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Burgundaviahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/7%2e10Tour <-- please work on04:21
* johnc4510 did someone just post about a cd stand, i missed it05:41
Burgundaviacd stand?05:41
johnc4510guess not05:41
Burgundaviayour sanity is slowly slipping05:42
johnc4510not sure it was ever there  LOL05:42
johnc4510and it's been a long day05:42
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: someone did05:44
johnc4510ah, found it, it was from the marketing mail list05:44
johnc4510gutsy must have notify turned on in thunderbird05:45
boredandbloggingoh yeah?05:45
johnc4510well, i got a popup notification of mail05:47
johnc4510i just set up thunderbird today, some maybe i turned it on, but i don't remember05:48
johnc4510the brain is the first thing to go with age05:48
johnc4510hee hee05:48
johnc4510night all05:50
oliveplease please :/ I NEED bigger JPG of http://people.ubuntu.com/~mnuzum/projects/7.10Cover.png09:44
oliveIt's very important for ubuntu-fr locoteam09:44
tonyyarussoolive: Try poking newz2000 09:45
olive23:52 <newz2000> No, unfortunately I don't09:45
oliveI sent mail to Kat Kinnie, no answer09:46
oliveMarketing mailing list, no answer :(09:46
oliveI anderstand everybody is busy09:47
olivebut it's just a big problem.09:48
oliveping katkin ?09:50
katkinhi olibe09:51
katkinolive: how can I help?09:52
olivekatkin: Ubuntu-fr needs bigger JPG of http://people.ubuntu.com/~mnuzum/projects/7.10Cover.png09:52
oliveplease ;)09:52
katkinolive: I can just send you the artwork for the CD sleeve if that helps?09:53
oliveyes !09:53
katkinolive: I have sent it to you now09:54
oliveperfect !09:58
oliveIt's exactly what I want ! ;)09:58
olivethanks katkin 09:59
katkinolive: no worries, let me know if there is anything else I can do to help - happy release day :)10:00
olivethank you ! ;)10:01
popeykatkin: any chance you could mail me over that artwork?10:29
popey(please) :)10:29
katkinpopey: sure10:29
katkinI'm going to put it up on DIY marketing in a bit, once I get the time10:29
popeyI'll do it for you if you want10:30
katkinpopey: no, no - I need to make some double checks before we put anything there10:33
katkinpopey: thanks10:33
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juliuxkatkin, thanks for the pens, i get a phone call this morning that they arrived today16:52
juliuxjenda, how can order more powered by edubuntu stickers?16:52
katkinjuliux: no worries at all16:52
katkinjuliux: I hope you have a great Ubucon 16:53
juliuxkatkin, we also hope that we will have a great ubucon;)16:53
katkinjuliux: cool! Happy Release Day too :)16:53
juliuxkatkin, thanks also to you16:54
jendajuliux: erm... I only have a few left21:41
jendajuliux: looks like about 3021:42
jendajuliux: BTW, betterworld bookstore just refunded me fully for the books the customs sent back. My god I love Americans :D21:42
juliuxwill you print again some stickers?21:42
juliuxjenda, cool21:42
jendaI believe so, but not any time soon21:43
juliuxbut this year?21:43
jendaI'm 100% busy, at least for 2 months21:43
jendaI might have more time after Christmas.21:43
jendaNot sure if I have the funds, but it might be done through the Association.21:43
juliuxi can pay befor we have the stickers21:44
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