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feierfoxneed an easy way to transcode AVI to DVD-Standard00:00
eighty4off the top of my head i don't know neopsyche, i'm not a web developer00:00
bottigerHoboBen: before something exciting happens (like KDE4) I don't care about upgrading00:00
aguitelDr_willis: rtl818x00:00
HoboBenbottiger, aye - I suppose I can always turn off anything more I don't need like autoprinter detection00:00
neopsycheeighty4: thanks for the tip though00:00
swmiller7@feierfox: Devede00:00
atlfalcons866if i am running ubuntu gutsy rc1 will i have to upgrade to gutsy tomorrow00:00
feierfoxi treid Devede00:00
feierfoxwhat kbps should i use?00:01
bottigeratlfalcons866: no - just run update and upgrade00:01
feierfoxi there a stadard?00:01
Dr_willisatlfalcons866,  my system says its up to date... i will update/upgrade again in a few days. :)00:01
feierfoxi need a number round about 450000:01
swmiller7Try tovid maybe you likr that better00:01
bottigeratlfalcons866: the usual stuff00:01
swmiller7What do you mean standard?00:01
MoNsTeRhow do i veiw my winblows harddrive00:02
swmiller7you can set that in the video setting s of devede00:02
feierfoxstandard ---> my stand-alone should play them00:02
axjvMoNsTeR: ntfs-3g00:02
swmiller7mine plays them fine00:02
swmiller7make sure you have your settings right00:02
MoNsTeRaxjv: whats that?00:02
feierfoxok, i will give devede a try...00:02
SirBob1701I just upgraded to gutsy and it fraged all my tty's on two computers so you guys may want to be warey of updating00:02
feierfoxwhat could i make wrong?00:02
swmiller7pal vs ntsc00:03
ebirtaidmonster:  it allows you to read/write ntfs00:03
Dr_willisMoNsTeR,  Mount them,  theres several web site/factoids on doing it. ntfs-3g lets you read/write to them.00:03
ubotuntfs is To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions .  For NTFS write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse00:03
atlfalcons866ntfs sucks00:03
feierfoxpal, video: 4500 kbps audio 288kbps... that should be enough00:03
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swmiller7if you player is a pal player00:03
feierfoxit is00:03
feierfoxevery player here is a pal player00:04
swmiller7then it should work fine00:04
MoNsTeRDr_willis: those dont work :[ ive tried those00:04
swmiller7I don't know where here is00:04
aguitelanyone use REALTEK RTL8180L 802.11b MAC00:04
ebirtaidapparently not if you didnt know what it was monster00:04
swmiller7all the players here are ntsc00:04
Dr_willisMoNsTeR,  time to learn the linux fundamentals i guess and learn to add a proper fstab entry.00:04
feierfoxntsc = not the same color00:04
Dr_willisMoNsTeR,  example fstab for my HD. -->    /dev/sda2  /media/sda2 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 100:05
neopsycheHeres something I have been wondering about for a while.. I noticed there is a nice palm sync option in Gnome / ubuntu ... I have a Sony Erricson p910i  which is also a smart phone / PDA ... is there any easy way to synchronise this ??? like with palm sync?00:05
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ebirtaidthe silence wasn't indicative of noone knowing?00:07
eighty4neopsyche, no idea but i guess as it's a closed platform there isn't anything.00:08
hurricaneharryneopsyche tough question....00:08
ashfaqHello just upgraded to gutsy, lost sound, also I am not able to see my ntfs partitions pl help00:08
Dr_willisas for ntfs..  check the fstab.   see if it still has entries if not add them.. example...00:08
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Dr_willis  /dev/sda2  /media/sda2 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 100:09
neopsycheeighty4: isnt palm also a closed platform?00:09
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eighty4yeah but it's also a million years old ;-)00:09
Fryguy--hrmm.. I turned on my computer today and my background disappeared, I now have a solid white background and going to appearance preferences to change it doesn't do anything.  How can I change my desktop background back to something more useful00:09
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neopsycheFryguy: did you change anything in your graphics settings?00:09
swmiller7anybody else notice that in the last five days the ubuntu forums has averaged over 600 new members a  day?00:09
ashfaqDr_willis: I am a newbee help me do it00:09
Fryguy--neopsyche: no nothing00:09
Fryguy--neopsyche: I turned off computer last night, turn it on today and I get solid white background that I can't seem to change00:10
neopsycheFryguy--: perhaps a program changed your gfx if you have installed one recently00:10
Dr_willisashfaq,  edit the fstab file?   gksudo gedit /etc/fstab (backup your original first)00:10
ebirtaidwhen you select any other background it stays white?00:10
neopsycheFryguy--: perhaps some files are corrupted.00:10
Jimdbyou delete or move the file used for your back ground?  right click on the desktop and choose background and add a new one.00:10
neopsycheFryguy--: have you tried logging in with a different user account?00:10
JDSBlueDevlhi, i have a question regarding Compiz Fusion support.  My specs are 1 GHz PIII, 512 MB RAM, and nVidia NV5M64 graphics card.  I see that Gutsy uses Compiz Fusion by default.  Do I need to switch back to Metacity, or can Compiz Fusion run on my computer?00:10
Woodersoni was installing a package and i closed it now it wont go away00:11
Fryguy--neopsyche: I only have one account, I guess I could make another one and try or something00:11
Paddy_EIREWooderson, explain in more detail00:11
neopsycheFryguy--: yes try that .. then you will know if it is a problem with that account or your core installation.00:11
Fast2is there an iso for the final release available yet?00:11
eighty4Fast2, no00:11
Woodersoni downloaded this program its .deb file i double clicked it it started installing then it got stuck so i clicked cancel and the window is still up00:11
ebirtaidfast2 woudlnt it make more sense to check the website00:12
neopsycheFryguy--: also perhaps.. try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:12
Jimdbmetacity is a window manager, so is compiz.  compiz is the 3d window manager.  metacity is the 2d manager00:12
ebirtaidwooderson use xkill00:12
neopsycheFryguy--: with your default settings.. but as a last resort00:12
Woodersonso like... how00:12
JDSBlueDevlI know, but is Compiz going to grind my computer to a halt?  I hear it's graphics-intensive00:12
Woodersonsudo xkill?00:12
Fast2edgy was available via ftp prior to the official website annoucement00:12
VletJDSBlueDevl: it's best to have a good 3d card00:12
Paddy_EIREWooderson, just xkill00:12
swmiller7 JDSBlueDevl: should work fine00:12
ebirtaidthen click the window you want to kill00:12
Paddy_EIREno sudo00:13
ebirtaidsudo would also work though unneccessary, and in this case it wouldnt hurt00:13
Jimdbif it kills your performance switch back to metacity and use the 2d effects. but on a solid computer compiz doesn't bring it to a grinding halt.00:13
JDSBlueDevlwould it work with an old NV5M64 card?00:13
eighty4Fast2, #ubuntu-release-party and this channel will probably have an announcement when it's out.00:13
Fast2anyone know the official time of release then?00:13
meeperwhy does ubuntu use gnome and not kde?00:13
crimsunFast2: no.00:13
ebirtaidkubuntu uses kde meeper00:13
Paddy_EIREmeeper, kubuntu00:13
ebirtaidthats why00:13
eighty4Fast2, no-one.00:13
Woodersonsudo xkilled worked00:13
Paddy_EIREmeeper, and gnome is better than bloat00:13
youknowmeI'm trying to navigate my file system through the terminal, but everytime I come across a filename with a space in it I can't navigate the terminal because it sees the spaces as the end of the command string.00:13
youknowmeWhat am I doing wrong? I know it must be an obvious answers..00:13
Vletmeeper: because Xenu told them to do it00:14
Paddy_EIREVlet, the great lord00:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vhost - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:14
Vletyouknowme: put a \ in front of the space00:14
JDSBlueDevluse quotes around the file, from root directory to end of file00:14
Jimdbthat's a 64mb card.  i wouldn't even want it...you'll need the accelerated drivers for it.  If you get that and you run at a relatively low resolution 1024x768, you should be ok.00:14
LM1does anyone here have a list of packages in gutsy00:14
eegoreLoks like they included Compiz Fusion in Gutsy00:14
eighty4youknowme, tab completion is your friend :-)00:14
LM1or a link00:14
Fast2yeah, no doubt there are some ubuntu dev bods working like crazy right now!!¬!00:14
JDSBlueDevlor the backslash works too00:14
Woodersonif anyone knows how i can make a vhost can u please PM me00:14
youknowmeVlet, 1 sec, I'll try00:14
neopsychecheers all. Keep well.00:14
neopsycheFryguy--: ask for help if you are reconfigureing xorg.conf00:14
eighty4LM1, http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/00:14
eegoreIf it is stable and functional , Vista make have to take notice00:15
youknowmeVlet, no go00:15
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Vletyouknowme: you know that you can also start typing a few letters of the file or directory name, and hit tab, and it should complete it automaticallty00:15
ebirtaideegore: doubtful00:15
eegoreor sue Cannonical00:15
sorbixcan I just say that getting ati 3d support has to be one of the most frustrating things about ubuntu00:15
orbstrahey mediatomb is giving me an error about upnp_cleanup: unregister root device failed... and it cannot bind to socket.. I can pastebin the full error if someone is willing to help00:15
eegoreLets go for the sue option00:15
Vletyouknowme: you used a backslash like this \, not a forward slash like this /, right?00:15
ebirtaidwont happen00:15
LM1awesome! thanks!00:15
Sir_Sidjoin #ubuntu-dev00:15
ashfaqDr_willis:How do I edit, the drives were listed with the command but not accessable00:16
eegoreYou mean M$ would have to prove they actualy developed something rather than stealing it?00:16
Mr_Giraffehi, does anybody here have experience with SSH?00:16
ebirtaidcompiz is not developed by canonical00:16
ebirtaidso your whole arguement is moot00:16
pommerberyl rawks00:16
Dr_willisashfaq,  the command ' gksudo gedit /etc/fstab  '  should let you edit the file (backup your original first)  NOW as to learning what TO edit - that may take a little more work.00:16
VletMr_Giraffe: lots do - what's your question?00:16
pommereven my mutha want this stuff00:17
ubotuntfs is To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions .  For NTFS write access see !ntfs-3g or !fuse00:17
pommertho i still got issues installing source stuff00:17
eegoreI already have an 80 gig partition on my lappy open and waiting for it00:17
youknowmeVlet, http://pastebin.com/m1b74bbab00:17
Mr_GiraffeVlet, i set an account up for my friend and it works, but when i hit any non-alphanumeric characters (i.e. up/down arrows, escape, tab, etc) they don't perform any functions00:17
pommerwhere you find good beryl caps people?... and sky domes?00:17
Mr_Girafferather, they just print characters on the screen00:17
Dr_willisashfaq,  for example my 'external' windows drive has a line like -->  /dev/sdg1 /media/sdg1 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8 0 100:17
ebirtaidpommer:  I think there's a site called beryl-look00:18
ebirtaidthere is a link from gnome-look anyway I believe00:18
Dr_willisashfaq,  your /dev/XXXX and /media/XXXX will differ.  the /media/XXXX directory MUST exist befor you can mouhnt the device.00:18
SteamMachineCan anyone actually see me?00:18
Vletyouknowme: I just said, be sure you're using a BACKSLASH like this: \ not a forward slash like this: / :)00:18
eighty4SteamMachine, yes. what's your question?00:18
pommerwhy would ya need windows if you got ubuntu nways... i mean for real.. get wine or that other proggy and play ya stuff through there... ubunut even with beryl aint intensive anyways... and wine runs stuff good00:18
ebirtaidsteammachine: no00:18
youknowmeVlet, and therein lies the problem, thanks. I knew it was a stupid mistake00:18
pasais there a program that can set a dual view for me with ati card00:18
roadfishare there Wi-Fi headphones that can pick up (encrpyted) audio put out on Wi-Fi ... and are there Ubuntu packages for such devices? I don't seem to get much when searching the web.00:18
youknowmeVlet, :)00:19
pommerim playing hl2 on one screen and watching utube on another and im kinda chatting on x-chat too o.O00:19
pommergo figure00:19
Dr_willispommer,  with wine.. Ive noticed either it runs stuff good.. or not at all.00:19
pommertry do that easy on windows00:19
VletMr_Giraffe: what were you expecting... like using the up arrow as a command history navigator?00:19
Mr_GiraffeVlet, yeah00:19
euricoI can't read from my CDROM device00:19
Mr_Giraffebut his shell was set to sh, not bash00:19
pommercompatibily aint gunna be 100% ever00:19
Mr_Giraffethat might be it00:19
pommernot even windows select software with the groovy stuff all over it.. not all it works on windows00:20
VletMr_Giraffe: so he he or she types 'ls', hits enter, then hits the up arrow, it doesn't being up 'ls' again?00:20
Tech-Mikesup peeps, got a prob - i left this morning, leaving the comp on (ubuntu fiesty 7.04 amd64) and when i just got home....nothn would run, it would say "starting <app name>" in taskbar ... rebooted a couple times - still acting retarted00:20
VletMr_Giraffe: I might suspect his or her ssh client? what client is in use?00:20
Tech-Mikethis happend once before but a reboot solved it00:20
swmiller7 pommer: I keep windows for halo00:20
Mr_GiraffeVlet, it appears to be working now00:20
Woodersonhow can i make a vhost with out buying a domain??00:20
SteamMachineOh right, sorry I wasn't sure if... anyway.00:20
ebirtaidwooderson:  you dont?00:20
VletMr_Giraffe: ahh, maybe some monkeys were messing with the giraffe :)00:21
Woodersononly way is thru a domain?00:21
ebirtaidor you buy a shell that offers them00:21
SteamMachineI have a camera here, a Kodak EAsyShare C530.00:21
niekieWooderson: well..00:21
Mr_Giraffei edited /etc/passwd so his shell is bash instead of sh, that was the problem00:21
niekieWooderson: you can't even if you buy a domain.00:21
VletMr_Giraffe: ahh - good to know.00:21
Mr_GiraffeVlet, my computer is actually named singe (monkey) oddly enough :P00:21
niekieYou also need a provider that will set rDNS for you.00:21
Woodersonreverse DNS thru doman00:21
niekieXS4ALL, a Dutch ISP, allows you to set it yourself.00:21
niekieBut a lot don't.00:21
Vletwhat's the channel for desktop effects?00:21
kitcheVlet: #ubuntu-effects00:22
Vletkitche: thanks!00:22
SteamMachineThe computer recognized it, but when I open the directory (with Konqueror) it freezes as it gets to %13 loaded. Or rather, it simply won't go any further.00:23
psyferre_grr... i started messing around with ndiswrapper and while it didn't do anything helpful I now have a wired connection that is all screwed up00:24
bulmerSteamMachine: sometimes that happens to me too, anything i/o that gets hung..freezes the whole system00:25
bulmerso reboot00:25
w00tzillaHow do I kick or boot a remote ssh session?00:25
psyferre_my network manager keeps showing this phantom wired network adapter that doesn't really exist, and every once in a while I can get an IP and browse the internet, but most of the time now00:25
SteamMachinethe whole system is frozen though...00:25
ebirtaidkill the konqueror process and try again00:26
soundrayw00tzilla: kill the sshd thread that belongs to it00:26
bulmerSteamMachine: you're better off then..so kill the process for that konqueror00:26
aguitelGutsy is available now in the servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:26
aguitelGutsy is available now in the servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:26
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LjLaguitel: no, it isn't.00:27
SteamMachineStill, I can't do anything with the camera...00:27
aguitelGutsy is available now in the servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!00:27
Paddy_EIRESteamMachine, If the whole system is frozen entirely now.. do this hold alt+SysRq then type REISUB00:27
Vletw00tzilla: "ps -aux | grep ssh" to find their process #, then "kill -9 #" where # is their process number00:27
Capa1Question, I am running Gutsy Gibbon off the live disk --- and I notice a REALLY weird bug, the "title bar" for every window is *HUGE*! -- anyone know why this might be?00:27
SteamMachineIt isn't frozen!00:27
Paddy_EIRESteamMachine, then what are you talking about00:27
w00tzillaI remember a way to kill or disconnect an ssh session.  It's been a while and I am having a brain fart.00:27
Vletw00tzilla: "ps -aux | grep ssh" to find their process #, then "kill -9 #" where # is their process number00:27
diaficbed now. SNORE00:28
davidstraussHow can I force sftp sessions to create directories with chmod 770?00:28
SteamMachineThe images from the camera just won't load - ie, some of them appear as a preview, some don't, the progress bar freezes at 13% and when I click on a photo, it seems to load for a moment, then has a black display on Konq.00:28
davidstraussI tried umask, but it just puts a cap on the allowed permissions.00:28
comicinkerhi! I habe a problem with amarok and generic media devices!00:28
SteamMachineIf I attempt to copy them, it won't budge from 0%00:29
smy1220aguitel> what servers is gusty on now00:29
comicinkerwhen I want to copy ogg files amarok tells me the device doesn't support that format00:29
eighty4smy1220, none. it's not out yet.00:29
w00tzillaViet:  That did it.  Thanks.00:29
soundraySteamMachine: do you have a card reader, or did you connect the camera?00:30
blue42comicinker:  what device are you copying the ogg files into?00:30
quick_nickis anyone having extremely low volume problems with gusty?00:30
SteamMachineI connected the camera itself, by USB (obviously)00:30
comicinkerblue42: a generic device (SD card)00:30
Paddy_EIREquick_nick, #ubuntu+100:30
comicinkerwhen I include ogg to the supported formats in the device options, the disapear until the next call00:31
soundraySteamMachine: do you have a card reader that you could use instead? Just to see if you get the same problems.00:31
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, what device are you using.. and does it support ogg00:31
sn0wever since i switched to gutsy, my top bar in gnome shows up at the bottom of the screen after i reboot00:31
SteamMachineI don't believe I do have a card reader.00:31
Paddy_EIREsn0w, #ubuntu+100:32
soundraysn0w: #ubuntu+100:32
comicinkerPaddy_EIRE: its a generic device, a SD card (sde1)00:32
sn0wer the panel, sorry, but it only happens when i have the expand option turned off00:32
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, hmm.. did you format it.. is it full perhaps00:32
comicinkerno, its not full, other formats work (mp3)00:32
Paddy_EIREoh... hmm.. what are you playing the card on00:33
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, ^^00:33
comicinkerits really because of the ogg format00:33
blue42comicinker: off topic... which comic do you ink? lol00:33
blue42comicinker: I'll try to replicate it on my side00:33
Paddy_EIREwhat device are you playing the files on comicinker00:33
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comicinkerPaddy_EIRE: you mean where I'm going to use the SD card?00:34
comicinkerblue42: thanks00:34
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, sorry, but could you explain your problem to me again :)00:34
SirBob1701do any sites have the gutsy iso yet?00:34
Paddy_EIRESiliconViper, AHHHH00:35
kevinOis there a way to force a xorg.conf rewrite?00:35
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kitcheSirBob1701: read the topic and it should explain where to ask that question00:35
SirBob1701ebirtaid: yikes sorry00:35
Paddy_EIREI hope gutsy is delayed like hell00:35
comicinkerPaddy_EIRE: amarok can't copy other files to my media-player than mp3-files00:35
euricoI can't read from my CDROM device00:35
euricoUbuntu doesn't detect CDROM device00:35
SteamMachineAh! I tried Digicam and it worked.00:35
SteamMachinegosh I'm clever.00:35
w00tzillaI am not seeing any official 7.10 download options anywhere00:36
SteamMachineThanks anyway guys. (and girls)00:36
kevinOI deleted the wacom information from myt xorg.conf file, is there a way to rewrite it?00:36
eighty4w00tzilla, it's not out yet (see /topic)00:36
bsundhow do i upgrade from feisty to new?00:36
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, are you sure your media player supports ogg00:36
soundraybsund: ask in #ubuntu+100:36
w00tzillaeighty4:  I know, I am just responding to whoever was spamming that it was out.00:36
ebirtaidthat was long ago ;p00:37
ebirtaidkevin0:  did you have a backup?00:37
comicinkerPadddy_EIRE: corse, it's just a generic device (SD-card) and I use it in a pocketPC with tcpmp, which can playback nearly everything00:37
sam55So, whens gutsy to be released? I am looking to download the torrent and start downloading and then seeding as soon as I can00:37
eighty4sam55, it's not out yet (see /topic)00:37
blue42comicinker:  are the ogg files on some sort of fileshare?00:38
ebirtaidthey need to put that shit in the front00:38
kevinOebirtaid: no i dont :/00:38
ebirtaidin that case00:38
ebirtaidyou could reconfigure x00:38
soundray!lagnuage | ebirtaid00:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lagnuage - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:38
Seeker`!ohmy | ebirtaid00:38
ebirtaidshort of that don't know what to tell you00:38
comicinkerblue42: no, fresh imported with soundjuicer00:38
comicinkershall I send you a example ;)00:38
ebirtaidwah wah00:38
drakyevery time I boot Ubuntu it reverts to safe graphics mode and completely ignores all changes I made to the screen and resolution settings beforehand00:39
sam55ah, thanks <eighty4>.00:39
drakyI can get the screen to work fine until I restart the computer00:39
blue42comicinker: found a link that seems to describe a fix to your problem00:39
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, so I am to understand that the problem is putting an ogg file on to your sd-card.. correct?00:40
AlCan someone shed light on what happened to w32codecs?00:40
klinkok i got it00:40
AlIt's in apt with no installation candidate00:40
kitche!w32codecs | Al00:40
ubotuAl: Seveas has a popular 3rd party repository for several packages, including the win32 codecs: see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - See also !Codecs00:40
klinkwhats the point in this?00:40
nareshovcan someone tell me why # CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL is not set00:40
comicinkerPaddy_EIRE: exactly00:40
soundray!intelhda > nareshov, please read ubotu's private message00:41
ubotuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto00:41
bagheadhey all00:42
blue42comicinker: you need to modify your /.kde/share/config/amarokrc file00:42
comicinkerblue42: I'm afraid that I could add  ogg to my supported with the gui, but it alway get lost when I call the options window again00:43
blue42comicinker: the link says to search under the media device sectioni for the SD card, then add .ogg under "supportedFiletypes"00:43
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, have you tried using nautilus00:43
Alah, thanks kitche00:43
bagheadthis question may / probably has been asked already but what time is 7.10 going up - its already the 18th in the UK :-)00:43
tommasis it possible to use existing swap partition for 2 distros. I have suse installed and i want to make a partition and install ubuntu so do i have to create another swap partition for ubuntu or i can use the one for the suse?00:43
blue42comicinker: try setting that option as root?00:43
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, also there is a copy-to script for amarok00:43
soundraybaghead: read the topic00:43
ebirtaidwhy even bother with a topic ;p00:44
MasterNe0hi all. im having problems with my network manager. for some reason, it not showing Wired Connection when Im connected to any wired networks ports. Only shows wireless connections. any ideas how to fix it?00:44
bagheadsoundray: sorry - im using a different irc client that *didnt show the topic by default00:44
comicinkerPaddy_EIRE: yes, that's working. the copy-to and move-to script I'm using to organize my music collection on my PC. or are there others?00:44
ebirtaidthey would be better served by noticing people on join or something00:45
orbstrahey I get an error when I try to run mediatomb, It says libupnp cannot bind to socket and upnp register root device failed00:45
orbstraI beleive the socket error causes the second error00:45
comicinkerblue42? I shall launch amarok as root? are you sure?00:45
blue42comicinker: give it a shot00:45
Paddy_EIREcomicinker, no thats it.. can you not use that functionality to copy-to your sd-card00:45
minusDoes anyone know why I have to click the titlebar of a window to raise it? I want to be able to click anywhere in the windows to raise it.00:46
soundrayminus: metacity does this by default -- have you configured another window manager?00:47
ZakalethIS there an easy way to add a "always on top" button to my window's title bar in Gnome?00:47
minussoundray, yes.. Emerald00:47
chetnickhey guys any vpn client for ubuntu?00:47
orbstraanyone.. plz?00:47
Paddy_EIREZakaleth, explain what you mean00:47
soundrayminus: I'm sure the desired behaviour can be configured for that, but I don't know how00:48
eighty4orbstra, what's your question?00:48
psyferre_Zakaleth: beryl will add that00:48
mindmimewhats the command to bring up the nvidia graphics card settings in ubuntu ?00:48
orbstrahey I get an error when I try to run mediatomb, It says libupnp cannot bind to socket and upnp register root device failed00:48
awalton__tommas: I used the same swap partition across 3 installs, so it shouldn't be a problem00:48
soundrayZakaleth: it's already in the title bar's context menu00:48
psyferre_Zakaleth: i mean emerald00:48
orbstraI beleive the bind error causes the second error00:48
minussoundray, cant find any settings in emerald that does this00:48
nigelanyone here proficient in C?00:48
orbstraI can pastebin the error from the log if you would like00:48
Zakalethsoundray,  I want a button rater than a menu option. I use it a lot00:48
Samoyedhello all someone can tell me how can i share internet to 3 network cards00:48
awalton__tommas: just don't run the two OSes concurrently, and don't try to unsuspend from one OS into another, things like that.00:48
blue42orbstra:  did you type in " route add -net netmask int_if"00:49
kevinOis there a command that will scan the serial ports for devices?00:49
orbstrawhat would that do blue4200:49
awalton__nigel: ask the question.00:49
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hammer123hi, what program should i install for dc++ to use in ubuntu00:49
blue42orbstra: I got it from this page:http://linux-igd.sourceforge.net/documentation.php00:49
tommasawalton__ how to choose the swap partition during the install of ubuntu. is there an option00:49
blue42orbstra: the basic idea is to allow upnp to start broadcasting00:49
mindmimeanyone know?00:49
comicinke1Paddy_EIRE: before I do that I will use nautilus. and I want to use the media-player-feature of amarok... sorry00:49
hhp2kHey everyone, is there any way to get 1280x1024 on a 15" LCD monitor?00:49
KeithWeissharare there any dell ubuntu iso images available00:50
up365mindframe, nvidia-settings00:50
joshritgerhas anyone used virtual box to install windows xp?00:50
MasterNe0anyone can help me with this network manager problem00:50
minusKeithWeisshar, Why dell images?00:50
Paddy_EIREcomicinke1, I totally agree00:50
kevinOis there a command like lspci for the serial ports?00:50
Paddy_EIREcomicinke1, I love amarok00:50
awalton__tommas: during the install it should ask you if you'd like to repartition, you'll have to select manual partitioning at tat point00:50
BarryDegelingello all00:50
eighty4KeithWeisshar, not yet (see /topic)00:50
nigelhow does the compiler know when a float value ends? is there a delimiter?00:50
mindmimethanks up365 :)00:50
euricoUbuntu doesn't detect CDROM device. How can I make it do so?00:50
orbstraoooooh blue42 ... whut should I put for the first IP? the server's ip is and the netmask is usually for my network00:50
BarryDegelingwhen banned from ubuntu-release-party, when will I be unbanned?00:50
up365np mindmime00:50
hammer123what is the program equivalent to dc++ for ubuntu?00:50
comicinke1blue42: so, I have to do the amarok settings again when I start amarok as root. no way...00:50
Blindraveneurico, yes it does :)00:51
awalton__tommas: just select the partition, and tell it to mount it as swap, it's very intuitive.00:51
LjLBarryDegeling: wrong channel to ask. try #ubuntu-ops00:51
Blindraveneurico, in any case, mount00:51
joepieurico, ubuntu should indeed regocnize them (even most old versions)... are you absolutely sure it's correctly attached and that's its powered?00:51
BarryDegelingok thank you :)00:51
eighty4hammer, try searching http://packages.ubuntu.com00:51
tommasok awalton__  thanks00:51
drakyany idea why it only seems to boot into safe graphics mode?00:51
awalton__tommas: glad to help00:51
unagianyone else here find it annoying that gm endorsed alot in the movie transformers therefore 95% of the vehicles in the movie including extras were gm cars........or is it just me00:51
alexisurangaalguien que me ayude en ganbas00:51
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:51
Astrozombie138can anyone help me with this Sound Card bologna... I can't change the default device.00:51
blue42comicinke1: yeah? I don't know why the option isn't sticking00:51
orbstrablue42: i REALLY appreciate the help too, everywhere else has been useless00:52
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Paddy_EIREcomicinke1, is copy-to working?00:52
ebirtaidhammer123: there is a dc++ for linux00:52
kevinOdraky do you have the proper driver for your video card loding?00:52
=== anyone is now known as kompensator
unique311where is the ubuntu gutsy release party being held? ;)00:52
drakyI can get the video driver to work fine until I reboot00:52
comicinke1Paddy_EIRE: yes00:52
up365mindmime, if you DL Sysinfo using add/remove you'll get nvidia and more ;)00:52
soundrayunique311: read the topic00:52
drakythen it disappears as if it was never there00:52
mEck0is there a nice audio editor for gnome? something like audacity00:52
kevinOwhat video driver are you using?00:52
Paddy_EIREcomicinke1, hmm.. I dont have an sd-card at the mo to test00:52
Paddy_EIREcomicinke1, actually I do but my built-in reader is ENE so :(00:53
orbstrahow do I ues the route add command...00:53
drakynv and the nvidia proprietary both do it00:53
minussoundray, I just had to go into the controlpanel and apply "Click tp Focus" setting...00:53
hammer123ebirtaid: how, where to get dc++ for linux?00:53
ebirtaidI think it is in the repos00:53
blue42orbstra: replace int_if with the name of your internal interface00:53
smy1220<mEck0> how about audacity for ubuntu linux on the website00:53
drakyit just boots to the failsafe no matter what the setting was before reboot00:53
blue42(i.e., route add -net netmask eth1)00:53
ebirtaidopen synaptic and search for dc++00:54
Astrozombie138I keep changing the devices in sound thingy, and it keeps using my other sound card.00:54
awalton__nigel: compilers know the size of floats because it's hard coded per architecture00:54
kevinOdraky thats odd, you should try asking again, maybe someone with more expierence can help you00:54
blue42orbstra: route add -net netmask eth0  should work00:54
nareshovhammer123, aptitude install linuxdcpp00:54
mEck0smy1220, I have used audacity, its good for what I need it for, but I don't think it's interface is so fine...00:54
comicinke1Paddy_EIRE: I thing its not a SD-Card problem00:54
comicinke1blue42: I try to edit that file mentioned above00:54
nigelawalton, i am trying to error proof a float value, how do i go about it?00:55
Paddy_EIREcomicinke1, nor do I00:55
orbstrasame error00:55
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awalton__nigel: error proof in what way?00:55
orbstrathat is the error blue42  and anyone else that can help00:55
smy1220<mEck0> ahhh didnt realize you had used it for linux already00:56
nigelawalton:  lets say a user enters 24.. instead of 24.00  .... how can i know how to catch that error?00:56
hammer123nareshow : couldn't find any package....00:56
minusis there any way to remove the things that pop up when you hover above e.g. the start menu?00:56
HipotermiAwhat time in free gusty gibson?00:56
blue42orbstra: ah... there's something else already running00:56
RichWHow many Gb is the archive.ubuntu.com repository?00:56
orbstraI have tried multiple ports00:56
hammer123what is aptitude for? i thought only apt-get to install programs00:56
eighty4HipotermiA, it's not out yet (see /topic)00:56
ebirtaidaptitude is like apt-get00:57
ebirtaidjust different interface00:57
Dr_LinkIf you don't want xubuntu...00:57
Dr_Linkcan you install Xfce on regular Ubuntu?00:57
mEck0smy1220, ahh, found Marlin,http://marlin.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html , I will give it a chance :)00:57
Dr_LinkUninstall GNOME?00:57
ebirtaiddr_link:  yes00:57
ebirtaidyou dont have to uninstall gnome00:57
Dr_LinkAnd then use Xfce as the default?00:57
blue42orbstra: yeah, can you pastebin output of netstat?00:57
compreak219will gutsy be released at midnight on like EST  or what00:57
ebirtaidyou can use it as default without uninstalling gnome00:57
orbstrablue42:  yessir!00:57
eighty4compreak219, it's not out yet (see /topic)00:57
ebirtaidselect it form sessions then choose use as default00:57
awalton__nigel: you can use something like scanf to insure values are input type-correctly.00:58
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ebirtaidamaranth I want ops :(00:58
chimaerai'm using katapult with gnome, unfortunately, some apps like firefox cannot be called. any ideas what might cause this?00:58
joel_can anyone recommend a really good prog for ubuntu equivalent to alcohol 120% please?00:58
Amaranthebirtaid: Not something easily earned00:58
awalton__nigel: scanf("%f", &some_floating_field); should do what you want, for example00:58
AmaranthThis is a _large_ channel :)00:59
picard_pwns_kirkjoel_: K3B00:59
ebirtaidI can give hawt cyber though :D00:59
joel_it will let me mount and run iso files, yes?00:59
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therionsomeone have experience with pcsx2?01:00
sainzeoi have a nvidia graphics card, and upon installing ubuntu, i enabled the restricted driver for it, but upon restart, it said that my x server wasn't properly configured, any help?01:00
=== neopsyche is now known as neopsyche-away
nigelAwalton, i have done that but if the user enters a wrong value like 24.08.65 the input is stored as 24.0801:00
gogetatherion i do a bit yes its slow01:00
LjL!away > neopsyche-away    (neopsyche-away, see the private message from Ubotu)01:00
Astrozombie138are you guys busy?01:00
joel_therion: some, its slow and havent ran under linux01:00
