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pwnguinimbrandon: it builds against the changelog release. you could hit feisty if you wanted00:23
siretartbddebian: are you icognito on oftc?00:57
bddebiansiretart: I was forced to change my nick :-)00:57
bddebianYeah, marga wouldn't sponsor my uploads if I didn't change my nick00:58
* slangasek snorts01:00
bddebianslangasek: ?01:00
slangasekbddebian: the ircnick sponsoring requirement01:02
siretartyes, espc. debian-women's seems to have very strong feelings about ubuntu01:03
siretartno idea why, though01:03
bddebianWell I changed it to fuckari but she didn't like that nick any better it seems ;-)01:03
* bddebian erases that01:04
LNX_opensrc8afternoon every body01:22
bddebianBoy do I know how to kill a conversation :-)01:29
bddebianHello LNX_opensrc801:29
LNX_opensrc8its a bit quiet here01:29
bddebianAye it's all the darn foreigners they're going to sleep ;-P01:32
bddebianOr are asleep01:32
persiaWhat!  It's still morning here, and I'm sure I'm not in the same country as you.01:32
bddebianActually it's only 8:35pm here01:35
bddebianOK wok builds locally.. WTF build-dep is it missing..01:36
persiabddebian: pastebin the error from sbuild/pbuilder01:38
bddebianpersia: http://pastebin.com/m5157402c01:42
persiabddebian: And that works locally?  Hrm...01:43
bddebianAye, strange eh?01:43
* persia wishes aptitude silently ignored the ',' character in package names01:44
persiabddebian: Could you include a bit more of the log?  I'm curious about the gcc ... sound.c ... line.01:46
persialooking at my local log, it spits a warning only...01:47
bddebianpersia: Aye, I'll post a build log, give me a minute01:47
bddebianpersia: http://www.bddebian.com/packages/debian/wok/wok_build.log01:51
* persia needs to learn objdump better01:52
bddebianobjdump -T /usr/lib/libfoo.so |grep get_foo ;-)01:54
bddebianSo do I as you can see :-)01:54
persiabddebian: So what I don't understand is why it builds locally.  I can't even find ov_raw_seek by hand.  It's in the header, but I don't see it in the library...01:56
bddebianIt's not in libvorbisfile.so?01:57
bddebianIt is locally01:58
persiabddebian: Umm..  Yes.  Apparently aptitude can parse dependencies better than I :)01:58
bddebianTook me a while to figure that out too :_)01:59
persiaNow this is interesting.  It even builds locally in a clean snapshot chroot.02:01
bddebianHmm, it seems miriam is obsessed with Kenta Cho :-)02:02
* persia points at http://www.miriamruiz.es/weblog/?p=10702:04
bddebianOh, that's Baby. Hmm, then who is mruiz?02:07
persiabddebian: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41461/ shows touched libraries in a local link (post-debuild)02:10
* persia doesn't understand why this doesn't work in an automated build02:12
* bddebian either02:12
nenolodwow. the internal description for edgy was "fire up the crackpipes"?02:22
pwnguinwell that was a wierd video lecture to nap through...02:33
nenolodnapping through a webinar. tut tut.02:33
pwnguinwell, i havent gotten my wiimote set up to control multimedia yet02:34
nenolodwiimote? :P02:34
pwnguinbut when i went to sleep, he was talking about graph theory and how shortest string superset isnt appropriate for genomic sequences02:34
pwnguinwhen i woke up, he was talking about hypervisors02:35
pwnguinat least when you nap through a google video, you know you didnt wake up in the next class02:36
pwnguinyes, wiimote02:36
pwnguin#ubuntu-effects redirects to compiz-fusion now?02:37
bddebianpersia: Did you say you were testing teg?03:11
fernando_bddebian, thank you very much.03:13
bddebianfernando_: NP03:15
persiagood evening Da_Clover03:48
bddebianhello Da_Clover03:50
bddebianpersia: Did you say you were testing teg?03:50
persiabddebian: It's a daily thing :)03:50
bddebianahh :-)03:51
* persia looks for bug reports to justify the claim...03:51
bddebianWell it shouldn't be including config.{sub,guess} :-)03:51
* persia finds 10 other real bugs with more impact than autofoo hackery, but promises to look at that while chasing the others03:54
Da_Cloveri', back =P04:11
Da_Cloveri heard from a budy that ubuntu is pretty impressive04:12
Da_Cloveri havnt tested it myself04:12
Da_Cloverhmm i guess its just me and me04:13
Da_Cloveri think v7 has too many colors04:20
robDa_Clover, this isn't really a general discussion channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic instead :)04:21
Da_Cloverrob: thanks ;)04:21
robno probs04:21
Da_Cloveri'm a newbie here so whate is motu?04:22
robMasters of the Universe, they look after the Ubuntu universe repository04:22
Da_Cloveroic ty04:32
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ramviHi! I learned how to program in C++ at collage and would like to contribute. Ive read a lot on the ubuntu wiki, but I cant seem to find a "how to start" kind of thing. What application should I use to develop in C++ and what application should I use to make the GUI?08:55
TheMusoramvi: `This channel is for development related to Ubuntu packaging, and not for application development.08:57
ramviOh, so I will not get an answer? Is glade the default application in ubuntu for making the front end?09:00
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norsettowhat is the policy for changes to ubuntu-dev bzr branches?09:37
geserthere is a policy?09:46
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nxvlubuntu has a meeting like debconf?09:55
norsettogeser: you mean, do as much damage as you like as soon as you clean it up afterwards?09:57
Treenaksnxvl: I've never been to a DebConf, but is the UDS what you're looking for?10:00
nxvlTreenaks: ah?10:01
nxvlah ok, i understand now10:01
nxvli meen a huge developers meeting10:02
nxvlwith conferences, hackatons, etc..10:04
ajmitchUDS isn't really like that, since it's focused on discussions & producing specifications10:07
nxvlbut not on conferences10:07
nxvlstuff in the UDS is a part of the debconf10:08
Amarantherr, no10:08
AmaranthUDS is more like...a bunch of meetings10:08
norsettogeser: really, is there some kind of guide, or I just do my little hack, commit and push?10:09
Amaranthnorsetto: well, you need to update the changelog10:10
norsettoAmaranth: he, I figured that much :-)10:10
Amaranthnorsetto: and one nice thing to do is to set the release to UNRELEASED or something so people know they can add to that version10:10
norsettoAmaranth: ah, thx for that10:11
Amaranththen right before someone uploads the package they change it to gutsy or hardy or whatever10:11
KmosCan someone nuke this one? - http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=36310:17
norsettoKmos: any particular reason?10:17
Kmosand tihs one too10:17
Kmosnorsetto: it will be released at debian, and the second has a debdiff attached to the bug report10:18
norsettokmos: I just archived them, just in case. Can you pls. confirm in a week?10:20
Kmoshttp://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=363 -> it will be relased under debian, i asked seb128 because he's the maintainer there10:20
Kmostellico don't be released at debian, but it's waiting for nixternal =)10:21
Kmoswhen hardy opens10:21
norsettokmos: kmos, if we nuke, they are gone for good, so, I would wait until galculator is released before nuke it, and tellico is fix released before nuke it10:22
norsettokmos: unless tellico should not actually be in REVU (which I wonder ....)10:23
norsettokmos: actually, I think tellico should be in REVU, and I guess nix asked you to do the debdiff because he wanted to check out what the delta was10:31
Kmosi've put it in revu first10:32
norsettokmos: I indeed see changes not reported in the changelog10:32
norsettokmos: are these carry over from previous ubuntu changes?10:33
norsettokmos: also look at the way nix did the changelog, you notice he carried over all the ubuntu changes?10:37
Kmosnorsetto: yes. i start from latest diff in ubuntu10:38
norsettokmos: well, as I said there are changes there not in the changelog, and they don't appear to be from previous versions (at least looking at the changelog)10:39
hellboy195morning :)10:39
Kmosnorsetto: I need to check that out10:39
norsettokmos: please make sure also that you roll over all the previous ubuntu chnages in the changelog 9the way nix did it)10:40
Kmosnorsetto: ok10:42
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lamegoI would like to submit a patch, to -updates, I should use the sponsorship process, correct ?11:55
lamegoerm, -proposed, whatever :)11:55
norsettolamego: yes11:55
lamegothis patch was provided by upstream, I am not an user of this application, should I create a LP bug record anyway ?11:57
norsettoafternoon Hobbsee11:58
norsettono wait, its evening, time flies so fast in oz11:59
sebastian^good morning folks12:09
bluefoxicyis it even possible to make deb patches or something?12:57
bluefoxicysomeone just updated openoffice.org-kde (I'm not on kubuntu) and I'm getting like a 200MB update for it that's not actually changing anything on my system except the installed version number12:58
persiabluefoxicy: It's possible, but not trivial (and as yet, an unsolved problem).  One thing to consider if you are looking through existing work to implement such a thing is preserving the ability to verify the installed files from the md5sums, while also verifying the files to be installed from their md5sums.13:20
bluefoxicypersia:  deb-v1 -> deb-v2, keep the md5sums and install paths from deb-v2 but discard the binary-identical files, check the files installed through dpkg (via the alternatives system or whatever if the package manager has moved them)13:22
