atlfalcons866kde4 will be released in december and hardy will be released in april 200800:00
geniilee__: We don't know yet if it's the same kernal as the driver expects, since you still have not reported the result of the command:  uname -m00:00
lee__ok how dow I check and verify that?00:00
tsbI just updated to gutsy and kopete sigterms00:00
tsboops, sorry00:00
lee__getting that line00:00
MoNsTeRhow do i chown to make it so i can get into my windows partion00:01
sub[t]rnlintex: -f with apt attempts to fix broken dependencies.  In bash doing && after a command, will execute whats after the && only if the previous command was successful00:02
ScorpKingintex: i'll get you a few links. the -f is to force it i think and && puts the firts command in the background. when a program runs it also create a lock file so more that one instance of the program can't get started and mess things up. when the program fails the lockfile is left there even tho the program is not running anymore.00:02
* genii sips a coffee and waits for the aspirin to kick in00:02
lee__ok this is waht I got on the first line befor you said the rot00:02
ScorpKingintex: let me grab those links for you. one sec...00:02
lee__-rwxr-xr-x 1 lee root 40335704 2007-10-16 05:22 /media/disk/ati-driver-installer-8.40.4-x86.x86_64.run00:02
lee__is taht waht your looking for?00:03
lee__wait can you acceess my system?00:03
ardchoillegenii: You and your coffee :)00:03
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: chown <whomever> /windows (or wherever you have it mounted)00:03
lee__maybe I am flat jsut not getting the line right or something00:03
geniiardchoille: :) I subsist on that and pizza mainly00:04
sub[t]rnlScorpKing: -f is --fix-broken in apt00:04
MoNsTeRwhats <whomever00:04
ScorpKingoh ok. :) ty00:04
sub[t]rnlwhoever you want to change the ownership to00:04
geniilee__: Please. Type into a konsole this:                        uname -m00:04
lee__ok here it is genii00:04
lee__i found i00:04
sub[t]rnlScorpKing: :P00:05
intexScorp, I can't write to you, because I'm not a registrered user...00:05
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: whats <whomever>00:05
lee__sorry that line slipped by00:05
sub[t]rnlwhoever you want to change the ownership to00:05
ScorpKingintex: <sub[t]rnl> ScorpKing: -f is --fix-broken in apt00:05
ardchoilleintex , ScorpKing: you can join #intex :)00:06
geniilee__: OK, good! Now we know at least that you have the correct driver downloaded00:06
lee__hmm wait I have 2 of the same?00:06
MoNsTeRdo i have to put <> around it sub[t]rnl00:06
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: negative00:06
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: example -> chown monster /windows00:07
lee__never mind..jsut the one00:07
Dr_willissub[t]rnl,  Hmm.. I dident think you chould chown mountpoints.. or chmod them.00:07
geniilee__: You may want to copy the driver install file to your home directory and then try running it from there. It might be trying to create files on the drive you have it on right now when it tries to run.00:08
MinatakuDr_willis! :D00:08
sub[t]rnlDr_willis: eep your right00:08
MinatakuWhat's up? :300:08
Dr_willissub[t]rnl,  :)00:09
Dr_willisHay Minataku  I keep meaning to head to the post office. but i get all tehse other Honeydooo jobs00:09
Dr_willisMinataku,  the box's are on the table and ready to take however.00:09
MinatakuWell, ask her to tell you to go to the post office XD00:09
MinatakuCool, though, that's gonna be awesome when they get here :300:10
geniiDr_willis: LOL Don't tell me YOU"RE sending him stuff too??00:10
earthlyenvoyI've got a dual boot question with xp prof media center ed00:10
MinatakuI can add MORE to my collection! :D00:10
geniiMinataku: Geez, soon you'll need a warehouse00:10
cashIm sorry no one news when will uploaded new release ? ))))00:10
MinatakuI've had many people send me stuff :300:10
blendtux_is cfs scheduler shipped with the kernel in kubuntu gutsy gibbon ?00:10
earthlyenvoywhen I install kubuntu, will all the program files stay included in the perceived partition windows is on?00:10
lee__its eecuting00:10
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: heh, use umask00:10
Dr_willisI almost bought some "network cable" tools - but egads those things seem pricey00:11
=== phen is now known as greenguy
MinatakuLike crimpers and cutters and stuff?00:11
geniilee__: Whew, finally.00:11
MinatakuYeah, that telecom stuff is typically pretty expensive00:11
SteamMachineupdate: (in case anyone cares) it's getting to 13% and then just stopping. Not frozen exactly, but it won't do anything more.00:11
Dr_willis$50 for a Crimper/stripper/puncher/ and a bunch of ends.. :)  whats a decent brand to look for?00:11
Dr_willisI wonder if we got them at work. heh...00:11
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: what is that00:11
MinatakuOh, what's that telecom catalog I used to get00:11
MinatakuI think it was Harris or something00:11
Dr_willisThis was at menards  ;) proberly a rip off there.00:12
MinatakuThey seem like a good place to get telecom kit from00:12
lee__erg not sure if its the move or the screwy way I updated the machine00:12
Greeneryi installed the restricted driver using Kubuntu 7.10 RC then when i restart Kubuntu login screen is not shown, totally black screen00:13
Greeneryhow do i revert this back?00:13
CPrompt^greetings.  I just put in an ATI Radeon X300SE card.  I ran Envy and it installed the drivers.  However, I can't display at 1280x1024 and my fonts are all screwed up00:13
CPrompt^anyone have an idea of what I can try?00:13
cash[02:10] <cash> Im sorry no one news when will uploaded new release ? ))))00:13
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: i cant veiw the files in the harddrive00:13
MinatakuCPrompt^: Nice nickname00:13
MinatakuThough there's no C prompt in Linux... though one COULD set up bash to display such00:14
ubotuenvy is a script that may leave you envious of those who have not used it, use the resticted manager to install binary drivers or use the instructions on the wiki, this script may break your machine very badly!00:14
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: ok its a windows partition or drive?00:14
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: its a harddrive00:14
CPrompt^Minataku : yeah...long story of the name.  Any ideas?00:15
lee__well itstarted then it ceased00:15
sub[t]rnlok, you'll want to specifiy a mount point in your /etc/fstab00:15
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: i have 2 harddrives one for windows and one for linux00:15
MinatakuYeah, read the !envy thing00:15
lee__the monet it figured out waht I ws doing it stopped dead00:15
MinatakuYou might be screwed00:15
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: what is fstab00:15
MinatakuMoNsTeR: man fstab00:15
MinatakuType it in a terminal, read up00:16
ubotuenvy is a script that may leave you envious of those who have not used it, use the resticted manager to install binary drivers or use the instructions on the wiki, this script may break your machine very badly!00:16
MinatakuThe manual pages weren't written for fun, they were written to inform you of various commands and things in the world of Linux00:16
=== blendtux_ is now known as blendtux
MinatakuThere's a wealth of information already on your computer :300:16
=== blendtux is now known as blendtux__
geniilee__: You copied it to your home directory, and then it ran but then stalled?00:17
=== blendtux__ is now known as blendtux
lee__Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.K1557600:18
dsmith__gutsy available yet?00:18
lee__yeah and i know the drivers good too cause the chips locked00:18
Greeneryany idea how to disable restricted driver using recovery?00:18
MoNsTeRsomebody HELP ME!00:18
crimsundsmith__: no.00:18
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: FAT doesn't support ownership reall, and it just inherits the owner of the user who mounts it in fstab.  I'm trying to help you bub...00:19
sub[t]rnlyou need to set a mount point in your /etc/fstab00:19
MinatakuFAT has fstab options to set who owns it00:19
MinatakuIf you'd read man fstab and perhaps man mount, you could see these00:19
MinatakuIf you're not going to at least try to do part of this yourself, don't bother asking for help.00:20
MinatakuWe're here to assist you, not to do it all for you00:20
Dr_willisCorrect. the Owner/Permissiona of vfat  MUST be set when Mounting.00:21
Dr_willisThere are DOZENS of web sites that explain this.00:21
lee__hmm i have a verion up grade showing but..00:21
Dr_willisone would use the   'umask/uid/gid' options normally with vfat00:21
dsmith__its 0919 AM, Thursday Oct 18th, in Australia. I want Gutsy! lol..00:22
ubotuntfs is To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions .  For NTFS write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse00:22
lee__hmm yeah its stalling00:22
MinatakuThese will usually be set to 1000 for both uid and gid, since this corresponds to the uid that you are and the gid that is "users"00:22
MinatakuAt least that's how I did it00:22
lee__Detected configuration:Architecture: x86_64 (64-bit)00:22
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MinatakuAlbiet with uid 75200:23
MinatakuFor reasons known only to me00:23
lee__which is a lot further then be for lo00:23
Dr_willis  mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows -t vfat -o  umask=022200:23
Dr_willisor similer. :)00:23
lee__X Server: X.Org 7.1 and later releases 64-bit00:23
lee__Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.f18898 and it ends there00:24
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:24
Dr_willishttp://electron.mit.edu/~gsteele/linuxfaq/ has a nice little explination of the vfat and its options.00:24
MinatakuWhy this bot doesn't tell them about manual pages every time is beyond me00:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about manual - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:24
ubotuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the command line, or type man:/ in Konqueror's location bar. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:24
angelusi install the nvidia package00:25
MinatakuUgh... How dare they suggest using Konq for reading manual pages00:25
MinatakuThough I like the link00:25
Dr_willistry apt:/00:25
angelusi install the nvidia package and when i try to "modprobe nvidia" it tells me something about "unable to runn install on nvidia module" something like that, any help?00:25
Dr_willisi wonder if thers a xxx:/ for my err... never mind..00:25
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:25
angelusMinataku: dude :p00:26
MinatakuMake sure you didn't miss a step00:26
angelusMinataku: when i  install kubuntu's packages they don't work00:26
=== angelus is now known as Angelus
MinatakuDid you follow the instructions?00:26
MinatakuThese aren't your normal packages00:26
aguitelGutsy is available now in the servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:26
aguitelGutsy is available now in the servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:26
MinatakuThere are more complicated things you have to follow for the restricted modules like nvidia00:27
AngelusMinataku: apt-get install nvidia-glx ? :/00:27
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: its a ntfs harddrive00:27
* genii sips a coffee and awaits the first DDOS reports00:27
Dr_williswell bbl.. time for more honeydo taaks00:28
sub[t]rnlDr_willis: cyas00:28
* Minataku replaces genii's coffee with... the exact same coffee00:28
Greeneryi need to disable the restricted driver that i've recently insalled to my kubuntu. I cant go to Kubuntu cos its all black. What should I do?00:28
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: You do not have enough permissions to read file:///media/windows00:28
MinatakuSorry, genii... I'm bored. X300:28
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: I have plenty o9f permission!00:28
AngelusMinataku: whats complicated with "apt-get install nvidia-glx" ? :O00:28
MinatakuI dunno, I don't use nvidia or even Kubuntu00:28
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: teach me to fix it please00:29
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: i want to get music from it00:29
ScorpKingMoNsTeR: sudo chown 1000:1000 -R /media/windows00:29
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: We have explained permissions of mounts using the fstab file, Minataku and Dr_Willis have both offered information and relavent links..00:29
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: just read what we have told you my man00:29
DragnslcrGreenery- you can boot to a console and change the driver in xorg.conf00:29
MinatakuI use Gentoo, I'm just here to help on platform-unspecific things00:29
MinatakuMoNsTeR: Read. The. Frickin'. Manual.00:29
Greeneryconsole = recovery?00:29
MinatakuWe're NOT going to do things for you.00:30
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: i didnt see the links00:30
MinatakuYou need an fstab entry to properly mount the drive every time00:30
MoNsTeR!shutup > Minataku00:30
Angelusi just moved on from gentoo this week Minataku  :p00:30
MinatakuMoNsTeR: Perhaps instead you should leave, then.00:30
MoNsTeRMinataku: you read my butt hole00:30
MinatakuSince you clearly only want things done for you and seem to have no willingness to learn anything.00:30
MinatakuAnd as I've heard from others, you have a history of such.00:31
MoNsTeRMinataku: yeah i wanna learn thats why i write down every command given to me gosh00:31
MinatakuBeing uninformed is one thing. Being a baby is another entirely.00:31
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: don't insult Minataku.  I recommend you just keep shut broseph.00:31
MoNsTeRScorpKing: thanks man your code worked great00:32
hydrogenlets play nice00:32
Greeneryso how do i check xorg.conf in console? what part should i change?00:32
MoNsTeRMinataku and sub[t]rnl, i tried learning from those links ive did everything they said NONE OF THEM WORKED00:33
sub[t]rnlMoNsTeR: you just said you didn't see the links00:33
ScorpKingMoNsTeR: that changed all the files in /media/windows so they are owned by you which means you can read and write them.00:33
=== Vorian_ is now known as Vorian
MoNsTeRsub[t]rnl: omg ive got links before i needed it again because i just installed kubuntu again00:33
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:34
ubotuntfs is To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions .  For NTFS write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse00:34
MoNsTeRMinataku: i used the second link that didnt work00:34
MoNsTeRMinataku: im looking at the first one00:35
ScorpKingMoNsTeR: i also gave you a link that i know is working.00:35
MoNsTeRScorpKing: give me it again and ill tell you if it works00:36
MinatakuMoNsTeR: Sorry to be harsh, BTW, but we're not here to do everything. Learning and understanding is part of using Linux.00:36
ScorpKingMoNsTeR: http://www.linux-faqs.com/faq/misc/ntfs.php00:37
MoNsTeRMinataku: i come here for a quick answer and i write it down so chill if you dont like me IGNORE ME00:37
lontraanyone tried the kde 4 beta 3 packages yet?00:37
MinatakuIt's not that I don't like you, it's just that there is no quick answer here00:38
MinatakuOr rather, you don't like the quick answer because you have to do work yourself00:38
MoNsTeRMinataku: yes there is, no i look before i come here if i dont find anything then i come here00:38
MinatakuWe've given you very quick answers, but you seem completely averse to reading anything00:38
MoNsTeRMinataku: thats what the irc channels for i read documentations00:39
MinatakuHave you read the manual page for fstab?00:39
MoNsTeRMinataku: just dont talk to me00:39
MinatakuHave you read the manual page for mount?00:39
MoNsTeRMinataku: the "man fstab" command?00:39
MoNsTeRMinataku: yeah00:39
MinatakuYou need to specify in the line in fstab to allow a user to mount the filesystem00:40
MinatakuYou also need to set it up so that you own all the files00:41
MinatakuType "id -a" and give me the first two pieces00:41
ScorpKingMoNsTeR: look at that link i gave you for all you NTFS needs.00:41
compilerwriterNow how will things work for those of us who have been running the release candidate?  Will we just wake up tomorrow and have much less to upgrade?00:41
MoNsTeRMinataku: uid=1000(jon) gid=1000(jon)00:41
hydrogen compilerwriter: yes00:41
MinatakuThis drive is at /media/windows, no?00:42
hydrogencompilerwriter: there probably won't be any updates00:42
MinatakuEr, no, that's the mountpoint you want it at00:42
MinatakuWhat's the device name of the drive?00:42
MoNsTeRMinataku: the drive is at /dev/hdc100:42
Greeneryhow do i edit xorg through console?00:43
MoNsTeRGreenery: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-sxorg00:43
MoNsTeRGreenery: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:43
MinatakuYour fstab line should be: /dev/hdc1 /media/windows vfat user,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 000:43
ScorpKingGreenery: sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf or even better kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:43
ScorpKingGreenery: that will open it in a editor so you can edit it.00:44
MinatakuUnmount the device, drop that in, then type "sudo chown jon:jon /media/windows" then "mount /dev/hdc1"00:44
MoNsTeRMinataku: im noob sorr yi dont understand what that meant00:44
MinatakuType "sudo umount /dev/hdc1"00:44
MoNsTeRMinataku: it wont let me unmount it00:44
MinatakuDo it with sudo. If it still fails, make sure nothing is accessing the drive00:45
MoNsTeRMinataku: it unmounted00:45
MinatakuNow type "sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.old"00:45
compilerwriterI ended up doing a fresh install.  I have backed up my kmail directory.  Should I just overwrite the current one with it, or is there a procedure to import mail settings?00:45
MinatakuJust as a precaution and to keep the original one around00:45
MoNsTeRMinataku: done00:46
MinatakuAfter that, type "sudo echo "/dev/hdc1 /media/windows vfat user,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0" >> /etc/fstab" ( NOTE: Leave off the "s on the outside, but KEEP THE ONES INSIDE )00:46
MinatakuShow me00:47
MinatakuShow me what you'll type00:47
hydrogenMinataku: ahh00:47
MinatakuI want to verify it00:47
hydrogenthat won't work00:47
ScorpKingcompilerwriter: if you ovewrite it all your old mail will be there. i think you'll have to set the accounts again and i don't know of any backup/restore program for that. i think there is one in gusty, not sure tho.00:47
hydrogenyou need to use tee00:47
MinatakuIt will work00:47
MinatakuThat's what the >> is for00:47
MinatakuIt appends instead of overwriting00:47
hydrogenYou are echoing the command as root, and trying to append it as the user00:47
MinatakuI do it all the time, I set up my NetBSD systems that way00:47
hydrogenno. Look at the command sequence00:47
hydrogenyou need to do something like:00:48
compilerwriterScorpKing But I can safely overwrite it without causing version issues.00:48
MoNsTeRMinataku: sudo echo /dev/hdc1 /media/windows vfat user,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0" >> /etc/fstab is this the command?00:48
Greeneryhow do i reboot from console? the command00:48
MinatakuYou need a " before /dev/hdc100:48
hydrogenecho "/dev/hdc1 /media/windows vfat user, uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab00:48
hydrogenor you will get permission denied00:48
MinatakuType hydrogen's command00:48
MinatakuJust to be sure00:48
MinatakuExactly as he put it00:49
ScorpKingcompilerwriter: i think so. if it doesn't work remove the kmail dir and start kmail again. you'll have to import the messages then.00:49
MinatakuAfter that, type "mount /dev/hdc1"00:49
MinatakuNo sudo00:49
hydrogenyou could also pass the users command instead of user00:49
hydrogenalso.. I put a space in there00:49
Minatakuhydrogen you messed it up00:49
hydrogenand I shouldn't have00:49
hydrogenI noticed00:49
MinatakuThis is why we backed it up00:50
ScorpKingthere is 'user' in there, no need for sudo00:50
MoNsTeRso what do i do?00:50
MinatakuMoNsTeR, if you've already typed that command in, type "sudo cp /etc/fstab.old /etc/fstab"00:50
MinatakuThen: echo "/dev/hdc1 /media/windows vfat user,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab00:50
MinatakuExactly as it's typed THAT time00:50
MinatakuI knew I had you back it up for a reason00:51
MoNsTeRjon@MoNsTeR-box:~$ cp /etc/fstab.old /etc/fstab00:51
MoNsTeRcp: cannot create regular file `/etc/fstab': Permission denied00:51
hydrogenyea.. because using kate is so hard00:51
MinatakuYou have to use sudo there00:51
MinatakuTo copy the backup back to the original00:51
MoNsTeRjon@MoNsTeR-box:~$ sudo /etc/fstab.old /etc/fstab00:51
MoNsTeRsudo: /etc/fstab.old: command not found00:51
Minatakusudo cp /etc/fstab.old /etc/fstab00:52
hydrogenyou may want to sudo apt-get install brain at some point as well00:52
MoNsTeRMinataku: done00:52
Minatakuecho "/dev/hdc1 /media/windows vfat user, uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab00:52
MoNsTeRhydrogen: shut up00:52
MinatakuDon't type that one00:52
ScorpKing!ohmy | Minataku00:52
ubotuMinataku: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.00:52
Minatakuecho "/dev/hdc1 /media/windows vfat user,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab00:52
MoNsTeRMinataku: i didnt00:52
MinatakuThat one00:52
ScorpKing:D :P00:52
hydrogenMoNsTeR: think about whats happening, you should learn from this.00:52
MinatakuType THAT one00:52
hydrogendid you really need op priveledges for that? :)00:53
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.00:53
MinatakuOh, stuff it, LjL, it was a slip, and I was swearing at myself00:53
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:53
ubotuThe people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:53
ScorpKinglmao :P00:53
MoNsTeRMinataku: ok i typed that now what00:53
MinatakuMoNsTeR: Now:00:53
LjLhydrogen: no, i needed op privileges because i thought i was going to kick someone.00:54
* ScorpKing pass Minataku a beer...00:54
Minatakumount /dev/hdc100:54
hydrogenmount /media/windows00:54
hydrogenI don't think passing the device will work00:54
MinatakuEither works00:54
hydrogenwith 'user'00:54
MinatakuIt will00:54
MinatakuI do it all the time00:54
ScorpKingit does work00:54
compilerwriterI had my left mouse button set up to give me a kmenu when I hit the left mouse button on the desk top and I can't remember how I set that up.00:54
ScorpKingas long as it's in fstab00:54
MinatakuMy externals are set up like that, and I pass the device00:54
* Minataku nods00:54
hydrogenah, yea00:54
MoNsTeRMinataku: done00:54
hydrogenI thought I remembered it not working00:54
MoNsTeRMinataku: now what?00:55
MinatakuMoNsTeR: Now, try to access the files there.00:55
MinatakuIf all went according to plan, you can.00:55
MoNsTeRMinataku: where in media?00:55
MinatakuYou can also create and delete and whatever files there00:55
MinatakuJust open something00:55
MinatakuFrom your Windows drive00:55
MoNsTeRMinataku: i cant :[00:55
MinatakuThen I give up00:56
hydrogenMoNsTeR: did you try?00:56
hydrogenMoNsTeR: alt-f2: /media/windows00:56
ScorpKingsometimes when mounting a NTFS or FAT drive the ownership gets a bit confused. running chmod usually works. :P00:56
MinatakuYeah, you may have to "sudo chown jon:jon /media/windows"00:57
MinatakuThough it shouldn't be necessary (I've done it on my system, however)00:57
ScorpKing-R in there00:57
MinatakuWell, ed:users instead of jon:jon00:57
MinatakuBut you get the point00:57
MoNsTeRMinataku: i cant get into media folder00:57
ScorpKingi do yes, but....00:57
Angelusmy adept crash, wahts the command to fix it00:58
moonyneed support for the k-menu... little question ;)00:58
MinatakuGo into /media/windows instead00:58
ubotuIf Adept crashed on you and your database is locked, try this in konsole: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »00:58
hydrogenyou may need rx priviledges for /media00:58
hydrogento access subdirectories00:58
ScorpKingjust +r00:58
MinatakuWhich you can do with a simple "chown ugo+rx /media"00:58
MinatakuYou need +x to cd into directories00:59
Minatakuchmod ugo+rx /media00:59
ScorpKingMinataku: chown blabla -R for subdirs00:59
MinatakuWhich, granted, it already should be00:59
Minatakusc0tt___: Not here00:59
hydrogenshouldn't be -R though00:59
MoNsTeRMinataku: /media is locked and /media/windows is locked00:59
hydrogenas you don't want to change everything00:59
hydrogenMoNsTeR: what do you mean by locked?00:59
MinatakuMoNsTeR: Try "sudo chown jon:jon /media/windows"00:59
ScorpKingowned by root :P00:59
MoNsTeRhydrogen: i cant get in it no permissions01:00
MinatakuThen "sudo chmod ugo+rx /media"01:00
MinatakuThen "sudo chmod ugo+rx /media/windows"01:00
MoNsTeRScorpKing: yeah owned by root01:00
hydrogenMoNsTeR: give more info.01:00
MinatakuOr just type what I just told you to instead01:00
ScorpKingwhat if /media/windows/dir is owned by root? woun't -R help then? :P01:00
MoNsTeRMinataku: after doing the command i still get this Unable to enter file:///media. You do not have access rights to this location01:00
MinatakuIt won't be01:01
MinatakuFAT doesn't support ownership01:01
ScorpKingsudo chown 1000:1000 -R /media/windows01:01
MinatakuThat's why we force ownership in the fstab line01:01
MoNsTeRMinataku: it isnt fat its ntfs01:01
hydrogenits not ntfs01:01
hydrogenyou mounted it as fat01:01
hydrogenwithout trouble01:01
ScorpKingthen sudo chmod 755 -R /media/windows01:01
hydrogenthats just silly.01:01
hydrogenand unncessary01:02
hydrogenstop guessing.01:02
MoNsTeRhydrogen: its a NTFS i swear01:02
MinatakuThen how did it mount?01:02
hydrogenMoNsTeR: pastebin the output of `mount`01:02
MinatakuOr DID it mount?01:02
MoNsTeRMinataku: how do i check01:02
hydrogenI just told you.01:02
MinatakuWell, if it worked, mount said nothing01:02
MinatakuIf it failed, it complained01:02
dsmith__anyone know where I can find ubuntu release graphics? showing hoary hedge hog to gutsy?01:02
MoNsTeRmount said nothing01:02
MinatakuThen it's FAT01:03
ScorpKinglol. have fun guys! nite!01:03
iss_studentIs Compiz enabled by default in Gutsy?01:03
hydrogenif you use gnome, not kde01:03
MoNsTeRMinataku: it mounted as fat or the drive is a fat01:03
hydrogenthe partition is vfat01:03
MinatakuIt has to be FAT01:03
MinatakuFor both01:03
MinatakuOtherwise it wouldn't have mounted at all01:03
hydrogenpastebin the output of `mount`01:03
MinatakuAnd mount would have spit a bunch of crap at you about "wrong fs type" and "could not find superblock"01:04
sub[t]rnliss_student: you'll need to sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings* in kubuntu 7.10 then alt+f2 and run compiz to start it.01:04
hydrogenthat makes no sense..01:05
MinatakuI can't look.01:05
MinatakuWhat's it say?01:05
hydrogenits mounted as ntfs01:05
hydrogenmounted at /media01:05
hydrogenthere must be multiple entries in /etc/fstab01:05
MoNsTeRhydrogen: see whose dumb now01:05
MinatakuWell, you still are01:05
MoNsTeRhydrogen: well not dumb but i was right01:05
MoNsTeRMinataku: shut up01:05
MinatakuBut that doesn't mean we're not wrong sometimes01:05
MinatakuI couldn't pass up that opening01:06
hydrogenyou need to edit the file.01:06
MoNsTeRMinataku: lol i wouldve too01:06
hydrogenyou have two entries in there for /dev/hdc101:06
MinatakuFollow hydrogen's advice01:06
MinatakuI'll hand it off to him01:06
hydrogeno no01:06
hydrogenI was going to run away01:06
hydrogenand I do not want to teach someone how to use vim01:06
sub[t]rnlbwahaha, all yours hydro01:06
kilraekubuntu has a graphical disk manager dealy01:06
MoNsTeRwhatever then dont help me01:06
MinatakuUse nano instead then :P01:06
sub[t]rnluse joe!01:06
* kilrae hugs nano01:06
MinatakuI'm a University student, my brain is out of gas thanks to today's classes01:07
kilraeexcept i still call it pico01:07
MinatakuHeh, I had that problem at first01:07
MoNsTeRso nobody is gonig to help me?01:07
hydrogenedit /etc/fstab01:07
MinatakuOn systems with pico I usually set an alias01:07
hydrogenand get rid of the first entry01:07
hydrogenand change the second one from vfat to ntfs01:08
MinatakuMoNsTeR: You need to delete the first line with /dev/hdc1 and change vfat to ntfs in the last line01:08
josephStupid school wireless01:08
MoNsTeRhydrogen: dude thats my linux harddrive01:08
MinatakuOpen it up in nano01:08
kilraeon kubuntu pico is linked to nano, so when i changed from slack which had real pico i never had to unlearn01:08
MinatakuMoNsTeR: You need to delete the first line with /dev/hdc1 and change vfat to ntfs in the last line01:08
* sub[t]rnl sways01:08
MinatakuThen save the file01:08
MinatakuType "sudo nano /etc/fstab"01:09
hydrogenMoNsTeR: "the first entry" being the first one for /dev/hdc101:09
hydrogennot your root partition01:09
MinatakuThen edit the file as if you were using Notepad back in Windows01:09
hydrogenas I said01:09
hydrogenbrain not included01:09
meeperhow can I get ubuntu to see all 4gb?01:09
Minatakumeeper: Open it's eyes01:09
hydrogenmeeper: of ram?01:09
hydrogenor of what01:09
meeperhydrogen: yes ram hehe01:09
hydrogenmeeper: what does free -m show?01:10
MinatakuSorry, long day, meeper, just playing around a bit01:10
hydrogenx86 should see all four gigs of it01:11
kilraedo you have 4GB in there? :P i went 6 months thinking i had 1GB in a computer with only 512MB01:11
hydrogenand its not a HIGHMEM thing01:11
MoNsTeRhydrogen: i only see one line for hdc101:11
hydrogenbecause you see 3.201:11
meeperkilrae: yes, it's there, I see it in the bios01:11
hydrogenMoNsTeR: pastebin /etc/fstab01:11
meeperhydrogen: x86 should see all 4gb?01:11
MinatakuI doubt that01:12
MinatakuI'm honestly surprised x86 still works01:12
hydrogenconsiddering x86_64 (the apparent successor) is still x86 at its heart.. it will still be around for a long time01:12
meeperhydrogen: any ideas at all?01:12
hydrogenmeeper: no :/01:12
sub[t]rnlyou sure its not a highmem deal with the kernel?01:13
* sub[t]rnl sucks on his teeth01:13
kilraemy teeth hurt01:14
kilraedarn dentist01:14
Minatakuhydrogen: Can you please take MoNsTeR's issue? I'm completely out of steam here01:14
MoNsTeRMinataku: wow01:14
hydrogenMoNsTeR: line 12 needs to be deleted01:14
hydrogen /dev/hdc1 /media auto users,atime,noauto,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 001:14
hydrogenthat one01:15
MinatakuSorry, but I am human, after all01:15
hydrogenand then in the last line01:15
hydrogenchange vfat to auto01:15
MoNsTeRhydrogen: i deleted line 1201:16
MoNsTeRhydrogen: i still can't access media01:17
hydrogenMoNsTeR: sudo umount /media01:17
hydrogenMoNsTeR: then sudo mount /media/windows01:18
MoNsTeRhydrogen: done01:18
hydrogenthen mount /media/windows01:18
hydrogennot sudo01:18
MoNsTeRhydrogen:  it worked :]01:18
hydrogenMoNsTeR: yay :)01:18
ubuntuwhat is kubuntu es01:19
MoNsTeRhydrogen: how do i make it mount automatically so i dont have to do this everytime :]01:19
MinatakuIt should already do it01:19
MinatakuThat's why I never put "noauto" in there01:19
* hydrogen isn't sure how well that works with user though01:19
MinatakuOh, yeah01:19
* sub[t]rnl gets out a gold star of persistence01:19
sub[t]rnlcmere hydrogen01:20
MinatakuYou MAY have to put noauto in there and manually mount it01:20
MinatakuThat's how I do it, actually01:20
ubuntuwho is address kubuntu in spanish01:20
sub[t]rnlits better to mount windows drives manually imo01:20
MinatakuI hardly ever shut my machine down or reboot it, so it's never been a hassle01:20
hydrogen!es | ubuntu01:21
ubotuubuntu: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.01:21
MoNsTeRhydrogen: so i cant have it mounted everytime i start up01:23
MoNsTeRhydrogen: so im going to have to do this every time!!01:23
SteamMachinehi all01:23
SteamMachine I found a way (using digikam) to retrieve my photos.01:23
hydrogenMoNsTeR: no01:23
SteamMachineUnfortunately, as a side effect - whenever I open my home directory (with konq) digikam starts loading, then the loading icon in the bar disappears, and konq does not open the whichever folder was clicked.01:23
hydrogenMoNsTeR: every time you will just need to mount /media/windows01:23
hydrogenMoNsTeR: perhaps.. it may work fine automatically01:23
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
kennyljl: well I am sorry about that :)01:25
SteamMachineSo, whatever folder I select, digikam starts to open - though it never quite makes it.01:32
BluesKajSteamMachine, don't open with digicam...use storage media and open the camera-data folder there01:34
SteamMachineBluesKaj: digikam is the only way I have found that will work.01:36
basicjayhumble hello01:37
