attunixHi. Earlier I came in to ask about writing GUI apps for Ubuntu, and I didn't like pyGTK. Anything C[++]-like?01:22
calcgtk is C01:23
attunixcalc: but I didn't like pyGTK... that's Python01:25
persiagtkmm is c++ :)01:25
attunixanything else01:25
calcattunix: you wanted to know if there was anything C[++]-like which regular gtk is C so it is very much C like :)01:26
attunixcalc: oh. ok :P01:26
calcpyGTK is the python bindings so if you want to write in python for gtk/gnome that is what you use...01:26
attunixGlade pre-setups the interface for you, right?01:27
calci believe so01:27
attunixHow do I set up my own package repositories?01:28
calcwith apt-ftparchive01:28
attunixcalc: thanks :)01:28
ion_calc, attunix: falcon ftw.01:31
attunixion_: what's falcon ftw?01:32
ion_https://launchpad.net/falcon without the edge.01:33
sladenattunix: also Qt, which is /very/ C++01:33
attunixooh! thanks :)01:33
sladenattunix: or WxWindows01:33
persiaUmm..  wxWindows has vast issues.  If you must use WX, please use wxWidgets.01:34
sladenpersia: thanks for the tip; I never realised there /was/ a difference01:35
attunixI'll look into QT and GTK01:35
persiasladen: wxWindows is the old, non-unicode version01:35
sladen"wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows)" ah, nod01:35
* lamont looks around for the big red "RESET" switch for gnome-preferences02:22
ion_lamont: gconftool --recursive-unset / or something like that.02:23
lamontion_:  how do I dump the entire config first?02:25
* lamont rtfc02:25
lamontrtfm even02:25
ion_gconftool --dump / :-)02:26
attunixIn Gambas, when I try to create a project it says I can't because access is forbidden. Please help.02:27
ion_Please read the topic.02:27
attunixAnyone have any ideas?02:28
attunixion_: it's an IDE, by the way.02:28
jdonggrr what do I have to do to make tracker actually useful?02:57
jdongit doesn't seem to be indexing contents of textfiles (such as irclogs) in a way that actually serves any purpose to me02:57
Burgundaviajdong: use deskbar with tracker live search02:57
Burgundavialikely it is not going into . files02:57
Burgundaviathis why Beagle is better, as it supports more files02:57
jdongBurgundavia: oh no, it's recusing into the dirs, but only recognizes a few keywords02:58
jdongBurgundavia:  it odesn't seem to default to text for textfiles *.log02:58
jdongBurgundavia: like I can search for "gutsy" and not find a thing in ~/irclog... which is hard to believe that 2 months of #ubuntu has no mention of gutsy :)02:58
jdongDo I have to do something to get it to think .log = text?02:59
jdongI have it set to index 10240kb into each file and 100000 unique words03:00
jdongis that not enough? :(03:00
* jdong strongly considers reverting back to beagle if this doesn't work out03:01
Burgundaviapersonally, I think we should have gone with Beagle03:01
jdongbeagle actually worked for me03:02
jdongI'd be more than happy to give the daemon 100MB RAM if it does for me what grep couldn't03:02
jdongaha, it finds it with a .txt extension03:03
jdong*sigh* I'll just comply and move all my logs to a .txt extension03:07
* jdong files bug, too03:07
attunixHow do I get GTK installed? I keep getting an "error: gtk/gtk.h: no such file or directory".03:13
attunixanyone familiar with GTK?03:38
sbalneavA bit.03:39
attunixThis is my first GTK program03:39
attunixi'm trying to use gcc to compile it,03:39
attunixbut i keep getting an error that gtk/gtk.h doesn't exist03:40
attunixmy first line in the program is #include <gtk/gtk.h>03:40
ion_Please read the topic.03:40
attunixi already installed build-ess03:40
attunixion_: oh.03:40
sbalneavCripes, so, he messages me, I start to explain to him, switch to another terminal to figure out a simple command line for him to compile with `pkg-config ... `, and he buggers off.03:48
sbalneavWhat do people want, answers in 10 seconds?03:48
* sbalneav sighs03:48
persiasbalneav: 10 seconds is far too long.  Faster! :)03:49
ajmitch10 seconds is an eternity on the internet :)03:49
sbalneavI guess it must be.03:49
sbalneavFortunately, my first modem was an acoustic coupled 300 baud, so I learned patience early :)03:50
ajmitcha what? ;)03:50
persiaajmitch: One of those newfangled contraptions one attaches to the phone to let the computer have a conversation.03:50
ajmitchthat doesn't sound safe!03:51
sbalneavIf you were really good, you could whistle at the right frequency, and make the other guy's carrier light come on :)03:51
ajmitchtry doing that with adsl now.. :)03:52