avarner_official gutsy released today right??01:01
avarner_or did i make that up?01:01
blue42orbstra: can you by chance run a controlpoint on your machine?01:01
orbstrablue42: did you get the link? ... http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41006/ .. take your time i apreciate the help01:01
sainzeoi have a nvidia graphics card, and upon installing ubuntu, i enabled the restricted driver for it, but upon restart, it said that my x server wasn't properly configured, any help?01:01
blue42orbstra: yeah... something like the cyberlink java sample-controlpoint...01:01
therionit's slowing but someone know where i can download gsdx plugin unix version?01:02
blue42orbstra: lemme hit you with a link01:02
orbstrablue42: yessir01:02
nigelAwalton: also trailing ".."  messes up the input as well01:02
avarner_sainzeo: i've had that same problem and i don't know how to fix it exactly, but did you also install other updates at the same time?01:02
blue42orbstra: hopefully you've got java setup correctly?01:02
sainzeoavarner_, no i did not01:02
awalton__nigel: well your only option in this case is to actually parse the input string character for character01:02
orbstrablue42: it has no GUI.. its ubuntu server01:03
mEck0I want to try a HTPC (aka mediacenter) application for linux, running, which one do you think is the "best"?01:03
orbstraand how is this relevent?01:03
avarner_sainzeo: huh... that's weird, that was what was making my problem i've determined, the other updates. i'm sorry but i don't know how to help at this point. :(01:03
joel_therion: sorry i dont :/01:03
nigelAwalton: yes i kinda figured that but in my loop, i'm not sure where to stop looking?? is there a "EOF" string to look for??01:03
nigel a null character ?01:04
awalton__nigel: normall in C, you'll want to do fixed sized reads, the NULL character is the end of a C string though01:04
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awalton__nigel: things like that can get you into coding nightmares with buffer overruns/underruns01:04
blue42orbstra: can you post output of 'ps -e'01:04
meeperhow do I make ubuntu see all 4gb of ram?01:05
nigelAwalton: what signals an end of float ?01:05
sainzeoi have a nvidia graphics card, and upon installing ubuntu, i enabled the restricted driver for it, but upon restart, it said that my x server wasn't properly configured, any help?01:05
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ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for all information.01:05
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awalton__nigel: you're trying to convert a C string into a float, that's what you need to understand, C strings are terminated by a null character normally, floats are a fixed size (4 bytes on Intel, for example)01:06
meepersainzeo: go and download http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_100.14.19.html01:06
rohanhi .. shoudln't gutsy have released by now ?01:06
ebirtaidits not the 18th everywhere01:06
Seeker`rohan: no01:06
meepersainzeo: I just saved you a good 2 hours of your life :)01:06
eighty4rohan, see the topic01:06
avarner_rohan: i was thinking the same thing :)01:06
sainzeomeeper, haha, how so?01:06
rohaneighty4: haha, spoke too soon !01:06
rohaneighty4: sorry01:06
MisterslurpeeAnyone not busy?01:07
sainzeomeeper, are you saying i should install the driver straight from that instead of from the restricted drivers?01:07
awalton__nigel: you can use atof() to convert a string into a float after you've sanitized it (I wouldn't try it directly, personally)01:07
meepersainzeo: it took me ~2hrs to figure out that's the correct driver to use. forget everything the ubuntu forums say and envy and all that. just use that driver01:07
ZaerathHey guys I need some help.01:07
sainzeomeeper, so you ran into the same problem i assume?01:07
meepersainzeo: yes. assuming you have 8xxx graphics card of course01:07
sainzeomeeper, i have 660001:08
ZaerathI installed the latest nVidia drivers, and for some reason, I cannot get my resolution to go to 1280 x 1024. It's available in my xorg.conf, and I have the very latest drivers. Any suggestions?01:08
awalton__nigel: calling atof() directly is pretty much what scanf will do anyways, so it's not going to help you if your input data is broken.01:08
sainzeomeeper, does that mean it's not going to work?01:08
blue42orbstra:  try running mediatomb with sudo01:08
nigelAwalton: how else would you go about it....   btw, thanx for helping, i really need anything i can get01:08
orbstrablue42: I have, and I have tried it without.. no diference01:08
blue42orbstra: appears like you need root permissions to bind01:08
eegoreis compiz going to need extra memory for laptops?01:08
MisterslurpeeCan Anyone Help my with my soundcard?01:08
marvinthepahello, i have a problem upgrading to gutsy, update manager wants to download an insane 3GB of data01:08
Plouj-does ubuntu automatically clear /tmp before/after reboot?01:08
blue42orbstra: ok... hmm, getting stuck here.. I don't see any other upnp services on the ps-e list01:08
awalton__nigel: I would just reject the broken string.. but I'm not sure if that's the correct behavior for your app or not.01:08
eighty4marvinthepa, upgrade from what?01:08
meepersainzeo: ....I dunno. I have a 8600gt and that driver works great for me. the other drivers don't even compile.01:09
sainzeomeeper, okay, well i suppose i could give it a try01:09
marvinthepaeighty4: upgrade to gutsy is only possible from feisty01:09
nigelawalton: how would you reject the broken string?01:09
marvinthepaeighty4: so thats what I am trying01:09
orbstrablue42: can I just enter root admin mode somehow just to troubleshoot that permissions is the problem01:09
mneptokGutsy question in #ubuntu+1 please01:09
mneptokorbstra: sudo su01:09
ZaerathI installed the latest nVidia drivers, and for some reason, I cannot get my resolution to go to 1280 x 1024. It's available in my xorg.conf, and I have the very latest drivers. Any suggestions?01:10
marvinthepamneptok: sorry, I'll go there01:10
comicinke1Paddy_EIRE, blue42: it seems amarok corrupts its settings file, because it added "&" in front of every supported value. that was the error01:10
awalton__nigel: just go over the string with a loop and check that all of the characters are numbers or a "." character, if you find two "."s, exit the loop and report an error01:10
blue42orbstra: yeah... 'sudo bash'01:10
awalton__nigel: a lot of how you'd want to do that is application specific, as there are a half dozen correct ways to implement that behavior.01:10
mneptokblue42: "sudo su" is preferable01:10
Paddy_EIREcomicinke1, hmm.. thats got to be a bug01:10
blue42comicinke1: cool, does it work now?01:10
blue42mneptok: ah, thanks01:11
orbstrablue42: still no luck, I think mabye my routing tables are messed up, how can I send a copy to you to check em out?01:11
nigelawalton: Thank you so much, i will try that now01:11
Paddy_EIRE!paste | orbstra01:11
ubotuorbstra: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:11
comicinke1yes, thanks for the link. and: I didn't know amarok can handle avi?01:11
orbstrawhere is the routing tables director in ubuntu01:11
comicinke1how can I teach him?01:11
ZaerathIs there any way to edit the 3D effects available once you enable it in Ubuntu 7.10?01:12
orbstrarouting tables file**01:12
awalton__nigel: /msg me if you need more help, it's a bit crazy in here.01:12
kitcheZaerath: yes but that's more for #ubuntu+1 unless of course they released the isos01:12
thedonvaughnorbstra: routing tables file?  you can configure your routing table with route(1) .  ubuntu has default gw and stuff set in /etc/network/interfaces01:12
Zaerathkitche: They did release the isos, although it's still in beta.01:13
ZaerathI do have another problem, though, if anyone can help.01:13
ZaerathI installed the latest nVidia drivers, and for some reason, I cannot get my resolution to go to 1280 x 1024. It's available in my xorg.conf, and I have the very latest drivers. Any suggestions?01:13
nigelAwalton: lol, i'm such a newb... i tried msg you and failed01:13
awalton__Zaerath: does your monitor support that resolution?01:13
orbstrablue42: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41008/01:13
Misterslurpeei keep trying to change the sound device, but it stays to the same.01:13
awalton__nigel: gotta remember the undescores01:13
ZaerathYeah, I used to use it in Ubuntu 7.04 all the time; but I haven't been able to get it back since I reinstalled 7.0401:14
nigelactually the server said i am an unregistered user01:14
tovellakitche: c'mon it's scheduled to be released tomorrow.  if there's a way (and you know how) why not just deliver the goods?01:14
ZaerathI also use it on my dual-booted M$ XP.01:14
Misterslurpeei have 2 sound cards01:14
blue42orbstra: is there a firewall on your machine? I forgot to check.. like firestarter?01:14
SkyblastAnyone know how to let moblock allow certain things through, or at let everything through on port 80? The default list is way too strict to filter web content01:14
orbstranegatory blue4201:14
joshwaI have a question: is there any way to tell Linux where to place the icon on your desktop when you mount something?01:15
orbstrablue42: how can i check to see if libupnp is installed01:15
MisterslurpeeDoes Reboot Help?01:15
ZaerathAnyone have any solutions? :/01:15
flyingfreeokay so if my printer is listed in the unbuntu driver database it is supported by ubuntu?01:16
kitcheZaerath: fyi you need ccsm installed to do what you want with compiz01:16
mneptokZaerath: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:16
flyingfreewondering if fiesty supports the canon i86001:16
Zaerathmneptok: I considered that, lemmie try that and get back to you. :)01:16
flyingfreethey list it as a paperwieght but do they support it?01:16
MisterslurpeeHow to fix my sounds problem01:16
blue42orbstra: heh:) I don't know... 'sudo apt-get install libupnp0' to check if it's there01:17
tovellakitche: ccsm?01:17
mneptokflyingfree: Canon inkjets are paperweights01:17
flyingfreewell thanks but I can't convince my wife to go and buy another right now so does fiesty support it without having to instlal other packages or not?01:17
mneptokorbstra: sudo updatedb && locate libupnp01:17
mneptokflyingfree: Canon inkjets are paperweights01:17
joshwaI have a question: is there any way to tell Linux where to place the icon on your desktop when you mount something?01:17
mneptokflyingfree: what is not clear about that?01:18
Misterslurpeethanks for help.01:18
mneptokflyingfree: paperweight. will not work. no drivers. period. game over. thanks, Canon.01:18
zemonstashey y'all... it's the 18th today, in Australia but i'm guessing gutsy gibbon gets released tomorrow, American 18th?01:18
flyingfreemneptok funny but it doesn't answer the question, even paperwieghts serve purpose01:18
meepersainzeo: did it work?01:18
kitchetovella: it's sorta like beryl-manager but for compiz01:18
SteamMachineHi again01:19
Zaerathmneptok: Fixed it! Thanks!01:19
mneptokflyingfree: and your Canon printer will hold down papers very well. so why are you asking about its printing functions?01:19
flyingfreeokay thankyou for your glib if not informational comment01:19
MisterslurpeeDo u have to be voiced to ask questions?01:19
tovellakitche: oh, you mean compizconfig-settings-manager.01:19
eighty4zemonstas, it'll be out when it's out (see /topic)01:19
SteamMachineI found a way (using digikam) to retrieve my photos.01:19
jacob_anybody knows if microsoft office works with wine?01:19
kitchetovella: yes the binary is ccsm though :)01:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about voiceme - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about voice - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:19
mneptokjacob_: i know OpenOffice works on Windows ...01:19
zemonstaseighty4 - ok ok, just wanted to know if i got screwed by living in an earlier timezone ;)    normally it's fun to say that you guys are all so yesterday :-s01:20
cafuegojacob_: Up until office 2003 I believe it does.01:20
cafuegojacob_: There's Crossover Office, which is a hacked up wine specifically for office/adobe...01:20
SteamMachineUnfortunately, as a side effect - whenever I open my home directory (with konq) digikam starts loading, then the loading icon in the bar disappears, and konq does not open the whichever folder was clicked.01:20
eighty4jacob_, http://appdb.winehq.org/01:20
MisterslurpeeI guess I am not voiced :(01:20
tovellakitche: Zaerath probably wouldn't know that - what ever happened to user-friendly community support?01:20
sainzeomeeper, that didn't seem to work :(01:21
eighty4Misterslurpee, you don't need to be voiced to ask questions01:21
cafuegoIs there any reason you need to be voiced?01:21
blue42orbstra:  can you try running mediatomb with these options "mediatomb --port 49152"01:21
Misterslurpeecuz i though you couldnt se my question01:21
blue42orbstra: if that doesn't work, raise the port number01:21
kitchetovella: he wanted to know how to edit plugins for compiz and I told him the program that he needed to do which should be installed by default on 7.1001:21
cafuegoWe couldn't, you weren't voiced.01:22
eighty4Misterslurpee, people in here are volunteers and there's no guarantee there'll be someone here who knows the answer. Try asking another time, or on ubuntuforums.org01:22
SteamMachineIf anyone has any ideas as to why, and how to fix it, I'd be really grateful.01:22
joepiDoes anybody know how to limit the 'network manager' tool from accessing revolf.conf? In combination with other software (softmodems/satelite connections) it's giving some troubles.01:22
thedonvaughnMisterslurpee: no you do not need to be voiced :)01:22
MisterslurpeeI was trying to get sounds to worked01:22
thedonvaughn!ask | Misterslurpee01:22
ubotuMisterslurpee: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:22
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MisterslurpeeIt says my cards alsas and i put alsas no sound goes.01:23
flyingfreeokay database entry says " This printer entry is not yet included in the Foomatic packages and the data on this page is not verified or proofread.  This entry can be edited by everyone. " does that mean no driver built in for the canon i860?  Is there any alternate driver that might work?01:23
com4I just did a dist-upgrade to gutsy and my gnome thinks it's xinerama for some reason. Is there a way I can tell gnome that I have two seperate monitors so ti doesn't start apps in the middle and so my gnome panels don't stretch across both monitors?01:23
tovellakitche: let me see if i can install a package called ccsm... oh, yeah, that's the command, not the package name.  you see my point, right...  the only reason I brought it up is that I started with an alpha (then grabbed the updates) which did not include compizconfig-settings-manager, by default.01:24
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kitchetovella: well compiz-fusion sorta needs it to even be able to run01:25
jacob_cafuego do you know the latest version of crossover linux01:25
dgais it worth the jump to 64-bit linux yet?01:25
jacob_anybody knows the latest version of crossover linux01:25
cafuegojacob_: Nope01:26
trainI read somethign that awn is now stable01:26
kitchetovella: and by the way the package should be called ccsm also but ubuntu doesn't name it that01:26
trainwhy isn't it in the respository?01:26
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information01:26
eighty4jacob_, http://www.codeweavers.com/products/01:26
joelitoanyone can't wait for gutsy tomorrow?01:26
FrogzooI make it october the 18th - does Gutsy release today?01:26
SteamMachineI thought it was today01:26
thedonvaughntrain: didn't make it before the freeze01:26
eighty4at some point today, yes01:27
trainisn't the candidate the same thing as the release?01:27
joelitoSteam, Depends on the timezone I guess01:27
mc44Frogzoo: yes, please read the topic01:27
trainwhats the difference between beta, and the candidate01:27
mc44train: the CDs are different01:27
dgaare there any advantages at this moment to running the 64-bit ubuntu?01:28
mc44train: the beta is not the same as the candidate01:28
eighty4train, the alpha is "kinda there", the beta is "nearly there" and the rc is "really really really nearly there". ;-)01:28
trainokay, well whast the diff between the candidate and the release tomorrow01:28
mc44train: some packages01:28
eighty4train, last minute bug fixes made after the release of the RC.01:28
trainokay cool01:29
crimsuntrain: a dozen or so updated packages.01:29
trainyeah I ran the alpha is wasn't even close to there01:29
trainwant to know what really annoys me01:29
trainI want packages like AWN01:29
IntelligitimateI am having some minor problems. Little irritating ones that are about to drive me insane. Can anyone help me?01:29
DrXanyone have any ideas on why none of my systems can see (ping, http, etc) each other even tho they're all on the same subnet & snm & tried two different working switches (everything can see one managed switch/router)?01:29
trainbut I feel like add repositories muddies the water01:29
zetheroowhat does it mean when they tell you there are security updates for Ubuntu Linux?..... I thought Linux was secure?!?01:29
trainand I get package conflicts later on01:29
navetswhens ubuntu come out01:29
eighty4train, AWN?01:29
navetsgutsy that is01:29
joelitoanybody knows how to disable sudo on ssh?01:30
XiXaQDebian vs Ubuntu is like GNU vs Linux.. Don't compete. Contribute!01:30
eighty4navets, see the topic01:30
John117Hey guys.   Question of the day.   Is Gutsy going to be on the servers at like midnight tonight?   I'm really eager to get it up and running.  I'm new and I've had trouble with 7.0401:30
gryfelzetheroo: Secure compared to what?01:30
AudriilGnome-terminal is broken.  Can someone help?01:30
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Paddy_EIREzetheroo, it is.. they are updates.. its hardly future proof01:30
eighty4John117, see the topic01:30
awalton__Audriil, broken how.01:30
mneptokJohn117: there is no exact time01:30
RetardedpopeAn application is preventing the volume from being unmounted.01:30
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, think realistically01:30
John117gotcha sorry.01:30
RetardedpopeHow do I fix that?01:30
tovellaeighty4: really really really nearly... that's perfect.  now i have a better way to explain these concepts to my friends and family who don't speak "geek".  They all think of me as their personal computer support department.01:30
Audriil<awalton__> Broken in that it doesn't start.  Not broken in that nothing works.01:31
zetherooPaddy_EIRE : well it makes it sound like Linux has security issues like Windows does01:31
mneptoktovella: tell them to buy a support contract for Ubuntup01:31
Audriil<awalton__> I tried running it from alt+f2, as well.  It simply doesn't start,01:31
SteamMachineArgh. I needa go shave. This is ridiculous. It's like it's growing back faster and faster (but still won't grow into anything substantial)01:31
tovellamneptok: wish they could afford one.01:31
eighty4tovella, remember it's a Release Candidate. all release-critical bugs should have been fixed, so just testing it and ironing out the creases before the actual release01:31
RetardedpopeIs there a command to find out what process is preventing me from unmounting?01:32
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, hardly01:32
IntelligitimateProblem 1: When I am surfing the net with Firefox, very often it does this drag thing I absolutely do not want it to do. How do I turn it off or stop it from happening? Problem 2: Evolution is now, for some unexplainable reason, popping up all new emails I click on. Problem 3: I have to click multiple times to either get the Toolbar-things to stay on or go off.01:32
IntelligitimateI am about to kill myself.01:32
IntelligitimateIt is that annoying01:32
traineighty4:  'tjlg6ysxl'01:32
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, you here trolling01:32
awalton__Audriil: strange bug, have you tried removing it and reinstalling it?01:32
tovellaeighty4: thanks.01:32
traineighty4: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5963113639256134658&q=awn&total=270&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=401:32
Audriil<awalton__>  How would I do that without access to the terminal?01:32
oritemisbody, i am trying to install gnome ppp into a box unpluged (at least for while) from internet. where can I download the correct package?01:32
traineighty4: thats a link to a video with AWN01:33
SkyblastAll software has holes and exploits... the difference between Linux is a lot of people are finding bugs to patch them, as apposed to a lot of Windows haxx0rz who are finding them to exploit them01:33
Audriil<awalton__> I'm just used to using terminal01:33
Audriil<awalton__> Synaptic?01:33
awalton__Audriil: you could remove it from synaptic, or you could do it from alt+f2 (it's a terminal too)01:33
ebirtaidpaddy_eire I wouldnt call him trolling01:33
zetherooPaddy_EIRE: I read this whole article where some guy is mocking Linux for having "Security Updates" just like windows..... and I was nerved by it..... so I thought I would find out what thats all about...01:33
SteamMachineSo, whichever folder I select, digikam starts to open - though it never quite makes it.01:33
Audriil<awalton__> Yeah, knew that.  Just being stupid.  Thanks.01:33
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, its a good thing, worry when there are no updates01:33
awalton__audrill: if that doesn't work, you've got some bigger issues somewhere.. it's extremely weird it doesn't start.01:34
zetherooPaddy_EIRE: does it mean though that Linux is vulnerable to outside attack .... or that viruses are being made for Linux?01:34
oritemisguys, how I download a package to install manually into the machine?01:34
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, things can always be better nothing is infallible01:34
Audriil<awalton__> It does nothing.01:35
smmagicAnyone know when Gutsy comes out?01:35
awalton__Audriil: does nothing as in, doesn't start either?01:35
Audriil<awalton__> Alt+f2 with apt-get remove gnome-terminal does nothing, even with 'run in terminal' enabled.01:35
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, as far as security goes linux is the best01:35
Audriil<awalton__> Yes, doesn't start01:35
Odd-rationaleI'm trying to install some Experimental plugins for compiz-fusion - namely, 3d. I'm following the instructions on the compiz-fusion website: http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Install/PluginsFromGit01:35
Odd-rationaleHowever when I try to do "make" I get this output from the terminal:01:35
Odd-rationaleconvert   : 3d.xml.in -> build/3d.xml01:35
Odd-rationalebcop'ing  : build/3d.xml -> build/3d_options.h01:35
Odd-rationalebcop'ing  : build/3d.xml -> build/3d_options.c01:35
Odd-rationaleschema    : build/3d.xml -> build/compiz-3d.schema01:35
zetherooPaddy_EIRE: I just wish they would name it something diferent so Windows users could not poke fun at Linux so easily01:35
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, what are you using it for01:35
eighty4train, considering that the last AWN release is 0.2, i'm guessing it's not really ready for general consumption just yet and that's probably why it's not in the repos.01:35
Odd-rationalemake: *** No rule to make target `build/3d.lo', needed by `c-build-objs'.  Stop.01:35
Odd-rationaleDoes anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?01:35
vulcaniussmmagic: less than two days01:35
Audriil<awalton__> Which is odd, because I can run apps from alt+f201:35
smmagicMore wait..-.-01:35
Odd-rationaleWhy didnt't pastebin work?01:35
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, hardly poking fun and those people are the trolls01:36
zetherooPaddy_EIRE: I use it on all my PC's01:36
awalton__Audriil: press ctrl+alt+f2 and try it there (and remember to use sudo)01:36
mdl-unitI have a question about vmplayer: I cannot figure out why it won't work with the network.  When booting up an image, I get the error message: "Could not open VMnet8: No such file or directory Virtual device Ethernet0 will start disconnected"01:36
oritemisMay someone help me with package management?01:36
ebirtaidmdl-unit: when you configured vmware did you enable networking?01:36
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:36
ebirtaidwhen you installed it initially01:37
Audriil<awalton__> That's... very odd.01:37
Jeriathanyoen knwo a way to give a non root user read/write permissions for NTFS filesystems01:37
mdl-unitI thought I did, perhaps I didn't.  How do I redo it?  I did reinstall in synaptic and it went and skipped all of the config stuff01:37
Jeriathim using teh NTFS configuration tool01:37
Audriil<awalton__> Oh, nevermind. Typed terminal, rather than gnome-terminal01:37
ebirtaidawalton_:  when using alt+f2 you should you gksudo not sudo, preferablly01:37
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, updates are a great thing... technology moves fast and linux keeps state-of-the-art as apposed to windows updates being the second tuesday of every month which they dont really fix anything01:38
Odd-rationaleOr is this the way I'm supposed to do it? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41009/plain/ :)01:38
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, they add restrictions like wga and drm.. which hamper a user rather than benefit them01:38
SidWait a second!01:38
Audriil<awalton__> Just reinstalled, but it doesn't seem to be running.  Should I reboot and try again?01:38
ebirtaidmdl-unit:  there is a command-line perl script for vmware-server, I forget the location01:38
ebirtaidyou can use that to reconfigure01:38
mdl-unitebirtaid, I'll see what I can do.  Thanks.01:39
Paddy_EIRESid, if I hear that one more time AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH01:39
SidWhy would someone use ubuntu instead of vista?01:39
ebirtaidvista sucks01:39
Paddy_EIRESid, die01:39
ebirtaidthats why01:39
AudriilVista blows.01:39
Paddy_EIRESid, why use vista01:39
SidNo it doesnt01:39
eighty4Sid, because vista is like £400. and it sucks.01:39
zetherooSid  : your kidding right?01:39
ebirtaidhes trolling01:39
ebirtaidbecause he has nothing better to do01:40
SidI'll shut up now01:40
Paddy_EIRESid, stop trolling01:40
misnixis vista rpm based or debian based?01:40
zetherooSid  : Vista is a retarded OS01:40
Tarkushow do i tell what gtk version im using?01:40
SidSomeone told me vista was based on BSD and I lol'd01:40
AudriilSid: That'd be Mac Os01:40
John117Hey guys.. I've been reading.  I'm really intersted in the graphical interface aspect of ubuntu.   Should i go with Kubuntu instead?01:40
SidI know01:40
psyferre_anyone know why ndiswrapper -v would say "utils Error: no version specified!" ?01:40
AudriilSid: I also know01:40
zetheroois there a Vista IRC?01:40
SidJohn: I suggest the normal Gnome based ubuntu01:40
Paddy_EIREzetheroo, ##windows01:40
ralphowhat kernel does 7.10 have01:40
SidJohn: Kubuntu looks ugly01:40
psyferre_i've uninstalled and reinstalled most parts of ndiswrapper trying to fix the error, but no dice01:40
ebirtaidjohn117:  look at screenshots and decide, or install both and try them out01:40
AudriilSid: Not really01:40
ebirtaidits all preference01:41
YasumotoJohn117: the main difference is that Kubuntu uses KDE, and Ubuntu uses gnome. I prefer ubuntu01:41
SidAudrill: SuSE has a better KDE interface than Ubuntu01:41
AudriilSid: Although I've had massive stability issues with Kubuntu...01:41
SvenstaroNow I joined #ubuntu to run from vista talk and they also talk about it here.01:41
Paddy_EIREJohn117, use ubuntu (gnome)01:41
eighty4John117, depends which window manager you like best. try them both (and xubuntu too if you want) and see which you prefer.01:41
kevinOhow do i install the latest kernel headers?01:41
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:41
AudriilSid: I admit that Kubuntu config sucks01:41
crimsunkevinO: they're installed by default.01:41
Paddy_EIRESvenstaro, naa thats normal there are always silly people and trolls01:41
Audriil<awalton__> So...01:41
crimsunkevinO: (or try aptitude install linux-headers-`uname -r`)01:41
SidAudrill: Yeah, and theres a lot more support for ubuntu01:41
kevinOcrimsun, i am getting this error Error: kernel headers not found in '/usr/src/linux/'01:42
SvenstaroI wanna join the hype of the Gutsy release :D01:42
ebirtaidmost of it will be the same config-wise01:42
blah569This probably isn't the best place to ask this, but I use to love to emulate Linux using Windows, fun to play arround with, but I lost everything on this computer and I forgot the name of it.  I think it contained the word "Box" in it.  Does anyone know the name.01:42
Paddy_EIRESvenstaro, they are quickly kicked if they stay on that topic though :D01:42
ebirtaidunless you are talking about gui support01:42
avarnerhey guys someone earlier pointed to a newish nvidia driver on thir site... the issue tho is how do i get out of the x server? control+alt+f1 is just going to a blank screen that blinks at me ... won't allow input and cntrl+alt+backspace just restarts x01:42
ebirtaidblah56: virtualbox01:42
John117I'll try them all then. LOL I just didn't know if either of them had more striking differences.   Maybe one is more advanced? or easier to configure for someone switching from Windows?01:42
SvenstarokevinO are you trying to install vmware?01:42
drumlineanyone know anything about recovering a raid that was deleted on a highpoint rocket raid card?   Nothing has been written to the drives since the damned utility deleted the array...01:42
drrbrtnikomg omg omg01:42
AudriilSo can anyone here tell me how to fix Gnome-terminal?01:42
chetnickany vpn client fro ubuntu?01:43
ZaerathAudriil: What's the problem with it?01:43
SidI think that if you have a super good computer, vista looks amazing on it with aero and all that stuff01:43
SidDoes compiz compare to aero?01:43
SvenstaroAlso, does automatix still suck and nobody suggest the use of it?01:43
Paddy_EIREavarner, you can login in any of the ctrl+alt+f1-6 or ctrl+alt+f7 to get back to your graphical desktop01:43
awalton__compiz > aero.01:43
AudriilZaerath: It doesn't start... at all.01:43
ebirtaidaero is really not that impressive01:43
Odd-rationaleSid: yes01:43
SidI'ma check out pictures01:43
ralphocompiz lion aero house cat01:43
ebirtaidand takes most of its nice features from other OS'es01:43
ZaerathAudriil: Have you tried reinstalling it?01:43
drrbrtnikwindows + aero == polished turd01:43
Sidbecause that cube thing that ubuntu has doesn't appeal to me01:43
kevinOSvenstaro: no im trying to get my wacom serial tablet to work and ive downloaded wacom-kernel-source01:43
AudriilZaerath: When I try to run it, it says 'loading terminal'... then it doesn't load it.01:43
AudriilZaerath: I just reinstalled.01:43
John117It looks like the tossup is between Kubuntu and Ubuntu.   Eubuntu and Xubuntu seem lighter than what i want.01:43
AudriilZaerath: Fixed nothing.01:43
Paddy_EIREavarner, ctrl+alt+backspace restarts X your graphical interface01:44
SvenstarokevinO hang on a sec01:44
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: getting back in isn't the issue, getting out is. the screen that cntrl+alt+f1/2 doesn't let me out01:44
SvenstaroI dont think you need to do the wacom thingy manually01:44
Svenstarothere are manuals for that availible on the forums01:44
ZaerathAudriil: Check out your file permissions, and make sure your partitions are properly mounted.01:44
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: or doesn't do anything but blink at me01:44
Paddy_EIREavarner, I told you already.. ctrl+alt+f7 takes you back to your gui01:44
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: and i told you already control+alt+f7 isn't what i want01:44
Paddy_EIREavarner, what are you trying to do there01:44
drrbrtnikone of the great things about compiz is it flies on old, daggy hardware01:44
kevinOyeah im following one right now but i cant get it to work01:44
riotkittiei think the issue is that his[?] TTYs arent loading01:45
psyferre_anyone know of an irc channel more directly addressing ndiswrapper problems? I want to make sure i'm in the right place :)01:45
Ubuntu-roxHey guys!01:45
AudriilZaerath: It worked yesterday, and I have changed nothing (except trying to hibernate, which failed... miserably), so I don't see why it stopped working01:45
SidThe one thing I'm going to stick to windows for is uTOrrent01:45
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: i'm trying to install a new driver and it won't let me if i'm logged into x01:45
joel_ mount -t iso9660 UT2004ECE.iso /mountpoint -o loop01:45
joel_   what should be the mount point ?01:45
joshwaWhen I go to /dev I see hdb hdb1 hdb2 hdb3. But only one slave drive. are those all different partitions?01:45
tovellaJohn117: I think Edubuntu is actually "heavier" - Ubuntu plus educational stuff.01:45
John117I gotcha.01:45
John117So Kubuntu and Ubuntu 7.10 are both set for release tomorrow?01:45
ZaerathAudrill: I wouldn't see why it would; that is strange. Have you tried updating your system?01:45
SidMy cheap school wanted me to install ubuntu instead of windows tablet pc edition so they could save costs lololol01:45
riotkittiejoshwa: yes.  hd[x] is a drive hd[x#] is a partition01:45
AudriilZaerath: Do you think a different terminal might fix it?01:45
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Paddy_EIREavarner, then end your x session01:45
SidSo I didn't bother01:45
tovellaJohn117: yup - can't wait.01:46
AudriilZaerath: I'm running gnome-terminal right now.01:46
ZaerathAudrill: I would try it. Try Konsole.01:46
awalton__riotkittie: shouldn't that be sd[x] and sd[x#] ?01:46
AudriilZaerath: K, thanks.01:46
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: well yeah, how do i do that besides cntrl+alt+f1?01:46
awalton__huzzah kernel changes.01:46
joshwariotkittie, I would like to format the drive and thus, make all of those partitions one (just hdb) what should I do?01:46
AggortI have a weird issue with update manager. I regularly update... once a week maybe more, and today I went to get ready for Gutsy Gibbon. When I went to update it it failed finding the repository on the update install and closed. When i then ran the update manger by it's self it said I had 904 updates!01:46
ebirtaidsid: passive-aggressive much?01:46
John117Awesome..  As always, thank you guys for the support community.  You all rock.01:46
AggortAny ideas why?01:46
riotkittieawalton__: as joshwa mentioned seeing  hd_'s ... no :P01:46
ZaerathAudrill: No problem.01:47
AudriilZaerath: I don't have the repos for it right now.  Where can I find the Kubuntu repos that have konsole?01:47
riotkittiejoshwa: if you're a fan of GUIs, you can go the gparted route. otherwise, there's fdisk and cfdisk.01:47
Paddy_EIREavarner, ctrl+alt+f1 then login and install driver then switch back to x session using ctrl+alt+f7 then restart x using ctrl+alt+backspace01:47
ebirtaidaudriil: the ubuntu repos have konsole01:47
ZaerathAudrill: I'll look into it for you, one second.01:47
ZaerathThere you go.01:47
