test-3Rworks   =))  with some slight mods.00:10
* Elite doesn't have Xubuntu :P00:11
EliteAll I done was got Ubuntu, and just installed XFCE.00:11
EliteAnybody know what application the side widget is http://linuxinit.net/site/images/screenshots/0381.jpg <--00:13
Elitethe workspace switcher.00:13
Monkeygill.desktop icons created with wine, for me, usually use icons that contain a ".0" on the end of the name. this works fine for gnome. an example line would be: "Icon=0e5b_winamp.0" - but this doesn't work in xubuntu. no icon shows up. if I add .xpm to the end, then the icon is visible in the file manager, but not on the desktop. how can I make this work normally? are there any escape characters I should be using or something?00:30
nick4do you know of a client (besides Mutt or any command line one) that can save messages in a maildir "way"?01:03
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joeaminedxubuntu xubunta01:25
attunixHow do I get GTK installed? I keep getting an "error: gtk/gtk.h: no such file or directory".03:14
wbadgeryou have gtk installed03:14
The-Kernelsudo apt-get install gtk2.0 I believe03:14
wbadgeryou need gtk-dev03:14
attunixThe-Kernel: that package doesn't exist03:15
wbadgerattunix, sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev03:16
attunixwbadger: yep. that works :)03:17
attunixI think... it's installing :P03:17
attunixI hope it works :)03:17
attunixnope... doesn't work.03:19
attunixthis is the code:03:19
attunix                 ¡        #include gtk/gtk.h03:19
attunix                           03:19
attunix                 int main( int03:19
attunix              argc,03:19
attunix        char *argv[] )03:19
attunix  GtkWidget *window;03:19
attunix  gtk_init (&argc, &argv);03:19
attunix  window = gtk_window_new (GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);03:19
attunix  gtk_widget_show (window);03:19
attunix  gtk_main ();03:19
attunix  return 0;03:19
wbadgerwhat doesn't work03:20
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)03:20
wbadgerwhat error do you get03:20
attunixsorry :(03:20
wbadgerdo you still get no such file found?03:20
attunixthat gtk/gtk.h doesn't exist03:20
wbadgerdo "ls /usr/include/gtk"03:20
attunixls: /usr/include/gtk: No such file or directory03:21
wbadgerthat's right03:21
wbadgerthe package installs it in gtk-2.0/gtk/gtk.h03:21
wbadgerhow are you compiling?03:21
attunixgcc base.c -o base03:21
wbadgerok then add an argument03:22
wbadgerI think it goes like this03:22
wbadgergcc base.c -I/usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/ -o base03:22
wbadgerthat is a capital I after the "-"03:22
wbadgerdoes it work?03:22
attunixhold on03:22
attunixbase.c:1:21: error: gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory03:23
wbadgerso I did something wrong03:23
wbadgergcc base.c -I/usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk -o base03:24
wbadgertry it ?03:24
attunixhold on.03:26
attunixsame error03:27
wbadgermaybe should try like this:03:27
wbadgergcc base.c -Igtk-2.0/gtk/ -o base03:27
attunixsame error03:29
wbadgergcc -I/usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk base.c -o base03:31
wbadgerit must work unless the package was not installed correctly03:31
wbadgerbtw does your include line have <>?03:32
wbadgeroh wait we should remove the gtk03:32
wbadgerattunix, gcc base.c -I/usr/include/gtk-2.0 -o base03:32
attunixwell, it did something...03:33
attunixit's trying to compile all the library files :P03:34
wbadgervery weird03:34
wbadgerare you sure? :O03:34
attunixtat's what it looks like03:34
attunixmy code doesn't hvae 67 lines :P03:35
wbadgerI have no idea what's wrong03:35
wbadgerI still wonder why your #include lines lakcs <> though03:35
attunixit's #include <gtk/gtk.h>03:36
jason11Hey, I just installed Xubuntu 7.10 and when I try to log in I get this message 'Gtk-WARNING **: This process is currently running setuid or setgid. This is not a supported use of GTK+. You must create a  helper program instead. Refusing to initialize GTK+." And then it kicks me back to the login page. Ideas?03:36
jason11Hey, I just installed Xubuntu 7.10 and when I try to log in I get this message 'Gtk-WARNING **: This process is currently running setuid or setgid. This is not a supported use of GTK+. You must create a  helper program instead. Refusing to initialize GTK+." And then it kicks me back to the login page. Ideas?03:50
kebdid you try to login as root?03:50
jason11i have not03:54
kebwas it a fresh install or an upgrade?03:55
jason11fresh install with a previous /home partition03:55
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jason11seems to be the same issue03:58
jason11do you know a way that I can log my processes? It tells me the process number, but the process is killed so I cannot just do a ps and look.03:59
