nixternalRiddell: my branch under the kubuntu website project is updated...needs some final tweaking00:01
nixternalI am on my way to class00:01
nixternalEveryone proof and help out...I am heading out...see you in a bit00:06
nixternalRiddell: ^^ there is what it looks like - the uploads can be merged in from my branch...later :)00:06
ScottKnixternal: I've my usual comment about wanting to mention GPG and S/MIME by default, but up to you.00:07
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kwwiiRiddell: http://sinecera.de/release.png00:38
kwwiidon't say I never do anything for you :p00:38
sebaskwwii: The lack of contrast in the middle of the letters, horizontally is disturbing to the eye00:46
sebasDoes it work with a white outline around the letters?00:47
nosrednaekimisn't it a bit late to change thingd ;)00:48
kwwiisebas: yeah, although it is the same exact thing as the kdm pic, which looks pretty good i was thinking the same thing00:57
kwwiiI'll work on it more tomorrow but I was afraid that we would need something before I woke up .p00:57
kwwiiman, you are tired if you mistype :p00:58
sebasI accept that. It's highly self-reflective to me00:58
kwwiiwanted to make sure that something was available in case I didn't get up in time00:58
kwwiibeen quite busy with another project for Gutsy these last days00:59
kwwiigod knows that Riddell could have said something earlier, and god knows that I could have thought of this myself00:59
kwwiiman, I have become such a weak-ass in the last few months01:00
kwwiinormally I would just blame it on Riddell :p01:00
sebasI'll go to get some sleep I guess01:00
kwwiigood ide3a01:00
sebasHigh five!01:01
kwwiiyou get the point01:01
kwwiisee you01:01
kwwiisleep well01:01
DaSkreechnight kwwii01:15
nixternalso, how is everyone doing? :)01:19
* Jucato still semi-sick01:20
nixternaldamn man, get better already, the monkey is coming!01:22
crimsuna vista monkey?01:22
Jucatoooooh hi crimsun! long time no see :)01:22
crimsunhi Jucato01:22
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Riddell#ubuntu-release-party is a bit mad01:25
nixternalcrimsun: what's up man? long time no see01:26
nixternalI am glad you came back just for a cheap shot though :p01:26
nixternalRiddell: that is why I stay out of it01:26
crimsunnixternal: anytime!01:26
* nixternal checks the party01:26
nixternalI should go in there and say we are delaying it until Friday01:26
Jucatoyes, and I will shout !nixternal in there :)01:28
nixternalactually, it is quiet, wait for the UK to wake up01:28
nixternalOK, easy to get lost in there01:29
nixternalRiddell: how is the release notes? hopefully not to beat up01:29
Jucatoyeah hahah01:29
Riddellnixternal: look great01:29
nixternalgood deal01:29
Jucatonixternal: <Riddell> nixternal: look great <--- that's actually a command. you should start trying to look great :P01:31
* DaSkreech gets the Vista monkey off nixternal's back01:48
nixternalyou got the vista bug now!01:48
DaSkreechA long time ago01:49
DaSkreechJust that I find it very unproductive01:49
DaSkreechabout 1/2  the time I'm here I'm in Vista01:49
nixternalman, and I take crap for it01:50
Jucatonixternal: yes. because you're you. :)01:50
nixternalI have a head ache01:50
JucatoDaSkreech is not nixternal... so he takes a whole different kind of krap :)01:50
nixternalman, we should tell everyone we are running KDE 4 by default now in Gutsy in there...I bet Kubuntu beats Ubuntu in initial downloads :p01:54
Jucatoand I'll quit being in #kubuntu after that :)01:55
nixternalwo0t...our servers just pulled in the html files for the download page01:56
nixternalerr, how did I paste Indiana Universities link and not mine01:56
nixternaloh well, ours looks the same, but I was watching the server here pull them over01:56
nosrednaekimhaha... good idea :)01:56
DaSkreechnixternal: Yeah but then #kde would kik our butts01:57
Jucato(your butts...)01:58
DaSkreechHa ha :)01:58
* Jucato would be on a vacation01:58
DaSkreechNice disassociation there01:58
Jucato(unannounced, indefinite)01:58
JucatoI've had my butt kicked more than enough for the sake of Kubuntu, thank you01:58
nixternalOK, I need to stop trolling02:00
nixternalI am listening to the teach go over javascript and ajax, and I am trolling02:00
Jucatoone begets the other :)02:00
nixternalI can't believe someone hasn't joined the chan yet as sabdfl02:02
crimsunbecause no one can without ghosting him.02:03
DaSkreechI was about to ask how tey would pull that off02:03
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nixternaloh lord02:03
MShuttleworthHe owns it already02:03
* nixternal gets away from DaSkreech02:03
* MShuttleworth hugs his good friend02:04
MShuttleworthnixternal: Liar!! There is no food02:06
Jucatohm.. breakfast02:07
* MShuttleworth pops up basket02:07
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nixternalwe had people pop in that channel, to funny02:08
nixternallets me know people are reading part messages02:08
* n8k99 breaks fast02:19
dasKreechMy GF always used to write it like that too02:20
dasKreechI just think it like that02:20
dasKreechnixternal: http://marriedman.deviantart.com/art/I-like-KDE-dammit-6759742404:22
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JucatoHobbsee: is gutsy officially out? can we remove the #ubuntu+1 in the topic?05:38
HobbseeJucato: it's not, no mail to u-a05:38
Jucatohm ok. coz someone said #ubuntu+1 is redirecting to #ubuntu now05:39
Jucatoso might be useless to put #ubuntu+1 in the topic in #k05:39
ScottK#ubuntu+1 is redirecting to #ubuntu.  I'd take it out.05:41
dasKreechThat's just confusing05:42
* Hobbsee muhahahahaha's05:42
Jucatook if no one else object's, I'll remove it05:42
dasKreechHow do you give up ops ?05:42
dasKreech /op- nick ?05:42
dasKreechNever mind got it05:43
Jucatofor the lolcat lovers: http://www.lolcatbible.com/index.php?title=Main_Page05:47
dasKreechAn Ceiling Cat sayz, i can haz lite? An lite wuz05:49
nixternaldasKreech: that wallpaper in that screenshot is very nice05:49
* Jucato waits for the "It looks like Vista I love it" comment...05:50
* nixternal kicks Jucato in the small toe05:50
Jucatowhich one would that be? :)05:50
nixternalright foot05:50
Jucatohm.. judging by your size and my relative size... you kicked my whole foot :)05:51
Jucato... ouch!05:51
dasKreechDese bonez is my bonez  an dis meatz are my meatz;  I calz her "whoa man", k  cuz she in ur chest taken ur ribs.05:52
dasKreechWhoa man :)05:53
Jucatowth? is Carmony really being serious?05:53
dasKreechAn they sewd sum fig-leavez togethr, An made themselvez clofs. Eve even maded firs thong but was vry vry itchy. srsly.05:54
dasKreechha ha ha05:54
ScottKApparently (about Carmony)05:59
dasKreech I missed the whole Linspire Ubuntu thing06:00
dasKreech Whats going on?06:00
Hobbseeman...ubuntu is light years ahead of kubuntu...06:22
JucatoHobbsee: sad...06:23
Hobbseebut shit...you see why ubuntu has the uptake that it does, when you run it06:24
Hobbseeparticularly if you change th theme06:24
Hobbseeand make it shiny06:26
Hobbseelooks a lot like kde, in some ways :)06:26
Jucatounfortunately, we have the shiny only...06:26
fdovingcan't say i miss much while doing my daily things in kubuntu. what does ubuntu have? gnome?06:27
Jucatobullet proof X?06:28
Hobbseeshiny stuff, compiz, the codecs06:28
Jucatoprinter setup?06:28
Hobbseeit just seems more integrated and polished than kubuntu06:28
Hobbseehavent tried that yet.06:28
Hobbseeit should be flawless06:28
fdovingyep, go try opensuse, mandriva, etc.06:28
Jucatoa lot of users are actually comparing and noticing the discrepancy06:28
fdovingthey all feel the same. polished.06:28
Hobbseeyeah, well.06:28
Jucatothey're beginning to ask...06:28
Hobbseeand irssi is actually mostly bearable.06:31
Hobbseeprobably because it's not straight black on white - but i set this to a light grey on black06:31
Hobbsee(er, white on black)06:31
fdovingwell, work. bye.06:31
Jucatobye fdoving06:32
* Hobbsee kicks pidgin06:33
Jucatopoor birdie :)06:33
dasKreechJucato: he listed Kubuntu as different from Ubuntu06:34
Jucatounfortunately, he's half correct...06:35
Jucatounfortunately, there's no clear cut answer06:35
Hobbseepidgin, you suck06:35
* Jucato hands Hobbsee a shotgun06:35
Hobbseesurely you have realised that not everyone uses hotmail.06:35
Jucatoalthough have you tried file transfer between Kopete and Yahoo! Messenger? :)06:35
Jucatoyou'll probaby shoot kopete too :)06:36
Jucatomore than twice I've been embarrassed by that :/06:36
Hobbseeoh actually, yes i have06:37
Hobbseefile transfer never seems to work06:37
ScottKSecurity feature.06:41
dasKreechFor Yahoo?06:46
ScottKNo, not transferring files.06:47
ScottKNever know what kind of dangerous stuff you'll get.06:47
dasKreech!find openal06:47
ubotuFound: libghc6-openal-dev, libopenal-dev, libopenal0a, libopenalpp-cvs-dev, libopenalpp-cvs1 (and 2 others)06:47
dasKreechHobbsee: What polish would Kubuntu need to bring it to challenge ubuntu ?06:52
Hobbseejust install it and have a look06:53
Hobbseehte codecs, in particular06:53
* Jucato would answer stability and upgrade path, "equal" features (maybe backends-frontends) if he were Hobbsee06:53
* dasKreech pictures Jucato dressed up as Hobbsee06:54
dasKreechWhat upgrade path ?06:54