joshwariotkittie, what do you prefer? :)01:47
AudriilZaerath: Thanks01:47
ZaerathAudrill: Try installing kubuntu-desktop.01:47
tovellaAggort: perhaps some repositories hadn't finish "synchronizing" all the newer stuff yet.  try again tomorrow, and it will likely be fixed.01:47
ebirtaidthere is no difference in repos between k/x/ubuntu01:48
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: well that's what i've been saying all of this time. i cntrl+alt+f1 does NOT let me do anything, it just blinks. no input at all.01:48
ZaerathI know, but Konsole may come with kubuntu-desktop.01:48
Aggorttovella: The update to Gusty isn't what I am worried about, it's why in the world I have 905 updates!01:48
ebirtaidit shouldn't have it as a dependency01:48
xIkeanyone know how to add authentication to an ldap server?01:48
ebirtaidit may uninstall ubuntu-desktop though01:48
AudriilMy terminal outsput says it needs several deb repos01:48
=== Phrozen_One_ is now known as Phrozen_One
ZaerathThen why would it show him not having Konsole?01:48
AudriilSo yeah, I think so.01:48
tovellaAggort: i'm speaking in reference to Feisty.01:48
riotkittiejoshwa: depends on what i'm doing. i tend to stick to gparted under ubuntu because i am lazy like that.  you may already have it installed [check system menu > administration], if not, it's only a sudo apt-get install away01:48
ebirtaidyes they will be kde liraries01:48
ZaerathIt is fine here:01:49
Zaerathapt-cache search Konsole01:49
Zaerathkonsole - X terminal emulator for KDE01:49
MisterslurpeeHello, im getting unusual CPU usage about 56%01:49
Paddy_EIREavarner, type your login name.. then type password (password will not show up) press enter01:49
AudriilI'd paste the output in, but I'm running from cntl+alt+F201:49
joshwathanks so much. trying to make room for some backup. GIBBON01:49
ZaerathUse Pastebin.01:49
MisterslurpeeIs my CPU dying?01:49
ZaerathIf you do.01:49
tovellaAggort: in fact, you may be able to try again in a few hours, and find that it's been fixed.  I've seen this problem a few times, too.01:49
ZaerathOh, do you need to be able to copy it?01:49
ebirtaidmisterslurppe run top01:49
funky_gibbonmister: what does top say?01:49
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: just tried again still doesn't work NO INPUT01:49
Aggorttovella: Well i would think that too. However before trying to upgrade to gusty, I ran an update just fine. I am worried that I didn't let one of the other repo's to finish updating and it ruined the whole damned thing01:49
chuy_maxI have a touch screen monitor that uses usbhid driver, everytime I connect it I get different handlers (event?, where ? is a number from 0 to 6), is there a way to set an event that doesn't change?01:49
Alex_GaynorWhat time does Gutsy Gibbon launch?01:49
Misterslurpeeit says XORG is eating my CPU01:49
ZaerathAudrill: Do this. apt-cache search konsole > ~/results.txt01:49
avarnerPaddy_EIRE: it is impossible to put text in that screen that i get it is not the normal screen at all01:50
Paddy_EIREavarner, what do you mean.. no input?01:50
eighty4Alex_Gaynor, /topic01:50
ZaerathAlex_Gaynor: Tomorrow, midnight.01:50
funky_gibbonmister: control alt backspace :)01:50
SmegzorI'm trying to open a remote X session, but keep getting told the maximum number of sessions has been reached.  This is despite rebooting the box.  What do I edit to increase the maximum?01:50
Audriil<ebirtaid> I'm running linux mint... You'd think it would have the same repos as ubuntu.  Do you think this is a factor?01:51
joshwariot kittie, it just took me like 45 seconds to consolidate those partitions and make them all one ext3 partition. is that normal?01:51
funky_gibbonsmeg: using VNC or X11?01:51
arkanesSmegzor: contact your Microsoft licensing representative to purchase more client licenses01:51
joshwaits a 40gb01:51
tovellaAggort: oh, you attempted an upgrade - missed that part.  Still try again in a few hours, or perhaps tomorrow.  I'll bet their servers are really really busy, right about now.01:51
joshwabut I know in windows it used to take like 10-15 minutes to format one hd01:51
funky_gibbonsmeg: connecting to an X session, not Windows RDP?01:51
Smegzorarkanes, Micro who?01:51
Audriil<joshwa> Took me over 3 hours... :(01:52
Smegzorlinux to linux.  forget windows01:52
funky_gibbonsmeg: what client are you using?01:52
MisterslurpeeOkay I logged out..01:52
ebirtaidaudriil:  I am fairly sure they use the same repos01:52
Paddy_EIREavarner, does the screen look anything like this http://www.paddyeire.talktalk.net/Screenshot-Terminal.png01:52
arkanesSmegzor: sorry, thats just (verbatim) the message you get when you try to remote desktop to a windows machine without enough CALs01:52
smmagicHow do I run qtparted as root?01:52
ebirtaidmint does that is01:52
MisterslurpeeXorg is now at 60% cpu01:52
LinuxJuggalo!microsoft | arkanes01:52
ubotuarkanes: For help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents01:52
Audriil<ebirtaid>  Hmm.  Well, thanks.  I'll try to resolve this later'01:52
SmegzorI'm using X01:53
funky_gibbonfunky: are you using compiz?01:53
ebirtaidsmmagic: from a terminal sudo qtparted01:53
funky_gibbonsmeg: what's the command you're running and exact error msg?01:53
atlfalcons866does ubuntu have resiser401:53
AggortOk well while I am here. I have another interesting issue. Whenever I attempt to switch among users and stay logged in. I get a prompt about XGL or standard server. When choosing stadard it let's me stay logged in just fine. but when another user logs out or goes to switch user again the system hangs and inevitably I have to use CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE! This is very frustrating when I need to stay signed in for downloads and such01:53
MisterslurpeeWhats with these random CPU SPikes on XORG?01:53
Smegzor1 sec.  have to manually type it (different machine)01:53
Ward1983hahaha i never knew ##windows actually existed01:53
tovellasmmagic: 'gksu qtparted'01:53
HLMrohan: try Japan01:53
MisterslurpeeIs my Xorg.conf messed up?01:54
ebirtaidmisterslurpee:  are you using compositing?01:54
BUDD}{As it worth switching to 7.1001:54
AggortThat issue has been plaguing me for a while01:54
jimcooncatGuess it's a bad time to bring up my windows question...01:54
ZaerathBUDD}{A: That depends on your preference.01:54
Misterslurpeeebirtaid, ????01:54
LinuxJuggaloBUDD}{A: yes01:54
ZaerathBUDD}{A: Do you use Gnome?01:54
ebirtaiddesktop effects01:54
funky_gibbonmister: he means Desktop Effects or compiz-fusion01:54
ZaerathBUDD}{A: Then yes. Gnome 2.20 is a significant improvement.01:54
smmagicAnd anyone know how to delete windows if it is mounted?01:54
ebirtaidwhat is your video card?01:55
Zaerathsmmagic: Unmount it. :P01:55
MisterslurpeeRADEON X1600 pro01:55
AggortWhenever I attempt to switch among users and stay logged in. I get a prompt about XGL or standard server. When choosing stadard it let's me stay logged in just fine. but when another user logs out or goes to switch user again the system hangs and inevitably I have to use CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE! This is very frustrating when I need to stay signed in for downloads and such01:55
ebirtaidsmmagic do you know what you are doing?01:55
ebirtaidbefore you start editing partitions01:55
ebirtaidmisterslurpee: have you installed the restricted drivers for it?01:55
AngryElfwhere does ubuntu store mdadm confguration?01:55
Paddy_EIRE!tab | ebirtaid BUDD}{A01:55
ubotuebirtaid BUDD}{A: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:55
chuy_maxhi bruenig :), I was wondering if you can help me with a doubt01:55
slack31337anyone know how to remove the "Debian" menu from the applications menu in fiesty01:56
hexstarSeveas: you here?01:56
ebirtaidthat be why01:56
BUDD}{Aryl whats the difference01:56
Smegzorfunky_gibbon, sudo X :1 vt8 -query and the error back is XDMCP fatal error: Session declined Maximum number of open sessions reached.01:56
Misterslurpeeso ati has em?01:56
Paddy_EIREslack31337, alacarte01:56
ebirtaidfn'Paddy_EIRE: what is your nick showing up as paddy?01:56
AggortWhenever I attempt to switch among users and stay logged in. I get a prompt about XGL or standard server. When choosing stadard it let's me stay logged in just fine. but when another user logs out or goes to switch user again the system hangs and inevitably I have to use CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE! This is very frustrating when I need to stay signed in for downloads and such01:56
ebirtaidwhen I do that01:56
Paddy_EIREno ebirtaid01:56
funky_gibbonmister: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI01:56
littlebwoskiwill someone give me a hand setting up ATI card S-video output01:56
Smegzorbut I rebooted the box I am trying to connect to and its not connected to the net so I'm clueless.01:56
wuboI've got a wacky problem... when I start gdb with a program to run it loads everything fine and displays the usual prompt. But, when I type run to start the program "vim" starts and complains "Error detected while processing command line: E15: Invalid expression: (my program)"01:56
BUDD}{Ai use beryl is gnome 2.0 better01:56
ebirtaidit showed up as fn;paddy_eire right?01:56
slack31337paddy alacarte?? i dont know what that is01:56
wubowhy in the world is gdb starting vim? this makes no sense01:56
ebirtaidfn' rather01:57
jimcooncatI want to run seamless 2003 servers via KVM on my two LTSP Ubuntu servers, and split the load among my users. Does Winbind authentication with Samba sound like the way to go?01:57
Paddy_EIREebirtaid, it shows up as Paddy_EIRE01:57
ebirtaidok cool01:57
Misterslurpeeebirtaid, wheres this restriction driver?01:57
Aggort(I know I am starting to become very annoying) Whenever I attempt to switch among users and stay logged in. I get a prompt about XGL or standard server. When choosing stadard it let's me stay logged in just fine. but when another user logs out or goes to switch user again the system hangs and inevitably I have to use CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE! This is very frustrating when I need to stay signed in for downloads and such01:57
IntelligitimateI need help. Something is wrong with my settings, which is messing up everything I click on.01:57
IntelligitimateIt's like a double click is on or something.01:57
IntelligitimateSomeone help me!01:57
ebirtaidfn'Misterslurpee: you are running feisty?  there should be a restricted drivers under the system menu -> administration01:57
ebirtaidI think01:57
littlebwoskii am trying to get multiple monitor support using an ati svideo output01:58
slack31337foudn it thanks paddy01:58
Misterslurpeeall right.01:58
funky_gibbonsmeg: I think it might be a setting in GDM somewhere01:58
AggortIntelligitamate: Be a bit more prcise, what are you clicking on... could it be your mouse, so on so forth01:58
smoenuxXD ... what time is it in the us??01:58
AggortWhenever I attempt to switch among users and stay logged in. I get a prompt about XGL or standard server. When choosing stadard it let's me stay logged in just fine. but when another user logs out or goes to switch user again the system hangs and inevitably I have to use CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE! This is very frustrating when I need to stay signed in for downloads and such01:58
pawanwhen is the new version coming out01:58
Misterslurpeeebirtaid, thanx01:58
jimcooncatIntelligitimate: does log out, log in clear it out? cookie crumb in the mouse button?01:58
eighty4pawan, when it's ready. see the /topic.01:58
IntelligitimateHaven't tried a log out--log in yet.01:59
xIkeanyone know how to add authentication to an ldap server?01:59
pawanthey said on thursday01:59
Aggort(one last time) Whenever I attempt to switch among users and stay logged in. I get a prompt about XGL or standard server. When choosing stadard it let's me stay logged in just fine. but when another user logs out or goes to switch user again the system hangs and inevitably I have to use CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE! This is very frustrating when I need to stay signed in for downloads and such01:59
funky_gibbonagg: check the forums.. I'd say it's because of the hackery to get Xgl running01:59
eighty4yes, and in some parts of the world it's only been thursday for two or three hours. thursday hasn't even hit some countries yet ;-)01:59
atlfalcons866is gusty gibbon lts01:59
=== koen_ is now known as kmk67
Smegzorfunky_gibbon, yeah probably.  I have a shell connected to the box via putty so I can get edit stuff..01:59
ebirtaidfn'atlfalcons866: I dont think so01:59
smmagicsudo umount /media/windows/ Doesn't work01:59
eighty4atlfalcons866, no. hardy (8.04) will be IIRC.02:00
Aggortthanks funky didn't think I;d find it there02:00
wuboany experienced developers in the room? any suggestions on a more appropriate room to ask ubuntu related development questions in?02:00
atlfalcons866whats IIRC mean02:00
eighty4if i remember correctly = IIRC02:00
ebirtaidthe new lts release will be whenever dappers support ends02:00
jimcooncatIntelligitimate: If log out -- log in works then think about the software you ran during your last session.02:00
atlfalcons866whens gutsy being released02:00
wuboInternet relay chat02:00
funky_gibbonsmeg: edit /etc/gdm.conf02:01
atlfalcons866what time02:01
funky_gibbonsmeg: #MaxSessions=1602:01
ebirtaidmidnight in some time zone02:01
funky_gibbonsmeg: uncomment that.. maybe increase it?02:01
funky_gibbonsmeg: then /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:01
LinuxJuggalowubo: #ubuntu+1 and #ubuntu-programming02:01
wuboLinuxJuggalo: thank you02:01
funky_gibbonsmeg: there's also #DisplaysPerHost=202:02
jimcooncatI want to run seamless Win 2003 servers via KVM on my two LTSP Ubuntu servers, and split the load among my users. Does Winbind authentication with Samba sound like the way to go?02:02
BUDD}{Athe new one looks good02:02
IntelligitimateLog out - log in did not help.02:03
SidDoes everything on linux have to be open sourcE?02:03
smmagicsudo umount /media/windows/ Why isn't that working?02:03
IntelligitimateThere is some kind of god-awful double clicking thing going on.02:03
funky_gibbonsid: not at all02:03
Nicarkgutsy's coming!!!02:03
ebirtaidsid not necessarily02:03
Sidfunky_gibbon: Then why don't Adobe and other commercial companies make software02:03
graelbAnyone know a command to list other computers on the network?02:03
soneilI seem to have difficulty finding this on ubuntu.com - what's the next LTS release?02:04
jimcooncatSid, nope02:04
graelbi think it's a command for samba02:04
funky_gibbonsid: ask them :)02:04
mc44!hardy | soneil02:04
ubotusoneil: Hardy Heron is the code name for Ubuntu 8.04-LTS, due April 2008. For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron02:04
Paddy_EIRE!hardy | soneil02:04
soneilmc44: perfect, thanks02:04
joshwaI can't believe it's time again already for another release.02:04
Smegzorfunky_gibbon, I can't see gdm.conf in /etc  It'll be somewhere else but where?02:04
soneilPaddy_EIRE: no worries, the bot's clever.  and galway eire here :o)02:04
ebirtaidevery 6 months02:04
SkyblastWhat does everyone use for their video media player?02:04
funky_gibbonsid: you can run a lot of Windows only software using WINE or in a VMWare02:04
eighty4Sid, because linux's desktop market share is negligible right now and the cost of developing the software massively overrides the possible sales they'll make from it.02:04
joshwafeels like just yesterday I was installing edgy02:04
funky_gibbonsmeg: locate gdm.conf02:04
Paddy_EIREsoneil, hey man...02:05
ebirtaidfn'Smegzor: locate gdm.conf02:05
kanjohow funny is that there is no /etc/inittab in Ubuntu? Can someone give me insight on upstart here?02:05
Smegzorfound it02:05
funky_gibbonsmeg: sorry, /etc/gdm/gdm.conf02:05
sorbixanyone else have problems with emacs22 and dpkg during the 7.10 upgrade02:05
LinuxJuggaloim bored02:05
LinuxJuggalo!offtopic > LinuxJuggalo02:06
ebirtaidfn'LinuxJuggalo: get drunk02:06
funky_gibbonlinux: want to mow my lawn?02:06
jimcooncatSkyblast: I use totem 'cause it came with Feisty.02:06
DILstick your toe in your ear02:06
funky_gibbonyou can even do it drunk if you like02:06
sorbixdpkg wont configure emacs22 :(02:06
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:06
ubotuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!02:06
ebirtaidsid jesus man02:06
ebirtaidjust gtfo02:06
eighty4!botabuse | Sid02:06
ubotuSid: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...02:06
SidIs Debian or ubuntu more stable?02:06
funkybsomeone say get drunk?  *cheers*02:06
smmagicHow do I unmount my windows partition? sudo umount /media/windows/ Isn't working?02:06
Paddy_EIRESid, google!02:07
Sid!botabuse eighty402:07
Ward1983There seems te be a lot of latency on my wacom02:07
SidHow come some printers arent supported02:07
gaurishis ubuntu.com down??02:07
Ward1983is there some way to improve that?02:07
Ward1983its not possible to write like this02:07
SidGaurish: theres probably too many people downloading the new ubuntu02:07
smmagicWorks for me02:07
Ex-Cyberworks here too02:07
funkybsmmagic - i unmounted my win drives by editing /etc/fstab  - I cannot say if that way is best, but umount didn't work02:08
SidIt's ubuntu.com not org02:08
=== tiaz_arien^_^ is now known as ocied_ecom
gaurishSid, can you leak the link?02:08
ebirtaidI misread02:08
TheMoebiusso I think my boot partition is full because when i tried to do the latest upgrade on gutsy I got an error on /boot/initrd.img blah blah gzip: stdout: No space left on device.02:08
Skyblastubuntu.com works fine for me02:08
SidGaurish: I don't use ubuntu02:09
TheMoebiusthere are a bunch of old kernels listed in grub that I don't need anymore - how can i just delete them?02:09
ebirtaidfn'TheMoebius: remove some of the old kernel images?02:09
Avarielanybody know how i could access video files stored in an external hard drive under ntfs ?02:09
ebirtaidsid: obviously02:09
IntelligitimateI need help!02:09
SidGaurish: I'm using home sweet Windows since uTorrent > any linux torrent client02:09
BUDD}{Ais 7.10 only going to be on dvd?02:09
SkyblastRun uTorrent in Wine02:09
ebirtaidif its that big a deal yea02:09
Paddy_EIREno BUDD}{A02:09
SidSkyblast: you don't get fast enough speeds02:09
jimcooncatTheMoebius: what does df tell you?02:09
gaurishAnyone here can leak the download link for gutsy?02:09
eighty4gaurish, no.02:09
TheMoebiusebirtaid: how do I go about removing them?02:09
jdongBUDD}{A: no, it'll be on CD02:09
Paddy_EIREgaurish, no.. stop asking it'll be out when its out02:10
delude88does anybody knows what gutsy is downloadable02:10
BUDD}{Anice my dvd burner broke02:10
funky_gibbongaurish: we all know it, but won't tell you02:10
TheMoebiusjimcooncat: yeah /boot is 98%02:10
jdongdelude88: tomorrow :)02:10
delude88we actually have tomorrow02:10
* CITguy sees that people are excited like little children on Christmas Eve02:10
SkyblastReally? Works fine for me02:10
pavsgutsy tonight or tomorrow night?02:11
gaurishfunky_gibbon, why thats bad you are stopping the flow of knowledge :S02:11
tovelladelude88: the "release candidate" is available now - the actual release will be available tomorrow.02:11
Avarielyeah well im kinda pissed....cuz whats gonna happen is the servers will be flooded so most of us probably wont get gutsy until december hits02:11
LjLpavs: read the topic02:11
Avarielso it WILL be a christmas thing02:11
Fryguy--hrmm, I need a better terminal than gnome-terminal02:11
funky_gibbongaurish: because I'm mean and evil bwahaha02:11
mc44Avariel: the torrents are fast02:11
ebirtaidin your /boot directory02:11
mc44Avariel: such is the magic of torrents02:11
delude88tovella:the rc is not downloadable at the moment02:11
eighty4Avariel, the torrents should stand up to the flooding better02:11
ebirtaidremove the lower numbered kernels02:11
jimcooncatTheMoebius: you'll have to get into /boot/grub/menu.lst to find out which kernels are in use02:11
pavsi am using bitchx i cant read the topic without going out of the room02:11
SkyblastYou can also remove old kernel images in synaptic02:11
Avarielyou think theyll survive ?02:11
funky_gibbonfry: better in what way?02:12
Avarielwho knows how many million people will be attacking02:12
pavsok got it02:12
ebirtaidit would be funny if they just didnt release gutsy until friday02:12
eighty4pavs, i don't use bitchx but try /topic #ubuntu02:12
Technito20if yall would be so kind to check out and rate my new video -> http://youtube.com/watch?v=uA9Yfb-wUOE02:12
Avarieli mean, this very room today is overflowing with excitement02:12
pavseighty4 thanks got it02:12
mc44!offtopic | Technito2002:12
ubotuTechnito20: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:12
Technito20ah I see.02:13
Technito20healthy amount of users here :p02:13
eighty4delude88, i think the RC is still available from the ubuntu.com bittorrent tracker02:13
Avarieli just wish my ubuntu could read the contents of an external hard drive i have in ntfs format !02:13
ebirtaidfn'Avariel: install ntfs-3g02:13
ubotuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com02:13
delude88eighty4: surely youre right, but i have alot of time02:13
Avarielebirtaid: whats ntfs-3g ?02:13
jflashHi, is there a more visual way than Putty to administer my remote ubuntu server?02:13
Paddy_EIRE!ntfs-3g | Avariel02:14
ubotuAvariel: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:14
Avarielawesome ill check that out02:14
SidFryguy: whats the difference between a terminal and gnome terminal?02:14
mdl-unitebirtaid: I ended up just having to purge vmware-player and install vmware-server (and registering for a serial number)02:14
ebirtaidthat worked?02:14
jflashone that i dont have to type to browse directories?02:14
mdl-unitYeah, pretty much.  I guess there are some issues with the player/.02:14
smoenuxer.... how do I copy my complete home folder to the other drive? 'sudo cp -R /home /media/hda2' ???02:15
ebirtaidI've never bothered with the player, server works fine for me02:15
eighty4jflash, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC is one option02:15
ebirtaidnot -R02:15
jflashok , but then my server would have to allow it?02:15
funky_gibbonsmoenux: use cp -ax to stay on the one filesystem and preserve permissions, timestamps, etc.02:15
jflashhow do I found out if i can use vnc? it's a VPS account02:16
jflashdo i have to call my hosting company?02:16
eighty4jflash, talk to your provider.02:16
jflashi dont think VNC is supported :-/02:16
jflashotherwise they would have told me02:16
smoenuxfunky_gibbon .. kk.. so I can just do that to copy it to my second partition, and then install gutsy on the first, and point it to the 2nd partition as the home folder, right?02:16
delude88~at what time (8o'clock ..) will the gutsy be downloadable because tomorow is a not exact ;-) *g*02:16
ebirtaid23 hours from now02:17
Paddy_EIREdelude88, next week02:17
stray77i use realvnc viewer to connect from xp to ubuntu with desktop sharing enabled02:17
riotkittiedelude88: if anybody knew an exact time, people would not be saying "tomorrow"02:17
ebirtaidcontext clues*02:17
eighty4delude88, the 42nd of october at 13:37.02:17
smoenuxapparently ... according to another chat... they are busy uploading the cd's to the mirrors now02:17
Technito20got a question. I know it's not related but what does this "Undefined string" thing mean?02:18
delude88eighty4: ok hope im still alive at this date ;-)02:18
atlfalcons866is gusty out now02:18
delude88other question: does somebody knows troubles with alsa and modprobe ?02:18
funky_gibbonsmoenux: yep.. just make sure if it's going to be mounted under /home you don't end up with /home/home/username02:18
ebirtaidfn'atlfalcons866: what is your deal02:19
ebirtaidyou didn't hear it isnt being released?02:19
ebirtaidyea man02:19
eighty4atlfalcons866, not yet. please stop asking; check http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/ in a few hours02:19
ebirtaidcanonical is out of busniess02:19
catachubuntu has been cancelled02:19
tsukasaokay so i have a bunch of programs launching at startup... and gnome never remembers the window positions... is there anything i can do about it?02:19
atlfalcons866ok i am not going to sleep until gutsy comes out =)02:19
smoenuxtx funky_gibbon.... :P knowing me... I'll prob end up with home/home .. .lol... then I'll reinstall and do it right the second time lol02:20
CITguytsukasa: do you want those programs launched?02:20
delude88does somebody know trouble fixing with alsa and modprobe ? need help ...02:20
funky_gibbonsmoenux: or /home/<contents of /home/username>02:20
tsukasaCITguy, yes, but i want them in the same window positions as when i either logoff or when i set them02:20
tsukasaCITguy, preferably to the extent that minimized programs stay minimized too02:20
ebirtaidfn'tsukasa: gnome can't do that02:20
ebirtaidyou could use devilspie maybe02:21
funky_gibbonsmoenux: all you have to do is make sure if you've mounted the 2nd partition in /media/whatever you end up with /media/whatever/username/<contents of /home/username> :)02:21
ebirtaidit is a program which controls window placement02:21
jarrod_how can i change the read only permission?02:21
dongjDoes anyone know the best IRC client for ubuntu?02:21
ebirtaidfn'dongj: irssi02:21
dongjuse chmod +w02:21
funky_gibbonmister: how did you go?02:21
CITguyoh, ok. well, as far as getting them to start in the same position. I'm not sure how to do that. The save session option only opens the applications that were open. It doesn't currently have the capability of placing them on the correct desktops or same position.02:21
smoenuxkk :) tx funky_gibbon02:21
eighty4dongj, one of the most popular graphical clients is xchat, and CLI clients include irssi and bitchx. Look in Applications - Add/Remove.02:22
BUDD}{Aso are they going to put up a torrent because i think everyone in the known world will be trying to get 7.10 at the same time02:22
sixr420-anybody read the RIAA going after usenet.com02:22
* CITguy says hi02:22
Avarielwell i installed the ntfs-config as the instructions said...and i can enable write support from the system tools...but i cant access the data within the partition...02:22
eighty4BUDD}{A, yes there will be torrents.02:22
funky_gibbonjarrod: you can also right click on the file/dir in the File Browser and select the Permissions tab02:22
tovelladongj: "the best" will vary from person to person.  for me, Pidgin works great.02:22
Avarielis that normal ?02:22
ebirtaidcheck that tsukasa02:22
extrakicksup everyone02:22
funky_gibbonjarrod: Properties -> Permissions that is02:22
Misterslurpeemy graphics is screwed up when i installed the restriction02:22
pinkey(I just finished installing Gutsy.... so nice and easy.  Goodbye Gentoo, after all these years.)02:23
Misterslurpeeits all blocky02:23
extrakickwondering is anyone having problems wit getting logitech usb mic to work on amsn02:23
ebirtaidblocky how?02:23
JohnRobertI have several hundred photos, all a bit dis-organised..many duplicates.. is there a nice gnome tool for ubuntu that can help me remove the duplicates?02:23
Misterslurpeelike i can barely see, its all garbled and there are only bits and pieces of windows02:23
ebirtaidfn'JohnRobert: haha pr0n02:23
JohnRobertlol, no travel photos02:24
JohnRobertpron is youporn.com02:24
jarrod_funky_gibbon: im not sure if this is possible, but this is a harddrive formatted with mac 9.10.02:24
Misterslurpeelol, i can barely see xchat02:24
kurisutofuaain firefox how do I set ctrl+shift+d to bookmark all open tabs in a folder?02:24
extrakickis it possible to mount vcd images on ubuntu 7.0402:24
extrakick.cue and .bin02:24
tovellapinkey: welcome to the club.02:24
ebirtaidfn'JohnRobert: I don't know of one you can use fspot for organising though02:24
tsukasaebirtaid, kinda crude but it works02:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:24
Misterslurpeeany ideas02:24
funky_gibbonjarrod: yeah, not sure about that one.. google :)02:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cue - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vcd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:25
ebirtaidfn'Misterslurpee: short of going back and disabling it not really02:25
ebirtaidI dont know about ati cards02:25
CITguyubotu doesn't seem very knowledgeable does it?02:25
funky_gibbonmister: is the driver actually loaded?02:25
Misterslurpeeyeah it said it did02:25
jimcooncatextrakick: /msg ubuto and ask him all night02:25
funky_gibbonmister: if you're using desktop effects make sure glxinfo says direct rendering is enabled02:25
Misterslurpeeall my text overlaps02:26
funky_gibbonmister: lsmod | grep fglrx02:26
Misterslurpeeits very strange02:26
ebirtaidis it at the proper resolution02:26
ebirtaidand refresh rates?02:26
XorlevMm, so I'm downgrading to a RAID1. Anyone see a problem with me just starting two different arrays, one RAID5 with one missing drive, one RAID1 with one missing drive, copying RAID5 -> RAID1, dissolving RAID5, picking a drive to complete RAID1 and then removing the remaining drive?02:27
delude88can somebody help me with modprobe and alsa ?02:27
funky_gibbonmister: best bet is the forums I'd say.. there'll be lots of howtos and troubleshooting02:27
Paddy_EIREXorlev, sounds like fun02:27
XorlevPaddy_EIRE: Yer, :\02:27
snowdonkeyHi.  Does anyone know the exact time Gusty's released?02:28
Misterslurpeei tried all the resolutions02:28
Misterslurpeeif i remove focus from the window i can see02:28
minusHow do I change so that I have to doubleclick in KDE?02:28
funky_gibbonmister: disable Desktop Effects and search the forums02:28
XorlevPaddy_EIRE: I'm out of space though, and copying files to my RAID5 through Windows with VMWare running Ubuntu isn't fast by any means.02:28
eighty4snowdonkey, no. it'll probably be some time in the next 24 hours; http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/ in a couple of hours02:28
Paddy_EIREoh man02:28
Misterslurpee i dont have desktop effects on.02:29
XorlevPaddy_EIRE: Sadly, my desktop turned into my media center with tons of videos and games on Windows.02:29
funky_gibbonmister: run: lsmod | grep fglrx02:29
ebirtaidxorlev: wubi02:29
snowdonkeyeighty4: Ok thx.02:29
Misterslurpeecan u repeat that a couple times02:30
ebirtaidman n/m I didnt read your initial post ;p02:30
Misterslurpeeits all garbled02:30
Paddy_EIREXorlev, why have you resorted to such a complicated raid arrangement02:30
sorbixahhhh got fglrx to work!02:30
XorlevI used to run a nice RAID5 when my desktop was primarily Linux02:30
jflashhow can I tell if my VPS server supports VNC connections?02:30
jflashi contacted the company but i fear they will take over 24 hours to get back to me02:31
pawanwhen is the new version coming out02:31
funky_gibbonjflash: what OS?  it will have to be running a VNC server02:31
LjLpawan: type /topic02:31
ebirtaidfn'funky_gibbon: 21:32:05 <fn'Misterslurpee> fglrx                 540004  1102:32
ebirtaid21:32:05 <fn'Misterslurpee> agpgart                35400  2 fglrx,intel_agp02:32
Sid!ubotu restricted driver manager02:32
Sid!restricted driver manager02:32
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:33
xIkeanyone know how to add authentication to an ldap server?02:33
yell0whey guys, is there a way to stop vmware server to run at boot ?02:34
funky_gibbonyell0w: sudo apt-get install bum02:35
=== nibsa1242b_ is now known as nibsa1242b
yell0wfunky_gibbon, vmware's not included in bum02:35
yell0weven though there's an entry in /etc/init.d02:35
macdxIke, thats one of those if you dont know you shouldnt be doing it questions02:35
funky_gibbonyell0w: try sysv-rc-conf02:36
funky_gibbonyell0w: it's there for me :)02:36
yell0wfunky_gibbon, yes it's there, but i don't want to start that script at boot time02:37
kidbuntuis 7.10 already released?02:37
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information02:37
Seeker`kidbuntu: no02:37
funky_gibbonyell0w: so uncheck it from the runlevels02:38
kidbuntuSeeker`: whats the ETA of its release. i'm not sure with your time zone there02:38
yell0wfunky_gibbon, with sysv-rc-conf ?02:38
Seeker`kidbuntu: Some time in the next 24 hours02:38
funky_gibbonyell0w: affirmative02:38
delude88need help with alsa & modprobe ...02:38
macdyell0w, the proper way is to 'update-rc.d -f vmware-server remove02:38
macdyell0w, that assumes the item is called vmware-server in /etc/init.d/02:38
funky_gibbonor you could do it the proper way.. ;)02:38
macdIts also the easiest ;)02:39
kidbuntuSeeker`: i'll probably wait until it comes down to oct 19 here.02:39
yell0wfunky_gibbon, macd, lol, thanks02:39
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager02:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compizfusion - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:39
yell0wmacd, one thing though, if i remove it, can i still do /etc/init.d/vmware-server and start it back up ?02:40
=== nibsa1242b is now known as nibsa1242b_
minus3.5 hours of sleep! YES! :D02:40
minusGood night ppl02:40
yell0wmacd, or is it deleted from /etc/init.d once i do that02:40
cavediverHi. Does Ubuntu have support for sound through HDMI?02:40
macdyell0w, if you want to add it back on boot, change remove to add, or to start it manually sudo /etc/init.d/vmware-server start02:40
cavediverThinking of building a htpc02:40
Wistesohdmi is a hardware conversion02:40
Wistesonot software02:40
cavediverOh really.02:41
macdyell0w,   it just removes the sym links to the runlevels02:41
atlfalcons866is dapper drake the most stable version of ubuntu02:41
Wistesohdmi == dvi02:41
yell0wmacd, i gotcha02:41
jonathan__any body can help me please? I got a problem02:41
yell0wmacd, thanks02:41
jonathan__Your session only lasted less than 10 seconds.  If you have not logged out yourself, this could mean that there is some installation problem or that you may be out of diskspace.  Try logging in with one of the failsafe sessions to see if you can fix this problem.02:41
macdatlfalcons866, its the LTS release, so I'd say thats a safe bet.02:41
cavediverWisteso: so the sound will work then automagically ?02:41
jonathan__and this is the detail of the prob02:41
jonathan__/etc/gdm/PreSession/Default: Registering your session with wtmp and utmp02:41
jonathan__/etc/gdm/PreSession/Default: running: /usr/X11R6/bin/sessreg -a -w /var/log/wtmp -u /var/run/utmp -x "/var/lib/gdm/:0.Xservers" -h "" -l ":0" "joje"02:41
jonathan__/etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...02:41
jonathan__Initializing gnome-mount extension02:41
jonathan__(update-notifier:6347): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:02:41
jonathan__IO error occured opening connection.02:41
littlebwoskii am trying to get the new xorg gui config to use dual screen and its just not doing it...any suggestiions02:41
Wistesono, you'd need a hardware converter that took dvi and some type of audio-in02:42
Laikanohow do i enable dial up acess?02:42
macd!pastebin | jonathan__02:42
ubotujonathan__: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:42
bobby_Compiz Fusion runs very nice in my 32bit setup, but I am really considering switching to 64bit Ubuntu since I have a Athlon 64. Will I have any trouble with Compiz Fusion?02:42
