mneptok"uk" being an acronym for "unprincipled kleptomaniacs"00:00
mc44shame it's not possible to send ritalin over irc. or horse tranquilisers00:00
mneptokor methylisocyanate00:00
Seeker`mc44: or just a punch in the face00:01
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PriceChild<cjwatson> Gate: which is why we're quite tough on people leaking links, since it makes the process take even longer00:06
PriceChild*feels less bad about removes he's done woo*00:06
Seeker`PriceChild: you feel bad?00:07
LjL#ubuntu-meta is open for business. If you want to join, please read the guidelines at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MetaChannel - whether you're an operator or not. Any questions about it in #metabot please, not #ubuntu-meta00:18
mneptok /join #ubuntu-release-panties00:19
Seeker`"My friend is having this problem..."00:19
LjLSeeker`: questions that were asked in other channels first. and i can spot an IP address. :)00:20
Seeker`LjL: was a joke00:20
mc44mneptok: is it out yet?00:20
mneptokmc44: my zipper's stuck00:21
mc44PriceChild: slangasek is an RM ;)00:25
Amaranthgnomefreak: woohoo, I think I'm up to 20 people who have left the desktop-effects team since you gave it to me00:27
AmaranthMakes it that much less painful when it goes away next week00:27
PriceChildmc44, if that's the worst mistake I make, I'll be happy.00:29
robwhat is the story with #ubuntu-meta, since when did that exist?00:30
LjLrob: since a relatively long time, six months or so i think. it's my pet. it's time to make it official now i think, the topic said "EXPERIMENTAL" until a moment ago, and the guidelines weren't on the wiki... but the feedback on the ML was positive.00:32
naliothwhich mailing list?00:33
PriceChilda couple of ircatwork.com's just joined -party..00:33
robLjL, okay, sounds like an interesting experiment for this release ;) I assume you got the okay for it?00:33
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LjLrob: it was in yesterday's ML, which all of the irc council replied to00:34
LjLnalioth: ubuntu-irc?00:34
robLjL, what mailing list is this, I thought I was subscribed but haven't got an email from it in a while..00:34
LjLrob https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-irc00:35
robthanks, I'll just resubscribe I think00:35
robhow do you figure out what your @ubuntu.com redirect email address is again?00:38
LjLi think i've no idea00:38
mc44should be your launchpad ID I think00:38
Davieyit is00:39
robso whatever ~name is, without the ~?00:39
DavieyYour LP email address... takes a few days to update00:39
Davieyrob: yup00:39
robmine has been active for like a year or two now, just haven't used it in a while00:40
robhow can I take over the username of some inactive person?00:41
DavieyI "borrowed" someones wiki about me page, and redirected it to mine00:41
robin launchpad?00:42
DavieyFirstLastname directs to my one firstlastname00:42
Davieyno, just wiki00:42
Davieyno idea about LP.. might be worth asking in #launchpad tho00:42
* rob got shafted username wise when launchpad was integrated with the wiki00:44
AmaranthWhat happened to jp?00:45
ubotu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい00:45
AmaranthMaybe my fonts are just messed up, is anyone seeing any japanese there?00:45
Seeker`is ubotu lagging00:45
Seeker`Amaranth: works for me00:45
PriceChildAmaranth, i am00:45
AmaranthOk, my fonts are broken apparently00:45
AmaranthAre you using gutsy? :)00:46
PriceChildLjL, <w00tzilla> is known to us isn't he/00:46
LjLafraid so00:46
Amaranthban on site :P00:46
naliothPriceChild: where is he?00:46
Seeker`Amaranth: s/site/sight?00:46
LjLnalioth: did you make sure it is the known troll?00:46
naliothLjL: i never got a positive ID00:46
AmaranthSeeker`: I've been awake about 22 hours now :P00:46
naliothbut it is a troll, n'er'theless00:47
Seeker`Amaranth: ouch, why not go to bed?00:47
Amaranthtrying to finish something00:47
AmaranthProbably would finish faster getting 6 hours of sleep and going at it again...00:47
Seeker`Amaranth: yeah00:47
w00tzillaI think I was confused with someone else.  Did not spam the bot.  Asked a legitimate question for the bot and got banned00:48
AmaranthOh wait, wrong guy00:48
AmaranthPriceChild: My bad00:48
AmaranthThere is a different guy with a similar nick that is ban on sight00:49
Amaranthw00tzilla: Don't use the bot in the channel unless you're telling someone something though, alright?00:49
AmaranthThe bot is getting very lagged from all the activity so try not to use it at all00:49
PriceChildw00tzilla, didn't you see the abuse above, the repeated warnings, the +o's, the removes?00:49
w00tzillaoh.  I wanted to know what the official response was about it00:49
w00tzilladid not see it.00:50
PriceChildAmaranth, he's on the bantracker.00:50
AmaranthPriceChild: The one from -offtopic the other day00:50
w00tzillawanted to know what the standing was with it00:50
AmaranthPriceChild: Dunno if you were here for that00:50
AmaranthI should probably remove that one now...00:50
AmaranthOh someone else already unbanned him from offtopic00:51
AmaranthPriceChild: Alright to unban w00tzilla?00:52
LjLBarryDegeling: you won't be unbanned. you were kicked once as a warning, then you did it again. that's all there is to say.00:52
PriceChildAmaranth, if you're happy he'll behave :)00:53
AmaranthPriceChild: Other than being a bit 'passionate' about security he seems alright :)00:53
AmaranthBut we won't get into that one ;)00:54
Amaranthw00tzilla: Free to enter #ubuntu-release-party (#ubuntu-offtopic too)00:54
w00tzillaI still want an applet but I will not talk about that here.  Worn out with that topic right now.  :)00:54
BarryDegelingI didn't 'do it again', the bot message said to type !Bot to get to know how the bot works, so I did, and then I get banned for following the bot?'00:54
Amaranthw00tzilla: It's on my TODO list (on the end but still)00:54
w00tzillathx for unban00:55
w00tzillaleaving here if all is good?00:55
AmaranthYep, was just going to ask you to do that :)00:55
LjLBarryDegeling: where did it say to type !bot?00:55
PriceChildw00tzilla, sounds good.00:55
w00tzillaunless you can tell me how to undo a possible accidental format on an external drive so I can get my files back00:56
Amaranthw00tzilla: Act of $DEITY :P00:56
BarryDegelingthe bot said that, and later it told me to go to a webpage where I could 'look inside it's brains' , which showed me a page with keywords and reactiosn of the bot'00:56
LjLBarryDegeling: it certainly did tell you to use it in a *private message*00:56
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (see also !Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...00:56
BarryDegelingthat one00:57
AmaranthWhy does the #ubuntu topic tell you to ask "when is it out?" in #ubuntu-release-party when we yell at people for that?00:57
LjLBarryDegeling: which part isn't clear about "investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots"?00:57
PriceChildBarryDegeling, what does the first sentence say?00:57
BarryDegeling(see also !Bot)00:57
PriceChildBarryDegeling, before that.00:57
LjLAmaranth: you can yell at them, i just don't want that question in #ubuntu00:57
PriceChildAmaranth, so we don't have to yell as much in #ubuntu? Change it I guess? :)00:57
BarryDegelingPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (see also !Bot) is the first sentence :P00:58
PriceChildBarryDegeling, so what does that first line mean....?00:58
LjLBarryDegeling: yes - see !bot *in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots*00:58
BarryDegelingno, see >also< !Bot00:58
LjLjesus christ00:58
BarryDegelingBarryDegeling will suffice :)00:59
LjL!no botabuse is <reply> Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...00:59
ubotuI'll remember that LjL00:59
AmaranthObvious troll...00:59
AmaranthHe got what he wanted, you got frustrated00:59
LjLoh, i was frustrated enough before, he didn't add much.01:00
LjLbut anyway - ircatwork.... hmmmmm01:00
nixternalPriceChild: hahahaha, shhhh!01:31
nixternalI do it every release :)01:31
nixternalnobody is falling for it this time though01:31
Jucatonixternal has a death wish :)01:32
nixternallike that, we are waiting for a fix from Gentoo01:32
Seeker`you should give out a (fake) domain name for a "seed server", and tell people that they can ping it to check whether the seeding servers are back up01:32
nixternaljeesh, I could be a great troll01:33
mc44zomg release prodcedures are secretz01:33
Seeker`is it canonical or community people that do the last few hours of work for the release?01:33
LjLnixternal: and what about the MS IIS server problems?01:33
nixternalLjL: classic!01:33
mneptokSeeker`: Canonical01:34
Seeker`mneptok: I'm guessing that as most of Canonical is based in the UK, they wont actually start doing still till 9am tomororw?01:34
mneptokSeeker`: feel free to guess whatever you please :)01:35
mc44thanks to the magic of the interwebs they could release at any point I suspect, however I think they'll want elmo to be awake ;)01:37
mc44the muppet01:39
Seeker`I give up01:41
Seeker`time for bed, have fun wit hthe overexcited people01:41
nixternalg'nite Seeker` 01:42
nixternalahh, nothing like someone using teh`pensi for a nick...read between the lines and get um!01:44
LjLoh come on and release the damn thing, these people are irritating :P01:46
nixternalif only we could exploit a server, upload a bogus .iso, and tell everyone it is out01:47
nixternalwe would bomb that server01:47
nixternalhaha, I get it..I remember with Feisty they got a hold of the torrents and what not...I remember telling people those were broken and they were wasting their time...made a lot of people mad because they actually quit downloading it :)01:48
LjLnixternal: look now01:51
nixternalor a river!!!01:51
nixternalomg, I wonder how many "monkeys" will look01:52
LjLhere's one01:52
LjLi was highlighted by "damn you", so i guess it's one :P01:52
nixternalmy god I am such a troll01:52
ubotuIn #ubuntu-release-party, Cryoniq said: !Microsoft is evil?01:53
nixternalI wouldn't do that to Ken though, he would get mad at me if I had a bunch of people hit his server at once01:57
LjLnixternal: i'll do another innocent one 02:04
nixternalyou know we are bored as hell when the ops start trolling02:04
LjLnah, i always troll.02:04
nixternalhahah, hit um with the drake02:04
mc44Set a good example! Honestly... :P02:05
LjLyes. i should behave like an op.02:05
nixternalooh, autorejoin script...that calls for a ban doesn't it :)02:06
* nixternal wonders how many people went to #kubuntu-release-party02:06
LjLnixternal: no, because i've disabled my bot's auto-insulter, so i can't forward people to it anymore :(02:06
* LjL didn't know it was there02:06
LjLah, i see.02:07
ubotuIn #ubuntu-release-party, moony said: !foo is bar02:11
Seeker`meh, cant get to sleep02:12
naliothwhy is ubotu in #ubuntu-release-party ?02:12
Seeker`i'm obviously overexcited about gutsy -_-02:13
ubotuIn ubotu, moony said: !learn foo is bar02:17
Madpilotwow, -release-party is already busy, and #u is already over 1200. You'd think a new version was coming out, or something. :)02:20
naliothMadpilot: it's been over 1200 in #ubuntu for a few weeks now02:20
Seeker`Madpilot: Was up to 1337 in #u earlier02:21
Madpilotshows how long it's been since I spent serious time in #u, I guess02:21
Madpilot1337 is a good number02:21
Madpilotwe should add bots and/or kick to keep the population at 1337 :)02:21
LjLalready proposed.02:21
Madpilotthen I'll second the proposal 02:22
nixternalI will third the proposal02:23
nixternalisn't that a majority?02:23
LjLnixternal: dunno, ask the other 133402:23
Vorianunclesam can do it02:23
mneptoki have a screenshot you can stare at if you need to see 133702:24
* mneptok goes to get that on peopel.u.c02:24
Seeker`woo! irssi!02:34
LjLmneptok: but you should take it at 13:37.02:34
LjLwhat's funny is that #ubuntu is incredibly silent02:37
Seeker`everyone is in -party02:37
Seeker`LjL: you still kicking for "potential" links?02:38
LjLSeeker`: i'm getting a bit tired of it... anyway he said "the final release will be the same", which is true02:38
LjLwon't stop them from stating that the final release will be the same as the latest daily - i really couldn't deny it's true with a straight face02:39
jdongLjL: NO! it's.... not...... the release has.... .surprises....02:39
jdongso cancel all your downloads!02:39
jdong(boy this sounds familiar)02:39
LjLtelling people to sudo rm -rf / might sound like fun02:40
LjLbut it isnät02:40
mneptokuhhh ...02:40
mneptoktoday's daily is not definitively the release02:40
jdongmneptok: the .pool/ ones are definite.... are they different from today's daily?02:41
Seeker`mneptok: odds are that it either will be, or that there will only be a few minor changes02:42
mneptokjdong: no, they are not02:42
jdongmneptok: did something happen within the past 4 hours?02:42
naliothmneptok: something just happend DARN too fast, it was02:43
mneptok18:16 < slangasek> something could still turn up broken in the next 14h and demand a reroll of one or more images.02:43
naliothi don't see any differences in rerolled images.  i've not had any updates on my gutsy box in 2 days02:44
jdongthe chances of that seem extremely slim though....02:44
mneptok< sabdfl> cjwatson: the daily build has broken my ALSA capabilities with this new Intel series audio chipset. can we get a re-rolled kernel without delaying release? if it means a delay, so be it. this is a popular chipset in Santa Rosa machines.02:44
jdongoh crap02:44
jdongmark has b roken hardware!02:44
PiciWell, he is the sabdfl02:45
mneptoknow, i happened to completely invent that (how do YOU like being trolled?). but is my point clear?02:45
jdongmneptok: nice :)02:45
LjLmneptok: it's not like we didn't know you see02:45
Picimneptok: blarg02:45
* Pici didnt know :(02:45
PiciI just got here.02:45
LjLPici, didn't know *he was trolling us*.02:45
PriceChildwait.... so that was a joke?02:45
mneptokone last time. nothing is official until announced.02:45
jdongmneptok: that's as mean as my tricks :)02:45
PiciLjL: Well, not any more than usual02:46
jdong"Hey! Nvidia just open sourced theri driver!"02:46
mneptokPici++ :)02:46
LjLok, who can come up with another fake "gutsy is out" announcement? i'm out of ideas.,02:46
jdongLjL: can you redir releases.ubuntu.com to goatse?02:46
LjLafraid not02:47
mneptokif you want Gutsy final ASAP, get the -current nad then rsync against it after release02:47
LjLlet's restrict the field to servers i have control on02:47
PiciLjL: how many is that?02:47
LjLPici: one, but with NAT. zero, visible on the internet.02:47
PiciYou arent making this very easy.02:48
LjLheck even ljl.byethost14.com is down02:48
* Seeker` has a virtual server somewhere in the US02:48
LjLmneptok: who said we do? *i* would just like all those people to stop being boring.02:49
mneptoki have root access to the GNOME infrastructure. how about a "GNOME Denies Future Use In Ubuntu Due To Abuse Of Commit Privileges?"02:49
mneptokand then we blame Hobbsee 02:49
LjLmneptok: i somehow doubt that hobbsee also has root access to the GNOME infrastructure, whatever that is02:50
Seeker`"Netcraft confirms that Gutsy Gibbon has been delayed by a week"02:50
tonyyarussoPriceChild: Do I really still own -r-p?  :P02:50
PriceChildtonyyarusso, yup02:50