Jucato!enter | Jucato06:54
HobbseedasKreech: based on what i wear, that wouldnt be too scary06:54
nixternalI just deleted my Java midterm project that is due tomorrow06:54
* dasKreech hardly sees what Hobbsee wears :)06:54
Jucatoupgrade path from ubuntu to ubuntu+106:54
nixternalhow I did it, I have no clue06:54
HobbseedasKreech: come to a UDS then :P06:55
Jucatonixternal: wtf?!?! no way! :(06:55
dasKreechBut in what I have seen you in.!!!06:55
nixternalJucato: unfortunately yes way06:55
* dasKreech still has those two pics of Hobbsee :)06:55
HobbseedasKreech: i live in tshirts and jeans and jackets, pretty much06:55
dasKreechI figured06:55
* Hobbsee did a lot of sound engineering, and other such things, and so had no use for skirts.06:55
nixternalat least I have a print out of the working GUI, so she better understand06:55
dasKreechnixternal: GUI delete?06:55
* Hobbsee is not a girly girl. clan is the girly girl.06:55
nixternalya, GUI delete06:55
nixternalabout 2 hours of solid GUI work too06:56
Jucatovista gui delete or *buntu's?06:56
dasKreechClan ?06:56
dasKreechSo it's not in ~./Trash ?06:56
nixternalmy Vista box sleeps unless I feel like testing some cross-platform stuff, or I want to play Call of Duty06:56
nixternalit is in ~/.hell06:56
dasKreechJucato: wat's wrong with our upgrade path ?06:57
Jucatohm... w/c reminds me...06:57
nixternaldon't know if I found a bug or not, and if I did, I couldn't even tell you where it is06:57
dasKreechOther than KDE's spastic release schedule ?06:57
JucatodasKreech: I'm not talking about schedules06:57
Jucatobut about the actual process of upgrading to a new release06:57
dasKreechRight I'm trying to ascertain what you mean06:57
dasKreech oh you mean not having to press alt+F2 ?06:57
Jucatonot having the updater crash for one06:58
dasKreechAh it crashed for you?06:58
* nixternal beds06:58
Jucatolet see if Gutsy will be the release where I won't hear it crashed for anyone06:58
Jucatok'night nixternal06:58
dasKreech Well my co worker just spent the whole day rescusing ubuntu from an upgrade where the updater crashed and near hosed his system06:58
dasKreechHe had to format and reinstall06:59
dasKreechnight nixternal06:59
Jucatowb Hobbsee_ with a tail07:08
Hobbseehmm.  /me is on the search for a non-konversation client that doesnt suck.07:09
dasKreechirssi ?07:10
JucatoI just love users :)07:10
Hobbseeirssi's less sucky07:10
dasKreechJucato: I know right?07:11
Jucatoone of theses I will really really quit IRC user support07:12
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hobsee - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:15
ubotuI phear the stick so shhhhh07:15
dasKreechI swear anytime i fire up a GTk app my load jumps to 307:16
Hobbseeyeah, i'm surprised hwo slow this is too07:17
Jucatoyay!! the pointy stick has left!07:18
ScottKHobbsee: Why non-Konversation?07:23
dasKreechJucato: See  http://www.patchshorts.com/node/6 is a problem07:41
HobbseeScottK: because i was wondering if there was anything else.07:47
Hobbseeand i'm using gnome atm07:47
ScottKOK.  I like Konversation.  I tend to get stuff I like and then just stick with it.07:48
JucatoHobbsee: ph34r your own stick!07:49
Jucatoseriously... our users are getting smarter and noisier... they're beginning to compare feature lists and ask scary questions... we can't fool them anymore!07:51
Jucatothat's just one. which I can easily lay the blame on compiz people ;)07:52
dasKreechha ha07:54
dasKreechI just keep saying wait til kwin4!07:54
dasKreechThe WM not the game07:54
dasKreechThey damn well better have a spinning cube07:54
dasKreechThats the only one people seem to care about07:54
Jucatothey don't have a useless spinning cube. the desktop grid is great07:55
dasKreechYeah that looks awesome :)07:56
dasKreech too bad Compiz has that now as well07:56
Jucatoand more useful07:56
dasKreechStupid users comparing lists07:56
ScottKIt's late and I'm tired, so I'm off to bed.  Good night all.07:56
Jucatogood night ScottK!07:56
Jucatoactually beryl had the desktop wall first before compiz did07:57
sahin_hI have to say I tested compiz in the last week. And my conclusion: it's nice and wow, but after a week I won't use anymore.07:57
sahin_hAnd I tested with gnome.07:58
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth.. there is no root password. Then you will see that it is sudo that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:58
sahin_hI lost my favorite keyboard shortcuts for example.07:58
sahin_hStill there are minor but anoing bugs.07:59
Hobbseei think we should lock that page...07:59
sahin_hMost of the bugs related to my dual monitor env I think.07:59
sahin_hAnd I can't stand with gnome, becuase most of the application what I use KDE based.08:00
sahin_hI tried to replace amarok with rhytmbox. Amarok simply the superior one.08:01
sahin_hDigikam has more features which are important for me than f-spot.08:01
sahin_hTomboy vs basket... and so on.08:01
sahin_hSo I'm going to stick with kubuntu and I'm just waiting for KDE4.08:02
sahin_hI use only two gtk apps frequently: firefox, openoffice.08:03
dasKreechsweetheart_sunsh:  Hey Sweetheart!08:03
serzholinosahin_h: openoffice isn't gtk app08:03
dasKreechFirefox is 'orrible :)08:04
sweetheart_sunshooh..hi skreechie08:04
serzholinoit uses its own toolkit08:04
sahin_hserzholino: Well, you're right.08:04
dasKreechhi Sunny08:04
dasKreechOh Sunny click on the words #dwight08:04
sahin_hdasKreech: Yep firefox not perfect, however our corporate env much better than konqueror. Unfortunately.08:04
dasKreechtrue :)08:05
sahin_hdasKreech:  Most of my web based corporate application simply useles with konqueror. And I have to use these apps.08:05
dasKreechYeah I won't argue that Konqueror shoudl be rolled out in a Business :)08:06
sahin_hAnd yes, firefox not a gnome application too...08:06
sahin_hIn the past I translated the Kubuntu Gutsy beta announcements to Hungarian08:09
sahin_hWhere can I found the proposed announcement for Kubuntu Gutsy Final)?08:09
sahin_hI would like to start the translation now, because I have some spare time now.08:10
sahin_hLater maybe I won't have time for it.08:10
sahin_hLater means later on this day.08:10
ubotuThe women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.08:13
dasKreechWhat was the project to build an apt-server from your cache ?08:15
ScottKsahin_h: I saw a version of it here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/ReleaseNotes - I don't know if that's the final or not.08:25
ScottKOops.  Not that one (although that would be good too).08:25
ScottKsahin_h: This one: http://www.nixternal.com/tmp/kwww/announcements/7.10-release.php08:25
sahin_hScottK: Thanks for the link.08:26
ScottKYou're welcome.08:26
ScottKnixternal: You left your book report up on your web site: http://www.nixternal.com/tmp/draft.odt08:28
Jucatoyo _StefanS_08:49
_StefanS_hey all08:51
_StefanS_busy night ? :)08:51
_StefanS_kinda alot going on here late last night..08:51
Jucatowasn't here :)08:52
Jucatokinda disappearing into the night :)08:52
_StefanS_among the creatures of the night...08:53
Jucatothat too08:54
dasKreechNight all08:55
_StefanS_Jucato: found you! http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlLA/original/ShaolinMonk.jpg08:55
Jucatohm... I was considering getthing a very short haircut...08:55
Jucatosince my hair has been fallling out, might as well get rid of it all.. :(08:55
_StefanS_yep thats a good thought08:56
_StefanS_oh well I need to work..08:56
Jucatounfortunately, the looks will be not as good :)08:56
Jucatounlucky you :)08:56
_StefanS_looks are deceiving :D08:57
_StefanS_seems like I have another computer for spare08:57
JucatoI should call you _StefanS_ Clause :)08:58
Jucatoerll Claus08:58
_StefanS_I even sent a SE z550i to Jos also, which I happen to find in the storage08:58
_StefanS_uhm I need to buy some more memory08:59
_StefanS_Tonio_: those bugfixes are for hardy, right?09:03
pwuertzwho is building the kde4 beta packages? are there going to be some updated beta3 packages, as the packages in the repository are broken? is there a guide for building the kubutu-kde4 packages from svn?09:20
_StefanS_pwuertz: Riddell, and see kubuntu.org09:22
_StefanS_pwuertz: techbase.kde.org ?09:23
pwuertz_StefanS_: yea, I've seen that beta3 was announced today... but the 3.94 packages in the repository have been built like a week ago and they are broken09:24
pwuertz_StefanS_: no updates since then09:24
_StefanS_pwuertz: Riddell has been very busy getting the kde 3.5.8 packages to behave and ofcourse all the other management.09:25
pwuertz_StefanS_: ok, sorry09:27
_StefanS_pwuertz: dont be, my guess is that stuff like that will be taken care of pretty soon09:27
Riddellpwuertz: what's broken about them?09:57
_StefanS_Riddell: I debugged a bit late last night and my startkde script doesn't seem to fail directly, but KDE4 just exits to kdm after the "Desktop" part of the splash screen10:00
_StefanS_Riddell: not sure what causes it10:01
_StefanS_Riddell: I will try with xephyr, it might be easier than a full session10:01
Riddellnow here's an e-mail10:04
Riddell   Hallo from Greece.10:04
Riddell   How much time will take until Kubuntu 7.10 will be able for10:04