Wistesocave: http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/EXT-DVIAUD-2-HDMI.htm02:42
=== nibsa1242b_ is now known as nibsa1242b
cavediverWisteso: wait a minute, why would I want that ?02:43
cyber_brain_mfkghi there! how to install atl1.ko module???i've tried insmod /.../.../atl1.ko but it says wrong module format!!:S !!! what to do???02:43
jonathan__don't have time to use pastebin, macd, my internet very slow02:43
macdbobby_, not with compiz, but possibly with many other things02:43
blazemongerTCPA 1F779F56 what does that mean?02:43
Picijonathan__: Thats not an excuse.02:43
=== nibsa1242b is now known as nibsa1242b_
blazemongertrusted computing? if so how do i disable it02:43
Wistesobecause comptuer video cards dont output HDMI02:43
Wistesothey only output DVI02:43
cavediverI have a matx-card that send both picture and sound through HDMI.02:43
blazemongerand this thing SUCKS for linuxx02:43
macdjonathan__, well, you may find yourself removed from the channel if you do it again, the ops are pretty strict about flooding02:43
sirjoebobdoes anyone know of a gdesklet that will just display html???02:43
Wistesobut DVI and HDMI use the same protocol. it's just the hardware difference02:43
Laikanoi can seem to get internet dial up running in version 7.0402:43
cavediverWisteso: really ? Why is that ?02:43
cyber_brain_mfkghi there! how to install atl1.ko module???i've tried insmod /.../.../atl1.ko but it says wrong module format!!:S !!! what to do???02:43
jonathan__wait a sec02:44
cavediverWisteso: So my HDMI on my motherboard is really DVI ?02:44
cavediverThat's more than super-weird to me02:44
WistesoCave: yeah unless the manufacturer specifically added an HDMI output02:44
ubotuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »02:44
cavediverWisteso: It's a HDMI port.02:44
macdcavediver, most boards have DVI-HDMI pigtails, or just a straight HDMI jack.02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about insmod - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:44
Avarielis there any way to change the glassy brown window frames from ubuntu to another color ?02:45
jimcooncatcyber_brain_mfkg: you tried modprobe02:45
Wistesocave: then it should look the same to linux as DVI02:45
sirjoebobdoes anyone know of a gdesklet that will just display html??? anybody have any ideas?02:45
Avarieli searched in the gconf-editor cant find it02:45
macdAvariel, sure, System --> Prefs --> Themes02:45
CITguyanyone have experience troubleshooting a wireless NIC?02:45
cavediverWisteso: ok but the sound then? Would it send the sound just as Win would do ?02:45
macdAvariel, just pick another one you like, you can also tweak your existing theme there02:45
jareddoes anyone know where a good guide to install compiz from scratch is?02:45
Sidcyber_brain: Check out the ubuntu wiki02:45
MasterShrekCITguy, what kinda nic?02:45
blazemongerhow do i get ubuntu working on a ibm thinkcentre s0?02:45
Avarieland can you download more themes  as you can with mozilla ?02:45
jonathan__there http://pastebin.ca/74059802:46
CITguyZonet (Libertas chip)02:46
extrakickhello i got slight problem02:46
marcelo_hell yeah tomorrow is the day02:46
Wistesocave: well either 1) it doesn't support sound in hdmi or 2) it probably uses your on-board sound02:46
riotkittieAvariel: yes. try gnome-look.org for starters02:46
MasterShrekno idea CITguy02:46
extrakicki've instlled AcetoneISO2AcetoneISO202:46
CITguyit's worked before, but recently it's crapped out on me02:46
riotkittieerrr. D:02:46
cyber_brain_mfkgjimcooncat,  yes!it says FATAL: module .... can't be found!!!02:46
Laikanoi can seem to get internet dial up running in version 7.0402:46
Laikanohelp pls02:46
blazemongerthe video is wierdd02:46
hdevalenceI want to dual-boot Debian and Ubuntu. My concern is about the GRUB menu.lst. will the (Ubuntu) Debian Automagic Kernel List get screwed up by the (Debian) Debian Automagic kernel list?02:46
blazemongerit wont let me use 1024x76802:46
Wistesocave: hopefully you dont need any proprietary software to use that, because i doubt they'll have a linux binary02:46
amrhello , is there any app in ubuntu that enable me to download a website to browse it offline02:46
marcelo_UBUNTU 7.10 TOMORROW02:46
macdcavediver, yeah Id imagine you want to research that before you take the plunge.02:47
extrakickand it installed KDE dependencies, is there a way to uninstall it as well as everyting it instaled to get it working?02:47
cavediverWisteso: The mb supports sound through HDMI and it works in win, but I don't know if it workes in Linux. You just choose HDMI in sound output02:47
homerjtomorrow is today in some places02:47
Mr_Giraffewhat directory are command symlinks in?02:47
jimcooncatcyber_brain_mfkg: maybe a path problem? did you put it there manually?02:47
bobby_Compiz Fusion runs very nice in my 32bit setup, but I am really considering switching to 64bit Ubuntu since I have a Athlon 64. Will I have any trouble with Compiz Fusion?02:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about symlinks - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:47
dystopianrayMr_Giraffe: /bin and /usr/bin ?02:47
Mr_Giraffedystopianray, i guess :P02:47
emeristeI've been up for 74 days but now I have to reboot :(02:47
macdMr_Giraffe, sym links are in their target directories, if you mean a command alias, its stored in your bash_profile02:47
blazemongeri cant get things working right on this system that im using02:47
blazemongerwhy is it so hard to find a normal PC02:48
cyber_brain_mfkgjimcooncat, i've put atl1.ko in temp directory!02:48
extrakicki guess no1 can help me wit that, hehehe02:48
lImItaOwhen is spected the release?02:48
MasterShreklImItaO, soon02:48
dystopianraylImItaO: october 1802:48
cyber_brain_mfkgjimcooncat, should i put it somewhere else?02:48
macdlImItaO, did you bother to read the channel topic ;)02:48
Wistesocave: sounds like it might be proprietary. i'd just try the live CD.   i couldn't tell ya how they're implementing the switch02:48
cavediverWisteso: ok02:49
jimcooncatcyber_brain_mfkg: I think so. Something about /temp, but I disremember02:49
MocI hate the wait02:50
cavediverMoc: wait for what ?02:50
minusMoc, for what?02:50
minuscavediver, meh..02:50
hyper_b0leChristmas evidently02:50
cavediverminus: to slow02:50
minuscavediver, I noticed...02:50
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager02:50
Mocyep Gutsy02:50
jimcooncatcyber_brain_mfkg: I think it may have to be prepped for your linux kernel also, if it's not made for the same version.02:50
Mochope that will be the desktop linux I finally embrace... 7.04 was close02:51
cavediverMoc: just install RC and update a few packages later tonight, volia! :)02:51
minuscavediver, I wouldn't do that..02:51
MasterShrekMoc, what did 7.04 lack?02:51
cavediverminus: why not ?02:51
dystopianraydon't install the RC, install thel atest daily-build02:51
MasterShrekminus, why not?02:51
cyber_brain_mfkgjimcooncat, are you using this module for your ethx card???02:51
MasterShrekrc worlds fine02:51
minusIts better to install the official release..02:52
minusMasterShrek, I know.. im running it..02:52
cavediverminus: and why is that ?02:52
MocMasterShrek: mostly had hardware issues... hoping the kernel upgrade fix my issues... I could try the RC, but .. I can wait alittle longer02:52
Sid<3 Windows02:52
jimcooncatcyber_brain_mfkg: no, I'm using very generic hardware02:52
ver1982is gutsy already released?02:52
H264Everybody: join the party... #ubuntu-release-party02:52
cavediverver1982: no02:52
youknowmeI'm making a dvd::rip node and I'm having trouble setting up the data store. Dvd::rip tells me it can't "cd" into "smb://joe-desktop/dvdripdata". But I can find no other way to access it. Help?02:52
SidDoes anyone know a torrent client as fast as uTOorrent on Debian?02:52
minuscavediver, don't know rly.. just to be certain that everything is bugfree02:52
MasterShrekMoc, what kinda issues? i can maybe give u an idea of what may work02:52
ver1982when should it be released02:52
minusSid, uTorrent02:52
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:52
ver1982it already oct 18 here02:52
minusSid, uTorrent with wine..02:53
MasterShrekver1982, sometime within the next 24 hrs02:53
dystopianraySid: try ktorrent02:53
hyper_b0leAnyone else having trouble loading the header of ubuntu.com?02:53
Oli``Sid: I find ktorrent a pretty good alternative02:53
Oli``nice IP blockign features02:53
ver1982i'll be going home early today as soon as gutsy gets released :D02:53
MasterShrekhyper_b0le, no, try changing mirrors02:53
youknowmeHow would I cd into a network folder? The folder is "smb://joe-desktop/dvdripdata"02:53
MasterShreklol @ ver1982, thats a little extreme isnt it? =P02:53
KamatsuI've been f5'ing all day today.. still 00 days to go :( and it's the 18th here.02:53
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:54
blazemongerACPI: TCPA 1F779F56, 0032 does that mean my ystem has TPM?02:54
ubotuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)02:54
ubotuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux02:54
ver1982haha yeah02:54
ubotukernel is the core of the Ubuntu Operating System (named 'Linux') - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel.  You shouldn't have to compile one, but if you're convinced you do, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild.  Also, see !stages02:54
ubotuantivirus is something you don't really need on Linux, unless you serve windows clients. ClamAV and aegis are decent linux virusscanners. Also see !linuxvirus02:54
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:54
MocWell Im having an hard time to remember exactly what was my problem... It was power related (for example, the system couldn't reboot automaticly after a shutdown)02:54
ubotudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click on them (Ubuntu) or right-click and select Kubuntu Package Menu->install (Kubuntu)02:54
hyper_b0le7.10 out? http://www.ubuntu.com/02:54
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents02:54
minusWhat time is 7.10 released?02:54
ubotuHelp! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici02:54
cyber_brain_mfkgjimcooncat, the problem is that i can't compile it from source because i connect to internet via eth and Ubuntu doesn't have make and linux-headers by default!:(02:54
tonyyarussominus: #ubuntu-release-party02:54
tonyyarussoMasterShrek: ?02:54
MasterShrekban si1's vhost02:54
MasterShrekkickin the bot's arse02:54
Wistesolmao maxonline?02:54
hyper_b0leTheres a big upgrade button on it :P02:54
LjLMasterShrek: thank you, how would i have thought of that...02:54
tonyyarussoAh, I see02:54
MasterShrektonyyarusso, didnt =P02:55
youknowmeHow would I cd into a network folder? The folder is "smb://joe-desktop/dvdripdata"02:55
jimcooncatI'm sorry cyber_brain_mfkg, what driver are you using?02:55
cyber_brain_mfkgjimcooncat, atl1.ko!!!02:56
hyper_b0leCheck your update manager, see if theres 36 updates that it wont let you install.02:56
Wisteso /dvdripdata..   heh02:56
blazemongeribm thinkcentre SS002:56
youknowmeWisteso, problem with that?02:56
MasterShrekblazemonger, whats the problem?02:56
LinuxJuggaloyo i got an old toshiba libretto here, how can i install ubuntu into that little thing?02:56
hyper_b0leGuiz, they're updating the website :P02:57
MasterShrekLinuxJuggalo, does it have a cd drive or no?02:57
hyper_b0leF5 spamming02:57
LinuxJuggaloMasterShrek: nope02:57
LinuxJuggaloMasterShrek: not even USB lol02:57
MasterShrek!install | LinuxJuggalo02:57
ubotuLinuxJuggalo: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:57
IntelligitimateI am literally about to go insane.02:57
P_Kable|laptopI need to print out the outpout of the terminal but there is no such option in the menus ...02:57
IntelligitimateSomething is wrong with how my mouse is now functioning, and I'm sure it is not the mouse itself.02:57
jared_hey guys, i was wondering if anyone uses the ruckus player in windows, and then, if you were able to get it to wine over into ubuntu02:57
MasterShrekooh LinuxJuggalo you may have to pull the hard drive, or try a network install02:57
IntelligitimateIt keeps doing this retarded drag and drop thing.02:58
MasterShrekP_Kable|laptop, pipe the output to a file and print that :)02:58
LinuxJuggaloMasterShrek: yeah thats why i am asking, and uhhh no LAN either =\02:58
jimcooncatcyber_brain_mfkg: see http://www.david-web.co.uk/blog/?p=181 I think it has your answer.02:58
P_Kable|laptopMasterShrek=>  so no way to print directly from termninal ?02:58
youknowmeWisteso, problem with that?02:59
youknowmeHow would I cd into a network folder? The folder is "smb://joe-desktop/dvdripdata"02:59
LinuxJuggaloMasterShrek: libretto's are ancient mini computers02:59
MasterShrekP_Kable|laptop, i dont know, i doubt it though02:59
MasterShrekLinuxJuggalo, youll probably have to pull the drive then and install it on a different machine then replace the drive02:59
LinuxJuggaloah poo02:59
MasterShrekLinuxJuggalo, how else would you do it if it doesnt have any inputs?03:00
dellphthe ubuntu website is now change!!!03:00
dellphgutsy here we come!!!03:00
dellphlets party!!! :)03:00
=== RB1234 is now known as RobotBanana
* MasterShrek is waiting for kubuntu do dload any images...03:01
ebirtaiddownload page still lists 7.04 for me03:02
jaredHow can I reset my xorg.conf file so it is the original version?03:02
Stwangehow do I clear any items in bash history matching a regular expression?03:02
extrakickso 2day is the offical day03:02
ebirtaidjared:  sudo dpkg --reconfigure xserver-xorg03:02
dellphyes its today03:02
Nicarksee the webpage of ubuntu03:02
extrakickgonna get that live iso to see what that baby is like to use03:03
eegohay alguien de mexico?03:03
bulmerStwange can you edit your history?03:03
MasterShrekextrakick, the install is a live environment03:03
tonyyarusso!es | eego03:03
ubotueego: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.03:03
youknowmeMy update manager no have 7.10 yet :(03:03
CreedAny of the mirrors have 7.10 yet?03:03
Stwangebulmer, I'm not sure, I know it can be cleared, but there are some useful commands in there I was given which I don't want to lose03:03
youknowmeHow would I cd into a network folder? The folder is "smb://joe-desktop/dvdripdata"03:04
Stwangemaybe I could back it up, and then remove certain lines? I just have typed my password in a couple of times and don't want it there03:04
ScottASThe Web site's been updated though.03:04
MasterShrekyouknowme, you need to mount it first03:04
riotkittieyes. it's just a txt file03:04
LordLimecatis there some reason ubuntu.com is being overloaded? Was gutsy released?03:04
=== tronyx is now known as Tronyx|AFK
bulmerStwange: you can always pipe a copy to a file03:04
riotkittiealthough if you really value those commands, perhaps you should store them elsewhere. :P03:04
Viper007LordLimecat: looks like they updated the main page ... though it's not "officially" out yet03:05
youknowmeMastershreck, to be honest I don't know how.03:05
extrakickmastershrek, for some reason ubuntu installed properly only when i installed in text mode03:05
Stwangeriotkittie, where is it stored? save me grepping my whole drive for it :)03:05
ScottASI have a problem and would appreciate some help if possible.03:05
riotkittieStwange: ~/.bash_history ;)03:05
LordLimecati see, alright....just wanted to make sure they didnt pull a fast one and get caught by a slashdot/fark/digg effect :D03:05
Pici!away > Tronyx|AFK (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)03:05
MasterShrekyouknowme, mount -t smbfs \\server/share /mount/point03:05
bmomjianIf I was running 7.10 beta and updating regularly am I running 7.10 final now?03:05
dgawhen i run compiz --replace, my desktop stays the same but the tops of all of my windows are gone. anyone know what the problem is?03:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xvncserver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:06
Stwangeriotkittie, sorry that was obvious :)03:06
extrakickubuntu site still sys 7.1003:06
Picibmomjian: yes03:06
Baxanybody know if MMOs require static IP addresses?03:06
extrakicki mean 7.0403:06
bmomjianPici, thanks03:06
Paddy_EIREBax, doubt it03:06
Oli``Bax: course not03:06
Paddy_EIREBax, how is that bad??03:07
Baxwait, you mean you can still run them if your IP is not static?03:07
Paddy_EIREwhy not03:07
Stwangeok, how can I copy everything from ~/.bash_history to ~/.bash_backup that doesn't match *mypassword*?03:07
youknowmeMastershreck, in this case the mount point would be: /home/joe/Desktop/dvdripdata?03:07
Oli``Bax: Run them? As in host them?03:07
Baxno, just connect and play on them03:07
Oli``Bax: Even then the answer would be yes03:07
Ryuhoweird.. gedit froze03:08
Ryuhothings are running pretty funky03:08
Oli``Bax: Yes. Why would you imagine a dynamic IP would cause problems?03:08
LordLimecatrelease candidates have been taken down o.0 http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/03:08
P_Kable|laptopRyuho=>  nano03:08
ScottASI upgraded openSUSE 10.2 x86-64 to openSUSE 10.3 x86-64 using my custom partition setup and I now can't boot into Ubuntu 7.04 x86. I receive an error message; 'GRUB Error 23 : Cannot parse UUID.' I've researched the error message but the explanations I've found haven't been helpful.03:08
Baxwell I've installed vendetta and regnum online03:08
RyuhoP_Kable|laptop fine03:08
Baxon regnum I can run the game for a minute till I get kicked from the server03:08
Dankchildhey guys im new to ubuntu, but im slowly but surely getting it, but the only thing is, i have 45 gigs of music, and a good percentage of it is in mp4 or aac is there any codec i can download to work with banshee or whats the best option?03:08
ScottASI know it may be a problem with either Operating System, I'm asking on two Channels simultaneously to find out.03:08
Baxand on vendetta I can't connect03:09
Baxwhat could possibly be the problem?03:09
anandanbuIs there any offline dictionary applications for Ubuntu 7.1003:09
anandanbuIs there any offline dictionary applications for Ubuntu 7.1003:09
riotkittieScottAS: have you tried editting the kernel line, so it points at /dev/hd[sd]whatever instead03:09
ScottASI haven't.03:09
ScottASI don't know how to do it.03:10
youknowmeMastershreck, could you please give me that mount command again. I closed my tab and lost it.03:10
MasterShrekDankchild, try installing a bunch of gstreamer packages03:10
riotkittieDarkHack: open synaptic, search for gstreamer... i'm not sure which plugins you need but i'd go for ugly ugly-multiverse and bad03:10
yrlnry_Is there a batch-mode tool for converting Microsoft Word files to some other format?03:11
MasterShrekyouknowme, sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=<user>,password=<pass> //server/folder /mount/point03:11
Ryuhowow i have no idea how to read this xorg.log03:11
Xorlevyrlnry_: You can use abiword from the command line03:11
yrlnry_Xorlev: thanks.03:11
MasterShrekyouknowme, you can omit the username and password thing if you can log in anonymously03:11
Dankchildthanks ill try that03:11
Baxdoes just a bad Internet connection keep getting you kicked off of an MMO?03:11
noodles12i type in "sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid linksys key s:password"   and i ge tthe error "SET failed on device wlan0; invalid argument" what does tha tmean?03:11
RyuhoMy tablet PC has a problem during login, my cursor moves to the bottom right and I can't click anything, can anyone help me03:11
Ryuhoand it's only during the login03:11
xblackfireno final iso on the mirrors yet  only rc versions03:12
extrakickby the wy is there anyway to access plaltlk room sin linux03:12
cyber_brain_mfkgcan anyone tell me in what repositories can i find linux-headers???03:12
youknowmeMastershreck, I don't understand, also the command gave me this:03:13
youknowmemount: option requires an argument -- o03:13
youknowmePlus more, but I won't flood.03:13
=== AfterDea1h is now known as AfterDeath
MasterShrekcyber_brain_mfkg, they should be in main03:13
ubotuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages03:13
extrakickok im off now everyone take care03:13
extrakickhopefully when i wake up in a few hours 7.10 will be availabel for download, hahaha03:13
extrakickadios amigos03:14
matookeanyone know of a free Zimbra like application?03:14
Stwangesorry to repeat, but I'm trying google and I must be looking in the wrong places, how do I write each line from one text file into another, as long as the particular line doesn't match a certain regex?03:14
MasterShrekmatooke, that depends on what zimbra is03:14
cyber_brain_mfkgMasterShrek, can u tell me exact name of file???that file is kernel source right????03:14
gvsa123i need help with my webcam please...03:14
MasterShrekcyber_brain_mfkg, look at ubotu's explaination, it says right there03:15
matookeMasterShrek: Zimbra is a free groupware-ajax application03:15
MasterShrekevolution i think does groupware matooke03:15
riotkittieoh the suspense.03:15
MasterShrekbut i dunno for sure03:15
MasterShreki hear ya riotkittie =P03:15
MasterShreki wonder how long afterwards until a kubuntu iso will be out03:15
ScottASI'm positively moist.03:15
ELyptiCIt's got to be close now!!03:16
gvsa123hello... i need help trying to get my creative webcam to work03:16
gheehey guys i've got sound issues. is there a specific channel for them?03:17
ScottASWhat a fantastic error message.03:17
sorbixi just fixed my sound issues, it was really easy03:17
Pici!webcam > gvsa123 (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)03:17
neosixI installed cvccedega. But on start: ERROR: wineserver exiting unexpectantly! Can anybody help me?03:17
gheesorbix that's great news!03:17
sorbixghee, lemme link you03:17
sorbixghee, thats for gutsy right03:17
chuy_maxI have a touch screen monitor that uses usbhid driver, everytime I connect it I get different handlers (event?, where ? is a number from 0 to 6), is there a way to set an event that doesn't change? (using linux kernel 2.6.20 from ubuntu)03:17
gheesorbix, actually on this computer i'm still on feisty03:18
sorbixoh, then maybe not03:18
sorbixhah, sorry ill send you a link anyways, but i think this is just for gutsy03:18
ScottASDoes Ubuntu Linux reference itself via UUID or /dev/h(s)da?03:18
tonyyarussoScottAS: UUID, although both can work.03:18
ELyptiCScottAS: both can work03:19
rawakeis there any software that can monitor my mdadm raids and if there is an error then run a command?03:19
gheesorbix, well, i'll be upgrading soon, thanks much03:19
jarrod_how can i look at my mounted file directory names? sb1 sb2 etc?03:19
sorbixyea np03:19
neosixERROR: wineserver exiting unexpectantly!  Please help?03:19
WorkingOnWisehow do i get permission to write to my externat hdd?03:19
ELyptiCrawake: i'm interested too03:19
Dankchildwhen the new version of ubuntu comes out will i be able to just update? or will i have to completely reinstall?03:19
ScottASOK. I'm liasing via another Channel just now in order to find out why I can't boot my Ubuntu Linux 7.04 installation after upgrading another Operating System via GRUB.03:19
ELyptiCDankchild: either can work.  Some argue that a clean install is better though.03:19
cr00_P5_anyone know how i can easily forward a port for torrents on ubuntu running under vmware?03:19
Dankchildk, will most of the programs still be compatable?03:20
MasterShrekDankchild, yes03:20
ianm_I've had problems with the microphone on fiesty and gutsy.  it works on boot but not after a suspend/resume.  is there a brute force way to reset the driver?03:20
ELyptiCI think the major ones will be.  Do you run a lot of custom stuff?03:20
MasterShrekianm_, sudo rmmod <driver>  then sudo modprobe <driver>03:21
Oli``cr00_P5_: urgh why would you want to?! but anyway... choose the option that sounds more like dhcp than NAT for the networking setup in VMWare03:21
Dankchildno not really, im just asking because yesterday was my first day with linux and im slowly but surely getting it.03:21
ianm_MasterShrek: would it be snd_intel8x0 ?03:21
soccer_hawk10hey all.  i have two questions.  1) why can't i get the screen resolution i am after.  2) why do pidgin-guifications no longer work after the upgrade to 7.1003:21
MasterShrekianm_, yep03:21
bluemechHi, i am trying to install ubuntu to a 2gb jump drive. Got confused with the documentation. could anyone tell me what to partition it to..03:21
rawakeELyptiC: do you have /etc/init.d/mdadmd?03:21
eyu100I can't upgrade ubuntu for some reason - there is a bad key/checksum or something like that03:22
WorkingOnWisehow do i get rw permission on my external hdd?03:22
rawakeeyu100: re-download it then03:22
ianm_MasterShrek: predictable, says it's in use.  do I have to kill all the related ones first?03:22
ScottASELyptiC: I upgraded openSUSE 10.2 x86-64 to openSUSE 10.3 x86-64 using my custom partition setup and I now can't boot into Ubuntu 7.04 x86. I receive an error message; 'GRUB Error 23 : Cannot parse UUID.' I've researched the error message but the explanations I've found haven't been helpful.03:22
underdog5004bluemech, it'll probably be /dev/sdax, where x is a number...do sudo fdisk -l  when the stick is mount to get the number03:22
deaderthanyouI forgot, was the last ubuntu released at midnight on the target date?03:23
MasterShrekianm_, maybe, can you forcibly remove it? rmmod -f ?03:23
underdog5004bluemech, whoops, more like sdyx, y will be variable03:23
bluemechunderdog5004, i did that. I could see /hda/sdb103:23
ianm_MasterShrek: ERROR: Removing 'snd_intel8x0': Resource temporarily unavailable03:23
underdog5004bluemech, is the stick mounted?03:23
eyu100bad header line...03:23
aroonihelp folks!  ubuntu 7.04 was tyring to start up and i got th elines:  /fcsk.ext3: Unable to resolve 'UUID=29...; fsck died with exit status 8; File system check failed;  A log is being saved in /var/log/fsck/checkfs if the locatoin is wriable.  Please repair the file system manually03:23
arooniwhat should i dO?03:23
bluemechunderdog5004, no its unmounted03:23
bluemechas specified in the doc03:23
ELyptiCScottAS: Not that I can find03:23
MasterShrekianm_, no idea then, you prolly gotta restart your xserver03:23
dipuhi i have upgraded to ubunti 7.10 beta..03:23
bluemechunderdog5004, but when partitioning, do i create one partition of fat32 and the other of ext03:23
dipufor some reason i dont see the tray icons03:24
underdog5004bluemech, only if you want to share the usb stick with windows machines03:24
ELyptiCScottAS: I found I had to use the /dev/ syntax for my RAID1 array or else Grub couldn't find it.03:24
mouais 7.10 out somewhere ?03:24
Optimus56will ubuntu be released midnight???03:24
bluemechunderdog5004, no thats not necessary03:24
MasterShrekmoua, not as an iso03:24
Oli``Wow I just got 5 different errors on ubuntu.com for 5 requests on the same URL... Server's going into meltdown, I think03:24
MasterShrekOptimus56, probably not03:24
ScottASI'm using a non-RAID configuration.03:24
bluemechunderdog5004, i just want to install it onto the usb03:24
Optimus56damn.... i was hoping to stay up... its more exciting :D03:25
ELyptiCScotAS: Hm... not sure then03:25
underdog5004bluemech, in that case, only one partition for /, or 2, one for / and one for /home03:25
mouaok thx MasterShrek03:25
underdog5004don't want to get too complicated, ha ha03:25
dipui don't see the system tray icons !!!! any help ???03:25
underdog5004!attitude | dipu03:25
ubotudipu: The people in this channel are volunteers. Your attitude will determine how fast you are helped. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:25
Optimus56just a question tho, if i upgrade from feisty to the new version, and i already have compiz installed, will i lose anything?03:26
soccer_hawk10can someone help me get the screen resolution i'm looking for in ubuntu 7.10?03:26
bluemechunderdog5004, yeah i know ;)... but then can i partition it using the installer03:26
soccer_hawk10i just did it03:26
phixI would like to use thunderbird without is segfaulting, how do I do this? :)03:26
eyu100hmm... it says no upgrades are available -.-03:26
phixis = it03:26
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/03:26
underdog5004bluemech, yep, should be able to...03:26
Optimus56soccer_hawk: you have the release version already or rc1?03:26
dipuubotu .. sorry .. i m using it for the first time03:26
phixok so what do I do?03:26
ianm_MasterShrek: is there any way to see WHAT is using a module?  it's listed as:   snd_intel8x0           33564  503:26
bluemechunderdog5004, thanx a lot... let me try it once... with the installer first03:27
MasterShrekdipu, you dont have to apologize to a bot =)03:27
underdog5004dipu, did you do anything to remove the bar/icons?03:27
soccer_hawk10there will be no difference between them, but it's rc1 i believe03:27
phixI am running x86 64 bit version of ubuntu03:27
underdog5004bluemech, sounds good03:27
underdog5004good luck!03:27
MasterShrekianm_, probably but i wouldnt know how03:27
soccer_hawk10can anyone help me with my screen resolution issues?03:27
bluemechunderdog5004, thanx03:27
phixthunderbird segfaults when attempting to connect my IMAP server03:27
dipui did .. now i want to get them back...03:27
phixany ideas?03:27
MasterShreksoccer_hawk10, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg03:27
jarrod_how would one go about formatting a drive in bash?03:28
youknowmeI'm trying to mount a network share with:03:28
youknowmesmbmount //joe-desktop/dvdripdata /home/tom/Desktop/dvdripdata -o username=tom,password=MyPassword03:28
youknowmeBut it keeps telling me:03:28
youknowmeCould not resolve mount point /home/tom/Desktop/dvdripdata03:28
soccer_hawk10mastershrek: on 7.10?03:28
yrlnry_Xorlev: abiword worked flawelessly.  Thanks.03:28
dipuspecially .. when i launch skype or amarok .. i want to see the icon on sytem tray03:28
Piciyouknowme: does that folder exist?03:28
troubledianm_: lsmod | grep snd_intel8x003:28
=== _Apex is now known as Apex
Xorlevyrlnry_: np03:28
dipueven when i close .. skype window  the icon should be there on the tray03:28
shiwahello guys, i have a strange problem, when i "sudo apt-get" i dont have internet connection, somebody knows about it?03:28
MasterShreksoccer_hawk10, on any version03:28
localgod12any idea where firefox is hiding the bookmarks file?03:29
dipuit used to be there .. but not anymore03:29
aroonican anyone help?03:29
youknowmePici, yes on the server03:29
varun0when I look at certain webpage in firefox, certain characters (punctuation, I think) is replaced by a little box with numbers it in03:29
tonyyarussolocalgod12: ~/.mozilla/03:29
Piciyouknowme: /home/tom/Destkop/dvdripdata exists?03:29
localgod12i dont think sudo apt-get will work wo an internet connection03:29
localgod12thanks you03:29
localgod12tony: were would i find that?03:29
ianm_troubled: isn't that the opposite?  the things that snd_intel8x0 itself uses?03:30
shiwai mean when i use any package manager program, i cannot access internet to download packages03:30
youknowmePici, HA! I see my error. I really need to catch this kinda stuff before asking for help. My bad, thanks dude :)03:30
=== Tronyx|AFK is now known as Tronyx
troubledianm_: perhaps I misread you. you wanted to know what is using snd_intel8x0, no?03:30
aroonii've been told that i need to repair the file system manually because fcsk failed03:31
arooniany thoughts on how to do this?03:31
ianm_troubled: right, so I can rmmod it03:31
MasterShrekianm_, try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base03:31
underdog5004arooni, man fsck03:31
Dankchildone more nooby question. sorry. but ive googled everywhere, and i didnt find anywhere how to integrate flash into firefox on a 64 bit system, any help?03:31
troubledianm_: grepping for it would help. but if your trying to rm it, try depmod -r perhaps?03:32
ritalinkidso, I'm confused. when exactly is 7.10 going to be available?  in couple of hours?03:32
troublederr modprobe :)03:32
BarryDegelingritalinkid: I think Thursday night03:32
joshwahow do you start linux in text mode?03:32
ianm_troubled: $ sudo modprobe -r snd_intel8x0   =>  FATAL: Module snd_intel8x0 is in use.03:32
BarryDegelingbut that's just my thought03:32
H264Dankchild: there is no 64bit flash plugin :-(03:32
Flannelritalinkid: Sometime on the 18th (no specific timezone).  So no, not in a few hours.  Probably more like 24.03:33
atomic_ritalinkid: i'd say very soon.....the image on ubuntu.com has changed to give the indication that it's available....but everywhere else still lists 7.0403:33
kanjohow come the URL 7.10 is not up yet03:33
arooniunderdog5004, how can i unmount my filesystems to run it?  it doesnt run right when i just restart computer.  do i need to boot from cd :(?03:33
tonyyarussokanjo: #ubuntu-release-party please03:33
arooniunderdog5004, it fails with error 803:33
atlfalcons866does a journaling file system guarantee consistency?03:34
troubledianm_: perhaps try modprobe --show-depends snd_intel8x0?03:34
cache1How would one go about compiling x86 assembly? I have a test tomorrow and I need some practice ;)03:34
Dankchildhmm, so is there any workaround, like if i wanted to watch youtube or google videos?03:34
soccer_hawk10hey sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg didn't work03:34
MasterShrek!flash64 | Dankchild03:34
ubotuDankchild: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava03:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about creative - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:34
ScottASatlfalcons866: I think so.03:34
Flannelcache1: check out nasm03:34
troubledianm_: also, any chance your actually using your sound card with artsd or something (whatever ubuntu uses these days)03:35
dipuhi .. when i launch skype .. idont see the icon in the ssytem tray ..03:35
Dankchildthanks man.03:35
troubledianm_: lsof might help on your sound /dev/ file as well03:35
soccer_hawk10mastershrek: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg was ineffective.  i have an intel integrated g 865 i believe, it runs the i810 drivers, but i cannot output to 1152x84603:36
aroonifolks, can someone help me run fsck?  i'm having problems because it fails with error code 8 (operational error) when It would otherwise automatically run on startup.  i dont want to run it when my file systems are mounted for fear of damage.  what should i do?03:37
underdog5004boot with a livecd, like dsl03:37
Avarielthe emacs installed in my school labs lacks a ton of things so i was wondering if there is a way to connect remotely to my computer from somewhere else ?03:38
underdog5004then fsck to your hearts delight...just be sure you know what you're doing!03:38
Avarielperhaps something to do with my ip...03:38
troubledarooni: i assume its your root fs?03:38
underdog5004Avariel, you have emacs installed in your _school_ ?03:38
cache1Flannel: nasm looks good, but i don't need to know how to do i/o yet, and i assume it's not terribly pretty. are there any simulators?03:38
aroonitroubled, yes03:38
soccer_hawk10mastershrek: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg was ineffective. i have an intel integrated g 865 i believe, it runs the i810 drivers, but i cannot output to 1152x84603:38
