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Jazzvaasac: bug 154593, someone says it's an ubufox bug. As far as I can see it's an apt problem... and I don't think it's a bug, but a request for feature :).01:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 154593 in ubuntu "apt:// protocol, bug with multiple programs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15459301:00
asacJazzva: let me look01:24
asache should post a testpage01:25
asacthat is too unspecific to say if its a bug at all01:25
Jazzvaasac: I think he already did... just a sec, phone...01:25
Ubuletteasac, why ff 2008 isn't in yet ?01:31
Ubuletteohoh, i've pushed 200G of gutsy :) starting to slow down. i think it's enough01:35
Jazzvaasac: back, sorry... I think that he said that if you enter something like "apt://package1, package2, package3" it would say that "package1, package2, package3" doesn't exist. Was multiple package installation supported before?01:41
gnomefreakrepos opened :)01:41
Ubulettegnomefreak, for ?01:41
Ubulettei know01:42
gnomefreakim upgrading my testing partition01:42
Ubulettei'm running it01:42
gnomefreaki havent logged into ubuntu in 3 days or so01:42
gnomefreaksince release day01:42
Ubulette $ lsb_release -rcd01:42
UbuletteDescription:    Ubuntu hardy (development branch)01:42
UbuletteRelease:        8.0401:42
UbuletteCodename:       hardy01:42
gnomefreakonce i figure out my irssi i will be working on iceape 1.1.501:43
gnomefreakUbulette: can you add iceape tarballs to mozclient please01:43
gnomefreakif you havent already01:43
Ubuletteiceape is seamonkey right ?01:43
gnomefreakme and asac were talking about that the other day01:43
Ubulettei will01:43
gnomefreakif you can for 1.1.x and 2.0.x? or something01:44
Ubulettei'm playing with actionmonkey now01:44
gnomefreakonly spelled right01:44
Ubulettejavascript engine of mozilla 201:45
Ubulette= spidermonkey + tamarin01:45
Ubulettethat's for firefox 4 :)01:46
gnomefreakthats way too far ahaead01:46
gnomefreakdamn your talking a 8-12 months01:46
Ubulettemore than that01:46
Ubulette18 months, maybe01:46
gnomefreakso you see my point ;)01:47
Ubulettestrange it's so big01:48
Ubulette-rw-r--r--  1 fta fta 48439183 Oct 21 02:44 actionmonkey_1.9~a9~hg20071015r7020.tar.gz01:48
Jazzvaasac: Now I see that the person that reported the bug sent me an e-mail about it... I'll forward it to you.01:48
Ubuletteasac, http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/blog/2007-10-16/sharing-mercurial-queues-to-develop-xpcomgc/01:51
Ubulettebenjamin is reinventing quilt + bzr :)01:51
Ubulettehe'll end up doing a deb :)01:51
gnomefreakeh if i find time tomorrow ill play with 1.1.5 for now i say good night01:58
asacUbulette: well that feature sounds good02:10
asace.g. mq02:10
Ubulettehe's just storing patches (even with a "series" file) in a vcs02:11
Ubuletteit's no different from us02:11
Ubulettejust bigger patches maybe02:12
asacso mq is a mozilla owned extension for hg?02:12
asaccertainly bigger and more patches :)02:12
UbuletteIn mid-2005, Chris Mason took the features of quilt and wrote an extension that he called Mercurial Queues, which added quilt-like behaviour to Mercurial.02:14
UbuletteThe key difference between quilt and MQ is that quilt knows nothing about revision control systems, while MQ is integrated into Mercurial. Each patch that you push is represented as a Mercurial changeset. Pop a patch, and the changeset goes away.02:14
UbuletteBecause quilt does not care about revision control tools, it is still a tremendously useful piece of software to know about for situations where you cannot use Mercurial and MQ.02:14
Ubulettehmm, not very clear what the gain is02:15
Ubulettewe pop and it's gone too02:15
asacfor me the gain sounds like its just as handy as quilt, but from revision point of view its tightly integrated02:15
asachard to say ;)02:17
asacmaybe i will have a better wording of what i mean the other day02:17
asacanyone has anyidea on what ubuntu should invent on the mozilla-front in hardy?02:18
asacok i am out02:32
gnomefreakwell i started 1.1.5 but will look into it if it fails tomrrow or some time this week05:29
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seanhodgeshey everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble using gtkmozembed since I upgraded to Gutsy, can anyone give me some pointers?15:13
seanhodgesThis is for C++ btw, I think some of the paths have moved around, as for one thing I now need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to compile now15:14
masterx12Who is responsible for the extensions, which are accessible via "Get Ubuntu Addons" within Firefox in Gutsy?15:33
masterx12if somebody knows/sees anyone who is responsible for it, please tell him, that he should take a look at following bugs: #155378 and #13661916:02
masterx12i leave16:02
Ubulettehardy now ships with gcc 4.2.2 by default17:37
asacbug 155378 and bug 13661919:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155378 in tabextensions "mozilla-tabextensions is unrecommended" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15537819:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 136619 in mozilla-firefox-adblock "adblock is outdated" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13661919:48
