wiiand u dont have the slytiss idea where do i have to go?00:00
jribPici: genetics was a bot?00:00
stdinjrib: google search bot00:00
Picijrib: it responded when someone did !google phrase00:00
jdongwii: no. we do not. no. no. negative. no clue.00:01
stdinjrib: someone did !google ...., and it replied00:01
wiitanks anyway00:01
jdongwii: if you do not need anything more from us, it's in your best interest to part this channel00:02
jribhad to be a kde user00:02
PiciWell, it was $10 if he came back in a week, how much for only 10 minutes?00:02
stdinjrib: oi :p00:02
jdonganyone else get the feeling sometime that they're talking to bots with a reiserfs backend?00:02
jdongPici: I'd be bankrupt :)00:03
* jdong sets /trigger add -all -masks "wii*!*@AMari*.fr" -command 'say $N: no'00:03
arinomijrib, could you test me?00:03
stdin"<SmoothOp> http://justtohavesexwithothermen.ytmnd.com/" in #ubuntu00:04
Picistdin: I saw00:04
jribops 4, users 0 today00:04
stdinPici: yes, but i didn't see that you saw :p00:04
jdongstdin: do I dare click on that?00:04
stdinjdong: click what you want ;)00:04
* jdong braces00:05
jdongcuriousity gets the best of me00:05
jdongstdin: well that was a huge letdown.00:05
stdinwhat's there?00:05
jdongstdin: larry craig CNN story screencap00:06
jdongstdin: with the news ticker at the bottom forming an innuendo with the main story's caption00:06
Tm_Tstdin: #k is yours, me and my pda off ->00:06
jdongI was expecting some sort of homoerotica.00:06
stdinTm_T: noo, it's getting late and I don't have the patience 00:07
mc44jdong: sadly disappointed00:07
stdinTm_T: i was tempted to kick that john117 guy for being unable to read... (only tempted)00:08
jdongmc44: meh I've had worse letdowns ;-)00:08
jdong' open terminal, type "sudo nautilus" '00:09
jdongI'm melting.... make it stop.....00:09
jdongubuntu_: no00:11
ubuntu_sorry i; try to get to co;piw give ;e a link i cant find the right touch00:12
jdongstaff? please?00:12
ubuntu_isnt it compiz-fussion00:14
jdongwe don't know. we have no idea.00:15
naliothubuntu_: join #ubuntu-effects00:15
stdinthis channel has nothing to do with compiz or compiz-fusion in any way shape or form00:15
ubuntu_i know i just try to get to co;piw on live cd to talk to the op the live cd bring ;e here00:16
stdinthen type "/part"00:17
* Pici is watching in #compiz-fusion00:17
* jdong hops in, too00:18
Picijdong: you missed that some other guy just ! opsed when wii asked for ops.00:18
jdongPici: haha00:18
jdong19:18 < crdlb> ubuntu_, you're not getting unbanned00:18
jdonghe must be using my trigger script too ;-)00:19
stdinyour trigger script was too slow then00:21
jdonggrr didn't match by his hostname. one sec :)00:22
Picihehe, nice quit message00:26
jdongAmaranth: don't tell me you're searchign up ubuntu_ in the bantracker?00:26
Amaranthjdong: Can't remember him00:26
jdongAmaranth: wii00:26
PiciAmaranth: = wii00:26
AmaranthI thought so00:26
AmaranthThen I thought it might have been that winchester guy00:27
stdin*!*@AMarigot*.wanado.fr = wii00:27
jdongstdin: no00:27
jdongwii: no00:27
Amaranthwii: Go away.00:27
stdinjdong: 99.9%00:27
naliothwii: can we help you?00:28
wiiAmaranth: just give me a reson why i cant re-enter compiz?00:28
Amaranthnalioth: Ooh we can send people there?00:29
jdongis it just an empty channel?00:29
Picior is it one of those special channels?00:29
jdongPici: lol I'm scared to join channels with those kind of names :D00:30
Picijdong: me too00:30
Picithe topic looks benign though00:30
jdong"trolls: come in here for free candy!"00:31
trollboyHi, test me please00:49
LjLtrollboy: you can join, thank you00:54
Seeker`Is ubotu lagging again?01:35
ubotuYou have lag, I don't have lag01:36
stdinseems ok01:36
Seeker`it took 4 seconds to answer LjL's !language in #ubuntu01:37
LjL4 seconds is quite normal if someone else was using it too01:37