tonyyarusso(silly you, thinking you're periods in the middle of nicks would thwart my hilights)02:51
LjLtonyyarusso: then mlock +m for goodness sake :P02:51
tonyyarussoLjL: haha02:51
Seeker`LjL: What was that for?02:52
tonyyarussoPriceChild: It looks like I pretty much aggregated the access lists for #ubuntu, #kubuntu, and #xubuntu - let me know if it needs to be changed at all02:52
LjLSeeker`: for the same reason as this02:52
tonyyarusso(plus a few choice Canonical/dev folks)02:53
ubotuMasterShrek called the ops in #ubuntu02:54
naliothyou guys DO realize ubotu is major lagged right?02:55
LjL... yeah, and we can do what about it?02:55
PiciOnly becuase stupid people in #ubuntu are abusing it02:55
PiciSeeker`: How was your trip?02:58
Seeker`Pici: meh02:58
Seeker`I was only in #windows for long enough for the name list to appear02:59
nzerohey, unban me03:01
PriceChildThey're saying its out.03:01
PriceChildnzero, please?03:01
Madpilotfrom where, and why did you get banned?03:01
PriceChild(ubuntu.com just changed people ;) )03:02
PriceChild(download pages didn't though)03:02
tonyyarussoPriceChild: Who's they?03:02
Madpilotnzero, why are you banned, and from which channel?03:02
nzeroumm lots03:02
PriceChildtonyyarusso, party03:03
Vorianholy cow03:03
tonyyarussoPriceChild: ah, of course - they'll do that for another 10 hours :)03:03
tonyyarussoPriceChild: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download still has 7.04 of course03:03
Vorianthat was like a shark frenzy03:03
tonyyarussoVorian: it gets worse03:03
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:03
Voriantonyyarusso, did you hear about your interview?03:04
naliothubotu: tell nzero about message the bot03:04
Seeker`You'd think there was a £1,000,000 prize for the first person to install gutsy03:04
tonyyarussoVorian: Guy ran out of time for the day :(  At least I know who to contact next time, and can do so more than one day in advance.03:04
naliothnzero: check your PMs, please03:04
nalioththis is not a support channel03:04
MadpilotSeeker`, you mean there ISN'T?03:04
Voriantonyyarusso, maybe next time03:04
Vorianstill very cool though03:05
Seeker`shall I tell party there is? :P03:05
nzerohe doesn't know about himself03:05
nzerowtf naolisth03:05
LjLPriceChild: we know it changed, but tonyyarusso said it doesn't matter. he also said that if ISO appear, they don't matter. i suspect that we'll never really know if it's released :P03:06
robwhat is up with ubuntu.com?03:06
LjLrob: oh they just put some flash gifs on03:06
PriceChildLjL, I think it being released, is when it comes through the ML03:07
PriceChildeven if everything else happens first.03:07
roboh, the main page is saying it is released now03:07
Seeker`schrodinger's ISO, you dont know whether its gutsy or not until you install 03:07
tonyyarussoLjL: (Hobbsee will likely come in and tell us, I'd imagine, or someone else like that)03:07
tonyyarussoLast time it was Mithrandir03:07
robhave a look :)03:08
tonyyarussorob: That doesn't say it's released - it just says what it's called ;)03:09
Picirob: Some of the other pages, like the download and release notes pages are either unfinished or not working properly 03:09
nzerounban so i can go to a support03:09
robwell the front page is saying that at least03:10
naliothnzero: you've been in here constantly demanding to be unbanned03:10
Seeker`nzero: I suspect that "please" would hlep03:10
PriceChildnzero, should have thought about that before you got yoruself banned everywhere. The bans will not be lifted at this tiem.03:10
naliothnzero: the ban will come off in their appropriate times03:10
nzerothe ban will come off when a new IP sets in03:10
LjLnzero: look up, a bird!03:10
naliothnzero: well, why don't you run along and plot what you'll do when that happens03:11
Seeker`the front page pic keeps on failing to load for me03:11
Seeker`i guess the server is taking a bit of a beating03:11
LjLrob: exactly.03:11
Seeker`rob: thats the problem - everyone sits there hammering F5 to see if it has been released03:12
tonyyarussoThere should be some sort of throttle control (fail2ban?) that prevents that and punishes over-eager refreshers :)03:13
Seeker`there should be a spring loaded boxing glove built in to computer monitors03:13
LjLtonyyarusso: erm, my IP address is shared with some hundred other people. i wouldn't particularly appreciate that :)03:13
tonyyarussoLjL: Work?03:13
LjLtonyyarusso: braindead ISP03:13
jdongSeeker`: meh AJAX does it every 0.1s anyway ;-)03:14
* tonyyarusso is confused03:14
LjLtonyyarusso: NAT03:14
Seeker`my ISP cant work out whether a domain is on a list or not03:14
LjLtonyyarusso: i'm in my ISP's so-called metropolitan area network.03:14
Seeker`they blacklisted my domain because it was on some companies list. Their "Senior engineers" had a look, and managed to work out that it wasn't on the list.03:15
jdonghaha. LjL's in his ISP's man.03:15
Seeker`I'm in ur ISPs?03:16
LjLjdong: the IP that my network card has actually belongs to the US army.03:17
LjLor something, anyway.03:17
LjLinet addr:
robsorry, got pulled away on a phone call then. The web site is saying that it is out, but the download page is waiting for an update when I last checked.03:18
robI'm sure though if you know of a mirror it might already be there I guess.03:19
LjLwell, i'm not gutsy, but i'm out03:19
Seeker`rob: They are probably rolling out the changes to the front end while they still have some bandwidth03:19
PiciYes. the 7.10 release notes page is up, but no live link to it currently: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/71003:22
tonyyarussoLjL: good call.  Turning on the kick-on-links switch.03:24
LjLnah, i just wanted to kick someone before going to bed03:25
Seeker`right, time for sleep, as i have to be up in 4 hours03:26
tonyyarusso!f5 is <reply> Remember that every time you hit refresh, Canonical is wasting money, bandwidth, and CPU time serving your request instead of doing useful things like uploading the image or paying for ShipIt disks.  Please do so sparingly.03:30
ubotuI'll remember that, tonyyarusso03:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about links - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:31
tonyyarusso!links is <reply> Do NOT post links to Gutsy ISO files before an official release announcement is made.  These files are not the final release and will cause confusion.  Do so will get your removed from the channel.03:31
ubotuI'll remember that, tonyyarusso03:31
Pici!links =~ s/your/you03:32
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, Pici said: !links =~ s/your/you03:32
tonyyarussonice catch03:33
Voriannice 03:33
jdongs/your/your linux-leaking ass/03:34
jdongPici: it has open source.03:34
tonyyarusso!refresh is <alias> f503:35
ubotuI'll remember that, tonyyarusso03:35
tonyyarusso!website is <reply> Yes, the www.ubuntu.com web site will be changing throughout the day as the webmasters prepare it for Gutsy release.  This is NOT in any way an indication that the release has happened.  See also !f503:36
ubotuI'll remember that, tonyyarusso03:36
PriceChild!links =~ s/Do so/Doing so/03:36
Picianother good catch03:36
PriceChildthat not work? :/03:36
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, PriceChild said: !links =~ s/Do so/Doing so/03:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about login - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:36
PriceChild!links =~ s/Do so/Doing so/03:36
ubotuI'll remember that PriceChild03:36
robactually, speaking of getting ready for launch (sorry, another phone call), isn't it about time #ubuntu+1 is forwarded now that utc is into the release day?03:36
naliothmmmmm botspam03:36
naliothrob: we can forward it at the end of the day03:37
* rob curses the people with inactive launchpad accounts who are using his username :(03:37
PiciWho could be named rob?03:37
robnalioth, then it will be half over :)03:37
naliothok, #ubuntu+1 is now +i'd 03:38
robat least one only registered his account back in 05 to submit one bug and hasn't really used it since03:39
robnalioth, righto, but that will just reject them03:39
roboh it was already +f, my bad03:39
jdongrob: tried poking #launchpad to deactivate the account?03:40
robjdong, yes, the guy from canonical said both had confirmed their email addresses so I have to talk to them to ask if they will give me one of their account, and we all know how unlikely that will be03:40
* rob just wants his @ubuntu.com email address to match everything else :(03:41
jdongaww :(03:41
Madpilotwhinge@ubuntu.com? :P03:41
jdongwell you have the one and only rob on freenode, so shouldn't you be counting your lucky stars already? :)03:41
robI have it on oftc too :)03:41
robin fact I have it everywhere where I want it, except that dam forwarder :(03:42
robbah even roberto is gone :(03:42
* rob chucks a sad, picks up his ball and goes home03:43
Piciwhere is +1 forwarding to? u-r-p?03:46
naliothPici: standard procedure until the repos for hardy open03:46
PiciWell, I dont think anyone in #ubuntu knows that, because they are still telling people to go +1 for support.03:47
naliothso start supporting them  :)03:47
robheh infinite loop03:47
naliothgutsy is here03:47
* rob claims robii on launchpad03:48
=== rob is now known as robii
FlannelAnyone know why #ubuntu+1 forwards to #ubuntu? (where the topic says to go to #ubuntu+1)?03:49
jdonghah , just done :)03:49
=== robii is now known as rob
naliothFlannel: gutsy is here03:49
naliothFlannel: welcome it03:49
Picinalioth: where is it out?03:50
naliothtopic in #ubuntu has been fixed03:50
jdongPici: just because it's UTC...03:50
jdongnot actually "out" per se03:50
naliothPici: as i keep repeating myself, i've not had any updates in 48 hours 03:50
jdongPici: sabdfl's sound card is broken, remember? :D03:50
naliothso, for all intents and purposes, it's out.03:50
naliothiso images may not be available yet03:50
Flannelnalioth: That's not really out then, now is it?03:51
naliothFlannel: isos exist on some servers03:51
ubotuDo NOT post links to Gutsy ISO files before an official release announcement is made.  These files are not the final release and will cause confusion.  Doing so will get you removed from the channel.03:51
robyes, but if you look at the front page of ubuntu.com it says it is out, so that's really good enough to download it from the mirrors I think03:52
mneptokrob: where does it say that?03:54
* jdong also tries to find that03:55
jdongoff-by-one :)03:55
robI am looking at it right now03:55
PiciThey just changed it03:55
jdonghardlinked to http://www.ubuntu.com/files/countdown/optimized/710countdown_1days.png03:56
jdongthe code layout has changed03:56
tonyyarussoah, nice03:56
PiciIt looked different a few minutes ago03:56
jdonglooks like they caught the bug03:56
* Pici goes to sleep04:03
Piciu-r-p is getting a bit rowdy fyi :)04:03
robubuntu.com reverted, but if you are utc + it says 00 days to go :)04:03
robI think if that channel goes too nuts, as it is just a discussion channel, +m it and voice people eventually04:04
* jdong sets date to Dec 31 2099 to see Ubuntu versioning Y2k bug :D04:04
Madpilotedging back up to 1337 in #u04:05
robmind you I'd rather people be going nuts in #ubuntu-release-party then in #ubuntu04:06
Vorian1337 users in #ubuntu04:07
Madpilotjust because04:07
tonyyarussoI wish irssi displayed a live user count in the status bar04:07
tonyyarussoI'm sure there's a script to that effect04:07
jdongwe hit 1337 in ubuntu again04:07
Madpilottonyyarusso, use a real irc client. x isn't new scary tech anymore, you know. </troll>04:08
tonyyarussoMadpilot: The very thought of Xchat with 50 tabs terrifies me04:08
jdonghow would you access xchat remotely? :D04:08
Vorianthat's why you use the tree04:09
jdongVorian: look al gore, go win yourself a nobel prize :P04:09
* Vorian flies jdong around in his personal jet04:09
* rob kicks everyone who says that from now on in the shins04:09
Vorian*victory laps*04:09
jdongxchat uses Aero and WGA by default.04:10
* jdong ducks04:10
mneptoktonyyarusso: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mneptok/1337.png04:10
jdongrandom odd question of the day:04:11
Madpilotrob, xchat, or xchat-gnome? -gnome is the abortion terrible version, xchat is still pretty sane04:11
mneptok^^ Madpilot ^^04:11
tonyyarussomneptok: name of the script?04:11
jdonghow do klines show up to the client? Does it just look like you disconnected from the network?04:11
mneptoktonyyarusso: lemme check04:11
robMadpilot, xchat, -gnome is like the gnome-ifed version of anything, dumbed down until it is completely useless04:11
mneptoktonyyarusso: http://irssi.org/scripts/scripts/usercount.pl04:12
tonyyarussomneptok: ty04:12
Madpilotrob, only true of a few Gnome apps, IMO. screensaver and xchat-gnome being the worst offenders... 04:13
robMadpilot, I find myself having to dig into gconf2 a lot04:14
robgedit becomes much more useful for example if you turn some things on in gconf04:14
mneptokhere's the URL to give to the impatient:04:15
mneptokexactly :)04:16
robyep, I see04:16
jdongcan't we just give them download.opensuse.org?04:16
mneptokjdong: most people don't want Windows04:16
jdongnice :)04:17
mneptok22:06 <@mneptok> i come off as a gruff, inconsiderate asshole. but really i'm just an asshole. :)04:17
roberr mneptok, the gutsy folder only contains release candidates04:18
tonyyarussomneptok: err, how do I run it now?04:18
mneptokcan't remember04:20
tonyyarusso(the directions in the file don't work)04:20
mneptok /load usercount.pl ?04:20
mneptoktonyyarusso: add this line to your config for the statusbar04:21
mneptokusercount = { };04:21
tonyyarussomneptok: does it matter where?04:22
mneptokonly for the layout04:22
mneptoke.g. for the config you see in my client:04:23
mneptok        user = { };04:23
mneptok        window = { };04:23
mneptok        usercount = { };04:23
mneptok        window_empty = { };04:23
HugLeoplease, anybody join in the #ubuntu-release-party channel and moderate04:23
mneptokok, heading home04:23
mneptokback in 30 or so04:23
robwe are almost at 1337 again in #ubuntu04:26
Voriancan someone kick <Renan_Gutsy> from -party04:27
naliothi'm gonna add all ubuntu members to the access list of #u-r-p04:28
tonyyarussoseems sane04:28
naliothVorian: now you can do your own moderating04:29
robactually #ubuntu is starting to go nuts, lots of people joining04:29
Vorianty nalioth 04:29
robnalioth, are you wanting to go to bed? I will be on irc until and a bit after release (apart from 15 when I pick up my kids from daycare)04:35
Hobbseeit's released when the mail hits ubuntu-announce.04:36
naliothrob: i think we're already in release-mode-frenzy04:36
tonyyarussoHobbsee: Okay, I'll watch that.  ty04:36
Hobbseemneptok: don't say crack, please.04:37
robyes, I realise I will be on irc for quite a while :)04:37
jdongwow #ubuntu is frenzy04:37
Hobbseemneptok: uh, where was that?  (@sabdfl)04:37
* Hobbsee doubts he's telling the truth04:37
* Hobbsee thwacks mneptok 04:38
Madpilotthe long pointy stick isn't in here - what're you hitting him with?04:39
jdongHobbsee: rofl late for the joke :)04:42
jdongHobbsee: did you hear that Nvidia just GPL3'ed all their drivers?04:42
* Hobbsee read backscroll04:43
cdm10Did my edit request get forwarded?04:45
robfor ubotu?04:45
robwhat was it? (I haven't seen it yet)04:46
cdm10eh, hold on a sec04:46
