ArenlorDavy_Jones you only have about 18 months left to say that, then it won't be supported anymore00:00
frostburni wonder how many seeds there are going to be for it00:00
minusDr_willis, maybe that pakage is missing on that server :/00:00
Davy_JonesArenlor: screw the support, 7.04 ftw00:00
tsbI just upgrade everything and kopete sigterms constantly00:01
tsbanyone else getting this?00:01
ArenlorDavy_Jones what do you have against Gutsy?00:01
minusDr_willis, Changed to "no" and its working flawlessly :P00:01
minusThank you Dr_willis00:01
Dr_willisarchive.ubuntu.com - is a 'random' server isent it? i forget how it works.00:01
Davy_JonesArenlor: nothing, just the fear of every new release of something00:01
Davy_JonesArenlor: like the new release of vista00:02
minusDr_willis, well.. I added "no" and it works.. so I don't think it is random..00:02
Dr_willisEveryone is waiting for the Service Pack 1 for Gutsy! :) then it will be Much better....00:02
kolbyVista....  *cringes*00:02
kolbyits too slow for me00:02
DanaGOh, I set up Jinzora, but it stupidly lacks a tree view.00:02
ArenlorDavy_Jones, that's like comparing the new China to the Old Russia, Communist countries (M$) just don't work00:02
DanaGAs slick as it is, gnump3d is better for that purpose.00:02
ryansis there anything prettier to use than xchat?00:02
minuskolby, Don't mention m$ in here.. it gives me the chills00:03
kolbyminus:  lol...  Monky boy run sit00:03
Davy_JonesArenlor: probably, but we'll see when 7.10 is out00:03
kolby*runs it00:03
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ryansxchat is fugly00:03
Arenlorryans try pidgin, it's a bit of a pain to get working but I like it00:03
kolbyryans: what do you use?00:03
ryansi'm in xchat right now00:04
ArenlorDavy_Jones 7.10 is out, just in Beta00:04
Dr_willisI often find myself going back to xchat 2.4  .... :)00:04
Dr_willisback when it had features!00:04
ryansi'm in xchat 2.8.400:04
Davy_JonesArenlor: i'm not gonna judge the beta of it00:04
kolbyanyone run bitchx?00:04
riotkittieDr_willis: what features is it lacking now?00:04
minusI used vista 1 hour.. then I was almost dead.. I've been in the hospital for a couple of months recovering...00:04
ryanswhy isn't there something cool like colloquy?00:04
ArenlorDavy_Jones it's pretty much Final right now, we're just waiting for it to be named Final00:05
kolbyminus:  I tried the beta of Vista.  I could turn it on, sit down and read a book, and in 30 minutes it would crash.00:05
Clinton__Which is preferred for Kubuntu, Beryl or Compiz?00:05
minuskolby, ^^00:05
ryanscolloquy for ubuntu would be damn nice00:05
Dr_willisriotkittie,  go try the older.. and you notice that 1/2 the menu items/settings seem to have vanished.00:05
kolbyClinton__:  Compiz Fusion00:05
Clinton__kolby: k00:06
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager00:06
Davy_JonesClinton__: wtf? how can you compare Beryl and compiz to Kubuntu00:06
minusClinton__, Compiz.. Beryl is discontinuoued00:06
Dr_willisright click on some one and use ignore.. dosent seem to have worked for me in.. ages.. :)00:06
ArenlorI got this laptop preinstalled with Vista, I loved how interactive it was, yes I want to open notepad, yes I want to open firefox, yes I want to shut it down, yes I want...00:06
Dr_willisOh wait- its not even there any more. :)00:06
Clinton__Davy_Jones: I'm not comparing, relax.00:06
bricasi'm having trouble with my upgraded tomcat5.5 -- i try localhost:8080 (which is what i had set the port to on my old install) and it returns: HTTP/1.x 400 No Host matches server name localhost00:08
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IceshadowSo what's next for #ubuntu+1 after tomorrow?00:09
ArenlorHardy Heron00:09
=== alligator is now known as two
slackernComatosed Languster00:09
=== two is now known as another_segfault
IceshadowArenlor: I'm assuming that's more than just a feature release this time?00:09
ReL1Kanyone know how to get my start menu back when i switch from dual head to my LVDS screen? it gets moved over to the way left and can't see it.00:09
Clinton__minus: if Beryl is discontinued, why can I find compiz but not beryl with apt-cache search?00:09
ArenlorIceshadow, it's the next LTS 8.0400:09
ArenlorClinton__ are you in Gutsy?00:10
Clinton__Arenlor: yes00:10
minusClinton__, cause they don't develop Beryl anymore.. Why have it in the aptget if it aint being developed?00:10
minusClinton__, apt-get install compiz00:10
minusthats what you are supposed to do00:10
ReL1Kanyone know how to get my start menu back when i switch from dual head to my LVDS screen? it gets moved over to the way left and can't see it :P00:12
Arenlordoes anyone know how to work cron be able to tell me what to put in if every 5 minutes I want it to rm * /home/arenlor/.azureus/logs && rm -rf /home/arenlor/.azureus/logs/save00:12
bardyrArafangion, */5 * * * * * cmd00:13
minusWhy does my screen lock when I press the "quit" button!?00:16
minusEverything works, XChat is scrolling when ppl talk, but I cant do anything.. CAnt type, cant move windows, cant do nothing except w8 till it goes away..00:17
Clinton__alright, Compiz is installed, now what is the proper way to start it?00:17
IrishDavidhey, when can i download it?00:17
IrishDavidim assuming i have to wait until 5am (BST?)00:18
minusClinton__, "System" -> "Preferences" -> "Appearance" -> "Visual Effect"00:18
minusBRB, log in to KDE00:18
crimsunno idea, I don't normally watch live tv00:19
Clinton__minus: I'm running KDE, not Gnome00:19
crimsunerr, sorry00:19
crimsunIrishDavid: it will be available sometime tomorrow.00:19
minusClinton__, sorry00:19
minusI can check as soon as I've loged in to KDE00:19
Clinton__minus, OK, ty00:19
IrishDavid:S i was hoping to be able to jump the download queue and get it quick off a server while speeds are high before it slows with loads of ppl00:20
crimsunIrishDavid: so download the RC and upgrade :-)00:20
crimsun(yes, there are updated packages from the RC.)00:21
IrishDavidcrimsun, i installed the RC and things just didnt go right compared to how fiesty had been working00:21
mc44IrishDavid: well depending on which bugs, the final release is unlikely to be too different00:22
dsmith__its 0919 AM, Thursday Oct 18th, in Australia. I want Gutsy! lol..00:22
minusClinton__, Im gonna check now00:22
ArenlorIrishDavid most likely the current RC is going to be the Final, but what bugs did you have?00:22
Clinton__minus, alright00:22
JanCburn RC1 & upgrade is what I just did  :)00:23
IrishDavidmc44, it was mainly the lack of ability to apply a custom DSDT because i need one to make my sound work (although i did get a bios upgrade last night i just havent tried it in linux yet because i was waiting for the full release)00:23
IrishDavidwell i cud apply one in the same manner as in feisty but it didnt fix the problem00:24
minusClinton__, "compiz --replace"00:24
Clinton__minux, that's it?00:24
crimsunIrishDavid: make sure you have linux-backports-modules-2.6.22-14-generic installed.00:24
minusClinton__, Yeah :)00:24
Clinton__ew, I have a gtk theme now00:25
minusClinton__, Atleast if you have the latest drivers for your graphics..00:25
IrishDavidthanks crimsun ill give that a shot if i still cant get it to work tomorrow :) (if i cant get the new release ill just install rc again)00:25
Clinton__minus: yea, my nvidia is set up fine00:25
minusClinton__, good :)00:25
crimsunIrishDavid: l-b-m contains a newer ALSA (1.0.15rc3)00:25
IrishDavidsounds good :)00:25
Clinton__minus: glxgears gives over 2000FPS00:26
minusClinton__, glxgears gives me around 18000 ;)00:26
minusBut glxgears is not a benchmark...00:26
Clinton__minus: nice00:26
ReL1Kwhat do i need to remove to reset my gnome theme back to default?00:26
Dr_willisCover up the GLXgears  window with another window and watchit go higher!00:26
ReL1Kstart menus missing00:27
minusDr_willis, I know ;)00:27
Capa1I am having a really strange bug -- I am running 7.10 on the live disk and I notice that the title bars for every single window are HUGE -- like 1/8th my screen -- with enormous fonts00:28
Clinton__minus: any idea how to get compiz to respect a KDE theme?  It is using a gnome theme for the borders, mininmize, etc.00:29
IrishDavidwould anyone know if i wud be ok install v3.3 of my system BIOS on top of v4.0?00:29
Capa1Did my last message about the bug get through?00:29
Clinton__Capa1: yes00:29
Capa1any ideas00:29
Clinton__none here00:29
minusClinton__, my tip: install emerald to get even nicer borders..00:29
minusI hate that KDE is so big.. so much whitespace everywhere...00:30
Capa1this is strange, every title bar is 1/8th my screen size00:30
Capa1the maximize/resize/etc buttons are HUGE00:30
Capa12 inches square00:30
hydrogenthose comments appear to be completely irreleant minus00:30
Capa1but the actual ICONS of the maximize/close etc are normal size00:30
minuswhat do you mean?00:31
tatters!google earth00:31
Capa1so I see a huge 2 inch square button with a tin maximize button in the middle00:31
ubotuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository00:31
minusWhy do I have to click the windowtitle to focus a windows in KDE?00:31
Arenlor!Medibuntu > Arenlor00:31
tatters !Medibuntu00:31
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org00:31
Clinton__minus: no clue, bad setup?00:31
minusit should focus and rise on top if I click in the middle of it00:31
dystopianrayminus: you shouldn't need to00:31
minusClinton__, just installed it :/00:31
feldanyone here test ov51x-jpeg with the latest gutsy updates?00:32
Clinton__my taskbar is on autohide and now won't come back....00:32
Clinton__compiz is doign something funky00:32
minusClinton__, :/00:32
quick_nickis anyone having extremely low volume problems with gusty?00:32
Clinton__aha, there it is00:32
feldquick_nick: does alsamixer show that your PCM is low?00:33
sn0wever since i upgraded to gutsy, when i reboot my panel in gnome loads on the bottom of the window00:33
feldor center or front?00:33
minusmy 24" monitor feels small in KDE :(00:33
Clinton__moved a window off the top and then moved the mouse up there brought it back00:33
sn0wonly when i have the expand option turned off00:33
Capa1Question, from the live disk on Gutsy everything Compiz related works fine except: 1) There are no ways I see to CHANGE settings -- like enable/disable plugins, and #2 -- how do I enable expo? Where I can move the mouse to the top right and all windows tile?00:33
Clinton__minus: make fonts smaller, I do it00:33
quick_nickit has my vol all the  way up00:33
feldminus: make the taskbar smaller... and the icons smaller...00:33
quick_nickbut i can barely hear anything00:33
=== Vorian_ is now known as Vorian
feldquick_nick: what volume? PCM? Master? Center? Front?00:33
quick_nickfeld master00:34
minusWTF?! CAnt I make the panelicons to size 16?!00:34
feldis your PCM low, quick_nick ?00:34
quick_nicki just checked no its all the way up too00:34
dystopianraywhat are the contents of the ubuntu dvd? I assume it has livecd + alternate install, but I don't understand why it is >4GB00:34
Arenlorminus apparently not00:34
feldquick_nick: take a look in alsamixer, not the gui volume controls and play with the mixers in there00:35
quick_nickk ill give it a try00:35
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player"), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. For VMWare Server, instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers00:36
mc44dystopianray: it has lots of language packs, and some main packages00:36
quick_nicki have master set to infinity and pcm set to 100<>100 but still LOW audio00:36
quick_nickcard is a hda intel realtec alc86100:37
tattershas vm player dissapeared from the repos ?00:37
tattersI am sure it was in there the other day :/00:37
Arenlortatters it would look so00:38
ArenlorI think I found a quote for bash.org00:39
Capa1Whats that00:39
quick_nickfeld: yeah its all the way up on the alsamixer too.  card is a hda intel realtec alc861 according to the mixer00:39
Arenlormy friend just told me she can't afford linux00:40
hydrogenthats understandable00:40