kebcould be that your /home directory is owned by a different uid from your current login03:59
jason11possible, but unlikly03:59
kebis your /home partition even mounted?03:59
kebthe old one03:59
kebwhen my /home partition wasnt mounted, i would login with a default session04:02
jason11okay, let me go try some things04:03
LM22does anyone here know Is it possible to password protect a "nautilus-actions" action?04:33
kebnautilus is part of the default ubuntu GNOME desktop.  xubuntu which uses Thunar.  so you might get more answers in #ubuntu04:44
LM22yeah no one ever answers in there04:49
kebyou could try some of the tutorials and support resources there04:50
MacskeeballI tried enabling desktop compositing in Xubuntu 7.10 just to see if it would work and it didn't. I see my mouse cursor and the desktop. I could just reboot since I'm just using the live CD, but isn't there a key combo I could use to exit X, etc. to fix this?05:04
Scabdatesi just installed xubuntu, and my only problem is my soundcard05:06
Scabdatesi have a cmi873805:06
MacskeeballNever mind. I just decided to reboot.05:12
kebScabdates that is a common sound chipset, isnt it supported?05:15
LM22thanks keb05:15
LM22im looking05:15
LM22I gotta figure out how to make one password protected05:16
kebhere are some details about tweaking cmi chipset support http://alsa.opensrc.org/Cmipci05:26
tombar_anyone else having problem with adding network suport to thunar with fuse?06:51
tombar_on gutsy?06:51
tombar_im following the tutorial that use to work on festy and its not working :S06:52
tombar_well thank you all, i guess its just really late for all of you guys06:55
kebirc is 24/706:55
tombar_keb can u help me?06:56
kebnot everyone has experience or expertise with every issue however ;)06:56
tombar_by the way, hi keb!06:56
scriptdevili am not getting the gdm on.. it just ends up in a grey screen with the mouse pointer... so i have to press ctrl alt f1 and log in in the CLi and type startx .. does anyone know why?07:42
kebcheck /var/log/Xorg.0.log for details why07:43
scriptdevilhmmm... keb what do i look for in that?07:45
scriptdevilwell.. doesnt seem to have errors07:46
kebok then there is ~/.xsession-errors07:47
kebbut there might not be anything in there if you never got to login07:47
scriptdevilyeah// i never got to.. never mind.. i dont dislike the CLI07:48
scriptdevilthanks anyway07:48
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scriptdevilwell.. keb .. i sorted that out08:07
scriptdevilthere was this strange thing called wacom in my xorg.conf.. so i did an nvidia-xconfig and restarted.. it works fine now..08:08
hyper__chupgrading now but I guess it'll fail :)08:14
hyper__chencrypted drives ;)08:14
scriptdevil:-| .. you working at nasa or something?08:14
scriptdevilwhy do you need encrypted drives?08:16
scriptdevilwho is going to steal your info?08:16
hyper__chno clue, that's why I encrypt it08:17
scriptdevilanyway.. for me  dnt need privacy of data.. i care about safety :D .. my data is open source ;)08:20
hyper__chprivacy is a right you should not under estimate08:20
hyper__chupgrading takes long... i probably should directly do a fresh install08:21
scriptdevilhyper__ch: do you have a separate /home?08:22
hyper__chscriptdevil: sure I have08:22
scriptdevil:D then carry on08:22
hyper__chi wanna check how it goes with the upgrade08:23
scriptdevilbye people .. brb after my lunch08:23
hyper__chhow it handles my luks/dm-crypt devices08:23
zoredachehow are you mounting your luks devices?08:28
zoredacheI have a luks home dir and it is fine... libpam_mount seems to be broke though08:28
nanonymeshould i count it a bad thing that gutsy fails to setup dma for hda in my ibook?08:56
nanonymealso booting took forever08:58
nanonymeincluding which NetworkManager is taking 100% cpu. i've had to kill it with signal 9 two times now09:00
ubotuSome programs to capture your screen are Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.09:03
nanonymeand btw, return from suspend still didn't work in gutsy final :/09:13
nanonymehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/99675 apparently the same bug as this09:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99675 in gnome-power-manager "System incredibly slow after suspend, refuses to restart" [Undecided,New]09:15
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DaBeowulfHello, where is that hardlink/symlink mess with Feisty -> Gutsy updates documented a little, just got the recommended update to tzdata and didn't click the link in the update description..10:25
DaBeowulfah nm found it myself: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/116193 lucky me I had the timezone set to Berlin anyway..10:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116193 in tzdata "error upgrading tzdata_2007e to tzdata_2007f" [Critical,Fix committed]10:45
