stgraberyotux: the exact content is here : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily/20071016/gutsy-serveraddon-amd64.list00:00
stgraberyotux: it's mainly langpacks and eductional softwares00:00
yotuxI was reading the wiki for fiesty thankz I am downloading the daily image that you recommended then I will re-install00:01
yotuxedubuntu used two nics correct?00:01
LaserJockyotux: the addon CD has KDE Edu, gcompris, tuxpaint, tuxmath, etc.00:01
LaserJockas well as some accessories like epiphany, screem, tomboy, etc.00:02
yotuxI could get those from the repos also?00:02
LaserJockof course00:02
stgraberyotux: yes, the one you select during the install is the one connected to the internet00:02
LaserJockeverything in Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu come from the same repos00:02
stgraberyotux: the other will have a dhcp server running and will listen for your clients to boot00:03
yotuxthat is what I thought LaserJock00:03
LaserJockyotux: we are one big community00:03
LaserJockthe different CDs just allow for easier installation and setup00:03
yotuxI have an on board Giga nic and a standard nic in a pci00:04
yotuxso I wanted to server dhcp over giga ether rather than 100mb based network00:04
stgraberright, so just select the standard NIC at the beginning of the install and the DHCP will be running on the giga one00:05
yotuxcool does the wiki cover how to configure grub if a system doesn't support net booting?00:05
yotuxand I am having a hard time finding giga ether card that support PXE booting00:06
stgraberyou can simply use a floppy disk to act as a PXE rom00:07
stgraber(or put the floppy image on a HDD)00:07
yotuxok where would I go to get the PXE ROM00:10
DrXanyone have any ideas on why none of my systems can see (ping, http, etc) each other even tho they're all on the same subnet & snm & tried two different working switches (everything can see one managed switch/router)?01:35
yotuxdo I have to setup my second eth connection after a fresh install?02:01
Burgundaviayotux: if it was physically in the system, all you really need to do is to setup a static ip on it (the one that goes to the clients)02:04
yotuxok this is what I am doing,  I just wanted to check to see if the install missed something02:05
Burgundaviado you see both cards?02:05
Burgundaviaif there is nothing plugged into the card, it may be brought up02:06
Burgundaviamay not be, rather02:06
yotuxyes  eth0 has no ip eth1 has a dhcp02:06
yotuxdo I need to set broadcast, and network for the static02:07
Burgundaviayou need an ip, network and default gateway at a minimum02:10
yotuxI am getting the dhcp but I am not getting the tftp being passed02:14
yotuxThink that I will try the reboot and see if this fixes things.  be back in 502:14
yotuxmy PXE boot is not giving any files to the dhcp client02:23
yotuxis there a TFTP bug for guyst?02:36
kgoetzyotux: so the client gets a dhcp address?02:37
yotuxget error PXE-T01 - file not found02:37
kgoetzand tftpd is running?02:37
yotuxsorry to ask how can I check this02:37
kgoetzjust a tic02:39
kgoetzyotux: check if you have '/etc/default/tftpd-hpa'02:40
kgoetzif you do, check its OPTIONS= line02:40
yotuxI have it02:41
kgoetzwhat does it have?02:41
yotuxrun deamon * no02:41
yotuxOPTIONS="-l -s /var/lib/tftpboot"02:42
yotuxlook normal?02:42
kgoetzso now run `ls -lh /var/lib/tftpboot/`02:42
kgoetzdo you have an 'ltsp' directory?02:42
kgoetzso now run `ls -lh /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/`02:43
kgoetzsorry,  `ls -lh /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/pxelinux.cfg/`02:43
yotuxas sudo correct02:44
kgoetzdo you have a 'default' file in there?02:44
kgoetzno, you dont need sudo02:44
yotuxlast on no such file02:44
yotuxls -lh /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/pxelinux.cfg/02:44
yotuxthe line above doesn't exist02:45
yotuxhow can I get this file02:46
yotuxits a fresh install from cd 2007101602:46
kgoetzyotux: do you have a 'pxelinux.0' in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp ?02:46
kgoetzif you run 'dpkg -l |grep syslinux' do you get a hit02:47
yotux/var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/amd64/pxelinux.0 is there02:47
kgoetzum. i havent got an architecture on mine :|02:48
yotuxdkpg command gets nothing02:48
kgoetzi have ia32 clients, and they just use 'ltsp' as their root02:48
yotuxI am running the 64bit version02:48
* kgoetz wonders if this is somethin new from his dapper system02:49
yotuxso should I down grade to the 32bit edition02:49
kgoetznot necesarily02:49
kgoetzjust i'm only goign to be of limited help02:49
yotuxshould  make a bug report?02:49
kgoetzhang around here, with luck someone familar with teh newer version will be able to help02:50
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RichEdhi ogra ... all looking good for go ?08:50
ograi didnt hear differently :)08:50
ograhappy release day everybody :)08:50
kgoetzcongrats :)08:51
ograhttps://iso.qa.stgraber.org/qatracker/build/Edubuntu thats the best testing status we ever had :)08:51
* RichEd leads a long round of applause to ogra & his meny helpers08:51
RichEd*many even :)08:52
ograall tests done (aprt from the one with amd64 thin clients :P )08:52
stgraberindeed, I don't have 64bit server here :)08:54
ograwell, who has 64bit clients is the question :)08:54
ogra(amd64 only builds an amd64 client chroot ....)08:55
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RichEdhi corey09:03
RichEdogra ... do we want to list the feature highlights in the announcement email ?09:11
RichEdit does make it a bit long09:11
RichEdthe alternative is to put them on the web news page, and refer to that in the mail ?09:11
ograshould suffice to have it on the -710 page09:11
RichEdokay ... will put them in the news page and the release notes page ... easier to read in a "pretty" web format than a text mail09:12
ograRichEd, "the latest LTSP server modules " sounds a bit strange09:23