SteamMachineBluesKaj: ?01:37
BluesKajSteamMachine, isn't the memcard or USB device regognized in storage media?01:37
dgais it worth the jump to 64-bit linux yet?01:38
nosrednaekimdga: Gutsy is pretty nice with 64 bit01:38
basicjayno, just basic...01:38
SteamMachineThe USB device is recognized, but it seems konq isn't able to get past "13%" (in the loading progress bar)01:39
SteamMachineI tried removing digikam and this message came up when I was using konqueror:01:39
SteamMachineKDEInit could not launch 'digikam'.:01:39
SteamMachineCould not find 'digikam' executable.01:39
dganosrednaekim: would my ATI driver still work?01:40
BluesKajSteamMachine, the files on the media card or usb device should be in a folder in : system menu/storage media01:40
SteamMachineWhich is located where?01:40
MoNsTeRhow do i install limewire01:41
SteamMachineMoNsTeR: you don't.01:41
MoNsTeRi downlaoded the deb file01:41
SteamMachineFrostwire. But still, yucl.01:41
MoNsTeRbut it doesnt install01:41
BluesKajSteamMachine, system menu/storage media01:41
MoNsTeRdo you know how to install it?01:42
SteamMachinedpkg -i limewireislame.deb01:42
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: thanks01:42
SteamMachineno problem01:43
SteamMachineBluesKaj: I can't actually see it in my menu (I'm running a kinda... Ubuntu with KDE hybrid)01:43
BluesKajSteamMachine, don't judge other ppl's preferences , just answer their questions if you can01:43
SteamMachineOkay. Sorry. : (01:43
SteamMachineIs it okay to make suggestions? Such as "use bittorrent"?01:44
BluesKajwhat desktop are you on SteamMachine ?01:44
MoNsTeRcan somebody help me install limewir3e01:45
MoNsTeRor frostwire01:46
BluesKajhome folder and remote places are there as well, SteamMachine01:46
SteamMachineMoNsTeR: what did it say?01:46
SteamMachineDid you use sudo?01:46
tony_Can anyone help with Dolphin? Every time I access my slave drive it crashes. My slave drive is FAT 32.01:47
SteamMachineBluesKaj: Uh oh. I can't go near konq without it complaining about not knowing where digikam is.01:47
SteamMachineIt's trying to use digikam to open folders. I have no idea how on earth that would ever work.01:47
SteamMachineOh wait, you didn't actually type limewireislame.deb did you?01:48
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: it opens with archive manager01:48
hexstarwhy am I in the bantracker: when I obviously am not banned in this channel?01:50
Svenstarojust refresh your ip01:51
tony_Can anyone help with Dolphin? Every time I access my slave drive it crashes. My slave drive is FAT 32.01:51
MoNsTeRno SteamMachine01:52
hexstarSo can anyone answer?01:53
hexstarwhere are the ops?01:53
nosrednaekimtony_: what error?01:54
hexstarthere don't appear to be any ops in here....01:54
LjLhexstar, that's a *cached copy* of the bantracker as far as i can see.01:54
=== n1lo is now known as even
DragnslcrWe don't have ops here, so you can do whatever you want01:54
hexstarLjL: yes it is because they've taken down public access to the tracker since that cache was made so it's hard to know if I'm still included or not...01:55
hexstarI'm not even sure why I'm in there01:55
* moony says hello01:55
hexstarI guess this question is better suited for #ubuntu where there are actually ops....01:55
atlfalcons866will i have to upgrade to gusty tomorrow if i am using rc101:55
Jucato(there are actually ops in here)01:56
tony_nosrednaekim: Of course now it wont do it01:56
LjLbut hexstar, yes, your ban is still set, and i believe you have been banned enough times for it to stay set.01:56
LjLthank you for warning about that.01:56
tony_nosrednaekim: Dolphin has crashed and caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)01:58
sboyersorry for the noob question.  can some tell me how to change directorys in konsole? I'm trying to instll a bin file01:59
Dragnslcrsboyer- cd02:01
LordBaconcan I install kubuntu on a windows system (I have plenty of unallocated space) without burning the DVD?02:01
sboyerlol...little simpler then I thought...thanks02:01
SteamMachineMoNsTeR: still here02:02
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: yeah02:03
SteamMachineOkay, how long have you been using Linux? (in any form)02:03
LordBacon12 years!02:04
SteamMachineLordBacon: I was asking MoNsTeR02:04
tony_nosrednaekim: Dolphin has crashed and caused the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)02:04
LordBaconyeah, well, I'm bored :)02:04
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: 6 or 7 weeks only cause my ati card never worked or i was to stupid to get it to work02:04
SteamMachineSo I assume you've not used the terminal much?02:05
MoNsTeRi have02:05
=== tb is now known as Chipper
SteamMachineso you realise the dpkg -i etc.deb was supposed to be written in Konsole then?02:05
SteamMachineAnd then what happened?02:06
MoNsTeRididnt use limewireislame.deb ok02:06
MoNsTeRit gave me a error02:06
ChipperHey, my adept manager keeps complaining about another processes using the database, even after restarting, can i see whats using it somehow?02:06
SteamMachineWhich is what?02:06
SteamMachineThe error, what did it say?02:06
=== Klowner_ is now known as Klowner
nosrednaekimtony_: run it from a terminal and see what error messages are left there02:07
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: ok ill get it for you02:07
sboyerok...sorry more noob questions.  Whats the konsole command to install a bin file please?02:07
sboyersudo apt-get install filename?02:07
tony_nosrednaekim: I'm sorry. I'm brand new. I know what terminal is but thats about it.02:08
nosrednaekimtony_: is this gutsy?02:08
SteamMachinesboyer: you mean a deb?02:08
tony_nosrednaekim: Yes02:09
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: i know the problem :[02:09
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: i dont have java  :[02:09
SteamMachinesboyer: sudo apt-get install is used to install thinks from the repos02:09
sboyersteam I'm not sure....trying to install updated firefox02:09
SteamMachineoh, that's pretty easy to fix.02:09
SteamMachinesboyer: why on earth are you doing it manually?02:09
SteamMachineIt will update when it's ready to.02:09
nosrednaekimtony_: open a konsole and type in "d3lphin" and hit enter, do not close the terminal, even when it crashes02:09
sboyeri installed through adept, but it isnt current firefox version02:09
sboyerhow can I get adept to get the current version of firefox then?02:10
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.02:10
SteamMachineMost likely not, often ubuntu will have a version slightly behind the current.02:10
sboyerok...so can you walk me through the manual install?  I installed a bin file once before but I dont remember the command02:11
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: im installing java :[[[[[02:11
SteamMachinecool, good luck. : ]02:11
tony_nosrednaekim: It opened and didnt crash.02:11
SteamMachinesboyer: do you have the file you wish to install?02:11
MoNsTeRthe last time i installed java it didnt work but this time its working02:11
sboyeryes  I have it02:12
tony_nosrednaekim: I did it a few times just to be sure.02:12
SteamMachinewhat is it called?02:12
nosrednaekimtony_: does it always crash on startup?02:12
sboyersteam: firefox-bin02:12
tony_nosrednaekim: It happens when I access the slave drive 90% of the time02:12
tony_nosrednaekim: No02:12
MoNsTeRsboyer: you dont have to type everybodies name02:13
SteamMachineThat's it?02:13
MoNsTeRtype there name half way then hit tab02:13
atlfalcons866does ubuntu get more attention then kubuntu02:13
nosrednaekimtony_: well then, access the slave drive 10 times using that method and it should crash once ;)02:13
SteamMachinesboyer: just so you know, compiling and installing, rather than using debs is really messy.02:13
SteamMachinehard to remove, sometimes causes compatibility issues.02:13
sboyerby deb, you mean packages through adept?02:13
SteamMachineuh... yeah.02:14
sboyero fair enough...not for beginners then02:14
sboyerI'll leave it be02:14
SteamMachineactually from the repos. but that's what adept is.02:14
SteamMachineGood idea. : )02:14
sboyerk thanks02:14
tony_nosrednaekim: Thats the mainDolphin screen that comes up with that command. When I select "Storage Media" and my slave is where it will crash02:14
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: i install java and it still didnt work02:15
nosrednaekimtony_: well, navigate there, the error should still be printed02:15
sboyeris there a way to find programs that arent in the repositories?  are there additional repositories available?02:16
hydrogensboyer: most packages are in the universe repository.. if they are not there then check upstream to see if they provide a .deb for ubuntu02:16
Jucatoby upstream he means the original authors/source of the program02:17
sboyerok, what is "check upstream"?02:17
sboyerok thanks, that is generally listed on the website of the program then?02:17
hydrogenin the download section02:17
sboyerok gotcha.  great thanks a ton02:17
nosrednaekimussually a google of "packagename .deb" turns up useful stuff02:17
MoNsTeRhydrogen: i got a deb for frostwire02:18
Jucatoor "program name .deb"02:18
MoNsTeRhydrogen: but it opens in ark manager02:18
=== diogo is now known as aheiuhaiuheiuhef
JucatoMoNsTeR: right-click -> Kubuntu Package Manger -> INstall package02:19
tony_nosrednaekim: I'm lost. I dont know how to navigate to it in terminal.02:19
hydrogenaheiuhaiuheiuhef: I don't think thats english02:19
hydrogen(/me praises tab-completion)02:19
JucatoI don't even think that's human! :)02:19
nosrednaekimtony_: say what? I thought you navigated to storage media from within dolphin.02:20
* MoNsTeR loves hydrogen02:20
hydrogenyou wouldn't be alive without it!02:20
nosrednaekim!helpersnack | hydrogen02:20
ubotuhydrogen: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:20
* hydrogen goes off for a while02:20
MoNsTeRhydrogen: hold on02:20
hydrogenubotu: but uhh.. I don't like chocolate chip.. could I have an oreo?02:20
MoNsTeRhydrogen: it still isnt going02:20
MoNsTeRhydrogen: nvm its installed i love you man02:21
* MoNsTeR gives hydrogen a oreo :]02:21
tony_nosrednaekim: Yes in Dolphin but not in terminal.02:21
* hydrogen doesn't mention that it was Jucato that gave the answer02:21
hydrogenmy oreo!02:21
SteamMachineIf I weren't reulsed by the idea of a dairy based snack, I'd be demanding an oreo.02:22
hydrogennow I'm gone02:22
SteamMachineSeriously, can anyone help me fix Konqueror? I can't even open any folders! *waaaaah*02:22
atlfalcons866why does ubuntu have more features than kubuntu02:22
nosrednaekimtony_: right.... run dolphin from the terminal, but don;t close the terminal. then use dolphin like you normall would. when dolphin crashes, and error message should be printed in the konsole02:22
SteamMachineHow do you figure that?02:22
LordBaconI bet someone said it in a blog, so it MUST be TRUE!02:23
* MoNsTeR gives SteamMachine whatever delicious treat he wants :] 02:23
nosrednaekimatlfalcons866: kubuntu has a killer feature... its called KDE02:24
atlfalcons866i know but it doesent have stuff like automatic printer setup02:25
SteamMachineHowzabout... muesliii!02:25
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: whats that02:25
tony_nosrednaekim: I have it but it wont let me paste it in here.02:25
SteamMachineWhat's Muesli?02:26
nosrednaekim!paste | tony_02:26
ubotutony_: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:26
atlfalcons866will kubuntu run on a 433Mhz celeron02:26
MoNsTeRatlfalcons866: duh02:26
SteamMachineHow on earth... wh... I don't understand how you can not know what muesli is.02:26
nosrednaekimatlfalcons866: not very well02:26
atlfalcons866would it run good on xubuntu02:26
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: im not at wherever you live02:26
nosrednaekimSteamMachine: has raisins in it correct?02:26
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: oh that sounds good!02:27
SteamMachineRaisins, bran, dried fruit, etc,02:27
LordBaconwe call that trail mix02:27
SteamMachineI'd eat some now, but I'm outta soy milk. *RAAAAGE*02:27
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: ok02:27
MoNsTeRSteamMachine: soy milk EWEWEWE02:27
tony_nosrednaekim: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41012/02:27
LordBaconcan I install kubuntu on a windows system (I have plenty of unallocated space) without burning the DVD?02:28
nosrednaekim!wubi | LordBacon02:28
ubotuLordBacon: wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users - more info is at http://www.cutlersoftware.com/ubuntusetup/wubi/en-US/index.html02:28
LordBaconnosrednaekim: will that let me do a proper install with dualboot?02:29
nosrednaekimLordBacon: of sorts yes... it uses the MS bootloader though.02:30
SteamMachineI don't know what else to try. I simply can't use konq now.02:30
=== robby is now known as soulwarp
LordBaconnosrednaekim: well, I already have the space allocated to suse 10.3, I'd rather just kill it and try kubuntu gutsy02:31
* LordBacon wonders if the laptop boots off USB Key02:31
nosrednaekimLordBacon: it should :)02:31
LordBaconIBM T60p02:32
soulwarpi'm trying to get a script made with synaptic that can let me download a list of packages on this computer with another computer with the same kubuntu system02:32
soulwarpanyone have any ideas?02:32
SteamMachineIt's almost as if it thinks it should be using digikam to open directories.02:32
SteamMachineIs there a way to restore defaults?02:32
MoNsTeRdoes anybody have the tut for making kde look like mac osx02:32
atlfalcons866why would you want kde to look like mac os02:33
atlfalcons866mac os has the looks of gnome02:33
nosrednaekimtony_: huh... IDK I don't really know C++02:34
soulwarpi was going to suggest ubuntu02:34
atlfalcons866ubuntu has gnome and i hate gnome02:34
MoNsTeRi hate gnome too02:35
MoNsTeRi want a better loking desktop tho:[02:35
* nosrednaekim has his looking like Mac. but soley because it saves space on his tiny screen02:35
LordBaconI don't hate gnome, I just prefer KDE02:35
MoNsTeRsomebody help me :]02:35
LordBaconI hate zealots02:35
tony_nosrednaekim: When Kubutu comes out tomorrow maybe its a bug they fixed. Can I just upgrade from the pre-release I'm on now?02:35
jdongLordBacon: dragoons are more versatile, particularly when massed.02:35
NickPrestaMoNsTeR, what does "better looking" mean? My opinion of a better looking desktop is different than yours. Do you want more flash, more shine, more transparency? Specifically, what do you want?02:36
nosrednaekimtony_: yeah... you certainly can. in the meantime, try using  konqueror.02:36
atlfalcons866because gnome is striving to be simple, it has long since reached the point where it simply doesn't do what I need it to do02:36
soulwarphey lets make our desktop look like vista02:36
LordBaconI want a productive desktop, with enough bling so that people don't gasp and wonder wtf is that ugly thing02:36
nosrednaekimsoulwarp: thats easy...02:36
ardchoillesoulwarp: nooooo!02:36
soulwarppersonaly i don't like vista02:36
soulwarpmy wife has vista and she hates it too02:37
atlfalcons866next time i buy a new computer i am going to microwave the vista disc it comes with02:37
LordBaconI like vista02:37
MoNsTeRNickPresta: more flash more shine more transparency exactly02:37
soulwarpi think the best windows version would probably be 200 for me02:37
soulwarpif i had a choice02:38
atlfalcons866vista install in two minutes on youtube02:38
LordBaconbut it's not aero that makes me like vista, there are a lot of little things02:38
LordBaconbut that's for a different forum/channel/audience02:38
SteamMachineWhy are we talking about kde vs. Gnome again?02:38
NickPrestaMoNsTeR, install something like Compiz-Fusion, go to kde-look.org and start your search. Flash and transparency is easy to find :)02:38
SteamMachineIt's not worth it, so just... chutup.02:38
atlfalcons866i hate vista cuz my dads 3 year old computer cant even run02:38
atlfalcons866and plus its microsoft too02:39
ardchoilleatlfalcons866: I'll bet it'll run Linux, tho ;)02:39
soulwarpMoNsTeR try playing with the theme and window decor02:39
atlfalcons866yes it does and 3x faster02:39
tony_Thanks nosrednaekim. You were a big help and I learned something new from you. Have a good night!02:39
atlfalcons866he uses xubuntu02:39
nosrednaekimtony_: No problem.02:39
MoNsTeRNickPresta: its hard to install compiz with my gaphics card i need a little help if im gonig to do that02:39
MoNsTeRive install beryl on gnome before02:40
LordBaconcompiz is under gnome02:40
ardchoilleMy friends give me computers that no longer run Windows. I install Linux on it and when they see me watching a DVD movie, they want it back.02:40
NickPrestaMoNsTeR, we're here to help. You start and we're here to get you out of any trouble. The documentation is a good place to start02:40
LordBaconit's a layer between the Xserver and Xclients (but an xclient at the same time)02:40
atlfalcons866what gives KDE desktop effects02:40
nosrednaekimatlfalcons866: Xrender02:40
soulwarpardchoille i know some friends like that too02:41
ardchoilleMoNsTeR: If you just want transparency, shadows and some effects, kde can do that on its own.. no need for beryl/compiz.02:41
MoNsTeRNickPresta:  only one thing before i start do i need xgl cfause i needed it for beryl02:41
nosrednaekimMoNsTeR: do you have an ATI graphics card?02:41
MoNsTeRardchoille: i was talking to you yesterday my name was jon__02:42
MoNsTeRnosrednaekim: yes02:42
ardchoilleMoNsTeR: Ah, yeah02:42
atlfalcons866will i have to upgrade tomorrow when gutsys released if i am using gutsy rc102:42
nosrednaekimMoNsTeR: yup XGL for you... but its a whole lot easier in gutsy...02:42
MoNsTeRardchoille: can you help me again like make a channel like you did yesterday so we i dont have to fuss02:42
nosrednaekimatlfalcons866: no... just normal updates02:42
ardchoilleMoNsTeR: You can join #ardchoille, that's my channel.02:43
atlfalcons866i have one update i cant remove02:43
atlfalcons866or update02:43
soulwarpanyone know how to get a list of programs i have installed so i can have the package manager on my other computer to download them?02:45
soulwarpi would like the same packages on both02:45
soulwarp(i mean hard drives)02:45
soulwarpsynaptic has an option to make a download script but i click it and save my file and it generates a bogus file02:46
nosrednaekimsoulwarp: humm, there is a command for it02:46
MoNsTeRsoulwarp: ill look for you on google02:47
soulwarpnosrednaekim i'll try the forums02:47
nosrednaekimsoulwarp: nah... jst  sec02:47
nosrednaekim"dpkg -l"02:48
nosrednaekimmight want to pipe it to a file since it went past my scrollback02:48
soulwarpthat does show the packages i installed02:49
=== lee_ is now known as lee986321
soulwarpi figured there was some sort of backup method02:50
lee986321hey ya guys,  I need that comand for running that linu restricted module thingy02:51
nosrednaekimlee986321: the restricted manager?02:51
lee986321pleases and if genni is still here Iappologise for loggin02:51
MoNsTeRsoulwarp: i couldnt find anythign02:52
lee986321yeah apparently niether the 64 bit nor the 32 feisty came with it it02:52
nosrednaekimlee986321: you mean to get it or run it?02:52
soulwarpMoNsTeR ty02:53
nosrednaekimMoNsTeR: "dpkg -l"02:53
lee986321eh yeah if its there if not I need the actual program02:54
nosrednaekimlee986321: "kdesu restricted-manager"02:55
lee986321hmm it spulling up coman not found02:56
jackrazz_hey everyone, I want to install KDE 4 on a ubuntu install.02:57
jackrazz_do I need to install kubuntu-desktop first?02:57
jackrazz_or can I just install kdebase-workspace only and that will do it?02:58
lee986321!restriicted modules03:00
jackrazz_anyone here install kde 4.0 on their kubuntu desktop?03:00
Jucato!restricted | lee98632103:00
ubotulee986321: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:00
nosrednaekimjackrazz_: I did... buts its not really working03:00
Jucatoer what was the question?03:01
lee986321eh ok03:01
nosrednaekimlee986321: "sudo apt-get install restricted-manager"03:01
Jucato!info restricted-manager-kde gutsy03:01
uboturestricted-manager-kde: manage non-free hardware drivers - KDE frontend. In component restricted, is optional. Version 0.33.1 (gutsy), package size 64 kB, installed size 288 kB03:01
Jucatonosrednaekim, lee986321 ^^03:01
nosrednaekimis lee986321on gutsy?03:02
jackrazz_hey nosrednaekim,.. so it needs another month or so before its useable?03:02
* Jucato headdesks...03:02
Jucatojust because today's the release doesnt mean everyone's on it :(03:02
* Jucato headdesks... again...03:02
lee986321oh I havnt seen that kind of a thingy since I played FFXI online...hmm Istill have an account lol erg I need log on to it soem time and forward all theeses comance to the ps203:02
nosrednaekimjackrazz_: beta 3 will probably be nice... but it didn't work for me.. your milage will vary.. beta2 worked for me03:02
Jucatojackrazz_: I'd recommend waiting for the next beta or even RC, which would be in a month or so03:03
jackrazz_ok, thanks so its a hit and miss kinda thing03:03
Jucatoat this point, sort of03:03
nosrednaekimjackrazz_: yeah03:03
jackrazz_should I install kubuntu-desktop first or can I just install kde 4.0 on a ubuntu pc?03:03
Jucatoalthough I've had less problems with compiling from source than using the kubuntu packages for KDE 4 beta03:03
lee986321Ijust want them to support our ati dirers in 64 bit ...or have a repositry for them that work03:04
dgawhen i run compiz --replace, my desktop stays the same but the tops of all of my windows are gone. anyone know what the problem is?03:04
jackrazz_thanks jucato..I looking to switching from gnome to kde finally after 2 years03:04
nosrednaekimjackrazz_: KDE4 is not ready for that ;)03:04
mike-kubunt1hey, is there a package for the new ati radeon 8.40.4 driers?03:04
Jucato*definitely* not ready for that yet03:05
jackrazz_It's little things like better apps, equalizer, and so on.03:05
mike-kubunt1they just added mobile 200 express support03:05
jackrazz_ok I'll just start with kubuntu and wait.03:05
jackrazz_thanks guys03:05
nosrednaekimmike-kubunt1: Xpress200?thats been around forever03:05
mike-kubunt1but they've never had 3d acceleration support for it03:05
mike-kubunt1just 2d03:05
mike-kubunt1they finally got around to it (beacause ati bought them)03:06
nosrednaekimmike-kubunt1: in the fglrx driver they did03:06
mike-kubunt1well, if they did its shitty03:06
nosrednaekimmike-kubunt1: I have one...03:06
lee986321u oh03:06
mike-kubunt1then you don't have the same as mine03:06
mike-kubunt1its big news03:06
mike-kubunt1its linked from teh compiz site03:06
mike-kubunt1they just did it03:06
MurchadhHi all. Anyone heard anything like this? Get to kdm login screen but it won't recognise m,s,b, and a couple of other letters. Click on console login and I can login from there and startx. Strange behaviour, no? Any ideas.03:06
lee986321this aint good that thing just crashed03:06
lee986321ok how do I get to the restircted driver to enabel it?03:07
mike-kubunt1pcie mobile 200 express hasn't had support in a while, check out thier site03:07
lee986321if it won't run03:07
mike-kubunt1from either driver03:07
mike-kubunt1it has some, but very basic03:07
nosrednaekimmike-kubunt1: oh wait.... they just released their 8.42 driver?03:07
mike-kubunt1the oe i'm looking at is 8.40.403:07
nosrednaekimlee986321: enable what?03:07
nosrednaekimmike-kubunt1: oh... well,you can manually install it03:08
lee986321the restricted driver ..kedsu prprogram crahsed03:08
mike-kubunt1do i need to do anything special for that?03:08
mike-kubunt1or do i just use thier script and it will autoload03:08
shiwahi, anyone arround willing to help me out03:09
lee986321never min I got it hehee03:09
nosrednaekimmike-kubunt1: I reccomend you build debs out of it. its rather easy,03:09
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:09
shiwahow are u doing? im happy to know there is kubuntu chat for helping03:09
shiwawould anyone help me out with a little problem03:10
nosrednaekimshiwa: what is the problem?03:10
nosrednaekimI have to go... but others might be able to help03:10
shiwathe problem is that i cannot access internet when i "sudo apt-get"03:10
shiwanor with synaptic o anyother programs that runs as root03:10
shiwaim a windows network administrator willing to run into linux but know little about it, (just so u know my tecnic level)03:11
lee986321is the upgrade out already?03:11
lee986321I just used the comand update mangaer and 7.10 popped up03:12
shiwayes, the problem came suddently, i was installing many stuff and shuddently the internet connection stoped working in any package updater program or with "sudo apt-get"03:13
lee986321there is a total of 877 packages03:13
mike-kubunt1cool, thanks for the help03:13
shiwasomebody reading me?03:14
lee986321iam in the pacific NW 19:13 daylight time03:14
shiwawould somebody help me please?03:14
NickPrestashiwa, does this happen consistently or only while you're upgrading to Gutsy?03:14
shiwaNickPresta, yes it is consistently, i dont have internet access on my packet administration programs03:15
lee986321i think they finally released th online version03:16
shiwathe strange think is that i browse internet normally with my user03:16
Doctor_Nickhell yeah03:16
lee986321sorry shiwa compter..u seemed to have developed some AI03:17
shiwasome what?03:17
lee986321don't be a fraid it is just the beginning03:17
BigDaddyHey all. I was in here the other day & was talking to someone about having my /home on it's own dedicated HD or partition. I don't remeber who it was. IF you are here, can you reply?03:17
lee986321AI or artificial intellegence03:17
lee986321it was a joke  ll03:18
Doctor_Nickwhats the gutsy upgrade manager package called03:18
shiwaeven though i dont know much about linux, for me seems a probable problems, since there is a different user running those apps03:18
lee986321didnt get the name03:18
shiwai tried to log as root to configure the internet conection with its user but seems to be a disabled account03:19
lee986321ah you have devoloped the abillity to over ride seeing that you are online03:20
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth.. there is no root password. Then you will see that it is sudo that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:20
shiwai know, i know, i run sudo for root access! but then i dont have internet!03:21
lee986321Shiwa did you tap into a goverment satlight?03:21
shiwai guess i may have to do with this thing: i use a WIFI WPA protected network, and to connect, knetworkmanager need to access my keys wallet, i supose sudo dont access same wallet and then cannot have the wpa key03:22
Doctor_Nickis gutsy out already?03:22
lee986321i think so... ...i ...think th online version s03:23
shiwaanyone has other idea of why i cannot download packages with "sudo apt-get"03:23
lee986321all i know is i am min an upgrade mode03:23
shiwaplease help!03:23
lee986321try uising and this is going to be wierd when you get it update-manager03:24
lee986321shiwa are you on kubuntu or the other ubuntu03:24
shiwai did! but when i SUDO i cannot browse on wired either03:24
lee986321oh no03:25
lee986321this is out of my league03:25
Dangerous_Funthe last update of ß7.10 killed my ethernet interfaces if I use wireless it sees the nets but can not connect the eth0 does not connect at all it is set to DHCP03:25
shiwai though kubuntu is a ubuntu with kde-desktop03:25
Dangerous_Funcan some one help03:25
Dangerous_Fun<bit of a newbie03:26
lee986321I thuaght so too03:26
shiwai installed ubuntu 7.04 and then i installed kde desktop03:26
lee986321but evendently it "behaves differently too03:26
shiwathen i got a kubuntu03:26
savetheWorldshiwa: the differences run just a little deeper than the desktop.03:26
lee986321and it missbehaves too><03:26
shiwaohh, ok, tx, so i have an Ubuntu 7.04 + kde-desktop03:27
shiwaguess im in the wrong chat then...03:27
lee986321eh well,,,um..03:27
lee986321the command structers different..so i have learend ..the hard way03:27
=== moony is now known as the3rdbt
lee986321the only way you can accss this if you are running k03:28
lee986321you have the right area03:28
lee986321waht color is your desk top shiwa03:29
lee986321blue or..that ugly clor03:29
lee986321If you destops blue and you have a a letter k for your menue then your right  on the money for kubuntu03:30
lee986321I think I shorted heer out03:30
lee986321or him03:30
MoNsTeRardchoille: you there03:31
lee986321i have 11 minutes remaning03:31
lee986321to tell u guys what it is03:31
MoNsTeRlee986321: what are you talking about03:31
potyi'm in trouble with Adept, can anyone help me ?¿ // tengo problemas con el Adept alguien me puede ayudar ¿?03:32
lee986321Dristribution upgrade03:32
potyla base de datos no se pudo abrir o algo por el estilo03:33
NickPresta!es| poty03:33
ubotupoty: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.03:33
lee986321no habal espenol03:33
lee986321eh habla03:33
lee986321it jsut said the three major brands that had cahnnels in spanish03:34
lee986321I bet that bot don't know gaelig03:34
lee986321or Gaelic03:35
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information03:35
lee986321MoNsTeR ism upgraidng right now..03:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gaelic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:36
lee986321taught so03:36
Edenbeastwill gutsy have that compiz-fusion thing enabled by default?03:36
ardchoilleEdenbeast: Ubuntu will, Kubuntu won't03:37
Edenbeastit's not deemed stable enough? I don't mind, mind you. I never really had much luck with it(compiz). :-/03:38
lee986321did you guy s know that linux is the only system that has a free Gaelic language?03:38
lee986321eh dictionarys that is03:38
tony_I need help with Firefox please.03:39
lee986321man this up dates gone fast03:39
lee986321down load time start 19:13 end Download time 194203:40
Doctor_Nickwhy the fuck arent they enabling compiz by default on kubuntu03:41
lee986321there morons?03:41
lee986321ibet i lose my ati drivers03:42
EdenbeastI honestly was worried they did, it never worked for me on feisty (beryl did though but it wasn't what I'd call stable enough)03:42
Edenbeastseems a bit too bleeding edge to put in such a general distro like ubuntu :-/03:42
MoNsTeRlee986321: your ati card will work perfectly fine03:42
lee98632164 bit machines handle that better then 3203:43
lee986321eh i have an ati x30003:43
lee986321thanks though03:43
MoNsTeRlee986321: i have a 64 bit machine but i cant install flash in it so i dont want to install 64 bit edition plus it doesnt really go faster03:43
lee986321ill take your word for it03:44
MoNsTeRlee986321: it will work my 9550 works and thats the worst card to have03:44
Edenbeastas long as you don't have more than 4G of RAM should you even use 64bit linux?03:44
MoNsTeRlee986321: alot of people have problems with them03:44
jmichaelxhow many hours until gutsy?03:44
MoNsTeRi have 1gb03:44
lee986321well I jsut down loaded something of a gutsy don't know waht03:44
lee986321erg only 500 someting03:45
ted_Gutsy is supposed to have the gnash plugin which will work on 64-bit03:46
lee986321when I restart ill let you know, unless the way I set my card up freezes me up03:46
lee986321its using termonolgy like fusing with03:47
=== robby is now known as soulwarp
jmichaelxi hate to say it, and i do not want to say it, even, but i am disappointed in gutsy (in its present form)03:48
lee986321and foomatic03:48
soulwarpanyone ever had this problem?03:48
soulwarpsudo echo "afm=ffmpeg" >> /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf03:48
soulwarpbash: /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf: Permission denied03:48
=== rob is now known as robii
ted_jmichaelx: why?03:49
lee986321there wet the drivers I just loaded03:49
=== robii is now known as rob
LordBaconsoulwarp: yes, that's right03:49
LordBaconsoulwarp: >> is not part of the command, but the shell redirecting03:49
Jucatosoulwarp: yes, it's because sudo only applies to the echo command, not the >>03:49
LordBaconsoulwarp: sudo "echo 'afm=ffmpeg' >> /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf"03:49
jmichaelxted_: i am just running into too many bugs... issues mounting vfat partitions, and issues with rt2500 wireless03:49
ardchoillesoulwarp: Is there a reason you aren't putting that in ~/.mplayer/config  ?03:50
ted_jmichaelx: it has some cool stuff though03:50
lee986321waht would some comon phrases be in a n upgrade?03:50
JucatoLordBacon: I don't think that'll work either...03:51
jmichaelxted_: i am going to give gutsy a little time to fix this stuff before i decide to switch distros... i am a big kubuntu fan, but imho gutsy is not quite ready for release03:51
