tonyyarussocjwatson: so should this be filed against partman-crypto instead of d-i then?00:00
cjwatsonyes, I already reassigned the LP bug00:02
cjwatson(debian-installer is a reasonable starting point for alternate installer bugs, though)00:02
* tonyyarusso tries to figure out Debian bug reporting....00:03
cjwatsontonyyarusso: http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting00:04
slangasektonyyarusso: I'm pretty sure that bug is already filed in Debian, it's at least been a known issue for some time00:04
tonyyarussocjwatson: yeah, reading that now.  I'm fond of pretty web interfaces though.00:04
tonyyarussoslangasek: Really?  I'll look again then...didn't see it in the list.00:04
slangasekhmm, you're right, no open bug on partman-crypto about it00:05
slangasekso someone's tracking it in their heads instead of in the BTS, sigh00:05
cjwatsonslangasek: (I checked before saying anything ;-))00:07
cjwatsonunless it's actually on some other bit of partman or d-i00:07
tonyyarussoThere was a note about a separate page for partman-crypto-dm, I should look there.00:08
tonyyarussonvm, nothing there00:08
cjwatsonpartman-crypto-dm is a binary from the partman-crypto source package; bugs.debian.org/src:partman-crypto would find it00:08
slangasekcjwatson: well, it certainly belongs to partman-crypto AFAICS, so if it's on another package, also bad :)00:09
cjwatsonquite so, just sayin'00:09
grndslmhow can i dowload the source to the gnome weather applet??01:03
mjg59grndslm: #ubuntu is a better place to ask this sort of question - this channel is for development of Ubuntu itself, not development using Ubuntu01:04
mjg59Though check the manpage for the apt-get command and look for the source option01:04
grndslmi reallize, but they can't tell me what package it would be in01:04
grndslm...or source01:04
mjg59You can use dpkg to find out which package a file is in01:05
grndslmit's not working01:09
jetolehey guys01:19
jetolehows it going manchicken ?01:19
jetolehuh, I usually am but I got a good 9.5 hours last night01:20
jetoleI have a question about initramfstools, would this be the place to ask?01:20
jetolealright, well I will ask and we will take it from there...01:21
jetoleI like having an encrypted root, I mean I really like it and I think it was a great feature to be added to gutsy gibbon but I prefer luks myself01:22
RAOFUm.  It is luks.01:22
RAOFI think, at least.01:23
jetolehuh, I just had to erase a lot, it is luks that we are using now?01:23
jetolelemma turn to my laptop and take a look before I ask01:23
jetoleI had some issues setting up encryption with the installer on my 4 disk desktop too01:25
jetoleeven if I only worked on one disk01:25
jetolewhen it was done installing grub failed with a error 1501:25
jetolehuh, your right, it is luks01:26
jetolewell I am gonna ask my question anyways since I have an installed system to luks partition and this has always worked for me in previous installations01:27
RAOFThis channel isn't for support, so you may be better off asking somewhere else. :)01:27
jetoletypically I setup luks, then run the installer and have it install to the luks partition with /boot elsewhere, then after install before I reboot, I modify /etc/cryptab, fstab, and /boot/grub/menu.lst, run update-grub && update-initramfs -u01:28
jetolewell I figure my question is about to delve into something that this channel will contain the only people who know the details01:28
jetoleshould I still head out?01:28
* jetole also thought it was a good place to ask programmer to programmer01:29
jetoleok, well...01:29
RAOFMaybe.  If it's a bug, then #ubuntu-bugs may be more appropriate.01:29
jetoleI am not sure if it is01:29
RAOFYou can ask, but it's quite possible no-one will answer01:29
jetolealright, fair enough01:30
jetolewhen I run update-initramfs my system doesn't seem to do the cryptroot thing01:30
jetolenow I saw all these components in the initramfs-tools dir01:30
jetolebut when I cpio'd my current initrd I didn't see it installed01:30
jetoleand I was wondering if I am supposed to enable this somewhere / somehow01:31
jetoleor if it is a bug01:31
RAOFWell, I dunno.  It may be a result of the work to fix the installer-setup cryptroot stuff.  Possibly.01:35
jetolesince I have my old / backed up to one of the disks and did a diff one the two initrd's new+old, I might just manually add the missing files to /etc/initramfs-tools/01:35
jetolecould be01:35
cjwatson_make sure the cryptsetup package is installed01:35
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
jetoleI looked over initramfs.conf and mkinitramfs and didn't see anythign worth touching01:36
jetolecjwatson: yes, that part was obvious01:36
cjwatsonsince it ships the necessary initramfs hooks01:36
jetolecjwatson: it does but they are in the /usr initramfs dir and not etc so I think I am going to add them manually01:36