ogra(modules specifically)09:23
RichEdmake a suggestion for text then ?09:24
ogra"http://wiki.edubuntu.org/GutsyReleaseNotes" ??09:24
ogra Edubuntu release notes: http://wiki.edubuntu.org/GutsyReleaseNotes09:24
ograthats wrong09:24
ogra(a) its the ubuntu release notes, b) it will get wiped as soon as it moved to www.ubuntu.com)09:26
ograthat should point to our page on www.edubuntu.org09:26
RichEdogra: we spoke about our own release notes page for the few bug issues ?09:28
RichEdwe did this for 6.1009:28
ograwhich doesnt work :)09:28
ograthat name is taken by ubuntu already09:28
RichEdahhhh ... so lets go with: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/GutsyReleaseNotes/Edubuntu ?09:29
ograhttp://wiki.edubuntu.org/GutsyReleaseNotes/Edubuntu might work09:29
* RichEd updates the task list page and announcement mail09:29
RichEdogra: "the latest LTSP server modules" <- whaddya want this to say ?09:40
ogras/modules/implementation/  ?09:40
ogranot sure that cuts it though09:41
ograhow about "the latest in LTSP thin client technology"09:41
ograok :)09:42
pips1hi folks09:48
pips1happy release day :-)09:48
ograhappy release day pips109:48
stormzoekersame to you pips109:49
pips1RichEd: I read the release announcement, looks fine, nothing to add from my side, except what you have already discussed with ogra09:49
RichEdthanks ... slight mods being done but the body remains as is09:49
RichEdnote also for the release news on the web site, I am preparing the content now09:50
ograRichEd, btw, you did forget to list ubuntu-announce09:50
RichEdi'd just like you to format it as per: http://www.edubuntu.org/news/7.04-release09:50
RichEdogra: do Ubuntu and Edubuntu and Kubuntu all send their own mail ?09:50
* RichEd remembers last time waiting for someone to release it for me ... so I think we did09:51
ograi think for the mail announcement thats true, yes09:51
* pips1 is busy accessing all the URL mentioned in the announcement...09:52
pips1question: do you want the edubuntu release notes on a wiki page, or on the e.org site?09:54
ograhmm, good question09:54
ograubuntu has it on the website09:55
pips1if it is a wiki page, we should perhaps lock that page dow09:55
pips1so perhaps the website is more appropriate?09:56
ograRichEd, ?09:56
* pips1 wonders how it was done last release09:56
* RichEd checks how the last one was done09:56
ograor even merged with ubuntu09:57
RichEdpips1: this was 6.0409:57
ogra6.10 :)09:57
RichEdi mean 6.1009:57
RichEd7.04 we just referred to ubuntu's09:57
LaserJockI ripped off the Handbook Addon CD page for http://www.edubuntu.org/node/4109:58
LaserJockI'm gonna flesh it out here in a sec09:58
RichEdwe could use the web site, but then it means that edits would need to go via you pips109:58
RichEdif we use the wiki page, it means ogra and others who are involved can edit/update09:58
RichEdthose are comments, not a decision ... i'll go with a consensus ?09:59
RichEdogra, pips1, LaserJock ?09:59
ograi think it looks better to have it on the webpage09:59
LaserJocksurely the release notes shouldn't change much, if at all09:59
pips1same here09:59
pips1so let's go for web page09:59
LaserJockI'm very much of the opinion that it's good to use edubuntu.org for "official" and/or static material10:00
RichEdokay ...10:04
* RichEd goes to change the links and task page10:04
pips1LaserJock: can you please quickly read the text of the current /Download page and tell me if you have any change suggestions? If not, I will only replace 7.04 with 7.10....10:06
pips1^^^ ogra RichEd please do the same, if you have the time10:06
RichEdhttp://www.edubuntu.org/GutsyReleaseNotes/Edubuntu <- this now is quite a redundant web URL10:07
pips1it's the most important page...10:07
RichEdgoing with: http://www.edubuntu.org/ReleaseNotes/7.10 <- okay pips1 ogra10:07
LaserJockpips1: yes, I do have a change10:09
pips1LaserJock: shoot10:09
LaserJock"If you install Edubuntu using the Desktop CD you will find the educational software by using the Classroom Server Add-on CD below."10:09
pips1where shall i add that?10:09
LaserJockthat's what is now in the Desktop CD section10:10
pips1so what is your suggested text?10:10
LaserJockbut since we fixed the bug where the edu package weren't being installed10:10
LaserJockit should be like "... you will find additionall educationa software on the Classroom Server Add-on CD below."10:10
LaserJockbut spelled correctly ;-)10:11
pips1so the difference is the word "additional"10:12
ograRichEd, here is the buglist for the page ... https://wiki.edubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/ReleaseNotes/Edubuntu10:12
RichEdLaserJock: drop the additional entirely ... that sound supplemental ... when as per our chat last night the Add-on has the bulk of the edu apps10:12
* RichEd thinks of a better adjective10:12
LaserJockRichEd: but that's not the case for the Desktop CD10:13
LaserJockClassroom Server has no edu apps10:13
ogra(feel free to move whereve you want it ;) )10:13
LaserJockDekstop CD has some, but not all10:13
* pips1 waits for decision and carries on with other stuff in the mean time10:13
pips1ogra: our current text says "Edubuntu 6.06.1 [...] is supported for 3 years". The ubuntu announcement uses a year to indicate the "cut-off" date for security support. Should I change "supported for 3 years" to "supported until 2009" ? which is perhaps more clear?10:19
pips1RichEd: ^^^ what do you think?10:19
ograsounds reasonable10:19
RichEdpips1: there was a comment on LTS in the ubuntu release ... let me check10:20
RichEdpips1: this is the wording in the ubuntu release10:20
pips1what is the "cut-off" date for edubuntu 7.10 support?10:20
RichEdUbuntu 7.10 will be supported for 18 months on both desktops and servers.10:20
RichEdUsers requiring a longer support lifetime on servers may choose to continue10:20
RichEdusing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, with security support until 2011, rather than upgrade10:20