Riddell   downloading?Million users are in front of their screens for hours10:04
Riddell   today.10:04
_StefanS_Riddell: think I got it10:04
_StefanS_nice :D10:04
Riddell_StefanS_: oh?10:04
_StefanS_Riddell: gonna make a paste10:06
Jucatolol! Million users? :)10:07
_StefanS_Riddell: ksmserver: error while loading share libraries: libkpty.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:07
stdindid you install the beta with "sudo apt-get install kde4base-dev kdebase-workspace" ?10:09
pwuertzRiddell: most binaries are linked against libkpty.so... which seems to be code outsourced from konsole10:09
_StefanS_stdin: I'll try that10:10
pwuertzRiddell: but its missing10:11
stdinlibkpty.so is in kdelibs5-dev10:11
pwuertzok... just a dependency missing then10:11
Riddellwell, a file in the wrong place10:12
_StefanS_ah yep10:12
stdinwell, .so's are normally links to the real object, but it's a binary10:12
_StefanS_Riddell: maybe you should post that to the kubuntu.org wiki, since we cant make changes to gutsy anymore10:12
pwuertz_StefanS_: does that mean kde4 beta3 is frozen in gutsy?10:13
RiddellI can update the instructions on kubuntu.org10:14
Riddellpwuertz: all of gutsy is frozen10:14
pwuertzis that wise?10:14
_StefanS_Riddell: that would be good10:14
_StefanS_am I the only one getting strange black screens when logging into kde, like powersaving stuff gone crazy ?10:16
_StefanS_it just immediately blanks the screen.. but it might be my DVI switch10:16
pwuertzfor some reason.. the beta3 in the repository looks very different from http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce_4.0-beta3/plasma.png10:20
pwuertzmaybe post-installed applications and plasmoids for the screenschot10:21
pwuertz_StefanS_: no, screen is ok10:22
pwuertz_StefanS_: but plasma got problems with bigger screen sizes10:23
_StefanS_pwuertz: I was referring to the current kde 310:23
pwuertzoh ok10:23
sebaspwuertz: I had the applet from playground installed, IIRC10:28
Riddelldoes this work for people in konqueror? http://thecodingstudio.com/opensource/linux/screenshots/index.php?linux_distribution_sm=Kubuntu%207.10%20RC10:30
Riddellclicking the screenshots?10:30
_StefanS_works for me10:32
Riddell_StefanS_: in konqueror?10:33
_StefanS_just testing now10:33
Riddell_StefanS_: you can click on the different kubuntu screenshots?  what version of KDE?10:33
_StefanS_gutsy latest10:33
_StefanS_works fine10:33
Nightroseworks here - konqueror 3.5.8 on feisty10:35
_StefanS_wow archive.ubuntu.com already taking hits it seems :)10:37
_StefanS_118kb/s thats a new low10:37
Riddell_StefanS_: I'd recommend you use a mirror10:58
_StefanS_yep I might just do that10:58
peterbuldgeis anybody else having a problem getting beta 3 to start?10:58
peterbuldgeit gets to the flashing screen icon on load and then the xserver resets and it goes back to the login screen11:00
Huffis the official release out yet? or still making small changes via rsync?11:00
stdinit's not out yet,  #ubuntu-release-party11:00
peterbuldgeby the way I'm talking about the kde beta 311:00
_StefanS_peterbuldge: install kdelibs5-dev11:01
_StefanS_peterbuldge: seems to fix it11:01
peterbuldgeI'll try it11:01
_StefanS_peterbuldge: I havent verified it yet, so please let us know11:01
stdinif you install "kde4base-dev"  and "kdebase-workspace" it should get everything you need11:01
peterbuldgek gimmie a few11:02
stdinI'm guessing mirrors are going to be slow ;)11:02
peterbuldgewhen is 7.10 supposed to actually be available today?11:03
peterbuldgesorry I'm sure that question is being asked non-stop in here11:04
stdintoday yes, exactly when, no one knows11:04
peterbuldgewell the rc is pretty nifty11:04
peterbuldgeis there it just going to be small bugfixes for the final release?11:05
peterbuldgeor are the features that stil havent been added11:05
stdinif you keep up-to-date, then you will have the final release, won't be much different11:06
Riddellpeterbuldge: we have two whole new versions of KDE in the final11:06
peterbuldgeyeah you're speaking of beta 3 right?11:07
Riddellthat's one of them11:07
peterbuldgeand then 3.5.811:07
peterbuldge3.5.8 is nice11:08
peterbuldgeI'm trying to get beta 3 working now... pretty anxious to see what progress has been considering beta was pretty much unusable11:09
peterbuldgebrb guys11:09
peterbuldgeok guys I can confirm that installing the dev packages along with the workspace package gets beta 3 working11:18
peterbuldgeat least for me11:18
sahin_hThe Hungarian translation of the Kubuntu Gutsy announcement has been done.11:18
peterbuldgethe plasmoids seem to work11:19
peterbuldgealthough I have no idea what to do with them11:19
sahin_hNow I'm ready to put the news to the some Hungarian Linux portal when Kubuntu 7.10 will be released.11:19
sahin_hOne step left. I have to insert the pictures into, when the english one will take to the final place.11:20
Riddellsahin_h: based on what?11:21
sahin_hRiddell: Based on this: http://www.nixternal.com/tmp/kwww/announcements/7.10-release.php11:22
sahin_hRiddell: I hope this will be the final annoucement what ScottK show me.11:23
Riddellsahin_h: I've made some changes to that http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php11:23
Riddellremoved digikam and amarok and added strigi and qyoto/jambi11:24
peterbuldgewhat will the process be for upgrading from the RC to the final?11:24
sahin_hRiddell: Ohhh. It will be a big problem if I will keep amarok and digikam?11:24
peterbuldgeis it the same as upgrading from feisty?11:24
peterbuldgeor is it just a regular apt-get update type deal11:25
Riddellsahin_h: not at all11:25
sahin_hRiddell: I'm going to insert strigi and qyoto/jambi after my lunch.11:25
Riddellpeterbuldge: see the page above (which is not yet published)11:25
Riddellsahin_h: where is your page?11:25
sahin_hRiddell: The material not on any public page yet. However you can check the previous announcement translation on the following location>11:26
peterbuldgeyeah I'm looking at it now and it only mentions upgrading from feisty11:26
peterbuldgeso I guess the process is the same?11:27
sahin_hRiddell: http://ubuntu.hu/hir/megjelent-kubuntu-7-10-gutsy-gibbon-beta11:27
Riddellpeterbuldge: oh, didn't read you11:27
Riddellpeterbuldge: for RC upgrades you can probably just do apt-get dist-upgrade fine11:27
peterbuldgewhere is there documention on the kde beta 3?11:28
peterbuldgeit seems really different and this is the first time I've had a chance to play around with a working version11:29
Riddellpeterbuldge: kubuntu.org11:29
Riddellwell, depends what sort of documentation11:29
peterbuldgeI'm a dummy11:29
peterbuldgeI do not think I like strigi11:31
peterbuldgeit has to index everything and it takes up space11:32
peterbuldgewhat are some other desktop search utilities?11:32
emilsedghmhb: ping11:33
Riddellpeterbuldge: #kubuntu for user questions11:36
Riddellnow..who's brave?11:39
Riddell   Thank you for the Kubuntu. I still can't believe what I got for 311:39
Riddell   pounds sterling ! :)11:39
Riddell   [1]http://www.chilloutzone.de/files/06081803.html  (flash based thank11:39
Riddell   you :) )11:39
RiddellI don't have flash so if someone dares to see what it is.. :)11:39
Nightrosehaha nice one11:41
Nightroseit's two bunnies saying thank you a million times and very fast11:41
Huffhaha very funny11:43
serzholinoannounce page has only CD download links, no DVD11:44
Riddellserzholino: we don't tend to publicise the DVDs much11:45
_StefanS_Riddell: what are the differences anyway?11:46
serzholinook, i think i'll find them anyway :)11:46
Riddell_StefanS_: DVDs have live install and debian-installer and have more packages from debian-installer11:47
_StefanS_Riddell: so it contains the alternate also11:47
_StefanS_Riddell: or something like that.11:47
Riddell_StefanS_: yes, and the packages from supported11:48
_StefanS_uhm ok, nice to know11:48
_StefanS_Riddell: kde4 beta3 desktop is behaving _very_ slow, is there something I might have done wrong?11:49
_StefanS_Riddell: I remember it faster from beta2..11:49
Riddellthe packages are built with full debugging on11:49
_StefanS_uhm, still on a 3gb dual core 2ghz it should perfom somewhat better I think.. I'm waiting 30secs for screen updates each time I click :)11:50
_StefanS_Riddell: for some odd reason it seems faster now :)11:52
emilsedghRiddell: ah, please do not create them with debugging for next versions...12:36
sahin_hRiddell: I'm done with the Hungarian translation. The pictures included also.12:56
sahin_hRiddell: I left some extras inside (digikam, amarok, kaffeine)12:56
nosrednaekimsomeone needs to change the topic........13:02
WaltzingAlongRiddell: the image installation pointed to by http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php#upgrade  is nice but people need software-properties-kde installed to see the same screens, right?13:02
WaltzingAlong/topic Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Kubuntu 7.10 is out! | Upgrading? http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php#upgrade13:03
WaltzingAlong:D tried13:03
sahin_hWaltzingAlong: Kubuntu 7.10 is really out? :-O13:06
sahin_hWaltzingAlong: Or that was a joke?13:07
WaltzingAlongsahin_h: it is13:07
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | 7.10 out!
