mokokAnyone here knows good and light ides/editors for writing C code?00:48
malcolmbdoes geany do what you want?01:11
mokokYes it does01:14
mokokI just installed it01:14
mokokAnd it seemed to be what I need01:14
malcolmbmokok: good stuff01:19
malcolmbit's off the xfce recommended apps list01:20
malcolmbthat list has a bunch of decent lightweight software01:20
mokokI added that link to my bookmarks :)01:24
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mcmischiefanyone in here?02:16
mcmischiefcould you help me with something?02:20
mcmischiefi want to install xubuntu but it doesn't seem to install for me.. after loading it just goes to a black screen02:20
mcmischiefmaybe my computer can't handle it; it's an 800 mHz 160 MB RAM computer02:20
crimsunare you using the desktop image, the text-based installer (alternate) image, or the server image?02:21
mcmischiefare you asking how i installed it02:22
mcmischiefor which installation i used02:22
mcmischiefxubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386 btw02:22
crimsunthat's the desktop image, which requires more RAM than you have to run reasonably02:23
crimsunI recommend you attempt to install using the alternate image02:23
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prakis gutsy out now in most of the world?04:49
tonyyarussoprak: See #ubuntu-release-party (no)04:52
praktonyyarusso: would it be released at the same time for the entire world?04:54
tonyyarussoprak: yes.04:54
nooobydoes thunar have inherent samba capabilites like nautilus?05:28
graelbHi there06:08
graelbI'm having some issues with 7.1006:09
graelb Here's the deal though...If i try to go to google.com in FF, it doesn't work. If i ping www.google.com first from a terminal, then go to google in FF, it works06:09
WarpnowI'm in the process of downloading Xubuntu. I've got a p2 350mhz with 128mb of ram, do you think I'll have trouble running it?08:18
WarpnowI'm running DSL at the moment and am...rather unimpressed, mainly with its package management, which doesn't seem too work very often.08:19
tonyyarussoWarpnow: should be fine I think.08:22
PixilarionWarpnow: I used to run it on a computer like that08:22
Pixilarionand it worked fine08:22
Pixilarionjust don't do anything "fancy" :)08:22
WarpnowCool, thanks for the help. I'm really looking forward to it. Xubuntu looks much nicer than most of the other low-resource distros I've tried.08:23
PixilarionWarpnow: you can always try elbuntu or ebuntu or somehting08:23
Pixilarionwith enlightenment08:23
Pixilarionit's prettu light too08:23
Pixilarionbut you will lose some functionality compared to xubuntu (xfce)08:24
WarpnowI'm relatively new to linux as well, been using it about a year, are the skins on places llikee xfce-look.org resource intensive, or are they just image replacements, or some of both?08:24
jimmywwokay, where do i find 7.1008:24
Pixilarioni guess just replacements that won't take much more resources08:24
Pixilarionjimmyww: jfgi ;)08:25
Warpnowits in the room topic, jimmy08:25
jimmywwso there is no 7.1008:25
jimmywwwith stable08:25
Pixilarionno, but should be out today08:26
jimmywwso i should wait08:26
Pixilarionjust wait a few hours08:26
Pixilarionif you want the stable release yes08:26
WarpnowRCs tend to be pretty stable from my experience, but I don't know specifically about this one08:26
Pixilarionbut it will be more or less the same as the RC08:26
jimmywwbecause along with ubuntu its not out yet08:26
Warpnowgenerally an RC is very near complete but they're just putting it through a last test08:27
jimmywwnow one more question08:27
jimmywwthe machine i want to put linux on is 1ghz and 256mb08:27
jimmywwshould i go for xubuntu08:28
jimmywwor ubuntu08:28
jimmywwrenembering that im new to linux08:28
Warpnowhrm, does 7.10 xubuntu have compiz like 7.`0 Ubuntu does (I hear, haven't actually tried 7.10...)?08:28
Pixilarionubuntu will be ok08:28
jimmywwpixilarion, what do u mean08:28
Pixilarionjimmyww: it has more features than xubuntu so you should try that one first08:28
Warpnowhe means you have the power to run either08:29
PixilarionWarpnow: compiz is not installed by default08:29
PixilarionWarpnow: but you can always add it by installing08:29
jimmywwwhat is the minium specs for both08:29
Warpnow256mb vs 128mb according to the official site, but I heard xubuntu runs on 64 decently08:30
jimmywwand on my 1ghz 256mb machine, will ubuntu work at a reasonable speed08:30
jimmywwbecause that is what im fearing08:31
jimmyww*is not08:31
WarpnowIts more about the programs you run. It should run fine, but don't try to run all the apps it comes with at the same time. Xubuntu will come with lighter apps which make it harder to use your RAM.08:31
jimmywwand thats why im thinking about xubuntu because i hear it runs faster08:31
WarpnowYour machine will run Ubuntu fine, as it only uses less than 100mb to boot (I think, don't quote me, but its close)08:32
jimmywwokay thx08:32
WarpnowIts just that if you load Ubuntu, Blender, OOo, Firefox, ect, at the same time..08:32
Warpnowyour ram may limit you, whereas xubuntu includes programs where that's less less likely08:32
jimmywwill probably try both08:33
jimmywwso what time do we expect a release?08:33
Pixilarionanytime this day i guess08:33
WarpnowAre you moving from Windows or Mac?08:34
jimmywwim on a mac now08:34
jimmywwand i like it08:34
jimmywwbut i want to replace my windows machine that runs slow with linux08:35
Warpnowah, yeah, I've heard Mac users tend to like Ubuntu and Windows users find Kubuntu more immediately pleasing, but once you've been using it for a few days, it doesn't matter much.08:35
jimmywwi definitly dont want to give up my mac08:35
jimmywwbut im happy to give up my winblows machine08:36
WarpnowYou can put Ubuntu on your mac :-p08:36
jimmywwyes, but i still want to use mac os x as my main os08:36
WarpnowI use macs for video editting. Mac OSX runs circles around the older version of the Mac OS08:37
jimmywwthere are programs on my mac that i also love08:37
WarpnowI used to despise using Macs, but now I kinda wish they had gone the full way and just made it linux-like BSD distro for all machines08:38
jimmywwfor example there is quicksilver - quicksilver.blacktree.com08:38
jimmywwi cant live with out that08:38
jimmywwwarpnow, what do u mean08:38
jimmywwoh well08:39
Warpnowhaha, my live DSL didn't like that blacktree site08:39
Warpnowfor some reason the browser just froze08:39
jimmywwthe website is having trouble lately08:40
jimmywwsomeone hacked in to it and spammed it, i think08:40
Warpnowopera doesn't seem to play nice with DSL, either, but I couldn't get Firefox 2 or Konqueror to work at all08:40
WarpnowMy main pc caught on fire- literally, my motherboard had flames coming from it08:41
Warpnowso I scrapped together an old Pentium 2 motherboard with a 128mb of ram I found an old HD from years ago08:41