Avarielwell, its just there...but i got it configured with ECB and other goodies...so id like to work remotely with my computer03:38
Avariellike, connect to MY COMPUTER03:38
=== myniece is now known as she-lets-me
Avarielfrom elsewhere03:39
underdog5004Avariel, have openssh-server installed and running, portfoward port 22 on your router, get your ip from whatismyip.com, then when you're at school, type in ssh username@home-computer03:39
troubledarooni: boot a live cd or use an install cd that allows you to access the shell to run manual commands to fsck your fs03:39
arooniah ok03:39
underdog5004Avariel, might also want to look into !screen03:39
aroonitroubled, is this an important thing to do?  getting fsck to run?  or can i ignore it03:39
Avarielunderdog5004: !screen ?03:39
psycorpsewill 7.10 be available at MidNight or will it just show up sometime tomorrow?03:39
troubledarooni: if your fs has problems, yes, very03:39
underdog5004!screen | Avariel03:39
ubotuAvariel: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen03:39
goatzAny suggestion on how to force an update with update manager? audacious-plugins and audacious-plugins-extras are both tring to update one file, however UM won't let me just apply one of the two updates.03:40
MasterShreki dunno for sure then soccer_hawk10, that should have done it for you03:40
davemlinux1Track torrent for ubuntu 7.10 any one?03:40
Picidavemlinux1: its not out yet, see topic #ubuntu-release-party03:40
soccer_hawk10hmm.  could it be a problem with my monitor or is this more than likely a graphics card issue?03:40
tsukasawhat can i run to start a program RIGHT BEFORE the gnome login session startups kick in03:40
elementhey guys03:40
black_13is there a way to disable bootup messages03:40
elementI have a problem with USB03:40
aroonihow can i restart ubuntu from the command line03:40
JDStoneGutsy comes out tomorrow, right?03:40
elementUSB devices don't work unless I boot with them in the computer03:40
riotkittieJDStone: sometime on the 18th. somewhere.03:41
underdog5004black_13, in /boot/grub/menu.list, make sure you specify quiet in the kernel parameters03:41
nrdbarooni: 'sudo reboot'03:41
black_13i tried that03:41
rawakeis there a built in way of figuring out what arguments are passed to my bash script? for instance say if someone type ./myscript -abc and i want to get back those arguments as if they passed them as ./myscript -a -b -c... is something like that supported?03:41
JDStoneriotkittie: somewhere?  what do you mean?03:41
elementanyone know what it could be03:41
Davy_JonesJDStone: it will be released last week03:41
aroonitroubled, why am i getting return code 8 (operational error) when fsck runs on startup automatically duirng the boot process03:41
nrdbarooni_: 'sudo reboot'03:41
Picirawake: yes, I *think* $* holds all the arguments, but #bash would be able to answer you much better03:42
WorkingOnWisehow do i use my external hdd in linux? I cant write to it03:42
troubledarooni: perhaps man fsck. sorry, i dont know the meaning of that error03:42
riotkittieJDStone: neverrrrrmind.03:42
elementyou have to unmount it before it writes to it03:42
elementyou can't just unplug it03:42
elementyou have to unmount first03:42
jbinderHow do I mount my SD card in the SD card slot, it seems to be /dev/mmcblk003:43
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: you plug it in03:43
jbinderBut when I type mount /dev/mmcblk0 /mnt/usbdisk it wants a filesystem.03:43
elementhe says it's not writing to it03:43
jbinderAnd I don't know what type of filesystem my SD card is.03:43
gnrfanhi everyone.. any hint on what's the truetype font for "linux for human beings" not ubuntu title which I have???03:43
zxguitarwho can help with my soundo card, here is the issue03:43
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: it automounts, and I can see it in Nautilus, but I cant write to it.03:43
markusyhello... i'm trying to get an ati x1600 pro 512mb agp working with linux.. i'm using 2.6.22-14 with the latest fglrx module (8.40.4) loaded.. the x server logs don't indicate a problem but when i starts the screen goes black... any ideas?03:44
element***I have a problem with my USB, it doesn't work unless I plug in the devices before I turn the computer on**03:44
troubledrawake: look at some existing bash scripts. its not automatic, but you can parse out stuff. what your talking about is typically called getopts in perl, #bash would probably recognize what you mean by that03:44
DanaGOh, something odd with some removable drives:03:44
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: what file system is it?03:44
DanaGThey may be formatted, but not partitioned.03:44
novacheckdoes anyone know how many hours until gutsy release03:44
kiru_Click the Check button to check for new updates.03:44
kiru_# A message will appear informing you of the availability of the new release.03:44
jbinderLike 703:44
Voodoo_Johnisnt it alread released?03:44
kiru_this is not shown03:44
CITguynovacheck: less than 2403:44
youknowmeI got the local mount point fixed, and the login problem fixed. But now it says that a network share that I know exists doesn't. Help?03:44
kiru_what should i do?03:44
WorkingOnWisewas ntfs. ran gksudo gparted and deleted it, created an ext2 partition.03:44
Flannelcache1: apparently 'as' is a gcc ASM compiler.  Which you can debug with gdb.  The internet is probably the best place to get tutorials on how to debug and stuff, here's one: http://web.cecs.pdx.edu/~bjorn/CS200/linux_tutorial/03:44
Davy_Jonesnovacheck: it will be released last week03:44
WorkingOnWiseproblem was with ntfa too03:45
XiXaQnovacheck, I'd guess about 12-15 UTC, but it's only a vague guess.03:45
jbinderI think 5AM EST03:45
Voodoo_Johnisnt it already out?03:45
FlannelGuys, take Gutsy stuff to #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-release-party, thanks.03:45
PiciVoodoo_John: no.03:45
novacheckthe beta is out03:45
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: can you use the command line to unmount it?03:45
element***I have a problem with my USB, it doesn't work unless I plug in the devices before I turn the computer on**03:45
zxguitarwho can help with my soundo card, here is the issue03:46
Voodoo_Johnwtf :/ i was like why am i not seeing it in update manager rofl03:46
ianm_troubled: esd is using /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p but killing it doesn't let me remove the module either03:46
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: lemme check03:46
CITguyno, the RC WAS out but we are ALL waiting on the official release of 7.1003:46
gusto5hello everyone03:46
element***I have a problem with my USB, it doesn't work unless I plug in the devices before I turn the computer on***03:46
elementhi gusto03:46
jetolehey guys, does anyone know what time this room will change it's letter of the day to "H"?03:46
Stwangehow do I invert this regex: grep ".*someword.*" > file2 (ie, that prints every line that contains somework, I want the ones that don't03:46
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: type 'mount'.. see which one is it and then 'umount /dev/device'03:46
CITguyjetole: ???03:46
gusto5im trying to go from fiesty to gibbon using the simple update manager process, but it doesnt do anything for me03:47
* dapatrick sighs03:47
jetolewhen gutsy will no longer be a RC?03:47
elementanyone know how to solve my problem?03:47
elementanyone know how to solve my problem?03:47
arooni  whats the fastest way to dload 7.04 live cd?  i'm gettin 40 kb/s from umich mirror03:47
element***I have a problem with my USB, it doesn't work unless I plug in the devices before I turn the computer on***03:47
dapatrickTracker is really giving me the blues.03:47
PiciFlannel: +1 forwards here fyi03:47
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:47
FlannelStwange: grep with -v03:47
Skudhey, is there anyone here from canonical? i'd really like to talk to someone in community management there, if someone could hook me up with the appropriate names/email addresses.03:47
jetoleoh shit, I am not in +103:47
zxguitarwho can help with my sound card, here is the issue03:47
troubledianm_: not familiar with ubuntu, but there may be an init.d script to start/stop the sound system completly instead of just killing. is there a specific reason you need to remove the module? cause you can always blacklist it to prevent it from loading in the first place.03:47
noway-If my windows is /dev/sda2 what do I set it for grub as?  hd0,1 ?03:47
IdleOnegusto5: wait till morning and the update manager will upgrade you to 7.1003:47
gusto5OHHH lol its not out, MY appologies!03:48
jetoleanyways, does anyone one know when gutsy will be released? I mean a time of day when?03:48
riotkittiejetole: no.03:48
ianm_troubled: the goal is to reset the sound hardware, since the microphone is broken after APM suspend03:48
element***I have a problem with my USB, it doesn't work unless I plug in the devices before I turn the computer on***03:48
jetoleI tried out a RC on sat on my laptop03:48
elementanyone know how to fix it?03:48
jetoleand I didn't see the encrypt your / partition03:48
jetoleor encrypt any partition03:48
=== rob is now known as robii
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: as me, I can't umount it. As sudo, I can03:48
jetoleI found it in debian 4 without having to look03:48
troubledianm_: could always try force remove the module for modprobe perhaps. man modprobe03:48
axjvDoes anyone know how to sort numbers in openoffice?03:48
Pici!zh | caoyong03:49
ubotucaoyong: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:49
axjvI have a list of items for a survey, but the results are all jumbled up03:49
troubledaxjv: click the column and click the sort button?03:49
=== robii is now known as rob
thevAnyone have software recommendations for 2d animation?03:49
caoyongThank you!03:49
youknowmeI got the local mount point fixed, and the login problem fixed. But now it says that a network share that I know exists doesn't. Help? http://pastebin.com/m3899b36503:49
noway-If Windows is on the 2nd partition of my drive, what should I have it set in grub as? hd0,1 ?03:49
nick_Okay, I have the oddest issue I've ever heard of.  I have a friend who administers the U of M's chem department linux servers and he doesn't understand why this is happening03:49
elementwow i guess i just have to wait for gsty and see if it fixes it03:49
jetoleWorkingOnWise: typically only the person that mounts a volume can unmount and I beleive through suid, gnome does it as root03:49
zxguitarwho can help with my sound card, here is the issue03:49
CITguy*** Just a note to those of you just joining us. We do NOT know the exact time that Gutsy will be available. All we know is that it will be available within the next 24 hours or so. ***03:49
axjvtroubled: The column in...03:49
arooniwhat do i need to sudo apt-get install to get boost libraries ?  (trying to install deluge)03:49
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: ok, unmount it with sudo03:49
Voodoo_Johnthev, gimp is probably the easiest03:49
jetoleand if you are not root there isn't a lot you can mount03:49
axjvtroubled: I'm using OO Writer03:49
=== nalioth changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | Please be patient and read the FAQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Gutsy release party in #ubuntu-release-party, please don't ask when it'll be out
ianm_troubled: I've tried forcing, but still says it's in use03:49
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: unmounted03:49
StwangeFlannel, thanks mate it worked03:50
element***I have a problem with my USB, it doesn't work unless I plug in the devices before I turn the computer on***03:50
elementanyone know how to fix it?03:50
thevVoodoo_John - you mean using GAP?03:50
Flannel!repeat | element03:50
ubotuelement: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:50
Voodoo_Johnthev,  gimp03:50
troubledianm_: well, lsmod | grep <module> should list everything that may be using it. other than that, not sure. sorry.03:50
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: ok now do 'sudo mount -o uid=1000 /dev/device /media/mountpoint'03:50
CITguyelement: is your usb device set up in /etc/fstab to automount?03:50
dapatrickIs #ubuntu+1 redirecting to #ubuntu03:50
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: tell me if you're able to write after this03:50
Picidapatrick: yes03:50
jetoleubotu: good girl03:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about good girl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:50
dapatrickPici: ah, thanks.03:50
thevGAP = Gimp Animation Package.  Or did you mean just regular gimp03:50
jetolehmmm, I must have been thinking about the bot from #apache then03:51
troubledaxjv: so its just a bunch of text that you want sorted thats in a table?03:51
elementI'm sort of new so I don't know I guess I need to set my iPod, USB drive, wireless mouse, and USB headphones up to automount?03:51
axjvtroubled: It's just like a normal document, but the lines each have a different number03:51
axjvtroubled: I want to sort them alphabetically \03:51
thevI'm not sure how I would create the individual frames in Gimp, but I'll look at it03:51
axjvtroubled: The lines, that is.03:51
CITguyelement: which version of Ubuntu are you running?03:51
nick_So, I just got a new HDTV, and am using it as a second monitor, and I downloaded a bunch of nature documentaries in hi-def because I could.  For some reason it skips like a bastard using every program I can think of.  So I open it using kmplayer (my default video player) from the command line, and it works perfectly.  Then I try opening another file using the full name instead of key words and wild cards. skips like a bastard.  Try the same fi03:51
nick_le using wildcards instead of the full filename.  Works perfectly.  Why the fuck?03:51
elementfeisty 7.0403:51
Voodoo_Johnthev, regular gimp lol03:52
tonyyarusso!ohmy | nick_03:52
ubotunick_: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.03:52
Voodoo_Johnlol !ohmy03:52
axjvtroubled: Sorry if this may be too specific03:52
thevVoodoo_John - how would I export frames/video?03:52
jetoleubotu: kids don't come to #ubuntu03:52
troubledaxjv: open a shell, nano -w /tmp/sortprep.txt, paste them there. save it and exit, then "sort /tmp/sortprep.txt > /tmp/sorted.txt" and copy paste that back03:52
=== piripp is now known as piripak
noodles12when trying to enter in my essid and key, i get this mesage" Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A)"03:52
Xorlevnick_: Try VLC03:52
youknowmeI got the local mount point fixed, and the login problem fixed. But now it says that a network share that I know exists doesn't. Help? http://pastebin.com/m3899b36503:53
riotkittiejetole: you've polled the population as to their ages?03:53
axjvThat's pretty cool.03:53
Voodoo_Johnthev, you never said anything technical but you can export by saving as a .gif03:53
nick_Tried VLC03:53
nick_still skips03:53
adanteis there a program i can use to monitor disk/i/o activity on my box? (a top for hdd's)03:53
nick_not to mention doesn't work in fullscreen properly03:53
CITguyelement: I'm sorry, I don't know much about how the USB system works. :(03:53
thevVoodoo_John - I don't think that would work... I would probably have hundreds of frames03:53
axjvtroubled: Thanks, I didn't know that nano could do that.03:53
jetoleriotkittie: the task force assigned to that task is has their action item at 50% completion03:53
Voodoo_Johnalso thev try cinelerra03:53
youknowmeadante, sysem monitor in the toolbar?03:53
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: so?03:53
nick_and, like I said, kmplayer works perfectly from the command line using wildcards03:53
elementguess I have to wait and see if gutsy fixes it then03:53
elementit is a royal pain in the arse though03:54
thevVoodoo_John - I will look at Cinelerra again... the interface is so horrendous though03:54
Evanlecadante, i hear conky is pretty configurable03:54
nick_Does the scheduler afford higher priority to programs from the command line than from gdm?03:54
=== keith is now known as mapez
Evanlecnick_, can u give us an example of your wildcard command03:54
youknowmeI got the local mount point fixed, and the login problem fixed. But now it says that a network share that I know exists doesn't. Help? http://pastebin.com/m3899b36503:54
troubledaxjv: well, its not nano thats doing it, its just what your using to save it as a text document. writer could save it all as a text doc too, but you would need to edit out all the garbage. vim would be a better choice though on a txt file with existing stuff. "v" to highlight the text, then ":!sort" to sort it03:54
nick_kmplayer *Earth*Deep*03:55
mapezHey, is there a Gutsy release canidate channel?03:55
Voodoo_Johnthev, yes, LIVES is a bit.. better though03:55
jetoleriotkittie: furthermore I didn't come into #irc till I was 13 and I swore like fucking sailor at that age but as an adult I know better then to use improper words03:55
Voodoo_Johnmapez, #ubuntu-release-party03:55
markusyhello... i'm trying to get an ati x1600 pro 512mb agp working with linux.. i'm using 2.6.22-14 with the latest fglrx module (8.40.4) loaded.. everything should be working fine looking at the xorg log (no errors and everything appears to load fine) but when X starts the screen goes black... any ideas?03:55
nick_as opposed to kmplayer '/home/nick/Desktop/raid/amule/incoming/Planet.Earth.EP11.Ocean.Deep.2006.720p.HDDVD.x264-ESiR.mkv'03:55
=== jared is now known as KI4IKL
mapezFor support I mean.03:55
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: it says I have to specify a filesystem type.03:56
youknowmeSomeone help Me? http://pastebin.com/m3899b36503:56
axjvtroubled: Oh, I didn't read your whole thing03:56
nick_Pretty simple commands, so I'd imagine there'd be a pretty simple explanation, but I can't think of one03:56
WorkingOnWisels /dev/sd03:56
axjvtroubled: Terminal can do that?03:56
CITguymarkusy: take a look at your Xorg log file in /var/log, you may find some answers there03:56
WorkingOnWisewrong window. sorry03:56
axjvtroubled: Well, I have to remember that command.03:56
axjvtroubled: Thanks.03:56
Flannelmapez: Go ahead and ask here, as they've removed +1 for the time being.03:56
markusyCITguy, there isnt anything03:56
=== hyper_b0le is now known as [GUTSY]
necronekostaranyone know of a good resource on how to make a custom livecd ?03:56
markusyit all reports everything is loaded fine03:56
markusyno errors03:56
troubledaxjv: well, "sort" is just a command that sorts the input/filename. man sort :)03:56
nick_and I certainly can't think of a way around having to use the command line all the time03:56
markusythats why it's wierd.03:56
riotkittiejetole: then you should have no problems with refraining from using profanity, or protesting it with "children don't come into this channel".03:56
Flannelnecronekostar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization03:57
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: weird.. ok.. tell it to 'sudo mount -t ext2 -o uid=1000 /dev/device /media/mountpoint'03:57
Evanlecnick_, yea that is rather strange....did u try renaming the file to something simple like 'ep11.mkv' and playing it with absolute command ?03:57
dipuhi .. i tried to enable desktop effects . but it gives the error "desktop effects could not be enabled" .. and idea ??03:57
thevVoodoo_John - thanks03:57
=== [GUTSY] is now known as [Gutsy]Hyper_b0l
CITguymarkusy: are you trying to run the desktop effects?03:57
riotkittiedipu: which version of ubuntu?03:57
nick_I did03:57
Voodoo_Johnthev, np03:57
Dankchildhey guys when i try to run "sudo alien nspluginwrapper-" it gives me this error,03:57
DankchildWarning: Skipping conversion of scripts in package nspluginwrapper: postinst prerm03:57
DankchildWarning: Use the --scripts parameter to include the scripts.03:57
Dankchildnspluginwrapper_0.9.91.2-2_amd64.deb generated03:57
nick_same odd results03:57
Dankchildwhat should i do?03:57
axjvtroubled: But I was a little surprised there was an application designed to do specifically what I needed. That's Linux for ya. =)03:57
riotkittiedipu: tell me about your graphics card. is it ... an ati by any chance?03:57
ianm_troubled: ok removing everything using it might do03:57
markusyCITguy, no i can't run them with vesa03:57
necronekostarFlannel while i appreciate that - i wanna do more custom than that.03:57
markusywhich is the only video driver i can use now03:57
Voodoo_Johnthev, i wish there was better video editing programs for linux, i have every program for windows to do with vid editing, but thats for a private chat or another channel03:57
ianm_troubled: I'll try to unwind it all03:57
markusyfglrx won't work03:57
troubledianm_: usually works for me03:57
jetoleriotkittie: I am sorry, please accept my humble fscking appology ( <= not a swear word ;)03:58
Flannelnecronekostar: That's... fully customizable.03:58
necronekostari wanna start with a server install add compiz-fusion gnome panel and a couple apps and turn that into a live iso03:58
=== [Gutsy]Hyper_b0l is now known as [Gutsy]hyp_b0l
ivanhoeanyone knows where i can get the torrent from gutsy03:58
EvanlecDankchild, you can't install RPM's on ubuntu, its not a redhat distro03:58
troubledaxjv: you havent played in the shell much have you ;)03:58
dipuroikittie ,sorry .. but can you tell me how to find which graphics card03:58
=== keith is now known as mapez
thevVoodoo_John - I work at a film school, so I know all the commercial offerings :)03:58
ivanhoethe servers are down03:58
necronekostarFlannel lots o crapola that wont need to be in there and hard to track down....03:58
nick_You can install rpms with alien03:58
riotkittiedipu: open a terminal and type lspci03:58
markusyCITguy, i've also tried using the ubuntu fglrx restricted-modules03:58
jetolespeaking of fsck03:58
markusybut that doesn't work either03:58
markusysame problem03:58
axjvtroubled: Got Ubuntu 2 days ago, and all I've done is add lots of eye candy03:58
nick_dankchild, you can install rpms with alien03:58
markusymy xorg config is fine03:58
vbabiy-Laptopwhat time will the final be release of Gusty?03:58
Evanlecnick_, alien converts RPMs to .deb's which u then install...03:58
Voodoo_Johnthev, hm?03:58
Flannelnecronekostar: You might be better off starting with a different distro (one thats geared towards liveCDs)03:58
=== Nergar is now known as Nergar[Gutsy]
dipuriotkittie .. lots of otput03:59
nick_You know what I mean03:59
=== freeman163 is now known as [gutsy]Freeman16
atomic_aawwee...the 7.10 image on the main page has changed back to the counter....i liked the pronunciation of the thing03:59
=== Atlantiz is now known as Gutsy
riotkittiedipu: try lspci | grep VGA instead03:59
mapezI am running the Gutsy RC. When I try to enable the new Desktop effects it just says.. 'Desktop Effeccts' could not be enabled. I am running the nvidia restricted driver, and xinerma.03:59
jetoleI get errors when loading lvm because it uses 4kb chunks and e2fsck assumes it uses 1kb chuncks, anyone know the solution to this one?03:59
=== Gutsy is now known as Atlantiz
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: says wrong fs type. I just looked at gparted and it is ext203:59
CITguymarkusy: Let me get this straight. You've installed the fglrx modules but you are trying to run X with the vesa driver?03:59
necronekostarFlannel i just wanna turn a good install into a live cd03:59
Dankchildi'm doing it directly from ubuntus website, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins?action=show&redirect=FirefoxAMD64FlashJava#nspluginwrapper03:59
markusyCITguy, no i'm trying to run x with the fglrx driver03:59
markusybut it gives me a black screen03:59
markusyvesa works03:59
troubledaxjv: :) most programmers use a shell or a terminal i think these days. either vim or emacs mostly. or the X versions of them. vim is my preference though. I dont do X myself (and debian here not ubuntu)03:59
thevVoodoo_John - I have access to OSX and Windows editing programs - I just use OSS to create art for political reasons03:59
dipuriotkittie .. this is what i get ..dipu@dipu-laptop:~$ lspci | grep VGA03:59
dipu00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)03:59
Voodoo_Johnthev,  :)03:59
CidanIs there a VMWare package for 7.10?03:59
CITguymarkusy: Ok, so are you wanting to have the fglrx driver running with the desktop effects?04:00
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: this is my command :  sudo mount -t ext2 -o uid=1000 /dev/sdb1 /media/USBDisk04:00
CidanI can't find it, :(04:00
Arenlormapez please open a terminal and sudo apt-get install xgl-xserver04:00
nick_markusy, good luck with that, I've never gotten fglrx to function properly04:00
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: the "-o uid=1000" option is what you need.. i don't know how to solve the wrong fs type problem.. happens to me and still don't know what to do with it04:00
PovAddictCidan: there isn't even an .iso for 7.10 yet dude04:00
nick_markusy, that's why I no longer buy ati04:00
markusyCITguy, i don't really care about desktop effects to be honest04:00
riotkittiedipu: i'm not familiar with intels, so i'm of no use here :|   sorry04:00
markusyi would like opengl to work04:00
vbabiy-Laptopwhat time will the final be release of Gusty?04:00
CidanUsing RC, PovAddict04:00
jetoledipu: what was your original question?04:00
LordC_w00t w00t04:00
CidanGet with the times, :P04:00
Picivbabiy-Laptop: when its done, see topic04:00
mapezArenlor, Can't find package. However it is a start. I think ic an take it from there thanks.04:00
markusyyea thanks nick_ :p04:00
jetoledipu: about the VGA?04:00
=== ruffleS is now known as ruffZ|Gutsy
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: sorry04:00
axjvtroubled: Well, I've worked with a GUI my whole life, so it's a bit of a change. It took me a while to figure out simple things like compiling.04:00
=== Vicfred is now known as Vicfred[Gutsy]
PovAddictCidan: well, I doubt somebody already did a VM with 7.10 RC preinstalled04:01
dipujetole, iam not able to enable desktop effects in 7.10 beta04:01
=== Atlantiz is now known as Atlantiz[Gutsy]
troubledaxjv: welcome to the CLI ;)04:01
markusynick_, i haven't been able to find a fix anywhere04:01
markusynick_, do you have the same card?04:01
CITguymarkusy: My advise to you is to install the ATI graphics drivers manually (NOT from apt or synaptic) from the ATI website.04:01
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: what does the -o uid=1000 mean?04:01
markusyCITguy, i have04:01
Arenlormapez my apologies it's xserver-xgl04:01
Heygab1What screenshot application comes with xbuntu?04:01
markusyi tried both04:01
markusysame outcome04:01
axjvtroubled: The missing lib files didn't really help me much either. I had to apt-get about 200 lib files yesterday.04:01
Cidanalso, fglrx + 3D effects04:01
=== leotavo is now known as leo|gust
Cidanif you have fglrx installed04:01
Cidanall you have to do is04:01
Cidansudo apt-get install xserver-xgl compizconfig-settings-manager04:01
markusyi think it's a problem with this card04:01
Cidanin 7.1004:01
=== leo|gust is now known as leo|gutsy
Cidanthat's it.04:01
nick_markusy, I used to with my laptop, I ended up using the ati driver from the kernel04:01
CITguymarkusy: Ok, please walk me through the process you went through to install the driver?04:01
jetoledipu: lspci -n | grep '00:02.0'04:01
Cidanit will auto configure the rest for you04:01
Voodoo_Johnthev, my father is into filming and video editing, thats why i looked at cinerella for him and LIVES i have another but it doesnt show up in my program list, ill check terminal later04:01
Cidanno sessions to setup04:01
nick_markusy, desktop effects never worked04:02
Cidanjust log out, log back in04:02
troubledaxjv: hard disk space is cheap04:02
axjvtroubled: CLI is cold and mechanical *shudders*04:02
Voodoo_Johnthev, btw, which school ? college? university?04:02
caminomasterI have a trouble: i've forgot the password of my channel (ubuntu-es9, because x-chat logs in automatically04:02
caminomasterhow can I recover it??04:02
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: "-o" is for option " uid=1000 " tells the mount command to allow the uid (user who's ID is) 1000 (which is the first user) to use the partition freely04:02
frijoliehey all...how do I get my desktop to recognize my internal network card?04:02
jetoledipu, also desktop effects arn't valid on all hardware04:02
Picicaminomaster: ask in #freenode04:02
DMLouI'm having trouble with my wifi setup. It sees the wireless network I'm trying to connect to, but apparently it can't connect to the AP, get an IP address, etc.04:02
troubledaxjv: so is the GUI at the code level. just has prettier colors :)04:02
Cidanalso, PovAddict, I was asking if there was a package in a repos somewhere I have not seen.04:02
frijolieI'm getting no internet connectivity04:02
markusygenerated the deb packages from the .sh file from the ati website.. installed the debs compiled and installed the kernel module aticonfig --initial then restart04:02
axjvtroubled: It's warm and inviting, though =D04:02
youknowmeSomeone help Me? http://pastebin.com/m3899b36504:02
PovAddictCidan: oh I totally misunderstood your question, nvm04:02
jetoledipu: ubuntu claims it detects if your hardware is compatible but that probably isn't a 100% guarentee04:02
CidanDMLou: When it asks you for your passphrase, be sure you select the right type from the drop down04:02
dipujetole .. this is what i get 00:02.0 0300: 8086:27a2 (rev 03)04:03
frijolieand network-manager won't let me choose a wired network04:03
Evanlecanyone here using freeNX ?04:03
PovAddictcaminomaster: ask in #freenode04:03
markusyi've also added the old fglrx module to the restricted modules disable list04:03
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: ok/ Thanks. I'll mess with it and see where I get.04:03
caminomasterthank you, Pici04:03
CidanDMLou: Make SURE you're using hex 64 bit for a 10 digit pass, etc.04:03
jetoledipu: sit tight for a min while I look something up04:03
markusybut that really isn't relevant04:03
markusythe kernel module is loaded fine04:03
* PMantis figured there'd be lots of activity in here tonight. :)04:03
diputhanks jetole .. i appreciate your help04:03
DMLouCidan: I'm double-checking my router config04:03
PovAddictthis is crowded...04:03
abcde_Is Gutsy going to be released at any specific time, or just sometime tomorow?04:03
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: good luck.. probably ask again what to do when mount gives the "wrong fs type"04:03
PovAddictabcde_: see topic04:04
mapezArenlor. It works! Thanks.04:04
PovAddictwhen it's done04:04
markusyi've made a post on the forums04:04
markusyhope someone has found a solution :)04:04
jetoledipu: I havn't even looked that card up yet and I doubt it will do graphics well04:04
CidanI just want VMWare so I can get some stuff installed, but I want to keep it all package managed, :/04:04
jetole8086 is the intel pci vendor ID04:04
Cidanisn't there a commercial apt source?04:04
abcde_PovAddict, sorry.  It went by faster than usual, I couldn't catch all of it.04:04
Cidanthat has VM?04:04
axjvabcde_: No official time yet, I've heard it's been delayed.04:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about commercial - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:04
diputhanks jetole .. no probs ..04:04
cafuegoCidan: yes, there is04:04
PovAddictabcde_: hell yeah, this is really crowded04:04
DMLouCidan: okay, using 128bit WEP..  it's waiting for network key according to network manager04:05
abadtoothHey everyone, when will Ubuntu 7.10 be released EST timezone?04:05
CITguymarkusy: what was the make and model of the card?04:05
Evanlecaxjv, delayed? impossible!04:05
dipui am ok with no effects04:05
* troubled hugs cafuego for being a familiar face :)04:05
CidanWhat is the repo?04:05
cafuegoabadtooth: No.04:05
PovAddictabcde_: although you should see #freenode-newyears in december 31st04:05
dipui would have preferred .. but its ok04:05
markusyati x1600 pro 512mb agp04:05
abadtoothcafuego: ??04:05
Evanlec!wep | DMLou04:05
ubotuDMLou: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:05
nooobyis there a problem with ndiswrapper and wep?04:05
=== DARKGuy is now known as Gates
cafuegotroubled: Bit of a jostle today, innit?04:05
abcde_abadtooth, I just did the same thing, the topic says not to ask.04:05
=== Gates is now known as DARKGuy
Cidancafuego: Do you know the repo addr?04:05
abadtoothabcde_:  oh04:05
CITguymarkusy: ok, gimme a sec to look something up04:05
axjvEvanlec: Well that's what I heard in ubuntu-release-party, don't know if they were BSing or not. Something about the server cutting off the upload or something. I personally think it's a lie.04:05
cafuegoabadtooth: it will be released when it's ready.04:05
jetoledipu: I am still looking up data but have a peek @ => http://pci-ids.ucw.cz/iii/?i=808627a204:05
jpastoreis it possible to install gutsy packages in feisty? I want to install network manager 0.6.5 to fix a bug I'm dealing with in 0.6.404:05
=== nick_ is now known as EatsCreamedCorn
f0rtunewhats a good program to convert video files, from like avi to mp4?04:06
EatsCreamedCornf0rtune mencoder04:06
axjvjpastore: You can compile network manager in feisty04:06
abcde_abadtooth, I'm in the same boat, I'm not sure if I'm going to wait the extra hour until midnight04:06
PMantisjpastore: Might be a backport soon.. but don't take my work for it.04:06
cheeseboyhas anyone else had trouble with firefox?04:06
Arenlor32 hours left for Gutsy to be released04:06
abadtoothabcde_:  I'm staying up till it is released :P04:06
cheeseboyits very slow04:06
zylstra555I need to disable sudo so I can use a web installer (SMF Forum) without needing the SUDO command... how do I do this?04:06
Arenlorcheeseboy no, nor have I heard of that04:06
jpastorePMantis, well gutsy is going to be released real soon04:06
EatsCreamedCorncheeseboy, have you tried swiftweasel?04:07
jpastoreaxjv, I tried and failed...04:07
EvanlecUbuntu has a time-based release schedule which is quite nice for us, but a few hours late...not so bad04:07
=== alien18 is now known as Alien18[Gutsy]
robArenlor, we usually find it is at midday utc, so only 9 hours or so to go hopefully04:07
PMantisjpastore: RIght, and I figure after release, they'll backport some packages that fix bugs.04:07
abadtoothWhat is the best way to donate to Ubuntu?04:07
cheeseboyArenlor firefox takes 2 minutes to opem04:07
axjvjpastore: You ran the 'compile' file?04:07
cheeseboyi think thats a long time04:07
jdongwe hit 1337 in ubuntu again04:07
abcde_Is there going to be a torrent for Gutsy?  I'm looking for the one for Feisty, and I can't find it.04:08
KI4IKLHow can I unzip a theme tgz file into the theme folder?...what is thec ommand and the folder to put it in?04:08
th3blackd3vil_I think I found a bug04:08
jdongabcde_: not out yet, wait :)04:08
jpastorelet me go re downlaod....it was last week and I don't remember what I did exactly...I got it from the gnome project page04:08
jdongaww we passed it04:08
th3blackd3vil_Where do I report bugs?04:08
robonce the download page is updated, you should find all the info you need to get it04:08