RichEdto or install 7.10.10:20
RichEdso I suggest:10:21
RichEd"Edubuntu 6.06.1 [...] is supported until 2009 on the desktop and security support until 201110:21
ogra2011 doesnt apply to edubuntu-server10:21
pips1RichEd: nope10:22
pips1edubuntu-server 6.06.1 is only supported until 2009.10:22
RichEdpips1: okay ... the suggestion is from me, make it a date, and make it the right one :)10:22
pips1so now we are in a special situation, that edubuntu-server 7.10 is actually also supported until 2009. so the edubuntu LTS isn't supported longer than the latest edubuntu release...10:23
ogratherre are some server bits we 'll go on to support past 2009 ... but the general edubuntu-server  falls under "desktop support" due to its need for desktop apps installed10:23
ograso 2009 is right10:23
pips1but since "edubuntu-server" doesn't have the "full" long-term support... in our case, both LTS and latest now are supported until 2009!10:24
pips1so I need to find a good way of describing just that...10:25
pips1any suggestions?  :-)10:25
LaserJock"Hardy will last forever!"10:26
pips1should we drop "Dapper" from the download page entirely?!10:26
* pips1 ducks10:26
ogra7me goies for some coffee10:27
LaserJockcould we put it under some sort of "Previous releases" or something10:27
LaserJockit seems slightly confusing to me as is10:27
pips1but since they are both supported until 2009 only, why should we advocate the "LTS" of Dapper?10:27
LaserJockpips1: supposedly it should be more stable10:27
pips1yes, I read the mails on the mailing list claiming that...10:28
pips1I wouldn't have any own experience as to be able to verify those claims..10:28
LaserJockpips1: how do you make section headings in drupal?10:28
pips1<h1> <h2> <h3> ...10:29
LaserJockmy HTML is from the 90s10:29
LaserJockI thought maybe they'd done away with the <h*>s10:29
pips1don't forget to close tags.10:29
RichEdLaserJock: just please none of that 90's <BLINK>10:29
LaserJockthis newfangled CSS junk gets me confused ;-)10:30
pips1we are using *X*HTML now, so closing tags isn't optional anymore!10:30
RichEdpips1: are you working on the release page (your queries above) or is that for the download page ?10:31
pips1I can tell you haven't been doing much website design.... XHTML and CSS is wonderful compared to the mess that HTML4 was10:31
pips1RichEd: I'm working on the download page10:32
LaserJockyes, well10:32
RichEdthanks  ... I'm on the release page text ... will send to you soon10:32
LaserJockI had a website design business when I was a teenager10:32
LaserJockwhen HTML 3.2 was king10:32
LaserJockthen moved on to Chemisty before HTML4 caught on10:33
pips1erm, I kind of would like to know what we should do about the "Dapper LTS vs. Gutsy" text on the download page...10:33
pips1The paragraph "Choose this to benefit from the long support life-cycle of the 6.06 LTS release. This version is supported until 2009. Users requiring a longer support lifetime may choose to continue using that version rather than upgrade to or install 7.10." doesn't make sense any longer in our case...10:35
pips1since 7.10 is also supported until 2009.10:35
LaserJockI think there's a page on ubuntu.com that defines what an LTS is10:37
LaserJockI wonder if you could just drop most of that text and say we have 6.06 LTS and Gutsy10:37
pips1it would make the page easier I think. There is so many decisions you need to take before downloading...10:39
pips1LaserJock: I found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS10:40
LaserJockperhaps we could distill it down10:40
LaserJockinto like a checklist or decision tree10:40
pips1but that LTS wiki page doesn't include any info about the "special case" edubuntu10:41
* pips1 is starting to get nervous because release is near and he still needs to update various bits of content on the site...10:42
pips1nah. nervous is silly10:42
LaserJockpips1: well, honestly I don't think we have to worry a ton regarding timing10:42
ograpips1, "With the Long Term Support (LTS) version you get three years support on the desktop"10:42
ograthats enough10:42
LaserJockif people can download gutsy they'll mostly be happy10:43
pips1I guess so... we aren't going to be bombared like ubuntu.com... where they can do any page edits, because the server is under such load...10:43
pips1where they *can't* do any page edits10:43
pips1RichEd: we need to decide now about what to write regarding Edubuntu LTS10:44
pips1because it means we need to decide on the text for both the /Download page and the release announcement text10:44
pips1Should we simply mention Dapper as a "previous release" and drop all that text about "longer support"?10:45
RichEdpips1: if they are both going to be supported effectively until the same date, then we need a technical opinion from ogra10:45
RichEdogra: is gutsy as stable as LTS ?10:45
RichEdwhy would someone *want* to stay on LTS10:46
pips1difficult question10:46
RichEdis there is no good reason, drop the LTS confuzion entirely10:46
ograas i said there are pieces from the server side we support for 5 years ... but the edubuntu-server distro as a whole ends support in 2009 for dapper10:46
pips1gutsy surely hasn't been tested as much as dapper...10:46
RichEdpips1: that's a point10:46
ograi would disagree here :)10:46
LaserJockdapper should be more stable in theory10:46
LaserJockbut I'd wager that LTSP is much better in Gutsy10:47
ograi think no edubuntu release had that much testing yet10:47
LaserJockbut the Ubuntu bits have10:47
ogragutsy is suely way better tested on the edubuntu isde than dapper was10:47
RichEdperhaps say that they are both supported until 2009 ... but comment that LTS has been live in the field longer10:47
pips1ogra: ok, but dapper has been out there much longer, so longer time to find bugs? on the downside, Dapper was less feature-rich, so less people might be using/testing it.. Ach, impossible to tell.10:48
