awaghello, can anyone help me with configuring strigi? it doesn't seem to work right00:16
WaltzingAlongawag: ubuntu support is in #ubuntu and kubuntu support in #kubuntu00:16
Riddellor #strigi00:17
awagok thanks00:17
fdovingRiddell: did you investigate the kdesudo bind-to-tty issue?00:31
* nosrednaekim pings mhb again...00:31
fdovingbug 13245600:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132456 in kdesudo "User account 'remembers' admin password" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13245600:32
Riddellfdoving: never had time, could try KProcess's pty method thingy, but I suspect it would end up with having to have a new password for each use00:33
RiddellI'm still not convinced its very important, sudo is ment to remember your password and X users don't care about ptys00:34
fdovingi tried, but it didn't help, still 'unknown'00:34
fdovingthat's the pty thing.00:34
fdovingKProcess::setUsePty() that is00:34
fdovingi'm not convinced either. as you say it'll be one new password per pty. and that's kinda stupid.00:35
snikkerwhen i go in "systemsettings" --> display, an error message say that's impossible to load the display module... can you help me?00:36
Riddellsnikker: does displayconfig  work from the command line?00:36
snikkerRiddell: no, i've got an error... i've paste it here: http://pastebin.ca/74398800:38
* nosrednaekim suspects XGL00:38
fdovinguh.. gksudo uses 3 and 4. that is /var/run/sudo/$user/3 and 4.00:41
fdoving3 that is.00:41
snikkernosrednaekim: i've installed xgl, but in feistywork fine00:42
snikkernosrednaekim: after upgrade to gusty i've got this problem.00:43
nosrednaekimsnikker: hmm yeah, it works for me in XGL, but it didn't in fiesty00:43
fdovingRiddell: gksudo isn't perfect either. kmenu -> run command -> gksudo dolphin does also create the unknown file.00:43
fdovingi'll just forget that issue for now.00:43
snikkernosrednaekim: what can i do? i must remove beryl?00:44
nosrednaekimsnikker: you could try disabling xgl and testing then.00:45
snikkernosrednaekim: do you mean xgl in xorg.conf?00:45
Riddellfdoving: I'd suspect it would, it's actually why we didn't use -H in the first place00:46
nosrednaekimsnikker: no, I mean either uninstall it or disable it with a file in .confog00:47
fdovingRiddell: i was talking about the /var/run/sudo/$user/unknown file. the tty thing in gksudo doesn't work well unless ran from konsole, or probably some gnome-way.00:48
Riddellfdoving: oh, right00:48
snikkernosrednaekim: ok, now i try do it00:48
Riddellfdoving: suspected that too :)00:48
fdovingwell, nite.00:51
Riddellthanks fdoving00:52
Riddellsleep well00:52
coreymon77hey guys01:32
coreymon77is kde 3.5.8 stalbe01:32
coreymon77or still beta01:32
Riddellhasn't been beta for many a year01:34
coreymon77i though i still had 35701:35
coreymon77well, ive gotta say, first impressions of gutsy are very good01:36
CPrgmSwR2I noticed that kde4 release canidate is around the corner02:01
CPrgmSwR2Well there be packages that maintain up to date with kde4 release canidate02:02
DaSkreechas soon as they announcing the tagging02:04
CPrgmSwR2So once the tagging is announced, then the packages put together the packages?02:05
CPrgmSwR2Are they usually released within 24 hours of that period?02:06
DaSkreechNo :)02:07
* blauzahl frowns. 02:16
blauzahlFailed to fetch http://medibuntu.sos-sts.com/repo/dists/feisty/free/binary-i386/Packages.gz 302 Found02:16
blauzahla) shouldn't it be gutsy? b) 302 error?02:17
DaSkreechAsk the medibuntu folks02:17
blauzahlwho are they?02:18
blauzahlor rather, why do you say that?02:19
DaSkreechCause they work on thier own02:19
blauzahlwhat is it, though?02:20
blauzahlthat makes them sound very mysterious.02:20
blauzahloh, i see.02:21
besonen_mobile_where's the 7.10 changelog?03:14
nosrednaekimbesonen_mobile_: the release notes?03:15
besonen_mobile_where on the kubuntu website are those?03:16
nosrednaekimshould be right off the front page under 7.10 final release03:16
besonen_mobile_i just found them.  bottom of the page.03:17
besonen_mobile_i take that back.  that was a link to ubuntu's 7.10 changelog.03:18