monkey_i just installed ubuntu, and did an apt-get xubuntu, but the fonts are so huge, i can't select xbuntu desktop.11:30
monkey_also, xubuntu splash screen not avaiable11:31
monkey_my login screen's font is huge12:06
monkey_how to fix?12:06
mig5my upgrade from xubuntu 7.04 to 7.10 crashed. how do i get it to upgrade properly?13:15
mig5how do i fix it?13:21
TheSheepmig5: what's the error?13:21
jjjjdo you like 7.10 then dapper13:22
mig5my upgrade from 7.04 to 7.10 messed up13:23
jjjjin my case using live 7.10 cd13:23
jjjjcan't install 1 program on live mode13:24
jjjjand design issue ...13:24
jjjjwhen i use console mode(tty)13:25
jjjjchararcters size is bigger than dapper13:25
TheSheepmig5: I can't help you if you don't tell me some details. What is broken? What error you get and when?13:26
mig5TheSheep, 2nd one said update manager got to close13:28
mig5TheSheep, and then it closed and update stopped halfway through13:29
keitherzhow can i display my windows xp in the boot list13:29
keitherzhow can i add entry on GRUB13:29
TheSheepkeitherz: edit your /boot/grub/menu.lst, there is an example there13:29
jjjjedit menu.1st13:29
keitherzoh ok13:30
keitherzso when i installed linux it didn't automatically search for my xp13:30
TheSheepmig5: try switching to text mode with alt+ctrl+f1, logging in and typing 'sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade'13:31
TheSheepkeitherz: this is strange13:31
mig5TheSheep, ok13:31
keitherzit didn't detect my XP13:31
keitherzok help13:37
keitherzwheres the sample13:38
keitherzok another thing13:39
TheSheepwe are here13:39
keitherzok wheres the 1024x768 resolution13:40
keitherzits not listed13:40
TheSheepkeitherz: you only have lower ones listed?13:41
keitherz800x600 and below13:41
TheSheepkeitherz: seems like it detected your monitor wrong, try running 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' and configuring it manually (just use defaults everywhere except for the monitor settings)13:42
attunixWhat libraries do I need installed to program in GTK?+13:45
TheSheepattunix: what language do you program?13:45
TheSheeplibgtk2.0-dev probably13:46
MichaelTheNewbiehi - my xubuntu system is running well now, thanks to help from people in this channel. :)  My next issue is wireless.  It only shows options for WEP.. is WPA not available?13:47
attunixTheSheep: I already have that.13:47
TheSheepattunix: and if you use glade, then also libglade2-dev13:47
TheSheepMichaelTheNewbie: I'm not sure, but you might want to check the documentation13:47
TheSheep!wifi | MichaelTheNewbie13:47
ubotuMichaelTheNewbie: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:47
MichaelTheNewbieTheSheep: Thanks I will read up.13:48
keitherzhow can i continue here13:48
TheSheepkeitherz: what do you mean?13:49
keitherzi cant select OK13:49
TheSheepkeitherz: press 'tab' to switch between controls13:49
attunixI keep getting an error that <gtk/gtk.h> header file doesn't exist.13:49
keitherzsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg13:49
keitherzoh thanks13:50
TheSheepattunix: hmm.. that would be libgtk1.2-dev13:50
TheSheepattunix: I think13:51
keitherz Use kernel framebuffer device interface?13:51
keitherzwhat should i answer13:51
TheSheepkeitherz: "no"13:51
TheSheepkeitherz: just use teh defaults13:51
TheSheepkeitherz: that is, hit 'enter' :)13:51
mig5TheSheep, i did that, it installed these 3 packages, 2 were a kernel and other was nvidia drivers. restarted into this new kernel and internet doesnt work, so went back on old one13:52
keitherzwhats the mous port13:52
TheSheepkeitherz: hit enter13:52
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TheSheepkeitherz: you want /dev/mice13:52
keitherz                    │           /dev/ttyS0                │13:53
TheSheepmig5: what network card do you use?13:53
keitherz                    │           /dev/tts0                 │13:53
keitherz                    │           /dev/gpmdata              │13:53
keitherz                    │                                     │13:53
keitherz                    │                                     │13:53
keitherz                    │               <Ok>                  │13:53
keitherz                    │13:53
mig5TheSheep, asus usb wireless13:53
keitherzeven if my mouse is in USB13:53
TheSheep!patebin | keitherz13:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about patebin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:53
TheSheep!pastebin | keitherz13:53
ubotukeitherz: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)13:53
TheSheepkeitherz: yes, /dev/mice is a kind of sink for all the mice13:54
keitherzok tnx im searching for the ubuntu pastebin13:54
