jnchope some of you are familiar with Gutsy server, the setup option is "install" or "cli"... is cli the same as the old "server" install from feisty?00:13
jncor even more minimal than server00:13
jncmy goal is to set up a Xen box00:14
AnRkeyhow do i allow a user to only have sftp instead of ssh access on his/her account?01:02
AnRkeyin other words, is there a shell that i can set that will only allow sftp instead of ssh?01:03
mralphabetAnRkey: I think you can change their shell to /dev/null and it won't let them log in, I don't know if that also blocks sftp01:07
AnRkeygonna give it a bash01:07
AnRkeypardon the pun01:13
AnRkeymralphabet, nope, I have tried that now and it fails at login01:26
AnRkeyswitch it back and it's fine01:27
AnRkeyany other idea's?01:27
* nealmcb cheers for ivoks01:35
jncAnRkey: do not use /dev/null01:35
jncuse /bin/false01:35
AnRkeyjnc, tried that too01:36
jncthe other way is change 'x' for password to '!'01:36
jnci.e. disable shadow password and the account01:36
jncsorry I didn't read01:36
jncAnRkey: you want password based authentication from /etc/passwd, or would ssh key work too?01:37
AnRkeyi need to replace ftp for "special" people so keys are not a good idea01:38
jncoh who cares if they have ssh access, just set their shell to log them out01:38
AnRkeythat could work01:39
stiv2kwhat is scsi_eh_1 ?01:39
jnc.bash_profile for bash01:39
AnRkeyecho exit >> ~/.bashrc?01:39
stiv2kits popping up every couple of seconds in `top`01:40
AnRkeyfor those users that is?01:40
jncAnRkey: it's actually .bash_login or something01:40
* AnRkey fiddles some more01:40
jncyou can try it yourself, just be sure to throw a "sleep 10s" in there01:40
jncotherwise it's bad times01:40
jncor create a crap account to play with01:40
jncI don't want to hear you lock yourself out :)01:41
stiv2kanybody know?01:42
jncstiv2k: kernel stuff01:42
stiv2kjnc: ok... just wondering01:42
jncput on the tin foil hat if it bothers you :P01:43
jncshiny side up!01:43
stiv2kmy server seems kind of slow since the upgrade to gutsy01:43
stiv2kand i cant figure out why01:43
jncis swap enabled?01:44
stiv2klike it will lag when streaming a movie or even typing in the terminal thru ssh01:44
stiv2ki dont really know01:44
jncand check your DNS settings01:44
stiv2klike it was fine yesterday01:44
jncswapon -s will list your active swap space01:44
stiv2kbut when i upgraded to gutsy it seems much laggier01:44
stiv2k/dev/sda5                               partition       465844  220     -101:45
stiv2kany other ideas, jnc ?01:46
jncfree -m01:46
stiv2k             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached01:46
stiv2kMem:           248        244          4          0          3         7501:46
stiv2k-/+ buffers/cache:        166         8201:46
stiv2kSwap:          454          0        45401:46
jncyou only have 256mb ram?01:47
stiv2kbut it didn't really seem to be a problem up until now01:47
jncnah, 75mb in the cache should be fine01:47
jncbut a bump to 512mb physical would help you out a lot01:47
stiv2kthe machine only supports a maximum of 128 mb per DIMM slot01:48
stiv2kand there are only 2 DIMMs01:48
stiv2k(it's old)01:48
jncha.  okay hmm01:48
stiv2ki see scsi_eh_1 and hald-addon-stor showing up on top every couple of seconds01:49
jncHAL is kind of weird for a server, but whatever01:49
stiv2kjnc: dont know how it got there01:49
stiv2kjnc: do you think i should get rid of it?01:49
jncit's part of the new Ubuntu system01:49
jnchonestly if you're running on a box with 256mb RAM, you may be happier running Debian Etch01:50
jncit's basically the same without the nice kernels and hald crap01:50
jncI know it was working for you before, so that's one thought, going with the earlier version01:51
jncor Ubuntu LTS 6.0601:51
stiv2kwell i was running feisty yesterday and it was fine01:51
stiv2kthen i did the release upgrade and things seem slower01:51
jncbad DNS settings can cause lag01:52
stiv2kwell the only nameserver i'm using is the router01:52
jnc /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname, /etc/resolv.conf01:52
stiv2koh ok01:53
stiv2kstraight to paste in here?01:53
jncif you have search justkidding.com   and your host is wax.myears.net,  then trying to look up wax will hang for a while01:53
