nixternalI am rebuilding from kde svn right now anyways, I have to reset up my kdevelop environment again and start working on khelpcenter and stuff00:00
stdinjust heard an interesting idea, what do you think about a kde4 meta-package to make sure people pull all the right packages ?00:02
nixternalthat is what kdebase-workspace is supposed to be00:04
stdinkdebase-workspace isn't a meta-package, and people still need to install kde4base-dev with it00:05
nixternalya, I thought it was, it just pulls in the necessary libs00:05
nixternalI think we should have it stdin00:06
stdinit'd stop a lot of the "Why doesn't kde4 start?" questions in here00:06
stdin(because they were missing a couple packages kde4base-dev pulls)00:06
jjessehow are things?01:22
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DaSkreechhi Hobbsee04:47
DaSkreechhi Jucato04:47
DaSkreechJucato: how are you?04:47
nixternalhiya DaSkreech and Hobbsee04:47
nixternalhiya Jucato04:48
nixternalUbuntu Chicago Release Party pictures from yesterday04:48
Jucato_yay that was fun :)04:49
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Jucatonixternal: I thought Tonio_ would be giving the talk tomorrow?04:49
nixternalJucato: I found out I am, Tonio is doing Thursday I guess04:49
nixternalyou see the link to the Ubuntu Chicago pics I just posted?04:49
Jucatoyeah.. my connection's hiccuping so....04:50
nixternalI just confused myself04:50
nixternalOK, let me boot up into KDE 4 and see how this works04:50
* Jucato will have to wake up at 4:30 am to catch nixternal...04:50
* Jucato goes for lunch...04:53
nixternalKDE 4 is looking good04:55
nixternalholy smokes dude, the effects rock in KDE 404:58
n8k99is it 'easy' to set up kde4? can i use it as 'production' desktop?04:58
nixternalI am going to start using it04:58
nixternalI built it from SVN though04:59
nixternaltakes some time, but definitely worth it04:59
n8k99i have a presentation at Columbia University this week04:59
n8k99after that is out of the way, I think I'll build up kde404:59
* DaSkreech hasn't eaten in hours05:17
* DaSkreech notes nixternal likes pointedlongstick jokes about linspire05:18
Jucaton8k99: definitely not as a production desktop yet05:34
n8k99Jucato aw! you ain't no fun!05:34
Jucatowell you specifically had to ask about "production" :)05:35
Jucatoother than that, it's already usable. just update daily :)05:35
Jucatoor every other day...05:35
n8k99and kde3 apps run fine on it, if the kde4 app doesn't?05:35
n8k99are you running it, standalone or in a little window?05:36
Jucatotake after beta3 tagging: http://jucato.org/kde/booyah.png05:36
Jucatountil last week, I was using it for 3 days full. but had to use some kde3 apps05:36
Jucatoit's a bit slow if you compile from source and follow the guide, because you'll be building with debugging enabled05:37
n8k99yes i read that in someone's blog05:37
nixternalI am totally in love...this is a beta, and people report a bad beta...but man, I am so in love...thank god for KDE!!!05:38
Jucatothe only part that will leave a bit of bad taste in your mouth is really plasma. otherwise, it's ok05:38
n8k99and plasma is the floating gadgets and such right05:39
nixternalwell I know not to add a systembar that's for sure05:39
Jucatomore than just that05:39
n8k99i know more than just that05:39
Jucatoplasma is the total replacement for the desktop, the panel, the whole metaphor05:39
nixternalright now my annoyance is the new KMenu05:39
nixternalif that is what it is called05:39
Jucatoyeah. but even that's a bit alpha-ish05:39
nixternalI am not a fan of taking stuff from Vista, and that is exactly where that came from..it is the most annoying thing I have ever used05:40
n8k99so that cicker is the bar with the taskbar on it?05:40
Jucatois this the first time you've heard/seen kickoff?05:40
nixternalya, and hopefully the last05:40
Jucatothat has been in production almost a year ago05:40
n8k99nixternal i thought you loved vista05:40
* Jucato is shocked...05:40
nixternalwell, since they stole that, maybe they should steal the ability to switch to classic :)05:40
Jucatonixternal: that's suse's new kde menu. since 10.005:41
nixternalJucato: if it doesn't appease me, I typically don't follow it or study it05:41
Jucatoum. in KDE3, you can05:41
nixternalso it is05:41
nixternalbut in suse, you can disable it05:41
Jucatoyeah. like I said, still alpha-is05:41
nixternalI am running this screen with like 50% opacity, that is bad ass05:41
* Jucato thinks it's a bit unfair thought to call/consider it a Vista ripoff...05:42
nixternaloxygen theme is cool, they just need to get rid of the buttons I think05:42
Jucatohave they "fixed" the contrast of tab widgets?05:42
DaSkreechJucato: how's kopete on trunk?05:42
