SuggleyHi - have MythTV up and running and recording well etc. was wondering if any1 had to good tutorials as to how to have a recording transcoded to x264 or xvid after recording has been completed01:31
therethinker*waits for ubuntu*02:21
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information02:21
MythbuntuGuest77Can i add espn360 to mythstream?03:05
MythbuntuGuest77I want to add espn360 to my mythstrem.. is that posible.03:13
DiggThissuperm1: are u in?03:24
foxbuntuDiggThis, I don't think he is03:26
DiggThisthx foxbuntu prob busy for the launch.03:26
foxbuntuDiggThis, indeed03:27
DiggThisill give him some time and try later then thx mate03:27
MythbuntuGuest77fox can you help me? I want to add espn360 to mythtvsteam. it downloads a plug in is that ok?03:41
foxbuntuMythbuntuGuest77, I don't know anything about that03:45
=== Tari_ is now known as Tari|zzz
MythbuntuGuest77that is ok03:58
gibI discovered that Nvidia drivers have their own xvmc driver called rather than the standard xxmc.  That's why it wouldn't work.  After I set xine to use xxmc, my cpu usage for playing DVD's dropped in half!    From peaking at aroud 70% with Xv to 35% with xxmc.04:15
gibcalled xxmc rather than the standard xvmc for non-nvidia cards, I mean.04:16
MitoTraninwow... can you document that somewhere, or file a bug report for it?04:16
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots04:16
MitoTraninhmm, not there04:16
gibOK, it's not really a bug, just something you need to know about nvidia using a custom driver for xvmc.04:17
MitoTraninright... which is a bug for mythbuntu, because it should handle that for you04:18
MitoTraninI agree that it's not technically a bug, but it is something that should be taken care of and fixed...04:18
gibAlthough, it might be considered a bug that myth internal trys to use xvmc for nvidia and I don't think there is a place to change that.04:18
MitoTraninthus why when you tell the MCC to use the restricted nvidia drivers, it would be a good thing for the mcc to change things like that04:19
gibYes, that would be good.  :)04:20
gibSo I should enter it as a blueprint rather than a bug?04:22
MitoTraninI was debating between the two actually04:22
MitoTranintechnically it's not a bug04:22
MitoTraninbut it does cause problems that lead to "bugs"04:23
gibWell, it's not really a bug, because xine defaults to auto, which doesn't use xvmc either.04:23
MitoTraningo for the blueprint04:23
gibIt doesn't use the wrong one, just not the ideal one.04:24
MitoTraninit could be considered a bug, because mythbuntu does detect if you have nvidia or ati so that it knows which restricted driver to install04:24
gibI was surprised at the dramatic result--it dumped half the load to the gpu.04:25
MitoTraninso technically since it's doing that detection, and making changes based on the result of that detection, it's a bug because it doesn't make all the necessary changes due to the detection...04:25
MitoTraninbut yeah... blueprint wins by a slight margin I think...04:25
MitoTranin(and I'm interested since I have an nvidia geforce 4 mx as my onboard card :004:26
gibMore than that if you consider xv  is supposed already dumping part of the load to the gpu and the 50% difference is between xv and xxmc04:26
gibHow's that?  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+spec/nvivia-xxmc-driver-for-xine04:43
MitoTraninworks :)04:52
gibDo you happen to know of any good color calibration photos.  In KDE there are three boxes that blend in to mostly gray when gamma is adjusted properly, otherwise they stand out to various degrees.  Is there a photo someplace I can use to adjust my monitor that would do something similar?05:00
gibAdjust my TV, I should say.05:00
gibWhich is a lot harder because the res is so much worse than a monitor.05:01
MitoTraningoogle gives: http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-6463_7-5085739-4.html05:01
gibEven at 640x480 nvidia-settings doesn't fit on the screen, and the apply changes buttons are off the bottom of hte screen.05:01
MitoTraninyeah, but you don't have to run it at that res05:02
MitoTraninyou can still run anything that's 4x3 and it will resize properly05:02
gibYes, but anything higher is totally unreadable.05:04
gibI literally can't read text.05:04
gibI can on mythTV because of the way it adjusts it.05:05
gibBut not outside on the xfce desktop running nvidia-settings and other utils05:05
MitoTraninit depends on how well it converts it...05:06
gibMy TV's grid mask is really course.  It can do higher res, but it's can physically resolve them.05:07
gibIt's a lot easier to make all my changes via ssh or nx, but color adjustment is one thing that actually needs to be done at the monitor itself.05:09
gibBut all programs seem to assume a 1024x768 screen or larger now.05:10
MitoTraninso change to that resolution and vnc in so you can read it.05:11
MitoTraninfix the color, and then change it back05:11
MitoTraninor, just leave it at the 1024x768 since myth works fine in it, and vnc in when you need to do anything outside of myth :)05:11
tazgodxhmmmm, i keep getting an error when trying to upgrade my kubuntu. says it can't resolve one of the repos.....been trying for 3 days now05:23
MitoTraninhas anyone seen it where you delete a recording via mythweb, it goes away from the screen, but when you leave that page and go back, it's still there again?05:26
MitoTranintazgodx: disable that repo?05:27
tgm4883_laptopMitoTranin, no, have you seen where you try to delete a show from the recordings screen and it instead plays it?05:28
MitoTraninno, never seen that one either05:29
tazgodxMitoTranin: i actually don't know which one it is...i don't see it listed in my sources.list05:30
tazgodxnm, found it :)05:32
MitoTraninweird... I just deleted the same recordings from my MythTV player on my windows box05:35
MitoTraninand they showed right back up05:35
MitoTraninI figured it out!?!?!05:37
MitoTraninmy nfslockfile problem too I bet05:37