Madpilotdoesn't seem to have been forwarded - bot's been lagged, though04:46
cdm10!gutsyrelease is <REPLY> Gutsy will be released in the next 24 hours, but we don't know exactly when. However, this channel is still a support channel, so please direct all release-related messages to #ubuntu-release-party and other stuff to #ubuntu-offtopic04:46
robdo we have something like that already?04:47
jdongit's in /topic04:47
robyeah, I added that for that reason04:47
jdongwhich is instantly flooded on join anyway at the current message rate :D04:47
cdm10Yeah, but we can't get people to do /topic04:47
cdm10so it would be nice to be able to send them the relevant info with ubotu04:47
roblets smash them some more eh? ;)04:48
cdm10rather than just saying "look at the damn topic"04:48
jdong /trigger add -regexp "when.*gutsy.*release" ..... ;-)04:48
cdm10I'd just like to see anyone not asking support questions to get 1 chance, and then a kick.04:48
* Hobbsee ponders why irssi doesnt suck quite so much on gnome.04:48
cdm10Hobbsee: what does the DE have to do with it?04:48
jdongHobbsee: why does irssi's suckiness depend on DE?04:48
robHobbsee, irssi always sucks, the amounts might differ but it still sucks.04:48
Hobbseei dont know.  i think it's because i've changed this to be a light shade of grey on black.04:49
Hobbseerob: yeah, well.  there arent many better alternatives - they all suck in som eway.04:49
robHobbsee, if you learn to use xchat properly, it is much better.04:49
cdm10so, is #ubuntu+1 shut down, or is it just inaccessible?04:49
robfor one thing, it at least has python scripting support04:49
Hobbseerob: true.  i'm very used to konversation04:49
robcdm10, forwarded to 04:49
Hobbseeoh, that's what i was going to install, too04:50
jdongcdm10: nalioth believes gutsy is out, so it's forwarded back to #ubuntu04:50
robsorry, dam lappy keyboard04:50
cdm10jdong: eh, a bit early, but no real problem.04:50
Hobbseenalioth: it's not out.04:50
robHobbsee, turn on treeview and don't use the -gnome version04:50
jdongcdm10: whatever, close enough04:50
cdm10One thing about the topic is that most people probably use Gaim or Pidgin, which doesn't properly display the full topic... so the gutsy notice should be moved to the beginning.04:50
Hobbseenot until the mail hits u-d-a04:50
Hobbseesorry, u-a04:50
Hobbseerob: ahh, it has treeview now04:50
Hobbseeubuntu-announce mailing list04:50
robHobbsee, yep, its sexy04:50
cdm10Is that when it hits HTTP, or does bittorrent come before the announcement? (it did last year)04:51
cdm10and by last year i mean last release04:51
* jdong opens xchat to see what ye talkin about04:51
robHobbsee, I also have some evil scripts, which allow me to do things like right click on a nick or hostname and kline it04:51
Hobbseerob: nice... :)04:51
Hobbseewouldnt want to miss04:51
* cdm10 is running gutsy, so I'm hopefully not an annoying fanboyish "when is gutsy out"-er04:51
robI also have /klinechannel, very very very evil ;)04:51
jdonginatorso... err... what is this tree view thing?04:52
* rob wonders where he can buy a jdonginator 04:52
Madpilotare jdonginators legal in Arkansas?04:52
Vorianjdonginator, join 50 or so channels04:52
* jdonginator tries04:52
robjdonginator, settings -> preferences -> Channel swicher04:52
robthough it should be tree view by default04:53
robthe ircd won't let you join 50 channels :)04:53
robwell, it will, if I like you :)04:54
* ajmitch should *probably* leave a few :)04:54
jdonginatorerr, it looks like not much different than a tab04:54
jdonginatorso it's a list instead of buttons?04:54
robyup, you can hide it too04:54
jdonginatormmm, fascinating04:54
robjust click on the little 4 line thingy in the middle, and move it04:54
jdonginatormeh it's not a bad client04:55
jdonginatormy own objection is that I don't see a clear solution for remote access...04:55
jdonginatorwhich is my #1 usecase for IRC04:55
cdm10Could an op go into #u and just start shouting at everyone to stfu?04:55
cdm10I'd love that.04:55
cdm10And it would make it actually usable as a support channel.04:55
robthe clincher for me is treeview + being able to easily add things like right click-> kline + python scripting support04:55
robcdm10, ?04:56
jdonginatorrob, aww kline doesn't show up in my right-click04:56
ajmitchcdm10: #ubuntu is relatively quiet04:56
jdonginatorare klines matched by hostname or nickname?04:56
cdm10ajmitch: maybe it's relatively quiet, but the signal/noise ratio is way down.04:56
jdonginatoror is it similar to a ban mask?04:56
robjdonginator, yep, and it sees though cloaks too :)04:56
ajmitch#ubuntu-release-party is where the insanity is at04:56
cdm10People are asking for help, but they're being drowned out by the gutsy crowd.04:56
robjdonginator, always hostname *@host04:56
cdm10ajmitch: but that's okay... it's not okay when the support channel is useless.04:57
jdonginatorrob, ah, so it's anchored to the IP that you're on04:57
robjdonginator, yep, that's how klines work, we could set nick/username ones, but they are less useful, better to just jupe a nickname we don't want used04:57
* ajmitch scrolls up in #ubuntu & sees pretty much solely ubuntu discussion for a change04:57
rob#ubuntu is sane because of #ubuntu-release-party I think04:58
cdm10rob: but, it could be more sane...04:58
robcdm10, this is sane for release day04:58
cdm10I just want to see it being used as an actual support channel.04:58
cdm10rob: but, I'm just saying, there are ways it could be saner.04:58
cdm10Why is the website still linking to the beta?04:59
robcdm10, its fine04:59
jdonghaha, that's still in there....04:59
cdm10They could at least link to the rc...04:59
* rob takes advantage of the slight calm down to grab some lunch05:01
* jdong assimilates his botnet05:03
naliothwarms my cockles to see all the permbanned trolls in #u-r-c05:04
* jdong searched up cockles on urbandictionary05:04
cdm10Would it be okay if I'm an asshole to people who just come in asking stupid questions about gutsy in #ubuntu? Just for today?05:04
* tonyyarusso wonders if Digg has any fake stories yet05:05
cdm10can you kick hakawhatever?05:05
cdm10sorry for asking05:05
cdm10my god the "omg 7.10 LINKKKKK" messages kill me.05:06
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, cdm10 said: !topic is useful05:06
cdm10i didn't mean to do that05:06
cdm10Did someone pull a DCC exploit? I didn't notice.05:10
ubotucdm10 called the ops in #ubuntu-release-party05:11
imtiazany chance that i can be tested?05:23
robare you sure, I didn't catch it05:25
tonyyarussocdm10, rob: yes, they did - I handled it.05:29
tonyyarussoabout 8 down05:29
robhmm, which format? I must have forgotten a regex in my script or they would have been autoklined05:30
tonyyarussorob: straight-up text send in the channel05:31
robdcc send somegobilygook?05:32
robwith no "05:32
* rob adds a regex for no "" too05:33
roboh, and don't worry, I have this channel in the whitelist05:33
cdm10so, how many #u ops are also network ops?05:33
robumm, two or three?05:33
tonyyarussotimestamp was :08 after the hour05:34
tonyyarussoFour or five now I think05:34
robtwo of us are more long term (I guess you could say senior) staff, but there are a couple more as well05:34
tonyyarussoyou, nal*, jen_da, ompaul, ...05:34
roboh, ompaul quit05:34
* Hobbsee muhahahahaha05:35
Hobbseecan we start playing practical jokes on u-r-p yet?05:35
tonyyarussoHobbsee: I've considered it.  I told matt he should make the counter say 2 days05:36
Jordan_UI feel sorry for you guys near releases05:37
Hobbseetonyyarusso: which matt?05:37
cdm10tonyyarusso: would you happen to know why it links to the beta?05:37
cdm10(by it i mean the site)05:37
robow pie hot05:37
tonyyarussoHobbsee: #ubuntu-matt (newz)05:37
Hobbseetonyyarusso: ahhh05:38
* Hobbsee puts it in, watches for flying fur05:38
rob-ChanServ- The channel [#ubuntu-matt] is not registered05:38
tonyyarussocdm10: b/c they've been working on lots of things.  They are aware of that and trying to fix it though, just a low priority I imagine.05:38
tonyyarussoHobbsee: hahaha05:38
tonyyarussoyou're mean :)05:38
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases05:39
ubotuIn #ubuntu-devel, Hobbsee said: !hungover is <reply> The Release Managers are currently hungover, and wont be releasing gutsy today05:40
Hobbseewhy doesnt it like me?05:40
tonyyarussoHobbsee: I will laugh like none other if there's a blurb on the BBC quoting a release manager saying that.05:40
robUbuntu releases a new version every 5 years. Each version is supported for 6 months to 18 months. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases05:40
ajmitchI hope so05:42
Hobbseetonyyarusso: haha.  i'm not the rm.05:43
MadpilotHobbsee, !hungover is evil and awesome.05:43
tonyyarussoHobbsee: well, release team, or whatever it's called05:43
Madpilotyou are a very cruel individual. I entirely approve.05:43
cdm10Hobbsee: take out the evil laughter at the end, and people might actually believe you.05:44
Hobbseei know05:44
roberr, cdm10, we appreciate your help, but we largely have things under control. Quux by the way is one of the freenode staff probably investigating a complaint..05:45
cdm10rob: yeah, he pm'd me05:45
* cdm10 feels stupid :)05:45
roblets give out the link to an .iso which contains nothing but the text "itisreadywhenitisready" over and over again for 650mb labeled ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso. That will be fun, won't it?05:48
ubotuIn #ubuntu-release-party, djretief said: !jesus is the king of the jews05:48
tonyyarussorob: Brilliant!  Do you know how to do that?05:48
tonyyarussorob: Or possibly funnier, a Warty ISO.05:49
robor even better, a gentoo minimal cd .iso. It will boot into a cli and people won't know what to think..05:50
robor even better.. lastmeasure :P05:50
robits actually what lastmeasure was designed for, to be handed out labeled as Linux cds05:51
robevil jerks.05:51
Madpilotwtf is lastmeasure?05:52
robMadpilot, google it, but do not click on a link too it05:52
roberr to it. It is very not work safe.05:52
cdm10oh, i've been sent there before05:52
jrib+1 topic contradicts !gutsy, no?05:52
robprobably, but !gutsy is probably the incorrect one05:53
tonyyarussojrib: +1 is +i anyway, so don't worry about it too much05:53
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information05:53
robyep, needs to be changed05:53
Madpilotnot at work, but all I needed to see was 'GNAA' associated... not going there05:53
robI forgot my login to the bot.05:53
robMadpilot, heh yup. One part of it is an evil web site, the other part of it is a bootable .iso.05:54
Madpilotthat runs the evil shock site?05:54
jribubotu: no, gutsy is <reply> Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due some time October 18th, 2007) | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information05:55
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, jrib said: ubotu: no, gutsy is <reply> Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due some time October 18th, 2007) | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information05:55
robkinda, you boot from it and it displays yucky images and you can't kill it unless you shut off your pc, I'm not sure if it tries to do anything else to your system05:55
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due some time October 18th, 2007) | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information05:55
robthat sounds good05:56
cdm10hmm, lastresort or whatever sounds like somethnig MS people would sneak into linux installfest.05:59
cdm10someone just dcc sended06:01
ubotucdm10 called the ops in #ubuntu-release-party06:07
cdm10I'm !ops-happy, sorry06:07
cdm10ubotu: sorry06:07
ubotuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you.06:07
cdm10that's awesome06:07
Madpilotnever knew the bot did that.06:08
Jordan_UEaster Egg :)06:08
Madpilotnot only is ubotu the sanest thing in any Ubuntu channel, it's got the best manners on IRC.06:08
robare we wearing ops in #ubuntu-release-party?06:13
tonyyarussorob: if you want.  I think some people are doing so because they're just helping for the day and don't have nifty op scripts.06:14
robheh :) righto thanks tonyyarusso 06:14
tonyyarussonote that doing so may draw unwanted attention ;)06:15
naliothy'all keep in mind that all cloaked ubuntu members have ops in #u-r-p06:15
cdm10nalioth: even if they're not normally IRC ops?06:15
* rob wonders if we need to do an idler cleanout06:16
naliothcdm10: it's not an unknown condition, there are a few channels that all ubuntu members are ops in06:16
cdm10nalioth: that would be nice, if I were an Ubuntu member.06:16
cdm10I helped someone install Ubuntu a while back... it turns out he goes to my high school. He's a serious activist, and just got Ubuntu membership.06:17
cdm10And i'm still his tech support guy :)06:17
cdm10DPic, if anyone here knows him.06:18
Madpilotyou don't need to be super technical to get Membership06:18
Madpilotit's not a developers-only club06:18
cdm10Madpilot: Yeah, I know. It's more activism I guess.06:18
cdm10Madpilot: I used to be pretty active on IRC, helping people. I've changed nicks, though, so cdm10 doesn't have the linecount my old nick had.06:19
cdm10Madpilot: I'm going on IRC more and more often, now.06:19
cdm10Madpilot: What do you need to become a member?06:19
Madpilotinvolvement, basically06:19
MadpilotI got mine for docteam and irc, pretty much06:19
cdm10Madpilot: so... I do IRC, and I'm a member of a LoCo... I go to installfests and stuff.06:19
tonyyarussoI got mine primarily for IRC, with smatterings of other stuff06:20
cdm10So, what do you have to do on IRC to do enough to become a member?06:21
robI got mine for documentation, and irc on the side :)06:21
Madpilotcdm10, a couple months of IRC activity and other stuff, and you can put your name in for membership06:21
tonyyarussocdm10: lots of #ubuntu help, pretty much.  I had also been added to the ops team like two weeks prior to the CC meeting.06:22
ajmitcha sustained & significant contribution to the ubuntu community06:22
cdm10tonyyarusso: so, you can be an op without being an ubuntu member?06:22
robtext book.06:22
Madpilotyah, ajmitch ^^^ has the actual definition06:22
* ajmitch just got in early :)06:22
cdm10Yeah, but I want to know the real-world definition, which is why I'm asking :)06:22
tonyyarussocdm10: Technically, yes, although it's preferred not to maintain that situation.  In my case it was a matter of when the next CC meeting was, and being pretty confident I'd be approved.06:23
robif you were going to rely on irc alone, it would have to be more then just a couple of months surely..06:23
ajmitchit varies depending on what things you're involved in06:23
cdm10tonyyarusso: Ah.06:23
cdm10rob: Yes, definitely... the problem is that I changed nicks to get away from some people who were harassing me on IRC. My old nick has all the activity.06:23
* ajmitch has been involved in the development side of things for a little while - membership comes with being a MOTU or core developer06:23
Madpilotcdm10, what was the old nick? 06:23
robcdm10, that's okay, just keep everyone informed and use that when you go for membership06:24
cdm10Madpilot: cables06:24
cdm10Madpilot: It's 20th on Macd's rankings of irc linecounts or something06:24
Madpilotah, OK. you've been around #u a lot, ya06:24