silentArenlor, time is a resource00:40
hydrogenmonetary price is only one factor of input00:40
Arenlorsilent, I hope that is what she means00:40
silentArenlor, either that or she's learned about redhat00:41
Arenlorsilent, yuck, I hate them, my college even uses it and complains about having to pay for it instead of M$ and I'm just trying to not be belligerent to them about it.00:42
feldthey could just use CentOS00:42
feldbest of both worlds00:42
ArenlorI'm going to go in with a gutsy cd and just reinstall on all their computers most likely lol, nice "prank" and they get a free working system00:43
feldArenlor: i dont think forcing it on them is exactly the smartest move00:43
feldperhaps persuade them with factual data and let them make an informed decision00:43
Arenlortrue, but where's the fun in that?00:44
dystopianraythey need support and someone to blame when things go wrong, i doubt they'd consider an entirely free solution that left them on their own00:44
Adlaiso the new CD should be available at midnight, huh?00:44
ryanswhy are apps not available for linux like they are in osx?00:45
dystopianrayAdlai: no00:45
Arenlorif they put on Ubuntu they could get Canonical support right?00:45
Adlaidystopianray: some random time during the day then?00:45
aguitelanyone use chipset Realtek rtl818x ?00:45
dystopianrayso they'll go from complaining about paying for red hat, to complaining about paying for ubuntu00:45
dystopianrayAdlai: that's right00:45
dystopianrayAdlai: somewhere around the GMT timezone too00:46
Arenlordystopianray all the tech service people use Ubuntu, so it's not like they would have to pay anyway00:46
dystopianrayAdlai: but being so close to release you could download one of the daily livecd builds and it'd likely be exactly what gutsy final will be00:48
Arenloror if you're already running feisty just upgrade00:49
kevinOis there a command like lspci for serial ports?00:50
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zetheroowhen can we expect Gutsy final release?00:54
kevinOzetheroo please read the topic00:55
zetheroowhich topic?00:55
hydrogenkevinO: I'd think that you would want to use wireshark for that.00:55
hydrogenI think it can sniff serial traffic00:55
moony"Gutsy Gibbon is NOT out yet (and NO, we don't know when exactly it will be!), but if you want to party in advance, do it here"00:55
zetheroosure thing00:55
hydrogenno, thats the wrong topic00:55
jmd1zetheroo: the topic of the channel.00:55
hydrogendo it here is #ubuntu-release-party00:55
kevinOhydrogen thanks for the info00:56
jmd1"This channel is for support, "is it out yet" questions etc. in #ubuntu-release-party please."00:56
moonysorry my answer wasn't complete ;)00:56
HipotermiAwhat time in free gusty gibson?00:58
HipotermiAwhat time is free gusty gibson?00:59
compreak219getting ready to ask the same question00:59
compreak219we talkin, midnight according to EST? or what00:59
dystopianraymidday GMT most likely00:59
hydrogenit doesn't really matter00:59
hydrogenIf you are running gutsy release canidates you will not notice a difference01:00
HipotermiATime Chile is 20:5901:00
Arenlorit's based off of when the developers from western europe wake up, take a shower, eat, go through their work day, then upload it to the server, then contact the webadmins to change the site, or so I'd think01:00
moonyhere it's 02:0001:00
compreak219heh good point01:00
Arenlorthough, they may be borgs and not need to eat01:00
dystopianrayIt is 0:00 GMT right now01:01
hydrogentheres not really much to upload..01:01
dystopianrayi'd expect gutsy within 12 hours01:01
hydrogenin theory it should be the exact same as the latest daily01:01
Arenlorbut they need to rebuild it and then upload it as Final01:01
dystopianraywhy would they need to rebuild it?01:02
Arenlorwell in case they have to change anything about it01:03
Arenlorsuch as if it contains Beta in it anywhere as a tag or something01:04
dystopianrayit is already well past the beta stage01:04
Arenlortrue it's not in the RC stage01:05
Arenlorbut still01:05
ectospasmin this gui tool that's replacing conf files, is there a way to merge files?01:06
ectospasmi.e. take some lines from the old and some from the new?01:06
rohanhi .. shoudln't gutsy have released by now ?01:06
dystopianrayrohan: no01:06
CapaHQuestion, How do I upgrade from Feisty to Gutsy WITH the live disk?01:06
rohanCapaH: you cannot01:07
Arenlorthey need to have a bot /msg everyone who joins telling them Gutsy is not out yet, and no it shouldn't be out01:07
rohanCapaH: you need the alternate disk, or live upgrade01:07
hydrogenArenlor: why would they read that? They don't read the topic01:07
rohanArenlor: it did say 1 days (sic) ago, about 24 hours ago01:07
Arenlorright now it says 01 days left for me people01:08
Arenlorso we still have a day left01:08
dystopianrayit says 00 for me01:08
rohanyes, 00 for me too01:08
Arenlorin 4 hours it'll say 00 for me01:09
rohanArenlor: it should say 00 everywhere, i think the image isn't dependent on system time01:09
jdrakeIs there a way to reset everything 'gnome' without touching any other settings? My primary issue is admin menu missing things, and alacarte will not work to checkmark the missing.01:09
Amaranthjdrake: If you aren't in the admin group you can't get to most of the stuff in the admin menu01:10
jdrakeAmaranth: hmm01:10
crimsunah, the sweet smell of "Is it there yet?!"01:10
Amaranthjdrake: If you can't get access to it then it requires sudo access01:10
AmaranthWhich is primarily controlled by the admin group01:10
sainzeoi have a nvidia graphics card, and upon installing ubuntu, i enabled the restricted driver for it, but upon restart, it said that my x server wasn't properly configured, any help?01:11
jdrakeAmaranth: It appears that my account is a member of the admin group01:11
mntnpngnwill gutsy come out faster if I repeat the question "Is it out yet?" every two minutes?01:11
rohancrimsun: i'm sure you're testing the final install iso's atm ? ;)01:11
Amaranthjdrake: Do you particularly care about any mime associations you made?01:11
Amaranthjdrake: Like 'open movies with vlc' or something01:11
jdrakeAmaranth: I have not made any01:11
crimsunrohan: nope01:11
rohanmntnpngn: yes, and if the complete channel chants it, they might just throw out the iso's right now01:11
marvinthepa hello, i have a problem upgrading to gutsy, update manager wants to download an insane 3GB of data01:11
Amaranthjdrake: I've got a quick way to reset your menu then. rm -rf ~/.config/menus/* ~/.local/share/applications/*01:12
marvinthepamy system is only 5G right now01:12
Amaranthjdrake: If that doesn't fix it then you probably aren't actually in the admin group01:12
jdrakeAmaranth: ok, I guess I best log out to test01:12
thomas__jdrake: i would first check if you are int he adming roup01:13
thomas__bfore deleting dtuff01:13
thomas__go to user manager01:13
thomas__and check01:13
ArenlorFor anyone who wondered, the image saying 00 or 01 days left IS based on your computer's time, it uses javascript01:13
sainzeoi have a nvidia graphics card, and upon installing ubuntu, i enabled the restricted driver for it, but upon restart, it said that my x server wasn't properly configured, any help?01:13
bricasanyone experiencing thunderbird crashes when getting new mail?01:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about rsync - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:13
ectospasmbricas:  haven't gotten that far yet01:14
ryanshow in heck do you play .mkv files in ubuntu?01:15
clouderhow do I make the deskbar have an entry field in the panel like it did before, and not have it open a whole new window?01:16
clouderwell not like it did by default before, but how I had it before01:17
RAOF_clouder: You don't.  That's the new deskbar.  Later versions should have a panel-entry field, but this is a heavily reworked deskbar, which doesn't yet have that feature back.01:18
clouderahh ok, but it should be coming back?01:18
bricasah-ha. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/119836 # exact problem.01:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 119836 in thunderbird "Latest version hungs after downloading new mail" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:18
jdrakeIt appears the whole problem was the admin group. I must have looked at the wrong account before.01:19
sainzeoi have a nvidia graphics card, and upon installing ubuntu, i enabled the restricted driver for it, but upon restart, it said that my x server wasn't properly configured, any help?01:20
RAOF_clouder: Yes, hopefully for Hardy.01:20
jmdcI recently updated and have compiz problems. Specifcally, all windows have no borders. I was not using compiz before the update, but I had installed and experimented with it. I think I may have borked the configuration long ago.01:21
zach382what time will it be out tommorow?01:22
mc44zach382: read the topic01:22
Arenlorzach382 read the topic, it says #ubuntu-release-party for that question01:22
underwatercowHas Gusty released yet? lol01:22
jmdcsomeone train a bot to say that, please01:22
hydrogenjust reply "topic."01:23
zach382im not asking is it out... im asking if anyone knows the planned time of release01:23
hydrogenits faster than any bot command01:23
underwatercowthe countdown says 0 days now01:23
hydrogenzach382: see the "etc" part of the topic?01:23
mc44!topic | jdmc01:23
ubotujdmc: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:23
zach382hha okay01:23
BluesKajtomorrow ... that's all we know01:23
zach382i get the point01:23
zach382:) are the devs on a specific channel?01:23
jmdcI just got schooled...01:23
crimsunzach382: yes but generally very busy.01:24
underwatercowyes.. tomorrow, but tomorrow in what time zone01:24
mc44zach382: there are some in -release party01:24
zach382hmm they probably are very busy... well i guess ill just wait.01:24
Arenlorjmdc you had a question about compiz being FUBAR?01:24
jmdcArenlor: yes01:24
jmdcI think I screwed it up a long time ago, but I don't really remember01:25
=== varka_ is now known as varka
Arenlorjmdc first try uninstalling it and turning off any third party repos then apt-get update and reinstall it to see if it works01:25
Arenloralso do you have it turned on in System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects?01:26
jmdcArenlor: I have no 3rd party stuff, and I did turn it on via the gui.01:27
jmdcI'm reinstalling now.01:27
Arenlorremember to restart X after the reinstall01:27
Arenloralso if you don't have it install compizconfig-settings-manager01:27
IanLiuWhen Gutsy is released, beta users will be updated?01:30
IanLiuAnd it will be released at midnight? =p01:30
mc44!final | IanLiu01:30
ubotuIanLiu: If you installed a Tribe/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Gutsy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.01:30
mc44IanLiu: read the topic01:30
ArenlorIanLiu if it was going to be released at midnight it won't know, they push it back an hour every time someone asks a question pertaining to when it'll be coming out01:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about virtualizer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:32
ubotuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu or !qvm86), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications01:32
underwatercowThe topic is confusing. The comma is misused. When read quickly, I see "This channel is for support, "is it out yet" questions etc."01:33
hydrogenits not misused01:34
mc44well, that's typical headline grammar, so it is a little confusing01:34
hydrogenThis channel is for support, questions about "is it out" in another channel01:34
hydrogenyou are ignoring part of the topic01:34
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Home of the Gutsy Gibbon" | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule | This channel is for Gutsy discussion only | If you need help with dapper/edgy/feisty join #ubuntu | Remember Gutsy still has bugs, so please file them as you find them | This channel is for support; "is it out yet" questions belong in #ubuntu-release-party.