TheSheepkeitherz: no, just remember to use it next time you want to paste more than, say, 3 lines13:55
keitherzthe 1024x768 is still not listed13:56
TheSheepmig5: try intalleing the 'restricted modules' for that new kernel13:56
keitherzcant i configure it manually13:56
TheSheepkeitherz: what graphics card do you use? (the first option in taht config)13:56
mig5TheSheep, but asus didnt use restricted modules, that is the nvidia13:57
TheSheepmig5: ah, then I don't know13:58
mig5TheSheep, if i keep using this kernel, the feisty one, will it mess stuff up?13:58
TheSheepmig5: I guess you might try searching the forums and the bugs database13:59
TheSheepmig5: no, it shouldn't13:59
mig5TheSheep, ok, ill stick with this then for now13:59
TheSheepmig5: unless there is some horrible bug that would destroy your system anyways ;)13:59
attunixTheSheep: either way it doesn't work14:00
RandyboYIve innstalled the new xubuntu from the live cd... And im having problems in the startup. Its not going further than the "Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd"14:00
TheSheepattunix: maybe try just searching synaptics for gtk.h ?14:01
attunixTheSheep: ok. I'll try that14:01
attunix$ dpkg -S gtk.h14:02
attunixlibgtk2.0-dev: /usr/include/gtk-2.0/gtk/gtk.h14:02
attunixlibgtk1.2-dev: /usr/include/gtk-1.2/gtk/gtk.h14:02
attunixI already have those installed :(14:02
RandyboYIs there any way to go around that service without doing it when xubuntu is started up?14:02
TheSheepRandyboY: you can disable it in system->services14:05
TheSheepRandyboY: try to start in the 'rescue mode'14:05
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mikubuntuwhen i upgraded to xub 7.10 miro was deleted; i've installed it from synaptic again, and selectd it from the installer, but it still doesn't appear on any of my menus ... anybody know where it might be hiding?14:46
keitherzwhats that14:48
vinzeThe new name of Democracy TV, right?14:48
mikubuntuwhen i upgraded to xub 7.10 miro was deleted; i've installed it from synaptic again, and selectd it from the installer, but it still doesn't appear on any of my menus ... anybody know where it might be hiding?15:47
vinzemikubuntu, can you type "miro" in a terminal?15:49
mikubuntuvinze, ya hold on15:50
mikubuntuvinze, hmmmm, got a pop up that says i need to download a newer version of miro15:52
vinzemikubuntu, does the file /usr/share/applications/miro.desktop exist?15:53
vinzei.e. can you do "mousepad /usr/share/applications/miro.desktop" in a terminal?15:53
mikubuntulemme try15:54
mosipovhi folks16:01
mosipovsomeone here who could help me w/ dual mon setup?16:01
d1n0mosipov: what videocard?16:01
mosipovradeon 910016:01
mosipovwith xubuntu 7.1016:02
d1n0it should be easy in 7.1016:02
mosipovI know16:02
mosipovthe issue is, the new displayconfig-gtk shows only 1 screen16:02
mosipovxfce shows 2 screens for desktop setup16:03
mosipovthe xorg conf shows only screen 0 with my tft16:03
d1n0it shows 2 screens here, but i only got 1 screen and 1 tv16:03
mosipovand xrandr shows screen 0 with VGA0 and DVI016:03
mosipovnow I don't know how to get it work with 2 montiors16:04
mosipovside by side just like in windows16:04
mosipovd1n0: no hints?16:07
mosipovI think, I have to edit the xorg.conf?16:08
d1n0you can use aticonfig to configure i think16:08
mosipovI tried to install16:08
mosipovapt-get doesnt know it16:08
mosipovholf on16:09
mosipovhold on16:09
mosipovfound it16:09
mosipovinstallitng fglrx16:10
mikubuntuvinze, sorry so long: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41532/16:13
mikubuntuooops, guess vinze has left the building16:14
mikubuntuanybody willing to look at my pastebin and tell me why i can't find miro on my menus? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41532/16:15
mosipovd1n0: I tried aticonfig16:21
mosipovit terminated with a core dump16:21
mosipovsorr,y, got kicked16:33
mosipovso anyone ideas16:33
blendtuxhow do i completely remove xubuntu from my system or any other ubuntu version17:00
TheSheepblendtux: delete the partitions and restore mbr17:04
blendtuxano lol, that was not what i meant, i have two systems one is my desktop and the other my laptop both running kubuntu, but i installed on both xubuntu-desktop but i want to remove on my desktop xubuntu-desktop and stick only with kubuntu-desktop17:06
blendtuxbut when i do apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop it will not remove all the packages it installed for xubuntu-desktop17:07
TheSheepblendtux: do an 'autoremove' after that17:07
blendtuxit only wants to autoremove 1 package17:08
TheSheepblendtux: it will remove any packages that are no logner needed17:08
TheSheepblendtux: what do you want to remove, by the way?17:08
