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camrdalehi, what's the policy for security fixes to edgy universe? are they necessary/recommended?19:04
bluekujacamrdale, you should check SRUs documentation19:06
bluekujain the wiki19:06
camrdalebluekuja: it doesn't say their not allowed, so I'm guessing it's a good idea?19:10
bluekujayou need to prepare one19:10
bluekujaand submit it to the queue19:10
bluekujaor u-m-s19:10
bluekujadepends from package component19:11
camrdaleshould it be uploaded to REVU or is that only for the current release?19:11
bluekujawhy do you need to provide a SRU?19:11
bluekujawhich package?19:11
bluekujawhich fix19:12
camrdalethe torrentflux package in edgy has security vulnerabilities19:12
bluekujaok, then if you have fixes, open a bug19:12
bluekujaand push a debdiff19:12
bluekujaand asks for sponsorship19:12
bluekujatorrent-flux is in main?19:12
camrdaleno, universe19:12
bluekujayou have fixes ready?19:13
bluekujamake a debdiff19:13
bluekujaand open a SRU request19:13
bluekujaand push the bug there19:13
camrdaleok, thanks19:14
bluekujacamrdale, ping me with bug number19:14
camrdalesure, np19:14
camrdalebluekuja: LP 15549120:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155491 in torrentflux "Multiple security vulnerabilities in Edgy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15549120:12
* bluekuja checking20:12
bluekujacamrdale, woah20:14
bluekujaso many patches20:14
camrdaleis that a problem?20:14
camrdalethey're all straight from debian20:14
bluekujawell, it will be harder to check them all20:14
bluekujabut not a problem20:14
bluekujaoh ok20:14
bluekujaif they come from debian is ok20:14
camrdalegood, I'm working on the new package now20:15
bluekujasounds great20:15
bluekujacamrdale, I'm looking at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/15375220:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153752 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] apt-torrent" [Wishlist,Confirmed]20:35
bluekujaI've just answered20:37
bluekujato get some feedback20:37
bluekujaon having it working for ubuntu20:37
bluekujait would be a nice tool20:38
camrdaleit's a nice idea, but I'm more partial to DebTorrent (for obvious reasons ;)20:38
bluekujacamrdale, is it already packaged?20:41
camrdaledebtorrent is, apt-torrent isn't (as far as I know)20:41
camrdaleactually, I guess there are debs for apt-torrent, but it's not in the archive20:43
bluekujagoing for a bath20:43
camrdalesee ya20:43
bluekujaheya fsateler21:18
fsatelernot much21:19
fsatelerI've been pretty busy so I haven't been able to work on libtorrent21:19
fsatelerhowever I spoke with rakshasa's libtorrent maintainer, and we concluded that the Conflicts is not avoidable21:20
bluekujafsateler, what do you mean?21:22
fsatelerI mean there is no way we can avoid libtorrent-rasterbar-dev conflicting with libtorrent-dev21:22
bluekujathen we wont have that package21:24
bluekujainside the archive21:24
fsatelerwhy? there are lots of packages that conflict with each other21:24
fsatelerit would have to be priority extra instead of optional, though21:26
bluekujafsateler, anyway it's not really nice to have conflicting packages21:28
fsatelerbluekuja: no, but it's the only option21:28
bluekujafsateler, true21:29
bluekujafsateler, but the archive admins will accept that?21:29
bluekujaas it is?21:29
fsatelerI believe they will21:29
fsateleras long as the rest of the package is acceptable21:29
bluekujacamrdale, any thought?21:29
bluekujafsateler, anyway you should change destination dirs21:32
bluekujaas well21:32
fsatelerwhich destination dirs?21:32
bluekujaif we cannot have a good soname et all21:32
bluekujainstall dir should point to libtorrent-rasterbar21:33
bluekujaand not libtorrent21:33
bluekujayou should hack makefiles21:33
fsatelerI changed libtorrent to use -release instead of -version-info21:33
fsatelerso the soname is libtorrent-0.12 rather than libtorrent.so.021:34
bluekujafsateler, I mean directories21:34
bluekujanot sonames21:34
fsatelerfor the header files?21:34
bluekujae.g /usr/share/libtorrent-rasterbar21:34
bluekujaand so on21:34
fsatelerwell, the library *must* be in /usr/lib21:34
bluekujafsateler, of course21:35
fsatelerso you mean the header files?21:35
bluekujafsateler, is it a shared or static lib?21:35
bluekujafsateler, yes21:35
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fsatelerbluekuja: I'm not sure if it is a good idea to move from libtorrent to libtorrent-rasterbar22:00
fsatelerit may break 3rd party programs that #include <libtorrent/file.h>22:00
bluekujafsateler, what's the binary name of original libtorrent?22:01
bluekujaand the one for rasterbar?22:01
fsatelerbluekuja: not sure what you mean22:02
bluekujafsateler, binary field in control file22:02
fsatelerrakshasa's is libtorrent1022:03
fsatelerrasterbar's is libtorrent-rasterbar-0.1222:03
bluekujafsateler, binary name is the final .deb name22:03
fsatelerbluekuja: oh, ok22:03
bluekujajust wanted to know them22:03
bluekujafor both libtorrens22:03
fsatelerlibtorrent10_0.11.8-1_i386.deb for rakshasa's22:04
bluekujaI'm going now22:06
bluekujaI need some sleep22:06
bluekujasee you tomorrow22:06
bluekujaso we can keep talking22:06
fsatelerbluekuja: see ya22:07
bluekujagood night22:07
camrdaleI updated LP 155491 with the debdiff for the fixed version of the package23:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155491 in torrentflux "Multiple security vulnerabilities in Edgy" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15549123:54

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