bluefoxicypersia:  more interesting, source produces 50 debs; how about if you make a trivial change that impacts one deb, the others don't get updates >.>13:23
bluefoxicyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/153132 for example updated openoffice.org-kde but I'm not using that package.  I had to re-install all of OpenOffice.org13:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153132 in openoffice.org "Openoffice splash screen includes Ubuntu logo" [Medium,Confirmed]13:23
Hobbseeah yes, someone's already filed a bug on that too.  yay13:23
persiabluefoxicy: The second is more interesting, but given that the changelog is distributed with each binary package, the package will have differed, so you still need to have sub-package updates.13:24
bluefoxicypersia:  this is hammering the mirrors and annoying 128K ISDN line users I'm sure ;)13:25
persiabluefoxicy: For some aspects of the regular update, there has been some progress (e.g. http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/439), but it's an ongoing issue.13:25
persiaOh, I'm sure it's not ideal, I just wanted to stress some of the difficulties.  If you can find a good solution, including a sane algorithm to determine when one wants a diff, and when one wants a new download (in terms of local processing as well as bandwidth), it would be a huge win for all .deb distributions.  It's just hard.13:26
persiabluefoxicy: http://www.tjansen.de/debiff/ might be a starting point, although that was not received well in http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2000/12/msg00000.html13:29
persiabluefoxicy: Another trick you might try is attempting to find a way to rsync a local package cache (prepared with an apt proxy), thereby only downloading differences, yet not requiring adjustments to the core tools.  Of course, this only works for you, but...13:30
bluefoxicypersia:  having a control file to manually create something may be iffy; automatically generating such diffs shouldn't be a difficult problem once you have a format13:30
lamegoTraceback (most recent call last):13:31
lamego  File "/usr/local/bin/requestsponsor", line 37, in <module>13:31
lamegoanyone used the requestsponsor script ?13:31
persialamego: That happens sometimes :)  You can also do it manually with the "subscribe someone else" link.13:32
lamego"that happens sometimes" :P ? What about fixing it ?13:32
persiabluefoxicy: The other aspect to consider is mirror size & bandwidth requirements.  As I said, if you can find a good solution after looking at previous work and commentary on this problem, it would be good for everyone.13:32
lamegopersia, what is the role of the script ? subscribe a team to the LP bug ?13:33
persialamego: I don't actually understand the cause (and don't like requestsponsor for other reasons).  If you understand the problem, a patch would be welcome.13:33
persialamego: It attaches a debdiff to the bug, and subscribes a team.13:34
bluefoxicypersia:  mirror size is a question of administration, as is bandwidth13:34
bluefoxicypersia:  I can diff from every previous version of anything, but eventually first + all 99999999 diffs > snapshot in terms of bytes.13:34
persiabluefoxicy: Right.  It has also been previously proposed that to reduce mirror size for diffs, they be generated at request time, but this requires mirror compute cycles.13:35
lamegopersia, I don't care about the script neither, I was just using because it was on the primary instructions13:36
lamegoI should subcribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug ?13:36
bluefoxicypersia:  Out of the air, I would say a possible strategy may entail having a flat .deb as version 0 on release day; a flat .deb on a major (i.e. large-diff) release; a flat .deb when the total deb-diff size approaches m% of a flat .deb size; and a flat .deb after (n) diffs13:36
persialamego: If the package is in universe, yes.13:36
bluefoxicypersia:  with a diff being generated each time except for the case where a release produces a deb-diff almost the size of the debs13:37
bluefoxicypersia:  this would, generically, mean that on a MAJOR update (deb-diff the size of the debs) everyone gets a package; otherwise, those mostly up-to-date can get diffs, while those significantly behind can get a recent deb and step up with a few diffs13:38
bluefoxicyOf course, this means you have to figure out a -good- way to make diff debs :)13:39
persiabluefoxicy: That may work for some things.  Something else to consider is that lots of updates usually only happen during a development cycle, and it's not rare for users to miss revisions in their upgrade plans.  For stable releases, the updates go to the -updates repositories, so the original .deb files aren't present for the first update.13:39
bluefoxicy(which is the hard part)13:39
bluefoxicypersia:  irrelevant.  Nothing says that a repository has to hold original .deb files in the first place.13:40
bluefoxicypersia:  This concern only brings to light a specific design consideration.  :)13:40
Hobbseebluefoxicy: you want to speak to sladen, iirc.  he was looking into this for gutsy13:40
bluefoxicyHobbsee:  he missed :)13:40
Hobbseewell, obviously.  commit good code, and see if you hit :)13:41
persiabluefoxicy: Right.  I'm just trying to share some of the previous objections I've seen.  If you've a better design, please propose it.13:41
bluefoxicypersia:  nods.13:42
persiabluefoxicy: Also consider that there are alternatives for users with significant bandwidth constraints (e.g. tools that allow offline updates (even such tools for foreign operating environments)).  Further, aside from the -updates issue, using rsync to keep a local mirror up-to-date (fits on a single hard drive) isn't necessarily very bandwidth intensive, so it's really only the desktop user with the slow connection who is affected.13:44
bluefoxicypersia:  yet with those same alternatives, the same process could apply.  aptoncd could get a bunch of diffs, and then could burn an OpenOffice.org update to a 50MB CD ;)13:46
persiaAside from needing a good design, and good code, a proposed solution needs to solve a problem for a signficant portion of the userbase to be implemented on the entire mirror network.  Perhaps this meets that criteria, but some hard numbers would help.13:46
bluefoxicyMain advantage being that it puts less stress on the repository.13:46
sladenbluefoxicy: delta debs13:46
bluefoxicysladen:  hi :)13:46
bluefoxicysladen:  Hobbsee said you have been working on such.  How are you with that?13:47
persiabluefoxicy: Right.  Smaller updates for aptoncd might be good as well.  Choose the right problem, design the right solution, target the right userbase, and you'll have a win.13:47
sladenbluefoxicy: read up  http://archive.fosdem.org/2007/schedule/events/debian_delta_upgrades  (there's video)13:47
sladenbluefoxicy: video from another talk I did to the UK network operators forum:  http://www.zepler.tv/rss/uknof06.xml13:48
bluefoxicypersia, sladen:  another consideration is bzdiff(?) thing that can diff out a patch from a binary file ... making a 1 line change a few bytes instead of a 1.5K file, but that's nit-picking (unless you updated something in a header that changed like 15K in a 200MB code base in random files)13:48
bluefoxicysladen:  nice.13:49
bluefoxicyaha you got the bsdiff issue already :)13:49
sladenbluefoxicy: watch the videos and get yourself up to speed with all the corner-cases/side cases, then it will be easier to have a worthwhile discussion13:49
persiabluefoxicy: the tricky bit with bsdiff/xdiff/etc. is that it makes md5sum verification of the to-be-installed files pre-installation processor-intensive.  For some applications, this is not preferred.13:50
bluefoxicy(this would beat the hell out of RPM too)13:51
persiabluefoxicy: Well, the RPM people are looking at the same thing (with the same current lack of success).13:51
bluefoxicypersia:  how does verification become processor intensive in that situation though?  It seems to me to add a patch phase (patch a copy of the old file, verify)... is that processor intensive itself?13:53
sladenbluefoxicy: go read up13:53
sladenbluefoxicy: then come back with questios13:53
bluefoxicy(verification of the old file can be safely skipped if you want to trust sha1sum and md5sum to do what you think they do)13:53
bluefoxicysladen:  that video is giving me a black screen >.> <.< guess I can't view it with totem-mozilla13:54
persiabluefoxicy: Right.  The target machine needs to pre-apply the patch in RAM, compute the md5sum with the preapplied patch, and then proceed with the next file.  Once it's all done, it can proceed with unpacking.  For people with 256MB RAM & a slower processor, that can be very painful.13:54
* bluefoxicy downloads for viewing13:54
bluefoxicypersia:  in RAM?  Temporary files...?13:55
persiabluefoxicy: You don't want to skip verification of the old file.  What if the user modified it?  You need to at least warn them that you are overwriting.13:55
persiabluefoxicy: If temporary files, where do they go?  Does everyone have enough space in /tmp to dist-upgrade?13:55
sladenbluefoxicy: (1) right click download  (2) totem13:55
bluefoxicypersia:  I'm thinking if you md5/sha1 a post-patched file to test it BEFORE replacing the old file with it, it should verify.  It'll not verify properly if the user modified it, or else the hash algorithm you're using is far too easy to create collisions in13:56