* rob is hoping to be a motu-wannabe for the next release, if he gets time06:24
cdm10I'd like to learn how to package software.06:24
cdm10I just really don't have the programming skills to make everything work.06:25
MadpilotI spent about five months or so with docteam (wrote about half of what shipped as Dapper Desktop Guide) and increasing amounts of IRC help, also a bit of loco work (Ubuntu Canada) to get membership06:25
cdm10Madpilot: so, how do I look when it comes to IRC participation?06:25
cdm10Madpilot: where in Canada?06:25
Madpilotthese days a few evenings of IRC a week and some loco stuff06:25
MadpilotVictoria - west coast06:26
cdm10Madpilot: Ah, I'm from Montreal, sorta.06:26
cdm10Madpilot: I moved away when I was 4, but I go to canada many times a year to visit family.06:26
Madpilotjoin #ubuntu-ca if you want a virtual visit :)06:26
cdm10Madpilot: and I like a good Tim Horton's iced cap as much as anyone06:26
cdm10Madpilot: and I'd kill for some smoked meat and/or montreal bagels.06:27
cdm10Madpilot: has my new nick been very active in #u?06:27
Madpilotnot sure - don't keep logs or scan them much.06:28
cdm10Madpilot: how'd you get the info for cables06:28
cdm10there should be a ? at the end of that.06:28
Madpilotrandom neurons fired06:28
cdm10Madpilot: so, just memory?06:28
robhey whatchaknow, my script got that ECC ENDer from #ubuntu-release-party before and I didn't even realise it. And he was from an oddly familiar .nz hostname too..06:29
Madpilotwhat is it with kiki trolls? seem to be rather more .nz bans than you'd expect from such a small country...06:30
robwell, as an Aussie, I won't comment. Maybe they are running out of sheep.06:31
roboops, slipped ;)06:31
Madpilot s/kiki/kiwi06:32
cdm10I don't even know why I'm still up, waiting... it's not like I haven't been running Gutsy for a month or so.06:32
cdm10I guess I just want to see how crazy #u-r-p gets when the topic is changed to "it's released"06:32
Madpilot #ubuntu will go insane too06:33
cdm10Madpilot: but less so06:33
cdm10or not06:33
cdm10actually, not.06:33
cdm10How sad that I'll be in school when it happens. Ah well, I'll just keep the client logging.06:34
Myrttithere's a small discrepancy with !ops06:36
tonyyarussoMyrtti: oh?06:36
Myrttiit's the same on #ubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu and #ubuntu-release-party06:36
Myrttiyet I'm an op only on #ubuntu06:36
Myrtti(blech, there's no milk for my coffee at the office fridge)06:37
roboh, the ubuntu/member cloak has ops on #ubuntu-release-party 06:37
tonyyarussonot sure what to do for offtopic, other than say "poke someone and get added there to make our factoid lives simpler"06:37
robMyrtti, fixed #ubuntu-release-party for you06:38
MadpilotMyrtti, anyone with #ubuntu ops has -offtopic automatically, far as i konw06:38
Madpilotused to be set up like that, anyway06:38
Myrttirob: but I don't have that cloak (working for The Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions which has Novell and Red Hat as sponsoring members I decided not to rub anyone's back in the wrong way and took wikipedia cloak instead)06:38
* rob is thinking it is because of his cloak Madpilot 06:38
Myrttirob: thanks06:39
MyrttiMadpilot: not according to access list?06:39
robthere is no cloak wildcard for ubuntu/member on -offtopic06:40
Madpilotno wildcard, but at one point anyone with #u ops got -offtopic whether they wanted it or not06:40
robthey probably should yeah06:40
robloo break :)06:41
MyrttiI don't mind helping with the channels though06:42
Myrttijust as long as I don't get hilights in vain ;-)06:42
effie_jayxHobbsee,  lol06:54
tonyyarussohey SC06:55
tonyyarussowelcome to madness06:55
robI think I won the pissing contest06:55
robw00t for me.06:56
* effie_jayx misses elkbuntu06:58
effie_jayxshe loves fighting with the eager trolls06:58
robtroll, where? :)06:58
Madpilothopefully she'll get out of dialup hell soon enough06:59
robHobbsee_, you have something on your chin..07:03
roboh, its just an underscore.07:03
tonyyarussobtw everyone, I am now running a script that will mark the maximum number of users in #ubuntu, just out of curiosity, so you can ask me later what it was.07:05
Hobbsee_rob, yeah, 2 nicks07:05
robtonyyarusso, nice :)07:05
Hobbsee_why does this insist on sorting my nicks alphabetically?07:05
naliothtonyyarusso: usercount.pl ?07:07
tonyyarussonalioth: chanpeak07:07
=== Hobbsee_ is now known as Foobar
=== Foobar is now known as LongPointyStick
jcastrohi, who do I talk to about an ubuntu cloak thinger thing?07:16
LongPointyStickjcastro, ubuntu council.07:16
LongPointyStickare you an ubuntu member still?07:16
robtalk to nalioth, I think the irc council is the group contact now..07:17
tonyyarussonalioth: (https://edge.launchpad.net/~jorge seems to be the relevant link)07:17
jcastroyeah, that's my launchpad page07:17
cdm10!pronunciation is <REPLY> Ubuntu is pronounced like "oo-boon-too"07:33
Jordan_Ucdm10, Not quite, maybe I'm just too picky but it's not "oo" like loon07:37
cdm10Jordan_U: Isn't it? ~/Examples/whatever.ogg07:38
Jordan_Ucdm10, I know, and I don't think that the way Mandela or anyone else says it is quite that "oo", again, I'm just too picky :)07:39
cdm10Jordan_U: heh, well it's better than "yu-buhn-tu"07:39
Jordan_UTrue :)07:39
Jordan_UIt's more like a german "u"07:40
cdm10Maybe it should just link to a vorbis recording07:40
Jordan_UAccording to wikipedia "Ubuntu (official IPA pronunciation /ùbúntú/ (oo-BOON-too[5]))"07:42
cdm10I have no idea how to read those pronounciation codes07:42
Jordan_UWell it basically says that I am wrong, since the two "u"s are pronounced the same way, I just don't hear it that way07:43
tonyyarusso#ubuntu hit 1400 :)07:43
cdm10Jordan_U: neither do I, you're right07:43
cdm10tonyyarusso: is that an all-time high?07:44
tonyyarussocdm10: no07:44
tonyyarussonot sure what that number is exactly07:44
tonyyarussowill likely be broken today07:44
Myrttifacebook <307:44
Myrttimy friend wheel is getting more and more scary07:45
Greeneryport test pls07:47
Hobbseedamned ardichoile.07:58
HobbseeLjL-Temp: he's reverted again07:59
* rob just thought of something evil: ask when Ubuntu is going to be released in #debian08:15
* rob ducks08:16
robomg someone just did..08:16
tonyyarussodid they get slapped?08:20
robyeah for about 5 minutes08:20
Amaranthman 1400 people....08:22
Amaranththis is supposed to be the quiet time08:22
tonyyarusso"diabolix> 8.04 will be the release that is run on a shuttleworth funded moon rover, and it will be called lunar lemar" [sic]08:23
Amaranththat'd be 10.0408:26
Amaranth!gutsy-#ubuntu-release-party is <reply> Every time you ask the release is delayed.08:27
ubotuI'll remember that, Amaranth08:27
Madpilotvery nice08:29
mneptokfor the love of Mercifuck get the bots out of #u-r-p08:29
mneptokPython is built for this. it's too ... sweaty.08:30
mneptokmy eyes...08:30
MadpilotDog, urp is going quite entirely berzerk08:31
tonyyarussoah, nice08:32
tonyyarussoSomebody intelligent write a factoid for !tickless08:33
Madpilotalso the noise you make when you realize just how /.-like that channel is currently08:34
SeveasI'm k/b'ing bot abusers now 08:34
tonyyarussoWhat's the load on the bot looking like btw?08:34
Seveaszero on the host, but don't know what lag is doing to him08:35
Mez0 days to go08:35
Mezroll on midday08:35
Madpilotmorning Seveas 08:35
Seveashe could use an excess flood bypass08:35
Madpilotnever seen as many people op'd in an Ubuntu channel as #urp right now....08:36
Mez#urp ?08:37
* Mez wants in08:37
Madpilot #ubuntu-releaseparty08:37
Mezinvite onlyt08:37
Mez* Cannot join #ubuntu-releaseparty (Channel is invite only).08:37
Mez-ChanServ- An access level of [5] is required for [INVITE] on #ubuntu-releaseparty08:37
Madpilotsorry, #ubuntu-release-party08:38
Madpilotdropped a hyphen there08:38
Mezwhy is -releaseparty invite only ?08:38
Madpilotwas probably locked to prevent capture by trolls, at a guess?08:38
Seveas+if -release-party08:38
Mezah, I'm +Q08:39
Seveasonly +Q people get caught by it :p08:39
Mezyou do know when it's going to be released though right ?08:40
Mezall releases thus far have been at 12:00 UTC?BST08:40
Madpilot"when it doesn't break sabdfl's laptop audio", from reports :)08:40
ubotuIn ubotu, Jordan_U said: !rofl is If you are really rofl then how did you type rofl?08:41
* Mez has his shipit CDs ordered to goto work08:42
jussi01wow... #urp is crazy...08:42
Madpilotutterly bat-gauno frothing mad, yes08:43
Madpilotthat is such a beautifully evil !gutsy factiod in urp08:44
tonyyarussowhat's +Q?08:47
* tonyyarusso races the channel to the FN web site08:47
mneptokno forwarding08:47
mneptokuser mode08:47
tonyyarussowhy would you do that?08:47
mneptokbecause i want to decide what channels my client joins08:48
Jordan_UMadpilot, What is it?08:49
MadpilotJordan_U, "every time you ask, the release is delayed another hour"08:49
Jordan_Ulol, that's what I have been telling people in #ubuntu :)08:49
Jordan_UActually "it will be released one hour after the last person who asks" but the ubotu factoid is better :)08:50
philip__someone please test me against the DCC disconnect hack08:50
Amaranth!no gutsy-#ubuntu-release-party is <reply> Every time you ask the release is delayed five minutes.09:00
ubotuI'll remember that Amaranth09:00
AmaranthThat was weird09:03
Amaranth<jeevan_ullas> Amaranth: you are a big asshole man.09:04
AmaranthThen he left09:04
AmaranthI have never seen that guy before and haven't said anything in #ubuntu in like 10 hours09:04
Seveasbeen banned from a few channels already09:05
Seveasbtw, skarecrow is also one for the permaban list09:06
Seveas<SkareCrow> i aint fucking trolling you dumb fuck09:06
thoreauputicSeveas: that SkareCrow quote is something of a classic - maybe we should frame it or something09:08
thoreauputicAh, bash.org?09:09
Seveasno, this is straight from my pm :)09:10
thoreauputicah, so i see :)09:10
thoreauputicSeveas: he has many clients apparently - I wonder if he uses the same vocabulary to all 35,000 of them ')09:11
tonyyarussoover 1450 now09:19
elkbuntuhellooooo adsl :D :D :D09:19
Myrttielkbuntu: *hug*09:19
tonyyarussoelkbuntu's here!09:19
elkbuntusomeone gimme a speed checker applet!09:19
tonyyarussoNow we can watch her play with the silly folk in urp!09:20
thoreauputicelkbuntu: greetings!09:23
Seeker`lo elkbuntu 09:23
mneptok!secret download09:27
ubotusuper secret downloads! - http://mirrors.ccs.neu.edu/releases.ubuntu.com/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/releases/09:27
Madpilotelkbuntu, welcome back.still stuck in dialup hell?09:28
elkbuntuMadpilot, as of this afternoon, no09:28
elkbuntuadsl2+ babeh09:28
Seeker`elkbuntu: how fast?09:28
Madpilotnice. welcome back to the 21st century.09:28
thoreauputicelkbuntu: woohoo - welcome to the 31st century!09:28
thoreauputicMadpilot: great minds...09:29
* tonyyarusso reels thoreauputic back a few years09:29
thoreauputicMadpilot: and slow typist :)09:29
Seeker`elkbuntu: Nice :D09:29
thoreauputictonyyarusso: ah a nice typo...09:29
thoreauputictonyyarusso: 31st century and adsl2+ seem an unlikely pairing :)09:30
thoreauputictonyyarusso: it feels like that when you go from dialup to adsl2+ though ;p09:30
tonyyarussothoreauputic: true - we went dialup-->cable this spring09:31
Madpilotmy folks live far enough outside of town they can't get cable or adsl. they lasted two weeks with dialup before springing for satellite 'net09:32
thoreauputictonyyarusso: I went dialup -> adsl2+ last year: I kept downloading stuff just to watch the speed go over 1MB/sec - couldn't believe it :)09:32
thoreauputicMadpilot: how fast is satellite ?09:33
Seveasthoreauputic, speed can be decent, but the latency sucks09:33
Madpilotslightly faster than standard domestic wireless09:33
thoreauputicMadpilot: ah OK - that's pretty usable09:34
Madpilotlatency too high for voip, though09:34
MadpilotI think it tops out around 70Mbps09:35
Madpilotvice, what, 54 for basic wireless?09:35
tonyyarusso54 is g09:35
mneptokand with a satellite, you can get the Internet from other planets.09:39
thoreauputicmneptok: Is that where all that spam is coming from? 09:39
Seveashow's internet on planet mneptok?09:39
mneptokalthough the .uranus domain is mostly porn09:40
tonyyarussobecause that's how geosynchronous stuff works09:40
MadpilotVenusian spam - even worse than Nigerian09:40
tonyyarussomneptok: I thought that's where goatse was?09:40
mneptoktonyyarusso: that's a black hole09:40
Madpilot"GREETINGS. My name is QSsfbsrAFD..."09:40
mneptokwell, mulatto.09:40
mneptokor something.09:40
SeveasMadpilot, that troll was here last week :p09:40
thoreauputicSlartibartfast uses XaoS for his plant designs, I heard...09:41
thoreauputicaargh planet designs09:42
* thoreauputic watches that on fall flat on its face09:42
* Madpilot hands thoreauputic a towel.09:42
elkbuntuthoreauputic,so true --> I went dialup -> adsl2+ last year: I kept downloading stuff just to watch the speed go over 1MB/sec - couldn't believe it :)09:42
Seveasthoreauputic, I like magrathea09:42
Myrtticould someone kill and dry me a new mattress?09:43
thoreauputicelkbuntu: You become jaded after a while, and get upset when you only get 800KB/sec09:43
SeveasMyrtti, voon09:43
tonyyarussoMyrtti: where would one go to kill you a new mattress?09:43
* Seeker` now gets 1.5MB/s at home09:43
elkbuntuthoreauputic, anything above 160kb/s is godly to me09:44
* Xinax slaps Seveas09:44
Seveaswhat can we do for you?09:44
thoreauputicelkbuntu: indeed - I used to be pleased when I installed gnome overnight on dialup :) Wow, 80 MB in less than a sleep!09:44
Xinaxno shit09:45
* Seeker` loves the time period "A sleep"09:45
Seveas(see #ubuntu)09:45
Madpilotwhiskey tango foxtrot?09:45
elkbuntuXinax, this isnt a chat channel09:45
Xinaxhe banned me from #ubuntu with no reason too09:45
thoreauputicSeeker`: officially defined by the ISO ;p09:45
Seeker`thoreauputic: :P09:46
SeveasXinax, we have a zero-trollerance policy today09:46
MadpilotXinax, three lines of flood is enough reason09:46
MyrttiXinax: no reason?09:46
mneptokwait ...09:49
mneptokis it released?09:49
mneptokhom about now?09:49
SeveasI'll release a can of worms on you09:49
mneptokdoes that mean Gutsy is out?09:51
mneptokwait ...09:51
Seeker`did they rename gutsy gibbon to wriggly worm?09:52
Madpilotno, but the next release is "Horny Heifer"09:52
mneptokgood luck with q, mark. GOOD LUCK WITH Q!09:53
mneptokquixotic quetzlcoatl?09:53
Myrttiquivering ... quiet09:54
thoreauputicmneptok: querulous quoll09:54
MadpilotQuaking Quail09:54
thoreauputicmneptok: now try X ;p09:54
SeveasXusty Xibbon09:54
thoreauputicSeveas: hah09:55
MyrttiXenophopic ... ;-)09:55
thoreauputicxenophobic xanthus09:55
MadpilotXenophibic Xenomorph09:55
thoreauputicor xue-bao ( snow leopard IIRC)09:55
thoreauputicyes, google confirms :)09:56
Seeker`thoreauputic: You mean netcraft confirms?09:56
thoreauputicSeeker`: nah, that's only for BSD ;p09:57
Seeker`I know someone that worked for netcraft on their placement year09:57
Seeker`I only live a 15 min walk from their office09:57
Seeker`which is, apparently, a converted townhouse09:57
Seveaspeople found isos09:59
Seveas#urp is going maddder09:59
Madpilotat least it isn't #u going insane10:00
stdingive it a min10:01
* tonyyarusso wishes a ban in urp automatically became one in #ubuntu too10:13
Madpilottempting, no?10:13
robwhoa 150010:20