MitoTraninor so I think I did05:37
MitoTraninugh, doesn't make sense though05:37
MitoTraninok, tgm4883_laptop, you still around?05:38
MitoTranindo you remember my nfslockfile problem?05:38
MitoTraninok... well the basis is that it can't, or doesn't, delete the lockfile after it creates it05:38
MitoTraninwell, with these recordings not deleting, I looked in the mythbackend log to see what was going on...05:39
MitoTraninit is filled with this stuff:05:39
MitoTranin2007-10-17 21:52:21.909 Expiring Ninja Warrior "Sasuke 7: Part 2" from Wed Oct 17 00:00:00 2007, 10 MBytes, forced expire (LiveTV rec$05:39
MitoTranin2007-10-17 21:52:24.975 Error deleting '/data/mythtv/recordings/1003_20071017001453.nuv' could not open05:39
MitoTranin                        eno: Permission denied (13)05:39
MitoTraninand I mean absolutely filled with trying to expire livetv recordings05:39
MitoTraninso my guess is that it's getting the same problem when trying to delete the lockfile05:40
MitoTraninbut the question then is why?05:40
MitoTraninthe only thing I can think of is because the root account is what's doing the deleting, right?05:40
tgm4883yea because if it makes it, then it should be able to delete it05:40
tgm4883cifs right05:40
MitoTraninwell, the password is different between this machine and my nas05:40
MitoTraninyes, cifs05:40
MitoTraninbut that's the thing05:41
MitoTraninit should always use the credentials in the fstab file05:41
MitoTraninso the root account and password being different shouldn't matter05:41
tgm4883maybe the mount is wrong ?05:41
MitoTraninI don't see anything wrong with it:  // /data/nas-mounts/risk cifs username=tvmyth,password=mythtv 0 005:42
MitoTraninmaybe because the mythtv could be issuing the delete command, and the /data dir is owned by root?05:45
MitoTranindrwxr-xr-x   5 root root  4096 2007-10-14 03:01 data05:46
tgm4883isn't there an edit/change permission for cifs?05:47
MitoTraninhmmm... the default file permissions were set to 77505:52
tgm4883it's not doing this is it http://lists.samba.org/archive/linux-cifs-client/2006-December/001637.html05:53
tgm4883also look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-318943.html05:54
MitoTraninbut I just checked the permissions of the recording files etc05:54
MitoTranin-rwxrw-r-- 1 1003 nogroup 1059619424 2007-10-17 21:00 1029_20071017200000.nuv05:54
MitoTraninI just chmod'd to 77705:56
MitoTraninand it only changed it to 77605:56
MitoTranin-rwxrwxr-x 1 1003 nogroup 1059619424 2007-10-17 21:00 1029_20071017200000.nuv05:56
tgm4883delete readonly = yes ?05:58
solarbabyAhhh a good days sleep makes me feel great07:17
solarbabysuperm1: soon I will be coming out with my MythTV and Xbox Frontend(s) Howto07:18
solarbabysuperm1: unless there are already some good ones, I need to check07:18
superm1solarbaby, xbox frontend as in mythbuntu on xbox?07:19
superm1or as in xbmc?07:19
tazgodxwhat are teh bare minimum specs for a mythtv frontend?07:22
mythbotLooking for recommended hardware specs?  Look no further than here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57020407:23
tazgodxhmm, i wouldn't be able to use like a 700Mhz for a frontend? doesn't the frontend just stream from the backend?07:25
superm1you can try07:26
superm1it wont hurt to try at least07:26
Wy|laptopYou should.07:27
tazgodxhmmm, ill have to give it a try. i think i have a 700 downstairs07:27
Wy|laptopdepending on what you're trying to playback07:27
Wy|laptopEPIAs are very common frontend machines07:27
tazgodxi would almost think that you could get really slow CPUs on a frontend, considering its all streamed from a backend. there is no encoding or anything on it. specially for SD signal07:30
Wy|laptopdecodeing, especially for HD.07:31
Wy|laptopbut for SD, pretty much any machine will do07:32
Wy|laptopThe EPIA boards (800mhz VIA C3s) are very common for a frontend. And ifyou boot myth off a flash CF disk... it's a completely silent system07:33
tazgodxill have to look at prices on those. still looking for a frontend machine or 207:34
Wy|laptophell, there's even stuff like http://www.mini-box.com/iMediaMythTV07:36
solarbabysuperm1: I use a python script that can be found at sourceforge.net its called xbmcmyth.py07:47
solarbabysuperm1: it is able to schedule TV shows, and watch live tv07:47
solarbabysuperm1: this frontend loads up in a few seconds, so its nice and fast alternatively there is a linux frontend as well which I haven't messed with but Im just about too.. I have a feeling that one will be a very nice graphical interface much like the current mythcd frontend..  we'll see07:48
superm1yeah i've heard of people doing that.07:49
solarbabysuperm1: well the howtos were very bad.. none of them described the database issue which I have a solution07:49
solarbabyits a 1 command line solution too07:49
solarbabyit just changes the mysql password to the old style password so that mysql 4.0 is now compatable with mysql 5.0 and Viola!07:50
superm1yeah pdragon posted something about that.07:50
superm1ideally actually07:50
superm1if that can be scripted07:50
superm1to read /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt07:50
superm1and then issue via a python mysql handler07:50
solarbabythat'd be very cool07:50
superm1so if you want a script to play with making, there you go :)07:50
superm1i'm sure lots of people would appreciate that07:51
solarbabysuperm1: not ready to take on a whole lot just yet..  Im still kinda pooped out from the inital 2 weeks of playing with mythtv for the first time in my life07:51
superm1ah the first time.... i wish i could remember my first time07:51
solarbabysuperm1: thats right im just a newbie07:51
solarbabysuperm1: I used to depend on GBPVR being the ultimate PVR experience, until I just felt trapped and wanted something more07:52
solarbabysuperm1: its funny everyone on their forum say I tried MythtV but got rid of it for GBPVR, and I did the opposite07:52
solarbabysuperm1: truthfully one of the reasons I started playing with it is the anticipation of XBMC switching to Linux07:54