Jucatostdin: sredna is one of the main devs for kate :)13:07
sahin_hWaltzingAlong: Ok, I'm going to post my Hungarian translation!13:07
Jucatoah nvm. he said it :)13:08
stdinJucato: tbh, I'm not looking at names, just replying to sentences ;)13:08
xeviousSo I noticed this the last time I did a dist-upgrade, but forgot about it: While the "Distribution Upgrade" window is open, adept_notifier keeps running.  I currently have an icon in my systray telling me that I have 1108 available upgraded packages.13:20
WaltzingAlongyes and? (btw the support channels are #kubuntu and #ubuntu)13:21
xeviousi'm suggesting13:21
xeviousit seems logical that adept's distribution upgrade process should shut off adept_notifier13:21
xeviousthat could confuse noobs13:21
WaltzingAlongxevious: if you watch it, as items are installed adept_notifier reports fewer available updates!13:22
xeviousnot in sync with what the distribution upgrade is doing13:22
xeviouswell it probably will be13:22
xeviousbut i'm in the downloading phase right now.13:22
* Jucato is not even sure you'll be able to launch adept updater from adept notifier while the distribution upgrade is running13:23
xeviousJucato: adept notifier was running when i started it13:23
Jucatoyes. I don't think it matters13:23
xeviousseems silly to notify users about "available updates" when you're doing a major system upgrade13:23
sahin_hRiddell: Here's the Kubuntu Gutsy announcement in Hungarian Language:13:23
sahin_hRiddell: http://ubuntu.hu/hirek/2007oct/megjelent-kubuntu-7.10-gutsy-gibbon13:23
xeviousand like it could cause confusion. "I'm upgrading and I already need to update it??"13:24
Jucatohow about "I'm upgrading that's why there are updates showing"?13:24
* Jucato shrugs13:25
xeviousit just seems like it would be more polished if it killed adept notifier13:25
xeviousto me at least13:25
WaltzingAlongbut you are installing 1108 updates13:25
xeviousright and the distribution upgrade already told me that it was going to do that13:26
Jucato*I* don't think it's really that confusing. *I* don't think users are that "ignorant". But *I* don't represent the majority, and *I* might be wrong13:26
WaltzingAlongthe difference between 7.04 and 7.10 (among other things) is the set of packages, the version numbers.13:26
nosrednaekimJucato: BTW, do you use Dolphin?13:27
Jucatonoooope :)13:27
nosrednaekimJucato: ah... becaue I woul have thought you would have found this bug ;)13:27
JucatoI think I've had enough Dolphin for a month. but that actually depends13:27
nosrednaekimheh. yeah... its really bad.13:28
Jucatoif I have a konq window open (which is 99% of the time), I use konq13:28
xeviousI'll see how many people get confused by that.13:28
Jucatoonly use dolphin when no window is open or it's from an inserted media13:28
Jucatoxevious: we'll see13:28
xeviousMy guess: the sax player in my band who said "wow that's neat. can i get that? does it work with my ipod?" when he saw kubuntu on my system. and my mom13:28
JucatoI don't think there were confused people last time13:28
xeviousok. let's compare to windows for a sec.13:29
* xevious plays devil's advocate i guess13:29
xeviouswindows update, the little systray icon: for marginal updates13:29
WaltzingAlongand the website both in action!13:29
amachu_i have postgresql-8.2 installed, and its not allowing me to upgreade13:30
xeviousnew windows comes out, you can upgrade with an upgrade disc and it opens a window, similar to this Distribution Upgrade window that I see now.13:30
* Jucato waits for the "punchline"13:31
xeviousduring the XP -> Vista upgrade (which someone unfortunately hired me to do in spite of me recommending strongly against it), windows update doesn't pop up and say "hey! Vista's available. do you want to upgrade?"13:31
xeviousbecause that systray icon notifies people of marginal updates.13:31
nosrednaekimso you are arguing people should have to go out and pay 200 buck for the next version of kubutu to avoid this ;)13:31
* nosrednaekim is REALLY playing the devils advocate13:32
WaltzingAlongpaying 200 is really the short term13:32
Jucatoxevious: then?13:33
Jucatoxevious: there's a difference... Adept/APT is locked13:33
xeviousI'm just saying that it seemed kind of clunky after I already clicked through a bunch of windows distinctly telling me what it was going to do, that adept_notifier decided to make me aware of the 1108 available updates. I looked at the little notify bubble and thought "No shit, sherlock." pardon the language. I just want Kubuntu to be ultra smooth.13:33
Jucatoso technically adept updater won't run13:33
WaltzingAlongso basically you thought it was clunky that you were being told by notifier that there were several packages to be updated while you were updating them?13:34
Jucatoadept notifier's job is  just to display that there are updates available. once you click it, it will try to run adept updater , which is a different app13:35
WaltzingAlongprefer not to have feedback during the process?13:35
xeviousWaltzingAlong: i have feedback13:35
Jucatoand adept updater, just like adept manager and installer, will not run when something's using apt13:35
xeviousin Adept's Distribution Upgrade window that's sitting in the corner13:35
* Jucato wil just have dinner13:35
xeviousit's a progress bar13:35
WaltzingAlongtwo types of feedback, graphical and textual13:35
xeviousyes i have textual feedback in that Distribution Upgrade window, too13:36
=== amachu_ is now known as amachu
WaltzingAlongok point noted13:38
xeviousyou guys are rough13:38
xeviousseriously though. i installed dapper on my friend's computer, not knowing that feisty was coming out about 4 days later13:38
xevious(well he installed it actually, i was there in case of emergency)13:38
xevious4 days later he called up and said "i'm doing the upgrade and it tells me there's already updates available for it"13:39
xeviouswe'll see if it confuses him once again13:39
WaltzingAlongguess it would help to understand a bit how deb works?13:39
xeviousi've got a firm grasp on it.13:39
xeviousbeen using debian since buzz13:40
xeviouslinux since kernel 0.98.313:41
ScottKxevious: I'm sure manchicken would really love help fixing adept up.  I haven't dared to look.  I understand the code is pretty evil.13:42
xeviousall i'm looking for is kill `pidof adept_notifier` at the start of the graphical dist-upgrade process13:43
xevious... if we're being bash-y13:44
ScottKWon't it just spin it up again? (I honestly don't know, I just use apt myself).13:44
xeviouswe'll see13:45
xeviousi just killed it13:45
mhbI whole-heartedly thank all of the people who worked on, helped test and bugfix Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. They have done a really great job. Thanks for making it happen! Special thanks as always to our dearest Jonathan Riddell!13:45
mhbemilsedgh: I am still at school, will be with you in an hour.13:46
emilsedghok thanks mhb13:47
emilsedghKudos to whole community and dev's, speciallly J. Riddell13:48
WaltzingAlongthanks all!13:52
WaltzingAlonglooking forward to the name changes ubuntuK ubuntuG ubuntuX  so we can call them all ubuntu, hehe13:52
Jucatomhb: sounds like a valedictory speech :)13:53
xeviousyou got my two cents. do what you want with it...13:53
Jucatohm... I could have ended the discussion earlier with a "file a bug/wish" :D13:54
mhbJucato: no, it's a big thank you to you all, the active community, including the upstream people who use Kubuntu and comment on it (nudge nudge) :o)13:54
* Jucato looks around...13:55
Jucatoriiiight :)13:55
* WaltzingAlong slaps xevious with a large trout13:55
mhbJucato: that was a joke, of course ... KDE folks have done most of the work on the system.13:55
Jucatomhb: don't worry. I have a very good sense of humor :)13:55
Jucatoto the point of being bad :)13:55
JucatoWaltzingAlong: in absentia...13:56
WaltzingAlongnoticed that too13:56
mhbJucato: and thanks all the user of kubuntu in the world that they are loyal to us and to the people that translate the system and give advice to others.13:58
Jucatoof course. that's what a community is all about :)13:58
* Jucato just wished we had more testers... hm.. blog post coming up13:58
mhbJucato: I wish we had people who would share their ideas with us.14:00
mhbmore people14:00
mhband experience with other distros, etc.14:00
WaltzingAlongmhb: such as?14:00
Jucatowe always have people like that.. the problem is collecting them and filtering through them14:00
mhbWaltzingAlong: people that would come and say "hey, I have migrated from kubuntu to opensuse because of this and this and this."14:01
Jucatoah testimonials of sorts14:01
mhbWaltzingAlong: people either don't say why or they migrate just because ABC is cool.14:01
WaltzingAlongso you want more feedback from then on why?14:01
Jucatoor they just say... "it just works" :)14:01
Jucato(that's mostly what I hear)14:01
mhbright. No helpful information at all.14:02
WaltzingAlongi prefer kde over gnome and realize (it seems to me) that ubuntu is (still) gnome centric but kubuntu is shaping up14:02
WaltzingAlongwell should i come across any i will drill them for answers! :D14:02