Mezwas it released yet ? ? :P10:20
tonyyarussoyep to rob, no to Mez 10:20
Mezthought not10:21
robooh, web site now says "coming soon"10:21
Mez1:40 to release I reckon10:21
Mezor 40 if they use UTC10:21
Madpilotybotk, need a hand?10:23
ybotkJust made a silly little joke is all. Seeking forgiveness.10:23
ybotkIt won't happen again.10:23
superkirbyartistI request an un-ban on #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic because of false claims.10:24
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici10:25
ubotusuperkirbyartist called the ops in #ubuntu-ops10:25
robplease don't abuse that10:25
thoreauputicsuperkirbyartist: that was a really bad move...10:25
robI was just about to do the same thing :)10:25
Seveasthere went his last chance10:26
GrymnyrI request an unban of tucuna. He only asked about the new ubuntu release and typed an url, and then he was banned10:26
AmaranthHe spammed #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic then did that here?10:26
AmaranthGrymnyr: No, you post links you lose out on the fun10:26
AmaranthGrymnyr: The channel will be gone soon anyway10:26
thoreauputicGrymnyr: zero tolerance during release feeding frenzies, sorry10:26
ybotkSeveas, Can I be unbanned, or do I have to sit out awhile?10:26
MadpilotI kb'd superkirbyidiot from -offtopic, wasn't aware he'd been bounced from #u too10:26
Seveasybotk, zero-trollerance mode, you're out of luck10:27
ybotkOkay, thank you for your time. Again, I apologize.10:27
tonyyarussoGrymnyr: Granted in PM, thanks.10:29
tonyyarussoAmaranth: It seems tucuna meant to say something more like "do the things post at <URL> mean it's out?  I'm confused", but it came out "it seems to be out - <URL>"10:30
tonyyarussoClarified the problem and such now.10:30
GrymnyrAmaranth, what do you mean, the channel will be gone?10:30
AmaranthGrymnyr: #ubuntu-release-party won't be there even 24 hours from now10:31
robsuperkirbyidoit is currently harassing me pm..10:31
tonyyarussourp is approaching the numbers of what #ubuntu had when I first entered it10:31
robare we kicking url givers?10:32
Madpilotrob, he tried with me, evidently has moved on to staff10:32
Amaranthrob: yes10:33
rob<superkirbyartist> Will I be unbanned soon?10:33
rob<rob> nope10:33
Seveastry a k-line ;)10:33
robwell I'm just waiting for him to try something else, then sure10:33
robhe has already harassed several chans I see, and several of you10:33
robubuntu/members are opped in #ubuntu-release-party right? I thought nalioth set a wildcard access list item?10:34
Madpilotwhen someone joins -offtopic and their very first line is "If anyone wants free <redacted> stuff say 12321." that reeks of spam10:35
tonyyarussorob: yes10:35
Seveasit does10:35
robMadpilot, yup10:35
* rob just saw a ubuntu member join and not get opped.. I guess he didn't turn autoop on too10:35
ybotkSo will ubuntu 7.10 suck as bad as 7.04?10:35
Myrttioh wow, I DO have ops at #urp10:35
Seveasrob, eh?10:35
robit was like snipers :)10:36
Seveasyou kicked the wrong one10:36
Seveasand ybotk is looking for a k-line10:36
Seveas<ybotk> Seveas, how about in here to hitler?10:36
robheh oops :)10:36
MadpilotSeveas, and then he invokes Godwin. Classic.10:36
robsorry myrtti when you come back!10:36
Seveas<ybotk> Seveas? You pinko commie fag.10:37
tonyyarussoSeveas: I win10:37
Seveask-line would be appreciated10:37
Seveashe's now in artwork10:37
robSeveas, done10:37
Seveas<ybotk> Seveas, Lest not forget?10:37
Seveas<ybotk> Douchebag.10:37
Seveas<ybotk> :)10:37
Seveas<-- ybotk has quit (K-lined)10:37
Seveasso much for his 'apologies'10:38
robyou guys probably should know that the .isos are pretty much mirroring everywhere, a few of my local mirrors have them already, maybe we should stop kicking people who give the url out?10:39
tonyyarussorob: nah - we'll stay with policy until the release guys tell us 10:40
tonyyarussoUntil the announcement is made, they can still make changes if necessary.10:40
robtonyyarusso, it just seems like a bit of an over-reaction is all.10:40
tonyyarussorob: perhaps.  How would we draw a line for when to change though?10:41
robtonyyarusso, it must be soon I'm guessing, considering everyone I know who is interested in them are already downloading them we should let up soon10:41
tonyyarussorob: very - I'm keeping in touch with the button-pushers10:42
robmost people are wondering why they are getting kicked as far as I can tell10:42
Myrtticould !links be enabled on #ubuntu too10:43
robhere is one now I think :)10:43
diabolixwhy did i get banned from release party?10:43
tonyyarussorob: I'm told that since rsync does incremental changes, they started publishing ISOs to mirrors yesterday, and are going around doing small changes now.10:43
tonyyarussorob: So, anything that's linked might not even work.10:43
tonyyarussoWhich would make #ubuntu support fun tomorrow.10:43
robso the current .isos are not up to date, even though they are marked as such?10:44
mc44well, depending on the mirror10:44
robokay, fair enough, keep discouraging it I guess10:44
diabolixcan the op who banned me accept my humble apology and let me back in to the release party?10:47
tonyyarussodiabolix: do you understand the problem?10:48
tonyyarussoOkay, explain it back to us.10:48
SkareCrowI wanna know why I keep getting kicked/banned from #ubuntu and #ubuntu-release-party10:49
diabolixif i post a link now, people will download an prerelease version of gusty, and assume its the real thing. not only that, they will be needlessly hammering mirrors before the real release.10:49
SeveasSkareCrow, i think '<SkareCrow> i aint fucking trolling you dumb fuck' summarizes it nicely10:49
SkareCrowI made 1 joke and was kicked for it, then Seveas decides to take my words wrong and ban me from #ubuntu-release-party and #ubuntu10:49
SkareCrowCause you were pissing me off10:49
tonyyarussodiabolix: okay, try to behave now10:49
SkareCrowI said 1 thing and you insisted I kept on doing it10:50
diabolixtonyyarusso, thanks.10:50
SkareCrowWhen I explained it to you10:50
MyrttiI'm looking over #ubuntu10:50
Myrttievery time I remove for posting that link, I do !links > nick10:50
Seveasthe ops read the full log SkareCrow, I suggest you don't lie10:50
SkareCrowWhat did I lie about?10:51
SkareCrowGo ahead and show the logs. I have the logs too. I have not lied.10:51
SkareCrowPizza hut showed up with my pizza and I said "it is here, i am going to go get it"10:51
SkareCrowand you ban me for it10:51
SkareCrowthen you ban me on #ubuntu for having a legit convo10:52
SkareCrowYou want to call Pizza Hut and ask them what time they showed up at my house and compare it to what time I said the message?10:53
ChaosParser< Got banned from Ubuntu-Release-Party without explaination? 10:53
GionnyBossI am an #ubuntu-it operator. Everybody on the italian support channel is downloading Gutsy now, some from the torrent, some others from the website. Is it safe to download now, or should I say them to wait?10:53
robtonyyarusso, I'm thinking you should mention what you said to me before about the .isos in #ubuntu-release-party so people know what is going on10:54
tonyyarussorob: Sure.10:54
robtonyyarusso, thanks :)10:54
tonyyarussorob: meanwhile, explain it to GionnyBoss for me10:54
roberr okay10:54
robGionnyBoss, since rsync does incremental changes, they started publishing ISOs to mirrors yesterday, and are going around doing small changes now. Therefore, don't give out the url to the .iso files because they are not up to date.10:55
robyou were banned because we are enforcing this10:55
ChaosParserOkay.  How do we get un-banned?  10:56
MadpilotChaosParser, ^^^ that's why we're removing ppl from -party10:56
robit creates many support headaches for us :)10:56
ChaosParserIRC Chat in Opera cuts off the Topic. 10:56
ChaosParserI couldn't *see* that. 10:56
GionnyBossrob: are the torrents safe to download?10:56
robGionnyBoss, no, nothing is until it is released properly10:56
robeverything is still syncing10:56
GionnyBossrob: ok, so I guess I should change the topic on #ubuntu-it and say everybody to stop downloading it and wait10:57
robGionnyBoss, we are taking care of that now10:57
SkareCrowThis is fucked up10:57
GionnyBossrob: ok thank you10:57
robGionnyBoss, just please don't give out the urls yet, and I will unban you :)10:57
robGionnyBoss, done10:57
SkareCrowCan you unban me too?10:58
ChaosParserMe three? 10:58
robChaosParser, do you understand what I said to GionnyBoss?10:58
GionnyBossrob: yes, I understand. Did you ban me?10:58
ChaosParserDon't post links to the release that are accessible from ubuntu.com that everyone that already uses ubuntu knows about anyways?  Sure.  I got that. 10:59
robGionnyBoss, yep10:59
GionnyBossrob: I am an #ubuntu-it operator. Why did you ban me?10:59
MadpilotChaosParser, try -party, I think your ban is gone10:59
robChaosParser, we are discouraging it10:59
tonyyarussorob: did that make sense in there?10:59
ChaosParserThank you. 10:59
robGionnyBoss, I didn't ban you, just helping you :)10:59
GionnyBossrob: oh ok... sorry, it's just that you said <rob> GionnyBoss, just please don't give out the urls yet, and I will unban you :)11:00
roboh, well yes I have removed the ban GionnyBoss11:00
MadpilotGionnyBoss, overlapping conversations11:00
GionnyBossrob: thanks, I'm warning all the italian channel about this and I will take care of that11:00
Myrttithe channels are too busy for me to keep up :-/11:01
robGionnyBoss, awesome, cheers11:01
robtonyyarusso, looking now11:01
no0ticwhat's the problem?11:01
SkareCrowThis is fucked, talk about a pizza at my front door and get banned. How fucked up is this world?11:01
robtonyyarusso, I guess I just hope people got it :)11:02
* Madpilot waits for the profanity-laced PM11:02
Madpilotah, there it is11:03
Madpilothow predictable11:03
GionnyBossrob: what am I supposed to tell to the people in the support channel that says that they have already finished to dowload the .iso?11:03
mc44Madpilot: poor guy just wants to eat his pizza :)11:03
robGionnyBoss, that they may not have the final release one :)11:03
mc44GionnyBoss: make sure they check the md5 sum11:03
mc44with the official release md5sum11:04
tonyyarussogetting close to ready now, apparently - we may get some sleep yet11:04
Madpilotmc44, well, now he's banned he can eat his pizza in peace. No nasty IRC channels to distract him11:04
mneptokGionnyBoss: tell them to use BitTorrent11:04
mneptokhttp://montreal.canonical.com/torrents  (the main download sites are very slow)11:05
GionnyBossmneptok: yes, I already tell them all to use torrents. But the torrent is not safe yet, I guess.11:06
robwhat the heck is going on in #ubuntu-release-party ?11:07
stdinthat's all jono's fault11:07
stdin[11:05]  <jono> everyone, say the town and country you are in now, it will be like a mexican wave11:07
Madpilotawesome flood11:07
tonyyarussorob: blame jono11:07
roboh must have missed that11:07
* rob reminds himself never to give jono the floor again :)11:07
Madpilot<Fujitsu> Ah, an officially sanctioned flood. Never thought I'd see the day.11:08
Myrttiput the m back and let him finish11:08
GionnyBosson the italian website there is a link to the .iso. Should I tell the webmaster to drop that link from the italian ubuntu home page?11:08
stdinat least it stops people asking when it's out11:08
Myrttipeople might be getting connection errors11:08
tonyyarussoAmaranth: ......wth?11:09
MyrttiAmaranth: shame on you11:09
stdinI'm getting about 1.2KB inbound, just on IRC11:09
robheh careful with the kicking, let them have some fun.. :)11:09
robjono caused the hype after all! :)11:10
FujitsuWow. Just... wow.11:10
thoreauputicThe wave was a great way to stop the constant URL postings actually... not to mention fun11:14
no0ticare torrents updated?11:15
GionnyBossI'm sorry to repeat, but I think this is important: on the italian website there is a link to the .iso. Should I tell the webmaster to drop that link from the italian ubuntu home page?11:15
thoreauputicno0tic: wait for the official announcement11:15
no0ticthoreauputic, where11:15
stdinGionnyBoss: seeing as it's not the actual release, yes11:15
roboh god.11:16
thoreauputicno0tic: join #ubuntu-release-party and wait for the topic change11:16
GionnyBossI already handled the problem of people downloading the .iso on the italian support channel11:16
Myrttiok, I'm so tired11:17
Myrttican someone else take over at #ubuntu11:17
robyeah its all good11:17
GionnyBossunfortunately, the ubuntu italian website made a mess. At the italian midnight (12 hours ago) came out that link, everybody thought that Gutsy was officially out, we had a mess in the italian support channel11:17
GionnyBossI will talk to the responsable of the italian website11:17
robheh, yeah not out yet, get them to check the md5sum with the released one when it is available11:18
AmaranthI think ~2000 might have been too conservative11:19
elkbuntuholy moly... #ubuntu is at 1550 already11:19
AmaranthAt this rate #ubuntu will get to 2500 or so at least11:19
MyrttiI said 2100 +-1511:19
robyeah nice11:20
mc44nah, I'd say 200011:20
mc44sweepstakes! :)11:20
tonyyarussoover 1550 in #ubuntu now11:20
tonyyarussobah, elkbuntu beat me to it11:20
elkbuntubased on previous trends, it' will probably hit 220011:20
Seveas'sup Myrtti ?11:21
MyrttiI've slept so badly with my still very aching sciatic ass, and I'm trying to keep the fires down on #ubuntu AND trying to proof read some EU documents and answering our office's helpdesk questions11:22
Myrttithank you11:23
Myrttitonyyarusso, Amaranth <311:23
elkbuntuoh lookie arenlor wants a kline11:23
Madpilothe just got a kb from -party11:23
Myrttipardon my french11:23
robwhat happen?11:24
tonyyarussoSeveas: definitely starting to see bot lag now11:24
robSeveas, what is holding up the bot, is it just code to stop it flooding off?11:25
AmaranthMost likely11:25
=== Fujitsu is now known as Fujitsu_
no0ticwrite down something on releases.ubuntu.com..11:27
Myrtticould someone please explain rsyncking the mirrors at #ubuntu11:30
Myrttithank you11:31
Myrttibecause if I try to explain it, it gets all muggled up11:31
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
tonyyarussoMyrtti: sure11:32
Seveasf*ing isp11:32
Seveascuts my connection on release day :)11:32
Myrttitonyyarusso: thank you, you're a lifesaver11:33
Amaranthtonyyarusso: shh, you're ruining it11:34
Madpilottonyyarusso, have we EVER muted the whole of #u before?11:35
tonyyarussoMyrtti: np11:35
tonyyarussoMadpilot: I think so, for similar reasons.11:35
mc44bah tonyyarusso mistimed his +m :)11:37
tonyyarussomc44: apparently :S11:37
Myrtti/me backs out from #ubuntu11:40
* rob jumps in head first11:40
penguincentralhi, i would like to know who blocked me from ubuntu-release-party and why?11:40
akrilli too have been banned, for posting a link to the gutsy release. i was told not to do this only AFTER the ban, and would like to be unbanned. i was unaware of any no-linking rule11:41
* rob considers switching to his 22" screen from this laptop11:41
Vorianakrill, it was in all caps in the topic11:42
akrillas i just told tonyyarusso, my client doesnt show topics by default11:42
akrilli have to click a button to see it11:43
penguincentralwell, can anyone help me out here?11:44
Madpilottime to switch to a better client?11:44
akrillMadpilot: show me a better one for mac os x :-p11:44