nixternaland kwwii's wallpaper is absolutely beautiful..even if it was an accident...I used to use this wallpaper right after kwwii posted it on the Ubuntu Artwork Wiki page05:42
Jucatodamn! your laptop has so many stickers! :D05:42
nixternaltab widgets look ok05:42
JucatoDaSkreech: no idea. stopped updating last week05:43
Jucatonixternal: last week (I think), there was so little contrast between active and inactive tabs05:43
ubotuKickoff is a new KDE menu replacement developed by openSUSE. See http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/233105:43
Jucatoit was like you were looking at one long line of text w/ spaces in between05:43
nixternalyou know, I don't know why I am complaining about the menu anyways, I never use it05:44
Jucatobut there's no katapult :P05:44
nixternalkrunner is pretty tight...still not as useful as katapult to me05:44
Jucatoand krunner is immovable...05:44
* DaSkreech pulled the code for twiiter05:44
* DaSkreech is going to try write his own plasmoid05:44
* Hobbsee wanna see kde4 :)05:44
Jucatoalthough krunner can/should present results other than programs too05:44
DaSkreechhey man05:44
JucatoHobbsee: stay with your G*! :P05:44
Hobbseei might for this release.05:45
Hobbseewe'll see05:45
DaSkreech Is lancelot supposed to crash every time you mouse over?05:45
Jucatois lancelot supposed to even work? :D05:45
nixternalHobbsee: KDE 4 is really nice...it is very attractive even while some of it is still very well broken05:45
n8k99what is lancelot?05:45
DaSkreechI konstantly get konfused as to what it does05:45
Jucaton8k99: it's supposed to be a launcher... launch-a-lot05:46
Jucatounfortunately... it doesn't launch anything last I checked...05:46
n8k99it needs a k05:46
DaSkreechha ha :)05:46
DaSkreechthe coder blogged about that05:46
n8k99it'll work then05:46
DaSkreechhe said just call it KnightLancelot05:47
Jucatohm.. actually it was "launching-lot" (as in parking-lot)05:47
DaSkreechI'm sure someone will make a wrapper that symlinks that to it05:47
Jucaton8k99: p.s. If there are people who like when KDE applications have K in their name, you can call it Knight Lancelot :)05:47
* Jucato hates it when nature conspires against him...05:48
* nixternal loves the K's in the names05:48
DaSkreechnature vs asthma ?05:48
JucatoI love it when it makes sense05:48
JucatoDaSkreech: no.. I woke up at 5am to take that brisk morning walk...05:48
Jucatoand it was raining..05:48
Jucatoa lot...05:48
DaSkreechWhat's support-ph ?05:49
Jucatoit's a private channel05:49
Jucatosort of an offtopic hangout05:50
Jucatonixternal: I love konqueror, konsole, katapult, kontact... but find korganizer, kmail, akregator, etc. a bit painful (wrt K names)05:50
Jucatofeels like forcing the K...05:50
n8k99where Jucato can be found chatting post kubuntu/kde work05:51
Jucatohahah no... I've been branded as a KDE zealot there :D05:51
Jucatoand a spelling nazi05:51
n8k99i love kate!05:51
Jucatotechnically it's an acronym05:51
* n8k99 loves kate!05:51
Jucatoso it's cool05:51
Jucaton8k99: we were talking about K names. I love kate the app :)05:52
Jucatoand I don't know any person named kate :P05:52
n8k99neither do I-05:52
n8k99i thought i'd like to have a girl name kate to fall in love with05:52
n8k99but realized that'd be a little bit wierd05:52
Jucatokile and kate... our comic gearheads... (although they prefer kyle...)05:53
* n8k99 is waiting for the next gearheads to come along05:53
* Jucato hopes the humor will be slightly better... xkcd-like...05:54
Jucatoif it was supposed to be funny I mean...05:55
* n8k99 laughs at the gearheads till he wets his pants05:56
* Jucato begins to question his own sense of humor.... :(05:56
n8k99usually it's because of the juxtaposition in the midst of my akragtor feeds05:57
n8k99i read from the top, in  chronological order all of the feeds05:57
nixternalknetwalk is an addicting game I can see05:57
DaSkreechKarbon14 ?06:04
DaSkreechI played for hours till I beat it on easy06:05
nixternalJucato: how do I make Konqi the default file browser again?06:15
nixternalfile manager rather06:15
ubotudolphin is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror → Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.06:15
Jucatothat should be the same in KDE406:15
nixternalwhy thank you06:15
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mhbgood morning08:39
mhbnixternal: today is Your Talk Day, right? :o)08:39
Tonio_hi all :)09:06
Jucatohi Tonio_09:08
sebasHow do I search using strigi?09:17
Jucatoeither strigi:/ in konqueror, or strigi-applet (system tray applet) or the Strigi kicker applet09:19
sebasAye, but that thing apparently doesn't think that strigidaemon is running (which it is)09:19