solarbabysuperm1: I just wanted a head start07:54
superm1i see.07:54
solarbabysuperm1: I feel lucky as hell to have found you guys07:54
superm1well i'm hoping that lots more people see the light now07:55
superm1we're on quite an upward spin i feel07:55
solarbabysuperm1: I find this project incredible..  it wasn't hard to install mythbuntu and if I would have had the information for my specific issues handed to me I could have set everything up in a couple hours07:55
superm1well the goal is < 30 min....07:56
superm1that's if you know what you're doing07:56
solarbabysuperm1: newbies look around and make mistakes07:56
superm1once this install manual is done, that probably should help though07:56
solarbabysuperm1: I need to play with resolution settings next..  I see some scan lines on my recording when theres lots of movement07:57
solarbabysuperm1: maybe its just my onboard video card but I have a feeling its the recording too07:57
superm1solarbaby, here is a little more updated of a pdf than what DaveMorris pointed you at.  I've added a little to it if you were going t olook before he came back to07:59
solarbabysuperm1: Thanks.. I never read the one he sent me I was just too tired..  Now im refreshed07:59
superm1what pdf reader do you use normally?08:00
superm1i've been noticing acrobat 8 is getting really washed out images08:00
superm1but evince shows them fine08:00
solarbabysuperm1: im just about to find out if i even have one.. i'd assume its adobe08:00
solarbabysuperm1: was just booting up my windows computer08:00
solarbabysuperm1: I downloaded but never installed MythDora..  I read something nice about it like they have a utility that makes it super simple to save your database, can we include something like that?08:01
superm1solarbaby, yeah i think there is a spec for it08:02
superm1but the database is automatically backed up08:02
superm1there is just no "manual" mechanism right now08:02
solarbabysuperm1: I tried every howto I found on deleting and rebuilding your database and each time I failed08:03
superm1why were you trying to in the first place?08:03
solarbabysuperm1: I started to write my own howto..  but every attempt failed miserably and involved a reinstall of mythbuntu08:03
solarbabysuperm1: in my first attempts to make my xbox work with myth08:03
solarbabysuperm1: nothing came easy to me my friend08:04
solarbabysuperm1: only the general install of myth was easy08:04
superm1well for future reference there are two easy ways to do it.08:04
superm1apt-get remove --purge mythtv-database mysql-server-5.0 && apt-get install mythbuntu-desktop08:04
superm1apt-get remove --purge mythtv-database mysql-server-5.0 && apt-get install mythbuntu-desktop mythtv-backend-master08:04
superm1better yet08:04
superm1or connect to mysql as your root user08:05
superm1and "DROP mythconverg;"08:05
solarbabyI did that one08:05
solarbabyi backed up the database first..  and reinstalling the database never panned out08:06
superm1that's unfortunate.08:08
solarbabyIm gunna try the Sumatra PDF reader for windows.. looks interesting08:08
solarbabysuperm1: this complete-manual.pdf is godly08:12
superm1mind you its mostly DaveMorris' doing08:19
superm1i've just done the MCC section a bit and the lirc section a bit08:19
solarbabysuperm1: right on..  He's done well..  its a mighty big task08:19
solarbabysuperm1: I will submit to him all my relevent xbox information08:20
superm1well get it on the forums first, and then it will go to the wiki and then eventually to this08:20
superm1i'd like to make sure the information is available to people searching the forums as a top priority08:20
superm1of things08:20
solarbabyI'll be a regular here08:21
solarbabyso not a problem08:21
solarbabyeverytime I posted on the GBPVR which was like 5 times..  I never got any of my problems resolved08:21
superm1well i'm hoping that everyone in here will be able to keep up with the crowd08:22
superm1i'm sure it will get pretty busy08:22
solarbabysuperm1: nod08:22
solarbabysuperm1: i'll start helping.. im still a newbie so I try not to mess anyone up just yet08:22
superm1well it takes a long time to learn it all :)08:22
solarbabysuperm1: im thinking about buying a AppleTV or something simular to put myth onto..  something that takes far less space and is less noisy then even my Small Form Factor Compaq's and HP's08:23
superm1i've thought about that too, but eh08:23
solarbabysuperm1: I dunno of MythBuntu will ever be in that chategory but it'd be cool08:23
superm1i dont spend a lot of time watching it to justify it08:23
superm1as odd as that is08:23
Wy|laptopsolarbaby: EPIA08:24
Wy|laptopw/ a CF flash card boot08:24
solarbabysuperm1: heh..  well I'd like to be able to build something like this for friends and family and only spend a day on it if I can help it08:24
solarbabysuperm1: if things go wrong..  ssh right in and update something08:24
gibHey, what's the deal with that dagmar guy in mythtv-users?  It's so friendly in here, and that guy just verbally assulted me over an over.  I've never felt so unwelcome in a chatroom.08:25
solarbabyI've never even seen a user kicked off this channel before08:25
Wy|laptopokay, bedtime. 'night folks.08:25
superm1night Wy|laptop08:26
superm1what happened gib ?08:26
gibI wish I knew.  :(08:27
gibI guess he's just a very disagreeable guy.08:27
superm1well did you say something that offended him?08:27
solarbabyI wonder if I should use my Plextor ConvertX PVR with my Nslu2 and put a mythbackend together with that08:29
solarbabyits only got a 233 mhz processer though and 16 megs of ram..  But there is a Howto for installing Myth Backend onto it, and the Plextor capture hardware encloded mpeg-4 so the host cpu requirements are low08:30
gibHe went off because I called xxmc a "driver" because you choose it from the "select video driver" box in xine, etc.   It was the most bizzare thing I've ever seen.08:31
solarbabyperhaps he couldn't poop all day08:31