Jucatomhb: if you're interested... http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?board=23.014:02
mhbI will read it after the lecture14:02
JucatoI can put out such a call for these kinds of things... but be prepared for an onslaught of info14:03
mhbdeclaring arrays in pascal is not very interesting, though :o(14:03
Jucatoboth useful and useless14:03
WaltzingAlongactually i switched from suse to ubuntu because i preferred deb based over rpm but i picked suse over otther dists (this was 2004) because of yast14:03
Jucatothere are arrays in pascal? hahah14:03
stdinhmm, we're getting a _lot_ of reports that adept is not showing the Version Upgrade button14:05
mhbWaltzingAlong: yast is a good and a bad thing for suse ... you cannot easily integrate it with upstream/other distros, which is kind of on purpose14:05
mhbif yast were separate kcm modules ... I wish.14:05
WaltzingAlongmhb: that was then. i was new and had used redhat a bit but found suse then easier for beginners14:06
WaltzingAlongkcontrol works for me and i dabble with the cli often enough but still like a gui there some times14:06
Jucatoyast has its own brand of separate modules though. but yes, it would be great if you could integrate the two14:07
Jucatoor inter-operate14:07
mhbJucato: yeah. Like separate a bunch of them and have them in kcontrol/systemsettings.14:07
Jucatomhb: while you're being bored to death by pascal arrays (they still teach pascal?!?!) have you heard of packagekit?14:07
JucatoI just heard about it recently but don't know much about it14:08
mhbJucato: hehe :o) yes, I did.14:08
mhbJucato: it's a bittersweet thing to me.14:08
mhbJucato: it uses a separate server for package installation and D-Bus to interact with it.14:09
Jucatoiirc you didn't like the D-bus part?14:09
WaltzingAlongall my programming in undergrad college was with cobol and rpg with a touch of c++14:09
Jucatorole playing games? :D14:09
mhbJucato: yes, I didn't. Having a separate package server with D-Bus is one thing, creating a layer for interacting with *all* package types another.14:11
mhbJucato: there should be a libpackage which you can link against for your app to work with all package types.14:11
Huffwhat was the official release time, gmt, for gutsy?14:11
RiddellHuff: a couple of hours ago14:12
mhbJucato: this way we're forcing everyone to run the package server in the background, and that would be bad.14:12
stdinRiddell: any idea why adept isn't showing the "Version Upgrade" button without "--version-upgrade" ?14:13
mhblet the distribution decide whether it will take a async & D-Bus or sync & fast path - but packagekit doesn't allow that.14:13
Riddellstdin: bug 15388914:13
Jucatomhb: it was explained to me this way: apt <-> package kit service <-> dbus <-> GUI frontend14:13
stdinah :)14:14
Jucatostdin: I thought the --version-upgrade was a requirement?14:14
mhbJucato: better to say apt (library) - linked with packagekit daemon - communicating via dbus - gui frontend14:14
WaltzingAlongrole playing games would have been more relevant! rpg was an ugly cobol14:14
stdinJucato: only from RC (or so the upgrade instructions say)14:14
Jucatoer.. I C14:15
Jucatobah! "I see"14:15
Jucatostdin: good luck w/ user support btw :)14:16
mhbJucato: better (design) solution - apt (library) - unifiedfacade (library) - whatever you want14:16
stdinJucato: feel like jumping in? /me want's lunch ;)14:17
Jucatostdin: tbh... I've been sort of in the dumps w/ user support lately...14:17
JucatoI try to peek in once in a while... but while you guys are there...14:17
stdinJucato: can't say I blame you14:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153889 in adept "feisty dist upgrade check does not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15388914:18
Jucatostdin: don't worry, it might just be a phase I'm going through14:18
Jucatomhb: for you, the unifiedfacade has to be non-d-bus? but wouldn't be using d-bus mean that it would be more likely to be accepted across other distros?14:18
mhbJucato: the unifiedfacade is a library. The d-bus is used (in packagekit) just for requesting stuff. You can create an async solution if you want.14:19
Jucato(but generally I have almost lost all will to do user support...)14:19
manchickenScottK: I'd also love my machine back.14:20
manchickenIt's supposed to show up sometime today.14:20
* Jucato thinks DaSkreech should be around to see these upgrade questions/problems14:20
manchickenSystem76 is rocking pretty hard.  Where Best Buy and HP would just send it via UPS ground, System76 is sending my lappy home at the speed of DHL overnight.14:20
manchickenSo for warranty repair, System76 gets an A-14:21
manchickenThey'd get a higher grade only if they had a store I could walk into :)14:21
manchicken(without waiting a week for the repair)14:21
mhbJucato: in fact, there will be a unifiedlibrary in packagekitd somewhere.14:22
Jucatomhb: sounds kool :)14:22
mhbJucato: but it will be a GNOME-like-hackish-unifiedlibrary-wedon'tcarehowitlookslike-ifitworks.14:22
Jucatoyou lost me at the first word :)14:23
mhbsimply said, packagekit will not develop a platform-app independent layer for other apps to use.14:23
Jucatostdin: ping14:23
mhbbut just an internal layer that will be (most likely) limited and not portable.14:24
Jucatooh lunch sorry...14:24
JucatoRiddell: um.. just to confirm. feisty-proposed is no longer necessary to be enabled?14:25
stdinJucato: nah, just grabbed some chocolate :)14:25
Jucatosame question then ^^^14:25
RiddellJucato: best to keep it in14:25
Jucatothe upgrade instructions don't say so... might that cause some problems?14:26
manchickenI love this.  Once a month I give away about 30-40 discs at my community computer workshop.  I requested 75 from shipit, and 35 were approved.14:26
Jucatobtw the screenshot shows -proposed is enabled14:26
manchickenErr, requested 17514:26
Jucatostdin: please if you know something, while it's early, should we have them enable pre-release updates (-proposed)?14:31
stdinI'd say yes, I guess14:32
Riddellthe screenshots seem quite broken14:32
Jucato<vbgunz> ok, I swear I said pre-relase updates before and it didn't work. but it's seeing an upgrade now14:32
Riddellwhich ones are you looking at?14:33
stdinthis one http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kubuntu-upgrade/snapshot2.png ?14:33
Riddellhmm, works now14:33
Riddellah, it's without the www. that it's broken14:34
Jucatostdin: has this been the issue for the past hours now?14:35
stdinyeah, since we announced the release basically14:36
* Jucato is itching now :/14:36
WaltzingAlongwith and without www resolve for me14:37
Riddellstdin: it doesn't really matter either way, but it's best to keep it in for that adept fix and in gutsy for the kdelibs fix14:40
Riddellwhich hopefully will appear at some point14:40
Jucatothanks :)14:41
jeroenvrpfunny thing is that adept has a version upgrade for me, allthough I am already on Gutsy :-)14:41
Jucatokudos to Riddell and the Kubuntu Team14:41
manchickenJucato: And kudos to you :)14:41
jeroenvrpah "your system is up-to-date"14:41
Jucatomanchicken: hahah thanks! but my presence has been declining once again :)14:42
manchickenTell me about it.14:42
Jucatomanchicken: btw, if you have the time, just something for consideration: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adept/+bug/15391114:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153911 in adept "adept notifier runs during adept-instigated dist-upgrade" [Undecided,New]14:42
JucatoI rather he reported it than ranted about it :)14:43
manchickenYes, I can confirm that.14:43
manchickenIt's been that way for ages.14:43
manchickenI'll confirm with comments, and priority.14:44
Jucatoyeah, I'm personally not in favor of his suggestion. but I'd rather you guys see it for yourself :)14:44
manchickenYeah, I don't want to kill adept_notifier there either.14:46
manchickenI actually suggested a solution.14:46
manchickenI think you'll like mine better.14:46
Jucatothanks :)14:46
Jucatomanchicken: you're right I like it! :)14:47
* Jucato notes that a flood of user support questions is not good for asthma :(14:54
mhbJucato: I have written a blog post requesting feedback from other distros on my Czech blog. The good thing is that the local Linux numbers are small, so I can get an estimate whether people will write something insightful.14:59
mhbhi nixternal and thanks15:13
mhb(see above for my big thanks to all)15:14
ScottKmornin' nixternal.  See my note in the scrollback about your school paper?15:14
lontrahi quick question ... i am wondering what the plan is for the next kubuntu release with regards to KDE 4?  i know that the next release will be a LTS so I'd imagine you'll be sticking with KDE 3 for at least one more release.  Am I right?  By the way congrats on 7.10 looks like the best kubuntu yet15:14
ScottKlontra: That's the plan right now.15:15
nixternalScottK: heh, that was so I could have someone proof it15:15
mhblontra: you're right, KDE4 packages will be available (and easily installable) in the universe repository15:16
ScottKnixternal: Shows you the dangers of leaving the directories browsable.15:16
