goukitroy_s: ping02:55
troy_sgouki: Hello03:35
mhbkwwii: that's great, thanks!13:23
Little_TigerI was wondering if there is any template (for any part of ubuntu artwork) for the theme or any part13:51
kwwiiLittle_Tiger: check the wiki there is more info there13:55
Little_Tigeryeah read everything, just can't find what I'm looking for. Thanks kwwii13:55
kwwiihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation is probably your best bet13:56
Little_Tigerhey thanks, thats better13:57
kwwiino problem :-)13:58
Little_Tigeri'll be mocking a few 'themes" for hardy, but making it might be hard :D14:07
kwwiiat this stage the most important thing is to get the raw ideas out, so pictures without any implementation are fine for now14:26
nothlit`alphakwwii: artwork licenses http://www.linux.com/feature/119212 , tell me what you want for the faq page14:26
kwwiiI'll be posting more specific information on the art direction for the default work very soon14:26
Little_Tigergreat..thanks kwwii, that was my intention...more raw previews14:28
kwwiinothlit`alpha: as the artwork we are making is really only for ubuntu I am not sure if the cc-by-sa is a problem for us but the gpl is probably the free-er license although it is very hard to determine what the source of the artwork is14:33
kwwiinothlit`alpha: again, I will wait until I get an answer from those in the know14:33
kwwiibut I am guessing that we will not have a problem with the CC-BY-SA as this stuff is not going upstream to begin with14:34
nothlitkwwii: ahh, was just a quick link, i'm more interested in what content you want to be in the faq14:35
kwwiinothlit: I guess that the contents of the faq will build up over time as we see what is needed16:18

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