RichEdogra: than dapper *was* as in before release10:48
ograjust drop the date completely10:48
ograi'D say10:48
RichEdogra: are we bundling LTSP 5 ?10:49
pips1ogra: I can drop the date, but what about the sentence saying that people might want to choose LTS over Gutsy, for "longer support"...?10:49
ograRichEd, we *are* ltsp5 :P10:49
* RichEd polishes the noddy badge ... just checking for accuracy 10:49
ograpips1, leave that in ...10:50
ograit actually doesnt matter ... at least from an upgrade/support POV10:50
pips1ok, your mr. edubuntu :-)10:50
pips1*you are10:50
ograboth will be able to be upgraded to hardy :)10:50
ograso no matter what you choose now, next release youre in the LTS cycle automaically :)10:51
pips1I just wanted to make the download page simpler, with less confusing options to puzzle the mind :-)10:52
pips1In fact, why not just write what you just said?10:52
pips1"no matter what you choose now, you will be able to upgrade to the next release Hardy 8.04, which is a long support life-cycle." ?10:53
pips1Hary what?10:54
pips1Hardy what?10:54
pips1Hardy Heron or smth?10:54
pips1oh, it's a bird10:55
pips1"wading bird"10:55
pips1nice looking!10:55
pips1So what do you say? I leave the whole LTS text as is (Dapper "supported for 3 years") and add that sentence I just wrote?10:56
ograsounds ok10:56
pips1RichEd: ok with this?10:56
RichEdpips1: jono is the bird fetish man ... you have competition ;)10:57
RichEdogra / pips1 : why mention dapper10:58
RichEdi still do not understand a reason if they are supported for the same duration10:58
pips1RichEd: ogra wants it mentioned for some reason. I'm just going with his wish. :-)10:58
ograhuh ?10:59
ogra*you* wanted to have a date there10:59
ogra<pips1> ogra: our current text says "Edubuntu 6.06.1 [...] is supported for 3 years". The ubuntu announcement uses a year to indicate the "cut-off" date for security support. Should I change "supported for 3 years" to "supported until 2009" ? which is perhaps more clear?10:59
pips1I would prefer a simple text, without mentioning Dapper10:59
pips1the date question just kicked us into a discussion about the support "cut-off date" and whether we need to mention dapper11:00
* pips1 imagines a big pillow fight going on in some back channel11:06
LaserJockok, well, it's 3am here11:06
LaserJockand I have to finish up a dissertation chapter tomorrow/today11:06
LaserJockpips1: I think I'm finished with http://www.edubuntu.org/node/4111:06
LaserJockI'm not sure where it would fit in best11:06
LaserJockbut it might be nice to link to it from somewhere11:07
RichEdyay ... me notes NTFS writing is available ! I now have 15 more GB available in my notebook11:07
RichEd\o/ my windows partition now has some use !11:07
ograyou could just have wiped it and reformatted it for ubuntu :P11:08
ograwho needs windows installed ...11:08
juliuxgood morning11:08
stormzoekerI need windows sometimes :S11:08
* pips1 reads LaserJock's page11:09
pips1LaserJock: nice page11:11
pips1LaserJock: small suggestion: replace "check off" with "select" ? I think non English-natives might not understand "check off"? not sure11:11
LaserJockpips1: ah right, I think that was maybe a sbalneavism11:12
RichEdsometimes you need to drink water to realise how good beer tastes ;)11:13
RichEdogra ^ re windows11:13
LaserJockok, I'm done11:13
pips1LaserJock: I'll add it to the nav menu11:14
LaserJockhappy release day everybody11:14
pips1and create a path alias11:14
LaserJockand good work11:14
RichEdLaserJock: tanks11:14
pips1LaserJock:  path alias "AddOnCd" ?11:15
* pips1 goes ahead and creates the alias11:16
pips1or UsingAddOnCd?11:17
RichEdpips1: where can I find your final text choice for the dapper LTS bit ?11:18
pips1there already is UsingEdubuntu11:18
pips1so UsingAddOnCD will work nicely11:18
* pips1 does the cange11:18
pips1RichEd: we haven't made a decision re LTS bit... so no change11:19
RichEdokay .... let me know when we do11:20
pips1well, I guess it is up to you and ogra to decide what to do re LTS text11:20
ogradrop it :)11:21
pips1fine with me11:21
pips1RichEd: ?11:21
* RichEd does the snoop doggy dog ... "drop it while it's hot ..."11:21
* RichEd looks around for his black beautch chorus girls11:21
pips1RichEd: hey, you got work to do! ;-)11:22
pips1i.e. drop LTS from the announcement11:22
RichEdpips1: for back up singing ... not fo ho duty11:22
RichEdyes ... drop it11:23
pips1RichEd: I just noticed that you don't have an account on edubuntu.org.11:24
RichEdpips1: could be ... bit busy now to need it at the moment11:24
RichEdogra / pips .... please check the web announcement email ...11:27
ogra"The Edubuntu classroom server install builds on the functionality from the previous release..." sounds a bit like you need feisty first11:30
ograRichEd, for features you can add as well: "* New and faster detection of the graphics hardware"11:31
RichEdunder ubuntu I presume ?11:31
ograas replacement for: "OLIVER ANY MORE ?"11:32
RichEdltsp features look a bit lite compared to the rave reports people have been giving ... anything to add11:32
ograand we shouldnt list all the ubuntu features11:32
RichEdyes ... that was not a reference to Oliver Twist "please sir I want some more"11:32
ogralink the ubuntu feature list rather11:32
RichEdto where ? i got it from c@ninical wiki11:33
ograthere shoudl be a tour page or so11:34
RichEdokay ... will add that in11:35
ograthat will change though11:35
RichEdpips1: when could the release boys take a look at the announcement page ?11:36
RichEdjust to check if it loads ...11:36
RichEdit would be : http://www.edubuntu.org/news/7.10-release11:36
RichEdeven if you pop up a shell ?11:37
RichEdcan edit later ?11:37
pips1ok, I'll create an empty page at that url, hold on11:37
ograno need for that11:37
ograjust put in place what you have now :)11:38
RichEdogra: ??11:38
ograno need for an extra placeholder11:38