LjLkeep in mind it also churns out bug reports to the dev channels01:37
* Seeker` wonders if he should go back to lurking a bit, so that he doesn't ask quite so many "silly" questions01:38
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu01:51
ubotuDaSkreech called the ops in #kubuntu02:00
LjLstdin: or rather, he was, since i pissed him off it seems and he claims he won't rejoin02:06
stdinLjL: oh? well if he's in a mood I'll leave him to it02:07
LjLstdin: yeah. i've been an asshole to daskreech to be honest02:07
LjLbut intellikey was just spamming02:07
LjLAT0M1CB0MB3R smells like trouble to me02:09
stdinyeah, it may have been a bug in his client (as has happened before), but if he can't be grown-up about it...02:09
LjLstdin: eh? it was intelikey having the auto-repeat bug?02:10
stdinsomething like that, but Agent_Bob is normally his GUI user, so I'm just guessing02:10
stdinbut I'm not going to delve in to it for now02:11
LjLuhm well i am though02:11
stdindidn't say you couldn't ;) I'm just sitting here with my hot coco02:12
LjL[03:13:10] <Agent_bob> no big deal.   don't worry about it.02:15
LjL[03:14:24] <Agent_bob> i'm dropping my two nicks as we speak.   it's been nice.  but i need to move on.    shalom.02:15
LjLwell i'm sorry but really, his problem, he spammed, and spamming to prove a point to another spammer is arguably the wrost form of spamming02:17
LjLso my kick was warranted. if he's had a bad day, i'm sorry but.02:18
stdinyeah, I'm not trying to defend him. that's why I didn't want to get involved02:18
stdinit's a shame he decided to be like that, was a good guy02:18
LjLbesides, my kick to daskreech was admittedly *not* warranted, and yet he didn't react like that02:19
stdinbut it's his problem in the end, so be it02:19
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
jdong22:27 -!- Delvien [n=dm@cpe-24-160-182-28.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined  #ubuntuforums03:28
jdongwhy does this hostmask ring a bell from yesterday?03:28
jdongnvm, that was adriyel [n=adriyel@cpe-24-210-80-52.columbus.res.rr.com] 03:29
`eric-can you test 'me'03:45
ubotuIn #ubuntu, levmatta said: ubotu: their is no  /etc/X11/gdm/Init/Defaul in Gusty03:56
`eric-can an op please allow me back in #ubuntu i've changed my port04:00
`eric-por favor?04:06
`eric-can an op please allow me back in #ubuntu i've changed my port04:16
nzkWhat day was I banned from -offtopic by Seveas?04:26
`eric-pls test my connection so i can join #ubuntu04:31
jdongtrollboy: hi, anything futher you need from us? I understand you've already been tested and passed04:34
jdong(this channel has a no-idlers policy)04:34
`eric-pls test my connection so i can join #ubuntu04:57
nzkAdd a period as well.04:57
naliothnzk: can we help you?04:57
nzkWhat day was I banned from -offtopic?04:58
naliothi have no idea.04:58
nalioth`eric-: have you followed the URL in #ubuntu-read-topic ?04:58
nzkBut you're an op...04:58
`eric-nalioth: yes. I've changed my port and eveyrthing.04:58
`eric-I'm connected via 8001 now.04:58
nalioth`eric-: you are free to return to #ubuntu now, and thanks for your patience  :)04:59
`eric-nalioth: Thank You Sir :)05:00
`eric-It's still sending me to #ubuntu-read-topic when I type /join #ubuntu ..?05:01
naliothhmm, i hate multiple bans05:02
`eric-Did it ban me every time I tried to join? Cause if so, it's a lot. :(05:03
nzk`eric-: You think you have a lot of bans?05:03
ubotuscguy318 called the ops in #ubuntu05:04
Madpilotdcc attempt in #u - already k-lined05:05
r0b-why cant i join #ubuntu05:10
naliothnzk: is there something we can help you with?05:10
`eric-join the club.05:10
r0b-is it cuz i have all my ports open?05:11
r0b-test my IP :p05:11
nzknalioth: I just told you...05:11
nzkCan I be unbanned?05:11
Madpilotr0b-, `eric- - you both have router troubles - have you read the topic in #ubuntu-read-topic and fixed your irc clients?05:12