sebasHm, wait. That seems to be KDE4's strigidaemon09:20
sebasOk, nevermind me :)09:21
* stdin notes nixternal seem not to be able to spell my name...10:05
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Riddelldo USB pens work for people in gutsy10:59
Riddellinsert and get a KDE popup?10:59
Tonio_Riddell: I have a technical question with c++11:03
Tonio_Riddell: I have to display message boxes with kio-apt, but I can't use standard kmessage boxes for this, it doesn't work11:03
Tonio_Riddell: I have to use the slavebase class, but I can't make it to work with rich text....11:04
Tonio_Riddell: any idea on how to do this ?11:04
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RiddellTonio_: it should be part of the kio API I'd have thought11:20
Tonio_Riddell: well it just looks like unsupported according to the docs....11:23
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RiddellTonio_: what happenes if you just use a kmessagebox?11:36
Tonio_Riddell: looks like segfaulting :/11:39
Tonio_Riddell: "apt:/ protocol stopped blabla"11:39
Riddellcan you use any QWidget?11:40
Tonio_Riddell: no idea on that point :)11:40
Tonio_Riddell: well I can manage to do it without ich text support, but that would be nicer, btw :)11:40
RiddellTonio_: http://api.kde.org/3.5-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kio/kio/html/classKIO_1_1SlaveBase.html#cdeda452b508c5092f46fb43378c84ef11:43
Riddellthere's a messageBox method11:43
Tonio_Riddell: that's what I use11:45
Tonio_ ip =  SlaveBase::messageBox(QuestionYesNo, i18n("Do you want to install %1 ?").arg(packages), i18n("Package Installation"));11:45
Tonio_Riddell: no rich tet support with this :/11:45
Tonio_Riddell: only the "error" type of messagebox seems to support it11:46
RiddellTonio_: even if you wrap the whole i18n() in "<b>" + i18n() + "</b>" ?11:46
Tonio_Riddell: didn't test that way, lemme see11:47
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nixternalRiddell: usb sticks work here for me13:45
nixternalmhb: ya, today is my talk13:45
jpatricknixternal: does your email work again?13:45
jpatrickmine dont ;)13:46
* Jucato thinks tuning a violin is difficult...13:47
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jjessehello Jucato13:57
jjesseproblems tuning your violin13:57
Jucatohi jjesse!13:57
manchickenman, qt4's model/view arch kinda rocks13:57
Jucatoyeah... kinda hard w/o a piano.. using timidity + MID13:57
Tm_Thum, well, yes if not used13:57
Jucatono. kinda hard w/o a piano13:57
Jucatoor some other musical instrument nearby13:58
* Jucato has to use a MIDI file13:58
Tm_TI use different devices with my guitar13:58
manchickenEww... Midi is hard to tune with13:58
Jucatoyeah I'll go to my neighbor tomorrow13:59
manchickenis riddell awake?13:59
Jucatohe has a piano...13:59
manchickenqt4 will fix so much of what's wrong w/adept... And I know how we could do it in python14:00
Jucatomanchicken: still considering Adept? :D14:00
manchickenwe do the models in c++ for performance, and the views in python.14:00
Jucatomhb is probably going to kill me for this, but have you seen/considered packagekit? :D14:00
manchickenI have not. Ask me later so that I can look it up.14:01
Jucatosure :)14:01
manchickenI'm on my blackberry right now14:01
Jucatofunky! :D14:02
* Tm_T still hasnt got the idea of blackberry14:02
manchickenI'm so in love with qt4's m/v design14:03
Jucatomaybe next year I'll be saying, "I'm on my Eee PC right now" or "I'm on my n810 right now"14:03
manchickenI'm on the train and I've been reading up on it all morning14:03
Jucatohehe nice14:03
manchickentmobile is rocking my mobile world14:04
manchickenI've been playing in pyqt4, too14:05
manchickenso bored...14:05
Tonio_Riddell: fyi, writing the i18n string the way you sugested didn't help14:18
Tonio_Riddell: I'll have to do without richt text, not a big problem14:18
manchickenTonio_, wuddup?14:18
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yuriyhmm strange bug in kde4b3, when i try to log into gmail in konqi it doesn't read the password and thinks the field was blank15:51
yuriyseems it logged me in anyway though15:53
manchickenDid someone kill basket integration into kontact?16:47
* Jucato nods16:48
Hobbseeurgh, again?16:48
Hobbseewhy couldnt you have told me that *before* gutsy was released/16:48
Jucatowas it ever fixed?16:48
Hobbseeyes.  twice.16:48
Jucatoah ok... I don't think I got the fix yet...16:48
* Jucato hasn't updated :P16:48
Hobbseeyou would have.  both times. they were reasonably far apart16:49
Hobbseecheck the basket changelog16:49
Jucatoheh ok :)16:49
JucatoI might have not updated that's why :)16:49
* manchicken loves basket....16:49
JucatoI was told it was because basket caused kontact to crash when integrated?16:49