lee986321eh any one "seasond at this"?03:51
soulwarpit was from a bug report work around03:51
jmichaelxted_: yeah, it does03:51
soulwarpcopy and paste03:51
* Edenbeast crosses his fingers for nvidia drivers working out of the box... :-|03:51
ardchoilleecho "afm=ffmpeg" | sudo tee -a /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf03:51
ted_jmichaelx: the bulletproof X will help a lot of people03:51
MoNsTeRhow do i make a link to the trash can on my desktop03:52
jmichaelxted_: A lot of people..... and the issues i am having could be taken care of soon. otherwise I am switching to debian lenny03:52
lee986321corsses his fingers an is hoping that he is getting getsy and not the obeat thing03:52
lee986321eh gutsy03:52
MoNsTeRardchoille: get in your room please :]03:52
lee986321eh try dragging the can its self there03:53
soulwarpardchoille i think it worked03:53
ardchoilleMoNsTeR: lol03:53
soulwarpardchoille going to test it03:53
ardchoillesoulwarp: It better work :)03:53
ted_jmichaelx: like they always say, the best linux distro is the one that works best on your machine for the stuff you want to do03:53
ardchoillesoulwarp: That's the proper way to do that03:53
jmichaelxted_: totally true...03:53
lee986321I tried gentoo...I can't get past the set updstage03:53
soulwarpardchoille no error from the command :)03:54
lee986321I amde it to password and it said...Unrecoerable error pasword ...soemthing and byebye os03:54
ardchoillesoulwarp: There shouldn't be03:54
MoNsTeRdragging it didnt work03:54
lee986321dang I really need to get glasses so Ican spell right03:55
lee986321hmm i tired03:55
lee986321work with all the other iconys lol03:55
=== shaka is now known as Parlotti
MoNsTeRcan somebody help me i want a trash icon on my desktop03:56
RoeyWhen is KDE 3.5.8 coming out for Feisty Fawn?03:56
Edenbeast why has the file-manager been changed to dolphin? On the site it says it's because of the simplicity, but isn't that more of a gnome thing?03:56
EdenbeastRoey, it's out now I believe03:56
RoeyAlso, is upgrading to Gutsy as smooth as replacing the sources line in /etc/apt.sources.list, doing apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade?03:56
ted_Edenbeast, I think they wanted a dedicated file manager without all the web stuff03:56
lee986321it just asked my if i wanted to make changes..I said no03:57
lee986321to the ext03:57
Airforce55555how do you save a file in open office?03:57
sub[t]rnlRoey: yes03:57
=== Parlotti is now known as shaka
Airforce55555i try to save but it sais choose a file to open03:57
lee986321save as03:57
Airforce55555i dont want to open i want to save03:57
Roeysub[t]rnl:  ok03:57
Airforce55555same thing with save as03:57
Roeysub[t]rnl:  any side-effects?03:57
sub[t]rnlRoey: hrm03:58
Roeylike, say03:58
MoNsTeRis today the day gutsy came out03:58
Airforce55555could somebody help?03:58
MoNsTeRhow come i havent got the option to update03:58
Roeysub[t]rnl:  do you know if Gutsy uses that patched xresprobe to properly detect Dell 2405FPW monitors by now?03:58
=== X-DeluXe is now known as [es
sub[t]rnlRoey: not sure, you could run a find in the change logs though03:59
lee986321oh so tahts the other lee03:59
ted_Airforce55555: that's weird ... it says Save As for me03:59
=== [es is now known as [esFeinsGuets]X-
Roeysub[t]rnl:  ok, thanks03:59
=== shaka is now known as Parlotti
erhi, anyone having "menu" troubles? I have all that extra text which makes the menu hard to use? thanks :)03:59
=== [esFeinsGuets]X- is now known as X-DeluXe
ted_MoNsTeR: Gutsy will be released tomorrow04:00
lee986321is in the process of updating04:00
lee9863210 minutes befor reboot04:00
lee986321MoNsTeR I cheated..I used a comand update-manager adn when tht faile I did the apt get.04:01
lee986321i like to do wierd things like that04:01
[Tyro]Hey, does anyone have a link to a tutorial of how to install Kubuntu onto a Win XP without clearing any data?04:01
[Tyro]for dual booting04:02
lee986321eh ithink its aobut to reconfig my net work here in a sec04:02
melody[Tyro]: you mean, resizing the winblows partition to allow space for Linux and then dual boot?04:02
[Tyro]i dunno04:02
jmichaelxupdate-manager always fails, for me , anyways04:03
lee986321waht the heck is hiplip?04:03
X-DeluXeTyro: its not so hard, just make some partition-free space on your harddisc04:03
=== melody is now known as BlueDrew
[Tyro]i just wanna know how to install Kubuntu onto a winxp system for dual booting without clearing data melody04:03
EdenbeastTyro, you could install it using qemu if you just wanted to try it out04:03
Parlotti<Tyrol> got to howtoforg04:03
ted_[Tyro]: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot04:03
Parlotti<Tyrol> got to howtoforg.com04:03
BlueDrewwell, you could just resize your winblows partition to make more room.  or put another HD in there.04:04
=== Parlotti is now known as shaka
=== shaka is now known as Parlotti
[Tyro]ok, well i got NTSF04:06
[Tyro]so there is trouble04:06
BlueDrewshouldn't be trouble.   you should be able to resize ntfs partitions04:07
[Tyro]it sais that it doesn't allow for read and write04:08
[Tyro]only read04:08
BlueDrewbut the partition resizing app shouldn't care for a resize.   read/write (which you can do on linux, btw) is more for everyday usage04:09
Edenbeastntfs3g allows for read and write but you can't have ntfs as the filesystem of your /04:09
soulwarp[Tyro] the kubuntu install cd can resize the windows partition for you04:09
[Tyro]i was just reading this thing here04:09
BlueDrew[Tyro]: do a google search on the resizing issue.04:09
ted_[Tyro]: The new Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7.10 supports NTFS read/write04:09
[Tyro]"Issues with Windows XP and NTFS"04:09
BlueDrewI personally have never resized.. I either install a new HD or nuke windows.04:09
[Tyro]sounds like a good idea04:09
[Tyro]but not on a dell system04:10
Edenbeastbut if you just want to try before you commit, you can just as well run it in a virtual box like qemu or vmware and if you don't like it (which is impossible if you're a person of good taste :p) then you can just delete the one image file and be done with it04:10
soulwarp[Tyro] i've resised my windows partition with the kubuntu install cd with out any issues04:10
BlueDrewI install vmware to run windows under linux if i absolutely need to, but I rarely do that.  so.... not really an issue.04:10
Edenbeastcan parted resize ntfs owadays?04:10
lee986321wish me luck as I restart04:10
[Tyro]soulwarp do you have to backup stuff?04:11
soulwarp[Tyro] i didn't04:11
LordBaconEdenbeast: gparted can, but I don't recommend using it04:11
BlueDrewit is always a good idea to have a backup of your important personal data04:11
LordBaconit has a habit of re-ordering partitions, trashing windows' ability to boot04:11
[Tyro]yeah, i don't think i've ever backed anything04:11
soulwarp[Tyro] you get a slider bar to help you resize the amount you want04:11
BlueDrew[Tyro]: that's brave or... foolish.. especially on a windows machine04:12
[Tyro]it is04:12
[Tyro]i just don't see why any data would be lost, so i just never back stuff up i trust technology04:12
[Tyro]But i'm pissed with winxp becasue it's not letting me disable Pagefile04:13
X-DeluXetake a look at the release channel... everyone got mad there ^^04:13
Edenbeastanybody here using anything other than xfs or ext3? I usually take ext3 but I must say I had some problems with it with the last kernels I got. :-/ anybody use zfs maybe?04:14
EdenbeastTyro just set it to 2MB04:14
jords Real Men don't make backups. They upload it via ftp and let the world mirror it. -- Linus Torvalds04:14
X-DeluXei use ext3, but i hate this checkup every 20th startup04:14
[Tyro]Edenbeast it resizes it self saying it's too small04:14
Edenbeastheh my computer is pretty much 24/7 :-s04:14
[Tyro]that's what pisses me04:15
BlueDrewhardrives can fail, regardless.  Plus I'd never trust windows for my important data anyway.... too many issues.   I made the switch to linux a few years back after my daughter was born and i had a lot of digital pics on my windows partition... only to have windows come back with an error of "unable to find magic cookie" on my HD... and I lost all that data.  Since then I've been running pclinuxos (or kubuntu, or several other04:15
BlueDrewdistros) with ext3-journalised to keep my data more secure04:15
EdenbeastTyro: install more RAM04:15
Edenbeastseems the obvious solution04:15
lee986321woa taht is one bright screen lol04:15
lee986321ati is intact04:15
Edenbeastyou better not be talking about me :p04:15
hdevalencewhat is VM dirty writeback time?04:15
[Tyro]Edenbeast i have 2.5 Gig04:15
[Tyro]and it only uses like 512meg04:16
[Tyro]ands starts using the pagefile04:16
Edenbeasthmm that sucks :-/04:16
[Tyro]Very much so04:16
[Tyro]It's good to have the RAM for games though04:16
lee986321it seems taht Iam on the gutsy version04:16
lee986321and its not asking for updates04:17
[Tyro]i need it for that, and it uses it, but all my other stuff pisses me off04:17
Edenbeastwhat can I say, I'm happily usng linux since about '98 and windows free since 2002  :-|04:17
soulwarpgutzy comes out tomorrow?04:17
Edenbeastwhich games do you play? some games can run on linux via wine/cedega04:17
BlueDrewwindows free here too... plus our work has switched to linux.  We only have two machines there now with legacy operating systems on them (windows)04:18
soulwarpi like tremulous, very fun game04:18
sub[t]rnlsoulwarp: comes out in like, an hour04:18
* Edenbeast quickly hides the terminal services window remoting in the windows server *blush*04:18
soulwarphope they fix the mencoder bug04:18
BlueDrewi solved game compatibility issues and the constant "hardware upgrade" spiral of pc gaming......  i got a Wii instead.  problem solved.04:18
Edenbeastin my defense it's not my server :P04:18
[Tyro]what is windows Free?04:19
sub[t]rnlmencoder is pffth. use ffmpeg anyway04:19
BlueDrewNow i just use my computer for computing stuff.04:19
EdenbeastI'm very compelled by that new game that will come out hellgate London04:19
BlueDrewwindows free means you don't have windows in your domain... home..work..etc04:19
soulwarpsub[t]rnl i like both04:19
Edenbeastand I'd love to play TF2 as well :-/04:19
lee986321eh my ps2 surfices me for gaming until Isave up for games04:19
soulwarpsub[t]rnl but it would be nice04:19
sub[t]rnlsoulwarp: agreed04:19
[Tyro]ohh, so you're free of windows like chains04:19
BlueDrewno windows issues.04:19
sub[t]rnlthen mencoder wouldn't be so, as I so sophisticatedly put it.. "pffth"04:20
Edenbeastbut my computer has socket 939 so I'd need to buy yet another mobo + processor and probably new ram as well + a new videocard... it just nevevr stops :P04:20
soulwarpsub[t]rnl some issues when converting mp3s in video files04:20
BlueDrewonly reason I would get an upgraded gfx card is to get even smoother compiz-fusion performance. :)04:20
soulwarpsub[t]rnl only way to fix it was to downgrade mencoder :'(04:21
sub[t]rnlno kidding?04:21
Edenbeastdoes compiz-fusion have that beryl limitation where it'll run up to your vidcard's memory limit and will then display blacked-out windows?04:21
sub[t]rnlI use ffmpeg/mencoder to encode my .avi files so I can burn them on dvd's04:21
BlueDrewEdenbeast: that was an NVIDIA problem....  fixed in the newest drivers.04:21
[Tyro]when was the latest Kubuntu released04:21
sub[t]rnlusually use the tovid script header to do the dirty work though04:21
[Tyro]or will be04:21
Edenbeastah ok, great :-)04:21
sub[t]rnlI've produced some really nice looking dvd's in linux, thats for sure04:22
sub[t]rnlusing ffmpeg/mpeg2enc04:22
X-DeluXekde 4 in december i think04:22
soulwarpsub[t]rnl personally i like ffmpeg for the speed04:22
BlueDrewman... getting a tonsillectomy at 35 really sucks.04:22
lee986321taht reminds me, Ineed a dvd authorign system04:22
[Tyro]what version of Kubuntu do you guys use?04:23
lee986321ok so how do I check if this is a beta that i reiceived or the real macoy?04:23
X-DeluXe[Tyro]: 2 times a year, they update the whole (k)ubuntu... today should be one update04:23
EdenbeastI use a mutated version of ubuntu -> kubuntu04:24
Edenbeastcurrently at 7.0404:24
[Tyro]do you guys use both Kubuntu  and Ubuntu?04:24
sub[t]rnl7.10 here04:24
lee9863217.10 here04:24
sub[t]rnllee986321: what version are you checking?04:24
[Tyro]where do you get 7.10 from?04:24
ardchoille[Tyro]: just Kubuntu here04:24
lee986321the one that I just upgraded04:24
soulwarpits possible to use kde or gnome04:24
soulwarpwith kubuntu04:25
EdenbeastTyro: in a sense you can. You can install both Desktop environments and choose which one to use or have different DEs per user.04:25
soulwarpbut kubuntu comes with kde04:25
sub[t]rnllee986321: oh, your wanting to check your ubuntu version?04:25
[Tyro]you and Ubuntu is Gnome04:25
Edenbeastthe one thing I really miss from gnome is gnome-video-thumbnailer :-(04:25
X-DeluXeubuntu -> gnome ; kubuntu -> kde04:25
lee986321yes or in my case the kubuntu version04:25
soulwarplike ubuntu only comes with gnome but you can install kde or other windows managers04:26
lee986321allain all yes04:26
EdenbeastI don't like that the konqueror one doesn't pick somewhat random images, when looking at a series, they all display the same front image now.04:26
[Tyro]So Kubuntu and Ubuntu, the only dif is KDE and GNome, but you can have Gnome on Kubuntu?04:26
sub[t]rnllsb_release -a04:26
lee986321how do i know if i be beta or..04:26
Edenbeastand you can have kde on ubuntu, yes04:26
[Tyro]so what's the difference between them then?04:26
sub[t]rnlbetween what?04:26
soulwarpfrom what i hear ubunutu wil come with a new fall back windows manager that doesn't require x-windows in case it crashes04:27
Edenbeastor fluxbox, openbox or any other DE or WM(window manager)04:27
[Tyro](K) $ Ubuntu04:27
[Tyro]Kubuntu and Ubuntu04:27
lee986321No LSB modules are available.04:27
sub[t]rnlkubuntu IS ubuntu..04:27
soulwarpone comes with kde one comes with gnome04:27
sub[t]rnlbut its running kde04:27
[Tyro]so it's just what they come with04:27
sub[t]rnlyeah, the core is the same thing04:28
soulwarpnot every distro can fit on one CD04:28
lee986321Description:    Ubuntu 7.1004:28
soulwarpfedora is like 4 or 5 CDs if i remember04:28
[Tyro]so what are the main differences between KDE and Gnome?04:28
sub[t]rnlthe difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu is one command: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:28
sub[t]rnlor whatever it is04:28
sub[t]rnl[Tyro]: quite a few04:28
lee986321Release:        7.1004:29
BlueDrewkde is more advanced and way cooler. :)04:29
X-DeluXeyes :)04:29
lee986321well am  i a beta or...04:29
sub[t]rnllarger memory footprint though04:29
EdenbeastTyro: gnome tends to focus on ease of use through simplicity, to lesen the burden for new users (at least that's my impression of it)04:29
sub[t]rnlwith kde04:29
BlueDrewtyro... you may wanna also try out the livecd for pclinuxos 2007.  kde based system with very nice multimedia setup from the get-go...  you can get it from pclinuxos.com04:29
Edenbeastkde on the other hand tends to present you with lots and lots of options and has more of a windows look04:29
lee986321i treid gentoo04:29
sub[t]rnlholy mother Edenbeast04:30
sub[t]rnlmy kde looks nothing like windows04:30
soulwarpslax was a cool live cd i once tryed04:30
sub[t]rnllee986321: gentoo is good04:30
ardchoilleEdenbeast: my kde looks nothing like windows04:30
lee986321failed hard core  at setting it..made it to pw an no idea what happend04:30
Edenbeastmine doesn't either now, but I do think a base install resembles it somewhat more than gnome :-/04:30
sub[t]rnllee986321: portage is a damn good package manager too.. just compiling everything from source throws some people off04:31
sub[t]rnlbut meh04:31
ardchoilleyeah, I wanna use it now.. not next week, lol04:31
Edenbeastand it's not like it's necessarily a bad thing: familiarity tends to be a good thing for many people04:31
lee986321i am not saying its not... i just don't know where i went erong at.. said pw fatal error then shut down04:31
sub[t]rnlardchoille lol04:31
lee986321i went with the sugested hints lol04:32
lee986321i just want to know i f i had done my pw would it shut it down?04:32
lee986321in set up mode?04:32
Edenbeastand gnome has way more and better themes :p04:33
sub[t]rnlEdenbeast: lol04:33
EdenbeastI really really want a 'milk' theme for my kde, that would rock04:33
sub[t]rnlkde-look ftw?04:33
lee986321do you recomend the dvd the instead of the cd?04:33
sub[t]rnlwonder how many time's I've refreshed ffox looking for 7.10 live cd04:37
Ch1ppyhey, my kopete keeps crashing now?04:38
=== gustavo is now known as GuHHH
Ch1ppyer, it just randomly started04:38
Ch1ppyonly thing I've done was update + install kde4 beta3, but running kde3's kopete04:38
sub[t]rnlonly thing eh? heh04:39
lee986321oh fergetting i  have got to havve my celtic back ground04:39
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: only thing that could have impacted it I mean04:39
sub[t]rnlyeah, thats a pretty big step though04:40
aslamhi all, where can i find kde4 beta3 packages, aptitude still doesn't show them :(04:40
prakis the gutsy available to some people now?04:40
sub[t]rnltry killing all processes releated to Kopete04:40
sub[t]rnland opening it again04:40
prakas it's oct 18 in most areas of the world?04:40
sub[t]rnlps aux |grep kopete04:40
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: kay, one sec04:40
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: no other kopete processes running04:41
lee986321sub[t]rnl what thre me for a loop was...doing my pw...i couldnt see any thing not even astrix when i typed it in04:41
sub[t]rnllee986321: hehe04:41
sub[t]rnli be04:41
sub[t]rnlCh1ppy: fire it up in konsole to see the feedback04:41
sub[t]rnlthat way you can catch any gripes and debug it04:41
lee986321so I no idea if I was typing in the box or not04:41
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: I did, no others running04:41
lee986321does it have an actual scren that comes up when finished?04:42
millerjdHey, with KDE 4 beta 3, did they fix the kicker replacement?04:42
lee986321and wah is it meaning when there is an nrecoverable error?04:43
millerjdit means you have an error you can't recover from =0)04:43
lee986321so taht means..wrong pw..back to the drawing board then correct04:43
lee986321or do i have a bad disk?04:44
millerjdI have no clue what you are talking about04:44
=== scott is now known as scott_
=== scott_ is now known as scott__
Ch1ppymillerjd: I'd tell you, but it won't even start for me :S04:44
sub[t]rnlCh1ppy: back04:44
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: kay, any other ideas?04:45
millerjdCh1ppy: what part doesn't start for you?04:45
millerjdyou also have to install kde4base-dev to get kde4 to start04:45
sub[t]rnlCh1ppy: try running it from a terminal04:45
=== scott__ is now known as scott
sub[t]rnlCh1ppy: open konsole, then run kopete04:45
sub[t]rnlto see the output04:45
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: oh right, duh04:45
=== scott is now known as go2dell
* sub[t]rnl nods04:45
millerjdmy company is have a 7.10 release party tomorrow and I'm wondering if they put some sort of menu bar (kicker) at the bottom of beta 3 for kde 404:46
Ch1ppymillerjd: maybe that's it ;)04:46
millerjdif you get an error about a library missing, it's probably because the file you need is actually in kde4base-dev04:46
Ch1ppymillerjd: hold up, I'll try it in a sec04:46
millerjdi ran into that04:46
lee986321oh I neeok now to test a few things in my graphics..hmm it seems to be stuck in 32 mb rather then 25604:47
millerjdI wish the kubuntu people had some sort of changlog for their kde4 beta updates04:47
sub[t]rnllee986321: your not seeing all your available memory?04:47
feimaoSysinfo for 'kubuntu': Linux 2.6.22-14-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMDAthlonXP2500+ at 1830 MHz (3665 bogomips), , RAM: 497/503MB, 111 proc's, 3.34h up04:47
millerjdbrb, taco bell time04:48
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: kopete: ERROR: : couldn't create slave : Unable to create io-slave:04:48
Ch1ppyklauncher said: Unknown protocol ''.04:48
sub[t]rnlsounds like a permissions problem04:50
Ch1ppymillerjd: that got it, thanks for the tip.  there's a bar at the bottom with a clock, but no taskbar and no menu.  also, the status bar thingy icons are displaying above the bar....04:50
sub[t]rnlCh1ppy: try running it via "sudo kopete"04:50
sub[t]rnlfor me04:50
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: ahead of you ;)04:50
sub[t]rnlerr, better yet, kdesu kopete04:50
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: that's it, good call.  any idea what I can do to fix it?04:51
* sub[t]rnl sucks on teeth04:52
Ironman_hello does kubuntu have good support or laptops?04:52
sub[t]rnlits an issue with kdelibs04:52
sub[t]rnltheres the fix04:53
sub[t]rnlyou can either downgrade your kdelibs, or dpkg -i the download from that link04:53
=== alexandre is now known as lemke
* sub[t]rnl recommends the download04:54
Ironman_do anyone know if kubuntu offers good support or laptops?04:54
sub[t]rnlIronman_: yes04:55
soulwarpi just use gaim ;p04:55
sub[t]rnlkopete > gaim!04:55
sub[t]rnlwheres your kde allience soulwarp!04:55
sub[t]rnlalliance even04:56
iss_studentIronman run kubuntu on my laptop and love it04:57
sub[t]rnlardchoille: shush you04:57
soulwarpdoes kopete have the ability to transfer pictures with yahoo messanger?04:58
WaltzingAlongsend files?04:58
soulwarpi've never tested it04:58
sub[t]rnlme either, but its there04:58
sub[t]rnlI see pictures of my friends on yahoo accounts when they get online though04:59
soulwarpyahoo is funny about that i hear04:59
Ch1ppysub[t]rnl: that works, thanks :)04:59
sub[t]rnlCh1ppy: np04:59
ted_soulwarp: I tried that feature recently and it didn't work for me04:59
mika__wouldn't it just be the same as sending files over msn?04:59
soulwarpted_ doesn't work with gaim either04:59
ted_soulwarp: huh, it did work on gaim for me04:59
Doctor_NickSHIT GUYS05:00
millerjdch1ppy, you get kde4 running?05:00
soulwarpted_ usually never shows the transfer on the other end when i tryed it05:01
Doctor_Nick0 days to go :D05:01
ted_soulwarp: yep, same behavior here, going in both directions05:01
soulwarpmust be EST05:01
millerjdanyone know if the beta 3 of kde 4 fixes kicker replacement05:01
ted_soulwarp: although I'm not sure if it could be my NAT router05:02
sub[t]rnlmillerjd: what kind of kicker replacement are you talking about? just curious05:03
millerjdI think they call it kickoff05:03
millerjdwill be replaced with raptor05:03
sub[t]rnlewh, cool05:03
sub[t]rnlno idea05:03
millerjdI know in beta 2, there was no menu bar (kicker) on the bottom05:03
millerjdcompany is doing a 7.10 release party tomorrow and I'm waiting for a machine to apt-get kde4b3 to see if it has some sort of start bar at the bottom05:04
ekrengeldoes anyone know a command to send a signal to a monitor if it cannot resume from suspend?05:04
sub[t]rnlmillerjd: fun fun05:05
ekrengeli can fake change the resolution05:05
ekrengeland have it come back after applying the same resolution that it was at05:05
ekrengelon my second screen05:05
ekrengel"monitor and display" commands05:06
millerjdanyone is invited, cocktails will be served05:06
sub[t]rnlwhere at!05:06
X-DeluXemillerjd: served at your kde?05:06
=== alexandre is now known as lemke
millerjdphoenix, arizona05:07
millerjdwe are the only linux retail store here in the valley05:07
soulwarp<---orlano florida =/05:07
millerjdso we have parties when there is a new release05:08
sub[t]rnlthough, if I got hammered and sat down in front of kde4b3 i would reeealy screw it up.. (unstable + more unstable = ...poop)05:08
* genii thinks about coffee but sips a fruit juice instead05:08
sub[t]rnlgenii is a coffee fiend05:08
dsmith__its 2:00 PM, Thursday Oct 18th, in Australia. I want Gutsy! lol..05:09
geniisub[t]rnl: Well, I'm awake a lot :)05:09
dsmith__when are they officially letting it go?05:09
millerjdFrankly, I hate kubuntu. I'm a hardcore gnome guy, but I really like kde405:10
marx2kI wonder what today's dist-upgrade is gonna do for my KDE05:10
sub[t]rnlmarx2k: the update manager is pretty ironed out, it was seemless for me, for the rc105:11
sub[t]rnlso I'm sure you'll breeze through it, no troubles for the stable05:12
marx2khaha no I didnt mean what is it gonna do TO my KDE :)05:12
millerjdFor the LOVE OF PETE why did they not fix the kicker in Beta 3?!!!?!!!!!05:12
millerjdI just finished installing kde4b3 and still no kicker05:12
millerjdno nothung05:12
Jucato1. There is no kicker in KDE 405:13
millerjdwhatever the replacement is05:13
marx2khow'd KDE4 in general?05:13
millerjdI can never remember the name05:13
Jucato2. The fixes for it came after the Beta 3 freeze05:13
millerjdis there a way to get the fix?05:13
Jucato3. Even at Beta 3, Plasma is still under heavy development05:13
WaltzingAlongcalling it the third beta hardly means it is almost finished05:14
millerjdI know that, but it seems rather trivial that kubuntu is far behind on the kde4 dev05:14
millerjdI've seen some nice kde4 setups05:15
millerjdbut kubuntu hasn't put it together yet05:16
Jucatoin order to make packages, one has to take a snapshot of the state of the software at a given date. You can't take a snapshot of software last week, package it, then expect it to have todays updates and fixes05:16
Jucatoso unless you compile it yourself, yes, it will be behind a bit05:16
godfodderis there a way to run dos from kubuntu?05:17
godfodderthe only way for me to install my particular version of xp needs dos05:17
godfodderwhat a pain in the butt05:17
Jucatoum... no...05:18
WaltzingAlongwine emulates windows api, not dos05:18
WaltzingAlong!info dosbox05:18
tazgodxanyone know the command to upgrade my kubuntu to 7.10?05:18
ubotudosbox: A x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.65-1 (feisty), package size 506 kB, installed size 1388 kB05:18
godfodderwhen i runn the xp installer i get an error and it closes05:18
WaltzingAlongtazgodx: there are instructions on kubuntu.org05:18
Jucatoand if you're trying to install Windows on your hard drive, you can't do it from w/in Linux, specially not through wine05:18
tazgodxok, thanks WaltzingAlong05:19
godfodderwell my c drive is wiped so i'm having some issues05:19
godfodderthanks WaltzingAlong, i'll try dosbox05:19
millerjdI don't think I have the patience to compile kde4, I'm sure I'd bork something up this late at night05:19
WaltzingAlonggodfodder: if you want ms windows within gnu/linux then perhaps look at virtualization software05:20
godfodderi'm very new to linux so i can use as much help as possible05:20
* Jucato doesn't think this is the right place to ask how to re-install Windows :)05:21
* sub[t]rnl cackles05:21
sub[t]rnlI get lost in front of a windows machine...05:21
sub[t]rnlits sad05:21
soulwarpmy family thinks im a computer wiz so they ask me questions about windows...05:22
Jucatoalthough I must say I've never heard of a Windows installer that requires MS-DOS other than Windows 3.1...05:22
dsmith__i get asked why should we use free software when we can pay for software thats supported?05:22
geniisub[t]rnl: The other day I caught myself on a windows machine i needed to examine, typing in: ifconfig a few times before I realised my error05:22
sub[t]rnlI have to run "cmd" every now and again just to see something somewhat familiar05:22
sub[t]rnlgenii: lol05:22
dsmith__I've done that05:22
Jucatogodfodder: btw there's a ##windows channel. you might be able to get help there05:22
godfodderyeah it has a Uwin installer05:22
ardchoilledsmith__: Send them here: http://ardchoille42.googlepages.com/linux.html05:23
godfodderits windows xp pro with sp2/sp305:23
geniibrrrrr beta service packs05:23
* Jucato is guessing it's sort of pirated software..05:23
geniiJucato: I have a "don't ask don't tell" policy05:24
godfodderit comes with all these extras too... like a vista interface option lol05:24
Jucatoin which case it's a double no-no05:24
dsmith__ardchoille: thx05:24
Jucatogenii: but you're not an op. I would have to ask and kick :)05:24
Jucatoat least I ask first :D05:24
dsmith__ppl just refuse to go away from windows05:24
geniiAh, true05:25
geniidsmith__: They are afraid of change.05:25
dsmith__that or refuse to change05:25
Jucatoto be fair, some of them really can't...05:26
sub[t]rnlagreed Jucato05:26
dsmith__i support close to 50 users..05:26
sub[t]rnlthere are quite a few people that I know that run linux.. and though its bad to say.. I really wish they wouldn't05:26
Jucatowork, needed/favorite software w/o Linux altertanives, games *cough*05:26
sub[t]rnlsave on my cellphone bill05:26
Jucatoheh :005:26
Jucato(then there are those who are probably better off *not* running Linux :P)05:27
dsmith__I caught on fella trying to install windows Nvidia drivers on his linux box05:27
sub[t]rnlI went to my buddies house last night, I had installed kubuntu on a partition for him05:27
lee986321oh man zines  for amorachs been takes out...its dreyed out i cant listen to any stations that celtic05:27
Jucatostick around longer here and you'll meet people asking how to install an exe installer for firefox :)05:27
sub[t]rnland I saw ./someapp.exe in his .bash_history05:27
sub[t]rnlheh, busted05:27
Jucatolee986321: whatcha talking about?05:28
mrtimboare my eyes playing with me or is 7.10 out05:28
Jucatoprobably the former :P05:28
Jucatoit should be out Oct. 18... question is what time and on whose timezone05:28
lee986321a critical part for dtreamimg in amorochs no longer available05:28
sunilonlnwould i lose anything by forcing an upgrade to gutsy right now, or should i wait until it officially releases?05:28
geniiHeh. A computer lab I maintain..we have 2 *buntu boxes. Someone downloaded msn messenger install exe to the desktop about 20 times05:28
Jucato1st of all, it's Xine and Amarok. 2nd nothing has been taken out05:28
dsmith__sunilonln: make a backup first!05:28
sub[t]rnlgenii: lol05:29
lee986321judt s sec ill get the name of that plug in05:29
mrtimboi just told it to update and it told me that an upgrade to 7.20 is avail05:29
dsmith__genii: LMAO05:29
sunilonlndsmith__: obviously; i'm talking about functionality and/or code changes05:29
geniidsmith__: Even more ironic, Pidgin was running the whole time05:29
* Jucato wouldn't probably survive as a sysadmin... 05:29
sub[t]rnlsunilonln: nope.05:30
dsmith__i use kopete05:30
lee986321Xine extraplug in...it has been greyed out05:30
sunilonlnsub[t]rnl: nope meaning it's ok to upgrade now?05:30
sub[t]rnlsunilonln: yup05:30
dsmith__jabber, yahoo, msn05:30
Jucatolee986321: libxine1-ffmpeg is what you need05:30
lee986321its under multi media05:30
lee986321for amrach?05:30
sub[t]rnlupdate manager is pretty ironed out, should be smooth sailing05:30
dsmith__genii: checkout ncomputing05:31
Jucatooh btw guys, just a bit of a heads up. starting today, when people ask about MP3 codecs, tell them libxine1-ffmpeg instead of libxine-extracodecs05:31
sub[t]rnljust keep an eye on the packages it recommends removing in the upgrade05:31
sub[t]rnlJucato: 10-405:31
Jucatoor if they're using gutsy, just tell them to install kubuntu-restricted-extras for the whole bunch (except w32 and dvd)05:31
dsmith__NetersLandreau: aircard?05:31
geniiJucato: Has that been updated in ubotu's blurbs?05:31
mrtimbowell it is upgrading so i guess ill just download an iso from the local mirror tomorrow05:32
lee986321eh i am trying to listen to a pod cast05:32
Edenbeastmy amarok refuses to play mp3s anymore :-(05:32
Jucatogenii: ubotu doesn't give the package name actually05:32
Edenbeastsince the last upgrade05:32
JucatoEdenbeast: try to check if libxine1-ffmpeg is installed05:32
genii/msg ubotu hi05:32
* sub[t]rnl snaps05:32
sub[t]rnlI wanted to say it Jucato!05:32
Edenbeastoh it has that and libmad and all the codecs you can imagine05:32
sunilonlnsub[t]rnl: should i use 'sudo do-release-upgrade --devel-release'?05:32
Jucato /msg genii hahaha!05:32
sub[t]rnlsunilonln: I upgraded through adept manager05:33
* Jucato wonders why use the gnome commands...05:33
sub[t]rnlsunilonln: but its the same thing really05:33
geniiJucato: I want to query him a bit about mp3s and so on05:33
Edenbeastit still says no mp3 support from time to time and then it usuually freezes on that :-/05:33
lee986321for my pod casts? i need  libxine1-ffmpeg05:33
Jucatosunilonln: there's a step by step for Kubuntu using adept-manager05:33
Crazypoultrysorry for what may sound like a stupid ? but i'm pretty new to linux, is there anything special i need to do to update to 7.10 when it releases?(i tried the RC and for some reason it kept killing my ethernet  connection as well as my winblows partition)05:33