`eric-Madpilot: I've changed my port.05:12
naliothMadpilot: `eric- is good to go, but there are other problems now with his ban05:12
naliothit seems someone issues a malformed hostmask for his ban, and it's not coming off05:13
naliothi'm trying to get it fixed now05:13
Madpilot`eric-, try #ubuntu now05:13
`eric-It's working! Thanks guys.05:13
r0b-i fixed my ports05:14
naliothMadpilot: got PM ?05:14
robgot milk?05:14
Madpilotnalioth, do now. need to get xchat to beep at me when I get pm05:15
Madpilotnalioth, want to test r0b- or shall I?05:15
jdongLesson #40: Never try to pluralize PM.05:15
robMadpilot, Settings - Preferences - Chatting > Alerts05:15
robMadpilot, if you install libnotify, it will also do a popup balloon for various events too05:16
`eric-Thanks again for the help. Good night.05:16
r0b-did i fail?05:17
Madpilotr0b-, join #madpilot, please - can't test d c c here05:17
naliothr0b-: you can join #ubuntu now and thanks for your patience05:18
r0b-thanks :)05:18
Dyuscan someone help me, i was sent to the read topic chan wile i was afk, i follwed the instructions on the page and now im here05:37
jdongI think we need to do a bit of idler-prodding in here....05:38
jdongDyus: please wait patiently, ops drift in and out and read the scrollback05:39
naliothDyus: you can join #ubuntu now, and thanks for your patience05:41
Dyuscool, thanks05:41
jdonghaha, ow.05:43
naliothanyone i miss, please speak up05:44
* jdong points to Vorian and then ducks05:44
naliothjdong: did you say something?05:46
jdongno sir.05:46
naliothi'm not a sir, i work for a living05:47
jdongbut don't we all?05:47
bo2can i be tested?05:56
naliothbo2: have you followed the instructions in the URL ?05:57
bo2i changed my connctng port to 800105:57
naliothok, buckle up  :)05:58
bo2buckle up for what05:58
naliothbo2: the test  :)05:59
jdongbo2: hmm try.wow.com... you're from my neck of the woods05:59
naliothyou passed and can rejoin #ubuntu now.  Thanks for you patience  :)05:59
bo2thanks 05:59
nalioth   /ctcp bo2 123 BLAH THISISNOTACARNIVALRIDE06:00
jdongis that what routers jump all over??06:00
naliothi've obfuscated it06:00
naliothwhy would i want to DDOS folks ?06:01
ubotuKevinO called the ops in #ubuntu06:09
jdonglots of fireworks today, huh :-/06:10
* rob adds malformed DCCs to the checker06:19
=== Mez is now known as Mez|Away
DShepherd does anyone else thing it would be helpful to add a factoid to ubotu about the new appearance menu and whats located there? There seems to be a number of questions just related to find that appearance option much less the stuff under it09:04
=== Mez|Away is now known as Mez
Mezany irc ocuncil ehre?11:45
SeveasMez, yes11:47
Mezregarddfing new channel naming - special channels to be passed through IRC council - you happy to approve -tribalwars if it hasnt been already? 11:48
Seveassure, why not :)11:49
Seveasand pricechild is in the access list, so I assume he agrees ;)11:49
Mezis pricechild council?11:50
ubotuIn #kubuntu, shooood said: ubotu plz all i want is some one how tell me how to install any program that i have its source12:31
shoooodhi all12:34
Mezelkbuntu, yeah, tis a game13:13
ThunderStruckanyone else using xchat and see a red line across window?14:02
ThunderStruckso its nomral14:02
ThunderStruckyay :(14:02
VorianThunderStruck, it marks the last point where you were on a channel14:03
ThunderStruckah ok14:03
Vorianalthough now that I'm looking through some channels, I have no redline ...14:04
ThunderStrucki didnt get one in here until after i said ah ok14:05
Seeker`ThunderStruck: the red lines are after you!14:06
Vorianctrl+m resets the marker line14:06
ThunderStruckmaybe time between comments has something to do with it?14:07
Vorianred line is back14:09
* ThunderStruck would be much happier if i can figure out scripting on irssi+win-xp14:09