JucatoHobbsee: hm.. I have the last update... but couldn't still integrate basket into kontact. I'll check again tomorrow16:51
HobbseeJucato: no, they broke kdepim again, i think16:51
Jucatoah I see16:52
* Jucato blames the enterprise16:52
Jucatomanchicken: want the link to packagekit now?16:52
manchickenJucato: Naw, I'm in the office tonight.16:52
Jucatoah ok..16:53
manchickenerr, today16:53
Jucatowell... just packagekit.org :)16:53
manchickenfscking hate this.16:53
* Jucato would also like to show manchicken mhb's thoughts/comments about it16:53
RiddellI've been looking at packagekit today16:53
manchickenHave you?16:54
manchickenSo I'm going to be last to look at it?16:54
RiddellI really like the idea, but currently the apt backend is mostly incomplete16:54
Jucatothat's a major blocker of course :(16:54
manchickenRiddell: Did you see my earlier comment about using python for the Qt4 impl of adept?16:54
Riddellmanchicken: I did not16:55
Riddellmixing c++ and python sounds like hassle, which apt library would it use?16:55
manchickenone second16:55
Jucato<manchicken> qt4 will fix so much of what's wrong w/adept... And I know how we could do it in python16:55
Jucato<manchicken> we do the models in c++ for performance, and the views in python.16:55
manchickenThat's the feller.16:56
manchickenThanks Jucato :)16:56
manchickenRiddell: 100% libapt for the backend (the models)16:56
manchickenI think if we put the UI into Python that would make it easier for us to maintain.16:57
manchickenAnd if we did the models properly (preferably not with libapt, but with something a little better) that would ideally require minimal maintenance.16:57
manchickenPerformance-wise Qt would be doing all of the hard work of tying the UI to the models, and the models being in C++ would scale a bit better.16:58
Jucatocoz one of the complaints about adept manager is speed. probably because it loads the whole list of packages at startup?16:58
Jucatoso is typing in the filter field16:59
fdovingit's not -that- slow, here anyway.17:00
fdovingbut defaulting to show the full list of packages might not be sane.17:01
manchickenWell, with the model/view arch, I think it only loads what it needs.17:01
fdovingyes, it should.17:01
manchickenI've been reading up on it all day.17:01
Tonio_Riddell: http://paste.tonio.homelinux.org/178017:02
manchickenI'm totally falling in love with it.17:02
Jucatowould it be possible to sort of have a delay when typing in the filter field? I mean not to try to filter the list immediately after each letter typed17:02
Tonio_Riddell: this is a little patch for ark to fix uncompress support with zoo17:02
manchickenWell that's simple, you just take the signal handler for when the field changes out :)17:02
Jucatomanchicken: but doesn't Adept Manager "need" to load the whole list at startup? that's one slowness17:02
Tonio_Riddell: as you already uploaded my previous changes to kde4, maybe you can upoad that one17:02
fdovingJucato: isn't it already? - maybe increase it?17:02
manchickenJucato: No, it doesn't.  It only needs to load enough to show the user what they want/need.17:02
Tonio_Riddell: I'll upload the hardy as soon as the archives are opened17:02
Jucatomanchicken: how does it determine that?17:03
RiddellTonio_: you want me to commit to svn?17:03
manchickenJucato: Well in Qt4 I believe the view object requests the data as necessary.17:03
Jucatofdoving: well I'm a fast typist so I'm sure I'm too fast for Adept :P17:03
fdovingJucato: from the view. so only the number of packages that fit into the viewable-list will be shown at any time. we've been using it in mailody.17:04
Jucatofdoving: ah ok. if that's how it works17:04
* Jucato is not sure what manchicken meant17:04
fdovingJucato: it's sane in the way that it loads the next line on demand when you scroll down in te list, etc.17:04
Jucatoyeah. unfortunately Adept Manger currently does't do that right?17:05
Jucatoit feels like it's loading everything17:05
* Jucato wonders what mornfall's say is on all these :P17:06
manchickenJucato: The Qt4 views actually use a pre-populated collection of data as a separate object.17:06
manchickenJucato: I'm talking about what it *could* be.  Not what it is :)17:06
manchickens/could/should/ :)17:06
Jucatoooh when does it populate the collection?17:06
jpatrickcan we now upload to hardy universe?17:08
mhbgood evening folks17:09
mhbJucato: killing time then?17:09
Jucatomhb: OpenWeek17:09
* jpatrick thinks judging by hardy-changes: yes17:09
mhbJucato: hehe :o)17:10
mhbJucato: I just referred to the "mhb is going to kill me for this"17:10
mhbis nixternal on yet?17:10
* Jucato runs away17:10
Jucatoin 5 hours17:10
mhbooh, goody17:10