Jucatosub[t]rnl: might not be the same thing really.05:33
Edenbeastwhat happened to amarok-gstreamer btw?05:33
JucatoCrazypoultry: are you on 7.10 RC right now?05:34
sub[t]rnlJucato seems they use the same repos right?05:34
lee986321they deleted the main codec05:34
Ironman_did all the downloads change to dvd because im not seeing any more cd downloads?05:34
Crazypoultry7.04 as of now05:34
sub[t]rnl /msg ubotu shh, we'll talk about that later05:34
Jucatosub[t]rnl: yes. but afaik, adept_manager makes sure some kubuntu stuff is installed before proceding05:34
Edenbeastnow amarok just complains about not finding the correct demultiplexer so I figure it's not looking inthe corect place somehow05:34
sub[t]rnlsunilonln: use adept_manager just to be safe05:35
JucatoCrazypoultry: nothing special. just follow the steps when it comes out05:35
sub[t]rnlsunilonln: cause I know for a fact its ironed out05:35
Crazypoultryk, tyty05:35
sunilonlnsub[t]rnl: already started it in the terminal; seems to be fine so far05:35
Jucatouh oh?05:35
* sub[t]rnl shuffles feet05:35
Jucatoyou're using apt-get dist-upgrade?05:35
sunilonlnis that a problem?05:35
Jucatonow that's going to be more problematic05:36
sunilonlni can kill it; it's still downloading repo info05:36
sunilonlnk, killed - i'll use adept05:36
Jucato1. make sure kubuntu-desktop is installed. 2. make sure 3rd-party unofficial repos are disabled. 3. use "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade --install-recommends"05:36
* sub[t]rnl agrees05:36
Jucatoactually you can use apt if you really want to05:36
Arenlorthey need to change the topic in here to support in #ubuntu since #ubuntu+1 is forwarding to it05:37
Jucatohm... was that --install recommends or --with-recomends... hm...05:38
sunilonlnJucato: i'll just use adept in that case05:38
sub[t]rnli thought you could just replace fiesty with gutsy, apt update, then upgrade05:39
=== Ironman_ is now known as IronMan1
sub[t]rnlbadda boom badda bing05:39
ardchoilleJucato: searching in man apt-get for "recommends" returned "Pattern not found"05:39
lee__will compwiz run on kubutu?05:39
Jucatoardchoille: yeah it's not in man, but it's an option05:39
ardchoilleah, ok05:39
lee__not that i need wobles as i have enough grahpics lol05:39
ardchoilleLove those undocumented options, lol05:40
Jucatosub[t]rnl: oh yeah forgot that step. step 005:40
Jucatosub[t]rnl: not with gutsy.. there were some subtle changes05:40
=== IronMan1 is now known as DropOut
lee__so did we get the real version this time?05:41
sub[t]rnlsudo sed -e 's/\sfeisty/ gutsy/g’ -i /etc/apt/sources.stli &sudo & apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade05:41
sunilonlnadept is doing its stuff; hopefully it will work correctly05:41
=== DropOut is now known as Fade2Blac
Jucatosub[t]rnl: that won't work actually05:42
* sub[t]rnl sucks on teeth05:42
Jucatosub[t]rnl: first of all it should be dist-upgrade05:42
WaltzingAlongsub[t]rnl: if you have enabled   proposed you have better chances with that (and dist-upgrade)05:42
=== Jucato changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support channel | FAQ: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuFeistyKnownProblems | Free Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Large pastes: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Offtopic in #kubuntu-offtopic please | KDE 4.0 beta 2: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta2.php | Gutsy party and "when is it out?" questions in #ubuntu-release-party
lee__oops i am running office org05:43
Jucatosunilonln: just follow the step by step guide and you'll be fine05:43
* sub[t]rnl nods05:43
sunilonlnokay, thanks05:43
sub[t]rnlnever mind ol' sub, he just gets those wild hairs05:44
* sub[t]rnl coughs05:44
WaltzingAlongJucato: for that matter kde4beta3 could find its way to the topic?05:44
WaltzingAlong:d kubuntu.org has it05:44
* Jucato grumbles05:44
Jucatoanything else sirs?05:45
=== Jucato changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support channel | FAQ: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuFeistyKnownProblems | Free Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Large pastes: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Offtopic in #kubuntu-offtopic please | KDE 4.0 beta 3: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php | Gutsy party and "when is it out?" questions in #ubuntu-release-party
WaltzingAlonglooks great05:45
tharungot dc'ed, asing again: can I export DigiKam albums/collections onto a CD which preserves all the tags etc. so that a windows machine can read it?05:45
* Jucato grumbles... slave drivers... mumbles...05:46
rocketsWhen I install the kdebase-workspace do i get a kde4 session or just some apps05:47
Jucatojust some libs & apps, unless you follow the instructions on how to get a session05:48
sub[t]rnlyeah, looks like dev and apps05:48
ubotuvista is the new operating system by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org05:49
rocketsWell, I installed kdebase-workspace and created a session, and it just crashes05:58
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
jeezmossilly question, but if I download/install 7.10 RC, will there be a simple upgrade process to upgrade that to 7.10 Full Release?06:05
Jucatojeezmos: yes06:05
jeezmosJucato: thanks.  does kubuntu usually release soon after Ubuntu (obviously thinking about hte 7.10 release today/tomorrow)06:07
HorDhi, there are final release?06:07
Jucatojeezmos: same time06:07
* Jucato points to the topic06:08
HorDor not yet?06:09
sub[t]rnlHorD: not yet06:10
HorDsub[t]rnl tomorrow?06:10
Shaezschedoes kubuntu feature the power saving dynticks? or just ubuntu?06:10
sub[t]rnlHorD: yes, very soon06:11
JucatoHorD: Oct. 18. unknown time, unknown timezone06:11
ShaezscheDynamic screen configuration? thats listed in hte ubuntu release page but not kubuntu...06:11
JucatoShaezsche: if it's a kernel feature, then all *buntus have it06:11
Shaezscheok what about the new randr Dynamic screen configuration06:11
JucatoBulletProof X unfortunately isn't06:12
Shaezscheare you talking to me?06:12
HorDok... thanks you guys06:12
JucatoShaezsche: yes06:12
Shaezschewhat does bulletproof mean?06:12
Shaezscheis it in ubnutu and NOT kubuntu?06:12
Jucatodynamic screen recognition (I think)06:13
jeezmosI've always had trouble with debian-based systems when I use vi ... it seems like the keys are just oddly mapped.  For example, I press the End key, and vi will capitalize the letter the cursor is under.  Can you think of a reason this would happen?06:13
ShaezscheJucato can you answer my question06:13
Shaezscheis it in kubuntu as well as buntu?06:13
* sunilonln is 49% done downloading 1180 upgrades06:13
sub[t]rnlShaezsche: Dynamic screen resolution is already supported in the gutsy betas, it will be in kubuntu06:13
Shaezschethank you sub[t]rnl06:13
JucatoShaezsche: I already did. I said no, it isn't in Kubuntu06:13
Jucatoer.. wait06:13
Shaezscheok, u two disagree?06:13
sub[t]rnli thought xrandr was supported in the final for kubuntu06:13
ShaezscheJucato your answer was not clear06:13
Jucatosub[t]rnl: bullet proof X isn't the dynamic screen recognition thingy?06:14
sub[t]rnlcould be wrong06:14
Shaezschewhat is bullet proof x?06:14
Jucatoah if it's xrandr,I think it is in Kubuntu06:14
* sub[t]rnl nods06:14
dsmith__bulletproof X looks nice06:14
Jucatofailsafe mode06:14
dsmith__i was impressed06:14
Shaezscheis compiz fusion in kubuntu too?06:15
Shaezschewoa!? seriouslY? thats lame06:15
sub[t]rnleasily obtainable though06:15
Jucatonot installed by default06:15
Shaezschebut its default in ubuntu06:15
Shaezscheso lame of kubuntu06:15
Jucatoyeah blame it on kubuntu...06:15
Shaezschewell how do i get it?06:16
kelsa|martallikubuntu is waiting for kde4, I guess06:16
sub[t]rnlyeah the compiz team has -nothing- to do with it06:16
Jucatothe fact that compiz fusion doesn't work seamlessly w/ KDE as it does with GNOME is definitely kubuntu's fault06:16
sub[t]rnllol jucato06:16
Shaezscheoh i didnt know that06:16
kelsa|martallicompiz was written for gnome06:16
Jucatobut yeah, stil so lame of kubuntu06:16
* sub[t]rnl nods06:16
Shaezschei want to use gnome, but it doesnt allow me to adjust power schemes06:16
Shaezscheonly thing keeping me on kubuntu06:16
Shaezschethe powersave while on battery mode06:16
Shaezscheubuntu adjusts it automatically, feisty was always dymanic06:16
kelsa|martalliShaezsche: I hate to dissuade you from kde, but surely it can be managed in gnome - just install the kde program that is helping you06:17
kelsa|martalliI use gftp in kde, without develping hives06:17
* sub[t]rnl chuckles06:17
Shaezscheits a startup prog06:17
Shaezschei dont want that06:17
Shaezscheall kinds of possible conflicts with power management06:17
Shaezschedont want to deal with that06:17
kelsa|martalliWhat power management trickery does kubuntu have that ubuntu doesn't?06:18
Shaezscheyou can set profiles06:18
Shaezschelast ubuntu didnt let u06:18
Shaezscheor it was broken or something06:18
Shaezscheplus you can't set default to conservative in either distro06:18
Shaezschewhtas up with that lameness?06:19
Shaezschemay as well use mandriva06:19
kelsa|martalliMandriva's free, too06:19
kelsa|martalliI used to use it06:19
Jucatokelsa|martalli: power management trickery: kde-guidance06:19
kelsa|martalliJucato: Thanks06:20
Jucatoalthough I'm not sure if ubuntu is getting the same features now too, since there's a guidance-backends now..06:20
kelsa|martalligeez, you't think someone was pulling his fingernails to make him use kubuntu06:21
Doctor_Nickit doesnt matter06:21
Doctor_Nickkde4 will have its own 3d window manager anyway06:21
kelsa|martallibetter integrated, too, it looks like06:21
kelsa|martalliCan I turn the 3d down or turn it off for my weenie p-2 and p3 computers?06:22
sub[t]rnlyeah, kwin compositing runs really well06:22
CPrgmSwR2anyone using kde4-beta3?06:23
sunilonlnCPrgmSwR2: no, but i'm going to try as soon as kubuntu finishes upgrading06:25
CPrgmSwR2Just wondered, because kde4addons won't install06:25
sunilonlnkelsa|martalli: speaking of disuading people from kde, what exactly am i getting in kubuntu that i won't in gnome? (i switched from xubuntu primarily because it was unstable and i use amarok)06:26
CPrgmSwR2sunilonln: you will get amarok by default06:27
kelsa|martalliThe KDE groups of apps are more coherent and generally very good software06:27
CPrgmSwR2sunilonln: not to mention kde4 is comming out soon which IMHO is light years ahead of gnome06:28
sunilonlnfair enough06:28
kelsa|martalliI used thunderbird for quite a while but recently switched to kontact, and these days it is an excellent, full featured outlook-style program06:28
sunilonlnhmm, haven't tried kontact06:28
CPrgmSwR2its amazing have fast you can install stuff on kubuntu06:29
dsmith__kontact better then tbird?06:29
sunilonlnanyways, i was asking because fedora+gnome is installed on some lab machines i use, and it looks really nice06:29
kelsa|martalliBack in my mandrake days (9.2), I shunned it for thunderbird.  However, since I have been using it over the last 6 months, I think its the best such program in linux06:29
sunilonlnbut i haven't tried it in a non-IT-maintained desktop environment06:29
dsmith__CPrgmSwR2: I am always amazed at that fact06:29
Edenbeastwhy are openoffice.org promoted over koffice in kubuntu, is the general consensus that it's plain better or for compatibility reasons?06:29
sunilonlnEdenbeast: i was wondering that myself06:30
CPrgmSwR2openoffice.org has better support for the word document06:30
kelsa|martalliI prefer ooo over koffice myself (at least writer over kwrite.).  But krita is great06:30
kelsa|martalliI keep both in stalled06:30
Jucatonot the correct answer though06:30
dsmith__kontact work with exchange?06:30
Daisuke_Laptopbecause koffice is just terrible.06:30
kelsa|martallidsmith__: Don't know, I don't use exchange06:30
CPrgmSwR2Daisuke_Laptop: Except for krita06:30
* dsmith__ thinks its doubtful06:31
Daisuke_LaptopCPrgmSwR2: i'll give you that06:31
JucatoAt the time when OO.o was chosen, KOffice wasn't that good yet compared to OO.o, specially in the MS format departments06:31
Jucatobut Kubuntu is moving towards KOffice 206:31
CPrgmSwR2krita is the main app I love from koffice06:31
Jucato(at least that's the plan)06:31
kelsa|martalliPlus, honestly, OOo can be deployed in tons of environments (win/mac/other linux)06:31
Jucatokelsa|martalli: KOffice 2 will be too06:31
ScottKJucato: It's still not (on format conversion).06:31
kelsa|martalliYou won't find koffice even in a lot of linux distros (by default, anyway =(06:32
dsmith__Kontact: Support for Exchange is partly implemented in KDE Kontact. If you use it, please bear in mind that it is not supported.06:32
JucatoScottK: yeah.. that... :(06:32
CPrgmSwR2package kde4addons is not able to be installed06:32
ScottKJucato: That's essential for me.06:32
Edenbeastfor exchange you'll probably have more luck with evolution06:32
JucatoScottK: ditto... although RTF is a compromise..06:32
kelsa|martalliWith the GPL, anything OOo can do, eventually KOffice should be able to do (and vice versa)06:32
Jucatowell not really "essential"...06:32
Jucatokelsa|martalli: not really06:32
Daisuke_Laptopsame.  i have to have the word compatibility or my profs will have my head.06:32
kelsa|martalliI had a devil of a time with evolution and multiple pop accounts06:33
ScottKJucato: Except my customers all use MS Office, so compromise isn't particularly in the cards.06:33
X-DeluXecould anyone help me... why are my cd's mounted depending on their names? how could i change that every disc in the cd/dvd reader is mounted in the same directory?06:33
=== jean is now known as joz
EdenbeastDaisuke-Ido, you should have their heads, they sort of work for you & your community, not vice versa :P06:33
kelsa|martallino apparent way to specify one folder for each accounts.  I had to create rules which didn't seem to catch quite a bit of email06:33
dsmith__thunderbird works with hotmail, gmail and pop306:33
ubuntuhi. i was wondering if anyone knows how to change the size of the hit zone for resizing windows in gnome/ubuntu06:33
dsmith__thunderbird can handle multiple accounst06:34
dsmith__i never used evolution enough though06:34
xeviousubuntu: you can hold alt and right click near the corner of a window and drag06:34
kelsa|martallidsmith__: Yes it can, although it likes to create a separate sent, junk, trash, etc folder for each aacount06:34
dsmith__yea, i know06:34
dsmith__but thats godd and bad06:34
X-DeluXeubuntu: it depends on the borders, set in the kde design settings06:35
kelsa|martallikontact just has a separate folder for each inbox.  I am not sure now if I could have set it like tbirds default06:35
X-DeluXecould anyone help me... why are my cd's mounted depending on their names? how could i change that every disc in the cd/dvd reader is mounted in the same directory?06:35
xeviousubuntu, if you chop the window into quadrants, as long as you're closer to the corner you want to drag it'll start resizing from there06:35
xeviousubuntu: actually. in the middle it does either horizontal or vertical resizing06:36
kelsa|martallikontact is more reminiscent of osx mail, but without multiple separate programs for calendar, addressbook, etc06:36
ubuntuthanks xevious. i was wondering if there was a more permanent solution, because i find this to be a usability issue06:36
xeviousubuntu: you could make the window borders bigger. lemme check on how that's done06:36
X-DeluXeubuntu: it depends on the borders, set in the kde design settings06:37
ubuntuso there's no way to change the hitzone without modifying the border?06:37
X-DeluXei dont think so06:37
xeviousubuntu: K Menu -> System Settings -> Appearance -> Window Decorations, Boder width:06:38
ubuntui found that one06:38
ubuntubut it looks very ugly06:38
xeviousubuntu: if you had the hit zone for resizing venture into the window, it could conflict with actually using that application06:38
ubuntuhmm true06:40
ubuntuanyways thanks for the help you guys06:40
ubuntuit's just been a pet peeve of mine for awhile06:40
X-DeluXemy cd's are mounted depending on their names (/media/name). how could i change that every disc in the cd/dvd reader is mounted in the same directory?06:40
ubuntubecause it's very frustrating that my window lose focus to another window behind when im actually trying to resize the window06:40
X-DeluXei have the same problem... maybe there is any trick06:41
ubuntuand what i've found with os x is that they have one fairly large resize corner on the bottom right, that's easy to pick up and resize06:41
ubuntumaybe there's a way we can make window resizing less traumatic than it currently is06:41
X-DeluXepress alt + left mouse06:42
X-DeluXeoops right mouse06:42
X-DeluXeanywhere in the window06:43
X-DeluXeubuntu: found it?06:44
ubuntuX-DeluXe: yes i foudn it06:45
X-DeluXeyou could change the settings, but i dont know where its in the english version :(06:46
X-DeluXesomewhere in "mouse and keyboard actions -> window"06:47
* X-DeluXe is still waiting for the new kubuntu :)06:50
* dsmith__ has been waiting06:51
* Jucato has been on it :)06:52
boeroedoes anyone now how to install hplib06:54
sub[t]rnlboeroe: for printing?06:56
Leopardis 7.10 delayed?06:56
Leopardi thought it was supposed to be done today :(06:57
X-DeluXethe day has just begun06:57
sub[t]rnlLeopard: it will be, just hafta be patient06:57
Leopardhttp://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ this site says 0 days and this site says 18 october: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/gutsy/06:58
Leopardi am confused06:58
Leopardlet me torrent it06:59
Leopardi will donate my bandwidth :007:00
Jucatoit's not yet officially released yet07:00
X-DeluXeu have 2 wait07:00
Leopardi am on ftth you know07:00
X-DeluXeperfect, u mean time passes faster like this?07:01
Leopard24 Mbit/s symmetrical line meaning up and download are both 24 Mbit/s07:01
Leopardso let me torrent :007:02
X-DeluXenobody has it, it's not released yet07:02
Leopardto spread the open source07:02
sunilonlnadept says "There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages."07:02
sunilonlnand crashed when i clicked ok07:02
sunilonlnshould i open it up again?07:02
Leopardi want to break the upload record ;007:03
Leopardi dont have data limits07:03
Leopardlet me torrent it07:03
Leopardall the little bits can help07:03
Leopardi know my connection aint much but i want to help07:03
X-DeluXesunilonln: did u have some details, what would u do?07:04
sunilonlnX-DeluXe: i couldn't see which package it stopped on since it crashed as soon as i clicked ok07:04
X-DeluXesunilonln: work with console07:05
X-DeluXesunilonln: sudo apt-get update07:05
sunilonlnwell, i was in the middle of upgrading to gutsy07:05
Leopardok is there a linux distro with cartoons i can download and play with in the meantime while i wait for kubuntu gutsy 7.10 to be released?07:05
sunilonlnso should i sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?07:05
X-DeluXesunilonln: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:05
LeopardThe release candidate is no longer available in order to allow the final release to be transferred to mirrors. Kubuntu 7.10 final will be released on October 18. Please check again tomorrow.07:06
Leopardnice promise :(07:07
boeroesubtrnl :yes07:07
sunilonlnLeopard: i'm not sure that's why mine crashed07:07
sunilonlnsince it had finished downloading07:07
Leopardsub[t]rnl : where u from?07:07
sub[t]rnlboeroe: sudo apt-get install hplip07:08
sub[t]rnlLeopard: missouri, usa07:08
Leopardoh misery i know that place nice :)07:08
Leopardugh sorry07:08
sub[t]rnlmisery is right07:08
sub[t]rnlnow worries07:08
Leoparddoes kubuntu have tango icons sub[t]rnl?07:09
Leopardliuchao : are you a chiwawa?07:09
boeroeoke will try:subtrnl07:09
liuchaochiwawa?? who is chiwawa?07:10
sub[t]rnlLeopard: never heard of tango icons outside of gnome07:10
sub[t]rnlhavn't checked07:10
Leopardoh ok07:10
X-DeluXea chiwawa is a kind of a dog...07:10
liuchaoleopard:where are you from?07:11
liuchaoleopard: where are you from?07:11
sub[t]rnlchiwawa is that really how its spelled?07:11
sub[t]rnllooks funny07:11
sunilonlnX-DeluXe: apt-get told me to run 'sudo apt-get -f install', and it looks to be installing the packages that adept didn't get to07:11
liuchaoi'am from china```07:12
boeroesubtrnl: this is what i get07:12
boeroePackage hplip is not available, but is referred to by another package.07:12
boeroeThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or07:12
boeroeis only available from another source07:12
boeroeE: Package hplip has no installation candidate07:12
X-DeluXeLeopard: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/KDEmod+Tango+Icons?content=6348607:12
Leopardi dunno i spell phonetically07:12
Leopardliuchao : i love chinese food07:12
Leopardi love that stuff they put in the food that makes it so addictive :)07:13
liuchao`` `OH`` thanks07:13
Leopard:) yw07:13
X-DeluXesunilonln: ok lets try?07:13
sunilonlnyeah, hopefully my system won't be shot07:13
sub[t]rnlboeroe: do a sudo apt-get update07:13
sunilonlni'm going to be afraid of rebooting for a while07:13
sub[t]rnlboeroe: then sudo apt-get install hplip07:13
liuchao:) what you name?07:14
liuchaomy name is Chao Liu!07:14
Leopardmy friend is from china chingman-lee07:14
Jucato!cn | liuchao07:14
ubotuliuchao: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:14
Leopardi just call him ching07:14
Jucatothis isn't a channel for social chit chat07:14
boeroesame error07:15
boeroewhat now07:15
liuchaowhat ching?07:15
LeopardJucato : so please leave i am talking about connecting through open source with liuchao07:15
X-DeluXesunilonln: i dont really know what you tried before, but if u havent made too many errors before it coudnt be bad at all07:15
Leopardchingman lee my friend07:15
sunilonlnX-DeluXe: i had just tried following the instructions with adept before07:15
liuchaoOH``  i see``07:15
sunilonlni think it'll be fine07:15
JucatoLeopard: no. you're the one who should take it to #kubuntu-offtopic07:15
X-DeluXesunilonln: instructions?07:15
LeopardJucato : why you so mean :(07:16
Leopardnow i feel bad07:16
X-DeluXeLeopard: u found the tango icon theme?07:16
boeroesubrtnl :what can i do more07:16
liuchaoleopard:  you NO. QQ ?07:16
Leopardyes ty X-DeluXe07:16
Leopardoh i dont have QQ yet07:16
Leopardi can get QQ07:17
liuchaooh`` You msn?07:17
sub[t]rnlboeroe: did that work for you?07:17
sunilonlnX-DeluXe: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades07:17
boeroewhat can i do07:17
liuchaoOK` ` cnhnchao@hotmail.com07:17
sub[t]rnlboeroe: well, you can download the source and compile it yourself07:17
Leopardok i add you07:18
sub[t]rnlboeroe: after you have tried to sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get install hplip07:18
Jucatoyes, and plesae continue your conversation in private there. thanks07:18
boeroeoke how do i do that07:18
X-DeluXesunilonln: eeeeeh Gutsy Gibbon is NOT out yet07:18
boeroei have kubunto 6.0607:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hplip - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:19
ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows07:19
X-DeluXesunilonln: but if you follow these instructions you'll just make the security updates07:19
LeopardJucato: , so how is your day today sir.... can you tell me what the delay with 7.10 gibbon of gutsing is all about?07:19
sub[t]rnlthanks Jucato07:19
boeroeyes i did that first update and then install but it did not work\07:19
JucatoLeopard: there wasn't any specific time given for the release.07:20
LeopardJujitsu Cato was Bruce Lee JUcato i like nick Jucato is it Brazilian?07:20
sub[t]rnlhttp://hplip.sourceforge.net/install/manual/download.html <- heres the link to get hplip07:20
Jucatoso for all we know, it might not be late at all07:20
X-DeluXeno delay, they have still time until 23:59 utc07:20
JucatoLeopard: you can join #ubuntu-release-party and wait with the excited people. they might know07:20
liuchaoleopard : i'am addid you07:20
Leopardok :)07:21
liuchaoleopard : you not online07:21
Leopardno invisible07:21
Leopardi send you message07:21
Leopardi am online07:22
Leopardmy family is on msn \07:22
Leopardthey make my life hell when visible07:22
Leopardspam me :(07:22
Leopardmy sister is worse she thinks 3 hour phone calls are normal :/07:23
Jucatoyou two, please take the conversation in private07:23
LeopardJucato: :)07:23
liuchaosorry , I english so bad07:23
Leopardits fine07:23
dorkfaceI'd like to have a ton of pictures for a desktop-background slideshow that are stored in a folder.  Do I have to select each individual picture, or is there an easier way?07:24
Jucatodorkface: Ctrl+A to select all07:25
dorkfaceha, duh07:25
* dorkface smacks himself07:25
Leoparddorkface ;)07:25
Leopardare they any  apps for K(de)UBUNTU to have a panoramic wallpaper that moves through a landscape ?07:27
liuchaoleopard: you from USA?07:27
Leopardif i was from USA my internet would be slow like Jucato :)07:28
liuchao: )07:28
Jucatoand who said I'm even in that continent?07:29
Leopardit was a bad joke07:29
liuchaoNetherlands =荷兰07:29
Leopardyou are in 1 second ping area07:30
liuchaoleopard :    Netherlands =荷兰07:30
LeopardNetherlands is the country USA govt. hired to fix the levies in New Orleans to prevent another Katrina large part of Holland is below sealevel07:30
boeroesubtrnl: another headache cannot compile07:30
sub[t]rnlboeroe: what dependencie was unmet?07:31
sub[t]rnlboeroe: or what did it gripe about07:31
boeroewhen i type ./configure  it said :07:31
boeroechecking for gcc... no07:31
boeroechecking for cc... no07:31
boeroechecking for cl.exe... no07:31
boeroeconfigure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH07:31
liuchaoNetherlands is the country USA govt. OK`i see`07:32
liuchao: )07:32
sub[t]rnlboeroe: do a sudo apt-get install build-essential, then we'll go from there07:32
boeroei just out the last 4 lines because i cannot put the whole message here07:33
Leopardliuchao : this is Holland we are Snorks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuCq0aZiPT007:33
sub[t]rnlbbiab, cig07:33
skyionthe new kubuntu gets released today?07:33
Leopardof course07:33
Leopardso it seems07:34
dorkfacedepends where you live :P07:34
boeroethis is what i get:07:34
boeroeReading package lists... Done07:34
boeroeBuilding dependency tree... Done07:34
boeroePackage build-essential is not available, but is referred to by another package.07:34
boeroeThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or07:34
boeroeis only available from another source07:34
boeroeE: Package build-essential has no installation candidate07:34
liuchaoleopard :  i don't login it`07:35
liuchaowhat is np?07:35
dorkfaceboeroe: Are your repositories set?07:35
dorkfacenp = no problem07:35
Leopardno problemo07:35
liuchaoOK` thanks07:35
boeroei dont know . i left it standard07:35
Jucato!flood | boeroe07:36
ubotuboeroe: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)07:36
liuchaologin full07:36
boeroehow can i show you the repositories. i now where to find it in the adept manager07:36
Jucatoboeroe: in /etc/apt/sources.list07:37
Jucatouse pastebin ^^^07:37
boeroeoke one moment07:37
liuchaowhere is leopard07:37
dorkfaceor, if you want to, go to adept-manager, click "adept", and go to repositories07:37
dorkfacejust another option :)07:37
sub[t]rnlk, back07:37
X-DeluXedont change the sources or you'll lose the security in ur system07:38
JucatoLeopard: stop that07:38
Leopardoops :o07:38
Leopardi was ping echolocating through Adaptive Latent Semantic Analysis07:39
LeopardJucato : :)07:39
PendetaI've just installed Kubutu 7.10 on our server. Internet access works. Then I downloaded and installed the Kpackage package handler. Then I07:39
Pendetatried to install Subversion using Kpackage. At this point, it asked me to reinsert the Kubuntu CD and hit enter (looks like it needs some07:39
Pendetasupport modules from the CD); when I do this it asks me again to insert the Kubuntu CD and hit enter , over and over in an endless circle.07:39
PendetaWhat is the problem? and how do I overcome it?07:39
Leopardi hope this doesnt ruin our friendship Jucato07:39
Leopardjejeje xD07:39
sub[t]rnlhrm, shouldn't sudo apt-get update fix boeroe's problems?07:41
sub[t]rnli would think07:41
X-DeluXePendeta: you downloaded a beta version, just wait for the official release07:41
LeopardJucato does the Kubuntu kernel use realtime data evocation as substandard data protocol?07:42
Jucatono idea07:42
liuchaoleopard : i'am go home` see you next time`  bye bye `!07:43
dorkfaceI want to bind a keyboard shortcut to "desktop access", but right clicking the icon doesn't allow me to edit it.  How can I make the shortcut?07:44
PendetaX-DeluXe, looks like I will have to wait then, as the previous version doesn't support my lan card. Is there no way around this problem?07:45
PendetaI'm bleeding from the cutting edge!07:45
=== thomas is now known as grothesk
boeroehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41029/    this is my source  list07:47
boeroetook a while sorry07:47
Leopardboeroe you dutch?07:47
LeopardBOEREN BOEREN psv eindhoven?07:47
boeroeha ha07:47
X-DeluXePendeta: beta versions are ONLY for testing purposes07:48
boeroeben gefrusteerd door die hp printer van me07:48
Leopardoh minder07:48
X-DeluXePendeta: so better wait some hours... (or maybe until tomorrow???) for the official release07:49
boeroesubtrnl:still there07:51
Daisuke_Laptopoh lord my paper is finally done and i am ready to pass out07:51
slimjimflim_anybody know how to get divx support in firefox?07:51
sub[t]rnlboeroe: barely :P07:51
sub[t]rnlok, sources07:52
sub[t]rnlboeroe add -> deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper main restricted07:52
sub[t]rnlto your sources07:53
sub[t]rnlthen sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install hplip07:53
PendetaX-DeluXe, it's really due out that soon? If so, I can wait.07:53
skyionits 08:54 here :)07:55
skyionyou are worse than a kid before christmas07:56
Leopardwhom,/// ?07:56
Leopardno why..07:56
Neil3hey folks will gutsy be including kde 3.5.8 by default?07:56
skyionyou are counting07:56
sub[t]rnlNeil3: yes07:57
Neil3that was a last minute change eh? :)07:57
Jucatomore like last days change07:57
* skyion :)07:57
* skyion << is happy07:57
Neil3yeah unusual to change a piece of software so close to release, very unusual07:57
Neil3but very appreciated07:58
flysupermanmaybe someone here can help me, i just upgraded from the RC of gusty gibbon to the final release, running kubuntu, after the upgrade my audio will not play, i reinstalled all audio components (alsa, etc...), but seeing no change, amarok returns the error "the device is busy" but i have no other apps that should be using the audio, i've also tried setting the apps to alsa instead of autodetect w/o success, any ideas?07:58
Neil3is arts running?07:59
boeroei am going to restart my system cannot start adept manger07:59
Neil3flysuperman, try disabling arts, it sometimes hogs the sound card07:59
Neil3but then it might also be a driver issue with your card08:00
skyion/etc/init.d/arts stop ?08:00
dorkfaceyeah, my laptop sound is busted too08:00
Neil3you can do it in the kde control centre, under sound08:00
X-DeluXePendeta: sorry, yes you're too soon08:01
flysupermannope, no luck neil308:01
Neil3untick 'enable sound server' or something similar to that (not infront of kubuntu now)08:01
dorkfaceI tried removing and "make install"ing drivers, but when I tried to compile them, I got an error08:02
X-DeluXePendeta: "Gutsy Gibbon is NOT out yet (and NO, we don't know when exactly it will be!)" for details go to #ubuntu-release-party08:03
PendetaThanks, X-DeluXe. I'll just wait then.08:04
boeroecan you give me the line again which i have to add to the source list\08:05
sub[t]rnldeb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted08:05
sub[t]rnlerr, change that gutsy to dapper08:05
sub[t]rnlim ff to bed, night guys08:06
Leopardmissouri man08:06
pillowpantswhats a good torrent tracker that you guys use?08:07
Leopardlol oops :/08:08
pillowpantsLeopard : you use demonoid?08:08
pillowpantswhat do you use othertimes?08:09
simesi have a problem with openoffice on kubuntu, is this the right place to ask questions?08:09
Leopardyush simes08:09
pillowpantsLeopard : i never really figured out usenet08:09
pillowpantssimes : shoot08:09
Leopardusenet is just mail lots of mail its grey area really08:10
Leopardits easy08:10
boeroeand now08:10
Leopardusenet predates the whole internet08:10
boeroealready did an update08:10
pillowpantsLeopard : ah, demonoid is a private tracker, i was unaware of that08:10