nixternalCongratulations to everyone15:16
nixternalScottK: ya, I do that purposely though15:16
Riddellyo mhb, nixternal, thanks for all your help with Gutsy15:19
nosrednaekimcongrats Riddell mhb, nixternal, looking and working good :)15:20
* lontra thinks it would be interesting if Debian Lenny were to ship with KDE 4 before kubuntu. 15:26
nixternalRiddell For President!  forget Pedro!15:26
nixternalI am ditching class today...so I can finally catch up on some school work15:26
Jucatoer.. ditching school to do school work? :)15:27
nixternalhehe, right15:27
manchickenScotland has too many numbers in their telephone numbers.15:34
manchickenCrazy Europeans and your weird phone numbers.15:34
Riddell11, I'm sure I've seen numbers in the US with that many15:34
manchickenI'm counting 13 on the one you posted on the release announcement.15:35
Riddellwith international code15:36
Jucatowe also have 13 for our cellular phone numbers...15:38
manchickenIf anybody is interested (and close enough to join) I'm having a no-cost community computer workshop on Saturday here in good ol' Mahomet, IL.15:38
manchickenWe have 7 for local, 10 for domestic non-local.15:39
manchickenI always use 10-digit numbers though.15:39
manchickenMakes it easier for when I travel.15:39
manchickenOoh, you know what's super-cool?  If I go to Europe again, now that I'm on tmobile, I can buy a prepaid SIM card for my blackberry and it'll work in Europe :)15:40
manchickenAre there even any CDMA carriers outside the US?15:40
ScottKmanchicken: I think in South Korea, but I'm not sure.15:43
manchickenScottK: You're coming for the workshop, aren't you? :P15:43
ScottKI'm hoping to be at UDS on Monday, but that's the only day I'll be able to be there.15:44
WaltzingAlongin the usa all phone numbers are country code + 3 digit area code + 3 digit prefix code + remaining 4 digits;    if a city gets large, new prefix codes need to be used, changing the numbers for some people15:44
ScottK$WORK will pay for me to be in the area for a Tuesday meeting.15:44
manchickenAnybody know where the next UDS is gonna be?15:45
Riddellmanchicken: undecided15:46
* manchicken votes for Mahomet, IL.15:46
mhbmanchicken: you want me never to attend, do you?15:51
manchickenmhb: Where are you?15:52
manchickenmhb: You can chill at my place for the event if you want :)15:52
mhbmanchicken: heh, dont you remember? Your government doesnt want the likes of me in the U.S.15:52
Riddellmanchicken: you'll be raided by homeland security15:52
manchickenmhb: Really?  I don't remember....15:53
* ScottK seriously wishes he could honestly say Riddell is being ridiculous.15:53
manchickenRiddell: Homeland Security actually needs a warrant to do anything to me :)15:53
manchickenAnd my local police would be helping me out, too.15:53
RiddellI suspect if you had an illegal immigrant in your house they could get one15:53
ScottKmanchicken: Don't be certain.15:54
manchickenRiddell: Wouldn't be the first time.15:54
manchickenmhb: That's rather stupid of them.15:55
mhbmanchicken: well it would be a bummer to sail the atlantic on a fishing ship15:55
mhbin the box with the macrels15:55
manchickenmhb: I'm just sad to see that this is actually how things are going.15:56
mhbmackerel or how you call them :o)15:56
emilsedghmhb: there?15:56
mhbemilsedgh: I am here now, yes ... I was here but you disconnected15:56
manchickenmhb: Next time tell them that you're going to be visiting a US Citizen, and give contact information.15:57
emilsedghmhb: oh sorry, i didnt know youre here, could i /msg now?15:57
mhbemilsedgh: sure15:57
mhbmanchicken: yes, but I didnt have anyone there15:57
WaltzingAlongi can give you my info but i am not there anymore15:57
manchickenmhb: You could have asked me :)15:57
manchickenOh, you're from the Czech republic?  Why the F are they worried about Czech folks?15:58
mhbmanchicken: the consul made clear that students are the most dangerous, especially when you do not have a bank account with a large sum15:58
manchickenYou didn't express any desire to kill Americans or anything about death to America?15:58
manchickenAre you serious?15:58
manchickenWe have broke-ass students from around the world all over our country.15:58
manchickenAnd most of them are driving autos when they have no business doing so.15:59
mhbfor some reason they want to see that too15:59
Riddellthat's pretty common, I've had problems with getting visas for students before15:59
Riddellif you're going to university that's probably a different thing15:59
mhbRiddell: no, it is not.15:59
manchickenContact RMS and see if he'll help you get in by saying you're visiting MIT.16:00
manchickenI think he's worked that angle before for folks.16:00
mhbwell at least the first-years, and I guess the last years, too... what year you have to be in so they will let you in? :o)16:00
manchickenI think this is all bullshit.16:00
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.16:00
mhbyeah, lets go back to the topic.16:01
manchickenmhb: Mind if I send your blog post around to my legislators?16:01
mhbmanchicken: do what you want :o)16:01
manchickenmhb: Righto.16:01
mhbmanchicken: heh, I guess until you drop the need of a visa to go to the U.S. I will never be awarded one now that I am in their "VISA declined " database :o16:04
* mhb should really shut up, and he does so16:05
Riddellwhat's a bit random is why czech people need one but say Lure doesn't16:05
LureRiddell: I am Slovene, we are on visa wavier program16:06
Riddellsure, but why does the US trust Slovenia and not Czech16:08
Riddell(especially since they're both EU now)16:09
mhbI really didn't want to create a world-wide discussion about this... the UDS will be cool for all attending even though a few of us couldn't come.16:10
manchickenHave we done a UDS in Scotland?16:13
Riddellof course we had Debconf and Akademy this year16:13
manchickenLet's all crash Riddell's place.16:13
Riddellbit of a squeeze, but I could put the non KDE developers in my canoe shed I guess :)16:14
manchickenThat's what they get for delaying KDE4.16:14
MidMarkhi guys I have a simple request for the next version of the upgrade tool16:20
MidMarkplease keep in mind that the tool should take care about possible crashes in package updates16:20
MidMarkit's a shame (not want to offend) that entire updates stops for a segmentation fault by python in a single package16:20
MidMarknow I have problems continuing to upgrade16:20
MidMarkthis should be a very high prorioty!16:20
RiddellMidMark: if you have a crash please report it to launchpad.net/ubuntu on update-manager16:21
JucatoMidMark: it would be very much appreciated if you could report a bug16:21
MidMarkRiddell: already reported ages ago anyway this isn't the point16:21
MidMarkthe point is: update manager should not leave the system half updated and in an ibrid state only for a single stupid package16:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146932 in debconf "package debconf 1.5.14 failed to install/upgrade: " [Undecided,New]16:24
Jucatogood night everyone and congratulations on the release!16:31
Jucato(and good luck with the onslaught of user support, specially you stdin!)16:31
mhbgood night Jucato16:31
stdinnight Jucato16:31
Jucatog'night mhb!16:31
Jucatomhb: btw, looks like there's some news about smolt from liquidat's blog16:32
=== meduxa is now known as toscalix
MidMarkguys just a question: to make restarting the update process it say that there is another process that is locking, i've killed all sudo, update_manager.py and friends, who remains?16:34
ubotuIf Adept crashed on you and your database is locked, try this in konsole: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:34
MidMarkthis also should be added to adept16:34
stdinit is in gutsy16:34
MidMarkok good to hear16:35
MidMarkstdin: ok that worked, however I restarts the upgrade tool, but it closes... so now I'm unable to go back neither go forward16:46
MidMarkany idea?16:46
davmor2Congrats Guys and Gals you've done a smashing job :)16:52
* jpatrick wishes he could of done more16:52
* mhb would have done more if he didn't have to sleep ... cursed sleep!16:53
stdinMidMark: does 'kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"' not restart it?16:54
MidMarkstdin: yes, but then starts to refetch repo and then crash or exit or don't know16:55
MidMarkis there a way to understand what happens? logs?16:55
MidMarkoh found16:55
MidMarkstdin: http://pastebin.com/m78183b7316:58
MidMarkthis is the log when I try to restart16:58
stdinhmm, you'll have to show that to someone who knows adept better17:00
MidMarkstdin: talk about libdbus-1-dev but it's in place, so don't which is the problem17:01
MidMarkand trying a manual distupgrade-> http://pastebin.com/m37f0f9e017:03
stdintry "sudo apt-get -f install"17:04
MidMarkstdin: ok seems something is moving17:05
stdingood luck :)17:05
manchicken_We need a tool that will not only install kubuntu-desktop, but will remove the gnome applications, too.17:14
manchicken_So like a Ubuntu-to-Kubuntu switcher.17:14
manchicken_We could put that up on the System76 forums.17:15
manchicken_BTW, I got my lappy back.17:15