penguincentralI wasn't even alerted once inside the channel11:44
tonyyarussopenguincentral: did you post a URL to pre-release disk images?11:45
Madpilotblargh... need sleep, starting to see two screens :)11:47
Madpilotnight all. have fun with the loons, trolls and fanboiz11:47
robholy crap, there is over 700 just in #urp11:48
akrillhaha wow i thought there was actually a channel called #urp for a second11:49
akrilli even joined it.11:49
* akrill shakes his head11:49
* ajmitch should go to bed & let you lot sort out the misfits11:50
Madpilotam going to crash. urp will still be a madhouse when i surface again, but the gibbon might actually have been released...11:51
penguincentraltonyyarusso: no warning whatsoever, i didn't post pre-release links, what am i supposed to do11:53
tonyyarussopenguincentral: do you know what you did right before it, or a timestamp?11:54
penguincentraltonyyarusso: well, I did use capital letters in my last couple of statements11:55
wiihow do i update to gusty by konsole?11:55
mc44this is not a support channel11:56
robwii, use the gui tool, and ask in #ubuntu11:56
mc44rob: he's banned from pretty much everywhere11:56
penguincentraltonyyarusso: jono was trying to keep everyone occupied by telling everyone to type in their location like a mexican wave.11:56
robmc44, I know11:56
tonyyarussopenguincentral: Hmm, not sure.  Anyway, consider it lifted and make sure the read the topic.11:57
penguincentraland then after a while i tried to bring everyone back to earth, then they banned me *without* warning11:57
penguincentralthanks tonyyarusso 11:57
akrillheh. ya. lots of banning going on tonight11:57
akrillkind of sucks, especially since recently i've been an active member of #ubuntu. 11:58
tonyyarussoakrill: Things are a bit different today - back to normal shortly hopefully :)11:58
wiiakrill: never saw u11:58
akrillwii: im usually on more during the day (its 4AM here)11:58
akrilltonyyarusso: i hope so :-p11:58
robwhat is up with #ubuntu-party?12:00
* ajmitch shrugs12:01
wiirob: u trick me there's nothing there12:01
Myrttiarcad3 is spamming the channels with that url12:02
robyes, because you shouldn't be here..12:02
robMyrtti, which one?12:02
Myrttir.u.c/g whatever12:02
Myrttinevermind me12:02
ajmitchthe usual release URL12:02
no0ticrepositories are ok?12:04
no0ticshould we tell user to upgrade from feisty with repository?12:04
penguincentralSiropel posted a mirror for gutsy12:04
penguincentralin party12:04
akrillmmmmmmmm upgrades12:04
Cenariusi got a problem about ¨stdin¨ , he kicked me out12:05
penguincentralout of my own curiosity, what are voices?12:06
Cenariusbecouse i was speaking about windows ...12:06
Cenariusthat its not a reason ...12:06
penguincentralCenarius: in what context?12:06
Cenariusi said that ubuntu desktop edition remindes me about windows vista12:06
Cenariuscuz itś almost the same emviorement 12:06
penguincentralCenarius: analogies in my opinion are fine to me12:06
penguincentralguys, what do you think?12:07
stdin1st I asked Cenarius to stay one topic, then he said i'm a "bad op", then:12:07
stdin<Cenarius> this ubuntu enviorement remindes me of Windows Vista12:07
stdin oh god12:07
stdin D:12:07
stdinso Cenarius was removed12:07
Cenariusi said just that remindes12:07
Cenariuswhat i´ve said bad?12:08
penguincentralCenarius: what channel?12:08
ubotuSkeesh called the ops in #ubuntu-release-party12:08
robhmm web site is now saying it is out, but download site is not updated yet12:08
ajmitchit's great :)12:08
Fujitsurob: The website has been reverted now.12:08
ajmitchFujitsu: it didn't appear to be reverted when I refreshed12:09
robFujitsu, again :)12:09
FujitsuI guess the load balancing could be doing that, with only some servers changed.12:09
=== tonyy is now known as tonyyarusso
akrillwow, the us releases server gets SLAMMED when its released12:10
Cenariuspenguincentral: and ? now what ? :-s ... can i join kubuntu again ?12:10
penguincentralpenguincentral: i can't help you there, but I suggest that he is allowed back into kubuntu12:11
penguincentralCenarius: you see i don't have a + before my nick, I am just a peace-maker12:11
stdinCenarius: you could from the start, you were never banned12:11
Cenariusstill , you kicked me without any good reason ..12:11
penguincentralstdin: he IMO has done nothing wrong12:12
stdinpenguincentral: being off topic is a reason top kick12:12
penguincentralstdin: look, he was just making a comment.  He wasn't asking for help on windows12:13
Cenariusthanks penguincentral12:13
roberr ?12:13
stdinpenguincentral: he was warned and ignored it, he was removed then started /msg'ing me, I stand by my decision12:14
effie_jayxelkbuntu,  I missed you :D12:14
ajmitchSeveas: thanks :)12:14
penguincentralstdin: he wasn't asking for help, he was only making an analogy about KDE, which I agree with his statement.  KDE has it's similarities to the windows interface.12:15
robSeveas, what is the plan?12:15
tonyyarussoSeveas: just don't leave it too long or they'll expect you to make an announcement ;)12:15
penguincentralhere we go...12:15
akrillpenguincentral: kde looks nothing like vista though. at all. haha. now shush about it, ehheh12:15
stdinpenguincentral: I don't care, he was warned to stay on topic and ignored it12:15
stdinhe got removed, and that's that12:16
penguincentrali give up, sorry Cenarius.12:16
Cenariusand thanks penguincentral for helping me out 12:16
penguincentralit's just like saying bomb at an airport, but not talking about terrorism12:16
Cenariusno problem 12:16
penguincentralCenarius: any time12:16
MezI loev the fac tI'm already running gutsy ;)12:16
* Mez waits for lsb-release to be updated12:17
mc44Mez: updated to what?12:18
robhmm the downloads page has updated12:18
Meznot say "development branch"12:18
mc44er, it doesn't 12:18
FujitsuMez: That was done a while ago.12:18
Mezoh yeah, and /etc/issue/12:18
robin fact both the main page and download pages are updated again..12:18
penguincentralrob: what's changed?12:19
Fujitsurob: I suspect only some of the servers have been updated.12:19
Myrttiok, I'm now definitely leaving the removing of the link spreaders and all that jazz for someone else at #ubuntu12:19
robFujitsu, yeah I know12:19
robFujitsu, it certainly is upping the hype12:19
FujitsuThe same thing happened last time.12:20
Seveasrelease is imminent12:20
Seveasand they have no big switch, so things are dripping in12:20
penguincentralis it official?12:21
SeveasI removed ubotu from the party channel12:21
Seveasgoing insane :)12:21
robSeveas, I'm thinking +F would allow ubotu to keep up, but then it is open to abuse..12:21
robno flooding off the network12:22
robimmune to flood protection basically12:23
Seveasit may be necessary at some point, he's in almost 60 channels now12:23
robbut then it would allow people to spam the crap out of it and nothing would kick in to stop ubotu replying12:23
penguincentralwell, ubotu serves an important purpose, to save us from ourselves12:23
FujitsuOh, now they've blanked ubuntu.com12:23
penguincentrallet's get ready to RUMBLE!12:24
ajmitchso, something probably fell over again12:24
FujitsuBig difference now.12:24
robjust getting annoying.12:24
ajmitchgiven that drupal was complaining of too many connections to the database earlier12:24
FujitsuUp down up down.12:24
ajmitchrob: remove them all?12:25
mc44aw well at least they don't need an emergency text page like last time12:25
Fujitsumc44: Yet.12:25
robajmitch, whoever you want12:25
Seeker`7.10 links now here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download12:25
ajmitchI'm off to bed, really :)12:25
Piciooh, limited edition merchandise 12:26
Seeker`looks like the site is all linked up12:26
ajmitchpast midnight, work in the morning, etc12:26
ajmitchhave fun with the mad crowd12:26
penguincentralthis will get interesting12:26
FujitsuNight ajmitch.12:26
GionnyBossI am an #ubuntu-it op. The release is imminent. I would like to insert a topic when Gutsy will be out for #ubuntu-it to suggest the users to use the torrents. Do you think that this link is good: http://montreal.canonical.com/torrents/ ? Or can you suggest me another one12:26
akrillwoot, 7.10 released!12:27
akrillso um. do i get to go back into #ubuntu and #ubuntu-release-party?12:28
* Pici wonders what all these people are doing in -ops12:28
robdunno, but is is annoying. The signal to noise ratio is bad enough in the other chan without them coming in here..12:29
robso :)12:29
GionnyBossmc44: ok thank you12:29
GionnyBossisn't there a link to torrents in the official download web page?12:30
Mezso released now ?12:30
Mezrob, why was akrill banned ?12:31
robdunno, I'll keep an eye out12:31
Mez* rob sets ban on *!*@
Mez* rob has kicked akrill from #ubuntu-ops (rob)12:31
roband he isn't now12:31
Myrttiit's out?12:31
FujitsuWe're done.12:31
Myrttithe mailing list says so12:31
Myrttiit's done?12:32
* Pici had good timing12:32
robwe announcing it then?12:33
Fujitsurob: It has been done, yes.12:33
SeveasI'm going to ignore the party for a while :)12:36
robmight be a good idea, yeah12:36
effie_jayxhurts the eyes a bit12:38
* Seeker` cant read that quickly12:40
Myrtti/me wants alternative torrent link12:40
MyrttiFinnish mirror link doesn't work12:41
stdinI can feel the servers straining already12:41
Seeker`stdin: a disturbance in the force?12:41
stdinit's like a thousand RAID controllers crying out to me12:42
Seeker`I wonder how much bandwidth will be used in the next 24 hours12:43
roba lot12:43
mc44Myrtti: http://montreal.canonical.com/torrents/ubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent12:47
Myrttithanks, found them12:47
tonyyarussoAnyone want to put some MD5s in the topic of urp?12:48
FujitsuThat might be a good idea.12:48
mc44d2334dbba7313e9abc8c7c072d2af09c *ubuntu-7.10-desktop-i386.iso12:48
robmc44, the xubuntu alternate torrent is not on there, is it out yet?12:51
mc44rob: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/7.10/release/xubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent12:55
robthanks mc44 :D12:56
PriceChildhmmm torrent says the tracker is timing out :/12:57
PriceChildNot good :)12:59
mc44DDoS ;)12:59
PriceChildmust be those bloody ubuntu-uk guys again13:00
Seeker`PriceChild: Yeah, I blame you!13:00
PriceChildYay I just got on... and I'm the only seed with 44 peers so far :/13:00
PriceChild125.... :/13:01
PriceChildIs there a reason I can't see anyone else seeding this thing?13:02
stdinfactoids need updating, like !upgrade and !upgrade-#kubuntu13:02
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - Please join #ubuntu+1 for questions about upgrading to Gutsy, and use #ubuntu for "normal" support only13:02
ubotuupgrade aliases: upgrading, update, upgrades, dist-upgrade - added by Amaranth on 2006-06-23 08:11:0513:02
PriceChild!no upgrade is <reply> For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes13:02
ubotuI'll remember that PriceChild13:02
ubotuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)13:03
PriceChildwhy do we have that seperate factoid? :/13:03
PriceChildThink its ok to alias that to !upgrade?13:03
robSeveas, if you had of asked, I could have removed them all in one hit, I have +F :)13:03
PriceChildWhen was it released btw? half an hour ago?13:04
mc44PriceChild: Thu Oct 18 12:15:03 BST 200713:05
stdinit was a different factoid when we had to edit our sources.list to upgrade13:06
stdinit should probably just be removed so #k used the normal !upgrade factoid now13:06
ubotuupgrade-#kubuntu has no aliases - added by LjL on 2006-10-27 23:53:1913:09
PriceChild!forget upgrade-#kubuntu13:10
ubotuI'll forget that, PriceChild13:10
Picimorning jrib 13:14
jribhey Pici 13:15
ubotuIn ubotu, flick2 said: !gutsy is Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) has been released! Download it from http://releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/13:15
ubotuIn ubotu, flick2 said: !gutsy is Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). Download it here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/13:16
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due some time October 18th, 2007) | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information13:20
ubotuUbuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) is the 6th release of Ubuntu.  Upgrade to Fesity: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades - Downloading: http://us.releases.ubuntu.com/7.04/13:20
tonyyarussoSeveas: !info needs to be changed to default to gutsy13:20
Seveas@config list plugins.encyclopedia13:21
ubotu#database, #prefixchar, #searchorder, alert, aptdir, datadir, notfoundmsg, packagelookup, public, and relaychannel13:21
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder13:21
ubotufeisty feisty-seveas13:21
Seveas@config plugins.encyclopedia.searchorder gutsy13:21
mc44PriceChild: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download probably the best link to use13:21
PiciPriceChild: I'm updating those factoids now.13:21
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - For BitTorrent downloads, see !torrents13:21
PriceChildI was thinking: no gutsy is <reply> Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the 7th release of Ubuntu.  Upgrade to Gutsy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download13:22
PiciWell, the feisty factoid used to say latest, not 6th13:22
PriceChildMaybe change yours to "Please use bittorrent if possible, see !torrents"13:22
PriceChildahhh k :)13:22
PiciPriceChild: go ahead and change it if you want :)13:22
thoreauputicamazing... all the Aus mirrors are unreachable from here it seems - I can't even get a torrent file!13:28
* thoreauputic scratches his head13:28
Fujitsuthoreauputic: Yeah, au.r.u.c was down within minutes.13:28
thoreauputicFujitsu: it's really incredible - I've tried five and all of them either time out or don't have it13:29
FujitsuYeah, they're rather more popular than I expected.13:29
thoreauputicwell, I suppose that's good...13:30
thoreauputicI just didn't realise that even Ubuntu was that popular13:30
PiciWe've been getting a lot of PR13:30
PriceChildthoreauputic, want me to email you a .torrent or have you got one now?13:32
thoreauputicGot one from Ireland :)13:33
jdongaww it's only seeding at 6.50MB/s13:34
* jdong increases upload slots to 5013:34
thoreauputichmm tracker is down apparently...13:35
thoreauputicah OK now13:36
FujitsuIt's doing much better than last time, fortunately :)13:36
jdongI'm on Azureus and Ktorrent(uTorrent/libTorrent) DHT too....13:37
jdongtracker being down should not be an issue for most modern clients13:37
thoreauputicjdong: true - tried deluge without success - trying azureus now13:38
Myrttibittornado <313:38
jdongtracker's even up for me....13:38
PriceChildjdong, haven't broken a forums record yet13:39
jdongPriceChild: too early13:39
PriceChildhehe :P13:40
thoreauputicgetting dht connections only so far13:40
PriceChildAnd I assume no problems in #ubuntu yet?13:40
PriceChildthoreauputic, it'll sort itself out soon, mine did.13:40
thoreauputicPriceChild: yes, at least it is starting :)13:40
jdongah, that's much better; 9.50MB13:41
jdongthoreauputic: DHT will suffice13:42
jdongthoreauputic: the instant you connect to another azureus peer, you'll get his entire list of pers13:42
thoreauputicjdong: tracker is now OK13:42
