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zulschedule montreal11:26
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pittishepherding #u-r-p is fun ... and pain...12:58
zulpitti: you love it12:59
pittieducates me in reading English REALLY fast :)12:59
Keybukok, so let's keep this nice and quick13:00
Keybukfirst off, congratulations to you all!13:00
* pitti hugs the team, Gutsy is great! moderately buggy, but so many new good stuff13:01
* ogra congratulates the giats on whose sholders he stands with edubuntu13:01
ogra*giants too :)13:01
KeybukRiddell: and especial congrats for getting Kubuntu out single-handedly13:01
mvois macslow on vac?13:02
* mvo hugs Riddell13:02
Keybukmvo: he's ill :-(13:02
mvooh :(13:02
mvomissed the release day, poor thing13:02
kwwiihe is hiding from the angry mobs of compiz haters13:02
Keybuksadly it's a bitter sweet celebration13:02
Keybukiwj: thanks for all your work over the years13:02
Keybukand good luck for the future!13:03
* ogra hugs iwj 13:03
* dholbach hugs iwj too13:03
mvoiwj: good luck, it was great having you!13:03
* mvo hugs iwj13:03
mvoiwj: I still enjoy the book authors that you recommended :)13:03
mvokwwii: and left me alone facing them :P13:03
kwwiimvo: :-)13:04
Keybukrandom stat of the day13:04
Keybukwe maxed out our 7GB line two ours before the release ;)13:04
Keybukhours too13:04
pittiiwj: all the best again, it was a real pleasure to work with you (and play Mao :-P)13:04
pittiKeybuk: 'orrible13:04
KeybukHardy: I've chatted to about half of you about the plan for UDS, and will catch up with the rest tomorrow afternoon once I'm back home from the office madness13:05
iwjKeybuk: Thanks :-).13:05
iwjIt's been a pleasure to work with you guys, too, and to know you.13:05
Keybukso the business now is to rest up, get your specs for UDS registered and let's make hardy rock!13:06
Keybukif there's no other business for the meeting, I'll let you all go celebrate13:06
pittiI had some questions about FOSSCamp, but no need to do that in the meeting13:07
Keybuk(there won't be a meeting next day since we have the day off pre-UDS, so I'll see you all on Saturday at FOSSCamp)13:07
pittiah, that was my other q :)13:07
Keybukpitti: sure, I'm happy to attempt to answer them out of the meeting if you prefer13:07
pittiI just generally wondered how we'll organize the "who's who" on fosscamp13:07
pittiwill we do a first session where everyone gives a 20-second introduction?13:08
pittiso that we'll know whom to talk to?13:08
KeybukI have no idea, Jono may know the answer13:08
* kwwii thinks we should have people with horns announcing us as we enter the building13:08
jonothis is still being decided13:08
pittiok, I'll ask him then; I might not be the only one, so I'll ask on distro-team@13:08
pittijono: ok13:09
Keybukok, any other business?13:09
pittithe magic three post-release items: get blueprints, get drunk, get sleep :)13:10
Keybukindeed, enjoy13:10
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