Seeker`ThunderStruck: what sort of scripting?14:09
ThunderStruckah next time bring laptop with me14:09
ThunderStruckSeeker`, the irssi scripts dont like to work in irssi in windows even from the scripts dir14:10
Seeker`thats bad14:10
ThunderStruckthere is no how to either outside of linux irssi14:10
ThunderStruckcant be missing perl support or it wouldnt run14:10
* ThunderStruck really neglected that site :( lastest news is edgy is released :(14:20
ubotuIn #kubuntu, LjL-Temp said: !adeptcrash is <alias> adept crash fix14:27
ubotuIn #kubuntu, LjL-Temp said: !apt-fix is <alias> adept crash fix14:27
ubotuIn #kubuntu, LjL-Temp said: !adeptfix is <alias> adept crash fix14:27
LjL-Tempsorry =)14:27
Jucato!adeptfix is <alias> adept crash fix14:28
ubotuBut adeptfix already means something else!14:28
ubotuIf Adept crashed on you and your database is locked, try this in konsole: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:28
ThunderStrucktry other way14:28
Jucato!apt-fix is <alias> adept crash fix14:28
ubotuBut apt-fix already means something else!14:28
LjL-Temp!-adept crash fix14:28
ubotuadept crash fix aliases: adeptcrashfix, adeptfix, adept fix, adept fix crash, dpkg fix crash, dpkg crash fix, adept unlock, aptfix, fix adept, fixadept, adeptcrash, apt-fix - added by uniq on 2006-06-23 19:48:0414:28
Jucatohehe :)14:28
LjL-Tempsee, this factoid needs a lot of love14:28
ThunderStruckits already there14:28
LjL-Tempno matter how many aliases you give it, people get it wrong :P14:28
JucatoI think we've exhausted all possible combinations :)14:28
ompaulcall it one thing and advertise that14:29
* ompaul wonders why this is not obvious14:29
ThunderStruckpersonally i would make it more general since it works for dpkg not just adept14:29
LjL-Tempompaul: because the original name was adept crash fix, so some people got used to it, but it's certainly a non-optimal way for a factoid that gets called often.14:30
LjL-Tempbesides, it should really be changed, it's not adept-only14:30
ThunderStruckits not adept at all14:30
ompaulwell what condition does it sort out@14:30
ThunderStruckompaul, lock on dpkg14:30
LjL-Temp!aptlock is <reply> If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:31
ubotuIn #ubuntu-ops, LjL-Temp said: !aptlock is <reply> If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:31
ompaulso then dpkglock14:31
Jucatobut on Kubuntu, it's usually caused by Adept crashing :)14:31
JucatoLjL-Temp: isn't it %login ?14:31
Jucatoor both work?14:31
LjL-TempJucato: both should work14:31
ompaul @    btlogin14:31
ompaulworks 14:31
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
ThunderStruckJucato, yes thats due to bad UI design though ;) it happens on synaptic as well14:31
Jucatomore on adept I bet. :)14:32
LjLaliasing everything to aptlock - try using that one14:32
ThunderStruckJucato, ofcourse14:32
ubotuI don't recognize you.14:32
ThunderStruckah it does work14:32
ThunderStruckim wearing my cloak and you still dont know me14:33
ThunderStruckdoesnt ubotu use cloak for editors?14:34
LjLThunderStruck: yes and no, you still need to login from time to time14:35
ubotuaptlock aliases: adept crash fix, adeptcrashfix, adeptfix, adept fix, adept fix crash, dpkg fix crash, dpkg crash fix, adept unlock, aptfix, fix adept, fixadept, adeptcrash, apt-fix - added by LjL on 2007-10-21 15:31:4814:36
Tm_Taaaah, real keyboard <314:44
=== Pici- is now known as Pici
Tm_TLjL: hum, I cant speak in #ubuntu+1 ;(16:04
LjLTm_T: it's +m, you need to get yourself opped16:05
Tm_Tor voiced, I know16:05
LjLTm_T: need that voice?16:06
Tm_Tnot really currently16:06
LjLi would like to set +s so that people stop asking "why is there 100 people in there and i can't join", but it's mlocked16:08
SeveasLjL, you can un-mlock it16:22
