NineTeen67CometGrrrrr.. N'kay .. I did: mv -v /media/lg-shared/Movies /media/sm-shared/Movies ..... It didn't finish .. now I can not run the command again .. says unable to remove target: Is a directory .. what gives?00:00
comicinkerhere is a configure file that doesn't work. it always tells me the options it has, but never does what I tell her. can somebody help me?00:00
AngryElfso the mp3 option doesn't appear in my list of choices in sound juicer -- is there another tool I can use to rip to mp3?00:00
radioaktivstormdon-o: oh ok.. so i should try in a different location?00:00
flickdoes kubuntu also use apt-get/synaptic package manager? what is adept?00:00
* NineTeen67Comet it did start the first time then I lost ssh connection .. 00:00
Ashfire908!hi | mrunagi00:00
ubotumrunagi: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:00
alekaCan anyone help me in booting a guest OS form a CD in virtual box?00:00
don-oradioaktivstorm: its nearly impossible to tell. welcome to wireless! :)00:00
dominiksorry, but can anyone tell me what is the best ubuntu release? 7,04 or 7,01 (feisty fawn or that new one?)00:00
djlenoirok, i took care of the problem with the error message when trying to set the visual effects on 7.10 with an ati card - read this thread if you can't get the eye candy enabled. (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=576624&highlight=the+composite+extension+ati) ... still having a bluetooth problem though.00:00
wirchief1ndiggity check my pm00:01
radioaktivstormdon-o, its a bit unfortunate that its in my room that the wireless doesnt work :X00:01
Piciflick: adept is the package manager for KDE., just like synaptic is the one for gnome00:01
Ashfire908aleka, uh, did you try inserting the disk and rebooting the system?00:01
NineTeen67Cometdominik: 6.10 is the last version to work well wtih my stuff ..00:01
=== dave_ is now known as MrDude
crshmanwhat's the difference between the ubuntu-server and ubuntu-desktop packages in apt?00:01
TorvusLinaldsi upgraded from feisty and now everything is really slow / garbled00:01
TorvusLinaldsyeah whatever00:01
TorvusLinaldsjust want to use my computer, you know00:01
comicinkerdominik: the newest00:01
TorvusLinaldsit says fglrx is loaded in lsmod00:01
MrDudeanyone try KDE4 beta out on gutsy yet?00:01
summer_s4i know it is a stupid question (though it would help to know), what x server is ubuntu 7.10 using???00:01
TorvusLinaldsbut fglrxinfo just seems to restart X00:01
dominikwell.. but which version is THE best?00:01
crdlb!info xserver-xorg | summer_s400:01
ubotusummer_s4: xserver-xorg: the X.Org X server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2-5ubuntu13 (gutsy), package size 409 kB, installed size 1272 kB00:01
flickPici, thanks... i hope using adept after synaptic will not mess up dependencies?00:01
summer_s4dominik: duhh.  7.1000:02
alekaAshfire908: I am trying out a kubuntu Cd and in looking for the ISO I can not find it in the CD-ROM00:02
summer_s4dominik: it has the latest bugs00:02
Piciflick: nope, they both use apt as their framework, so to speak.00:02
Dumptruckhow do I open my file browser as root?  is it gksu filebrowser?00:02
saloxinpretorian: that page redirects to the frontpage of medibuntu. check the url again00:02
flickthanks a lot00:02
cigrcan anyone help me with a broadcom 43xx wireless card in gutsy?00:02
crdlbsummer_s4, the server itself is 1.300:02
dominikok... i'm now on buntu studio, is that ok?00:02
* NineTeen67Comet 7.10 has no network, no sound, and unreadable video for me .. not even ctrl+alt+f2 works00:02
don-oMrDude: id like to hear about it if you find someone00:02
Ashfire908aleka, you burn a disk using the iso.00:02
FredThompsonNineTeen67Comet, If you don't like Ubuntu, don't use it.00:02
SkyblastTorvusLinalds, have you tried sudo-dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?00:02
NineTeen67CometFredThompson: I LOVE Ubunutu ..00:03
radioaktivstormcigr, did you make any progress on the bcm43xx?00:03
FredThompsonNineTeen67Comet, Then why are you complaining about it?00:03
cigrno, unfortunately not00:03
Ashfire908aleka, and then you reboot the system with the disk in the drive.00:03
NineTeen67CometFredThompson: it's just that since 6.10 the bugs have grown exponentially ..00:03
don-oFredThompson: that sounded like a problem description rather than a complaint00:03
djlenoirfresh install of 7.10 and usb bluetooth adapter is seen by the OS but the keyboard and mouse are not... someone know their way around bluetooth enough to help me with this one?00:03
robdighi! has anyone been able to successfully upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 with the w32codecs and libdvdcss packages from medibuntu?00:03
PaPaFDSince Gutsy Upgrade VLC will not run.  If i try to run the launcher command in a terminal I get the following        VLC media player 0.8.6c Janus00:03
andrew_hello i have a quick question that hoepfully has a quick fix.  i like that gutsy automounts my windows partition, but i would rather not have the icon for this parititon on the desktop.  how can i keep it automounting but remove the icon?00:03
PaPaFDSegmentation fault (core dumped)00:03
Pici!offtopic | SmoothOp00:03
codecaine_anybody know how I can sync video on samba file shares on ubuntu00:03
ubotuSmoothOp: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:03
saloxinNineTeen67Comet: what hardware is this?00:03
codecaine_when I watch videos from my other ubuntu computer the voices are off00:04
NineTeen67CometI run Ubuntu Server on my servers, Ubuntu Feisty on my Media box and 6.10 on all my (4) workstation/notebooks ..00:04
pretoriansaloxin,  oh ok. but where must it direct? i found this link like that in 2 or 3 differnt discriptions00:04
=== Unbutu[G33Z3R is now known as |||BOX|||
saloxinpretorian: http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg looks like the right one00:04
summer_s4can someone tell me how to re-master the ubuntu cd to install beryl and work with wireless at startup?00:04
enviznhow can I compare my current intel graphics drivers version versus the latest drivers?00:04
TorvusLinaldsi don't need all the compositing stuff, as far as i understand it doesn't work on ATI cards anyway, but i need some hardware acceleration, this is just utterly ridiculous... but no matter how many stupid guides I follow, no matter how many times I reboot, I get the same thing...  really slow scrolling & window painting etc00:05
summer_s4envizn: google 3Dtest0600:05
NineTeen67Cometsaloxin: Pretty normal box. Nvidia 5700LE agp video, P4 3ghz, 2gig ram and svideo out to my TV (That's the box that's given me the biggest issues with Gutsy ..00:05
JarG0nIs there a way to find out which program is preventing me from umounting my USB external hard drive?00:05
SkyblastTorvusLinalds, have you tried sudo-dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?00:05
TorvusLinaldsskyblast: i'll try it00:05
alekaAshfire908: I get an error, NO bootable medium found. Fatal Error!00:05
enviznsummer_s4: thanks00:05
Ashfirealeka, sorry did you say anything to me after my last message?00:06
Skyblastsounds like you are using vesa for some reason00:06
summer_s4envizn: if it only comes for windows, just wine it up00:06
saloxinnvidia mobo chipset has issues, which gives you network trouble. tvout on linux has issues. nvidia vga card should work though00:06
Ashfirealeka, did you make the cd from the iso or did you copy the iso files to the cd?00:06
summer_s4envizn: i mean make it "wine"00:06
enviznsummer_s4: how do I know which version I have?00:06
summer_s4envizn: of what?00:06
saloxinJarG0n: lsof | grep <mountpoint>00:06
alekaAshfire: I was actually locked into the virtual machine and couldn't figure out what the escape key was :(00:06
Triplee23jrib: I fixed it, interested in the answer?00:07
enviznsummer_s4: the graphics drivers00:07
TorvusLinaldsskyblast, i said i'll try it00:07
pretoriansaloxin, no. i have the same problem00:07
jribTriplee23: sure00:07
Ashfirealeka, ?00:07
Boumboum5I have a bootable cd. Anyone know how I can make an .iso file of it, so I can copy it to another cd and it will be bootable?00:07
djlenoirTorvisLinalds: Try this thread, it just worked for me on a fresh 7.10 install on an ATI 9500 card http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=576624&highlight=the+composite+extension+ati00:07
NineTeen67CometIs there a secret mv command I'm missing .. I did mv -v /media/lg-server/Movies/ /media/sm-server/ .. and it did well .. but I lost ssh connection mid way through .. then I tried the command again and get : uable to remove target; Is a directory .. what the hell? .. Is there a way to force a move of directory and its junk besides mv ?00:07
saloxinNineTeen67Comet: my experience is that you have to be picky with hardware to get it right00:07
=== FredThompson is now known as Wagner
Skyblastheh, I think TorvusLinalds is lagging quite a bit... I asked twice, but several minutes apart00:07
alekaAshfire: I burnt the CD as an ISO image... from a window machine....00:07
summer_s4envizn: i would think you could do intel-graphics verson or something00:07
saloxinpretorian: hehe. well, that url gives a gpg key at least. so you have another problem00:07
Ashfirealeka, ok, and when you inserted the cd...?00:07
NineTeen67Cometsaloxin: No biggie, my boxes have all been running *nix for about 5 years .. I'll just stick with Feisty a bit longer .. no biggie.00:08
pretoriansaloxin, mom00:08
enviznsummer_s4: yea I'm trying to find the package name for it but can't find it so far00:08
pretoriansaloxin, pretorian@pretorianpc:~$ wget -q http://packages.medibuntu.org/medibuntu-key.gpg-0- | sudo apt-key add -00:08
pretorian[sudo] password for pretorian:00:08
pretoriangpg: Keine gültigen OpenPGP-Daten gefunden.00:08
dgadoes anyone use Exaile? i'm having a problem importing playlists.00:08
Triplee23jrib: installed the nvidia driver. Even had to alter the permissions on the /home/user/.mozilla. Both user and group where set to root00:08
Boumboum5NineTeen67Comet: Should be able to do that in Nautilus as superuser.... open terminal, type "sudo nautilus" (without the quote marks),  and navigate to the directory you want to move.... right-click, cut, then navigate, then paste.00:08
summer_s4envizn: go into synaptic and search intel00:08
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
fusspawnid just like to thank those who helped me / put up with my spam of questions. Ive now got what i wanted sorted and can ditch windoze for good now ive got my eve online fixation running under linux ! :D00:08
saloxinpretorian: you're lacking a space. doublecheck sytax00:08
garuis there any file browser in gnome, like KDE's konkeror?00:08
|||BOX|||heheheh i did a live install of ubuntu so i could browse the web and listen to online radio while it installed  was the easiest os install ive ever done00:09
TorvusLinaldsskyblast, yes, 46s lag, dunno why00:09
alekaAshfire: When I insert the CD, ubuntu brings up the messgae, A volume with software packages has been detected. Would you like to open it with the package manager00:09
NineTeen67CometBoumboum5: it's a headless server .. No nautalus ..00:09
Triplee23jrib: why did this happen do you think?00:09
saloxinpretorian: you know you can do  the command up to the | and see that it returns someting sane?00:09
Ashfire908aleka, what are you doing?00:09
Boumboum5wirchief: I think privage message are not working for me on here...I need to register?00:10
jribTriplee23: ah good catch, the strace mentioned that and I forgot.  Usually happens if you run gui apps with sudo (instead use gksudo if you reallf need to)00:10
alekatrying to use kubuntu inside a virtual machine00:10
=== Freeman551 is now known as joigfdg
Ashfire908aleka, just insert the cd, and shutdown the computer with the cd in it. then start the computer up with the cd in it!00:10
Triplee23jrib: You seem to be good on ubuntu. Could you recommend a gui tool for mail server setup?00:10
enviznsummer_s4: that's weird, I have three packages installed, looks like they are all the same: xserver-xorg-video-i740, xserver-xorg-video-i810, and xserver-xorg-video-intel00:10
TorvusLinaldsskyblast, ok after doing the dpkg config thing what do i do00:10
=== joigfdg is now known as John6000
Skyblastrestart X00:10
Boumboum5Nine: hmm...that's above my level of expertise....I'd probably boot into a full Ubuntu (off the liveCD at least), and you can do your filesystem work that way.00:10
SkyblastLogout basically00:11
Pelowhen ever I open evolution it is running offline , so it can'T fetch my emails until I click the icon in the status bar,  how do I keep it connected on startup ?00:11
fusspawnhmm. Im trying to install Nvidia drivers. now when i was using my wubi install the option for restricted drivers listed my gfx card under the live cd install of the same build it now doesnt any ideas ?00:11
Ashfire908aleka, when prompted pick the first option00:11
alekaAshfire908: yeah... didn't wanna have to go to that extreme... but I guess I will do that to validate the ISO image00:11
Ashfire908aleka, ...00:11
kikkertjeHi, I'm having some problems with my ATI Radeon card, I can't get it properly working, could someone help me out please?00:11
Ashfire908aleka, are you trying to boot off the cd?00:11
saloxinPelo: evolution is a pain. try thunderbird00:11
Boumboum5wirchief1: in response to your pm to me  <Boumboum5> yes00:12
Boumboum5<Boumboum5> basically copying one cd to a blank one... it's a bootable cd and I want the copy to also be bootable. It's being written to a cd/rw and I want to modify the copy to personalize it.00:12
Keule|onhi there00:12
djlenoir<-- is looking for someone to help with a bluetooth issue. Problem = not working :)00:12
pretoriansaloxin, sorry but im very new. what do you think must it looks like? could you type it00:12
alekaAshfire908: that is what you are suggesting I do right?00:12
Keule|onI have a problem - saving my settings in xml files  - does anybody having a solution??00:12
John6000what do you mean bluetooh not working exactly00:12
Pelosaloxin,  not the answer I was looking for, evolution suites me quite well ,execpt for this new little thing after the upgrade to gutsy00:12
sylpou_<-- want to ask a noob question00:12
neonhave ne1 gotten ipblock to work with gutsy?00:12
andrew_how do i add a trashcan to my desktop?00:12
Jordan_UKeule|on, What settings?00:12
garukikkertje can u enable restricted drivers?00:12
Pelo!ask | sylpou_00:12
Boumboum5sylpou: go ahead. No need to ask if you can ask. :)00:12
benzondid any one get gmailfs to work on Gutsy????00:12
ubotusylpou_: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)00:12
wirchief1sylpou whats up00:12
saloxinpretorian: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu00:12
Ashfire908aleka is that what you are trying to do?00:13
polapodoes anybody know how to change a  gif image into a jpg ? will changing its name and appending .jpg be enough ?00:13
Dr_willis_polapo,  of course not.00:13
fusspawnno polapo00:13
fusspawntry opening it in gimp and resaving00:13
TorvusLinaldsskyblast, ok after doing the dpkg config thing what do i do00:13
Pelopolapo,  use the gimp ,  save as00:13
sylpou_what are the difference on the Ubuntu 7.10 CD vs DVD ?00:13
wirchief1polapo try gimp00:13
kikkertjegaru, yes i can, and i can enable it,00:13
saloxinpolapo: install imagemagick and use convert00:13
Boumboum5polapo: No. you need an image conversion program. I think in Ubuntu, GIMP can do it.00:13
Ashfire908aleka, i'm sorry, but are you trying to launch kubuntu from a cd?00:13
Pelosylpou_,  more repos on the dvd00:13
alekaAshfire908: I had stated my original intent./.. which is to run kubuntu inside virtual box... I have the kubuntu ISO on a cd00:13
jribTriplee23: don't know of a gui00:13
kikkertjegaru, but my resolution is messed up00:13
polapook thanks00:13
Jordan_Usylpou, The DVD has both live and alternate installers and a small repository00:13
ussersylpou_: yea i think dvd has universe repository on it00:13
garupolapo just clic on "save as" then filename.jpg00:14
fgsedgwickHi.  How can I tell if my Dapper Drake installation is using madwifi-ng drivers?00:14
fusspawnAleka Try the #kubuntu channel00:14
Ashfire908aleka, oh. does the virtual box have ubuntu installed?00:14
agwellsdid anyone figure out the USB problem? not mounting, or starting usb drives after boot00:14
verveawesome, no one'll answer me in #kubuntu.. so sorry for asking here.. upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy with Adept, it finishes then gets to cleanup, asks me if i want to remove obsolete packages, i say Remove and it crashes.. twice now00:14
sylpou_so it's less download to install packages ?00:14
vervewhat should i do?00:14
schecky4Ok, does anyone else agree the the Radeon 200M is the WORST graphics card ever?00:14
Keule|onJordan_U: any settings - it seems i dont have any rights....00:14
TorvusLinaldsman this is driving me insane00:14
usserverve: dont remove them :)00:14
schecky4So many problems installing gutsy...00:14
Triplee23jrib: ok, what sould be the setup? postfix and cyrus? I need IMAP support. any good HOW-TOs?00:14
ColroI've got a GTK theme that crashes OO.org, is there a way outside of just picking a different theme to fix it? Can I just make it ignore gtk themes? :/00:14
jdongschecky4: the drivers suck a bit currently, but overall I don't think it's that bad of a card00:14
Boumboum5agwells: I have not. USB works just fine on my Gutsy install.00:14
=== jessica is now known as jessie
Jordan_UKeule|on, Can you be more clear on what you are trying to do?00:14
garukikkertje what graphics card is it?ATI...?00:14
andrew_how do i add a trash can to the desktop00:14
TorvusLinaldscomputer's almost useless now00:14
jdongschecky4: it's about the only integrated card that I know with adequate performance to play modern games00:14
saloxinschecky4: my ati mobility m6 is worse00:14
alekafusspawn: this is actually a virtual box Q and nothing to do with Kubuntu,.,... anyways... thanks for the help guys.. I will try to find solutions online00:14
flickif i want to switch from gnome to kubuntu, after installing kubuntu-desktop i will just remove gnome?00:14
kikkertjeMobility Radeon X140000:14
Keule|oni try00:14
jdongschecky4: the driver situation should dramatically imporve with the next release of fglrx....00:15
Dr_willis_andrew_,  i find i MUCh perfer the trashcan on the panel - where its always accessable.00:15
verveusser: that's not a solution00:15
kikkertjegaru, Mobility Radeon X140000:15
schecky4yeah, i agree with you guys00:15
=== jessie is now known as jessie^^
djlenoirJohn6000: i have a usb bluetooth adapter (came with the keyboard and mouse). when i boot 7.10 the bluetooth icon shows up but the keyboard and mouse do not work. i can get the mouse and keyboard to work by unplugging the usb adapter and plugging it back in but the bluetooth icon disappears and if i try to look at bluetooth devices attached to my system, it does not show any (even though they are there and working). finally, when i reboot, 00:15
usserverve: why thats what i did when upgradign00:15
Boumboum5schecky4: actually, not really.....considering millions have installed Ubuntu....this room is just that small portion of the millions who have a problem.00:15
schecky4still... integrated cards just arent that great00:15
agwellsBoumboum5: HP laptop... USB devices work but after startup if i plug anything in... or remove and plug back in it fails to even reconize it...00:15
usserverve: just write them down and remove manually later if u want00:15
Ashfire908HEY COLRO! install the OO.org theme for that gtk theme00:15
sylpou_worth downloading the DVD ? or the live CD is fine enough00:15
andrew_dr. willis.  i like it on the desktop, is it possible to put it there?00:15
ColroAshfire908: there isn't one :(00:16
jdongsylpou_: dvd's only worthwhile if you do not have a network connection....00:16
Boumboum5agwells: I have an hp laptop also. Works fine for me. Are you trying to boot off the USB flash drive?00:16
Ashfire908Colro, what theme are you using00:16
Pelosylpou_, cd will do00:16
jdongsylpou_: the DVD simply contains more packages on it than the livecd. you can get those packages from the network anyway00:16
schecky4jdong: do you have an idea when  fglrx will be updated?00:16
garukikkertje try installing xgl!I couldnt even see when I was typing my username at the login window before installing that.lol00:16
ronald_replace of /etc/sysconfig/kernel in ubuntu ?00:16
ronald_replace of /etc/sysconfig/kernel in ubuntu ?00:16
ronald_replace of /etc/sysconfig/kernel in ubuntu ?00:16
jdongschecky4: lots of speculation, most likely by the end of the month.00:16
Keule|onJordan_U: its a bit difficult to explain - this is german and i use kubuntu 7.10 http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/16541/00:16
jdongronald_: we heard you the first time00:16
ColroAshfire908: It's called Wii-black, think it's from gnome-look.org00:16
Ashfire908!repeat | Ronald00:16
ubotuRonald: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:16
Boumboum5sylpou: the cd should be fine unless you want the universe repository stored locally.00:16
schecky4jdong: oh, thats not terrible.  thanks00:16
agwellsBoumboum5: no, try pluging in a usb Device NOW, and see if USB works.....? i have HP dv6000 series00:16
sylpou_ok thanks guy .. and is there a way to clone the drive like Ghost or Acronis under ubuntu ?00:17
flickif i want to switch to KDE, the way i do it is install kubuntu-desktop and remove gnome-core?00:17
PeloColro,  in OOo,  under  tool > options > display , there is an option to match your desktop theme or some thign like that00:17
jdongronald_: I am not familiar with what that redhat config file does. please elaborate?00:17
kikkertjegaru, i'm using the fglrx driver00:17
Keule|onthere is a problem with my rights on ubuntu - and i dot know how to fix00:17
Ashfire908colro, what oo themes do you hav installed00:17
Boumboum5ubotu is a bot. :)00:17
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is a bot. :) - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:17
steven43126I'm installing gutsy and already have and LVM parition with a / and /home partition these don't show up when using manual partition from the install cd how do i keep my LVM /home partition ?00:17
ColroAshfire908: none00:17
jdongschecky4: sure thing. Michael (the guy who runs Phoronix, beta-tester for ATI/AMD too) has implied quite some good words about the driver, and that it's on track for timely release00:17
Jordan_U!de | Keule|on00:17
ubotuKeule|on: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de00:17
Pelo!lvm | steven4312600:17
ubotusteven43126: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO00:17
jdongschecky4: as an owner of a mobility x1400, I can't wait.00:17
saloxinsteven43126: you have to use the alternate cd for lvm/raid setups00:17
Ashfire908Colro, you are checking in synaptic, right?00:18
Keule|onnur da ist niemand zur hilfe bereit!00:18
steven43126saloxin, ah my bad, thanks00:18
Keule|onthere is noone - who wanna help00:18
PeloColro,  in synaptic  OOo themes are called style00:18
Keule|onnoone answered...00:18
TorvusLinaldsanyone?  some dude said to try running dpkg-configure xserver-xorg but i dunno what do do next, and he isn't replying.. what do i have to do next?  i think my fglrx is not working properly... well, everything is really slow and there is corruption on some stuff00:18
PeloKeule|on,  it'S not a question of want , it's a question of can00:18
S0cratesI have a Xubuntu 6.04 that I just upgraded to 7.04.  However, I can only boot into low graphics mode.  How do I get the nvidia drivers working again?00:18
comicinkerI'm trying to build an applicaton but get following error: qpopupmenu.h: No such file or directory      what library do I need?00:19
schecky4jdong:  hah.  i just want to be able to adjust my screen brightness without rebooting00:19
TomBosleyS0crates, have you tried enabling the restricted driver?00:19
agwellsBoumboum5: Whats up?00:19
Boumboum5agwells: I just did. used nautilus, unmounted my already mounted USB drive, re-mounted it, a new Nautilus window opens showing the USB's file contents. Works fine. might need to use nautilus to mount manually.00:19
ronald_var ACPI_DSDT .. en ubuntu ? .. in redhat is /etc/sysconfig/kernel00:19
jncwell, I'm back.  I haven't found an FAQ or Guide yet detailing what the best practice is to install Xen on Gutsy00:19
jdongschecky4: eep, that's rough.... my BIOS controls brightness for me via hardware-bound keys. fortunately.00:19
Jordan_UKeule|on, What are you trying to accomplish? It looks like you are doing something with Dolphin ( which I don't use ). Are you trying to transfer preferences to another install?00:19
Lifeisfunnywhat is happening when Totem displays a 'No Plugin to handle this DVD' warming?00:19
agwellsBoumboum5: no UNPLUG it... and tell me whats up00:19
Keule|onmaybe - but its not a question of the language! - i had solutions of many problems here in the englisch channel! Pelo - more then in the german one00:19
saloxincomicinker: search with apt-file00:19
S0cratesTomBosley, yes, but I am still using the old "nv" driver.  When I boot, I get the new video configuration tool, but the nvidia driver is not on the list00:19
Ashfire908colro, the theme packages start with "openoffice.org-style-"00:19
Jordan_ULifeisfunny, totem-gstreamer can't play DVD's00:20
Boumboum5Keule|on: I want to help you but I don't know the answer. :(00:20
TorvusLinaldsman this sucks so badly00:20
schecky4jdong: lucky. mine has to go through ATI catalyst control and of course its not supported by the driver yet.00:20
Jordan_ULifeisfunny, I would use vlc + libdvdcss00:20
Jordan_U!dvd | Lifeisfunny00:20
ubotuLifeisfunny: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs00:20
Keule|onno - i start dolphin - or another prog - when i close it - this message is comming up00:20
schecky4jdong: oh well. as long as i can still see the display, i'm relatively happy00:20
Lifeisfunnythanks Jordan_U  :)00:20
jdongschecky4: that sucks. Hope 8.42 solves that for you. I just want answers to why 3D framerates in Linux are less than 1/2 what they are with the newest Windows drivers....00:20
agwellsBoumboum5: its only if i unplug a device then plug it back in does it not resond nor work00:20
rbs-titoDoes the restricted driver manager install the drivers for Atheros cards?00:20
jdongrbs-tito: atheros is installed by default00:20
TorvusLinaldshas ANYONE managed to get fglrx working on an ATI mobility radeon 9600?00:20
jncrbs-tito: interesting question00:20
flickwhich one offers most features out of ubuntu,kubuntu,xubuntu,edubuntu etc.?00:20
Jordan_ULifeisfunny, np :)00:21
ronald_kernel var .. /etc/sysconfig/kernel  ... en ubuntu ??00:21
Keule|onits a pitty....all the guys who are not ment... answering ...00:21
crdlbrbs-tito, it activates the ath_hal module00:21
akiratheoni@flick, you can just install ubuntu then install kubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop00:21
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schecky4jdong: yeah, the driver only fully supports 2D acceleration now00:21
agwellsBoumboum5: and it had to be plugged in to from when i booted the OS00:21
crdlbbut it's done automatically (so it just provides a way to diable it)00:21
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jdongrbs-tito: unless you have a new AR53xx/54xx/5008x card, in which case you need madwifi from SVN00:21
saloxinKeule|on: you haven't show the error message?00:21
akiratheonithen you get all the features of ubuntu, kubuntu, and xubuntu00:21
Jordan_Uflick, They all use the same repositories, it's just different default applications00:21
Ashfire908rbs-tito, if there is a restricted driver available, and needed, it will be in there.00:21
schecky4jdong: 3D is "questionable" to say the least00:21
Boumboum5Socrates: System|Administration|Restricted Driver Management      Go there and click on "enable". If it's already enabled, then disable it...wait a little bit...then re-enable, It should re-install it for you.00:21
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Keule|oni did - but its german - sorry00:21
ZaphodBeeblebroxHi everyone00:21
rbs-titocrdlb & jnc: Will I need to be connected to the internet in order to activate it?00:21
gavintlgoldhey, i have a question: I noticed that I have a whole bunch of different versions of linux-restricted-modules installed. Might this be a reason X doesn't work for me? I uninstalled all now, except for the one marked with the Ubuntu logo in synaptic00:21
jdongschecky4: 3D "works" here, but I never realized how powerful this GPU was until I used XP for a few days a month ago.00:21
ronald_kernel var .. /etc/sysconfig/kernel  ... en ubuntu ??00:22
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ronald_var ACPI_DSDT .. en ubuntu ? .. in redhat is /etc/sysconfig/kernel00:22
crdlbrbs-tito, no00:22
akiratheonihey, does anyone know how to change the screen resolution of the login screen for 7.10? my default resolution is 1680x1050 and it's the only resolution that appears in my xorg.conf, but the login screen uses something like 800x60000:22
ZaphodBeeblebroxI'm here to what I promise to: "I love Gutsy! Everything works perfectly" :D00:22
Boumboum5agwells: that breaks the system. you have to unmount first before you unplug the device. right-click on the drive, popup should show...should be an item called "unmount"00:22
Ashfire908colro, try installing "openoffice.org-style-tango"00:22
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schecky4jdong: i dual-boot (so i can still play my MMORPG's) on windows so i'm constantly reminded =/00:22
wirchief1Torvuslinalds check my pm00:22
flickif i want to completely switch over to KDE, is there any easy way to get rid of the gnome applications?00:23
jncronald_: is that a sysctl setting?00:23
saloxinKeule|on: ls -l /home/keule/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/bookmarks.xml?00:23
rbs-titoflick: Ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage with most of the gnome programs00:23
Dr_willis_flick,  why bother. leave them there -  incase you find one you like.00:23
cdm10Why was Gutsy released with this OpenOffice problem?00:23
agwellsBoumboum5: what if its a mouse or gamepad00:23
Keule|onsaloxin: whats this?00:23
eriscoI am having a problem compiling something with gcc, as it says it could not find cc1plus. I have done a lot of searching, and every time it says to install g++. Well, I did install the c++ compiler but cc1plus still does not exist. cc1 does exist, just not cc1plus... and the repository shows no results for cc1plus. help!00:23
akiratheonijust wondering, what OO.org problem?00:23
gavintlgoldwell i'm going to see how it goes :) hope I get good x back00:23
agwellsBoumboum5: wait... no if its booted and the device gets pluged in it doesnt work....00:23
jncerisco: g++ is not c++00:23
fgsedgwickI seem to have both madwifi and madwifi-ng installed on my Dapper Drake system.  Is this OK?00:23
saloxinKeule|on: showing owner and permissions of the file mentioned in your error message00:23
schecky4jdong: hey, thanks for the info. im going to head out00:24
ronald_jnc, var ACPI_DSDT ? in sysctl ?00:24
Keule|on-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1159 2007-10-20 19:29 /home/keule/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/bookmarks.xml00:24
eriscojnc, regardless, I installed g++00:24
jdongschecky4: sure thing00:24
cdm10akiratheoni: i, and a few other people, have noticed that OOo's buttons only show up as text, no icons, and you need to install openoffice.org-style-tango00:24
Ashfire908erisco: install build-essential00:24
jncronald_: if you modify /procc/...something/or/other00:24
akiratheonioh okay00:24
flickDr_willis, if you say so... two reasons i was worried, one is space (which is alright still) and two is if i run the gnome applications by mistake it will be slow in kde?00:24
TorvusLinaldssomeone please help me get my fglrx working...   it was working in Feisty but now it's shafted00:24
ZaphodBeeblebroxGuys, just one question: I just installed thunderbird and I already had a .mozilla-thunderbird in my #HOME. Can I just run it and everything will work or I'll have to do some Import procedures?00:24
jncerisco: try installing build-essential00:24
cdm10ZaphodBeeblebrox: it'll just work00:24
Boumboum5agwells: I am still new-ish to Ubuntu. Driver support for non-flash/hd USB devices is kinda spotty I think. You may need to install special linux/Ubuntu drivers for your USB device to get it to work properly.00:24
ZaphodBeeblebroxcdm10: Cool! Thanks00:24
Keule|onsaloxin: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1159 2007-10-20 19:29 /home/keule/.kde/share/apps/d3lphin/bookmarks.xml00:24
saloxinKeule|on: ah. root/root while it should of been keule. you've been running things as root :-S00:24
cdm10Boumboum5: everything I use works fine... what's not working for you?00:24
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eriscoAshfire908, jnc, I thought that was now included with ubuntu. seems I didn't have it installed... lemme try this again00:25
agwellsBoumboum5: this happens for any usb device00:25
agwellsBoumboum5: even my pen drive00:25
saloxinKeule|on: cd /home/keule; sudo chown -R keule *00:25
Keule|onso what can i do saloxin00:25
Boumboum5agwells: Hm. is the pen drive formatted? What filesystem?00:25
livingdaylightcan i install Dolphin on ubuntu?00:25
Rolenunis the Intel x86 usable with Intel 64-bit, or am I supposed to use AMD64 instead? :)00:25
saloxinKeule|on: be very careful you are in you home dir first00:25
ZaphodBeeblebroxWell, time for me to go now. Thanks to everyone who got involved in my Gutsy issues in the past 2 days. You guys are great and after a clean install I have no complaints whatsoever. Thanks guys, keep up with the awesome work!00:25
Keule|onwhats *00:26
* Boumboum5 just realized he has his usb mouse with him and tries it out on Ubuntu by plugging it in...00:26
eriscojnc, I thought g++ was to compile c++ and gcc was to compile C?00:26
agwellsBoumboum5: everything worked in 7.04... now usb is broken in 7.1000:26
thx1137akiratheoni: you can manually add your resolution in xorg.conf (http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=129379&postcount=21)00:26
jncerisco: generally speaking, if I want to compile version X+1 of package foo, I will do apt-get build-dep fooX00:26
Keule|onit says missing operand00:26
saloxinKeule|on: it's a wildcard. it means everything00:26
Ashfire908colro, install "openoffice.org-style-andromeda", "openoffice.org-style-crystal", and "openoffice.org-style-industrial" too if you want.00:26
robert232323_i was finally able to install drivers for wireless usb device, but when i plug it in, everything freezes00:26
jncerisco: c++ is a preprocessor, that's just how the names of things worked out.  g++ is the C++ compiler00:26
Keule|onchown: fehlender Operand nach „keule“00:26
Keule|on„chown --help“ gibt weitere Informationen.00:26
eriscojnc, specifically speaking I am trying to install opioid2d for python... and right now it is trying to take source and compile it00:26
Keule|onfehlender Operand = missing operand00:27
speaker219The ubuntu servers seem to have sped up a bit00:27
jncerisco: yeah I would find something similar and build-dep it00:27
speaker219i'm getting 500 kB/s00:27
cdm10So... why does openoffice.org get installed with no style packages by default? Someone must have messed up something there...00:27
eriscojnc, I am not familiar with this build-dep00:27
Boumboum5speaker: less of a load on them now that upgrade day is over :)00:27
agwellsBoumboum5: what hp Laptop are you using?00:27
User667can anyone offer help with the suspend feature?00:27
robert232323_does anyone know how to configure a wireless usb device / connection00:28
eriscojnc, see, opioid2d is written in c++ so I am very confused as to why gcc is throwing an error... it should be using g++ no?00:28
jncerisco: build-dep is an apt operation which installs all pre-requisite development packages for the target debian package.  This works in Ubuntu, or any apt based system too00:28
Boumboum5agwells: Ok I see my usb mouse does not work in Ubuntu--it is not recognized. pen drive works fine. I have a Pavilion dv900t00:28
TorvusLinaldsaargh another reboot... goodbye cruel world00:28
speaker219robert232323_: what wireless card?00:28
garuright now. I'm more thinking of ubuntu 7.10 as being in a beta stage rather than a final release :o00:28
jncerisco: gcc is a front-end for many compilers00:28
thx1137Hi, anyone have any ideas why when I choose System>Preferences>Hardware Information, the window appears and then immedately closes?00:28
cdm10!anyone | User667, robert23232300:28
eriscojnc, this isn't a deb package00:28
ubotuUser667, robert232323: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:28
ePaxI have installed XMMS2 with Synaptic but it does not come up in "Sound and Video".00:28
ePaxIn applications.00:28
jncerisco: well, take something similar like uh.. I don't know, something written in python, and build-dep it00:28