manchicken_I'm so happy.17:15
MidMarkthanx to stdin now upgrade tool restarted17:15
jpatrickmanchicken_: remove libgtk1.2 should do it17:16
stdin!purekde | manchicken_, I made this because that doesn't exist17:16
ubotumanchicken_, I made this because that doesn't exist: purekde is If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »17:16
manchicken_stdin: Does removing ubuntu-desktop really work?17:17
stdinmanchicken_: in some cases (when you use aptitude to install/remove)  it does17:18
stdinotherwise packages need to be manually removed17:18
Luremanchicken_: probably just remove one libgnomeXXX that every gnome app depends on17:19
Luremanchicken_: pitti told me once which  but I do not remember17:19
stdinprobably libgnome2-017:21
Lurestdin: that sounds like it, yes17:21
manchicken_I'm 4% in downloading the updates from the last week.  heh17:22
manchicken_This... may take a while.17:22
mhbmanchicken_: hehe, you should have upgraded before the frenzy17:22
manchicken_I couldn't.17:22
manchicken_My lappy was in the shop :(17:22
mhbmanchicken_: ah,yes. Sorry then.17:23
manchicken_Mmm... Amarok...17:25
mhbRiddell: I started a python/kde3 desktop-effects minitool for installing/starting compiz fusion some time ago, do we want a kcmshell module like this for Hardy?17:28
mhbit just installs the package (one click) and replaces kwin with compiz (second click)17:28
Riddellmhb: that would be very cool17:32
mhbRiddell: when will hardy archives open?17:32
Riddellmhb: compiz probably needs some changes to fall back to kwin instead of metacity (I'm not sure)17:32
Riddellmhb: hardy archives should open soon, don't know when exactly17:32
Riddellmaybe tomorrow, maybe even today#17:33
Riddellwell, created rather17:33
Riddellwon't be open for uploading until the toolchain gets in place17:33
mhbI will try to get it in early then.17:33
mhbit is nothing revolutionary, but easy configuration of compiz might be good for the people who like it now (and might prefer it over kwin4 in the future)17:34
ScottKmhb: Please make sure disabling is easy too.17:34
mhbScottK: sure, it's just an install button that changes into remove and start that changed into stop17:35
mhbScottK: of course, when it breaks you cannot really count on the GUI.17:35
Riddellmhb: it might be good to have a test in it to see if compiz will work first17:35
mhbselecting a window when you have no window manager is quite hard17:35
ScottKRight.  My main worry is getting a box that qualifies for compiz by default and I want to have an easy way to make it go away forever.17:36
mhbRiddell: right, I will take a look at how Ubuntu decides the machine is worthy.17:36
Riddellmhb: it's in the /usr/bin/compiz script17:37
Riddellso may not be a way to do it without installing and running compiz17:37
manchicken_Compiz, even with the kde-decorator, removes so much functionality.17:38
mhbmanchicken_: of course, you are right.17:38
mhbmanchicken_: which is why we don't have it by default.17:38
manchicken_does KDE 3.5.8 have better translucency support?17:38
mhbmanchicken_: but many people like it, and we will gain plus points if we provide a way of turning it on, and I can sacrifice a free weekend for plus points :o)17:39
manchicken_It worked for me under 3.5.7, but it wasn't very stable.17:39
manchicken_mhb: Fair enough.17:39
mhbsee you folks, I have one more class to attend. I hope we can make hardy rock as much as gutsy and I am looking forward to your Hardy ideas here and in LP blueprints!17:50
DaSkreechBeat ubuntu :)17:50
mhbDaSkreech: sure, give me and a handful of coders a job and you shall have what you ask for17:51
DaSkreechReally Iwant to see a Semiofficial KDE4 ship for hardy17:52
mhbDaSkreech: well you will get a KDE4.0 packed, question is, will we be able to make a KDE4 CD spin?17:53
mhbbut Riddell is the man to ask here17:53
mhbDaSkreech: of course, second question is, will we be able to port Adept and all the other apps on time?17:53
mhbDaSkreech: the python-kde ones are easy, but Adept? I dunno.17:54
mhbwell I hafta go, see you later17:54
Tonio_hi there ;)17:58
jpatrickhi Tonio_17:58
Tonio_Riddell: congrats for the marvellous gutsy release ;)17:58
Tonio_Riddell: best kubuntu out there from far17:59
Tonio_hey jpatrick17:59
jpatrickDaSkreech: kde4 will be in hardy but not by default18:00
Tonio_Riddell: btw I'm still a bit concerned by dolphin bugs and strigi..... we have to take care of those for hardy, really18:00
ScottKNot to mentione gutsy-updates18:01
Tonio_Riddell: still working on kio-apt on my own, adept's integration is mostly done, next step is the compatibility with gnome protocol18:01
DaSkreechjpatrick: yes but not supported as well18:01
DaSkreechOh can I reinstall strigi?18:01
yaccinthere was a feature removed from kopete, which was in feisty but is missing in gutsy18:17
jpatrickyaccin: could you be a bit more specific?18:18
Riddellconnecting to MSN :)18:18
yaccinin feisty (and bevore feisty) there was a option to hide the scrollbar in the contactlist, that option is gone18:19
yaccini dont NEED msn :P18:19
Riddellwhy would you want to hide a scrollbar?  I'd suspect it was removed on ground of sillyness18:19
Riddellhowever #kopete would be the channel to ask18:20
RiddellTonio_: adept integration?18:20
RiddellTonio_: you should talk to mvo if he has any plans for it, there's a one click install spec at UDS I note18:20
yaccinbecause it looks better without18:21
yaccinand you could still scroll with your mousewheel :)18:21
yaccinok so i got from #klubuntu to #kubuntu-dev to #kopete -_-18:21
DaSkreechi was going to send you to kopete first but you said it wa a patch18:22
yaccini dont know if it is18:22
yaccinbut i think so18:23
yaccini hoped it would be fixed till final release...18:24
yaccinbut net time i find something like that i really try to file a bug report18:25
DaSkreechthanks :)18:25
yaccini would do that more often if it were easier18:25
emilsedghthat was the smooth scrolling option which is removed because it was using lots of power and was wasting battery, they did it after the powertop was intoduced18:30
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots18:31
DaSkreechyaccin: ^^ how much easier do you want it ?18:31
DaSkreechemilsedgh: Right I rmeember that now! Was waking the CPU every second as long as Kopete was up or something like that18:32
emilsedghDaSkreech: i loved it! i hope one of the styles will have this feature again18:32
DaSkreechemilsedgh: That doesn't murder laptops18:33
emilsedghDaSkreech: ...ah i cant wait to see Kopete+Decibel in action...18:34
DaSkreech4.1 :)18:35
yaccinDaSkreech: im not always sure in which category, etc... and i have to register first -_-18:35
emilsedghDaSkreech: no, 4.2 :(18:37
yaccinhow can i make my own cursor theme?18:38
WaltzingAlongyaccin: maybe start with modifying an existing one?18:49
yaccinWaltzingAlong: i need a better tool to convert .cur and .ani files to png images first18:53
yaccinthe one i have sucks :D18:53
WaltzingAlongwhich one are you using?18:59
marseillaiRiddell: i don't know if you are aware about this but kdelibs4c2a-0ubuntu3 remove kdelibs4-dev19:00
Riddellmarseillai: installed from where?19:01
marseillaii took it on planet - kde and install it with gdebi19:01
yaccinWaltzingAlong: some strang windows programm19:01
marseillaisudo apt-get install kdelibs4-dev return this error : kdelibs4-dev: Dépend: kdelibs4c2a (= 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu2) mais 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu3 devra être installé19:02
yaccinbut maybe ill redo them as svg-images :)19:03
yaccinwould be a lot of work but its worth it :)19:03
DaSkreechRiddell: Is there a roadmap to get adept to KDE4 ?19:11
RiddellDaSkreech: not as such19:12
DaSkreechI'm thinking thats a fly in the Ship KDE4buntu ointment19:13
yaccinWaltzingAlong: do you know such a tool?19:15
nosrednaekimDaSkreech: whats wrong with a qt3 app in qt4?19:19
DaSkreechNothing fundamental :)19:20
nosrednaekimI just tried out KDE4... its definately improving in stability :)19:20
nosrednaekimand its usingalmost NO system resources19:20
jpatrickgood good, just as it should be19:21
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: That's not good19:23
DaSkreechI put it on my system to make use of those resources19:23
DaSkreech lazy ass software.. work!!!19:23
nosrednaekimyup :)19:23
OpenSorceokay folks.....this isn't flamebait just a heads up: I'm starting my review of 7.10's fitness for brand new users entitled "Kufailure: a review of Kubuntu 7.10" I'm sorry it worked out like this :-(19:23
ramii dont know how to upgrade:( help please????19:24
nosrednaekimwhats not?19:24
stdinrami: support in #kubuntu19:27
yaccinWaltzingAlong: now i have nice png images :)19:36
yaccinand i found a program to make a cursor theme but it doesnt work :(19:36
* jpatrick looks at his kubuntu installing: "kernel panic"19:43
jpatrickah, failed chunk problem19:48
stdinRiddell: the version of adept in -proposed now shows "Version Upgrade" after I click "Fetch Updates", seem the fix is good :)20:00
DaSkreechShould the changelog in adept be the one for Ubuntu?20:02
Riddellstdin: phew20:15
