
sommerRAdams: ah, the guide must be a little dated.  Try: sudo ntpdate pool.ntp.org08:23
sommeror rather ntpdate your_DC08:23
RAdamssommer: that seemed to do the trick08:24
leitaohow could I discover what process is listening an specific UDP/TCP port?08:28
leitaoI found it. fuser. ;-)08:30
sorenScottK: Sure.08:32
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ScottKsoren: How about Bug #153287.  It's got two packages in it and debdiffs for both.08:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153287 in dapper-backports "Please source backport pyspf 2.0.4-1/pypolicyd-spf 0.4.1-1 from Gutsy to Dapper" [Wishlist,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/15328708:32
shane_Hey guys, I'm having a problem with lighttpd (but I get it with Apache as well), and I've no idea what's going on. I'm running Gutsy.08:33
sorenshane_: What's the problem?08:33
shane_Basically, I have /var/www/public_html set as the document root, and whenever I try to access (that's the server), it redirects to /index.html/, regardless of whether or not there is an index.html (or an index.php for that matter)08:34
shane_That should be.08:35
RAdamshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto tells me krb5-config will present a prompt. It gives me no such prompt, instead returning the usage help. I'm not sure how to proceed.08:36
sorenshane_: It doesn't when I access it?08:37
sorenScottK: I'm looking at it. This is a first for me, so I want to check things properly first.08:37
shane_soren: Oh... maybe it's a client-side problem then. I'll just double-check.08:37
sorenshane_: You should be using wget or curl or something to test. Firefox tends to cache overaggressively.08:38
ScottKsoren: Thanks.  No rush.  I've built, installed, and tested both of those, so let me know if I can answer questions.08:38
shane_soren: Thanks for that, you're correct. Heh, I feel really stupid now, but thanks a lot for the help.08:39
sorenshane_: Don't. It's a very common mistake :)08:40
RAdamssommer: any ideas on my question above?08:51
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ScottKsoren: I'll be back in a few, I need to reset my router.08:51
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sommerRAdams: I believe it's just an example... should okay to get rid of it, but you should make a backup of the config just in case.08:55
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RAdamssommer: kerebos realm = my_domain?08:58
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sommerRAdams: I'm not entirely sure I haven't tried to configure Linux and AD for ages... you could always try it and see how it goes :)09:01
sorenScottK: pypolicyd-spf is 0.5-1 in Debian. Do you want to wait until we've synced that?09:01
=== RAdams is scared D:
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sorenScottK2: You're sure the python-support stuff is kosher on Dapper?09:11
ScottKsoren: We had python-support in Dapper.  It doesn't act the way it does now, but it works.09:12
ScottKsoren: The downside is it installs stuff in site-packages, so it's not IAW current Python policy, but it's no harm.09:13
ScottKIt's either that or don't even try to support current policy and go back to a binary per python version.09:14
sorenScottK: Well, that's surely what I would do if it were an SRU, but since it's -backports it's really more your call than mine.09:15
sorenScottK: And it looks sensible.09:15
ScottKWell we were supposed to support the new Python policy in Dapper, but support was incomplete.09:15
sorenScottK: Ok, I think I'm happy. Did you see my question w.r.t. pypolicyd-spf?09:16
ScottKNo, I did not.09:16
soren21:01:26 < soren> ScottK: pypolicyd-spf is 0.5-1 in Debian. Do you want to wait until we've synced that?09:16
ScottKsoren: No.  It's got significant additional complexity.  I'm not comfortable with backporting it yet.  In fact I'm about to release 0.5.1 because of a major oops in 0.5.09:17
sorenScottK: Oh, you're upstream?09:17
ScottKFor that one, yes.09:17
sorenI didn't realise that.09:17
ScottKUpstream and Debian maintainer.09:17
sorenYou're DD?09:18
ScottKNo.  Member of Debian Python Applications Team.09:18
sorenDamn. We could have exchanged sponsorship services :)09:18
ScottKDPAT has DDs who are very good about sponsoring.09:18
sorenScottK: I know it doesn't really matter, but what do you think would be the most appropriate amount of changelog to include in the .changes file?09:20
ScottKIn theory all of it since it's a new package I'd guess.  Not sure if you really want to do that or not.09:21
sorenI'm thinking since 1.6-2ubuntu1 (or actually 1.6-3)09:21
ScottKAh for pyspf.  Yes.09:21
soren1.6-3 since the ubuntu specific changelog got nuked in a sync at some point.09:22
ScottKYes.  I got that one updated in Ubuntu while I worked on Debian for a while.09:22
sorenI just upload this to the usual place, right?09:23
ScottKYep (dapper-backports is the pocket, but debian/changelog takes care of that for you).09:25
sorenSure, sure.09:25
sorenScottK: Alright, here goes :)09:25
sorenScottK: There.09:28
ScottKsoren: Thanks.  That's been on my TODO for a long time.  Appreciate the help.09:29
=== ScottK wonders how lamont is doing with clamav?