jimmywwwikipedia has a bit on quicksilver- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quicksilver_%28software%2908:41
Warpnowand am running the OS from the HD while I download Xubuntu to the HD to install, heh.08:42
jimmywwthough it doesn't explain how amazing it is08:42
Warpnowwikipedia is like the greatest site ever08:42
WarpnowI remember when only geeks knew about it...08:42
jimmywwi dont, im only 1508:42
WarpnowI'm 17, 18 in 2 weeks :D08:43
jimmywwwhat is your main os now?08:43
WarpnowGenerally Ubuntu, I still run XP on my laptop because its not so easy to get linux running on it, though.08:44
jimmywwyes, the reason y i waiting for 7.10 is that when i run the live cd08:44
jimmywwi get a buffer error i/o on logical bored f...08:45
jimmywwor something like that08:45
jimmywwand no one can help me with it08:45
Warpnowyeah, I'm still pretty newbish, I spend more times asking questions on the forum than anything, haha08:45
Warpnowthe people on the forum are friendly as hell, though08:46
jimmywwnot like digg08:46
Warpnowalot of the people on digg just aren't very bright. Its become too popular.08:46
jimmywwyes, many of the people like to criticize others rather that discuss the topic08:48
jimmywwhurry up, please09:17
nbjaymehello all. I have added a network (pci) card into my system. I am using feisty. the network card is rtl8139c how do i add this? (i have restarted my computer but i do not see an eth1 in the network-admin). thanks for the help.09:45
jimmywwdoes anyone know if conkey works on xubuntu10:28
strohiwhen comes the7.10 final xubuntu?  i need one desktop disk an  thinking about to load the 7.0410:29
d1n0damnit, got k/b for yelling at a bot at #ubuntu-release-party :/10:30
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rijoHi, Im trying to get my wireless network working. Its WPA encrypted wich i assume isnt configureable by default since there's just a wep option. What do I need to be able to configure it?11:19
TheSheep!wifi | rijo11:21
uboturijo: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:21
TheSheeprijo: and look for 'wpa supplicant'11:21
keoni86Does anyone know if 7.10 is ontime?11:39
R[a]ndomyeah the regular ubuntu images are up11:39
R[a]ndombut not offficially released yet11:39
R[a]ndomhavent seen any xubuntu images11:39
sadizmxubuntu seems to be up at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/7.10/release/11:42
sadizmrumors say that this isn't final, but i'm dling anyway ~_~11:42
R[a]ndomsadizm, yeah, I'm pretty sure theyre wrong11:56
R[a]ndomas it isnt labelled RC or anything11:56
R[a]ndomand they arent about to just randomly update ISOs that were just uploaded11:56
keoni86got a point11:59
sadizmeveryone on the forum's wondering why they don't "officially" release it yet11:59
sadizmsome people are complaining that it's practically Oct19 in their time zomes XD12:00
keoni861kb sec12:02
keoni86must be busy12:02
sadizmthe torrent's faster :)12:03
keoni86ya i was just thinking maybe i should install a torrent client12:05
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gladierhey guys ... you currently have a RC .. whens the full blown thing going ot be done?12:44
gladierfor 7.1012:45
jimmywwwhere do i download 7.10 can u post a link12:45
_agn_is 7.10 out yet ?12:46
gladierubuntu .. not xubuntu12:48
gladierwww.ubuntu.com ;)12:48
jimmywwgladier, where is the xubuntu torrent12:48
gladierthere is no xubuntu 7.10 yet afaik12:48
jimmywwis it here12:48
krullthanks for the link jimmyww12:51
jimmywwso is it out?12:51
_agn_whats the diffe between desktop and alternate /12:53
gladierdesktop is a livecd12:53
_agn_i see12:53
gladieralternate is for low memory machiens with a FB install12:53
gladierfb = framebuffer12:53
jimmywwis there a enough people for the torrent?12:54
_agn_so it won;t make much diff for a system with 1gb ram12:54
gladierno it just means its an alternate install .. end product is the same12:54
gladiereg.. my laptop with 192mb ram12:54
jimmywwis the torrent seeded12:55
_agn_doh, torrent says it couldn't connect to server12:55
jimmywwim not sure if it is ment to be download now12:56
gladiermight not be released12:57
jimmywwi think you right12:58
gladierits been released12:58
gladierxubuntu site ust hasnt been updated12:58
gladierconfirmed by a dev12:58
jimmywwso can we download it or not13:00
_agn_yes, torrent is working now13:02
gladierall of the xubuntu/kubuntu/ubuntu trackers are bieng DDOS'd13:02
_agn_i see the irc channels being flodded with bots13:03
_agn_damn, torrent stopepd13:03
_agn_seems like the tracker went down again13:03
_agn_jimmyww: just DDoS's13:03
jimmywwwhat does it mean13:04
gladierthink about how many people are currently downloading?13:04
_agn_gladier: yeah13:04
_agn_jimmyww: distribuetd denial of service13:04
gladieri know at least 50 people who are dedicating 4mb uplinks to seeding the torrent13:04
gladieraka .. too many people trying to conenct at once13:04
_agn_gladier: wow13:04
jimmywwwhy wont it work then13:05
jimmywwmines picking up now13:05
_agn_uploading faster than its downloading13:05
jimmywwdownloading from 4 of 40 peers13:06
jimmywwthis is slower then the direct download13:06
gladieroh btw _agn_ /... thats the ubuntu torrent13:06
_agn_which one ?13:07
_agn_damn its dead again13:07
gladierstd i386 and alt i38613:07
gladieras theyre going to be the heaviest hit13:07
_agn_you mean the link i posted ?13:08
gladierin the ubuntu torrent for those seeders13:08
jimmywwi think i might try again tomorror13:08
_agn_the 4mb pipes13:08
gladiersorry .. i try to be clear13:08
_agn_xbuntu is crawling13:08
gladierbut i have so much stuff going on at once atm13:08
_agn_gladier: :)13:09
gladiergfs who want to talk .. friends who have gf trouble ... clients who want midnight support13:09
misfitpierceis the xubuntu final out yet?13:09
gladierit appears so :P13:09
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misfitpiercehave link where i can grab maybe? Im coming up to list that says oct 11 near each download13:10
gladierlol ... pumpernickel .. you beat me to asking you to do it13:10
misfitpierceoct 11th dosnt seem right for final13:10
=== Pumpernickel changed the topic of #xubuntu to: Official Xubuntu Support Channel | FAQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-users | Gutsy (NEW STABLE): http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/7.10/release/
_agn_much better13:10
misfitpiercemuch thanks pumpernickel13:10
_agn_torrent is picking up13:11
jimmywwi dont think so13:12
_agn_it is, for me13:12
_agn_although a bit slow13:12
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=== Pumpernickel changed the topic of #xubuntu to: Official Xubuntu Support Channel | FAQ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Gutsy (NEW STABLE): http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/7.10/release/ (or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/ports/releases/7.10/release/ for PPC/PS3/IA64)
