hansinsoren: Thanks for the info on python-flup00:12
orbstrahey I get an error when I try to run mediatomb, It says libupnp cannot bind to socket and upnp register root device failed.. I think the first error causes the second error00:49
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jimcooncatI want to run seamless Win 2003 servers via KVM on my two LTSP Ubuntu servers, and split the load among my users. Does Winbind authentication with Samba sound like the way to go?02:14
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ScottKdendrobates: I notice in your proprietary hardware support spec you were looking for information from Dell.  There's a Dell person (who packaged dkms for Gutsy) who goes by mdomsh (I think, it's close to that and he's not on right now) who's been periodically in #ubuntu-motu.13:02
dendrobatesScottK: thanks.  I'll look for him/her.13:03
ScottKNo problem.13:03
_rubenah .. 7.10 is out .. started wondering, since the counter was showing 00 days to go :p13:14
_ruben$ lsb_release -v13:18
_rubenNo LSB modules are available.13:18
_rubenis this expected? just curious13:18
ScottK_ruben: Dunno if it's excpected, but I get the same.13:23
ScottKsoren and lamont: pitti accepted your source backports.  Thank you very much for uploading them.13:24
sorenScottK: You're very welcome.13:24
_rubenah ok13:24
_rubenah sweet .. didnt have a chance to actually check until now, but the udev+/var/log bug is indeed fixed ;-)13:25
_rubenadded a 4port NIC, and its nicely added to /etc/udev/...13:26
_rubenhmm .. but still getting "error receiving uevent message: No buffer space available"13:28
_rubenrestarted udev to see if i could rename my interfaces that way13:28
_rubenworked, but took quite a while13:28
lamontScottK: no worries13:48
ScottKdendrobates: mdomsch (dell guy) is in #ubuntu-motu now.15:06
RAdam1how do I make domain user equivalent in permissions to root?15:42
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sommerRAdams: this may be what you're looking for: http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2005-September/111520.html15:45
RAdamssommer: no, unfortunately that would only work if this were a domain controller and I needed to add machines to the network.15:55
RAdamsI did it once before... just can't remember how :|15:56
RAdamsdoes anyone know how to add a group to /etc/group and make that whole group have root privileges? the catch is: the group name has a space in it15:57
mralphabetspaces are the debil15:58
RAdamsthe debil is in the details :)15:59
sommerRAdams: Why does the group need root priveleges?15:59
RAdamssommer: the group is Domain Admins. It's the Windows group for administrators of this domain16:00
RAdamsI want them to have the same priveleges as root, because that's how we treat our domain admin accounts: they are rarely if ever logged into, and only when extensive admin work needs to be done16:01
RAdamsthe others i've already made sudoers16:01
sommerRAdams: wouldn't you just want to add them to sudoers as well?16:01
mralphabetyou want to bypass the "sudo" requirement?16:01
RAdamsfor Domain Admins, yes16:02
RAdamsthe rest, no16:02
lamontRAdams: group names don't have spaces.16:03
RAdamslamont: windows groups do16:03
lamontsee previous statement16:03
RAdamslamont: "Domain Admins"16:03
lamontit'll need to be aliased to a real group16:03
lamontI expect that there's some way to do it in samba... dunno16:04
sommerRAdams: http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/groupmapping.html16:04
lamontyou could make sudo for that group not require a password16:05
sommerRAdams: my advice is to just allow the sudo permissions though.  Some organizations do the same thing with Domain Admins16:05
lamontas far as making the whole group root, you need to override their UID to zero if they're a member of that group... sounds like a nasty little setuid script in .profile maybe16:05
lamontmuch better to teach them to say 'sudo' and have sudo not need a password16:06
sommerI concur with lamont :)16:06
RAdamsI can make sudo not need a password for Domain Admins?16:06
lamont%admin    ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL16:08
lamontwould be the syntax for the group 'admin'.  see previous statement about no spaces.16:08
gregbuntuhi all. i wonder if i can upgrade my servers by torrenting the server iso and using that, instead of using the network?16:20
lamontgregbuntu: if everything you installed on the machine is on the server iso, then yes.  if you installed things off the network before, and they're not on the server iso, then you won't see the update for them16:22
lamontserver and alternate iso are both apt repositories.  desktop cd cannot be used for upgrades16:22