bluefoxicypersia:  single file at a time.  I can't keep the whole of openoffice.org-core in memory either @_@  (well I can, but it's going to trash my disk cache and push some stuff out to swap)13:57
persiabluefoxicy: Sure, but you still need to do that for every file in the package prior to applying any of them.13:57
bluefoxicypersia:  i could ask if everyone has enough space in /tmp to burn a CD, but we've already seen this problem with DVD burning in nautilus :)13:58
persiabluefoxicy: What happens if the 432nd file is corrupted?13:58
persiaSure, but not everyone needs to burn a CD.  Everyone needs to apply security updates.13:58
bluefoxicypersia:  that's a good question.  I guess while we're considering CPU power as a problem this isn't a solution; but you can roll the files back by reverse-patching them (creating a reverse patch on-the-fly with each replacement if you can't just bsdiff -R like with patch)13:59
bluefoxicyunless of course the user races and alters the newly-patched file ;)13:59
persiabluefoxicy: That might be less painful.  processor-intesive though.  If nothing else, it needs to be optional.13:59
sladenbluefoxicy: n² problem;  diff from every version to every version is alot of patches.13:59
bluefoxicyand of course, since this whole process takes a while, the user might open the program while some of its files are being replaced; but that's just a longer window version of the same race condition you get with any patching process.14:00
persiabluefoxicy: Just in case it's not obvious, neither sladen nor I is attempting to discourage you, just to help input things into your design :)14:00
sladenno, becaues you build the .deb and install it14:00
bluefoxicysladen:  got the vid14:00
sladenbluefoxicy: first 15minutes is mvo talking about the status quo and pdiff;  rest covers possible solutions14:02
* persia notes that pdiff is really annoying for people with no bandwidth constraints14:04
bluefoxicynort point nine?14:05
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lamegois anyone familiar with mandvd ?14:08
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bluefoxicysladen:  reverse rsync?14:09
sladenbluefoxicy: -> watch14:13
bluefoxicysladen:  nineteen inch?14:18
sladenbluefoxicy: my consultancy14:18
bluefoxicysladen:  Canonical isn't publicly traded so it's fair game to pull my NOVL stock right before the next release right ;)14:20
bluefoxicy(NOVL's stock dropped on release day of Gutsy; Google marked that with a news tag for Gutsy's release)14:20
sladenbluefoxicy: I think Googles algorithms are all automatic14:21
bluefoxicysladen:  I'm really looking forward to seeing how this works though, in any case.  I'm more than tired of having to download huge updates for one-line changes in one package that comes from some source that forces me to bring in 50 other non-updated packages :x14:21
bluefoxicyor things like "... fixed build flags on SPARC"14:22
bluefoxicysladen:  yeah, it was a joke.  I was amused at Google's explanation is all.  :)14:22
sladenSCOX is doing well, +20% today.  Invest quick14:44
imbrandonmmm Optimus Prime replica selling for 50k on eBay , heh14:46
imbrandonthat would be a nice ride to own14:46
nixternalI could see you driving through KC with that14:46
imbrandonhell yea, with a missouri kubuntu lic plate14:46
nixternaloh that is a sharp truck14:47
nixternalbid on it bad boy :)14:47
imbrandonheh if i had 50k i would14:47
nixternalthat is the one I am watching14:48
nixternalI want another one, and for $2k, I am all over that14:48
sladenthink how many summer of code/bounties you could finance with 50k14:48
imbrandonsladen: think how many tween age kids i could preach about ubuntu to when i pull up in optimus14:49
nixternalimbrandon: we started doing a CPUZ knock off dubbed CpuX, but it has been in limbo for a while because everyone working on it has been super busy14:49
nixternalthat, and I am not the big Python fan just yet14:49
imbrandoncat /proc/cpuinfo ?14:50
nixternalno, tying in with lm_sensors and such14:50
imbrandoni actualy thought about using c# and the new qt bindings14:50
imbrandonto do just that14:50
imbrandonthe rock your socks thing about cpuz though is its a small ( under 1mb ) self contained binary, no deps and no installation14:51
imbrandonkinda hard to do in c# or python14:51
nixternalplus dmidecode provides more than cat /proc/cpuinfo and such14:51
nixternaloh no, time to go...back later...install fest and release party time14:52
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norsettogeser: ping15:24
norsettogreetings and salutations to bddebian15:25
bddebianHeya gang15:25
bddebianHi norsetto15:25
geserHi bddebian15:34
gesernorsetto: pong15:34
norsettohey geser, was wondering if you did the transition package subject of bug 15534115:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155341 in sylpheed-claws-gtk2 "Package will not install because of "unmet dependencies"" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15534115:35
bddebianHi geser15:35
norsettogeser: don't get it, if its a bug with apt-get or we need a versioned conflict15:36
gesernorsetto: claws-mail should produce transitional packages15:39
norsettogeser: it does indeed, but installing the transitional packages do not install claws-mail15:39
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norsettogeser: see that claws-mail conflicts and replaces sylpheed-claws-gtk2, so installing sylpheed-claws-gtk2 should install claws-mail only15:42
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norsettogeser: the conflict is not resolved as per spec, thats why I say it is perhaps a bug with apt-get, now I'm trying to version the conflict to see what happens15:43
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gesernorsetto: yes15:43
geserthe current debian package has the same replace/conflict15:44
norsettogeser: have you got a sid chroot? I've got one and could try to install it there15:47
gesernorsetto: no15:48
gesernorsetto: could you check it?15:50
norsettogeser: yes, as soon as I finish this build15:51
gesernorsetto: I move that bug from sylpheed-claws-gtk2 to claws-mail15:53
norsettogeser: versioning the conflict works, let me check in sid now15:54
norsettogeser: just upgrading, its few weeks I don't use it, I hope its over soon16:02
norsettogeser: do you see the point in this (<< ${source:Version}.1~)? I mean, now its 2.10.0-3ubuntu3.1 so that would become << 2.10.0-3ubuntu3.1.1~16:22
gesernorsetto: it tries to depend on the same version as the sylpheed-claws-gtk2 package but allows bin-NMUs (bin-NMUs are only used in Debian)16:27
norsettogeser: yes, thats why I'm asking, should we get rid of that?16:27
geserno, unless it's causing a problem (keep the delta small, especially for -proposed/-updates uploads)16:28
norsettogeser: right16:28
fbondHi, what is the correct procedure to get an updated package into hardy.  This package was originally uploaded via revu.  I am the maintainer.  Should I put the package back into revu?16:29
fbondI only have small changes, really, to fix a few bugs.16:29
norsettogeser: at least versioning the Conflicts works, its not elegant but it does the job (leaving the transitional package installed, oh well)16:30
norsettofbond: the package is already in hardy I understand?16:30
geserfbond: create a bug with the debdiff, subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors and wait till hardy opens for uploads16:31
gesernorsetto: does sid have the same problem?16:31
fbondgeser: Should I simply attach a debdiff to an existing bug, or should I create a new bug?16:31
norsettogeser:still upgrading, but its almost finished16:31
geserfbond: if there is already one for the issue you can attach it there16:32
fbondgeser: thanks!16:32
geserStevenK: I guess you got also a mail from the Debian maintainer for twinkle (it's about bug #155249)16:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155249 in twinkle "twinkle fails at missing shared library" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15524916:34
StevenKThat rings a bell16:34
StevenKgeser: It seems the Depends are missing - if you look at comment 216:37
norsettogeser: same problem in sid16:38
StevenKgeser: I can sort out what is going on when I wake up if you wish - I think I know what is going on16:38
geserStevenK: I don't know where the second linkage to libccgnu2 comes from (I guess it's indirect)16:39
geserStevenK: thanks16:39
StevenKOh, if it's indirect linkage, than my thought won't solve it16:39
StevenKIn which twinkle may need some -Wl,--as-needed love16:39
geserI tried it on amd64 but there it didn't mention that missing libccgnu216:39
geserStevenK: I tried running ldd on the twinkle binary in a i386 chroot (only extracted the deb, not installed, so the depends were missing) and didn't see it there16:40
gesernorsetto: will you report a bug about it to Debian?16:41
StevenKgeser: In which case indirect linkage looks to be it16:42
norsettogeser: sure, but to me it is a bug with apt16:42
StevenKI think it's in a bug in twinkle16:42
geserStevenK: I've checked yet if it happens in my i386 chroot (didn't want to install KDE there) and which lib it is which pulls the second libccgnu2 in16:44
StevenKgeser: At this point, I'm about ten seconds from being comatose, so I will fiddle after I wake up16:45
geserStevenK: ok, sleep well16:46
neversfeldecan somebody explain "1:1.0.1-1build2" to me. The "build" extension is for packages, which are only rebuild in ubuntu and nothing is changed for the rest, or not?17:20