LjLSeveas: by logging in as ubuntuirccouncil? i tried that before but i must be missing something... even though it's the channel contact, chanserv still refuses to treat it as an user with high access level16:36
Seveasas that user: /cs identify #ubuntu+116:36
* Tm_T hides16:37
LjLSeveas: i'm also joining chanserv into -effects then16:38
LjLah no dbo is the contact there16:39
Seveas(guard doesn't help against channel emptiness)16:39
Seveasyou need a staffer to set +Pif #compiz-fusion (+P is staff-only)16:39
LjLSeveas: uhm, i think you're wrong... i have ##metabot forwarded to #metabot, and it stays forwarded even if empty, with chanserv guard on16:40
Seveasthen that changed since I last tried :)16:40
tomawchanserv won't rejoin empty channels16:40
tomawso if services are restarted then the forward won't function for the first joiner.16:41
LjLSeveas: it works16:41
LjLtomaw: i see16:41
Seveas-ChanServ- Toggled ChanGuard for channel #ubuntu-effects [ON]16:41
Seveas-ChanServ- Now enforcing modes [+sntcif #compiz-fusion] for #ubuntu-effects16:41
LjLSeveas: yes i saw, i was in there16:41
Seveasok :)16:41
LjLi'll leave ubotwo in anyway to try to get around the first-joiner thing16:46
wolferineis there no #ubuntu-effects channel anymore ?17:56
Piciwolferine: no, we've joined up with the #compiz-fusion people, you can join there for support17:57
wolferinethey feel my question is out of their range17:58
wolferineis that correct Amaranth ?17:58
Amaranthwolferine: Yes but it's not compiz17:58
AmaranthYour question wouldn't be valid for the old #ubuntu-effects either17:59
AmaranthIt was only compiz/beryl stuff17:59
wolferineeveryone else is asking xorg.conf related questions in the channel17:59
Piciwolferine: Your question is perfectly on-topic for #ubuntu17:59
Amaranthwolferine: Your question is about an Ubuntu-specific program17:59
wolferineI dont see you 'explaining' the channel to them, nor kicking them ?17:59
AmaranthThe other guy's question is related to getting  compiz working17:59
wolferinemy question is not about a 'Ubuntu-specific program'18:00
AmaranthYes it is18:00
Amaranthdisplayconfig-gtk is only in ubuntu18:00
wolferineno, its about seeting up the display correctly18:00
wolferineie. xorg18:00
Amaranth"I love the new interface for setting up the display"18:00
AmaranthEither way18:00
AmaranthThis is in no way related to Ubuntu so this isn't the right channel for such a dispute either18:01
Amaranth#compiz-fusion is not an Ubuntu run channel18:01
wolferineI complemented on the new interface, but the question is not specific to that, "but can I do this with it, or I have a bug in using it, etc.."18:01
wolferinefine, where do you want to discuss it?18:01
AmaranthNo where18:01
AmaranthI don't know the answer to your question anyway :p18:01
wolferinethen why waste both our time?18:02
AmaranthUse nvidia-settings18:02
AmaranthIf you're not using nvidia you can't use compiz with that screen resolution anyway so it's definitely not a compiz question18:02
Amaranthwolferine: Because the ops there are complaining about everyone asking for help with Ubuntu18:02
wolferinewhy are you 'attempting' to 'help' me ?18:02
AmaranthSo we're rather strict18:03
wolferinewell, someone set the forward from #ubuntu-effects to your channel18:03
wolferineI have nothing to do with that18:03
wolferinemaybe you should let them know your getting 'offtopic' traffic18:03
AmaranthIt does mean you need to follow the rules of the channel18:03
AmaranthAnd they know18:04
wolferinewell, if #ubuntu-effects is redirected there, then why would I not ask a question I would ask in #ubuntu-effects ?18:04
AmaranthYour question wouldn't be valid for the old #ubuntu-effects either, that was only for compiz and beryl help18:04
AmaranthWell, and awn, kiba dock, etc but those are alright in #compiz-fusion too18:05
wolferineyour obviously having a hard time with understand this whole situation18:05