RichEdnot extra ... at the moment http://www.edubuntu.org/news/7.10-release is not found11:38
ograi know11:39
RichEdpips1 ... or else drop in the text doc i sent ...11:39
RichEdand pretty it up later ... let the release guys see that the page exists11:39
RichEdogra: where does this go: http://www.edubuntu.org/news/7.10-release11:40
RichEdignore ... try again11:40
RichEdogra: where does this go: "* New and faster detection of the graphics hardware"11:40
ograas a replacement for "OLIVER ANY MORE ?" as i said11:41
RichEdahh :)11:41
pips1RichEd: what text should I use for the release announcement just now? the one you sent by email earlier?11:41
RichEdpips1: drop that in now yes ...11:41
pips1or do you have something more finalised?11:41
RichEdI will send a slight change in 5 mins11:41
pips1ah, ok, will do11:41
RichEdminor edits11:41
RichEdogra: I will leave the ubuntu features in that impress me as a user ... the non-tech stuff ... and send them on the tour for the rest11:41
ogramdz wont be happy with that, but your call11:42
* ogra had that discuassion about duplicated features in the announcement to often already with him ...11:42
pips1RichEd: dummy page exists11:44
RichEdta ... 1 min to final11:44
RichEdpips1: final sent11:48
RichEdogra: for a teacher to upgrade, they need a pull ... some of those features are a mighty big user level pull11:49
RichEdNTFS write ... very significant for schools .... many with dual boot w/s or NTFS file storage11:49
ograRichEd, i dont mind or care i just dont want to paticipate in that discussion wit mdz later :)11:50
RichEdtell him to take it up with me ... i'm bigger'n'heavier than him11:50
ograhe might be faster :)11:50
RichEdbesides ... it's going on *our* web page ... not blatted out via email to the world11:50
ogra(he's slimmer, even thats hard to achieve :) )11:50
RichEdand in effect we are saying: "ubuntu, respek"11:51
ograyou dont want to send it to -devel and -users ?11:51
RichEdcan he dig it ?11:51
RichEdthe mail shot was the first doc you read this morning11:51
ogranot sure he finds the time to look at it :)11:51
RichEdwhich refers to the second doc as a web page on our site11:51
ograah, k11:51
RichEdas agreed, feature list makes the mail tooooooo long11:52
RichEdweb forwatting allows features to be scannable with the naked eye ...11:52
* ogra sees 722 ppl in #ubuntu-release-party ... i wonder if we hit 800 before release11:54
pips1ogra: RichEd LaserJock please proof read http://edubuntu.org/node/43 if you have the time...11:56
ograaccess denied11:56
pips1try again11:57
pips1the download links are still old, of course.11:57
pips1but I removed the LTS stuff11:57
ogralooks good11:58
ogrago with it i'd say11:58
RichEdpips1: checking now12:00
pips1Matt Nuzum is working on updating the dynamic mirror links ....12:01
RichEdhighvoltage / LaserJock either of you around and able to move a page from the wiki to the web ?12:01
pips1ogra: did you hear from LaserJock or sbalneav re online Handbook ? has it doc.u.c been updated to the latest version?12:05
pips1^^^ is that current now?12:05
ograno idea, LJ did something12:05
ogracredits are still the old version12:05
pips1I will refer to that page from the deprecated /ThinClientConfig page, ok?12:06
ografine for now, doesnt need to be the latest by release (should change the next days though)12:07
ograas long as we dont have to change the link everywhere all is fine :)12:07
ograperfect :)12:11
RichEdogra: can you edit on www.edubuntu.org12:11
RichEdpips1: who else has edit rights ...12:11
ograat least i dont have any account data anymore if i ever could12:12
ograRichEd: highvoltage, jsgotangco, LaserJock and pips1 i think12:12
pips1Jordan, Matt Nuzum, Jonathan, cbx33, CoreyBurger...12:13
pips1do you need something updated? I can do it?12:13
RichEdolivers release notes / bug list is on the wiki12:13
RichEdneeds to move onto the web12:13
pips1I can do it12:13
pips1what is the wiki URL?12:13
stormzoekerltsp.conf is not longer in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc directory .... handbook is wrong in that point :O12:14
ograstormzoeker, thats an old version, the installed one should have the right path12:14
ograwe didnt have an export of the latest text to the web yet12:14
stormzoekerkjee, it took me some time to figure that one out :D12:14
stormzoekerI'll wait for the new version of the handbook ;)12:15
RichEdpips1: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/ReleaseNotes/Edubuntu12:15
RichEdgoes to: http://www.edubuntu.org/ReleaseNotes/7.12:15
ograstormzoeker, well, you should have it installed if you use gutsy ... its in the edubuntu-docs package (which is there by default)12:17
highvoltagehi, I got a highlight, but was flying home. ping me if I can do anything (I forgot to set /away)12:19
stormzoekerthnx ogra :D lol, I always look on the website :$12:19
stormzoekerand yes, I have gutsy :D it works great, now waiting for the final :D12:20
RichEdhttp://www.edubuntu.org/ReleaseNotes/7.10 <- pips12:20
RichEdpips1: you carry on with the release page12:20
RichEdhighvoltage: yep ... please favour !12:20
RichEdhighvoltage: move https://wiki.edubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/ReleaseNotes/Edubuntu12:21
RichEdto: http://www.edubuntu.org/ReleaseNotes/7.1012:21
RichEdcan you do that ?12:21
pips1RichEd: http://www.edubuntu.org/ReleaseNotes/7.1012:24
pips1it is already done12:25
highvoltagepips1: cool12:25
highvoltagepips1: strange, I could swear it wasn't there a minuteago :)12:25
pips1RichEd: got your web announcement, working on it now12:28
=== ogra changed the topic of #edubuntu to: Order: http://shipit.edubuntu.org || Edubuntu - the education version of Ubuntu || http://www.edubuntu.org | Wiki: http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWiki | MEETING: every Wednesday see http://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuMeetingAgenda | gutsy (7.10) is released, see http://www.edubuntu.org/Download grab it while its hot !!!