blendtuxit downloaded something like 260 mb of packages, and the installation of xubuntu costs something like 800 mb, and now when i want to remove it it says this:17:10
blendtuxroot@blendtux-laptop:/var/cache/apt/archives# apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop17:10
blendtuxReading package lists... Done17:10
blendtuxBuilding dependency tree17:10
blendtuxReading state information... Done17:10
blendtuxThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:17:10
TheSheep!pastebin | blendtux17:10
ubotublendtux: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)17:10
blendtux  portmap17:10
blendtuxUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.17:10
blendtuxThe following packages will be REMOVED:17:10
blendtux  xubuntu-desktop17:10
blendtux0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:10
blendtuxNeed to get 0B of archives.17:10
blendtuxAfter unpacking 41.0kB disk space will be freed.17:10
blendtuxDo you want to continue [Y/n]?17:10
blendtuxoh sorry TheSheep17:10
blendtuxi will use that link in the future17:11
blendtuxbut anyway, it now only  wants to remove 41 kb/s17:11
blendtuxalll the other apps it installed wont be removed17:11
TheSheepmaybe you should just remove the pps you don't need?17:11
blendtuxare you telling me,. that i have to remove everything the xubuntu-desktop metapkackge installed by hand ?17:12
TheSheepblendtux: just removing xubuntu-desktop should work, the rest would b autoremoved, unless you installed it manually17:13
TheSheepblendtux: if not, file a bug17:13
blendtuxno i did not, install somethbing by hand17:13
blendtuxlook at it what i pasted17:14
soulfreshneris there some way to tweak my laptop so it doesn't swap as much17:14
TheSheepblendtux: then there is something wrong with apt not recording which packages were installed manually17:14
soulfreshnerit seems to constantly be reading from the disk17:14
TheSheepsoulfreshner: you could put more memory into it17:15
TheSheepsoulfreshner: or just look at which applications take the most memory17:15
TheSheepsoulfreshner: and find lighter alternatives17:15
TheSheepsoulfreshner: you can also disable some services taht start by default but you don't use them17:16
soulfreshnerTheSheep, it's an old laptop with 256MB ram / p3 1000 - so not quite over the hill and running xubuntu's default stuff17:16
blendtuxno i dont think so TheSheep, i think there is nothing wrong with app, i think the problem is with the meta package, its a oneway trip17:16
soulfreshnerhow do I turn the swap off?17:16
blendtux  you can install but you cant remove all the packages the metapackage installed17:17
blendtuxin an  automated fashion17:17
TheSheepsoulfreshner: sudo swapoff -a17:17
soulfreshnerblendtux, you should be able to use apt-get autoremove...17:17
TheSheepblendtux: either way, file a bug please17:18
blendtuxhow does autoremove know's that i dont want or need abiword, wich is insatlled by the metapackage xubuntu-desktop or that i dont need all the gnome libs it installed17:18
TheSheepblendtux: because it should work17:18
TheSheepblendtux: it remembers what was instaleld manually and what was pulled in as a dependency17:19
soulfreshnerta - TheSheep - I'm going to run like this for a while and see if it helps at all... chances are it may even be slower, since the swap is cached...17:19
blendtuxoke, and does it matter that i installed it with the command aptitude install xubuntu-desktop17:20
TheSheepsoulfreshner: no, in the worst case it will just start killing aps randomly when you run out of memory17:20
h3sp4wnblendtux: either use apt-get or aptitude17:20
TheSheepblendtux: yes17:20
h3sp4wnblendtux: I would recommend aptitude as it works better17:20
TheSheepblendtux: aptitude doesn't have this function17:20
soulfreshnerblendtux, yeah - it will only keep the dependancies of the stuff you manually installed17:20
h3sp4wnTheSheep: aptitude always had that function17:21
h3sp4wnTheSheep: apt-get copied it from there17:21
TheSheeph3sp4wn: but the database is separate from apt's17:21
TheSheeph3sp4wn: so apt-get autoremove will not work if soemhting was installed with aptitude17:21
h3sp4wnTheSheep: yeah but you wouldn't use apt-get autoremove if you were using aptitude17:21
blendtuxbut how can i remove all those other packages17:22
TheSheeph3sp4wn: unless you are especially fond of complaining that something is a one way trip17:22
h3sp4wnblendtux: simple way to start off is with an aptitude regexp and markauto all libraries17:22
TheSheepblendtux: I'm sorry, I need to calm down :(17:23
h3sp4wnblendtux: i.e something like - aptitude markauto \~slibs17:24
attunix! #ubuntu-general17:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-general - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:24