gibEverything I said he pounded on me for not using semantics to his liking.08:31
gibI felt like I was walking through a mine field.08:32
gibIs he always like that?  If so, I wouldn't recommend anyone hang out in that room.08:33
gibYour trying to use a 233 mhz 16mb system for a backend?  Would that break some kind of low-end record?  :)08:40
gibI've got a couple of 166 mhz notebooks with broken screens.  Maybe I could nudge you out if I plugged in a usb MPEG2 device. :)08:41
superm1i doubt it.08:41
gibOtherwise they work pretty well and door stops.08:42
superm1you'd need usb208:42
gibCould put in a pcmica usb2 card.08:42
superm1good luck finding a 16 bit usb2 pcmcia card08:42
superm1most of them are cardbus08:42
gibDoesn't it use relatively low bandwith since with a hardware MPEG2 card the data is send AFTER it's already been encoded?08:43
gibSo USB 1.1 might work?08:44
solarbabyhave you ever seen the NSLU2?  google it08:44
solarbabyIts $80 or less and it runs linux after you flash the firmware08:44
superm1i need to get myself a new wrt54g v1-4 or 5L08:44
solarbabymatter o fact im running my IRSSI Irc program on it.. 24/708:45
superm1my old wrt54g v1 broke a few weeks ago08:45
gibOh, I have a couple of linux routers 200, and 266 mhz boxes that run great and use less than five watts.08:45
solarbabyNslu2 is 10 watts08:45
solarbabyI really like it.. I should pick up another one08:45
gibYeah, I have a wrt54gl and the one that's a step up from that flashed with Xwrt.08:46
solarbabyIf I can make Myth run on it decently I will.. I understand it can't do any heavy processes but if it can timeshift and make a decent recording that'd be nice08:46
gibThat's a thought.  Those little boxes are way cool. :)08:46
gibWhat were you running on your wrt54g, superm1?08:47
superm1one of the older white russian releases08:47
solarbabyread this http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Myth_On_NSLU208:47
superm1never upgraded to current since x-wrt didn't work with it08:47
gibx-wrt is really excellent?  Why wouldn't it work?08:48
superm1according to the site it didn't work on any of the kamikaze releases08:48
superm1so i didn't want to push my luck08:48
solarbabyIt pisses me off they dont give their opinion on how well it works08:49
gibOh, I'm using it with white russian.  The final kam version will be out soon.08:49
gibIn fact they make all there changes on the kam version and then backport to their stable wr version.08:50
superm1o didn't realize that08:50
superm1well i've also got a wr850g that i'm running white russian on08:50
superm1but its really tight for flash08:50
superm1so i try to not change it very often08:50
superm1i've filled that flash one too many times08:50
gibOne of mine is the wrl version, I think with a usb port to plug in a flash card.08:51
DiggThissuperm1: please help, the symbolic links in myth for dvd is screwed up how do i fix?08:51
superm1how is it screwed up?08:51
superm1that is populated at boot08:51
gibCheck out the x-wrt room.  The devs are really nice.08:52
DiggThissuperm1: unusually outside of myth the associations are fine but in myth i need to reverse the associations to use the required dvd drive?08:53
gibI'd better get to bed.  Goodnight all.08:53
solarbabyG'night gib08:53
superm1DiggThis, huh?08:54
superm1outside they are fine08:54
superm1but they need to be reversed inside?08:54
superm1for what app?08:54
DiggThissuperm1: i just noticed it when i tried to use diff dvd drives for diff plugins in myth08:54
DiggThisso for example scd0 is my first drive but the link /dev/dvd points to scd108:55
DiggThisand in mythdvd i have to change so it says /dev/dvd1??08:55
DiggThisits weird?08:55
superm1what does the other one point to?08:55
superm1i'd guess /dev/dvdrw?08:56
DiggThisfirst is /dev/dvd1 and points to scd008:57
DiggThissecond is /dev/dvd and points to scd108:57
DiggThisreversed ?08:57
superm1okay well in myth if you want you can just refer to paths at /dev/disk/by-path/blah08:57
superm1so that you explicitly refer to the drive you are wanting to08:57
DiggThisso u think leave it? and just change myth settings?08:58
superm1yeah why not?08:58
DiggThisHave you come across this before could it be a glitch in myth?08:58
superm1i doubt its a glitch in myth08:58
superm1the symlinks are made outside myth08:58
DiggThisHave you heard of this happening before with 2 drives?08:59
DiggThisOnly reason why is cause i have to go through all the associations in mythtv and change them to the required drive.09:00
superm1can't say i've ran into it before on 2 drives09:00
superm1but i also haven't setup two drive systems in a while09:01
DiggThisok. Could be mythtv itself. I must be one of the only people using a 2 drive config.09:01
DiggThisok on another topic can i at all have access to the volume controls outside of mythtv ie on the desktop like ubuntu?09:02
superm1like i said the symlinks are made outside myth though09:02
superm1yeah right click your panel09:02
superm1and hit add to panel09:02
superm1and there is an audio mixer09:02
DiggThisthankyou now i have used alsamixer to change sound settings is there an easier way?09:03
superm1that sound mixer in the panel09:04
superm1opens up a graphical mixer09:04
DiggThisfo i use default device or other?09:04
superm1that's up to you09:05
DiggThiswhat does use startup noti. mean?09:05
superm1i'm not sure.09:06
DiggThisk is this apart of gutsy and not mythbuntu?09:06
superm1a lot of the xfce stuff that we have setup i'm not used to myself09:06
superm1as we just switched over to it and this is my first experiences with gutsy09:07
DiggThisi noticed you added option to defrag xfs file system in control centre. why only this fs?09:07
superm1i didn't add that, laga did.09:08
solarbabyOk I dont think Mythtv on the Nslu2 would do anything more then be useful for waking up MythTV Backends so that they can record a show09:08
solarbabywell they would make good web-schedulers too for Myth09:08