mhbI am looking forward to the new information I can learn about Kubuntu :o)17:11
jpatrickbeing 'devs' we ought to help him out17:12
mhbjpatrick: just joking, he has my whole support17:12
mhbor full or whatever the correct english word is17:13
mhbnixternal: good luck17:13
Riddelljpatrick: yes, you can upload to hardy17:15
Riddellmight not get compiled for a bit though17:15
Riddelljpatrick: the debian kde packagers were asking for you yesterday, not sure why17:16
nixternalnot yet, I still have 5 hours :)17:16
jpatrickRiddell: I applied on pkg-kde17:16
nixternaljpatrick: ahh, then get in the IRC channel on OFTC already17:16
manchickenSorry, I've actually gotta do work now :)17:16
Riddelljpatrick: probably a good idea to say hi on #debian-qt-kde on oftc then17:16
Jucatoooh so that's their special channel for kde? :)17:17
jpatrickRiddell: done17:18
Tonio_Riddell: yes please, it would be nice if that's fixed svn17:26
Tonio_Riddell: I remember you already commited my previous ark patches to kde417:26
RiddellTonio_: committed to 3.5 branch17:27
Riddell(don't know if there will be another 3.5 release though)17:27
Tonio_Riddell: I meant commit to kde4 :)17:27
RiddellTonio_: that's not a patch for KDE 417:27
Tonio_Riddell: ah ? ark was removed ?17:28
Riddellno, but the codebase is entirely different17:28
Tonio_Riddell: ah.... last time I checked ark, the codebase didn't change a lot17:28
nixternalRiddell: I believe .8 is the last release for 3.5, unless KDE 4 takes longer than currently planned of course17:28
Tonio_Riddell: well that's a good news :)17:28
Tonio_Riddell: ark is definately bad, so I'm happy to see things changing17:29
Jucatonixternal: I think I read somewhere, planetkde or mailing list, about a 3.5.9...17:29
Jucatoafter 4.0...17:29
Tonio_Riddell: well my previous patches were commited sucessfully to kde4, but that was long time ago, hopefully that changed :)17:29
Tonio_Riddell: I started working on apt+http protocol fyi, I'm almost done concerning apt://17:30
RiddellTonio_: sounds exciting17:30
Tonio_Riddell: I'll let you know about the status once done17:30
Tonio_Riddell: I hope you'll not have a heart attack reading my patch :)17:30
Tonio_Riddell: my code works, but I can't be sure it is nice code, hehe17:31
Tonio_by chance kio-apt code is nice, so easy to read for my poor coder's eyes :)17:32
Jucatonixternal: http://dot.kde.org/1192559921/1192574259/1192575042/17:33
nixternalhow did I miss that one?17:36
nixternalon the core-devel list they said 3.5.8 was it17:36
nixternalheh, but sebas would definitely know best...he da man!17:37
sebasNobody said 3.5.8 would be "it". Only that nothing's planned yet.17:37
sebasAnd that last bit is partially wrong.17:38
* Jucato gets some popcorn to watch the show17:38
sebasWe'll need to support the new flashplugin in konqueror stable at some point, and PIM's enterprise branch will become 3.5 branch, probably.17:38
Jucatonixternal: I apologize in advance if I don't make it to your session at 5am in the morning. but I will try as hell :)17:39
nixternalJucato: bah, you aren't missing anything I am sure17:40
Jucatowho knows :)17:40
Jucatobesides, I'm gonna be there to jeer you17:40
nixternaloh, it seems people want to know why we included strigi and dolphin by default..so that is going to be fun17:40
Jucatoer.. cheer you :)17:40
Tm_Tjeer =)17:40
Jucatohaha good luck with that :D17:40
Jucatoeven I couldn't answer :D17:41
nixternalwo0t...Hardy repos open17:41
jpatricknixternal: we include them cos..... wait for it... we say so!17:41
* nixternal gets to work!17:41
Jucatonixternal: and just in case, you might want to prepare for a "why was it renamed to dolphin instead of d3lphin?" question :)17:41
nixternalgimme the answer then17:42
nixternalbecause d3lphin looked stupid?17:42
Jucatonixternal: I have no idea :D17:42
jpatricknixternal: are you an motu?17:42
fdovingi've asked myself that too. probably to work around the new-queue.17:42
nixternaljpatrick: yes17:43
jpatrickah, didn't know that17:43
nixternalwhile you were on vacation I had to try and fill in for you :)17:43
jpatrickit was that last part of obligatory education :P17:44
jpatrickthink you could look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=379 ?17:44
nixternalI am doing that now...and it is killing me17:47
nixternalobligatory education that is17:47
nixternalahh, didn't I upload that before?17:47
jpatrickdon't think so..17:49
nixternaldoes this package fit in with the qt-tapioca stuff? it sounds familiar17:57
jpatrickI don't think so, it's the KDE4 version of KDissert17:59
Jucato(it's the qt4 version of kdissert)18:00
Jucatowhich runs well on KDE318:00
jpatrickyeah, Jucato suggested it?^ :)18:00
* Jucato nods18:01