thoreauputicjdong: yes, I know - that started it off, now it's accelerating13:42
jdong18.55MB/s agregate up on my link....13:43
* jdong trunked 3 ethernet ports in his room together :D13:43
jdongI'm gonna get so much hate mail from the sysadmins...13:43
jdongwow I've uploaded over 10GB since I woke up13:46
jdonggrr why isn't this on demonoid ;-)13:46
PriceChildjdong, put it on ;)13:47
jdongPriceChild: that's what she said?13:47
PriceChildjdong, or does it need that file in the torrent still despite it being external?13:48
jdongI don't know13:49
PriceChildjdong, they're all already on ;)13:52
stdinooh, sabdfl in -party 13:53
jdongdamn you're right13:54
jdongerr pm.13:54
* rob yawns13:55
jdonglol that was not directed at mark :D13:55
* rob has been here for 18 hours now13:57
jdongI meant me :)13:57
roboh :)13:57
Myrtti-release-party or -party13:57
Picirob: you never left since last night?13:57
robPici, no, only for loo breaks pretty much13:57
robirc-overload at the moment13:57
poningru_can someone tell newz2000 or someone that there is no link to the dvd download on the front page?13:58
poningru_err from the download page13:58
Piciponingru_: why does this need to come from an op?13:59
poningru_cause I cant find him13:59
poningru_and I assumed one of you guys would know where he is13:59
poningru_in the intarwebs13:59
Piciponingru_: /whois newz200014:01
poningru_I pinged him dude...14:01
AmaranthUS should be waking up now...14:08
AmaranthBrace for impact :P14:08
Amaranthwha? 3 updates to gutsy14:11
robripped off :P14:12
Amaranthoh, kde crap :P14:12
roboh, goodo.14:12
PiciWho do we need to ping to get a new bot?14:12
robPici, what do you mean?14:12
robah, considering the abuse it has suffered tonight, it deserves a rest14:13
PiciPriceChild, Seveas, someone, ubotu is dying14:13
Picihim too14:13
Picinalioth too14:13
roball asleep I think, except maybe seveas14:14
LjL-Temphow is the nick count?14:14
ubot3Factoid 1550 not found14:15
LjL-Temppici is it being abused in party?14:15
PiciPeak for #ubuntu@freenode: 1605 (Thu Oct 18 07:34:17 2007)14:15
PiciLjL-Temp: Its not even there, someone removed it14:16
Seveasnot again14:16
Seveasbugreporter was hanging14:18
Picihere it goes14:18
Seveasgoing to have to disable taht14:18
Picieveryone says thanks Seveas 14:18
robnight guys, have fun :D 18 hours is enough irc for one release14:26
jdongnifht rob 14:26
Picirob: thanks, goodnight14:26
robthere are other freenode staff around if you need them, if they are not on /stats p ask in #freenode14:26
=== LjL3 is now known as LjL
Seveas@admin ignore add arcil14:28
PiciSeveas: if I may be so curious, what was that about?14:29
Seveassmall log excerpt:14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:20 help called by "arcil!n=arcil@unaffiliated/arcil".14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:24 help called by "arcil!n=arcil@unaffiliated/arcil".14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:27 help called by "arcil!n=arcil@unaffiliated/arcil".14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:41 help called by "arcil!n=arcil@unaffiliated/arcil".14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:43 Flushers flushed and garbage collected.14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:57 join called by "arcil!n=arcil@unaffiliated/arcil".14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:57 Preventing arcil!n=arcil@unaffiliated/arcil from14:30
Seveas     calling admin.join because of -admin.14:30
SeveasWARNING 2007-10-18T15:27:57 Denying arcil!n=arcil@unaffiliated/arcil for14:30
Seveas        lacking "admin" capability.14:30
SeveasINFO 2007-10-18T15:27:57 Checking for new bugs14:30
Picitsk tsk14:30
LjLSeveas: how often have you seen me calling "channels"? :)14:32
LjLexcept i'm just trying to call the *factoid*, but of course it doesn't like it without the !14:32
PiciWould you normally have even caught that? Or were you only looking at the log because the bot is a little wonky today?14:33
LjLso we haven't reached 1600, seems my bet is going to be wrong14:33
LjLPici: he catches everything.14:33
jribLjL: what did you bet?14:33
robbecause of #ubuntu-release-party no doubt14:33
PiciLjL: Peak for #ubuntu@freenode: 1605 (Thu Oct 18 07:34:17 2007)14:34
LjLjrib: between 1600 and 1700. someone asked for bets :)14:34
robbeen good though, controlled mayhem14:34
LjLPici: ah, then i win.14:34
* rob really goes to bed this time14:34
Picithats 2 hours ago :)14:34
LjLnight rob14:34
LjLPici: well it counts14:34
jribwell it's still too early in the US14:34
jribI'll say ~180014:35
LjLjrib: then i'd lose again14:36
PiciI said ~1950 yesterday, but I think I'm going for 1750 now14:36
LjL!no torrents is <reply> Torrent downloads for the Ubuntu ISOs are available on all the download pages. For Gutsy: http://fr.releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ (CDs) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.10/release/ (DVDs) - Please download using the torrents if you can!14:44
ubotuI'll remember that LjL14:44
PiciNot many people in france using linux?14:45
LjLPici: i picked one at random. i put se.* on the -party topic14:45
LjLthey're certainly all less loaded than the main mirror14:45
PiciIndeed, indeed.14:46
Seveasnl. and se. are good14:46
Seveasfr. is less good14:47
LjL!no downloads is <reply> Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://nl.releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Archive - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Gutsy, and help keeping the servers' load low!14:47
ubotuI know nothing about downloads yet, LjL14:47
PiciI thought is was something particularly special or not special about the french14:47
LjLSeveas: as long as it's just for getting the torrent14:47
LjLat least it *loads*14:47
LjLPici, yeah, i want to see their darn frog eating mirror go DOWN14:47
=== Fujitsu_ is now known as Fujitsu
LjLpriorra spammed -party, i banned, and he/she immediately joined #ubuntu then (and PMd me saying nonsense)15:34
LjLwhat does one do in such cases? i'm tempted to ban from #ubuntu too before they get a chance to replicate the spamming15:34
PriceChildI'm back for :)15:35
jdongLjL: IMO a ban for general misbehavior in one channel is implicitly global across *buntu*15:35
LjLjdong: we mostly tended to apply the opposite rule in the past15:36
naliothLjL: #ubuntu-release-party is a lot looser than #ubuntu 15:36
LjLnalioth: doesn't mean one should be allowed to flood with several lines of exclamation marks15:36
jdongLjL: what's the rationale for the other way? If I spam channel A and get banned, what is the reason why I woudln't do the same to channel B?15:37
LjLjdong: i don't know, but we just never banned globally unless we *got* misbehavior in more than one channel. and it does happen that trolls stay quiet in *another* channel (although it might well be that they're just waiting a little)15:38
LjLand in any case, i think i'll unban priorra even from -party... i'm too easily convinced by pms.15:39
naliothLjL: you said "spam" (i assumed spam to be "Hey, join #mychannel" or "hey, buy viagra at www.cheapviagra.com"15:39
LjLnalioth: uhm, "spam" originally meant saying15:39
LjLif i'm not very much mistaken :)15:39
jdongflood :)15:40
* jdong /runs figlet.pl15:40
LjLjdong: yeah, on irc we tend to call that particular kind of spam flooding, but it's still spam15:40
LjLjust a term stemming from technical irc limitations15:40
Seeker`has it calmed down yet?15:44
Picinot really15:44
Seeker`dont these people ahve homes to go to ?15:44
PiciSeeker`: Well everyone is installing now and asking questions15:45
PriceChild*disappears for a little*15:57
jdong*sigh* for the record, can we make it policy that unless otherwise instructed, you should only be suggesting upgrade methods listed in http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading16:07
jdongupdate-manager-* keeps excellent logs, pulls the right metapackages, etc16:07
mc44that's already the case, no?16:08
Jucatohm.. how do you teach ubotu new factoids again?16:08
Picijdong: Thats all I've been suggesting.  And trying to correct people who suggest changing sources etc.16:08
mc44jdong: we only support supported upgrade methods :)16:08
jdongI am going to start removing people in #uf who insist on unsupported upgrade methodology16:09
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes16:09
jdongshould we change that to the ubuntu.com one?16:10
mc44jdong: it links to the same info16:10
JucatoPici: excuse me, how do you teach ubotu a new factoid again?16:11
* Jucato forgot...16:11
naliothJucato: !foo is bar16:11
Jucatonalioth: in a PM?16:12
PiciJucato: !foo is <reply> The Foo is something16:12
stdinanywhere ubotu is16:12
Picior just !foo is bar if you dont care that it starts with foo is16:12
Jucatohm.. doesn't work in a PM... oh well, pardon the comercial16:12
jdongmc44: ok, good enough16:12
Jucato!dolphin is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueroryour default file manager again, go to Konqueror -> Settings menu -> Configure Konqueror -> File Associations and change the association for inode/directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.16:12
Jucato<ubotu> Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:13
stdinI think the '>' character is confusing it16:13
jdongJucato: <reply>?16:13
stdintry <reply>16:13
Picijdong: you dont need the reply.16:13
JucatoI'll remove the >16:13
stdinJucato: use → :)16:13
Jucatostdin: you were right about the >. all's fine now16:15
Jucatosorry for the interruption jdong :)16:15
jdonghaha, no problem16:15
stdinI remember something similar happening with '|'16:15
Jucatostdin: dolphin and d3lphin factoids now up16:16
Jucatonalioth, Pici: thanks :)16:16
stdinI'm guessing we'll be using them a lot :p16:16
naliothd3lphin ?16:16
Jucatoyeah. it's actually the version of dolphin we're using in Kubuntu. (dolphin for KDE 3)16:17
Jucatostdin: I'm anticipating it... saw someone in the forums asking how... and he was answered with "uninstall dolphin" :)16:17
stdinand the several threads on kubuntu-users@ 16:18
stdinlike the "Kill the dolphin" one :p16:18
Jucatohehe :)16:18
Jucato(probably my favorite :P)16:18
ubotudolphin is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueroryour default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.16:54
stdin"Konqueroryour" should be Konqueror17:05
stdin* Konqueror you *17:05
stdindamn, that's still not right :p17:05
AmaranthIt's too calm17:05
Pici!dolphin =~ s/Konqueroryour/Konqueror your/17:06
ubotuI'll remember that Pici17:06
ubotuIn ubotu, stdin said: !no dolphin is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, in Konqueror, Settings menu → Configure Konqueror → File Associations and change the association for inode/directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin17:06
AmaranthWhen was the last time someone called for us?17:06
stdinis more like it17:06
Amaranth!dolphin =~ s/-/→/17:07
ubotuI'll remember that Amaranth17:07
mc44Amaranth: all the trolls are too busy installing :)17:07
ubotudolphin is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror → Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.17:07
Amaranthoh, i suck at sed17:07
Picime too17:07
Amaranthneed /g, right?17:07
Amaranth!dolphin =~ s/-/→/g17:07
ubotuMissing end delimiter17:07
Amaranthno, that's not right17:07
PiciI tried that with something else and it didnt work17:07
Amaranthmaybe ubotu is broken? i thought that'd work17:07
Pici!dolphin =~ sg/-/→/17:08
* Pici shrugs17:08
stdinok, along with !dolphin, can you fix !purekde for me too? ;) 17:17
ubotupurekde is If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »17:17
stdinneeds a <reply>17:17
jdongis there a !puregnome for !kdepurgatory too?17:23
stdinwell, I didn't make the wiki page for them, so no :)17:24
stdinbot seems dead tho17:24
* jdong edits KDEPurgatory17:24
* stdin poke at ubotu to see if it flinches17:24
stdinSeveas, nalioth, LjL: any of you around? ubotu seems dead17:26
jdongubotu: duck soup is delicious17:27
jdongyep he's dead17:27
stdinor seriously lagged17:28
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, jdong said: ubotu: duck soup is delicious17:28
Amaranthseriously lagged17:28
Seveasthe latter17:28
jdongerr, he's alive17:28
Seveasone of the plugins is blocking him17:28
AmaranthI can understand, a single screen in #ubuntu is less than a minute17:28
Seveasneh, that's not it17:28
Amaranthuh oh17:34
Amaranthban list is full17:34
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici17:34
ubotuAmaranth called the ops in #ubuntu-ops17:34
AmaranthMy client sucks for clearing bans :P17:35
MyrttiI don't do bans17:35
AmaranthAnd it's going to flood the hell out of the channel...17:35
SeveasI'll clean17:35
AmaranthAfter you do ban windowsrefu17:35
Amaranthfoss zealot/troll17:36
Seveas<windowsrefu> shove it up your ass you little fuck17:38
jdongSeveas: is your fanclub list full too? :)17:39
SeveasAmaranth, that should give you some banning room :)17:41
PiciSeveas: Has the default release name for !info been changed from feisty to gutsy?17:45
PiciOkay ;)17:46
AmaranthThis is a let down17:53
AmaranthNot even as many people as feisty release day17:53
mc44was about the same number earlier17:54
mc44#ubuntu is getting more hectic though :)17:54
Amaranthfeisty had 1700 iirc17:56
PiciMaybe because less people are having problems?17:56
Seeker`"I laugh in the face of optimism"17:57
pleia2Pici: I think you're right17:58
pleia2edgy to feisty was a rough upgrade for a lot of folks, I haven't heard many complaints about gutsy17:59
PiciSeems a lot of people are asking about features and applications, not upgrade woes.17:59
* pleia2 nods17:59
AmaranthI don't wanna say "I told you so" but... :P17:59
ubotuSeeker` called the ops in #ubuntu18:03
ubotuMasterShrek called the ops in #ubuntu18:03
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, siriusnova said: ubotu what is the meaning of life?18:13
ubotuIn ubotu, zylche said: ubotu zylche is test18:14
zylcheSorry there. Testing syntax.18:14
ubotuIn #kubuntu, DaSkreech said: !kompiz is Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion18:15
DaSkreechjust added a factiod18:15
DaSkreech can I get the resolution passed?18:15
stdinhow about having that as !compiz-#kubuntu ?18:16
DaSkreechI just wnated something quick18:17
Myrttisounds like a good idea18:17
DaSkreech I foresee that question being asked all day18:17
DaSkreechMight want to append #ubuntu-effects to that as well then18:17
Seveas!compiz-#kubuntu is <reply> Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion18:17
ubotuI'll remember that, Seveas18:17
SeveasDaSkreech, #ubuntu-effects is dead18:18
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager18:18
DaSkreechBut now we have to deal with compiz issues Drat18:18
stdinsend them all to #compiz-fusion :p18:18
AmaranthLunch time18:29
AmaranthSomeone else take over :)18:29
mc44# Line commented out by installer because it failed to verify:18:29
mc44#deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted18:29
mc44er, wrong channel. But anyone seen that before?18:29
stdinglobal answer: Try another mirror18:31
mc44yes, just an odd cause of people not being able to install from main after a fresh install18:32
Myrttinow that the worst is hopefully over, I'd like to mention one little thing that annoyed me today18:34
Myrttior actually, I'll wait with it for a moment18:35