PumpernickelThat should do it.13:14
jimmywwgeting there13:14
jimmywwhow far thru the download are you guys13:15
jimmywwme, 6 mbs13:15
jimmyww8 days remaining13:16
_agn_just 5.7mb here :(13:16
jimmywwim giving up13:16
jimmywwit is 10 o clock here in australia13:16
jimmywwso i think its bed time13:16
jimmywwgot school work 2morrow anyway13:17
jimmywwhave fun with your new distro13:17
gladierjimmyww where in aus?13:17
_agn_fsck, i uploaded 7.2mb and wonloaded 6.313:18
cjae_how does one cycle through the windows/programs open by the keyboard in win I think it was ctrl-tab?13:22
gladierin windows is alttab13:23
cjae_right thanks13:26
* gladier questions your right to be in this channel13:26
cjae_my screen was frozen thats why I was having problems13:27
d1n0its out yes?13:27
misfitpierceDoes the alternate Xbuntu also have the drive encryption13:27
krulld1n0: yup :)13:27
gladier... ng13:27
krullbtw... anyone know of a howto LTSP with xubuntu?13:28
d1n0hmm url?13:28
d1n0ah neverMIND13:28
d1n0was looking at the wrong place.... xubuntu.com... but all i need is here13:28
misfitpierceso xubuntu gutsy has drive encryption as well on alternate13:30
misfitpiercejust to be clear 100%13:30
misfitpierceonly alternate right?13:30
cjae_Does anyone know a solution to faster dvd burning?  I am trying to backup xubuntu and dvd burn speeds are terrible.13:30
cjae_Will using a non generic kernel help my situation? Recompile13:31
gladierget an external hdd13:31
d1n0http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/7.10/release/ wont work..13:32
d1n0probably overloaded.... any others? torrents?13:32
PumpernickelThe servers are being hammered right now.  Please be patient.13:32
cjae_yes thought of this but why is dvd burning such an issue, reading launchpad and other sites and many are having issues13:33
misfitpierceDoes anyone know if xubuntu alternate supports the encryption to partitions like ubuntu13:34
cjae_gladier, and I have not known there to be such a long standing issue in linux except for multimedia playback and that was due to laws13:34
krullmy dl just stopped :S13:35
nikolam7.10 is out even not announced yet.13:35
krullwoot it resumed :) thanks guys!13:36
d1n0krull: torrent?13:38
nikolamWhat torrent should I use13:38
nikolami will download with http then share it with torrent13:38
krulld1n0: nope from cdimage13:39
krullim at 41%13:39
krullits just being hammered13:39
krullI'll share it with BT as soon as I am done dling...13:40
mikubuntuguys, if i only have a terminal, and no gui, is it still possible to launch a browser, AND, does anybody knw what browser would be installed in fluxbuntu?13:42
gladiercjae_ - packet writing is still a new thing for linux13:43
d1n0krull: cool13:44
nikolamI think that fluxbuntu documentation reveales that13:45
cjae_gladier, when just burning random files to dvd, why is it faster to have then all in folders/directories than on their own?13:45
cjae_meaning that the burn goes smoother and faster13:46
nikolamI use seamonkey/iceape beacouse i think i use less ram for mail, newsgroups and browsing then with thunderbird/firefox13:46
misfitpierceNo confirming for me here... Noone knows if Xubuntu alternate has encryption option like new Ubuntu alt?13:46
nikolamBut there are some lightweight browsers13:46
krullwhere are the torrents? I've finished dling x/ubuntu 7.10 isos and I'd like to share em via BT13:46
misfitpiercetorrents are at link location in topic13:47
nikolammisfitpierce: Hey, but what torrent to use? Every mirror have different torrent?13:50
krullthanks d1n0... already sharing :)13:50
d1n0good, cause im downloading :)13:50
misfitpiercego to link in topic nikolam13:50
misfitpierceonly 1 torrent for each diff type13:51
nikolamOk, I will use that 10x13:51
nikolamBu I will look for amd64 one alternate13:51
misfitpierceso noone knows if xubuntu alt carries encryption option like ubuntu gutsy has now on alt?13:51
misfitpiercecant find info anywhere13:52
nikolamI think 7.10 is not announced yet on xibinti.org Therefore, You should wait a bit13:53
d1n0nikolam: this channel is official13:53
nikolamBut I am running 7.04 amd64 xubuntu and I got message that i can upgrade.13:53
d1n0you can, or cant?13:54
nikolamThat I can but I want just yet13:54
misfitpiercehe got message to upgrade and link in topic says its out13:54
d1n0it is out13:54
nikolamI got button on upgrade manager to upgrade.13:55
nikolamOk :)13:55
gladiernikolam i was speaking to a dev a little while ago13:55
gladierhe said its official13:55
nikolamOk :)13:55
d1n0why do you guys use xubuntu? why not ubuntu/kubuntu?13:55
nikolamxubuntu uses less resources, xfce is cool13:56
d1n0what computers specs?13:57
nikolamxubuntu can run on older computers and is faster on new ones13:57
krullim looking into using xubuntu on some lowend pcs13:57
krullalso on LTSP setup13:57
nikolamxubuntu is great choice for older pc13:57
d1n0i run it on core2quad q6600 with 2gb ram, should i rather use ubuntu/kubuntu?13:57
nikolamBut I strongli dislike bloated env. of gnome/kde since I get used to xfce13:58
nikolamI also have 2 gigs now but I worked with 7.04 with no problems on 384Mb on p3. i think it is powerfull.13:59
nikolamd1n0: Maybe I used wrong expression, sorry14:00
cjae_does anyone know yet if dvd burning under gutsy is any better?14:00
nikolamI like xfce much more beacouse i can make it look how i want14:00
d1n0nikolam: ok14:00
d1n0do you use compiz fusion?14:01
nikolamwhy, dvd burning worked great before..14:01
misfitpierceIm downloading xubuntu gutsy alt but want to know if it supports encryption like ubuntu alt... Anyone know yet thats awake? lol14:01
cjae_nikolam, can't get any good speeds out of my burner14:01
nikolami dont use it yes but will test it on 7.10 I tried compiz on 7.04 but haven`t find it useful, Picture is a little bit blurry with 3D (Amd690G integrated graphics, fglrx(\)14:02
nikolamcjae_: Try to use k3b is supposed to be the best Open source linux burning application14:03
cjae_I am using that14:03
nikolamHm, maybe your DVD is on PATA and working in PIO mode14:03
nikolamChech Bios settings and make it work as only device-maste.14:03
homebrewciderprobably a stupid question BUT my box is running xubuntu fiesty, will a dist-upgrade upgrade it to gutsy gibbon? sorry if this is a ridiculous question14:05
krullI cant seem to get use to KDE's UI... damn MS influence :S14:05
gladieri find gnome easier and faster14:05
nikolamhomebrewcider: In your place I would use Update manager application to upgrade14:05
homebrewciderthat will do what I asked?14:06
nikolamgladier: Reely? everyone is saying that xfce is much more lightweight and faster14:06
krullgnome seems more win32user friendly14:06
krullbut xfce is lighter than gnome14:06
gladierxfce is lighter14:06
gladierits been a long day14:06