besonen_mobile_still looking for the kubuntu 7.10 changelog.  if anyone has a url i'd love to have it.03:18
nosrednaekimthat what you are looking for?^^03:20
besonen_mobile_thanks nosrednaekim , but there is no changelog there.03:22
jjess1Evening on from my Nokia N80004:18
DaSkreech810 :)04:19
jjess1grin nope the 800004:20
nixternalI have done 20 lightscribe images (every *buntu iso for 32 and 64bit, 7.10)04:24
nixternalnow I have to burn all of the images I am currently downloading04:24
nixternaldown to 7...one finished :)04:24
jjess1wow sound like fun04:25
jjess1nixternal: connected via,my nokia04:26
jjess1yah gaim has an irc plugin04:27
jjess1And since the nokia is debian based.....04:28
nixternalthere is a guy in Ubuntu Chicago who lives on irc with a blackberry04:28
jjess1cool well bed time now that the football game is over04:29
nixternaldid mich lose again?04:30
jjess1nope beat illinois04:30
nixternalI watched the one td where to take them to 10, but it was still illinois 13, michigan 10 at that point04:30
DaSkreechnixternal: Which images?04:34
nixternallightscribe images?04:34
nixternalI made the lightscribe images04:35
DaSkreechthats the crazy burner thing?04:37
DaSkreechI didn't know it needed specific images04:47
nixternalit doesn't need specific iso images04:55
nixternalgraphic images04:55
DaSkreechSo JPEG or PNG isn't good enough? :)04:58
nixternalit is, but I created SVGs so I can easily swap out images05:02
DaSkreechah ok05:03
DaSkreechsmart :)05:03
nixternalI want to so some really nice ones though05:05
nixternalthe only one that is tough is the Xubuntu one cuz they stuck the mouse in the middle, and you can't print in the middle of a cd :)05:05
claydohahhh lightscribe, I did only one disk so far (dapper)05:19
DaSkreechk3b supports it?05:21
claydohI dunno, the software burned the image for me outside k3b05:21
claydohso I don't know why the mention of k3b05:21
nixternalthere is 4LS or something like that for Linux...it is hit or miss on if it works for you05:22
claydohya, Lacie has the 4L, and lightscribe.com has a simpler one05:23
nixternalthe simpler one is garbage though05:25
nixternalyou have to use their labels05:25
nixternalthey have a new template labeler which allows you to create templates, and it is free of charge05:25
nixternalDaSkreech: http://www.nixternal.com/tmp/pics/05:56
nixternalthere are the CDs that I made tonight05:56
nixternalhiya Hobbsee!!05:56
* DaSkreech sits on Hobbsee05:59
DaSkreechnixternal: Those look great!06:00
Hobbseeheya nixternal, DaSkreech!06:23
Hobbseenixternal: seen the article?06:23
DaSkreechNo I haven't06:24
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=== Mez|Away is now known as Mez
Tonio_fdoving: hey11:26
Tonio_fdoving: saw your upload reguarding to kdesudo11:26
Tonio_fdoving: sudo yakuakr also creates a root owned rc file in the user profile11:27
Tonio_I don't understand that what i considered a critical bug arround kdesudo seems to be "normal" behavior with sudo :/11:27
Tonio_just done asudo yakuake and my rc file is owned by root aswell11:28
Tonio_Riddell: isn't that a sudo bug btw ?11:29
Tonio_Riddell: then make kdesudo using sudo -H would be imho a workarround for the sudo bug right ?11:29
Tonio_Riddell: btw I'll have to compare with gksu on that point, maybe kdesudo whould just act like gksu11:30
Tonio_hum gksu seems to be using sudo -h too, right11:37
Tonio_let's go like that11:37
Tonio_fdoving: thanks or the fix, I'll commit on bzr11:37
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nosrednaekimping mhb12:38
* nosrednaekim really really wants mhb to come out of the woodwork13:10
Jucatolet him be :)13:11
mhbnosrednaekim: hey13:18
nosrednaekimmhb hey!13:19
nosrednaekimmhb: you may be happy to hear that I am about 50% done writing a dialog frontend to the restricted-manager13:19
mhboh, that's great13:20
nosrednaekimbut I need some info on what some of the gui classes do, such as the firmware select.13:20
mhbthe firmware select dialog lets you choose a firmware file for the driver13:20
nosrednaekimdoes it need to go out to the internet?13:20