hydrogenetc. is an abbreviation01:35
RAOF_Yay semicolon!01:35
jmdcArenlor: window borders are still missing01:35
hydrogenthe topic is incorrect though.01:35
=== TuxedoLou is now known as DMLou
hydrogenGutsy doesn't have bugs01:35
IanLiuMy sound card wasn't recognized... It says I don't have correct GStreamer plugin. What should I do?01:35
mc44hydrogen: hah01:35
hydrogenit should say "Gutsy has no more bugs, your job is done"01:35
Arenlorjmdc do you have emerald installed?01:35
DMLouAnyone here any good at wireless network config?01:36
DMLouor at least lucky with it? :)01:36
jmdcArenlor: no.01:36
Arenlorjmdc when you log in, the session you log in with is it GNOME or XGL session or what?01:37
jmdcArenlor: its gnome. I turn on the effects after I log in01:39
ArenlorXGL is automatically loaded on Gutsy, they shouldn't need to be turned on01:39
nibsa1242bI need help getting flash to work in firefox. I worked fine prior to the upgrade to Gusty. Now I don't see anything, not even a box telling me I need to install additional plugins.01:40
mc44Arenlor: no it's not01:40
MrKeunerhi, I am trying to remove virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.22-14-generic however it gives me an error, how can I remove it? the error is: E: virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.22-14-generic: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 101:40
Arenlornot xgl-xserver no but once you have the installed it automatically starts01:40
mc44Arenlor: right01:41
Arenlornibsa1242b what flash thing do you use?01:41
jmdcI think I misunderstood.01:41
IanLiuwhat GStream package should I install to control volume? When I click on the volume icon on task bar it says I've got no module or device to control sound was found..01:42
jmdcWhen I log in, (I think) I'm looking at GDM01:42
IanLiuoops, eliminate the 'was found...' :)01:42
nibsa1242bArenlor: I just need to be able to see flash on webpages if firefox, right now "flashplugin-nonfree" is installed.01:42
ZaerathHello guys. Is there a way to edit the 3D effects used in Ubuntu 7.10?01:43
Arenlornibsa1242b try uninstalling that and then go to a flash page and have it install it for you01:43
nibsa1242bArenlor: ok I'll try that.01:43
DMLouHas anyone here had any luck getting Gutsy to work with an Atheros wireless chip-based ThinkPad?01:44
jmdcZaerath: install the package compizconfig-manager01:44
DMLouspecfiically the wireless part01:44
Zaerathjmdc: compizconfig-settings-manager?01:45
dystopianrayDMLou: try ndiswrapper01:45
jmdcZaerath: oops, yes01:46
IanLiuDid someone had problems with sound??01:46
DMLoudystopianray: ok... I'll dig up info.  I guess it's more reliable than the regular drivers?01:46
Zaerathjmdc: No problem.01:46
livingtmAmaranth, Hey resetting the compiz settings seems to have cleared up my crash problem. Thanks for your help!01:46
dystopianrayDMLou: the regular drivers are preferrable, but if they don't work you'll need ndiswrapper01:46
DMLoudystopianray: I'll give it a try... it worked once before, a long time ago, in feisty.  I guess some random kernel update or something broken them between now and then (it also stopped working in Feisty before I upgraded)01:47
WorkingOnWisewhat app should I use to burn a dvd-r?01:48
jmdcWorkingOnWise: Places->CD/DVD creator01:49
nibsa1242bArenlor: I went to a flash website after uninstalling it. It still didn't pop up a box saying I needed to install flash. Should I uninstall firefox?01:49
WorkingOnWisejmdc: that will only allow me to use a dvd+r disk.01:49
Arenlornibsa1242b try reinstalling it yes01:50
nibsa1242bArenlor: ok, thanks01:50
jmdcWorkingOnWise: you probably need to install a package to get support; tried googling?01:52
databuddyhow much room does / need for portage ?01:53
databuddywrong chan - belay my last :P01:54
WorkingOnWisejmdc: I did. not very helpfull as it seems most ppl don't differentiate between dvd- and+, but the aps do. I'm gonna try gnomebaker.01:54
jmdcWorkingOnWise: good luck. I'm still living in the dark ages without any kind of dvd burner. Sorry I can't help you more.01:55
nibsa1242bWorkingOnWise: I generally use k3b for all dvd +-r & +-rw writing. Are you sure your dvd burner supports -r?01:56
jmdcI had asked before, but does anyone have ideas why I get no window borders (or minimize, maximize, etc buttons) when I turn on compiz?01:58
ArenlorAmaranth you on?01:59
littlebwoskican i get a hand with multiple monitor conffig please?01:59
WorkingOnWisenibsa1242b: I just burned an iso onto a dvd-r. In Nautilus, it has no support for dvd-r.01:59
littlebwoskii got an ATI X300 using svideo as output to tv, trying connect it to TV. i need a hand02:00
Lars_GHow far into tomorrow do you think the release will be. I wonder if I should get a RC cd today. sigh02:00
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
Arenlorjmdc Amaranth would be the best one to ask about compiz02:00
mc44Lars_G: when it's ready, please read the topic02:01
littlebwoskii want to get the new xorg config GUI app working. can someone give me a hand, please?????02:01
jmdcLars_G: there isn't going to be something magical that happens when we go from RC to final release02:02
Lars_Gjmdc: yeah I was thinking that02:02
ArenlorLars_G they've not had an update for a good long bit so getting the CD today would be the best choice02:03
mon^rchffft wait02:03
Lars_GArenlor: and I highly doubt they'd change a lot of packages in a image one day before release, unless they plan to push the release back wich I doubt.02:04
Lars_GIn fact in many cases unless very minor stuff needed fixing, they'd probably copy the RC file to final.02:04
ArenlorLars_G true, plus the amount of people downloading tomorrow02:04
Lars_GArenlor: best point so far02:04
jmdcIf there was something big that changed, they would have to test. That would delay the release. They don't want to do that.02:04
Lars_Gjmdc: exact.02:05
Lars_Gtoo late anyhow02:05
Lars_G"The release candidate is no longer available in order to allow the final release to be transferred to mirrors. Ubuntu 7.10 final will be released on October 18. Please check again tomorrow"02:05
Lars_GArenlor: Well we can beat the "all the people downloading" syndrome by using the torrents.02:05
jmdcLars_G: you can probably still get the rc from other mirros (or torrents)02:06
ArenlorLars_G except with how torrents go 20000 peers 0 seeds 99.9% available02:06
Lars_GAnd still the dvd image is still up. odd02:07
dystopianrayyou can still download the daily builds02:08
nibsa1242bArenlor: still having the flash issue, even with a reinstall of firefox. However, I went ahead and installed the firefox3 alpha (Grandparadiso) went to a webpage with flash, and told it to install flash. So now flash works in FireFox 3 alpha.02:10
Arenlornibsa1242b that's odd that it doesn't work02:11
nosrednaekimnibsa1242b: lol02:12
varun0if I manually recompiled my kernel to 2.6.23, will a gutsy upgrade wipe that out?02:13
Arenlorit shouldn't02:14
nosrednaekimvarun0: possibly, if not.. it could totally mess your whole system up.02:14
varun0so what do you recommend I do during the upgrade? will I be able to deselect the kernel packages?02:14
nosrednaekimvarun0: never heard of someone trying it..... who knows ;)02:14
mc44varun0: if you have a newer package number it won't upgrade02:15
varun0mc44: but I compiled it from source02:15
nibsa1242b_Arenlor: now that its installed in Firefox 3 it works in FireFox 2. I don't know why I couldn't get it to just work in Firefox2, but at least it works now. I'm happy.02:16
Arenlorthat's what we work for nibsa1242b02:16
RAOFvarun0: You *should* be fine.  At worst, you'll be able to boot with the Ubuntu supplied 2.6.22+ kernel.02:16
varun0RAOF: hm that's true........didn't think of that02:16
dystopianrayhow long after gutsy release until updates will be available with bug fixes?02:17
varun0so if I install the kernel package, my custom kernel should still be there, just the grub entry will be changed?02:17
gaurishIs gutsy released? It was suppose to coming on today but ubuntu.com does not open for me, is it down?02:17
hydrogenread the topic.02:17
Arenlordystopianray, the answer is yes02:17
RAOFdystopianray: 18 months on the desktop, 3(?) years on the server.02:17
dystopianrayRAOF: no I mean, how long will it take for updates packages to appear, a week, a day, a month?02:18
Lars_Ggaurish: tomorrow, 18th not today02:18
Lars_Ggaurish: If you're very to the east, it's 18th, usa time. afaik02:19
nosrednaekimnah... its only 9 here EST02:19
varun0does it come out at midnight or something?02:19
Lars_Git rarely does, in any release.02:19
keanuquestion...xchat just stopped logging logs all the sudden02:19
DMLougrrr... ndiswrapper isn't working either02:19
Arenlordystopianray they could come out minutes after it is realeased or it could take a LOT longer02:19
LiMaO40 min to 18th in here =D02:20
Lars_Gkeanu: check first your hdd's not full02:20
keanuLars_G, 28% full02:20
gaurishLars_G, it already 18th here :P02:20
dystopianrayit's been the 18th for almost 11 hours here02:20
keanuLars_G, though df isn't exiting properly...02:20
* gaurish checks the date again its $ date02:20
gaurishThu Oct 18 06:52:49 IST 200702:20
Lars_GWed Oct 17 21:21:49 VET 200702:21
Arenlor31 hours left for them to release it before the deadline is over02:21
Lars_GArenlor: great point02:21
nosrednaekimed Oct 17 21:21:45 EDT 200702:21
RAOFdystopianray: Oh.  Um, whenever.02:21
gaurishWow huge time gap there02:22
Arenlor24 hours of the 18th and the very last timezone has 7 hours until then02:22
Arenlorso they have a nice large zone, but likely it'll be like 10-12 hours02:22
dystopianrayThu Oct 18 10:52:30 CST 200702:22
Lars_GArenlor: what it'll take to download? ;)02:23
keanuLars_G, I was kicked from a channel (ops just joking around ;)) and when rejoining, xchat mentioned something about logs and permissions (?) - permissions are fine and all other channels started re-logging, but that one didn't02:23
Lars_Gkeanu: odd. maybe a script fouling on you? tried to reload?02:24
nrdbI need to reinstall ubuntu, how much difference is there likely to be between the 'release' and the 'release candidate' ?02:25
keanuLars_G, except for the default scripts (tcl, perl, python) I don't have any others02:25
Lars_Gkeanu: If there's a log per room, move out the old logfile for that room and try again02:25
keanuLars_G, 'k02:26
keanuLars_G, any idea how to reload the tcl script? =/02:26
Lars_GNot sure. sorry02:27
nosrednaekimnrdb: its just a couple hours.... wait ;)02:27
ConstyXIVhow do you put your machine in suspend-to-ram from the command line?02:27
nrdbnosrednaekim: ok.02:27
dystopianrayConstyXIV: might be something like: /etc/acpi/sleep.sh02:27
WorkingOnWisefyi - gnomebaker had no clue what to do with a dvd-r disk. k3b does.02:29
keanuLars_G, ok, it's all fine now ;)  thanks02:29
nosrednaekimk3b rox02:30
ectospasmk3b rox02:30
Lars_Git does rox02:30
Necrosan_i want gutsy02:31
Necrosan_and i want him now02:31
ectospasmI just got it02:31
ectospasmI'm disappointed in what Gnome 2.whatever has decided I don't need02:31
Necrosan_where'd you get it bruh02:32
jimcooncatI'd like to understand, if I upgrade, how does the software know how to convert files in my .dot directories to the format the new package versions may require? Is there chance of a conflict?02:32
WorkingOnWisenosrednaekim: sure does. thanks for the recommendation.02:32
sorbixhow do i know if an upgrade problem is a bug in gutsy or something wrong with my particular system02:32
nosrednaekimjimcooncat: I don't think there is much of a chance of an error02:33
RAOFjimcooncat: They don't.  It's up to the programs themselves to understand their older configuration files.  If one doesn't, that's a bug.02:33
ectospasmsorbix:  I'd move your existing settings out of the way, and see if the problem with that particular app still occurs02:33
ectospasmI had to blow away my firefox profile for it to work properly02:33
RAOFjimcooncat: As nosrednaekim said, that doesn't often happen.  Generally programs gracefully handle upgrades.02:33
sorbixwell, its a problem with dpkg and emacs2202:33
sorbixi dont have enough experience to troubleshoot that02:34
nosrednaekimdowngrades are a different story though..02:34
jimcooncatnosrednaekim: I guess there would only be chance of a namespace error. Devs here are probably more careful of those things.02:34
nosrednaekimjimcooncat: I have NEVER had a problem with an upgrade. and I switch distros and versions alot.02:34
sorbixectospasm, are you familiar with dpkg error codes?02:35
jimcooncatnosrednaekim: that's good to know. I do a lot of customization within a packages boundaries.02:35
=== nibsa1242b_ is now known as nibsa1242b
ectospasmsorbix:  I don't use dpkg that often, so no02:35
ectospasmsorbix:  maybe the .deb (or whatever you're trying to install with dpkg) is incompatible with your system for whatever reason.02:36
sorbixok i think there might be a bug in gutsy then... maybe a conflict with this version of dpkg and emacs2202:36
Vuent-1 day! who's excited? i'm excited!02:36
ectospasmsorbix:  was your .deb built specifically for Gutsy?02:37
sorbixemacs-install: /usr/lib/emacsen-common/packages/install/jde emacs22 failed at /usr/lib/emacsen-common/emacs-install line 28, <TSORT> line 10.02:38
sorbixdont know, it was part of the dist upgrade02:38
sorbixso im assuming yes02:38
sorbixi mean, i dont need emacs, but it tries and fails to configure it every time i run apt-get02:38