Jucatomy request, on behalf of user request :)18:01
jpatrickJucato: anything else I should rip to pieces?18:01
Jucatojpatrick: nixternal :D18:01
nixternaloh ya18:01
nixternalthat's where I heard of it18:01
nixternaljpatrick: thank you so much for packaging that, I was to lazy to do it a few weeks ago!18:02
jpatricknixternal: right so... +1 it18:02
nixternalI am building it now to install and check out, then I will +1 if you want to upload it, or I will go ahead and upload/archive it18:02
jpatrickI'll upload, but I think I need someone else18:03
* jpatrick usually pbuilds a package 6 times before he's happy with it18:03
Jucatobed time!18:04
Jucatonixternal: again, if I don't make it, don't hate me :(18:04
jpatrickJucato: we love you anyway18:04
nixternalJucato: nevah homey, I think it is impossible to even be mad at you :)18:04
Jucatook g'night! :D18:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lock - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:14
nixternalsudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock18:22
stdinnixternal: reminder: "Tell me the secret today" ;)18:25
stdinnixternal: and to spell my name right next time :p18:26
nixternalstdin: KDE Live CDs for Hardy....remind me if I forget that18:26
nixternalmy blog doesn't have tab complete, so live with it :p18:26
nixternalthat is sad, you know I try to tab complete in everything I type in now18:26
stdinyeah, I do that all the time. especially in emails18:27
nixternalya, it is annoying when you try it on websites, and the next thing you know your cursor is somewhere else18:28
stdinyeah, you press tab then space and go "crap, I just submitted the form!"18:28
Tm_Tam I only one with Konqueror tabbar issues?18:41
jpatrickmine work fine..18:42
Tm_T1640 < Tm_T> ok, someone who likes to test one thing from Konqueror: 1. open tab with some webpage  2. paste some other url to tabbar with middlebutton  3. check url from first tab18:43
Tm_T1640 < Tm_T> I have pasted url there too18:43
jpatrickconfirmed.. wow, never noticed that..18:44
Tm_Tjpatrick: cant see bug related to it18:45
jpatrickit's odd, paste it anywhere and it has the same result18:46
jpatricknixternal: should I let her rip?18:48
nixternaljpatrick: let her rip...everything looks good18:51
nixternalwhoa, hold on one sec18:51
nixternalOK, great!18:52
nixternalreplaces kdissert, forgot to check that....nice and clean, go go go upload gadget18:52
jpatrickand away it goes18:52
nixternaldo you have archive powers on revu or no?18:52
* jpatrick checks18:53
ScottKDon't forget the removal bug for Kdissert once it's in the archive.18:53
jpatrickScottK: LP: #xxx in changelog18:53
jpatricknixternal: no I don't18:54
jpatricksupper, brb18:54
ScottKjpatrick: You've filed for kdissert removal already?18:54
ScottKMissed it by >< that much.18:54
nixternalI don't think he did18:54
imbrandonnixternal, got a gutsy testing install ?19:38
imbrandoni need a tester19:38
alteroowhat are you testing?19:38
imbrandone.g. a new kernel module19:39
imbrandonalteroo, is that a "i will test" ?19:41
alterooIt would be but my gutsy is at home right now19:42
imbrandonk np19:42
alterooI'm testing kde4 right now :)19:42
Tm_Tjpatrick: actually, that tab bug is in upstream too20:05
jpatrickah good20:05
Tm_TI mean, I compiled Konqueror from svn and no help20:06
nixternalimbrandon: what is new with the linux-ubuntu-modules you want tested20:09
jpatrickRiddell: how do we use cmake with cdbs?20:18
jpatrickwait, I think I have it20:19
alterooHi nixternal20:22
mhbwhat room is openweek in?20:23
mhbor channel20:23
mhbthank you20:25
alterooWow You can get books from the internet with Okular20:25
jpatrickwb nixternal20:26
nixternaltesting my bitlbee package before I upload20:26
alterooRiddell: Hey Edubuntu in #ubuntu-classroom20:41
manchickenThis is interesting.21:02
manchickenKDE is having trouble with my brightness changing keys, but GNOME has no problems at all.  Also, KDE (more specifically kmix) is having trouble with my volume settings... but GNOME isn't.21:03
manchickenThat makes me sad.21:04
nixternalok, my brightness keys are working...my volume settings though are with you21:06
nixternalmanchicken: do you have an Intel HDA sound chipset?21:06
manchickenI believe so.21:06
manchickenBut like I said, GNOME is working fine with all of these things.21:07
fdovingwhat knd of volume settings issues are you having?21:07
nixternalI should try Gnome on my laptop and see if it works21:09
nixternalI would be pissed if it was a KMix issue and not an Alsa issue I have been trying to track down21:09
nixternalalthough, crimsun had it working for me at one time21:09
alterooMy Sounds and brightness stuff wasn't working till right befre gutsy release21:10
alterooNow it works21:10