nikolamI just dont like default ubuntu theme. on gnome it is so.. brown ahh.14:07
gladierup since 6 .. is now 1114:07
gladierlol i use the studioubuntu theme14:07
krullI couldn't run 710 ubuntu on a p3 with 512 ram14:07
krulland xubuntu booted nicely14:07
gladier512 mb ram is tonens14:07
nikolamkrull: Qool :)14:07
gladieri have had it on a p3 500mhz 19214:07
gladierjust wasnt sp33dy enough14:07
nikolamI worked quite nice with xubuntu on P3-733/384Mb RAm14:08
krullyeah its weird really14:08
nikolamIt used to use just about 80-90 mb after boot14:08
homebrewcidernikolam, the update manager will do what i originally asked?14:08
nikolamhomebrewcider: It have button: Update to 7.10, so YES :)14:09
krullis 1:2 ratio with ram/swap still applicable with xbuntu?14:09
krullie: 512ram/1024swap14:09
nikolamkrull: That is general question for linux, I think I still use x2 swap14:10
krullHDD is also a premium here... :D14:10
gladierlol i use 2gbram no swap14:10
krullI really got old systems... p3/p2s with 2GB hdds even! :D14:10
krullthere's one with 512MB HDD! :D14:11
nikolamkrull: Maybe you could set up 2 hdd/s as a software raid. raid0 or 1 for sstem, raid1 for data and raid0 for swap :)14:11
krullheheh nice one nikolam :) I might try that14:11
nikolamI think you need 2gigs of HDD space for full install14:11
krullno! dl stopped at 99%!!!14:12
krullits trickling :)14:13
krullthe servers are taking a beating!14:13
krullfinished from cdimage! thanks!14:13
krullI got BT sharing them now ;)14:14
homebrewciderhmm, update manager has no button "upgrade to 7.10"14:15
gladierclick reload :P14:17
nikolamchange your update server.14:18
nikolamYour mirror is maybe not updated yet14:18
nikolamChoose it in "software sources"14:18
nikolamand then refresh again14:19
nikolamOr just wait till your mirrors refresh itself14:19
homebrewciderI'll be more patient14:22
f4teusing the update button in "applications -> system -> update manager", thatll install xubuntu 7.10?14:22
f4teall the working says "ubuntu 7.10" thats all...14:22
homebrewcidergood point14:23
f4teanyone done it this way?14:27
scriptdevil*release time14:46
scriptdevilif ubuntu and xubuntu use the same repos, why does the *release* time differ?14:46
vinzeBecause someone from Xubuntu has to be online to release it14:47
vinzeBut we need release notes14:47
vinzeSo I'll be making those in a minute and then I'll announce it on the website I think14:47
gladiervinze ... you a dev i take it?14:47
vinzegladier, well... I update the website mostly, and follow the mailinglist...14:48
gladierupdate the website dammit :P14:49
gladieri was getting confused14:49
scriptdevilwell.i have always used rolling distros as a long term distro. ubuntu is not . so can you tell me if my assumption is right. "I wont get an update to firefox unless the next release is made"14:49
vinzeYou'll get updates, but just security updates14:50
scriptdevilvinze: hmmm. like say rewind 1 year back, i would get 1.5.2 but not 2.014:50
scriptdevilfrom a 1.5.114:50
vinzeBut when Firefox 1.5 isn't supported anymore I believe Ubuntu will update those of supported systems to Firefox 214:51
scriptdevilthats more than enough.. after playin a lot with distros.. say about 20 now, i decided to settle down. so i chose ubuntu. no tweaking and stuff like that. just the good ol range of software, and programming tools14:52
scriptdevili better start contributing.. just laid my hands on steve wozniak's book. iWoz.. amazing read14:52
scriptdevilhmmm. a gnomefreak in Xubuntu??14:54
* gladier = gnomefreak14:55
gladierhardly use anything else when i have a choice14:55
* gladier = A gnomefreak14:55
gladiernot THE14:55
scriptdevilhmmm.. ok.. then i must call myself an emacsfreak14:56
vinzeDoes anyone know of a mirror of Xubuntu's Desktop CD?14:56
gladier guys .. if your interested in car computers .. some thing you might be interested in www.nghost-project.com (not spam .. just getting the word out there)14:56
gladiertheres quite a fe14:56
scriptdevilvinze: http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/mirror/cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/7.04/release/14:57
vinzeI meant Gutsy... But I found one already14:58
scriptdevilvinze: you did?14:58
scriptdevili thought it was yet to mirror14:58
vinzeMESSAGE TO EVERYBODY: If you can, please seed the Xubuntu Gutsy torrents14:59
mindframe-ill seed it on 100mbit14:59
vinzeyeah coming ;-)14:59
vinzehttp://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/gutsy/release/desktop/ for the desktop CD14:59
vinzehttp://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/gutsy/release/alternate/ for the alternate CD14:59
vinzeO darn it15:00
scriptdevili wll seed it in 1 and a half hours.. my net is free of cost after 9pm IST15:00
scriptdevilvinze: what?15:00
vinzeProblem connecting to tracker - (111, 'Connection refused')15:01
Greeneryno torrent file yet?15:01
vinzeThere are torrent files, but I can't connect15:01
Greeneryoh i clicked the wrong one lol15:02
scriptdevilmy god.. the ubuntu servers are hell slow now..15:02
gladiernGhost Media Center BETA Version: 0.9515:02
gladierNanonymous Group and the nGhost Team15:02
gladierSource available at: http://www.nanonymous.org15:02
gladierLicensed under the GNU GPL15:02
gladiersorry ..15:02
vinzeYeah and cdimage.ubuntu.com won't even load15:03
scriptdevilwell.. i am not able to download rtorrent15:03
Greeneryno seeder yet15:03
vinzeBitTornado? BitTorrent?15:03
scriptdevili dont have em15:03
scriptdevili need cmd line stuff15:03
scriptdevili hate having to many gui sessions15:04
scriptdevillike, i use irssi for irc chat, firefox for web-browsing(cos i cannot avoid it), mplayer for music and emacs for all the rest15:04
mindframe-server isn't available15:04
mindframe-vinze, what's different about alternate images again?15:05
vinzeYeah I noticed...15:05
vinzemindframe, that's a text-based installer15:05
scriptdevilif alone wmii was not screwed up in favour of dwm, i would use it15:05
scriptdevilmindframe-: curses based15:05
scriptdevilbetter for systems with lower processor power and RAM15:06
d1n0which distro should i be running on my core2quad with 2gb ram etc15:06
scriptdevilwell.. i386 will do well15:06
scriptdevilbut technically, it is amd6415:06
scriptdevild1n0: your config is the same as mine15:07
vinzed1n0, the one you like best :)15:07
mindframe-well assuming the server starts working, i'll seed 300GB15:07
Greeneryany release note for xubuntu?15:07
d1n0i feel like, xubuntu wont give me full support for my hardware...15:07
vinzeGreenery, I'll be working on them in a minute15:07
scriptdevild1n0: why so?15:07
d1n0scriptdevil: i'm not sure15:08
scriptdevilmine is a core2duo E 6555, 4mb l2 cache, dg33fb classic intel motherboard, nvidia 7300gt and 2 gig of ram15:08
scriptdevilxubuntu i386 does well15:09
scriptdevilwith a 20 second boot time and a 5 second shutdown time15:09
