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pcjc2Bryce... bed time now for me I think06:16
pcjc2but an update.. I wrote a simple kernel module to decode the page table for the Intel card and dump it06:16
pcjc2doesn't work. Seems the BIOS hides that table away in a restricted area which is hardware protected, and above what Linux sees as available ram06:17
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tepsipakkihmmh, I wonder why doko added x11-common dependancy on every binary of xorg-pkg09:15
tepsipakkioh, because of duplicate docs09:15
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tepsipakkibryce: xorg merge done :)12:59
tepsipakkithere are some changes that should be reviewed and possibly dropped12:59
tepsipakkiand some that I need to push to debian :)12:59
tepsipakkihmm, sun is shining ->13:00
tepsipakki_the_ sun13:01
jcristautepsipakki: in any case, feel free to push your changes either directly, or through debian-x@ if you prefer or have any doubt13:06
tepsipakkijcristau: ok, thanks.. guess I'll push the obvious ones directly, and the others for review first14:29
tepsipakkigit commits can be reverted/edited anyway :)14:41
tepsipakkikeymap-stuff is something that is pain to merge, so I'll push those first14:48
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tepsipakkitormod: you didn't like all the xorg bugmail?-)16:34
tormodtepsipakki: hell not !16:34
tormodit totally breaks my bug "work flow"16:34
tepsipakkiyeah, when you get 100 mails per day16:35
tepsipakkiI should filter them in more efficiently16:35
tormodI usually subscribe to bug I have commented on, know something about or specific packages. Now I have to find out which of the 100 mails I need to go through...16:36
tormodI could try to filter out those sent to xswat if possible.16:36
tepsipakkiwhen I joined the installer team cjwatson asked if I really wanted to get all the ubiquity bugs (which were plenty, specially at that time) :)16:41
tepsipakkibut sieve works here16:42
tormodx-swat also gets all linux-restricted mail, which interests me sh*t16:52
tepsipakkiit's sooo satisfying to detect nvidia/fglrx on a crashdump, and reassing it to the black hole known as l-r-m-2.6.xx :)16:54
tepsipakkimesa bugs went down from 45 to 30 or so during one night16:55
tormodyour misspelling fit nicely to the context :)16:58
tepsipakkiheh :)17:09
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bryceI'm very tempted to just unsubscribe ubuntu-x-swat from lrm18:18
rawler ;)18:19
tepsipakkibryce: go for it :)18:19
tepsipakkiI can do that as well, btw18:19
tepsipakkiright, five xorg commits ready to be pushed18:21
tepsipakkibryce: should I drop wacom entries from dexconf completely? I'll drop the OldDmaInit for mga, since I bet the DRI/DRM issues are fixed by now18:32
ubotuNew bug: #155456 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (main) "Display garbled with Ati 9200SE on Gutsy (was fine on Feisty)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15545618:56
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pcjc2Hi Bryce.. Chris and I got a small lead on the 855 issue19:08
pcjc2once corrupted, you can fix the textures with Xrandr19:08
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pcjc2Bryce:.. made a small bit of progress on the 85520:59
tepsipakkienjoying the weekend?-)22:26
bryceheh, if enjoying == mega yardwork then yeah ;-)23:42
brycebtw, two new graphs - http://people.ubuntu.com/~brian/testing_graphs/23:42
brycenow we've got xorg, -ati, -intel, and -nv graphing23:42
brycepcjc2: Chris just mentioned that you've become his new hero :-)23:45
brycebtw, regarding the bug mail for ubuntu-x-swat...  is there a way to turn it off per-person?23:46
tepsipakkinot that I know of..23:47
brycetepsipakki: for hardy, yeah I think it's time to drop wacom.  I wanted to leave it there but disabled for gutsy as an interim step23:47
brycebut long term I'd like to just excise all we can from the xorg.conf23:48
tepsipakkiupstream is finally trying to figure out how to make it work with input-hotplug23:48
tepsipakkiso it could have a chance23:48
bryceyeah I've heard murmurings that it's a bit buggy23:48
tepsipakkithey have some sort of hotplug support, but yep, it's a mess23:49
pcjc2bryce... if you find a way to turn off the bugmail per person, let me know.. I don't want to leave the team, but might have to set up some kind of mail filter to combat my email checking OCD23:49
brycepcjc2: sure.  when I got added to the team, first thing I did was filter it all off into a separate mbox23:50
pcjc2I had that already thankfully23:50
brycebut that really hurt being able to easily identify bugs I was interested in following23:51
pcjc2but it means its harder to separate incoming mail from bugs I've actively subscribed to23:51
pcjc2I'm trying to setup a PPA.. am stalled on becoming a launchpad beta tester at the moment23:52
tepsipakkiright, it's still beta..23:52
tepsipakkimaybe they'll add support for removing packages before it's released23:53

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