alterooapparently my fix broke everyone elses21:10
nixternalfdoving: probably the same as I....master doesn't work, PCM does, which is an easy fix in KMix...if I set PCM to Master Channel, vol+/- work again, but mute doesn't work correctly21:10
nixternalI am glad my sound problems make you laugh ;p21:12
* ScottK ponders installing a sound click of fdoving's laugh as the default bell sound on nixternal's machine.21:13
fdovingnixternal: are the issues with the multimedia-keys only, or kmix in general?21:14
nixternalthe multimedia keys are bound to controlling kmix21:20
nixternalthe issues are with alsa. they have fixed it a couple of times, only to regress21:21
fdovingoki, i know kmilo have its own set of issues.21:21
nixternalso what are everyone's plans for Hardy?21:22
Tm_Tnixternal: staying alive21:23
jpatricknixternal: package, code, stuff21:23
nixternalstaying awake is mine21:23
nixternaljpatrick: any new code you are looking at?21:24
mhbnixternal: what are yours?21:24
nixternalmhb: packaging what you create in Python :)21:24
jpatricknixternal: mainly katapult21:24
nixternalKDE 4 is probably mine, hoping we get a LiveCD rolling for KDE 421:24
mhbyay for nixternal21:24
nixternalI will do my typical, but I plan on working more with KDE during this release possibly21:24
jpatrickyeah, I'll try and port katapult to kde421:25
nixternalplease do :)21:25
nixternalunless they make some changes to KRunner, I am going to need Katapult in KDE 421:25
jpatrickI'm doing my best :)21:26
nixternalyou know, if they don't want it, see if you could at least work with the KRunner people so you can get some of the functionality at least incorporated21:26
nixternalalthough, if your build it, they will come is a good motto to have for it :)21:26
nixternalmhb: I would like to get more involved here though in coding (c++/qt/kde)21:27
nixternaland start picking up python a lot more21:27
jpatricknixternal: krunner intergration is a goal for 0.5.21:27
jpatrickhmm, just like me :)21:27
nixternaleveryone loves Python but me...so there has to be a reason for it...it is obviously a great scripting language, and I am hoping I can learn to like it21:28
* ScottK is still waiting for nixternal's pinentry-qt4 port.21:28
jpatricknixternal: I have a great place for prog ebooks if you need any...21:28
nixternalplus, PyCon 2008 is in Chicago, so I need to look cool for that :D21:28
nixternalScottK: oh ya, I can finally get to work on that21:28
nixternaljpatrick: yes please! I have the main Python ebook, and I have 4 Python books here21:29
nixternaloh, shoot, there is a PyQt4 book coming out!21:29
* ScottK will probably work on browbeating nixternal into doing pinentry-qt4 and trying to see if encryption can be made to work in Kmail for KDE4.21:29
jpatricknixternal: knowfree.net21:29
mhbnixternal: that's great! Feel free to just ask questions whenever you feel like it21:29
mhbabout coding, that is21:30
nixternalmhb: you will definitely get hounded with Python stuff...I have been doing C++ STL for a long time, and working with Qt3 stuff in the past, and now trying to refamiliarize myself a little more with Qt4 and the KDE APIs21:31
nixternalgreat, I hear Star Wars on my TV, and I have a talk in 30 minutes :)21:31
nixternalthankfully there are only a couple of hundred people in the classroom21:32
mhbdum dum dum dum da dum dum da dum (the imperial march)21:32
nixternalerr, almost 30021:32
jpatrickmhb: do you think you could help me make my katapult branch rerunable again? :)21:45
jpatrickfor some reason it stopped working after I upgraded to gutsy21:46
mhbjpatrick: hmm, I can try21:48
jpatrickmhb: it's at: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jpatrick/katapult/jpatrick-devel21:49
* ScottK notes that the first Hardy auto-sync is now past K...21:51
nixternalso that means it is past my bitlbee upload then :)21:51
nixternalhow long has it been autosyncing?21:51
nixternalI can probably do a dist upgrade this week then :)21:52
nixternalI can't stand these stable releases :p21:52
ScottKDunno.  I've just been looking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy every now and then.21:52
mhbnixternal: is your talk in 6 minutes or so?21:52
nixternalahh, hitting the libs now21:52
mhbnixternal: good :o) I am so sleepy only the thought of your talk keeps me awake :o)21:52
mhbjpatrick: what exactly you need help with?21:55
ryanakcaAnybody feel like joining me in a question answering spree? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/22:50
* ryanakca wishes there was a way to seperate ubuntu and kubuntu questions... kindof like a radio or drop down menu that the user can pick from when answering... that way we don't have to sort threw Ubuntu questions to find ours ;)22:50