wolferineand not willing to help18:05
AmaranthI don't think I am18:05
ompaulomg noooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss it is PriceChild 18:40
ompauldum dee dum18:40
PriceChildWoooo back from Climbing... didn't have to go to A&E this time :D18:40
PriceChildla la la18:40
* ompaul uses a lart on PriceChild's head causing a visit to A&E - habit forming that is18:41
Seeker`PriceChild: did you have to last time?18:42
PriceChildSeeker`, mhmmm :D Someone dropped me as I attempted a dyno 8-)18:42
PriceChildSeeker`, The soc president didn't like after that so I just didn't go anymore that year.18:43
PriceChilds/like/like me/18:43
ompaulis the word "crap" currently acceptable in #ubuntu?18:53
PriceChildwarn the user i'd say18:54
ompaullost it been used 3 tjimes in the last few mins18:54
Garywooo I'm in the suite at the hotel18:57
Garyit's nice18:57
ompaulGary, that's what you say18:57
Garyt'is true, it has a bubble bath :p18:58
ompaulGary,                                          r i g h t18:59
ompaulGary, l e f t18:59
ompaulGary,                      gap18:59
Garyspammer :p19:00
ompaulGary, hmm19:00
Seveasompaul, crazy...19:00
ompaulthat's more like it19:00
ompaulokay my two hour prepared multi meal is just about to be declared cooked I better set the table (it will feed me for several days19:01
Garymy dinner is on the way up, nice haddock starter, steak and veg, cheesecake desert :-)19:01
Garythe fillet steaks are huge here too :-)19:02
* jussi01 drools19:02
Tm_Tmy dinner, humm, is still in crocery19:02
Garystill where?19:06
jussi01grocery store...19:07
Picior crockery?19:08
ompaulvery very nice19:22
* ompaul votes for grocery19:22
ubotumagnetron called the ops in #ubuntu19:36
jussi01hmmm, anyone know when ubuntu+1 opens again?19:37
jdongheh I guess we'll get an influx of #ubuntu-read-topics soon19:38
mc44jussi01: when hardy opens :)19:38
jussi01mc44: and when is that?19:38
jdongwhen the flood gates open for the hardy heron19:39
jdonggod this release is gonna have such awful innuendos :)19:39
mc44https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule jussi0119:39
* jussi01 hugs jdong and thanks him for the oh so useful info19:39
jdongjussi01: you know I never miss the opportunity for a tasteless joke :)19:39
jussi01jdong: :P19:40
jussi01mc44: great. 4 days :)19:40
mc44well toolchain doesn't neccessarily mean it's open19:41
PiciI suspect after UDS19:47
ubotu[[Charlie]] called the ops in #ubuntu20:32
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!20:36
mc44ompaul: I'm not sure it is trademarked20:36
Seveasit's not20:37
ompaulahh oikay 20:37
ompaulbut .. 20:37
ompaulthey could lay claim to it at this stage :)20:38
ompauleven if someone else reged20:38
ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MenZa said: !ubuntuforums is <alias> forums20:55
MenZaI feel so violated.20:55
Seveas!ubuntuforums is <alias> forums20:55
ubotuBut ubuntuforums already means something else!20:55
ubotuubuntuforums is <alias> forums - added by PriceChild on 2007-10-21 21:55:1520:55
ompaulin soviet russia users remove ops20:55
MenZanalioth, are you around?20:55
Seveasin soviet ubuntu, human beings are for linux20:56
PriceChildThere's a lot of joins... and Seveas I removed that Vista|... guy20:56
PriceChild"do you know what gh3y means"20:56
naliothMenZa: usually20:57
ompaulin soviet linux humans are ubuntu20:59
* ompaul coughs20:59
ompaulin soviet russia never mention Seveas 21:15
* ompaul runs21:15
PriceChildHey the openweek starts tomorrow doesn't it.21:26
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 21 2007, 20:27:17 - Next meeting: Server Team in 1 day21:27
PriceChildHey kamesh, how can I help?21:32
kameshHI all.. I am banned from #ubuntu.. I have pasted just 3 lines of data..please un ban me21:33
PriceChildSeveas, *ping*21:33