axjvjpastore: I just got it, you need to compile it using sudo04:08
jpastoreaxjv, I think I did but I'll try again04:08
Arenlorcheeseboy are you on Gutsy and if so are you using the Firefox that came with it or one you compiled on your own, also have you tried disabling your addons and homepages then seeing how fast it is?04:09
CITguymarkusy: ok, does the file /usr/shar/fglrx exist?04:09
abcde_jdong, I was just curious, since I thought there'd be a Feisty torrent, and since there isn't I wasn't sure what that said about the Gutsy one.  There should be an RSS feed or something, so I am sure I get it as soon as it's out, even if I'm not at my PC.04:09
=== Alien18[Gutsy] is now known as [Gutsy]Alien18
cheeseboyArenlor, gust apt version04:09
=== Lucas_Panurge is now known as C_Nascimento
=== C_Nascimento is now known as Lucas_Panurge
=== kiru_ is now known as kiru_Gutsy
black_13so how do i quiet the boot process?04:10
abadtoothDoes anyone know a good way to donate to Ubuntu while being in the USA? I would rather just use paypal to donate some $$, but don't want to buy something from over seas just to pay a huge fee for shipping..04:10
Arenlorcheeseboy please disable all addons and set your homepage to open a blank page and try to open it again04:10
Evanlecabadtooth, u should be able to just make a monetary paypal donation04:10
Flannelabadtooth: Check out your LoCo team04:10
sparks_Question - Best resource for learning the proper way to network printer in Ubuntu.04:10
abadtoothEvanlec:  where is that?04:10
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: Wel, I changed the partition to fat32, thinking that it cant so file/folder security or acl's, and tried again. no joy. changed filesystem type to auto, and it works. Doubt it will automount this way, but is is a step...04:11
seanixhi :) anyone has problems with the menu (extra text?) how do i fix this? thanks :)04:11
ianm_abadtooth: buy a support contract and don't use it :D04:11
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: you did the automount in /etc/fstab?04:11
ianm_abadtooth: ah here http://www.ubuntu.com/community/donations04:11
abadtoothianm_:  that might be a tad bit overkill on my budget :P04:11
markusyCITguy, the last line in the xorg log is : (II) fglrx(0): [DRI] installation complete04:11
Evanlecabadtooth, http://www.ubuntu.com/community/donations04:12
axjvGotta go guys, bye.04:12
necronekostareverything i find on how to create livecd's has to do with editing a current livecd04:12
orangeyhey all.04:12
abadtoothThanks for the Links04:12
etzerdhello all04:12
ianm_(link) haha04:12
markusywhen the screen goes black i can't even use ctrl alt backspace to restart x04:12
sparks_Good night Gentlemen - I will find my answer elsewhere.04:12
Evanlecabadtooth, while ur at it u can make a donation to me for the link (and for helpin noobs in this chan) lol ;)04:12
etzerdhow many more days for the big lunch?04:12
orangeyI have a quick q re "Screen and Graphics". The "Secondary screen" option is greyed out.. any ideas as to how I can use it?04:12
orangeyin fact, dual-screen works just fine until Gnome boots up.. It works even in GDM04:12
jetoledipu:  <== follow these instructions for setting up kernel modules / xorg.conf but DO NOT INSTALL BERYL once that is all done restart your computer and try desktop effects again04:12
markusyanyone else using fglrx can tell me the last line of their xorg config?04:12
markusyxorg log sorrty04:13
abadtoothEvanlec:  I would, but my budget is very much :P04:13
cheeseboyArenlor, still slow04:13
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: no. Is that the right place for a usb hard drive to be configured for automount?04:13
CITguymarkusy: does your xorg.conf file load the agpgart module?04:13
Evanlecabadtooth, heh its okay, my budget is very tight as well04:13
Arenlorcheeseboy do other programs come up quickly?04:13
Flannelabadtooth: Check out your states LoCo team: http://www.ubuntu-us.org/04:13
dipujetole thanks a bunch04:13
dipui will try that04:13
Evanlecabadtooth, otherwise i would donate too ;p04:13
jetoledipu: also remember you are using an RC / Release Candidate, ubuntu is pretty fscking good when it comes to the RC level of their development but it is still RC, even if it is only two days old it is not final for a reason04:14
markusyCITguy, the agpgart module is loaded by the kernel04:14
abadtoothEvanlec: yeah doesn't it stink?04:14
blaydemarkusy, what is it you're looking for?04:14
ScottASHas anyone had a problem with Pango failing to install during an upgrade from openSUSE 10.2 to openSUSE 10.3?04:14
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: not if it's something you usually plug in and remove04:14
cheeseboyArenlor, yes04:14
jetoledipu: but I hope it works04:14
markusyblayde, do you use the fglrx driver?04:14
Evanlecabadtooth, yes...it really does, especially when you're young and have no experience :(04:14
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: tell you what? go to System > Preferences > Removable Drives and Media.. you might find something there04:14
* jetole is dying for the official release right about now04:15
Dankchildcan someone help me, like one on one?04:15
Arenlorcheeseboy I'd suggest reinstalling firefox04:15
jpastoreaxjv, I tried configure, and it's complaining about hal >=0.5.0 ...hal is installed not sure what version it is...how did you fix this?04:15
blaydemarkusy, yes - for a radeon X60004:15
ScottASArgh. Wrong Channel.04:15
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: thats what I thought. Didn't know to look there. Thanks04:15
markusyblayde, can you paste me the last line of you're /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:15
jetoleDankchild: whats your problem and breast size? I will need to know both of these in order to provide proper support04:15
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: np04:15
=== cache1 is now known as cached
markusyi need to see if x is freezing on load04:15
riotkittieargh. yer such a jerk, dude.  D:04:16
dipujetole ... i know that 7.10 will be released ina day or two .. how can i change from RC to stable04:16
markusyCITguy, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=355464604:16
dipuany idea ??04:16
blaydemarkusy, (II) XAA: Evicting pixmaps04:16
jj320how do i add resolutions to the list under screen resolutions mines running at 1024x768 and my monitor is 1280x102404:17
Dankchildhaha, after installing alien (sudo apt-get install alien) to get flash on 64bit firefox it says to enter these lines, in this order sudo alien nspluginwrapper-
markusyblayde, do you have "(II) fglrx(0): [DRI] installation complete" in there at all?04:17
Dankchildsudo alien nspluginwrapper-i386-
Dankchildsudo dpkg -i nspluginwrapper-
Dankchildsudo dpkg -i nspluginwrapper-i386-
riotkittiejj320: open a terminal and type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ... this will guide you through xorg setup ,nad you can choose resolutions there04:18
eternalswdanyone know how to get libcdio 0.78 to replace the one in feisty.  I would like to be able to build vlc trunk.  It's kind of ridiculous that 0.78 which has been out for about a year now wasn't put into gutsy otherwise I would just wait for dist-upgrade.04:18
Dankchildbut when i do it says04:18
Dankchilddpkg: error processing nspluginwrapper-i386- (--install):04:18
Dankchild cannot access archive: No such file or directory04:18
DankchildErrors were encountered while processing:04:18
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: there isn't much there. It says to mount removable media when hotplugged, which it does, but there isn't anything about ownership.04:18
jetoledipu: it should be done automatically for you when stable comes out but I had a few problems doing that from edgy to feisty and from feisty to RC04:18
orangeyany thoughts on why gutsy won't give me a "screen 2" that I can use, despite having a VGA output?04:18
Dankchildi did everything the guide told me to do, any suggestions?04:18
orangeyon my laptop, that is.04:18
nooobyi just installed gutsy rc1. I tried to activaet compiz-fusion through system>preferences>appearance but it says "composite extension not available" do i have to download another package"? i thought it was supported by default?04:19
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: yeah, sorry that didn't help04:19
jetoleluckily when I did feisty to RC I made a complete backup of /04:19
diputhanks jetole04:19
riotkittienoooby: what gfx card?04:19
jpastoreI have another problem. I cannot burn dvd-r's that are -R media...I read on the forums some other people are also having this problem...is there a fix for this?04:19
jetoleand a disk image of /boot04:19
Dankchildoh yeah and no breasts.04:19
blaydemarkusy, i'm not finding that anywhere...04:19
markusyok thanks blayde04:19
jetoleDankchild: I never got nswrapper to work properly myself, I installed 32bit firefox and it works fine04:20
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: I'm gonna post in the forum, cuz I bet there is a bug somewhere to do with this, I just don't know enough to be sure....04:20
CITguymarkusy: (WW) fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:1:0:1) found04:20
Dankchildcan i install 32 bit firefox on 64 bit system, if so how do i go about doing that?04:20
jetoleDankchild: I also don't really trust alien04:20
CITguymarkusy: X doesn't see your card04:20
nooobyriotkittie: radeon x600 (with restricted drivers installed)04:20
jetoleI trust Alanna but thats more of a personal matter04:21
jetoleand she's worth it04:21
CITguymarkusy: try:     sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:21
Separanybody have any idea if there will be an alternate CD release for gutsy? =\04:21
dipujetole ...just a small qwestion .. how do i edit the file /etc/modules04:21
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: probably search the forums before you post?04:21
cdm10dipu: you'll need to be root, so hit alt-f2 and type < gksudo gedit /etc/modules >04:21
dipui know sudo from command promt04:21
PovAddictSepar: why not?04:21
PovAddictmost probably there will04:21
poorlenoWhen will the 4.10 come out? I understand it's today, but between now and when?04:21
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: but i'm sure ubuntu.com is getting hammered right now04:21
Separ\o/ great04:21
dipuok thanks04:22
cdm10poorleno: look at the topic... i assume you mean 7.1004:22
frijolieanyone know how to get a NIC working?04:22
riotkittienoooby: your card's been blacklisted because there are issues with it and compiz-fusion. i cannot tell you what those issues are. we can override the blacklist, but i can't promise your system will be stable.  do you want to proceed?04:22
poorlenoOh, sorry. Yes, 7.10. I'll shutup now.04:22
digitalELPHdankchild: does this help, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins?action=show&redirect=FirefoxAMD64FlashJava04:22
jetoledipu: I typically type vim /etc/modules as root but an easy way for you would be to open up a console / terminal and type sudo gedit /etc/modules04:22
frijolieI'm getting no net connection on an internal Network card in an old desktop04:22
jetoledipu: ... gksudo gedit /etc/modules04:22
draconiusanybody here ever gotten WMVHD / WMA Pro to work properly in ANY media player?04:23
dipujetole got it.. thanks ... whats the diff between sudo and gksudo04:23
cdm10dipu: gksudo's for gui (not command line) applications04:23
teKnofreakdipu, gksudo gives you a GUI04:23
nooobyriotkittie: yes i do. can u lead me to the how-to or tell me how04:23
dipugreat thanks ..04:23
secret901poorleno: it's out 3 years ago04:23
Sherlockhey anyone know what time the new ubuntu is released??04:24
Separi may not need to get an alternate CD if someone can help figure out my live CD error on boot: "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off"04:24
Sherlockmidnight maybe04:24
cdm10Sherlock: LOOK at the TOPIC.04:24
rob!topic Sherlock04:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about topic sherlock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:24
rob!topic | Sherlock04:24
ubotuSherlock: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic04:24
riotkittienoooby: open up a terminal, type the following without quotes ... "echo SKIP_CHECKS=yes >> ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager"04:24
cdm10Sherlock: generally it goes out on BitTorrent early, and then goes to the HTTP mirrors later. 7.04 came out at about noon i think.04:24
Ward1983how can i make x11vnc not quit when i disconnect?04:24
viverantanyone else having issues with network and serial services in bluetooth applet not staying started on reboot?04:24
jetoledipu: gksudo is more qualified to handle graphical / X applications as root04:25
CITguy*** Just a note to those of you just joining us. We do NOT know the exact time that Gutsy will be available. All we know is that it will be available sometime within the next 24 hours. ***04:25
markusyCITguy, set the correct busid in the xorg config brb04:25
cdm10CITguy: maybe suggest putting it into the topic over in #ubuntu-ops04:25
Separanyone help with my thing above?04:25
taboI joined because ubuntu.com is down, I thought it was being updated for the release04:26
gpmhey guys, is there a way to get my wallpaper to change randomly at a timed interval, short of writing a script and adding it as a cron job or installing wallpaper-tray?04:26
=== plutarch is now known as bauhb
robcdm10, it already is04:26
=== eon_ is now known as eontastico
nooobythat's it? and it'll work?04:26
nooobyriotkittie: that's it and it'll work?04:26
eontasticoso wtf is wrong with flash and firefox and ubuntu04:26
taboand I didn't know ubuntu.com switched from plone to drupal04:26
NeosophistHiya, I need to install "SDL-Development" can I get it with apt-get?04:26
cdm10rob: It is? My client isn't displaying the whole thing then.04:26
eontasticoi hate that i cant even watch more than 2 youtube vids04:26
tonyyarussogpm: I've heard there is a package for it, but don't know the name04:26
tonyyarussogpm: not natively, I know that.04:26
robcdm10, Gutsy release party in #ubuntu-release-party, please don't ask when it'll be out04:26
riotkittienoooby: should. ALT + F2 and type compiz --replace when you've done it. you might need to alt ctrl bkspc out of x, but i think the first will work alright04:27
gpmtonyyarusso: wallpaper-tray, but it has this annoying little icon in the tray that i you can't get rid of04:27
robcdm10, that's at the end04:27
tonyyarussogpm: bah :(04:27
cdm10rob: oh, ok, I saw that, but there was more that CITguy said that helps answer the question.04:27
gpmtonyyarusso: c'est la vie.04:27
tonyyarussogpm: then you'd have to do it yourself I guess04:27
frijolielooks like i picked the wrong night to ask for help..it's way too busy in here04:27
borovy3488no more gutsy channel?04:27
gpmtonyyarusso: yeah. but the only way i can think of is a bash script with a cron job, and that's sloppy04:27
felipe__Hello, could someone help me adding citrix support to de tsclient?04:27
nooobyriotkittie: thank you. after the skip-check thing, i can use compiz like normal like every1 else w/ ccsm?04:27
cdm10borovy3488: #ubuntu-release-party i guess, since it's almost released04:27
gpmtonyyarusso: oh well. thanks anyway04:28
riotkittienoooby: should be able to04:28
Renan_Gutsyhey anybody04:28
borovy3488cdm10: thanks04:28
Separcan anybody help with errors i get on live CD boot, "/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off"04:28
=== T_Heckman is now known as [Gutsy]Heckman
=== rob changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | Please be patient and read the FAQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Gutsy release party in #ubuntu-release-party | Gutsy will be released some time in the next 24 hours, please don't ask
WorkingOnWiseDavy_Jones: had to take the dogs out..I'll post on the forum when things cool down a bit. Aint all this intrest in 7.10 awesome?!04:28
robthere we go04:28
* jetole flicks macd's ear04:28
xTheGoat121xEvening all04:29
jetoleoi macd04:29
macdhey jetole04:29
beerfancan we discuss gutsy yet? :-)04:29
riotkittiebeerfan: discuss away.04:29
jetolewhats shaking bru?04:29
Davy_JonesWorkingOnWise: yah, good luck with getting to ubuntu.com :P04:29
HugLeoWhy I get the message 5 CDs requested on 2007-10-09. 5 CDs were approved and sent to the shipping company on 2007-10-15. ?04:29
macdnotta really, but we shouldnt talk casually in here either, join shacknet #base ?04:29
HugLeoI think release is today don't 2007-10-1504:30
jetolemacd: was already on it04:30
robif you want to have a general discussion there is #ubuntu-release-party and #ubuntu-offtopic04:30
seamus7Tracker through the Deskbar -verses- Tracker through the accessories menu .. hmmmm ... I find the Deskbar overkill ... anyone else?04:30
foxrayis installing the nvidia driver on gutsy gibbon same way it was done on fietsy fawn?04:30
=== cached is now known as a
xTheGoat121xMy system monitor is showing 94% processor usage, but when I look at my open programs, hardly any of my resources are being used... is it possible to have a false-positive?04:31
robfoxray, with Restricted Drivers manager04:31
=== a is now known as cachedohol
Renan_GutsyUbuntu is dead04:31
bigK_Is there a good install guide to dual boot xp ubuntu when the machine has multiple hard drives?   Am I overlooking this somewhere?  - Thanks04:31
robyes we know04:31
=== reacuna is now known as reacuna_
seamus7xTheGoat121x: did you just install Gutsy?04:31
riotkittiesite's not dead for me04:31
Flannel!dualboot | bigK_04:31
ubotubigK_: Dual boot instructions:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo (x86/AMD64) - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookProFeisty04:31
xTheGoat121xseamus... no sir, I'm still running Feisty04:31
foxrayrob: yes that way i'm talking about with the restricted devices manager like this website http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#How_to_setup_nVidia_drivers_in_7.0404:31
Renan_GutsyFucinho de porco num é tomada04:31
bigK_ubotu:  thanks!04:32
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:32
nooobyriotkittie: i don't have a /.config/compiz folder04:32
seamus7xTheGoat121x: nevermind ... i thought you might be experiencing Tracker indexing your home folder04:32
elementhey guys04:32
Renan_GutsyFucinho de porco num é tomada04:32
NinjjaXhahah... Aqui o pessoal eh mais tranquilo04:32
[Gutsy]HeckmanEveryone join #ubuntu-release-party04:32
robfoxray, it will appear in the icon tray on the top right, also under the menus04:32
elementI have Logitech USB headphones04:32
ARJonesI am really confused about what the out-of-the-box codecs gutsy will support are, and how they are handled. The wiki does not cover this. Anyone know a site that does, or that can answer that for me?04:32
kanjolet's party 2nite for GUTSY!!! #ubuntu-release-party04:32
Renan_GutsyHappy Party04:32
xTheGoat121xseamus7, will there be an option in Gutsy to disable the tracker?04:32
elementanyone have an Idea in how I would get those working in linux04:32
Renan_GutsyMario Party (nintendo) is here?04:32
kanjolet's party 2nite for GUTSY!!! #ubuntu-release-party04:32
tonyyarussoNo need to advertise the party in here - it's in the topic.04:32
[Gutsy]HeckmanYou'll find out when it is releasewd04:32
se7en^Of^9rc = finale relase for kubuntu 7.10 ?04:33
Renan_Gutsyi'm from Brasil04:33
Flannelse7en^Of^9: No04:33
Renan_GutsyBrasil 5 x 0 Equador04:33
robThis channel is for support, please don't advertise the other channels over and over again :D04:33
HugLeoRenan_Gutsy: _ Here too!!! stop, please.04:33
=== [Gutsy]Heckman is now known as Heckman
extrakicksorry quick question, is it true there are viruses and spyware on linux systems04:33
viverantI am guessing the RC wasnt the final release04:33
Gum1We have the best soccer!04:33
extrakickwell i men that u can get them04:33
viverantleast I hope not04:33
eulogy_RC is Release Candidate.04:33
riotkittienoooby: that's bizarre. are you actually looking for the folder, or did you get an error message with that command?04:33
=== Heckman is now known as [Gutsy]Heckman
=== cachedohol is now known as cached
xTheGoat121xSo anyone have an idea, is it possible to have a false positive on CPU usage in the system monitor?04:34
Separextrakick: very rare occasions04:34
=== kduboi2 is now known as kdub433
extrakicksepar, doh does tht mean i should really have antivirus installed on uuntu04:35
secret901what happened to #ubuntu+1?04:35
cafuegoit's sekret now04:35
Madpilotextrakick, there's never been a Linux virus "in the wild" - lab creations only. Don't bother with antivirus, mostly04:35
nooobyriotkittie: i was looking for that folder to get into in the terminal so i could enter the command and coudln't find it. my /.config folder just has gtk-2.0, tracker, and user-dirs.dirs, and user-dirs.locale04:35
willgameCan someone tell me what time of day Gutsy Will Be released?04:35
cafuegowillgame: 11pm04:36
cdm10!topic | willgame04:36
ubotuwillgame: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic04:36
=== reacuna_ is now known as reacuna
[Gutsy]Heckman11 PM which time?04:36
ralphohow about what kernel it uses04:36
cafuegoI dunno which timezone.04:36
cdm10That's not true04:36
MTughanOh, I was just wondering about that...04:36
cdm10#u-r-p says they don't know when it'll be released04:36
Sherlockanyone here have a macbook??04:36
[Gutsy]HeckmanIt's 11:30 PM here04:36
cafuegoBut it'll probably be 11pm *somewhere*04:36
cdm10ralpho: I'm running it, i'll tell you04:36
cdm10hold on04:36
sainzeohey all, after installing the nvidia drivers with Envy, i am getting glx missing on display errors - any ideas?04:36
beerfananyone use mt-daapd in gutsy? I can't get rhythmbox to see daap playlists even though the feature list says it does04:36
MTughanSherlock: Yes.04:36
willgameoh haha04:36
ralphocdm10 thanks04:36
extrakickmadpilot, im dual booting, windows xp and ubuntu 7.04, should i have additional precaution because im dual booting04:37
SherlockMTughan: under feisty you ever get suspend to work, without kernel upgrade?04:37
MTughanOh, never run it natively. Just inside a VM.04:37
ralphocdm10 thanks i was wondering could not find it anywhere04:37
riotkittienoooby: in that case, i dont know what to tell you :|04:37
extrakickmadpilot, sorry im just asking incase that changes anything04:37
jdongSherlock: everyone says feisty suspend for macbooks is broken04:37
Sherlockif you ever do, there is a great wiki for it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook04:38
jdongSherlock: I am running Gutsy on my macbook and it suspends fine with very very minor tweaks to acpi-support04:38
Madpilotextrakick, keep running anti-vir on your XP partition; I wouldn't bother in Ubuntu, but you can04:38
cdm10ralpho: it's easy, watch me04:38
=== gustavo is now known as GuHHH
Sherlockjdong: you got a late C2d??04:38
MTughanThanks, I'm happy with OS X. Better than the M$ crap.04:38
cdm10!info linux-image gutsy | ralpho04:38
uboturalpho: linux-image: Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 24 kB, installed size 52 kB04:38
beerfanextrakick: viruses are almost universally OS dependant. you should be safe04:38
jdongSherlock: yes, I got the latest generation 2.16 c2d04:38
=== Atlantiz[Gutsy] is now known as [Gutsy]Atlantiz
MTughanSweet... This is a CD 2.0Ghz.04:38
secret901When I resume from hibernate, my wireless connection is disconnected04:38
jeevan_ullasis gutsy released ??04:38
clustyjdong: know anything about flaky suspend suport for laptops?04:38
sainzeohey all, after installing the nvidia drivers with Envy, i am getting glx missing on display errors - any ideas?04:38
jdongMTughan: you'll be even better supported04:38
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information04:38
clustyjdong: mine works 1/3 at best04:39
Sherlockjdong: hmmm yea im under 1.86 never work out of box, the gutsy kernel did04:39
jdongclusty: suspend support tends to be extremely hardware specific04:39
secret901Wireless worked in Fiesty but had problems in Gutsy04:39
extrakickmadpilot, cheers i'll just stick with antivirus on windows xp, wat about spyware? do i need protection ofr that on ubuntu?04:39
viverantsainzeo, undo envy and try using the restricted drivers method04:39
extrakickbeerfan, cheer for the info04:39
Madpilotextrakick, no such thing (yet) as Linux spyware04:39
clustyjdong: weird part is that feisty supported just fine this model04:39
beerfanextrakick: forget about that crap...just don't run apps as root and you'll be fine04:39
Taluntui ican04:39
Taluntui cant wait for ubuntu 7.10 :D04:39
* Taluntu counting the mins to realase :p04:39
sainzeoviverant, i've tried that as well and i get the same errors04:39
secret901Taluntu: just get the rc04:40
clustyis there any use to doing a clean install once gutsy is releaqsed?04:40
* jamisnemo wonders how hard it would be to make spyware for linux..04:40
viverantsainzeo, what type of card?04:40
cdm10clusty: if you want, you can...04:40
jdongclusty: suspend under Linux tends to be flaky in that manner, primarily because we (the Linux developers) are provided with next to no information on how to properly put devices into sleep and re-initialize them on wakeup04:40
jflashI type:04:40
sainzeoviverant, geforce 660004:40
jflashI type:  ./apachectl -k graceful    .. and I  get "no such file or directory"04:40
Taluntuhow much time left to the realase ?04:40
extrakickthank you madpilot and beerfan, its just cause i found an ubuntuguide that said there are viruses and spyware and to install etc...04:40
jflashthis is under etc/apache204:40
cdm10Taluntu: look at the topic04:40
jflashplease help!04:40
jdongTaluntu: please read topic04:40
* Erythro loads ubuntu.com and hits refresh repeatedly04:40
Taluntuwhat is r04:41
extrakickso because im new to linux, that kinda shocked what i thought i knew, hahaha04:41
clustyjdong: i imagine and you add on top the binary drivers :(04:41
Gum1Peaple, have any problem if i speak about soccer?04:41
beerfanextrakick: that's written by people coming from windows who don't know better04:41
jdongErythro: please don't knock down the server....04:41
secret901I have a Dell e1505 laptop, and everything worked under Feisty.  Now in Gutsy suspend and wireless are really flaky.04:41
MTughanUbuntu.com was overloaded just a little while ago...04:41
nooobyriotkittie: since i was blacklisted, do i need to install the compiz-fusion packages? is that why i don't have those folders? or am i looking in the wrong place04:41
Madpilotextrakick, there's lots of sub-standard "support" writing out there - which URL were you at?04:41
MTughanTaluntu: Release Candidate.04:41
Erythrojdong: i was just kidding :)04:41
jdongclusty: yeah. fglrx suspend is a disaster on Gutsy for sure04:41
jdongErythro: I bet 10 bucks there's thousands out there who are doing it right now :D04:41
tonyyarusso!offtopic | Gum104:41
ubotuGum1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:41
Flanneljflash: Which version of ubuntu is this?04:41
extrakickmadpilot, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#How_to_mount.2Funmount_Image_.28ISO.29_files_without_burning04:41
secret901#ubuntu+1 is inaccessible04:41
HorizonXPwhich room would i go for Gutsy support?04:42
Gum1ubotu: Ok ok...04:42
FlannelHorizonXP: this one04:42
HorizonXPi did the dist-upgrade04:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ok ok... - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:42
cdm10secret901: that's because it's about to be released04:42
clustyjdong: something i dont really get: my sony has 2 video cards which i can choose at boot time. some dude said here that i cant have 3d accel running for both04:42
dWhois it today?04:42
Gum1nothing about soccer...04:42
dWhois it today?04:42
clustyjdong: is that true? and why?04:42
cdm10HorizonXP: you weren't supposed to do the dist-upgrade.04:42
DMLouHorizon: apparently this is now the gutsy support room, since Gutsy should be released any minute now if not already04:42
extrakickbeerfan, lol, that would figure right04:42
dWhois it today?04:42
Madpilotextrakick, meh. some of the stuff on ubuntuguide.org is good, some of it is... not. Stick to the main Ubuntu docs - help.ubuntu.com04:42
ubotuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic04:42
SeparCan anybody help with the busybox error when I try and boot from the live CD: "/bin/sh: Can't access tty; job control turned off"?04:42
Ward1983how can i tell x11vnc not to quit when i disconect?04:42
HorizonXPok guys, well i ran update-manager -d04:42
HorizonXPcuz i wanted to avoid the mad rush04:43
jdongclusty: you should be able to... Feisty had specific work done to it to redetect changed graphics hardware at boot04:43
Gum1People, samebody canb help me? I have the problem with Optiplex 320, samebody sed this problem?04:43
Ryuhogo ubuntu04:43
beerfanextrakick: believe only half of what you see, and none of what you read...I guess applies here lol04:43
Ryuhoyou make me hard with your human color04:43
eontasticoanyone know of any WYSIWYG ASP EDITORS for linux?04:43
HorizonXPi had compiz installed from seperate packages..... now compiz doesn't work04:43
extrakickmadpilot, ok cheers for that. u and beerfan have put my mind to rest04:43
cdm10I'd say it's no use trying to get support here until 5 days after release.04:43
Gum1I can't install in this machine...04:43
jdongdWho: one is enough04:43
extrakickbeerfan , lol04:43
dWhoeontastico : i dunno monodevelop?04:43
cafuegoPlease direct moronic spam to #ubuntu-release-party04:43
clustyjdong: thanx a bunch04:43
MTughanWYSIWYG ASP editors? I didn't know you could get something like that...04:43
sainzeoviverant, any ideas?04:43
jdongclusty: sure thing04:43
riotkittienoooby: i really dont know. my card was blacklisted, and i used the command to override, and had no issues at all. did effects /ever/ work for you under 7.10? [maybe they put the blacklist into the actual installation after i'd gotten the disc. mine worked out of the box, but were killed with an upgrade]04:44
extrakickbeerfan, madpilot, thank you both for your advice, it was much appreciated.04:44
dudeanyone, is upgrading a worse idea than a fresh install?04:44
Madpilotextrakick, no problem, have fun04:44
beerfanextrakick: when reading those howtos, it's good to get a second opinion04:44
dWhocafuego... : relax04:44
viverantsainzeo, checking around but not getting much04:44
MTughandude: No, except on Windows. :P04:44
naliothdude: linux is designed to only be installed once, and upgraded ever after04:44
jdongdude: not necessarily, I've upgraded across 5 Ubuntu releases04:44
MTughanActually, I'm not quite sure.04:44
extrakickmadpilot, will do04:44
canerthe question may be irrelevant but a contemporary porblem that most of you might live. i am planning to move 7.10 tomorrow but how i dont know how can i move my firefox personal information (bookmarks and passwords)? is there any way to extract them?)04:44
dudethanks guys04:44
cafuegodWho: Imagine all 1300 users deciding to spam like you did. Just not cool.04:44
dudehopefully this will be the update that kills my second windows partition *cross fingers*04:45
dWhocafuego : .... is it spam... oops... sorry....04:45
jdongcaner: an upgrade will not affect any of your personal data and settings04:45
MTughan1362 members, that is.04:45
eontasticodWho:  thanks this looks like exactly what i want04:45
extrakickbeerfan, yep definately so, peaceout, im off to sleep, and hoping to try 7.10 in the morning, hahaha04:45
Ward1983lol cafuego04:45
nooobyriotkittie: i just got 7.10 upgraded like 20 min. ago and the first thing i did was try to get the effects to work.04:45
dWhoeontastico : go mono dude04:45
=== picodon- is now known as TBird
riotkittiecaner: theyre in your ~ dir , probably in .mozilla  ... why not keep ~ entirely?04:45
secret901caner: how are you moving to 7.10?04:45
jdongcaner: if you ever do need to back up your Firefox profile, it's in a folder called .mozilla in your home directory. You can just copy that somewhere else and replace it later04:45
canerjdong : yes i know that but unfortunately i will not upgrade. i want an clean install04:45
[R]i'm trying to get suspend 2 ram working... i've tried every method i can find... it goes to sleep fine but it wont wake up... does anyone know anything i can try?04:46
riotkittienoooby: in a term, type apt-cache policy compiz04:46
jdongcaner: I'd recommend backing up your entire /home then, so you can extract that and restore all your personal testtings04:46
canerjdong will it move passwords also?04:46
DMLouR: have you tried s2ram or s2both?04:46
jdongcaner: Firefox stores its passwords in ~/.mozilla too04:46
riotkittienoooby: let me know if its installed or not04:46
Jimb_After a web upgrade i now get a kernel panic when gutsy tries to start04:46
savagenatorsudo apt-get remove 7.04 && sudo apt-get install 7.1004:46
canerjdong thanks04:46
[R]DMLou: s2ram04:46
canerjdong home is really a mess and i want to get rid of it :)04:46
[R]DMLou: and hibernate-script, and powersave04:47
DMLouR: what video drivers are you using?04:47
viverantsainzeo, did you run updates before or after installing the restricted driver at all?04:47
[R]DMLou: i was doing it in console04:47
canerjdong .mozilla way is enough thanx04:47
DMLouR: so X isn't running at all?04:47
sainzeoviverant, i ran the updates before i attempted to do the restricted driver04:47
nooobyriotkittie: it says "Installed" with a bunch of stuff and then "Candidate" under w/ a bunch of stuff04:47
viverantsainzeo, sorry I am out of ideas04:47
sainzeoviverant, thats okay - thanks for trying04:47
forkmantisI need some help understanding how to configure directory permissions04:47
DMLouR: weird...  any chance you have any X drivers installed?  I'm just asking since the proprietary ATI driver kernel mod has issues with s2ram04:47
MTughanforkmantis: chmod04:48
Jimb_Anyway to recover feom kernel panic?04:48
forkmantisI have a log directory that www-data writes to04:48
DMLouyou may have the mod installed even without running X04:48
[R]DMLou: the nvidia is installed, but i checked lsmod, it wasn't enabled04:48
forkmantisand I run command line tasks that write to as well04:48
DMLouJimb: hit the big red switch and pray it doesn't happen again04:48
ianm_Jimb_: try booting with a different kernel?04:48
stefano_Does anyone know if it is possible to have SCIM as the default input, but disabled by default making it so that the english keyb default and when turned on Ctrl+Space it switches to the lang i have selected.04:48
DMLouR: ok...  I'm stumped then, sorry (:04:48
DMLouer :(04:48
savagenator./feeds of the techy linux convo04:48
* savagenator feeds04:48
Jimb_It happens everytime04:48
lavender_dreamis ubuntu+1 room "full" or something?04:48
* DMLou is still wrestling with his wifi config04:48
PovAddictlavender_dream: it's 'secret'04:48
riotkittienoooby: what driver are you using at the moment?04:49
DMLoulavender: I think since gutsy is practically out the door, they want to get that room set up for heron04:49
forkmantisMTughan: I'm looking for a way to avoid having to manually chmod the log file every time04:49