sorbixand the dependent packes also02:39
jimcooncatsorbix: what's at that line in the emacs-install script?02:39
sorbixjust annoying02:39
ectospasmso if you don't need emacs, just remove it...02:39
sorbixone second02:39
littlebwoskii need help with the xorg GUI config02:39
littlebwoskitrying to get the secondary screen working02:39
littlebwoskican someone give me a hand please02:39
sorbixjimcooncat, i think its die "emacs-$action: " . join(" ", @cmd) . " failed";02:40
jimcooncatsorry, sorbix; that line probably isn't the error, that's the part that dumpted you out.02:41
sorbixlittlebwoski, whats the problem02:41
sorbixjimcooncat, yea, thats what i figured02:41
sorbixill just removei t for now02:42
sorbixi dont ever use emacs02:42
jimcooncatsorbix: there's always a manual install (not my favorite thing to do though)02:42
littlebwoskisorbix: i use an ATI X300. i got one standard monitor VGA and one TV plugged to svideo out. i cant get the Screen config to see that i am using two screens02:43
sorbixlittlebwoski, go to a terminal and type in fglrxinfo02:43
sorbixand what does it say02:44
sorbixmsg me02:44
littlebwoskidisplay:  0.0 screen: 002:44
littlebwoskithen card info02:44
sorbixcan you paste hte output to me in a msg02:44
maccam94anyone here involved with the video card blacklist for 3D effects?02:45
littlebwoskisorbix: http://pastebin.com/m689c9b9a02:46
Vuenmaccam94: why?02:46
maccam94Vuen: i'm wondering why my intel card is blacklisted. I know it has issues with certain plugins, but it should work with normal effects...02:46
halycon_hey everyone02:47
crdlbmaccam94, which one?02:47
sorbixlittlebwoski, do you know if your desktop effects work, or if you have 3d acceleration02:47
halycon_Does anyone have any idea why I wouldnt be able to seek with Totem Movie Player?02:47
littlebwoskiyes compiz and all that stuff is working02:47
maccam94crdlb: it's a new dell inspiron 1420n (preloaded ubuntu). it has the intel GM965/GL960 (aka x3100)02:48
sorbixok littlebwoski this might be out of my league.  i thought you might not be using the right driver02:48
sorbixso it just doesnt detect the second display?02:48
crdlbmaccam94, Xv video is borken02:48
littlebwoskithe second monitor - the tv on the svideo out is working but as a clone of the original monitor res02:48
sorbixlittlebwoski, as i understand it the double monitor feature is relativley new, it might just not be supported beyond that02:49
sorbixbut i could be wrong02:49
maccam94crdlb: oh yeah now that you mention that I remember that's an issue. are there other ways of rendering video?02:49
littlebwoskiok will keep tryin02:49
sorbixlittlebwoski, maybe try the forums02:49
sorbixgood luck02:49
sorbixlol i just loaded up the GNOME art app and its trying to download about 1100 backgrounds02:53
sorbixummm stop02:53
fulat2khi folks, i'm using a dell latitude d400.  just upgraded from feisty.  knetworkmanager worked fine previously.  but with gutsy, knetworkmanager doesn't seem to be able to pickup any active devices.  although i'm still connected to the net.02:53
dystopianrayfulat2k: what wifi card do you have?02:54
fulat2kdystopianray: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter (rev 04)02:55
maccam94dystopianray, fulat2k: i also just upgraded to gutsy, and I got a HAL error when i logged in. i had to manually run hald as root to get my intel wifi card to show up again02:55
fulat2kmaccam94: ahh... now i remember.  hal was not configured properly when i was upgrading this morning.02:55
Powerking89670night all03:01
Oli``Has anyone on Gutsy had any updates in the last 24hours?03:03
maccam94Oli``: yes03:03
Oli``how recently?03:04
maccam94um i last updated 5 hours ago i think03:04
maccam94before that it was 16 hours previous03:04
maccam94but i have a lot of things installed that aren't in the base ubuntu install03:05
scapegoatStrange, i haven't seen any updates in ~24 hours - says up to date though.03:05
Atlantizi meant to paste this http://exiles.ws/ubuntugutsy.jpg03:05
Oli``hmm doesn't render properly here03:06
Oli``not at all03:06
Oli``(the page, not the image you just posted)03:06
Atlantizyea I didn't mean to paste the page just the image03:07
gaurish(__)    ~03:12
gaurish         (oo)   /   LETS PARTY!03:12
gaurish     _____\/___/03:12
gaurish    /  /\ / /03:12
gaurish   ~  /  * /03:12
gaurish     / ___/03:12
gaurish    /  \03:12
gaurish   /   /03:12
gaurish  ~    ~03:12
DARKGuyGuys, I can't wait for Gutsy, is RC the same as the one it's gonna be uploaded tomorrow?03:13
dystopianrayDARKGuy: not the RC, but the daily-build may very well be the same as the final release03:13
DARKGuydystopianray, SWEET, where can I get it? x)03:14
Picigaurish: dont do that. party in #ubuntu-release-party03:14
dystopianrayDARKGuy: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/03:14
DARKGuydystopianray, awesome!! I'm a happy dragon now :303:14
DARKGuydystopianray, thanks xD03:14
jer135Did the GDM boot splash get the boot?03:15
WorkingOnWiseok. hoy do I get permission to write to my external hard drive?03:16
WorkingOnWisepretty quite it here...03:19
dystopianraywhat filesystem is the drive using?03:20
Dangerous_Fun the last update of ß7.10 killed my ethernet interfaces if I use wireless it sees the nets but can not connect the eth0 does not connect at all it is set to DHCP03:27
WorkingOnWisedystopianray: any I want. was ntfs, now it's ext2. As root I can edit with gparted and create new, but as myself, I can see it and it automounts, but I cant write to it.03:28
Dangerous_Funcan some one help me get them live again?03:28
Dangerous_Fun<bit of a newbie03:28
=== _Apex is now known as Apex
AmyRoseDangerous_Fun: You shouldn't be beta testing if you're a newbie03:30
Dangerous_Funthanks that real helpfull03:30
ubotuGutsy Gibbon (7.10) Release Candidate information and release notes can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/710rc - ISOs and Torrents at http://releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ - If you regularly update, then you're running the latest version - The RC is development software and as such unstable, support *ONLY* in #ubuntu+103:31
Dangerous_Funi said bit not total03:31
Arenlornew pretty graphics on Ubuntu.com03:31
AmyRoseDangerous_Fun: Sorry, but you really shouldn't until you're very familiar with Linux.03:31
Dhraakellianwill the Gutsy LiveCD's be able to install to LVM, or would that require an alternate install CD still?03:32
RAOFDhraakellian: Still alternate03:32
RAOFDhraakellian: Maybe for Hardy.  There's been work that way, but it's not done.03:33
Dangerous_Funok thanks AmyRose nwo can i have a nother helper :-)03:33
* AmyRose wishes LARTing still worked, especially now03:33
Dhraakellianthanks, RAOF03:33
Dhraakellianthat's what I needed to know03:33
AmyRoseI am wondering if ShipIt will have CD's for Hardy+103:34
arooniis there any problem with running compiz if you have a blacklisted lcd?03:34
arooniit seems to be running fine03:34
AmyRosearooni: A blacklisted lcd?03:34
RAOFarooni: Generally your card has been blacklisted because of some problem (mostly XVideo problems, but some ATI cards are blacklisted 'cause of random lockups)03:35
aroonii have the x310003:35
ArenlorAmyRose LARTing does work, you just need your +b bat03:35
RAOFarooni: So, as long as you don't care about the thing that's broken, you can happily override the blacklist (SKIP_CHECKS="yes")03:35
arooniintel hin03:36
RAOFarooni: Ah, so you have broken XVideo.  Right.03:36
jmichaelxi am assuming that there should be at least one more sizable batch up upgrades for gutsy.... does any have an indication as to whether or not this will be the case?03:36
jmichaelxi am still having multiple issues in gutsy03:36
AmyRoseArenlor: And what do I do if I'm not an op?03:36
RAOFjmichaelx: There almost certianly won't be.  Archive has been *hard* frozen for a while.03:36
jmichaelxRAOF: i am sorry to hear that...03:37
Arenlorwell see life comes with a special chanserv that OPs everyone if someone starts to troll or spam03:37
jmichaelxthings with gutsy are still pretty screwed up on my end03:37
RAOFjmichaelx: Right now, any fixes will be targeting gutsy-proposed in order to be a SRU.03:37
crimsunjmichaelx: some portion of the (potential, too) userbase will be out of luck, unfortunately.03:37
arooniRAOF, do they know about that issue03:37
sub[t]rnlcouple questions.  Has there been word about amarok failing to work with Gutsy?03:37
RAOFarooni: What issue?  That your card is blacklisted?  Yes, because we blacklisted it ourselves :)03:38
sub[t]rnlseems that the .deb wouldn't install correctly03:38
WorkingOnWisethese are the things that just drive me crazy about linux.... I plug in my external hdd on mac, windows anything, or Solarus, and "it just works" On linux, it  gets treated like some freakin major security breach! And to get rw access to the freakin drive I get to dig around on the net lookin for info I'm not even sure I'd recognize if I found it, and won't know f it's right till I try it! If the info isn't right, I get t03:38
maccam94sub[t]rnl: it worked fine for me on saturday03:38
Oli``sub[t]rnl: I'm using amarok in gutsy right now03:38
arooniRAOF, but why did you?03:38
arooniit works great03:38
sub[t]rnlOli``: hrm03:38
aroonior seems to03:38
sub[t]rnlOli``: from apt?03:38
sub[t]rnlOli``: seems I had to build from source to get it to work03:38
Oli``sub[t]rnl: yup03:38
jmichaelxwell, i am and will continue to be an *ubuntu fan, but i may be switching distros for the time being. gutsy has a lot of bad bugs (for me, at least) as of tonight03:38
riotkittiebecause what was working for you wasnt working for a lot of others.03:38
RAOFarooni: Because XVideo is broken.  Tried playing videos with the Xv output under Compiz?03:38
aroonioh noes03:38
aroonithats too bad03:39
WorkingOnWiseso....how do I use this hdd in linux?03:39
`23megRAOF, what output module works with Compiz?03:39
sub[t]rnlOli``: you using gnome or kde?03:39
* sub[t]rnl nods03:39
sub[t]rnlkde here03:39
RAOF`23meg: Well, X11 (no Xv).  OpenGL won't work (see lack of redirected direct rendering)03:39
sub[t]rnlwonder if thats making a difference03:39
Oli``But amarok is built for kde...03:40
RAOF`23meg: And X11 (no Xv) is sloooooow and ugly.03:40
sub[t]rnlworked fine in .04, upgraded, now it just wont work03:40
`23megRAOF, nothing else working at all? Is totem using X11 by default?03:40
Oli``if anyone should have a problem out of us two, it should be me =)03:40
RAOF`23meg: No.  Totem is using Xv by default, and we blacklist cards for which Xv-under-compiz doesn't work.03:40
Oli``have you tried removing and reinstalling it from apt?03:40
jmichaelxare many other having problems mounting vfat partitions, as I am? i am also having problems with rt2500-based wireless.03:41
sub[t]rnlyeah, did an apt-get --purge remove amarok, then reinstalled it03:41
sub[t]rnlstill no go03:41
`23megah, I see03:41
sub[t]rnljust wont load period, and it doesn't even complain you know.. just says the old "amarok is taking a long time to load, something could be wrong"03:41
`23meganyone here with a Geforce Go6200 TurboCache?03:42
Oli``tried launching it from a terminal window to see if there's any debug info?03:42
sub[t]rnlno such luck03:42
sub[t]rnljust hangs.  checked the processes and I see amarok up and amarokapp, but the gui just never appears03:43
sub[t]rnlok, if you can run it in gnome, I HAVE to get it to work now03:43
sub[t]rnlto save face03:43
maccam94sub[t]rnl: oh i have an idea03:43
maccam94sub[t]rnl: have you tried running amarok again without killing the old one? or do you see the icon in the taskbar?03:44
maccam94are we there yet?03:45
sub[t]rnlmaccam94: not too sure, was using ksmoothdock, but I killed that too.  Going with the default kicker now.  Let me kill my source build, and try to re-apt get it03:45
sub[t]rnlnever saw an icon or anything though03:45
Oli``XiXaQ:  Anyone Want To Yelp?03:45
maccam94sub[t]rnl: i ran it in gnome on saturday03:45
XiXaQOli``, :)03:45
necronekostarUSB Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon install <--- anyone tried that ? http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2007/09/28/usb-ubuntu-710-gutsy-gibbon-install/03:47
ArenlorI haven't tried making a live USB of gutsy yet no03:48
necronekostarmind looking at that linky03:48
necronekostarlooks like they are just having u boot to a live/iso/usb thing and using a dir for changes03:48
=== rob is now known as robii
necronekostarquestion is what if you update packages..... i dont think it would save to the dealio03:48
necronekostari think maybe i need to create a custom livecd for what i want my usb iso part to be03:49
=== robii is now known as rob
ArenlorI have a live USB of Feisty, it uses casper-rw partition for changes (have to boot as persistent) but haven't checked updates03:49
necronekostarso its basically booting from an iso of the live cd?03:50
necronekostarfrugal install or something like that.. ok..03:51
Arenlorthat's why I call it a live USB03:51
necronekostari need to make a total custom live cd then03:51
necronekostarserver install + gnome-panel + compiz-fusion + k3b + xchat + mplayer03:51
=== rob changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Ex-Home of the Gutsy Gibbon | This channel is for Gutsy+1 discussion only and is currently forwarded to #ubuntu | If you need help with dapper/edgy/feisty join #ubuntu | This channel is for support; "is it out yet" questions belong in #ubuntu-release-party.