RichEdhighvoltage: can you do some tweaking ?12:33
highvoltageRichEd: fire away12:33
RichEdon download page [http://edubuntu.org/node/43]12:34
RichEdadd this link [http://www.edubuntu.org/ReleaseNotes/7.10]12:34
RichEdand this: [http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710]12:34
RichEdpips1: let me know when the release format looks okay and I can whack out the mail to our lists12:35
pips1ok, busy12:37
pips1RichEd: before you wack out the announcement we need to make sure that the download mirror links are up to date12:41
pips1I just asked newz2000 abou it12:41
RichEdhighvoltage: and to this page ... http://www.edubuntu.org/ReleaseNotes/7.10 ... please add a link to the ubunu release notes12:43
highvoltageRichEd: ok12:44
pips1blimey that is a looong annoucement to format ... 8-O12:45
highvoltageRichEd: added to the bottom12:46
RichEdhighvoltage: thanks ... spellink errir on that page: workinbg12:46
highvoltageRichEd: corrected12:47
* highvoltage brb12:48
RichEdogra ... sending out the mail announcement now13:03
RichEdhighvoltage: you there ?13:04
RichEdhttp://www.edubuntu.org/Download -> is still old ... needs to point to http://edubuntu.org/node/4313:04
RichEdthat's a link in the mail :(13:05
ogra<Keybuk> random stat of the day13:05
ogra<Keybuk> we maxed out our 7GB line two ours before the release ;)13:05
highvoltageRichEd: back now (slightly eating)13:06
* RichEd steps back from the crumbs13:06
RichEdhi bimberi ... just in time ... about to announce :)13:06
bimberiRichEd: cool13:07
bimberiRichEd: and go the Southern Hemisphere on Sunday! :)13:07
RichEdindeed ... coloniast swine ... teach them right for stealing our ivory and gold and sending your ancestors to an island prison13:08
RichEddownload page is now right13:08
* bimberi wondered where that latent desire to rattle cups on iron bars came from :)13:09
RichEdwell at least the "prison" has sunshine and animals larger than a ferret13:09
bimberi:)   too much sunshine though ... so dry :/13:11
RichEdmust be from the overconsumption of "dry bread and water"13:12
RichEdogra: release page formatted nicely ... bimberi give me an opinion on the feature list on: http://www.edubuntu.org/news/7.10-release13:15
RichEdthe ones from ubuntu specifically .... do any of those excite you as someone involved in education enough to spur you into an upgrade13:15
ogralooks good13:16
* bimberi looking13:16
bimberiI reckon "Improved Sesson Management Apps" will be received very well - so good that it's mentioned early13:19
bimberis/improved/improves/  in  "Additionally the Edubuntu Addon CD installer improved usability"13:20
ograwell, hardy will likely move its focus to it (a lot more than gutsy did)13:20
ograbig theme for hardy is mass user/session management etc13:21
RichEdbimberi: point taken : pips1 ^13:21
ograhardy: going for the superlative :)13:21
highvoltagehow do I dist-upgrade to hardy?13:22
RichEdogra: as opposed to vista the superlaxative13:22
ograhighvoltage, you start with bootstrapping gcc13:22
RichEdmakes you sh*t yourself when you see the cost and h/w requirements13:22
highvoltageogra: heh13:23
ograheh, yes13:23
pips1RichEd: huh?13:23
highvoltageI have to admit, I haven't looked at the edubuntu gutsy release yet13:23
* highvoltage hangs head in shame13:23
highvoltagebut will download it over the weekend13:23
ogra"Edubuntu also bundles selected Education desktop applications, as well13:24
ograas the latest the latest in LTSP thin client technology,"13:24
ograhmm ...13:24
ogradoesnt get later than that i guess :)13:24
RichEd"Additionally the Edubuntu Addon CD installer improved usability" s/improves/improved/13:24
RichEdogra: stressing a point :) sorry about that ...13:25
ograhappens :)13:25
pips1RichEd: ogra I just updated http://www.edubuntu.org/GettingStarted13:28
pips1to include links to 7.10 instead of 7.0413:28
pips1it says at the top that this page is for Dapper, but I still wonder... in the Text further down, it suggests to download Dapper explicitely... Shouldn't we change that, now that Dapper isn't really promoted anymore?13:29
RichEdpips ... make two clear sections on the page ...13:35
RichEdpips1 rather ... make three clear sections on the page ...13:36
RichEdgeneral section 1st ... welcome paragraph13:36
RichEdnext section: edubuntu 7.10 the existing bit before welcome ... give it a grey heading13:37
RichEd Getting Started with Edubuntu 7.10 : The lastest release13:38
RichEdnext section: Getting Started with Edubuntu 6.06.1, Edubuntu with Long Term Support13:38
RichEdgrey heading again13:38
RichEdthen: These notes are for Edubuntu 6.06 LTS long term support release.13:39
RichEdthen everything after : Downloading Edubuntu13:39
RichEdthen everything including and after : Downloading Edubuntu13:39
RichEdand finally ... add a download link to the 7.10 notes ...13:40
RichEdso the theory is: if you want 7.10 is is easy enough to go without docs13:40
RichEdso the theory is: if you want 6.01 here is the guide13:40
RichEdpips ^ make sense ?13:40
* RichEd collection -> 20mins13:48
pips1RichEd: ogra Who is in charge of the shipit page? It still mentions gutsy beta...13:53