DiggThissuperm1: any possibility of laga adding other fs support u think?09:09
superm1DiggThis, the archives are frozen.09:09
superm1nothing else is getting in for gutsy09:09
superm1i'm just generating the final ISO images tonight.09:09
superm1DiggThis, but if you would like to see support in hardy, file a spec09:10
DiggThisk. awesome. How do run a daily defrag myself?09:10
superm1google it.  i dont know.09:10
superm1i dont defrag my boxes09:10
DiggThisfair enough. good answer. lol09:10
DiggThisgood luck with the launch? tomorrow right? Should i see huge differences or just bug fixes tomorrow?09:11
superm1the launch won't be until early next week.09:13
superm1need to do last testing on this image09:13
superm1and make sure nothing was overlooked09:13
superm1and the docs need to be prepared09:13
superm1the only differences are the new theme for mythtv, and bug fixes though09:13
solarbabysuperm1: Oh oh ok..  I was hoping you got paid too, cause you spend so much time working on it09:14
DiggThisawesome. thx for your help in the beta and rc version.09:14
solarbabysuperm1: err09:14
frink_superm1: !09:14
superm1frink_, hi09:14
solarbabysuperm1: so people get paid to develope Ubuntu.. I didn't realise that..  I thought Fedora were there only linux distro who did stuff like that09:15
frink_superm1: How are ya?09:15
superm1solarbaby, canonical does have paid developers09:15
superm1but not a lot09:15
superm1frink_, i'm exhausted actually09:16
solarbabysuperm1: nod09:16
superm1i should actually get to bed09:16
superm1its getting late.09:16
frink_superm1: :-( Yeah, I know how ya feel!09:16
superm1well scratch that.  it got late a few hours ago, it's getting early now09:16
superm1in which case nn all~09:16
DiggThisgood luck with the launch again superm1.09:17
solarbabyDitto on that09:17
frink_me too09:17
solarbabySo I think its funny the first thing I ever recorded with MythTV was accidently The News broadcasting Chester The Child MOlester was Arrested09:22
solarbabyI live in the Town that he kidnapped that little girl09:23
solarbabyIt was brand new news to me too.. so it was super cool on 2 counts09:27
frink_where do you live?09:27
solarbabyPahrump Nevada09:28
frink_Pahrump ?09:39
solarbabyYeah its right next to Las Vegas Nevada09:39
solarbabyits just a shithole of a little town though..09:39
frink_well i wasnt going to say anything but it does sound like a fart09:40
frink_do you ever have to apologise when you say "paahhrruumpp" ?09:40
solarbabyHahahah not yet.. usually they say sorry first09:41
frink_So you are using the mythtv ?09:41
solarbabyYeah Myth rocks.. im a newbie09:43
solarbabyI almost gave up the other day.. but then I kept on pushing it until I finally got it working with my hardware09:43
frink_Yeah sometimes it can be an.. issue. Mine worked fine, but then, I have a way with making things work fine.09:47
frink_I also have a way with making Windows crash..09:47
solarbabymy USB-Uirt was the hardest trick..  It wanted to work with anybut but Dish Network.. I later found out that Lirc wasn't coded very well to handle the Uirt and so I stopped trying to make the Uirt learn high frequency codes and started my quest to find the right codes elsewhere09:49
frink_sounds horrid09:49
solarbabyI also didn't realise that Myth wouldn't record anything unless it thinks it has control of your Satalite or Cable Box09:49
solarbabyit was a bad time, but I finally got through it09:49
frink_all good things come to those who wait09:49
solarbabywaiting might have been easier09:50
frink_but not as much fun!09:51
solarbabyyou have a point.. the satisfaction at the end aint half bad09:51
solarbabyOh I remembered where I've heard the name Frink before.. It was a Movie called Merlin09:52
solarbabywacky movie I really enjoyed it09:52
frink_oh really!09:52
frink_My 'frink' is from a usenet group called alt.fan.lemurs09:52
solarbabyprobably came out like 6 years ago09:52
frink_i'll look out for Merlin though.09:53
* frink_ googles for a torrent09:53
solarbabyFrink was a really cool character09:53
frink_.me torrents merlin09:53
reclusivemonke1does anyone have any tips on what flags to use in xorg.conf to get a good picture on a TV?11:24
therethinkernevermind :P11:34
solarbabyshame..  Mythbuntu doesn't want to load onto my laptop11:46
solarbabyoh wait.. just need to let it sleep for a while.. now its happy11:47
solarbabyIm waving goodbye to Windows XP11:48
MythbuntuGuest47 /nick stevetv12:38
=== MythbuntuGuest47 is now known as stevetv
stevetv:) ... hello?12:39
Shukuyenhi all12:59
samson--yay gusty release14:06
reclusivemonke1I don't suppose anyone here has a Soungraph iMon remote do they?15:51
reclusivemonke1I put my Soundgraph VFD in my desktop with Feisty installed and it all worked beautifully on the mythfrontend. Installed it all on the main backend/frontend in Gutsy and nothing! =[15:54
rhpot1991reclusivemonke1 can't say that I do16:00
rhpot1991reclusivemonke1 do you still need help with xorg tv out?16:00
reclusivemonke1rhpot1991: thanks, no I got it working. Although I can't get as nice an output as I used to with edgy :-S16:07
rhpot1991what kind of card?16:08
reclusivemonke1 nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 MX 440]16:09
reclusivemonke1The fonts used to be really sharp with the OpenGL stuff on. Now they are really edgy. I used to be able to use 720x576 but now it only wants to use 800x600. Well at leasts it working =]16:10
rhpot1991what are you running now, feisty/gutsy?16:10
reclusivemonke1The xorg.conf I used in Edgy flat out wouldn't work in Gutsy so I had to roll a new one. Neither the nvidia settings or the new gtsy screen would give me a working xorg.conf for TV-Out16:11
rhpot1991give me a minute16:13
rhpot1991run this: xdpyinfo | grep dots16:15
reclusivemonke1sorry dude the kids are watching TV right now I will have to do it later =] I will make a note of that though16:16
rhpot1991should say 100x10016:16
rhpot1991if not then do this:16:16