lamontwell, other than the use case of flat-lining the machine and reinstalling and pretending that counts as "upgrade"16:22
gregbuntuhmmm. i think i'll wait and do a network upgrade, when things cool down a little16:33
gregbuntuthere are some apps from universe that won't be on the CD, so i have a bad feeling about that.16:33
RAdamsgregbuntu: the torrents are moving decently16:40
gregbuntui notice on http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading the last procedure for upgrade using alternate cd. I would like to use that to upgrade my workstation, however same issue: i have several apps from universe, multiverse that won't be on the CD. I wonder if that will create dependency nightmare and kill my box, or if I can just update the other apps later.16:40
gregbuntuRAdams: ya, i am torrenting the alternate .. looking good16:40
RAdamstorrent is nice because the busier it is, the faster it moves :) (provided it;s not 100% leechers)16:41
mralphabetif you have packages installed that are not on the cd, it is not a good idea to use the cd as the repo16:41
gregbuntumraphabet: ok thanks.16:42
RAdamslol 415kbps on the alternate amd64 iso... thanks seeders16:42
RAdamsoops wrong channel16:42
RAdamsfocus stealing is evil16:42
lamontRAdams: gconf-editor: apps/metacity/general/focus_mode = strict16:45
lamontiz love16:45
lamontwell, not always love. sometimes it's pain16:45
RAdamslamont: which is great when you're not on windows16:45
lamontand yes, that's not even in the schema16:45
* RAdams is at work16:45
* AlexJTanner believes that the ubuntu 8.10 should be called Sexy Squirrel16:45
RAdamsalexjtanner, that would break the naming schema16:45
lamont"strict" tells metacity that the answer to "when is it right to give the new window focus" == never16:46
AlexJTannerwhat naming scheme16:46
AlexJTanneroh wait16:46
lamontAlexJTanner: S is 13.0416:46
AlexJTannerwell never to late to start16:47
AlexJTannertoo early16:47
lamont'twas funnier the other way, though16:47
gregbuntuenjoy gibboning. see you later.16:48
lamontoh.  S is 13.10.16:48
lamontwe just released gutsy, not hardy.  my bad.16:48
RAdamsfinger and finger-ldap takes up 3MB? o.O17:09
c1|freakywhy should i use the -server kernel instead of the standard one on a server?17:47
mralphabetc1|freaky: it has a slightly more hardware support and I believe some of the virtualization patches17:49
c1|freakyi dont need anything of that i guess17:49
* mralphabet shrugs17:49
ivokscongrats everybody :)17:50
ivoksthere's more17:50
ivoks-server kernel doesn't do preempting and uses different scheduler17:51
ivokshardware support is, iirc, exactly the same17:51
c1|freakyok umm ... udevd is taking up 100% CPU ... i just upgraded to gutsy ... has anyone an idea how or why that happened?17:52
c1|freakywas after the upgrade17:52
ivoksyou have to reboot in new kernel17:52
ivoksudev is linked to kernel version17:52
lamontudev needs to deal with kernel-version-mismatch more gracefully17:55
ivokslamont: i guess it will, once it gets stable API :D17:55
c1|freakywhat can i do?17:55
c1|freakyi have installed the newest kernel and rebootet17:55
c1|freakyone moment17:55
c1|freakyill check it17:55
lamontand do you have the latest udev as well?17:55
c1|freakyeverything upgraded17:56
c1|freakyapt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade upgrades nothing anymore17:56
c1|freakywithout any errors17:56
ivoksyou upgraded with do-release-upgrade, right?17:56
c1|freakyapt-get dist-upgrade17:57
c1|freakyand then apt-get upgrade17:57
ivoksand udevd is on 100%?17:59
c1|freakyyes after a reboot17:59
c1|freakyand sda is busy 92%18:03
ivoksthat's a server?18:03
c1|freakysdb isnt mounted at all18:03
c1|freakydedicated server18:03
ivokstail -f /var/log/udev18:04
ivoksanything happening there?18:04
c1|freakyUDEVD_EVENT=1 is the last entry18:04
ivoksall logs are idle?18:05
lamontinteresting.  klogd had gone into an infinite read loop on my machine.18:05
c1|freakyOct 18 19:06:07 master kernel: [ 1739.412000] device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table18:06
c1|freakyOct 18 19:06:07 master kernel: [ 1739.412000] device-mapper: table: 254:1: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed18:06
c1|freakythat repeats in /var/log/syslog18:06
ivoksah, you have raid?18:06
c1|freakyit shouldnt have raid18:06
c1|freakythere was an attempt but it didnt work18:06
c1|freakyit always went back to failsafe mode or something like that18:07
ivoksyou have mdadm installed?18:07
ivoksbut you don't need it, right?18:08
c1|freakyi dont think so18:08
ivoksapt-get --purge remova mdadm :)18:08
c1|freakyare u sure it wont destroy anything?18:08
ivokswell, you don't have raid, right?18:08
ivokscheck with 'mount'18:09
