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pcjc2I've got a confirmed hit on the 855 crash01:41
pcjc2it crashes writing the PIPEACONF register in the restore path01:42
pcjc2(At least that's where it crashed for Claudio Ritzert, who I tested the .deb I made with lots of debug output)01:43
pcjc2I guess we might be seeing more of the same type of bug.. I'll see If I can put together an alternative restore sequence which avoids the crash, and hopefully get input from Intel as to the "rules" for this operation01:44
=== bryce nods
pcjc2The trick to get a decent log was to add sync(); after every log01:45
bryceis this the 133118 bug?01:45
pcjc2and get the reproduction done with write-caching on teh HDD disabled01:45
bryceahh that's a good note01:45
pcjc2I was thinking of the clingers on to 127101 who claim its not fixed for them yet01:46
bryceah gotcha01:46
pcjc2its probably 10805601:46
pcjc2can't hurt to get the people seeing 133188 to test once we can fix the crash... it doesn't seem to make it crash every time, but might have other side-effects they are seeing01:48
=== bryce nods
pcjc2I expect the sooner this is fixed the better... there has to be a lot of Intel hardware out there which will make a Gutsy upgrade a bad experience01:49
bryceI gather from 133188 that 855 is pretty widely used on server boards, so it sounds like a potential inhibitor for gutsy on servers01:50
pcjc2I'm guessing its a similar pipe not enabled issue01:55
pcjc2all other points where PIPEACONF is programmed, the DPLL is on01:55
pcjc2we just restored the DPLL (possibly to an off state)01:55
pcjc2Unfortunately, the routines which can turn the PLL on appropriately are liable to touch many other registers, so not great for the restore path01:56
pcjc2heh.. comment in the code02:01
pcjc2i830_display.c, line 96502:01
pcjc2"On 855, it can lock up the chip (and the entire machine)" (relates to them touching 3 registers, including PIPEACONF)02:02
=== bryce smells gun smoke
pcjc2Am now trying to read the code and find what conditions it _is_ programmed in. Might be a little detective / guess work.02:05
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pcjc2http://www2.eng.cam.ac.uk/~pcjc2/ubuntu/debug/xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.1.1-0ubuntu9~pcjc2.tst2_i386.deb 04:34
pcjc2Sources etc.. in the dir04:35
pcjc2Its still got lots of sync() 'd debug output, but I've asked Claudio to see if it resolves the problem.04:35
pcjc2I copped out in the end trying to fire up the DPLL to restore this register.. and took a similar route as the Palette. Don't restore it if the DPLL for that PIPE is off04:36
pcjc2(For the palette we test the PIPEACONF register for being enabled, but its that register we're having trouble writing here.. its probably locking the HW state machine on write with no clock to synchronise to).04:36
pcjc2We might even have got away with writing the palettes with just the DPLL enabled, but I guess we fixed that one already ;)04:37
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