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ion_Pretty. And it only takes a kilobyte. http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=3219410:12
Keybukwhat is it?10:15
ion_An intro. There’s a link to a video capture on the page.10:16
* Keybuk finally discovers the fuck-up12:03
Keybukparse_job () will free the old job with the same name12:03
Keybukyet so will conf_item_destroy ()12:03
Keybukthe difference being that parse_job () frees the job without freeing the ConfItem for it12:03
Keybukwhich means that job_change_state () must do the same!12:03
* Jc2k is somewhat baffled but nods and smiles12:04
Keybukthis bug must have always been present, the newer code happens to tickle it more12:04
* Keybuk tries to think how you'd replicate it12:04
Keybukjob of the same name in two different directories12:07
Keybukthen reload12:07
Keybukthat'd cause older code to core dump12:07
* Keybuk frowns13:38
* Jc2k bounces13:39
* Keybuk almost hacks it14:12
Keybuknot quiet14:30
KeybukI'm tempted to ignore the problem and move on14:31
Keybuksince it's in code I intend to completely rewrite14:31
Jc2ksounds like a plan :O14:31
Keybukodd, I made the bug go away15:12
Keybukla la la15:12
Keybuk woo, only test_job left to fix15:38
Keybukall 5,300 lines of it :-/16:41
Jc2klarge test then?16:42
kelsinHey, is there a way to specify a start script/ stop script and then set the PID directly for jobs? Basically have a service that comes with a normal "script start/stop/status" as the way to start it, didn't want to have to work a lot with it if possible18:52
kelsinactually might have answered my own question by finding the wait command :) I'll ask again if this doesn't work18:53

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