Geoffrey2when booting from the Gutsy live CD, I'm getting around a lockup by adding hpet=disable to the boot command08:00
Geoffrey2I'm not sure what that command does, but it seems to work....how would I include that when booting from the hard drive?08:01
lolalolbolahi 08:21
lolalolbolais anyone active here 08:21
lolalolbolai do not see any messages 08:21
lolalolbolapeople ... wake up ... 08:21
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cornucopiaI just compiled kernel 2.6.23 , since in gutsy repo apparmor-modules-source is no more, is there a quick and dirty way of getting apparmor running?22:15
verwilstwhat version of apparmor is in the gutsy kernel?22:30
verwilsti've compiled my own kernel with apparmor 2.0.222:31
verwilstand get these messages:22:31
verwilstLoading AppArmor profiles /sbin/apparmor_parser: Unable to add "/bin/ping".  Profile doesn't conform to protocol22:31
verwilst Profile /etc/apparmor.d/bin.ping failed to load22:31
verwilsthm, 2.1 ...22:33
verwilstgrm, that's pre...22:36
verwilstwhy package a -pre version of apparmor for production...22:39
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