blendtuxehm. btw i know exactly what was installed cause i had an empty /var/cache/apt/archive directroy so every deb file in there where for the xubuntu-desktop17:24
h3sp4wnblendtux: You could use dselect then easy as any to use for this17:25
blendtuxnever used dselect17:26
h3sp4wnblendtux: or work out how to get it into dpkg --set-selections from the list17:29
h3sp4wnbut dselect would be just straight away with the remove option17:29
blendtuxyeah, oke thanks everybody i work it out17:30
blendtuxlet me first make me a back up17:30
blendtuxsince i could be breaking my system if i made a mistake17:31
h3sp4wnblendtux: if you look at /var/log/aptitude17:33
h3sp4wnblendtux: Then if it was all done at once you can take the list from there17:34
blendtuxoke, thanks :)17:36
h3sp4wnThere is a way using - echo packagename remove | dpkg --set-selections - and dselect-upgrade17:37
brick__why is xubuntu only shows that i have 2.96gb ram installed, when i have 4gb installed.?17:51
vonck7brick_ : probably related to this http://kerneltrap.org/node/245018:01
h3sp4wnbrick__: use the server kernel or you can build yourself one with pae or a 64 bit kernel (use it with the existing userland)18:05
h3sp4wn64 bit kernel is a little bit of messing around sometimes but works fine18:06
brick__h3sp4wn, now your talking over my head:P hehe18:06
brick__is it possible to enable highmem in my present kernel without have to mess around?18:06
h3sp4wnno its a compile time option18:07
brick__yeah.. got that now.. but if i recompile my kernel now, would i have to recompile my nvidia driver etc as well ?18:07
brick__or will it "just work":?18:07
h3sp4wnKind of annoying ubuntu doesn't have a -amd64 kernel in the repos18:07
h3sp4wn(for i386)18:08
brick__they dont?18:08
brick__well i was thinking about installing amd64 arch. but all the problems with flashplugins etc.. and java. so i just dropped it..18:08
h3sp4wnThat is why until very recently I used a 64 bit kernel18:09
h3sp4wnwith debian sid 32 bit18:09
h3sp4wnlittle bit off messing around (i.e you need the nvidia-kernel-source from the 64 bit distro)18:09
h3sp4wnbut ubuntu doesn't seem to provide even the linux64 wrapper script18:10
h3sp4wn(although it does provide the amd64 libc)18:10
h3sp4wnYou could try using make-pkg --arch=amd64 --crosscompile=- (using binutils-multiarch and gcc-multilib)18:11
h3sp4wnNever tried that without already being running a 64 bit kernel though (and my gutsy system is a pentium m)18:12
brick__h3sp4wn, ok. well its sunday evening and am a bit hangover,, so wont start on that today,, but ill drop by later and ask you for some help:P18:12
brick__now im off to have another beer:P18:12
brick__but one thing first,, i got this logitech cordless elite bluetooth keyboard, but lost the adapter that comes with it. but i have another bluetooth v2 usb dongle. can i make them work together somehow and what must i install to make that bluetooth adapter work with the keyboard?18:21
humsHi all, just install xubuntu. A bit help please. How do I set speaker and mic? I dont find any menu entries (yet)18:52
TheSheephums: they should work18:53
humsyep, just want to adjust them18:54
humsI dont find icon or menu18:54
brick__menu - settings - mixer settings18:55
TheSheephums: if there is no icon on your panel, then right click somewhere on the panel, select 'add new item' and find 'volume control' on the list18:55
brick__there you should be able to fix it18:55
humsTheSheep: thanks a lot, got it :)18:57
humsbrick: i found that menu but it doesnot allow me to adjust anything18:58
humsproblem solved tho18:58
humsthanks again, bye18:58
stinkyfootis there anyway to upgrade from xubuntu to ubuntu 7.10 directly?19:12
hollunderhi, can someone tell me how I can edit the menu?19:23
TheSheepsettings->menu editor19:25
hollunderwell, the problem there is the line --- include ---     system   ...19:26
TheSheephollunder: yes, that one gathers all your installed applications automatically19:27
hollunderwhich probably means that they are managed by the system and I can't access any of those entries19:27
TheSheephollunder: but you can remove it19:27
hollunderand then nothing gets managed?19:27
TheSheepthen you have full control over teh menu contents19:28
TheSheepeither automatic or manual, how would you do it otherwise?19:28
hollundermixed ;)19:29
TheSheephollunder: well, you can add your own entries19:29
TheSheephollunder: and if they have the same name as the existing one, they will 'cover it19:29
hollunderbut not to the automatically managed menus19:29
hollunderthat could work19:30
TheSheepyou just have to put your entries *before* the include19:30
hollunderat least if I understand that correctly... they get merged if the name is the same?19:30
TheSheepname and position in the submenus19:30
hollunderwill try that, thanks19:31