rhpot1991here is my xorg.conf if you need to compare anything: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/40911/16:17
reclusivemonke1ah that's excellent, thanks I will give that a go16:17
rhpot1991sure no problem16:19
reclusivemonke1I forgot all about the mythtv resources! I should check there for my imon problem. So frustrating it all just worked "out of the tin" in feisty16:21
rhpot1991it took me a while with reading the nvidia docs and stuff to get my xorg working well16:21
reclusivemonke1it makes your16:22
rhpot1991never really came across any this is how you do it documentation, just messed with options till it looks good16:22
reclusivemonke1xorg fu strong though eh?16:22
reclusivemonke1oddly enough the actual TV/recordings look better its just the font readability16:25
rhpot1991might be the dpi16:25
reclusivemonke1yeah I think you are onto something there16:26
reclusivemonke1I'll have a quick try while the kids are eating tea ;-)16:26
reclusivemonke1that's certainly improved things but its still not as sharp as it used to be :-S16:31
rhpot1991might be your resolution?16:32
rhpot1991since its different than it was16:32
rhpot1991you know when you make changes to xorg, you can hit ctrl+alt+bckspc to reboot x right?16:32
reclusivemonke1well I used to use 720x576 but this won't work now. All I can get it 800x600. Yep I have been doing a lot of that over the past few days!16:33
rhpot1991720x576 is a strange resolution, is it PAL?16:34
reclusivemonke1yeah. Its a widescreen TV, but it doesn't seem to like widescreen resolutions16:34
rhpot1991you found the widescreen checkbox in mythtv right?16:35
reclusivemonke1its for xinerama isn't it?16:36
reclusivemonke1I did try it anyway it didn't make any difference16:37
rhpot1991I thought there was some checkbox in mythtv to say that you are running widescreen16:37
rhpot1991I'm not positive though, as I don't have a widescreen tv16:37
rhpot1991might be of some use to you16:39
rhpot1991also, if you look at my xorg, go down to the part where I have these lines: Modes      "1024x768" "800x600" "720x400" "640x480"16:40
rhpot1991add the "720x576" into there and reboot x and it should let you use that resolution16:40
reclusivemonke1I read the link you gave; its where I got most of my info from. I did add 720x576, and xorg reports it as a usable resolution; however when X starts, the TV is just black16:41
rhpot1991did you check your xorg logs to see if there are any other errors?16:42
MythbuntuGuest06anyone have tips or tricks to get an ATI Remote Wonder II working?16:43
rhpot1991I might be making up that widescreen checkbox, I can't seem to find it16:46
rhpot1991are your fonts blurry gnome or just mythtv?16:46
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest06 sorry I don't, not many people here right now either16:46
MythbuntuGuest06yeah, I see that16:48
MythbuntuGuest06I think I found a good tutorial though16:48
MythbuntuGuest06gonna try it out16:48
MythbuntuGuest06*crosses fingers*16:48
rhpot1991has to be your resolution then16:48
reclusivemonke1you know I have a funny feeling it's the nvidia driver16:48
reclusivemonke1I seem to recall back in Edgy I tried a later nvidia version and got a poorer screen than I had16:49
rhpot1991thats an older card16:50
rhpot1991might be why16:50
reclusivemonke1yeah. I am wondering if I might try an older nvidia driver and see if that works16:50
rhpot1991I thought I remembered seeing them have a legacy driver16:51
rhpot1991for older cards16:51
rhpot1991also appears to be an nvidia-glx and nvidia-glx-new driver in apt16:52
rhpot1991might want to post on the forums asking which you should use for your card16:52
pdragoni think legacy is for ones older than like a GF216:52
reclusivemonke1its currently using nvidia-glx16:52
pdragonlegacy is like really old cards16:52
rhpot1991ah ok16:52
reclusivemonke1I was thinking of one of the archive drivers from the nvidia site; they have them all16:53
pdragoni could be wrong tho. double-check :)16:53
rhpot1991ya, double check in the forums and mention your widescreen resolution problem16:53
rhpot1991maybe someone who deals with that stuff will know what to do16:53
reclusivemonke1the mythtv forums?16:53
rhpot1991I would try16:54
reclusivemonke1ah right. I will see. I've notched up over 1k answers there so I am due an answer myself ;-)16:55
rhpot1991might help16:55
reclusivemonke1pdragon: do you have any experience with lirc?16:57
rhpot1991basically I am seeing people say modify your xorg.conf or run nvidia-settings and change it in there16:57
pdragonunfortunately no16:58
reclusivemonke1lol I would touch nvidia-settings with a ten foot pool. I royally screwed with my xorg.conf16:58
pdragonsolarbaby has been doing a lot of fiddling with it lately tho16:58
rhpot1991I have done hauppauge cards with lirc, thats about it16:58
reclusivemonke1I'll keep an eye on solarbaby then ;-). I had it all working beautifully on my desktop which was a feisty frontend only16:59
reclusivemonke1I can't seem to get mythlcdserver working either, but I am not sure whether I want to use that really, I think I can more useful stuff displayed on the LCD with lcdproc17:00
rhpot1991reclusivemonke1 have you install ubuntu-control-centre?17:00
reclusivemonke1um, not sure; is that part of the normal gutsy install?17:02
rhpot1991not sure17:02
rhpot1991it has an lirc generator though, might help out17:03
reclusivemonke1you mean mythbuntu-control-centre?17:03
rhpot1991I haven't used it though, so I can't help much with it...17:03
reclusivemonke1yeah I have that. Its not a problem with the lirc.conf though; I just can't get anything to get a signal from the remote; mode2 and irw just don't see anything17:04
rhpot1991what remote?17:04
reclusivemonke1its an imon PAD remote17:04
pdragonbleh... my usual ubuntu download mirror is gettin slammed today. can't do torrents where i am now either17:05
rhpot1991do a sudo modprobe lirc_dev and sudo modprobe imon_pad17:06
rhpot1991then sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart17:07