jncbecause it tries wax.justkidding.com first01:53
stiv2ksteve@galatea:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf01:54
jncyeah don't paste the whole thing01:54
stiv2k127.0.0.1       localhost01:54
stiv2k127.0.0.1       galatea.neoturbine.net neoturbine.net01:54
stiv2k192.168.1.10    galatea.neoturbine.net neoturbine.net01:54
stiv2ki dont know if its configured properly01:54
jncget rid of the line with your IP address01:54
AnRkeyjnc, i run a box with 128 at work and it's a proxy for 100+ teachers01:55
jncAnRkey: I just don't go near hardware that might be problematic, is all01:55
stiv2kjnc: there's also some ipv6 stuff in the /etc/hosts01:55
stiv2kand finally,01:56
stiv2ksteve@galatea:~$ cat /etc/hostname01:56
jncclients don't pay me for stuff that costs less, they pay for stuff that works when I'm not around :)01:56
jncstiv2k: okay your /etc/hostname should contain only "galatea"01:56
stiv2kjnc: ok...why is that01:56
jncstiv2k: /etc/hosts should have one line for localhost, one line for your hosts....01:57
jnc127.0.0.1 galatea.neoturbine.net galatea01:57
jncso that's just wrong.01:57
jncgo fix that, reboot, see if it's any better01:57
* stiv2k shrugs02:05
stiv2ki dunno if its the limitations of my wireless network, the shitty wireless driver i'm using on this laptop, or the server02:07
stiv2kbut im only downloading at 120- - 170 KB/s from the server02:08
stiv2kwhen normally i'd get like 2.5 MB/s02:08
stiv2kjnc: you're going to like this02:16
stiv2ki figured out the problem02:16
jncstiv2k: what happened?02:35
stiv2kjnc: the slowness is due to the wireless driver on this laptop02:35
stiv2ki dunno if you've heard of b43 before02:35
jncoh I've heard that it sucks02:36
jncand how.02:36
stiv2kanyway, i have bittorrent open, and me downloading / uploading a torrent is maxing out the bandwidth the wireless driver can do (as of now they said it has severe Tx power issues)02:36
stiv2keven though im only downloading/uploading at about 40 KB/s02:37
stiv2ktheres no more resources left for the 3 ssh sessions i have open to my server02:37
stiv2kmake sense?02:37
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storkhow can i create a new user that can use sudo ?08:11
ivoksadd it to admin group08:11
storkah, cheers.08:13
storkhave to install java6 by hand09:43
stork6.06 doesn't have it in repos09:58
storkand i asked my admin to give me 6.0609:59
storkin retrospect, that was a bad idea09:59
ivoksthere wasn't java6 at  the time 6.06 was released10:28
ackerpaulis there any x-windows within the server edition?11:35
Kamping_Kaisernot on the install cd11:36
ackerpaulbut it's possible to upgrade?11:36
ackerpaulor can i just pimp an usual desktop-ubunt into a server?11:37
ackerpaulcan i install  x-packages in an ubuntu-server edition11:38
ackerpaulyes to both of the questions? ;)11:41
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attunixWhat libraries do I need installed to program in GTK?+13:45
attunixI keep getting an error that <gtk/gtk.h> header file doesn't exist.13:49
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jncI've read a few reports that Gutsy works as a dom0, but I can't seem to get it working like I had debian etch r4.0 working15:39
jnc(Xen stuff)15:39
jncthen I was chased out of #ubuntu-xen by guys posting links of women eating poop15:39
MenZa(That's not funny, but I find it that, somehow)15:40
jncyeah.  People at datacenters have too much time to do nothing better.15:40
jncthat's my guess anyways... I'm still searching for a working configuration of Gutsy as dom015:41
jose__hi version server 7.10 have problem windows manager19:33
ivoksi didn't quite understand the question19:40
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storki have a feeling my ubuntu 6.06 server is being DDoSd20:44
storkis there anything I can do to check?20:44
storki.e. view incoming connections ?20:44
nijabastork: netstat -a ?20:59
Nafalloif netstat, you want -n :-)21:01
Nafalloat least if you have many connections21:01
nijabaNafallo: right, it will be quicker21:02
Nafalloprobably want -t as well21:03
storkeh maybe not21:09
storkthanks guys21:09
storkthink i'm alright21:09
storkserver just decided to slow itself up21:09
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jncokay, so is "cli" install the same as server install?22:24