necronekostardid gutsy release rob?03:53
Picinecronekostar: no, we're just being proactive.03:53
Piciits close enough though :/03:53
robyes, according to the front page of ubuntu.com, and yes we are being a slight bit proactive03:53
robnote that the download page is still pending an update03:54
Picirob: you might want to fix the second half of the topic03:54
necronekostarknow of any good resources on how to create total custom live cd?03:54
=== rob changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Ex-Home of the Gutsy Gibbon | This channel is for Gutsy+1 discussion only and is currently forwarded to #ubuntu | If you need help with dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy join #ubuntu | This channel is for support; "is it out yet" questions belong in #ubuntu-release-party.
robthere we go :)03:54
roband if anyone is curious about hardy, no its not out yet :)03:55
Evanlecdoes anyone know if there's a FreeNX repo for gutsy out there?03:55
jdrakeSo when does +1 work start for the enxt one?03:55
maccam94hardy is 6 months away lol03:55
robjdrake, soon03:55
necronekostarlike 2 mo :P03:56
necronekostarthen we get some fun really alpha broken crap :D03:56
jmichaelxi am having a problem mounting vfat partitions in gutsy, but if i boot up in the last kernel i was using in feisty, i have no problems03:56
robif you guys are wondering why no one is joining, they are forwarded to #ubuntu now as support is now accepted in there instead03:57
ArenlorI like it, it's nice a quiet in here now, peaceful03:57
Oli``What's the next release called?03:58
ArenlorHorny Hobo :P03:58
DARKGuyyay, whee.03:58
=== Atlantiz is now known as Gutsy
=== Gutsy is now known as Atlantiz
Oli``is the next major 8.10?03:59
robHardy Heron isn't it?03:59
robI can't remember03:59
Oli``mm sounds familiar03:59
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for Ubuntu 8.04-LTS, due April 2008. For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron03:59
robwoot for memory :)04:00
ArenlorI think Horny Hobo would have gotten more teens to use it04:00
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=== Atlantiz is now known as Atlantiz[Gutsy]
robHorny Hottie you mean?04:01
necronekostarbtw rob ubuntu.com reverted04:01
Arenlorlet's still leave it like this04:01
robnecronekostar, yes, but says 0 days to go, so we are just going to leave it04:02
Arenlor#ubuntu is nearly crashing my comp at the speed of posts04:02
necronekostarnot saying u should change anything... just wanted to mention it ;)04:02
Arenlorrob, it says 01 days left to go here lol04:02
rob00 here :)04:02
necronekostarclear your cache rob04:02
necronekostaroh wait04:02
robI have04:02
Arenlorthey have 30 hours left04:02
Arenlorand it's a javascript thing for how much time is left lol04:03
Viper007earlier it was the 7.10 page for me ... now it's back to 1 day left04:03
Arenlorso it's based on your system time04:03
necronekostarWed Oct 17 20:03:09 PDT 200704:03
robits into the release day for me already04:03
necronekostarwhere u at?04:03
Oli``it's 00 here... (UK, GMT+1)04:03
Arenlorwait 32 hours left for them04:04
sorbixis there an ubuntu dev channel04:04
jmichaelxi really do hope there are some updates tomorrow, or within the next day or two :-( . everyone said that there wouldn't be in feisty, but then the day before release, there was a new kernel upgrade, which helped a lot04:05
sorbixoooh, gutsy freeze in effect04:05
Arenlorit's fun and fine for me, no need for a buggy update04:06
jmichaelxArenlor: for me gutsy is already very buggy04:06
Oli``There was me hoping my magical -15 kernel would make it into the repos =)04:06
sorbixwhat makes it magical?04:07
sorbixdoes it summon rms04:07
sorbix+5 to int?04:07
Oli``it's magic because it doesn't exist and my computer somehow managed to download and install it =)04:07
ArenlorOli``:  someone else already beat you, they had both -15 and -1604:07
Arenlorwe took care of them too04:07
sorbixYou have picked up the Magical Kernel of Healing.04:08
Oli``no it was a Cursed  Kernel of Death (+5)04:08
dystopianraya wizard has turned you into a gibbon, is this awesome?04:08
Oli``blimey.. if you thought #ubuntu was getting chaotic, check out #ubuntu-release-party04:09
jmichaelxare many having problems with vfat partition mounting? if not, maybe i just need to do a fresh install.04:09
AmyRosehaha, I'm in the party channel04:09
Arenlortime to crash my system, I'm going to join that too04:09
jmichaelxi won't be partying, i'll be switching distros :-(04:10
Oli``why what's the problem?04:10
Arenlorwhy are you switching and to what?04:10
AmyRoseIs this channel being closed now? Someone says that they're being forwarded to #ubuntu04:10
crdlb* Channel #ubuntu+1 modes: +tinczf #ubuntu04:11
Arenloryep we're here safe and comfortable and peaceful04:11
varun0wow........total anarchy in #ubuntu-release-party04:11
dystopianraygutsy is out now?04:11
cafuegoThis is now the exclusive home of those who can manage to not drop offline.04:11
jmichaelxOli``: 2 problems..... on 2 machines problems with mounting vfat partitions, and with my laptop problems with rt2500 based wireless, too04:11
Oli``multilingual anarchy at that04:11
cafuegoScreaming children, rather04:11
jdrakeDoes the main cd contain the development stuff (gcc,stdlib,ld,etc)? I have a friend who is not on the internet that needs those things and need to make sure.04:12
mntnpngnokie..  this room is more tolerable than #ubuntu-release-party04:12
AmyRosemntnpngn: Even though it's closed now?04:12
jmichaelxArenlor: if i switch, and i don't want to, it will be to debian lenny04:12
mntnpngnhi AmyRose ..   yes04:12
cafuegojdrake: I'm not sure... but the DVD would - I'm pretty sure there is a DVD :-)04:12
AmyRosecafuego: XD04:12
Oli``jdrake: even if they're not, you can make a CD with APT packages on04:12
Arenlorwe have our own party here04:12
AmyRosecafuego: I hope my connection doesn't drop04:12
jdrakeOli``: This is true04:13
cafuegoMy rdiff-backup scripts are about to run, so i might <heh>04:13
jmichaelxi am going to wait to see if gutsy fixes some bugs in the first week or so before i switch04:13
Sir_Sidsorry to be an annoyance, but at what time will the new version be released?04:13
AmyRosejmichaelx: The reason I tested was because I wanted to help provide a "push" to fix some bugs in Gutsy before the release04:13
AmyRoseSir_Sid: WhenItsDone04:13
robI don't think gutsy will be like edgy, in fact I have been running it for some time now and it has been much better then edgy04:14
dystopianrayedgy was bad?04:14
Sir_Sidheh sorry Im sure you hear that often04:14
AmyRosedystopianray: No, Dapper was bad, I think.04:14
jmichaelxAmyRose: yeah, i understand.... well, i hope they at least get fixed soon after release...04:14
ArenlorSir_Sid it gets pushed back an hour each time someone asks that04:14
AmyRosejmichaelx: Well, most bugs I complained about did get fixed.04:14
mntnpngnhmm...  chicken sandwich + watching ghost hunters + waiting for gutsy = night of fun04:14
jmichaelxfeisty was fine for me, gutsy so far has been not good at all04:15
AmyRosejmichaelx: What's wrong with it?04:15
sorbixi dont get why people wonder what time... its not like they will be able to do dist upgrades04:15
sorbixi guess tehy want the torrent?04:15
jmichaelxAmyRose: that is awesome. i could have done a better job with bug reports04:15
robimo edgy was crap..04:15
Arenlorno fair there mntnpngn I don't have TV04:15
robbut feisty and gutsy have been pretty good for me thus far04:15
jmichaelxAmyRose: 2 things.... vfat partition mounting has problems on 2 machines, nd on my lappy , rt2500 wireless still has major issues. rt2500 was great in feisty04:16
Oli``jmichaelx: I assume you've seen the Gutsy HOWTO for the rt2500?04:16
AmyRosejmichaelx: I've had trouble with my rt2570 on Feisty because the default driver is horribly broken...04:16
robyes, that is legit, you are allowed to give that out to the impatient04:17
Arenlorholy crap, nearly crashed my system with #ubuntu and #ubuntu-release-party at the same time04:17
jdrakeArenlor: What kind of system would crash with two large channels there?04:17
AmyRosejmichaelx: and it still seems broken--the only workaround was blacklisting a bunch of wi-fi-related modules04:17
Oli``are you running linux on a toaster Arenlor? =P04:17
jmichaelxOli``: : i looked at one that was very confusing and as recommending using ndiswrapper.... which i really do not want to do. is that the one you mean?04:17
AmyRoseOli``: Why would ew04:18
AmyRosewe need a howto?04:18
AmyRoseOli``: It JustWorks in Edgy04:18
Oli``Yeah I agree it's not perfect considering there are native drivers but if it's a choice between wrapping and no wireless =)04:18
jmichaelxAmyRose: you mean native rt2500 drivers could work if i blacklst some others?04:18
AmyRosejmichaelx: Yes.04:18
jmichaelxOli``: true04:18
Arenlorit's a system that when I have only my normal programs running is using 1.8 GHz and is slightly choppy lol, I need to stop "multi-tasking" so much04:18
AmyRosejmichaelx: I refuse to use ndiswrapper04:19
jmichaelxAmyRose: well, that is good news. do you know where to go for instauctions on which drivers to blacklist?04:19
AmyRoseArenlor: Are you running Windows Vista? O_o04:19
AmyRosejmichaelx: No, but I figured out which ones on my own04:19
nomasteryoda|wAmyRose, i spent $28 to get a nice Intel 2915 a/b/g card04:19
nomasteryoda|wfor my dell04:19
ArenlorAmyRose no I said I was actually able to run programs on it before it got to that point04:19
nomasteryoda|wits perfect04:19
nomasteryoda|wintel video, intel board, intel card04:19
jmichaelxAmyRose: me, too. i have never used ndiswrapper, and DEFINITELY will not consider using it for rt250004:20
nomasteryoda|wall working sweet04:20
AmyRosejmichaelx: Just blacklist all modules that are claiming your card now, and it should fall back on working ones.04:20
jmichaelxAmyRose: do you remember which ones you blcklisted?04:20
mntnpngnvista is probably the best thing to happen for linux04:20
AmyRosejmichaelx: It was a long list--I could PM you the list04:20
Oli``I'm a Vista convert04:20
jmichaelxok, do i just do an lsmod to see?04:20
AmyRosejmichaelx: Yeah, but I can PM you the list04:20
jmichaelxok , cool04:20
ArenlorI'm a Vista Convert too, man was that hell trying to run on this system04:21
Oli``ouch, i bet04:21
AmyRosejmichaelx: Just let me plug in the hard drive I have it on04:21
AmyRoseArenlor: I converted to avoid XP04:21
jmichaelxAmyRose: it is weird, sometimes when i boot up, my wirelss card works, and sometimes it just doesn't work at all04:21
ArenlorAmyRose I nearly converted at ME but then our computer melted04:22
AmyRosejmichaelx: The problem is that the default drivers are broken, and they don't seem to care about fixing this. If this doesn't work, you can just use module-assistant to compile the working drivers04:22
Arenlorsquee the ubuntu site is throwing an error04:23
mntnpngnoh dear...  someone is trying to crash the party?04:23
mntnpngnit appears ubuntu.com is down04:23
AmyRosejmichaelx: I just sent you the blacklist04:24
Arenlortoo many connections, I think they're either having lots and lots of visitors or are getting DDoS'd by M$04:25
necronekostarok if it comes up again http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Live_CD_distributions should do er04:26
halycon_Does anyone know why I am not able to seek with Totem Media Player?04:26