RiddellDaSkreech: which changelog?20:15
DaSkreechHit the version upgrade button it says something you click next it grabs a Relelase notes /changelog20:16
DaSkreechWhich is apparently for Ubuntu20:16
DaSkreechno plans for a Kubuntu one?20:17
DaSkreechThough that might be hard to engineer20:17
ScottKDaSkreech: There's no such thing.20:17
ScottKIt's all one repository.20:17
DaSkreechI realize as I speak20:17
stdinone note for the upgrade instructions, I do have to click "Fetch Updates" for the "Version Upgrade" button to appear after starting adept20:19
DaSkreechYeah me too20:20
gustavoHi, people. I'm trying to try KDE4, but I cannot see the K Menu. How can I fix that?20:20
RiddellDaSkreech: it's the same thing20:21
DaSkreechgustavo: doesn't exist ?20:21
Riddellstdin: that's deliberate, didn't want it to connect to the internet without the user asking20:21
DaSkreechRiddell: Yeah I figured after I said it20:21
Riddellgustavo: there isn't one, maybe try compiling svn20:21
DaSkreechThere isn't one in svn either I think20:22
stdinRiddell: the instructions need changing then, it just says to restart adept and click version upgrade20:22
gustavoRiddell, DaSkreech: Thank you very much, I think I'll try the next beta of KDE4. Cheers.20:23
DaSkreechgustavo: No press alt+f2 and test other stuff20:24
DaSkreechgustavo: Every tester helps :)20:24
Riddellstdin: done (pending cache)20:25
stdingroovy :)20:25
oelewapp1rkeDaSkreech asked me to "report" here20:27
oelewapp1rkemy live cd boots into a login screen20:27
oelewapp1rkedoesn't show any users20:27
oelewapp1rkectrl-alt-f1 shows a disclaimer about warranty and such more20:27
oelewapp1rkebut no shell20:28
oelewapp1rkeI'm running this on a packard bell mx31 laptop20:28
gustavoDaSkreech: Yes, I've already done so, but I have not seen something weird so far. I've been using Konqueror, Kview, among other and they work fine so far... I just would only be able to test the programs from time to time. I really want to help you, as I love KDE. See you later!20:28
Riddelloelewapp1rke: did you check the CD was valid?20:29
oelewapp1rkeboth the md5sum on the iso20:29
oelewapp1rkeand the "check cd" boot option20:29
oelewapp1rkeall gave OK status20:29
DaSkreechgustavo: groovy20:30
Riddelloelewapp1rke: look for logs in /var/log called casper and file a bug on casper with them attached20:31
oelewapp1rkehow do I get to those logs ?20:31
oelewapp1rkeI can't get to a shell20:31
DaSkreechRiddell: He can't login at all is the problem20:33
DaSkreechUnless he mounts the ISO and snoops through it20:33
DaSkreechI guess :)20:33
oelewapp1rke"snoop throught it" ? how do I do that ?20:35
oelewapp1rkeDaSkreech ?20:37
DaSkreechoelewapp1rke: You'd have to mount the ISO then you can browse it but that doesn't help with /var/log20:40
DaSkreechthe upgrade cancelled20:43
oelewapp1rkeah I got something on CTRL-ALT-F820:43
DaSkreecha shell?20:43
oelewapp1rkesed: can't read /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory20:43
oelewapp1rke/etc/rc2.d/S20powernowd: 156: cannot create /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0//cpufreq/scaling_governor: Directory nonexistent20:44
oelewapp1rkeperhaps it doesn't recognize the cdrom drive ?20:45
oelewapp1rkeclearly it has failed to mount some filesystem20:46
oelewapp1rkeright ?20:46
oelewapp1rkeI could do alt-printscreen-K to kill all processes except init and see where that gets me20:47
oelewapp1rkeinit is not starting a shell20:49
manchicken_Man, this is just painfully slow.20:50
manchicken_I'm averaging about 20kB/s from us.archive.ubuntu.com20:50
oelewapp1rkethe kernel is stuck somewhere :-(20:51
oelewapp1rkeDaSkreech: are there any alternative kernels on the live cd ?20:51
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yaccini installed the patched kopete package because of the msn bug, now kopete doesnt connect to msn, jabber or icq21:18
_StefanS_Tonio_: you there?21:43
_StefanS_Tonio_: I just noticed that some java applications have this wrong launch feedback behavior aswell21:43
DaSkreechRiddell: Should we have a known bugs page for Kubuntu 7.10 ?21:50
nixternalhttp://tinyurl.com/2gljnw  <- Ubuntu article w/ some Kubuntu pimpage21:50
coreymon77the repos could sure stand to speed up a bit21:54
DaSkreechcoreymon77: Riiigh21:54
coreymon77ahh, the "new distro was just released" overload of the repos21:56
DaSkreechnixternal: Debian is the grandparent of All Linux distros? fascinating21:56
DaSkreechcoreymon77: Well done astute detective :)21:56
mhbcoreymon77: very surprising, is it?21:56
nixternalit pretty much is...can you think of a larger distro that was out before it?21:56
coreymon77i wasnt saying ahh as in, "ive figured it out now"21:57
DaSkreechSlackware is older21:57
coreymon77i was saying ahh as in, "same old same old" type of thing21:58
mhbcoreymon77: don't worry, we got it :o) it was the "ahhh" in "ahh, christmas time" even though it is quite predictable :o)21:58
coreymon77i know21:58
ScottKnixternal: There were ones before it, althought few still exist.21:58
ScottKIf Debian were the true father of them all, I don't think RPM would exist.21:58
IrvineHi there. I got a very strange problem with LiveCD. After booting into X mode it asks me to logon. No guess what should I enter.. )))21:59
IrvineBut the activity of thi CD drive points me to thoughts of a corrupted CD. Also, some messages like "unable to load theme" pop up from time to time22:00
nixternalScottK: you know, you are right...iirc Slackware was the first "major" distro, and it is the only one prior to Debian that is still alive I think22:01
DaSkreechIrvine: Did you do a integrity test ?22:02
ScottKDaSkreech: Are you afraid he isn't honest enough to run Kubuntu?22:03
IrvineYep. The iso matches MD522:03
DaSkreechScottK: Who?22:04
IrvineMe, I guess..22:04
ScottKYou wanted to know if Irvine had taken an integrity test.22:04
DaSkreechIrvine: No an integrity test of the burn22:04
ScottKDaSkreech: But it was funnier my way.22:04
DaSkreechwhen you boot you can test the  cd see if that passes22:04
DaSkreechScottK: Ah there was some discussion earlier about Kevin I was wondering if that was coming back22:05
ScottKOh.  I've no idea what that's even about.  Who's Kevin?22:05
Irvinewow.. i got it. the problem is with the RAM module. Memtest rulez. (pattern 0f0f0f0f)22:06
Irvinethanks, anyway22:06
coreymon77oh and btw, i never knew contributions on launchpad contributed to how many shippit options you have22:07
coreymon77i was pleasantly suprised when i saw that just now22:07
DaSkreechScottK: Carmony from Linspire22:08
ScottKOh.  That.22:08
coreymon77if this kind of repository load is expected when a new release comes out22:09
ScottK"Hi, I made a deal with the devil and then quit.  But that's in the past.  I think FOSS is actually a good idea now." - That one.22:09
coreymon77why arent the repos made to be able to handle it22:09
ryanakcaweee! congrats guys :)22:10
* ryanakca goes back to CSSing22:12
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DaSkreechA fair number of peopel are having noting happen when the click close to bring up the upgrade tool22:54
=== Vorian_ is now known as vorian
ScottKDaSkreech: Ones that have upgraded to Gutsy already (I've invalid'ed a few bugs already from people that didn't understand they were already upgraded)?22:58
DaSkreechScottK: Umm Hmm never checked that22:59
DaSkreechIn anycase I'm on gutsy and the upgrade tool opens for me22:59
ScottKRight, but it shouldn't actually upgrade anything.  Essentially it sees you have the devel release that's changed state, fires up and discovers you're up to date.  This is, I think normal.23:00
DaSkreechWhich reminds me kdesudo needs to be patched23:19
_StefanS_DaSkreech: for what?23:21
DaSkreechIt allows any app to be open as long as one app is open that uses kdesudo23:22
DaSkreechThat's not cool23:22
* nosrednaekim hides from this argument23:22
ryanakcawoah... can someone with admin/write access update http://www.kubuntu.org/download.php#latest ? the DVD bittorrent link still points to dapper... eegad!23:23
ryanakcaDaSkreech: not at all :( ... so kdesudo doesn't have a timer/use the same configs as sudo does?23:23
DaSkreechryanakca: from what I understand the timer is from the last time a rootjr app is closed23:24
ryanakcawierd... I would've written it to start from when the password is typed in.23:26
ryanakcaOh well, I guess that's what your patching it for :)23:26
ryanakcabtw, the bittorrent link should be http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/gutsy/release/dvd/23:26
_StefanS_I think it behaves much like the sudo timeout-wise....23:26
_StefanS_it uses sudo behind the scenes anyway23:27
ryanakcahmmm.... no likecd torrents? http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/gutsy/release/ only has dvd :(23:27
ryanakca_StefanS_: yeah... hmm.23:27
ryanakcaoh, nevermind about the no torrents for desktop cds... some servers have them, others don't, just that it's not listed on torrent.u.c23:30
ryanakcaAnd... none of download.php (from what I've seen) has been updated to gutsy23:30

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