d1n0only reason i sticked to xubuntu was that it handled my keyboard and mouse bluetooth problems out of the box... couldnt get both to work in ubuntu...15:09
vinzeAh, people, the Xubuntu torrents work now15:11
vinzeSo please seed them if you can15:11
vinze(And if you don't know how to, please ask ;-)15:11
d1n0vinze: i'm seeding15:12
vinzeGood d1n0 :)15:12
vinzeHuh? I've already uploaded more than I've downloaded :)15:12
scriptdevilis it possible to seed without downloading in the first place, i thought of seeding, but i dont have the iso, so i will uselessly add to the server load15:14
scriptdevilmindframe-: how?15:14
mindframe-download the iso to whatever directory your torrent client data directory15:14
vinzeWell, you have to have something to upload, but you can just start the torrent and upload while downloading the iso, and then keep on running the torrent even after your download has completed15:15
mindframe-wherever your torrent client stores data15:15
scriptdevilok. i have a slow net conn, so i will give 30kb/s to upload15:15
mindframe-it would save bandwidth if you just hop on the torrent15:15
mindframe-             208.0 /  566.4 MB Rate: 1740.9 / 690.5 KB Uploaded:   410.0 MB [34%]  0d  0:08 [T  R: 1.9715:16
d1n0what version of xfce is xubuntu 7.10 comming with?15:19
vinzeSee http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/x11/xfce415:20
mindframe-it's running well on my desktop and laptop so far15:20
d1n0and what version was in 7.04?15:20
scriptdevili like it when the channel is not very crowded.. at times, #ubuntu drives me mad15:20
vinzed1n0, http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/x11/xfce415:21
mindframe-vinze, so why is the alternate image larger than the desktop?15:21
d1n0so no big updates?15:22
vinzemindframe, no idea15:22
vinzed1n0, not in Xfce itself15:22
scriptdevilmindframe-: because .. err.. it includes the installer?15:23
vinzeBut a lot in Xubuntu - it'll take a while to create the release notes15:23
scriptdevili mean ncurses and stuff15:23
vinzeAh, yes, that'll be it: the Desktop's installer is compressed15:23
scriptdevilgoodbye people15:23
Sergohello all15:34
vinzeHey Sergo15:34
mindframe-rtorrent does not like these files :/15:37
mindframe-it keeps dying15:37
d11n0we need utorrent for linux15:38
Sergowhy on xubuntu.com the new xubuntu isn't15:38
vinzeBecause I'm still working on the release notes15:38
vinzeOctober 18th hasn't finished yet ;-)15:39
mindframe-RatThing, it's you.15:46
mindframe-vinze, tracker is down i believe15:47
vinzemindframe-, I'm still down/uploading15:47
=== Sergo is now known as RIAA
hyper_chmindframe-: I'm also uploading fine http://www.sjau.ch/torrent.png15:55
mindframe-i guess rtorrent was lying to me... it says can't connect to server but it's actually uploading.15:57
hyper_chmindframe-: compiled from svn?15:57
hyper_chmindframe-: ;)15:58
mindframe-i might go back to 0.7.7 real quick15:58
cjae_anyone willing to help me setup dma on optical and hdd and hdparm.conf  since  Iam having troubles as the kernel now uses sda instead of hdc and such16:00
cjae_thought this enabled by default since edgy16:00
vinzeHow can I make an image a link on the Ubuntu wiki?16:01
vinzeAnd how can I hotlink images in the first place?16:02
vinzeNevermind, I found out16:05
cjae_sudo hdparm - d1 /dev/sda does not work16:18
cjae_and if I look at hdparm.conf nothing is enabled16:19
brick__damn. that cdimage server is getting some traffic now it seems.. shitslow:P16:24
vinzeLol :)16:24
vinzeI've just finished the Xubuntu download and am seeding now :)16:24
brick__smooth. im installing transmission on livecd to down it from torrents..16:24
theDeulhello folks16:27
vinzehey theDeul16:27
theDeulis anyone able to give a little help? I'm a bigtime xubunu (and linux) newb...16:28
vinzeDepends what your problem is ;-)16:29
theDeulwell, I've just gotten xubuntu 7.04 running on my intel imac, but the system doesn't seem to have recognized the wireless...16:30
cjaeis dma enabled by default in xubuntu feisty?16:30
vinzetheDeul, where did you look?16:31
theDeuljust using the gui, no terminal, but went to the network settings16:31
vinzeIn System->Network I take it?16:32
theDeulmodem and wired connection are shown, but no option for wireless16:32
vinzeIt could be that it is just not supported, then you could try using the Windows driver16:32
theDeulwhere do I search for the windows driver?16:33
cjaek nobody knows16:33
brick__vinze, if im lucky. ill have it in 12 hours according to transmission:P16:34
vinzetheDeul, you should have it on the CD you got with your card, and then you need a Xubuntu application to install it which I'm going to look for now16:34
vinzebrick__, hmm, that's not so fast :P16:34
brick__iknow.. only 4 seeders here..16:34
vinzeIt says "20 seeds seen recently" for me for the Desktop CD, 10 for the Alternate16:35
brick__wow.. jumped up to 11 now.. downloading at 90kb/s16:35
brick__around 2 hours then if im lucky. i have the rc1, was about to install from it. but can wait a couple off hours..16:35
theDeulah, I didn't buy the card seperately, came configured on the imac16:36
brick__do you know if there is a package selection meny during the install off 7.1 now? as to choose what packages i want and dont?16:36
cjae Timing cached reads:   1436 MB in  2.00 seconds = 717.58 MB/sec16:36
cjae Timing buffered disk reads:   56 MB in  3.07 seconds =  18.22 MB/sec16:36
brick__i hate "cleaning up" right after installing.. remove lots off stuff i never use..16:36
cjaeare these good timings16:36
vinzebrick__, no there's not :(16:36
brick__hmm craps.. thats why i primely run debian. but the lenny is so unstable and etch does not work with my gfx card and compiz together:(16:37
brick__so out off the my sda with debian and in with xubuntu :P16:38
brick__vinze,  do you remmember what that "mac look" dock program is called?16:39
vinzebrick__, Avant Window Navigator/awn16:39
brick__they use engage on dreamlinux that is pretty smooth. but i cantfind it anywhere16:39
vinzeAnd Engage isn't much more than a specially configured panel to increase the icons in size when hovered I believe16:40
vinzeAnd it works very annoying because your windows cover it16:40
brick__hmm ok. worked pretty smooth on dreamlinux livecd though.. il try awn...16:40
nikolamdoes open office works at you after upgrade to 7.1016:51
vinzeIt should16:51
RAdamsit does on my ubuntu box. haven't upgraded my xubuntu box yet16:52
nikolamI got 1 question also16:52
nikolamI kind of installed java from sun site16:53
nikolambeacouse azureus showed me it uses java 1.416:53
nikolambut i have java616:53
nikolamNow after install, azureus don`t work anymore16:53
nikolameven after I reinstalled java from 7.04 repo16:53
brick__you must set what java version is to be used when running java apps. dont really remmember the command though. but drop azureus:P Transmission rules:P fast, light and stable:P16:54