ograi'll forward it13:53
ograpips1, thanks13:54
sbalneavMorning all!14:27
sbalneavHappy gutsy day!14:27
Kamping_Kaiserwelcome in :)14:28
ograhappy release day sbalneav !14:29
sbalneav\o/ for us14:30
sbalneavHow come you're @ogra? :)14:31
ograi changed the topic :)14:31
sbalneavAh, wait, maybe that's irssi's way of telling me your opped?14:31
ograbetter :)14:31
sbalneavI'm easily confused by bright shiny objects :)14:32
pips1sbalneav: hey, happy release day!14:41
sbalneavHey pips1!  Happy day indeed!14:41
RichEdhi sbalneav14:42
RichEdthanks to pips1 for his help with the web release stuff14:42
pips1more thanks to sbalneav for putting in the *real* work14:43
sbalneavWe each do what is within our ken.  It's all work that needs to get done, and none of it is more "real" than any other :)14:45
pips1sbalneav: ok ok, well said14:49
sbalneavI can't do any of the fancy web stuff.  I've got no head for graphical design.  My taste is all in my mouth :)14:50
pips1re taste in your mouth: hehe14:51
* pips1 is busy updating bits on the wiki pages14:52
* pips1 craves to taste something in his mouth too, since he hasn't had lunch yet14:54
pips1at 4 in the afternoon :-/14:54
pips1I better go and grab smth to eat14:55
ograhmm, yeah, breakfast would be an idea :)14:55
sbalneavogra: Little late for breakfast for you :)14:56
ograonly 4pm :)14:57
sbalneavWell, here in Winnipeg, we have Salisbury House, which is a restaurant famous for a number of things, one being it's all-day breakfasts.14:58
sbalneavIf you feel like hopping a fast plane, I'll buy you some! :)14:58
cliebow_sbalneav:we have the Riverside here in Ellsworth...14:58
cliebow_it used to be on the riverside..moved up the street recently14:59
sbalneavIn case anyone's interested in a fine Winnipeg dining establishment :)14:59
cliebow_gutsy is out?15:01
sbalneavMorning jsgotangco!15:02
RichEdogra: all looking okay ?15:03
sbalneavI'm scared to go into #ubuntu-release-party15:04
RichEdsbalneav: it's so crowded there may not be room ;)15:06
RichEdcertainly not for you and jim at the same time15:06
sbalneavOh, snap!15:06
* pips1 wonders how the xubuntu release guys are doing15:11
* pips1 has added the release highlight box to edubuntu.org15:21
pips1ok, that's me for now15:22
pips1off to grab some food15:22
* pips1 marvels at the wonderful world wide web ... while browsing through the referrers linking to edubuntu and notices http://www.wintricks.it/news1/article?ID=582115:29
pips1the "wintricks" site sent us 23 site visitors15:30
pips1cu folks15:33
juliuxogra, could it be that the .template for the edubuntu-7.10-serveraddon-amd64 is broken? the size is 170m15:33
ogralet me ss if i get through to it first :P15:34
ograreaching releases.ubuntu.com isnt easy atm15:34
juliuxthat one is the fasted i found;)15:36
juliuxthe .template for the serveraddon cds is aroun 170mb for the server only 5,5mb15:36
ogralooks ok ...15:36
ograits the same on the fromer dailies15:36
juliuxbut why is it so big?15:36
ograno idea, probably the amount of packages15:36
ogra does it work ?15:37
juliuxi donĀ“t now i have to wait 11minutes from now;)15:37
juliuxi am creating an local mirror atm for the ubucon15:38
juliuxbut i prefer to use jigdo;)15:38
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sbalneavHey there bddebian16:38
bddebianHi sbalneav16:39
juliuxogra, do you want some more powered by edubuntu stickers?16:50
ograany i can get :)16:50
juliuxogra, good, your address please;)16:51
ograHeinrich Zille sStr. 5, 34134 Kassel16:51
juliuxi will send you 5016:52
juliuxyou are welcome16:52
ograi'll carry thm to UDS :)16:52
LaserJockhmm, pips1 is gone16:55
RichEdjuliux: me too me too ! (please)16:55
ograRichEd, i'll bring them, dont worry :)16:56
LaserJockseems like the first item of "Highlights of this release include:" is edubuntu-desktop-kde16:56
LaserJockthat's kinda odd when it's not shipped on a CD or anything16:56
LaserJockand we have no documentation for it16:56
ograLaserJock, but its one of the new gutsy features16:56
juliuxRichEd, take some from ogra16:56
LaserJocksure, it's one of the features16:56
LaserJockbut usuallly you put the "big ones" first ;-)16:56
juliuxRichEd, i have 175 left, will send 50 to ogra the rest goes to the german ubucon16:57
juliuxRichEd, but i ordered more by jenda;)16:57
lnsCongrats to GUTSY!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!16:57
RichEdLaserJock: I copied off the list on the canonical wiki ... KDE just made it higher in the list by default ... but would be good to move on the web page to a lower ranking16:58
RichEdLaserJock: that gives me a thought ... we should maybe send out a news-list poll to ask what new feature is the favourite of the users16:58
RichEdthe dialogue will spur people into thinking about an upgrade if they have not considered or done it yet16:59
Mad_bolhi alll17:33
Mad_bolanyone hlp plz17:33
sbalneavdoesn't hang around long17:34
RichEdcheers guys ... will pop back in later17:54
ograciao RichEd17:54
=== bluekuja_ is now known as bluekuja