agwellsuser667: there is a forum about it...google suspend ubuntu00:28
eriscojnc, this install script simply compiles the source and moves it to the appropriate location for python to see it00:29
jncerisco: apt-get build-dep bittorrent00:29
Boumboum5thx1137: sounds like the program that runs the hardware info thing is corrupted and crashed.00:29
robert232323_i installed drivers for wireless usb device.. when i plug it in, it blinks, but system freezes00:29
speaker219!caps | benzon00:29
cdm10!caps | benzon00:29
ubotubenzon: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:29
cdm10ah, beaten00:29
User667cdm10: what does "!anyone | User667, robert232323" mean?00:29
ZionPsyfererisco, have you by chance checked the Makefile to see which compiler it's trying to call?  maybe change that to g++ and see what happens?00:29
agwellsBoumboum5: right now i have a wireless mouse... it works useing it right now... but if i unplug it and plug it back in it will not even start up00:29
flickhow do you find the torrent links in the ubuntu site? Download link only shows static images...00:29
cdm10!bot | User66700:29
ubotuUser667: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:29
gavintlgoldhey, could anyone help me fix my restricted drivers? maybe a PM?00:29
speaker219!torrent | flick00:29
ubotuflick: Torrent clients: Azureus (Java), BitTornado (Shell with python front-end), KTorrent (KDE/Qt), rTorrent (C++) -  Bittorent FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html00:29
speaker219!torrents | flick00:29
ubotuflick: Torrent downloads for the Ubuntu ISOs are available on all the download pages. For Gutsy: http://fr.releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ (CDs) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.10/release/ (DVDs) - Please download using the torrents if you can!00:29
speaker219my bad00:30
akiratheonimy login screen uses a resolution that is NOT listed in my xorg.conf. i only have ONE resolution listed in the xorg.conf, how can i change it so the login screen uses that one?00:30
saloxinagwells: don't unplug it ;-)00:30
akiratheonii have 7.1000:30
flickright, thanks!00:30
thx1137Boumboum5: hmm, know of any way to reset it?00:30
gavintlgoldi'm using gutsy00:30
benzonspeaker219, cdm10  - dont think so opensuse support there you get a answer adleest00:30
Boumboum5agwells: that begins to sound like a bug in Ubuntu. You might want to file a bugreport. I have the same problemm with my wired USB mouse.00:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xmms2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:30
jncakiratheoni: good question, have no idea about the answer00:30
comicinkersaloxin: so I located the package for the header file. its already installed. it belongs to a qt3 library. but the make command wont find that header file (qheader.h)00:30
cdm10benzon: you're not going to get an answer if you YELL00:30
User667"!bot | User667"? cdm10?00:30
gavintlgoldI used to use the beta, and one update broke it, so i'm stuck here with failsafe x00:30
flickand the torrents for kubuntu cd?00:30
saloxincomicinker: what are you trying to compile? not available in ubuntu?00:30
agwellsBoumboum5: this is a problem for a usb pen drive.... i store information... take it out come back plug it in doesnt work... need to restart computer for it to mount usb drive00:30
speaker219yes flick00:30
speaker219flick hold on00:31
Boumboum5akiratheoni: You need to edit the xorg.conf file and put in a new line for the resolution you want.00:31
benzoncdm10, aint gonna get a answer in here ever every think i ask theres no answer for it00:31
jncso um, I do have a question, is "cli" the same as server install from the netboot images?00:31
comicinkersaloxin: jahshaka, its available for dapper only00:31
cdm10User667: in case you weren't paying attention, the bot (ubotu) sent you a message both of those times. !whatever just tells the bot to tell you about whatever.00:31
cdm10benzon: that doesn't mean you should yell00:31
jncthe "cli" option from syslinux seems to hint that it's very minimal00:31
Boumboum5agwells: what laptop are you using?00:31
jncis that more minimal than "server" install?00:31
akiratheoniboumboum: you mean for the login screen itself? how would i do that?00:31
agwellsBoumboum5: HP DV6000 series00:31
akiratheoniboumboum: because i only have one resolution listed anyway in my xorg.conf00:32
Boumboum5akiratheoni: let me find a url that walks you through it...00:32
saloxincomicinker: you need to point it at the header file. ./configure --help ?00:32
speaker219Whoever wanted the Kubuntu torrent (assuming you have i386 architecture) http://tezcatl.fciencias.unam.mx/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/gutsy/kubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent00:32
User667cdm10, i was paying attention. your entry preceded the bot's one00:32
akiratheoniboumboum: thanks! :P00:32
cdm10User667: yes, it did.00:32
User667but thanks00:32
cdm10!test | User66700:32
ubotuUser667: Failed.00:32
cdm10User667: see?00:32
robdighi! has anyone been able to successfully upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 with the w32codecs and libdvdcss packages from medibuntu? Upgrade manager quits with an error because it can't download them.00:32
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saloxinrobdig: disable that repo during the upgrade00:33
agwells!test | User66700:33
ubotuUser667: Failed.00:33
talcitehey guys, does anyone here use 64bit?00:33
CryoniqAnyone know how the agpgart issues and ATI driver issues coming along for 7.10?00:33
User667i am having trouble with the suspend feature00:33
robdigsaloxin: thanks00:33
flickspeaker219, i think i found it: http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/gutsy/00:33
jnctoo bad nobody is jumping on my question about Gutsy and "cli" versus "server" install00:33
comicinkersolaxin: ok. but i just found out: locate cant find qheader.h00:33
ussertalcite: yep00:33
Juice^does anyone know the solution around getting xserver to work with parallel workstation? im unable to get it running, using the live ubuntu 7.10, and parallel running on vista..00:33
joelsw_well dvd plugin is working now thanks to who helped me find it00:33
agwellsuser667: there is a forum about it...google suspend ubuntu00:33
Picijnc: You mean alternate vs server?00:33
talciteusser: what's the status with the 64bit java plugin lacking a security manger?00:33
flickspeaker219, thanks00:34
speaker219flick: same thing00:34
User667ok thanks00:34
saloxinjnc: be daring - try it out00:34
chrisbHas anyone experienced Compiz working fine when using the liveCD but then not when fully installing Ubuntu 7.10?  I've scratched my head all day...installed the proprietary drivers (even though that wasn't necessary for the LiveCD) - can't enable the desktop effects even though I know my ATI x600 is fully capable.00:34
speaker219doesn't matter what mirror you get it from, it's a torrent00:34
jncPici: I'm booting a netboot installer, so I would like to install the server edition00:34
speaker219your welcome :)00:34
comicinkersaloxin:  so how can I ad the correct path to the qt3 enviroment?00:34
Boumboum5akiratheoni: ok this one's fairly good. I had similar problems with Ubuntu 7.04  as I'm on a widescreen laptop and 7.04 didn't recognize any of the widescreen modes.    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397300:34
ussertalcite: the gnu one? i never used it00:34
Picijnc: er, Whats the question, sorry.00:34
IntelligitimateWhat is a cheap portable MP3 player that runs linux good and can do interesting things?00:34
jncPici: my end goal is figuring out how to configure Xen from a Gutsy install00:34
Picijnc: Sorry, over my head :/00:34
cdm10Has anyone here had any problems with the mouse pointer disappearing when using the nVidia driver?00:34
jncPici: netboot installer is working, it asks if i want "install" or "cli"00:34
Keule|onsaloxin: ? are you there?00:34
jnckind of confused by these simplistic terms00:34
agwellschrisb: get envy... and have it install the drivers for you it will get all the drivers and setup your system for 3d support00:34
usserIntelligitimate: i have rockMee from chinese meelectronics00:35
andrew_does anyone know where the location of the 'home folder' icon is?00:35
saloxincomicinker: heh, there's the rub. combine ./configure with dpkg -L <qtpackage>00:35
jncthe wikis don't have this info yet00:35
cdm10jnc: I'm guessing cli just gives you a command line of some sort and install actually installs00:35
speaker219this channel is incredible. 1326 users.00:35
Picijnc: I'd try install, cli= command like interface.00:35
saloxinKeule|on: yep. tried pm'ing you without luck00:35
talciteusser: what about the sun jre-6?00:35
Boumboum5akiratheoni: Hope that helps :)00:35
chrisbagwells: is "envy" the package name in synaptics I should search for?00:35
gavintlgoldcan no one help me (fixing my NVIDIA card for the restricted to work)?00:35
Dr_willis_cdm10,  not really. theres some  special settings for the mouse pointer you can enable for the nvidia drivers. Enable shadows and otehr things.00:35
ZionPsyferjnc, cli implies that it installs a command line system without the graphical stuff00:35
usserIntelligitimate: can play flac ogg avi files, has mini sd expansion slot00:35
Keule|onwhat? :)00:35
Pici!envy | agwells chrisb00:35
ubotuagwells chrisb: envy is a script that may leave you envious of those who have not used it, use the resticted manager to install binary drivers or use the instructions on the wiki, this script may break your machine very badly!00:35
ZionPsyferthis post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=290512 seems to support that00:35
cdm10Dr_willis: what?00:35
DarkkishI prefered beryl over compiz00:35
agwellsENVY isntalls drivers for NVIDIA and ATI00:35
Cryoniqagwells: vill envy fix the agpgart issue for ati users as well in 7.10?00:35
jncZionPsyfer: right... but how bare bones is this, would that be different than an Ubuntu Server install?00:35
ussertalcite: its not a plugin per-se just runtime environment00:35
agwellsnot sure...00:35
Keule|onsaloxin:  it got your message - and i anwered00:35
seamus7Are there others here who find they must use GKrellM to better manage their fans on Dell laptops as I do?00:36
ZionPsyferyes, a server install would be geared towards running a server.00:36
jncI don't see this being documented anywhere00:36
ussertalcite: never heard of any security issues it has00:36
PiciDarkkish: Beryl and Compiz have merged to form Compiz-Fusion00:36
agwellsIt worked great in 7.04 and it is a PY Script00:36
saloxinKeule|on: you're not registered nick maybe. i see no answer00:36
ZionPsyferjnc, Let me see if I can dig up a list for ya.00:36
cdm10jnc: that's because it's fairly self-explanatory... do you want a cli, or do you want an install?00:36
jncZionPsyfer: that'd be sweet00:36
Boumboum5agwells: Your problem is beyond my beginner's competence... I don't know how to tweak your system to get your USB devices to work properly. Hopefully someone else will know.  I need to go now.. :(00:36
usserIntelligitimate: has 1G of memory and goes for 67$ on newegg00:36
talciteusser: hmm... what are they talking about on the forums then? I'm not quite sure I understand it00:36
cdm10Dr_willis: my mouse pointer works fine for a while, then starts randomly disappearing when different pointers are used. If I disable HWCursor, it works fine, but then I can't use COmpiz.00:36
JesusPauleh, hm?00:36
Boumboum5speaker: yep...rather too many...everything scrolls by sooooooo fast.00:36
talciteusser: it says something about 64bit java being insecure?00:36
Intelligitimateusser, does it run linux, and what else can it do?00:36
PaulehJesus, woah00:36
jnccdm10: it's not clear if "cli" == "install server"00:36
summer_s4is there a place with a "compatible hardware" list for ubuntu is?00:36
talciteusser: is that still the case for gutsy?00:36
eriscocan anyone else connect to us.archive.ubuntu.com?00:36
slainhi all00:36
cdm10jnc: If the documentation you're looking at is a wiki, you could of course fix it.00:36
eriscoit seems to be down00:36
cdm10erisco: just slow from the upgrades.00:37
slainI need some help setting up my network00:37
thx1137Anyone else having an issue with the network icon showing that's it's offline, however i'm able to go online using dhcp?00:37
jdongerisco: it's slow, consider trying a mirror00:37
slainmy pc has two nics in it00:37
Keule|onok thanx - there is an issue of this error... but i lost the link saloxin ...00:37
ErikHKhow can I change alsa NOT to have separate sounds for master and headphones?00:37
cdm10erisco: go to System>Admin>Software Sources and select Other for mirror and hit Find Best Mirror00:37
alekaI have an entry in my fstab for an external drive (sdc1)  to be mounted on /media/sdc1... this never works and I have to mount the partition as root... which is annoying when transferring files and stuff.. anyone interested in walking me thru the fstab setup?00:37
agwellshttp://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html  <<<<ENVY00:37
zacchaeuswhat terminal command should I use to "search" to see if the computer sees a usb hard drive in an enclosure??00:37
cdm10ErikHK: I had that exact problem, and I can help you, but I'd prefer a PM00:37
hikenbootgreetings...I am wondering if anyone can comment on a way to get debootstrap to work with fat32 boot partition00:37
cdm10zacchaeus: lsusb lists usb devices00:37
=== wtf is now known as Thug-life
saloxinKeule|on: do "chown -R keule /home/keule/*"00:37
jdongerisco: you can use Prefs->Sound to "bind" your volume up/down hotkeys to change BOTH channels00:37
Boumboum5gavintlgold: should be able to re-install your nvidia driver.  go to System|Administration|Restricted Driver Management   and it'll list restricted drivers. click "enable" and it should download the right driver for you.00:37
saloxinKeule|on: without the "'s00:37
usserIntelligitimate: i think i has some sort of embedded linux, thats pretty much it, theres a couple of games for it00:37
slainnic 1 has an ip of and a gateway of
jnccdm10: try paying attention before you berate me about not contributing, I haven't found this info because I don't know where to find it, idiot.00:38
slainthis get my onto the internet00:38
ussertalcite: i wouldnt know about it00:38
Keule|onsaloxin:  without the s?00:38
DarkkishPici, where is the settings manager for beryl?00:38
joankigot a problem here.  someone told me to use terminal to change screen resolution so now it screwecd up and no longer recognized my screen and now my resolution is like 680 x 800 .... how do i get it back to 1280x 80000:38
cdm10jnc: I'm not berating you for not contributing, I just said that, now that you know the answer, you could change it.00:38
DarkkishPici, where is the settings manager for compiz**00:38
talciteusser: it's ok, thanks for your help =D00:38
Pici!ccsm | Darkkish00:38
ubotuDarkkish: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Gutsy(7.10) install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' - A new option will appear in your appearance properties - see also !compiz00:38
cdm10jnc: please don't call me an idiot, i never did any such thing to you.00:38
Intelligitimateusser, it sounds interesting and up my alley. However, is there any more open source type stuff for it? Can I compile software in it?00:38
joankican i restore system settings?00:38
comicinkersaloxin: I have no idea what you mean. thats to difficult for me00:38
slainnic 2 has an ip of and a gateway of
saloxinKeule|on: chown -R keule /home/keule/*00:38
Boumboum5erisco: I can. us.archive.ubuntu.com works fine for me.00:38
gavintlgoldBoumboum5: It says they're installed, but it doesn't work. When I uninstall them, the check is gone after a restart, but it still claims that it's "running" with the green icon... even though it obviously isn't since it's not installed00:38
slainmy problem is00:38
User667"No swap partition found; userspace software suspend will not work" ?00:38
slainwhen I route00:38
agwellsDarkkish Beryl and compiz have merged.. now Compiz Fusion,00:39
gavintlgoldBoumboum5: and then when I reinstall, it doesn't work...00:39
flickprobably because i'm an windows refugee, kubuntu looks much better!00:39
MrKeunerhi, which one is the apache2 user in ubuntu?00:39
slainit does not know which gateway to use for the internet00:39
jncwe'll see, ZionPsyfer has generously offered to dig up a list of some sort... maybe it will help me along in my quest :)00:39
Keule|onsaloxin: chown -R keule /home/keule/00:39
DarkkishPici, what about a window manager, it dissapears when i turn on compiz00:39
usserIntelligitimate: no, but i suppose u can write to the manufacturer to give out specs, i wrote to ask what was the distrib on it they never answered00:39
slainand which to use for the campus wireless00:39
flickhowever, i'm not getting compiz-fusion effects for some reason00:39
Keule|onsaloxin: operation not permitted00:39
radar1976I need some help getting some text replaced on a url00:39
MrKeuneris it www-data?00:39
PiciDarkkish: ask in #compiz-fusion, sounds like a configuration issue :00:39
slainis there anyone that can help me with my problem00:39
saloxinKeule|on: ah. sudo chown -R keule /home/keule/00:39
flickhow do i enable compiz-fusion on kde?00:40
jnccdm10: is there a wiki in particular that you would like edited?00:40
joankihow do remove ubuntu from my system?00:40
agwellsto change the settings sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager00:40
Intelligitimateusser, is there an 'open-source' type portable MP3?00:40
Keule|onah i see - im dumb00:40
usserflick: same way u do in gnome00:40
Intelligitimate*mp3 player?00:40
cdm10jnc: I guess I missed something, I thought you were looking at wiki documentation and didn't find it.00:40
chrisbWhere is the appropriate place to find the "envy" script for handling our video card drivers?  I don't see anything under synaptics for it...00:40
Yasumotoradar1976: what do you mean?00:40
radar19767SdwiXI_ph.jpg   i need the _ph changed tp _fs00:40
gavintlgoldBoumboum5: during the beta, there was some install and it asked whether it should overwrite a file or not and I chose yes, i think that's what broke it... sadly, I don't remember what exactly it was00:40
gavintlgoldbut it's not a problem with xorg.conf00:40
tag-For some reason, when I open my update manager (feisty) it doesn't tell me about the new version of ubuntu available00:40
cdm10tag-: hit the check button00:40
Keule|oni'll see after the next reboot00:40
agwellshttp://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html <<< ENVY00:40
slainis there anyone here that can help me with routing00:40
Keule|onthanx so far saloxin00:40
tag-cdm10: already did that, 29 updates available, no upgrade to 7.10 button00:40
BlaenkDenumhey guys how do I do the spanish n, <compose>~+n ?00:41
flickusser, it was enabled by default in ubuntu00:41
saloxinKeule|on: np. did it help?00:41
Keule|onit seems to work saloxin00:41
gavintlgoldtag-: might you have t o update first?00:41
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:41
Kodemagetag: what version are you on?00:41
Keule|oni think so saloxin00:41
joankioh FORGET IT i'm reformatting my entire ubuntu00:41
tag-Kodemage: feisty00:41
ZionPsyferjnc, It looks like it's indeed a minimalist install that either provides different packages from a server install.  or provides the same packages as the server install, but is done from a non server CD.   I haven't been able to find a list detailing the differences.00:41
tag-gavintlgold: that would be strange...00:41
speaker219Anyone know how to get the desktop cube to work in gusty?00:41
Boumboum5Intelligitimate: Yes. ogg vorbis   uses the .ogg extension. Lots of info  on it in wikipedia :)00:41
jncZionPsyfer: oh thank you so much, you've saved me like hours of installing00:41
Pici!ccsm | speaker21900:41
ubotuspeaker219: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Gutsy(7.10) install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' - A new option will appear in your appearance properties - see also !compiz00:41
saloxinslain: you have to add a default gateway00:41
Keule|oni have to reboot - than maybe i'll be back saloxin00:41
agwellsto change the settings sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager << to change setting to enable cube and other features00:42
Kodemagetag: try those updates, maybe one of them is for update manager00:42
ColroI'm dragging different themes into the theme manager, it's saying they installed properly, and then...they don't show up on the list. :/00:42
oodahey, how do you change chat rooms, i would like to go to the emerald chat room00:42
tag-Kodemage: negative00:42
jncZionPsyfer: so... I'm going to try this "install" and I will say later, what happened =)00:42
ZionPsyferGlad to have (hopefully) helped.00:42
speaker219I installed ccsm00:42
speaker219And enabled desktop cube00:42
joankiand then # the room you want00:42
speaker219still doesn't wrok00:42
joankido this:00:42
oodaThanks a alot,00:42
saloxinslain: route add default gw <your gw> dev eth000:42
jessie^^hey, where does ubuntu keep the GDM login themes? I need to install one manually.00:42
ooda# emerald00:42
ZionPsyferjnc, Excellent.  I'd be interested to hear if there were differences.  I've done a few server installs.00:42
joanki type / and then join and then the room you want00:42
speaker219!emerald | ooda00:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:42
Boumboum5gavintlgold: that's a bit beyond my competence. :(  I'm still rather newbie-ish myself. At worst case, reinstall ubuntu.00:42
tag-is there something I might have done that would prevent the update manager from looking for new distribution versions?00:42
Yasumotoradar1976: is it on your server? or are you trying to connect to a site and view that picture? (or something else?)00:42
usserIntelligitimate: i dont think so, rockbox is an opensource firmware for many players00:42
gavintlgoldi'll wait before doing that, Boumboum5 ;)00:43
speaker219I installed ccsm00:43
gavintlgoldthanks anyway00:43
speaker219And enabled desktop cube00:43
usserIntelligitimate: so u can use it00:43
speaker219Doesn't work00:43
Pirate_Huntercan someone tell me what is wrong with my filesystem and how I can fix it?00:43
radar1976can anyone help me change text on a curl command?00:43
socketbindhi, what could toggle bluetooth when i am plugging in and out the power in my notebook?00:43
socketbindit extremely annoys me00:43
ProN00banyone got a apt source for bleeding edge (not head, but head that compiles&runs) compiz fusion preferably with all coolness effects enabled ?00:43
Picispeaker219: sounds like a config issue that #compiz-fusion can help with.00:43
radar1976socketbind: power management00:43
socketbindthere are no acpi scripts in /etc/acpi/ac.d or /etc/acpi/battery.d00:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:43
Boumboum5ooda: /join #emerald00:43
saloxinPirate_Hunter: error message?00:43
slainsaloxin: check pvt00:43
oodaah thanks00:43
agwellsCompiz Settings manager: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager00:43
agwells << to change setting to enable cube and other features00:43
radar1976check the bluetooth scripts00:43
socketbindradar1976: more specifically?00:43
speaker219How do you invoke the cube?00:43
Kodemagetag: it might be best if you just back everything up and install from a CD, upgrading isn't 100%, it fubar'd my system00:44
socketbindi just installed kubuntu-desktop00:44
ColroI'm dragging different themes into the theme manager, it's saying they installed properly, and then...they don't show up on the list. Is there a way to fix it?00:44
radar1976or could be a hardware power management00:44
speaker219Yeah I already downloaded and installed ccsm00:44
saloxinslain: don't see it. you registered nick?00:44
speaker219How do you invoke the cube?00:44
tag-Kodemage: oh sweet, another one of those00:44
socketbindand it always toggles the bluetooth state00:44
octo_anyone here know if  mdraid supports independent reads to different disks in the array, so i can have my sata raid 1 be faster than my crappy IDE drive?00:44
Keule|onsaloxin: thanx00:44
saloxinKeule|on: :-)00:44
Kodemagetag: you're telling me :(00:44
PiciProN00b: Check the http://opencompositing.org forums.00:44
agwellsCompiz Managments... Its in apperance00:44
Pirate_Huntersaloxin: i forgot wait http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41452/00:44
tag-backing everything up and upgrading is not much of an option for me.00:44
sco50000can someone help me set up my wireless SMCWPCI-G card?00:44
Picispeaker219: ctrl-alt click I think00:44
radar1976so if the power is plugged in, the bluetooth is on and when on battery it is off?00:44
oodadoes any one know how to change the taskbar theme for ubuntu using emerald?00:44
Rengis is safe to delete Broken Symlinks in root with Kleansweep??00:44
agwellsCompiz Managments... or Advanced Desktop Settings in Prefrences00:44
User667how to resolve message "No swap partition found; userspace software suspend will not work" ?00:44
Pirate_Hunter can someone tell me what is wrong with my filesystem and how I can fix it (http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41452/)?00:44
slainsaloxin: wlan0 static ip gateway
socketbindradar1976: i just can't find the thing that toggles bluetooth anywhere, and i dont need this functionality00:44
ZionPsyferspeaker219, or try ctrl+alt+left or right arrow.00:44
Keule|onand a message an al the guys - havin bla bla... go to the german channel - here is your homebase.... - shut up!00:45
Keule|onand a message an al the guys - havin bla bla... go to the german channel - here is your homebase.... - shut up!00:45
Keule|onand a message an al the guys - havin bla bla... go to the german channel - here is your homebase.... - shut up!00:45
speaker219ZionPsyfer: doesn't work00:45
Keule|oni got a solution!00:45
slainsaloxin: eth0 static ip gateway
sco50000can someone help me set up my wireless SMCWPCI-G card? please?00:45
ColroI'm dragging different themes into the theme manager, it's saying they installed properly, and then...they don't show up on the list. Is there a way to fix it?00:45
comicinke1sorry my isp...00:45
aleka/dev/sdc1   /media/sda1   ext3   umask=022   0   0    I have this entry in my fstab... any reason it is not working?00:45
flagelshell-scripts in /etc/acpi/suspend.d that begin with a number, which ones are executed first, the ones with a low number or high?00:45
oodadoes any one know anything about emerald00:45
saloxinslain: i need config. ip a and ip r.. pastebin?00:45
slainsaloxin: see my problem is that I now have 2 default gateways00:45
radar1976socketbind: did you get my last message?00:45
saloxinPirate_Hunter: reiserfs? *shudder*00:46
jncPirate_Hunter: uh...  I ran into this problem I think00:46
sco50000can someone please help me?00:46
speaker219Sorry I'm an idiot. I didn't enable Rotate cube plugin. thanks.00:46
sco50000can someone help me set up my wireless SMCWPCI-G card? please?00:46
tigerplug292http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tigerplugs-show trying to upgrade00:46
Kodemagetag: maybe you could re-install the update manager, I'm not sure exactly what that would entail though00:46
shadow33WHOIS shadow3300:46
saloxinslain: take away one gateway from /etc/network/interfaces00:46
slainsaloxin: what is pastebin00:46
xonicxsomeone has tried to  install gyache in gusty? deb installer is not working anymore. i used in 7.04.00:46
anhdepyeuAnyone know why medibuntu is giving me '302 Found' errors on apt-get update for a couple of days now?00:46
Pirate_Huntersaloxin: no not reseirfs jfs i use jfs now00:46
saloxin!pastebin | slain00:46
ubotuslain: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:46
jncPirate_Hunter: if this is what I think it is, you only need to run a few tools and change /etc/fstab, and substitute the UUID thing for the real dev00:46
Pirate_Hunterjnc: can you help me fix jfs filesystem?00:47
saloxinPirate_Hunter: hahah. even worse. blame yourself for horrible filesystem problems00:47
xonicxwhich repositary has gyache ? can i install it using apt?00:47
sco50000can someone please help me?00:47
slainsaloxin: if I remove 1 gateway00:47
sco50000can someone please help me?00:47
socketbindradar1976: oh sorry, of course i've got, it gets specifcally toggled, for instance if the hci_usb module is loaded it gets unloaded, if it is unloaded then it get loaded00:47
Ahornerhi all00:47
tigerplug292Couldn't download repository indexes is what I get when trying to upgrade from feisty00:47
Ahorneranybody remember em?00:47
tigerplug292any suggestions?00:47
xwyzexi seem to be having a problem upgrading to 7.04... says it cant download sources.gz00:47
jncPirate_Hunter: if there's anything wrong with your reiserfs though, you're screwed.  There are no useable recovery tools.00:47
slainsaloxin: if I remove 1 gateway then 1 of the networks wont work00:47
saloxintigerplug292: disable the repos complaining00:47
tigerplug292how do I do that?00:48
saloxinslain: not true. you get a route according to the network mask00:48
silvermoonwidowHello I just installed Ubuntu 7.10 and I am trying to figure out how I can play DVDs -- Can anyone here help me to figure this out?00:48
Ahornerim still on 7.1 beta00:48
socketbindradar1976: couldn't find any option to enable/disable this anywhere and /etc/acpi/battery.d nor /etc/acpi/ac.d has such a script that would do this00:48
silvermoonwidowI have tried VLC, Kaffeine, etc and nothing is working for me00:48
saloxintigerplug292: system > administration > software sources00:48
slainsaloxin: I need to use gateway to get on the internet and I need gateway to get onto the campus wireless00:48
Pirate_Hunterjnc: ok i guesss i have to edit the fstab thats not a problem but what is the problem is i dont know what tools to use and i use jfs as the filesystem00:48
socketbindradar1976: it started when i installed kubuntu-desktop00:48
stefg!dvd | silvermoonwidow00:48
ubotusilvermoonwidow: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs00:48
silvermoonwidowI get the DVD ROM icon to appear on the desktop but I cannot play any dvds00:48
shadow33sorry i am new. how can i change the channel? want to go to ubuntu-de00:48
benzonany one got news on the ati drivers ?00:48
carolalguem fala portugues ?00:48
jessie^^hey, where does ubuntu keep the GDM login themes? I need to install one manually.00:49
radar1976socketbind: oh?  so how does the power come in to play?00:49
xwyzexcan anyone help me?00:49
saloxinslain: ah the setup is not trivial. is the campus wireless a defined range?00:49
NeatcheeHey ever since my upgrade to Gutsy I've been having some problems with my wireless.00:49
ColroI'm dragging different themes into the theme manager, it's saying they installed properly, and then...they don't show up on the list. Is there a way to fix it? This is happening with several themes, so it can't just be a faulty one..00:49
sco50000hi, i need some help getting my wireless card working in 7.04 feisty. it is an SMCWPCI-G. any help would be apreciated00:49
ProN00bsilvermoonwidow, search the package management for dvd ?00:49
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:49
dga!portuguese | carol00:49
ubotucarol: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:49
ag5hi guys.... i am trying to hear radio but it doesn't work...any idea of what may be wrong? which package should i  install ?00:49
slainsaloxin: yes00:49
saloxinNeatchee: seems like you're not alone according to traffic in this channel. search gutsy bugs?00:49
socketbindradar1976: i dunno i'm just convinced that it shouldnt do things like this and i can't track it down, it just toggles the bluetooth, the hardware does not toggle it anyhow00:50
robert232323i don't know what i'm doing wrong... i installed wpn111 wireless usb device... says it installed correctly, but when i plug it in my system freezes00:50
usrhaving no sound even sound pref no joy.  Any hints?00:50
saloxinslain: so you need to add a route for that network through that interface. not a general gateway00:50
sco50000hi, i need some help getting my wireless card working in 7.04 feisty. it is an SMCWPCI-G. any help would be apreciated. i have tried tutorials, but none worked/ or i didn't understand them00:50
slainsaloxin: how do I do that00:50
radar1976socketbind: k, if you unplug the power, what happens?00:50
ProN00bsilvermoonwidow, dvd playing capability doesn't come from the player but from some aditional stuff that is not installed by default because of various strange laws and black voodo magic00:50
socketbindradar1976: i just dont know what stuff had kubuntu-desktop installed so it does such behavior00:50
saloxinslain: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=21726300:50
socketbindradar1976: if bluetooth module (hci_usb) is loaded, it gets unloaded, if it is loaded then it gets unloaded00:51
Pirate_Huntercan someone tell me the path to edit grub, ive formatted feisty from the system but the grub menu still shows it (ill take the entry off fstab as well)00:51
Kodemagetag: Consider this:00:51
Kodemagetag: apt-get uninstall update-manager00:51
Kodemagetag: apt-get update00:51
Kodemagetag: apt-get install update manage00:51
slainsaloxin: route add gw eth000:51
sco50000hi, i need some help getting my wireless card working in 7.04 feisty. it is an SMCWPCI-G. any help would be apreciated. i have tried tutorials, but none worked/ or i didn't understand them. can someone please help me? i have been working on this for hours.00:51
slainsaloxin: works so that I can see my friend00:51
slainsaloxin: but00:51
Kodemageapt-get install update-manager*00:51
anhdepyeuPirate_Hunter: usually /boot/grub/menu.lst00:52
ExtravertThe upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 really screwed up my system =(00:52
saloxinslain: -net and netmask?00:52
ubuntu06how are you00:52
joankii just reformatted my ubuntu - i'm not listening to anyone's advice on here unless they know what they're talkin about... just bout screwed up all my settings00:52
slainsaloxin: route add -net netmask gw eth000:52
slainsaloxin: does not work00:52
saloxinthats a small netmas00:52
Extraverthow do I add files to a cd-rw?00:52
socketbindradar1976: kind of strange now i have removed and purged everything that kubuntu had installed, rebooted and this behavior persists load/unloads that module00:52
Kodemagejoanki: "reformatted my ubuntu"?00:52
saloxinnetmask. you sure it's right?00:52
carolalguem pode me ajudar ?00:53
slainsaloxin: yes00:53
joankireinstalled sorry00:53
cdm10!pt | carol00:53
ubotucarol: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:53
tigerplug292how do I disable repos that ubuntu is complaining about so I can update to 7.100:53
jordan_Hello - im using the latest 7.10 and trying to connect via XDMCP to another box on my LAN, but I select it - it blinks, then returns me to my local login screen.  What can I do?00:53
Pirate_Hunteranhdepyeu: will check that00:53
radar1976socketbind:  does it do it randomly?00:53
saloxinslain: check syntax - howto says ...dev eth000:53
cdm10tigerplug292: through System>Admin>Software Sources00:53
joankibut i did reformat my ubuntu drives00:53
ag5any idea of what package should i install to my pc in order to hear e-radio?00:53
slainsaloxin: tried that as well00:53
sco50000hi, i need some help getting my wireless card working in 7.04 feisty. it is an SMCWPCI-G. any help would be apreciated. i have tried tutorials, but none worked/ or i didn't understand them. can someone please help me? i have been working on this for hours.00:53
tigerplug292thanks i'll give that a go00:53
slainsaloxin: did not work00:53
socketbindradar1976: it is triggered if i unplug or plug it in00:53
slainsaloxin: route add's fine00:54
xwyzexim trying to upgrard from 6.10 to 7.04 and it keeps telling sources.gz has failed... does anyone know how i can upgrade00:54
jakamoUpgraded from feisty to gutsy today.  Xorg now consumes way too much cpu and video playback becomes choppy after a while.  Running with nvidia Gforce 6200 and restricted glx drivers.  any ideas anyone?00:54
slainbut for some reason it does not work how it should00:54
radar1976does it unload it and load it all at the same time?00:54
radar1976or just unload00:54
sco50000hi, i need some help getting my wireless card working in 7.04 feisty. it is an SMCWPCI-G. any help would be apreciated. i have tried tutorials, but none worked/ or i didn't understand them. can someone please help me? i have been working on this for hours.00:54
saloxinslain: they don't stack nicely. first one takes precedence. ip r to see them all00:54
ubuntu_hello tash00:54
scoutshello codie00:54
socketbindradar1976: must be triggered by acpi but i can't find any script there that would trigger this00:54
cdm10!repeat | sco5000000:54
ubotusco50000: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:54
eladIt appears my soundcard wasn't recognised by Ubuntu's installation process. Help? (It's a Creative SB Live! 5.1.)00:54
radar1976ok stop the acpi service00:55
ubuntu_do you  use drugs00:55