cjwatsonthey shouldn't be in /etc01:36
cjwatson/usr/share/initramfs-tools is not copied to /etc/initramfs-tools or anything like that01:37
jetolewell the crypthooks etc are not installed in my current initrd01:37
cjwatsonno /sbin/cryptsetup?01:37
cjwatsonthe stuff in .../hooks/ isn't meant to be installed in the initrd01:38
cjwatson"hooks" in initramfs parlance are scripts that are run when building the initramfs that are responsible for copying bits in dynamically01:38
jetoleit is, but I ran a recursive diff on the one that worked on feisty and the one on gutsy and I am missing ...01:38
jetoleOnly in ./old_init_dir/conf/conf.d: cryptroot01:39
cjwatsonI understand that there is a problem, but it would be nice to try to fix it properly rather than randomly copying stuff in, so that we can make it work for more people :)01:39
jetolewell I guess thats the only one01:39
jetoleunderstood, I was under the assumption myself that data that was used was copied01:39
jetolemy mistake01:40
cjwatsonperhaps you aren't using UUID device names?01:40
cjwatsonin /etc/fstab and /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume01:40
jetolein /etc/crypttab and /etc/fstab I am....01:40
* jetole looks01:40
cjwatsonthat may not be relevant01:40
cjwatsonI'm just tracing through the cryptroot hook and looking for places where it can bail out before creating conf.d/cryptroot01:41
jetoleI also changed root in grub/menu.lst to point to /dev/mapper/linux as before it had it in kopt but in kopt_2_6 it pointed to the uuid of dev/mapper/linux01:41
cjwatsonit may be easier for you to do that on your system with the aid of 'set -x'01:41
jetoleset -x does what?01:41
* jetole mans bash01:42
cjwatson'help set'01:42
cjwatson        -x  Print commands and their arguments as they are executed.01:42
jetolefair enough, I set this command and then I run what?01:43
cjwatsonput it on the second line of /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot and then run update-initramfs -u again01:43
cjwatsonyou should get a trace01:43
jetolewaiting for vim to load, I am in the encrypted root on the live cd01:44
jetolecjwatson: you want me to look for something in perticular here? is this something you want pastebin'd?01:46
`23megjcastro, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transmission/+bug/134361/comments/6 is probably of interest to you01:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134361 in transmission "Could you update Transmission please?" [Wishlist,Confirmed]01:46
cr3is there a kernel parameter which can prevent graphics mode from kicking in? ideally, this would provide a full login rather than a recovery mode login.01:47
jcastro`23meg: thanks for the tip01:47
cjwatsonjetole: I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, so pastebin is good01:47
cjwatsonjetole: (btw, while I know the initramfs system reasonably well, I'm far from an expert on the cryptsetup stuff, so it is possible that I am not the guru you need; also, I'm going to bed soon ...)01:48
`23megjcastro, you're welcome; would you like me to pass similar info requests on to you when I come across them?01:48
jetoleok, will do now, so far I see it loading appropriate modules i.e.: dm-crypt, dm-mod, aes, sha256... anyways, will post now and continue reading after I post01:48
jcastro`23meg: absolutely, feel free to leave me pm's or mail me directly01:49
`23megjcastro, will do01:50
jetolecjwatson: http://pastebin.com/m357ba14f01:51
jetoleI will brb, laundry should be done01:51
Burgundaviajcastro: we should probably look at transmission as our default bittorrent client01:56
jcastroBurgundavia: is this like a spec or are you just thinking outloud?01:59
Burgundaviathe latter01:59
Burgundaviafeel free to make it a spec, although it probably should merely be added to the discussion of reducing duplication01:59
cjwatson        # If keyscript is set, the "key" is just an argument to the script02:00
cjwatson        if [ "$key" != "none" ] && [ -z "$KEYSCRIPT" ]; then02:00
cjwatson                echo "cryptsetup: WARNING: target $target uses a key file, skipped" >&202:00
cjwatson                return 102:00
cjwatson        fi02:00
Burgundaviacjwatson: are you leading the discussion on the reducing-duplication topic in Boston?02:02
cjwatsonjetole: you're tripping that check. Figuring out why that explicitly prevents the node being added to conf.d/cryptroot is off the limits of my knowledge02:02
cjwatsonBurgundavia: it's part of my track02:02
cjwatsonBurgundavia: so I guess I will be coordinating it; but, if history is anything to go by, that session will have a fair sprinkling of doing as well as discussion02:02
Burgundaviacjwatson: right, poor you. Is there a spec, should I start one and get some stuff on the wiki page?02:03
cjwatsonBurgundavia: no, it doesn't need a spec02:03
* lamont wonders how to make half-tone characters actually be readable on his LG LCD display02:03