bddebianTypically those are for packages rebuilt against newer libraries17:23
bddebianbuildx versions should get ignored and are synced automagically, where ubuntuX versions need manual merging17:23
bluefoxicyso I can't find the .torrent files on the download site17:24
neversfeldebddebian: ok, thx. and what about this 1: at the beginning?17:25
bluefoxicyinstead of "Please choose a location" maybe it should say "Download via bittorrent" and just pick a random mirror (the torrent is small); or maybe there should be a checkbox "get via bittorrent" or something (that seems pointless considering the .torrent is small)17:25
bluefoxicyWho knows.  I just manually browsed the mirror for the file.17:26
bddebianneversfelde: That is an epoch and really ugly.  I'm not sure I could explain it well.  You should probably check out Debians New Maintainer Guide.  Essentially it is a way of re-versioning a package if a mistake is made or if upstream changes versioning schemes17:30
neversfeldebddebian: I will give The New Maintainer Guide a closer look. Thank you17:31
bluefoxicysladen:  you about?17:31
bddebianneversfelde: NP17:31
sladenbluefoxicy: I'm always around17:32
norsettobddebian: I though the 1: was linked to the soname somehow17:34
bddebianNot that I know of but I'm kinda dumb ya know ;-)17:36
norsettobddebian: well, you explained it pretty well17:36
bluefoxicysladen:  Something completely unrelated to earlier17:37
bluefoxicysladen:  Downloading from the Internet is slow, and taxes the mirrors.  Microsoft has this WSUS server that manages updates...17:38
bluefoxicyIn theory, Ubuntu could deploy an apt-proxy server for a centralized management server17:38
bluefoxicyBut, who needs to manage stuff?17:38
norsettobddebian: in the policy it says: "it is not intended to cope ... with silly orderings (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1, 2.1, 2.2, 2, etc.)" :-)17:39
bluefoxicyLet's say for a moment a home user has 5 computers on his network (laptops etc).  Avahi is open by default; why not have a service that publishes whichever deb packages are still cached by a computer via mdns, so if anyone on the local net has a package you just grab it.17:39
sladenbluefoxicy: blueprint it.17:40
bluefoxicysladen:  that's not quite delta debbing, and it's (more importantly) not a replacement; this kind of thing, where useful, could stand on its own or supplement delta debs.  But, do you think it's any useful to begin with?17:40
bluefoxicysladen:  mm, guess that's an answer :)17:40
sladenbluefoxicy: reflecting out updates to other computers on the local network would actually be useful17:41
sladenlocalised bittorrent17:41
ScottKnorsetto: I don't think your sylpheed-claws change is SRU worthy.  I'd just document the process to fix it in the bug and move on.17:42
bluefoxicysladen:  bittorrent-like swarming may be non-useful.  If they're on the local net there's no bandwidth advantage, unless they have slower-than-network disks17:42
bluefoxicysladen:  well, no, wait, I'm wrong.17:43
norsettoscottK: well, the fix is very simple, you just install claws-mail and thats it17:43
bluefoxicyIf they all update at once, due to using a switch, multiple nodes can access other nodes with isolated circuits, which may isolate bandwidth use and overall increase effective bandwidth.17:43
bluefoxicysladen:  thanks!  :D17:44
norsettoscottK: its for people that are clueless if they 1) don know sylpheed has been deprecated 2) don't know how to solve the conflict17:44
norsettoscottK: what really bugs me, is that the bug seems to be on the apt side of things17:45
norsettoscottK: btw, this may lead to dist-upgrade failing too17:47
bluefoxicysladen: http://rafb.net/p/BiAJSc67.html just happened to have this on hand in tomboy somewhere17:47
bluefoxicysladen:  THAT particular set of notes was for a separate "package distribution" type concept based on the same idea, except it tracked installed files from packages and allowed a (much smaller) piece of extra data to be kept around to re-create the package.  Something I was going to try for the XO laptop17:48
bluefoxicyWon't work for debs though.  Not without modifying dpkg to change how digital signature verification works.  But scouring the local network for debs will work.  :)17:49
blueyedCan I influence the order in which apt/dpkg install and configure packages? (bug 153819)18:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153819 in virtualbox-ose-modules "Cannot change owner vboxusers for device /dev/vboxdrv" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15381918:35
blueyedI've tried Depends and even Pre-Depends, but it did not work out.18:35
geserblueyed: it you usually work. What exactly did you tried out?18:40
blueyedgeser: I've made the -modules package Depend (and later also Pre-Depend) on the virtualbox-ose package18:41
blueyedI guess the problem is that virtualbox-ose already Depends on the -modules package.18:41
geserPre-Depends should do it, if I'm not mistaken18:42
ScottKnorsetto: Please look at the SRU criteria and tell me which one you think this meets18:42
blueyedgeser: with or without an a Depends (in -modules)?18:43
imbrandonScottK: breaking dist-upgrades seems like a "major regression/bug"18:43
blueyedgeser: sorry, the right version does not appear to be in my PPA, so I've not really tested it yet..18:44
norsettoscottK: I would say "Bugs which represent severe regressions from the previous release of Ubuntu"18:44
ScottKimbrandon: I don't think that can happen.  This is only if you install the transitional package after you upgrade.18:45
norsettoscottK: unable to use claws-mail, unable to upgrade, isn't that enough?18:45
ScottKnorsetto: Except I don't see that it's that18:45
ScottKnorsetto: That didn't seem to be the what was going on.18:45
norsettoscottK: as I said, if its not failing dist-upgrade, than its not worth an sru18:45
ScottKOK.  I misread what you said.18:46
norsettoscottK: thats what I wrote in the bug report btw18:46
ScottKI don't think it will based on what's in the bug.18:46
gesersylpheed-claws-gtk2 is a transitional package, so it will affect people who used sylpheed-claws-gtk2 to claws-mail18:48
norsettoscottK if I have sulpheed-claws-gtk2 in feisty, and I dist-update, will this not fail (since it will  try to install the transitional package)?18:48
ScottKnorsetto: That's right.  The only time it's a problem is if you try to install the transitional package new on Gutsy.19:07
ScottKgeser: The transition bits work.  It's only if you install the transitional package fresh.19:08
ScottKnorsetto: I'd say if you can figure a way to fix it so you can install the transitional package fresh and not leave it behind, then it's a good fix for Hardy (we need the transitional package for Hardy for Dapper --> Hardy).19:09
hellboy195ScottK: I have gutsy and pbuilder is set up with gutsy. would something happen if I "upgrade" to hardy now?19:10
geserScottK: interesting, I didn't expect it to work if you have the package already installed and do an upgrade19:10
imbrandona new toolchain19:10
ScottKhellboy195: I'd say yes, but nothing good.19:10
ScottKWait until the toolchain is built and stable at least.19:11
hellboy195ScottK: stable means in 6 months?19:11
geseryou can already upgrade a pbuilder to hardy?19:11
hellboy195geser: dunno19:12
imbrandonhellboy195: no , generaly when the archive for it "opens"19:12
imbrandongeser: yes, but not really a point19:12
hellboy195imbrandon: hardy is open!?19:12
imbrandonhellboy195: not for uploads19:12
ScottKhellboy195: No.  A week or two.19:13
hellboy195imbrandon: ah ok. hmm but I don't want to upload something. just to upgrade "ubuntu" and package with pbuilder still gutsy packages19:13
hellboy195ScottK: k19:13
bluefoxicyis there any gpg signature verification for Packages (the package list)?19:26
bluefoxicyAh, nvm, I see.19:27
bluefoxicysladen:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/apt-avahi19:32
bluefoxicysladen:  if you have a spec for delta debs... based on my understanding (custom version, between any version, etc) of what you're trying to do, it should be possible to copy individual files from a package back and forth and then use delta deb stuff to retrieve whatever's left?19:33
bluefoxicy(this could become a future component)19:34
hellboy195hey guys. are there any plans for gutsy-commercial ??19:35
sladenbluefoxicy: yes, in theory;  except that if you're having to reconstruct the gzip compression, it has to be done in one go19:37
sladenbluefoxicy: but those chunks/files could come from anywhere19:37
bluefoxicysladen:  nods.  Well you have my thoughts in the matter.  Good luck with the delta debs, I'm looking forward to that at least.19:38
bluefoxicyI of course am about to move to 64-bit ubuntu, because gnash works and I'm going to put it to the test.  :)19:39
ScottKhellboy195: It's called 'partners' now.19:40
bluefoxicysladen:  also:  If you have a different version of gzip (say it gets a little bit better compression due to improvements in the lz search algorithm that spit out the same data format), that whole idea is gonna break ;)19:40
sladenbluefoxicy: re: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AptAvahi  I don't think hobbsee is going to be having any kids at the moment ... let alone seven.19:41
bluefoxicysladen:  they're completely ficticious scenarios!  O:)19:41
bluefoxicysladen:  edit as needed?  :>19:42
hellboy195ScottK: great. thx :)19:43
bluefoxicy(no, really, I just thought it'd be funny, especially if Hobbsee read it)19:43