SeparCan anybody help with the busybox error when I try and boot from the live CD: "/bin/sh: Can't access tty; job control turned off"?04:49
youknowmewhats the party channel?04:49
Flannellavender_dream: no, its redirecting here.  This is the place for gutsy support.  #ubuntu-release-party is the place for non-support gutsy stuff.04:49
Jimb_Started after doing a update -d04:49
forkmantisumask on the folder shows 002204:49
tonyyarussoyouknowme: read the topic04:49
MTughanforkmantis: It's deleted and then recreated every time?04:49
ianm_youknowme: cinemax I think04:49
forkmantisit's appended to04:49
nooobyriotkittie: how do i figure that out? i just clicked inside the "restricted driver's" management thing and enabled the restrcited driver04:49
MTughanSo chmod it to 0666.04:49
eontasticodWho: what extension would a .NET Project file have?04:49
ianm_that way only the devil can read it04:49
Jimb_Im typing on my iphone so this is slow04:49
ianm_Jimb_: did you try a different kernel?  hit Esc at boot and choose an older one04:50
forkmantisMTughan: Is there a way to make it default to 0666 if it's deleted, regardless of wether it's created by me or the webserver?04:50
MTughanI don't think so.04:50
Jimb_I did a update-manager -d04:50
=== jetole is now known as ubuntwho
lavender_dreamFlannel: Thank you04:50
PovAddictforkmantis: there are "umasks" but I'm not sure if it's what you need04:50
riotkittienoooby: ah ha. i should have thought to ask that sooner :|  i think you have to install other packages to use it with the restricted driver but i'm not sure what they are :|04:50
dWho<eontastico> : i really mdp for project and mds for solution i guess...04:51
forkmantisPovAddict: the current umask for the directory is 002204:51
riotkittiexserver-xgl ? maybe04:51
Jimb_After it was done i rebooted and got the kernel panic04:51
nooobyriotkittie: o0o0 ok thanks .. i'll go look for it =)04:51
forkmantiswhich should result in default perms of 0755, right?04:51
Jimb_Previously it worked flawlesslt04:51
PovAddictforkmantis: I think umasks are for processes, not for directories04:51
Ward1983how can i tell x11vnc not to quit when i disconect?04:51
MTughan0755 means only write support for the owner, not the group or others.04:51
PovAddictforkmantis: so it depends on what umask the webserver has while running :\04:51
dWhoeontastico : try it it you can develop vb.net/asp.net/gtk and windows forms in linux04:51
Jimb_Sec let me see04:52
dWhoeontastico : you can even import visual studio.net project in  monodevelop04:52
forkmantisumask 0011 did the trick04:52
AMH_bobHi everyone!04:52
Conceptswow alot of users in here04:52
MTughanHi, and bye.04:52
MTughan1358 in all.04:52
Conceptsi love ubuntu :)04:52
PovAddictthere are 'gutsy-desktop-i386.iso' torrents04:52
DMLouConcepts: I'd love it more if I could get my damned wifi card to work :P04:52
ianm_Concepts: ubuntu loves you too04:52
MTughanConcepts: I figured if you're in here. :P04:53
dWhoPovAddict : is it official?04:53
nrdbWard1983: if you don't start the server on a particular port, then use the client to connect to that port, the server shouldn't quit when you close the client.04:53
PovAddictdWho: no idea04:53
MTughanWe're not all running Ubuntu though. I'm on OS X with Ubuntu in a VM.04:53
eontasticodWho: my situation is i have all the asp files for a site that a client of mine wants moved to our webserver --- we mainly deal with php but we have asp installed as well --- they want us to add a few actions to the site using ASP, there are pre-existing actions that really just need to be copied and modified, but I am not a codemonkey04:53
Jimb_Ok it is getting past that issue.  What is the cause?04:53
cdm10Yes, the torrent normally comes out before the http release... so you can get it a bit early.04:53
eontasticoi dont see that we have the project files04:53
eontasticojust the asp04:53
DMLouhas anyone had any luck at all with wifi on a ThinkPad T42 with an Atheros card?  I can get the driver (both madwifi and ndiswrapper and no, I not at the same time) to see the card, but it won't associate with an AP04:54
cdm10However, I'm already running Gutsy with the latest updates (from Beta CD) so I'm already there.04:54
PovAddictdWho: there's 4 of each, all different infohash, so who knows...04:54
ianm_Jimb_: a bug in that kernel on your hardware...04:54
Ward1983nrdb it doe quit when i disconnect04:54
VampyricIs Gusty Going live at midnight?04:54
blazemongerdoes anyone here have a ibm thinkcentre 8184NUG04:54
DMLouI've tried everything up until the associate part in the wifi troubleshooting pages04:54
ianm_Jimb_: so make a note of where it hangs, google it, most likely it's a known problem, then just wait till it's fixed ;)04:54
PovAddictVampyric: see topic04:54
MTughanVampyric: Depends on what timezone too.04:54
blazemongerif so i need help04:54
nrdbWard1983: you started the server from the command line ?04:54
ianm_Jimb_: until then use the older kernel04:54
ver1982hi everyone04:54
Concepts11:50pm here eastern time us04:54
blazemongerdoes anyone here have a ibm thinkcentre 8184NUG04:55
ver1982is gutsy already released?04:55
Ward1983nrdb correct04:55
ianm_Concepts: where are you?04:55
dWhoeontastico : monodevelop is good ide if you're in linux04:55
dystopianrayver1982: no04:55
cdm10ver1982: look at the topic.04:55
MTughanConcepts: 11:55PM.04:55
abadtootheveryone /join #ubuntu-release-party04:55
Jimb_Now is kde but i can live with it04:55
VampyricMTughan, sorry but topic dosn't show any info on it on my side or I wouldn't have asked04:55
Conceptseast coast virginia beach virginia04:55
MTughanabadtooth: I was there before...04:55
ver1982sorry :)04:55
nrdbWard1983: ok, I have done it that way in the past, don't know why its quiting.04:55
MTughanVampyric: Topic says it'll be released within 24 hours, and not to ask specifics.04:55
ianm_Jimb_: the kernel doesn't change gnome to kde... :D04:55
Ward1983sorry for slow typing nrdb im on vnc now with apsp04:56
cdm10LOOK AT THE TOPIC, go to #ubuntu-release-party for GUTSY release info.04:56
dWho<eontastico> : if you're just going to add or bind some actions go mono04:56
Ward1983nrdb no prob ill ask again later04:56
Jimb_I agree, something in the update-manager  -d caused it04:56
nrdbWard1983: try starting the server with the minimum arguments.04:57
ianm_Jimb_: just choose what you want at the login screen04:57
Jimb_I switched already04:57
hidoxany knows about ultimate ubuntu ?04:57
Jimb_Nice seeing number of its below folder icon04:58
Ward1983i will tomorrow is not possile now im running vnc04:58
Jimb_Nice addition to gnome04:58
MTughanOkay, my last 20-30 messages here are people joining/parting.05:01
Dan_LI was just about to ask.  And the topic says "don't ask".05:01
riotkittieMTughan: isnt it lovely?05:01
Dan_LHere I was all "Today, I get to start learning linux".05:01
Dan_LI've been clicking refresh for the last 4 hours.  I'm kidding.05:01
axjvDoes anyone know what program makes the best and nicest-looking charts?05:02
MTughanDan_L: Some people have. >_>05:02
d|vis there any difference between the release and the rc05:02
JimbOpen office05:02
MTughanaxjc: Try OpenOffice Calc.05:02
Dan_LCharts?  Try open office Calc or Draw.05:02
logreevalIs 35C a good temp for an AMD am2 6000+ cpu?05:02
MTughand|v: I don't think so. If there are, not many.05:02
HipotermiAlink of ubuntu gusty?05:02
axjvMTughan: I've tried that, the pie charts look a little... Windows 95-is.05:02
cachedCalc isn't terribly pretty05:02
DMLouif you want something programmable, ploticus does a good job05:02
cdm10HipotermiA: it's not out yet, and this is the wrong channel. Get out.05:02
MTughanlogreeval: 35C is excellent.05:02
cachedIt has a long way to go05:02
d|vok yeah i didn't think so05:03
Fitzsimmonswhat is the right channel05:03
MTughanlogreeval: My Core Duo is running at 70C.05:03
d|vi installed the rc i figured its pretty much the same05:03
cachedFitzsimmons: #right05:03
hakancenselamlar   ubuntu 7.10 kararlı sürümü çıktımı bilen varmı ?  link varmı  çıktıysa verirmisiniz ??????05:03
cdm10!topic | Fitzsimmons, HipotermiA05:03
ubotuFitzsimmons, HipotermiA: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:03
logreevalMTughan: thanks, and wow that seems hot05:03
code48how do you unpack a package once you download it? I want to install irsii and i think it's in fiesty05:03
MTughanlogreeval: It can handle up to 100C.05:03
HipotermiAfuck you!05:03
cdm10code48: just get it from the repos05:03
logreevalMTughan: jeez, do you happened to know what my Am2 can handle?05:03
Flannelcode48: irssi is in all ubuntu versions.  Use apt-get, don't download it.05:04
MTughanlogreeval: Check AMD's site.05:04
Flannelempthollow: /part05:04
d|vim not a fan of pidgin though05:04
Dan_LLOL.  I like this HipotermiA guy.05:04
hidox_I tried to get a channel talking about Ultimate ubuntu  , any knows any ???05:04
d|vits crashed numerous times05:04
logreevalMTughan: ok, il check05:04
Flannelcode48: `sudo apt-get install irssi`05:04
MTughanDan_L: I agree.05:04
d|vi never had problems with gaim that i have with pidgin05:04
diabolixis there a release party channle, or is everyone hanging out in here?05:04
Dankchildhey i have a webcam and i was wondering how do i get it to work?05:04
cdm10diabolix: look at the topic.05:04
MTughan!topic diabolix05:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about topic diabolix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:04
code48i did this command "sudo aptitude install irssi irssi-scripts screen openssh-server" and it says it cant find it05:04
MTughan!topic, diabolix05:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about topic, diabolix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:05
MTughanDamn you...05:05
ianm_axjv: try gnumeric ?05:05
sandrotjust did an update, looks like my grub menu.lst file was overridden, did ubuntu make a backup?05:05
cdm10!topic | diabolix05:05
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hakancenubuntu 7.10 linkkkk ???????????05:05
MTughanYeah, just looked it up.05:05
cdm10!topic | hakancen05:05
ubotuhakancen: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:05
riotkittieif youre looking for a download link, it does not exist at the present time as it has not been released, hakancen05:06
code48flannel i tried that command and it returned E: Couldn't find package irssi05:06
Sherlockubuntu could use a floppy install05:06
MTughanriotkittie: 7.10 RC is still available.05:06
axjvOr, if anyone can help me make a chart like this: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Image:ProgrammingLanguage2s.png05:06
Flannelcode48: Are you connected to the internet?  Have you done an apt-get update?05:06
code48yes im connected. do i just type apt-get?05:07
riotkittieMTughan: it is not.05:07
axjvI have the program, but I don't know how to make it that smooth looking.05:07
Flannelcode48: if you have, and you still don't have irssi, your sources.list is messed up, and we'll have to fix it.05:07
code48i just installed ubuntu05:07
Flannelcode48: sudo apt-get update05:07
d|vi figure if there are any changes when the final release is out they will have an update for people with the rc05:07
Flannelcode48: ah, thats the reason then05:07
MTughanOh... I thought it was.05:07
riotkittieMTughan: unless one wants to grab it from a place other than the official site05:07
SeparCan anybody help with the busybox error when I try and boot from the live CD: "/bin/sh: Can't access tty; job control turned off"?05:07
code48okay im downloading some stuff it looks like05:07
MTughanIf you can find a TORRENT file, BitTorrent should still have it.05:07
Meshezabeelaxjv, openoffice?05:07
hakancenneyse sanırım herzamanki gibi bilen yok herkes bir birine küfretmekten cevap verme nezaketini bösteremiyor galiba vazgeçtim bende05:07
Flannelcode48: what its doing is getting a list of available packages from the repositories.  Afte this, you can install irssi with the previous command05:08
PovAddictgoing to sleep...05:08
cdm10!en | hakancen05:08
ubotuhakancen: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat05:08
axjvMeshezabeel: I have 2.3, just don't know how to make charts look like that.05:08
Ryuhogo split!05:08
Meshezabeelaxjv: what's so special about that chart, looks ordinary to me05:08
MTughanNo, I don't think it was a split...05:08
JimbHave to remember which keyboard i'm on b4 i alt ctl bksp05:08
mobileikeso. when does official 7.10 hit?05:08
axjvMeshezabeel: Mine look really tacky.05:09
MTughan!topic | mobileike05:09
ubotumobileike: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:09
DMLouok... I give up on wifi05:09
DShepherdmobileike, #ubuntu-release-party05:09
code48terrific! thanks flannel!05:09
Eastin24Hi, when can I download the gutsy gibbon?05:09
Meshezabeelaxjv: look at all the options, and make sure you set to a decent size05:09
MTughanEastin24: #ubuntu-release-party05:09
techjimanyone know how to turn compiz off on 7.10?  my legacy nvidia card is really making this desktop strange05:09
axjvMeshezabeel: The lines are really jagged...05:09
hakancenneyin ne olduğunu senden iyi bilirim hava atmanıza gerek yok ingilizce bilsem sanırım sorardım ukalalığas gerek yok05:09
sandrotlol oh yeah, guess it's the 18th eh?05:10
MTughan!en | hakancen05:10
riotkittiei take that back. rc is still available but it takes a bit of looking for05:10
ubotuhakancen: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat05:10
marx2kYeah... I wonder if I just need to do a dist-upgrade or what05:10
riotkittieits still the 17th in some parts of the world.05:10
IRKempotechjim: look under System>prefs>appearance05:10
MTughan18th just hit EST>05:10
iss_studentHow come Ubuntu+1 is directing to here?05:10
MTughanProbably because Gutsy is so close to release.05:10
cafuegobecause Gutsy is so close to release05:10
MTughanHey, I just said that.05:11
JimbIt is 18 th in south africa05:11
MTughanThe only people left in the 17th are the central and western Americas.05:11
shekharit's the 18th in most of the world except the midwest and california05:11
Fracturewhen will zfs be available in ubuntu ?05:11
iss_studentI'm in Utah it's still the 17th lol05:11
adminnwhy isnt my floppy drive access working I never used it before in dapper drake05:12
MTughanThat's central/western America, iss_student.05:12
shekharwhy are we waiting for the west coast, isn't ubuntu HQ in london?05:12
=== adminn is now known as Avt
rredd4hawaii has 5 more hours until the 18th05:12
soneiltimezones are irrelevant .. no-one promised it'd appear at midnight, and no-one expects real geeks to keep office hours.  it'll happen when it's ready05:12
hidox_ubntu ultimate   any know it ?05:12
genii16 minutes into the 18th for me LOL05:12
=== Avt is now known as adminn
cdm10hidox_: yeah, it's a crappy derivative... not official.05:12
MTughanIt's 7 hours until the whole earth is in the 18th.05:12
MTughangenii: Oh, so you're in EDT too.05:13
un1x01dwho cares about the rest of the world ?:)05:13
Jordan_UFracture, Probably the release after Sun has released it under GPL v3 and Linux is also licensed under GPL v3 ( which may be never )05:13
adminnultimate isnt supported05:13
geniiI noticed they moved RC out of the repos.05:13
geniiMTughan: Yup, in Toronto05:13
MTughangenii: Holy cow, ditto.05:13
adminnhow do I get my floppy disk drive to work in ubuntu dapper drake?05:13
MTughanBrampton to be specific.05:13
cdm10genii: what do you mean?05:13
iss_studentI'm already running RC so I'll just run updates lol05:14
hidox_ultimate is no more supported ?05:14
Jordan_Uhidox_, Never was05:14
geniicdm10: I mean http://releases.ubuntu.com/7.10/ is empty05:14
MTughanHey, achievement for open-source. OS X Leopard will natively support ODF like it does PDF.05:14
hidox_I am some new05:14
un1x01di run fiesty on desktop and gusty on lap tribe 5 , can't wait to upgrade05:14
Jordan_Uhidox_, It's a poor hack and is not officially affiliated with Ubuntu, just based on it05:14
hidox_then I Ask05:15
hidox_what is the best way to install packages in ubuntu ??05:15
Jordan_Uhidox_, Applications -> Add / Remove05:15
hidox_I know it05:15
MTughanOr the GUI in GNOME.05:15
lapnothing's better than apt-get05:15
Dan_hi, i hate to be a bother but can anyone answer a quick question for me?05:16
hidox_I know05:16
adminnI created an ubuntu tutorial thats in the howto and I cant even mount my floppy drive lmao05:16
lapDan_: ask.05:16
Jordan_Uhidox_,  Or System -> Administration -> Synaptic for non GUI packages05:16
WaltzingAlong!ask | dan_05:16
geniiInteresting. My local repos has it05:16
ubotudan_: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)05:16
CITguyactually, i would suggest against the GNOME Gui to install/remove05:16
Jordan_Uhidox_, Or apt-get if you prefer the terminal05:16
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone05:16
Dan_i was just wondering if there is a way to reinstall feisty fawn, i would like to start from scratch05:16
Jordan_UCITguy, Why?05:16
adminnheres the tut if you want to see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53649105:16
CITguyi've had problems with broken packages that I was unable to fix because of the GNOME gui05:16
hidox_for example  ,I want to install  windows font s ?05:16
oSiBoWhat's up everyone ?05:16
Jordan_UDan_, Same way you installed it in the first place :)05:17
MTughanJust repartition the disk.05:17
iss_studentYea Dan just run the install and format the partions05:17
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer05:17
oSiBoI have a question for anone that use BackupPC with Ubuntu.05:17
CITguyhidox_: sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts05:17
Dan_do i have to delete the partition or anything?05:17
Dankchildhey guys i have a webcam that worked on vista fine but when i switched i dont know how to install the drivers, what should i do?05:17
MTughanYou should just be able to reformat it.05:17
Jordan_Uhidox_, System -> Administration -> Synaptic package manager05:17
iss_studentDan You can format the partion05:17
=== Adam__ is now known as Kyoku
nicleWill 7.10 jump ticket???05:17
BLeSTvista > *          lol j/k05:17
tonyyarussoDan_: That will be done within the installation process05:18
Alexduffwhere is it!!!05:18
MTughanVista is a piece of sh*t, no questions asked.05:18
t3318anyone know how to lock the icons on desktop?05:18
MTughanAlexduff: #ubuntu-release-party05:18
hidox_what is your opinion about  automatix ??05:18
Dankchildhands down05:18
cdm10!automatix | hidox_05:18
cdm10hidox_: don't use it.05:18
cdm10!offtopic | MTughan05:18
Jordan_Uhidox_, Or in a terminal " sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts"05:18
hidox_ok ?05:18
Dankchildbut how do i get my webcam to work?05:18
ubotuhidox_: Automatix2 is a block of code which attempts to install some software.  When it fails and breaks systems, we don't provide support for it.  A creditable analysis from a debian/ubuntu developer is here - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html (Additional information: /msg ubotu worksforme)05:18
Dan_ok so basically throw my cd in and go from there?05:18
ubotuMTughan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:18
rredd4rc installed here, what should I do to get final release?05:18
cdm10MTughan: sorry if you weren't being ot05:18
cdm10rredd4: it'll just go to final.05:18
rredd4when it comes out05:19
iss_studentYup Dan that is pretty mch it05:19
WaltzingAlongrredd4: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude -y safe-upgrade05:19
MTughancdm10: Yeah, someone had mentioned Vista.05:19
Jordan_Urredd4, It will update automatically05:19
joulesDankchild: it should work05:19
cdm10rredd4: it'll just update to it. Nothing special.05:19
joulesDankchild: on ubuntu you dont need to install it05:19
MTughanConsidering we may be comparing Ubuntu and Vista, that comment may be appropriate.05:19
nicleWill Gutsy jump ticket today?????05:19
Dankchildlike it recognises it, theres just no image?05:19
CITguyhidox_: I would also advise against automatix for the same reason. Automatix is not fully supported by Ubuntu and can result in broken packages. Your best bet would be to use the command line "apt-get" or the GUI "synaptic"05:19
Dan_ok thanks guys im gonna give this a shot05:19
hidox_the best is use  the proper tool in ubuntu  ,like synaptic ,apt ,etc05:19
wastedfluiddoes anyone know the official time they are releasing the official 7.10 .iso ?05:19
cdm10!topic | wastedfluid05:19
ubotuwastedfluid: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:19
* nesl247 wishes steam / cs:cz worked better in wine so I could scrap vista on my laptop.05:19
kahrytanhidox_, You don't need automatix or easyubuntu.05:20
wastedfluidI never read topics, as you can tell.05:20
BLeSTif it doesnt come out soon im going to hang myself05:20
wastedfluidbut you could have just said "read the topic"05:20
lapgutsy final has been released ?05:20
MTughanI'm thinking 11PM PDT.05:20
cdm10wastedfluid: or I could have said !topic. I chose the latter.05:20
wastedfluidcdm10: Whatever.  Be a dick.05:20
marx2kseems like no one reads the topics :)05:20
tonyyarussolap: #ubuntu-release-party05:20
wastedfluidkudos anyway05:20
wastedfluidlater :-)05:20
MTughanlap: Not yet.05:20
Jimdbthat update-manager -d really messed up dependencies on that install.  get a use dpkg --configure -a to resolve but there are just too many dependencies messed up to resolve it totally.05:20
joulesBLeST: i agree with you05:20
lapMTughan: ok.05:20
hidox_ok ,the soft installed is possible to be installed  by simple ways !05:21
MTughan11PM PDT... That's 7AM GMT.05:21
MTughanWait, 6AM. My bad.05:21
Jordan_UJimb, There is always a way :)05:21
hidox_it was interasting to see the script used to install all of them !05:21
Jimdbnot like they can do much in an hour or two.  might as well open the flood gates now05:21
Jimdbyeah, i will be wiping it and starting over05:21
rredd4ubuntu+1 is not there?05:21
MTughanThey could be bringing more servers online.05:22
willwilljoin #ubuntu+105:22
willwilljoin #ubuntu+105:22
cdm10willwill: first of all, you mean /join. Second of all, #u+1 is gone05:22
alii want my gutsy dvd image!05:22
MTughanrredd4: No, because Gutsy is so close to release.05:22
seamus7willwill: i think ubuntu+1 is now just ubuntu, yes?05:22
Jordan_Uwillwill, It's being redirected to here, and you forgot the / :)05:22
joulesthis is so annoying... i waited till midnight to download it ...05:22
willwillcdm10$ yes, sorry i forgot /05:22
willwillJordan_U$ thank you05:22
willwillcdm10$ thank you05:22
=== LordC_ is now known as Gutsy
joulesare you guys sure the final release is not out yet? my comp says its upgrading to 7.10 but it doesnt say RC or beta or anything like that05:23
MTughancdm10: u+1 is gone for good, or just until they start developing the next version?05:23
Jimdbmy comcast ISP seems to be blocking or slowing down my bittorrent; even for legit stuff like this.05:23
rredd4MTughan  ok... got this when I typed join ubuntu+1    #ubuntu+1 #ubuntu :Forwarding to another channel05:23
seamus7ali: I downloaded the rc iso and burned it to a dvd ... does that count?05:23
riotkittieno reason to be annoyed. nobody promised it would be out at midnight.05:23
MTughanjoules: Not according to the site.05:23
=== rob changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | Please be patient and read the FAQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Gutsy release party in #ubuntu-release-party | Gutsy will be released some time in the next 24 hours, please don't ask. Gutsy support is now here.
cdm10rob: perhaps the gutsy stuff should be moved to the beginning?05:23
=== adante_ is now known as adante
Jordan_Ujoules, It is released when it is released, nothing changes about the binaries when they announce it,05:23
* rob shrugs05:23
riotkittieyes, we are sure it is not out yet, joules.05:24
willwillsomeone know how to detect beta version? like is i'm using rc or beta?05:24
joulesMTughan: but the site says 00 days left! ... uh so what am i downloading right now.... oh ok05:24
sainzeohey all, after installing the nvidia drivers with Envy, i am getting glx missing on display errors - any ideas?05:24
seamus7Ok ... I'm on Gutsy .... why does the Dicitonary Applet in the panel buggin out ... it doesn't allow text entry.05:24
MTughan00 days left is according to your system clock.05:24
robsome mirrors may have it already, but it is not officially out yet05:24
caneri think it would be a good idea to build a bot which answers faq to users who do not like reading much.05:24
cdm10!bot | caner05:24
ubotucaner: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:24
robcaner, like ubotu?05:24
riotkittiei think it would be good if people stopped being lazy.05:24
cdm10like ubotu, but automated?05:24
MTughanNo, probably some bot that could take a lot of abuse.05:25
seamus7Also ... I'm on Gutsy ... anyone think Deskbar is overkill and that Tracker is more useful if you just use it as a stand alone through the Accessories menu?05:25
canerrob :) wow there are cleverer than me :P05:25
canerthey are i mean05:25
BUDD}{Ahi can someone give me a link to download 7.1005:25
novacheckanyone know any good sites for setting up SSH05:25
MTughanI could build something like that in Java in a few days.05:25
aliCanonical, release the gutsy! <distros without borders>05:25
slapfacewaresafari on windows is nice!05:25
MTughanBUDD}{A: Not released yet.05:25
* riotkittie waits for her head to explode05:25
cdm10BUDD}{A: no, we can't because it's not out yet. REad the topic.05:25
* riotkittie flees05:25
Jordan_Unovacheck, The official Ubuntu documentation :)05:25
* willwill operation cwal05:25
newguywhat the hell man! its 5:25pm October 18th Thursday right now where i am (new zealand) and gutsy still isnt available in the repos!??05:25
logreevalfor some reason one gutsy machine i have doesnt show a boot up screen (splash screen?) does anyone know how to fix it?05:25
phoch_I have a question about SSH and keypairs05:26
sainzeohey all, after installing the nvidia drivers with Envy, i am getting glx missing on display errors - any ideas?05:26
Sherlockphoch_:  yea?05:26
MTughannewguy: I think they're releasing it at 11PM PDT, which is 6AM GMT.05:26
Asathoormy old hoary mashine cannot detect a usb mouse - how can I fix it?05:26
cdm10sainzeo: why with envy? Ubuntu does it for you, the proper way...05:26
joulesuh,,, what time is it in england?05:26
phoch_i have it working correctly to access my ubuntu machine as a "server"05:26
cdm10MTughan: read the topic, it may be released at any time.05:26
MTughanThat's my guess.05:26
Jordan_Unovacheck, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto05:26
un1x01dsad, i can't setup a freakin xinerama on 3 monitors05:26
sainzeocdm10, i attempted to do it through ubuntu as well and encountered the same problem05:26
phoch_I have another server and I want my ubuntu machine to be a client05:26
phoch_how do I add another key ?05:27
donogameelhey does anyone know when Gutsy is going to be available?05:27
cdm10Feisty was released at somethnig like 9 in the morning EST, so don't hold your breath05:27
MTughancdm10: That's not based on any hard knowledge.05:27
cdm10!topic | donogameel05:27
ubotudonogameel: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:27
un1x01dand if i use twinview, while the 3rd mon is pluugged in everything gets mad stretched on the other 205:27
cashroxi want gutsy so bad05:27
ubotuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com05:27
aliIs Ubuntu upgraded to GPLv3?05:27
MTughancdm10: Do you have a command for !topic or something?05:27
cdm10MTughan: no, I just type fast :)05:27
cdm10I should, though.05:27
donogameelSorry - I'm in Australia so I have no idea what time it is in your country05:27
sunilonlnwould i lose anything by forcing an upgrade to gutsy right now, or should i wait until it officially releases?05:27
logreevalno one knows about boot screen?05:27
cdm10MTughan: I need a bunch of buttons on my client to send things like !topic, etc.05:28
willwillhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/gutsy-desktop-i386.iso <- is this ALMOST gutsy?05:28
MTughandonogameel: What country are you talking about?05:28
=== willwill is now known as [Gutsy]Willwill
=== [Gutsy]Willwill is now known as [Gutsy]willwill
Jordan_Uali, That question does not make sense, Ubuntu consists of many packages all under their ow licenses ( Though mostly GPL )05:28
foxrayare gutsy gibbon versions of kubuntu xubuntu also going to be released with gutsy?05:28
joulesUHH it better be out by the time i wake up ... either way im excited for gutsy but .. .really its nothing we have not had before .. yeah it is a bit easier to do some things but idk... the beta crashed my comp .. so05:28
joulesi guess i have ambivalent feelings towards it05:28
donogameelMTughan: wherever Ubuntu is being released from05:28
riotkittieyes, foxray05:28
Jordan_Ufoxray, Yes05:28
Cheetahfolks, I debootstrapped a feisty system to an usb stick and I'd like to use that on a little system (x86). unfortunately the system uses up 450 MB so far (no software installed) What can I possibly delete/optimize to safe space?05:28
Artemis3the ones in the official torrent tracker, aside from having funny names, are release.05:28
MTughandonogameel: No one knows that.05:28
nooobydoes thunar have network samba capabilties like nautilus?05:29
donogameelwell what time is it right now in the US?05:29
TuxOtakuhey, what time is gutsy officially being released????05:29
soneil[Gutsy]willwill: current = daily.  so it's likely close, but it's not a release.  you'll know when it's released. people will mention it05:29
foxrayi meant at the same time gutsy comes out05:29
cdm10!topic | TuxOtaku05:29
ubotuTuxOtaku: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:29
rredd4The new Ubuntu release, Gutsy Gibbon, will arrive when Canonical is ready to distribute it.  Please be patient.  Thank you05:29
Jordan_UCheetah, Have you setup a swap file / partition ?05:29
MTughandonogameel: New York, 12:30AM.05:29
Asathooranyone here who knows how to detect a mouse?05:29
cdm10noooby: Probably not, I doubt it supports gnome-vfs.05:29
CheetahJordan_U, no, I don't have a swap partition05:29
Artemis3soneil, just did05:29
riotkittie12am on the east coast, 9pm on the west, god-knows-what in hawaii05:29
AlexJTannerI have a question05:29
cdm10noooby: and if you're using xfce, even nautilus won't support it.05:29
Nukedanyone know if there is a 64 bit package for jriddles kopete fix?05:29
Davy_JonesUbuntu Gutsy will be released last week05:30
nooobycdm10: so i guess i should just use linneighborhood if i'm using xfce ?05:30
MTughandonogameel: Any place on the west coast, say LA or SF, 10:30PM.05:30
rocketsis there a kde4 metapackage?05:30
AlexJTannerwhen exactly is ubunutu 7.10 come out05:30
cdm10noooby: Not sure what that is, sorry.05:30
CheetahJordan_U, basically, there are a lot of tools/apps/libs in the system that are possible not needed (take aptitude for example) and I'd like to get rid of them, leaving me with a really really minimal system05:30
AlexJTannerin UTC05:30
cdm10!topic | AlexJTanner05:30
ubotuAlexJTanner: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:30
Jimdbwow, i'm amazed my other ubuntu box is up after doing the update-manager -d.  first a kernel panic on reboot after the update, then all the dependency errors, and now I see it can't access the network.  I'm just amazed it is up at all.05:30
Jordan_U!topic | AlexJTanner05:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about topics - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:30
MasterShrekrockets, kdebase-workspace05:30
donogameelI hope Gutsy will be available tomorrow05:30
[Gutsy]willwill!time utc05:30
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Davy_JonesAlexJTanner: Ubuntu Gutsy will be out last week05:30
MTughancdm10: I still don't know how you type so fast.05:30
[Gutsy]willwill!date utc05:30
MasterShrekdonogameel, it will be05:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about date utc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:30
rocketsMasterShrek, isnt that of kde305:30
cdm10MTughan: not sure...05:30
AlexJTannerok sorry05:30
Colin-AltCan someone help me with installing 7.04?05:30
cdm10Colin-Alt: wait a few hours, the next version will come out :)05:31
riotkittieColin-Alt: what do you need help with?05:31
Davy_Jonesdonogameel: it will be available last week05:31
star1Does anyone here have any suggestions for how to get my gamepad (nyko AIRFLO) working?  I have jscalibrator, which seems to detect it fine, but mupen doesn't seem to recognize the existence of it.05:31
Artemis3maybe there should be #ubuntu-105:31
[Gutsy]willwillsorry, how to view time in another timezone with ubotu ? i see someone use it in #ubuntu-meeting05:31
fastlast week????05:31
MasterShrekrockets, check out kubuntu.com05:31
Jordan_UArtemis3, #ubuntu-release-party05:31
Davy_Jonesi'm downloading fiesty atm05:31
Colin-Altwhen I go to install it i press the install option05:31
Colin-Altthen it goes to the next screen05:31
Colin-Altflashes white05:31
TuxOtakuwhat are the odds I'll break my installation if i do an update to gutsy via the repos???05:31
Artemis3Jordan_U, they kicked and banned me already :P05:31
Davy_Jones#ubuntu-release-party is a mess05:31
Colin-Altand the nothing, the monitor looses signal05:31
cdm10Davy_Jones: yes, but that's OT05:31
rskTuxOtaku: 0 to 100000000005:32
foxrayhow many discs is gutsy gibbon? 1 CDR? 1 DVDR?05:32
Davy_Jonescdm10: what's OT?05:32
cdm10foxray: 105:32
rskfoxray: 1 cdr05:32
cdm10Davy_Jones: offtopic05:32
Jordan_UDavy_Jones, That's the point, without it *this* channel would be more of a mess :)05:32
Artemis3Jordan_U, they are evil05:32
foxrayah okay i gotta go get a CDR05:32
canerthey must have taken into consideration that all ubuntu users are very feverish people so they will not take it long for release i think. nobody has waited for vista like that.05:32
foxrayno media05:32
MasterShrekfoxray, one cd or one dvd05:32
riotkittieColin-Alt: try it in safe graphics mode. you may have to use the alternate CD, though :|05:32
Davy_Jonesgutsy will be 1 CD-RW05:32
axjvDoes anyone know of applications that make the nicest looking pie charts?05:32
star1Does anyone here have any suggestions for how to get my gamepad (nyko AIRFLO) working?  I have jscalibrator, which seems to detect it fine, but mupen doesn't seem to recognize the existence of it.05:32
Eastin24How can i get pidgin to display forein text such as japanese, chinese and korean?05:32
Colin-AltItried it in safe graphic mode but it did nothing05:32
cdm10Colin-Alt: If it weren't release day for the next version, I'd tell you to download the Alternate CD, which tends to work better on some hardware. However, in a few hours the next version (7.10) of Ubuntu will come out, and I recommend you try that.05:32
MTughanaxjv: OOo05:32
Davy_JonesJordan_U: i hear ya05:32
adlisyakirit's ubuntu 7.10 already realease?05:33
[Gutsy]willwilladlisyakir$ no05:33
MasterShrekadlisyakir, read the topic05:33
axjvMTughan: The charts I tried to make weren't very good... Can you point me to a tutorial?05:33
riotkittieno. ubuntu 7.10 has not been released.05:33
Colin-Altwhere is the alternate cd located?05:33
Jordan_UArtemis3, They don't kick people for nothing, it's your fault, clam down, be patient and just wait untill the release is announced05:33