rhpot1991then try irw again17:07
reclusivemonke1they are both loaded17:07
reclusivemonke1oo, no, sorry imon_pad isn't...17:08
rhpot1991ah there17:08
reclusivemonke1AH! I don't have the imon_pad module...17:09
rhpot1991you can add them to /etc/modules to get them to load at boot17:09
reclusivemonke1now I am onto something! thanks for that tip off!17:09
rhpot1991lirc-modules-source might help out17:10
rhpot1991I'm off to lunch, good luck17:10
reclusivemonke1have a nice lunch dude many thanks for your help =]17:11
frink_wow I got like 30Mb/s on a bit torrent download of the new ubuntu17:14
superm1reclusivemonke1, rhpot1991  no lirc modules need to be (or can be) compiled for gutsy17:38
superm1they are all shipped with the kernel image17:38
superm1in linux-ubuntu-modules17:38
superm1the module that you are looking for is called lirc_imon17:39
superm1that is entirely a typo on that page17:40
reclusivemonke1dam superm1. I wonder why my imon completely refuses to work then?17:40
superm1reclusivemonke1, are you using the lirc_imon module then?17:41
reclusivemonke1yeah. That's why I was sure I had seen it17:41
frink_hey superm117:41
reclusivemonke1do you have any suggestions then superm1?17:43
reclusivemonke1short of recompiling lirc from source I don't know what else I can try17:44
superm1lirc 0.8.2 is included in gutsy17:44
superm1those patches are just for mouse support17:45
superm1from lirc17:45
reclusivemonke1yeah but my imon remote is completely refusing to work. I don't get any errors that I can see, imon is listed in lsusb but even mode2 and irw don't show anything when I try the remote17:45
superm1when you installed lirc, you chose the imon device?17:46
superm1or what'd you choose?17:46
reclusivemonke1Yes, I chose the imon VFD/PAD I believe it was. The lirc.conf looks right as it has all the buttons17:46
reclusivemonke1It all worked out of the box in feisty when I tried it on my desktop17:47
superm1well have you tried doing a diff on the lircd.conf on this site and /etc/lirc/lircd.conf installed17:48
superm1to make sure that they are indeed the same?17:48
reclusivemonke1nope, but I thought mode2 didn't even look at the lirc.conf?17:48
superm1there is no file called lirc.conf17:49
superm1its /etc/lirc/lircd.conf17:49
superm1i've never had to use mode217:50
superm1so consequently, i don't know much about it17:50
reclusivemonke1mode2 simply looks at what is coming from the remote. Its the quickest and easiest way to see if a remote is working17:50
superm1well you've made sure the module is loading?17:51
superm1checked dmesg17:51
superm1and the like17:51
reclusivemonke1yep done all that. I can't find any errors17:52
reclusivemonke1all the modules are loaded17:52
reclusivemonke1imon shows up in lsusb17:52
superm1well i'm really not sure then.17:53
reclusivemonke1this is why the only thing I could think to do was to try compiling lirc from source17:53
superm1well i'll warn you that if you compile from source without placing it in a proper debian package, you will run into some other oddities in terms of where things are placed on the filesystem17:55
superm1mcc probably won't work correctly anymore.17:55
reclusivemonke1tbh if it works I don't care. what is mcc?17:55
superm1therethinker, where is your freaking bot?17:56
reclusivemonke1mythbuntu control centre?17:56
superm1so if you're going to go building from source, i'd recommend apt-get source lirc17:57
reclusivemonke1no offence, but its not really offered me anything helpful. Its taken me longer to install and get mythtv working than last time I did it all by hand. That's not to detract from mcc, it's a great project but there are so many tweaks I have to do to get mythtv working I am better off dealing with the individual components myself17:57
superm1and applying your patches as necessary17:57
superm1and then using debuild17:57
reclusivemonke1meh I tried to build debian packages before and it fried my brain :-S17:58
superm1reclusivemonke1, what's taken longer to get up and running?  It's all preinstalled from the iso?17:59
reclusivemonke1Well firstly the ISO wouldn't even boot for me. All I know is last time I installed on Edgy I did it in a couple of hours. I took me much longer than that this time. Granted, I have some tweaks which no one in mythbuntu can do anything about such as mythtv not being able to unmute my TV card18:01
superm1reclusivemonke1, did you sort out why the iso wouldn't boot?18:01
reclusivemonke1superm1: no. I reported it in Launchpad. I burned three disks and that was all I was prepared to do. I have two kids who need the "TV" working so I'm afraid I can't spend too long bug testing =]18:02
superm1oh were you the one with the MBR 999999999 error?18:03
reclusivemonke1yeah but that was a red herring. the l 99 99 was an error from the wrong hd trying to boot after the cd-rom failed18:03
superm1ah i see.18:04
superm1that's still very odd.18:04
superm1well should you have been able to get things to boot and install, its a very painless process from that disk18:04
reclusivemonke1yeah; I burned a Gutsy CD right after and it booted fine. I also tried an Xbuntu which worked no problems18:04
superm1i'd be curious if the final iso acted the same way18:05
reclusivemonke1superm1: yeah but I still have to fix my tv card issues. I still have to install XMLTV and pick out my poorly lonely four terrestrial channels. I still have to manually set up alsa to record from the line in. I still have to roll xorg.conf by hand to get my TV-Out working18:06
reclusivemonke1superm1: I will certainly try the final ISO to see if it boots when I get chance18:06
reclusivemonke1BTW, I tried reporting my TVCard issue to the mythTV people. I got flamed to hell.18:07
superm1ah i see what you mean by the manual tweaks though with that stuff you listed18:07
superm1why'd you get flamed?18:07
reclusivemonke1Because I dared to suggest that mythtv couldn't unmute my TV card. TVTime does it fine, so I use v4lctl to unmute it at boot18:08
superm1that's odd..18:09