jdongbluekuja: I've been thinking about Azureus..... what if we just freaking demote the stupid thing to multiverse and compile it with the Sun JDK stack?19:45
jdongbluekuja: I don't think this whole FOSS Java stack for Azureus thing is working out all that well...19:46
hellboy195ScottK: a friend from me must use Xp now. how can he download the vmware-server debs from this repo? any ideas?19:46
geserbluefoxicy: LongPointyStick is here, so I guess she will read it when she wakes up19:46
ScottKI think they are in the partners repo, but don't know for sure.19:47
bluefoxicygeser:  hah19:47
jdongScottK: not in Gutsy19:47
jdongScottK: Feisty had it in partners...19:47
jdong-commercial rather19:47
geserjdong: afaik you can't use the sun java jdks on buildds as there is no way to skip the license question19:48
jdonghellboy195: in my experience the vmware .tar.gz installers are well behaved and "clean"19:48
jdonggeser: goodie :-/19:48
jdonghellboy195: I usually install it from the .tar.gz19:48
hellboy195jdong: ok19:49
bluekujajdong, yeah, I agree with you on this19:53
jdongbluekuja: I really want to see Azureus to work.... my last idea with the current stack is to toss all of our packaging and rebase from Fedora 8... if that fails I simply don't see any alternative...19:55
ScottKnorsetto: Do you have anyone on the hopefules/mentees list who could use a relatively easy merge?19:55
bluekujajdong, same here, azureus is having great problems atm, and I cant have it working herer19:55
jdongbluekuja: we know that Sun Java compiled and sun JVM run = good, Sun Java compiled + GCJ run = good, GCJ compiled + * = bad, except under Fedora 8 and Dapper when GCJ + GCJ = good but GCJ + Sun = bad.19:56
hellboy195bluekuja: azureus afaik had always problems on ubuntu ^^19:56
jdonghellboy195: not always19:56
jdonghellboy195: in Dapper packaging it worked fine if you run it with GCJ19:56
jdongbut if you try to run Ubuntu package with Sun JVM, it crashes Hotspot19:56
hellboy195jdong: yes but i mean with sun19:57
geserjdong: have you tried the icedtea java packages with azureus?19:57
jdonggeser: I have not...19:57
jdonggeser: I wonder if that's what Fedora 8 uses?19:57
gesericedtea is java719:58
hellboy195when will sun java will be open enough to put it into main?19:58
gesericedtea is already in universe19:58
bluekujajdong, geser: we should try to run it with azurues then19:59
norsettoscottK: the best would be to tag the bug packaging/bitesize and assign it to you as a mentor19:59
ScottKnorsetto: It's a merge, so there's no bug.19:59
norsettoscottK: make it then20:00
norsettoscottK: if its too much work tell me the package and I'll do it myself20:00
bluekujajdong, if it doesnt work, we have a problem :)20:00
bluekujaI would say a big problem20:01
jdongbluekuja: I can give a quick try to run az with icedtea.. i don't have the time right now to build it from ground up with it20:01
ScottKnorsetto: Gramps.  Sorry.  I got about a million things going on today.  Thanks.20:01
norsettoScottK: np20:01
bluekujajdong, that's ok. At least we can have a first try about having jave7 plus azureus20:02
bluekujajdong, and if everything seems to run we can move to start up packaging it20:03
jdongCaused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display20:03
jdongyeah :(20:04
bluekujadarn :/20:04
jdongHmm I wonder if I can quickly hack the packaging20:04
jdongwhat I'm afraid is that it'll require that we compile all the b-d's with GCJ too20:04
jdongerr icedtea*20:04
jdongwhich is not an option20:04
norsettoscottk: bug 155487. You have to offer mentorship yourself, I can't do it for you20:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155487 in gramps "Please merge gramps (2.2.9-1) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15548720:05
ScottKnorsetto: Sure.20:05
imbrandonjdong: does debian use gcj for it ?20:05
jdongimbrandon: quite sure the new-style non-contrib packaging does20:06
imbrandonhuh ?20:06
imbrandon2.5.0.4-1 in unstable20:07
jdongyeah, those ones20:07
ScottKnorsetto: Done.  Thanks.20:08
jdongthe stable release version was the "old style": where they just uploaded a binary package20:08
norsettoscottK: I'll publicise it in motu-mentors20:08
* jdong builds the debian one for kicks20:08
bluekujajdong, results?20:15
jdongbluekuja: one sec, wrestling with deps, silly differently named swt junk :)20:16
bluekujahehe, ok :)20:16
jdongbluekuja: while I have this set up anyway, I'll humor myself and see if I can force icedtea to bve the compiler :D20:16
hellboy195so. off. cya20:16
bluekujacya hellboy19520:16
bluekujajdong, I just hope we can get a working azureus package20:17
jdongbluekuja: likewise, I really want it20:17
bluekujajdong, a lot of ppl use it, so it's a priority atm20:18
jdongbluekuja: hmm got a FTBFS that eclipse swt cannot be resolved... which almost IDENTICALLY matches up with one of the tracebacks in the bug report....20:18
jdongbluekuja: I'm beginning to wonder whether or not our own package build successfully in gutsy final.20:19
lamegoanyone with an nvidia card that could do a test ?20:19
bluekujajdong, lol20:19
* bluekuja checks build logs on lp20:19
jdongbluekuja: same version since feisty, IIRC20:19
jdongbluekuja: which could explain... a lot.20:19
bluekujajdong, what's new in the latest debian package?20:20
jdong  * New upstream release. Closes: #406914.20:21
jdong  * Disable auto-update. Closes: #405997.20:21
jdongbluekuja: we really diverged though20:21
jdongbluekuja: their packaging even uses a different build stack than us...20:21
bluekujajdong, that's pretty bad, would be nice to have a package close to debian one20:21
jdongbluekuja: ours seems to build correctly20:21
jdongbluekuja: I'm gonna whip the debian pkg to compile, hopefully20:22
bluekujajdong, debian one failed to build?20:22
ScottKjdong: To quote (IIRC it was StevenK) Azureus is evil.  I think everyone has been afraid to touch it.20:22
bluekujajdong, unstable one?20:22
jdongbluekuja: right, it couldn't located swt libs, despite the build-dep being installed20:23
jdongbluekuja: I'll investigate that one a bit more20:23
bluekujaScottK, that's true20:23
jdongScottK: I have a reputation for stupidly trying to fix what everyone else avoids20:23
bluekujathe only good soul is the proud jdong20:23
jdongOH DEAR LORD this build is RAM heavy!20:23
ScottKjdong: Go build eclipse.  It took RAOF 18 hours to build it on a 1 gb box due to thrashing.20:24
bluekujajdong, I tried azureus one week ago. I took a torrent, pushed it on the queue and everything crashed20:25
jdong21545 root      18   0  923m 651m 4016 D    2 64.5   0:51.92 jc120:25
bluekujaand now it's unusable20:25
bluekujathat's why my bugmail is full of those crashes20:26
tiagoboldtHi there, I would like to solve this bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gramps/+bug/15548720:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155487 in gramps "Please merge gramps (2.2.9-1) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]20:26
ScottKHave you done merges before?20:26
jdongbluekuja: lol shall we just give up on GCJ altogether and see if we can go the icedtea route?20:26
bluekujatiagoboldt, you should wait hardy first, then you can start merging20:26
bluekuja(if you know how)20:26
ScottKThe first thing to do is assign the bug to yourself so others know not to work on it.20:27
tiagoboldtI have no experience, but I'm a fast leaner :D20:27
bluekujajdong, lol20:27
tiagoboldtI've already assigned the bug to me20:27
bluekujajdong, seems the only working way to have damn working package20:27
ScottKOK.  Do you understand what a merge is?20:27
jdongbluekuja: no kidding... *aborts build*20:27
tiagoboldtI guess so, I have to get it from debian and build it for ubuntu, wrong?20:28
ScottKThe current Ubuntu package is different that Debian's.20:28
ScottKDebian has a new package.20:28
bluekujajdong, debian package builds in gutsy?20:28
superm1tiagoboldt, you may want to read a little on this wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Merging20:29
ScottKIn a merge, you look at Debian's new package and incorporate the Ubuntu unque stuff that is still required.20:29
jdongbluekuja: not yet.... I'm gonna now see which is easier to adapt to icedtea, gutsy or debian packaging...20:29
ScottKAlso, please - anyone else feel free to jump in and help tiagoboldt.  I offered to mentor this, but I'm also doing 3 other things right now too.20:29
bluekujatiagoboldt, if you need an hand, just let me know20:30
tiagoboldtyes, since it's my first time, every help is welcome :D20:30
bluekujajdong, ok. That's the first step to try out20:30
bluekujajdong, if you have the chance to have debian package built in gutsy20:30
bluekujajdong, would be nice to try it out20:30
bluekujajdong, and see if it works/not works and so on20:30
jdongbluekuja: ok, I'll  try to hack the debian pkg to build20:31
bluekujajdong, sounds great. When done, ping me, so we can test it out a bit20:31
bluekujaand take a decision20:31
tiagoboldtbluekuja, I'm reading about merging, in this case, I should get the package from debian? or merges.ubuntu.com?20:32
bluekujatiagoboldt, it depends...do you want to merge it manually or using a small tool?20:32
bluekujatiagoboldt, mom uses a nice tool20:33
bluekujafor merging stuff from debian20:33
bluekujatool name is grab-merge.sh20:33
bluekujayou can play with it a bit20:33
tiagoboldtI'm want to do it in the best way possible :D20:33
tiagoboldtI'll go take a look at it :)20:33
bluekujatiagoboldt, great. wget it and grab the package you need20:34
tiagoboldtit's downloading using the script:)20:37