ivoksif there is /dev/md*, then you have raid18:09
c1|freakythe normal /dev/sda and /dev/sdb are usually mounted18:09
c1|freakynow also18:09
c1|freakyjust not sdb18:09
ivoksthen purge mdadm18:10
c1|freakyupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.15-26-k718:10
c1|freakyW: udev hook script requires at least kernel version 2.6.1718:10
c1|freakyW: not generating requested initramfs for kernel 2.6.15-26-k718:10
c1|freakyshould i remove the old kernels?18:11
ivoksyou updated dapper to gutsy?18:11
c1|freakyno, feisty18:11
ivoks2.6.15 isn't feisty's kernel :)18:11
ivoksanyway, you can remove them later18:11
c1|freakyok should i remove the 2.6.15 kernels?18:11
c1|freakyok can i reboot?18:12
ivokscross your fingers :)18:12
freakyystill the same18:23
freakyysdb seems to be busy18:23
freakyyit cant be mounted18:23
freakyynor unmounted18:23
freakyystill device-mapper: table: linear: dm-linear Device lookup failed.18:23
freakyyivoks u still there?18:25
ivoksyeah, but i'll go now...18:25
ivoksdoes /dev/mdstat exsist?18:26
ivoks /proc/mdstat18:26
freakyyno it doesnt exist18:27
ivoksthat's good :)18:27
freakyyone moment18:28
ivoksi'll be later in couple of hours...18:28
freakyyboth dont exist18:28
freakyyok, how many?18:28
freakyyits 19:28 here and i have school tomorrow18:29
freakyyok i think ill be here18:29
freakyycan you highlight me?18:29
freakyyif you remember because i probably wont see when ure back18:29
freakyyjust c1|freaky18:29
freakyyok thank you :))18:29
freakyybye (:18:29
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leitaohi. does anyone know if the init.d/ scripts have an order to be loader, and where it is defined?18:38
infinityls -l /etc/rc?.d/18:39
leitaoinfinity: ?18:39
infinityYes, that was a response to your question.18:40
leitaoinfinity: humm. I mean, what script is executed after other? what is the first script executed, what is the last.18:41
infinityleitao: It's defined by the alnum ordering of the symlinks in each runlevel (hence my ls command)18:41
leitaoinfinity: ahh, I think I got. :-) So, if I have a script K1FOO, L2BAR, then scrtip FOO will be executed before BAR, correct?18:42
infinity"K" and "S" have a special meaning (the script will be called with "stop" or "start")18:47
infinityIf you want something in runlevel 2, between two things at S21 and S35, you'd want S30myscript, or whatever, in rc2.d18:47
leitaoinfinity: great. Thanks!18:53
dogwaterHi, does anyone know how to prevent Ubuntu 7.10 from naming itself 'kickseed' when using kickstart to install it?19:17
ivoksfreakyy: ?20:56
mralphabetivoks: it's c1|freaky21:00
ivoksdid they/he solved the issue?21:00
mralphabetI believe he has not solved the issue21:00
ivoksc1|freaky: there?21:00
mralphabetor at least has not said anything about it21:01
ivoks(anyone knows how to limit upload rate with btlaunchmany?)21:01
mathiazivoks: --max_upload_rate ?21:17
mathiazivoks: --help should give you the list of options.21:18
ivoksmaybe we aren't talking about same thing :)21:18
lamontjdstrand: uh, gutsy? that'd be "closed"21:20
lamontgutsy-updates, maybe21:20
jdstrandlamont: what are you referring to?21:21
lamont<jdstrand> mathiaz: what do you think the chances of getting the debdiff for bug #135624 uploaded for gutsy?21:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135624 in php5 "libapache2-mod-php5 should provide LAMP test page" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13562421:22
lamontwhich appears to be a bit stale - my bad21:23
jdstrandlamont: that is some serious backlog dude :)21:23
lamontjdstrand: yeah21:23
lamontxchat dumped a log instead of bip handing it to it21:23
lamontso, uh, yeah21:23
mathiazjdstrand: I don't it would make it in gutsy-updates.21:27
mathiaz/don't/ don't think/21:27
mathiazlamont: ^^21:27
jdstrandmathiaz: no, soren and I talked about it for hardy21:27
mathiazjdstrand: sure. Debian may interested in it also.21:27
lamontyeah - forget I said anything...:-)21:27
jdstrandmathiaz: yes, then we would get it for free :)21:28
mathiazjdstrand: infinity said he was ok with it. May be you should submit it to debian.21:28
jdstrandmathiaz: I will21:28
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hansinIs there anything radically different about the 7.10 server release vs. 7.04?  Or does it follow pretty much the same design philosophy (which I like by the way)?21:55
ivoksradically? no, nothing...21:56
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donspauldinganyone know how I can specify the time that cron runs the /etc/cron.daily scripts?23:07
ivoksedit /etc/crontab23:08
AnRkeyCongrats everyone!23:13
donspauldingivoks: wow, yikes, sorry23:16
donspauldingivoks: thanks!23:16
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