=== dendrobates [n=dendroba@adsl-065-005-186-012.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
sorenScottK: Thanks for guiding me through it!09:31
lamontScottK: hip deep in assigned task atm.09:33
lamontScottK: it'll happen sometime today09:33
ScottKlamont: OK.  No problem.09:33
ScottKUnderstand being busy.09:34
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Yahooadamhey all, having a problem with apt-get update09:37
ScottKsoren: I got the accept/NEW announcements so it appears it's all landed.  Thanks.09:38
Yahooadambzip2: data integrity error when decompressing09:38
Yahooadamfailed to fetch http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz209:39
YahooadamSub-Process bzip2 returned an error code (2)09:40
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Yahooadamanyone got any ideas /09:42
Yahooadamjust downloaded the package in windowz without an issue ....09:42
sorenYahooadam: You've got apt-get on windows?09:43
Yahooadamno, but i dowloaded Packages.bz2 and extracted09:43
Yahooadamand opened the Packages file inside with wordpad09:43
Yahooadamnone of that giving an error09:44
Yahooadamive tried apt-get clean and apt-get autoclean too09:44
sorenWhat if you fetch it with wget on your ubuntu box?09:45
Yahooadami _really_ wish windows ICS was working09:46
Yahooadami have to unplug my network connection to get my ubuntu box on the network :(09:47
Yahooadambrb then :p09:47
RAdamsSanity Saving Advice (TM): In /etc/krb5.conf when configuring for winbind, ALL REALM PARAMETERS SHOULD BE CAPS09:57
RAdamsThat took an hour of my life I'll never get back09:57
ajmitchkerberos is fun like that09:58
RAdamsyes, a blast09:59
RAdamsI get errors looking up users or groups with wbinfo. Where should I begin troubleshooting that?09:59
RAdamsI successfully joined the domain: net ads -U admin join10:00
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Yahooadamit wgetted it ok ...10:04
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RAdamsA W3k user just logged onto my Ubuntu Server :O10:18
=== RAdams hears angels' choruses
RAdamshow do I share a folder via smb? I've never done it strictly through terminal10:28
sommerRAdams: did you follow the guide in the wiki?10:33
RAdamssommer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto10:34
sommerit would be really great if you could update it with any changes/improvements10:34
RAdamssommer: sure :)10:34
RAdamshow do I set this share I made so ANY domain user can write to it?10:35
RAdamsit's already set in my smb.conf10:35
RAdamswritable = yes10:35
RAdamslock = no10:35
mralphabetthe group needs write access to it10:37
sommerRAdams: I think that should work, you'll want to make sure the directory exists and that the Linux permissions are kosher.10:37
RAdamshow do I change the directory so it is writable to any logged in user? chmod 777?10:37
sommerRAdams: that's the least secure way of doing it.  The other way would be to add all your users into a group and give that group write permissions.10:42
RAdamssommer: how do I add every user who logs into the machine, local or domain, to a group? Isn't there a group for that already?10:43
mathiazRAdams: you could try with the force user and force group options in the share definition (smb.conf).10:46
mathiazRAdams: that way, access control is done at the samba level and not at the filesystem level.10:46
sommerRAdams: you also might take a look at the Samba "add group script" option.10:49
shane_Hey guys, does anybody know if it's possible to configure lighttpd to treat incoming URLs as case insensitive, even if the filesystem is case-sensitive? It's just I have to get this badly-coded webapp up-and-running that was obviously coded on a case-insensitive system?10:52
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fujin_shane_: not sure with lighttpd, but you can probably get around it in Apache with some regex matching11:09
shane_fujin_: Hmmm I'll try playing around with some regex then11:10
fujin_probably the easiest way around it is to convert every incoming request into lowercase11:10
shane_Well it's not as simple as that because not all the files are lowercase, and I don't know how much they'd break if I moved them all. I think I'll just leave it for now.11:12
shane_I'm also having a problem where it takes ~30 seconds to connect the the MySQL server. The MySQL server is another machine on the same local network. Once it's connected the queries are executes quickly enough, it's just connecting takes for ever. Does anybody know what might be causing this?11:13
fujin_dns resolution on the mysql server11:15
shane_I'm doing it by IP though.11:15
fujin_yes, I understand that11:16
shane_So why would DNS be an issue?11:16
fujin_the mysql server probably does a DNS lookup against the connecting ip address11:16
fujin_are it's nameservers configured correctly11:16
shane_Ah right, that's probably it then.11:16
shane_Well we are having DNS problems at the moment, so probably not.11:17
fujin_generally when you connect to something and it takes a long-ass time, it's dns related11:17
shane_Yeah - I just didn't realise DNS would come into the equation because I was doing it by IP. Thanks.11:17
fujin_that was just a guess11:18
shane_It's probably correct, because DNS is broken at the moment.11:19
RAdamssommer: FYI: chgrp "NAME OF A GROUP ON THE WINDOWS DOMAIN" /path/to/share/listed/in/smb.conf also works11:22
Yahooadamjust tried to extract the packages.bz2 i got on ubuntu, and it gives an error11:25
Yahooadam4: huff+mtf rt+rld] data integrity (CRC) error in data11:25
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Yahooadamanyone ....12:00
Yahooadamhow can u get the packages fixed >_<12:00
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RAdamshow do I enable ssh access to my server from another computer on the domain?12:20
fujin_install ssh12:22
fujin_start the daemon12:22
fujin_poke a hole in firewall if necessary12:22
Yahooadamyou dont even need to start the daemon12:23
Yahooadaminstalling it does it for you :p12:23
fujin_s/start the daemon/ensure the daemon is running/12:23
Yahooadambasically, sudo apt-get install ssh12:24
Yahooadamand you _should_ be set normally12:24
RAdamsStarting OpenBSD Open Secure Shell Server [fail] 12:24
fujin_well, that's not ideal12:25
fujin_any errors?12:25
fujin_dpkg --purge openssh-server && apt-get install openssh-server12:26

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