nikolamis Transmission multiplatform and support outgoing encryption?16:55
nikolamis transmission gpl?16:55
brick__dont think it supports outgoing encryption...16:55
nikolamThen its no use for me.16:55
brick__why? what kind off dodgy stuff are you sharing? hehe16:56
nikolamI think ony 3 open source torrent clients supports it16:56
RAdamsnikolam: sudo apt-get remove -y azureus sun-java6-jre && dpkg --purge azureus sun-java6-jre, then apt-get install sun-java6-jre azureus16:56
nikolamMy ISP does not allow me to share , if i share without encryption, I am toasted..16:57
nikolamthanks RAdams16:57
brick__ahh i see. change isp then:P16:57
nikolamNo all are the same. No pyrating :)16:57
vinzeHey larsen_16:57
RAdamsnikolam: also, you might want to try deluge, which does support MSE/PE16:57
nikolamRAdams: Thanks Again16:58
vinzeCould anyone check these release notes will I craft the news announcement? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon/Xubuntu16:58
brick__vinze, looks fine to me..17:01
vinzeThanks brick__17:01
larsen_larsen reading...17:01
brick__vinze,  do you know how good wifi/wpa2 support on 7.1 is?17:02
RAdamsradams reading... want me to login to make changes, or just paste them here/pastebin?17:02
vinzebrick__, well, it should just work, either with NetworkManager or network-admin17:02
vinzeRAdams, paste them I guess17:02
brick__speedtouch 121g from thomson? was bloody unstable in ubuntu. stops receiveing/sendig packages after 5 mins.. on ndis that is. no native solution as far as i know17:03
vinzebrick__, no idea, you should try the LiveCD I guess, and perhaps you could use the Windows driver17:04
larsen_i see bad alinement in the games image17:04
* vinze goes to look17:04
vinzeAh you're right17:05
brick__how can i check how much ram xubuntu detects ?17:13
TheSheepbrick__: dmesg | less17:13
brick__hmm.. i see it detects. 3gb.. i got 4 installed. isnt there support for 4gb on 32bit systems ?17:14
TheSheepbrick__: or just 'free'17:14
brick__or do i still have to go though trouble with 64bits plugins in firefox etc to get a system that supports 4gb ?17:15
brick__nevermind. livecd seems tohave reserved the last gig for some stuff..17:16
larsen_you think is possible to update with "gksudo update-manager -c -d" with just 120Mb free on hd?17:19
vinze-d is not needed17:19
vinzeAnd I don't know17:19
TheSheeplarsen_: I'm pretty sure it'll fail17:20
larsen_i'm pretty sure too17:20
larsen_but i'm lazy17:20
TheSheeplarsen_: if you have some spare partition, you can temporarily mount it at /var/cache/apt/packages17:20
larsen_(and curious about the update process)17:21
TheSheepor somethingl ike that17:21
larsen_i have a 10 gigs hd to use17:21
TheSheepthen it will put the dowloaded packages there17:21
TheSheepit's /var/cache/apt/archives17:22
* vinze is going to update Xubuntu.org now :)17:22
larsen_i can do it by aptitude o i have to edit apt settings file?17:22
TheSheepthat site makes me feel guilty17:22
larsen_ops, synaptic17:22
larsen_not aptitude17:22
TheSheeplarsen_: it puts them there by default, no need to edit anything17:23
TheSheeplarsen_: just mount the larger partition there17:23
vinzeIf there's any mistakes, please tell me :)17:23
larsen_just mount the 2nd hd?17:23
larsen_nothing more?17:23
TheSheeplarsen_: yes, at that specific directory17:24
larsen_ah ok17:24
TheSheepvinze: the theme shuld have been green ;)17:24
vinzeWhich theme?17:24
larsen_like my monocolor bg17:24
TheSheepvinze: of the site and of xubuntu, but I gues it's several years too late to change that...17:24
vinzeBut Xfce's colour is also blue :)17:25
vinzeAnd I think a lot of people would find green appalling ;-)17:25
TheSheepvinze: yeah, it should be green17:25
brick__is there a way to make the livecd continue running so i can free up my cd driver to burn out an iso ?17:26
TheSheepvinze: depends, nice, fresh, yellowish, spring green would be nice17:26
TheSheepbrick__: no17:26
vinzebrick__, don't think so, or you should put in on USB :P17:26
brick__hmm ok. then i just have to take my time and boot to that bloody unstable lenny install.. takes like 20-30 mins to bootup. doe to some misconfig durring upgrade from etch :(17:27
brick__vinze, putting the iso it self on usb ? that what you mean ?17:28
vinzebrick__, you can run the LiveCD from a USB drive with some modifications, I use that to test Xubuntu17:29
brick__ok. and can i install from a usb driver as well ?17:29
vinzeAnyway, I'm off to dinner (brick__, see pendrivelinux.com)17:29
brick__ok. thx bye.enjoy your meal17:30
vinzeThanks :)17:30
InspironI, can't download Xubuntu, maybe it is to busy the server, everybody want to download :)17:31
Inspironif I take for 64 bit, can I find all the drivers and programs what I need, or is better to download 32 bit edition?17:34
Mad_bolhi all17:34
Mad_bolanyone hlp plz17:35
Inspironanybody could answer to me?17:38
Ben_Csi have ssh installed on one of my network PCs. i can ssh to it from within the network, but when i ssh through my internet IP i don't seem to be able to connect. My DSL router has firewall but i forwarded port 22. when i scan ports from online site it says 22 is open. please help!17:52
Ben_Csthe response i get: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host17:52
TheSheepBen_Cs: rename the file ~/.ssh/known_hosts from the computer you are connecting from17:56
Ben_CsTheSheep: how do u meen?17:57
larsen_about mounting the 2nd hd in /var/cache/apt/archives, two questions:18:01
larsen_1 i've just to edit fstab?18:02
larsen_2 i have to chmod in some way /var/cache/apt/archives?18:02
larsen_(anyway, i think is better to wait - i think the servers are quite loaded...)18:03
TheSheeplarsen_: no, you don't add it to fstab, you want it only mounted this once18:07
TheSheeplarsen_: and no need to chmod it, since the upgrade runs as root anyways18:07
larsen_how to do it once the write way...?18:08
TheSheeplarsen_: sudo mount /dev/yourpartitionwhateveritscaled /var/cache/apt/archives18:09
larsen_ok, just the mount18:09
TheSheeplarsen_: better not use an ntfs partition though18:09
larsen_i have problem with the spplumentary hd18:09
larsen_i have the second hd of the pc18:10
larsen_almost full but now i free almost 2 gigs18:10
larsen_i can comment it on fstab and after reboot use it?18:10
larsen_or is better a free device18:11
TheSheeplarsen_: you don't need to remount18:11
TheSheepleaphion: roboot18:11
TheSheepleaphion: sorry18:11
TheSheeplarsen_: you don't need to reboot18:11
TheSheeplarsen_: just 'sudo umount /sev/yourotherpartition'18:12
TheSheeplarsen_: and then mount it back18:12
larsen_ah ok18:12
TheSheeplarsen_: you can't have any files open on that partition though18:12
TheSheepdev, not sev18:12
hyper__chhiho :)18:13
TheSheephalo mr hyper__ch18:13