PriceChild*looks up*21:33
Seveasunbanned, please don't do it again21:33
kameshI have learnt my lesson.. Please unban meeeee21:33
kameshits was just 3 lines,..21:34
LjLthat almost begs for reinstating the ban :)21:34
kameshany way thanks21:34
naliothjoejaxx: hi21:34
Picikamesh: you're unbanned.21:34
stdinplease use pastebin from now on21:34
ompaulkamesh, 2 lines max or bye bye21:34
ompaulkamesh, have you any other business here?21:34
Seveasompaul, in your case it's bye bye anyway ;)21:34
kameshcan i ask any question in ehere21:35
ompaulkamesh, not a support one21:35
PriceChildkamesh, /topic21:35
* ompaul pours a nice hot cup of tea for seveas21:36
Seveascold glass of beer21:37
ompaulpeppermint tea?21:39
* ompaul creates a guinness for Seveas 21:39
naliothpeppermint guiness?21:39
* nalioth runs21:39
SeveasI'm gonna get me a beer though21:40
LjLi'd rather have the tea, beer with 6C... no thanks21:41
PriceChildStrawberry Milkshake for me :P21:42
* LjL 's stomach suddenly stopped working after hearing that21:42
Seveasproper strawberry smoothie21:43
Seveasstrawberries, yoghurt, mint21:43
PriceChildgood too21:43
ompaulI just was handed a "I-dog wold penguin" 21:43
LjLSeveas: and beer?21:43
SeveasLjL, neh21:43
Seveasbeer is for now, smoothies for when thinking healthy21:44
LjLbeer's not healthy=21:44
PriceChildbut smoothies are sooo good21:44
Seveasand indeed21:44
Seveasbut it's beertime now21:44
Seveasand cheese with mustard21:44
LjLugh now *that* sounds... dutch21:45
Seveasit's tasty though21:45
* Seveas ♥ cheese21:45
ompaulLjL, a hard cheese ham mustard brown bread21:45
ompaulif I could I would21:45
Seveassounds delicios21:45
Seveaseven if I don't spell right :)21:46
ompaulSeveas, with an alt beer yepa21:46
LjLwell lately i'm enjoying some swedish cheese i get from IKEA, so i shouldn't criticize others i guess.21:46
Seveasswedish meatballs!21:47
LjLoh no not those21:47
ompaulLjL, eat the wholes they are the best bits21:47
SeveasI always eat those when I'm at ikea21:47
LjLi always eat those after my parents go to ikea21:47
LjLbut that doesn't mean i like them21:47
Seveasthe take-away ones are horrible21:47
Seveasthe ones they serve in their 'restaurant' are good21:48
LjLhm suppose i've tried the restaurant too long ago to remember21:48
jussi01finnish meatballs ftw!!21:51
Picibork bork bork21:52
Seveaschocolate moose21:52
jussi01with that, im going to bed. night all.21:52
PriceChildsleep well21:53
ompaul  http://www.redsave.com/products/iDog-World-Penguin,,35 heheh I have one here funny thing22:11
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: October 21 2007, 21:18:13 - Next meeting: Server Team in 1 day22:18
PriceChildcpt complains his intel card doesn't work22:29
PriceChildI tell him it should be fine out of the box22:30
PriceChildhe clarifies that it broke when he changed the default settings.22:30
PriceChildI head desk22:30
PriceChild(missed a step where he denied it working ootb)22:30
ompaulPriceChild, this works for values of annoying22:31
ubotuIn #kubuntu, AmyRose said: !no, konqueror is the default browser on Kubuntu22:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about konqueror - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:56
ubotuIn #ubuntu, Pici said: !automatix =~ s/creditable/credible/22:58
Pici!automatix =~ s/creditable/credible/22:58
ubotuI'll remember that Pici22:58
LjLwhat's wrong with creditable?23:47
ubotuAutomatix2 is a block of code which attempts to install some software.  When it fails and breaks systems, we don't provide support for it.  A credible analysis from a debian/ubuntu developer is here - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html (Additional information: /msg ubotu worksforme)23:48
jdong"Automatix2 is a block of code "23:48
jdongnice :)23:48
jdongblock of code23:48
popeys/block of code/product 23:48