TheSheephollunder: alternatively, you can copy the relevant files form /usr/share/applications/ to ~/local/share/applications and edit them19:31
hollunderthanks, it worked19:37
manopulushi. installed xubuntu 7.10 and totem does not play mp3 and almost all videos. what i have to install to play?19:37
hollunderin case I delete the system entry and install a new program it would not get added automatically, correct?19:38
TheSheephollunder: yes19:40
TheSheep!mp3 | manopulus19:40
ubotumanopulus: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:40
TheSheephollunder: the menu is assembled from teh files in /usr/share/applications/19:40
hollunderwonder why it didn't include konqueror automatically19:41
TheSheephollunder: konquereor has "onlyshowin: kde" entry19:42
hollunderwhere is that entry supposed to be?19:43
hollunderI don't see that line in the konqueror desktop files19:44
hollunderbut it is located at /usr/share/applications/kde19:45
hollundermaybe that's why it doesn't show up?19:45
hyper_ch<-- is now also using Gutsy19:46
TheSheephyper_ch: using not utilizing? I thought you're a lawyer?19:48
hyper_chTheSheep: I am ;)19:48
hollundercopying to /usr/share/applications/ didn't help :/19:52
hollunderany idea how I can disable the system beep in xfce?20:07
nikolamin what occasion it is beeping?20:07
hollunderfor example when I keep pressing backspace in xchat and the cursor can't go further back20:09
nikolamhmm I use xchat-gnome20:09
nikolamAnd for some reason it is not beeping hmm20:10
hollunderI use the normal one20:10
hollunderI'll try to find another case20:10
vonck7do you have a sound card installed? if not-> perhaps that's why it's beeping.20:10
hollunderI have a soundcard installed, but it can't be accessed by anything right now because jack is running20:11
hollunderbut thats not the problem20:12
hollunderit's the same without jack20:12
nikolamI that beep sound on login could be changed with something more pleasent. and sound of silnce also20:12
nikolamWhat is jack?20:13
hollunderjack audio connection kit20:13
hollunderthe beep I mean is the system bell, and it's annoying..20:13
vonck7yea, really annoying ; i know the problem from windows, never had it in lunix though.20:16
hollunderok, I put rmmod pcspkr into rclocal20:19
KlrSpzso no probs upgrading 7.04 to 7.10?20:28
nikolammmm.. open office does not work on 64-bit using fglrx Ati driver..20:34
nikolam.. no problems beside that :P20:34
h3sp4wnKlrSpz: Lots of people have had problems20:38
h3sp4wnKlrSpz: If you perform the upgrade with aptitude dist-upgrade though should be fine20:38
abcde_I have a computer setup as a NAS now with FreeNAS.  I was looking to put Xubuntu on it, since it's lightweight, and I can do torrents on it.  I have two questions, can Xubuntu read/write UFS filesystems? and can I set it up to share via samba without passwords?20:40
hyper_chabcde_: you're going to use rtorrent?  UFS - hmmm, no idea.... samba can be setup without passwords20:41
abcde_hyper_ch, I was thinking azureus, not sure if rtorrent would have what I need20:42
hyper_chabcde_: if you want lightweight, you don't want azureus20:42
hyper_chabcde_: rtorrent is ncurses based and runs in a shell... so if you run it within a "screen" session you can control it from everywhere you have ssh access to the box20:43
h3sp4wnabcde_: which type of ufs ?(1/2? {free,net,open}bsd or solaris) etc20:43
abcde_I didn't mean lightweight torrent, I meant desktop, I need RSS downloading and parsing into folders, and IP Range blocker20:43
hyper_chabcde_: ah... hmmm... well, there's a rss fetcher but I haven't tried it20:44
abcde_h3sp4wn, I have FreeNAS on it now, so I'd assume FreeBSD20:44
h3sp4wnabcde_: do you just need to read it or to write to it also ?20:45
abcde_h3sp4wn, I need R/RW, since I still have free space on it20:45
h3sp4wnabcde_: I think there is experimental support from 2.6.22+ (might be 2.6.23) but its very likely to be buggy20:46
h3sp4wnabcde_: Only thing that will definately read it is freebsd sounds like20:46
KlrSpzi run xubuntu and deluge-torrent20:46
h3sp4wnabcde_: Or you could use vmware and a copy of bsd on another box to get the data20:47
abcde_KlrSpz, I have Deluge on this machine, I don't like it, it doesn't sort20:47
h3sp4wnabcde_: and then just install xbuntu from scratch20:47
KlrSpzabcde_: sort in what way? sorts fine for me20:47
abcde_h3sp4wn, I have access to it now, it is fine, but I don't have enough space to back it up20:47
abcde_KlrSpz, I want each RSS feed sorted to a different folder20:48
h3sp4wnabcde_: but if you want to read it from xubuntu its not fine20:48
h3sp4wnabcde_: no sorry write to it from xubuntu20:48
KlrSpzabcde_: yeah does that fine for me20:49
KlrSpzguess you need a better plugin20:49