pillowpantsLeopard : yeah, ive read about it08:11
pillowpantsLeopard : is it practical for getting files?08:11
pillowpantsLeopard : want to send me an invitation code, eh eh?08:12
Leopardwhy not08:15
simesi have *upgraded* to 7.1008:15
LeopardIM me08:15
pillowpantswhats your sn08:16
simesand now openoffice does a strange thing... when i open a document from the file manager or desktop08:16
boeroegreat i could instaal the holib now08:16
pillowpantsor over this08:16
simesthe icons in the tool bar are not visible08:16
boeroemany thanks wish i could give you a beer08:16
simesor more precisely they come and go08:16
simesalso the menus08:16
simesif i hover the mouse i see the icon08:17
boeroemany thanks:subtrnl08:17
simesBUT if i open openoffice first and then open a cdocument this doesn't happen08:17
Leopardpillowpants : you want it?08:18
simesi guess i should post it as a bug on launch pad08:18
pillowpantsLeopard : sure08:19
pillowpantsLeopard : do you have aim?08:19
Leopardis my aim08:19
simesi've tried to disinstall open-office and cancel all my user settings and purge the deb cache08:19
pillowpantsLeopard : alright08:19
simesbut even then (after re-installing) i get the same problem08:19
simesi switch to gnome and it works fine08:20
pillowpantsLeopard : messaged you08:20
flysupermani'm getting this error in amarok, Audio output unavailable; the device is busy., since updating to 7.10 final, upgraded from the RC, nothing else is running which uses the audio device, i've reinstalled xine, codecs, etc... still getting no audio from anything, ideas?08:24
simesnobody taking on my openoffice problem?08:26
thomasbummer. I just got banned from te release party channel08:33
feierfoxhi folks08:34
feierfoxneed an kubuntu 7.10 torrent08:34
thomasain't out yet08:34
feierfoxwant to save traffic08:34
thomasdepressing, no?08:35
simesthere are still teething problems08:35
simeswhat time of day is it in canonical?08:36
thomasteeting problems, you say? :(08:37
X-DeluXein london08:37
simesi have issues with openoffice for example ;-)08:38
thomasHm, nothing too detrimental I hope? Do you have the beta running?08:38
simesno non è08:39
simesit's nothing fatal08:39
simesboth my machines are running kubuntu 7.10rc08:39
thomaswonder what's taking them so long. I guess I assumed they would just have those things finished by the day before, ready to go for today08:39
simesand they take ages to shutdown... it appears that networkmanager hangs08:40
simesand i have a wierd problem with icons in openoffice08:40
simesapart from that all is fine08:40
thomasyou're breeding nothing but confidence08:40
simesmy eyecandy works  a dream08:40
thomaswell, as long as the pretty stuff works08:41
=== sbucatino is now known as Sbucat
internecionI have a pretty big problem when trying to update.08:48
internecionDuring my updates, I'll get random freezes and be forced to restart.08:48
internecionI am running off a fresh install of Kubuntu 7.0408:49
simespainful :-(08:50
simeshave you tried doing the update from a console08:50
internecionYeah, I have, but the same thing happens.08:51
internecionI had the CD in the repositories for a while when trying to get the wireless on this computer to work, but I have since removed them.08:51
sunilonlni think i have everything working now in gutsy08:53
sunilonlnexcept something is causing windows to snap when i drag, and it's not compiz08:53
=== DaRkSlidE is now known as l1z4rd
waylandbillsunilonln: the window manager is responsible for that.08:57
Vosperhas gutsy been released yet?08:58
internecion@Vosper: I believe it has.08:58
* Jucato points to the channel topic08:58
thomasIt has not.08:59
sunilonlnwaylandbill: where can i change it?09:01
germanwas eased?09:04
germanwas 7.10 released?09:04
Jucatono announcement yet09:04
tharunHi I have been having an issue with gutsy, where when I restart the computer, there is no window manager running (no borders, titlebar etc.) and KDE itself is real slow... I have to manually restart the X-server(?) Ctrl+Alt+BkSpc multiple times to get it right again. Help?09:05
tharunAlso, I cannot switch between windows, and can only interact with the topmost window. I am currently having this issue as I just restarted...09:05
germani heard somethign yesterday about needing to close all internet ports while using linux? is that true?09:09
=== Brownout is now known as Brown
Edenbeastgerman, no but it helps if you make sure all your windows are closed09:10
RancidZA'close all internet ports'09:10
Edenbeastit gets chilly this time of year ;-)09:10
cashHello Im sorry ,no one news when will be uploaded Gutsy ?09:12
thomasI close my ports all the time. Don't want my computer leaking onto the internet.09:12
simesnice to know we have ports that we *can* close09:13
simesother operating systems have built in ports that are always open09:13
simesthe only thing open about them09:13
hangthedj!topic | cash09:15
ubotucash: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:15
contrast83Greets, everyone...09:16
contrast83I'm trying to set up .xinitrc and am having a bit of trouble. Could someone help me out?09:18
simesi fixed my problem with openoffice09:20
ibenswWhen will gutsy gibbon be released?09:21
simessudo apt-get purge openoffice*09:21
stdinibensw: read the topic09:22
pillowpantssimes what does purge do again?09:22
simesyeah but also cancel residual settings 'n stuff09:22
simesso i installed the debs from openoffice.org09:23
WaltzingAlongpillowpants: removes the files and settings09:23
simesi copped out09:23
simesi'm filing a bug in launchpad09:23
vltHello. How can I delete an entry in Konqueror's "block images from this fomain" list?09:23
WaltzingAlongyou blocked something you wish to unblock it?09:24
pillowpantsWaltzingAlong : ah, right09:24
vltWaltzingAlong: Yes.09:25
contrast83Would someone mind having a quick look at my .xinitrc to see if there's an apparent reason it's not doing *anything*? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41035/09:25
vltWaltzingAlong: Ok, found it. It's in the ad blocker section.09:27
Hamrahi all, i did all the upgrades listed in the adept notifier, now in the grub menu, i see 2 kernels, 2.6.20-15 and 2.6.20-16, the first one boots normal, the second one doesnt start X, and when i type kdeinit, it says $DISPLAY not set!09:28
WaltzingAlongvlt: it may be in with adblock09:28
WaltzingAlongah you have09:28
simes.xsession does things too09:29
simesespecially if you are logging in from gdm/kdm09:29
simes              is a sequence of commands invoking  X  clients  (or  a  session  manager  such  as  xsm(1x)).   See  the  manual  page  for  xinit  and/or09:30
simes              /usr/share/doc/x11-common/examples/xsession for tips on writing an .xsession file.09:30
contrast83simes: thanks09:30
Hamrahelp here?09:31
WaltzingAlongHamra: boot the one that works09:32
stdinHamra: make sure you aren't booting the recovery mode option09:33
Hamranope im not, the one ending in 15 is working good, so i can safely neglect the other one?09:35
nicushi there.. is today the release of gutsy gibbon?09:35
cashnicus =)))  I think some people soon kill U and me )))))09:36
nicuslol.. i knew that i'm no the only one :D09:37
stdinnicus: it's today, but it's not out yet, and no, we don't know exactly when09:37
feimao_Sysinfo for 'kubuntu': Linux 2.6.22-14-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMDAthlonXP2500+ at 1830 MHz (3665 bogomips), , RAM: 497/503MB, 130 proc's, 8.23h up09:37
nicusOk thanks for help09:37
cashnicus in all chanels all people say look in /topic )09:37
nicushttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/dvd/current/ ??09:38
stdinthat's the RC image09:38
nicusdoh, sry09:38
WaltzingAlongnicus: cdimage does not (typically) have the new release09:38
stdinI'll update the topic when it's out, so you'll know09:38
nicusthanks :)09:38
cashstdin thnx stdin ))09:39
contrast83So, I've been running Gutsy on my desktop since Tribe 4. Should I reinstall upon the official release to ensure everything's squeaky clean, or is that overkill?09:41
WaltzingAlongcontrast83: seems a bit to me09:41
contrast83Yeah, figured so. I'd read of a couple people in the +1 channel doing that, so I just wanted to check.09:42
Jucatoyour $HOME settings will always override system-wide settings anyway. so unless you wish nuke your home09:42
d1n0are there no big updates in the final release today?09:44
contrast83Anyone tried Kubuntu Beta 3 yet?09:44
=== Brown is now known as Brown_
contrast83Err, KDE 4 Beta 309:45
WaltzingAlongcontrast83: tis installed, not used yet09:46
RancidZAlol contrast8309:46
stdind1n0: probably not, it doesn't help making updates when you're trying to make a release ISO09:47
contrast83i'm off to check it out now, just finished installing. peace, y'all.09:47
d1n0so there is nothing new?09:47
contrast83happy gutsy day :-)09:47
stdind1n0: probably not for a little while09:47
Jucatostdin: how bout the kopete fix?09:48
WaltzingAlonghave seen the fix for i386 but not yet for amd6409:48
stdinJucato: I said "little while", that could mean "a couple hours" ;)09:48
Jucatolol ok  ok you got me :)09:49
=== Brown_ is now known as Brownout
GNUtonis the gutsy ISO avaible?09:51
stdinnot yet, see the /topic09:51
GNUtonstdin: ok, thank you.09:51
stdinGNUton: probably be a few hours yet09:52
GNUtonstdin: great! :)09:52
WaltzingAlongis http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kdelibs4c2a_3.5.8-0ubuntu3_i386.deb  not the kopete fix ?09:53
bburattikopete crash will be fix soon ?09:55
pagbburatti,  http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kdelibs4c2a_3.5.8-0ubuntu3_i386.deb should fix it.09:56
bburattiok thanks09:57
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
deadchipwhere can i find sources.list entries for Kubuntu?09:57
deadchipthis is probably the #1 FAQ or something but i couldn't find it09:57
stdindeadchip: in /etc/apt09:58
deadchipstdin: that's not what i meant09:58
deadchipi didn't mean where to add it, but where to find the ones for kubuntu09:59
deadchipok maybe it's a wrong premise09:59
stdinwhat do you mean exactly?09:59
deadchipi supposed they are not part of default Ubuntu (i'm on Gutsy) and i have to add them like for any other addon repos09:59
stdinUbuntu and Kubuntu use the same repos09:59
deadchipah ok thanks!09:59
brave_heartwhile running chroot, it throws the error "chroot: cannot run command `tcsh': No such file or directory"10:05
marcreicheltis there a Mirror which already has Kubuntu 7.10?10:06
stdinit's not out yet10:06
marcreicheltor BitTorrent?10:06
santibioticomarcreichelt--> http://releases.ubuntu.org.ua/kubuntu/gutsy/10:06
stdinno it's not10:06
brave_heartwhile running chroot, it throws the error "chroot: cannot run command `tcsh': No such file or directory" ????????????10:06
marcreicheltah - great10:07
marcreicheltthanks santibiotico :)10:07
stdinbrave_heart: try "chroot /path /bin/bash"10:07
stdinmarcreichelt: that's the release, incomplete ISO10:07
stdinsantibiotico: if you post a link again, you'll be banned10:08
santibioticook, sorry10:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ar - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:08
brave_heartchroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory10:09
brave_heartstdin:chroot: throwing like this "cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory"10:09
Hamrais there any arabic channel for kubuntu?10:09
marcreicheltstdin: incomplete?10:09
marcreicheltyou mean the release candidate?10:09
ubotuFor the Arabic language or Saudi Arabia you are invited to join للغة العربية رجاء انظم #ubuntu-sa10:09
stdinbrave_heart: check the chroot10:10
=== Sbucat is now known as Bucatoamano
stdinmarcreichelt: it's not a compete ISO, still being made10:10
marcreichelthow long may it take for the final ISO to be created?10:11
* WaltzingAlong realizes the image has not finished being built but thinks it would be interesting to have had all of us in release party and here running the torrent, waiting for seeds; could see the power of bittorent huh10:12
brave_heartstdin: thanks10:12
santibioticostdin: didn't know that...someone told me it was just the final release, it was not my intention...sorry again10:12
marcreicheltWaltzingAlong: yeah, BitTorrent at full speed :)10:12
stdinsantibiotico: when it's released we'll tell people. and I'll update the topic10:12
santibioticostdin: ok :)10:12
=== marcreichelt is now known as partymarc
brave_heartwhere can i get live come installable CD??????????10:14
stdinwhen it's out10:14
Greeneryhow do u upgrade from ISO? just insert the LiveCD and an upgrade option will be shown?10:14
partymarcperhaps we should update the topic10:14
partymarc"Kubuntu 7.10 is NOT out yet - it's ready when it's ready!"10:15
stdinGreenery: no, you use adept10:15
deadchiphmm xephyr screwd my Xauthority file :|10:15
fay_elfHow ppp+firewall? Nothing works with guarddog, protocols selected dhcp allow ppp010:15
=== stdin changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support channel | FAQ: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuFeistyKnownProblems | Free Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Large pastes: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Offtopic in #kubuntu-offtopic please | KDE 4.0 beta 3: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php | Gutsy is NOT out yet! | Gutsy party and "when is it out?" questions in #ubuntu-release-party
X-DeluXenow it's up10:23
stdinno it's not10:23
X-DeluXebut no link from frontpage10:23
stdindo not post links10:23
X-DeluXeno more beta10:23
stdinit's not out10:23
stdinif you post links, you'll be removed10:23
=== sbucatino is now known as bucatoamano
X-DeluXefrom a normal user? strange ^^10:24
stdinwhat's a "normal user" ?10:24
WaltzingAlongX-DeluXe: stdin is no normal user. see who set the channel topic?10:24
X-DeluXeokay sorry stdin10:25
s0undt3chhello ppl10:25
WaltzingAlongX-DeluXe: it makes sense that users of gnu/linux would become ops when needed, not always through something like sudo :D10:25
s0undt3chanyone with problems on gutsy when upgrading cupsys?10:25
s0undt3chdpkg: error processing cupsys (--install):10:27
s0undt3chsubprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 110:27
jimmywwdoes anyone know if conky works on xubunut10:27
stdinpost the output of "sudo dpkg --configure -a" to pastebin10:28
pags0undt3ch, it's missing a directory - can't remember which one though10:28
s0undt3chstdin: http://pastebin.ca/74085810:29
s0undt3chstdin: any idea?10:32
stdins0undt3ch: try "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/cupsys_1.3.2-1ubuntu7_i386.deb" then "sudo apt-get -f install"10:32
s0undt3chstdin: http://pastebin.ca/74086410:33
stdins0undt3ch: ok, try "wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/c/cupsys/cupsys_1.3.2-1ubuntu7_i386.deb" and "sudo dpkg -i cupsys_1.3.2-1ubuntu7_i386.deb"10:35
s0undt3chstdin: same problem10:36
bottigerIf I'm upgrading to the new KDE4 Beta 3 - shouldn't I then get the new fancy wallpaper? I think I upgraded but it look's *very much* like Beta 210:38
stdins0undt3ch: ok, time for something else. do "sudo nano /var/lib/dpkg/info/cupsys.postinst" and add "set -x" on a new line just after "#!/bin/sh", then press Ctrl-o then Ctrl-x    after try "sudo dpkg --configure -a" again and post the result to pastebin10:38
s0undt3chstdin: leave the set -e which is already present?10:39
pags0undt3ch, try: sudo mkdir /var/run/cups10:39
stdins0undt3ch: yeah, just add it after10:40
meuhlolhi all10:40
s0undt3chstdin: http://pastebin.ca/74087010:40
meuhlolwhere can i get Gutsy please?10:40
meuhlolno beta10:40
stdinsee the topic10:40
s0undt3chpag: that exists10:41
s0undt3chpag: and also /var/run/cups/certs10:41
pags0undt3ch, oh... dunno then (I just had similiar problem, and that was a solution for it) :)10:41
meuhlolstdin: yo dude10:41
meuhlolstdin: where can i get Gutsy Gibbon kubuntu plz?10:42
stdins0undt3ch: can you make sure you have kubuntu-desktop installed10:42
stdinmeuhlol: it's not out yet, like it says in the topic10:42
meuhlolstdin: yesterday at kubuntu-fr.org it was sayd: "Days before Kubuntu 7.10: 1"10:43
s0undt3chstdin: yes I do have kubuntu-desktop installed10:43
stdinmeuhlol: it's out today, but not yet10:43
osh_Odd question. I can't watch a movie on my samsung-screen. It works great on the laptop but on the big screen it's just a black square. Anyone know how to fix this?10:43
meuhloland not yet? :(10:43
osh_It's just movies in kaffeine or mplayer that does this. Youtube and others work great.10:43
s0undt3chstdin: http://pastebin.ca/740874 <- normal dirlist?10:44
meuhlolstdin: how many times to wait you suppose?10:44
stdins0undt3ch: can you do "apt-cache policy sysv-rc" and tell me what version you have10:44
stdinmeuhlol: no one knows, it'll be out when it's ready10:44
meuhlolokey thank you10:44
meuhlolsee ya10:44
* meuhlol offers an beer to stdin10:44
stdins0undt3ch: yeah, that's ok10:45
s0undt3chstdin: 2.86.ds1-3810:46
osh_Hmm, different video-driver fixed it. Odd.10:47
s0undt3chstdin: problematic line -> update-rc.d cupsys multiuser 1910:47
stdins0undt3ch: that version is not an ubuntu package10:47
s0undt3chstdin: it aint?10:47
stdins0undt3ch: there's the problem (update-rc.d is in that package)10:47
stdins0undt3ch: you should have 2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu3110:48
craighow do I get to the ubuntu channel?10:48
stdincraig: /join #ubuntu10:48
stdins0undt3ch: check your sources.list for any non-official repos10:48
stdins0undt3ch: you should also be able to do "sudo apt-get install cupsys=2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu31" to install the right version, but you'll need to disable the repo you got it from10:49
nk1where i can wound console commadns?10:51
E_mEare the problems with setting up multipul monitors with KDE?10:51
s0undt3chstdin: E: Version '2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu31' for 'cupsys' was not found10:52
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:53
stdins0undt3ch: post your sources.list please10:53
s0undt3chstdin: <- http://pastebin.ca/740881 -> my sources.list10:53
stdins0undt3ch: oh, wait, my mistake "sudo apt-get install sysv-rc=2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu31"  (not cupsys)10:55
s0undt3chstdin: yeah, got it10:56
s0undt3chstdin: all good now, Thank You!10:56
peterbuldgeos tis where we can ask about the kde beta 3 on kubuntu?10:56
stdins0undt3ch: no problem, took a while but we got there :)10:57
peterbuldge*is this10:57
jussi01someone remind me where screen brightness is kept?10:57
stdinpeterbuldge: #kubuntu-devel is a better place10:57
set_Hello. I am using 7.10 beta and experiencing some problems with knetworkmanager. It seems that it is unable to do a simple site survey and let me select which wireless network to connect to. This has been working flawlessly earlier. IPW3945 drivers are loaded and I can do a site survay with wifi-radar10:58
Assiddoes kubuntu torrents need to be seeded?11:00
lup0any estimates on how much needs to be downloaded between the latest kubuntu gutsy RC and the release itself?11:03
stdinnot much11:03
crazy_busI just upgraded to a new motherboard.  I think it might have the jmicron pata problems. When I try to load off my harddisk I've got both grub error 25 and 17.  Plus no livecds seem to load.  It just says please insert proper boot medium and restart11:03
Ash-FoxWon't all the packages be renamed and have to downloaded again?11:04
set_Hello. I am using 7.10 beta and experiencing some problems with knetworkmanager. It seems that it is unable to do a simple site survey and let me select which wireless network to connect to. This has been working flawlessly earlier. IPW3945 drivers are loaded and I can do a site survay with wifi-radar11:11
=== dino_ is now known as d1n0
Tesla|Workset_: use 7.10 release11:18
stdinit's not out yet11:19
Tesla|Workuh... Kubuntu. sorry11:19
stdinif someone gives you a link, or if you find out, it's not the final one11:19
stdinit's an incomplete ISO, do not use it11:19
nk1how i install printer in kubuntu?11:24
Ash-FoxI feel like a robot in #ubuntu, continiously saying 7.10 isn't released yet.11:24
xeviousme three11:25
stdinAsh-Fox: I know the feeling, and #u-r-p is insane11:25
stdinnk1: System Settings > Printers, Add > Add Printer/Class11:26
Ash-Foxstdin, maybe we should have a holiday on about to be released days :P11:26
nk1there is no lpc or somthing like that local printer11:26
nk1lpc cabel11:26
nk1i think11:26
nk1or near it11:26
Ash-FoxJust have a bot there repeating every minute it isn't out yet.11:26
E_mEwhen i disable kdm in the sysvconfig... it doesn't go to console properly... just have a blinking cursor on the top left of the screen ?11:28
E_mEwhen im booting that is11:28
xeviousisn't gutsy due today?11:29
WaltzingAlongE_mE: you may want to start into mode 3 or such11:29
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:29
xeviousor has it been delayed?11:29
WaltzingAlongxevious: release date remains as the 18th of october11:29
stdinit'll be out when it's ready, it's not out yet. ubuntu.com will say when it is, and the topic will be updated11:30
Tesla|Workwait a minute... there is a kubuntu 7.10 on ubuntu tracker. isnt it release?11:30
stdinit's not the final one, do not download it11:30
Tesla|Workalroght. thanks11:30
stdinit's NOT incomplete11:30
stdinwarn everyone :)11:30
Tesla|Workyeah... :-)11:30
Tesla|Workit has missleading filename :-/11:31
Tesla|Worklooks like release11:31
stdinyes, it will be the release, but it's not11:31
stdinit's still being updated11:31
Cenariusubuntu rocks anyway11:31
Cenariusdesktop edition rule :D11:31
MoNsTeRardchoille: you there?11:32
MoNsTeRanybody here?11:33
MoNsTeRi wanna update11:33
MoNsTeRto gutsy gibbon11:33
Ash-FoxMoNsTeR, it's not out yet.11:33
MoNsTeRAsh-Fox: http://www.kubuntu.org/download.php11:34
Ash-FoxMoNsTeR, it should be out today, but it isn't out yet.11:34
Cenariusatp-get gusty-gibbon :P but itś not ready :D11:34
MoNsTeRCenarius: its on the download page11:34
stdinno it's not11:34
_4strOyop yop all11:34
Ash-FoxMoNsTeR, yes it's still pending uploads etc. and no it isn't11:34
stdinMoNsTeR: see ubuntu.com11:34
stdinAn initial disk image was sent out to mirrors yesterday, so that the most bandwidth-instensive part is already finished, having been able to run overnight and such11:34
MoNsTeRardchoille: whatever get mad11:34
stdinHowever, since rsync can do incremental changes, it is used to make minor changes to those images even after they have been pushed out11:34
stdinThis means that while you may see ISOs on mirrors already, they are not guaranteed to be the final product yet until the release team tells us they're done pushing those incremental updates11:35
xipietotecis there a list of the kubuntu.org bleeding edge packages for gutsy?11:35
stdinTo avoid people getting non-final stuff, please avoid downloading or posting links to mirrors until we get the word.  Thanks!11:35
Jucatostdin: better have that aliased :)11:35
osh_stdin: the torrent will be on the same page?11:36
* Ash-Fox aliases "While you may see ISOs on mirrors already, they are not guaranteed to be the final product yet until the release team determines they're done pushing those incremental updates. To avoid people getting non-final stuff, please avoid downloading or posting links to mirrors until we get the word."11:36
peterbuldgewould anybody know why I would be getting the "can't configure simple C programs" error when I try to compile something?  It's been happening since I reinstalled feisty a few weeks ago11:37
peterbuldgeI have all the gcc cpp and libstdc packages installed11:37
=== Tstnz is now known as pizzicato
peterbuldgeI can't figure out what I'm missing11:38
Ash-Foxpeterbuldge, one moment.11:38
stdinpeterbuldge: install "build-essential"11:38
peterbuldgeI have it11:38
xeviouspeterbuldge: apt-get install build-essential11:38
Ash-Foxsudo apt-get install build-essential11:38
peterbuldgeshould I reinstall it?11:38
peterbuldgeI also installed the kernel source cause I read on a forum that not having that can cause the problem but it didnt help11:39
=== hans__ is now known as Eruantalon
MoNsTeRardchoille: im mature i was just tired but seriously i wasnt mean to you i didnt come off mean to you at all11:39
* xevious is sitting on kubuntu.com clicking reload periodically11:39
MoNsTeRardchoille: all i did was say support was bad for kubuntu11:39
peterbuldgeso should I remove and then reinstall build-essential?11:40
ardchoille!ot | MoNsTeR11:40
ubotuMoNsTeR: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!11:40
xeviouspeterbuldge: what are you trying to build?11:40
stdinpeterbuldge: it's just a meta package, so that won't make a difference, what are you compiling11:40
ubotuIf Adept crashed on you and your database is locked, try this in konsole: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »11:41
peterbuldgewell basically everything I've tried to build has had that error... amarok-svn, the latest mplayer, some stuff from kde-apps.org11:41
RytmenPinnen7.10 release today? :o11:42
Ash-FoxRytmenPinnen, yes.11:42
xeviousoh man. this is gonna get annoying, huh?11:42
RytmenPinnennice, will I be able to upgrade over the net?11:42
peterbuldgeI'm wondering is it bad to have more than one version of the gcc and cpp packages installed?  Could that be causing the error?11:43
peterbuldgeshould I just use the latest?11:43
stdinRytmenPinnen: you will, when it's out11:43
RytmenPinnengood, cause I dont have any cd's11:43
stdinpeterbuldge: no, I have 3 versions installed11:43
xeviouspeterbuldge: i have 3.4 and 4.1 installed11:43
peterbuldgeyeah I multiples before too11:43
xeviouspeterbuldge: have you tried compiling a simple hello world?11:44
peterbuldgethis is really bugging me11:44
peterbuldgeI haven't11:44
xeviouspeterbuldge: you know c?11:44
peterbuldgeI'm just now learning python11:44
osh_peterbuldge: what's the error and when do you get it. also, what are you trying to accomplish?11:45
MoNsTeRardchoille: sorry for being mean11:46
ivan_hi all11:46
ivan_i'm using kubuntu on my laptop. on ubuntu, when i unplug the network cable, it automatically connects me to my works wireless network.. but when i'm running kde, its network manager tool doesn't do that for me... any luck on setting kubuntu up?11:46
E_mE is there a appliation i can install that will boot my Windows XP partition inside linux?11:46
osh_E_mE: VMware11:46
E_mEosh_: is it free?11:47
osh_E_mE: deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu feisty-commercial main11:47
osh_E_mE: Free as in gratis, yes.11:47
Ash-FoxAssuming your distribution is feisty.11:47
xeviouspeterbuldge: did you receive my private message?11:47
xeviousare you registered so that you can respond?11:48
osh_E_mE: vmware-server I think it's called.11:48
peterbuldgeno I'm doing it right now11:48
ivan_any luck?11:48
osh_E_mE: I'm using it and it works great. Let's me keep both my beloved KDE and use company resources such as fscking-exchange and AD-crap.11:48
peterbuldgeI got the xevious11:49
peterbuldge*the file11:49
Leopardis Gutsy out yet11:49
stdinsee the topic11:49
Leopardi need Gutsy gimme gimme :)11:49
xeviousLeopard: ssssh you'll make people angry11:49
Tesla|WorkLeopard: get MaxOS Leopard ;-)11:49
xeviouspeterbuldge: how'd that work out for you?11:49
Cenariuswhereś Gusty!11:49
peterbuldgehang on11:50
LeopardCenarius : angel :)11:50
E_mEosh_: nice :D11:50
stdinjoin ubuntu-release-party if you want to ask "when is it out?"11:50
Leopardaso Gutsy penguin :) :)11:50
osh_E_mE: You got it?11:50
stdinstay on topic11:50
Cenariusgusty rocks O:-)11:50
Leopardlet me ask my robot ubotu11:50
Cenariusi quess so11:50
xeviousooh is there gonna be a countdown?11:50
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due some time October 18th, 2007) | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information11:50
crazy_buscan anyone tell me how to make livecds work. Because when I insert them it says: Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key11:50
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases11:50
Cenarius!release | Leopard11:51
ubotuLeopard: please see above11:51
Leopard18th ocotober thats today weeeee11:51
Tesla|Work!release now :-P11:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about release now :-p - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:51
peterbuldgexevious that worked fine11:51
stdinok, this is a warning: Today we have a 0 tolerance in here, so behave11:51
Leopardubotu is always right11:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is always right - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:51
Cenarius!gusty | Leopard11:51
ubotuLeopard: It is spelt !guTSy :)11:51
xeviouspeterbuldge: your c compiler's working :D11:51
peterbuldgethen I wonder where the hang up is?11:51
Cenariushow i can modify my sound ?11:52
Cenariusi wanna hear in all me speakers11:52
Cenariusand i listen only on 211:52
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:53
Leopardcan some have uboto pm me please11:53
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs11:53
Leopard!players | Leopard11:53
xevious!botsnack > Cenarius11:53
Cenariuswell nothing itś at system settings11:53
Cenariusitś only wine sistem configuration11:53
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!11:54
apparleardchoille: Are you online??11:54
stdin!botabuse > Cenarius11:54
E_mEosh_: no... i'm using gusty... do i use gutsy-commerical ?11:54
ardchoilleapparle: yes11:54
Cenariusstdin: youŕe a bad bad op11:54
stdinCenarius: don't care11:54
Cenariusget a wife11:55
ardchoilleCenarius: Be nice :)11:55
osh_E_mE: Probably. I don't know since gutsy isn't out yet. ;-)11:55
Cenariusi am11:55
Cenariusjust joke11:55
apparleardchoille: Thanks for all the help yesterday. I solved a lot of problems11:55
* stdin get's his kick stick ready11:55
WaltzingAlongrunning gutsy here too11:55
ardchoilleapparle: you're welcome11:55
* Cenarius fights for his life11:55
xeviouspeterbuldge: attempt to compile something and paste the complete output to a pastebin11:55
WaltzingAlongE_mE: i have it as         deb     http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu     gutsy   partner main11:55
apparleardchoille: When's gtsy coming11:56
peterbuldgeook gimmie a few11:56
stdinapparle: when it's ready11:56
osh_apparle: Just go to the download page and reload it like the rest of us. ;-)11:56
E_mEWaltzingAlong: vmware is not appearing11:56
Cenariusosh_: thatś a good ideea ..11:57
ardchoilleapparle: See the topic11:57
=== aguitel is now known as aguitel__
WaltzingAlongE_mE: with gutsy i installed vmware 1.0.4 from vmware's tar.gz11:57
apparleardchoille: i pre-ordered the CDs and my request has been shipped (funny)11:57
Cenariusthis ubuntu enviorement remindes me of Windows Vista11:57
Cenariusoh god11:57
MinorNerdCenarius: ?_?11:58
Leopardubotu and me talked in IM: http://i24.tinypic.com/2hpul48.png11:58
WaltzingAlongthis desktop computing environment reminds me of a desktop computing environment11:58
E_mEWaltzingAlong: did you install it from apt-get??11:58
WaltzingAlongE_mE: no11:58
WaltzingAlongE_mE: maybe that will change with gutsy's official release11:59
osh_E_mE: That line I sent you with gutsy instead of feisty, it doesn't work?11:59
E_mEWaltzingAlong: thanx.. downloading now11:59
Leopardstdin where can i download kubuntu 3. ?11:59
stdinthere is no kubuntu 311:59
WaltzingAlongLeopard: what is kubuntu 3.x?11:59
Leopardi want to see old versions11:59
E_mEosh_: im downloading it now :)11:59
osh_E_mE: From the repos?11:59
Leopardwhats the oldest version11:59
Leopardi can get11:59
stdin!download > Leopard12:00
apparleWaltzingAlong: When is gutsy releasing???????12:00
WaltzingAlongapparle: when it is ready12:00
osh_apparle: today12:00
Leopard!download | Leopard12:01
MoNsTeRardchoille: im sorry for last night12:01
DexterFsomeone happen to use a realtek 8187 wifi stick with wpa on gutsy?12:01
xevious#u-r-p is flying12:01
DexterFdoes it work with knetworkmanager?12:01
xeviouswhat a rager12:01
aguitel__DexterF: i have Realtek 818012:02
=== aguitel__ is now known as aguitel
DexterFaguitel__: and? how's it coming?12:02
Leopardstdin is dapper the oldest one i can get?12:02
aguitelDexterF: it freeze the system in gutsy12:03
Leopardi want the old one12:03
DexterFaguitel: :(12:03
stdinthen get it12:03
Leopardany suggestion where i can get an older one?12:03
aguitelDexterF: in feisty is in blacklist but it is working12:03
stdinLeopard: see the download link, it has the link12:03
DexterFaguitel: well, I got it working with the aircrack-drivers, but no wpa12:03
apparleosh_ : I requested CDs last weeks and status is " 2 CDs requested on 2007-10-10. 2 CDs were approved and sent to the shipping company on 2007-10-15."12:04