necronekostarArenlor its not that surprizing04:26
necronekostari think its on a single server :P04:26
necronekostarhalycon_ with what kinda file? mp4? it probably didnt have a good index in it.04:26
halycon_necronekostar: it seems to be every movie file04:27
halycon_even avi files04:27
necronekostaroh, something's probably broken04:27
Arenlorand it's back up04:27
mntnpngnyup..  it's back up04:27
necronekostarmake sure to install all gstreamer packages that you might need... if you use that blasted thing... if not use mplayer and quit trippin :P04:27
halycon_necronekostar: Should I just try reinstalling it I just switched it to use gstreamer04:27
necronekostarArenlor it also probably doesnt help the extra load from yall refreshing 24-704:28
halycon_necronekostar: Dont mplayer/xine/totem all use gstreamer/xine04:28
necronekostarhalycon_ first try um one sec04:28
ArenlorI don't, I check once an hour at about :2504:28
halycon_or have the ability to04:28
Arenlorit was down04:28
AmyRosehalycon_: No.04:28
Arenlorso I checked again just then, and it was up again04:28
halycon_oh I didnt really know what the difference between any of the media players was besides the GUI04:29
halycon_so I just picked Totem since I like how it looks04:29
AmyRosehalycon_: MPlayer, Xine, and GStreamer are all different backends, while Totem is a front-end for Xine or GStreamer04:29
halycon_oh ok04:29
AmyRoseBut I think Kaffeine pwns Totem04:29
necronekostargstreamer0.10-plugins-base gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly04:29
halycon_AmyRose: this is kind of a dumb question but which was is the best IYO?04:29
jmichaelxkaffeine rocks and rolls04:30
AmyRosehalycon_: The best media player? I think Kaffeine is.04:30
necronekostarAmyRose kaffeine is just a front end04:30
necronekostarkaffeine powered by mplayer is wat rulz04:30
AmyRosenecronekostar: Uh, yeah, I know, it's a front end to Xine04:30
jmichaelxok, xine rocks and rolls :-P04:30
necronekostar/mplayer/ *singing*04:30
AmyRosenecronekostar: Uh, how the heck do you get Kaffeine to use MPlayer?04:30
necronekostari obviously play a wider range of media lol - xine just doesnt quite cut it ^^04:31
necronekostarAmyRose ive not currently got it installed but its in the preferences04:31
halycon_I dont suppose you guys know anything about lirc04:31
AmyRosenecronekostar: Uh, then I'd just use KMplayer for that...04:31
jmichaelxi have not found anything that does better than xine...04:31
AmyRosegreat thread, necronekostar :P04:32
necronekostarfark it i'll install kaffeine one sec04:32
halycon_Im trying to get my ATI Remote Wonder working and I have no idea how to get the built in support configured or how to get it to work using LIRC04:32
necronekostar18.9MB used new not needed...........04:32
necronekostarAmyRose gimme another 30sec or so :P04:33
AmyRosenecronekostar: OK, your time is up.04:34
necronekostari meant till i was running it silly lady04:34
Arenlornecronekostar why'd you choose that name?04:34
necronekostardead cat star04:35
necronekostarnekostar is usually me04:35
necronekostarand starscalling is my orig online nick04:35
* necronekostar shrugs04:35
necronekostari was connected to freenode from too many places this was open04:35
necronekostaralso several other nicks are me too :P04:35
ArenlorI must say I want to google it but am afraid of the results04:36
halycon_something tells me im going to have to go to bed b4 I get my remote working04:36
halycon_its a trickster04:37
necronekostarhalycon_ try googling your exact model04:37
halycon_I did04:37
halycon_and I still cant figure out how to get it to work ;)04:37
halycon_I found a lot of documents on how to setup stuff04:37
necronekostarAmyRose huh ok your right - been so long since i tried... must have been kmplayer or something04:37
halycon_and the closest I came was with LIRC04:37
necronekostarthere was one that was a front end to gstreamer/xine/OR MPLAYER04:37
Arenlorhalycon_ try setting the time on your VCR and after that come back and work on this, it'll seem simple04:38
necronekostarhalycon_ what is your exact status - what remote04:38
AmyRosenecronekostar: KMplayer is probably what you're thinking of04:38
necronekostarAmyRose but will it also do xine/gstreamer ? the kmplayer i mean04:38
=== Atlantiz[Gutsy] is now known as [Gutsy]Atlantiz
halycon_necronekostar: im single j/k but my remote is a ATI Remote Wonder04:38
necronekostarhalycon_ link me04:39
necronekostarwhat model ati remote wonder04:39
halycon_and the mouse part of it works in KDE by default04:39
halycon_link me?04:39
halycon_ummm the first version04:39
halycon_its not the newer version04:39
necronekostarkde or gnome halycon_04:39
halycon_oh kde04:39
AmyRosenecronekostar: Is that another unanswered thread?04:40
necronekostarno ~_~04:40
halycon_thats the one i read04:40
necronekostarhalycon_ ok so go to the end of the thread04:40
halycon_I can get all the keycodes04:40
necronekostarer ok04:40
necronekostarthen what04:40
halycon_for my remote and it detects them but I have no idea how to get programs to use the keycodes04:40
halycon_and I tried using XMMS and it has a IRMan plugin04:41
halycon_and I tried entering the keycodes into that04:41
halycon_but apparantly that only works with homebrew remotes04:41
necronekostardoes it have gyro?04:41
halycon_and the LIRC plugin I cant get to work until I can get LIRC to detect my remote ;)04:41
halycon_im sorry i dont know what that is04:41
necronekostarso the real problem is that lirc doesnt detect it?04:41
halycon_thats one problem04:42
necronekostar[think airmouse]04:42
halycon_yeah it has a mouse controller on it04:42
halycon_and the mouse movies04:42
necronekostarso when u push buttons on the remote do you see devents triggered?04:42
Arenlornever ever decide to give a 6-8 minute informational speech on Ubuntu, it's impossible to decide just what the heck Ubuntu is as a topic04:42
halycon_and if I hit the A and B button it prints out A or B04:42
necronekostarthen it is detected and working via LIRC04:42
* necronekostar pats Arenlor 04:43
necronekostarstart with what it means to you?04:43
AmyRoseArenlor: Try Kubuntu instead!04:43
halycon_in the kdeLIRC utility it says04:43
halycon_there are currently no remotes available04:43
halycon_you must configure LIRC04:43
ArenlorAmyRose, I just got started working on this speech, it's due tomorrow, at 8, so I can't switch topics :(04:43
halycon_and I tried doing that and then it said04:43
halycon_that the Infared connection was severed ;)04:44
halycon_so I have no idea where i went wrong04:44
halycon_I was trying to follow the instructions from this04:44
halycon_eventhough its for Fedora04:44
halycon_to get it to work with LIRC04:45
ArenlorI've gotten through the parts where I explain what OS's and Distributions are, now I'm trying to figure out how to explain what a Desktop Manager is, and I only have like a minute to do so in order to save most of the time for talking about Ubuntu itself, and that brought up, just what is Ubuntu, heh, easy way to give yourself a headache04:45
necronekostar depmod -a | grep lirc04:46
necronekostarlsmod  | grep lirc04:46
necronekostartry those halycon_04:47
necronekostar dmesg | grep lirc04:47
necronekostarthat one too04:47
nrdbthe download page doesn't have 7.10 yet, is out ?04:47
necronekostarnrdb not quite :D04:47
necronekostartry beta linky at top of ubuntu.com use beta thingie04:48
nrdbnecronekostar: ok04:48
Arenlornrdb you just made it get pushed back an hour actually04:48
necronekostarhalycon_ how we doin over there04:48
nrdbArenlor: oh ha ha.04:48
Arenlorevery time someone asks that question they push it back an hour lol04:49
necronekostarusing those as guide04:49
necronekostarArenlor .........04:49
cafuegoIt's currently moving back at 14 days an hour.04:49
necronekostarif that were so then we would have to wait a few release cycles04:49
necronekostarcafuego oh thats not tha tbad then04:49
halycon_necronekostar: the depmod command didnt return anything04:49
* nrdb ha ha ha04:49
necronekostar*that bad04:49
Arenlorwe do necronekostar04:49
necronekostarhalycon_ there were two others04:49
Arenlorit's coming out in 204804:49
necronekostarArenlor just in time for windows 2k1004:50
cafuegoI hope not, that would break the time horribly on the 32bit ones <heh>04:50
necronekostar/no pun intended/04:50
halycon_lirc_atiusb            19360  004:50
halycon_lirc_dev               15860  1 lirc_atiusb04:50
halycon_usbcore               138248  6 lirc_atiusb,ati_remote,uhci_hcd,ehci_hcd,ohci_hcd04:50
necronekostarhalycon_ ........04:50
halycon_woops i wasnt supposed to do that was i ;)04:50
necronekostarthat was from second command i take it - now: dmesg | grep lirc04:50
nrdbArenlor: isn't 2048 when 32bit second count overflows ?04:51
cafuegono, 203804:51
necronekostarjust tell me if its listed.....04:51
halycon_yeah it did04:51
necronekostarsecond count overflow? whats that nrdb / cafuego04:51
necronekostarhalycon_ ok good04:51
mntnpngnI wonder if Mark has one of those red phone like in batman he uses to give the go ahead order...04:51
ArenlorI think it's like Aug 10th at 7 PM UTC or something that it overflows in 204804:51
necronekostarsee if you can run an app called mode204:52
Arenlorand necronekostar, you remember y2k right?04:52
necronekostarArenlor sure04:52
necronekostarhalycon_ yes04:52
Arenlorwell now imagine y2k only real04:52
necronekostarArenlor we can only hope04:53
necronekostari'll try setting my clock forward with no updates this weekend04:53
necronekostarhopefully everything will melt down04:53
Arenlorumm wow04:53
Arenloryeah but the main worry is like the space satellites and the like04:54
halycon_necronekostar: it said error opening /dev/lirc04:54
necronekostarhalycon_ so um.... did it run or what?04:54
necronekostartry irw04:54
halycon_no such file or directory04:54
necronekostarArenlor i'm fine with that too04:54
necronekostarhalycon_ ic04:54
ArenlorI think I should make a countdown for my site until the overflow happens04:55
necronekostarArenlor i agree04:56
necronekostarhalycon_ c/p exact error plz04:56
halycon_necronekostar:  that second command gives me output everytime I press a key04:56
halycon_mode2: error opening /dev/lirc04:56
halycon_mode2: No such file or directory04:56
halycon_thats the error from the first one04:57
necronekostarhalycon_ ok good04:58
necronekostarshow me output from one of em04:58
necronekostar 0000000000001794 00 Up Hauppauge_35004:58
necronekostaror however it looks for you04:58
halycon_110 0 BTN_LEFT event204:58
necronekostarsudo lircd05:04
necronekostarsee if you can do that halycon_05:04
halycon_lircd: there seems to already be a lircd process with pid 2813605:05
necronekostardoes that exist in /etc ?05:06
necronekostarThis works as of Lirc 8.0 using the lirc module: "lirc_atiusb"05:07
necronekostarYou must disable the ati_remote module from loading.05:07
necronekostarlsmod | grep ati05:08
necronekostarfind anything?05:08
halycon_yeah there is the lirc one05:08
necronekostarlirc_atiusb ?05:08
halycon_and there is one called ati_remote05:08
necronekostarok now open that lircd.conf with gedit or nano05:09
necronekostarand look at it and see if it looks like the one here or so05:09
halycon_ok I pasted in the one from the lirc page05:09
necronekostarits about a third of the way down the page05:09
necronekostarim gonna smoke05:09
* AmyRose doesn't smoke05:10
Oli``anybody else here being having issues with gutsy's clock?05:10