usrdoes anyone know how to get sound to work?00:55
cdm10!ot | ubuntu_00:55
ubotuubuntu_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:55
CryoniqQuestion: In order to get the agpgart thing right in 7.10 for my ati9800pro (for direct rendering and everything) what should I do?00:55
trollboywhich is the current best Ubuntu mirror00:55
Rengis is safe to delete Broken Symlinks in root with Kleansweep??00:55
tigerplug292still cant update from feisty00:55
eladusr, we appear t oshare the problem.00:55
tigerplug292Is there a way that I can update from the terminal00:55
cdm10trollboy: if you go to System>Admin>SOftware Sources it'll find the fastest for you00:55
ag5which package should i install to hear radio from my pc ?00:55
tigerplug292I keep getting an error message00:55
cdm10tigerplug292: what message?00:55
`eric-hey, if i do a clean install of gusty will it overwrite my grub? (i have winxp installed as well)00:56
jakamoHelp Wanted: Upgraded from feisty to gutsy today.  Xorg now consumes way too much cpu and video playback becomes choppy after a while.  Running with nvidia Gforce 6200 and restricted glx drivers.  any ideas anyone?00:56
cdm10`eric-: yes, but it should find your XP (as long as you don't delete the partition)00:56
stefgjakamo, only cure: go back to feisty00:56
usrelad think i need to yell louder00:56
tigerplug292"could not download all repository indexes" Im using parallels and im not sure if I can connect to the net. But, it does show that there is an active network connection00:56
`eric-the kw being *should* ;)00:56
jakamostefg: are you joking?00:56
Ahorneri have an ati radeon x1550 pro. my resolution (1440x900) doesnt show up on the resolution menu00:57
cdm10jakamo: try disabling desktop effects: System>Preferences>Appearance00:57
saloxintigerplug292: whats parallels?00:57
stefgjakamo, no i'm 100% serious00:57
ZionPsyfertigerplug292, from the terminal, open up /etc/apt/sources.list in your favorite text editor.00:57
sco50000hi, i need some help getting my wireless card working in 7.04 feisty. it is an SMCWPCI-G. any help would be apreciated. i have tried tutorials, but none worked/ or i didn't understand them. can someone please help me? i have been working on this for hours.00:57
cdm10tigerplug292: go to System>Admin>SOftware SOurces00:57
cdm10!repeat | sco5000000:57
ubotusco50000: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:57
CryoniqQuestion: In order to get the agpgart thing right in 7.10 for my ati9800pro (for direct rendering and everything) what should I do? Do I have to compile kerner in order to get the correct one?00:57
jakamostefg: no desktop effects00:57
Kodemagesaloxin: a virtuasl machine technology for the mac00:57
socketbindradar1976: it is caused by acpi : |00:57
saloxinah. *shudder*00:57
jakamostefg: going back to feisty not so easy00:57
tigerplug292im in software sources, what do I do?00:57
zacchaeuslsusb locks up when I look for a usb hard drive (hd stuck in an enclosure with ext3 fs from another ubuntu box that's broken)00:57
Kodemageactually it's supposed to be really good00:57
cdm10tigerplug292: it's a bit risky to do the sources.list thing, this is a better way.00:57
NeatcheeI have a BCM4318 wireless chipset.  When using the bcm43xx restricted drivers, iwconfig reports a massive number of (ever increasing) Rx Invalid Crypt.   When using ndiswrapper, iwconfig reports a constantly increasing stream of Tx Excessive Retry and Invalid Misc.  I've been unable to find any bug reports or documentation about this problem.00:57
Ahornerdoes ruby still work?00:57
kotohow can I manually switch cpu freq governors? also cpu scaling is being done automatically but I want to like manually choose frequencies, and e.g. powersave mode00:57
cdm10tigerplug292: in the download from dropdown box, go to Other00:58
xwyzexi keep getting an error during upgrade00:58
cdm10tigerplug292: then click Choose Best00:58
NeatcheeI have a BCM4318 wireless chipset.  When using the bcm43xx restricted drivers, iwconfig reports a massive number of (ever increasing) Rx Invalid Crypt.   When using ndiswrapper, iwconfig reports a constantly increasing stream of Tx Excessive Retry and Invalid Misc.  I've been unable to find any bug reports or documentation about this problem. On another, possibly related note, when my Wii is on, I recei00:58
ZionPsyferagreed cdm10, he asked about doing it within the terminal though.00:58
xonicxi was using gyache in ubuntu 7.04. I did a clean install of 7.10 and looks like gyache is not available in repositary anymore. .deb installer is also broke. someone has tried gyache on ubuntu 7.10?00:58
sco50000is there anyone in here that knows how to set up wireless cards in feisty?00:58
Neatcheeve periodic disconnects every time the Wii and my router perform EAPOL negotiations.00:58
stefgjakamo, not true. compiz in in feusty, and you can add compiz-fusion to feisty as well. Going back should be a matter of restring the backup (that you didn't make)00:58
usrdid you try sound prefs?00:58
socketbindradar1976: any idea? i dont see anything among the scripts that would cause this but i'm not too knowledgeable about this thats true too00:58
tigerplug292ok, gimme a sec00:58
tigerplug292thanks by the way00:58
cdm10ZionPsyfer: oh, ok, I think he thought that upgrading from the terminal would work.00:58
eladusr, what exactly should I do there?00:59
saloxinKodemage: hihi. image of girl in bed with laptop on frontpage. very comforting00:59
eladYou mean preferences->sound, right?00:59
jakamostefg: backup? who makes backups!? :-/00:59
Ahornerim using restricted drivers and my resolution still doesn't show up00:59
Neatcheesco50000: Be patient.  There are a lot of people who need support.  Pose your question, and wait for an answer.  You may also try the support forums.  Someone will try to help you as soon as they are able.00:59
nick4does Evolution require Gnome libs? I am running Xubuntu00:59
tigerplug292it still give me the same server00:59
usras sudo it shouls allow you to set sounds prefs00:59
ZionPsyfercdm10, ahhh.00:59
eladHow do I take a screenshot? That might help us fix our problem.00:59
stefgjakamo, i do, whenever i do something with uncertain outcome00:59
Ahornerscreenshot button o.O00:59
eladusr, sudo-what exactly, though?00:59
zacchaeuslsusb locks up when I look for a usb hard drive (hd stuck in an enclosure with ext3 fs from another ubuntu box that's broken) what do i do?00:59
cdm10nick4: If you install evolution, it'll automatically install whatever's necessary to run.00:59
Kodemagesaloxin: yes, quite isn't it00:59
jakamostefg: plus have you ever really tried to restore a backup?  Aint nuthin easy about it.01:00
`eric-here goes nothing.01:00
eladAhorner, I don't have that button in my version.01:00
Rengwhat is safe to delete with kleansweep??01:00
eladAhorner, I used to, but no more.01:00
usrits being root!01:00
cdm10jakamo: sudo dd /media/disk/backup /dev/sda01:00
stefg!backup | jakamo01:00
ubotujakamo: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:00
cdm10jakamo: or something like taht01:00
nick4cdm10 Does evolution require Gnome libs?01:00
jakamostefg: unless you made a complete drive mirror which usually isn;t practical01:00
cdm10jakamo: if it's an image backup01:00
Kodemagesaloxin: the suggestion is that she can use it, which means they're trying to keep it idiot friendly01:00
eladusr, I know what sudo is, but what should I sudo?01:00
`eric-anyone know of a good web-based IRC client?01:00
stefgjakamo, read above01:00
cdm10`eric-: java.freenode.net, but it's not good.01:00
jakamocdm10: exactly my point01:00
ErikHKcdm10: thanks, it worked ;D01:00
`eric-cdm10, but it works? :)01:01
saloxinKodemage: ;-). i'll stick with xen and it's pains01:01
cdm10ErikHK: sweet, no problem01:01
cdm10`eric-: if you have java01:01
tigerplug292seems to have worked! so far so good!01:01
stefgjakamo, but it's too late anyway, so live with it, or reinstall feisty01:01
cdm10`eric-: there's also the firefox extension Chatzilla01:01
cdm10nick4: i dunno, do the command < aptitude show evolution >01:01
sco50000if there is anyone in here that knows how to set up wireless cards in feisty, please pm me01:01
nick4cdm10 thank you01:01
usrsorry thought you had to be root to get into sound prefs ,its been a long day01:01
`eric-cdm10, thanks01:01
cdm10usr: anything on Ubuntu that needs root should ask you for it, if you get to it from a menu.01:02
eladCould anyone please help me get sound working?01:02
ZionPsyfersco50000, I've googled your card without success.  Unless someone has that card, I'm not sure how much help we can be.01:02
Kodemagesaloxin: I'm not familiar with many VMs, just VMS and Parallell. Usually I just dual boot instead of take the performance hit.01:02
Cryoniqquestion: why have ati cards suddenly started working very bad and not at all with restricted? It worked good enough under feisty, but in gutsy not even the open source work anymore (and kernel tell something about failure with agpgart)?01:02
usrOK now that someone is ansering, we need help to spawn sound01:02
eladusr, who's answering?01:03
XP1how do i get wpa working?01:03
cdm10whaddaya mean, I'm answering?01:03
cdm10I don't know anything about sound.01:03
eladWell, he's answered a related question.01:03
eladBut not what we need.01:03
usrwait one its scrolling fast01:03
NeatcheeXP1: WPA should work automatically in Gutsy with NetworkManager01:03
saloxinCryoniq: read the release notes01:03
XP1when i select the network, it only shows me WEP and LEAP01:04
NeatcheeXP1: Where are you selecting the network from?  System -> Network, or the NetworkManager applet?01:04
Cryoniqsaloxin, are those available on webpage somewhere?01:04
thx1137Anyone been able to fix the HAL problem? ("Internal error: failed to initialize HAL!")01:05
mikyunix    w01:05
Cryoniqsaloxin: thanks :)01:05
earlmredis there a program that will let me work with access databases in ubuntu?01:05
saloxinshould be read by everyone. before upgrading. c'mon ppl01:05
XP1i am using the network icon on the upper right corner01:05
jncZionPsyfer: earlmred do you have a budget?01:05
jncmischat...   earlmred do you have a budget?01:05
earlmredjnc, rather use free software, depends.01:05
jncZionPsyfer: I'm poking the server now, it's going to be a while before I know01:05
Ahornererm.... whats command to mount01:06
Rolenunis the Intel x86 build usable with Intel 64-bit, or should I use AMD64? :)01:06
usrelad hope you get an answer, i'm bugging out!01:06
Genericanyone have awn running?01:06
jncearlmred: the best practice way I know is to have an ODBC connector on a windows box doing the access stuff, then connect that to a normal server's database like PostgreSQL or MySQL01:06
NeatcheeXP1: That means that NetworkManager is detecting the network as WEP incrypted, I believe.01:06
Ahornerwhats command to mount?01:06
XP1but my network is WPA01:06
earlmredjnc, i guess i'll just have to fire up a virtual machine running office =\01:07
NeatcheeXP1: Try this for me...01:07
NeatcheeXP1: Left click the network icon, and select "Connect to Other Wireless Network"01:07
jncearlmred: yeah, I'm just sharing what I've heard actually works01:07
NeatcheeXP1: type the SSID of your network there, and select WPA from the dropdown01:07
earlmredjnc, does codeweavers support access?01:07
jncI do small office / home office consulting for money01:07
zzzsco50000: According to the following address, your card is supported by Ubuntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=61095001:07
NeatcheeXP1: You want WPA Personal01:08
jncearlmred: no idea.  I'll bet they'd answer your inquiry though, especially if you fork over some money to them when it works :)01:08
earlmredsomething neat i noticed while using ie6 under wine ...01:08
saloxinearlmred: i think openoffice.org supports it natively. never done it though01:08
zacchaeuslsusb locks up when I look for a usb hard drive (hd stuck in an enclosure with ext3 fs from another ubuntu box that's broken) what do i do?01:08
phreckso. how do i get emerald themes in 7.10 heh.01:08
earlmredit DOES NOT render the same as ie6 under windows.01:08
NeatcheeXP1: Enter your password and select the encryption type if you know it (AES-CCMP or TKIP) otherwise leave it on auto01:08
jjs2wow.  just upgraded to Gutsy and despite having an nvidia card, hibernate AND suspend WORK!  is this supposed to happen? ;-)01:08
NeatcheeXP1: Did it connect?01:09
Cryoniqsaloxin: hmm so that blank screen issue is related to the agpgart errors in kernel.log?01:09
XP1yup, thanks Neatchee01:09
saloxinCryoniq: ati drivers are having issues. hope for better by the end of the month01:09
jnczacchaeus: if dmesg is full of weird messages about disconnects, you may have a bad hub somewhere / low power situation, or there's a change incompatible with that machine's kernel + hardware01:09
socketbindradar1976: i think i found it out, it is kind of my fault, thanks for helping01:09
shnastybiznasticI'm getting some distortion when playing mp3s since upgrading to 7.10.  anyone know what's up with that?01:09
racarteri am having problems with mounting ntfs drives...01:09
NeatcheeXP1:  Alright, if it doesn't automatically connect when you log-in in the future, come on back and we'll try to work through getting it to properly detect the network as WPA01:09
joshjoshI can't get any USB devices to automount. Any idea what the problem is?01:09
jncshnastybiznastic: haven't tried it yet for my desktop, are your volume settings too high?  anything over 70% will clip on most sound chips01:10
racarteri just turned on my machine and couldn't access the ntfs file, then did this:01:10
racarterFailed to mount '/dev/sda1': Operation not supported01:10
racarterMount is denied because NTFS is marked to be in use. Choose one action:01:10
shnastybiznasticjnc, even with my volume below 50% on both pcm and main it clips01:10
Pirate_Huntercan someone tell me how to fix this error (http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41452/)?01:10
jncshnastybiznastic: bummer, dude.01:11
zacchaeushmmm rejecting i/o to dead device?01:11
shnastybiznasticjnc, I'm using aqualung, if that helps any01:11
ColroFirefox locked up for a minute and turned black/white, and now that it's working fine it won't go back to normal colors. Is there any way to just turn this effect off entirely?01:11
zacchaeusthat's not a good thing...01:11
jncshnastybiznastic: the acid test is using alsaplayer-gtk to playback01:11
XP1is there a process manager like CTRL + ALT + DEL in windows?01:11
jncXP1: no01:11
racarterit will boot if i use force but why does this happen01:11
eladusser, any luck while I was away?01:11
GoshaXP1: Yes.01:11
JacobXP1, yes actually01:11
fatcatmatti downloaded and installed 7.10, but the themes dont seem to be working under the Art Manager.  any help?01:11
jncXP1: you could try gnome-system-monitor01:11
Ahornermount command?01:11
racarteri realize i am talking to myself...01:11
=== siriusnova_ is now known as siriusnova
joshjoshXP1, top -c in terminal01:11
Cryoniqsaloxin: ah.. maybe I should switch my other box GF6200 TurboForce edition then to this box instead meanwhile for some compiz love untill then :)01:11
JacobXP1, system > admin > system monitor01:12
earlmredkexi is supposed to open mdb with the right driver installed01:12
shnastybiznasticjnc, alright, I'll see qhat alsaplayer outputs01:12
earlmredinstalled the driver, but kexi crashes.01:12
GuyFromHellanyone have any good ideas to find which folders in a directory do not have a certain type of file?01:12
GoshaOkay, so .. what is console-kit-daemon? And why is it running at least 50processes at the same time eating my presiov RAM?01:12
saloxinCryoniq: or do like me. ignore compiz untill it stabilizes ;-)01:12
fatcatmatthow do i theme 7.10???01:12
saloxinCryoniq: but yes - the nvidia is reportedly working01:12
ZionPsyferColro, sounds like FF is in safe mode01:13
NeatcheeI have a BCM4318 wireless chipset.  When using the bcm43xx restricted drivers, iwconfig reports a massive number of (ever increasing) Rx Invalid Crypt.   When using ndiswrapper, iwconfig reports a constantly increasing stream of Tx Excessive Retry and Invalid Misc.  I've been unable to find any bug reports or documentation about this problem. On another, possibly related note, when my Wii is on, I receive periodic disconnects every01:13
Neatcheetime the Wii and my router perform EAPOL negotiations.01:13
Cryoniqsaloxin: yeah.. im trying another distro atm, ati card working very good in it, but im tied to kde then (and sure kde is nice with settings dialogues etc, but it feels so odd compared to gnome).01:13
jncGosha: never heard of it01:13
Ahornerhow do i reinstall that thing uhh its the mbr manager in ubuntu..01:14
Ahorneri cant remember the name..01:14
shnastybiznasticjnc, huh, I installed alsaplayer, but it's not autocompleting orvisible in the menu01:14
jncGosha: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=556272  found with google01:14
ColroZionPsyfer: Well, whenever a program stops responding it turns black and white until it is active again for some reason -- I thought it was a feature. For some reason Firefox didn't return to normal when it stopped locking up, though.01:14
NeatcheeCryoniq: I know what you mean.  KDE feels like a toy compared to gnome, I think.  Gnome feels crisp, and KDE feels...like...bubbles.01:14
jncshnastybiznastic: "alsaplayer-gtk"01:14
jncshnastybiznastic: I run it from commandline mostly01:14
ColroZionPsyfer: I'm not worried about WHY it locked up -- I caused that by applying a new GTK theme while it had 20+ tabs open :)01:14
CryoniqNeatchee: it is too much.. windows with it...01:14
shnastybiznasticjnc, the autocomplete or "alsa" only has "alsamixer" and "alsactl"01:15
shnastybiznasticweird, eh?01:15
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mrunagihello everyone01:15
fatcatmattim going back to 7.04...01:15
jncshnastybiznastic: the name of the program binary is "alsaplayer"01:15
ZionPsyferColro, lol, I kill myself in FF like that frequently.  restarting it didn't help either?01:15
mqueirosNeatchee: I agree... Gnome looks more professional.01:15
jncshnastybiznastic: the package to install is "alsaplayer-gtk"01:15
allorderHi can someone point me to the doc to make a chroot to emulate 32 bit on amd 64 on 7.10 ?01:15
joankianyone know how i use sudo to install xchat?01:15
joankiwhat is the corrrect thing to type?01:16
jncshnastybiznastic: I don't know, maybe I am wrong?01:16
Goshajnc: Thanks ... but appereantly that was not what slowed my system down.01:16
Goshajoanki: sudo apt-get install xchat01:16
mqueirosjoanki: sudo apt-get install xchat (probably)01:16
astro76joanki, sudo apt-get install xchat01:16
joankie: couldn't find package xchat01:16
ColroZionPsyfer: Well, restarting it fixed it, but I'd like to disable the feature entirely if it's possible ;x01:16
ZionPsyferseems we have a consensus01:16
eladNO SOUND01:16
=== Neatchee is now known as Slowpoke
fatcatmattjoanki: why dont u just use add/remove01:16
shnastybiznasticjnc, I know, I installed it from the package manager.  It wanted a few extra libraries, but it doesn't autocomplete on the commandline01:16
Slowpokejoanki: sudo apt-get install xchat01:16
eladFor christ's sake...01:16
=== Slowpoke is now known as Neatchee
joankibecause i want to use terminal01:17
jncshnastybiznastic: eh.  don't know01:17
jncworks for me here01:17
mqueirosjoanki: sudo apt-get install xchat-gnome01:17
jncI must be forgetting to tell you something01:17
fatcatmattjoanki: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-339436.html01:17
zzzjoanki: Are you sure that universe repository is enabled?01:17
Ahornercan i just update to go from 7.10 beta to 7.10?01:17
joankisome of them would not install, zzz01:17
shnastybiznasticjnc, well, thanks, I'll try and post a howto once I get it working01:17
fatcatmattgnome xchat sucks01:17
ebirtaidxchat sucks anyway01:18
ebirtaidirssi ftw01:18
* jnc cheers for irssi01:18
NeatcheeAhorner: open a terminal, type sudo apt-get update && update-manager01:18
fatcatmattirssi is too wierd01:18
eladEveryone: I ran lspci, and my soundcard is on that list, yet I hear no sounds.01:18
joankithanks fatcatmatt will read01:18
profanephobiagrub is missing gutsy splash screen what can i do?01:18
fatcatmattno prob, joanki.  i try01:18
ubotuTorrent clients: Azureus (Java), BitTornado (Shell with python front-end), KTorrent (KDE/Qt), rTorrent (C++) -  Bittorent FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html01:18
AhornerNeatchee: It's doing a partial upgrde i think01:18
ubotuTorrent downloads for the Ubuntu ISOs are available on all the download pages. For Gutsy: http://fr.releases.ubuntu.com/gutsy/ (CDs) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/7.10/release/ (DVDs) - Please download using the torrents if you can!01:18
zzzjoanki: It's weird that some will install whereas others do not...01:18
ZionPsyferColro, That I've no idea on.  I couldn't dig anything up on google either.  I'm not on 7.10 either so  I can't go through the prefs.  It's got to be in there somewhere though.01:18
joankiyes i know01:18
NeatcheeAhorner: Are you getting a message complaining about a partial upgrade?01:19
joankihey question, should i enable third-party software?01:19
fatcatmatthey joanki, check this site out.  www.movieforumz.com01:19
Ahorneri did it01:19
thedukenyis compiz-fusion incompatible with ATI x1400?01:19
Ahornerits downloading now01:19
ZionPsyferI'd be very surprised if it wasn't.01:19
ebirtaidfn'joanki: I would01:19
zzzjoanki: What does your /etc/apt/sources.list look like?01:19
profanephobiagrub is missing gutsy splash screen what can i do?01:19
fatcatmattmy themes aren't working on 7.10 so i am switching back to 7.0401:19
satoriousis there any way to set the compiz water effect as a screen saver?01:19
joankii found the problem01:19
joankisomething's not working over at ubuntu, i can't get the respository indexes01:19
NeatcheeAhorner: if that doesn't you can also run "sudo aptitude dist-upgrade" from a terminal01:19
joankiwhat does that mean, zzz01:19
AhornerNeatchee: will the partial upgrade get it to 7.10?01:20
fatcatmattjoanki: using 7.10?01:20
joankiyes, fatcat01:20
ebirtaidfn'joanki: it is a file01:20
joankiis that bad?01:20
jncNeatchee: suggest to use 'gksu -c' ;)01:20
fatcatmattjoanki: some stuff isnt working on mine either01:20
joankihow do i get to it to tell him what it looks like01:20
joankioh ok01:20
AxosI just did a clean install of 7.10 from CD and now that I'm booted from the hard disk, the mouse pointer moves but mouse clicks do nothing. I have no way to run a program or shut down the system.01:20
NeatcheeAhorner: Partial upgrade usually means something went wrong with a previous upgrade attempt01:20
zzzjoanki: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list01:20
Neatcheejnc: ah good point01:20
kkathmanwow rhtyhmbox really sux01:20
joankii wonder if i shoulda gotten te previous ubuntu01:20
joankihow do i get there, sorry01:20
fatcatmattjoanki: think 7.10 still has a few kinks in the system01:20
jakamoHow much cpu should xorg normally consume?  I'm talking about with say one window open, like xchat or something.01:20
Rolenunis the Intel x86 build usable with Intel 64-bit, or should I use AMD64? :)01:20
kkathmanit doesnt want to read the music directory I have01:21
ebirtaidfn'jakamo: it depends01:21
ebirtaidnot much though01:21
kkathmanlol very bad01:21
mrunagiwow sounds like 7,10 has a bunch of problems01:21
joankifatcat, xchat worked fine on it earlier before i reformatted01:21
AhornerNeatchee: i just installed 7.10 beta (i had it burnt earlier and didn't want to download rc)01:21
Sergothe installation of ubuntu 7.10 from alternate cd, took me an 1,5 hour, i didn't wait for the finish and reinstalled the 7.04 ...01:21
joankizzz:how do i get to that csources.list?01:21
fatcatmattjoanki: i just used add/remove for it and selected ALL AVAILABLE and it's there01:21
NeatcheeAhorner:  Well, let it run.  See how it goes :)01:21
ebirtaidfn'joanki: cat /etc/apt/sources.list01:21
zzzjoanki: Try this in a terminal window: cat /etc/apt/sources.list01:21
joankiit's there, but it won't download01:21
jakamoI'm registering about 2% with nothing happening and 15% when I move a window01:21
joankiok thx01:21
fatcatmattim downgrading, see ya all later01:21
thedukenyHas there been any issues with XGL for people moving from Fiesty do Gibbon?01:21
=== dest581 is now known as Dest581_
Kinkspeople sure are using my name a lot recently01:21
AhornerNeatchee: thanks. now what about my video card. I cant get it to the right resolution (1440x900)01:22
* Kinks ponders.01:22
jnclol @ downgrading01:22
fatcatmattkinks...cause there's too many kinks!!!01:22
NeatcheeAhorner:  You can always run "gksu -c aptitude dist-upgrade" later.  It won't hurt anything if you're fully upgraded :)01:22
ebirtaidhehe it is amusing to see all the people who were about to nut themselves about the new release coming back and complainging and talking about downgrading01:22
jtugusty sure is nice. thanks guys!01:22
mrunagikinks how do you do that01:22
Unbutu[G33Z3Ritunes for linux or do i need to run itunes in wine or crossover office?01:22
jncebirtaid: did we tell them that downgrade is not possible?01:22
jncwe should.01:22
Ahornerdoes compiz run with a x1550/1650?01:22
ebirtaidclean install ;)01:22
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Kinks/me assuming your client has it01:22
cafuegoUnbutu[G33Z3R: The latter, or use gtkpod to manage songs.01:22
Kinksotherwise send a ctcp ACTION01:22
NeatcheeAhorner: once the upgrade is complete you'll want to try System -> Administration -> Screens and Graphics01:22
ebirtaidI'm sure they'll figure it out soon enough01:22
* Kinks shrugs01:23
ZionPsyferUnbutu[G33Z3R,  gtkpod works with most ipods01:23
joankiumi can't copy and paste it01:23
jncUnbutu[G33Z3R: there's an iPod manager app written in python, forget the name of it, it's very good01:23
jakamoXorg cpu usage. how much is too much? I'm registering about 2% with nothing happening and 15% when I move a window01:23
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Unbutu[G33Z3Rcafuego:  thxs for help01:23
=== xl33t is now known as l33tx
joankihow do i get it to go to pastebin if i cannot copy and paste01:23
cafuegoSee also gpixpod for managing photos on your pod.01:23
zzzjoanki: Are you using Ubuntu or Kubuntu?01:23
astro76jakamo, that's normal01:23
seanieb65I need someone who is familiar with the new ATI drivers and my intel iMac01:23
jncjakamo: X reports CPU utilization incorrectly, no matter what you do01:23
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NeatcheeAhorner: from there you can set your monitor type, making sure to check the "widescreen" checkbox when you pick your monitor.  That will enable widescreen resolutions (like 1440x900)01:23
joankigot it01:23
zzzjoanki: Try this in a terminal window: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list01:23
seanieb65I'm having some serious issues with it01:23
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aoupihmm, can't find any wireless PCI cards that work out of the box to buy in sweden :(01:24
Unbutu[G33Z3Ris apple gonna release  itunes for us poor  nix users you think?01:24
jakamojnc: what kinda sense does that make?01:24
NeatcheeAhorner: My pleasure :)01:24
seanieb65if anyone could private msg me and help me out, it would be great01:24
joankithere it is01:24
NeatcheeNow if only someone knew how to help with MY problem XD01:24
jakamoI thought the kernel reported cpu usage01:24
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=== seanieb65 is now known as seanieb6492
NeatcheeI have a BCM4318 wireless chipset.  When using the bcm43xx restricted drivers, iwconfig reports a massive number of (ever increasing) Rx Invalid Crypt.   When using ndiswrapper, iwconfig reports a constantly increasing stream of Tx Excessive Retry and Invalid Misc.  I've been unable to find any bug reports or documentation about this problem. On another, possibly related note, when my Wii is on, I receive periodic disconnects every01:24
Neatcheetime the Wii and my router perform EAPOL negotiations.01:24
jncjakamo: the reason is complicated, technical, and AFAIK no one completely understands what to do about it01:24
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joankiwow zzz01:24
joankii did what you said and that is AWESOME01:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about p3 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:25
ZionPsyferanyone know if they've overcome that checksum on the new gen ipods that prevents synching in linux?01:25
joankii wish i knew how to use terminal like that01:25
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:25
seanieb64Anyone can help me with the ATI drivers?01:25
seanieb64Is there an IRC channel anywhere for them?01:25
unilynxseanie: whats the problem?01:25
zzzjoanki: What is awesome?01:26
sco50000hi, i need some help getting my wireless card working in 7.04 feisty. it is an SMCWPCI-G. any help would be apreciated. i have tried tutorials, but none worked/ or i didn't understand them. can someone please help me? i have been working on this for hours.01:26
crdlbseanieb64, for the restricted ati driver (fglrx), there's #ati01:26
jtusco50000: why not upgrade to gusty?01:26
h1st0Who ever recomended FreeNX the other night TY.  This really rox.01:26
MOHELeba q taa mreja shashawa01:26
unilynxsco50000: upgrade to 7.10. Better wireless support.01:26
MOHELkolko hora ima01:26
jncjakamo: the kernel presents useage statistics to procfs, but the actual consumption of memory gets dually reported in certain types of multithreaded programs01:26
ebirtaidneatchee:  I installed pclos to get my broadcom working :/01:26
joankithat that text put it into an editor01:26
joankithat is awesome01:26
allorderHi everyone cant find the doc to do chroot 32bit on ubuntu 7.10 someone have a link for me ?01:26
cduckis anyone else going crazy w/ a dv9000, gutsy and no sound?01:26
joankidid you see the pastebin i put up?01:26
jakamojnc: didn't know that01:26
jncjakamo: so, X11 gets reported double what it actually is using01:26
Sergowhy the ubuntu 7.10 toke me more then 2 hour on installation from alternate Cd..01:26
jncjakamo: other times, the reporting is just plain wrong01:27
sicka-samoAnyone know how to get winamp skins to work with Beep?01:27
cduckspecifically, does anyone have any specific suggestions as to how to get sound working on it01:27
Sergoi think that there are not developers on ubuntu, but students01:27
juanhey anybody had troubles with compiz and your minimize close disappering01:27
Sergothat don't know programming01:27
Neatcheeebirtaid: pclos?01:27
jakamojnc: so I should throw top in the toilet.01:27
jncjakamo: you'll see this if you run xmms v1.x, there's like 10 different processes named xmms01:27
astro76Sergo, ask for your money back01:27
Ahornerman i hate it how you can't install anything while an upgrade/update is running01:27
jtui had to use the gutsy-alternate cd to get things to install01:28
sicka-samoAnyone know how to get winamp skins to work with Beep?01:28
ebirtaidfn'Neatchee: pclinuxos another distro01:28
zzzjoanki: It should work the way it is now. It's weird that it is not working...01:28
zzzjoanki: Try "sudo apt-get update"01:28
jtuAhorner: that is one nice thing gentoo has going for it01:28
Neatcheeebirtaid: Yeah, I'm gonna stick with Ubuntu, thanks :P01:29
Sergoastro76: i installed back 7.04 ... couldn't not installed 7.10, the installation process from alternate was verrrrry slow01:29
ebirtaidhehe yea :D01:29
Ahornerjtu: lol01:29
ebirtaidbut let me find you a link real quick01:29
sicka-samoAnyone know how to get winamp skins to work with Beep?01:29
neur1hello . . .do we need to update the Restricted Formats01:29
eythianwhen I switch on desktop effects, I lose all my window borders. Anyone know how to fix that?01:29
donny_bakeri am having issues with configuring dhcp3-server... keeps telling me 'No subnet declaration for eth0 ('01:29
joankiit came back saying e: type "gksu" is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list01:29
bobesponjaI'm trying to use my SIP phone but I get a message saying that port 5060 is already in use, is there a way to free that port or to know what application is using it?01:29
donny_bakerconfiguration detail here: http://pastebin.ca/74402601:29
ebirtaidhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197102 neatchee01:29
donny_bakerany ideas?01:29
Neatcheeebirtaid: it's not that the card doesn't work, it's just that it's giving me an uncomfortable number of Tx Excessive Retry and Invalid Misc counts01:29
jtuAhorner: gentoo guys have to optimize everything they can because compiling from source takes so long01:29
ebirtaidworked for me after installing ndiswrapper manually and wicd01:29
ebirtaidit started working01:30
sicka-samoAnyone know how to get winamp skins to work with Beep?01:30
Sergothe ubuntu has no professionalism ...01:30
Pirate_HunterIf i dont want to install itunes on ubuntu but wish to convert my songs to ACC and play them which music player does this?01:30
ebirtaiddunno about that then01:30
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:30
katharosHi, I've been trying to get nvidia drivers working for hours now, with no luck. I keep hitting the bulletproof X system whenever i restart, can anyone help me?01:30
Juice^Sergo: are you really bored? :)01:30
zzzjoanki: Have you entered anything in gedit and saved the file? Maybe you just corrupted /etc/apt/sources.list. Can you re-pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list?01:30
Alpha_Clusterhow can i force remove something?01:30
joankii just did01:30
joankican ij ust cut and paste it back in?01:30
sicka-samoAnyone know how to get winamp skins to work with Beep?01:30
Sergoonly user have professionalism01:30
joankihow do i get to my source file01:30
zzzjoanki: You can.01:30
astro76Sergo, please take your nonsense elsewhere01:31
Neatcheeebirtaid: yeah I'm actually talking to you right via the bcm4318 connection :P01:31
ebirtaidhaha word :D01:31
kotohow can I manually switch cpu freq governors? also cpu scaling is being done automatically but I want to like manually choose frequencies, and e.g. powersave mode01:31
mrunagikatharos: you mean it makes you reinstall the drivers every time u restart?01:31
Neatcheeebirtaid: so yeah, it works, just...i don't like that many error messages, ya know?01:31
Neatcheeplus the Wii thing is driving me crazy01:31
wirechiefhas the fiesty to gutsy bug 133474 been resolved ?01:31
sicka-samoFor isues with bcm4318 I recommend upgrading to Gutsy!01:31
ebirtaidas long as it is working it might be ignorable01:31
ychatkatharos, try http://albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html .... it also fixes xorg.conf01:31
jtusicka-samo: take a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15148601:31
neur1in 7.10 do we need to update Restricted Formats or is it included?01:32
katharosno, no matter what i choose in the bulletproof X options it starts up in low-graphics mode01:32
Sergoi am ready to pay for ubuntu, but give me a professional system01:32
cafuegokoto: dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applet -> allow it to be suid root. The add the scaling applet and click it to force a frequency.01:32
katharosychat: i dont think it changes anything01:32
Pirate_HunterIf i dont want to install itunes on ubuntu but wish to convert my songs to ACC and play them which music player does this?01:32
sicka-samojtu: thanks I'll take a look01:32
ebirtaidsergo:  go buy linspire or redhat then?01:32
Neatcheei can't even leave my wii in standby, because it still does EAPOL negotiation, which for reason disconnects my wireless on my laptop.01:32
Sergothey sucks01:32
Sergoi want opensource01:32
zzzSergo: Try CentOS. It is the same as RHEL...01:32
ZionPsyferSergo,  SuSE?01:32
ebirtaiddamn thats kind of strange01:32
cafuegoYou're free to not use it if you don't like it.01:32
sicka-samojtu: Actually i already saw that, it says that you can get them from Winamp but it doesn't say how to install them!01:32
jncjnc@baker:~$ grep "^[a-z]\{5\}$" /usr/share/dict/words  | rl | head -n 101:32
h1st0Neatchee: really I've never had a problem with mine01:32
jncwhat are the chances01:33
Neatcheeebirtaid: I know!  I don't get it :-\01:33
SergoZionPsyfer: tried opensuse, but it is not much flexible....01:33
Alpha_ClusterSergo: maybe ytou should just get a support subscription with Cononical01:33
wirechiefhas the fiesty to gutsy upgrade bug 133474 been resolved ?01:33
jakamobobesponja: netstat -np | grep 506001:33
ZionPsyferSergo, what are you looking for exactly?01:33
jtusicka-samo: i've never used beep so i wouldn't know01:33
cduckanyone else using a dv9000/dv9500?01:33
Neatcheeh1st0: I didn't have a problem until Gutsy :-\01:33
sicka-samojtu: thanks anyway01:33
neur1in 7.10 do we need to update Restricted Formats for dvd play or is it included?01:33
=== wgheath is now known as xp_prg3
katharosi've installed the nvidia-glx-new driver from the restricted repository and tried various different xorg.conf variations but nothing gets it to start up01:34