Keybukthe old /ctcp ping looser +++ATH trick03:52
sbalneavAll my truly great hacker skills are now obsolete :)03:52
sbalneavI used to have the entire stty() option set in my head.  I could wire RS232 breakout boxes with nothing but paperclips.  All these memories will be lost in time, like tears in rain.03:55
KeybukOranges and Lemons...03:57
erosabye all04:07
wisuI modified the flash-plugin.deb  post install to download the flash...tar.gz from a local cd... Q: how does the revision of the deb supposed to look like?04:21
b4sichey, i was hoping someone in here with experience developing (freelance or otherwise)04:34
b4sicwould be available for me to run an idea by.04:34
b4sicwelcome, lure.04:49
Lurehi b4sic04:49
b4sicyou script any?04:50
b4sichey j_ack.04:50
OpenSorceIf it's okay to ask this here: If you were evaluating Linux distros for new user suitability, would you consider whether or not it offered Live CD mode and install from Live CD as a "must" or just a plus?05:16
roba plus I think05:17
OpenSorcerob, thank you....but not a must per se, right?05:17
robno, they tend to be slow and its "hard" for a user to save their work05:17
OpenSorcerob, yeah the speed bothers me too....I'd hate for a new person to perceive Live CD speed as the speed the installed system will run05:18
jdongrob: I disagree, I'd say it's almost a must05:19
jdongI, and any potential user, does NOT want to spend time installing a new operating system, making room for it on their system, just to learn that some piece of hwradware is unsupported, or the OS is otherwise dissatisfactory05:20
jdongas long as the LiveCD boots in a reasonable amount of time, it is essential for evaluating a new operating system05:20
OpenSorcejdong, thanks.....good point as well05:20
robI think live cd environments have their uses, but there are also various negatives to them too. Another issue I have seen is people think it is the installed Linux, and get all confused when you tell them it isn't. Ubuntu even adds a pop up to explain this iirc.05:20
jdongI find myself almost unwilling nowadays to test new operating systems that do not have an evaluation CD05:20
robjdong, I guess you haven't tested Vista then ;)05:20
jdongrob: unfortunately curiousity lead me to do it05:21
jdongrob: fortunately their installer is lightning fast, otherwise I would've had more non-CoC things to say about it05:21
OpenSorcejdong, my boss agrees with you....he won't even let me evaluate openSuse until they release a Live CD version05:21
jdongOpenSorce: they DO have a livecd/livedvd, no?05:21
jdongjust not installable05:21
jdongthe live-eval thing is totally separate05:21
OpenSorcejdong, not for the latest release, no05:21
jdongOpenSorce: ah, ok05:21
jdongOpenSorce: the thing is, I don't just want a LiveCD evaluator, I want a livecd that boots as closely to the final system as possible05:22
jdongOpenSorce: IMO the Ubuntu livecd is almost 100% accurate diagnosis of how well Ubuntu works with a particular machine05:22
robever tried to use the live environment on a low spec pc? I almost would consider a Live CD to be a bad thing for those users.05:22
jdongbecause the bootup process and hardware detection routines are basically the same as an installed system.05:22
OpenSorcejdong, good point.....I also think it's essential to see if the hardware is going to work on that distro05:22
jdongrob: low-spec systems are a weakness, good point.05:22
OpenSorcemaybe a big pop-up that says "This is just Live CD mode, once installed your system will run much faster than this" is a good idea05:23
OpenSorcerob, did you say ubuntu has that?05:24
robI tried using a low spec pc once, this very laptop actually. 256 Mb ram and an old AMD sempron processor, I would click next then wait several hours before the next screen of the live installer appeared.05:24
OpenSorcerob, ouch!!05:24
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* ScottK is reading the scrollback and having trouble finding anything about Ubuntu development.05:24
robI'd consider this laptop to be a perfect candidate for Linux too since Windows XP went to heck on it and I inherited it.05:25
OpenSorceScottK, so good to see you again....it was quiet and I wanted opinions....so sorry to clutter the channel with off-topic discussion :-)05:25
ScottKWe have #ubuntu-offtopic for that.05:26
OpenSorceScottK, of course.....again...my apologies :-)05:26
jdongapart from low-RAM or slow-CD machines, I'd say a live evaluation CD is a very important feature for a distribution that would like to get people to switch from some other operating system05:26