Riddellaren't they sorted by package?22:53
Riddell#ubuntu-classroom is quite a question spree22:54
Rudd-Xhai guise22:57
Rudd-Xany mentoring tasks involving python available?22:57
RiddellRudd-X: want something random? (but useful)22:59
Rudd-XRiddell: yes23:00
RiddellRudd-X: make user group selection in userconfig from kde-guidance more like it is in /usr/bin/users-admin from gnome-system-tools23:03
Riddellso instead of a list of groups, have a dropdown with profiles (admin, desktop, unprivilaged)23:03
Riddelland presumably an advanced option for it23:03
Rudd-Xsounds interesting23:05
Rudd-Xlet me install gnome-system-tools and open userconfig to take a peek at what you mean23:05
Rudd-Xgonna get some beerz and a kate is gonna open userconfig to see what magic we can do.  it seems like an easy enough joblet.23:17
Rudd-Xthanks for the tip Riddell23:17
RiddellRudd-X: let us know if you need help23:18
Riddellhi ttread23:18
ttreadHi Riddell23:18
Riddellnixternal: rocking23:32
RiddellI won't be about for the one on thursday, good luck with that23:32
Riddellwould be good to have it announced in #kubuntu (and here) beforehand23:33
Riddelland also make sure someone is doing questions23:33
nixternalRiddell: most definitely23:33
nixternalya, I got a new battery for my mouse now :)23:33
nixternaland a stellar head ache23:33
Riddellmy mouse doesn't need batteries, it has this novel invention called a wire :)23:34
nixternalI may end up going back to one of those...I did for my desktop, but not my laptop yet23:34
nixternalhahaha, that is funny....this novel invention called a wire23:35
nixternalthe mouse going dead though is proof that KDE isn't all pointy-clicky :)23:36
nixternalI just couldn't copy and paste in a screen23:36
ScottKnixternal: No, that's vista.  You should talk.23:36
nixternalactually, I hear that KDE is to pointy-clicky at the past 4 KDE 4 talks I have given23:36
ScottKCompare to?23:37
nixternaland people always ask "are they going to tone down the configs and get rid of pointy-clicky"23:37
nixternalI only use my house to copy and paste really23:37
* ScottK wonders what possible objection there would be to config choices one needn't mess with.23:37
ScottKThat's probalby hard on you computer?23:37
ScottKThat or house/mouse23:38
nixternalare the KDE 4 package issues from Beta 2 in Beta 3? not package issues, but not having a proper plasma setup?23:39
stdinplasma was almost totally in playground/base when beta2 was out, so it couldn't really be packaged23:40
begert_hey guys, great presentation today23:40
nixternalhrmm, the funny thing is this, I had plasma after installing kdelibs, kdepimlibs, and kdebase last night from svn23:40
nixternalthanks begert_23:40
nixternalI had a prepared talk setup, but I think just having it as an open forum, since most people already know what kde is, and I know what they were going to ask ahead of time, well almost23:41
stdinnixternal: yep, a lot has been merged in to kdebase/workspace now23:41
nixternalhrmm, I have a guy who installed kdebase-workspace and kde4base-dev and doesn't have plasma, the K menu thing23:41
begert_it had a different flow than some of the other talks, but went well and was very audience driven23:41
stdinsometimes it gets knocked out of the way by the clock and the system tray23:42
stdinI find it helps to *gulp* "rm -r ~/.kde4", or just move it23:42
nixternalbegert_: ya, the reason I went audience driven was because I wanted to know what everyone was expecting...I could sit there for 45 minutes with a prepared talk and bore you to death, and then give you 15 minutes to ask questions, or I could just open it up and let you flow23:43
stdinwell, we had about 1.5 hours of straight questions and answers, so that was interesting :p23:43
Rudd-Xonly now it finished=23:44
begert_I was at work and didn't want to leave because I liked how well it was going, so I left at 6 instead of slightly after 5 :P23:45
Riddellnixternal: he will have plasma (not in his normal path of course), there's no k-menu23:45
nixternalya, you have to add the applet for KMenu, but when he does, he gets that "can't create object" thing23:46
nixternalapplication launcher is what it is called23:46
stdinI think I get that with the beta packages (I mostly use my svn install so not 100% sure)23:47
Rudd-Xquestion for you guys23:53
Rudd-Xqlistwidget can take children widgets in its rows?23:54
Rudd-X(like GtkTreeView?)23:54
nixternalRudd-X: yes23:56
nixternalsorry, was out with the dogs23:57
nixternalyou can use QListWidgetItem, and I don't know what other children it can take23:57
nixternalyou can use QString, QListWidgetItem and QStringList it seems23:57

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