jakamobobesponja: that will show the pid of the process using port 506001:34
profanephobiahow can i specify port on remote computer  with rcp01:34
bobesponjajakamo: thanx, found it it was asterisk01:34
ocz&msg identify 3cmkw3fc4p01:34
SergoZionPsyfer: an alternative to windows...01:34
jakamobobesponja: makes sense01:34
joankizzz: phew i saved it01:34
joankiwow this really is open source01:34
knixocz: whoops01:34
ebirtaidocz:  ops?01:34
Neatcheesmooth one, ocz01:34
ebirtaidoops also01:34
jncocz: ouch01:34
sco50000how do i upgrade to getsy from feisty?01:34
crittUpgraded to 7.10 from 7.4 Now I can't move, resize or close them unless I do it using the task bar . ANy ideas ?01:34
wirechiefhas the fiesty to gutsy upgrade bug 133474 been resolved ?01:34
zzzjoanki: Can you paste-bin your /etc/apt/sources.list again?01:34
kotocafuego: thanks a lot!01:34
eric-upgrading from feisty screwed my shit up :P01:35
joankiit just worked zzz01:35
Colrowhat's the command to see my current video driver version?01:35
joankii didnt have internet connectionb efore01:35
joankistupid i know01:35
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.01:35
ZionPsyferSergo, more specifically.   What about Ubuntu or Redhat or SuSE are you not satisfied with?01:35
zzzOkay. joanki. That is good to know!01:35
Sergoanyone have installed the gutsy ubuntu from alternate, how much time the installation process take?01:35
joankizzz i think i accidentallyt created another copy called sources.list.save01:35
joankiin that same file01:35
jmagHas anyone tried installing 7.10 from the alternate CD with encryption without using the guide?01:35
joankiis it ok that i did that?01:35
joankior should i try to delete it01:35
sco50000how do i upgrade to gutsy from feisty?01:35
joankii'm afraid to touch anything else01:35
zzzjoanki: It's okay; it can stay there.01:35
Peloanyone else got their icon theme screwed up in the upgrade ?  those little emblems are all realy realy little now01:36
wirechiefhas the fiesty to gutsy upgrade bug 133474 been resolved ?01:36
=== co_band_drummer is now known as Co_9il4
sco50000how do i upgrade to gutsy from feisty?01:36
jmagI don't want to erase the existing partion that is already on the computer.01:36
Pelo!upgrade | sco5000001:36
ubotusco50000: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:36
joankizzz: are you using xchat? or irssi?01:36
cduckthis channel is madness!01:36
lunhi all, after upgrading to gutsy today, my laptop has become extremely slow in opening any application, I watched top for some time but nothing suspicious showed up, anyone having the same problem here?01:36
wirechiefsco50000: check the bug reports they are having issues01:36
zzzjoanki: I am using Konversation under Kubuntu.01:36
jakamosco50000:  clcik on system/administration/update manager.   there should be a notice of upgrade available.01:36
wirechiefhas the fiesty to gutsy upgrade bug 133474 been resolved ?01:37
ChrisC35I just upgraded my computer to an Athlon 64 X2 - does that mean I should get the 64bit version of Ubuntu?01:37
joankialso, zzz, can you recommend a good compiler for linux? and debugger?01:37
donny_bakeri am having issues with configuring dhcp3-server... keeps telling me 'No subnet declaration for eth0 ('01:37
donny_bakerconfiguration detail here: http://pastebin.ca/74402601:37
tigerplug292how do i update from feisty?01:37
donny_bakerany ideas?01:37
bqmasseyanyone know how to get forward/back buttons (logitech mouse) working in firefox??  what I found on google hasn't worked01:37
shnastybiznasticjnc, you are going to love this:  the root of my earlier problem was the default installation of aqualung *being turned up too loud*01:37
wirechiefnot safe to upgrade from fiesty to gutsy01:37
zzzjoanki: gcc and gdb, respectively! But they are command-line tools whereas you are probably looking for a IDE...01:37
katharoswirechief: shouldnt there be somewhere you can look that up?01:37
astro76!mouse | bqmassey01:37
wirechiefi have01:37
joankii want gcc and gdb01:38
joankiand valgrind01:38
joankifor c++01:38
wirechiefkatharos: google shows the bug remains01:38
ubotubqmassey: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto01:38
DagonWhat do I need to do to mount my IPOD on Gutsy X3201:38
jncshnastybiznastic: wow, that deserves a lol.01:38
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS) | Due April 2008 | For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron01:38
lunhi all, after upgrading to gutsy today, my laptop has become extremely slow in opening any application, I watched top for some time but nothing suspicious showed up, anyone has any suggestion of how to fix this problem?01:38
LinuxJuggaloit looks so far away :(01:38
tigerplug292I cant install gutsy in parallels is there a workaround?01:38
joankido i need to download those special, zzz, or are they available here in the respository indx?01:38
katharoswirechief: oh ok. dont mind me :)01:38
wirechiefkatharos: but people are still trying to update and they are crashing01:38
bqmasseythanks astro7601:38
Falstiusdoes anyone have a neuros HD and can tell me how it is supposed to work?  Is it supposed to show up as a HD (it isn't for me) or do I have to use positron?01:38
zzzjoanki: Okay. They are in the repository. Do this "sudo apt-get install build-essential g++"01:38
mlalkakahi everyone01:38
suse-loverHey Garu01:38
joankigot it01:38
hordaghow can i install beryl?01:38
unilynxWas ZSNES removed from Gutsy? When I try to look for it in Synaptic, it's not there for some reason. Anyone know?01:38
SergoZionPsyfer: with ubuntu i am satisf., but don't know why the installation process take so much time01:39
Pelohordag, ask in #ubuntu-effects01:39
astro76!info zsnes | unilynx01:39
ubotuunilynx: zsnes: Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (TM). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510-1 (gutsy), package size 878 kB, installed size 4060 kB (Only available for i386)01:39
wirechiefFailed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/commercial/binary-i386/Packages.gz 404 Not Foun01:39
ZionPsyferSergo, how long did it take?01:39
suse-lovergaru: did you see what I said... this guy immediately kicked me out of the channel... he's always like that, lacking respect to everyone and assuming one is shit01:39
tigerplug292anyone know anything about install Gutsy in parallels01:39
SergozionPsyfer: i watched the T.V. 1 hour and the installation procces wasn't finished yet01:39
astro76unilynx, running 64bit?01:39
Ashfire908is there a way to get a system to recreate the files for users' home folders? i had a system that the drive that had /home on it broke and i want to recreate the basic files01:39
Seeker`!language | suse-lover01:39
ubotususe-lover: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.01:39
wirechiefbug 133474 Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/commercial/binary-i386/Packages.gz 404 Not Foun01:39
unilynxastro76: Yep01:39
astro76unilynx, that's it then01:39
Sergowaited again some time and then interupted the installation..01:39
f0rgeIf`I cant seem to get avant dock working on ubuntu, I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41457/plain/.. I'm pretty much out of clues of how to fix it now :\01:39
wirechiefbug 133474 Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/commercial/binary-i386/Packages.gz 404 Not Foun01:40
hordaghow can i install beryl with new 7.10?01:40
crittAfter upgrade to 7.10 I cant move resize.or close any open windows. Any Ideas??01:40
unilynxastro76: Okie dokie. I never even thought of that. This is the first time I've used 64bit so...01:40
cafuegowirechief: Yes, we get it, stop pasting.01:40
gnomefreakhordag: you cant, use compiz01:40
wirechiefok fix it then.01:40
stdin!beryl | hordag01:40
ubotuhordag: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz01:40
zzzwirechief: Can you remove the appropriate line in your /etc/apt/sources.list file and try upgrading then?01:40
Rich4I have a problem. any help for ubuntu features?01:40
donny_bakerwirechief: patches welcome01:40
unilynxastro76: Do you know if I can add 32bit repos'?01:40
Rich4/jion #ubuntu-features01:40
gnomefreakwirechief: its now called partner not commericial01:40
ZionPsyferSergo, That's not horrible.  A vista install at work took around 90 minutes.  It definitely depends on your hardware and how many packages you install.01:40
tigerplug292Gutsy in parallels anyone?01:41
f0rgeIf`I fixed it01:41
mlalkakaIs there an easy way to remove all non-default packages using synaptic or apt-get? In other words, I want to remove all packages that I have installed since installing ubuntu.01:41
wirechiefyes but most people dont know about it01:41
mrunagihas hibernation been fixed in gutsy?01:41
=== ubuntu_ is now known as tyler54
suse-loverBTW, I have an error on the avant-docker as well... I installed the dev version coz that's what they recommend... and everything works corectly except that it appears offset by 1cm where it should be, it appears like 1cm above from the bottom screen,and when it should hide it doesn't, just half of it. It is as if it thinks the screen is bigger... any help please?01:41
Ashfire908how do i recreate a user's home folder and the basic files?01:41
hordaghow do i get the cube????01:41
ZionPsyferSergo, No half hour install, which is nice.  But an hour isn't too too bad.  Have you tested the media as well?  cdrom might be having trouble as well.01:41
mlalkakaAshfire908: what do you mean my recreate? did you delete the user account?01:42
zzzAshfire908: Try copying everything under /etc/skel to the user's home directory. Don't forget to change the ownerships though!01:42
Lifeisfunnyhordag, you have to install the compiz configuration manager01:42
katharoshey, is there a good way to troubleshoot graphics driver problems, like a log that will tell me where it breaks?01:42
=== suse-lover is now known as luislo
hordagi read that in new 7.10 berzl would be integrated?????01:42
joankihow come when i am installing g++ it requires me to enter my 7.10 installation cd?01:42
astro76unilynx, dunno01:42
hordagwhere do i find compiy manager??01:42
Lifeisfunnyhordag, I think it's compiz that is integrated01:42
Lifeisfunnyin synaptic01:42
donny_bakerjoanki: need to comment out your cdrom in sources.list01:42
astro76hordag, it's called compiz fusion now but yes01:42
don-ojoanki: edit /etc/apt/sources.list to remove the cd repository01:42
zzzjoanki: You can remove the line that corresponds to the CD in /etc/apt/sources.list01:42
scguy318!ccsm | hordag01:42
ubotuhordag: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Gutsy(7.10) install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' - A new option will appear in your appearance properties - see also !compiz01:42
SergoZionPsyfer: don't know.. the ubuntu 7.04 has been installed more quiqly..01:43
hordagwhere do i find compiy fusion???01:43
mlalkakakatharos: /var/log/Xorg.0.log. Specifically, you could run the command `grep '(EE)' /var/log/Xorg.0.log` to display all errors01:43
scguy318hordag: in Gutsy, its bundled with it01:43
katharosmlalkaka: thanx, i'll try that01:43
nrpkatharos, /var/log/Xorg.0.log will have X information, dmesg would have more driver related info01:43
Lifeisfunnyhordag, it's already isntalled01:43
Unbutu[G33Z3Rgrkpod works a treat thxs for help01:43
codesnikhello. is it possible to download all needed packets for gutsy beforehand? my ISP is making something awful today, and i'm afraid my internet connection won't last for a two hours without a break01:43
joankiok ok whatline is that?01:44
don-ocodesnik: download and burn the .iso?01:44
hordagand where is it installed how do i start it_01:44
joankithat i am to delete01:44
Lifeisfunnyhordag, look at system/preferences/appearance01:44
loboeeek one upgrade to gutsy went fine, just did another box and I now see initramfs command prompt running BusyBox any ideas/links to sort this out01:44
zzzjoanki: If I am not mistaken it's the first line.01:44
scguy318codesnik: you could download the alternative CD and perform a CD upgrade01:44
katharosnrp: i've looked through dmesg a bit, and didnt find anything helpful (at least that i could understand) but thanx01:44
joankideb cdrom: ......01:44
joankido i just delete it?01:44
scguy318hordag: its started automatically01:44
joankithe whole line?01:44
scguy318hordag: that is, if your system can handle it01:44
mlalkakakatharos: actually, a slightly better command is `grep '^(EE)' /var/log/Xorg.0.log` but either will do.01:44
zzzjoanki: Yes.01:44
Lifeisfunnyon the last tab is visuals .... that is where some of the tweaking takes place01:44
donny_bakerjoanki: no put a '#' in front of it01:44
Lifeisfunnythe other tweaking is done in the CCSM01:44
joankizzz # sounds right to you?01:45
zzzjoanki: donny_baker's suggestion is a better one.01:45
joankisorry donny01:45
SergoZionPsyfer: for example , i think, what the installation process must be more regid..01:45
=== lobo is now known as lobo_nz
zzzdonny_baker: Thanks01:45
donny_bakerjoanki: that is a comment line.. if you need it back in the future you just remove the #01:45
ebirtaidhm does anyone know how to set dpi in gutsy?01:45
joankiok thank you donny01:45
Ashfire908mlalkaka, i lost the entire /home folder, and i would like to recreate it.01:45
donny_bakerjoanki: np01:45
mlalkakahordag: lol you must be a new gnu/linux user. welcome to the club!01:46
Ashfire908zzz, do i have to do anything to the files?01:46
nrpebirtaid, system, preferences, appearance, fonts, details01:46
ebirtaidcool thanks01:46
SergoZionPsyfer: for example, if there is a small scrath on Cd, the installation can fail with red screen:) .. with windows xp, there can be a 1000 of scratch, but no problem with installing01:46
AhornerSergo: no joke01:46
Sergoand installation doesn't freeze01:46
mlalkakaAshfire908: how did you lose it?01:46
Lifeisfunnyebirtaid, system/preferences/appearance/fonts01:46
usserthrough a hole in the pocket :)01:46
Ahorneri had 4 corrupted files for xp and it still worked lol01:46
hordaghow can i manage the settings?01:46
mlalkakaIs there an easy way to remove all non-default packages using synaptic or apt-get? In other words, I want to remove all packages that I have installed since installing ubuntu.01:46
zzzAshfire908: After you copy them, run "chown -R user:user /home/user" where user is the username whose home directory you are working on.01:47
Falstiusmlalkaka: you could probably just reinstall more easily.01:47
Ashfire908mlalkaka, i *DID* have a hard drive failure in my server, but now it is somehow work!01:47
Lifeisfunnyhordag, install the CCSM and it will let you tweak the settings01:47
astro76Sergo, your comparing CD-Rs with pressed CDs, that has nothing to do with windows or linux01:47
ZionPsyferSergo, see my experience is the opposite.  My XP cd is scratched and I have to use a specific cdrom drive to install it.  My dapper cd is more forgiving and is scratched worse.01:47
hordagwhats that_01:47
joankinow that i've installed g++ how do i get gcc?01:47
joankiand gdb01:48
nrpjoanki, sudo apt-get install build-essential01:48
Ahornerfor flash player am i supposed to download in rpm, tar.gz, or yum?01:48
joankinrp i already did what you said with the word g++ at the end01:48
joankiis that the same thing?01:48
donny_bakeri am having issues with configuring dhcp3-server... keeps telling me 'No subnet declaration for eth0 ('01:48
donny_bakerconfiguration detail here: http://pastebin.ca/74402601:48
Ashfire908zzz, nm the drive is *somehow* working01:48
donny_bakerit appears to have a subnet declaration any ideas?01:48
zzzAshfire908: That's good!01:48
CoasterMasterAhorner, are you trying to install in Firefox?01:48
Lifeisfunnyhordag, open a terminal and run      sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager01:48
mlalkakaFalstius: I don't want to reinstall because I have used ubuntu a lot since installation and i don't want to lose my personal files (i'm using feisty not gutsy right now).01:48
NecrosanXen is broken01:48
Necrosanit always crashes01:49
nrpjoanki, if you installed build-essential, gcc and gdb are there01:49
Necrosanright when X is supposed to start01:49
Necrosanrunning amd6401:49
Ashfire908zzz, the server's array controller said it had failed, but it's working somewho01:49
AhornerCoasterMaster: yeah01:49
joankihow do i make them run?01:49
joankii typed g++ i typed gcc01:49
zzzAshfire908: Time for backups, eh?01:49
joankinothing happened01:49
luislohow do I uninstall and erase something I installed from source by sequeantially using make and make install?01:49
CoasterMasterAhorner, you can just go to a website that uses Flash, and Firefox will automatically offer to install flash [note: this does not work with 64-bit systems]01:49
LifeisfunnyHOR system/preferences/appearance/ADVANCED DESKTOP EFFECTS SETTINGS01:49
Sergoastro76: i think that the installation will take more than 2 hours, is dangerous to wait so much time01:49
AhornerCoasterMaster: oh yeah.01:50
joshjoshI'm having problems automounting anything USB in Gutsy. Any fixes?01:50
yalokiluislo: "make uninstall" if you still have the sources, or pray01:50
Sergothe installation of an Os..01:50
mlalkakaluislo: most source packages have a target called 'uninstall'. so you could run `make uninstall`01:50
luisloyaloki: I have them, hehe, and I did make uninstall... but then, how do I erase everything?01:50
Sergono more questions..01:50
joankinrp: was that just a totally dumb question .... how do i get gcc to run?01:50
astro76Sergo, if you are having an issue, ask a question instead of insulting developers01:50
nrpjoanki, are you sure you installed build-essential?01:50
nrpjoanki, it's just 'gcc'01:50
yalokiluislo: how do you mean, "everything" ? make uninstall supposedly removes everything it installs with make install01:50
joankii typed sudo apt-get install build-essential g++01:51
tyler54f u"s01:51
joankiwhen i type gcc, it says : gcc: no input files01:51
astro76!ops | tyler5401:51
ubotutyler54: Help! Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok or Pici01:51
luislosee guys, I install a development version of something which works correct except that the graphics don't look quite nice, so I want to install the stable version... but when I do, it seems like all the previous configurations remain01:51
nrpjoanki, hmm, well g++ would come with build-essential anyway01:51
mlalkakaluislo: if you are installing things from source, you might want to try a program called checkinstall. it installs programs from source and produces .deb package for them, making uninstallation easier.01:51
Ashfire908zzz: lol thanks for remining me! i would have forgotten (seriously)01:51
luisloso it 's not loeaded correctly01:51
nrpjoanki, ok good, that means you have gcc, you just have to give it a file to compile01:51
CoasterMasterjoanki, you have gcc installed01:51
joankiokkkkkk got it01:51
joankithis is dif than dev c++01:51
CoasterMastergcc foo.c01:51
LjLastro76: that was perhaps a bit unwarranted...01:51
joankii actually have to do it through terminal, i got it01:51
AquaHey guys, I just tried upgrading to Gutsy, and about three hours into the upgrade, my computer overheated, had a sudden kernel panic, and shut down.  Just about the worst possible time for that to happen.  The computer is upbootable.  Does anyone recommend a way to recover my files before I wipe everything and reinstall?  I tried burning a Ubuntu live CD, but the internal drive could not be mounted even from the live CD.01:52
gnomefreakLjL: not reall01:52
joankii'm gonna hafta learn it01:52
joankinow last thing and i will give you a guys a big break from this chick01:52
joankihow do i install valgrind?01:52
astro76LjL, maybe ;)01:52
joankiand gdb01:52
astro76hi tyler5401:52
eugowhen enabling nvidia restricted drivers, it says the sources are missing01:52
CoasterMasterjoanki, sudo apt-get install valgrind01:52
cafuegojoanki: via apt-get or aptitude01:52
LjLtyler54, if you have an Ubuntu support question, please ask01:52
CoasterMaster!info valgrind | joanki01:52
ubotujoanki: valgrind: A memory debugger and profiler. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.2.3-2ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 14066 kB, installed size 34324 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc lpia)01:52
CoasterMasterjoanki, and sudo apt-get install gdb01:53
katharosdamn, if that isnt the most non-informative error log:01:53
katharos(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module! Please ensure01:53
katharos(EE) NVIDIA(0):     that there is a supported NVIDIA GPU in this system, and01:53
katharos(EE) NVIDIA(0):     that the NVIDIA device files have been created properly.01:53
katharos(EE) NVIDIA(0):     Please consult the NVIDIA README for details.01:53
katharos(EE) NVIDIA(0):  *** Aborting ***01:53
katharos(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.01:53
mlalkakajoanki: almost any software that you want to install can be installed using Synaptic Package Manager. Use the search facility to search for packages 'valgrind' and 'gdb'01:53
Sergoyes, what question if i couldn't install the Os...01:53
joankithanks all01:53
joankinow they are all there01:53
joankieverything i want01:53
joankinow i hafta lear how to use them01:53
=== wirechief is now known as wirechief1
Arafangionjoanki: How is it "different from dev c++"?01:53
eugowhat do i add to my sources.list?01:53
CoasterMasterjoanki, intro to programming class?01:53
joankidev c++ actually has an entire application01:54
Ahorner!info nothing01:54
ubotuPackage nothing does not exist in gutsy01:54
joankibut gcc you use terminal01:54
astro76Sergo, what do you mean "if"? can you not install it?01:54
joankifrom my understanding01:54
katharosoops sorry01:54
joankii could be wrong01:54
joankicoastermaster, no01:54
Arafangionjoanki: dev c++ is an *IDE* for windows.01:54
Yuzzycan't boot up from liveCD (ata2.00 exeption Emask... warining: cannot find root file system)01:54
LjL!botabuse | Ahorner01:54
ubotuAhorner: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...01:54
joankisadly enough01:54
Arafangionjoanki: It in turn uses gcc.01:54
joankiarafangion, i just got ubutu, switched frtom windows01:54
joankii think i'm in over my head01:54
joankibut we will see01:54
Sergoastro76: i couldn't01:55
Yuzzycan't boot up from liveCD (ata2.00 exeption Emask... warining: cannot find root file system)01:55
joankicoastmaster, level 2 programming class hehe01:55
eugowhat do i add to sources.list in order to install the restricted nvidia drivers?01:55
Ahornerjoanki: its not too hard01:55
CoasterMasterjoanki, oh haha....yeah, I've been there too :)01:55
mlalkakakatharos: in order to avoid being booted out of the channel, don't paste large amounts of text here. use a pastebin.01:55
joankiahorner, it's like this entirely new world01:55
Arafangionjoanki: You could use an IDE if you wanted on linux...  there's quite a few to choose from, but you're better off knowing how to do it "manually", before you use any IDE.01:55
ubotuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.01:55
joankiand i was just born or something like that01:55
katharosmlalkaka: yeah, the mesage from ubotu was most helpful01:55
nrpeugo, go to System, Administration, Restricted Drivers Manager.  you can install it automatically with that01:55
katharosmlalkaka: sorry i'm new to irc01:55
astro76eugo, you shouldn't have to add anything, are you using restricted manager?01:55
Ahornerjoanki: u on 7.10?01:55
wirechief1Aqua check my pm01:55
Rich4is it safe to move to gutsy gibbon?01:55
joankiyes ahorner, why?01:55
gnomefreakRich4: yes01:56
LjL!botabuse | Ahorner, second warning01:56
stemounthi guys. :)01:56
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:56
cafuegoRich4: It would seem that way.01:56
GoshaRich4: Only kind of.01:56
ubotuAhorner, second warning: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...01:56
mlalkakakatharos: it's alright. you'll learn. anyway, have you pasted it somewhere? i'll take a look at it.01:56
joankii gave myself gutsy as a gift01:56
Yuzzycan't boot up from liveCD (ata2.00 exeption Emask... warining: cannot find root file system)01:56
joankii'm so busy i gave myself one day to install it and play around01:56
whoniccaok i seriously need help with gusty, i want to use my own xorg.conf but everytime i put it in /etc/X11/ it gets overwritten01:56
joankiand once i gave myself a day i was like oh crappppppp i need another one i need to figure this stuff out!01:56
whoniccacan this be stopped?01:56
donny_bakeranybody know where I can go to get help on configuring dhcp3-server, my config looks ok (to me)?01:56
katharosmlalkaka:   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41458/01:56
cafuegowhonicca: Yes. sudo chattr +i /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:56
stemountwhonicca, thats due to the new xorg on the go01:57
Sergoit's six o'clock :o01:57
saturdayplaceis it possible to format a drive as NTFS using the boot CD?01:57
cafuegowhonicca: Note, that's a sledgehammer solution :-)01:57
stemount^ yea saturdayplace01:57
joankiwhy not, saturday?01:57
stemount? ^01:57
whoniccacafuego, lol whatever works01:57
cachedThis might be a strange question01:57
CodyI installed gutsy and my wifi worked for a while, but doesn't seem to pass any data now.  It gets an IP, so it's processing the WEP correctly, but no pinging or anything fun like that.01:57
Yuzzysaturdayplace: Yes01:57
joankihey i have a dumb question01:57
cachedbut is there any way to listen to the radio via ubuntu?01:57
joankiif i buy a brand new computer with no operating system, i can just install ubuntu?01:57
h1st0!ask > joanki01:57
eugowhen using restricted manager, after clicking enable, then apply, it says "sources are missing"01:57
joankiand put it on?01:57
CoasterMastersaturdayplace, yes, the GNOME Partition Editor System -> Admistration -> Partition Editor will handle it01:57
mlalkakakatharos: can you also paste /etc/X11/xorg.conf in the pastebin please?01:57
joankiand save muchos bucks01:57
cachedjoanki: yep01:57
LjLjoanki: why not?01:57
donny_bakerjoanki: yes, of course01:57
Ahornersecond warning?01:57
Arafangionjoanki: Of course.01:57
Yuzzyjoanki: yes01:57
h1st0joanki: yeap01:57
joankii love ubuntu now01:57
joankii'm just always afraid i'm gonna screw it up01:57
CoasterMastercached, yes, Rhythmbox [included] will play internet radio01:57
Yuzzylast try01:58
h1st0joanki: although you may not find someone who will sell a system with out an os01:58
LjLjoanki... erm, it's an operating system, what did you expect?01:58
Yuzzycan't boot up from liveCD (ata2.00 exeption Emask... warining: cannot find root file system)01:58
joankilike i did four hours ago hehe and have to reformat01:58
stemountcached, you need a card for FM / DAB01:58
satorioushow can i get 5.1 speakers working right?01:58
Sergowill have in future ubuntu the button start like in opensuse with recognized programs ?)01:58
Unbutu[G33Z3RDeluge FTW01:58
donny_bakerjoanki: you probably will at some point... but it's a learning experience :P01:58
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me identify why im using 376mb of memory?01:58
cachedstemount: would i know if i have one? ;)01:58
h1st0joanki: why did you reformat?  It can always be fixed.01:58
joankibut i dunno how to h1st001:58
astro76Sergo, like the Applications menu in Ubuntu?01:58
stemountcached, would be extra £30-£40 or so ;)01:58
joankiand no one is here to make sure i do it right so i didnt wanna risk it01:58
joankibut i learned lesson #101:58
TorvusLinaldsanyone else have extremely slow typing in edit boxes with gutsy?01:58
joankiif you ask a question on here and it's a big one and someone gives you an answer,01:58
stemountPirate_Hunter, are you on KDE?01:58
h1st0joanki: its just whether you want to learn how to fix it or not.  Thats what this room is for to ask next time you mess it up beyond repair.01:58
joankidon't take their word for it unless you know they know what they are doing01:59
jzehey.. does anyone have A-link WL54USB wlan dongle working on ubuntu ??01:59
Ahornerhaha dongle01:59
h1st0joanki: yeap.  tips for you stay a way from automatix and envy.01:59
scguy318Pirate_Hunter: use the top command to see01:59
katharosmlalkaka: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41459/01:59
Sergoastro76: :D01:59
h1st0joanki: and also you may want to create a seperate /home'01:59
joankibut ask zzz and intuitiveNipple01:59
scguy318jze: i dont have it, but you would most likely use ndiswrapper01:59
joankithose are my secdond words of advice hehe01:59
threethirtyhi all01:59
cachedstemount: and will i be able to listen to any radio station in this area?01:59
joankii did h1st0... for files, right?01:59
stemountyep cached if you have the card01:59
joankithough i have no idea why home is dif from root01:59
hikenbootgreetings...I am wondering if anyone can comment on a way to get debootstrap to work with fat32 boot partition?\01:59
stemountmost are compatible with ubuntu01:59
Pirate_Hunterstemount: gnome which is weird max i would expect 216mb ram01:59
irieKENAnyone here know what's going on with Fluxbuntu?02:00
wirechief1Aqua are you there ?02:00
scguy318!ndiswrapper | jze02:00
ubotujze: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:00
threethirtyis there a way to get the the desktop pager (using compiz-fusion) to work like it did with beryl02:00
Pirate_Hunterscguy318: sorry but which top command i cna see it02:00
cachedstemount: why can't the Bluetooth/WiFi card read radio as well? ;)02:00
stemountI use GNOME and I usually stay under 200mb Pirate_Hunter02:00
Ahornerthat'd be cool02:00
stemountcached, in a dream world :P02:00
CoasterMastercached, Radio uses different frequencies than WiFi/Bluetooth02:00
scguy318jze: in Terminal, type top, then its basically a command-line process statter02:00
stemountin a dream worldd :P02:00
jzescguy318: well.. the thing is.. the usb dongle is working fine. The kernel has the module integrated in it (zd1211rw) but it just won't get the ip from the router02:00
scguy318Pirate_Hunter: in Terminal, type top, then its basically a command-line process statter02:00
scguy318jze: sry, addressed you incorrectly02:00
TorvusLinaldsi finally managed to get my fglrx working but now my ktorrent redraws really slowly (especially the column header widget) and typing in the search box of firefox is painfully slow, 1.5s per keypress... someone help!!!02:00
Yuzzycan't boot up from liveCD (ata2.00 exeption Emask... warining: cannot find root file system)02:01
=== RB1234 is now known as RobotBanana
scguy318jze: not sure, maybe something with DHCP02:01
cachedOk. more direct question: is there any way to listen to the ALCS in ubuntu?02:01
scguy318jze: could be something in the kernel module also, you could always use ndiswrapper if that fails02:01
stemountALCS? :(02:01
joankih1st0, if i create a separate home, how do i ensure all my files are going to home?02:01
Ahorneroh god, dont take me there02:01
scguy318Yuzzy: have you done integrity check on the CD?02:01
Ahornerdamn you sony!02:01
Sergoastro76: will be in ubuntu, the recent lunched programs , like in other distros..02:01
avarnerhi ubuntu! how's life?02:01
joankior do i just make sure i save everything in home?02:01
Necrosanmy problem02:02
Necrosananyone can help?02:02
jzescguy318: ok.. I might test that..02:02
joankiand if i save everything in home, does that mean if i screw up my system, i just have to install only root?02:02
Yuzzyscguy: memtest done02:02
mlalkakakatharos: what does the command `ls /dev/nvidia*` output anything?02:02
scguy318Yuzzy: not memtest, CD integrity test02:02
ubuntu_anybody using Gusty02:02
stemountI am :)02:02
ubuntu_do u have installed?02:02
avarnerubuntu_: think most of us are02:02
Yuzzyscguy: Yes...02:02
mlalkakakatharos: also try `lsmod | grep nvidia`.02:02
WulongI'am unable to remove this package. Someone got a suggestion? output http://pastebin.com/m43952cde02:02
ubuntu_do u have the compiz manager setup02:02
Tarkusanyone know why when i open a window it opens in the top left always?02:03
scguy318Yuzzy: perhaps you should check the MD5 of the ISO, and perhaps reburn02:03
luisloif one is banned from a channel... how long does it take to be reaccepted?02:03
katharosmlalkaka: ls /dev/nvidia* resulted in: /dev/nvidia0  /dev/nvidiactl02:03
CoasterMasterluislo, depends on the channel and the infraction02:03
TorvusLinaldsanyone?!?!?!  typing in my search box in firefox is *painfully* slow, something is wrong... also in ktorrent all the widgets are repainting incredibly slowly...  what is going on?02:03
stemountsudo dpkg --purge msttcorefonts?02:03
Arafangionluislo: It varies.02:03
mlalkakakatharos: ok that's good. what about the second command?02:03
scguy318sudo apt-get --purge msttcorefonts would be better02:03
AquaHey wirechief, are you getting my private messages?  I wonder if they're being blocked?02:03
AhornerTorvusLinalds: what video card do you have?02:03
Yuzzyscguy: I swaped my 2 HD on this younger machine and since then XP wouldn't boot, Xubuntu wouldn't boot and even Live CD's like Ubuntu wouldn't boot02:03
stemount ^ i do ubuntu_02:03
TorvusLinaldsahorner, ati mobility radeon 960002:04
scguy318Aqua: the receiver/sender needs to be authed with NickServ or have a user mode set in order to receive/send PMs02:04
stemountapt-get install ades?02:04
astro76Aqua, you have to register your nick02:04
KI4IKLAqua, both users have to be registered and identified to send/recieve private messages02:04
stemountcompiz manager02:04
ubuntu_i am running gutsy on live cd and I love how my monitor got setted up so quicky02:04
ArafangionAqua: Check your messages from the server... If they're blocked, the server will tell you.02:04
luisloI swear I'm well behaved and all, but this guy he always answers my questions and pretty much everybody else's as if we were stupids... and I don't like that fact, so I comment on that and he banns me :S02:04
AhornerTorvusLinalds: with restricted drivers?02:04
TorvusLinaldsahorner, yes, latest version02:04
scguy318Yuzzy: is it the old /bin/sh tty job control issue? probably boot with all_generic_ide in that case, otherwise02:04
Pirate_Hunterscguy318: got that done that and yet i dont understand what im being shown? how do identify why my ram is that high?02:04
luislowhat do you think about such kind of infraction, how long will I remain banned?02:04
scguy318Yuzzy: you could try the alternate issue02:04
stemount /msg nickserv set unfiltered on02:04
AhornerTorvusLinalds: well i dont know... umm what window manager are you usingf02:05
bqmasseywhat's that do stemount02:05
kkathmandamn it why does xchat lose itself when you detach the channel panes02:05
scguy318Pirate_Hunter: if theres a proces taking a significant amount of memory, it will be at the top of the listing, otherwise its the kernel buffering in memory02:05
TorvusLinaldsahorner, metacity02:05
Wulongstemount: it doesn't help, it still wants to download the files.02:05
Arafangionluislo: Forever, until the computer you were using has long-decayed and the plastic turned into toxic dust. ;)02:05
AhornerTorvusLinalds: try kde see if it works better02:05
Kaitlyn2004In the package manager I wanted to install Amarok and then it wants to install a BUCNCH of things (i.e. KDE)... does Amarok not work w/ Gnome?02:05
seanieb64Hello everyone02:05
stemountapt-get remove -f msttcorefonts02:05
scguy318Pirate_Hunter: and that buffering doesn't harm performance, just simple caching that will be yielded to programs that need02:05
seanieb64Fixed my problem, foudn another.02:05
stemountAmarok works with GNOME Kaitlyn200402:05
AhornerTorvusLinalds: or fglrx02:05
=== eric-- is now known as `eric-
scguy318Kaitlyn2004: Amarok is a KDE app, therefore it needs the KDE libraries02:05
h1st0joanki: you create a seperate /home partition then you copy your current ~ there.  then you can tell it to mount that partition to /home.   That way if you ever reinstall you just tell the installer about your /home parition and it will keep you files and settings.02:05
seanieb64I cant get compiz to launch02:05
Wulongstemount: same also.02:05
seanieb64it complains that SGL isnt found02:05
Tstnzseri problemi con la nuova 7.10 e xgl ... veramente seri...02:06
stemounthmm :(02:06
scguy318Kaitlyn2004: its not gonna install the entirety of Kubuntu, but just the KDE stuff it needs02:06
TorvusLinaldsahorner, well...  i don't really want to but...  how do i change the window manager, do i have to log out02:06
kevinpI downloaded the 7.10 release, and when I try to boot the CD it eventually drops to a busybox shell prompt. Anyone else seen this and know what is going on?02:06
Arafangionjoanki: I'd backup anyway, though.02:06
scguy318!es | Tstnz02:06
ubotuTstnz: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.02:06
AhornerTorvusLinalds: lol i cant remember02:06
katharosmlalkaka: and the second one is here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41460/02:06
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gusty and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.02:06