reclusivemonke1lol not really, not from my experience of the internet. I wasn't going to bother as I could of predicted the reaction, but justy recommend I do and he is a pretty prominent member on the mythtv forums or was then18:09
reclusivemonke1Its an analogue card; the impression they gave was that it wasn't worth bothering with and/or had to be my fault. I though Linux was all about getting more life out of old hardware. I even have a digital TV pci card but where I live won't get a digital TV singal until 2011!18:11
reclusivemonke1I can only presume this means iMON is loading ok? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1014/19:21
superm1looks right19:38
reclusivemonke1at least I'm not missing anything obvious then :-S19:39
reclusivemonke1I checked the config as well, that looks right too. I still get nothing from irw though.19:40
reclusivemonke1I might just install Feisty tomorrow. I know it all works in there at least.19:40
reclusivemonke1well I've made a post on the Ubuntu forums; maybe someone can shed some light on the imon issue20:45
mythbotHi! I know a lot about MythTV! I can also do things like look stuff up on wikipedia. To see what I know, use $. To learn more about me, say $help.21:56
mythbotIndexError: list index out of range (file "/var/nas/phenny/modules/help.py", line 26, in f_chelp)21:57
mythbotLIRC is a program that allows you to use remote controls and IR blasters21:57
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "imon", sorry.21:57
reclusivemonke1tell me something I don't know...21:57
* tgm4883 kicks therethinker 22:39
tgm4883wake up, your mythbot is dead again22:39
therethinkeritsIts there22:39
mythbotHi! I know a lot about MythTV! I can also do things like look stuff up on wikipedia. To see what I know, use $. To learn more about me, say $help.22:39
* tgm4883 recalls that mythbot dies daily and wonders if it is running windows22:39
therethinkerHmm... I should investigate...22:40
therethinkernope, its ubuntu fiesty22:40
therethinkerserver edition22:40
mythbotI die frequently.  It's my prerogative.22:41
tgm4883yep sounds about right22:41
mythbottgm4883 is a Mythbuntu developer22:42
therethinker$tgm4883 something22:42
mythbotI'll make sure tgm4883 knows he needs to something22:42
therethinker$tgm4883 do something22:42
mythbotI'll make sure tgm4883 knows he needs to do something22:42
therethinkerI think it dies 'cuz you poke it too much :P22:42
mythbotI die frequently.  It's my prerogative.  Watch out though, one of these day's i'm taking ubotu with me.22:42
tgm4883that sounds like a threat22:43
mythbotSorry, I neither I or ubotu knew, but Wikipedia says: "Jásd is a village in Veszprém county, Hungary." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jasd22:43
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "sfa", sorry.22:43
mythbotSorry, I neither I or ubotu knew, but Wikipedia says: "'Home row' is a term that refers to certain keys of the center row of alphabetical letters on a typewriter or computer keyboard." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asdf22:43
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "asdfa", sorry.22:43
tgm4883uh ok22:43
therethinkerVery... interesting...22:43
therethinkerI was trying to take ubotu down with it :P22:43
tgm4883yay for ubuntu22:43
tgm4883repos are kinda slow22:44
therethinkerYou need to scan them -- find the best one22:44
tgm4883yea probably22:44
therethinkerI had to switch to this canadian one22:44
tgm4883canadian a?22:44
therethinkerIt wasn't working at all for me22:44
Daviey*cough* http://planet.ubuntu-uk.org/22:45
tgm4883eh, thats UK, noone wants to go there22:45
therethinkerI know22:45
mythbotAlthough I didn't know, ubotu says: Join us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk22:46
mythbotThe UK? Why would anyone ever want to go there?22:47
* tgm4883 moves into the -dev channel22:47
therethinkerGood plan..22:48
MythbuntuGuest69hello, i dont know if it is you i shall tell it to, i think mythbuntu is a great project, i have used mythtv for long time. yesterday i broke some depencies, then i tried your project, and it is really easy to install. but i fount two things ordinary users might be missing. lcdproc autoconfiguration. and configuration if two lirc devices are present, for excample in antec fusion, where the volume knob is an lirc devic23:04
williammandaHey guys23:05
williammandahow is everything?23:06
williammandacan i upgrade to 7.10 through admin and mythtv be ok?23:07
tgm4883what are you using right now?23:07
williammanda7.04 ubuntu and the latest mythtv23:07
MythbuntuGuest69hello, i dont know if it is you i shall tell it to, i think mythbuntu is a great project, i have used mythtv for long time. yesterday i broke some depencies, then i tried your project, and it is really easy to install. but i fount two things ordinary users might be missing. lcdproc autoconfiguration. and configuration if two lirc devices are present, for excample in antec fusion, where the volume knob is an lirc devic23:08
tgm4883williammanda, i believe you'll be fine23:10
tgm4883stand alone system?23:10
williammandai have 4 computers using mythtv23:11
* tgm4883 smacks therethinker 23:12
therethinker$slap tgm488323:13
mythbot/me slaps tgm488323:13
williammandaare you still thinking about it or is the upgrade going to be ok for the 4 computers?23:14
tgm4883it should be fine, although if they are stand alone systems i'm not sure I would upgrade just to upgrade23:16
tgm4883i've always been a fan of backup and reinstall anyway.  But maybe i'm just set in my ways :)23:17
williammandaall 4 are on the same mythtv network23:17
williammandai don't want to lose the recorded shows and the database23:18
williammandamythbuntu 7.10 is the same mythtv version correct? Just setup for 7.10 installation?23:23
williammandaok...upgrading one of them now....23:25
DaveMorrissolarbaby: hows that xboxfrontend howto coming along?23:49

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