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Infopiratewhat is the difference between edubuntu and regular ubuntu??05:22
nrpedubuntu desktop comes with additional education (k-12, mostly) related packages.  edubuntu server/workstation comes with LTSP preconfigured to set up a "classroom environment" with thin clients05:24
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attunix! #ubuntu-general17:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-general - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:25
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RplataFresh install users can not switch users... They have to log off to switch users.20:16
RplataAlso compiz says no whitelisted drivers found...20:17
sbalneavRplata: this on the console? Or for thin clients?20:33
RplataThin clients both issues.20:33
RplataI installed nvidia drivers in chroot20:34
sbalneavSwitching users won't work on thin clients.20:34
sbalneavAnd neither will compiz20:35
RplataNo says user not logged in console or something... I had to leave though. I'm on the road.20:36
sbalneavThe fast switcher app won't work for thin clients20:37
sbalneavJust remove it from the panel.20:37
RplataCompiz says no whitelisted drivers found.20:37
sbalneavAnd compiz doesn't like to work remotely20:37
RplataOh ok.20:38
sbalneavCompiz wants to have the video card local.20:38
RplataThe swith user button doesn't work when i clixk log out button.20:38
sbalneavNo, it won't20:39
sbalneavIt should be disabled.20:39
RplataOh ok. Can i remove the button somehow?20:39
sbalneavBoth the fast user switcher, and the switch user button rely on the users being local, but they don't locally exist on the thin client.20:39
RplataWill it ever work?20:40
sbalneavWe don't currently have a way to remove it.20:40
sbalneavWell, not unless they radically change the way it works.20:40
sbalneavLocally, it relies on simply giving access to your X cookies to switch to another user20:41
RplataAnother question what are some of the causes of client slowness?20:41
sbalneavbut that doesn't work across remote X connections.20:41
sbalneavHave you enabled LDM_DIRECTX = True?20:41
sbalneavBy default, all traffic between the client and server is encrypted.20:41
sbalneavEnabling LDM_DIRECTX = True eliminates the encryption, which, for slow clients, can be a major slow down.20:42
RplataOk. My clients aren't slow two ghz system ...20:43
RplataOr is that slow?20:43
sbalneavWell, even that fast will have a bit of latency with the added encryption.20:44
sbalneavAnd, keep in mind, a thin client will never be as fast as a local login.20:44
sbalneavNetwork speed is also a factor.20:44
RplataOk. I'll try that. Btw lts.conf wasn't installed by default? Is that normal?20:45
sbalneavNormally, it isn't needed anymore.  Defaults work fine out of the box.20:45
RplataOk well i had to update ssh keys and rebuild image to grt mine working ootb. Think i have an install issue?20:47
RplataOr is it just finnicky?20:47
sbalneavWas this a fresh install or an upgrade?20:47
sbalneavAnd, did you change the networking after you installed it20:48
sbalneavIf you change any networking (i.e. change IP addresses, or the like) you need to update the sshkeys and rebuild the image, that's perfectly normal.20:48
RplataOk that was it then. Are future releases going to have initial setup for secondary subnet for alternate nic on install?20:50
sbalneavShould be that by default.20:51
sbalneavIf you have an unconfigured nic, it should assign it, and enable it for ltsp use.20:51
RplataMy network uses 192.168.0.x so i changed clients to worj on 10.0.0.x20:52
sbalneavAh, well, if you touch it manually, then it won't automagically happen.  You'll have to do some manual config.20:52
sbalneavBut it's rather minor, just the update-sshkeys, and the update image.20:53
sbalneavI think for Hardy, we're planning a gui tool to manage the chroot.20:53
RplataYeah ok. Thanks for all of the help! Anything major coming up for the next release? Ie. New cool stuff?20:54
sbalneavI think localapps will work. That's been years coming :)20:54
RplataWhat do you mean?20:55
sbalneavFor larger thin clients, running some apps locally, like Firefox, or VOIP phone software.20:56
RplataAwesome! Will that require hdd's?20:57
sbalneavNo, shouldn't.20:57
sbalneavOtherwise, it wouldn't be a thin client, would it? :)20:58
RplataHow will it work?20:58
sbalneavThe UDS is coming up soon.  Keep an eye on the specs, you'll see all the details there.20:59
sbalneavUbuntu Developer's Summit21:00
RplataOh ok cool. Think compiz will be one if those local things?21:01
sbalneavI'll be blunt.  Personally, I have no interest in seeing compiz working on thin clients, as I have no use for compiz.  If someone else wants to do the work to make it work, then it'll happen.  But I won't be working on it :)  Most of the thin clients I deal with aren't capable of running compiz anyway.21:02
RplataOk. Thanks for all the help. Keep up the good work!21:03
stgrabersbalneav: any idea when will the Edubuntu specs be registered on LP (proposed for UDS scheduling) ?21:04
sbalneavstgraber: No idea.  I was going to enter in a couple of specs later on today.  I don't know who's entering specs.21:05
sbalneavI guess, just enter whatever one's your interested in :)21:05
attunixWhat libraries are needed to develop in QT?21:10
sbalneavattunix: You ran off last night21:11
sbalneavI had worked out a command line you could use to compile.21:12
attunixsbalneav: yeah, I know. :P21:12
attunixsorry :(21:12
attunixI got it working, anyway :P21:12
sbalneavI was looking up the QT libs for him.21:13
sbalneavHe pulled the exact same stunt last night21:13
attunixHow do I get Edubuntu to mount my floppy drive? It says "mount: I could not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified."23:26
attunixI'll try formatting it and see what happens....23:27
attunixIt works! :)23:30
attunixjust needed a little formatting....:P23:31
Kamping_KaiserAmaranth, morning mate23:31
Skratz0rHey duders...23:49
Skratz0rWhats the difference between Ubuntu and the rest? (Edu, k, go, etc)23:50
Skratz0rBBL dudes23:50

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