ArenlorOli`` no, what issue you having?05:11
Oli``oh... no no problem at all..05:11
dsmith__its 211 PM, Thursday Oct 18th, in Australia. I want Gutsy! lol..05:12
Oli``I did have a problem but that seems to have evaporated05:12
Oli``dsmith__: why not just force an update through apt?05:12
dsmith__ooops gutsy no more05:12
dsmith__i want the iso05:12
Oli``urgh update-manager, even05:12
Arenlordsmith__ just wait until 03:14:08 UTC on 19 January 2038 and you won't have to care about that anymore05:13
necronekostareh back05:14
necronekostarArenlor so care to elaborate a lil more?05:15
dsmith__Arenlor: why whats that date?05:15
Arenlor03:14:08 UTC on 19 January 2038 is the overflow time, when at 32 bit processors will overflow and go back in time to 190005:15
dsmith__hah, they will have that figured out05:15
Arenlor64 bit processors have it beat05:16
dsmith__someone told me that we will have 128-core cpus in 2010?05:16
necronekostardsmith__ they always say stuff like that05:16
necronekostarwe can only hope05:16
halycon_guys how do i disable modules in kubuntu?05:16
halycon_I cant find this hotplug thing05:16
Arenlorbut the issue is that any C program or anything running Unix or POSIX will die05:16
necronekostarArenlor sure05:17
necronekostarthink we will still be using 32bit at that point?05:17
necronekostarthats way past any concievable eol05:17
Arenlorwell the government's old computers and all the satelites will die05:18
Arenloras in all the computers running the nuclear power plants05:19
Arenlorand the nuclear silos05:19
Oli``no 32bit will be dead by then as we'll all be used to terabytes of RAM05:19
necronekostaragain end of life should hit before then05:19
necronekostarOli`` yeah just to get a nice cli i bet windows '38 will need 65TB of hdd space05:19
necronekostarfor full gui your looking @ PB05:19
ArenlorI want a PB of HDD05:20
Oli``not that we'll be dealing in "bits" then... we should be into qubits05:20
ArenlorI think by then we'll have scrapped the whole system here in America and made up our own measurements05:21
necronekostarArenlor no way05:21
necronekostarwe'll just continue to refuse the met sys05:21
necronekostarposterity's sake and all that05:21
martalliWhy have people been saying this channel is down?05:21
Arenlorit is05:21
Oli``new joins get redirected to #ubuntu05:22
necronekostarand i really wanted to do a reinstall..................05:22
necronekostarhow long should the redirect last?05:22
Arenlorthis is an invite only version of #ubuntu-release-party05:22
halycon_hey necronekostar Thanks a ton for your help05:23
Oli``until the first heron alpha, I'd imagine05:23
martalliso does that mean we are the really hardcore gutsy pioneers?05:23
mntnpngnso...  everyone is just waiting?05:23
necronekostarhalycon_ np05:23
necronekostarits what we do :D05:23
necronekostarOli`` ~_~05:23
halycon_now i just need to figure out why it doesnt boot ;)05:23
halycon_all the time05:23
necronekostarwish i had had warning... would have joined from server...........05:24
Arenlorthe people in here are the people who don't need help, the people who needed help came in got help and left05:24
Arenlorso it's only the helpers left05:24
necronekostaryawell.... still05:24
Arenlorwe can sit back and enjoy the wait in peace and harmony with each other and not being constantly asked "Are we there yet"05:24
martalliI'm sorry, I didn't help much this time around =(05:25
mzuverinkArenlor, amen!05:25
necronekostarcheck that out for 128core action05:25
martalliI did submit a few bugs and contributed to conversation on launchpad, though05:25
martalliI think the 128 core architecture will be great for doctors like me.05:26
martalliLots of programmers with migraines05:26
Arenlorwe need to give it a new topic "Exclusive retreat of the Gutsy Gibbon Beta helpers"05:26
mzuverinkI submitted a few myself, i wonder what % of those in #ubuntu-release-party have even visited launchpad?05:26
necronekostarmzuverink 305:26
ArenlorI wonder how many know what launchpad is05:26
necronekostarArenlor 105:27
necronekostarthe conflicting two percent forgot after digesting pizza and beer05:27
nrdbmzuverink: not me.05:27
Arenlorthat works lol05:28
Arenloranyone monitoring the insanity level in #ubuntu as they all get redirected there?05:29
necronekostartrying not to05:30
necronekostarnice lil push in attendance tho05:30
necronekostarddos should be forthcoming05:30
Arenlorlol they need to make a channel called /dev/null to redirect people to05:31
martalliI think I can give props to my KDE folks - kubuntu has not gone mad yet05:31
Arenlormartalli that's like saying that you give props to Apple computers for not having many viruses05:32
martalliI would say we are simply level headed, or that we all apt-egtted to gutsy...but maybe there are just less of us05:32
underwatercowhow long does the redirect last?05:32
Arenloruntil Hardy Heron Alpha likely05:33
martalliIt was something like 6 weeks before the first alpha gibbon came out05:33
martallimaybe 8 weeks05:33
crdlbthis channel opened well before the first alpha of gutsy05:34
Arenloryeah, it'll probably be open in 2-3 weeks if not sooner05:34
Arenlorthey just want to make sure all upgraders are being sent there for now since that's the support05:35
dsmith__#ubuntu, is nutz05:35
dsmith__going fast on the messages05:35
AmyRoseKubuntu > Ubuntu05:36
dsmith__should be greater then or equal to, :P05:37
necronekostarThe kicker is that despite Vole knowing about the problem for months it is not going to be fixed in SP1. Vole is currently offering a hotfix for the problem but you have to ask it nicely.05:38
ArenlorM$ < abacus anyone disagree?05:38
dsmith__M$ is Kaput!05:39
necronekostardsmith__ read that artical so awesome...05:39
necronekostardsmith__ no such luck yet05:39
necronekostarnor do i personally want them to die05:39
necronekostarits competition that makes it great -05:39
dsmith__i read that last night05:39
necronekostartho we could use a little less.. or they a little more.. dsmith__ o:05:39
Arenloroh God if they die, the number of people that'll be here asking if it's out yet with Hardy Heron T_T05:40
necronekostarbah theve not even hit 1400 in chan there05:40
necronekostarstill not like a pro irc chan via really popular anime release05:40
necronekostarcall me when it hits 3k05:40
necronekostartry being an op in that mess....05:41
Arenlornecronekostar if it ever hits 3k here I'll ask to be OPed then I'll write a script that /kick * every minute05:42
mzuverinkyeah, poor tonyy...05:42
necronekostarArenlor bah05:42
dsmith__omg #ubuntu-release-party is nutz05:42
necronekostardsmith__ did you read the live free and dvd hard artical?05:42
dsmith__for which?05:43
Arenlorif anyone complains I'll just say that I'm simulating IRC on a Vista server05:43
necronekostarthey should just forward #*ubuntu* to #ubuntu05:43
necronekostarheh great comments on drm05:43
necronekostarArenlor even vista isnt that bad05:43
dsmith__hmmmmm, i don;t care I rip on linux05:44
Arenlornecronekostar I know, but I'm sure n00bs would believe me and hate M$ for it05:44
dsmith__Rip, Rip away!05:44
necronekostardsmith__ sure.... just pointing out that your not gonna be the only one ripping for fair use :P05:44
DeepBhi, is this the channel for release of OS X Leopard 10.5? :P05:45
necronekostarDeepB yup05:45
dsmith__lol os X?05:45
Arenloractually, if you rip, the RIAA and MIAA will sue you because they don't care about fair use05:45
necronekostarArenlor their welcome to sue me05:46
necronekostari'll show up in court with the hex key on my t-shirt05:46
dsmith__nuke the riaa, mpaa fro orbit, its the only way to be sure05:46
ArenlorI'm living proof that the FBI doesn't monitor torrents lol05:46
necronekostarArenlor lol05:47
necronekostarnot completely so - they are just second comers to the game05:47
necronekostaror rather while your techinically correct, they dont tend to get into the game till alerted by someone or other05:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about monogamy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:48
Arenlorubotu is a bad example for children05:48
necronekostaras is monogamy05:49
necronekostarthat is a VERY BAD THING.05:49
necronekostarand is in part responsable for windows05:49
Arenloryou're thinking of monopoly05:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about monopoly - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:49
necronekostarmm no05:49
ubotuvista is the new operating system by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org05:49
necronekostarthats responsable for all the ppl in jail via weed05:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about weed - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:49
necronekostar"but i swear i got $200 officer, cant i just pass go???"05:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about marijuana - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cannibus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cantgetonthebus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:50
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:50
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...05:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about crdlb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:50
necronekostar[ok ok ok im done sorry]05:50
silent!the drugs under my bed05:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about neko - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:51
dsmith__illegal torrents?05:51
Arenlorhad to see if it'd say anything05:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fbi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:51
necronekostaryou could have just checked the factoids...05:51
Arenlor!Gutsy Release Time05:51
Arenlornice it msg'd me saying it's not intelligent when I asked it that one05:52
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:53
Oli``I wonder what the professional support is like...05:53
Arenlornow I actually have something to work with for my speech05:53
Doctor_Nickso basically everyone is fucking around until gutsy comes out05:53
ArenlorOli``:  this is the professional support05:53
ArenlorDoctor_Nick, no go to #ubuntu05:54
Oli``Doctor_Nick: some people seem to be trying to get things fixed in #ubuntu but they're not having much love getting things answered05:54
Arenlorin here we are all the people who don't need anything fixed are were in here helping people before it got locked up and forwarded, so it's an exclusive retreat for us weary support souls05:55
dorkfaceAnd it's not even the 18th yet! ;)05:55
Oli``That's not entirely true... I could really do with my RAID5 working but I'm fairly sure that's a bug with dmraid, not ubuntu05:55
Arenlor!The Drugs Officer05:57
Arenlordrats it just gave me the not intelligent msg again05:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tftp - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dmraid - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:58
ubotuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO05:58
ArenlorI wonder just how good a bot ubotu is05:59
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com06:00
necronekostarseems pretty good to me06:00
* necronekostar pets ubotu 06:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about beer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pizza - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dance - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:01