tiagoboldtit's downloading two versions20:38
jdongbluekuja: I see half the problem20:38
pochuCan we already go merging?20:39
ScottKThat's normal tiagoboldt20:39
tiagoboldtby merging, what will I do exactly? upgrade the package version in ubuntu?20:39
jdongbluekuja: our JAVADIR is fractured half into /usr/lib/java and half into /usr/share/java20:39
ScottKpochu: Sure.  We just can't upload them yet.20:39
jdongbluekuja: and our azureus package has sinful hackjobs to work around that20:39
pochuScottK: ty20:39
tiagoboldtI've got all the files of the two versions and two scripts :D done :D20:40
bluekujajdong, understood. Is there a way to have it working on debian?20:40
jdongbluekuja: yes, some makefile mods20:40
pochuUbuntu Masters of the Universe: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Gutsy Gibbon released - start working on Gutsy SRUs (gutsy-proposed is open for motu-uvf approved uploads). | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | http://ubuntu.joejaxx.org/ - TOP 10 Uploaders/Packages | Go Merging! http://dad.dunnewind.net/universe.php20:40
=== pochu changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Ubuntu Masters of the Universe: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Gutsy Gibbon released - start working on Gutsy SRUs (gutsy-proposed is open for motu-uvf approved uploads). | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | http://ubuntu.joejaxx.org/ - TOP 10 Uploaders/Packages | Go Merging! http://dad.dunnewind.net/universe.php
tiagoboldtis there any tutorial I can follow? I could do it more on my own that way..20:40
bluekujatiagoboldt, I guess superm1 linked you it20:40
bluekujajdong, true. We need to hack makefiles a bit20:40
bluekujajdong, and we get it done20:41
jdongbluekuja: well it's building pretty well so far with a 1-liner :D20:41
joejaxxtime to change the stats to hardy20:41
bluekujatiagoboldt, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Merging20:41
jdongbluekuja: watch me curse it with that optimistic statement20:41
bluekujajdong, going for a bath, need to relax a bit20:42
jdongbluekuja: what I like about the Debian package is that it's java implementation agnostic.... switching to sun or icedtea should be a simple build-dep reordering20:42
tiagoboldtI'm reading it, thanks :D brb with success our doubts :D20:42
jdongbluekuja: enjoy, I'll test this package, if ti deosn't work I'll switch it over to icedtea pronto20:43
bluekujajdong, great, gonna ping you later for results20:43
bluekujahave fun in the meantime20:43
norsetto_tiagoboldt: pls. mark bug 155487 as "In Progress" if you are working on it20:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155487 in gramps "Please merge gramps (2.2.9-1) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15548720:52
=== norsetto_ is now known as norsetto
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
jdongbluekuja: ok, Debian Azuureus compiled in Ubuntu does NOT run in sun Java with identical error messages, seems run in GCJ but at snail-slow paces (on the factor of 60-100x slower than Sun) -- I have waited 30 minutes for a logo screen and it's still using 100% CPU21:19
jdongbluekuja: at this point I'm going to investigate building with icedtea21:19
bluekujajdong, no logo screen for more than 30 mins with 100% CPU, crazy...21:20
bluekujajdong, ok fine21:20
jdongbluekuja: well Debian GCJ build does not activate the native compiling thing, so it's interpreted bytecode, not JIT21:21
jdongbluekuja: it's entirely plausible to be on the order of 500x slower than regular Java or precompiled Java21:21
jdongbluekuja: icedtea compile is currently going.... Sun's compiler is at least triple the speed of GCJ so far....21:22
* jdong keeps azureus GCJ loading on the second core just to humor himself21:22
bluekujajdong, if we cant make it working using icedtea, what should we do?21:23
jdongbluekuja: I don't see how that could happen, unless Java7 is not compatible with Java6 enough to run azureus (which I guess, fine, is possible...)21:24
jdongbluekuja: then our solutions are (1) rebase from Fedora 7, (2) find some way of building with sun-java5/java6 and demote to multiverse21:24
bluekujajdong, which solution would you take?21:25
jdongbluekuja: the latter21:26
bluekujajdong, that's whay I thought21:26
bluekujajdong, it will be the cleanest way to have a working package21:26
jdongbluekuja: grr even pure icedtea one is dying across the board... I suspect something wrong with our SWT....21:30
bluekujajdong, failed to build? or unusable?21:30
jdongbluekuja: builds but fails to run21:30
bluekujadarn, same as before then21:31
jdongbluekuja: oh wait I see a problem21:31
bluekujajdong, where?21:32
jdongbluekuja: the launcher script doesn't seem to be executing the same java commandline, investigating...21:33
norsettogeser: I have a contributor which is looking for a mentor to help him with bug 150876. Could you possibly help him?21:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 150876 in xen-meta "English error in description" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15087621:35
tiagoboldtso, I've started working on a merge, I've downloaded the sources and diffs with the script available at mom and built the package with pbuilder, is that it? what else?21:36
Kmostiagoboldt: a merge must include ubuntu changes, not only debian ones21:36
bluekujanorsetto, is an upload worth for just a small fix?21:37
Kmosand that means all changelog from both21:37
ScottKKmos: Not necessarily and as he said already, he used the mom script to get the package.  It does that for you.21:37
norsettobluekuja: from an educational pov, yes.21:37
ScottKtiagoboldt: My advice is to avoid advice from Kmos.  In my experience it's rarely correct.21:38
bluekujanorsetto, fine then21:38
tiagoboldtI'm new, please keep my out of the hostilities :P21:38
ScottKtiagoboldt: What you need to do now is look at the Ubuntu changes (looking in debian/changelog for the entries previous to the Debian update will tell you what they are)21:38
bluekujanorsetto, maybe he should find out something to fix along with that bug21:38
tiagoboldtanyway, after that, I've got the files in pbuilder cache directory, what now?21:39
bluekujanorsetto, so we have a full upload21:39
ScottKSo once you see the changelog entries for Ubuntu changes, you need to see if they are still needed (hint: at least one of the gramps ones is not).21:39
norsettobluekuja: I leave it to the guy that mentors him on that bug, which could possibly be you if you agree21:39
bluekujanorsetto, yeah, fine21:39
ScottKYou should also look in the REPORT file the script downloaded and see if it reports any conflicts.  If it does, you'll need to sort those too.21:40
bluekujanorsetto, gonna help him to provide a debdiff21:40
norsettobluekuja: cool, just assign yourself as the mentor then21:40
tiagoboldtohh, so I should have done that before building it, right ScottK ?21:40
=== asac_ is now known as asac
jdongbluekuja: found the culprit,it's our swt.jar21:41
ScottKtiagoboldt: Yes, but no matter.  You'll just build it again after.21:41
jdongbluekuja: replacing ours with Azureus's somehow causes it to load21:41
jdongbluekuja: now to see why21:41
jdong-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 708K 2007-09-14 04:30 /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86_3.2.2.v3236.jar21:41
jdong-rw-r--r-- 1 jdong jdong 1.7M 2007-10-18 08:39 swt.jar21:41
jdongbluekuja: our SWT is 1/3 the size of theirs!21:41
norsettojdong: mine is 5 times their, so there21:42
gesernorsetto: sure (that xen-meta bug)21:42
norsettogeser: ah, ok, apparently bluekuja volunteered in the meantime21:42
bluekujajdong, 0_021:43
bluekujageser, if you want to take it, no problem21:43
jdongbluekuja: ok, I am reasonably certain I understand the surface of the problem now21:43
geserbluekuja: you can have it21:43
jdongbluekuja: we use SWT built through Eclipse; Debian/Azureus use SWT built from http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/swt-gtk source package similar to that21:44
bluekujajdong, having it fixed, can avoid the latter option?21:44
jdongbluekuja: they must not be compatible21:44
bluekujajdong, we decided before?21:44
norsettobluekuja, geser: as long as one of you two take it, because it is still free ......21:44
jdongbluekuja: I don't know enough about eclipse to know why we went for one over the other...21:44
jdongbluekuja: the obvious dirty workaround is to make a separate swt package for azureus, but if we can avoid that it's for the best :)21:45
jdongis there some way to explore the API provided by a JAR?21:46
Treenaksjdong: A jar is just a zip with a bunch of .class files in it (basically)21:46
jdongTreenaks: ok, recursively, I mean any way of exposing the API of a .class?21:46
Treenaksjdong: libbcel-java - Analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files21:47
tiagoboldtScottK, is there anyway were I can read about the changes needed to be done to those files? The documentation is a bit messy everywhere :\\21:47
Treenaksjdong: "yes, but it's not trivial@21:48
ScottKDid you see the previous Ubuntu changes in debian/changelog?21:48
tiagoboldtand there is one that has been done in the upstream21:48
bluekujanorsetto, done, was finishing something so sorry for the delay21:48
tiagoboldt(I guess I've used the correct terms :D)21:48
ScottKI think so.21:49
jdongbluekuja: ok, more specifically, our SWT is missing the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display class21:49
jdongbluekuja: in fact, the entire .widgets namespace21:49