jncthat's not a simple question, it's a literal question about the netboot installer22:24
jncthe netboot installer I have set up for Gutsy is prompting me to install with "install" or "cli"22:25
jncI've tried "install" and it ends up installing openoffice.org-common, which is kind of odd22:25
jncbut who knows, is that what I want?22:26
jncpschulz01: hi22:31
pschulz01jnc: Morning.22:31
pschulz01jnc: What's up?22:32
pschulz01jnc: (doc)22:32
jncheh.  just got a question about installation.  trying to relax this one day out of my week22:33
jnchow are you?22:33
pschulz01jnc: Go into work early :-)22:33
jncha, right, on a Sunday (here in the USA)22:34
pschulz01jnc: I'll be talking with American people tomorrow morning my time.. we're like.. 10 hrs behind and 1 day ahead.22:35
pschulz01Has your question been answered?22:36
jncno, not acknowleged yet even22:36
jncit was about netboot installs, what exactly is a "server" install in syslinux parameters?22:37
pschulz01jnc: Oh.22:37
pschulz01jnc: Not sure.. does it refer to 'netboot' at all?22:38
jncnah.  I just am confused about what the difference is today with Gutsy of a Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server install22:38
jncthere's a split on the website, yet they ask you to download the same ISO image22:38
pschulz01jnc: I would guess that you would use the 'server' cd image rather than the desktop one.22:38
jncis it really a different one?22:39
jncI just looked, maybe I got it wrong22:39
pschulz01jnc: For me it's a driver thing.. rather than userspace software.22:39
jnc[Download Ubuntu Server Edition ยป]  == http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download22:40
pschulz01jnc: The server CD doesn't install much of the desktop software (if any) by default.22:40
jnc[You can download Ubuntu, or request a free CD from Canonical.] == http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download22:41
jncso ...22:41
jncI think this is confusing me22:41
pschulz01There are different iso images.22:41
jncthe website doesn't show it22:42
jncI know there were different ISO images for Feisty Desktop and Feisty Server22:42
pschulz01jnc: THe server also doen't include the 'live cd image', os it will start installing straight away.22:42
jncbut now I look at Gutsy and I don't see them22:42
jncit's a radio button widget on the website form22:43
jncsomeone needs to fix that website22:43
atoukhow so?22:44
jncif I click on the "more info" for Ubuntu Server, I read all about this great product, and I click the link [Download Ubuntu Server Edition]22:45
jncwell then, why is the Desktop edition selected?22:46
jncmaking the user click again is not obvious22:46
atoukhmmm   sisn't confuse me.     guess i did it after i had my coffee22:47
jnc"Follow the [Download center] and choose Ubuntu Server edition today!"22:49
jncthat would be better22:49
jncI'm a *nix admin, not a mouse in a maze. =)22:49
atoukwell, once you get past that, installation is painless22:50
jncokay, again with the website, what does the option for selecting an Alternate CD do if you download the Server edition22:50
jncis Server edition shipping with a LiveCD mode and Gnome interface?22:51
atoukdon't know    just downloaded 1 each of the desktop and server iso's22:51
jncwell, okay.  I'd like to do this from netboot install, so I will have to find out what the syslinux parameters are on the Server edition insatll22:52
jncinstall, even22:52
jncmaybe I will get the ISO, unless you have one handy and would be willing to grab the syslinux conf for pastebin?22:53
atoukserver install was pretty complete   only added ftp server and SWAT22:53
atoukwhat folder?22:54
atoukcan't find a file named that22:56
peanutbIm looking at the gutsy server disc, and im wondering what is installed by the different options. Is this posted somewhere?23:03
jncatouk: sorry, I got distracted by #ubuntu-chicago23:09
atoukpeanut   the list of services?23:09
jncatouk: if you do a search for 'boot.txt' it should be apparent23:10
atoukboot.txt is just some advertising23:11
peanutbatouk, yeah23:12
atoukubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/splash.rleThe default installation is suitable...23:12
atoukhaven't seen a list    lsts see if i can remember most23:12