Kaitlyn2004scguy318: is that a lot? Should I just use an alternative (what?)02:06
scguy318Kaityln2004: no02:06
joankifor peopk02:06
ArafangionWow, this channel is extremely busy.02:06
joankii have no idea what that meant hist02:06
scguy318Kaityln2004: the latter question if you want to02:06
stemountWulong, do apt-get install msttcorefonts02:06
joankibut ummm... i think you said that i create my home, which i have02:06
TorvusLinaldsso infuriating02:06
stemountthen apt-get remove msttcorefonts :P02:06
joankiand i dunno what ~ means02:06
luisloArafangion, haha... funny, but seriously, this guy I'd like to meet him on the street02:06
scguy318Kaityln2004: the KDE libs aren't serious overhead02:06
Kaitlyn2004scguy318: so what are my options?02:06
seanieb64Can anyone help me with my XGL prob?02:06
Arafangionluislo: Not my problem.02:07
TorvusLinaldsshould never have installed gutsy... buggy piece of c##p02:07
AhornerTorvusLinalds: actually, use gnome02:07
Wulongstemount: it doesnt work, it halts in the install. It never gets more than 4% of the file.02:07
joankibut do i want to make sure to save all my files to home?02:07
scguy318Kaityln2004: you can use Amarok, or you can use other media players like mplayer, VLC, Rhythmbox, if you wish02:07
stemounthmm :/02:07
NeatcheeHey all, I'm getting a bothersome amount of "Tx Excessive Retries" and "Misc Invalid" reported by iwconfig.  Is this something I need to worry about?02:07
stemountapt-get update02:07
TorvusLinaldsahorner, i am using gnome02:07
h1st0joanki: nah  you don't quite understand .  Let me give you a link.  Keep in mind this isn't something you need to do.  Its just an opinion of a differrent way to set up your system.02:07
stemountapt-get upgrade?02:07
AhornerTorvusLinalds: i knew that...02:07
AhornerTorvusLinalds: lol...02:07
mlalkakakatharos: wow just as an aside, we have surprisingly similar hardware: nvidia geforce fx 5200 and a sis 96x chipset.02:07
TorvusLinaldsahorner, then what are you saying02:07
JerseyMonkeyQuestion: I'm having issues with the '-f' feature of rdesktop, could someone help me with it?02:07
AhornerTorvusLinalds: use kde, to swtich...02:07
Arafangionjoanki: As a user, all your files are stored to your home directory, as ~/, which is a link to /home/joanki.02:07
katharosmlalkaka: and yours works fine? so not fair! :P02:08
mlalkakakatharos: does the graphical interface start up at all?02:08
Wulongstemount: same thing happens with apt-get upgrade, it tries to install the package.02:08
h1st0joanki: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome02:08
Arafangionjoanki: It is similar to C:\Documents and Settings\joanki, except that you don't have permission to save your files anywhere else at all, unlike windows.02:08
joankigot it02:08
joankiohhh i see02:08
`eric-should i format the drive in the livecd before i do the clean install?02:08
Ahornergo to02:08
stemountWulong, have you added different sources?02:08
`eric-would that make it easier?02:08
Wiseguyhey guys, for some reason whenever i play a long playlist of video, like multiple files in a playlist, from any media player (xine, totem, mplayer) to my tv-out, after a few hours the audio and video desync... does anyone know what causes this?02:08
CoasterMastereric-, the installer will format for you02:08
joankii think it does it for you, doesn't it?02:08
stemountextra repositories02:08
AhornerTorvusLinalds: system> administration> screen and graphcs02:08
Arafangionjoanki: Though, if you use a database, or some other programs, then you might have data in /var02:08
`eric-ok thanks02:08
joankiwooo i knew an answer haha02:08
Wulongstemount: no, it's a real source.02:08
katharosmlalkaka: i get the bulletproof X system, then it starts up in failsafe mode and i have a seriously dodgy resolution but it works02:08
joankigot it arafangion02:08
AhornerTorvusLinalds: then the graphics card tab02:08
scguy318Kaitlyn2004: does that answer your question? anything else you need?02:08
joankiexcept i've got my other partition, my c drive02:08
joankiwhich i can save things to, too02:09
NeatcheeAlso, can anyone think of a reason why EAPOL negotiation between my Wii and my router would cause my ubuntu laptop to lose its connectivity to the internet for about 30 seconds?02:09
Arafangionjoanki: You can also write to /tmp, but that is by definition TeMPorary data. :)02:09
AhornerTorvusLinalds: argh i dont think this is it02:09
joankithat's why 7.10 is good02:09
BerzerkerI'm trying to install pidgin, on gutsy, but MSN fails to enable, saying I need SSL02:09
stemountapt-get -q install msttcorefonts02:09
seanieb64Anyone here know why I installed it, but Compiz doesnt see XGL?02:09
joankiit automaticaly gives you that thingie you need to do it02:09
kevinpI downloaded the 7.10 release, and when I try to boot the CD it eventually drops to a busybox shell prompt. Anyone else seen this and know what is going on?02:09
h1st0Neatchee: maybe if you only have so many dhcp leases availible?02:09
epidodiI just entered some commands from a feisty wiki in gutsy (hoping it would work). . .02:09
AhornerTorvusLinalds: i dont know lol02:09
TorvusLinaldsahorner, i dont even have 'screen and graphics'02:09
scguy318Berzerker: weird, you might need to install the SSL packages, gnutls or something02:09
katharosmlalkaka: it also starts up fine if i set it to use the nv drivers instead of nvidia02:09
whoniccacafuego, how do i reverse chattr +i02:09
BerzerkerI tried to02:09
joankialthough why anyone would want to use windows is my guess ;)02:09
stemountNeatchee, is the laptop a static ip?02:09
epidodiit did not - can someone tell me if I borked something by looking at the commands?02:09
Berzerkerbut the requirements both say no installation candidate02:09
joankii've become a linux snob.... one that doesn't know how to use linux heh02:09
Arafangionjoanki: Once you've learnt how to use gcc, I suggest you consider using an IDE, because you seem to like IDE's.02:09
Neatcheestemount: no, but it does have a reserved IP on the router, based on its MAC address02:10
JerseyMonkeyQuestion: Is there a 'explorer' I can use for Ubuntu beyond 'Ubuntu-desktop'? I dislike all the apps Ubuntu-desktop forces you to install.02:10
joankii want to learn, arafangion02:10
Wulongstemount: bah, still the same. It wants to download whatever I do.02:10
Arafangionjoanki: kdevelop is one such IDE.02:10
AhornerTorvusLinalds: what version are you running02:10
joankiif im gonna be a programmer, i think i gotta learn02:10
TorvusLinaldsi'll tell you why people use windows, cos it bloody WORKS unlike this gutsy rubbish which has almost bricked my computer02:10
scguy318JerseyMonkey: like file manager?02:10
stemountare you sure there are no IP conflicts?02:10
Neatcheeh1st0: No, i have plenty of leases available :)02:10
Arafangionjoanki: Yeah, you do.02:10
robert232323i need help!! i installed chipset and netgear drivers for my wireless usb, but when i plug it in it freezes my computer..what do i do?02:10
Berzerkeryou can't really brick a computer02:10
joankiwow torvus, really?02:10
stemountwhat was the outcome of that command Wulong though02:10
Arafangionjoanki: Please use my nick when you talk to me.02:10
h1st0Neatchee: hrm... thats just wierd.02:10
epidodigconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_9 "<Control><Alt>Delete"02:10
joankiArafangion: like that?02:10
Arafangionjoanki: That's it. :)02:11
whoniccahow do i reverse chattr +i02:11
joankiArafangion: does that make your name go red?02:11
Ashfire908is there a signal i can send to fsck.ext3 to *SAFELY* end a bad block test?02:11
Neatcheestemount: any ideas?02:11
epidodigconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_9 "gnome-system-monitor"02:11
scguy318JerseyMonkey: explorer like file manager?02:11
Wulongstemount: ip conflicts?02:11
TorvusLinaldswell it's almost bricked, i mean it's about that useful02:11
Arafangionjoanki: Yellow, actually. :)02:11
joankiyellow. k.02:11
stemountWulong, that was for Neatchee :P02:11
BerzerkerAnd windows much ber.tte02:11
epidodiI entered those commands to change control alt delete to open the gnome-system-monitor02:11
joankiArafangion: boy your name is a lot of work go type, even if i hit up arrow02:11
epidodiit worked in feisty02:11
stemountNeatchee, was brand is the router?02:11
epidodiit didn't work in gutsy02:11
Arafangionjoanki: Type in 'ara'<tab>02:11
Neatcheestemount: D-Link WBR-231002:11
mlalkakakatharos: are you in the grapical interface right now or are you in one of the pseudo-terminals (by pressing ctrl+alt+F1, for example)02:11
epidodidid I hurt something by typing those in gutsy?02:11
joankiArafangion, cooll.... is your name yellow now?  cuz it is a , not  a :02:11
stemountNeatchee, they aren't known for being stable02:12
stemounthave you upgraded the firmware?02:12
Sulo_SeppaCan I upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 without the install disk? (apt or such)02:12
Arafangionjoanki: Yup. :) It highlights if the name exists anywhere in the line.02:12
Neatcheestemount: are you a registered user on FreeNode? If so, PMs :)02:12
stemountapt-get dist-upgrade02:12
Arafangionjoanki: You must be using xchat.02:12
joankigot it ty02:12
katharosmlalkaka: i'm in the failsafe mode with dodgy res.02:12
Ashfire908Sulo_Seppa, update manager02:12
epidodiany ubuntu help channels on this server?02:12
Neatcheestemount: yes, the firmware is up to date02:12
scguy318epidodi: you're right here02:12
joankiArafangion, yes, is xchat good i was gonna trry irssi02:12
katharosmlalkaka: but yeah, graphical interface02:12
JerseyMonkeyscguy318: I removed a bunch of apps like Evolution, Xine, and a few others because I disliked the overwhelming amount of apps. When I removed 'tsclient' (terminal services client) Ubuntu-desktop got uninstalled. When I tried to go to 'Home Folder' or 'Computer' it never loads, most likely because Ubuntu-desktop is missing. I tried ot reinstall 'ubuntu-desktop' but it wants me to reinstall all the apps I just removed.02:12
stemountnah. if you go to #stemount though :P02:12
Kaitlyn2004I go to Places -> Network then navigate to somewhere on my windows computer, right click on an mp3 and "open with other application"... and VLC and XMMS both wouldn't play the file.. any ideas?02:12
profanephobiaepidodi, #ubuntu02:12
Arafangionjoanki: I'm an irssi guy, it's great in conjunction with screen. :)02:12
Ashfire908epidodi, guess where you are02:12
scguy318JerseyMonkey: ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage that yields a Ubuntu desktop02:13
Berzerkerso does anyone know the problem?02:13
joankiArafangion, so you use it in terminal?02:13
epidodigconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_9 "<Control><Alt>Delete"02:13
epidodigconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_9 "<Control><Alt>Delete"02:13
profanephobiathis whole time i thought i was in off-topic lol02:13
scguy318JerseyMonkey: perhaps you removed nautilus somehow02:13
Arafangionjoanki: I run it on the server, and I just detach when I logout, and re-attach (ie, screen -rd) when I login. :) Yeah, in terminal.02:13
epidodiThat worked in feisty - but not gutsy02:13
kevinpwirechief1: i did check the the checksum after download. The media will not check itself. It drops to a shell prompt.02:13
epidodidid I hurt something in gutsy by entering those?02:13
mlalkakakatharos: what happens if you start the program `glxgears`? what framerates are outputted in the console after while running the program?02:13
joankiArafangion, isn't that horribly unuserfriendly?02:13
scguy318JerseyMonkey: ubuntu-desktop is NOT required at all, it just simply depends on the stuff that the Ubuntu devs consider should be in a Ubuntu desktop02:13
JerseyMonkeyscguy318: What package do I need to add to bring back the functioning of my 'explorer'.02:13
kevinpwirechief1: forgot to mention, the checksum did match.02:13
Arafangionjoanki: No...  What do you mean by "user friendly"?02:13
joankiArafangion, i tried to use it but it was so boring looking02:13
Ashfire908what signal do i send to fsck.ext3 to safely stop a bad block test?02:14
joankiArafangion, not to mention it was such hard work to make anything WORK02:14
scguy318JerseyMonkey: probably something like Nautilus, moment02:14
katharosmlalkaka: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual02:14
Arafangionjoanki: If the network dies, or I want to go somewhere else, I just go there, and log into my server, and my entire screen session continues to operate without even knowing about it.02:14
katharosmlalkaka: it worked fine when i was using nv02:14
scguy318JerseyMonkey: why the nautilus package :P02:14
scguy318JerseyMonkey: im betting thats probably it02:14
Arafangionjoanki: Linux is simply *different* to windows.02:14
epidodithe purpose of the commands was to redirect control alt delete to open gnome-system-tools02:14
=== krazykat is now known as mapez
joankiArafangion, but you gotta be brainier to use linux and esp irssi02:15
joankiArafangion, are you a programmer?02:15
Arafangionjoanki: Nah, I disagree. Just gotta learn how to read documentation, such as 'man irssi'.02:15
JerseyMonkeyscguy318: Package manager says Nautilus is installed, I am reinstalling it.02:15
Arafangionjoanki: I'm a software engineer.02:15
xp_prg3if I have music coming out of my headphones, can I record this somehow into a wav file somehow easily in linux?02:15
mlalkakakatharos: i'm sure it did but it probably didn't have a very good framerate. the nv driver doesn't have 3d graphics acceleration support, so although its very stable, its no good for running fancy desktop effects and games. that's what the nvidia driver is for.02:15
Arafangionjoanki: Why don't you learn how to program in Python before learning C?02:15
Ashfire908how do i send a text signal to a program?02:15
joankiArafangion, cuz i gotta do it for class02:15
Vletjoanki: I use screen too - it's incredibly easy, and once you learn a few commands, things are so much easier than mashing your mouse everywhere02:15
JerseyMonkeyscguy318: And now it works. Thankyou.02:15
scguy318JerseyMonkey: weird, what packages did you remove anyway? perhaps something in there02:15
bruenigc > python02:15
scguy318JerseyMonkey: np02:16
Arafangionjoanki: Ahh, very well.02:16
Arafangionbruenig: Shuddup!02:16
joankiwhat does it mean you use screen02:16
sktHey uh.02:16
epidodidoes anyone know?02:16
bqmasseywhat do you folks recommend for P2P in ubuntu?02:16
katharosmlalkaka: that's right, which is why i've been working so long on getting the nvidia drivers working :)02:16
sktSo how do I go about02:16
ubotuConventional P2P clients: Limewire/GTK-Gnutella/Frostwire (Gnutella Network).  -  BitTorrent: see !torrent  -  Direct connect: try valknut.  -  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information.02:16
Arafangionjoanki: Well, install screen.02:16
sktGetting all the media codec thingies02:16
joankioh i see02:16
skt!media | skt02:16
Vletjoanki: oh, I assumed Arafangion was talking about screen earlier02:16
bqmasseyscguy318, ubotu:  DAMN YOU UBOTU. YOU KNOW EVERYTHING.02:16
stemountI use screen!02:16
stemounti feel great :(02:16
skt!codec | skt02:16
mlalkakakatharos: did you edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file yourself? how did you install the nvidia driver? it seems that there is a section missing from the xorg.conf file.02:16
Necrosantwo girls, one cup02:16
Arafangionjoanki: Then load up two terminals, let's pretend that the second terminal is another machine, ssh'ed into your machine.02:17
scguy318bqmassey: ubotu is a bot ;)02:17
joankiArafangion, a softwrae engineer IS a programmer, no?02:17
JerseyMonkeyscguy318: Just found a file on my machine called nautilus-debug-log.txt, and it has about 1000 lines of 'error due to signal 11'. Anyways, thankyou for the help.02:17
scguy318joanki: not rly02:17
stemountubuntu apt02:17
bqmasseyscguy318: yea i know02:17
Ashfire908how do i send a signal02:17
Arafangionjoanki: Run screen on one, type something, fire up your favorite console text editor, irssi, or whatever.02:17
stemountwhat does Ubotu listen for :P02:17
scguy318Ashfire908: kill -signalid processid02:17
Arafangionjoanki: Then on the second terminal, type in 'screen -rd'.02:17
joankiwhat is the purpose for that ara02:17
AquaeolianHey guys, my computer overheated and had a kernel panic about three hours into the Gutsy upgrade.  I just burned a live CD to try to recover my files, but the internal hard drive could not be mounted.  Any ideas on what I should do?02:17
katharosmlalkaka: I installed the driver using the restricted repository manager, and when it didnt work i edited the file using dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:17
bruenigjoanki, just a term they use to make themselves feel more important02:18
Ashfire908scguy318: can i put a text signal into that?02:18
Arafangionjoanki: Ever used VNC?02:18
stemountAquaeolian, put it in another comp?02:18
joankiArafangion, no what is that02:18
briantumorhi, does anyone have the inittab file for kubuntu feisty??02:18
BerzerkerI'm trying to use MSN on pidgin, but I can't because it says I need a supported SSL library02:18
AquaeolianI only have this one computer.  It doesn't mount at all...02:18
briantumorwhen i did a synaptic upgrade.. the inittab file got deleted02:18
scguy318Ashfire908: text signal?02:18
Arafangionjoanki: Ever had a need to do stuff on your PC, then go out to the balcony with your laptop and just continue working without setting up yoru environment again?02:18
DagonAny ideas on how to get an IPOD or flash card mounted02:18
briantumorcan someone send me theirs?02:18
joankino ..... am i supposed to have experienced that02:19
stemountDagon, it just works straight away?02:19
bruenigDagon, mount it like any other usb drive02:19
eugoi'm upgrading firefox, but where should i put it? /usr/lib or /usr/share?02:19
Ashfire908scguy318: like SIGUSR102:19
scguy318Berzerker: you might need to install the gnutls package02:19
bruenigeugo, /opt02:19
Dagonget all sort of error messages02:19
mlalkakakatharos: what is the output of `dmesg | grep -i nvidia`?02:19
Unbutu[G33Z3Rgtkpod for ipod02:19
scguy318Ashfire908: then kill -USR1 pid02:19
Arafangionjoanki: Ever heard of "remote desktop" or heck, calling someone to instruct them on how to do specific steps on their computer because you're not physically there?02:19
Berzerkerwhat package is that02:19
sco50000the ubuntu 7.04 updates are going reallly sloooow02:19
joankii have02:20
scguy318Berzerker: gnutls02:20
katharos[   35.023945] nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel. [   35.995165] NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 Kernel Module  1.0-9639  Mon Apr 16 20:20:06 PDT 200702:20
joankioh WOW02:20
eugowhy /opt? it is already installed, it should be sufficient to overwrite the old version02:20
Vletjoanki: I use screen as follows. I ssh into my server, and run screen. I then log into irc using my irc client, 'irssi', then after a while, I just close my ssh terminal. then later when I want to come back, I ssh into my server again, type 'screen -r', and I'm back to irc without having to re-connect to the irc server, etc02:20
bqmasseyQUESTION:  BitTorrent doesn't show up in my Applications menu.. how do i put it there02:20
scguy318Berzerker: sry wrong name02:20
joankiArafangion, so wait... that is very cool02:20
sco50000and there are 125 updates: 192MB in total02:20
joankiArafangion, i see what you are saying but how is it possible??02:20
Arafangionjoanki: 'screen' is considered a linux "killer app", incidentially.02:20
AquaeolianI should clarify: the hardware itself is okay.  The computer shut down in the middle of an upgrade, though, and I can't boot up because the software is not in a usable state.  I think my files should still be there, if I can only get to them.  My hard drive isn't mountable even in a Live CD...  I need some ideas for how to get my data before I reinstall the operating system.02:20
scguy318Berzerker: its libgnutls1302:20
luisloOk, so usually when you uninstall something the configurations are still kept in a folder starting with a dot... specifically for AWN, where is this folder?02:20
stemountbqmassey, system -> prefs -> main menu -> Internet -> Tick bittorrent02:20
Berzerkeralready newest version02:20
joankiif i follow the instructions you just said, should i be able to do this?02:20
Arafangionjoanki: Yes...02:21
JerseyMonkeyQuestion: When I use 'rdesktop' on command line and use the '-f' condition, I am unable to use CTR+ALT+ENTER to exit full screen.02:21
Ashfire908scguy318: would you happen to know the safeest signal to give to tell a process to end?02:21
scguy318Berzerker: weird, try reinstalling it? or Pidgin02:21
Vletbqmassey: If you load up your 'main menu' control panel, you can activate it in the internet menu02:21
stemountkillall *process*02:21
katharosmlalkaka: [   35.023945] nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel. [   35.995165] NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 Kernel Module  1.0-9639  Mon Apr 16 20:20:06 PDT 200702:21
scguy318Ashfire908: a simple kill pid, that would be SIGINT, may be it02:21
bruenigeugo, firefox does not follow the fhs, it therefore should be put in /opt, ubuntu for some reason tries to hack it up until it kind of fits into fhs but it still doesn't. So getting all the files in the right place to overwrite is tiresome and tedious. Just put it in /opt and launch it from there, much simpler.02:21
stemountis the way forward :P02:21
scguy318Ashfire908: it really depends on the process and what you want to do02:21
BerzerkerI've try to install it with aptitude02:21
Berzerkerapt-get remove pidgin02:21
joankii dunno if i could do it02:21
Berzerkerthen apt-get install pidgin, but that didn't work02:21
scguy318Berzerker: dont you need sudo?02:21
kevinOif i get ubuntu-desktop and install it on ubuntun server, would I get the same packages that come with the full release?02:21
bqmasseyVlet: perfect. thanks.02:21
joankiArafangion, oops i keep forgetting your name.... but wow i am not sure i could do that... is it REALLY that easy?02:22
scguy318Berzerker: sudo apt-get ... if you're not already doing that02:22
stemountyea kevinO02:22
noam_how can i shut down my PC speaker?02:22
kevinOok thanks02:22
Berzerkerwell, the command itself worked, but the error still appeared02:22
Berzerkeris what I meant02:22
scguy318Berzerker: pastebin the error please02:22
scguy318!pastebin | Berzerker02:22
ubotuBerzerker: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:22
Arafangionjoanki: Yes.  Many things are quite easy on Linux... It's just very different to windows.02:22
scguy318Berzerker: and I'm sorry but I must brb02:22
stemountdpkg --purge pidgin02:22
stemountapt-get install pidgin02:22
Ashfire908scguy318 make fsck.ext3 safefuly stop a read-write bad block test02:22
joankihow do i ssh it?02:22
Arafangionjoanki: Many people try to use linux assuming that it is somewhat similar to windows, and thus find it extremely difficult.02:22
joankisorry you can stop explaining things whenever you want02:22
runelindwhen you mount smb shares through the "connect to server" option, do they physically get mounted to a directory?02:22
Vletbqmassey: although many prefer to use a torrent app called 'Deluge' which can be found through synaptic02:22
Arafangionjoanki: ssh username@computername, the computer must be running sshd.02:23
stemountrunelind, yes02:23
runelindstemount: which?02:23
Unbutu[G33Z3RI preffer deluge to Bittorrent02:23
bqmasseyVlet: which do you prefer?02:23
runelindI thought it'd be something like /media/foo02:23
Ahornerlol /pity/foo02:23
bruenigdeluge is awful buggy still but it functions decently02:23
Vletbqmassey: Deluge :)02:23
Berzerkerstemount: same error02:23
Arafangionjoanki: Also, many people mistake "user friendly" with "Is the same as what I used before".02:23
Vletbqmassey: it's a lot like uTorrent02:23
Ashfire908scguy318, no clue?02:23
nahooayuda, por favor02:23
bqmasseyVlet: oh awesome... that's what i prefer02:23
gcwnahoo: en que podemos servirle?02:24
Unbutu[G33Z3RDeluge FTW02:24
Ahornerarafangion: amen02:24
nahoohe descargado la actualizacion 7.10 y mi ordenador se ha quedado en negro02:24
JerseyMonkeyQuestion: When I use 'rdesktop' on command line and use the '-f' condition, I am unable to use CTR+ALT+ENTER to exit full screen.02:24
joankithat's true02:24
bqmasseyVlet: uTorrent...    i just want to use whichever has the most social and productive (both up and down) behaviour02:24
bqmasseyVlet: the most efficient02:24
nahooalguien puede decirme como volver a la anterior version?02:24
Arafangionjoanki: I'm off for breakfast.02:24
joankiArafangion, i dunno whwat a sshd is but i'm gonna find out02:24
joankiArafangion, thanks so much , that was cool =-)02:24
NemesisDhi guys, i set up an apache/php server on this machine and i made a phpinfo page, but for some reason firefox keeps trying to download the file when i go to it02:24
stemountcome to channel #stemount ;)02:24
ArafangionAhorner: And that, my friend, is the difference between a software engineer, and a mere "programmer". :)02:24
Wagnerbqmassey,  yea, most ppl dont use ubuntu b/c it dont have utorrent02:25
Vletbqmassey: uhh, I dunoh - I just use it and it works well :)02:25
joankii'm gonna try it02:25
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:25
stemountNemisisD: apt-get install php5 apache202:25
stemountwill do it02:25
kevinOwhy is ubuntu-desktop not found?02:25
gcwnahoo: no tiene discos con la version anterior?02:25
Ahorneryay wine02:25
joankibtw, can you ssh a computer that is running windows?02:25
kousotuwhat's the channel?02:25
stemountno joanki02:25
Ahornerwould you like some cheese?02:25
joankioh darn02:25
Unbutu[G33Z3Rutorrents great i miss it02:25
Ashfire908joanki, *d is a daemon. it's basicly a server. a sshd is a daemon that is a ssh server02:25
Ahorneroh snap!02:25
joankii'd hafta switch02:25
crdlbkousotu, #winehq02:25
joankium i dunno what a daemon is but i'll look it up02:25
Ahornera demon is english02:25
kousotuty crdlb02:26
runelindstemount: any thoughts?02:26
joankiewww i don't like that definition02:26
stemountcome to #stemount ;)02:26
VletUnbutu[G33Z3R: why? I used it too, but what does it have that's so much better than Deluge or others?02:26
ooFeMoe9reWhat do you think the best from Ubuntu ???02:26
stemountand we will talk there02:26
Arafangionjoanki: Such is the unix legacy. ;)02:26
joankiA process lurking in the background, usually unnoticed, until something triggers it into action.02:26
mlalkakakatharos: Ok, i've posted a modified version of your xorg.conf file at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41464/. It is the same as your original xorg.conf file with the added "Modules" section which i copied from my xorg.conf file. back up your current xorg.conf file, add the Modules section from the one i pasted, then restart X.02:26
Ahornerits more of an ae together as one word02:26
jeyaganeshhello, any one can help me to install ubuntu gusty please?02:26
Ahorneror an a(umlaut)02:26
stemountSick of poor DNS? Get OpenDNS today at http://opendns.com :p02:26
KuJaXI run CentOS right now for LAMP and SugarCRM and a few other little goodies.  What advantage does Ubuntu server have over CentOS?02:26
Ahornerme <3 open dns02:26
stemountits free ;)02:26
Vlet!upgrade | jeyaganesh02:26
ubotujeyaganesh: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:26
Unbutu[G33Z3RVlet:  jyst using deluge at moment  nott o disimilar02:26
stemountOpenDNS is great. :)02:26
Ahorneri used to use02:26
Ahornerblock my sis out of myspace haha02:26
joankiwow very cool stuff02:27
katharosmlalkaka: awesome, thanx, i'll try that now, i'll be back to let you know how it goes :)02:27
jeyaganeshi am going to install first time in my new computer, i faced some error02:27
`eric-is "SAO" or "TAO" equal to "DAO" ?02:27
stemountMySpace is poor :(02:27
JerseyMonkeyQuestion: When I use 'rdesktop' on command line and use the '-f' condition, I am unable to use CTR+ALT+ENTER to exit full screen.02:27
gcwI'm having a problem where my new AMD x2 (4800+) is being recognized as the correct processor but only one core is active I'm using FF and the default low latency kernel which has SMP built-in any ideas?02:27
Vletjoanki: it sounds like you're picking things up pretty well - once you get over the hump, you'll be all about *nix :)02:27
attunixIn Gambas, when I try to create a project it says I can't because access is forbidden. Please help.02:27
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: I odn't use rdesktop, but I'd be willing to bet that some shortcuts are different.02:27
Unbutu[G33Z3Ris there a community #room on this server?02:27
Vletjeyaganesh: what's the error?02:28
VletUnbutu[G33Z3R: you mean like a 'general' room?02:28
joankivlet, thanks02:28
Ahorner /j #general02:28
VletUnbutu[G33Z3R: I think it's like, #freenode or something02:28
Ahorneroh eyah02:28
Ahornerthats ti02:28
LjLAhorner: that's a bit random... there is no such channel02:28
LjLtry #defocus02:28
=== |sparr| is now known as sparr
Ahorner.j #deneral02:28
youknowm1I just installed gutsy and installed the gstreamer plugins but rythombox keeps telling me that my .wma files encrypted and cannot be played..02:29
kevinOhello im trying to install ubuntu-desltop and it says package not found02:29
KuJaXAnyone here use dyndns?02:29
Ahornerits /j #off-topic02:29
Ahorneryes kujax02:29
LjLkevinO: well, it *is* desktop with a "k"02:29
AngryElfdo I want GDM, Compiz or Beryl themes from gnome-lookl.org to work with my fancy new 3d desktop?02:29
aotianlongany body using gvim on ubuntu 7.1002:29
VletkevinO: can you be a little more specific?02:29
Ahornersomething i can actually helpw ith02:29
kevinOLjL i know that02:29
AhornerKujaX: pick me02:29
KuJaXAhorner:  is there a time limit to when your account over there goes away?02:29
kevinOhow can i be more specific?02:29
KuJaXAhorner:  I have setup an account 6 months ago, and now it isnt there any more02:30
ArafangionkevinO: Are you aware that 'desltop' is somewhat not quite the same as 'desktop'?02:30
LjLkevinO: can you pastebin the whole console input/output of that?02:30
aotianlongwhy the gvim work incorrect.02:30
ArafangionkevinO: Hint; Take a look at the fourth charactor.02:30
VletkevinO: maybe telling us when it happened, what package it said was missing, what you were doing when it happened02:30
JerseyMonkeyArafangion: I used 'man rdesktop' and couldnt' see any change. I used it perfectly well in Ubuntu 7.04 and Xubuntu 7.04, but in 7.10 all my machines have this issue with -f.02:30
AhornerKujaX: yes it is probably gone by now. they send email confirmations every month02:30
youknowm1kevinO, also are you on a server install?02:30
stemountKuJaX, i use DynDNS02:30
jeyaganeshi tried to install with live cd, but it is asking user name and password. if i just give enter, it showed 'this process is currently running setuid or setgid. This is not a supported use of GTK+. You must create a helper program instead. For further details see, www.gtk.org/setuid.html'02:30
KuJaXAhorner:  How do you keep them from deleting your account?  I want to set up an account that is going to be mission critial.02:30
aotianlong7.10 is so bad!02:30
Ahornerdydns+no-ip=happy me02:30
kevinOArafangion: what are the chances I misspelled it 5 times? and while im trying to ask for help?02:30
kevinOArafangion: im not stupid02:31
dwxreaperi have the same problem as attunix02:31
AhornerKujaX: just click the link they send you in the email every month02:31
ooFeMoe9re<aotianlong> 7.10 is so bad! <=== what is so bad about it ?02:31
stemount7.10 is excellent!02:31
gvsa123i cannot seem to get the firestarter icon to show up on the system tray... i have "sudo firestarter --start" as it's command set in sessions... any ideas? it is running... but i just want to be able to see it there.02:31
jzehey.. how do I set my wlan dongle to use the ndiswrapper driver instead of the one it uses now ?02:31
stemountso is 7.0402:31
ArafangionkevinO: I know a number of very smart people who consistently misspell certain words. ;)02:31
youknowm1I just installed gutsy and installed the gstreamer plugins but rythombox keeps telling me that my .wma files encrypted and cannot be played.. Help?02:31
stemountgvsa123, theres an option in options?02:31
briantumori don't have /etc/inittab nor a /etc/event.d !!02:31
aotianlonglast night, the /usr/share/fonts/misc/fonts.alias file was missing02:31
stemountto display in system tray02:31
Ahorneryouknowm1: ever heard of drm?02:31
aotianlongit take me all night time to fix this.02:31
kevinOArafangion:  i mispelled it here, OOPS!!!!!!!!! want to help me or be a smart @$$ allnight02:31
gvsa123stemount: enabled that already also02:31
ArafangionkevinO: The best response is to say "Opps, that was a typo", so that it's acknowledged.02:31
TorvusLinaldsthere's something... just... very wrong with my graphics drivers or something... no idea what... but lots of things take ages to repaint...  help02:31
stemountoh :(02:31
ArafangionkevinO: Heh, indeed. ;)  Now carry on. :)02:32
youknowm1yeah, but it they worked on 7.0402:32
attunixdwxreaper: you have to define the directory02:32
Ahorneryouknowm1: where did you download them from02:32
KuJaXAhorner:  So that is the only stipulation, is that they send you an e-mail every month?  Do you have a link on their site where they talk about that?.02:32
Unbutu[G33Z3Rgvsa123:  open firestarter go prefrences/interface click enable tray icon02:32
kevinOmy lord02:32
Kaitlyn2004if I "make uninstall"... what do I do after that? anything?02:32
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: Did 7.04 have a different version of rdesktop?02:32
stemountUnbutu[G33Z3R, that was a bit late.. loll02:32
AhornerKujaX; well you can pay for the not free version and the never delete it02:32
gvsa123i'm also on a new gutsy install... i've also been experiencing problems with the right theme loading during startup...02:32
jzescguy318: you still here ?02:33
user_hi all, after upgrading to gutsy my laptop takes half minute to start any application. Any idea what's happening?02:33
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: Maybe there's a bug with the one on 7.10?  Try compiling your own version and checking it out?02:33
JerseyMonkeyArafangion: I presume it was probably an earlier version, but I dont' see how '-f' could get broken by that.02:33
aotianlongbye every one!02:33
TorvusLinaldsthis is just ridiculous... how can it be so broken from feisty to gutsy....  unbelievable mess, loads of stuff doesn't work properly any more.  what a train wreck02:33
JerseyMonkeyArafangion: I tested it on two different machines, adn even reinstalled the rdestkop package.02:33
youknowm1Ahorner, idk they were just in my library for a long time and I used to listen to them on 7.04 but now 7.10 tells me that they are encrypted and cannot be played02:33
Kaitlyn2004anybody..?? if I "make uninstall"... what do I do after that? anything?02:33
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: re-installation of the same version could never make a difference.02:33
=== Ahorner is now known as c_dos_run
jzehey.. how do I set my wlan dongle to use the ndiswrapper driver instead of the one it uses now ?02:34
trogdorTorvusLinalds: reinstall don't upgrade02:34
Falstiuswhy isn't there vmplayer in gutsy?02:34
=== etotheipi is now known as _etotheip
VletKaitlyn2004: remove the directory if you want, but no, that should be it02:34
c_dos_runyouknowm1: i have no idea02:34
Ashfire908can i resume a bash?02:34
TorvusLinaldstrogdor, wow02:34
=== c_dos_run is now known as c_dos_c_dos_run_
c_dos_c_dos_run_run ds run!02:34
c_dos_c_dos_run_c:\ dos02:34
JerseyMonkeyArafangion: How would I install an older version?02:34
c_dos_c_dos_run_c:\ dos run02:34
c_dos_c_dos_run_run dos run!02:34
diafic_time for sleep. Zzz02:34
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: You'd pretty much have to compile from source code.02:34
TorvusLinaldstrogdor, right, lose all the settings it took me ages to get right....02:34
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: Such programs go into /usr/local rather than /usr02:35
VletJerseyMonkey: download the iso, burn the cd, boot, install02:35
flushhow can i see the size of a directory in terminal ?02:35
TorvusLinaldstrogdor, how does reinstalling fix my problems02:35
youknowm1So I'm pretty much screwed then?02:35
c_dos_c_dos_run_spose so02:35
xp_prg3anyone use sourceforge here?02:35
AngryElfcan I get the old "Snow" plugin working with ubuntu or has that been removed?02:35
Unbutu[G33Z3RTorvusLinalds:  forget ubuntu use  Vista FTW02:35
slvmchni installed 64-bit ubuntu 7.10 on this laptop, and it seems to run, is there a way to check for sure that it's running in 64-bit mode instead of 32-bit?02:35
c_dos_c_dos_run_i dual boot02:35
xp_prg3I want to upload a file to my project area and it is not working02:35
JerseyMonkeyArafangion: Hm...I just noticed I get this error when I press the button to get out of full screen. "ERROR: get bitmap 2:36"02:35
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: If that version has the same problems, then the issue is likely to do with ubuntu itself.02:35