OpenSorcerob, jdong, I'm going to move to #ubuntu-offtopic you are welcome to join me.....thanks again ScottK.....please continue your Ubuntu Devel discussions...05:27
OpenSorceHobbsee, so nice to see you again, how are you?05:31
Hobbseepondering doing a talk in india, among other things05:31
OpenSorceHobbsee, ah....I detest public speaking :-)05:32
ScottKGood afternoon (I think I did the TZ math right) Hobbsee.05:32
HobbseeScottK: indeed!  good morning to you!05:32
HobbseeOpenSorce: so do i, somewhat, depending on what it's on :)05:32
* Hobbsee managed not to have to get up and speak at all for UDS.05:32
* lamont yawns, waves05:32
Hobbseehiya lamont05:33
ScottKHello there lamont.05:33
ScottKAny noise yet on when we'll be able to start uploading to Hardy?05:34
lamontScottK: I haven't been paying attention05:34
HobbseeScottK: toolchain is going05:34
lamontOTOH, I'd expect that we want to let release/archive/etc have until monday or so to recover from the release.  (several back-to-back 20+ hour days do take a toll)05:35
ScottKThat's good.  So far I've not gotten any FTBFS mails I didn't expect.05:35
lamontand I'm not sure where they're at in the checklist05:35
Hobbseemeh.  sleep is overrated.05:35
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ScottKSleep is for the weak.05:35
OpenSorceSeeya later guys05:37
OpenSorceScottK, my apologies again :-)05:37
ScottKI've got a narrow window I need to catch for a bugfix.  It's not SRU worthy, but important.  There's already a newer version in Debian.  So I need to upload the bugfix and get it backported between when the repo opens and the first autosync.05:37
Hobbseehowever, i did get pinentry-gtk-2 working.05:37
Hobbseeunsure why it's not standard in gnome.05:37
ScottKHobbsee: They didn't do the same encryption by default stuff we did in Kubuntu AFAIK.05:38
ScottKpinentry was in Universe until I got that in.05:38
HobbseeScottK: seahorse is just weird!05:38
Hobbseeyeah, well.  i might have to fix that05:38
* calc got rid of about 50 ooo bugs today05:38
Hobbseecalc: yay!05:38
Hobbseenow 100 more!05:38
calcheh the next 100 will be a bit more work ;)05:38
Hobbseehmm, gnome is much smaller than kde.05:38
* Hobbsee restarts X05:39
calcbut uses more memory05:39
* ScottK missed the transition from "0" to "o" there for a second and was really stunned.05:39
calcScottK: lol05:39
calcScottK: i know a way to get rid of that many... nuke LP ;)05:39
persiaRegarding pinentry: in GNOME (not XFCE), seahorse-agent takes care of the GPG stuff.05:40
ScottKcalc: Well given how the implemented the auto expiration stuff you ought to just file a bug and ask for it.  They may just close them all for you </bitter>05:40
ScottKpersia: But isnt' that in Universe too?05:41
calcwhat auto expiration stuff?05:41
persiaScottK: Ah.  I missed the sense of things.  Apologies.05:41
ScottKThey added a "feature" to auto expire bugs left incomplete to long.05:41
Hobbseepersia: yes, but seahorse *sucks*05:41
Hobbseeor at least, it doesnt do what i want05:41
Hobbseepersia: i cant seem to set it so that it asks for my passphrase the first time, and then keep it cached fro a set time, for ssh05:41
calcScottK: ah cool05:41
Hobbseewhereas you can set pinentry to do exactly that, and it works for *ssh* and gpg05:41
ScottKTheir initial implementation got just a "little" more than they planned to get.05:42
Hobbseeer, *and*, not *ssh*05:42
* persia ceases to defend seahorse05:42
ScottKcalc: Actually I think not.  For one the one size fits all timer works better for some things than others.05:42
ScottKI cuts down on LP useability for some projects.05:42
calcScottK: how long was the timer?05:43
Hobbseepersia: it's quite possible that i got the settings wrong, and it's really nice that it caches...but my user p/w is far less secure than my gpg and ssh passphrases (obviously), and so dropping down to that particular level of security is kinda unnerving.05:43
calctrue if it just closes bugs regardless of their status that could be very bad05:43
Hobbseewhereas pinentry you do have to persuade to work, somewhat.05:43
ScottKcalc: I may have managed to erase that fact from my brain, but I think 4 months.05:44
ScottKSo far every bug I've seen it expire that I got bugmail for was a valid issue that ought not be lost, but that's just me.05:45
persiaHobbsee: I'm not sure you got your settings wrong.  I don't use seahorse for SSH, just GPG.05:48
Hobbseepersia: ahh.  then you're missing out.05:49