cjwatsonBurgundavia: unless there are particular things of interest that can't just be done straight away02:03
jetolescared myself for a second, have a linux shirt I only wore once and after putting laundry away it was awol but it was on the couch in the living room02:03
cjwatsonBurgundavia: I expect those will come up on the day02:03
jetolecjwatson: well thanks for your help anyways02:04
cjwatsonjetole: hope it gets you a little further, at least02:04
jetoleI will continue to look, if I have to add it myself I will but I want to find a legitimate solution02:04
jetolecjwatson: it definitly does02:04
jetoleI am going to read the rest now02:04
cjwatsonBurgundavia: though if you have something to add, feel free to create a spec and dump it into the status whiteboard for now; I don't think it'll need a wiki page yet02:05
jetoleoh shit, I think I just found the problem cjwatson02:07
jetoleand it was my problem02:07
jetolelemme try this and if it works I will let you know02:08
Burgundaviacjwatson: ok, that works02:08
jetolecjwatson: yeah I found it02:10
jetolefstab had the uid and crypttab had the name linux, the uuid pointed to /dev/mapper/linux but because the names were different update-initramfs never saw it02:11
jetolenow the new initrd has a cryptroot02:11
jetolein both conf.d and scripts/local-top02:11
* jetole is gonna reboot into what should be a working gutsy gibbon02:12
jetoleoh and cjwatson you saved my ass with set -x02:12
cjwatsonoh, fantastic, I never knew that - "wildcard" is translated into German as "Jokersymbol" or "Jokerzeichen"02:17
cjwatsonit makes sense, but just sounds cool :)02:17
jetolewell it worked, I am in gutsy02:30
jetoleand wow if wmv support ever good on here02:30
jetoleI never looked into the details but it looked good on mplayer in feisty and constantly choppy in totem/vlc02:31
jetoleok, I am not sure if you would be the guys to ask, but just let me know if not, would dpkg --get-selections on feisty work for gutsy?02:33
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
Chipzzjetole: in what sense?02:59
jetoledpkg --get-selections allows you to backup your list of installed packages and dpkg --set-selections allows you to set them for installing03:08
jetole... it doesn't used version numbers at all03:08
Chipzzyes I know that :)03:08
jetoleso I am wondering if I can install my package list from feisty03:08
Chipzzthat's the whole point, right?03:08
jetoleyou know, without fubar'ing my system03:08
Chipzznormally you can03:09
jetoleso hopefully it wont screw me over?03:09
Chipzzbut I don't think it's the recommended way of doing thing03:09
jetolewell suppose I have my whole feisty installation backed up into a chrootable dir, what would be the recommended way?03:09
Chipzzhrrrm one sec03:09
jetoleI need to order myself some dinner03:10
Chipzzk back03:10
jetoleI have been playing with gutsy too much tonight03:10
Chipzzthe recommended way of upgrading is update-manager03:10
Chipzzit makes sure you have certain packages needed for your system to work installed03:10
jetolewell I had some issues with that because I always use a custom encryption method03:10
Chipzzsince you even know about dpkg --get-selections at all, I suppose you, to some degree, know what you're doing :)03:11
Chipzznow I'll say this03:11
jetoleI do, like I said though, I am just not sure if it's safe03:11
Chipzzthis laptop was originally installed with errr03:12
Chipzzdapper or the release before that03:12
ChipzzI apt-get upgraded my way through edgy en feisty03:12
Chipzzand it didn't break :)03:12
Chipzzthere are a few commands that can help you out when the upgrade breaks though03:13
Chipzzyou know about "apt-get -f install" and "dpkg --configure -a" ?03:13
jetoletypically I have found it easier to do a whole install but i03:14
jetoledidn't back up last time03:14
Chipzznow for what it's worth03:14
Chipzzdoing a clean install has its advantages too03:14
jetolewell the clean install was done03:15
Chipzzremoves old cruft from your system, and makes sure you got the packages with the new features for feisty installed03:15
jetoleand I have feisty in a directory now03:15
bluefoxicyGuys here's an idea03:15
bluefoxicyapport should figure out how to fix broken crap03:15
bluefoxicyWhenever thunderbird crashes I REMOVE compatibility.ini FROM THE PROFILE DIRECTORY.03:15
* jetole looks at apport03:15
Chipzzbluefoxicy: I hardly think apport is relevant here ;)03:16
bluefoxicyIt just crashed 10 times in a row when I tried to open a message (even tried to delete the message), I removed the file, it works.  I do this all the time D:03:16
bluefoxicyChipzz: pitti wrote it!  :D03:16
Chipzzjetole: apport is a program that hanles program crashes and makes it easy to submit a bug report including backtrace03:16
jetolenever heard of it03:16
jetolebut I will statr using it03:16