* jdong adds this to the bug report21:49
bluekujajdong, which is there on debian?21:49
jdongbluekuja: right because their SWT sources come from a different origin21:50
ScottKtiagoboldt: So the ubuntu-2 change from the current debian package has been incorporated already and is no longer needed, but the ubuntu1 changes have not, correct?21:50
jdongbluekuja: I bet that eclipse demands its own SWT to be the one that's in /usr/lib/java21:50
bluekujajdong, true, it's something impossible to use the same SWT sources as debian?21:50
jdongbluekuja: so I think instead we should slot-install SWT from Debian?21:51
tiagoboldtScottK, true, that's it!21:51
jdongbluekuja: well if we just directly replace them, I'm sure Eclipse itself will blow up21:51
bluekujajdong, slot-install as you said then21:51
bluekuja(from debian)21:51
ScottKSo the ubuntu1 changelog entry you are doing should look the same as the last ubuntu1 changelog entry.  Let's get that right and then we'll check and make sure it's true after.21:52
jdongbluekuja: actually, an interesting side effect, ours is "libswt3.2-gtk-java" while Debian's is "libswt-gtk-3.2-java"21:52
ScottKtiagoboldt: Why don't you take a stab and that and pastebin the result.21:52
jdongbluekuja: so aside from utter confusion, we could just directly pull that package over!21:52
tiagoboldtok :D21:52
bluekujajdong, why the name got diverged that way?21:52
jdongbluekuja: I don't know21:53
bluekujajdong, would be possible to have the name synced with debian again?21:54
jdongbluekuja: it would break all the reverse deps....21:54
bluekujajdong, to prevent any dep mess up21:54
bluekujajdong, but if a package comes from debian with that dep name21:54
bluekujashould be merged everytime21:55
bluekujato prevent every ftbfs21:55
jdongbluekuja: if a package comes from debian with that dep name it probalby wouldn't run under ours anyway21:55
jdongbluekuja: our SWT seems VERY eclipse specific21:55
bluekujaoh ok, that explains it21:55
tiagoboldtScottK, I've did it, and I've also added some changes that I'm not sure that should be included, http://pastebin.ca/74484421:55
bluekujanorsetto, why the bug is already assigned?21:56
bluekujanorsetto, you said the contributor (I guess era on LP) decided to do it21:56
jdongeclipse-rcp: usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.swt_3.2.2.v3236b.jar21:56
norsettobluekuja: because he wants to work on it?21:56
jdongjesus how many SWT's do we have???21:56
* ScottK looks21:57
bluekujanorsetto, yeah, I thought the contributor name was "era"21:57
norsettobluekuja: no, the contributor who asked for help is miguel ruiz21:57
bluekujakk, fine then21:57
bluekujanorsetto, sorry for bothering, was unclear21:57
norsettobluekuja: hey, np21:58
ScottKtiagoboldt: Close.  I'll edit for you.21:58
jdongbluekuja: oh god, I feel like a total moron now21:59
ScottKtiagoboldt: One quick point: Always spaces, never tabs in debian/changelog21:59
bluekujajdong, y?21:59
jdongbluekuja: I somehow had a corrupt swt.jar.21:59
jdongbluekuja: *former XFS user*21:59
tiagoboldthow many for a tab? 4?21:59
jdongbluekuja: shoot me :)21:59
bluekujajdong, :/21:59
bluekujajdong, :D22:00
jdongbluekuja: now, to retry IcedTea build22:00
ScottKtiagoboldt: 4 in this case.22:00
bluekujajdong, I feel better now22:00
bluefoxicyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnash/+bug/155412  is this improper?22:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155412 in gnash "gnash plays SML 3 video poorly" [Undecided,New]22:00
bluefoxicyI noticed there's a lot of gnash bug reports on launchpad, I didn't know if I should dump all the "video X plays like shit" "Web site feature Y does not work properly" bugs into the same bug or not22:01
ScottKtiagoboldt: http://pastebin.ca/744854 - Also you need to put your information in line 11 and update the date/time.22:01
jdongbluekuja: ok,22:03
jdongbluekuja: debian packaging still hates Ubuntu22:03
bluekujajdong, what happened?22:03
tiagoboldtdid it ScottK, Now I should do each of that changes to the code, right?22:04
jdongbluekuja: it can't find the org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display class22:04
ScottKtiagoboldt: You should find that the merge script did it for you.  What you need to do is verify that.22:04
bluekujajdong, during build?22:04
tiagoboldtok : )22:05
jdongbluekuja: during execution22:05
jdongbluekuja: I'm investigating how it finds it during build22:05
bluekujajdong, using icedtea?22:05
jdongbluekuja: using any java runtime22:05
bluekujajdong, yeah, we should see how does it detect it during build22:05
bluekujajdong, and hack the package a bit, to have it working22:06
bluekujajdong, I'm going to sleep, need to wake up early tomorrow22:06
bluekujajdong, please let me know everything about this22:06
bluekujajdong, tomorrow if you have a chance to be around22:07
jdongbluekuja: ok; well I think the core of the problem is debian has az while w're still working on
jdongbluekuja: could be a new dependency introduced in the later Azureus22:07
bluekujajdong, ping me tomorrow when you get online22:08
jdongbluekuja: oh oh you might wanna stay up for 3 more minutes.....22:08
bluekujajdong, so we can continue discussing this out22:08
bluekujajdong, lol22:09
bluekujajdong, if you have good news, why not22:09
tiagoboldtScottK, the control file has a first part with ubuntu related info, and a second one, inconsistent with the first, with the debian infos, should it be kept?22:09
jdongCAN I GET A HELL YEAH?????22:09
jdongbluekuja: Debian Azureus + icedtea-jdk + icedtea+jre + Ubuntu /usr/bin/azureus launcher = SUCCESS22:10
jdongbluekuja: now to figure out why the heck that combination is magical22:10
ScottKtiagoboldt: pastebin me the part of the control file you are wanting to know about.22:10
* bluekuja starts dancing22:10
bluekujajdong, did you change every B-D from debian?22:12
tiagoboldtScottK, http://pastebin.ca/74486622:12
* ScottK looks22:12
bluekujajdong, and added icedtea stuff?22:12
jdongbluekuja: yeah, just added icedtea-java7-jdk as the first javac dep, and voila22:13
ScottKtiagoboldt: What of those difference relate to what you have already said you would be different from Debian on in debian/changelog22:13
bluekujajdong, maybe you did something magic while building :P22:13
tiagoboldtScottK, that's not very clear, sorry22:14
jdongbluekuja: lol let me clean all this junk up and reproduce build success :)22:14
bluekujajdong, perfect. If everything goes fine, I go to sleep happy22:14
ScottKtiagoboldt: Look at your debian/changelog entry we already made.  Some of the differences in the part of debian/control are listed there.  If we've said we want Ubuntu to be different from Debian, then we keep the Ubuntu version.  If not, we keep the Debian version.22:15
tiagoboldtmy only doubt in there is, should the debian part be kept? where there's the info about the debian mantainer and all, bellow the =========22:15
ScottKtiagoboldt: Change it the way you think it should be and pastebin it.  I need to get in ~15 minutes.22:16
superm1jdong, did you really just fix azureus?22:18
superm1you're crazy.22:18
tiagoboldtScottK, i think that it should stay like this http://pastebin.ca/74487522:18
jdongsuperm1: sure looks that way :)22:18
bluekujasuperm1, jdong is a magic guy22:18
* ScottK looks22:18
superm1jdong, sounds like it's in need for an SRU to me then :)22:18
bluekujajdong, leaving. Ping me when online tomorrow22:19
jdongsuperm1: unfortunately the fix is in no SRU-able state22:19
bluekujajdong, I hope with good news22:19
superm1jdong, mind you its fairly broken in gutsy/universe right now.22:19
ScottKtiagoboldt: Remove the blank line 4.  Why did you remove the Homepage field?22:19
bluekujagood night everyone22:20
tiagoboldtmy bad22:20
jdongbluekuja: ok, I'll clean up packaging :)22:20
ScottKjdong: Why not SRUable?22:20
norsettobluekuja: nighty nighty22:20
jdongScottK: the "fix" is the build with icedtea22:20
jdongScottK: and in order to build with icedtea we have to strip out all GCJ-specific packaging elements in the package22:20
superm1jdong, icedtea made it to universe for gutsy though didn't it?22:20
ScottKOK.  Does the package work at all now?22:21
jdongsuperm1: yes but the fix is too invasive IMO22:21
jdongScottK: nope22:21
jdongScottK: zero, zilch, nada22:21
jdongScottK: GCJ hangs running it, all Sun-based VM's segfault22:21
ScottKSo what's the downside risk of doing this as an SRU?22:21
norsettojdong: per niente22:21
jdongScottK: I don't know, do you think SRU team will buy it?22:21
tiagoboldtScottK, done, final one: http://pastebin.ca/74487922:21
jdongScottK: actually the simplest fix is to sync Debian's packaging  with like a 5-line debdiff I am preparing22:22
ScottKjdong: It's universe, right?22:22
jdongScottK: it is universe indeed22:22
ScottKjdong my son, you have my motu-uvf blessing (we don't have an SRU team anymore).  Make a debdiff and if you can talk a MOTU into uploading it to gutsy-proposed.  Go for it (document I said it was OK in the bug)22:23
ScottKtiagoboldt: Looks good to me.22:23
tiagoboldtnice, than that's all22:24
tiagoboldtnow rebuild it, right?22:24
jdongScottK: ok, here's the deal though.... We have an oddly repacket package using debhelper GCJ specific stuff everywhere, along with a BUNCH of patches from Fedora 6 ish for making Azureus build under GCJ22:24
ScottKnorsetto: I have to leave in a minute.  Could you pick up with helping tiagoboldt?  I think he needs to build his package, test it, make a debdiff, and attach it to the bug.22:24