* persia doesn't ssh much05:49
superm1hey Hobbsee you got a few for ~ubuntu-archive'y stuff?05:50
Hobbseesuperm1: yes, but i'm limited in what i can do05:50
superm1Hobbsee, oh didn't sort out the part about announcing to $release-changes yet?05:50
Hobbseesuperm1: no.  they wont fix that until late november.05:51
Hobbseewhat were you after?05:51
superm1well accepting an SRU: bug 15498505:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 154985 in mythbuntu-control-centre "MCC fails on amd64 if medibuntu hasn't been used in the past" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15498505:51
superm1into -proposed05:51
ScottKGood night all.05:52
calcis there a way to search bugs for any assignee other than nobody?05:53
Hobbseesuperm1: ahh.  dont thik so, sorry05:53
superm1Hobbsee, no biggie, for now i'm just pointing amd64 users to a ppa until its in :)05:53
Hobbseesuperm1: come to think of it - does -proposed actually mail anywhere?06:22
Hobbseeslangasek: might be able to do it, too06:22
superm1Hobbsee, well i think it still announces to gutsy-changes.  because when it goes into gutsy-updates, its just cross pocket copied, and not announced then06:23
Hobbseesuperm1: ahh, kay.  then i'd better not touch it06:24
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DShepherddoes anyone else thing it would be helpful to add a factoid to ubotu about the new appearance menu and whats located there? There seems to be a number of questions just related to find that appearance option much less the stuff under it09:01
* Hobbsee suspects that's more of a question for #ubuntu-ops09:02
* DShepherd takes Hobbsee suspected advice09:03
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frimjonHi guys.  I want to report something that could fall somewhere between policy and bug, it's my first report, I'm just not sure how to report it.15:31
frimjonIt's about improving the error message in the Save dialog, whenever you save something with a forward slash it will give you a "file not found", I'd like to suggest that it be fixed to tell the user what the actual problem is (that they're using a slash) instead.15:31
frimjonShould I be unafraid to report that as a bug?15:32
dsasfrimjon, be unafraid, be very unafraid15:33
frimjonHee hee, alright, I'll go straight into the wilderness of Launchpadland.15:33
=== Pici- is now known as Pici
frimjondsas: Actually, after some thought I found out that it really wasn't a bug, but rather the feature to allow paths in the file name (to save at that path instead of browsing) that's inevitably making shaky messages for those unfamiliar with the Linux file structure.  I can't see a proper way to remove that newcomer unfriendliness without changing something that veterans probably like.15:50
Keybukmail ubuntu-devel-discuss, describe the perceived problem and why you think it should behave differently15:51
Keybuk(and also why you think it should behave like that)15:51
Keybukother people might have ideas15:51
Keybuka problem shared is a problem solved15:51
frimjonKeybuk: That's a great idea, Keybuk, thank you.15:52
Keybukubuntu-desktop might be a good alternative to ubuntu-devel-discuss15:52
Keybukthough it has fewer subscribers, they're probably able to give a better help15:52
frimjonOkay, I'll check that out.  Thanks again.15:53
popeyis there a way to determine why a package that was in dapper through feisty, isn't in gutsy? jpilot-syncmal is the one in question16:13
Hobbseepopey: check the blacklist for why it got removed.  check if the source is there, but hasnt built.  check if the binary has a new name.16:15
lamegowhere is that blacklist ?16:16
popeyglad you asked that16:16
Hobbseehmmm...off people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/16:17
popeyi see no pages mentioning the package on the wiki16:17
Hobbseeno, the wiki isnt used to track such things16:17
Hobbseepopey: is it a package from debian, or only in ubuntu?16:17
lamegohttp://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/sync-blacklist.txt this one ?16:17
Hobbseelamego: looks good16:17
popeyit's not listed16:17
Hobbseelamego: of course, it will only show up on there if it's in debian too16:17
lamegoright, sync blacklist16:18
popeyit is in sid16:18
Hobbseepopey: do the launchpad bugs show anything interesting?16:18
geserhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/removals.txt mentions it: "(From Debian) RoM; FTBFS since libmal-dev is no more available"16:19
popeythat's helpful, thanks16:20
Hobbseeoh, that's the one i wanted.16:20