Arenlorsee bad bot06:01
Arenlor!bad bot06:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bad bot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:01
crdlbplease leave the bot alone already06:01
Arenlorbut playing with it is fun06:02
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
* necronekostar pats Arenlor 06:04
necronekostarhe did provide a chan for that...06:04
dorkfaceAnybody else having trouble with sound in gutsy?06:04
Arenlorwhat type of trouble you having?06:05
dorkfaceThis i guess06:08
dorkfacetrying to figure out what the heck he is saying06:08
Arenlorhe's saying when you install it you need to delete the old driver first06:09
dorkfacewell, its already installed, hehe06:09
Arenlordid you delete the old one?06:10
dorkfacemodprobe -r, right?06:10
Arenlorno rm06:10
Arenlorrm /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/media/snd-hda-intel/snd-hda-intel.ko06:12
Arenlorthen after that you need to reboot and redo the sudo make install06:13
dorkfacebur first download that file from the ftp, right?06:14
dorkfaceor was that unecessary:?06:14
Arenloryes download that file, rm the file I said, then install from that file he said to install from06:14
cafuegoWhy would you delete that file?06:14
cafuegoCan't you copy over the top?06:15
Arenlorit's reported in there it causes problems if you copy06:15
cafuegoNot the same filename?06:15
cafuegoThen the original should be backlisted06:16
Arenlorsame filename06:16
Arenlorit installs the stuff into a new directory06:16
dorkfacethe ftp link isn't working, even though I copied and pasted the URL in its entirety06:16
cafuegoOh, I see.06:16
Arenlorit worked for me06:17
Arenlorthough I would just wget it06:18
dsmith__I thought that was a gutsy link..06:19
Arenlordsmith__ do you have the Beta yet?06:20
dsmith__but I have some machines I want to test the final on in the AM06:20
dsmith__desktops and laptops06:20
Arenlormy hourly check just turned up negative06:20
dorkfaceHah, for the first time, konquerer was awesome for me06:21
dsmith__how's that06:21
dorkfaceIt got the ftp file where firefox and wget would06:21
Arenlorweird I wonder why06:22
dsmith__u se firefox with downthemall add-on06:22
dsmith__I use..06:22
ArenlorI have fireftp, never have a problem with FTP files06:22
dorkfacefirefox gave me a 550 "failed to change the directory" error06:22
dsmith__or kget06:22
dorkfaceok, I just removed the file, now reboot and type in "sudo make install"?06:25
Arenlorhave you ever compiled anything from source before dorkface?06:26
Arenlorok once you reboot go to the directory where you unpacked the ftp file in a terminal (cd /home/username/Desktop/alsa-driver-1.0.15rc3) since you most likely unpacked it onto your desktop then while there in the terminal run "./configure && make && sudo make install"06:29
dorkfacehehe, how do you unpack from command line?06:30
dorkfaceI don't fiddle with tar files as much as I should06:31
Arenlorit's a tar.bz2 so I'm not sure, you could just right-click and "extract here" with any lick06:32
dorkfaceKnotes is nice for this06:34
dorkfacewell, rebooting I go06:34
ArenlorI hope he doesn't need any further help06:36
ZambeziPart now since Gutsy is released today.06:39
hyljeso gutsy is live now?06:45
rskhylje: dont think so06:45
Arenlornope not yet06:47
effie_jayxhow's Compiz on ati card's06:50
effie_jayxis it worth a try?06:50
rskhard to try? :P06:50
rskit's on by default06:50
rskwith a few exceptions06:51
rsksome aticards are blacklisted afaik.06:51
effie_jayxrsk,  I have a radeon xpress 200x06:51
ArenlorIt runs awesome just make sure you have the drivers and xserver-xgl installed06:51
Arenlorit should work06:51
rskyes it should06:51
effie_jayxArenlor,  do I need to create a separate xgl session entry ?06:51
Arenlorno actually do not use xgl sessions06:52
Arenlorxgl is on by default06:53
RAOFOr, rather, when you install Xgl it does the necessary voodoo to set it up.06:54
Arenlorand also install compizconfig-settings-manager and you can customize it06:54
ArenlorRAOF no06:54
Arenlorit's on by default06:54
RAOFArenlor: Only if you've got it installed :)06:54
Arenloryou don't use xgl sessions06:54
Arenloryes but try to use an xgl session and anything can happen06:54
RAOFThat's true.  You don't use Xgl sessions, 'cause Xgl won't run under Xgl :)06:54
ArenlorI've seen just today panels not appear, the cube being a pancake, windows with 76 pt fonts etc just from that simple mistake06:55
effie_jayxCool then06:57
effie_jayxI'm giving it a swing06:57
ArenlorI'm running an ATI Radeon myself06:57
Arenlortime for me to /part07:04
prakritihappy gutsy day07:29
* nanonyme hugs prakriti 07:29
nanonymehappy gutsy day to you too :)07:29
nanonymeis it released already?07:30
prakritidoubt it07:30
nanonymeso we're not a hardy channel yet ^^07:31
nanonymeoh, we are? :o07:31
nanonymeah, just read the topic07:31
prakriti "is it out yet" questions belong in #ubuntu-release-party.07:31
macogwand the answer is no07:33
macogwwait woah the topic says it is...but #ubuntu-release-party says it's not07:34
assasukassehi everyone, after installing to gutsy my screen doesn't go to standby anymore07:34
assasukasseis there something i can look into?07:34
mntnpngnso..  anyone still here?07:47
enycmntnpngn: bayxe07:49
enycmntnpngn: maybe even07:50
PecisDarbshi people, which app I should install to change cursor themes in GNOME?08:40
cafuegoPecisDarbs: nothing; jUse Settings > Mouse > Pointers08:46
PecisDarbscafuego: I don't have such thing08:47
cafuegoSystem > Preferences > Mouse08:48
cafuegoPart of the normal control panels08:48
PecisDarbscafuego: I have few days old Gutsy and there is no such thing in this caplet08:48
PecisDarbsI know08:48
cafuegoOh, gutsy... dunno, not running it yet.08:48
necronekostarPecisDarbs system>pref>appearance>theme>customize>pointers08:50
PecisDarbsa little bit too deep, though08:52
necronekostaragreed - should be a direct linky to it somewhere... but theres not :P08:55
bXiis the name for gutsy+1 known already?09:05
mntnpngnso..  I guess it's not out yet...09:12
nrdbthings are slowing down here.09:27
d1n0are there no big updates in the final release today?09:45
avatar_final iso's are already finished10:05
avatar_there it is :)10:12
stdinit's not out yet...10:15
Necrosan_If I it clearly is10:29
Oli``There was me hoping there would be one last update over apt before the images came out.10:56
=== Seveas changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" | This channel is for Hardy discussion only | If you need help with dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy join #ubuntu | Hardy does not exist yet!
addosis there anyway to encrypt the harddrive from gutsy livecd installer?14:26
Seveasaddos, gutsy support in #ubuntu, it's released!14:40
* Pici prepares for 'the purge'14:40
robpurge it purge it!14:43
avatar_time to try hardy14:44
* Dave2 doesn't want to be purged :(14:44
LiMaOit was so good to be here with you all =P14:49
LiMaOthe time to 'say goodbye' is so difficult =~14:49
LjLwant some help? :)14:53
LiMaOi was here to help others =P14:54
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
LjLi meant help saying goodbye, but nevermind :P15:10
LiMaOoh no no.. i don't want any help with that.. don't throw me outta here =P15:12
Instabin|WorkWhen is the fist hardy suposed to be released.15:25
* Instabin|Work trys hard to stay with topic15:25
* Instabin|Work thinks the topic should have a link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule15:27
Instabin|Workno one to talk to in here now...15:30
Specyay, let's talk about a non existant os!15:31
LiMaOSpec: you can tell us what you want it to have =P15:35
Specwe need an ubuntu business edition, that is, an edition geared towards small retail businesses. comes with point of sales software, barcode software, asterisk with a nice gui config, etc...15:36
LiMaOthat would give a nice fork of ubuntu15:37
Specit'd be a humerous name, just because it's called 'business edition' and would still be free.15:37
hyljenah, charge a lot for it so middle management thinks it must be good15:38
LiMaOso 8.04 will be an LTS version15:39
Spechylje: it can be free, and i can charge a lot for it. at the same time.15:40
Specbut a business edition (small business edition!) wouldn't be geared towards middle management15:40
Specit'd be geared as a replacement for POS / accounting systems that small stores pay lots for15:40
Specand if it's really good maybe the local governments will distribute it with their small business startup packages.15:41
Lynourehylje: one can charge for ubuntu installations even now15:42
Lynoureno need to fork anything for that.15:43
LynoureMany if not most POS are already Linux based15:44
Lynoureyey :)15:45
Reabyhave anybody thought making update manager and / or apt-get use bittorrent.. when you download you also seed material and when ready seeding stops. could help 8.04 downloads and upgrades very much.16:10
DeepByes, apt-torrent http://sianka.free.fr/16:11
Reabyit's only for debian16:12
Reabyand i think it has no userbase what so ever, if it doesn't ship with debian16:13
Reabyimagine if ubuntu could use apt-torrent for updates16:16
Reabyrelease day would be much easier for server load16:16
Reabythen donating to OSS could be easy, as you could check for seeding 24/7 updates16:24
Reabywith limiter ofc16:25
Reabysay i want to donate 10kb/sek16:26
Reabydamn that could be cool.16:26
Specyou could just seed ISOs16:26
Reabyhmm.. true.16:30
Solarion_what is the ubuntu equivalent of smolt?16:41
coNP[uni]What is smolt, Solarion_ ?16:45
=== Solarion_ is now known as Solarion
Solarion'Smolt is a basic hardware profiler. Its intended to be a profiler to get automated information from users.'16:47
DeepBSolarion: http://hwdb.ubuntu.com/16:50
DeepBSolarion: sudo apt-get install hwdb-client16:54
=== _tim__b is now known as tim__b
dryrotwhere are the hot gutsy iso torrents ?17:22
BlueAidan_workthe upgrade process from the kubuntu rc to release isn't working. It throws an error about libportaudio0 being unsupported now, then says there are no upgrades available and the distro upgrade process is canceled.17:23
LiMaOhey people, join #ubuntu-release-party or even #ubuntu for help with gutsy17:30
LiMaOthis channel doesn't provide support to gutsy anymore (as it was released), only to the next ubuntu version17:30
Eq|workBlueAidan_work : it shouldn't be a distro upgrade.. merely a normal upgrade...17:44
* BlueAidan_work meant clicking the "Version Upgrade" button17:45
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
AlienX_does anyone happen to know exactly how many packages are available in the gutsy repositories?19:25
AlienX_i'm trying to be able to quantify this and i can't seem to find anything19:26
dryrotAlienX_: i dont know but i can tell you that there are 1262 packages on the gutsy install cd19:26
AlienX_dryrot: that's a good start. Thank you!19:27
DeepBAlienX_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/allpackages.en.txt.gz19:58
PiciDeepB: good thinking19:59
sorbixi did an early update, but nhow come i dont have any update notifications right now?  should i have some since it was released?20:46
LjLsorbix: uhm... no?21:09
sorbixLjL, ok thanks :)  my update went a little weird so i thought something might be messed up21:22

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