PriceChildjdong, maybe we should change it to package manager?23:49
PriceChildoh wait...23:49
PiciLjL: maybe creditable is better... hrm.23:49
jdongbut seriously, we should change it from block of code23:49
* popey disagrees with Pici 23:49
jdongPici / LjL : I like "an objective analysis"23:49
jdongor a "technical analysis"23:49
Picijdong: ooh, thats good.23:49
PriceChildjdong, I can't remember what it was before... but I think the current is better than it was23:50
LjLs/block of code/stuff/23:50
PriceChildthe block of code bit23:50
popeythe block of code bit is a touch rude23:50
Pici!automatix =~ s/credible/technical/23:50
ubotuI'll remember that Pici23:50
PriceChildI think it was "$adjective script"23:50
popeysomewhat disparaging23:50
jdongPriceChild: I don't think it's good practice, no matter how much we might all hate it, to be implying an insult at a product....23:50
LjLpopey: well the intent *is* to disparge though :)23:50
jdongin the context of the factoid it's simply not necessary23:50
popeythe intent should be to enlighten23:51
jdongcan we just change it to "is a third party application"23:51
PriceChild*is appalling with wording*23:51
jdongwhich is much more neutral and straightforward23:51
Picijdong: +123:51
LjL!automatix =~ s/a block of code/third-party software/23:51
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:51
LjLaw, there is already software23:51
LjL!automatix =~ s/software/product/23:52
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:52
ubotuAutomatix2 is third-party product which attempts to install some software.  When it fails and breaks systems, we don't provide support for it.  A technical analysis from a debian/ubuntu developer is here - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html (Additional information: /msg ubotu worksforme)23:52
jdongthat sounds a lot better23:52
LjLi don't particularly like "some software" either though23:52
Picime either.23:52
popeys/attempts to/attempts to easily23:52
LjLPici: no, since it doesn't always install *packages*23:52
popeythat is what it attempts to do, whether it does or not is not ubotus call :)23:53
Pici!automatix =~ s/some/additional/23:53
ubotuI'll remember that Pici23:53
popeymakes it sound like a trojan23:54
LjLwhile we're there23:54
LjL!automatix =~ s/is here -/can be found at/23:55
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:55
popey"is a third-party product which aims to simplify some software installations.23:55
* popey shrugs23:55
naliothit's worse than a trojan23:56
stdindon't make it sound too good ;)23:56
naliothtrojans sneak onto your system.  you place some sort of trust in crap-o-matix23:56
popeytrojans don't sneak, you run them23:56
popeyviruses sneak23:56
LjLs/attempts to install additional software/attempts to automate installation of some additional software/23:57
krux0test me23:57
popey+1 LjL 23:58
LjLkrux0: you're good23:58
LjL!automatix =~ s/attempts to install additional software/attempts to automate installation of some additional software/23:58
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:58
ubotuAutomatix2 is third-party product which attempts to automate installation of some additional software.  When it fails and breaks systems, we don't provide support for it.  A technical analysis from a debian/ubuntu developer can be found at http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html (Additional information: /msg ubotu worksforme)23:58
LjLand there it became three lines on my screen23:59
Mez!tribalwars is <reply> Tribal Wars is a web based browser game. For more information and to learn how to yjoin the other ubunteros playing it, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TribalWars23:59
ubotuI'll remember that, Mez23:59
LjL!tribalwars =~ s/yjoin/join/23:59
ubotuI'll remember that LjL23:59

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