mhbit has a local file select or remote file select13:21
mhbso when the user inserts an URL, it should go and download it, that is what the Progress class is for (shows progress of the download)13:22
mhbI think13:22
nosrednaekimah ok. they have to insert a URL, I didn't want them to go browsing becausethat would require some lynx embedding ;)13:24
* nosrednaekim didn't really read the FW* classes very well13:24
nosrednaekimBut yeah, it happily enables and disables my atheros and ATI drivers :). It was dead simple thanks to the Common classes13:25
mhbnosrednaekim: do you have the code in a branch somewhere?13:26
mhbI'd like to take a look at it13:26
nosrednaekimmhb: no I don't and I have no clue how to work bazaar :)13:27
nosrednaekimi'm planning on learning during Open Week though.13:28
nosrednaekimmhb: and it has two dependencies, dialog and python-dialog. I tried to do plain ncurses,but that was getting complicated fast.13:29
mhbare those in kubuntu by default?13:33
nosrednaekimin the repositories,yes,but not on the install.13:33
nosrednaekimI can DCC the single python file to you if you want..13:35
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nixternalHobbsee: ya, I seen it...not to shabby..he did a pretty good write up actually14:28
* Jucato waves to nixternal14:29
* nixternal waves back14:29
nixternalwasting time before the party and install fest14:29
Jucatowill speedy gonzales be there? :)14:29
nixternalno, he is back at school14:31
nixternalhis twin will be though14:31
Jucatohaha yeah eddie. he's been in #kubuntu a lot lately14:31
nixternalcool, he might become the next head of the Chicago team actually14:32
Jucatohm... I forgot his problem. but he had an issue with Kubuntu the other day. and we both decided on the perfect solution14:32
nixternalhe always has an issue :)14:33
Jucato"Make Richard fix it"14:33
nixternalahh, so that is why he is bringing me his computer today14:33
Jucatohahah :)14:33
Jucatojust tell him not to bring a large sombrero...14:33
nixternalthey take enough flack from me as it is14:34
nixternalI have fun picking on them14:34
nixternalthey will both probably tell you I am more Mexican than they are14:35
Jucatotoo bad you don't get to pick on them both this tie :)14:35
nixternalthank god, I need a break every now and then :p14:35
Tm_Thi kids14:59
Jucatohi sir!15:00
Jucatonixternal: ping?15:27
* Hobbsee wonders why konversation is not translated.15:57
fdovingTonio_: yeah, the -H and using .Xauthority from the executing users home seems like a solution. I'm not 100% up2date on xauth stuff, so i'm not sure if there are alternative ways to do it.. or more secure ways. but as it's root reading i don't think it makes much difference.16:47
fdovingproblems will appear when one kdesudo to other users than root. users without read access to ~/.Xauthority of the executing user.16:49
Riddellfdoving: have you tested your patch with systemsetting and kcontrol?16:49
fdovingRiddell: systemsettings did work yesterday.16:49
fdovingRiddell: the changes won't really affect anything in those cases, as the modules connect to another x client via ICE.16:50
fdovingso one doesn't need to auth to X directly.16:50
JucatoRiddell: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/7.10-release.php#upgrade <--- shouldn't it be "Pre-released updates" instead of "Proposed updates"?16:51
fdovingRiddell: but as i just said, once you start using 'kdesudo -u someotheruser app' you might get problems, because other non-root users won't have read access to ~/.Xauthority16:52
fdovingso the solution isn't perfect.16:52
RiddellJucato: gar, I just changed that, did the string change between gutsy and feisty?16:55
fdovingbut that didn't work earlier either. so it's nothing I introduced.16:55
JucatoRiddell: someone on feisty was looking for Proposed updates and couldn't see it16:55
Jucatobut Pre-released was there instead16:55
RiddellJucato: changed back16:55
Jucatokool! thanks! :)16:56
fdovingRiddell: what do you think about dynamically adding users to the acl with xhost +si:localuser:$sudo-to-username for each kdesudo?16:59