lamegowhat is the removals.txt purpose ?16:20
Hobbseeto document what's been removed, and why?16:20
geserDebian has it only on oldstable16:20
lamegoI am lost, that means, it will be synched for the next release ?16:21
popey(the reason I ask is the question has been asked in a lp answers post)16:21
Hobbseepopey: FYI, RoM is "request of maintainer"16:21
Hobbseepopey: ie, because it doesnt build anymore.16:21
popeyalso helpful, thanks Hobbsee16:21
geserlamego: no, as it got removed in Debian too16:21
lamegoah ok16:21
Hobbseelamego: no, it means it didnt build in debian, so the maintainer asked for it to be removed.16:21
popeythanks everyone16:22
lamegogeser, Hobbsee for how long are you working with debian/ubuntu packaging ?16:23
Hobbseelamego: hmm.  a year and 3/4?16:23
lamegook, just profiling :)16:24
* popey hands Hobbsee ¾16:24
Hobbseelamego: it helps to learn the acronyms, and i've got an interest in archive admin stuff16:24
Hobbseeso might tend to know more than most16:24
geserlamego: my first sponsored upload is around 14 months ago16:24
Hobbseepopey: thanks. i dont have those funky keys on my keyboard.16:25
Hobbsee(and so ignore symbols too)16:25
StevenKHobbsee: That would have been using a compose key16:25
popeyAlt+Gr + 6 = ¾16:25
* Hobbsee wonders what Gr is16:25
popeyGraphics ?16:25
StevenKIt's a growly Alt, duh16:25
lamegoI am trying to estimate how long I will take to have an average know-how :P16:25
* StevenK can't find his Compose key16:25
Hobbseeokay, maybe i should have asked *where* it is16:26
StevenK(Which is what AltGr is usally mapped as)16:26
Hobbseelamego: depends.  people have their specialties16:26
StevenKHobbsee: AltGr is right Alt16:26
* popey specialises in ☻16:26
lamegoHobbsee, sure, but regardless of that, you need a certain time to get a broader knowledge16:27
Hobbseeinteresting.  it tehn takes me to window 616:27
Hobbseelamego: true.  in which case, a couple of release cycles.  more than one.16:27
* geser has Compose on the menu-key16:29
StevenKI've never understood how to bind keys in X.16:30
pittisoren: FYI, I'll do the mutt merge; it's a tradition :)16:30
* Hobbsee closes a couple of bugs16:30
* pitti hugs Hobbsee16:31
StevenKHey pitti16:31
pittimoin StevenK16:31
Hobbseeright, no more bugs for that source package16:31
luk_StevenK: xbindkeys might help16:31
pittisoren: oh, nevermind, it can be synced16:32
geserStevenK: either do it through gnome-keyboard-properties or through the right option in xorg.conf (for Compose)16:33
StevenKI suppose I have to restart X for that option to work16:34
StevenKsteven@liquified:~% tracker-status16:36
StevenKzsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  tracker-status16:36
StevenKTracker, please jump off a cliff. kthxbye16:36
luk_System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts works fine in Gnome16:37
StevenKluk_: Oh, absolutely, but the key doesn't work, I suspect I have to restart X.16:37
StevenKpitti: What's that -Wl,--as-needed love page you were telling me about?16:40
norsettostevenk: this http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html under 9.1 ?16:42
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leleobhzsomeone can explain me how the package restricred drivers are generated?16:48
leleobhzbecause i want to make a updated kernel package but im getting trouble with restrited modules16:48
sorenpitti: Oh, sorry about that. I didn't know :) I already filed a sync request.17:18
sorenpitti: I was actually referring to mutt when I asked on Friday if it was ok to file sync requests now.17:19
pittisoren: NP, I checked17:19
phillips321hi guys, any1 here?17:19
sorenphillips321: Er.. Yes? 226 of us, actually :)17:20
phillips321what options are available for someone who wishes to use full hdd encryption but also be able to remotely reboot a box?17:20
sorenNone that I know of.17:20
phillips321i would like to try the 7.10 encryption but i'm riddled with needing physical access to reboot a box17:20
phillips321it's a pain, im thrying to think of other options like partition encryption and then mouting once booted17:21
sorenYou can hack something together with a tiny partition only used to boot and ask for the password, mount the real root and chroot your way into that, but it's not something we support. I'm just making it up right now.17:21
phillips321ive thort about that, /boot and / not encrypted and only encrpting the /home partition17:22
phillips321but i might not be able to boot correctly if my /home partition cant be found...17:22
sorenWhy not?17:23
