dpvnmei have a bit problem with the sound card, is this the right place to ask?08:19
pwnguineveryone asks that and then leaves after an hour with no response08:20
dpvnmecan you help me?08:21
dpvnmeok, i have an acer a13508:21
dpvnmeeverything works fine except the sound card08:21
dpvnmei've been reading the wiki and tutorial08:21
dpvnmesomewhere in the compiling process, i get a lot of errors08:22
pwnguinwhere did we go from broken sound card to compiling things?08:22
dpvnmei guess it's not compiling, more like extracting08:23
pwnguincan you link to the wiki page you're following08:23
dpvnmei got to the part where they ask to do these thing:08:24
dpvnmecd alsa-driver-1.0.14rc3  ./configure --with-cards=hda-intel make sudo make install  cd ../alsa-lib-1.0.14rc3 ./configure sudo make install  cd ../alsa-utils-1.0.14rc2 ./configure sudo make install08:24
pwnguinthat's basically compiling..08:24
pwnguinwhich is fine08:25
dpvnmeyes, then next, they ask me to do this: Now we remove the old and insert the new alsa module:08:25
dpvnmewith this command: sudo modprobe -r snd-hda-intel && sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel08:25
dpvnmethat's where the error comes in, some folder suppose to be there but it's not08:26
pwnguinare you running ubuntu 7.04?08:26
dpvnmethe latest08:26
dpvnmeit just came out few days ago08:27
dpvnmeand i did a fresh install08:27
pwnguinyou're basically building alsa from source08:28
dpvnmeWARNING: Could not open '/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/sound/core/snd-page-alloc.ko': No such file or directory08:28
dpvnmethat's the error08:29
pwnguinwhich probably means alsa failed to build08:29
dpvnmeso i went into "core" folder08:29
dpvnmei see08:29
pwnguinanything there?08:29
pwnguinfailed to build08:29
pwnguingo back to alsa driver directory where you ran make install08:30
pwnguinrun "make clean"08:30
pwnguinmaybe "sudo make clean"08:31
pwnguinthen do sudo make08:31
pwnguinwe'll see if it builds08:31
dpvnmeok, it's running08:31
dpvnmeand hey, thank you for helping08:32
pwnguinthat guide is written for edgy / gutsy on a laptop that isnt your model. i donno how useful it will be for you08:32
dpvnmewell, it came from this link08:32
pwnguinim also not sure if alsa plays well with unmatched kernels08:33
pwnguinalsa's really not where ive been spending much attention, in part because it seems a huge PITA to build08:34
dpvnmeyeah, it end up with bunch of errors08:35
pwnguini that is the source of your troubles08:36
pwnguinit couldnt find that .ko because that step failed to make one08:36
dpvnmei see08:36
dpvnmeyeah, there's no .ko file found08:37
dpvnmeso am i using the wrong driver?08:37
pwnguinits hard to say08:37
pwnguinwithout a good build log to look at08:37
dpvnmeand when i try to install wine, it tells me this:  Depends: libaudio2  but it is not installable08:38
dpvnmeso the sound card must work to run wine?08:38
pwnguini dont think so?08:38
dpvnmeThe volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured.08:39
pwnguinlibaudio2 is a network audio system08:39
dpvnmethat's what i see when i click on the volume icon08:39
pwnguinyou have no sound module08:39
dpvnmeand alsa is one of them?08:40
pwnguinalsa is the advanced linux sound architecture - A.L.S.A.08:40
dpvnmeso is it more like of a generic sound module?08:41
pwnguinits a collection of several specific sound modules08:41
pwnguinand a common software interface that applications can use08:41
pwnguinin this case, it seems the snd-intel driver is not so good for you08:41
dpvnmedoes ubuntu have any driver checking utility?08:43
dpvnmei mean to tell which modules is good for this hardware08:43
pwnguinnot exactly, but we have ways of making intelligent guesses08:44
pwnguinrun lspci and look for the line that says something about audio or sound08:44
dpvnmein the console?08:45
pwnguinyou have an acer laptop08:45
pwnguinmodel a13508:45
pwnguinthe ubuntu thread is for a toshiba a13508:45
dpvnmei'm sorry08:46
dpvnmeit's a toshiba08:46
dpvnmeacer is the other one i have08:46
pwnguinif you're lying to me, it wont help either of us08:46
dpvnmeno, it's a toshiba satellite a135-s465608:46
pwnguinthat look familiar?08:47
dpvnmeso just add one line in it?08:48
pwnguin... it may be a bit late for that08:48
dpvnmewhat do you mean?08:49
pwnguinmodprobe cant find the sound module anymore08:49
dpvnmeso do i have to do a fresh install of ubuntu again?08:50
pwnguini think it'll help08:50
dpvnmeand then add the line08:51
pwnguinthats what i'd do first08:51
pwnguinbefore doing anything like "make install"08:51
pwnguini understand its painful, but this is the price of early adoption08:52
pwnguinsometimes what worked in an older version, especially when it involves patching source code, doesn't work anymore08:52
dpvnmei see08:52
dpvnmeso let me get it right, right after install ubuntu08:53
dpvnmei go download alsa08:53
dpvnmebefore compiling08:53
dpvnmeedit the file?08:53
pwnguinreinstall, and if it doesnt work, come back here08:53
pwnguinwe'll diagnose the root problem, document it, and see about getting it fixed in ubuntu itself08:53
dpvnmebut with the default installation, the sound does not work08:54
pwnguinso i hear08:54
pwnguinthe question is why08:54
dpvnmei install ubuntu this morning08:54
pwnguinand what exactly needs fixing08:54
dpvnmeso let me do a fresh reinstall and come back here then08:55
pwnguinanyone have an idea why tifm stopped working?09:08
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