hyper__chTheSheep: seeded over 80gb gutsy already18:13
larsen_no torrent for the upgrade way18:14
hyper__chlarsen_: sure18:14
hyper__chlarsen_: with the alternate you can also upgrade as I've heard18:14
larsen_i can find something in the wiki18:15
hyper__chlarsen_: it was in the ubuntuforums18:16
larsen_really hard to find18:25
cellofellowcan someone help me compile some ALSA stuff?18:27
TheSheepcellofellow: why do you need to compile it?18:28
MatBoywhoho !! is it possible to upgrade on a Xubuntu system with Compiz already installed ?18:28
cellofellowcause, only way to get SigmeTel STAC9200 chipset working18:28
MatBoyI mean possible without any real big issues ?18:28
TheSheepcellofellow: if it involves compiling a kernel module, then I'm weak at this in debain-based systems :(18:29
cellofellowno modules.18:29
cellofellowat least, I think...18:29
cellofellowI can't really tell. This is sort of over my head.18:29
TheSheepcellofellow: alsa mostly consists of kernel modules, doesn't it?18:29
cellofellowyes... I think. :P18:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134351 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Sigmatel STAC9200 No Sound/Audio Ubuntu (Gateway MT3423)" [Medium,Confirmed]18:30
cellofellowOld bug, too bad it isn't fixed.18:30
TheSheepcellofellow: ok, so instead of yumming for things, aptget for them18:31
cellofellowsays to remove alsa-lib (which isn't there anyway, in Gutsy) and alsa-utils18:31
TheSheepcellofellow: and instead of make install at the end, use checkinstall18:31
TheSheepcellofellow: this way you will be able to uninstall it later18:31
cellofellowI think I tried checkinstall, and a file conflicted.18:31
TheSheepcellofellow: then you probably need to uninstall the package that contains that conflicting file18:32
cellofellowyeah, ok.18:32
cellofelloweeek, apt-get removing alsa-utils wants to get rid of gdm.18:32
cellofellowhow do I remove alsa-utils without getting rid of the other stuff?18:33
cellofellowodd that GDM is the only thing depending on it.18:33
TheSheepcellofellow: you could --force-nodeps18:33
cellofellowGDM? or alsa-utils?18:33
TheSheepcellofellow: sudo dpkg  --force-nodeps remove alsa-utils18:34
TheSheepcellofellow: I think18:34
TheSheepcellofellow: but it will make apt complain about broken deps a lot18:34
TheSheepcellofellow: it's very whiney18:34
bftdlooks like the download link is down18:35
cellofellowmaybe apt-src in some way will help. How does it work?18:35
TheSheepno idea18:37
KilrooOk, so having upgraded to Gutsy, my keyboard's multimedia keys no longer work. xev indicates that they are all (or at least, almost all) returning different keycodes, but all the same keysym 0x0, nosymbol. Any idea what I fouled up and how to fix it?19:04
tonyyarussoSomeone care to explain how the Xubuntu desktop CD is only 566.4 MB while the alternate is 688.8 MB?  TheSheep ?19:33
TheSheeptonyyarusso: why me?19:34
tonyyarussoTheSheep: Because you talked in the last hour.19:34
TheSheepI knew I shouldn't have19:34
KilrooArgh...why the heck did the keysyms for my application keys disappear...19:47
TheSheepKilroo: you killed them while sleepwalking by the full moon19:48
KilrooIt's quite irritating. They Just Worked before I upgraded.19:48
alnoktacan someone change required to requires? in http://xubuntu.org/get#requirements19:58
alnoktaThe Alternate Install CD only required you to have 64 MB RAM.19:59
NullNameDO you guys know when the server is going to speed up?20:10
NullNameit stopped20:10
hyper__chNullName: ???20:10
NullNamefor me20:10
NullNamethe ubuntu servers20:10
hyper__chwhat stopped?20:10
NullNameI'm upgrading xubuntu20:10
NullNamethe downloading20:10
NullNameit got slower adn slower20:11
NullNameand just stoped on file 5220:11
hyper__chNullName: download the ISO through torrent (alternate) and use it to upgrading20:11
hyper__chNullName: that's probably faster20:11
NullNameyou can upgrade without having to erase the hd?20:11
NullNameand I wont I loose all my configuration?20:11
alnokt0aso any idea how to change it?20:11
hyper__chNullName: it has the packages20:11
hyper__chNullName: just add again the cd as repository20:12
NullNameok. I'll check it out20:12
NullNameI didn't know you can add the cd as a repository20:12
NullNamethat's pretty bitching20:12
alnokt0aand remember its lose not loose20:12
NullNameI'll start the torrent and see which one wins20:13
hyper__chNullName: the torrent ;)20:13
hyper__chNullName: but you need to get the alternate20:13
hyper__chNullName: not desktop20:13
NullNamewhat's the alternate?20:13
hyper__chNullName: the alternate cd is not the desktop cd ;)20:13
NullNamehahah is it a server disk?20:13
NullNameI didnt know there was different flavors of xubuntu20:14
hyper__chno, it's not server20:14
hyper__chthe alternate is no live cd20:14
hyper__chand uses a text based installer20:14
NullNameoh okay.20:14
NullNamesounds good.20:14
NullNamethanks..I never use the live disk20:15
NullNameand I'm a big fan of text based installs.20:15
NullNameespecially when I'm having video card issues20:15
NullNameso 7.10 will support double monitors?20:15
hyper__chNullName: give me a second one and an according video card  and I'll tell you20:16
NullNameokay thanks20:16
NullNameumm well I have to install another card20:17
NullNameokay got it20:17
NullNameit has two outputs and is an ATI d3305320:17
NullNamerv 25l b320:17
NullNameI don't know which number is the model of the card20:18
NullNamebut that's what it says on it20:18
NullNamewait , the second output is funny looking20:18
NullNameso actually...id just use that as second card20:18
wyrdit'll be a DVI20:18
wyrdyou can get DVI to VGA converters20:19
NullNameoh sweeet20:19
wyrdyour card my even have come with ont20:19
NullNamewell I have another card already installed20:19
NullNameso couldnt I just use both?20:19
wyrdyeah, probablly20:19
NullNamethanks though for the tip20:19
NullNameif I have issues I will buy that convertor20:20
potheadrants about 7.10- video crashes booting from live cd. Ctrl+alt+del gets it back though, didnt happen with 7.10 beta build- dunno why since its using nv driver not nvidia  -when using nvidia i usually have to use option nvagp 1 to get restricted to work. Extra mouse buttons still don't work w/o modifying xorg.conf with option buttonmapping. other than that i like it.20:20
potheadoh ya, why does it download language packs at the end of install, seems inefficient since it deletes a bunch at the end of the install too20:22
alnokt0aTheSheep, any idea how to fix that required in http://xubuntu.org/get#requirements?20:23
TheSheepalnokt0a: fix?20:24
alnokt0aTheSheep, it says required while it seems more like requires20:24
* NullName is scared because of what pothead said.20:25
alnokt0aTheSheep, you see it?20:26
TheSheepalnokt0a: yes, I'm not sure who has access to the site, I'll ping max20:26
alnokt0aTheSheep, ok thanks20:27