tresko22is this the final? http://torrent.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/gutsy/release/dvd/12:04
akrillsure, why not.12:05
Ash-FoxWhile you may see ISOs on mirrors already, they are not guaranteed to be the final product yet until the release team determines they're done pushing incremental updates. To avoid people getting non-final stuff, please avoid downloading or posting links to mirrors until we get the word.12:05
stdinAn initial disk image was sent out to mirrors yesterday, so that the most bandwidth-instensive part is already finished,12:05
stdinhaving been able to run overnight and such.12:05
stdinHowever, since rsync can do incremental changes, it is used to make minor changes to those images even after they have been12:05
stdinpushed out12:05
stdinThis means that while you may see ISOs on mirrors already, they are not guaranteed to be the final product yet until the12:05
stdinrelease team tells us they're done pushing those incremental updates12:05
stdinTo avoid people getting non-final stuff, please avoid downloading or posting links to mirrors until we get the word.  Thanks12:05
Leopardthank you12:05
aguitelDexterF: is not official drivers12:06
Leopardwhat are the new features of Gutsy?12:06
DexterFaguitel: I know but at least 8187 should be backported from 2.6.23 in gutsy's kernel12:06
chxhi. i have a very non-standard keyboard (laptop imported from japan) and i have ncely set up its extra keys to home, prev, next etc as needed with xmodmap. but the keyboard language chooser app, much to my chagrin , uses setxkbmap. How could I modify one of those layouts?12:06
chxLeopard: topic12:06
Leopard!topic | Leopard12:07
apparleIs there any improvement in Gutsy about sound??????12:07
ubotuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)12:07
aguitelDexterF: if my card is in the try ,the system is crashing12:08
sivakumerhave somebody the time to help me, i have some questions for an externharddisk?12:08
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due some time October 18th, 2007) | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information12:08
DexterFaguitel: pci? usb?12:08
Leopard. "/topic" isnt working it says:   Not enough parameters: TOPIC12:08
sivakumeraus, sorry.@dex12:08
Leopardhow do i see the topic when the text scrolls so fast12:08
aguitelDexterF: pci12:09
NickPrestaWhat is the preferred method of upgrading? Open up adept and do it that way or `update-manager -d`?12:09
Leopardi cant scroll all the way up again12:09
stdinNickPresta: no https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades#head-3692aaaed415e3427f54ec62dd8659474516b52512:09
WaltzingAlongNickPresta: there are instructions on kubuntu.org for jumping from feisty to gutsy the kubuntu way12:09
peterbuldgek xevious12:09
NickPrestastdin, WaltzingAlong thanks. I was looking for that link :)12:10
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peterbuldgeI tried to compile the newest mplayer12:10
Leopardtopic isnt working :(12:10
peterbuldgethis time I didnt get the c error but it failed during make12:10
Leopardfor me12:10
MoNsTeRso is the new gutsy out yet for me to install?12:10
Leopard. /topic fail12:10
peterbuldgehow do I paste the output?12:10
stdinMoNsTeR: see the topic12:10
peterbuldgeor whatever12:10
xevious!paste > peterbuldge12:11
Leopardhow do i see the topic /topic isnt working12:11
WaltzingAlongMoNsTeR: do you have feisty? you could install now; want the cd/dvd image? wait until they are released officially.12:11
Leopardit says:  Not enough parameters: TOPIC12:11
NickPrestastdin, do you suggest I disable all third-party repos?12:11
xeviousLeopard: /topic #kubuntu12:11
utnubukso, if i upgrade 7.04 to 7.10, do I have to reinstall kde?12:11
MoNsTeRWaltzingAlong: whats the best way to install i dont wanna lose anything :[12:11
stdinNickPresta: I normally do, adept should do that for you but I always do it manually anyway (just in case)12:12
utnubukah nm12:12
WaltzingAlongutnubuk: no12:12
E_mEvmware needs inetd ... should i install this or could it cause a problem?12:12
WaltzingAlongMoNsTeR: your settings and files are stored in /home/username12:12
Leopardxevious its not working for me12:12
MoNsTeRWaltzingAlong: ok12:13
xeviousLeopard: which client?12:13
Leopard . /topic #kubuntu nothing happens12:13
MoNsTeRLeopard: its /join12:13
stdinthe topic is: Official Kubuntu support channel | FAQ: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuFeistyKnownProblems | Free Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Large pastes: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Offtopic in #kubuntu-offtopic please | KDE 4.0 beta 3: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php | Gutsy is NOT out yet! | Gutsy party and "when is it out?" questions in #ubuntu-release-party12:13
MoNsTeRLeopard: nvm12:13
peterbuldgeits strange before it was filing during the configure on everything I tried to compile now it fails on make all the sudden12:14
MoNsTeRLeopard: nvm12:16
=== MoNsTeR is now known as LiL-JoN
xeviouspeterbuldge: it's a conflict in threading libraries somehow12:16
peterbuldgeis there anything i can do other than reinstall?12:16
peterbuldgethis is so annoying12:16
apparleany improvements about detecting sounf cards in Gutsy12:17
peterbuldgemy system is pretty much hobbled12:17
Cenariushow i can update to 7.10 ?12:17
stdinapparle: detecting hardware is done by the kernel, and gutsy has a much newwer kernel12:17
kaminixpeterbuldge: Wait an hour or so and you can get the new Kubuntu for reinstalling. :)12:17
Cenariusi must reinstall ubuntu ?12:17
X-DeluXepeterbuldge: lol o'course that's linux, you dont have to reinstakk your hole system12:17
sivakumerhave somebody the time to help me, i have some questions for an externharddisk? linux doesnt recognize it, and im a beginner. in the info center its listed.. but i do know .12:17
stdinupgrade instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades#head-3692aaaed415e3427f54ec62dd8659474516b525 (but it's not officially out yet)12:18
gandalfhi everybody12:18
gandalfi have a question related to kpdf and compiz12:18
gandalfmaybe someone can help me?12:18
linkin-dunno if here it's the right place to ask, but im trying to install gnuworld and im getting this error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41050/ when typing ./configure :o12:18
apparlestdin : Feisty gave and is giving  a lot of problems with sound card. Hope so gutsy is better12:18
linkin-any idea what that could be?12:18
gandalfso the problem is if you have compiz enabled (using gutsy rc) and go to the presentation mode in kpdf, it won't go fullscreen, but just give you a small window not appropriate for presentations12:19
WaltzingAlong!ask | gandalf12:19
ubotugandalf: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)12:19
gandalfhow can i change that12:20
gandalfor is it a bug in compiz12:20
ibenswjust installed gutsy, but kopete crashes, anyone hacing the same problem?12:20
WaltzingAlonggandalf: good question. with effects enabled here i can see most of the windows' contents until i maximize them, then the contents are shown as all black12:20
XenThraLibensw: yes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdelibs/+bug/15350012:20
WaltzingAlongibensw: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kdelibs4c2a_3.5.8-0ubuntu3_i386.deb12:20
stdingandalf: sounds like a bug in compiz12:20
gandalfhm too bad12:21
gandalfi also have some problems with the digikam fullscreen slide show when compiz is enabled12:21
LiL-JoNibensw: somebody earlier had that same problem12:21
apparleIs there a list of changes in Gutsy availabe anywhere12:21
gandalfseems like compiz is not 100% polished yet12:21
NickPrestastdin, I'm made it to the step where I'm able to do a "complete" upgrade, but I don't have the option for a "version upgrade". Any ideas?12:21
XenThraLapparle: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour12:21
linkin-dunno if here it's the right place to ask, but im trying to install gnuworld and im getting this error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41050/ when typing ./configure :o <-- any ideas ?12:22
LiL-JoNibensw: i suggest you use pidgen12:22
stdinapparle: see http://www.ubuntu.com/12:22
stdinapparle: or https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy12:22
stdinNickPresta: try relaunching it maybe12:22
sivakumerhas somebody a usb harddisk here?12:23
ibenswit works, thanks to all12:23
LiL-JoNsivakumer: i do12:24
sivakumerlook at your query12:24
NickPrestastdin, nope, no dice. Oh well. I suppose I can leave it until later today...12:24
apparleIs ubuntu better or KDE (stability)12:24
WaltzingAlongapparle: than?12:25
stdinNickPresta: try running:    kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"12:25
stdinNickPresta: (the quotes are important)12:25
NickPrestastdin, that made the option available, yep. Thanks12:26
* NickPresta starts the upgrade!12:26
osh_E_mE: Yeah. Get that from vmware.com, it's free and you don't even have to give a valid email if you don't want to.12:26
osh_E_mE: I'm not registered to send PM's.12:27
LiL-JoNis adrchoille here?12:27
osh_It would be fun to see the stats from kubuntu.org and ubuntu.com today compared to other days... ;-)12:29
apparleMy friend has a p4 2.4GHz . When i start 64bit a msg comes "CPU doesnot support long ids. Use 32bit version"12:29
lup0so ubuntu gutsy is out, but not kubuntu12:30
E_mEosh_: how do i link to my existing NTFS partition with vmware?12:30
dedicant install kubuntu alternate :( failing installing initramfs over and over12:30
xeviousapparle: p4 != 64bit12:30
olewhere is the new Kubuntu?12:30
xeviousKDE users sleep more than Gnome users12:31
stdinGutsy has not been released yet, it's starting to be tho12:31
atlfalcons866could i upgrade to kbuntu 7.10 from ubuntu 7.0412:31
xeviousstdin: ubuntu is. at least according to the ubuntu.com frontpage12:31
apparlexevious: I cannot run amd64 version on pentium4!!!!!!!!!!!!12:32
stdinxevious: the pages are being updated because the release is close12:32
stdinapparle: probably because a P4 isn't 64bit12:32
atlfalcons866apparle: there are some pentium 4s that are 64bit12:32
atlfalcons866it depends what core you have12:33
stdinGutsy Officially released, most mirrors are still updating but it's out NOW https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2007-October/000105.html12:34
atlfalcons866prescott and cedarmill are 64 bit12:34
Ash-Foxkdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"12:34
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ardchoilleThe Gutsy desktop iso still has a date of 16 Oct. Isn't that the rc1?12:35
tommoyerthis may be just me, but I noticed as of the last update of kdelibs, when I click a link in a window (tried amarok, kmail, and akregator) that kfmclient spawns a huge number of times, and konqueror doesn't open. If i do a killall kfmclient, nothing happens, but if I let it continue it chews up CPU time like crazy.  Does anyone else notice this, or am i just crazy?12:36
LiL-JoNardchoille: you need to really chill out man i said sorry12:36
stdinardchoille: the date is the creation date, not modified date12:36
ardchoillestdin: Ah, thanks12:37
apparleif i upgrade using the CD , will the softwares like k3b, adept etc get upgraded???12:37
rewolfum... ever since i once tried installing netbeans through adept_manager (which crashed in the middle), it always has a problem downloading anything. And if i do it through apt-get, it also always tells me about netbeans not being downloaded. tho that was ages ago.12:39
apparleAlso will the new packages like restricted-manager-kde get installed12:39
stdinapparle: the cd will install some packages, the rest will be downloaded12:39
rewolfany ideas how to clear its thorts?12:39
xeviouswe're official on www.kubuntu.com12:39
peterbuldgewhat are some other desktop search apps besides strigi?12:39
peterbuldgeI do not like the whole indexing and taking up space thing12:40
mschiffWhat do I have to do to be able to manage package sources like this in feisty? http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kubuntu-upgrade/snapshot2.png12:41
WaltzingAlong!desktop search12:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about desktop search - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:41
* xevious upgrades!12:41
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=== anti__ is now known as anti_
rewolfxevious wats it like?12:41
xeviousrewolf: the upgrade process?12:41
apparlestdin: i am asking if all the packagesin live CD will be upgraded or i will need to do fresh install12:41
xeviousrewolf: i just started :D12:42
rewolfxevious. oh i thort u'd just booted into it12:42
rewolfim trying myself12:42
rewolfbut, i first gotta finish feisty packages12:42
Riddellmschiff: install software-properties-kde12:42
WaltzingAlongmschiff: what do you mean? adept_manager then adept/manage repositories12:42
rewolfand my dumb adept_manager keeps crashing12:43
stdinapparle: just update from the instructions http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading12:43
rewolf"The commit could break"12:43
=== aiden is now known as dgold
rewolfARGH everytime i click Manage Repositories, it just downloads the latest versions or something. why doesn't it open the dialog?12:44
mschiffRiddell: thx!12:44
mschiffWaltzingAlong: I only saw a dump of my sources.list...12:45
georg_hi does anybody know how to use the kdmtheme manager with kubuntu? I can't install new themes12:45
osh_E_mE: Not sure. Perhaps you can add it as a disk under vmware. Never tried that though.12:45
ubotuTo change your themes, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu users should visit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu.12:45
rewolfAl : u not the uct Al by anychance?12:45
AlNot as far as I know12:46
=== alex__ is now known as pippopippo_
osh_E_mE: but a vmware-box is like an separate computer, isolated from everything else. that's both a strength and a wekness.12:46
WaltzingAlongmschiff: you need software-properties-kde installed too12:46
xeviouswell. the upgrade directions on kubuntu.com don't work12:46
pippopippo_hello everybody12:46
georg_thanks ubotu12:46
mschiffWaltzingAlong: yeah thanks.. like Ridell already told me ;)12:46
xeviousmy system's up to date and i'm not getting the version upgrade button it speaks of12:46
osh_Hmm, it asks you to use bittorrent, but no torrent-file is availible...12:46
AlSo um my system's running with the occasional pause... It's mainly noticeable typing here, it pauses every second or so. Could it have anything to do with nvidia? I'm running compiz but I've turned it off.12:47
Alrunning top and nothing looks untoward12:48
srednaafter eventually convincing kubuntu to upgrade, it removed several packages that i installed, such as danish locale for firefox and several development packages12:50
srednawhy does it do that?12:50
=== DarkHack is now known as D[a]rkH[a]ck
apparleIs 3d desktop available on kubuntu gutsy12:50
nosrednaekimsredna: probably conficting packages.12:51
akrillnight all12:51
rewolflol nite12:51
apparleis ubuntu better or kubuntu12:51
=== D[a]rkH[a]ck is now known as DarkHack
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apparlei mean good softwares with minimal download12:52
peterbuldgeHow do I upgrade from the RC12:52
peterbuldgesudo apt-get dist-upgrade doesnt do anything12:52
nosrednaekimapparle: yup12:52
WaltzingAlongpeterbuldge: nor should it. you have the latest dist already12:52
peterbuldgeso if I installed the RC I'm set already12:53
peterbuldgeI'll just get regular updates?12:53
mschiffRiddell: is it save to upgrade using aptitude or does adept so special upgrade procedurees in some way?12:53
WaltzingAlongpeterbuldge: cat /etc/lsb-release             reports what? gutsy? you have it already12:53
srednanosrednaekim: shouldn't it ask for help to solve the conflicts then?12:54
srednaor warn me, or something12:54
xeviousanyone doing a feisty -> gutsy upgrade via adept?12:54
peterbuldgeyeah gutsy12:54
Riddellmschiff: use the instructions in the announcement12:54
xeviousbecause... it's not working12:54
xeviousi am not getting a version upgrade button like the web site says i should12:54
peterbuldgeso I do not have the anymore?12:54
WaltzingAlongxevious: follow the instructions at kubuntu.org12:54
peterbuldgewhen did it update12:54
peterbuldgeI do not get it12:54
bottigerwhen I go to: "Adept -> Manage Repositories" i just get my sources.list . Why don't I get a GUI-box like in all the upgrade-tutorials12:54
xeviousWaltzingAlong: i have about 17 times12:54
WaltzingAlongbottiger: install software-properties-kde12:55
rewolfME TOO12:55
rewolfbottiger. its so irritating12:55
bottigerWaltzingAlong: what? why?12:55
apparlenosrednaekim: Which one to use kubuntu or ubuntu (with only the softwares on CD and no extra downloads)12:55
WaltzingAlongbottiger:  so that you get the gui-box like in all the upgrade tutorial12:56
bottigerWaltzingAlong: yes, but how does it come that I don't have that as default?12:56
rewolflol.  I click Version Upgrade. it tells me there's a new distro version, i click next. it says "Could not verify the integrity of the upgrade application. This Program will now exit"12:56
ardchoilleAm I missing something? Where are the download links? http://www.kubuntu.org/download.php just says "Nearly there"12:56
sqintWhat could be causing the version upgrade button not to appear in my Adept Manager?12:56
stdinrewolf: page is probably being updated12:57
bottigerWaltzingAlong: I mean, how does it make sense to make an upgrading-tutorial where you assume the user has install another program12:57
WaltzingAlongardchoille: kubuntu.org  or ubuntu.com or releases.ubuntu.com12:57
sqintI have all updates for feisty installed, yet no version upgrade button appears12:57
xevioussqint: same here12:57
rewolfsqint : did u run 'kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"' ?12:57
WaltzingAlong(quotes needed)12:57
WaltzingAlongbottiger: then the guide should mention that12:57
sqintrewolf: No... the kubuntu upgrade guide says that adept manager should offer a version upgrade button12:58
xeviousrewolf: it's supposed to automagically offer the upgrade12:58
rewolfthe one i read didnt12:58
bottigerWaltzingAlong: I'm just looking at the short official 4-step guide: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php#upgrade12:58
Chanihey, does anyone know anything about l2tp? I don't know where to start. the docs I see are talking about pre-shared keys and certificates n'stuff, and all I have is a username and password.12:58
stdinit may take a while for adept to realise there is an update, the --version-upgrade option forces it12:58
rewolfthats kubuntu12:58
apparleWhat should i do upgrade from CD or fresh install (no net at home)12:58
Flegmamy adept says that new version is available, but when i click on it, it tells me i dont need any updates...im up to date....12:59
sqintrewolf: That's for the RC12:59
xevioussqint: that'll work12:59
stdinsqint: it may take a while for adept to realise there is an update, the --version-upgrade option forces it12:59
WaltzingAlongstdin: who runs the website? could we get that added (that software-properties-kde needs to be installed to see the screen described in the update instructions)12:59
sqintstdin: OK12:59
xeviousi just wanted to point it out that it's not realizing it. and i didn't realize that adept could take a while to realize it. do you realize?13:00
stdinWaltzingAlong: umm, ask Riddell13:00
nosrednaekimWaltzingAlong: #kubuntu-devel13:00
rewolfxevious lol13:00
apparlehey what is better upgrade from Cd or fresh install as i don't have net13:00
xeviouswish me luck13:00
stdinxevious: it relies on finding a file in the archive, some may not have it yet13:00
noam_i have a small question. i have the binary ati driver installed. what will the update to gutsy do with it?13:00
nosrednaekimapparle: fresh install13:00
shakaHello there13:00
nosrednaekimnoam_: did you install it from the repositories?13:01
shakaAnyone with a torrent link to kubuntu 7.10?13:01
stdinnoam_: how did you install the driver?13:01
rewolfmine has been downloading and verifying the upgrade tool for like 5 minutes13:01
noam_that's why i'm asking13:01
ubotuTorrent clients: Azureus (Java), BitTornado (Shell with python front-end), KTorrent (KDE/Qt), rTorrent (C++) -  Bittorent FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html13:01
ubotuTorrent downloads for the Ubuntu ISOs are available on all the download pages. For Gutsy: http://releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ (CDs) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.10/release/ (DVDs)13:01
nosrednaekimnoam_: where did you install it from?13:01
xeviousdoes medibuntu already have a gutsy repo?13:01
xeviousand canonical?13:01
mschiffWhy does adept not honor held packages?13:02
asimonxevious: Yes, both.13:02
noam_i followed an official looking guide in the web which went through downloading a file from ati.amd.com, making deb packages out of it, installing them, and module-assistant things. i'll find a link13:02
stdinmschiff: because adept can't13:02
xeviousasimon: thanks13:02
xeviousmodifying the software channels13:02
mschiffstdin: you know why?13:02
nosrednaekimnoam_: ah ok,i'm familiar with that. uninstall the packages and you should be good.13:02
stdinnoam_: the update should overwrite it with the new version I guess13:02
stdinmschiff: because it doesn't have that ability13:03
nosrednaekimstdin: will it? some of the package names are different13:03
xeviousis there a utility to determine the fastest mirror automatically?13:03
mschiffstdin: I dont want it to upgrade my hbci enabled gnucash13:03
mschiffstdin: ok thanks13:03
stdinnosrednaekim: depends what it's called and the exact version it was given. if it's called something else then there's trouble ahead13:04
WaltzingAlong!info netselect | xevious13:04
ubotuxevious: netselect: Choose the fastest server automatically. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.ds1-9 (feisty), package size 18 kB, installed size 92 kB13:04
xeviousWaltzingAlong: thanks13:04
nosrednaekimnoam_: before uninstalling  the packages, switch the driver to the fre ati. in the monitor and resolution app.13:04
nosrednaekimstdin: yeah, its named differently13:04
apparlenosrednaekim: why fresh install???????13:04
nosrednaekimapparle: well, you have fiesty installed with various apps right?13:05
rewolfdoes it usually take long for the "Downloading and verifying the upgrade tool ..."  phase?13:05
noam_noaxess_kubuntu, you mean, uninstall the packages now, then make everything work (as it will undoubtedly break), then update to gutsy?13:05
WaltzingAlongsome like more work13:05
nosrednaekimnoam_: yes, that is what I am saying.13:05
xeviousi need to download a total of 984M13:05
stdinrewolf: the mirrors are being hit hard, give it time13:05
noam_all right, will do13:05
Flegmai cant update...i have gutsy RC version and when i click on version upgrade button, it says i have the latest version :(13:05
rewolfoh ok cool. actually i suppose thats understandable. i mean, it just came out. so stoked .lol13:06
WaltzingAlongFlegma: you have the lastest version13:06
WaltzingAlong!final | Flegma13:06
nosrednaekimnoam_: but before you remove them, make sure you change the Xorg driver to be "ati", from "fglrx"13:06
ubotuFlegma: If you installed a Tribe/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Gutsy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.13:06
Flegmayes, but why is the button active??13:06
srednadoesn't gutsy support CUPS? kde4 apps appears to print using lpr ?!13:06
srednaor is it a problem in qt?13:07
haraldhvi have the opposite problem: the button is not active. trying a normal feisty -> gutsy upgrade with adept13:07
stdinsredna: kde4 is not complete, so expect bugs13:07
xeviousoh no. 86k/s13:07
xeviousi usually pull 750 or so13:07
srednastdin: i kinda know :-)13:07
noam_nosrednaekim, alright13:07
LiL-JoNwill my ATI Radeon 9550 work in gutsy gibbon?13:07
xeviouswell i'll catch you all later i guess13:07
apparlenosrednaekim: so what13:07
srednastdin: i work on kate printing code, and i believe using lpr is not acceptable13:07
apparlenosrednaekim: will this create problems13:08
nosrednaekimapparle: well, if you hae any apps that don't come on the CD, then you can't upgrade13:08
nosrednaekimfrom the CD13:08
xeviousoh. any .files in the home dir that i should replace with the gutsy versions when the upgrade is done?13:08
srednawhy isn't qtconfig installed automatically?!13:08
nosrednaekimxevious: not neccesary13:09
Flegmai have problem with hal......please look at this and help me....save me from fresh instalation... http://www.pastebin.cz/show/214813:09
stdinsredna: it could be the way one of the packages was built, talk to Riddell in #kubuntu-devel about it, he uploaded them13:09
srednayou install a HUGE, for many useless application like amarok, but not qtconfig?!13:09
xeviousnosrednaekim: even with the switch to the new file manager?13:09
CPrompt^how are these upgrades via adept going?  i have a lot of "extra" packages and I would hate for it crash like it did when upgrading to Fiesty!13:09
peterbuldgehow come all the links t download the cd are for dapper?13:09
nosrednaekimxevious: yup... eveything should be handled automagically :)13:09
stdinpeterbuldge: refresh the page13:09
xeviousnosrednaekim: supersweetmegaradolicious!13:09
srednahm, qtconfig doesn't allow to tell it to use CUPS :-(13:10
xevioushahaha i cant believe how hammered the mirrors are right now13:10
apparlenosrednaekim: Only the ati drivers and OSS drivers13:10
peterbuldgeahhh.... had to shift +refresh13:10
asimonsredna: I guess more people use amarok then qtconfig. I doubt many people know about qtconfig at all. ;-)13:10
noam_noaxess_kubuntu, er, adept crashed during uninstallation. argh!13:10
nosrednaekimapparle: ah..ok, uninstall them, and then you can upgrade from the alternate CD13:10
haraldhvI have followed the guide on kubuntu.org and added "recommended updates". but adept does not give me any version upgrade button. I think I know about a --version-upgrade flag or something, but I'm really disappointed if people are actually expected to find out that by themselves13:10
WaltzingAlongharaldhv: sudo aptitude install software-properties-kde13:11
mschiffwould adept do more than switch sources.list entries from feisty to gutsy and dist-upgrade?13:11
LiL-JoNwill my ATI Radeon 9550 work in gutsy gibbon?13:11
WaltzingAlongit all works13:11
stdinmschiff: yes, adept does much more than that13:11
xeviousbyewindows: nice nick!13:12
mschiffstdin: is there a list somewhere what it will do on the upgrade? I would like to see in detail what it really does or would do...13:12
xeviousand hello!13:12
byewindowsI have an error with glxinfo http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41053/13:12
byewindowsxevious: ;)13:13
nosrednaekimnoam_: you talking to me?13:13
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: should if it worked in fiesty13:13
haraldhvWaltzingAlong: yes, that's exactly the one I was using. could it be a problem because i am trying to use a japan mirror?13:13
peterbuldgeis a good download manager that will do segmented downloading like getright for kde?13:13
peterbuldgeI've wondered this for a while13:13
nosrednaekimkget maybe?13:13
peterbuldgekget doesn't seem to do it13:13
noam_nosrednaekim, oh, never mind that. anyway, i'm reinstalling xorg-driver-fglrx from the repositories, that's the way to go, right?13:13
stdinmschiff: not that I know of13:14
WaltzingAlongharaldhv: did you run           kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"13:14
nosrednaekimnoam_: that might work, yes, but I think you have to get rid of the blacklisting of the fglrx driver in /etc/defaults/linux-restrcited-modules13:14
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: yeah but i had to use restricted drivers13:14
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: well, gutsy shouldn't have any regressions, maybe the free ones will even work nor13:15
peterbuldgemy sympathies to the people with ati cards13:15
xeviousgonna let the computer do its thing13:15
* xevious hopes that this speeds up.13:15
haraldhvWaltzingAlong: my point was that yes, I know about that solution, but I was going to use adept for once and try a userfriendly upgrade13:15
rewolfthe dialog could at least tel u if its downloading or queuing or wateva13:16
nosrednaekimnoam_: yeah that thingy ;)13:16
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: is there tuts for compiz fusion ?13:16
WaltzingAlongharaldhv: adept will eventually notice the next release, the option forces it do look now13:16
noam_ah, the 8.40 drivers (those which come with gutsy) are actually nice. you *do* get a GUI for things you used to do in ati-initial --something -Xfoo -bar or in xorg.conf, directly in the gui13:16
xeviousharaldhv: i was too. but since the upgrade notice hasn't propagated to all the mirrors, it's necessary to use --version-upgrade right now13:16
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: I think so, if not its really just one command. :)13:17
LiL-JoNi have a AMD64 computer what iso should i download?13:17
xeviousi believe that's essentially correct13:17
xeviousLiL-JoN: amd64?13:17
nosrednaekimnoam_: yeah :)13:17
noam_restarting X, brb13:17
apparlehow to run WINE on amd6413:17
haraldhvxevious WaltzingAlong: oh, I see. so eventually normal users will get them too13:17
WaltzingAlongharaldhv: correct13:17
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: are you experienced with linux?13:17
xeviousharaldhv: yeah.13:17
stdin!wine | apparle13:17
ubotuapparle: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.13:17
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: not really but i have been using it 6 weeks13:17
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: stick with 32 bit ;)13:18
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: i just started using KDE13:18
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: why?13:18
=== emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh
xeviouswhat's the kubuntu development channel #kubuntu-dev?13:18
Jucatoxevious: #kubuntu-devel13:18
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: 64 has some additional headaches, 32 bit is just easier, and there is not a whole lot of performace gain for normal desktop apps13:18
admiralsausageis there a kubuntu DVD for gutsy yet?13:19
=== sredna|konversat is now known as sredna
apparlestdin : http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/otherosfs/wine I cant see an amd64 version13:19
LiL-JoNwell i rather use my 64bit to the fullest thats why i bought it :[ what headaches flash will install now13:19
nosrednaekimadmiralsausage: dunno, is there one linked off that one on topic?13:19
stdinapparle: read the link, it has 64bit instructions13:19
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: lets see, win32 codecs (playing wma's, etc) skype, and almost any proprietary app that you want will be a pain to run.13:20
admiralsausagenosrednaekim: not sure what you mean by that, but I can't find one on the mirrors. I guess I'll just wait.13:20
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: so basically i have no choice?13:20
haraldhv"could not verify the integrity of the upgrader application, the application will now exit." sigh, error messages like this without any further advice should _really_ be avoided13:20
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: I'm just warning you, I personally use 64 bit, but I have been using linux for over 5 years,13:21
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: why do they make b4bit anyways?13:21
apparlestdin: I can't see the instuctions please tell me wjere13:21
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: for computers with over 4 gigs of RAM13:21
byewindowssomeone please?13:21
byewindowsI have an error with glxinfo http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41053/13:21
byewindowsLIBGL_DEBUG=verbose ?13:21
stdinapparle: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WineForAMD6413:21
nosrednaekimbyewindows: do you have an nvidia or a ATI card?13:22
apparleWhich one should I use i386 or amd6413:22
byewindowsnosrednaekim: ati radeon 9200se13:22
nosrednaekimbyewindows: you should get the proprietary drivers for 3d13:23
Greeneryhow do i check if my kubuntu version had been changed from RC to official one?13:23
apparlestdin: I want to do it offline. how13:23
byewindowsnosrednaekim: sure the fglrx worked but the radeon 9200se seems not to be supported now13:24
haraldhvand then I tried a second time, and got through it, but it dies with "dist-upgrade.py: cannot connect to X server :0"13:24