Riddellfdoving: rather than playing with xauthority files?17:04
fdovingRiddell: yeah.17:04
Riddellfdoving: worth a shot17:05
fdovingi'll give it a try.17:05
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DaSkreechWould it be possible to have a weekly updates KDE4 repo19:23
_StefanS_Tonio_: saw your mai'19:25
stdinDaSkreech: it's not guaranteed that it will even build, so that'd be difficult. and the build deps are constantly changing. so possible maybe, but extremely difficult19:26
_StefanS_Tonio_: strange thing it works here.. and enable kdm themes is preselected.19:29
DaSkreechstdin: Oh Sorry I was thiniking after 4.0 actually19:30
stdinwell, after 4.0 comes out the work on it will slow down a bit, weekly builds probably wouldn't be worth it19:31
stdinbut that depends on the speed of development from the kde folks19:31
Tonio__StefanS_: no way to make it to work for me...19:36
Tonio__StefanS_: no way to aply settings, no way to chan19:36
Tonio_change them too19:36
_StefanS_well you tested it when I made the package, right?19:36
Tonio__StefanS_: I'd say the problem is just to be able to apply, once you can do that, it should work19:36
Tonio_nope, I didn't upload so I didn't test ;)19:36
_StefanS_ah hoobsee did19:37
Tonio__StefanS_: maye there is a difference between the package and what you have locally19:37
Tonio__StefanS_: can you reinstall the package and test maybe ?19:37
_StefanS_uhm I will test on a vanilla vmware image19:37
_StefanS_probably the best way, and roll back until the bug is fixed19:37
_StefanS_I cant do that now, will do it tomorrow. Have to work19:38
_StefanS_sounds as an easy fix tho19:38
raphinkhi guys19:54
DaSkreechstdin: Why would it slow?20:02
DaSkreechraphink: hi I was looking for you for the past few days20:02
stdinDaSkreech: slower20:02
raphinkDaSkreech: what for?20:02
DaSkreechraphink: Just wondering how icthux is doing20:02
raphinkit's doing... whenever I have tiime for it20:03
raphinkwhich is sometimes hard between my work and family20:03
DaSkreechIs there a community around it ?20:03
raphinkthere's a tiny community20:03
raphinknothing like the Ubuntu CE community20:04
raphinkI haven't done all the advertising and all20:04
DaSkreechMebbe you should :-)20:04
raphinkwhoever wants to help is welcome20:05
raphinkthat's it20:05
DaSkreechstdin: I think that there is enormous work still left for 4.0 -> 4.120:05
DaSkreechHow will they put in help with that which they do not know ?20:05
raphinkright now, I'm about to make a change to kubuntu-docs20:05
stdinyeah, but it won't be as frantic as 4.0, for now they are just trying to get it to work :p20:05
DaSkreech how will they know unless there is someone to teach them?20:05
raphinkthat I've been wanting to do for 2 years and never took the time to20:05
DaSkreech Who will go forth to teach unless they are sent ?20:06
raphinkDaSkreech: if that's for me, I'm always open to mentor people20:06
DaSkreechstdin: There are loads of stuf they are still just trying to get to work and that won't be mainline focus till 4.0 -> 4.1 as well20:06
DaSkreechraphink: The send forth was for you ;-)20:07
raphinkwell I don't really know where to stand right now20:07
raphinkI doon't have as much time as I used to20:07
raphinkUbuntu CE has most of the people interested in a Christian linux20:08
stdinDaSkreech: yes, but making packages every week may be pointless, it'll probably break more than it fixes until release ,120:08
raphinkI don't agree with their way to develop but they have a lot more contributors20:08
raphinkand well20:08
raphinkI don't feel like duplicating work20:08
raphinkI have other things to do20:08
jjessehello raphink20:08
raphinkhi jjesse20:09
DaSkreechstdin: I know but it's great for testing :)20:21
DaSkreechI'm using the KDE4 Live cd and it actually is nearly usable20:22
stdinDaSkreech: there's nothing to stop you joining the Launchpad Beta Testers group and making a PPA ;)20:22
DaSkreechmonthly repos then. I just want timed updated available in between 4.0 and 4.1 as an option for people since we are unofficial anyway20:22