superm1pitti, would you be able to release something into gutsy-proposed for me?17:23
phillips321guess it's something i shud try....17:25
sorenIs there any way to see packages that have been uploaded to hardy, but not accepted yet?17:52
Mithrandirsoren: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/queue/hardy/unapproved/17:59
sorenMithrandir: That wasn't there 10 minutes ago, was it?18:00
sorenOr am I going loony?18:00
Mithrandirsoren: no, it wasn't. :-)18:00
Mithrandirpublish-queue isn't smart enough to DTRT when we start publishing new distroreleases.18:01
Mithrandirso it requires a little bit of handholding, aka mkdir18:01
alex-weejasac: spare a couple of mins to talk about NM?18:03
MithrandirI should rewrite p-q to be a) faster and b) smarter, but just haven't had the time yet.18:03
Mithrandirthat'd make queuebot more useful too18:03
sorenMithrandir: I actually really have no idea what either of those do, to be honest. :)18:05
Mithrandirsoren: publish-queue is the script that pushes the queue from the ftp-master to p.u.c/~u-a/queue, queuebot looks at a status file and tells us on IRC when there's a new queue item there.18:06
sorenMithrandir: Hm? Which channel?18:07
sorenMithrandir: Does it perhaps /msg the archive team?18:44
Mithrandirsoren: #ubuntu-release18:47
sorenMithrandir: Shiny.18:47
Mithrandirnot that there's much going on there outside of release times.18:47
Dekanswhat's the matter with nvidia drivers ?18:51
Dekansseveral people just can't have 3D acceleretion on gutsy18:51
Dekansare nvidia-glx and nvidia-glx-new broken ?18:52
Dekansis it l-r-m ?18:52
Dekansok, so they have to wait for an update of it18:55
lamegoDekans, I have no problem with the nvidia driver19:17
Dekanswhen i upgraded to gutsy, i installed succesfully nvidia-glx19:22
Dekansbut no X server at reboot19:22
DekansI instelled the .run binary from nvidia.com19:22
Dekansa fe days later, no X server again19:23
DekansI removed this driver and reinstalled nvifia-glx19:23
Dekansand it works...19:23
Dekansbut several people cannot use it on gutsy19:23
Dekansat all19:23
lamegoI am using nvidia-glx-new, without any issues19:30
asacalex-weej: sure19:30
alex-weejoops sorry, bad timing19:31
alex-weejneed to cook19:31
asacalex-weej: hehe ... ok19:31
Dekansbut some people cannot ahve 3D19:33
Dekansso no fix planned :(19:41
KarnaughDekans: blame the manufacturers19:44
Dekansit seems to be a issue related to l-r-m19:45
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lamegohello, anyone will an nvidia card and 3d enabled that could help me with a test ?20:20
=== norsetto_ is now known as norsetto
blueyedlamego: yes21:02
lamegobluekuja, sudo apt-get install snowballz21:02
lamegoI am getting: Major opcode of failed request:  135 (XFree86-VidModeExtension)21:03
blueyedlamego: works for me (nvidia-glx-new, Club3D 6600GT)21:05
lamegoI am using nvidia-glx21:06
lamegono, i have the new21:07
lamegoa google for the error gave me the idea it was related to the nvidia driver, but it could be also with the display setup, for the video mode switching21:08
bluekujalamego, huh?21:18
lamegothe X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation), on the set video mode function21:19
lamegowhich is what I am getting when launching the game21:19
attunixWhat libraries are needed to develop in QT?21:22
lamegolibqt4-dev ?21:26
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mekiusbryce: Hey, was wondering if you had any estimate on the inclusion of Xorg 7.3?21:53
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Kmosmekius: try to ask that tomorrow21:53
mekiusok :)21:54
mekiusKmos: didn't really need an answer right away, just throwing it out there21:55
ec158148hi all, i don't seem to have the manpage for scanf22:36
ec158148could somebody guess as to why?22:36
azeemec158148: please ask in #ubuntu22:36
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brycemekius: I do23:53
brycemekius: in fact timo has just done the xorg merge and is getting ready to upload it; xserver is either done or to be done soon23:53
brycemekius: also if you're interested, I've prepared a Ubuntu-X project list at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Projects23:54
bryceessentially, the plan is to get all the Xorg 7.3 bits incorporated as soon as Hardy is open for business23:55
brycemekius: I personally am probably going to stay focused on bugs a bit, as there's several I'd like to -sru for Gutsy (esp. -ati and -intel)23:57

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