asacseanhodges: how do you build ?19:59
Ubulette(i use tab mix plus and adblock plus)20:05
Ubulettenot the old ones20:05
Ubuletteworks fine with ff320:05
seanhodgesasac: are you still here?20:18
seanhodgessorry i was at pub ;)20:18
seanhodgesi'm using gcc: "gcc -g -o test `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0,firefox-gtkmozembed` test.cpp"20:23
seanhodgestest.cpp is just a small program i knocked together to test the problem i'm having, it just starts gtkmozembed in a GTK window - using the same method that worked for me in Feisty20:24
seanhodgesto expand on what i typed before (i was a bit inaccurate), it seems to compile fine, but when i run it i get a segfault20:25
Ubuletteseanhodges, try that:20:27
Ubulette export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/lib/firefox20:27
Ubulette export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/firefox20:27
seanhodgeswill do, cheers20:27
Ubuletteor post your test.cpp somewhere so we can give it a try20:27
seanhodgesoh my god it worked!20:30
seanhodgeslol cheers Ubulette, it looks like i was missing  MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME20:30
seanhodgesi cant tell u how pleased i am, thanks loads!20:31
Ubuletteglad it helped20:32
Ubulettebluekuja, bug 155491 is pretty nasty. 8 1+ year old security bugs :(20:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155491 in torrentflux "Multiple security vulnerabilities in Edgy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15549120:49
bluekujaheya Ubulette21:18
bluekujawas having a bath21:19
bluekujaUbulette, yeah. I'm in contact with the debian maintainer who filled up that request21:19
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atlfalcons866is firefox going to be updated to 2.0.822:40
asacThunderStruck: still on win?23:13
ThunderStruckasac, atn yes eating dinner upstairs. seems 1.1.5 doesnt like 99_configure.dpatch so ill fix that tonight i hope, im assuming since it failed only on that patch that it is the state that my branch is at. so im gonna try mt branch than if fails fix it right ;)23:14
asac99_configure.dpatch will always fail23:17
asacyou always have to update it23:17
ThunderStruckah damn23:17
asace.g. just ignore conflicts ... run autoconf2.1323:17
ThunderStruckok thats easy enough23:17
ThunderStruckthis is done outside or dpatch-edit-* right23:18
ThunderStruckbut in the source area (build-area or just top level23:18
ThunderStrucki have it downstairs on paper but just making sure now23:19
asacdpatch-edit 99_...23:20
asacthen autoconf2.1323:20
asacrm confgure.rej23:20
ThunderStruckah ok than run config... than ctrld23:20
ThunderStruckrm configure.rej before or after fixing it23:20
ThunderStruckit should be there now so i assume remove first (that way unless autoconf fails it should not be there23:21
asacThunderStruck: doesn't matter when23:21
asacjust _before_ you exit23:22
asacotherwise you will produce clutter in 99_confi*23:22
ThunderStruckoh remove it while in dpatch23:22
ThunderStruckthats easy enough :)23:22
asacotherwise it will be added to 99_configure.dpatch (as a new file)23:22
asacwhich you probably don't want23:22
ThunderStruckasac, than i should have it built and ready for gutsy :)23:23
ThunderStruckno i rather not have another useless file anywhere with this app23:23
asacready for hardy you mean?23:23
ThunderStruckthis should fit in SRU for gutsy23:24
ThunderStruckasac, im gonna build on gutsy first23:24
asacwell if you have it you can give it to me ... we can probably send it through security23:24
ThunderStrucklet them work on tool chain a bit more23:24
asacnot sure how security for universe works though23:24
asacor if all security uploads for universe are SRUs?23:24
ThunderStruckasac, i will have it hopfully tomorrow mid morning23:24
asacThunderStruck: thats good enough23:25
ThunderStruckasac, not sure but i thought they were, can find out tomorrow23:25
asacThunderStruck: i think they should go through the security team23:25
asacbut first prepare the package23:25
asacthen lets see23:25
ThunderStrucknot motu?23:25
asaci will figure out tomorrow23:25
ThunderStruckor you even since you have upload rights to all23:26
asaci cannot say ... i have to ask kees tomorrow.23:26
ThunderStruckill start fixing it tonight and build bin. overnight than build source for upload23:26
* ThunderStruck is asssuming none of the patches should give me issues since 99_conf... failed and it as last ran23:27
asacconfigure is normal to fail .. if the rest works ... all looks good23:30
asacspin it ... test it and if you don't see any regressions upload it to your ppa so i can pull it from there and push it to security or main archive23:30
ThunderStruckok i just had a thought too :( the above statment might be wrong but we will see23:32
ThunderStrucki expect that if 99_configure changes that means they changed the source files that we might have patched so patches might fail23:32
ThunderStruckbut let me see what im gonna do with leftover dinner and ill start it when i get downstairs23:33
ThunderStruckand maybe if all goes well i can get back to that frigging pos 4 line python program to find out why its buggy23:34
Ubuletteasac, what's blocking ff 2008 ?23:39

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