c_dos_c_dos_run_i bought a 320gb sata hd today02:35
flushAngryElf apt-get install snow02:35
kevinOLjL: http://pastebin.com/m675b75b402:35
TorvusLinaldsyeah, i should go back to windows, at least i know it will work02:35
Kaitlyn2004Vlet: okay thanks02:35
branstrom#ubuntu+1 is no more?02:35
VletTorvusLinalds: there have been many problems with people upgrading. fewer with people installing clean02:35
flushhow do i see the size of a directory in console ?02:35
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: Google result in anything?02:35
kilopopoHow do i change the background when02:35
flushlike ls -s for directories02:35
VletTorvusLinalds: QQ02:35
PaxtonHey, is there a way to download whatever drivers I need for ubuntu whilst in windows? I'm on a wireless connection02:36
branstromI haven't had any problems upgrading, for one :)02:36
JerseyMonkeyArafangion: I'll check now.02:36
LjLkevinO: pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list02:36
joshjoshsicne i've upgraded to gutsy (clean install) nothing will automount in USB. Any ideas on a fix?02:36
slvmchnalso i'm having a problem with my screen, i can only select 1024x768 as a max resolution, but i can really use the whole screen... it crops the login screen to the left and my top panel crops to 1024 instead of the full width02:36
AngryElfflush: can't find package snow02:36
slvmchnbut the bottom panel can fit right02:36
TorvusLinaldsthis is a complete train wreck, i don't know how the linux zealots can promote it with straight faces...02:36
kilopopoHow do i change the orange background where the splash screen shows when i login to gnome????????????????02:36
cafuegoAngryElf: Doesn't appear to be in there.02:36
Ashfire908how many bad block tests does fsck.ext3 -cc run a drive through02:36
flushapt-get install xsnow02:36
VletTorvusLinalds: MOST people had no problems. some did.02:36
gvsa123branstrom: problems are usually hardware related right?02:36
Arafangion JerseyMonkey I am cooking breakfast now.02:37
Unbutu[G33Z3RTorvusLinalds:   i had no probs :) even browsed the web and listened to online radio while it installed02:37
TorvusLinaldsvlet, oh well then if i was 'most people' i would be alright wouldn't i?02:37
ArafangionJerseyMonkey: Hope you have good luck.02:37
Vletkilopopo: in the 'login screen' admin control panel02:37
TorvusLinaldswell good for you02:37
JerseyMonkeyArafangion: K, thankyou.02:37
VletTorvusLinalds: do you have any questions?02:37
TorvusLinaldsdoesn't exactly help me though02:37
branstromgvsa123: I don't know, that sounds right in my experience, but there are plenty of software bugs out there too...02:37
Unbutu[G33Z3Rthxs i appreciate it TorvusLinalds :)02:37
TorvusLinaldsyes my question is: how do i stop this slow repainting problem02:37
=== c_dos_c_dos_run_ is now known as do_you_think_thi
Ashfire908anyone here really good with e2fsck?02:38
epidodican someone tell me why these commands did not work under gutsy (they did under feisty) AND if I hurt anything under gutsy?02:38
epidodigconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_9 "<Control><Alt>Delete"02:38
epidodigconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_9 "gnome-system-monitor"02:38
epidodiThanks so much!02:38
AngryElfflush: no, this was a beryl/compiz plugin02:38
user_hi all, after upgrading to gutsy my laptop takes half minute to start any application. Any idea what's happening?02:38
VletTorvusLinalds: perhaps you need to install a restricted video driver02:38
PaxtonUm, is there any way to download the drivers/packages/etc for ubuntu and burn them to a CD on windows? I'm on wireless02:38
TorvusLinaldsvlet, i have, it is the latest version02:38
ofcoursehi, i'm trying to upgrade to gutsy using aptitude dist-upgrade and i got a few dependency problems, with a blank space where it claims to be listing the actions to resolve the depndencies and a 'score' of -139 (which i don't really understand the meaning of)02:38
branstromTorvusLinalds: what graphics card do you have?02:38
flushAngryElf oh damn you should have precised02:38
epidodiThey purpuse of the commands was to redirect control alt delete to open the gnome-system-monitor02:38
branstromnvidia-glx-new if you have Nvidia, that's a given02:39
jeyaganeshHello, When i try to install ubuntu 7.10, it asks user name and password, if i give 'enter'. it show error message: 'GTK Warning: This process is currently running Setuid or Setgid. This is not a supported use of GTK+. You must create a helper program instead. For further details, see www.gtk.org/setuid.html'. please help me in installing further02:39
flushi dunno.. fluxbox for the win02:39
TorvusLinaldsvlet, i had problems with the kernel module not matching the driver but that's fixed now and fglrx works, sort of02:39
Ashfire908is there a way to stop e2fsck without destroying data?02:39
Vletepidodi: maybe check out the man page for gconftool02:39
TorvusLinaldsati mobility radeon 960002:39
epidodiVlet, I did - and they are way out of my league02:39
* Unbutu[G33Z3R have ati xpress 200 FTW02:39
epidodiI got these commands from a wiki about a year ago02:39
epidodiI'm not a guru at all02:40
do_you_think_thii know what ur goin thru lol02:40
Vletjeyaganesh: you mean you wanted a blank username or password?02:40
* Pelo mutters and grumbles, and tries to remind himself that he didn't like edgy at first either02:40
hordaghow can i get away the glassform on that the cube is standing its ruining my skydome!02:40
TorvusLinaldsvlet, and now fglrxinfo gives me reasonable stuff, although fgl_glxgears doesn't run, no DRI???02:40
* do_you_think_thi have a $350 ATI Radeon x1550 Pro 512mb ddr202:40
Pelohordag, ask in #ubuntu-effects02:40
Picihordag: disable the cube reflection plugin02:40
katharosmlalkaka: nope :( still end up at bulletproof X02:40
TorvusLinaldsvlet, but now typing in the search box of firefox is painfully slow02:40
ofcourseso it's asking me if i want to accept the solution, but i'm afraid it might fubar the system. does anyone have experience with this?02:41
joshjoshWhy does installing nvidia-settings remove my nvidia driver? Grr!02:41
PiciPelo: you do know that #ubuntu-effects redirects to #compiz-fusion, right?02:41
epidodiwhere is another good place to ask if noone here knows?02:41
alecwhHow do I get rid of unused dependencies with apt-get?02:41
Vletepidodi: the forums02:41
Tom47if i use gksudo nautilus and delete files do they go to a trash bin?02:41
Picialecwh: apt-get autoremove02:41
PeloPici, I didn'T but that's also a good place to ask02:41
jeyaganeshVlet:I have to create user name and password before starting the live cd itself?02:41
Unbutu[G33Z3Rive given up trying to  run compiz  with my Ati xpress 200 graphics card it freezes up  so i think  ill leave it alone #02:41
TorvusLinaldsvlet, and ktorrent repaints really slow, and my image viewer.... all repainting really slowly02:41
Vletepidodi: but your answer is in that man page somewhere02:41
Megidd1Hi, can someone help me with a problem? I installed Ubuntu on my laptop, but when I boot, it goes to a black screen. I can boot in "recovery mode" then use startx and it works, but I don't want to have to do this every time.02:41
joshjoshalecwh, sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out the ones you don't need. or do it through synamptic02:41
mlalkakakatharos: i'm out of ideas, unfortunately. have you tried google?02:41
NushioI need help configuring Ubuntu's Display02:42
VletTorvusLinalds: I also had problem with my ATI card after attempting an upgrade. a clean install worked fine02:42
epidodiI'm afraid the man page is written in greek and I am too dumb to get it02:42
Nushioit won't start the gdm02:42
sergio_ what graphic card do you have ?02:42
sergio_ Look, I just have the same problem after installed 7.10.02:42
sergio_ I when to the System, Administration, Screen & Graphics and selected the correct driver02:42
sergio_ In my case Nvida 6 series and all the resolutions came fine.02:42
Peloevolution always opens offline now, anywone know how to fix that ?02:42
kilopopoHow do i change the orange background where the splash screen shows when i login to gnome????????????????02:42
kevinOLjL, thanks I figured it out, seems that one of the lines was commented out because it had failed to verify upon installation, i just un-commented it and its working now.02:42
joshjoshMegidd1, What video card are you using?02:42
Lilacorwhere can I find more information about using KVM with Gutsy?02:42
Megidd1joshjosh: ATI XPRESS 20002:42
Vletkilopopo: I told you earlier. In the 'Login Window' admin control panel02:42
katharosmlalkaka: sigh, yeah. I'll give it another shot, i'll uninstall the drivers then install the nvidia-glx instead of nvidia-glx-new or something02:42
TorvusLinaldsvlet, .... goddammit i will lose so much if i reinstall... all my settings02:42
KuJaXWhat does everyone use their Ubuntu-Server for?02:42
Pelokilopoppo do you mean just after you log in while the desktop is loading ?02:43
mrgdesktop effects are only happy on nvidia cards?02:43
Unbutu[G33Z3RMegidd1:  same card as me02:43
TorvusLinaldsvlet, and i will have to burn a dvd etc....02:43
hordaghow can i get away the glassplate on that the cube is standing on while rotating. it ruins my skydome!02:43
katharosmlalkaka: thanks so much for your help tho, you're the most helpful person i've met on irc so far02:43
VletTorvusLinalds: like what?02:43
kevinOAnd thanks to all the people who tried to make it look like they were helping but actually belittle me in the process02:43
trogdorNushio: lshw, lspci, ddcprobe, apt-get install xresprobe restricted-modules-$(uname -r)02:43
Picihordag: disable the cube reflection plugin.02:43
kwtmI typed "man 7zip" and it said, "What manual page do you want from section 7zip?"  What does that mean?  If I want to read instructions on how to use the 7zip command, how do I know what manual page I want?02:43
mlalkakakatharos: that actually might have something to do with it. nvidia-glx might have support for older cards like ours.02:43
Unbutu[G33Z3RMegidd1:  its a pain i wouldnt bother  trying  i can help you sort your screen size if you need02:43
TorvusLinaldsvlet, well maybe i could back up my home dir02:43
katharosmlalkaka: i have hope! :D02:43
Nushiotrogdor: I was looking for some command similar to system-config-display02:43
Pelokilopopo, do you mean just after you log in while the desktop is loading ?02:43
NushioI upgraded (i think) my brother's pc02:44
joshjoshMegidd1, your xorg.conf is probably pointed at a driver that doesn't work.02:44
VletTorvusLinalds: there ya go :)02:44
mlalkakakatharos: good, you'll be happy you did once you've solved the problem; trust me.02:44
trogdorNushio: there is no program or command, just find xorg.conf and pwn it with your inovation02:44
ePaxIs there are program with wich you can start LAMP programs at same time and stop them or separated?02:44
kilopopoPelo, yes02:44
TorvusLinaldsvlet, it's still a *huge* pain in the ass02:44
Megidd1I did the restricted driver update while in recovery joshjosh02:44
TorvusLinaldsvlet, and i will have to burn a boot dvd02:44
Nushioalright, thanks trogdor02:44
joshjoshMegidd1, alt+f2 then restricted-manager and see if it's enabled.02:44
Unbutu[G33Z3Rjoshjosh:  ati spress 200 doesnt support 3d rendering  at least i dont think so02:44
TorvusLinaldsvlet, unless there's a way to do it without one02:44
grooboxHi to all02:44
saturdayplacehow do I format an external USB drive?  I'm using the LiveCD02:45
Pelokilopopo, menu > sysetem > admin > login window, second tab, just bellow the windows with the login screen choices,   background colour02:45
hordagwhere can i change the cubes size???02:45
kevinOgroobox you have to be a little more specific02:45
bqmasseydeluge rox0rs!!!111!02:45
joshjoshbqmassey, Yes it does.02:45
Pelohordag, ask in #ubuntu-effects02:45
Vlethordag: #ubuntu-effects may be able to better answer02:45
kevinOgroobox jk :)02:45
Unbutu[G33Z3Rusing Deluge right now  its not to disimilar to utorrent02:45
hordagthey aint tellin me something02:45
joshjoshanyone have any idea why nothing USB will automount for me?02:45
hordagthey just say punch your monitor02:45
grooboxI just want only to say Hi or Hello02:45
Megidd1joshjosh: That's strange, it's deselected now...02:45
RB2Hey everyone. My friend is having a strange issue with 7.04. It seems to be randomly launching multiple copies of the calculator on its own.02:46
kwtmsaturdayplace: It should show up on your desktop and you can use the context-menu options.02:46
bqmasseyshould i enable UPnP in Deluge?02:46
RB2Any suggestions for finding the problem?02:46
Tom47do deleted files go to a trash bucket when you delete using gksudo nautilus?02:46
chowmeinedhordag: edit the source code02:46
=== steven_ is now known as Sayers
PeloUnbutu[G33Z3R, you are right it is not but it is a very nice client regardless andthey have come a long way in a very short time02:46
joshjoshMegidd1, Select it, then go to system>preferences>appearance and make sure the compositing is off, then restart and see if it works.02:46
kjpfor some reason since the upgrade to gutsy, I can't get the nvidia module to work. it fails with an error on lrm02:46
Steven_Laptopsaturdayplace, what do you wish to format ext3 or what?02:46
mlalkakakatharos: one more thing that might help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia. Look at the Common Problems section02:46
mrgrb2, check if it has any shortcuts assigned that are launching by mistake?02:46
Pelohordag, go and ask your compiz questions in #ubuntu-effects02:46
TorvusLinaldsbah, 4:46am sorting out my bloody graphics card...  what a nightmare02:47
user_hi all, after upgrading to gutsy my laptop takes half minute to start any application. Any idea what's happening?02:47
SayersWhat would be the best format for a 80 Gb IDE that won't be used for boot but just separate storage?02:47
Vlethordag: if you get no answer, that means no one here at the moment knows the answer02:47
RB2mrg: Nope, it'll happen when he's not touching anything. Just sitting there.02:47
=== chryss_ is now known as chryss
trogdoruser_: is your laptop dual core? what type of processor?02:47
PeloTorvusLinalds, go to bed , it will be eaiser once you have rested02:47
Unbutu[G33Z3Rhow can i tstop dht in deluge tryed looking in prefrences and even clicking on it at bottom of the screen02:47
VletSayers: I just use tried and true ext302:47
Picihordag: join #compiz-fusion for effects related questions please.02:47
grooboxhowever,I can delete cd-rw with k3b only if I start it by root02:47
SayersVlet, ext3 is popular but there are tons of others.02:47
BerzerkerI'm trying to install wireless with madwifi, but when I type sudo modprobe ath_pci, it doesn't give me an error, but the wireless module doesn't show up02:48
user_trogdor: yes, it's Dell D620, core02:48
TorvusLinaldspelo, well it seems i have to reinstall everything.... bah and double bah02:48
RB2mrg, he's checked the keyboard to make sure there's no keys sticking, etc.. very strange.02:48
tomd123Can someone help me install the vaio programmable buttons on a laptop?02:48
Unbutu[G33Z3Rk im thick its in prefences ive disabled DHT now in deluge02:48
user_trogdor: Dell latitude D620 core duo02:48
trogdoruser_: cat /proc/cpuinfo does it list 2 cores02:48
Blou_Aapany one here from england ?02:48
stemountyep me Blou_Aap02:48
Unbutu[G33Z3R<<<< uk02:48
Blou_Aapwe owned you02:49
mrgrb2, yeah never heard of that... unless some prankster buddy of his set up some cron job to weird him out...02:49
Blou_Aaprugby weee02:49
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:49
stemounti see....?02:49
PeloUnbutu[G33Z3R,  menu > edit > prefs : second tab  : uncheck activate DHT02:49
scguy318Berzerker: I'm back, has your problem been resolved?02:49
Unbutu[G33Z3Rvery close game i thought but the best team won02:49
eyemeanhello all02:49
user_trogdor: yes. The problem is, even with one core working only, it shouldn't be so slow02:49
Unbutu[G33Z3RPelo:  thxs found it02:49
eyemeani just been doing fresh install of 7.1002:49
kevinOthe best team always wins02:49
BerzerkerI downloaded the 2.2.0 source, make uninstalled, then apt-get installed it02:49
scguy318Berzerker: are you Feisty or Gutsy?02:50
user_trogdor: it seems every application is taking 1min to start and firefox is "starting..." forever02:50
grooboxWhy I can delete cd-rw with k3b only if I start it by root?02:50
Cable86is there a compiz fusion repository anywhere for ubuntu 7.10?02:50
BerzerkerI had 2.2.0 installed, and apt-get installs 2.2.102:50
asbaniwhats wrong with virtualbox that is installed from apt-get?02:50
RB2mrg, Nope, his friends are all Windows junkies. ;)02:50
scguy318Berzerker: ah02:50
bqmasseywhere do i find Deluge (trying to make firefox open torrents with deluge)02:50
mrgrb2, i'd full text search the whole root partition for the name of the executable (at least in txt/script files) to see if some job is calling the calc02:50
whyameyeI'm at my wits end trying to get either suspend or hibernate working on an HP DV2000 AMD64 gutsy.02:50
Vletbqmassey: /usr/bin/deluge02:50
Unbutu[G33Z3Ris VLC available in linux?02:50
RB2mrg, I think he's going to do a fresh install of 7.10 anyway. But, I'll have him check that02:50
BerzerkerI'm having a problem with my wireless, if you can help with that02:50
PiciUnbutu[G33Z3R: yes.02:50
LjL!info vlc | Unbutu[G33Z3R02:50
ubotuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:50
ubotuunbutu[g33z3r: vlc: multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.6.release.c-0ubuntu5 (gutsy), package size 1134 kB, installed size 3228 kB02:50
crittAnyone know If Breyl is easier to install with 7.10?02:50
Vletasbani: everything is BIG?02:50
scguy318Unbutu[G33Z3R: yep02:50
eyemeani've got problem though im trying to get dual screen workign and cant get it to work. other screen is mirror at different resolution02:50
scguy318Berzerker: what about02:51
user_trogdor: any ideas?02:51
PeloUnbutu[G33Z3R, menu > applications > add/remove02:51
asbanino, I can't start installation for winxp02:51
Picicritt: Compiz-Fusion, the successor to beryl is already installed.02:51
Vletasbani: what happens?02:51
critthmmm thanks02:51
katharosmlalkaka: hehe, thanx but i tried them already :)02:51
ColroIs anyone else having problems with games in Ubuntu 7.10 under WINE freezing periodically for 2-4 seconds? It seems like any game will do it -- Warcraft 3, HL mods, WoW, etc. It seems to happen fairly often, but at random times. I thought at first that it might be compiz fusion, but running with DISPLAY=:0 and WINEDEBUG=fixme-all doesn't fix it. I've tried emulating different versions of Windows and I've also tried several older versions of02:51
ColroWINE with no luck.02:51
Unbutu[G33Z3Rcool im liking this  more and more   most of what i use on xp pro is available  on unbuntu or have very close alt02:51
stemount!info lighttpd02:51
ubotulighttpd: A fast webserver with minimal memory footprint. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.18-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 293 kB, installed size 868 kB02:51
stemounti likes lighttpd02:51
scguy318Colro: maybe its your video card driver?02:51
mrgrb2, fresh installs everyonce in a while is not a bad idea. especially when the machine is going fubar.  good luck with the prob.02:52
asbaniVlet: I created a winxp then entered the CD and clicked on "start" right" then error popped on me and i can't install.02:52
mlalkakakatharos: sigh lol. well good luck then. i've gtg02:52
Berzerker I'm trying to install wireless with madwifi, but when I type sudo modprobe ath_pci, it doesn't give me an error, but the wireless module doesn't show up02:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:52
Colroscguy318: It shouldn't be -- I never had this problem under 7.04 nor under winxp.02:52
stemountcya mlalkaka02:52
trogdoruser_: firefox starts slow when it can't get a network connection or you have a very large cache for it02:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernate - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:52
Vletasbani: what error?02:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hibernation - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:52
RB2mrg, thanks for your help.02:52
LjL!botabuse | whyameye02:52
ubotuwhyameye: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...02:52
PaxtonIs there any way to get ndiswrapper & whatever drivers I need for ubuntu from windows and burn them to a CD?02:52
scguy318Paxton: sure02:52
scguy318Paxton: the debs are at the NdiswrapperHowto page on Ubuntu Wiki02:53
mrgrb2, yw glad if was any help02:53
insanehey, I'm having trouble making my TV as my primary or secondary monitor, i dont care which...I tried unsuccessfully in the old version and in the new version I'm not sure what to try02:53
asbaniVlet: look, i'll show you02:53
eyemeanto get dual screen do we still have to edit xorg and make it bigscreen?02:53
trogdoruser_: try apt-get install sysv-rc-conf and turn off services, perhaps remove a few extra gettys, and try removing anything else you can find. restart a few system services to see their subprocesses to trim off02:53
Megidd1joshjosh: It does the same thing. You mean make sure that compiz is off right?02:53
mrgdo desktop effects only work with nvidia cards, please?02:53
AnickCan any one help me with getting beryl install on ubuntu 7.10? I've install ubuntu about 5 time today.02:53
Vlet!paste | asbani02:53
ubotuasbani: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:53
user_trogdor: I have the connection because using IRC has no problem, for the cache part it was work well in feisty02:53
RB2mrg, Well, while he was battling the opening calculators, his cube started spinning on its own. So, there's a few problems. LOL02:53
xIke_anyone know what tells the keyboard special keys (volume, etc.) what to do?02:53
asbaniVlet: http://shell.lomag.net/~org/Screenshot.png02:53
trogdoruser_: is it just firefox?02:54
user_trogdor: great, I will try it now02:54
VletAnick: beryl no longer is relevant. beryl and compiz merged to become compiz-fusion02:54
stemountKeyboard shortcuts xIke_02:54
stemountin system -> prefs?02:54
trogdoruser_: try checking the plugins you have for it, maybe they are having issues02:54
user_trogdor: no, every application is slow to start02:54
joshjoshMegidd1, yes02:54
trogdoruser_: what desktop manager you using?02:54
CunningLinguistUrandr is supposed to be what is used for TV now, although I dont have ubuntu installed yet, it uses xrandr to do the video out02:54
crittPici  Do u know what app to open to config  Compiz-Fusion?02:54
ndeehey there, how would you do that: I have my music and DVDs which I ripped and I want them to be available to every client in my network. So if I wanna watch a DVD, I can startup my HTPC and select that DVD.02:54
Pici!ccsm | critt02:54
ubotucritt: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Gutsy(7.10) install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' - A new option will appear in your appearance properties - see also !compiz02:54
trogdoruser_: there's your problem ^^02:54
scguy318Berzerker: have you tried ndiswrapper?02:54
user_trogdor: ???02:54
Necrosanuse ndiswrapper02:54
Necrosanit will work02:54
scguy318Berzerker: that may be a better choice02:54
mrgrb2 lol.. now THAT is messed up.  i'm sure someone has some virtual terminal opened to his desktop and is messing with him bc that is just too much with the cube ;)02:54
trogdoruser_: fix metacity02:55
AnickVlet ok im try to install the compiz thing but it will not let me enable the visual effects02:55
Unbutu[G33Z3Rright found Vlc in synaptic but theres multiple entries do i tick all or just the main vlc and leave the plugins out?02:55
profanephobiawhats the best way to get quicktime movie support?02:55
user_trogdor: how to fix it? isn't that the default one?02:55
whyameyeBerzerker: what computer and what chipset?02:55
VletAnick: well, that has to do with your video card driver02:55
trogdoruser_: there have been some xorg changes between gutsy and feisty. Its no doubt your having issues with it02:55
BerzerkerMacBook Pro02:55
Megidd1joshjosh: Any idea what else it might be?02:55
asbaniVlet: you checked it?02:55
chuy_maxwhere can I find some forum moderators in irc?02:55
Vletasbani: lol... what zone are you in? I'm leveling a pally alt in STV ;)02:56
xIke_stemount, hm.  I'm not seeing what I'm looking for...keyboard backlight02:56
ozzloyi have had evince lock the sound card a couple times this week.  how do i make it stop?02:56
whyameyeBerzerker: I use MacBook Pro with Linux and no probs with madwifi. I disagree with the advise to use ndiswrapper.02:56
Berzerker0b:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5418 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)02:56
BerzerkerI've used it before02:56
Berzerkerbut with feisty02:56
whyameyeBerzerker: is this Intel core duo02:56
=== eric-- is now known as `eric-
mrgrb2, you have 7.10 installed?02:56
Necrosanwhyameye, ndiswrapper is superior02:56
Berzerkerit's the newest model02:56
Necrosanthats why he suggested it02:56
RB2mrg, Now it's prompting him to save a screenshot and the program switcher that spins the thumbnails in a circle is coming up and switching apps on its own. As well, the keyboard is unresponsive.02:56
BerzerkerI got it in August02:56
Steven_Laptoppeople google is your friend!02:56
Andy---I just installed ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop and it takes a very long time to boot. I installed boot chart and it looks like S01readahead and readahead-list start and then nothing happens for around 70 seconds. Any suggestions?02:56
user_trogdor:!!! that's nice, I'll try to look around for what's happening, any suggestions for a start-off?02:56
whyameyeNecrosan: not with my system. All sorts of problems. Can't find hidden ESSIDs for example...02:56
RB2mrg, Maybe he needs to change his kb again.02:56
Unbutu[G33Z3RGoogle owns the internet02:56
scguy318Berzerker: hmm, a MacBook, any windows drivers for those? :P02:56
RB2mrg, Yes, I'm running 7.1002:56
scguy318Berzerker: for your wireless chipset02:56
Necrosanwhyameye, uh, isnt that why they're hidden?02:57
Vletasbani: anyway, that's weird - I don't recall having to do that on my system at work with vbox on it... have you tried doing what it said?02:57
scguy318Berzerker: there probably are, though I don't feel like looking02:57
marx2khave people figured out the NVidia issue and gutsy breaking NVidia?02:57
AnickVlet: I have a ati 9800 and i've let ubuntu install the driver and it did not work plus i've downloaded the ones from ATI and i get the same thing02:57
xIke_anyone know how to control keyboard backlighting from the shell?02:57
scguy318Berzerker: hmm, your original issue, I dunno :(02:57
whyameyeNecrosan: my univ has hidden ESSID which they tell us, but with ndiswrapper I can't get on.02:57
Berzerkeryes, comes with boot camp02:57
Necrosanwhyameye, try harder02:57
trogdoruser_: I don't know I use compiz if anything :/02:57
scguy318Berzerker: i guess you could use ndiswrapper with that windows driver02:57
asbaniVlet: nop02:57
whyameyeNecrosan: I have. And I found madwifi is fantastic.02:57
b4sichey i tried to run a 7.10 live boot disc (x64 iso, amd) and got this error msg. first time i've ever seen it (np with previous versions of ubuntu live booting on this pc) .. "bcm43xx error: microcode," "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available, r load failed."02:57
b4sicany ideas?02:57
mrgrb2, there are some programs that show you graphically what keys are being pressed.. he should get one of those to see if his kb is fubar.  or just spend 5 bucks and buy a new one to test.02:57
user_trogdor: ok, thanks for the help , really appreciated02:57
b4sicanyone? :(02:57
asbanibut i've done vbox and install winxp before, this error never happen to me. and i never did what it says02:57
Necrosanmadwifi is a joke02:57
Unbutu[G33Z3Rsynaptic is very handy who ever pointed that out thnxs a treat02:57
VletAnick: have you checked this out...https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI02:58
Berzerkerwhyameye: I already had it installed, then upgraded to gutsy, then it doesn't work, how would I re-configure it to work?02:58
b4sicvery quick question, i'm sure someone here knows the answer..02:58
b4sichey i tried to run a 7.10 live boot disc (x64 iso, amd) and got this error msg. first time i've ever seen it (np with previous versions of ubuntu live booting on this pc) .. "bcm43xx error: microcode," "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available, r load failed."02:58
tophatandyanyone know how to get the deskbar embedded again?02:58
trogdoruser_: if you get fed up with the lag try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12508402:58
mrgrb2, do you have desktop effects enabled/working?02:58
Necrosanb4sic, you idiot, that's bcm43xx-fwcutter shit02:58
Necrosandont worry about it02:58
Pici!repeat | b4sic02:58
ubotub4sic: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience02:58
b4sicit won't load.02:58
xIke_I can't wake up from suspend.  anyone?02:58
b4sicubotu it just keeps trying to load.02:58
Vletasbani: well, give it a shot. If I remember correctly, I had to restart my system after installing vboxx02:58
scguy318Berzerker: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper02:58
RB2mrg, He's been running the desktop effects for months without incident.02:58
insanehey, I'm having trouble making my TV as my primary or secondary monitor, i dont care which...I tried unsuccessfully in the old version and in the new version I'm not sure what to try02:58
scguy318Berzerker: applies just fine to Gutsy02:58
Berzerkerscguy318: whyameye already said I should stick to madwifi lol02:59
whyameyeBerzerker: I have a macbook here runnning madwifi on gutsy. I'll take a look. What are your symptoms? Or if you want to go with ndiswrapper, I'm not interested in arguing with people here, so that's fine.02:59
b4sicguess no one knows ansr.02:59
b4sicoh well.02:59
ooFeMoe9reThe most interesting thing about Ubuntu (Linux) is:02:59
Andy---I just installed ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop and it takes a very long time to boot. Any suggestions?02:59
Vletb4sic: google might02:59
PaxtonOkay another quick question: I have Gutsy on CD and I want to partition my Dell's HD so I can dual boot until I'm fully comfortable with ubuntu. Is there a way to do this without wiping the windows partition?02:59
Ashfire908is there any way to stop fsck?02:59
tophatandyanyone know how to embed the deskbar02:59
user_trogdor: hemm, I'll try it if nothing works :D02:59
AnickVlet: any way you can private msg me02:59
Picitophatandy: What do you mean by embed?02:59
mrgrb2, not him, YOU... i'm trying to see if you can help me :P02:59
bqmasseyI'm gonna try installing PeerGuardian....   unless there's something better out there.. thoughts?02:59
Berzerkerwhyameye: nothing goes wrong, no errors, just doesn't show up in ifconfig, or the wireless menu02:59
VletPaxton: yes, the ubuntu installer will do that for you. You can select what percentage of your drive you would like to use, and ubuntu will do the rest02:59
RB2mrg, OH! Yes, I do. :)02:59
tophatandyI mean i dont want it in the window anylonger02:59
asbaniVlet: I done it. now it wants me to put a group add or something03:00
tophatandyi want it the way it used to be03:00
VletAnick: no. I don't know much about getting fglrx working on ATI cards03:00
tophatandyin 7.0403:00
PaxtonThanks Vlet, I'll go do that03:00
gutsynow compiz go03:00
gutsybye bye03:00
Unbutu[G33Z3Rholly crap linux is very powefull i can  do  more on this than i can on xp  it seems more open platform03:00
Picitophatandy: Yes, unfortunately, that option isnt available anymore.  I'd like it back too.03:00
mrgrb2, i have an ati card and it took me forever to get compiz working on 7.04..  now i'm trying to get desktop effects on ubuntu but it doesn't seem to work for ati cards.. is it only for nvidia?03:00
AnickVlet: ok03:00
Vletasbani: hang on - I have to install virtualbox too, so let me try this too03:00
tophatandyalright thanks for the help03:00
LordLimecatsorry, i just missed your reply03:00
LordLimecatwho just said something? closed window :\03:01
ColroIs anyone else having problems with games in Ubuntu 7.10 under WINE freezing periodically for 2-4 seconds? It seems like any game will do it -- Warcraft 3, HL mods, WoW, etc. It seems to happen fairly often, but at random times. I thought at first that it might be compiz fusion, but running with DISPLAY=:0 and WINEDEBUG=fixme-all doesn't fix it. I've tried emulating different versions of Windows and I've also tried several older versions of03:01
ColroWINE with no luck.03:01
LordLimecatcolro, i get that03:01
AnickMrg: i have problems with it to03:01
ooFeMoe9reColro: i get that also03:01
VletColro: I use Cedega. google it03:01
mrganick: you have ati card as well?03:01
XeraAnyone got a SpeedTouch 330 working in 7.10? I get an error about /proc/bus/usb/devices not existing.03:01
Anickmrg: yes03:01
LordLimecatcedega, from what i hear, has worse performance than wine03:01
PiciColro: Have you tried asking in #winehq?03:01
RB2mrg, No. it should work for ATI cards. What driver are you using?03:01
LordLimecatand i also hear its development is glacial03:01
tophatandyvery true about cedega03:01
MoLernerMy videocard is displaying weird flickering artifacts after coming out of suspend in Vista. would moving to Grub + dualboot have caused this?03:01
ColroPici: yep03:01
Powerking89670LordLimecat: I wouldnt doubt it...they're not OS are they?03:02
LordLimecatwine has a new version every 2 weeks, so generally issues are shortlived03:02
matthew1429how do i find out how much drive space is free on hda?03:02
ColroPici: I never had this problem with 7.04 running the same version of WINE.03:02
marx2kquestion:I am running Fiesty on my laptop, and I insert a Gutsy CD but it just comes up as amounted ISO and doesnt give me the option of upgrading via the CD... how do i get this to work?03:02
PiciColro: Were you using desktop effects then?03:02
Steven_LaptopMoLerner, no03:02
LordLimecatPowerking89670: i understand they essentially leeched off of wine, closesourced it, and focused on patches rather than fixes03:02
whyameyeBerzerker: try something like "wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor"03:02
RB2mrg, Do you get an error when attempted to enable desktop effects?03:02
LordLimecatwine changed their license to prevent that, so cedega stagnated03:02
mrgrb2: well first i tried whatever it defaults to after a clean install, then i tried with the proprietary drivers that 7.10 is nice enough to automate the install of03:02
astro76marx2k, you can only use the alternate cd to upgrade with03:03
ColroPici: No, but I disable them while the game's running so that shouldn't effect it one bit.03:03
marx2koh :(03:03
Powerking89670LordLimecat: wow, sounds like a typical Microsoft Story03:03
Berzerkerwhyameye: wlanconfig: ioctl: no such device03:03
LordLimecatheh, except cedega was somewhat decent03:03
AnickRB2: I do can you help me03:03
astro76marx2k, or online of course03:03
mrgrb2: yeah.. it tries for a few seconds then says it can't (although i had beryl going on 7.04)03:03
LordLimecatie, it wont rape your family and steal your car03:03
marx2kthat sucks :)03:03
matthew1429how do i find out how much drive space is free on hda?03:04
RB2mrg, Do you have the exact error message?03:04
XeraAnyone got a SpeedTouch 330 working in 7.10? I get an error about /proc/bus/usb/devices not existing.03:04
whyameyeBerzerker: modprobe ath_pci03:04
mrgmatthew: df03:04
astro76matthew1429, df -h will list in megabytes03:04
asbaniwhy alt+ctrl+del doesn't restart X for me?03:04
Berzerkerno errors.03:04
xIke_I can't resume after suspend03:04
Berzerkerbut didn't show up03:04
astro76matthew1429, and GB03:04
asbaniand its there in keyboard shortcut btw03:04
LordLimecatasbani: try ctrl alt backspace03:05
whyameyeBerzerker: try an ifconfig again then...03:05
stemountasbani, isn't it ctrl alt backspace?03:05
mrgrb2, lemme try again 1 min03:05
matthew1429thx, I had a drive go bad on me :(03:05
Berzerkeronly eth0 and lo03:05
RB2mrg, ok.03:05
LordLimecatctrl alt delete either does nothing, process manager, or reboot on linux :)03:05
asbaniah wait yea its ctrl alt backspace03:05
whyameyethen try the wlanconfig command again...03:05
asbaniand i did that, that what i meant03:05
asbaniit doesn't do it for me, but its there in shortcut03:05
junkeRhey, is there a way to search for all the files I marked w/ special emblems???03:05
marx2kok... so have people been getting their NVidia driver issues resolved?03:05
Steven_Laptopmarx2k, nvidia works fine on my latop with daul display even03:06
Linux_GaloreI couldnt find any Kubuntu Gutsy CD artwork so I have posted some on www.kde-look.org  just now03:06
Vletasbani: okay, yeah, that's easy... do you know how to add yourself to a group?03:06
xIke_anyone know how to fix suspend/resume not working?03:06
whyameyeanybody here with a dv2000? I can't get suspend or hibernate to work on mine. AMD64 Gutsy03:06