Davy_Jonesadlisyakir: it will be released last week05:33
Davy_Jonesadlisyakir: so wait05:33
MTughanaxjv: I don't know of any myself, but Google should help.05:33
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djretiefdoes anyone know what time it is going to be released?05:33
MasterShreklol Davy_Jones05:33
caneris there anyone weeping out there?05:33
MTughandjretief: No.05:33
MasterShrekdjretief, no05:33
[Gutsy]willwillthis morning(in my timezone) i see a sneak peak of new site, it have js animation and update page changed05:33
rocketsMasterShrek, will this create a session i can login to?05:33
Davy_Jonesdjretief: i told you last week, so be patient05:33
djretiefalright thanks05:33
djretiefwhat time is it in the US?05:34
MTughan12:30AM in NY.05:34
CITguy12:34 EST05:34
Codymandjretief: 9:3005:34
Artemis3Jordan_U, torrents are about letting many people use them, unlike talking about pool which i didn't :P05:34
rocketsdjretief, depends on the timezone. its 12:34 EST05:34
eulogy_11:33 C05:34
Davy_JonesMasterShrek: it doesn't stop so you should make fun of it05:34
MasterShrekrockets, check out kubuntu.com and hit the link they have there for kde4 beta305:34
underwatercow21.30 on the Pacific05:34
Colin-Altcdm10: when using the alternate cd is there anything special i have to do?05:34
Codymandjretief: 9:30 in the west coast PST05:34
chetnickany good VPN clients for ubuntu05:34
dsmith__chetnick: Hamachi VPN05:34
Davy_Joneswhat's a VPN client?05:34
dsmith__chetnick: OPENvpn05:34
underwatercowHamachi rocks05:34
Eastin24How can i get pidgin to display foreign text such as japanese, chinese and korean?05:34
rocketsubuntu.com now says 0 days to go!05:34
djretiefah yup, I imagine it will probably be released at 12am in some part of the US :)05:34
MasterShreki supposed Davy_Jones, i just poked my nose back in here, and all i see is "when" "what time"05:34
cdm10Colin-Alt: It's text-only, so it's a little harder to install. But, like I said, 7.04 will be obsolete in a few hours.05:34
monkey_instinctubuntu 7.10 is out?05:34
Fujitsumonkey_instinct: No.05:34
chetnickdsmith__: thanks05:34
MTughanDavy_Jones: Virtual Private Network.05:34
[Gutsy]willwill!topic | monkey_instinct05:35
ubotumonkey_instinct: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:35
MasterShrekmonkey_instinct, yes, it was last week05:35
bbbyEastin24: try #pidgin05:35
Jordan_UEastin24, If you speak them the best place to ask would probably be in the ubuntu channels for those languages05:35
Colin-Altcdm10: but wont i be able to update it via ap-get update & upgrade? or will it be a whole nother 700megs?05:35
djretieflol did they think they would have it released last week?05:35
Jimdbi don't see hamachi in synaptic package manager.05:35
Jordan_UEastin24, With another client of course :)05:35
fast00 days to go, did i miss something or i dont understand english, why is beta now? guys, pls enlight me, i wait for release from last 3 days05:35
canerhow much time is there for the furthest west of u.s. to be 12.00 does anybody know that?05:36
cdm10Colin-Alt: you'll be able to upgrade, but generally you shouldn't do it with apt-get... there's a built-in tool for doing it that does it the proper way.05:36
MTughanfast: That time is based on your computer's time.05:36
djretief0 days + ?? hours05:36
Davy_Jonesfast: it has to read -01 days to go05:36
cdm10!topic | fast05:36
ubotufast: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:36
MTughancaner: 3 hours.05:36
cdm10Colin-Alt: But, like I said, it may work better in the next version of the CD... so hang in there.05:36
Colin-Altcdm10: will it be a 700 Mb download? Or just a smaller update?05:36
Jordan_Ucaner, It doesn't matter, that has no bearing on the release time, just wait05:36
spenserMy mouse is currently not working,  nor any mouse i plug in.  This is on a Gutsy Laptop with a synaptics touchpad and several external mice.05:36
cdm10Colin-Alt: probably pretty big, but you won't have to burn it.05:36
Davy_Jonesit should read -01 days, then it will be releasexc05:36
canerJordan_U : i know just a hope05:36
spenseranyone know why this is?05:37
MTughanIt is being released on the 18th, right?05:37
stray77does using restricted mode drivers and desktop effect screw up desktop sharing?05:37
cafuegoMTughan: maybe.05:37
djretiefIm pretty excited about the release, Ive played with the betas, it looks really good :)05:37
novacheckwhen i go to the site it reads 00 days until gutsy release05:37
canerMTughan, is it washington state, california ?05:37
Davy_Joneswhy don't you watch some compiz-fusion videos on youtube till it comes out.. you know, just to pass on time05:37
novacheckbut still no link to download it05:37
canerMTughan westest part i mean05:37
Colin-Altcdm10: Ok, I think I will go ahead and download the alternate so I have something to do for the next hour or so, also, I got 5.1 to install, is there a way to update to 7.04 without booting from the CD?05:37
djretief00 days + ?? hours + ?? min + ?? seconds05:37
chetnickdsmith__: these are the VPN servers, i need vpn client05:37
MTughancaner: Washington State and Calif are in the same timezone.05:38
dWhopatience patience my minions we shall rule the world bwahahahahahahah !05:38
dsmith__chetnick: they have cleints as well05:38
dsmith__hamachi is both05:38
dsmith__so is openvpn05:38
xTheGoat121xHi all05:38
canerMTughan and its the furthest west huh?05:38
xTheGoat121xI have returned05:38
cdm10Colin-Alt: from 5.10, you'd have to do a full update 3 times (you can only go to the next release with the updater, you can't skip releases)05:38
Davy_Jonesevery Windows gets delayed by months, so don't expect it to be released tomorrow so you don't get disappointed05:38
cdm10Colin-Alt: so I recommend using the CD.-05:38
dWhotoday our pc's tomorow the world's pcs05:38
MTughancaner: Yes, PDT is as far west as the US goes, not including Hawaii.05:38
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canerMTughan sorr for my ignorange i live in turkey, really far05:38
MTughancaner: That's fine. You're understandable.05:39
soulwarpso....gutsy better tan feisty?05:39
dWhoit think they're preparing it... that's why it's delayed...05:39
FlannelColin-Alt: If you upgrade from 5.10 to 6.06, you'll be able to upgrade straight (from 6.06) to 8.04 in six months though.05:39
MTughansoulwarp: Should be. That's why it's a new release.05:39
canersoulwarp : thats the best question of the day i think05:39
djretiefwe need spys on the inside so we can ask ubuntu guys when theyre gonna click go on the iso copy :P05:39
MTughanVery true...05:39
xTheGoat121x..... how difficult would the upgrade from Feisty to Gutsy be?  And is it worth it?05:39
fastomg, lets hope will be released today, i cant wait anymore.. i am looking at my new computer case...05:40
dWhogood question... that's i'd like to know tooo05:40
djretiefits fine if you havent got weird repos and yes its definatly worth it05:40
Colin-Altcdm10: Thanks man, you've been really helpful. Now I have to go back and install 5.1 so I can boot back into windows because I used the Windows fixbmr and now it won't let me boot back into it05:40
Davy_JonesxTheGoat121x: watch the new features page of gutsy05:40
adminnty guys :D05:40
novacheckjust keep tapping F5 until you see it their...lol05:40
cdm10Colin-Alt: oh man, that's a mess05:40
MTughanF5 would be a FF keystroke?05:40
Davy_Jonesman, this channel is becoming more like #ubuntu-release-party05:40
Flannel!f5 | novacheck05:40
ubotunovacheck: Remember that every time you hit refresh, Canonical is wasting money, bandwidth, and CPU time serving your request instead of doing useful things like uploading the image or paying for ShipIt disks.  Please do so sparingly.05:40
Davy_Jonesit's right thurrrr05:40
MTughanDavy_Jones: Still not as much as a cess pool as that.05:41
dasKreechIs this still the Gutsy chan ?05:41
MTughandasKreech: In a sense.05:41
novacheckanyone know of a tool to reset your battery on your notebook05:41
Colin-Altcdm10: Yeah, it sucks... hopefully installing GRUB will let me boot back into Windows05:41
dasKreechMTughan: More yes than no?05:41
FlanneldasKreech: This is now the gutsy (support) channel, yes.  Festivities in #ubuntu-release-party05:41
graftis Xgl standard for gutsy?05:41
caneri think they have forgotten to put gnome2.2 in it so trying to change it at the very last minute.05:41
dasKreechFlannel: thanks05:41
Jordan_Ugraft, No, but it's easy to install05:41
Davy_Jonesnovacheck: check the manual that comes with your notebook05:41
novacheckdid the beta have gnome 2.2?05:41
Jordan_Ugraft, Just install the xserver-xgl package, no setup scripts required05:42
graftwell, i don't recall ever installing it, but it seems to have been installed05:42
xTheGoat121xLMAO @ forgot GNOME 2.205:42
WhiteNailsWHen will ubuntu 7.1005:42
[Gutsy]willwill!topic | WhiteNails05:42
ubotuWhiteNails: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic05:42
MTughanOh, this is rather sad. Two M$ licenses got open-source approval.05:42
Oli``MTughan: why's that sad?05:43
MTughanIt's M$!05:43
wile_e8I just upgraded to gutsy, I think XGL is eating all of my cpu.  I was running Beryl with AIGLX on Feisty, but had issues with XGL back then too.  Is there a way to fix this?05:43
Davy_Joneswhen will gnome 2.2 be out? :D05:43
xTheGoat121xWhiteNails, you can always press Alt-F4... that'll tell you when it's released05:43
ixian_hi, i'm running the gutsy release candidate, and i'm wondering how you make more workspaces when the desktop cube is enabled? when i rotate the 'cube' its actually not a cube at all, its a 2-sided flat thing. im assuming i need to increase the # of workspaces but i cant seem to do it.05:43
Oli``urgh, get a real argument05:43
BLeSTthey met the criteria..05:43
Fade2Blacis there any program that will find wifi siginals on my laptop05:43
MTughanxTheGoat121x: lol05:43
MasterShrekwile_e8, dont use it, thatll solve ur problems :)05:43
WhiteNailsDo people still fall for the alt-f4 thing?05:44
Oli``ixian_: right click the little panel app showing desktops, go to preferences and up the number05:44
wile_e8MasterShrek: how do I disable it?  Uninstall in synaptic?05:44
tovellaMTughan: It would actually be great if they were to open-source windows xp, but that's a completely different topic.05:44
riotkittieixian_: install compizconfig-settings-manager, go to the general tab. alternately, look under Appearance in System05:44
AnAntHello, how can i know what font is currently  being used by the console ?05:44
MasterShrekwile_e8, how did u enable it? do it in reverse05:44
riotkittieOli``: that doesnt work when compiz is on in gutsy05:44
MTughantovella: Better than if they open-sourced Vista, but we're OT.05:44
MasterShrekwile_e8, you need to go to your compiz settings and add desktops that way05:44
xTheGoat121xWhiteNails, who knows?  I remember lots of people used to fall for it05:44
Oli``riotkittie: it does. I'm on gutsy05:44
teKnofreakixian_, i read somewhere its not the real cube in compiz-fusion05:44
wile_e8MasterShrek: I didn't, it just came with the dist upgrade05:45
riotkittieixian_: i think you need CCSM to turn cube on05:45
tovellaMTughan: scared of vista - too many problems to fix.05:45
riotkittieOli``: guess they fixed it at some point, then05:45
MTughanThree options: stick with XP, move fully to Linux, or get a Mac.05:45
Fade2Blacdoes ubuntu find wireless networks automatically?05:45
BLeSTlol i use all 305:45
xTheGoat121x<<< avoids Mac, but uses all those others05:45
MTughanBLeST: All three of the options I said?05:45
MasterShrekFade2Blac, it should assuming you have your card working correctly05:46
anolis_I was wondering if anyone has had any success getting packet injection to work using the bcm4306 chipset (Dell 1350 PCMCIA card)05:46
Fade2Blacok thx05:46
ixian_okay, I have CCSM already, and the problem is that when the desktop effects are enabled, i cant choose the number of workspaces the normal way, it doesnt let me05:46
MTughanxTheGoat121x: Yeah, sticking with those three for now. I have a copy of Vista, but I haven't worked up the nerver to install it yet.05:46
Davy_Jonesyou don't really need a mac, what you need is either windows or linux05:46
MasterShrekixian_, i just have one desktop enabled the normal way, and i made 4 desktops in ccsm05:46
tovellaMTughan: i love ubuntu linux... if i could afford a mac, i would run ubuntu side-by side with macosx05:46
Davy_Jonesbut that's OT05:46
riotkittieixian_: load CCSM > go to the General Options. change it there.05:46
t3318anyone know how to lock the icons on desktop?05:46
MTughanI have a Mac. On it right now.05:46
BLeSTMTughan -  yeah i use a mac, windows and linux at home and at work05:46
xTheGoat121xMTughan, yeah, i have the copy of Vista that came with my notebook... and right now I have no interest in it.05:46
MTughanWe should make a new channel...05:47
ixian_riotkittie: i tried and the 'cube' is still 2-sided :(05:47
Acousty1so whats the deal with gutsy05:47
xTheGoat121xMTughan, I'll probably install it on a 3rd partition on my tower sometime, just so I can relate to my customers05:47
Acousty1is it out now stable?05:47
kena123Acousty1: tomorrow05:47
xTheGoat121xMTughan, that's a REALLY good idea.... I'd chat there.05:47
Davy_Jonesi don't want to pay for vista when i get a new notebook, would'nt wanna spend money on something i won't be using05:47
Acousty1so its not a 12:00 release?05:48
riotkittieixian_: and you increased horizontal desktop size, not # of desktops?05:48
MTughanxTheGoat121x: It's made.05:48
jribAcousty1: please read the topic05:48
ubotuvista is the new operating system by the evil overlords from Redmond. For more information, see http://www.badvista.org05:48
MTughanOoo, nice one ubotu.05:48
ixian_riotkittie: oh.. i see. now i feel dumb. thanks05:48
xTheGoat121xDavy_Jones, then get Dell laptop05:48
riotkittieAcousty1: there are multiple midnights. :P it will be out when its out.05:48
tovellaMTughan: that would get a HUGE number of people (#wehatevista).05:48
MTughan#wehatevista exists right now.05:48
kena123Acousty1: I'm also waiting patiently. Gonna be using my university connection to do a tonne of seeding :-)05:48
riotkittieixian_: dont feel dumb. i did the same thing at first. i should have been more expressive05:49
Acousty1lol same here05:49
Acousty1hope the school doesnt restrict me05:49
varun0what does "warning: could not initiate dbus" mean when I do a update-manager -d? is that fatal?05:49
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sainzeocdm10, i attempted to do it through ubuntu as well and encountered the same problem05:49
sainzeohey all, after installing the nvidia drivers with Envy, i am getting glx missing on display errors - any ideas?05:49
kena123Acousty1: hehe, me too. I figure they won't care if i restrict it to 1MB/s *grin*05:49
Acousty1i dont care i'll get my internet restricted for the good of the cause05:50
demonsporkomg, I can't wait for gutsy05:51
canerdemonspork : then what will you do?05:51
IpMooBetademonspork:   server says 0 days05:51
Acousty1ye im a nerd05:51
Davy_JonesIpMooBeta: it has to say -01 days05:51
cdm10Hey, everyone, quit complaining... Vista was delayed by over a year.05:51
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10) | (due October 18th, 2007) | It is development software, and as such unstable, support _only_ in #ubuntu+1 | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon for more information05:51
BSCim using an old laptop. its decent. and its resolution is 1024x768 and 16 bits. BUT its not showing up in ubuntu. only 800x600. could someone help05:51
Davy_Jonescdm10: that's what i keep telling people05:52
cdm10Gutsy's release date hasn't changed at all since it was announced...05:52
demonsporkI am not complaining, I am getting hyped about it05:52
SlickMcRunfast_GI CAN"T TAKE IT ANY MORE!05:52
PurpZeYIt's 50 minutes into the 18th...05:52
d3frostjust the time zone ...05:52
PurpZeYThere are time zones. . .05:52
SlickMcRunfast_Gthis crossword puzzel05:52
jeezmoshi everyone.  Here's a question that has been troubling me with Ubuntu (well, Debian in general)...  I'm used to using a RedHat ssh/console.  When I try using the console on Debian/Ubuntu, it's like pulling teeth.  The most notable issue is with vi, where keys just don't seem to match up (I press the End key, and it capitalizes the character I'm hovering).  Does anyone know what I'm talking about/experienced this?05:52
Davy_JonesSlickMcRunfast_G: go kill youreslf05:52
hislophow do i compile irssi on gutsy?05:52
* PurpZeY is waiting for it to drop so he can see what kind of problems people have before he makes the switch05:52
Flannelhislop: why would you want to compile it?05:52
Davy_Jones./configure && make && make install?05:52
hislopconfigure: error: C compiler cannot create executables05:53
BSC im using an old laptop. its decent. and its resolution is 1024x768 and 16 bits. BUT its not showing up in ubuntu. only 800x600. could someone help?05:53
Flannelhislop: Right, but why are you compiling anyway?05:53
caneris there anyone here waitin for gutsy in japan? s/he must have got really angry05:53
Acousty1omg it's out it just changed!05:53
hislopi mean,i want to run it..05:53
boneIs it christmas yet?05:53
Acousty1j/k :p05:53
ubotuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Gutsy release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseParties05:53
tonyyarusso!ohmy | orb205:54
ubotuorb2: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.05:54
hislopi did ./configure but it doesnt work05:54
tonyyarusso!ohmy | fast05:54
ubotufast: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.05:54
PurpZeY!fixrex bsc05:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fixrex bsc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:54
Flannelhislop: irssi is in the repositories, why are you compiling?05:54
orb2hey you can't do that on us after what acousty pulled05:54
Davy_Jonesfast: you're goin out05:54
PurpZeY!fixres bsc05:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fixres bsc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:54
PurpZeY!res bsc05:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about res bsc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:54
fastno wait..05:54
* PurpZeY gives up05:54
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto05:54
hislopflannel,how to run the irssi?05:54
rawakeis there a way to tell if the proftpd binary i have was compiled with quota support?05:54
Davy_Joneshe wants to compile it for fun, why do you care?05:54
BSCthx ill look05:54
Flannelhislop: install it with: `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install irssi` then start it with `irssi`05:55
Davy_JonesFlannel: he wants to compile it for fun, why do you care?05:55
FlannelDavy_Jones: He doesn't want to compile it for fun, he's just not used to package management.05:55
hislopflannel,to run it i should type irssi at terminal?05:56
Flannelhislop: after you've installed it, yeah.05:56
hislopflannel,gee thanks..05:56
Davy_JonesFlannel: i thought people get used to package managers, not compiling05:56
Flannelhislop: I told you how to install it too.  `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install irssi`05:56
hislopflannel,done..thanks again05:57
boneI've been compiling since Slackware, i'm addicted to it. I even goto meetings. :)05:57
Davy_Jonesyeah, so thank him for that also05:57
MTughanThe *nix admin rite of trade: "./configure && make && make install"05:57
FlannelDavy_Jones: People coming from places which have primary install methods of compiling (or people who ahve been fed myths about how linux is all about compiling) don't know about package management.  It happens05:57
hislopdavy,ann thanks to you too05:58
Davy_Joneshislop: i haven't done anything, but you're welcome05:58
Davy_JonesFlannel: people usually have myths the linux is about haxing05:59
hislopi have more question05:59
IpMooBetawhos done a lott of ubuntustudio installs05:59
Davy_Jonesthe l337 haxors use it05:59
Davy_Joneshislop: yes?05:59
FlannelIpMooBeta: try #ubuntustudio05:59
IpMooBetaFlawless:   thanks05:59
Davy_JonesIpMooBeta: i'm downloading ubuntustudio 7.04 as we speak05:59
FlannelIpMooBeta: youre welcome05:59
IpMooBetai hada install problem05:59
star1Does anyone here have any suggestions for how to get my gamepad (nyko AIRFLO) working?  I have jscalibrator, which seems to detect it fine, but mupen doesn't seem to recognize the existence of it.06:00
Davy_JonesIpMooBeta: what is it?06:00
Davy_JonesIpMooBeta: kernel not found?06:00
NakedSnakewhen's gutsy going to be available? I thought I could download it at midnight...I was disappointed. lol.06:00
hislopdo i have to install ndiswrapper for d-link dwl-g122 ysb vc1 on gutsy or it just auto install like my network card?06:00
IpMooBetathe graphics are so big i cant read the screens06:00
boneDavy_Jones: your defination of hacker is tainted. It originally meant a tinkerer. One that goes indepth into something to figure out its workings.06:00
scguy318NakedSnake: tomorrow isn't it?06:00
IpMooBeta7.04 installs np and 7.10  too06:00
Davy_JonesNakedSnake: it might be delayed for days, so don't be disappointed06:00
Davy_JonesNakedSnake: expect the worst06:00
Davy_Jonesso you don't get disappointed06:00
FlannelNakedSnake: midnight depends on your timezone.  It'll be out within 24 hours or so though.  #ubuntu-release-party is available if you want to join the celebrations06:01
scguy318Davy_Jones: i think they have an outstanding Compiz bug or something06:01
=== hislop is now known as Hislop_Gutsy
NakedSnakeIt's already the 18th, at least in my timezone.06:01
Davy_Jonesbone: i never defined a hacker.. besides, it's a haxor06:01
riotkittieand it  will remain the 18th all day, in your time zone, too.06:01
MasterShrekh4x0r to be exact Davy_Jones06:01
musikgoatanyone wish to test something for me to see if this bug is confirmed?   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/15380306:01
Davy_Jonesscguy318: probably, but it is common for operating system to delay the release06:01
Davy_Jonesthat's what i'm saying06:01
jeezmosWhen I try to use vi on ubuntu, the keys don't seem to match up  For example, I press the End key, and it capitalizes the character I'm hovering.  Other things (like pressing u only works once; the 2nd time I press u, it re-does that edit.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about/experienced this?06:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 153803 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:01
`m07.10 in 23 hours?06:02
=== Hislop_Gutsy is now known as Lunz
Davy_JonesMasterShrek: yes, thanks06:02
dsmith__what a nightmare, staying awake all night and I never get gutsy, or the time halts at the current time.06:02
Lunzdo i have to install ndiswrapper for d-link dwl-g122 usb vc1 on gutsy or it just auto install like my network card?06:02
Davy_JonesMasterShrek: teh L337 h4x0r06:02
MasterShrekdsmith__, just go to bed and get it tomorrow06:02
whiskeytangoUpdate out yet?  :P06:02
cdm10dsmith__: or start an upgrade06:02
bone`m0: the only thing new in 7.10 is /dev/null_2.0 :)06:02
jarrod_why do I see sdb1 in fdisk -l but (mount device /dev/sdb1) says there is no such device?06:02
scguy318Lunz: not sure, maybe the native drivers might work06:02
musikgoatHaving desktop effects enabled, go full screen in FF and highlight something with alt text, and see if you get screen flickering06:02
`m0Lunz: should auto install06:02
MasterShrekteh 1337 pwns j0006:02
* dsmith__ took the day off to get gutsy06:03
`m0bone: + the new name :p06:03
dsmith__actually I am joking of course06:03
Lunzscguy318,is native drive using rt73?06:03
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
`m0bone: plus the screen simplicity changing (multiple)06:03
whiskeytangoSo how do i get 7.10 ..?06:03
Lunz`mo,are you sure?06:03
Polygon89Hello, im setting up samba...and it works, but im am wondering how to make it show up in network neighberhood automatically without me having to do search for networks > add > computer name in windows....anyone know how?06:03
=== Kamatsu_ is now known as Kamatsu
davemany trackers on gsuty gibon up and running?06:03
cdm10davem: no, read the topic!06:03
bone`m0: must be a desktop thingy.06:03
noodles12anyone having problems opening .ppt powerpoints in gutsy?06:03
Davy_JonesMasterShrek: this one is new.. what is j00?06:03
`m0They said on Wednesday06:04
scguy318noodles12: not me, whats the issue?06:04
`m0 But now it is Thursday06:04
noodles12i dunno. i get a "version incompatibility"06:04
tovellai really don't want to stay up all night waiting for gutsy - then when i get it, i'll be too tired to play with it.  goodnight all.06:04
MasterShrekj00 = you06:04
Lunz`mo,are you sure it is auto install?06:04
Davy_Jonesi didn't sleep with my wife, because i told her i would install gutsy :P06:04
=== Tomcat_` is now known as Tomcat_
`m0Lunz: try it06:04
necronekostarjust do an upgrade06:04
dsmith__Davy_Jones: lol06:04
MasterShreklmao Davy_Jones06:04
necronekostaror install from beta06:04
`m0Davy_Jones: you have to make sacrifices you know06:04
CarlFKanyone have a URL for how to run WOW?06:04
scguy318CarlFK: sure, the Wine AppDb, moment06:05
`m0CarlFK: Download windows?06:05
eulogy_Just install Wine or Cedega.06:05
FlannelCarlFK: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft06:05
MasterShrek!wine | CarlFK06:05
ubotuCarlFK: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.06:05
buzz-cpFunny USB mouse story here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41023/06:05
scguy318`m0: kinda illegal dont u think? :P06:05
Davy_Jones`m0: sure thing.. i'll probably divorce if gutsy isn't released in the next 24 hours06:05
graelbHi there06:05
eulogy_sudo apt-get install wine06:05
graelbi'm having some issues with 7.10, and dns working06:05
jarrod_why do I see sdb1 in fdisk -l but (mount device /dev/sdb1) says there is no such device?06:05
CarlFKfigured.  wasn't sure if there were any other options.  thanks06:05
necronekostarDavy_Jones lmfa006:05
whiskeytangoMasterShrek: You got a link for how to install 7.10 or do i need to wait for a few days?06:05
erikb3I am having some problems transferring files from my computer to my parents (different locations). I have tried scp and ftp. Every time the transfer gets around 4MB it gets disconnected. Logging into my parents computer with ssh I am able to download from other servers with no problem. Also, there are no problems downloading a file from my parents computer to mine. Would someone mind trying to download a file from my ftp server so I can be 06:05
musikgoatso is this room going to get really quiet tomorrow when its used for hardy herron?06:06
MasterShrekDavy_Jones, well at least youll have more time for apt06:06
chillsnyone know where ubuntu store its ... internet history like cookies and stuff.. using firefox06:06
Davy_Jonessudo apt-get install wife06:06
scguy318CarlFK: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=192206:06
IpMooBetagraelb:   u running the  beta06:06
MasterShrek!upgrade | whiskeytango06:06
ubotuwhiskeytango: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - Please join #ubuntu+1 for questions about upgrading to Gutsy, and use #ubuntu for "normal" support only06:06
k1gwbhairy hardon??06:06
necronekostarare you currently running feisty?06:06
necronekostarjust do an upgrade.... ~_~06:06
eternalswdanyone have experience building .debs using dpkg-buildpackage.  I have a debian unstable source package that I'd like to build because it's not available in feisty.  I actually am not having any issues with the building part, but the postinstall.  I keep getting -dpkg-deb: maintainer script `postinst' has bad permissions 644 (must be >=0555 and <=0775)- but as far as I know, the postinst files are automatically made by dh_makeshli06:06
eternalswdbs so I'm not sure how to fix the permissions issue.06:06
musikgoathungry hippo would have been great tho06:06
riotkittiechills: in ~/.mozilla   i assume06:06
graelbIpMooBeta: it's the xubuntu release, the xubuntu page said it was probably going to be the same as the final release06:06
whiskeytangoIm using 7.406:06
chillsthanks riotkittie06:06
necronekostarOR INSTALL FROM BETA HERE: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/gutsybeta.06:06
bonescguy318: actually not any more. If you purchase a license for Office 200<7/8> you can choose to download it install of getting media.06:06
buzz-cpSee how my USB wakes up?  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41023/06:07
XsteelWolfHow do i use remote desktop from ubuntu to windows? KDE has this remote desktop thingy but not ubuntu?06:07
graelbHere's the deal though...If i try to go to google.com in FF, it doesn't work. If i ping www.google.com first from a terminal, then go to google in FF, it works06:07
Davy_JonesMasterShrek: apt says "E: Couldn't find package wife"06:07
scguy318XsteelWolf: Ubuntu should have a little remote desktop app thingy lying around in Applications06:07
Davy_JonesMasterShrek: it happens that apt just can't give everything06:07
MasterShrekXsteelWolf, rdesktop if you want to use windows built in remote desktop, else set up a vnc server06:08
buzz-cpwine not wife?06:08
MasterShrekDavy_Jones, but most things you can06:08
misleywhere is the .config file suppost to be for vserver-copy06:08
IpMooBetasame deal06:08
unbananybody can help me configuring my video card?... an ati radeon mobility M6 LY06:08
MasterShrekbuzz-cp, no, he meant wife06:08
whiskeytangoSo 7.10 is unavailable still?06:08
bone*[root@gatekeeper:~] man woman06:08
boneNo manual entry for woman06:08
XsteelWolfrdesktop is remoting from Linux-> windows server ?06:08
ubotuThe women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.06:08
buzz-cpanyone have a usb mouse?  did you see my pastebin?06:08
IpMooBetaim running the beta...06:08
MasterShrekthat woulda been funny06:08
Davy_JonesMasterShrek: yeah, probably they'll fix it in the next release06:08
scguy318XsteelWolf: yeah I believe06:08
renny_r2000hola. alguien sabe la hora exacta de la salida de la nueva version de ubuntu 7.10. gracias soy de venezuela06:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about men - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:08
=== hislop is now known as Lunz
Davy_Jonesfor some reason i can't imagine watching a woman compile something06:09
boneI think someone should create a fake man page for women/women just to be amusing. Add it to 7.11 <wink wink nudge nudge>06:09
XsteelWolf#ubuntu+1 isn't available?06:09
erikb3I am having some problems transferring files from my computer to my parents (different locations). I have tried scp and ftp. Every time the transfer gets around 4MB it gets disconnected. Logging into my parents computer with ssh I am able to download from other servers with no problem. Also, there are no problems downloading a file from my parents computer to mine. Would someone mind trying to download a file from my ftp server so I can be 06:09
Lunzcan anyone pm me for testing?06:09
k1gwbthere is no 7.1106:09
buzz-cpsee the gripping story of the usb mouse that wakes up when on lsusb here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41023/06:09
Jordan_UXsteelWolf, #ubuntu-release-party06:09
Davy_JonesXsteelWolf: no06:09
AhadielXsteelWolf, #ubuntu+1 redirects to #ubuntu06:09
cafuegoFor some reason I can't imagine a woman not taking that the wrong way.06:09
bonek1gwb, that definately wasnt the main point of the sentence. but good catch.06:09
eternalswd!topic | renny_r200006:10
uboturenny_r2000: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:10
ykfffdoes anybody know if there are big upgrades coming as soon as the final relase is out ?06:10
MasterShrekykfff, not if you are already running gutsy06:10
XsteelWolfI'm having problems with wireless,it always popup asking me to key in passphrase,and im 100% positive that's the passphrase as it works just fine on my windows but not on ubuntu06:10
musikgoatyeah, for beta users, are there alot of package updates tomorrow?06:10
ykfffthanks MasterShrek06:10
cafuegoXsteelWolf: it redirects to here whilst we're partying in there06:10
misleyvserser anyone06:10
=== greg is now known as asdfjoe
boneDavy_Jones: women.tgz would definately take forever to compile with all those complicated subroutines.06:11
misleythat's vserver anyone?06:11
Davy_Jonesbone: hahhahaha.. that's hilarious06:11
kaushalI am using ububtu 7.0406:11
boneDavy_Jones  and true...06:11
buzz-cpwhy does my mouse not work when I re-plug it back in, until I type lsusb?  Strange stuff!06:11
Jordan_Ubone, The worst part are the dependencies, and you know how I am about commitment06:11
kaushalubuntu 7.0406:11
MasterShrekbone, i think its impossible, and no documentation, just a few smart-ass comments06:11
XsteelWolfI'm having problems with wireless,it always popup asking me to key in passphrase,and im 100% positive that's the passphrase as it works just fine on my windows but not on ubuntu06:11
musikgoatbuzz-cp: i don't have the same problem, but i have a different setup06:11
kaushalis there any download manager for ubuntu06:11
stone-unixwhere is the party channel?06:11
scguy318kaushal: wget? :)06:12
MasterShrekstone-unix, #ubuntu-release-party06:12
pppoe_dude!repeat | XsteelWolf06:12
ubotuXsteelWolf: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience06:12
IpMooBetastone-unix:   ur here06:12
Nukedits really chaotic in there06:12
Nukedits like all of 4chan decided to go there06:12
buzz-cpThanks, musikgoat!06:12
Davy_Jonesstone-unix: there is a party channel.. it is so busy you're gonna come here to be able to talk.. heh06:12
Jordan_UIpMooBeta, No, the party channel is #ubuntu-release-party06:12
boneThere would be one week every month that women.tgz wouldnt work no matter what you did to help it.06:12
eternalswdrenny_r2000, #ubuntu-es06:12
dsmith__Davy_Jones: yea06:13
MTughan7.10 still not released...06:13
stone-unixDavy_Jones: thanks06:13
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:13
* IpMooBeta stops loling .. then06:13
batrixhello anyone here have a printer on their ubuntu box allowing xp machines to print from them? i am having an issue of it not sending the file to my ubuntu box and printing it just pauses everytime i try to print from the xp box06:13
Acousty1lol @ bone06:13
MasterShrekbone, the have patches for that...06:13
kaushal any other GUI download manager apart from wget06:13
MTughanI'm just checking it about every 20-30 minutes or so.06:13
stone-unixwant to catch a glimpse of it at first time06:13
MasterShrekkaushal, wget isnt a gui program06:13
Davy_Jonesbone: i'm sure it's gonna be full of bugs too06:13
boneMasterShrek: patch -p0 < stripper.diff is not a patch, only a workaround :)06:13
Jordan_Ukaushal, You mean cli program?06:13
Jordan_Ukaushal, curl06:14
kaushalyeah i know that06:14
buzz-cpAll, I recommend CUPS for printing to pdf.  very handy for non-OpenOffice apps!06:14
boneok, i'm done. I actually amused myself there.06:14
kaushali want GUI like prozilla06:14
MasterShrekbone, im thinking more like patch -p1 < birth_control.diff06:14
akrill7.10 available for d/l anywhere yet?06:14
Davy_Jonesme too06:14
boneMasterShrek, ya.. accidently hit 0. p1 definately06:14