MyrttiI noticed something today on #ubuntu-release-party that didn't make me a happy camper18:48
MyrttiI was too busy trying to keep #ubuntu from falling apart, so I didn't raise the issue then18:49
Myrttibut I really, really disliked Amaranths request for everyone from Australia to yell "boobies" there right after jono's mexican wave18:50
pleia2Myrtti: +118:50
MyrttiREALLY *disliked* it.18:50
pleia2I really don't think this is appropriate behavior for an Ubuntu Member, and certainly not for a channel op18:51
AmaranthHello, joke.18:52
pleia2Amaranth: Hello, not funny.18:52
Myrttia     joke18:52
AmaranthToo bad, I thought it was.18:52
AmaranthI'm not even going to go through this one again.18:53
* Amaranth goes to do _productive_ things18:53
MyrttiSo mind if I raise the issue on the mailing list?18:53
PriceChildMyrtti, hey there.18:54
AmaranthWhatever you think you need to do18:54
Myrttihello Pricey18:54
PriceChildMyrtti, I'd rather everyone tried to discuss this here for the time being... ML gets ugly fast.18:54
AmaranthI'm not going to be shackled by a group who thinks everything needs to be politically correct18:54
AmaranthIt's a joke. You don't like it, I guess you didn't get the joke.18:55
SeveasAmaranth, there's a huge difference between being politically correct and staying pg1318:55
AmaranthThis is the stupidest thing I've ever heard18:55
AmaranthSeveas: Boobies are pg13 :P18:55
Seveasany other person would have been banned for it18:55
AmaranthSeveas: And that is not their complaint18:56
Seveasanyway, don't do it again. it was not needed and very much inappropriate18:56
AmaranthThat's bullshit18:57
Myrttion the Ubuntu release channel, for crying out loud18:57
Myrtti_the_ channel on freenode today18:57
Seveasit's not bullshit. People need to behave, especially ubuntu members and especially if they are ops18:57
Seveasyou need to set an example of what is and what is not good behaviour18:57
AmaranthSeveas: And that is not their complaint18:57
Seveasshouting 'BOOBIES' like a 12 year old doofus isn't18:58
SeveasAmaranth, that is *my* complaint. You behaved in a very unprofessional and inappropriate way.18:58
Amaranth#ubuntu-women is ruining humor18:58
Myrttithis leaves me dumbfounded and sad18:59
* pleia2 too18:59
* Pici three18:59
Seveasmy complaint has nothing to do with #ubuntu-women, just like your shouting has nothing to do with humour18:59
Seveasseriosly, who on earth thinks that having a few people yell 'BOOBIES' is a joke?19:00
Seveasmeh, he left19:00
Myrttihead --> keyboard19:00
Seveasmc44, I want to make a rather rude comment now. Can I pm you and trust that it'll stay between us? :)19:00
pleia2I am not sure what he thought our complaint was, I completely agree with Seveas :)19:01
PriceChildSeveas, lol :)19:01
MyrttiI must've warped to another dimenzhon19:01
PriceChildpleia2, I think he was of the opinion that your complaint on the basis of sexist was not justified... and therefore whether or not it is wrong for any other reason is irrelevant.19:01
Seveaspleia2, some women from #ubuntu-women tend to overreact on these things19:02
pleia2PriceChild: heh, gotcha19:02
pleia2Seveas: I agree19:02
Seveasamaranth on his turn overreacts on women from #ubuntu-women19:02
Myrtti/me ponders her own behaviour19:03
PiciThe way I see it. If someone had joined right when he said it, would they be completely turned off to Ubuntu?  Its the stance I use for anything said in the channels.19:03
SeveasI hate the typical feminist linux-women women (not accusing anyone here of being one!)19:03
Myrtti/me is...19:03
Myrtti/me runs19:03
Seveassadly, those women seem to yell a lot in the -women groups 19:03
PiciSeveas: Its the same for any group of people that has fanatics, women or not.19:03
SeveasMyrtti, :)19:03
pleia2Seveas: I've had a few discussions with Jono about it, us moderates need to be louder to drown out the zealots ;)19:03
Seveaspleia2, good!19:04
MyrttiI'm too tired to yell, and too complacent with my current situation as a female member of our community19:04
* pleia2 hugs Myrtti 19:04
Myrttiwe in Finland are having it good19:04
PriceChildI'm talking to amaranth atm.19:05
* Pici is kind of embarrassed19:05
SeveasPici, you looked in the mirror?19:05
MyrttiI would've let it pass if it were any other channel, any other day, any other (non-op) person19:05
PiciSeveas: Nah, just that the even happened at all, it doesnt make us look good.19:06
Myrttibut the combination is horrible19:06
PiciMaybe embarrassed is the wrong word.19:06
MyrttiI'm getting heartburn19:07
* tonyyarusso just woke up19:08
tonyyarussoPici: what's going on now?19:08
Picitonyyarusso: Amaranth told everyone in the US to shout boobies in u-r-p19:09
tonyyarussoAaaah, that19:09
tonyyarussoyes, saw that19:09
PiciAnd didn't take well to the criticism19:09
MyrttiPici: AU19:09
tonyyarussoStill kinda hoping someone will just tell me his friend walked in and took over the keyboard while he got a snack, but....19:10
Picitonyyarusso: I know the feeling19:10
MyrttiI personally hope I was just transported to anutha dimenzhun then19:11
AmaranthPriceChild: I'll just talk to them directly, I'm a little calmer now19:15
* Amaranth waits for signon lag to go away19:15
PriceChildThanks Amaranth.19:15
AmaranthOk then, how much did PriceChild relay to you? :P19:16
PriceChildJust mentioned I was talking to you.19:17
AmaranthWell, I'm better at responding to people than starting so if no one brings it up...19:17
pleia2Amaranth: I don't really have anything to add beyond what Seveas said19:18
MyrttiI just said that if it were another day, another channel and non-op saying it, I wouldn't have raised an issue. And I didn't expect such a reaction from you, I just wanted to discuss/mention it.19:19
Myrttijust to point out that I didn't really like it, nothing more than that.19:19
AmaranthHonestly at the time I was just going with the rush19:20
AmaranthOk, someone just scanned me19:21
AmaranthMy router sucks and crashes when you hit it with nmap19:21
AmaranthIt just crashed...19:21
PiciAmaranth: we still see you19:21
SeveasAmaranth, get a better router ;)19:21
AmaranthYeah, because I jumped up, ran across the house, and unplugged it real quick19:22
jdongAmaranth: your router dies with nmap??19:22
AmaranthSo for you I just stopped responding, for me I got 70 seconds lag19:22
Amaranthjdong: Sadly19:22
AmaranthThat's why I randomly drop19:22
AmaranthI've got another one, just not here19:23
AmaranthI said what I wanted to say, you said what you wanted to say, seems no one wants to argue over either point so I guess that's over19:23
MyrttiI just wish (and being a busy person beyond belief) I wouldn't have to witness such a thing in the future19:24
AmaranthMyrtti: No promises19:24
Myrttiand that didn't make sense and I'm too tired to care19:24
Myrttiabout it not making sens19:24
SeveasAmaranth, I hope you at least see why we think it was inappropriate. Prefeably you'd also agree but we can't win'em all19:24
AmaranthSeveas: I see why, I don't agree based on the atmosphere of the channel19:25
Seveastonyyarusso, watch your invites :)19:25
AmaranthI mean, just before that jono was telling someone he was the greatest person on earth or something :p19:25
AmaranthAnd I know that's actually true but still, crazy stuff going on.19:27
tonyyarussoWell, that's not in o4o territory though.19:27
Amaranthtonyyarusso: He was being a bit of a prick about it :)19:27
ubotuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu19:49
ompaulPici, :P19:50
Piciompaul: hi!19:50
ompaulPici, np19:51
ompaulgone away for food19:52
ubotuIn ubotu, stdin said: !no kde4 is <reply> KDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. Beta 3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php21:07
stdinbeta3 is out ^21:07
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. Beta 2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta2.php21:07
Myrttioh... yes.21:08
Myrttisorry, my bad.21:08
stdinwho want's to update it then ;)21:10
Seveas!kde4 =~ s/2/3/21:10
ubotuI'll remember that Seveas21:10
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. Beta 3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta2.php21:10
Seveas!kde4 =~ s/2/3/21:11
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. Beta 3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php21:11
LjLSeveas: support /g.21:11
stdinthat did it :)21:11
SeveasLjL, yeah21:11
SeveasI thought it did tha21:11
jussi01dammit, i hate release day...21:26
AmaranthThis is a _very_ quiet release21:35
AmaranthThis is quieter than feisty21:36
mc44Because Gutsy Has No Bugs. :)21:37
cdm10My friend DPic just came by to ask for his Ubuntu mask.21:37
cdm10He was too shy to speak up.21:37
LjLDPic, hello21:38
LjLDPic: what is your launchpad page?21:39
LjLDPic: ok. please make sure that you have two linked nicknames set (your main one and an alternate one), and an email listed for your nickname. ( /msg nickserv info dpic   if you aren't sure)21:40
LjLthe email can be set to be hidden ( /msg nickserv help)21:41
cdm10DPic: /msg nickserv register DPic_ PASSWORD21:41
cdm10Alright, I helped him get over his stage fright, I'm out now :)21:41
LjLand then /msg nickserv link dpic_ PASSWORD21:41
LjLDPic: remember that when you have your ubuntu/member cloak on, you should always keep the CoC in mind.21:44
DPicLjL, always :)21:45
naliothDPic: and as soon as you link an alt nick, you can be cloaked in a fresh sunshiny Ubuntu cloak21:47
DPicsorry what's the command to register? it keeps giving me a syntax error21:54
mc44/msg nickserv register password21:55
LjLregister NICKNAME password21:59
LjLDPic: assuming you want, say, DPic_ as your secondary nickname:21:59
LjL1) /msg nickserv register DPic_ some-password21:59
LjL2) /msg nickserv link DPic_ the-same-password21:59
naliothDPic: but you need to /nick DPic_ first22:02
DPicalright all set22:03
DPicthanks for the help22:03
naliothDPic: /msg nickserv set master DPic    Please22:04
DPicThanks! 22:05
ubotuIn ubotu, espire said: what is the alternate dvd?22:19
runemaste644For some reason i am unable to join #ubuntu+122:52
runemaste644i was wondering if someone can check to see if i am banned from that channel22:52
jribrunemaste644: it forwards to #ubuntu22:52
naliothrunemaste644: nobody can join it22:53
runemaste644Then why are there 174 people there?22:53
LjLrunemaste644: because they never left22:53
LjLgradual closedown.22:54
runemaste644Just checking22:54
=== Vorian_ is now known as vorian
ubotuAmaranth called the ops in #ubuntuforums23:06
PriceChild*wonders if Assid will ever shut up about his amazing uploads for people* I mean yeah its absolutely great to mirror for Ubuntu, but does he really need to shout on the rooftops?23:09
robsure, why not? :P23:10
jdongPriceChild: HEY CHECK OUT THE MIT MIRROR oh wait it's down thanks to 20,000+ connections23:10
PriceChildjdong, lol really?23:10
jdongPriceChild: yeah, hit an IO bottleneck23:10
PriceChildIts not like he's doing this for Ubuntu, he's doing it for himself. :/23:10
PriceChildjdong, lovely. Fix it.23:10
LjLjdong, that's an interestingly fancy way to say "it's down".23:10
jdongPriceChild: they're throwing more money at it as we speak23:11
PriceChildits not actually down, just currently inaccessible.23:11
mc44bandwidth chart is funny ;)23:11
PriceChildmc44, that's great :D23:11
jdongLjL: isn't using euphemisms for downtime a requirement on here?23:11
PriceChildit peaks before the announcement?23:11
jdongLjL: like for example, "file it on launchpad" or "write it up in the wiki" so that you can buy yourself 30min to eat lunch23:12
LjLmc44: we don't have stats for the single mirrors?23:12
LjLjdong: well yes, but it's generally "they're just a bit slower than usual"23:12
mc44LjL: dunno23:12
jdongwell yeah, it is slower than usual....23:13
LjLjdong: 0kb/s *is* slower than usual.23:13
jdonglike 30-second connect time compared to the 11.5MB/s I usually get from it23:13
LjLanyway i still think we should have a rotation server.23:14
LjLjust telling people to "please download from the mirror closest to you"... come on.23:14
ompaulLjL, well it would be hard to beat the connectivity of ftp.ie.ubuntu.com - but the hardware needs more love23:16
Mezman, once you find the good stuff on magnatune - it rocks :D23:26
gnomefreakomg Cyorxamp  is in ##windows being nice. if you dont know hes the troll that ran through each ubuntu related channel trolling23:31
gnomefreakdont ask why im there its a trojan issue a friend is having23:31
LjLyeah i noticed he came up on my watchlist23:31
LjLgnomefreak: how was the saying... unasked for apologizes mean guilt?23:32
gnomefreakubuntu in your hostmask doesnt help trying to get help in ##windows23:32
LjLapologies even23:32
gnomefreaktrojan found in panda dir (talk about ironic)23:33
LjLgnomefreak: then unidentify, duh :P23:33
LjLpanda being an antispiware something?23:33
Mezyou cant unidentify23:33
gnomefreakohhhhhhhh new nick would help23:33
gnomefreakLjL: antivirus23:33
LjLMez: you can change your nickname, that works, or reconnect23:33
* gnomefreak has xchat i can use for windows23:34
tonyyarussognomefreak: I've frequently gotten very good help in ##windows actually23:34
LjLhm i've never tried ghosting my connected client23:34
LjLgood, it doesn't work.23:34
gnomefreaktonyyarusso: the troll is being helped23:34
* Mez shrugs23:34
* Mez goes and downloads more music from magnatune23:34
LjLsigh... talking about windows, i just got a mail from AOL about active virus shield updates being discontinued23:39
LjLnow again i don't know what to put on my stupid family's computers23:39
Seeker`LjL: AVG?23:40
LjLjrib: if only. the one family member i did it on has been a nightmare so far. with my sister, i just cannot, they teach her about specific programs at university (stupid? probably, but not much i can do)23:40
LjLSeeker`: don't know... there are so many, and so many of them are terrible23:41
jribmy sister was reluctant at first but after she got some windows virus and tried vista she asked me for ubuntu23:41
Seeker`AVG is free and seems to keep my brothers PC relatively virus free23:42
LjLjrib: ok but when you're just told to use freehand and photoshop and solidedge and whatnot, you just can't choose23:42
Seeker`and he seems to be very good at getting viruses23:42
jribLjL: true,23:42
LjLSeeker`: what about how resource intensive it is?23:42
Seeker`LjL: not sure really23:42
Seeker`LjL: Not used it on anything low spec in a while23:43
Seeker`LjL: 1.6. Minimum hardware requirements23:45
Seeker`Minimum hardware requirements for AVG 7.5 Internet Security Edition are as23:45
Seeker`follows: Intel Pentium CPU 300 MHz 70 MB of free hard drive space (for installation purposes) 64 MB of RAM memory23:45
LjLi'll give it a try23:45
PriceChildserver load.. 10.25 10.50 12.46 | 10,654 Users Online (1,404 members and 9,250 guests)23:53
LjLuhm, on the ##windows guidelines they have "No answer is better than a bad answer"23:53
LjLthat's kind of ambiguous :)23:53
PriceChildhas ubotu gone again? :/23:54
gnomefreakthey are frigging morons23:56
LjLno, no strong feeelings i see :)23:56
PriceChildSo have we had no real attacks yet? :/ *touches wood*23:58
LjLPriceChild: yeah, it's weird.23:58
LjLi joined ubotwo and muted ubotu in #u23:59
PriceChildSeveas, ubotu is down :/23:59

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