mrgrb2: "The composite extension is not available"03:06
marx2kSteven: nvidia-glx-new wont load for my GeForce 6800 :(03:06
zetherooanyone help me with a fingerprint reader problem?03:07
asbaniVlet: I done that. i added myself to vboxuser group from system > admin > Group managing03:07
marx2kI got it working on my GeForce 6200 though03:07
Vletasbani: and it works now?03:07
asbaniyep :)03:07
Steven_Laptopmarx2k, nuts thats the card I have03:07
asbaniim in windows setup now03:07
Berzerkerwhyameye: nothing shows up03:07
zetherooanyone help me with a fingerprint reader problem?03:07
Vletasbani: good :)03:07
marx2kwhich one03:07
Steven_Laptoplet me see something03:07
Berzerkerwhyameye: dealing with wifi03:08
whyameyeBerzerker: it didn't return something with the wlanconf like "ath1" or something?03:08
Berzerkerjust eth0 and lo03:08
Ashfire908i need help with sending a signal. according to the manfile signal(7), SIGSTOP cannot be ignored. yet, when i send it to fsck, it doesn't stop03:08
RB2mrg, Just give me a moment. Looking something up.03:08
andy__any good burning apps running on gtk now that compete with k3b ?03:08
Berzerkermaybe I should try a clean install of it03:08
Berzerkerhow would I do that03:08
mrgrb2: i've used kubuntu for years.. i even switched to ubuntu for the (supposedly) automatic desktop effects and all i got was the shaft (again) :(03:08
XeraAnyone got a SpeedTouch 330 working in 7.10? I get an error about /proc/bus/usb/devices not existing..03:08
whyameyeBerzerker: see if "dmesg | grep ath" tells you anything...03:09
mrgrb2: roger. appreciate it.03:09
dwxreaperashfire use kill03:09
* ooFeMoe9re off, thx all for being nice ...03:09
Berzerker[  718.456000] ath_hal: module license 'Proprietary' taints kernel.03:09
Berzerker[  718.456000] ath_hal: (AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, RF5111, RF5112, RF2413, RF5413)03:09
Berzerker[  718.480000] ath_pci: (
marx2kheh... taints03:09
puttersonhow would I go about turning off autoexposure on my webcam in Kubuntu 7.0403:09
xIke_anyone know how to control keyboard backlighting?03:09
Unbutu[G33Z3Rhahahahah just installed wine  opened notepad and typed and printed hello world  small thinds amuse me03:09
kbrooksputterson, why? want to hide bad things?03:10
Steven_Laptopmarx2k, is nvidia even coming up for you?03:10
don-oUnbutu[G33Z3R: ha. one of my favorite quotes is "IRC is just multiplayer notepad."03:10
Ashfire908kbrooks, the brightness settings.03:10
puttersonkbrooks, no, I am using it in low light and it is fine for a while but keeps getting darker and darker03:10
whyameyeBerzerker: you should confirm that the card is being found by the hardware with lspci.03:10
marx2kSteven: No, I have to run with the "nv" driver03:10
BerzerkerIt's there.03:10
Berzerkerwhyameye: 0b:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5418 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)03:10
RB2mrg, Can you check the xorg.conf "Extensions" section to see what the Composite setting is?03:11
Ashfire908is there somewhere i could ask about signals and fsck? no one here know anything about it03:11
zengenI just installed no-ip from the repo and it only starts after I've logged in my user account.  Doesn anyone know how I can get it to start after a reboot before anyone logs in?03:11
AnickDoes any know why i get this msg "The Composite extension is not Available" when i try to enable the visual effects03:11
Steven_Laptopif it will help I can post my xorg for you03:11
zetherooanyone help me with a fingerprint reader problem?03:11
Ashfire908*seems to know03:11
beerfanAnyone have problems with full screen games switching to windowed mode and then back for no reason?03:11
Steven_Laptopmarx2k, what kernel are you running03:11
marx2kSteven_Laptop, 2.6.22-14-generic03:12
ShpookHello room03:12
mrgrb2: i was hoping switching to 7.10 was gonna be the last of messing with xorg.conf.  i can dream i suppose. heh, 1 min i'll get it.03:12
Vlet!bot > Vlet03:12
TwoDscreen -list03:13
Steven_Laptopmarx2k, we are running the same thing, let me check something else03:13
TwoDcrap, wrong prompt lol03:13
ChillinEver since is installed 7.10 my computer can't hibernate on windows or ubuntu...03:13
ShpookSo, anyone experiencing freezing issues? It's really driving me crazy03:13
RB2mrg, ok. I'm running NVidia so I'm not overly familiar with Linux & ATI. But, I'll try my best to help.03:13
mrgrb2: "0" .. and it's not lying bc it's definitely not on..03:13
marx2kSteven: post your xorg.conf onto pastebin03:13
mykeCan someone help me configure my screen resolutions?03:13
beerfanIs it a compiz issue that fullscreen games go windowed sometimes?03:13
whyameyeBerzerker: I'm at a loss. You could try building from the svn repo. Mine is actually running the svn because I wanted packet injection. It's an easy build.03:13
Sippyis there a repository for wine sources / debs for old versions?03:13
ShpookChillin: I can't hibernate either. It'll go into hibernate mode, but never comes out.03:13
Berzerkerbut how would I get rid of everything03:13
RB2mrg, Try changing it to "1" and restarting X.03:13
Berzerkerand do a clean install03:13
Vlet!aiglx | Anick03:14
ubotuAnick: AIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop. Supported cards: Nvidia: GeForce3 or newer; ATI: Radeon 7000 through X800; Intel: i810 or newer. Howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/AIGLX. For older Nvidia or newer ATI cards see !xgl03:14
ChillinShpook, mine turns itself back on03:14
Chillinseveral times...03:14
mykeCan someone help me configure my screen resolutions?03:14
Foo1Crap. I just pressed Ctrl-C while my system was upgrading to Gutsy (LAMP server), is there a way to recover/restart?03:14
Chillinit'll go into hibernate, and turn back on 5 mins later03:14
Steven_Laptopmarx2k, go to #homefront03:14
stemountapt-get dist-upgrade Foo1 !03:14
Chillinso i'll just turn it all the way off03:14
Chillinand it'll turn itself back on again =\03:14
VletFoo1: have you tried just starting the upgrade again?03:14
Foo1when I type sudo do-release-upgrade it now says "No new release"03:14
ShpookHmm....that's a little weird.03:14
xIkeanyone know how to fix broken suspend/resume?03:14
axjvDoes anyone know the application preferences thing? I forgot the command.03:14
mrgrb2, will restarting x kill this irc window?03:15
Berzerkermrg, yes.03:15
Mr_Giraffemrg, install irssi03:15
whyameyeBerzerker: not sure. There is madwifi-unload...03:15
RB2mrg, Yep, I believe so. But, I'm not going anywhere.03:15
Vletaxjv: gconf-editor03:15
axjvIt's something like the linux equivalent of regedit, except it's not.03:15
Berzerkerwhyameye: is that in conjunction with apt-get install?03:15
axjvVlet: Yeah, that's it.03:15
Berzerkeror is that a normal command?03:15
Foo1stemount: no luck, any other ideas?03:16
Mr_Giraffemrg, if you install irssi and hit ctrl+alt+f1, you'll be taken to a text-only shell03:16
thenormalyearshey i have kind of a complicated problem. i just put ubuntu on my computer and found out i have a broadcom bcm4311 wireless card03:16
whyameyeBerzerker: no it is a normal command. I take it you have madwifi-tools installed?03:16
ShpookSo, has anyone experienced any freezing issues? Random freezing, sometimes the kernel freezes, sometimes just X freezes.03:16
Mr_Giraffedoes anybody here know how to fix the audio in firefox?03:16
mrgrb2, alright if i'm not back in 5 mins, i'm probably busy re-installing from scratch :P03:16
Mr_Giraffeflash audio, sorry03:16
Berzerkerit says module wlan is in use...03:16
flickafter installing emerald for kde, when i return to gnome the emerald theme is still on03:16
TECH_1What kind of audio03:16
flickhow do i turn it off?03:16
RB2mrg, Don't even say that. lol03:16
saturdayplaceok - I have my external USB drive mounted, but there are no context menu items for fomatting it.  How do I format the drive?03:16
ColroIs there an easy script to temporarily disable compiz?03:17
Kernelhello all. does anyone know of a good app to stream music to a shoutcast server?....i know there are a few cli only apps but im looking for somthing that may have a gui...or even better if it stream from the music i was playing in xmms.03:17
Burlynnhey whats better the adobe or gnash flash player?03:17
don-osaturdayplace: if its mounted, then its already formatted.03:17
RB2mrg, you can always re-edit the xorg.conf and set the composite back to 0.03:17
ShpookColro, just disable it from startup in the sessions manager03:17
Kernelkinda like the winamp shoucast plugin03:17
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
whyameyeBerzerker: don't know then. Sorry.03:17
kbrooksas a portable hard drive, how much space is A LOT for you?03:17
CodyAnyone have any success with the intel pro wireless 2100?03:17
chowmeinedColro: System -> Preferences -> Appearence -> Effects tab.. -> Disable03:17
Foo1II just pressed Ctrl-C while my system was upgrading to Gutsy (LAMP server), is there a way to recover/restart? when I type sudo do-release-upgrade it now says "No new release". No, apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't work either. Can anyone help?03:17
Shpookor that\03:17
Shpooklol duh03:17
user_trogdor: I have tried the fail-safe gnome session and it's working perfectly03:18
whyameyethenormalyears: is this gutsy?03:18
chowmeinedBurlynn: in your case, probably adobe flash player03:18
ColroAlso, is there any basic reason as to why my computer might run like absolute crap WITHOUT desktop effects enabled while it works fine with them enabled?03:18
user_trogdor: what's the difference between fail safe session and regular session03:18
Burlynnchowmeined, is there any difference? is gnash just a free one03:19
fatcatmattokay, back to 7.04...where is pidgin?!?!03:19
Josh_Anyone out there have any experience setting up touch screens under 7.04?03:19
Foo1II just pressed Ctrl-C while my system was upgrading to Gutsy (LAMP server), is there a way to recover/restart? when I type sudo do-release-upgrade it now says "No new release". No, apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't work either. Can anyone help?03:19
Foo1HELP damnit!03:19
ndanmmkay i've followed a bunch of guides but i still have no sound...  its a Realtek alc861, one thing i learned is with this computer it recognizes the modem as soundcard... and well aplay -l lists the other one, however i set it in pref-sounds to realtek03:19
=== Shinto is now known as CHC
Mr_Giraffedoes anybody here know how to fix glash audio in firefox?03:19
stemountFoo1, apt-get install update and upgrade03:19
Mr_Giraffeer, flash03:19
jdongFoo1: that's not an appropriate way to be asking for help.03:19
astro76fatcatmatt, in 7.04 it is called gaim03:19
stemountsee what happens03:19
VletFoo1: If you're not getting an answer, that's because no one knows the answer!03:19
matthew1429is there a scandisk in ubuntu?03:19
Foo1stemount: I just said that didn't work.03:19
kbrooksFoo1, if i said that to you, would you help me?03:19
matthew1429heheh that's a noob question if i ever asked one :)03:19
allorderHi everyone I try to run regnum and I got this error: *** glibc detected *** ./rolauncher: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000000b30970 *** any ideas ?03:19
fatcatmattastro76: i realize that, but i was able to download it from getdeb.net and install it, but it's not there anymore!03:20
jdongFoo1: "doesn't work" is horribly vague.03:20
whyameyematthew1429: fsck03:20
astro76!fsck | matthew142903:20
ubotumatthew1429: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:20
Josh_ndan, I just finished setting up my audio, it's a realtek too, would you like the link to the package?03:20
VletFoo1: it seems like the daunting number of newcomers to linux have scared away most people in here that know anything about anything03:20
ndanJosh_ please03:20
Jimd1matthew1429: you can dismount the partition, then use sudo fdisk -l to see the device name and then run fsck /dev/sd?# to scan it03:20
mrgrb2, well, ddint' have to re-install the o/s at least03:20
Foo1jdong: it tells me "No new release" or "0 packages to update"03:20
kbrooksVlet, linux is not ubuntu.03:20
fatcatmattjimd1: i prefer gparted :)03:20
ndanubuntu is linux03:21
K2hi everybody03:21
Josh_Just a sec then while I fish it out, aim: Acid Reboot 102403:21
bruenigndan, not quite03:21
LunHi, all, what is the difference between fail safe gnome session and regular gnome session? My application starts slow in regular session but very fast in fail safe session03:21
jdongFoo1: at what stage did you interrupt?03:21
kbrooksndan, no. ubuntu != linux. ubuntu is a linux distribution.03:21
Ashfire908linux is the kernel. ubuntu is the system.03:21
bruenigndan, ubuntu uses linux03:21
Jimd1the kernel is linux.  the distro is a gnu release with the linux kernel most commonly referred to as linux.03:21
fatcatmattim bout to go nuts!  where can i get pidgin from?!03:21
Foo1jdong: while it was configuring ntpd03:21
mrgrb2, "could not enable desktop effects" it says this time when i try to enable them in sys->appearance03:21
=== mark__ is now known as markstos
ShpookWell, I ran a 40+ hour memtest, and it was fine. I see nothing odd in any log files. But my system seems to want to hang at bad times, and even L-Alt+PrScrn+RSEIUB doesn't reboot.03:21
Vletkbrooks: are these people or are they not using linux?03:21
CoasterMasterfatcatmatt, are you on gutsy?03:21
RyakCan anyone point me to some information on resolving an libaudio2 error on a wine install?  searches came up blank03:21
=== eric-- is now known as `eric-
kishanfatcatmatt, which version of ubuntu u using03:21
don-ofatcatmatt: its a standard gutsy package03:21
kbrooksJimd1, s/gnu//. that  distinction is unimportant to promote in here.03:21
RB2mrg, hmm... *does some more research*03:21
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - Flash 9 is now available in dapper-backports and edgy-backports - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:21
ndaneh :-p just makes more sense reversed.03:22
fatcatmatt7.04 kishan03:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about aoss - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:22
jdongFoo1: if it says zero packages to update, that's exactly what it means03:22
ubotuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/03:22
bruenigJimd1, I appreciate the distinction03:22
Foo1I meant to copy the path to notepad in window, absent-mindedly pressing Ctrl-C, and of course that cancelled the upgrade03:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about alas-oss - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:22
jimmygoonIt's hard to use an OS that logs you out everytime you close the screen03:22
JohnRobertah nice, just went out bought a brand new HP printer...plug and play in ubuntu 7.10 :D03:22
Ashfire908fatcatmatt: in 7.04, the only way to get a up to date pidgin is to compile it. there's an old version, 2.0.0 somewhere03:22
Foo1jdong: but it wasn't done the upgrade :|03:22
JohnRobertvery impressive03:22
SkipsterDamn I cant keep up trying to read all the nOOb questions03:22
stemountheh JohnRobert :P03:22
JohnRobertnice test page03:22
Jimd1eh?  i'm not selling anything.  I was just clarifying for some in chat that were discussing it.03:22
jdongFoo1: do you see any signs right now that the system isn't fully on gutsy?03:22
Ashfire908fatcatmatt, *as a debian package for ubuntu03:22
fatcatmatthaha johnrobert, you shouldnt have to worry about me03:23
Darkkishhey my audio in flash sounds low quality03:23
Shpooknot nOOb questions, just people that don't have as much experience03:23
Foo1jdong: how would I find out? I don't know how to tell03:23
TECH_1I am (giving) away all my microsoft software..(free)..(wink wink).03:23
fatcatmattashfire908: i switched back to feisty cause gutsy couldn't theme on my laptop03:23
K2recently I installed Gutsy, but my keyboard is a mess. the simbols and everything are mixed, also, I cant connect to msn, it asked me for ssl library, and i cant listen to my music, I guess all gstreamer and that stuff went out, how can I fix this???03:23
bruenigShpook, and some who don't care to learn as is often the case03:23
silvermoonwidowI have a web cam and I want to do video sharing with my brother who also has Ubuntu how do I do this03:23
stemountSkype is your best bet03:23
Shpookbruenig: touche.03:23
RB2mrg, run this: glxinfo | grep direct What does it tell you?03:23
silvermoonwidowI have skype --- but I do not see where I can do any video things03:23
don-oskype doesnt do video in linux03:23
kbrooksTECH_1, you can. but no one wants it.03:24
markstosstemount: Skype has video for linux? I don' t think is there yet.03:24
kishanok fatcatmaat u can install a version from http://www.debuntu.org/03:24
don-ognomemeeting perhaps03:24
jdongFoo1: what does lsb_release -a report?03:24
stemountEkiga does webcams right?03:24
markstossilvermoonwidow: Kopete with a free MSN account should work.03:24
Ashfire908fatcatmatt, either use the old 2.0.0 .deb floating on some ubuntu pachage site, or compile your own03:24
TECH_1My dog wont even eat it..thats bad.03:24
Renganyone getting this message when type 'dmesg' and it out put all these 'Inbound IN=eth0 OUT=' how do i fix this??03:24
silvermoonwidowLet me try Kopete03:24
stemountI used to use Kopete...03:24
picard_pwns_kirkstemount: if it's supported under Linux03:24
stemountbut use GNOME so I didn't want to install KDE libs03:24
Ashfire908fatcatmatt, cause there is no other way for fiesty03:24
stemountdamn KDE memory usage!03:24
markstossilvermoonwidow: I just helped someone get set up with video chat with MSN on Linux recently.03:24
mrgrb2: "Yes"03:24
K2is there a basic packet for the manage of sound, keyboard and the ssl stuff to fix my problem??03:24
markstossilvermoonwidow: the 'amsn' program is another possibility.03:25
Foo1jdong: Gutsy 7.1003:25
fatcatmattashfire908: getdeb.net had 2 packages for it, simple install, but its gone now :(03:25
vanbergeanybody willing to help me partition a drive?  I have a second hard disk that i'd like to use.  it's in my computer now and shows up as /dev/hdb i think03:25
Foo1but how do I know that *everything* on my system is fully upgraded?03:25
RB2mrg, Hmm.. and you're running the closed-source ATI drivers, correct?03:25
don-oan hour into the upgrade, an my gnome-terminal window is no longer responding. im getting a bit nervous, but the upgrade tool seems to be happy.03:25
jdongFoo1: you look fine to me. Install "ubuntu-desktop" and "ubuntu-minimal" (probably already installed_) then you are fully up to date03:25
VletK2: you get an ssl error when using firefox?03:25
joankiany must have applications people think i should add?  i need a good program to write and read .doc files and another for .xls anyone have any ideas?03:25
stemountvanberge, come to #ubuntu-stemount03:25
jdongFoo1: you will get update notifications if the update did not fully complete and every package didn't totally configure03:25
Foo1jdong: I'm using fluxbox :)03:25
don-ojoanki: open office and you already have it :)03:26
Skipsterjoanki ever hear of open office03:26
Jimd1vanberge:  you can use sudo fdisk -l to make sure of the device name.03:26
mrgrb2: lemme check which drivers this crazy o/s recommended ...03:26
kishanfatcatmaat go to http://repository.debuntu.org/03:26
jdongFoo1: apt will tell you it needs to update packages when you do upgrade or dist-upgrade03:26
Jimd1vanberge:  then download and install gparted03:26
joankiany other must have programs anyone can suggest?03:26
Ashfire908fatcatmatt, not all debian deb packages work for ubuntu03:26
fatcatmatthow do i run an install-sh, ashfire90803:26
RyakCan anyone point me towards information on libaudio2 fixes?  Getting an error when trying to install wine on 7.1003:26
Mr_Giraffedoes anybody here know how to fix the audio problem with flash in firefox?03:26
Jimd1vanberge:  then you can partition it and format it and even mount it (albeit only temporarily.03:26
K2Vlet,, no, trying to connect to msn in Kopete or Pidgin...03:26
Ashfire908fatcatmatt, a what?03:26
markstosMr_Giraffe: I do.03:26
vanbergeJimd1, thanks... stemount  is helping me too..  :-)03:27
fatcatmattinstall-sh, ashfire90803:27
kishanfatcatmatt go to http://repository.debuntu.org/03:27
Mr_Giraffemarkstos, how? D:03:27
VletK2: I see, and what is the error?03:27
Mr_Giraffechanging /etc/firefox/firefoxrc's thing to aoss didn't work.03:27
kishanthere is a already a deb package there fatcatmatt03:27
Foo1one thing I noticed though was that when I did aptitude upgrade the first time after, it wanted to configure an unconfigured ntpd (that's normal, that's where I scrapped it accidentally).. but it also wanted to remove a host of other packages like gaim, python, emacs, etc03:27
Renganyone getting this message when type 'dmesg' and it out put all these 'Inbound IN=eth0 OUT=' how do i fix this??03:27
markstosMr_Giraffe: Start by running firefox from the command line. You get some error output, right?03:27
Jimd1vanberg:  gparted is a really nice graphical partition manager.  if that doesn't refer to it you should check it out.03:27
fatcatmattbeen lookin for it, kishan, thx03:27
Foo1because they "aren't referenced by anything" (or something to that effect) .. wtf?03:27
Mr_Giraffemarkstos, i don't actually...03:28
mrgrb2: i installed via the "restricted drivers" app that comes with 7.10.. says "ati accelerated graphics driver"03:28
charlieHello i need some help really badly here.03:28
ubotufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:28
Vlet!ask | charlie03:28
ubotucharlie: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)03:28
Mr_Giraffeactually markstos, i do when it tries to use the thing03:28
upfwnv03fatcatmatt: sudo apt-cache search pidgin03:28
Ashfire908upfwnv03, it doesn't exist on feisty03:29
RB2mrg, I suppose a question I should have asked earlier was: What video card are you running? ;)03:29
K2Vlet, in Kopete "the app kopete crashed and caused the signa 11 SIGSEGV03:29
charlieThis is whats happening. Although I added the bcm43xx crippled driver module to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, it is still loaded, and ndiswrapper does not work correctly because this module is taking it's place. how can i totally remove the bcm43xx drivers?03:29
upfwnv03Ashfire908: u r correct sorry03:29
don-ogusty fatal IO error 9 (Bad File Descriptior) on X Server :0.0. the upgrade failed during install. damn!03:29
mrgrb2: better late than never ;)  ati x1950 pro03:29
markstosMr_Giraffe: Join #ubuntu-audio to continue chatting with me about it.03:29
=== arooni_ is now known as arooni
crittDoes anyone know how to resize the cube in Compiz-Fusion? Can't find that binding or doing something wrong.03:30
fatcatmattnothin, upfwnv0303:30
charlieAny help?03:30
charlieThis is whats happening. Although I added the bcm43xx crippled driver module to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, it is still loaded, and ndiswrapper does not work correctly because this module is taking it's place. how can i totally remove the bcm43xx drivers?03:30
charlieI even tried adding "modprobe -r bcm43xx" to /etc/rc.local03:30
flickdoes ubuntu have a task manager?03:30
charlieyeah flick.03:30
jnccharlie: they're in /lib/modules/...03:30
AnickVlet: i've tried that and no luck with enable the visual effects03:30
VletK2: that doesn't tell us much... perhaps you could ask the people in #kopete03:30
charlieSystem > Administration > System Monitor03:30
Darkkishhow do i make flash audio sound better?03:30
flickcharlie, what is the key combination to activate it?03:31
racarterhow do i make a command span two lines in a shell script?03:31
charlieflick there's no Key Combo ...03:31
upfwnv03fatcatmatt: Ashfire908 advised that pidgin does not exist in feisty03:31
charlieYou can set one though03:31
Jimd1use a brighter flashlight?03:31
AnickHas any one with an ATI 9800 pro get the visual effect to work on ubuntu 7.1003:31
asbaniHow do I install my VGA card driver into the virtual machine operating system that I just installed.03:31
stemountwelcome LordZack03:31
LordZackhow do install programs from source?03:32
fatcatmattupfwnv03: if you install it, yes it does. i was running it before :)03:32
don-oracarter: end the first line with \03:32
Weng_LapYou know. I think this may be the first case in the history of the entire universe that someone has a piece of simple hardware traditionally associated with Windows users - and they can't find Windows drivers for the damned thing AT ALL, and it works with Linux out of the box.03:32
K2vlet, well, ok, but what about my keyboard and the sound, i cant listen to my music and my keyboard is a mess, do i need a  build-essential package ?03:32
flickhow do i see the task list?03:32
fatcatmattBAM!  GOT IT!03:32
SkipsterLordZack what programs are you looking to install?03:32
charlie/proc/modules is not a directory.03:32
jncWeng_Lap: that happens all the time03:32
VletLordZack: download an archive containing the source, decompress it, read the README, and do as it says03:32
upfwnv03fatcatmatt: excellent !03:32
jncWeng_Lap: ever try to support windows for workgroups 3.11?03:32
LordZackbut it never works03:32
fatcatmattyup yup, upfwnv0303:32
jncit's a freaking nightmare03:32
kousotuare there any known Visual basic decompliers for Linux?03:32
kousotupleas pm any03:33
Weng_Lapjnc: When I say Windows I mean "XP"03:33
Unbutu[G33Z3RP got utorrent working :)03:33
LordZackon ubuntu03:33
VletLordZack: what about it never works?03:33
Weng_LapBecause there aren't drivers for Vista at all, and it's new enough to have drivers for more or less everything.03:33
fatcatmattnow, upfwnv03, time to install virtualbox :)03:33
jncthat's just a factor of manufacturers not bothering to make it work on non-microsoft03:33
SkipsterWhat apps are you looking for lordZack they all have requirements03:33
jncnot surprising to me03:33
jncWeng_Lap: to share with you, I feel that I am sick and tired of installing anything on windows03:34
Anickany one running ATI driver with ubuntu 7.10 and the visual effects work03:34
LordZacka programming enviroment03:34
cappicardoh poo: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty-security/Release Unable to find expected entry  multiversedeb/source/Sources in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)03:34
joankihow do i install my printer drivers.... i can't use my regular disk, can i???? it's for windows i think.....03:34
eyemeanhello, ive enabled xserver-xgl so i can have 3d effects with ati 955003:34
inigomontoyaUnbutu[G33Z3R: you got utorrent working with wine?03:34
mrgrb2; hold on, i don't seem to have this nick registered or i can't find my password to priv msg ...03:34
eyemeancan someone help me edit me xorg so i can have bigscreen pls, dual monitors03:35
jncjoanki: if your printer knows postscript, it probably works03:35
LordLimecathey, how do you install nvidia-settings under gutsy?03:35
crittDoes anyone know how to resize the cube in Compiz-Fusion?  Can't find that binding or doing something wrong.03:35
bruenig!find nvidia-settings03:35
ubotuFound: nvidia-settings03:35
Unbutu[G33Z3Ruea got utorrent working great with wine just ripped it off me  xp drive and opened with wine works a treat03:35
bruenig!info nvidia-settings03:35
ubotunvidia-settings: Tool of configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 1.0+20070502-1ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 675 kB, installed size 1616 kB (Only available for i386 ia64 amd64)03:35
SkipsterLordZack Which one? there are several available in the repositories... why install from source?03:35
VletLordZack: there's lots of programming environments available that you don't need to compile from source03:35
RB2mrg, That's ok. This isn't a notebook, right?03:35
jncif it's a cheaper kind of printer, then it may not work03:35
joankijnc, so i put the cd in?03:35
joankijnc, or i just try to plug and play03:35
jncjust plug it in, I think03:35
LordLimecatbruenig: if i do apt-get install nvidia-settings, it informs me that it will be removing my driver03:35
jncsee if you can spot it from the printing system03:35
inigomontoyaUnbutu[G33Z3R: what version of wine are you using, i upgraded to 0.9.47 and it broke some stuff03:35
mrgrb2, nope, this is a real machine03:35
LordLimecatthat would be...counterproductive03:35
RB2mrg, a real machine. ;)03:36
bruenigLordLimecat, that's not good03:36
LordLimecathappened in fiesty03:36
Vleteyemean: paste your xorg.conf to pastebin and someone might be able to help03:36
LordLimecati did a fresh install03:36
LordLimecatits still doin it03:36
Vlet!pastebin | eyemean03:36
ubotueyemean: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:36
mrgrb2: no offense to notebook users, of course :)03:36
bruenigLordLimecat, do apt-cache show nvidia-settings and pastebin it03:36
stemountif anyone wants super fast speeds downloading gutsy check out03:36
LordLimecatif i do apt-get install nvidia-glx-new nvidia-settings, it tells me it cannot do that--package conflicts03:36
stemounthttp://wymox-hosting.co.uk/~stephen/ubuntu ;)03:36
bruenig!ot | stemount03:36
ubotustemount: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:36
stemounti see?03:37
rpj8Hey guys, how do I search a list of running processes from cli for a certain running process/daemon03:37
LifeisfunnyDoes Ubuntu have a system restore feature like eh-hem, you know who?03:37
Unbutu[G33Z3Rinigomontoya:  installed wine from synaptic just checking now to see if mirc will run03:37
stemountnope :(03:37
Vletrpj8: ps | grep theprocessname03:37
bruenigrpj8, to get the PID or what?03:37
Skipsterps -ef |grep <name of daemon>03:37
bruenigps -A, not ps, ps won't get you much03:37
jncrpj8: many ways, my favorite is to get a list of everything and then do a regular expression filter to find what I want...  ps aux | grep monkeys03:37
Vletrpj8: err... yeah03:37
Lifeisfunnystemount, bummer03:37
inigomontoyaUnbutu[G33Z3R: the only thing that broke with wine 0.9.47 seems to be 3d games and such03:37
Vletbruenig: brainfart :)03:37
asbaniI'm in virtualbox winxp watching a streaming vid live. and the picture isn't clear there. how do I install vga driver in virtualbox winxp?03:38
LordLimecatwhats a paste site? pastebin.nl isnt loading03:38
joankioh my GOSH!03:38
Name141Is it possible to turn off all these flipity floppity animations ?03:38
RB2mrg, I'm kind of at a loss. Does anyone else here run an ATI x1950 with 7.10?03:38
joankiubuntu is amazing03:38
bruenig!paste | LordLimecat03:38
ubotuLordLimecat: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:38
joankiit just detected it and got it over with03:38
joankimy windows won't do that03:38
inigomontoyaasbani: did you install the virtual box extras?03:38
bruenigjoanki, not really03:38
rpj8thanks all. much appreaciated03:38
stemountLifeisfunny, ???03:38
Unbutu[G33Z3Rinigomontoya:  yea i cant run 3d chess in wine it goes all screwey03:38
jncjoanki: the printer works?03:38
joankibruenig:  it just did03:38
bruenigrpj8, there is a command called pidof, might be more helpful03:38
joankiyes it does03:38
LifeisfunnyLordLimecat, pastebin.ca03:38
stemountoh yeah.. sorry lol03:38
LordLimecatbruenig:  http://pastebin.com/m273a8bbb03:38
Vletgoogle people google! http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=pastebin&btnG=Google+Search03:38
bruenigjoanki, on the amazing part03:38
jncjoanki: oh, good for it.03:38
ok3sd3i can never boot ubuntu cd, it always freezes during boot?03:38
LordLimecatLifeisfunny: thanks, found it :)03:38
ok3sd3any idea how to get around this problem?03:38
joankibruenig: why not?  it isnt working for you?03:38
Name141They seem to slow down the loading and crap of things .03:38
Lifeisfunnystemount, I thought you were answering my post, sorry03:39
bruenigLordLimecat, Conflicts: nvidia-glx-new, nvidia-glx03:39
Lifeisfunnynever mind03:39
inigomontoyaUnbutu[G33Z3R: i'm completely amazed that wine runs teamfortress 2 so well03:39
bruenigLordLimecat, there is your problem03:39
stemounti did :(03:39
stemountbut failed03:39
asbaniinigomontoya: nop, from where do I get them03:39
jncok3sd3: others are reporting the same thing03:39
LordLimecatyea, i just saw that03:39
joankii had a problem with nvidia, too, bruenig03:39
joankiyou mean your video03:39
joankicard right03:39
LordLimecatexcept i KNOW it works with nvidia-glx-new--this is an artificial limitation03:39
Lifeisfunnystemount, so I guess you don't know what's meant when someone uses the word 'bummer'03:39
inigomontoyaasbani: in the window where you have xp running, go to the devices menu and at the bottom it says "install guest additions"03:40
LordLimecatits only the ubuntu package that will refuse to work with it, however, for safety's sake i want to use the ubuntu one03:40
mrgrb2, don't worry about it man, i appreciate your efforts.  i'll keep searching or put my card on ebay :P03:40
LM22how do I enable the trash on the desktop?03:40
LordZackim trying to install Anjuta but when i get to the configure part it says that c can configure something like that03:40
LordLimecatis there ANY way to...er..force it to happen03:40
bruenigjoanki, I meant to say it isn't amazing, like as an OS, it is lacking compared to some other distros03:40
Unbutu[G33Z3Ri just installed unbuntu today and playing about.... steap learning curve but  i like the freedom i have03:40
asbaniinigomontoya: what? Where do I click that.03:40
joankibruenig: which ones do you prefer03:40
mrgrb2: which card do you have, btw. if i get a new one i want to make sure at least that one works..03:40
stemountLifeisfunny, yeah. I am british :P03:40
inigomontoyaasbani: is your windows xp inside a window?03:40
asbaniinigomontoya: yeah03:40
bruenigjoanki, arch, slackware, etc.03:40
jncLM22: I'm sure there's an easier way, but you can get that setting from gconf-editor03:40
bruenigLordLimecat, do you have apt-file?03:40
joankium i dunno what that stuff means03:40
benzs_sis it easy to just upgrade to gutsy with a feisty install03:40
LordLimecatlet me see03:41
inigomontoyaasbani: is there some menus near the top that say "Machine" "Device" "Help"?03:41
joankibruenig: which kind of distributions to you prefer to ubuntu then03:41
asbaniinigomontoya: oh wait, install guest additions. I did that.03:41
Lifeisfunnystemount, ahhh, and we know what you all are addressing when using bum, hahahahahha03:41
bruenigjoanki, arch, slackware, etc.03:41
jncbenzs_s: I've heard about 50% success rate03:41
RB2mrg, I'm running an 8800 GTS 640mb ... Certainly not required for Fusion.03:41
inigomontoyaasbani: oh ok good, there's nothing more you can do now03:41
attunixanyone familiar with GTK?03:41
asbaniinigomontoya: I installed the guest additions, but still picture isn't really clear.03:41
Vletbenzs_s: there's a higher chance of things going wrong when upgrading than there is with a clean install03:41
jncbenzs_s: mostly people don't have any idea how to do it03:41
stemountexcuse me!!!03:41
Vlet!anyone | attunix03:41
ubotuattunix: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:41
joankii see03:41
inigomontoyaasbani: did you install virtualbox from synaptic?03:41
kousotuare there any known Visual basic decompliers for Linux?03:41
benzs_srgr that03:41
LordZackim am trying to install Anjuta and when i do ./configure it says error c can not config03:42
asbaniinigomontoya: using "apt-get"03:42
eyemeanvlet, thanx, my xorg is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41470/03:42
LM22jnc, do you know what setting?03:42
inigomontoyaasbani: maybe you could remove it and try the binary closed source version from virtualbox.org, apt-get installs the open source version03:42
jncLordZack: uh, anjuta should be in the repo03:42
RB2mrg, I've run it under a variety of NVidia cards. Is that x1950 PCIe?03:42
jncrepository of software03:42
Ashfire908updatedb is set up not to search /windows right?03:42
LordLimecatbruenig: i now have apt-file03:42
attunixI'm trying to compile a GTK program but keep getting the error that gtk/gtk.h does not exist. my first line is #include <gtk/gtk.h>03:43
Lifeisfunnystemount, 'bummer' is an expression of dejection or dispair03:43
eyemeani edited my xorg for 7.04 and that took me for ever to mess about with it, but now it seems different layout in 7.1003:43
bruenigLordLimecat, ok do apt-file update I think to get what you need03:43
jncLordZack: that means, use synaptic and install it that way03:43
asbaniinigomontoya: give me the source03:43
mrgrb2: wow. spiffy. well i'm glad the latest cards are supported.  that card is overkill for most tasks i'm sure.  mine is doing just fine so far for games and whatnot so i hate to spend cash just for incompatibility issues.03:43
don-oattunix: you need the -dev libgtk package03:43
LordZackits not working03:43
eyemeanby enabling xserver-xgl, does that slow donw the pc?03:43
mrgrb2, yeah it's pcie03:43
jncLM22: it's in there ... somewhere.  can't be that hard to find03:43
attunixdon-o: sudo apt-get install -dev libgtk ?03:43
jncwould take me longer to explain it03:43
chowmeinedattunix: aptitude install libgtk+2.0-dev03:43
csc`what window manager does ubuntu use by default03:43