nosrednaekimbyewindows: really? humm13:24
stdinapparle: you have to download the debs from the website and install manually13:24
nosrednaekimharaldhv: don't run it with sudo...13:24
apparlestdin: Can you tell me which debs13:25
byewindowsnosrednaekim: I asked the question on kubuntu-fr.org but the answers was short13:25
mschiffRiddell: snapshot6.png looks different to its thumbnail13:25
apparleWhich CDs are shiped by default alternate or desktop??13:25
nosrednaekimbyewindows: I wasnt aware of ATI dropping support for it. are you sure about that?13:25
LiL-JoNapparle: why not just downlaod and create a cd?13:26
LiL-JoNbyewindows: are you sure the driver is enabled13:26
stdinapparle: http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/pool/main/w/wine/wine_0.9.47~winehq0~ubuntu~7.10-2_amd64.deb13:26
LiL-JoNbyewindows: i have a ATI 9550 and the fglrx works fine13:26
byewindowsLiL-JoN: how can I be sure for the radeon ?13:27
apparleLiL-JoN: I have connection of 46Kbps13:27
LiL-JoNapparle: WHOA!!13:27
flakeanyone made the jump to lightspeed yet?13:27
HeUnuHello!! can you try help me pls? I have to work on my linux but it sometimes exectue rest without reason... have you any idea what can be the reason for it?13:27
byewindowsLiL-JoN: sure, fglrx work to on the Radeon 9500 of my son13:27
LiL-JoNbyewindows: kde or gnome?13:27
byewindowson 9500 Pro, no souci13:28
apparleLiL-JoN: Which Cds are shipped by default alternate or desktop???13:28
noam_nosrednaekim, why would sudo modprobe fglrx return "FATAL: Error running install command for fglrx"?13:28
BluesKajGood morning stdin, what's the best procedure to upgrade to gutsy from feisty on the net , change my sources.list to gutsy and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?13:28
LiL-JoNapparle: i think desktop usually you can pick what disk i dunno man13:28
BleSShow upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10?13:28
stdinBluesKaj: nope :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes13:28
elSandrosam I the only one missing the "Version Upgrade" button in Adept?13:28
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes13:28
nosrednaekimnoam_: you probably still have your FGLRX drivers all screwed up. did you get rid of fglrx from the disabled modules?13:29
LiL-JoNbyewindows: ill try and help since im a ati user myself13:29
byewindowsLiL-JoN: il fact I must have the tv-out on (s-video) so fglrx was cool for that13:29
LiL-JoNbyewindows: what card do you have?13:29
byewindowsLiL-JoN: Ati Radeon 9200se13:29
nosrednaekimnoam_: oh well, just turn the xorg driver to be ati and then upgrade.13:29
xenolhelllo how can i upgrade to gutsy from feisty?13:30
noam_actually i'm on fglrx right now, but DRI is not workign13:30
Bjorn_Odlundso im following these steps (http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php#upgrade)13:30
Bjorn_Odlundbut it doesbnot work13:30
elSandrosBjørn: lacking the "Version Upgrade" button?13:30
byewindowsLiL-JoN: some logs here http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=155725 (french comments, sorry)13:30
nosrednaekimnoam_: you sure you are on fglrx?13:30
Bjorn_OdlundelSandros: yes13:31
elSandrosme too13:31
easytigerif i do dist-upgrade... will it upgrade gnome as well as kubuntu... its only downloading 50MB of stuff13:31
noam_not really, no. but i see (II) Module fglrx: vendor="FireGL - ATI Technologies Inc." \n compiled for 7.1.0, module version = 8.34.8, which is the correct version (the one that feisty has in the repositories)13:31
Greeneryrun this command for version upgrade: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"13:31
flakeupgrade manager13:32
Bjorn_Odlundhow do I update?13:32
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes13:32
HeUnuproblem on version 7.1 ububtu - My linux is rested without reason after clicking different keys.. What can be the reason ??13:32
nosrednaekimnoam_: humm, maybe that disabled thing requires a reboot13:32
noam_i did reboot13:32
jaime_Hi all:) Just installed kubuntu on an old PC and did all updates. All is fine except the CD drive(s) and USB stick are not automounted, cannot be mounted by hand, k3b freezes upon start. Any takers?13:32
nosrednaekimnoam_: oh =>13:33
=== stdin changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support channel | Gutsy out NOW! http://kubuntu.org/download2.php | Upgrade instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes | FAQ: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/CommonQuestions | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuFeistyKnownProblems | Free Kubuntu CDs! https://shipit.kubuntu.org | Large pastes: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Offtopic in #kubuntu-offtopic please | KDE 4.0 beta 3: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php
apparleis alternate CD alive CD????13:33
elSandrosBjørn: just run the command Greenery gave, and the button will be there:)13:33
apparleis alternate CD a live CD13:34
elSandroseh... scratch that13:34
LiL-JoNbyewindows: this is what you need http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/AtiProprietaryDriver download the ati driver13:34
stdinapparle: no, alternate cd is a text installer13:34
blendtuxso i can questions about gutsy overhere right now13:35
nosrednaekimblendtux: yup :)13:35
LiL-JoNbyewindows: this is what you need http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/AtiProprietaryDriver download the ati driver13:35
Bjorn_Odlundkdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"13:35
LiL-JoNbyewindows: http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/linux/linux-radeon-prer200.html13:35
stdinblendtux: gutsy is out, so this channel is the official Kubuntu Gutsy channel13:35
Bjorn_Odlundwith the "13:35
blendtuxoke, i upgraded yesterday from feisty to the rc candidate13:35
WaltzingAlong!final | blendtux13:36
ubotublendtux: If you installed a Tribe/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Gutsy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.13:36
LiL-JoNbyewindows: sorry i have to go but maybe somebody else can help you sorry13:36
blendtuxbut now my kopete is not working, i did today apt-get updat and upgrade but still no new packages for kopete13:36
byewindowsLiL-JoN: ok thx !13:36
byewindowsX.Org 6.8 Drivers ? this one ?13:36
blendtuxonly opera13:36
MorrisseyHi! I have a Nvidia GeForce 8400m graphic card, and have connected my 32" HDTV with DVI ... I have managaed to set up twinview correct with the 32" at resolution: 1280x720 ... But I want it to use 1920x1080 ... when changing this in the "xorg.conf" manually, nothing apperas on my 32" .... any ideas?13:36
Greeneryu go msn on ur kopete?13:36
MorrisseyAnd using the nvidia GUI settings thing wont set higher resolution than 1280 ...13:36
WaltzingAlongGreenery: there is an update for that http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kdelibs4c2a_3.5.8-0ubuntu3_i386.deb13:37
Greeneryoh sweet13:37
* nosrednaekim is glad he doesn't use msn13:37
Greenerydont like msn but most of my friends are there13:38
blendtuxanybody else has problem with kopete in gutsy13:38
WaltzingAlongblendtux: there is an update for that http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kdelibs4c2a_3.5.8-0ubuntu3_i386.deb13:38
LiL-JoNbyewindows: the https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run13:38
blendtuxthere is an update13:38
blendtuxoh where13:38
noam_nosrednaekim, i remember this problem, i have had it before, and it was solved with this: sudo ln -s /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/misc/fglrx.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/volatile/fglrx.ko13:38
blendtuxwhy is it not loading13:38
byewindowsok LiL-JoN thx13:38
elSandrosoh crap13:38
elSandros1,2 GB download to upgrade13:39
byewindowshave a nice day LiL-JoN ;)13:39
noam_i thought that was a manual installation problem... did i mess something up?13:39
nosrednaekimnoam_: ah! right! look, just do an upgrade and all that should be fixed for you in gutsy.13:39
nosrednaekimnoam_: its BECUASE you did that that its not working :)13:39
noam_cool :)13:39
LiL-JoNbyewindows: sorry i cant stay im 14 and ihavew to do homework before i go to sleep its 5:39 in the morning and im homeschooled13:39
nosrednaekimnew kernel should fix all those problems13:39
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: sweet really? I am too... 17 and homeschooled :)13:40
noam_how could that be? i replaced the kernel object in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/volatile/fglrx.ko ?13:40
byewindowsLiL-JoN: nop, very thx to you13:40
Bjorn_OdlundNow it says cant verify integrety13:40
nosrednaekimnoam_: hummm IDK. but a whole neqw kernel certainly can't hurt problems such as tese ;)13:40
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: yep im homeschooled and im 1413:41
elSandrosBjørn: yeah, I got that too13:41
elSandrosjust quit adept and run the command again, and you should be good to go13:41
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: cool :)13:41
noam_what's with adept not showing the version upgrade button by default?13:42
=== andre is now known as Hoondie
swanflmorning all13:44
swanflI see kde4 beta3 is now available13:44
swanflhas anyone tried it?13:44
blendtuxWaltzingAlong: where can i find the update for kopete, cause its not updating via apt-get13:44
bottigerswanfl: it's still gutsy only13:45
bottigerswanfl: so my guess is no13:45
swanflno worries I'm gonna be using gutsy anyway :)13:45
Hoondieanyone know why i don't have the version upgrade button? it's saying there's 0 updates left, but no version upgrade button13:45
bottigerHoondie: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"13:46
bottigerthat line should be in the topic13:46
shadowhywindhay all, does anyone know why my Full Upgrade button is not lit?13:47
bottigershadowhywind: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"13:47
flakeshould i be skeered to hit the upgrade button13:47
Greeneryblendtux: just download the file from the link and open it13:47
spykedtomatohey all - gutsy all up and running - just noticed  that the upgrade UNinstalled vmware-player, and apt-get doesn't want to install it- any ideas?13:48
blendtuxwich link13:48
l3dxanyone else having problems with upgrade?13:48
spykedtomatoPackage vmware-player is not available, but is referred to by another package.This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source13:48
elSandrosl3dx: lacking version upgrade button?13:48
shadowhywindthanks that worked13:49
l3dxelSandros, yuo13:49
elSandrosthought so13:49
l3dxfollowed the instructions. but no luck13:49
elSandrosrun "kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"13:49
elSandrosand the button will be there13:49
l3dxeven tried changing to the repos to "main server"13:49
shadowhywindi just got a "Could not verify the integrity of the upgrader application. This program will now exit"13:49
elSandrosit'll probably fail the first time, though13:49
l3dxelSandros, k thanks! :D13:49
elSandrosgive a cannot-verify-type-of-thingy13:50
elSandrosso just quit adept when it does, and run it again13:50
shadowhywindlittle odd way of doing it.. but it seams to be working13:51
noam_"you have to download a total of 1806M"13:52
WaltzingAlongblendtux: there is an update for that http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/kdelibs4c2a_3.5.8-0ubuntu3_i386.deb13:52
Hoondiethanks :)13:52
Hoondiekdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade" <-- Works great13:52
blendtuxyeah i am installing it already thanks13:52
BluesKajyup, working well here too...so far13:52
spykedtomatohey all - gutsy all up and running - just noticed  that the upgrade UNinstalled vmware-player, and apt-get doesn't want to install it- any ideas?13:53
l3dxelSandros, thanks again! I'm upgrading :)13:53
RurouniJonesIs there any reason for someone with a laptop and a not great GFX card to upgrade to gutsy?13:53
easytigerspykedtomato: try downloading vmware-server?13:53
CPrompt^BluesKaj : updating going well?13:53
blendtuxis it correct when i want to install this update that it wants to remove several other packages13:53
RurouniJonesSince the main benefit appears to be the accelerated desktop13:53
LiL-JoNhow do i install java13:54
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.13:54
BluesKajCPrompt^, yes , so far13:54
bottigerxevious: yes! I'm only getting 150kb/s13:54
spykedtomatoeasytiger: i don't really need the whole server, just the player....13:54
bottigerI should have done like it did with feisty13:54
xeviousbottiger: lucky. i'm rockin' 65 right now13:54
bottigerupgrade two days later13:54
xeviousbottiger: jumps up to 200 at times13:54
BluesKajCPrompt^, the DL speeds are a bit slow but that's to be expected13:54
xeviousi wanna play with compiz13:54
CPrompt^BluesKaj : good to hear.  My upgrade to Fiesty didn't go so well.  I have *a lot* of extra packages so I hope that it will go ok.13:54
xeviousi wonder how many thousands of people are updating right now13:55
CPrompt^BluesKaj : I'll probably wait a few days and then upgrade anyway.13:55
BluesKajCPrompt^, a hint: update  feisty first then do the upgrade to gutsy13:56
BleSSAdept doesn't show Upgrade button13:56
CPrompt^BluesKaj : yeah.  I keep my feisty all up to date.  I think there was a package released yesterday..13:56
LiL-JoNi want to install this http://java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp?locale=en&host=java.com:8013:57
BluesKajyeah CPrompt^ , i just noticed that today for the first time in ages13:57
noam_this upgrade will take half a day13:57
xenolplz someone how can i update feisty to gutsy gibon?13:57
stdinsee the topic13:58
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes13:58
BluesKajI'm shutting ktorrent down for a while ,need all the BW I can get right now :)13:58
CPrompt^BluesKaj : just makes me nervous I guess.  Upgrade last time totaly made my computer useless for some reason.  I have a lot of extras.  Oh well.  That's why we backup  LOL13:58
SteamMachineHi everyone. I'm in a reaaaally messy situation right now.13:58
CPrompt^What's going on SteamMachine?13:59
SteamMachineI had ubuntu, I install kubuntu desktop, removed ubuntu desktop... and when I rebooted, I logged in as usual, but was greeted with an xterm terminal13:59
SteamMachineI can run programs from this terminal, but I don't know how to get kde to launch in its entireity.13:59
BluesKajSteamMachine, sudo apt-get install kubuntu desktop13:59
x_linkI just downloaded the fix for Kopete.13:59
BluesKajSteamMachine, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop13:59
SteamMachineBluesKaj: I alsready tried that.13:59
SteamMachineIt is installed.14:00
SteamMachineI believe I saw something like "kde.pid not found" during bootup.14:00
XenThraLx_link: got one for x64?14:00
xeviousSteamMachine: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-default-settings14:00
XenThraLI saw one in launchpad but it was quite large14:00
xenolstdin: but when i want to do full upgrade that option is greyed out in adept14:00
x_linkXenThraL: No.14:01
BleSSxenol:  as me14:01
slammerhello all! I installed Gutsy rc few days ago. My general impression is good, however I wondered if any one of you guys is annoyed by hidden File Associations config panel. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-systemsettings/+bug/50320 The bug has been reported a year ago but IMHO has a new importance due to Dolphin. If anyone wants a simple solution, i posted a patch as the last comment.14:01
XenThraLbleeeeeeh that bug is annoying me14:01
XenThraLdon't like pidgin :|14:01
SteamMachinealready newest version14:01
xeviouswhat's this update for kopete that people are talking about?14:01
x_linkXenThraL: I can't connect to Kopete, cause it crashes. So I just downloaded this fix.14:01
XenThraLI'm wondering if it shipped with that bug? which I'm guessing it didn't, what makes me wander if I should wipe my tribe 5 and install fresh14:02
SteamMachinex_link: a while ago I found kopete kept crashing.14:02
* genii sips a coffee and digs around for his allergy medication14:02
SteamMachineTo fix it, I uninstalled and deleted the hidden folder in /home14:02
x_linkSteamMachine: Yes, I just downloaded a fix for it. It's a .deb file.14:02
rewolfstdin: its still "dl'ing and verifying hte upgrade tool"  lol. thats an hour wait14:02
xeviousgenii: people just mowed my lawn, my eyes are burning.14:02
noam_argh. there's a known bug in kopete? i really should have waited at least a week before upgrading14:02
xeviousgenii: i've never had allergies before this year.14:02
LiL-JoNi want to install this http://java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp?locale=en&host=java.com:80 how do i install it14:03
SteamMachineI don't have issues nowadays.14:03
noam_could you post a link to the bug and the fix?14:03
SteamMachineI don't understand what's wrong.14:03
noam_LiL-JoN, either follow the instruction in the java site, or use the ubuntu ways of installing java14:03
SteamMachineKde is installed, the system is running, but kde won't run on bootup and I don't know how to make it.14:03
xeviousSteamMachine: you get your login screen, right?14:03
geniixevious: I never had any til about 5 years ago. now they are horrible, especially in spring and fall14:03
x_linkSteamMachine: Did you just install Kubuntu?14:03
LiL-JoNnoam i just want the newest version of java14:03
WaltzingAlongSteamMachine: what runs on bootup? you need to pick kde as your session at the login manager14:03
Jucatoxevious: ping14:03
xeviousSteamMachine: log out of X if you're in it, and check which session is selected14:04
Rebeccais there a kubuntu torrent yet?14:04
SteamMachineit's kde14:04
xeviousJucato: yo.14:04
SteamMachineI've checked it many times.14:04
xeviousJucato: sorry. pong14:04
rewolfxevious : how did u get urs to start dl'ing so fast? mine is still dl'in and verifying the upgrade tool??? after an hour14:04
elSandrosLiL-JoN: jre or jdk?14:04
Jucatoxevious: hehe yo or pong would do.14:04
WaltzingAlongRebecca: yes14:04
vbgunzwhen upgrading from feisty to gutsy, I see 1 install and just 42 upgrades available, is this correct?14:04
Jucatoxevious: could you file a bug/wish for that in Launchpad if you don't mind (about the adept notifier thingy)14:04
vbgunzsounds like nothing14:04
RebeccaWaltzingAlong: url?14:04
SteamMachineI have installed gnome, just the basics, and that won't load either. Though as I said, I can run programs from it.14:05
LiL-JoNelSandros: how do i know what i need cause some java doesnt work14:05
Jucatoxevious: so that we could formally discuss it with the guys who do the coding on adept :)14:05
WaltzingAlongRebecca: releases.ubuntu.com14:05
SteamMachineSoon I want to simply reinstall from a CD... but until then...14:05
RebeccaWaltzingAlong: thanks :)14:05
xeviousJucato: sure thing.14:06
vbgunzdoes upgrading to gutsy require the use of backports?14:06
Jucatoxevious: thanks14:06
xeviousJucato: just gotta familiarize myself with launchpad14:06
Jucatoxevious: take your time. we have about 4 months :)14:06
elSandrosLiL-JoN: just try "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre"14:06
DevideZerowhere i can download kubuntu gusty [final] ?14:06
SteamMachineDevideZero: nowhere...14:06
BleSSxenol:  kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"14:06
SteamMachineIt's not released yet.14:06
SteamMachineOh wait.14:06
SteamMachineHm. the site said it wasn't.14:07
LiL-JoNelSandros: i love you14:07
DevideZeroSteamMachine , nowhere ? [] so what i should do if i want to insall it ?14:07
SteamMachinewait until it's released?14:07
xeviousJucato: so i register first, then which section do i post in?14:07
DevideZeroSteamMachine , but today is the 18 oct ...14:08
SteamMachineSo um. Is there *any* way to fix my issue?14:08
Greenerygutsy is out14:08
rewolfi thort is was released14:08
SteamMachinemaybe it is.14:08
=== Tstnz is now known as pizzicato`
ubotuIf you installed a Tribe/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Gutsy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.14:08
Jucatoxevious: I'll get a link14:08
xeviousSteamMachine: did you log out and choose kde as your session?14:08
SteamMachineI'm not sure. I thought that it was coming out a little later, because of the time difference.14:08
SteamMachinexevious: yes, I did.14:09
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: whats wrong with starting froms scratch lol14:09
XenThraLWaltzingAlong: so it did ship with the kopete bug?14:09
Jucatoxevious: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug and just pick adept as the package14:09
geniiWell, guess I don't need to d/l anything then ;) Cept unless if i need to install it somewhere else that is...14:09
XenThraLhow odd14:09
xeviousJucato: thanks14:09
SteamMachineLiL-JoN: nothing? why...?14:09
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: well why not install from cd and start fresh14:09
xeviousJucato: you recommend that i hide my email address or not?14:09
WaltzingAlongXenThraL: actually the bug is not in kopete14:09
Jucatoxevious:  your choice :)14:10
XenThraLkdelibs, right?14:10
xeviousare there untrustworthy people here? do you hide yours?14:10
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: so you wont have to deal with side effects of this problem14:10
rewolfargh , is this thing ever gonna start the upgrade? how long have other people waited?14:10
SteamMachinebecause a) I don't have the CD b) it's beneficial in this instance to recover the system.14:10
xeviousJucato ^14:10
LiL-JoNrewolf: a long time people have said its took a hour14:10
rewolfb4 the upgrade starts?14:10
LiL-JoNrewolf: no to finish it14:11
rewolfmine has said "Downloading and Verifying the upgrade tool..." for and hour14:11
Jucatoxevious: I don't14:11
LiL-JoNrewolf: im installing from desktop cd so i wont worry about that14:11
SteamMachinethere is a cd somewhere, and if I find it, I probably will just reinstall.14:12
Greeneryrewolf: just be patient :)14:12
SteamMachineI need to get back what I had first.14:12
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: ill try help you figure out how to fix it?14:12
spykedtomatohow do I identify and uninstall programs that I installed from source about a million years ago?14:13
MidMarkupgrade wizard doesn't starts, any tip?14:13
rewolfGreenery: I will be, as soon as i know that other people have also sat on the same message for an hour ; and that its normal, and will progress14:13
SteamMachinehow exactly do you plan to help? (I don't mean to sound snappy - just that I'm not sure what would be useful here)14:13
spykedtomatoi can't install vmware-player because it says i have an old installation,but the old one isnt working... I installed it from source right after having installed feisty -- now i'm in gutsy...14:14
Greeneryrewolf: it did happen to me when i upgrade feisty ro gutsy RC14:14
rewolfok cool. thank u14:14
rewolfnow i can get to my physics studying14:14
reagleBRKLNhi, i'm using a custom kernel with feisty, but would rather not. is there a gutsy kernel that will give me support for 4GB of RAM and preempt for my usb mic out of the box?14:15
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: is this your problemo http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde&m=108055712504728&w=214:15
xeviousJucato: is there any general convention for tagging the summary? should i put something like [usability] adept notifier runs during adept-instigated dist-upgrade? or scratch the [usability] part?14:15
Jucatoxevious: scratch the tagging14:15
vbgunzI checked "recommended updates" *but NOT* "unsupported updates"... then clicked on fetch updates *but* I do not have any updates or upgrades :/14:15
xeviousJucato: right-o14:15
SteamMachineLiL-JoN: maybe - I can't open it. there's no way for me to switch windows at the moment.14:15
MidMarkupgrade wizard doesn't starts, followed the instructions, but didn't help, any tip?14:16
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: can we make a privet chat and ill paste it?14:16
=== x_ is now known as kutxiflin
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: join LiL-JoN14:17
SteamMachineLiL-JoN: sure14:17
vbgunzMidMark: you're not alone, I too am experiencing no upgrade through adept14:17
MidMarkvbgunz: interestinh14:17
MidMarkI've tried to change also servers but didn't help too14:18
XenThraLWaltzingAlong: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdelibs/+bug/15350014:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 4gb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:18
* byewindows back14:18
XenThraLfinally the x64 packages, if anyone else asks you can point them there :)14:18
XenThraLthanks Riddell14:18
byewindowssorry, what the matter with this ati compilation http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41058/ ?14:18
WaltzingAlongXenThraL: how happy are you! :D14:19
byewindowsLiL-JoN: hey :)14:19
XenThraLyes well, now to reconstruct the mess I did in my /.kde...14:19
byewindowsI juste think to you LiL-JoN ! Sorry, what the matter with this ati compilation http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41058/ ?14:19
=== muzzle_ is now known as |Muzzle|
vbgunzI tried, sudo apt-get update|upgrade|dist-upgrade. followed steps to do it through adept with no luck. I am unable to upgrade to gutsy. anyone know how or why?14:19
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: cat /etc/lsb-release           which version are you using?14:20
Jucatolsb_release -a works too :)14:21
vbgunzWaltzingAlong: ubuntu 7.04 feisty14:21
WaltzingAlongJucato: thanks14:21
* genii hands WaltzingAlong a coffee14:21
* WaltzingAlong thanks genii 14:21
* Jucato is jealous... though doesn't deserve to be handed out anything lately14:21
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: and you have been following the upgrade instructions?14:21
* genii hands Jucato a coffee as well14:21
geniiWaltzingAlong: Anytime14:22
vbgunzyes, I enabled recommended updates BUT NOT unsupported updates. I tried to fetch updates but upgrading never becomes an option14:22
imagine[laptop]apt-get dist-upgrade will upgrade to gutsy ?14:22
Jucatogenii: thanks, but like I said, I don't deserve it :)14:22
LiL-JoNbyewindows: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=355742114:22
vbgunzI tried apt-get dist-upgrade after update and upgrade and all return nothing to update :(14:22
letalisvbgunz: my problem was 3rd party repositories causing it to bomb14:23
geniiJucato: You told someone to sudo rm -rf /*   lately? ;)14:23
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: that can be14:23
SteamMachineOkay, what exactly is it that causes kde/gnome to start when one logs in?14:23
letalisi disabled those and its going without a hitch14:23
Jucatogenii: nah... just not doing my "job" well lately14:23
vbgunzI'll try disabling 3rd party and see if that works14:23
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: how about the instructions here http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php#upgrade14:23
vbgunzone sec, will look14:24
geniiJucato: Ah :( Well hopefully caffeine will help keep you alert so you can14:24
Jucatohope so too14:24
vbgunzWaltzingAlong: yes I tried those exactly14:24
MidMarkWaltzingAlong: that instructions doesn't work!!!14:24
MidMarkupdate wizard won't show14:25
Greeneryno version upgrade?14:25
Greenerytry this link: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuFeistyKnownProblems14:25
Greeneryeh sorry wrong one14:25
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: do you have software-properties-kde installed?14:25
=== stijn_ is now known as Kamos
LynoureGreenery: that known issues page is so glossed it hurts14:26
vbgunzWaltzingAlong: not sure, how do I check?14:26
Greenerypasted the wrong link >.<14:27
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: check it in adept manager14:27
byewindowsLiL-JoN: in fact I don't understand well. I should do the sh ./ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run with my user instead to be root ?14:27
vbgunzshould I replace feisty in apts sources.list with gutsy?14:27
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: or sudo aptitude software-properties-kde14:27
Jucatovbgunz: could you enable pre-released updates14:27
Jucatosudo aptitude install14:27
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: you could but this upgrade process will do that for you14:27
Jucato(if you're trying to install)14:27
=== LjL3 is now known as LjL
LiL-JoNbyewindows: run with user14:27
WaltzingAlongvbgunz: or sudo aptitude install software-properties-kde            (oops forgot install)14:28
MidMarkWaltzingAlong: I have software-properties-kde installed14:28
MidMarkno update for me14:28
byewindowsLiL-JoN: I have the same error14:28
vbgunzI don't wish to enable unsupported updates. they all seem to be coming from backports14:28
WaltzingAlongMidMark: how far do you get?14:28
geniibyewindows: Make sure its executable bit is set also so it runs14:28
KamosI see more people have problems upgrading? The upgrade button won't appear?14:28
Jucatovbgunz: yes that's backports. please enable pre-released updates14:28
MidMarkWaltzingAlong: what?14:28
vbgunzam checking with adept if I have it14:28
WaltzingAlongMidMark: in the process, the steps, how far do you get?14:29
vbgunzenable unsupported updates to upgrade to gutsy?14:29
letaliswell this is weird, installation of gutsy went without a hitch on my machine.14:29
LiL-JoNbyewindows: right click the file select permissions and select make executable14:29
Jucatovbgunz: no! not unsuported14:29
letalismy gf's however isnt14:29
Jucatovbgunz: pre-release14:29
WaltzingAlongmake the upgrade button (magically) appear!        kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"14:29
byewindowsLiL-JoN: chmod u+x ./ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run ?14:29
LiL-JoNbyewindows: yes14:30
byewindowsthe compilation doesn't work too oO14:30
MidMarkWaltzingAlong: I had always turned on recommended updates, all updated, but no update wizard14:30
byewindows10 hours spend on my Ati ^^14:30
MidMarkcan be that I have kde 3.5.7?14:30
JucatoMidMark: even pre-release updates?14:30
MidMarkJucato: no pre no14:31
MidMarkbut they are not mentioned in the instruction14:31
LiL-JoNbyewindows: um I'm trying to think whatelse could be interfering14:31
JucatoMidMark: working on that..14:31
MidMarkshould I enable them?14:31
vbgunzadept really hogs the system when updating :(14:31
jxjlI had the same problems with upgrading and the kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade" command helped me, upgrade tool is downloading14:31
JucatoMidMark: trying to confirm...14:31
Jucatofor the past upgrades to Beta and RC, they were needed14:32
byewindows-rwxr--r-- 1 byewindows byewindows 53989404 2007-10-18 14:55 ./ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run14:32
LiL-JoNhow do i delete a kernel14:32
vbgunzok, I swear I said pre-relase updates before and it didn't work. but it's seeing an upgrade now14:32
vbgunzupgrade only 18 packages14:32
vbgunzwow, thats gutsy?14:32
Jucatovbgunz: no14:32
KamosI tried adept_manager --version-upgrade and it did something, but now it says : "Could not verify the integrity of the upgrader application. This program will now exit."14:33
Jucatovbgunz: that should update adept first14:33
MidMarkJucato: turned on, now shows 20 updates14:33
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: did it work?14:33
geniibyewindows: another user yesterday had a similar issue. He had put the file not in his home dir and it would not run. Perhaps put it into /home<yourusername> , make sure it is owned by that user/group and executable. It is agui installer so don't use sudo to run it. Use instead from konsole or alt-f2 kdesu <filename>14:33
vbgunzJucato: so download the 20 updates under "full upgrade" and then the real gutsy will be available to me?14:33
Jucatovbgunz, MidMark: that should update adept to a new version that has the --version-upgrade feature14:33
hagabakado i just do aptitude dist-upgrade to upgrade from feisty to gutsy?14:33
wertyhi to the room14:33
xenolplz someone can tell me  how can i update feisty to gutsy gibon?14:34
MidMarkJucato: don't confirm, adept isn't in the list of the 20ies14:34
huszyKamos: select a diggerent mirror not the main server14:34
JucatoMidMark: hm...14:34
KamosOk, I'll try14:34
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: join my channel14:34
SteamMachineTo recap for everyone here...14:34
SteamMachineI have kubuntu installed.14:34
geniibyewindows: The ls -l result there shows you should do something like chmod 755 <filename><14:34
SteamMachineThe major issue here is that when I log in, I get a graphical xterm console.14:35
