gnrfanhi everyone03:34
gnrfanwhat is the truetype font for "linux for human beings"???03:35
gnrfanwe're making some stickers at our LoCo team (Peru) but wanted that in spanish03:35
Madpilotit's called Ubuntu Title, it's available via the Ubuntu wiki03:39
Madpilotit's also in repos, now that I think of it03:39
gnrfanMadpilot: I don't mean the font in "ubuntu" but in "linux for human beings"03:39
gnrfanMadpilot: they are different03:39
Madpilotah, right03:39
Madpilotnot sure03:39
gnrfanwho might know?03:40
Madpilothang out here, or try the artwork mailing list - more activity there, generally03:40
gnrfanok nice03:43
nothlit`alphakwwii: i found a page on artwork licenses http://www.linux.com/feature/11921204:05
gnrfanthe font is arial rounded04:11
gnrfanbut can't find it yet04:11
nothlit`alphakwwii: i've got around to cleaning up getinvolved, and your errors are fixed04:38
nothlit`alphakwwii: list what sort of things you want for the faq or mail me04:38
troy_s<andreasn> ugh, so the biggest problem with two linux computers in the same network that i run into is that it's close to impossible to share files between them in a easy manner06:50
troy_s<kwwii> lol, no doubt06:50
troy_s<kwwii> honest to god, I use a usb stick :p06:50
troy_suhh ssh guys06:50
troy_sit's built right into gnome too...06:51
troy_sreally really sad that more people don't know about that.06:51
nysosymgood morning06:51
troy_sgreetings nysosym06:51
nysosymhi troy_s :)06:52
nysosymis final of gutsy released yet?06:52
troy_snysosym: I don't think quite yet... maybe in a few days?06:52
nysosymbut today is the 18. oct. the final date :D06:53
nysosymbut i can't see nothing on ubuntu.com06:53
nysosymnothing = anything06:53
troy_snysosym: Well whatever.  update-manager -c -d06:53
troy_sgood enough06:53
troy_syou don't really need the 'hey ubuntu is out' as the day after a release the new version is available.06:54
nysosymwell, brb :)06:54
BHSPitMonkeytroy_s, that is sad... Perhaps it should be addressed during Open Week.06:55
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: what is sad?06:59
nysosymhope everything works fine after the update07:01
BHSPitMonkeytroy_s, undereducation on ssh/scp07:03
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: It is really really really sad.07:04
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: add openssh server and you can do everything through ssh07:04
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: Only fools and idiots use ftp / telnet anymore07:05
BHSPitMonkeytroy_s, where exactly does scp come into play with gnome though07:05
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: Not to mention that you get integrated shell with ssh07:05
BHSPitMonkeyyes, I already know about ssh, thanks07:05
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: Try desktop -- connect to server.07:05
BHSPitMonkeyI wish my ISP didn't block all incoming07:05
troy_sscp is ssh -- just a small chunk of it all.07:05
BHSPitMonkeyit's hell not being able to ssh in07:05
troy_ssftp is ssh etc.07:05
BHSPitMonkeyI know they are.07:05
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: Move ssh to another port or is it a full portban?07:05
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: Then they aren't really an internet service provider07:06
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: and you should inform them as such.07:06
BHSPitMonkeyno, they're not07:06
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: That sort of crap is pure bs.07:06
BHSPitMonkeyit's dorm internet07:06
BHSPitMonkeyI don't pay for it separately07:06
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: There most certainly is a workaround out there somehow.07:06
BHSPitMonkeythere's a lot of b.s. involved with dorm life07:07
BHSPitMonkeyuhh, no, there's not.07:07
BHSPitMonkeyyou can't "workaround" not having any incoming on a LAN.07:07
BHSPitMonkeyI have a private IP, and I know people in the depts that work/oversee the stuff07:08
BHSPitMonkeybut anyway07:08
BHSPitMonkeywhere were you saying GNOME facilitates ssh stuff?07:08
BHSPitMonkeyI know it appears in the list of services if you have it installed, but...07:08
troy_sBHSPitMonkey: connect to server and put in ssh - you get an integrated ssh copy / paste /etc stuff via nautilus.07:12
BHSPitMonkeyoh yeah07:12
BHSPitMonkeyheh, I actually know about and use that often07:12
BHSPitMonkeyguess it didn't come to mind right for some reason07:12
nysosymeverything works fine :)07:23
nysosymbut the sound is a little bit crappy on my macbook, against osx07:23
nysosymsounds like an old radio :D07:23
nysosymwow compiz does big steps O.o08:10
nysosymamazing new features :D08:17
ybotkSeveas, Lest not forget?10:37
Seveasdon't mess with people who know freenode staff :)10:38
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
hellraiser_roblooks like gutsy is live!13:00
hellraiser_roblooks great, actual app, or mockup?13:25
hellraiser_robyeah apparently it is13:26
coastGNUkwwii: Hi Kenneth, any news from the cd-lable artwork front?19:50
kwwiicoastGNU: dude, I sent you an email a couple hours after we talked19:51
kwwiidu heisst doch Thomas, oder?19:52
kwwiidas hat alles was es gibt in pdf format19:53
coastGNUkwwii: Jepp, noch heisse ich Thomas. But the point is my email-address, templin@gnuwhv.de, isn*t it? No mail from Kenneth in my inbox(es):)19:54
coastGNUkwwii: Aahhh, thats it what I was longing for. *freu*19:57
coastGNUkwwii: BTW, there is no official xubuntu artwork atm, right?19:57
kwwiicoastGNU: nope20:10
kwwiicoastGNU: hrm, I sent you two emails and neither of them came back20:10
kwwiiwell, my email address is kwwii@ubuntu.com so it would not be coming from Kenneth anyway :-)20:16
kwwiibut the important part is that you have the stuff to print the CDs20:17
coastGNUkwwii: Yepp, so we are ready to present the Ubuntu 7,10 Gutsy Gibbon "Blue Mauritius" CD Edition at Systems Munich.20:25

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