don-oattunix: no its libgtk..something..-dev03:43
Vleteyemean: this should take care of ya: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=177371003:43
inigomontoyaasbani: the closed source version might work better i'm saying, you have the open source version now if you installed it with apt-get03:43
K2whats the problem with rhythmbox, i cant listen my music with it, only with XMMS,...????03:44
SkipsterUbuntu uses Gnome03:44
bruenigcsc`, metacity...03:44
chowmeinedattunix: oops.. libgtk2.0-dev03:44
LordLimecatbruenig: is apt-file supposed to be slow?03:44
Lifeisfunnycsc`, gnome03:44
bruenigLordLimecat, very03:44
K2im in gutsy03:44
jncK2: mp3s ?03:44
LordZackthe add/remove applications gets stuck every time i use it03:44
Lifeisfunnyyeah, metacity never mind03:44
csc`Lifeisfunny, gnome is a desktop environment, not a windowmanager03:44
K2jnc yes03:44
RB2mrg, The only card I had problems with was an AGP-based Nvidia.03:44
bruenigLordZack, don't use it, what are you wanting03:44
Lifeisfunnycsc`, thanks03:44
csc`bruenig, yeah, metacity looks really fancy with the fading </sarcasm>03:44
jncK2: tough luck, until you install some extras which are not legal for distribution03:44
flickwhen i log on with kde, fonts are smaller... why is that?03:44
LM22found it03:45
Vletattunix: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev03:45
LordZackim trying to figure out how to install Anjuta03:45
quittthow do I run old applications for LInux?03:45
sakjurNeed help with gateway03:45
LM22jnc, thanks03:45
bruenigcsc`, yeah, I think they are going with dwm next time03:45
attunixchowmeined: I already have that.03:45
jncK2: look around for libmad gstreamer plugin03:45
sakjurHow to look out?03:45
jncI think03:45
quitttI have a Netscape 3.04 for Linux... how do I run it?03:45
jncLM22: hope that helped03:45
csc`bruenig, sweet, dwm is the sex03:45
joankisometimes, when i mess around with the appearance preferences, my screen gets stuck03:45
bruenigcsc`, next release whatever it's called, look for dwm03:45
LM22jnc, yeah thanks so much! why isn't that default :D03:45
don-oK2: see ubuntuguide.org for mp3 info03:45
suse-loverHi guys, anybody used AWN(avant-window-navigator)?03:45
LM22automatix rox03:45
K2jnc, ok, ill do that, thanks!03:45
RB2mrg, Did you find your FreeNode pw? I'd discuss cards w/ you, but I don't want to clog the channel.03:45
jncLM22: it's retarded if you ask me, I don't want ANYTHING on my desktop03:45
bruenig!automatix | LM2203:45
ubotuLM22: Automatix2 is a block of code which attempts to install some software.  When it fails and breaks systems, we don't provide support for it.  A creditable analysis from a debian/ubuntu developer is here - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html (Additional information: /msg ubotu worksforme)03:45
joankiin windows, when a window freezes, you hit ctrl alt del, and then hit shut and eventually it does, what is comparable to that in ubuntu?????03:46
stemountgonna go guys cya03:46
Jimd1use-lover: yes all the time03:46
bruenigjoanki, killall name03:46
LM22bah thats bs03:46
joankiwhere do you type tat brunig?03:46
bruenigLM22, wrong03:46
LM22haha 50 installs no probs03:46
K2jnc, oh one more thing, do you know how can i configure my keyboard, its all fucked up, symbols and everything is a big mix..03:46
bruenigLM22, I have been smoking cigarettes for 20 years and am not dead yet03:46
=== stemount is now known as stemount|afk
bruenigLM22, therefore smoking doesn't cause cancer03:46
=== mrg is now known as red22
saturdayplaceok - on winxp I can connect to my work's server and run it's applicaitons from there over the connection using something from the accessories/communications folder in the start menu.  Is there a way to hit that server though ubuntu?03:46
jncjoanki: uh...  depends on how badly stuff died03:47
joankibruenig: doesn't work03:47
LM22hoary, edgy, fiesty, gutsy still no problems on mine or other machines I have built03:47
inigomontoyabruenig: i heard pipe smokers live to 90 on average03:47
Darkkishhow can I make Adobe Flash sound better?03:47
joankii have no idea why appearances freezes like that03:47
jncjoanki: you can forcibly tell X11 to suicide with ctrl+alt+backspace03:47
RB2Has anyone attempted to make use of the LCD screen on the G35 keyboard under Ubuntu?03:47
bqmasseyi'm so excited03:47
blaydemy understanding was that gutsy would have 2.6.23 kernel. why does it say 2.6.22-14?03:47
LM22the only issue I have found is for people who try to do upgrades03:47
bqmasseyi'm gonna get high (something fairly new to me)03:47
LM22instead of fresh installs03:47
Tritoniohi! is there any way to make the file properties window to be like this: http://monkeyblog.org/ubuntu/installing/Permissios.png03:47
brueniginigomontoya, the point is that there is a thing called analysis, luckily for those who can read python, you can actually look at the script and laugh at the two year old that must have written it03:47
Jimd1use-lover:  you have a question about it?03:47
bqmasseybut this time i'm going to take my dSLR.... hahaha.. i can't wait to see what happens03:47
=== suse-lover is now known as luislo
=== jared is now known as KI4IKL
IdleOne!offtopic | bqmassey03:48
ubotubqmassey: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:48
inigomontoyabruenig: my point was that pipe smokers live till 90 on average, heh03:48
jncTritonio: a 404 not found message?03:48
bqmasseyuh oh03:48
Jimd1luislo:  you have  question about AWN?03:48
joankiooooo jnc03:48
joankithat sucked03:48
Tritoniojnc, sorry just a moment03:48
LordZackhow do i install Anjuta? I try installing it but when i get to the ./configue it comes up with an error.03:48
kevinOhow do i change my kernel from a server to a desktop?03:48
chowmeinedLordZack: aptitude install anjuta ?03:49
blaydekevinO, they are the same - you don't have to change03:49
AnickIs any one willing to do a remote desktop and help me with getting the visual effect to work on ubuntu 7.10 with a ati video card03:49
IdleOneLordZack: sudo apt-get install ajunta03:49
jncLordZack: use synaptic to install, I already done told you03:49
luisloJimd1... yes, I first installed the dev version coz that's what they recommended... worked perfectly, except that it is positioned off by 1cm where it should be, so it actually appears 1cm above the actual bottom of my screen... leaving a huge empty below..., SO I tried the stable version... same problem, any ideas?03:49
QarlDo people think it's safe to upgrade to Gutsy now? or are there still major problems?03:49
* jnc lobs a grape at LordZack's ear03:49
VletAnick: doubtful03:50
Unbutu[G33Z3Rsynaptic is my friend03:50
IdleOneLordZack: hmmm nm that03:50
Tritoniojnc, http://monkeyblog.org/ubuntu/installing/Permissions.png03:50
kevinOblayde: but i cant install any restricted drivers, just to open the manager it says i need to install linux restricted modules 2.6.22-14-server03:50
IdleOneLordZack: what is the error?03:50
jncQarl: lots of reports that "upgrade" is failing, but fresh install works great03:50
AnickVlet: im rdy to pull my hair out lol03:50
chowmeinedAnick: ok if you go into restricted drivers manager, is the ati driver installed?03:50
jncTritonio: so um, what's the problem ?03:50
eyemeanvlet, i think thats one of the posts i had a look at some time ago, i guess i'll have to do again but be very careful, hahaha03:50
LordZackapt-get install ajunta i used it and i got apt-get install ajunta03:50
Anickchowmeined: yes03:51
Qarljnc: thanks.  guess I'll wait then03:51
hajikiI upgraded to ubuntu 7.10 but now i have barely any sound at all, how do i fix my hda intel sound??03:51
eyemeanjust seems so different, but thanx vlet.03:51
VletAnick: it's just eye candy? If you just want eye candy, get a caleidoscope :)03:51
LordZackan error message03:51
earlmredhas anybody had problems getting parallels networking to work for an xp guest?03:51
chowmeinedAnick: and if you go to system -> preferences -> appearance on the effects tab03:51
blaydekevinO, have you installed them?03:51
chowmeinedAnick: and you check the middle box.. what happens?03:51
IdleOneLordZack: what is the specific error message?03:51
sniper2101hi all03:51
Anickchowmeined: no it will not let me enable them03:51
chowmeinedAnick: they are greyed out?03:51
Falstiuscan qemu run a vmware image?03:52
blaydekevinO, er. i mean why cant you install them?03:52
Jimd1 luislo:  have you tried this link?  http://kishandr.wordpress.com/2007/10/18/how-to-install-avant-windows-manger-in-ubuntu-gusty-throught-repository/03:52
Tritoniojnc, i prefer this permissions window compared to the one i currently see in ubuntu. is there any way to use it?03:52
kevinOblayde, it says package not found03:52
LordZackE: could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open(13 permission denided)03:52
Anickchowmeined: no i can click on them but a box comes up saying Desktop effect could not be enabled03:52
jncTritonio: oh... I don't know how that is configured, sorry03:52
chowmeinedAnick: then its not available for your computer03:52
jncI don't think it's related to the theme03:52
IdleOneLordZack: use sudo03:52
JbanHey guys, new to Ubuntu 7.10, I just put in a DVD of The Descent, and I need a player that will play it correctly.  Totem tried to find a correct Codec, installed it, and it still wouldn't work.  VLC Media player, I cant figure out how to make it play the DVD, and MPLayer tries to play it, and it just skips horribly.  Any help?03:52
wersI used manual configuration for my network for a while. How do i set Network Manager to manage my wifi connection again?03:53
blaydekevinO, can you get to System > Administration > Software Sources?03:53
jncTritonio: you might try poking around in gconf-editor, be careful it could mess things up03:53
Anickchowmeined: why not03:53
LifeisfunnyLordZack, do you have synaptic open?03:53
Jimd1jban:  you probably need libdvdcss203:53
luisloJimd1, I'm not on ubuntu, I'm using suse with KDE, but not many ppl from that side uses the bar03:53
elliott_I'm getting a grub error 18 after trying to install dapper, any ideas?03:53
chowmeinedAnick: because your hardware doesnt support it.. or for a bunch of reasons, ubuntu has determined that it cant run it on your computer03:53
LordZacki have terminal open03:53
JbanJimd1: Ok, I will search for it03:53
Tritoniojnc, was it like this in a previeus ubuntu version? i mean, this guy took the screenshot from his ubuntu system. ok i'll try the gconf-editor. thank you! :-)03:53
kevinOblayde yes03:53
zengenI just installed no-ip from the repo and it only starts after I've logged in my user account.  Doesn anyone know how I can get it to start after a reboot before anyone logs in?03:54
siimowhere is #ubuntu+103:54
marx2kso thats my Xorg.0.log when I try to run the 'nvidia' driver. http://pastebin.com/m6f817833  == Any suggestions?03:54
luisloJimd1, however it worked before so... but you see what I'm saying? did you get an idea of my problem?03:54
chowmeinedAnick: one other thing.. did you restart after you installed the ati drivers?03:54
Anickchowmeined: I have an P4 2.8, ATI 9800 pro 1 gig ram03:54
blaydekevinO, make sure all the checkboxes in the Ubuntu Software tab are checked03:54
JbanJimd1: Where can I find it? NOthing comes up in the Search under Add/remove03:54
Anickchowmeined: yes03:54
LordZackLifeisfunny: i have teminal open03:54
Jimd1luislo: i understand your issue and AWN will take some time to flesh out all the bugs.  did you try deleting the config files and then reloading it?03:54
LifeisfunnyLordZack, ok, never mind, I recall a person gets something like that if they are using the terminal with synaptic also open03:54
kevinOblayde they are03:54
chowmeinedAnick: and ati makes very poor drivers for linux...03:54
Tritoniojnc, you were right! it's this key: /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_advanced_permissions03:55
Anickchowmeined: oh03:55
Jimd1jban:  probably need to add the medibuntu repositories03:55
jncTritonio: oh hey, thanks for the info03:55
endxhow do you save a file after you've opened it with sudo nano?03:55
levmattacan anyone tell me how to enable numlock at x startup??03:55
LordZackso how do i get it?03:55
jncTritonio: I'm glad my guess was helpful03:55
endxbecause closing it doesn't save it automatically03:55
blaydekevinO, now could you go to a terminal and type sudo apt-get update03:55
Anickchowmeined: so no eye candy for me :(03:55
IdleOne!numlock | levmatta03:55
ubotulevmatta: To enable Number Lock by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NumLock03:55
SkipsterlordZack did you do sudo apt-get.....03:55
JbanJimd1: Could you give me those links?03:55
VletAnick: I got sick of being unable to use my ATI card with compiz, so I went out and bought an nvidia03:55
jncI should charge money for these answers, I'm 3 for 303:55
LifeisfunnyLordZack, synaptic?  it's in system/administration03:55
levmattaand no it is not the same as Feisty03:55
elliott_endx: ctrl+x, then type Y i believe03:55
jncthat's like $60usd at least right there03:55
jncI could buy some beer03:56
AnickVlet: yeah guess that is what i will do03:56
endxelliott_:  thanks03:56
=== harsh is now known as QwertyM
luisloJimd1, I wanted to do so, but I didn't know how... where are the config files??03:56
chowmeinedAnick: it works really well on my nvidia card.. even though its pretty old.. i have a geforce 3 and it still works03:56
LordZackits working03:56
levmattaubotu: their is no  /etc/X11/gdm/Init/Defaul in Gusty03:56
AnickVlet: any suggest on VC that is easy to run it with03:56
BSG752 question for 7.10, how do I watch dvd using default media player? (I can using xine and mplayer).. how do I get my wheel to scroll, it open up new tabs03:56
Crush`as of 7.10 Gutsy, is samba still the best way to use file/print sharing?03:56
Anickchowmeined: yeah that is an old card03:56
LordZacknvm now it says could not find package03:56
shane_I can't get beryl/emerald themes to work in gutsy...anyone have some suggestions for me?03:56
chowmeinedAnick: but i can still do almost all the effects03:56
BSG75shane_: video card?03:57
elliott_does anyone know what's causing my grub error 18?03:57
earlmredhow do i bridge two network interfaces in ubuntu? i need to bridge vnic0 to eth103:57
shane_I have all of the comiz effects working03:57
LordLimecatbruenig: ran apt-file update03:57
shane_I just can't get the themese to apply03:57
LordLimecatnow what :\03:57
AllenwrHey, I am having a problem still with my graphic card and ubuntu 7.1003:57
shane_I have a geforce 7600 I think03:57
IdleOneLordZack: what instructions are you following?03:57
Jimd1jban:  in your /etc/apt/sources.list file you should review it, remove the comment indicator the # symbol, from those, and then load synaptic package manager and choose reload.03:57
jncBSG75: um, lol @ opening up new tabs.   that can't be fun03:57
VletAnick: I have an EVGA 8600 at work, and an EVGA 7600 at home - both worked with no tweaking03:57
marx2kok I inserted the Ubuntu alternate CD into my laptop's drive while it's running Ubuntu... how do I get it to update to gutsy?03:57
AllenwrI am having problems with getting the driver to work.03:57
Lifeisfunnyshane, I asked that question in compiz and they told me to go to gnome-look.org and dl a file cause emerald is out03:57
shane_ok, I have emerald03:57
BSG75:jnc .. slightly confused as u can guess :)03:57
AnickVlet: so after the install you could just enable the effects03:58
shane_but when I seleect a theme I see no way to make it go into effect03:58
chowmeinedAnick: my other comp has a geforce fx5200 and it works great also..03:58
shane_I'll check gnome-look.org though03:58
charlieI have a quick question. Is it possible to change that brown color you see sometimes (like when GNOME is first starting, before the wallpaper comes on)?03:58
Anickchowmeined: i'll have to try on my work pc it was a nvidia03:58
LordLimecatcharlie: yes03:58
chowmeinedAnick: yup.. just installed the driver from the restricted drivers manager.. then clicked the checkbox and they started working03:58
VletAnick: I installed, the "restricted drivers are available" thing popped up, clicked it, enabled, restarted and compiz was working03:58
rpj8hey guys, I try to run an .sh script... one of the lines is "read -s -e03:58
LordZackidle one im using the ones i am givin by allot of people03:58
LordLimecatcharlie:  go to "change wallpaper"03:58
kevinOblayde yes, it still does not work, i think the problem begins with me installing ubuntu-desktop, over server edition, it still thinks it a server, thats why i think needed the normal headers or something, in grub it still says server too03:58
LordLimecatand change the color03:58
charlieAh, I found it LordLimecat, thanks.03:58
rpj8hey guys, I try to run an .sh script... one of the lines is "read -s -e", and it's telling methat those are illegal options03:59
Anickthanks for you help guys03:59
charlieone more question, how can I set ubuntu up to not show mounted volumes on the desktop?03:59
LordZacki am trying sudo apt-get install ajunta03:59
crazeejcan someone help me get my sound working?  i upgraded from dapper to gutsy and i can't remember what i needed to do before to get it working...03:59
IdleOneok LordZack try this . sudo apt-get install anjuta03:59
jncBSG75: it's very explainable behavior, the scroll wheel is actually 3 buttons.  so you have 1 2 4 3 5  (left, right, scroll up, scroll click, scroll down)03:59
wirechief1elliott see this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub-installer/+bug/900603:59
Anickchowmeined: yeah im new to this linux thing as you could tell but hope i get the hang of it04:00
jncBSG75: something must be mucking it up so it thinks that you have three '3' buttons04:00
charlieone more question, how can I set ubuntu up to not show mounted volumes on the desktop?04:00
Skipstercrazeej what card do you have?04:00
Falstiuscharlie: for an internal harddrive or such, change the mount point to something not in /media04:00
charlieFalstius, how can I do that?04:00
charlieThe volume is automatically mounted when I boot.04:00
kevinOhello i installed ubuntu-desktop over server edition and it still thinks its a server, how do i make it so it thinks its a desktop?04:00
Falstiuscharlie: edit /etc/fstab04:00
jncBSG75: i.e. middle button click in (firefox?) is paste a url into a new tab04:00
crazeejmsg Skipster  0 [CA0106         ]: CA0106 - CA010604:00
crazeej                      Live! 7.1 24bit [SB0410] at 0xb000 irq 2104:00
crazeej 1 [CK8            ]: NFORCE - NVidia CK804:00
crazeej                      NVidia CK8 with ALC658D at irq 1704:00
blaydekevinO, huh. i'm thinking that shouldn't make a difference but it obviously is...04:01
charlie!paste | crazeej04:01
ubotucrazeej: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:01
LordZackit didnt work it said command not found04:01
BSG75jnc: yeah I figured it's something cheesy, I already editted the xorg.conf, I will see if I can scroll by clicking the wheel down..04:01
Falstiuscharlie: for instance, if your windows hd is mounted to /media/windows do: "sudo mkdir /mnt/windows"  and then change the line in fstab from /media/windows to /mnt/windows04:01
charlieYeah, thanks.04:01
IdleOneLordZack: show me the command you entered please04:01
BSG75jnc: I think I can figure that out from here on .. any idea on how to watch dvd from the default media player?? all the required stuff is already installed04:01
ArcanimusHey guys04:01
IdleOneLordZack: please insert my name when you type to me as it is difficult to follow04:01
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See also !EasySource04:01
charlieI've customized the heck out of my Gusty install, and you just got me one step closer to being done. I congratulate you Falstius :)04:01
ubotusource-o-matic is a webpage where you can (re)generate your sources.list - http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic04:02
marx2kok... I dont get it... I inserted the alternate-install CD Rom for gutsy into the laptop CD ROm drive...shouldnt it tell me in Ubuntu that I can install from the CD Rom?04:02
LordZack.sudo apt-get install ajunta04:02
ColroI'm running an xgl xserver in order to use desktop effects with an ATI card -- is there a way to temporarily disable this upon login without uninstalling it? I can't find the option in sessions.04:02
luisloJimd1, I wanted to do so, but I didn't know how... where are the config files??04:02
IdleOneLordZack: no .04:02
LordLimecatcrazeej: heh, i think i have the same thing, except with an audigy04:02
quitttis there a place where I can get a Netscape 9 .deb?04:02
LordZackthats what i was told04:02
Skipstercrazeej try asoundconf --list04:02
Jimd1luislo:  had to locate it.  it is located in your home folder ~/.config/awn04:02
elliott_wirechef1: Thanks, i'm reading it now04:02
LordLimecatworks out of the box in gutsy, but under older versions you have to blacklist the intel8x0 driver04:02
IdleOneLordZack: no . ( dot )04:02
LordLimecat(i think)04:02
luisloJimd1, and which one is it?04:02
eyemeanwill software that worked on 7.04 still work on 7.10?04:03
Jimd1luislo delete the awn folder or rename it to something else04:03
felipe__Hello, how can I turn of the temperature controls. my computer keeps shutting down because it say de procersor is over 92 degree...in window in never shuts down04:03
niuqhi i''ve installed ubuntu 7.10, and tried to enable the visual effects but when i chose the option appears a message "the composite extension not avaible"04:03
crazeejSkipster: CA0106 & CK804:03
ArcanimusOkay so I have a bit of a problem here... I'm using 7.10 and I have this same exact issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/10732004:03
Jimd1luislo:  mv ~/.config/awn ~/config/awn.old04:03
Name141during configure of things, I get "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"04:03
Arcanimusexcept I didn't install the driver myself, it was already installed04:03
Unbutu[G33Z3Rhow  cahnge size of icon on me desktop04:03
eyemeanniuq, do u have an ati card?04:03
Arcanimusand nothing I tried seems to fix it04:03
pawan1234_how to reintall ubuntu04:03
niuqeyemean: yes i do04:04
charlieeyemean: yes.04:04
Name141How do I fix that ?04:04
Ademan_hey does anyone know of a command to kill a given process after a certain amount of time?04:04
=== pawan1234_ is now known as pawan
marx2kDo I have to be in gnome in order to use the Ubuntu Alternate CD for a Gutsy upgrade?04:04
charlieAdeman_ you could use an SH script04:04
IdleOneLordZack: the command to install any package in ubuntu from the repos is    sudo apt-get install ( package name ) so what I need you to type is   sudo apt-get install anjuta04:04
marx2kdoes it not work in KDE?04:04
elliott_wirechief1: Thanks, i'm reading it now04:04
FalstiusAdeman_: sleep 1000 && kill 19123212304:04
crazeejLordLimecat:  so the intel8x0 driver is the problem?04:04
eyemeanniuq, charlie, which one? 9550?04:04
smmagicAre there ANY viruses for ubuntu04:04
rcywhats the right way to arrange for services to start at boot time... i have /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server which I know i can symlink to /etc/init.d/rcN.d, but is there a better way to do it?04:04
LordZackit worked what do i do now04:04
Ashfire908ademan_ sleep and kill?04:04
niuqeyemean: ati radeon m30004:04
niuqeyemean: something like that04:04
IdleOnelet it do its thing LordZack04:04
ArcanimusDoes anyone else have this issue? The characters in the login text field are much larger than the field itself (7.10, intel 900 card)04:05
blaydekevinO, what do the choices say in the Software Sources thing?04:05
charlieeyemean, oh, i was answering your question about whether 7.04 apps will work on 7.10. sorry if your question was already answered.04:05
Ademan_ah, so i guess i just need to roll my own, that's cool i just didn't want to if there was something preexisting04:05
SkipsterCrazeej so do asoundconf set-default-card <output from asoundcard list04:05
FalstiusArcanimus: I had that problem in edgy, went away in gutsy.04:05
ndanyes ubuntu CAN get a virus04:05
IdleOneLordZack: it should be downloading that package it will then tell you that it is setting up anjuta04:05
eyemeancharlie, sorry for the misunderstanding, thank you for ur reply, much appreciated04:05
LordZackit is04:05
Jimd1luislo:  there's also a config file in ~/.gconf/apps04:05
ndan`there are like less then 100 known virus' tho i think04:05
LordLimecatndan: sorta hard to pull off, innit?04:05
IdleOneLordZack: depending on your machine it may take a minute or two04:05
charlieeyemean,  no problem, glad to help :)04:05
AdylassHello, Gusty seems to use the XGL xorg server .. But my graphic card (on my laptop) is slow.. I would like to use the normal xorg server .. This can be done ?04:06
bobgillI have a bunch of .ttf fonts in a mounted partition, how do I move them all to /usr/share/fonts/truetype?  Would it be: "sudo cp *.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype" ?? Don't want to mess it up :)04:06
LordLimecati mean, dont you sort of have to want a virus to get one on linux? (or be running wine) :)04:06
niuqeyemean: i have no support for my ati card?04:06
charlieYes bobgill that is correct04:06
elliott_wirechief1: So I should just manually make a boot partition right at the beginning? How simple is that to do from the alternate install cd?04:06
pawanhow to reintall ubuntu04:06
luisloJimd1... I installed in default, which apparently is /usr/local/ would it be a config file there?04:06
FalstiusAdeman_: alternatively you could use cron.  No one has probably made a standalone app for that because it is simple to do with commands that already exist.04:06
eyemeanniuq, im new to linux, but i found the following thread becuse i couldnt get desktop effects to work, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=353003904:06
Jimd1your config files are in yoru home folder04:06
IdleOneLordLimecat: you can download all the windows virii in the world it still wont affect linux04:06
charliePawan, do you say you want to upgrade from 7.04 Feisty to 7.10 Gusty?04:07
Jimd1luislo:  the ~ indicates your home folder04:07
=== viper is now known as moparisthebest
Jimd1luislo:  so if you are at the terminal window and you type cd ~ it will put you in your home folder04:07
ndanyea well theoretically if your not compiling from source and got a currupted .deb theoretically you could get a virus nay?  runnin an executible.  tho even if u did get one its not as bad as windows it has no admin rights....04:07
LordZackalso my add/remove applications is stuck is their a task manager?04:07
LordLimecatIdleOne: as i understand it, some bot viruses actually DO run under wine04:07
eyemeanniuq, like i said im new to linux, but it did work for me, i have ati 9550, so i enabled the restricated driver then installed the xserver-xgl component04:07
bobgillcharlie: thanks it worked :) :)04:07
LordLimecati would imagine the would continue to run till killed04:07
charliePawan, here is the official HOWTO from Ubuntu to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading04:07
melkorIm not sure how to turn on my bluetooth in gnome04:07
IdleOneLordLimecat: well then if you get a virus under wine then perhaps you need not run wine :)04:08
luisloJimd1, yes, I know, but I'm telling you that the default installation (according to the website and I just checked it) is in the /usr/local/ folder... would there also be a config file there?04:08
crazeejLordLimecat:  so the intel8x0 driver is the problem with my soundcard?04:08
niuqeyemean: i'll install that component it might work04:08
FalstiusLordLimecat: linux machines certainly can, and are, hacked.  Don't think just because you run linux you can ignore all security worries.04:08
Jimd1luislo:  so, if you type cd ~/.config it will put you in the hidden folder called config which is located under your home folder04:08
fatcatmattim gonna give 7.10 another shot.  if it doesn't work this time, then i will wait for updates to come out for it04:08
wirechief1elliott just use gparted but know what you are formating make sure its where you want it.04:08
LordLimecatcrazeej: i BELIEVE so, although again, i have the same chipset and a creative audigy, and did not need to do that step04:08
charliefatcatmatt: What problems were you having with 7.10?04:08
LordLimecatFalstius: i understand they can be hacked, but we're talkin viruses04:08
pawanhow to manully upgrade04:08
crazeejLordLimecat:  well, i'll try it.. the module is in use apparently04:09
LordLimecatFalstius: i mean, generally, you arent going to get a virus until you get hacked, are ya? uinless youre REALLY uncareful?04:09
charliepawan, Why do you want to manually upgrade? Do you not have an available internet connection on the machine you want upgraded?04:09
LordZackmy add/remove applications is stuck how do i close it?04:09
m0u5edo i have to use the alternate cd to be able to dual boot w/ vista (i'm planning on not installing grub, and just using EasyBSD04:09
FalstiusLordLimecat: if you run unknown scripts from the web ... which a lot of people do.04:09
eyemeanniuq, u mean ubuntu 7.10 does not offer u the restricted driver on tart up?04:09
pawani have04:09
charlieLordZack: Kill it from System Monitor04:09
LordLimecatFalstius: lol, forkbomb04:09
JbanJimd1: Could you re-explain what to do... I'm confused.04:09
LordLimecatyea, agreed04:09
niuqeyemean: actually it does offer it04:09
hexstarhello, is it possible to use apt-get to upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 and if so how? thanks04:09
Jimd1jban:  do you know how to edit your sources.list file?04:09
luisloJimd1, I understand that... and I found the files... but my question is whether or not there will also be a configuration file in somewhere else, like in where the program was installed... which is the folder /usr/local04:10
LordLimecatbut not viruses in the standard sense, since under linux you dont really need to dl all sorts of unknown apps--most are covered by default04:10
kelviewhat's the default $PAGER on ubuntu?04:10
IdleOne!upgrade | hexstar04:10
ubotuhexstar: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:10
m0u5ehexstar: yes, just sudo apt-get --dist-upgrade04:10
wirechief1elliott can you do pm for more details ?04:10
kelvie(and what options does it have on by default)04:10
pawani upgraded from 7.04 to 7.1004:10
hexstarm0u5e: thank you04:10
JbanJimd1: Software sources and add third party software?04:10
FalstiusLordLimecat: or even a keystroke logger.  Say in an 'enhanced' version of firefox one might find on the web.04:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bluez - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:10
Jimd1luislo:  most likely not but I didn't write the programs, hehe.  i'd say no.04:10
pawanbut in between my power went off04:10
m0u5ehextstar: or update-manager -d (i think... just update-manager --help)04:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about obex - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:10
charlieMelkor: what's your bluetooth problem?04:10
pawanso it did not complete the entire process04:10
LordLimecatFalstius: yea, i suppose...hurts to think people fall for it :(04:10
charlieCan't get File transfers to work?04:10
melkorcharlie I don't know how to turn it on.04:10
pawanso want to re upgrade04:10
kelviebah nevermind :x04:10
geezoneanyone know why with the upgrade ubuntu 7.10the Visual effects dosen't work04:10
charliemelkor: What dongle do yuo have?04:11
melkorcharlie its internal04:11
pawansome files are missing04:11
Falstiusgeezone: do you have an ati video card?04:11
eyemeanniuq, in that case u would need to select that first, then allow it to install the drivers, then reboot then install the xserver-xgl04:11
pawanhow to fix it04:11
charlieMelkor: What Brand/Model Laptop do you have?04:11
eyemeanniuq, it worked for me, but i cant gurnatee it will work for u04:11
Falstiusgeezone: that is my guess.  I recently installed and don't have them on my laptop either.04:11
melkorcharlie dell vostro 150004:11
LordLimecatcharlie: just an aside, if you run the live-cd version of gutsy, do you have sound?04:11
s0ldiwhois s0ldi04:11
Jimd1jban:  it is very hard to help if you don't know what your sources.list file is.  the sources.list file is a file in your /etc/apt folder on your hard drive.  in order to edit it you should open a terminal window, then type sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list04:11
elliott_wirechief1: Hold on, i have to get an actual name and register first04:11
charlieLordLimecat: yeah, i do.04:11
m0u5egeezone: if you're using an ATI / Nvidia then you need to install the restricted drivers for 3d support04:11
luislothanks Jimd1, I'm gonna make a fresh install... what do you recommend me... stable or dev? (I ask this coz in their website awnguys recommend dev...04:12
geezonei had a feeling that was the issue, but wasn't sure04:12
melkorcharlie at this point I don't know if its not working or if I just haven't enabled it.  The light isn't lit up.04:12
m0u5epawan: sudo dpkg --configure -a04:12
wirechief1elliott ok04:12
LordLimecatcharlie: :\ well, worst case, a fresh install probably WOULD fix it if noone else has a solution04:12
Jimd1jban:  when the editor launches it will have the contents of your third party sources.  you then review it to find those lines that begin with deb04:12
pawanhow to install nvidia drivers04:12
LordLimecatnot that that would be first option04:12
quitttis it possible to install Communicator 4.8 on Ubuntu:?04:12
AdylassHello, Gusty seems to use the XGL xorg server .. But my graphic card (on my laptop) is slow.. I would like to use the normal xorg server .. This can be done ?04:12
pawani have fx5200 card04:12
JbanJimd1: ok i see them04:12
Jimd1jban:  then remove the pound symbol (#) from the beginning of the line and then save the changes.04:12
felipe__how do I turn off apic forever. my computer keeps turning off04:12
addicted68098For some reason the file browser seems to be taking up the entire screen (including the taskbars) and the only way out, is to alt+tab04:13
jimmygoonDoes anyone else's laptop log off when you close the lid?04:13
JbanJimd1: BUt I see "deb" and there is no # sign infront of deb04:13
wirechief1felipe did you try using noapic boot cheat ?04:13
Jimd1luislo:  i can't say.  I'm learning too04:13
Falstiusfelipe__: is it ubuntu saying your computer is overheating or the bios?04:13
pawanwhen i enable driver i stuk at terimanl04:13
Jimd1jban:  those without the pound sign mean they are active already04:13
IdleOnepawan: seems to me you dont want to finish anything you start. just a minute ago you were trying to finish an upgrade now you want to install nvidia drivers . why not try starting one thing ( understanding / finishing it ) then try something else .04:13
m0u5epawan: yeah, so make sure install the restricted drivers, go under system settings>restricted drivers04:13
pawanwhen i disable machine loads properly04:13
LordZackwhere can i find a complete list of all the software that can be put onto my machine?04:13
charlieCan't seem to find anything about bluetooth on that model. Never heard of the "Vostro" line myself..just inspiron and latitudes. Anyway, have you tried going to System > Preferences > Bluetooth?04:13
JbanJimd1: I see so only the ones with #signs04:13
joankiis there a site that posts reviews of open source applications to make choosing the best one easier?04:13
gvsa123why can't i make the firestarter icon appear on the system tray?04:13
felipe__wirechief1: yup I hit e on grub then e again add the noapic nolap04:13
m0u5eanyone here running a gutsy dell m133004:14
Jimd1jban: if you see a line that starts with # deb04:14
nekostarm0u5e: whats the problem04:14
m0u5emy batt life is extremely short... why is my cpu running full blast?04:14
Jimd1then remove the #04:14
dystopianrayjoanki: what are you trying to choose between?04:14
wirechief1felipe does that work ?04:14
joankilike finance software04:14
joankior like the best french software04:14
joankijust stuff like that04:14
felipe__wirechief1: nolapic option but it keeps turning off, it says the processor or something si on 98 degrees...04:14
m0u5ei only tried it onthe live cd, but i noticed that problem off the bat04:14
blaydekevinO, sorry i couldn't help you, but i have to go. if you explain your situation and what i had you do i hope someone else can help you04:14
JbanJimd1: Ok, I did that and there were only 2 #debs04:14
charliem0u5e, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/DellXPSM133004:14
m0u5eokay thx04:14
nekostaryou need to reconfigure powernow or something04:14
m0u5ecarlie: you wouldn't happen to know how to dual boot gutsy and vista would you? :D04:14
Ashfire908what is the difference between /mnt and /mount?04:14
IdleOnegvsa123: Applications > Internet > Firestarter ( right click ) add to panel04:15
nekostarits probably just not stepping correctly04:15
nekostarAshfire908: the word04:15
wirechief1felipe noapic  not nolapic04:15
JbanJimd1: It said that I do not have the permissions to save the file and to check that I typed in the location correctly and try again.04:15