d1n0i lost my titlebars after installing compiz... help?20:28
TheSheepalnokt0a: fixed :)20:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compix - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:29
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager20:29
TheSheepd1n0: you need an additional application to draw the borders20:29
TheSheepd1n0: because compiz doesn't do it20:30
alnokt0aTheSheep, cool :)20:30
d1n0TheSheep, im not using ati drivers or xgl...20:30
potheadi dont have to use nvagp 1 anymore sweet20:32
mindframe-does xubuntu include its own power management thingy now?20:35
NullNamepower management thingy?20:36
NullNamelifro a laptop?20:36
NullNameor standby features?20:36
NullNamehmm not sure..let me look20:37
NullNameI'm trying to get it right now20:37
mindframe-when you click on power management through screensaver settings20:37
mindframe-it has options20:37
mindframe-but i've had gnome-power-management previously20:37
NullNameI was going to say..mine has standby features in 7.0420:38
NullNameyea everything I'm reading is saying use gnome-power-management20:38
NullNamethats for 7.0420:38
NullNameI'd let you know if I had 7.1020:38
NullNamein like 2 hours20:38
NullNamecan someone else answer this question?20:39
potheadyou can add automatic standby, but it isnt default in 7.1020:40
NullNamehaha bummer he left20:40
mindframe-yah it still relies on gnome-power-manager20:43
NullName12:40:01 PM) pothead: you can add automatic standby, but it isnt default in 7.1020:44
mindframe-with what?20:44
NullNamepothead come back.20:45
DUUUUUDEyeah i like xubuntu better of all20:50
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nanonymehmm, any guides for getting wifi-radar work with wpa using bcm43xx?21:12
nanonymeand btw, the new stable is amazing. nice going :)21:13
potheadi was trying to remove network icon, moved all icons to panel 2 then deleted panel 1, which caused panel to freeze, relogged in, and now screen is too large. i move my mouse up and the screen moves up to display extra space. whats going on?21:14
potheadits like its trying to emulate a larger screen21:15
potheadmy panel is vertical21:17
potheadsomehow resolution changed to a higher one, fixed by reducing it.21:20
potheadif anyone cares- settings>screens and graphics does not display correct refresh rate says 50, when its really 7521:23
tonyyarussofile a bug21:26
Winn1Hello, I have a problem after upgrading my laptop to gutsy. Xorg eats all my cpu now.21:32
Winn1Graphics is Silicon Motion Lynx3DM, which is correctly identified by xorg21:33
Winn1Xorg.0.log is filled with SMI_GEReset calls21:37
TheSheep!bugs | Winn121:39
ubotuWinn1: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots21:39
* hyper__ch 's seed quota for Gutsy has reached 130 GB ;)21:43
* vinze wants to get his share rating above 1 :(21:44
hyper__chvinze: mine is about 200 : 121:46
vinzeBut I haven't seeded that long yet21:46
hyper__chcurrently seeding with 3.8mbyte/s21:46
vinzeNice :)21:47
alnokt0appl are sucking the bandwidth out of the repository ;)21:48
hyper__chalnokt0a: ?21:50
alnokt0a Connection failed21:50
hyper__chalnokt0a: ?21:51
alnokt0anvm ;)21:51
alnokt0ait must be my conn21:51
R[a]ndomalnokt0a, mine failed once too22:02
R[a]ndomthen I restarted apt-get and it worked fine22:02
d1n0I'm having some problems configuring my Xfce layout22:15
alnokt0aR[a]ndom, working fine now :)22:15
vinzed1n0, what are your problems?22:15
d1n0Would like a panel at the bottom of my screen with running apps, and a panel over that one with "applications" button, shortcuts, clock, exit etc22:16
vinzeWhat do you mean: "over that one"?22:16
d1n0above first panel22:17
d1n0not like; one panel at the top of the screen and one at the bottom22:17
vinzeOK, should be possible I guess22:17
d1n0having serious problems explaining what i mean now... getting tired.... but nice to know that it should be possible, do you know what i can do to make it work?22:18
* vinze goes and tries it out22:18
vinzeWell. you can't get it to snap, but you should set both panels to "freely moveable"22:19
vinzeOr at least the top one22:19
d1n0i would like them to be unmoveable22:19
vinzeHmm... I don't think that's possible22:20
d1n0and fill up the screen, not stop when there are no more running aps22:20
zombie_monkeyThis is very weird. I upgraded to 7.10 a few hours ago, and now when it's also available as a CD download I thought I should see what a clean install looks like. The first thing I tried to install was Ekiga. "Ekiga softphone cannot be installed on your computer type (i386)?22:22
zombie_monkeywhat is this?22:22
zombie_monkeyshould I make a clean 7.04 install instead and avoid upgrading or will this be fixed?22:23
zombie_monkeyit still works fine on the old install that was juist upgraded22:23
d1n0Anyone know how I can get my TV to work? It's connected through S-Video! Worked out-of-the-box with Ati Radeon HD2400 as a Clone, but I changed my videocard to Ati Radeon X800GT...... Anyone?  :)22:24
d1n0Anyone know how I can get my TV to work? It's connected through S-Video! Worked out-of-the-box with Ati Radeon HD2400 as a Clone, but I changed my videocard to Ati Radeon X800GT, and then there is no picture...... works fine in Windows Xp though!22:28
zombie_monkeywhere can I download a 7.04 CD now, btw?22:44
hyper__chzombie_monkey: 7.04 or 7.10?22:46
zombie_monkeyI knew I shouldn't just upgrade straight away...22:46
hyper__chhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com --> might be there22:47
zombie_monkeymaybe, but I'll have to check when it cools off :)22:47
hyper__chor do a clean install on 7.1022:48
zombie_monkeyI have botha clean 7.10 install and an upgrade of 7.04 to 7.10, from befoer the iso was available. but I want to downgrade22:48
cheeseboyi got this error compiling firefox http://rafb.net/p/GeP08C60.html how do i fix?22:50
Pumpernickelcheeseboy: https://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/sorcerer-admins/2007/000267.html22:52
cheeseboyso all i need is --disable-pango22:54
hyper__chhuhu Pumpernickel22:54
Pumpernickelmoin hyper__ch22:55
* hyper__ch is heavily seeding ;)22:55
cheeseboyPumpernickel do i need to restart the whole compile?23:01
PumpernickelI'm not familiar with the moz build process.23:01
homebrewciderhey guys, if I check the repositories in synaptic it says feisty but when i run update manager it doesn't say anything about gutsy being available, can I upgrade to gutsy/23:20
hyper__chhomebrewcider: update-manager -D23:21
zombie_monkeyoh, ekiga fixed their stuff23:22
zombie_monkeyI guess I won't have to downgrade23:22
homebrewciderupdate manager application?23:27
homebrewciderupdae manager says system up to date23:29
cjaewhere may I find plextor firmware to let me take full control of my drive 716a?23:34
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