jdongScottK: IMO this is a huge fscking mess and totally unnecessary; Debian's package uses a simple 10-line Makefile, identical to upstream source tarball, and zero patches22:24
norsettoScottK: I'm going to bed soon, but I'll do my best22:24
ScottKjdong: It's sufficiently ancient and broken that I don't think we need to care.22:24
ScottKnorsetto: Thanks.22:25
jdongScottK: it's less "invasive" to just import Debian's in my opinion22:25
tiagoboldtScottK, tks than, norsetto I think that this is almost done :)22:25
ScottKjdong: Great for Hardy, but I doubt for Gutsy.22:25
tiagoboldtnorsetto, I've downloaded the files using the script from mom's, I've already got a control and changeog file updated22:25
norsettotiagoboldt: let me catch up with it22:25
jdongScottK: ok, so I need to massively strip out the build system in Gutsy azureus then? :(22:25
jdongScottK: you think it's strictly impossible to import a new-upstream-version into gutsy-updates? :(22:27
ScottKjdong: It's not strictly impossible.  I'd say lets wait until Hardy opens and then raise it with the archive admins then.22:27
jdongScottK: ok, sounds good, I will prepare the necessary debdiff to get it to compile and run under Hardy with icedtea22:28
ScottKI've got to run so have a good $TIMEOFDAY all of you.22:28
tiagoboldtScottK, ty ;)22:29
tiagoboldtnorsetto, can I give you any info, I think I should generate the diff file ou dsc file now, right?22:29
jdongbluekuja: package even runs with GCJ java!22:33
norsettotiagoboldt: so, what was the delta between the old ubuntu and the new debian?22:36
tiagoboldtdelta as in 'the changes'?22:37
tiagoboldtmost of it was made by mom, I've only had to upgrade de debian control and changelog files22:37
tiagoboldtI've then entered the src folder and debbuild -S in there22:37
norsettotiagoboldt: you should always check anyhow, don't take for granted that mom did a perfect job22:38
tiagoboldtand I'm now building the package with pbuilder to see if everything goes alright22:38
tiagoboldtnorsetto, and I've did checked everything altered in the changelog that should have be done automatically, everything looked ok22:38
norsettotiagoboldt: I'm quite sure you did, thats why I would like to know too22:39
tiagoboldtthen I should install the package and test it, right? if everything looks ok, I should add the generated .dsc to the bug, right?22:41
norsettotiagoboldt: can we go back a bit?22:41
tiagoboldtsure, where?22:42
norsettotiagoboldt: to tell me what is the delta22:42
norsettotiagoboldt: yes22:42
tiagoboldtok, well, there are some bugs and features added, one bug that was corrected in an ubuntu correction was done22:43
tiagoboldtstill, some changes from the previous versions still had to be done(mainly in the debian directory)22:44
norsettotiagoboldt: can you paste in a pastebin these changes?22:45
tiagoboldtsure, w822:45
tiagoboldtchangelog: http://pastebin.ca/74490022:46
nxvlScottK: ping22:46
tiagoboldtcontrol file: http://pastebin.ca/74490122:46
tiagoboldtanything else norsetto ?22:47
norsettotiagoboldt: did you check rules too?22:49
tiagoboldtyes, there were some changes there mentioned in the changelog, they were all ok22:50
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norsettotiagoboldt: ok, so you build your source package already?22:51
tiagoboldtdebuild -S in the source folder and pbuilder --build xxx-new-dsc22:52
norsettotiagoboldt: ok, in the mom REPORT, it is mentioned a conflict in src/Spell.py what was it?22:53
tiagoboldtohh &%$#22:53
tiagoboldtforgot that :X22:53
tiagoboldtbig ups22:54
tiagoboldtso, correct that, debuild -S and pbuilder again22:54
tiagoboldtdoing it22:54
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=== luisbg_ is now known as luisb
tiagoboldthum, is it only the comment?22:55
tiagoboldtonly 5 lines, I'll past it here22:55
nxvltiagoboldt: are you working on 155487?22:55
=== luisb is now known as luisbg_
tiagoboldtnxvl, yes22:56
tiagoboldttrying to:P22:56
nxvltell me if i can helo22:56
tiagoboldtnxvl, sure, it's my first time22:56
nxvlmine too22:56
tiagoboldtI'll be glad to work with you22:56
nxvlwhat has been made so far?22:57
tiagoboldtnorsetto, here's the problem in spell.py:22:57
tiagoboldt    else:22:57
tiagoboldt<<<<<<< gramps-2.2.8-1ubuntu2 (ubuntu)22:57
tiagoboldt        tv = gtk.TextView()22:57
tiagoboldt        gtkspell.Spell(tv).set_language(lang)22:57
tiagoboldt        #work around gtkspell bug with tv22:57
tiagoboldt        tv = gtk.TextView()22:57
tiagoboldt        gtkspell.Spell(tv).set_language(lang)22:57
tiagoboldt>>>>>>> gramps-2.2.9-1 (debian)22:57
tiagoboldt        success = True22:57
tiagoboldthow should I keep it? it's the same but with the comment, right?22:57
norsettotiagoboldt: you know what that is?22:58
tiagoboldtguess so, in 2.2.8 it was the part before =====22:58
tiagoboldtafter ==== is the part in 2.2.922:58
tiagoboldtis that it?22:58
nxvltiagoboldt: have you succesfully download the motu-tools?22:58
norsettotiagoboldt: I mean, why there is this "conflict"22:59
tiagoboldtnorsetto, guess not :\22:59
norsettotiagoboldt: well, you should understand this before uploading, shouldn't you?22:59
norsettotiagoboldt: its not difficult, just look at the changelog(s)23:00
tiagoboldtsorry, not getting it :\\23:02
norsettotiagoboldt: what is in the last ubuntu version and this version that can cause a conflict? It must be a specific ubuntu change, right?23:02
nxvltiagoboldt: what is the problem23:02
jdongbluekuja: bug 57875 updated with debdiff wrt debian, status update, AND testing gutsy .deb. cheers!23:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 57875 in azureus "Azureus hangs or crashes showing splash screen at start" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5787523:03
nxvlin these days there is a lot of this bugs since the first days of hardy, didn't it?23:04
tiagoboldtone problem was corrected both in the upstream and the ubuntu release23:04
norsettotiagoboldt: :-)23:04
tiagoboldtso the code is duplicated23:04
norsettotiagoboldt: could this be it? whats in the changelog?23:04
tiagoboldtI just have do delete one of the entries, the on from ubuntu to keep it as it is from the upstream code :D23:04
norsettotiagoboldt: yes, you have to delete the ubuntu one23:05
tiagoboldtand then do the debuild -S and pbuilder again, right?23:05
norsettotiagoboldt: one small point first23:05
norsettotiagoboldt: can you type this comman in a terminal "man dh_iconcache" ?23:06
norsettotiagoboldt: s/comman/command23:06
norsettotiagoboldt: and?23:06
tiagoboldtsince it is called, there will be an icon added23:07
norsettotiagoboldt: are you on feisty still?23:07
tiagoboldtgutsy for the last 2 months23:08
norsettotiagoboldt: ok, so read it carefully23:08
norsettotiagoboldt: remark this "This script is going to go away."23:08
tiagoboldtit calls dhicons23:08
tiagoboldtyes, so I should switch it with dh_icons?23:08
norsettotiagoboldt: yes, you could have seen it if we had run lintian23:09
tiagoboldtso I should change the changelog and switch that for dh_icons, doing it23:10
norsettotiagoboldt: remember that you need to update the changelog23:10
norsettotiagoboldt: yes23:10
tiagoboldtdebuild -S?23:12
norsettotiagoboldt: please prefix it with norsetto: otherwise I may miss it23:13
tiagoboldtprefix what?23:14
norsettotiagoboldt: ok, now build the source and the binaryes, and check that they install and run23:14
tiagoboldtE: gramps_2.2.9-1ubuntu1_source.changes: bad-ubuntu-distribution-in-changes-file hardy23:14
tiagoboldtW: gramps source: debian-rules-ignores-make-clean-error line 2323:14
tiagoboldtW: gramps source: diff-contains-substvars debian/substvars23:14
tiagoboldtlintian returns that..23:14
norsettotiagoboldt: prefix when you want to talk with me23:14
norsettotiagoboldt: yes, we should pass these to debian for them to correct23:15
norsettotiagoboldt: not the hardy one, thats ok23:15
tiagoboldtso I'll build it then :D23:15
norsettotiagoboldt: ok, now build the source and the binaries, and check that they install and run23:17
tiagoboldtnorsetto, to build the source is it done with pbuilder also?23:20
norsettotiagoboldt: debuild, or dpkg-buildpackage23:20
Da_Cloveris anybody haveing some network difficulties with ubu-univ23:26
norsettotiagoboldt: gotta go now, once you built, installed and run succesfully you should prepare two debdiffs23:26
tiagoboldtnorsetto, after verifying that everything is ok, what shuold I do?23:26
norsettotiagoboldt: one old-ubuntu -> new-ubuntu; and the other new-debian -> new-ubuntu23:27
norsettotiagoboldt: you know what a debdiff is?23:27
tiagoboldti do23:27
tiagoboldtcreate them from what? whole source? .dsc files?23:27
norsettotiagoboldt: from the .dsc23:28
tiagoboldtthan add it to the bug report, assign it to who?23:28
norsettotiagoboldt: check the one new-debian->new-ubuntu; old the cnahges in there MUST be reflected in your changelog23:29
norsettotiagoboldt: s/old the cnahges/all the changes23:29
tiagoboldtthey are23:29
norsettotiagoboldt: you don't assign it, you mark it confirmed, unassign yourself, and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors23:30
tiagoboldtok :D23:30
norsettotiagoboldt: good :-) gotta go now, sleep well23:30
tiagoboldtI'l finish this and do that afterwards23:30
tiagoboldthope it's all ok23:30
norsettog'night all23:30
tiagoboldtthank you so much23:30
norsettotiagoboldt: don't dream debdiffs tonight ....23:31
tiagoboldtthat was the other night, otherwise I won't be doing this now=P23:32

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