abcde_KlrSpz, I don't want deluge, I don't like it.  I will stick to azureus.20:49
abcde_h3sp4wn, from the sounds of it, I might be better with FreeBSD then, so I can read/write it.20:50
h3sp4wnabcde_: or pc-bsd or one of the desktop oriented ones if you want it to be simple (but freebsd is not hard to run - just read the handbook)20:51
vonck7abcde_: what's wrong with deluge?20:51
hyper_chabcde_: how about transmission?20:51
abcde_h3sp4wn, I have PC-BSD on another machine, I'll try that, thanks.20:51
* vonck7 wrote the deluge WebUi , so stop complaining and use deluge20:52
abcde_vonck7, nothing is wrong with it for other people, doesn't do some of the things I want, read my above messages to see why.20:52
KlrSpzabcde_: that's because you're ignorant.. everything you've requested deluge does effortlessly20:52
abcde_vonck7, I want auto-sorting of RSS feeds, and I don't like the way the RSS works.20:53
KlrSpzabcde_: RSS is not part of deluge, it's a plugin.. there are many rss plugins to try from20:53
abcde_KlrSpz, I have deluge here now, I don't like the way things work.  Isn't this why there are so many linux distros?  Based on taste, I don't feel like I should have to defend my tastes.20:53
abcde_I don't mean it offensively or anything, I am just saying I don't like it.20:54
abcde_I don't like being called ignorant for not liking something.20:54
KlrSpzyou're not even paying attention.... EVERYTHING you've asked for, deluge does precisely to the level of taste you were requesting.... you gave up before you even messed with anything properly20:54
KlrSpzbut if you want to waste your system's resources with java, go right ahead20:55
KlrSpzi'm not campaigning for deluge intentionally, i'm just more pointing out your non-willingness to actually explore a project peropely20:55
hyper_chvonck7: write a nice WebUI for rtorrent ;)20:56
abcde_KlrSpz, No, it doesn't.  I don't like the look.  I don't want to play with something to get it working unless I have to.  I know azureus, I like azureus, I shouldn't have to change to something just because you say I should.20:56
KlrSpzand that's what ignorance begets20:56
* hyper_ch likes cli appz ;)20:56
vonck7hyper_ch , write a xmlrpc plugin with the same interface as deluge.20:57
abcde_KlrSpz, I'm of the "If it ain't broke" philosophy, azureus doesn't take enough of my resources for me to notice.  I don't feel the need to change.  That isn't ignorance, that is using what you know.20:57
hyper_chvonck7: ;)20:57
vonck7hyper_ch ;)20:57
hyper_chvonck7: webui is not really needed ;)20:57
KlrSpzyou're the only person i've ever heard of saying it doesn't use resources... anyway, that's fine... you can use azureus.. and it's not broken, it just comes with really simple plugins for people with simple minds... apparently still too difficult for some20:58
KlrSpzthere are more advanced plugins to allow scalability20:58
* hyper_ch used azureus as first torrent client on windoze and it just made my system crawling20:58
abcde_vonck7, I don't mean this anything offensive to you, I appreciate anyone who does work on open source/free software.  Open source is about choice.20:58
vinze...among others :P20:58
KlrSpzthat's my point20:58
KlrSpzyou're choosing not to choose20:58
KlrSpzonly because you are unaware of features20:59
vonck7abcde_ : my 1st comment was tounge in cheek, not offended20:59
* vonck7 liked utorrent, but that was a long while ago20:59
abcde_KlrSpz, I will let you think you have the high ground, and let you get away with your "simple minds" crack.  I am choosing, I tried deluge, that is why it is running now.  You are unwilling to read what I said, so I won't repeat it.21:00
KlrSpzvonck7: utorrent is great21:00
KlrSpziut actually runs great under wine as well21:00
vinze...but closed source :(21:00
KlrSpzbut didn't have a plugin feature, and is not oos21:00
ubotuSome programs to capture your screen are Istanbul, Wink, Gvidcap, Xvidcap, vnc2swf, demorecorder.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.21:04
* vinze likes recordmydesktop21:05
attunixWhat libraries are needed to develop in QT?21:10
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russell__how do you change the default runlevel with upstart (xubuntu 7.10)?22:26
MatBoythe upgrade is not available using the update-manager on Feisty ?22:35
MatBoyweird, only with the -c -d options22:39
juarojbisiten estapagina http://juaroj.obolog.com22:40
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rokiaanyone in here?22:57
redshadowheroare there any scanner utilities for xubuntu?23:14
TheSheepredshadowhero: xsane and sane-utils23:17
redshadowheroOkay, I'll check them out; thanks.23:17
thomas__does anyone know how to add the "m-dash" in abiword?23:22
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