Jucatovbgunz, MidMark: try upgrading first. Full Upgrade then Apply Changes, then Quit Adept. then restart Adept14:35
* Jucato crosses fingers14:35
byewindowsOk I try14:35
hagabakano new packages when i do dist-upgrade :/14:35
SteamMachineie, everything it there... kinda, but it won't load.14:35
* MidMark upgrading also with proposed packages14:35
vbgunzI don't see adept in the list of upgrades :(14:35
Jucatovbgunz, MidMark: good luck. may the source be w/ you14:36
byewindowsI think I have destroy the run ^^14:36
MidMarkthe source... lol,14:36
Jucatowell, the foss i you want :)14:36
geniibyewindows: ?14:37
byewindowshttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41059/ genii14:37
geniibyewindows: reading14:37
byewindowsExtraction failed14:37
BluesKajhey genii14:37
soulwarpI did sudo adept_manager --version-upgrade, now it says launch my distribution upgrade tool....whazat mean?14:37
wertya good firewall for kubuntu?14:38
* genii hands BluesKaj a large coffee and goes back to reading pastebin14:38
WaltzingAlongsoulwarp: a tool to specifically deal with upgrading the distribution (from 7.04 to 7.10, for example)14:38
stdinsoulwarp: use 'kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"'14:38
* BluesKaj passes the timbits to genii :)14:38
geniibyewindows: Don't run it with sh or bash etc etc. It is a graphical installer14:39
byewindowsoh ^^14:39
Jucatostdin: that's not in the instructions too :(14:39
xenolhow can i start version update tool plz?14:39
MidMarknothing :(14:39
geniibyewindows: instead do: alt-f2 then: kdesu /home/byewindows/<filename>14:39
vbgunzwell am upgrading the 18 packages. I really hope this doesn't botch my system :/14:39
* LiL-JoN smokes a bowl of crack14:39
stdinJucato: that's the RC upgrade instructions, seems to work on feisty tho14:39
MidMarkrepeat the question: can kubuntu kde 3.5.7 for feisty did the trick?14:40
MidMarkor some other package?14:40
* genii sends LiL-JoN to rehab14:40
JucatoMidMark: not really. it shouldn't have any effect14:40
soulwarpcommand-not-found: error: no such option: --version-upgrade"14:40
soulwarpbash: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade": command not found14:40
BluesKajstdin , my first try for the net upgrade failed , so i re-edited my sources.list to gutsy with source-o-matic , now the upgrade seems to be working ...a bit slow but fetching the upgrades at least  :)14:40
* LiL-JoN Refuses rehab and goes back to shooting up herion14:40
stdinsoulwarp: quotes matter14:40
stdinsoulwarp: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"14:41
SteamMachineI thought you were on crack...14:41
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: oops lol14:41
geniiLiL-JoN: Don't make me sic the ppl that do that "Intervention" tv show on ya! ;)14:41
stdinBluesKaj: I think it's best if you enable -proposed too14:41
MidMarkJucato: launch that command too? ^^14:41
soulwarpstdin aha thanks14:41
* LiL-JoN says jk and hopes he never goes to rehab14:41
Necrobytebuenas tengo una curiosidad, tengo un 2 tarjeta de red en el sistema, y cada vez que inicio el sistema las cambia esto es la eth2 aparece como eth1 y vicebersa...14:41
xenolplz how can i run distribution upgrade tool?14:41
BluesKajstdin, enable -proposed ?14:41
SteamMachine: )14:42
xeviousJucato: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adept/+bug/15391114:42
SteamMachineOr maybe kubuntu-es?14:42
JucatoBluesKaj: feisty-proposed or pre-release updates14:42
stdinBluesKaj: the repository  feisty-proposed14:42
BluesKajyeah, stdin done14:42
dystopianrayis kopete broken for msn with gutsy?14:42
geniibyewindows: Get it running now?14:43
byewindowsgenii: it doesn't work14:43
soulwarpstdin giving me the same deal "Ready to upgrade! Click finish to close Adept Package Manager and launch the distribution upgrade tool."14:43
xeviousJucato: i'm long-winded :) hey. at least i didn't go into the windows comparison... or should i have?14:43
SteamMachinedystopianray: well, a believe someone else is having issues, but there is a patch... somewhere.14:43
byewindowskdesu ~/ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run14:43
Necrobytewho speak spanish here? sniff14:43
stdinsoulwarp: yeah, you close it then adept starts14:43
MementoMorihi all14:43
stdin!es | Necrobyte14:43
ubotuNecrobyte: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.14:43
Jucatoxevious: looks oke to me14:43
byewindowschmod 777...14:43
soulwarpstdin lol you were right14:43
soulwarpstdin ty14:44
tzangeranyone gotten remote cups printing to work with kubuntu?  i.e. the kubuntu machine is printing to a remote cups printer?14:44
mikedI updated to the gutsy RC yesterday with hopes of doing an apt-get update when the final ver. came out. Now none of my panels at all work.  They are there but can't be clicked on.14:44
xeviousJucato: i know it's a bit nitpicky, but kubuntu is so remarkably easy that i believe it's come down to minor usability issues such as that14:44
byewindowsgenii: the sh come from this page https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/linux_8.28.8-inst.html14:44
tzangerthe remote system is working fine, as windows clients can print to it14:44
MementoMoriit seems like torrent.ubuntu.com is a bit overloaded... there are other trackers avaiable?14:44
byewindowssh ./ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run14:44
mikedwhen I log in as another user everything works14:44
BluesKajsoulwarp, just follow the instructions and things will work ok, yer on the right track now ...no need to keep quoting steps back to the channel14:44
crazy_bushow do I tell the tempratures on my cpu and motherboard?14:44
xenolxevious: did u dan kdesu adept-manager --version update and it shows u now run distribution update tool?14:44
mikedhow can I reset all my panels?14:44
geniibyewindows: Damn. Did you make sure to d/l the version for whatever you are running? eg: 32 bit for x86 or 64 bit for x86_64 kubuntu14:44
ubotuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto14:45
Jucatoxevious: it's ok. like I said, I may personally disagree, but I'm not going to block the wishlist/bug report :)14:45
soulwarpBluesKaj ok14:45
xeviousJucato: rightio14:45
Jucatoxevious: I may comment later. :)14:45
mohamed_hello all , when i use kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade" i get this error:  adept_manager: Unknown option '--version-upgrade'14:45
SteamMachinesupposing I wanted to start kde from a command line...14:45
SteamMachinehow would I do that?14:45
byewindows ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver 8.28.8 genii14:45
xeviousxenol: i'm in the process of upgrading right now14:45
byewindows$ uname -a14:45
byewindowsLinux team 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux14:45
hagabakai'm not getting any updates in aptitude dist-upgrade :/14:45
boubbinsame here14:46
MementoMoriSteamMachine: or if kde is your default DE startx14:46
geniibyewindows: What does uname -m report?14:46
stephiedoes anyone of you have a howto for XGL/beryl for Kubuntu (gutsy)14:46
stdinstephie: beryl is dead, merged with compiz to make compiz-fusion14:46
LiL-JoNgenii: i thought it was uname -a14:47
stephiestdin: okay, so a howto for compiz-fusion14:47
BluesKajhagabaka,, boubbin ; alt + F2 then type : kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"14:47
xeviouslet's have a dist-upgrade race: where's everyone at? i'm at 42%14:47
stdinwelcome to the chaos gnomefreak :)14:47
byewindowsgenii: I have dl this one https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run14:47
WaltzingAlongxevious: already did that a week ago14:47
xeviousWaltzingAlong: blah blah blah14:47
geniibyewindows: Sorry LOL was in above. Yes, correct version then. If they suggest then sh to run it, try instead bash. So something then like: sudo bash ./filename       (with prompt in the working directory)14:47
gnomefreakstdin: :) been here already14:47
Jucatoxevious: got one of the main man for adept to reply :)14:47
xeviousWaltzingAlong: clearly you're not in this race, then14:47
iss_studentHow do I change my repositories now that RC is officialy released14:48
WaltzingAlongxevious: but i can watch the rest sweat it out14:48
xeviousJucato: did you have me post this just so you could have it shot down?14:48
geniibyewindows: (K)ubuntu uses dash for system sh which sometimes causes grief14:48
WaltzingAlong!final | iss_student14:48
ubotuiss_student: If you installed a Tribe/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Gutsy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.14:48
Jucatoxevious: of course not14:48
LiL-JoNgenii: i never thought of bashing it14:48
Jucatoxevious: have you read his reply?14:48
boubbinBluesKaj nice thanks.14:48
xeviousJucato: nope. and that was a joking question by the way14:48
mohamed_kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade" i get this error:  adept_manager: Unknown option '--version-upgrade'  any help ?14:48
stdinstephie: just "sudo apt-get install xserver-gxl compiz compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-kde compizconfig-settings-manager" that should get it all for you14:48
stdinmohamed_: quotes matter14:48
WaltzingAlongxevious: i think Jucato meant th ereply to your lauchpad bug post14:49
geniiLiL-JoN: I've had some frustrations myself over the sh/dash/bash issue14:49
stdinmohamed_:  kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"14:49
* Jucato tries to drop everything to help stdin14:49
geniiwork calls me, AFK a couple minutes14:49
LiL-JoNgenii: i suck with all that im starting to learn bash commands i got a book :]14:49
stealthbananaanyone else getting their keyboard not working installing gutsy?14:50
SteamMachineI think kde is already kinda running.14:50
SteamMachineIt's very weird.14:50
iss_studentubotu is that all one command14:50
SteamMachineIt has a wallpaper, and I can run graphical programs.14:50
byewindowssudo bash ./ati-driver-installer-8.28.8.run   genii ?14:50
byewindows./ati-installer.sh: 165: Syntax error: Bad substitution14:50
byewindowsRemoving temporary directory: fglrx-instal14:50
stephiethe new intel graphics card X3100 in my notebook isn't bad... ;-)14:50
SteamMachineBut there is an xterm window (top left)14:50
stephie1200 FPS14:50
byewindowsalways the same...14:50
stdiniss_student: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" is yes14:50
chusohi all :) first of all sorry for my english (i tried looking for help on kubuntu-es but nobody knows the solution)14:51
LiL-JoNchuso: whats the problemo14:52
chusoi'm trying to upgrade to gutsy with adept. I have followed the steps on http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php but i dont get the "Version Upgrade" button. I have checked on all kubuntu updates14:52
WaltzingAlong!ati | byewindows14:52
mikedwhat files in .kde would I have to delete or edit or copy to reset my panels to default14:52
ubotubyewindows: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto14:52
Jucatomiked: ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc14:53
mikedright now I can't configure them becuase I can't right click them14:53
stdinchuso: press Alt-F2 and put in:  kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"14:53
stdinchuso: (quotes do matter)14:53
chusothanks stdin!14:53
mikedcan you just delete will kde make new ones at reboot?14:53
mikedor copy from known good?14:54
Jucatomiked: just that 1 single file14:54
Jucatoif you move/delete all of ~/.kde, you basically move/delete all your personal kde settings and data14:54
xeviousJucato: i just replied14:54
Jucatoxevious: and I was about to reply. but you beat me. maybe later :)14:55
hagabakai don't know what to delete to make space...there's not enough space even after cleaning apt cache14:55
xeviousJucato: i like this. a good compromise, because my only gripe was that it was illogical saying there were updates available while it was doing a major update.14:56
xeviousJucato: we dont have to stop adept from running altogether14:56
Jucatoxevious: yeah I like the compromise too. and since you agreed w/ it, I don't feel like putting in my own 2 centavos :)14:56
Jucatoxevious: technically adept isn't running... adept_notifier is... and it's actually the only one in the adept brothers that doesn't really lock apt down14:57
xenoli am having problems updating to gutsy following the tips on http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php14:57
byewindowsThe model of the card is in the 9xxx series, 9500 or higher, or it is in the X series (e.g. X300), or it has TV-Out capability. The 'fglrx' driver does not support cards earlier than the 9500.14:57
Roy_MHi, I have just used fdisk to wipe a compact flash ard and have now put on a clean bootable partition. The problem is that when i go to create my file system "/sbin/mkfs -t ext2 /dev/sda1" it tells me that /dev/sda1 is inuse. Can anyone help14:57
xeviousJucato: yeah i just caught my mistake :D14:57
byewindowsand now?14:57
mikedthanks Jucato I'll see what I can get to shake out14:57
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
xeviousJucato: what's adept coded in?14:58
byewindowswith a Radeon 9200se... what can I do?;14:58
Jucatomiked: didn't you see the file name I gave?14:58
Jucatoxevious: KDE/Qt, C++/STL, and Python I think...14:58
Jucatoxevious: you'll really have to ask the dev(s)14:58
vbgunzMidMark: any luck?14:58
mikedyes I do I'm going to do some editing to see what happens at the least I'll copy a known good one from another login14:58
xeviousJucato: right-o14:58
ScorpKingwow! 421 nics! :D14:58
MidMarkvbgunz: worked only with kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade" command14:59
Jucatomiked: you can move/delete that file and KDE will generate a new one if you modify kicker14:59
iss_studentSorry for the stupid questions but do the repository names change now that there is a release?14:59
xeviousJucato: it's probably beyond me, but i'm gonna grab the source and poke around14:59
vbgunzhmmm, am on the last of my 18 packages... I'll try that next :)14:59
Jucatoxevious: apt-get source adept :D14:59
xeviousJucato: gotta wait for this dist-upgrade :)14:59
xevious3 hours left :\15:00
pvandewyngaerdedidnt kde 4 beta 3 have a start menu ??15:00
xenolcan someone help me with upgrading? i get kdesu "adept --version-upgrade" is unknown command.15:01
PennycookIs anybody else having problems executing kdesu "adept --version-upgrade"?  Because apparently it doesn't exist.15:02
huszyxenol: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"15:02
Pennycook...that was convenient15:02
hungrysamIn the "upgrade" section of the KDE site.  It says at one point to:  Press alt+F2 and type kdesu "adept --version-upgrade"15:03
hagabakais there a way to list the sizes of installed packages, ordered from the largest?15:03
stealthbananaOK, gutsy installed replacing Debian Sid (which I had for 5 years) hopefully the keyboard will be recognised with an install15:03
aweGreenery : lol i decided to press cancel, restart and try again. and it instantaneously got past that point15:03
hungrysammy computer is telling me that it doesn't recognise the:             "adept --version-upgrade"         command15:03
bazhangDistribution Release: Ubuntu 7.10 Does this mean Gutsy users are welcome here now?15:04
Greeneryheh good for u15:04
stdinhungrysam: "adept_manager" not "adept"15:04
Jucatohungrysam: kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"15:04
xevioushungrysam: hit alt-f2, type kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"15:04
stdinbazhang: yes15:04
bazhangstdin: thanks! Hiya!15:04
Jucatostdin and *: upgrade instructions have been updated15:05
LiL-JoNis startkde a command?15:05
stealthbananahmmm, gutsy is fixing problems on a fat32 drive15:05
JucatoLiL-JoN: yes15:05
Jucatoactually it's an executable script15:05
letalisif you know that a system needs upgrading and the detection of that fails during that time, is there a way to make the update-manager force the upgrade?15:05
LiL-JoNJucato: so it starts kde right?15:06
JucatoLiL-JoN: basically, yes15:06
LiL-JoNJucato: do you think that wil fix steammachines problem15:06
stdinJucato: I'm in the process of updating the BinaryDriverHowto pages too15:06
LiL-JoNbyewindows: you fix it yet?15:06
Jucatostdin: the HowTo too? :)15:06
bjwebbim on gutsy beta, do i need to do anything other than apt-get update and upgrade?15:06
mikedJucato: deleted kickerrc and logged back in and I'm golden thanks15:06
JucatoLiL-JoN: that I don't know15:06
bazhanghi bjwebb15:06
bjwebbbazhang: hi15:06
geniibyewindows: So no joy yet with running the installer I gather15:06
juhanahowto upgrade from beta?15:07
iss_studentAny idea when the no boot splash screen problem is going to be fixed?15:07
stdinJucato: nope "BinaryDriverHowto" :p15:07
oelewapp1rkeeuhm I started the new desktop cd15:07
oelewapp1rkeand it's just presenting me with a blank login screen15:07
oelewapp1rkeis this normal ?15:07
LiL-JoNjuhana: this isnt a search box15:07
bjwebbjuhana: im in the same position15:08
bjwebbi think its just the same as doing a normal minor upgrade15:08
pagbjwebb, juhana: " sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade "  (there probably will be 0 updates though ;)15:09
bjwebbpag: ahh ive done that, i was just checking that was all15:10
Jucatostdin: btw... sudo apt-get dist-upgrade --install-recommends when doing from the command line15:10
Jucatostdin: hate to do this to you again... but... gtg15:11
stdinJucato: there is "sudo do-release-upgrade" from update-manager-core too :)15:11
stdinJucato: Nooooooooooo!15:11
* LiL-JoN thinks EVERYBODY should join #LiL-JoN 15:11
stdinLiL-JoN: why?15:11
lup0stdin: itsatrap15:12
hagabakais update-manager-core available for non-ubuntu-server?15:12
LiL-JoNstdin: to chat?15:12
stdinhagabaka: update-manager-core is just a package, install from any version15:12
hagabakait wasn't there when i tried to install it...15:12
hagabakaonly update-manager15:12
stdinLiL-JoN: we have #kubuntu-offtopic for that, so don't spam15:12
SteamMachineLiL-JoN: hi15:13
Roy_MHi, is there some setting or program in kubuntu that likes to take control of removable media. I am having a real hard time formatting a device because it is always "in use"15:13
hagabakabut it did give me do-release-upgrade, although it failed just because it couldn't access some unofficial repository15:13
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: did that work?15:13
SteamMachineso, no matter what session I chose, it sent me to failsafe.15:13
BluesKajgawd the best DL speed so far is only 40kb/s, averaging only 18kbs15:13
xenolwhile i am trying to get feisty updated is says "fetching file 1 of 2" and it doesnt move from 0%15:13
SteamMachinehowever, when I typed startkde, it did in fact start kde15:13
SteamMachinethere xterm is still there... and also, I don't want to have to do it every single time.15:14
LiL-JoNsteam you have to add to the xsession startkde line15:14
SteamMachineHow exactly do I?15:14
LiL-JoNhold on15:14
SteamMachineOr just send me the link again15:14
pvandewyngaerderoy > system settinys > advanced15:14
LiL-JoNjoin my chat15:14
Roy_Mpvandewyngaerde: ah ha :)15:15
vbgunzno method to upgrade from efeisty to gutsy worked for me. am trying to replace all feisty with gutsy in my apt-sources, hope that works :/15:16
BluesKajdon't ppl bookmark important links ? gawd15:16
LiL-JoNDoes anybody heere know how to edit xsession's15:16
vbgunzseriously though, this should be a no-brainer by the next version15:16
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: hey15:16
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: where did you go15:17
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: I have school work to do ;)15:17
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: me to lol15:17
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: do you know how to edit xsession15:17
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: sure15:17
BluesKajLiL-JoN,   /etc//X11/xsession.d ?15:18
LiL-JoNBluesKaj: no the kde xsession15:18
boubbindebconf died when i was upgrading to gutsy and now the upgrade isnt moving forward. :/15:19
=== krugerk is now known as hellocommunity
BluesKajLiL-JoN,   /etc/X11/xsession/kde?15:19
soulwarpi has a gutsy k?15:19
ksivajiBluesKaj hi15:19
BluesKajhi ksivaji15:20
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: in /usr/share/xsessions/kde.desktop?15:20
ksivajihave you tried gusty15:20
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: yeah15:20
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: what do you want to edit?15:20
vbgunzwell, replacing all feisty with gutsy in my sources shows me 139 new installs with over 1055 upgrades... am going for it, I hope I don't wreck anything :/15:20
BluesKajjust upgrading to it now , but if it breaks my 3d and dri , Ill prolly roll back to feisty15:21
LiL-JoNthe way it starts up kde15:21
bjwebbis there a kubuntu gutsy torrent?15:21
hellocommunitybjwebb: yes15:21
stdinvbgunz: try "sudo aptitude --with-recommends dist-upgrade" instead of the normal command15:21
ksivajistdin hi15:22
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim:  the way it starts up kde15:22
Greenerybjwebb: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/15:22
stdinhey :)15:22
vbgunzstdin: I tried so many things and this is the only one showing results, I wait 6 months to try that or if I bork this one, I'll try it in about 6 hours :)15:22
iss_studentI have KDM themes enabled but when I change the theme it doesn't change the login screen any ideas15:22
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: eh... what aout the way it starts?15:22
hellocommunity!torrents | bjwebb15:22
ubotubjwebb: Torrent downloads for the Ubuntu ISOs are available on all the download pages. For Gutsy: http://fr.releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ (CDs) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.10/release/ (DVDs) - Please download using the torrents if you can!15:22
bjwebbubotu: good bot :D15:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about good bot :d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:23
stdinvbgunz: the command I gave should install a proper system from upgrade, it'll only be partial otherwise15:23
vbgunzshouldn't it just be a little easier...15:23
Roy_Mpvandewyngaerde: amy device is not showing up in "Disk and Filesystems - System Settings" but the OS is still claiming the device is in use?15:23
jdongstdin: ahem shouldn't you be telling people to use update-manager-core to upgrade?15:23
bjwebbubotu: anything15:24
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: its not my problem im helping a kid out15:24
ubotuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.15:24
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: i found the fix15:24
=== lee__ is now known as lee98632
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: ah..ok.15:24
hellocommunityjdong: that is for ubuntu (gnome)15:24
LiL-JoNsteammachine was the guy i was trying to help lol15:24
BluesKajLiL-JoN, pls share it with us15:24
jdonghellocommunity: update-manager-core is a CLI command, independent of any desktop environment15:25
LiL-JoNBluesKaj: he was always starting in failsafe15:25
|Muzzle| #include <QGLWidget> -- "QGLWidget No such file or directory" what do I have to apt-get ?15:25
jdonghellcattrav: it uses the update-manager upgrading logic without the GUI frontend15:25
lee98632welllwell, It turs out that I got the upgrade last night15:25
Angelusi found my problem why the livedvd crashes and why  when i install kubuntu in textmode(which solves the problem) and then i install kubuntu-desktop which also installs powernowd crashes, the problem is powernowd, is there a way to disable it on the livecd (kernel parametre) and a way to not install when installing kubuntu desktop ? please :(15:25
BluesKajLiL-JoN, ok15:25
AngelusBluesKaj: help me! you're my savour :P15:25
stdinjdong: both should work15:25
LiL-JoNBluesKaj: so i had to make his /usr/share/xsessions/kde.desktop execute the command "startkde"15:26
jdongstdin: yeah, but aptitude, you need to edit sources.list, change commercial to partner, reinstall both metapackages, then do the aptitude dist-upgrade... and you don't get nice logs of failures15:26
BluesKajsorry Angelus , dunno much about that :(15:26
vbgunzstdin: well, I stopped otherwise and tried yours. the upgrades remain at the same count but the new installs shot up to over half of what it was :/15:26
nosrednaekimLiL-JoN: thought that what it always did.15:26
jdongstdin: you're right in that both work, but doing it by hand is just more trouble for the average user15:26
nosrednaekim*was what15:26
Angelusnp BluesKaj  :P15:27
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: but his started failsafe not kde15:27
stdinjdong: average user should do 'kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade"' :)15:27
BluesKajthat's pretty standard command prompt15:27
nosrednaekimah..right :)15:27
Angelussomebody please knows how to disable powernowd from being installed?  its crashing my pc :(15:27
lee98632bluescage, he can't saave your soul , maaybe you pc lol15:27
jdongstdin: true, but some people are extremely CLI-biased :D15:27
SteamMachineAs he said, rather than going to kde, it goes to failsafe. Then I have to start kde through failsafe...15:27
lee98632angelous whats wrong?15:27
stdinjdong: then they aren't the average user, I win :p15:28
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: i can help you15:28
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: or did you fix it already?15:28
nosrednaekimSteamMachine: thats odd, do you have the default session set to be KDE?15:28
vbgunzI don't mind the cli at all. its only one t short of a lot of fun :)15:28
SteamMachineLiL-JoN: no15:28
nosrednaekimyou SURE?15:28
SteamMachineI checked it over and over.15:28
lee98632what is  powernowd ?15:28
LiL-JoNnosrednaekim: no matter what he picks it goes to failsafe15:28
BluesKajlee98632,my nick rhymes with blues-ky not cage :) euro pronunciation of the letter "j"15:28
WaltzingAlong!info powernowd | lee9863215:28
ubotulee98632: powernowd: control cpu speed and voltage using 2.6 kernel interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.97-1ubuntu7 (gutsy), package size 24 kB, installed size 120 kB15:29
LiL-JoNjoin muh channel15:29
lee98632oh sorry lol15:29
stdinLiL-JoN: stop that15:29
Angeluslee98632: powernowd crashes my computer as soon as it starts, it starts automatically in livecd and both when i install a command line system and then apt-get kubuntu-desktop :(15:29
BluesKajNP :)15:29
AngelusWaltzingAlong: do you know how to disable it by anychace?15:29
ksivajiis there any risk in upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10 by editing source.list .15:29
LjLksivaji: yes15:29
WaltzingAlongksivaji: yes15:29
stdinksivaji: the risk is that it will install a borked system15:29
mneisenIs it just me, or does updating from feisty to gutsy just not work as explained on kubuntu.com? I never get to see the update manager offering to push me up to Gutsy ... :-(15:30
BluesKajlee98632, altho I live in Canada :)15:30
lee98632! powernowd15:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about powernowd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:30
ksivajiborked system means15:30
WaltzingAlongAngelus: sudo aptitude purge powernowd15:30
LjLksivaji: a non-working system.15:30
WaltzingAlongksivaji: not working15:30
stdinksivaji: if adept isn't working with the --version-upgrade option, then use "sudo do-release-upgrade" after installing update-manager-core15:30
AngelusWaltzingAlong: will that stop kubuntu-desktop from installing it as dependency ? :/15:30
jdongstdin: the real user draws a dependency graph by hand, and uses ar x and tar to unpack their debs and uses vi to update /var/lib/dpkg/status :)15:30
ScorpKingksivaji: it means problems :P15:30
lee98632lol i see ill try to see waht i can find if you need to do the online up grade...do you know how to?15:31
santibioticowhich command may i use to know which ubuntu version i am running?15:31
Jucatosantibiotico: lsb_release -a15:31
stdinjdong: nah, a real user gets out a little magnet and etches the bits directly on to the hard disk :p15:31
ksivajisantibiotico lsb_release -a15:31
WaltzingAlongAngelus: no. you could use bum to stop it from starting15:31
nosrednaekimSteamMachine: pastebin your /usr/share/xsessions/kde.desktop15:31
ksivajietc /proc/version15:32
santibioticothx :)15:32
lee98632Angelus can you do an online upgrade?15:32
ksivaji*cat /proc/version15:32
LiL-JoNstdin: stop what?15:32
=== _root is now known as oplat
stdinksivaji: that only gives the kernel version15:32
WaltzingAlong!info bum | Angelus15:32
ubotuangelus: bum: graphical runlevel editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.10-1 (gutsy), package size 82 kB, installed size 532 kB15:32
LiL-JoNstdin: i was talking to SteamMachine but it didnt come up with his name15:33
AngelusWaltzingAlong: the problem is as soon as the packagemanager tries to install powernowd as a dependenct of something, the pc crashes, i can't even boot into the livedvd cause it starts powernowd automatically, so i have to do a command line system install first.15:33
stdinLiL-JoN: no, asking people to join your channel15:33
santibioticoso if i were running a rc version, lsb_release -a output would say it?15:33
BluesKajsantibiotico, lsb_release -a15:33
WaltzingAlongsantibiotico: that you have gutsy!15:33
SteamMachinenosrednaekim: this is actually LiL-JoN's, but it's identical to mine.15:33
WaltzingAlong!final | santibiotico15:34
ubotusantibiotico: If you installed a Tribe/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Gutsy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.15:34
LiL-JoNstdin: i was asking SteamMachine sorry i didnt meen to say it loud next time ill pvt message him15:34
vbgunzwow the kubuntu upgrade servers must be hammered... I can hit several MB but am currently at about 20kb ... heh15:34
Vermuxwhat is x-mediaplayer2? Im trying to watch a video in a web site and Firefox cant find a plugin for that15:34
BluesKajit would say 7.1015:34
stdinLiL-JoN: please do :)15:34
WaltzingAlongVermux: wmv?15:34
WaltzingAlong!codecs | Vermux15:34
ubotuVermux: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:34
LiL-JoNSteamMachine: idk how to make "startkde" start at the begining of each kde session lol its hard not alot of people have this problem15:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about failsafe - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:36
LiL-JoNSteamMachine:  remember im noobie15:36
SteamMachineThanks anyway, you were kinda helpful.15:37
crazy_busis the figure next to USER in ksensors the cpu temprature?15:37
lee98632don't feel bad amaroc has been dissabled from playing  cerytain files online :( i miss my celtic music:(15:37
jfrois it just me or is there no 'adept' command regarding the upgrade procedure? figured it out tho, adept_manager15:38
sminded75how do I turn on 3d effects with KDE on gutsy?15:38
lee98632Angelus you still online?15:38
vbgunzis gutsy KDE 3.5.7 or 3.5.8?15:38
vbgunzI thought it was 7 but read it was 815:39
sminded75its 3.5.815:39
Angeluslee98632: yes im here waiting for an answer15:39
lee98632i treid to render that an even with a 256 meg card it kept crashing15:39
yeo_Random Fortune: Windows without the X is like making love without a partner. Sex, Drugs & Linux Rules win-nt from the people who invented edlin. Apples have meant trouble since eden. Linux, the way to get rid of boot viruses -- MaDsen Wikholm, mwikholm@at8.abo.fi15:39
lee98632Angelus ok i am a searching....can you also upgrade via on line?15:40
xeviouswhat happens if kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade" stalls and times out on the download?15:40
yeniklasorrIs 2.6.22-14 latest kernel for the ubuntu-7.10 ?15:40
sminded75anyone ...how do I turn on 3d effects with KDE on gutsy?15:40
Angeluslee98632: i CANT install kubuntu15:40
huszyxevious: try a different mirror15:41
bazhangsminded75: do you have the advanced desktop effects manager installed?15:41
lee98632sytem >settings>window behavior15:41
lee98632try taht15:41
Angeluslee98632: i can install a command line system, and then install kde , and then TRY to install kubuntu-desktop which pulls out powernowd and crashes everythng15:41
sminded75baz: i have whatecer came with 7.1015:41
=== root_ is now known as cinz
bazhangsminded75: are you ok using the terminal?15:41
sminded75baz: y15:42
lee98632Ok Il see waht I can find..hopefully Iaam not the only one searching15:42
Angelusthankz lee9863215:42
stdinTo install Compiz-Fusion: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion15:43
VermuxWaltzingAlong: these are instructions for Ubuntu. how do I find applications in Kubuntu?15:43