DaSkreechmight as well give people a reason to choose a kde4 kubuntu20:22
DaSkreechI'm hoping that 4.1 hits before 8.10 so we can have a blowout official KDE4 release20:25
stdinI can't see that not happening20:25
DaSkreechbut I think that giving people the option to track the KDE4 progress once it's fairly usable will get more interest in kubuntu20:25
DaSkreechMe either20:25
* DaSkreech checks out code for twiiter to see if he can rewrite it :)20:26
DaSkreechOn a totally unrelated note startupmanger looks neat :)20:27
jjessewow ok kopete is now crashing :(20:44
DaSkreechin MSN?20:46
jjesseDaSkreech: in anything, have kopete open and not connected and it crashes20:53
jjesseDaSkreech: sign on to AIM and it crashes20:53
jjessesign on to MSN and it crashes20:53
DaSkreechjjesse: with what reason?20:56
jjesseon the konsole i get a lot of QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range20:56
jjesseklauncher said: Unknown protocol ''.20:56
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DaSkreechjjesse: This is standard gutsy?21:16
jjesseDaSkreech: yes standard 64 bit Gutsy21:49
Riddelljjesse: the kopete crash is known, a fix is in gutsy-proposed21:59
DaSkreechDOh! I just updated21:59
seelemhb: kde-fosscamp?22:04
DaSkreechhi seele22:04
mhbhi seele , what's that and what am I supposed to do?22:06
mhbseele: shouldn't that question be directed on someone else?22:08
seeletroy asked if you were coming for some reason?22:09
seele(to the meeting)22:09
Riddelljjesse should22:09
Riddelljjesse: /join #kde-fosscamp22:09
mhbhmm, a secret meeting? :o)22:10
mhbtoo bad I can't be there in person22:10
mhbwell, goodnight folks.22:12
DaSkreechRiddell: ping me when the meeting is over22:45
fdovingRiddell: i've hacked kdesudo to use xauth to automatically generate key-data for each connection, (xauth generate, man xauth for more info), it seems like the most sensible and secure solution to me. it will generate a new xauthority file with a random name, that is auto-deleted once kdesudo exits and the privileged app takes over. the session also times out if not used within 60 seconds. and the Xorg server controls that. looks cool so far. deb23:09
fdovingdid that get truncated?..23:09
Riddell".. looks cool so far. deb"23:10
fdoving looks cool so far. debdiff -> http://ubuntu.lnix.net/misc/kdesudo_debdiff_ubuntu3_dynamic_xauth.diff - deb -> http://ubuntu.lnix.net/misc/kdesudo_1.1-0ubuntu5_i386.deb23:10
fdovingRiddell: now it actually works with other users.. non root ones.23:11
fdovingunlike the previous kdesudo. with or without my previous changes.23:11
RiddellDaSkreech: ping?23:11
DaSkreechWhat will the kde package pull in on hardy ?23:13
RiddellDaSkreech: how do you mean>23:15
DaSkreechKDE4 ?23:16
DaSkreechor KDE3 ?23:16
DaSkreechAt that point KDE 4.0 will be out and official23:16
Dekansby default23:16
Riddellalthough the meeting has put the thought of having select kde 4 modules like kde edu in main for hardy23:17
DaSkreechSo kde 4.0 is totally unofficial for hardy23:24
DaSkreechRiddell: did you see my discussion earlier about a repo with monthly builds ?23:27
RiddellDaSkreech: I did not, but I'd like to see that happen (weekly more appropriate really)23:28
RiddellDaSkreech: I plan to have KDE 4 CDs for the 4.0 and following releases23:28
DaSkreechI said weekly too but stdin was objecting to that23:29
DaSkreechI know I've made that as public as I can23:29
stdinDaSkreech: I just said it would be difficult, didn't say I didn't like it23:30
Dekansan underground Kubuntu version :)23:30
DaSkreechstdin: Well I thought you were saying it wasn't worth it23:30
DaSkreechDekans: Pretty close23:30
DekansI mean for the KDE 4.0 CD23:30
stdinDaSkreech: I'm not sure it would, depends on how the development goes after 4.023:30
stdinDaSkreech: I'll probably keep building from svn after release anyway23:31
RiddellDaSkreech: a weekly KDE 4 archive just needs someone to script it really, checkout, add packaging, check it builds, upload to ppa23:31
Dekansit's done for e1723:33
* DaSkreech misses hawkwind :(23:33

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