sgonzalezYikes! Big issue (for me at least :)... please help!! With the help of a friend, I found out that I was running the generic kernel on edubuntu 7.04, thus only seeing 3GB of my 6GB of RAM. So we installed the server kernel, ran updates, etc. On a server that we really weren't crashing on at all, we started crashing like crazy (2-3 times/day). I put the generic kernel back in, and we're back to functioning fine. Any thoughts?! I could really use some18:32
sgonzalezhe lp here! Thanks.18:32
sbalneavWhen you say "crashing", do you mean application crashing? Or the whole server goes down?18:34
sgonzalezUsers are frozen, I can't log in, even at the server console (no one can log in)18:34
sgonzalezcan't ssh either, so I end up hard rebooting18:35
sbalneavWell, I'd say it's a problem between your motherboard, and how it's handling the bank switching for the ram.18:37
sbalneavSomething that the kernel doesn't like.18:37
sgonzalezCan I do something about this? This is a 2 year old server that's functioned fine. I did add 4GB of RAM to make it an LTSP server, so the RAM is  new. Is ther a test I can run for this?18:38
sbalneavmemtest86 might reveal somthing.18:40
sbalneavMost of the ubuntu boot disks allow you to boot in a memtest86 model.18:40
LaserJocksbalneav: hi!18:40
sbalneavHey LaserJock! Happy gutsy day!18:40
LaserJocksbalneav: same to you. well done!18:41
sgonzalezI will try that after school ends. Happy Gutsy Day :) BTW, why is the generic kernel loaded for edubuntu server? I would think that since it's server version it would have the server kernel by default.18:42
LaserJocksgonzalez: I think there's probably some historical reasons18:43
sbalneavBecause generic is the most guarenteed to work :)18:43
LaserJockand it might provide the most "generic" experience, so work for the most people out of the box18:44
sgonzalezWell, I guess that's true for me :) Is memtest 86 a pass/fail sort of thing?18:45
ograit needs to u quite some time with that amount of ram18:47
ogralike 24-48h or so18:47
ograyou find it in the bootmenu of your server18:48
ogra(hit esc during the grub message)18:48
sgonzalezOgra: Thanks. I guess I'll wait for the weekend to run it.18:49
sbalneavogra: So, I'm thinking we only need to have one or two LTSP specs.18:49
ograi'd assume the ram you added isnt 100% compatible with the 2Gig you already head18:49
ograsbalneav, we can have as many ltsp specs as we like (for ltsp-drivers ;) )18:50
ografor edubuntu we'll need to see18:50
ograwhich ones would you propose ?18:51
sgonzalezOgra: I bought Edge RAM. Not sure what the 2GB in there is. Edge seems to be fairly compatible with most stuff. If it fails, I'll pull the 2GB originally in there and see if the 4 pass. If so, I guess I'll run with 4 or find $$ for more.18:51
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sgonzalezOgra: Separate problem: A while ago, you directed me to this site < https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp/+bug/105709> because I couldn't log out of my server (freezes.) I followed the directions, but still have the issue. Any other ideas?18:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 105709 in ltsp "sound config not reset after thin client usage" [Undecided,Fix committed]18:52
sgonzalezogra: I'm actually frozen at the console now, and ssh'd in. If there's something I can look for, please tell me! I'm kind of a noob (1 year old linux server admin) so even the obvious is welcome.18:55
sbalneavogra: Well, I'm thinking a "meta" one, where we discuss some technical stuff, i.e. c jetpipe, cdpinger, and localapps, and then one for "handoff"18:56
ograhandoff will happen during FOSSCamp ... we dont need a spec18:56
ograi'm not really clear yet if and how much time i'm allowed to put in18:57
RichEdsbalneav see /msg19:43
sbalneavLaserJock: You around?21:46
LaserJocksbalneav: yep21:53
LaserJocksbalneav: what's up?21:53
sbalneavYou did a nice job of handling that guy in -devel21:56
sbalneavHe was basically there to stir up trouble, and you all kept your cool.  Well done.21:56
LaserJockI spent from ~midnight to 3am last night in #ubuntu-release-party running herd on the chaos21:57
LaserJockby this time I'm getting a bit used to it21:57
LaserJockunfortunately, I should have been writing on my dissertation21:57
LaserJockwhich I'm meeting my advisor about in 30 min21:57
LaserJockso long day today21:57
sbalneavdon't talk to me then, get busy21:58
LaserJockand my parents are here21:58
LaserJockand we're driving to Sacramento this evening21:58
LaserJockwahoo! ;-)21:58
LaserJocksbalneav: btw, last night I also managed to write http://www.edubuntu.org/UsingAddOnCd, what do you think?22:00
RichEdmy parents are here ... LaserJock is pulling that "need my mummy" again ... and funny how he always says he *should* have been writing his dissertation22:02
LaserJockheah, so when are we gonna get a BOF/spec list?22:03
* LaserJock likes to spout off ideas that nobody probably cares about22:04
LaserJockI really really hope the daily schedules work out well for Boston so I can listen in22:05
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jeffwheelerIs it okay to simply install the edubuntu packages on a normal Ubuntu system?23:59

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