jncyeahhh... ubuntu-installer/i386/*.cfg23:12
jncmine is labelled pxelinux.cfg23:12
jncbut for yours it would be syslinux.cfg?23:13
atouklamp, css, progresssql, samba23:13
jncoh wild.23:13
atouka couple others i didn't install23:13
peanutbim guessing the print server is just CUPS configured to listen to other addresses, and the file server just samba23:13
jncatouk: would you mind to pastebin them?23:13
peanutbmainly, im wondering about the mail server template23:13
jncall of them as a single pastebin would be fine23:14
jncpeanutb: samba and nfs I think for the fileserver23:14
atoukif i can find them23:14
atoukyeah   mailserver was one too23:14
atouk(don't know flavor, etc)23:15
pschulz01atouk: postfix23:15
peanutbis it just a smtp-ish server or is it also imap.pop323:15
atoukfound prelinux.cfg    file length 023:15
jncnah, not prelinux.cfg23:16
lamontpeanutb: SMTP MTA23:16
jncyours should be called syslinux.cfg23:16
jncit's the boot loader used by a bootable cd23:16
peanutbhmm. ok then23:17
atoukthink i found it    named default in folder prelinux.cfg23:18
peanutbdo they do any config at all? or is it just install packages?23:18
atoukconfigs everything on standard install.   i used expert so i could set static ip23:18
jncatouk: ah, yeah that actually might be it, I think you're right23:19
atoukanswer a few qustions, reboot, server running23:19
peanutbi wish there was more documentation on this. I think im gonna see how i coulde get involved in makeing some23:21
atoukactually 2 default in seperate places23:23
jncatouk, http://pastebin.ca/74494823:23
jncso... my question now is, will netboot be sufficient to install Ubuntu Server?23:23
atoukdon't know23:23
atoukdid cd install23:23
jncI think we will know more by comparing the syslinux lines23:23
atoukaccept dcc23:24
jncatouk: okay, ready now23:25
atoukstill not showing?23:25
jncno, I'm not very competent with irssi DCC stuff23:26
atoukhold on    i'll past a bit into a PM so you can tell if it's what you want23:27
jncinteresting, it also lists "cli" and "install"23:31
jncso you picked "install" ?23:31
atoukdid the expert install      standard uses dhcp, experts lets you enter the ip23:33
jncyeah I would think that installing Ubuntu Server via netboot would be a supported and documented configuration, when in fact I don't see support and there's no documentation23:35
jncmaybe I have to shell out money to pay for company-line support :(23:36
jncatouk: thank you for your help!23:36
atoukshy not just burn a cd?23:36
jncno cd drive23:36
atoukrack servers?23:37
atoukusb ports?23:38
jncsure, I don't think booting from them works though23:38
jncis there a way to install Server from USB?23:38
atoukif usb is a bootable device    just get large capacity usb drive or a portable CD23:39
atoukof course if anything breaks, we never had this conversation23:40
jncum.  "lol"23:42
jnc       /\23:42
jnc          :    :  : :  : : : : :::: zoom23:43
atoukone little gotcha.  if you want to use SWAT from a remote machine, you need to enable root logins23:45
jncor use SSH tunneling like a sane person ;)23:46
jncno disrespect meant23:47
atoukyeah   but SWAT makes setting up samba painless23:47
jncatouk: just to be clear, what I meant is setting up port forwarding via Secure Shell, so that when a user directs their web browser on the desktop machine at http://localhost:10861/ or whatever port is being forwarded to the remote host to connect to (remote host as localhost) on the port for SWAT, it would work23:56
jncas if the user was on the server as a local machine user23:56
jncsimpler example is I have a web service on my server available only to loopback and port 3000,  so I want this from my desktop, I port forward via SSH and set up 9999:localhost:3000, now on the desktop I go to http://localhost:9999/ and it works23:57
atoukhaven't tried that.    just that if you log on as a regular user, you can only see configuration info, you need to be able to log on a root to make changes23:57
jncohh that is true, I had not considered this23:58
jncI wonder, is there some group the user needs to belong to for it to work?23:58
atoukmay be able to do it, but since my machine is going to be insulated, it was just easier to make root account active23:59

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