Chipzzit can automatically install -dbg packages to give you a meaningfull backtrace iirc03:17
bluefoxicybut, there's just ... recurring issues that have quick fixes <.<  Need something to easy fix things.  I just re-initialized my whole home directory (vacuumed over a lot of stuff, left out a lot of configuration, let .gconf reset) to get desktop effects to not crash my machine because I don't know what's busted x_x03:17
jetolewell I guess for now I am going to use dpk --set-selections03:17
jetoleand hope it works03:17
bluefoxicybut anyway03:17
* bluefoxicy wanders away03:17
bluefoxicy(welcome to my 5 minutes of ADD)03:17
Chipzzjetole: btw, if I may give you one hint03:17
jetolefresh install so if it crashes, well I still have my backups03:18
Chipzzit's always a good idea to upgrade apt and dpkg to the latest versions before upgrading03:18
Chipzzfirst, before doing the rest of the upgrade, that is03:18
jetoleI know but it did have some issues with my encryption but I had a backup of the whole system03:18
Chipzzand there is one minor issue with the dpkg --set-selections thing03:19
jetolewhats that?03:19
Chipzzdon't know if you care about that though03:19
Chipzzyou'll loose the information of which packages were automatically installed as dependencies in your old system03:19
Chipzzbut that's a minor issue I think03:20
Chipzznot really sure if there's a way to backup that information (I think there is though)03:20
jetolewell I know that has always worked on the same distro if you need to do a reinstall03:21
jetolebut I have never tried it after an upgrade03:22
Chipzzwell since your importing the whole list of packages installed on your old system, you'll also be explicitely installing the dependencies, so they won't be marked for automatic removal03:23
jetoleah, I see what your saying03:23
Chipzz(I think)03:23
jetoleah well, I will just reinstall what I need03:23
jetoleno, your right03:23
Chipzzbtw, I recommend apt-get dselect-upgrade after dpkg --set-selections03:25
jetoleI have typically just used dselect but I think it's the same thing03:25
joeaminedhi folks03:27
joeaminedi'm a student in computer engineering, i'd like to contribute in ubuntu03:27
jdongjoeamined: #ubuntu-motu03:28
joeaminedjdong, anf ubuntu-dev is for what exactly ?03:28
jdongjoeamined: for developers to coordinate activity directly related to development of Ubuntu03:28
joeaminedah okay03:28
jdongjoeamined: not for discussions like this -- developers read scrollback of this channel and are irritated by random noise :)03:29
jetoleyeah... sorry but I had a legitimate question when I came in that #ubuntu would have not known s!@# about, my last question though probably wasn't for this room03:30
=== Whoopie_ is now known as Whoopie
jetoledespite the official purpose of the channel though, you have to admit, some questions do belong to where they are proposed to the people who actually write the code03:31
pwnguinsad :( liferea wasn't able to handle google tech talks as a label04:05
pwnguinand now the label's gone04:05
pwnguinbug fixed, i guess04:06
=== ubuntu__ is now known as DaSkreech
* Hobbsee wonders when the next open office upload will be done04:40
pwnguin30 meg downloads to remove a file? sounds great!04:41
DaSkreechWhole Os upgrades to get some securoty? great!04:41
Hobbseeoh, awesome!04:42
Hobbseeit looks like update manager actually obeys dpkg pinning now!04:43
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CarlFKwhere is the place to log suggestions?  (in addition to "import key from file" add "dl key from url")05:39
CarlFK(... in synaptic)05:40
=== rob1 is now known as rob
mptCarlFK, what kind of suggestions?06:07
mptDo you mean a way to make Synaptic easier to use?06:07
dholbachgood morning06:47
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ion_Ever heard a Finnish athlete or a formula driver being interviewed in English? That’s en_FI.07:12
Mithrandirwhat's kinda amusing is en_DK actually exists as a language code.07:18
=== doko_ is now known as doko
Hobbseemorning pitti!07:56
pittiGood morning07:56
StevenKMorning pitti07:57
tepsipakkiis there an easy way to copy the SpecTemplate, or should I just copy the code?08:37
pittitepsipakki: usually you create a new page and select it as the template in the list to the left08:39
tepsipakkipitti: ah, that simple. thanks :)08:41
sladenion_: en_FI: a very slimmed down language consisting that has a limit of maximum sentence length?09:00
=== GmanAFK is now known as Gman
ion_sladen: And mohr importtantly, a suhrttan acksent.09:03
tepsipakkidoko: would you consider updating sun-java6 in feisty? The current version has problems with eclipse09:27
tepsipakkiJVM crashes sometimes09:28
gnomefreaktepsipakki: yeah thats beena long time bug, i had posted a debdiff for it but the domain i was using (given by a member of community) was closed its too big for LP to handle09:40
gnomefreakatleast the update 2 fixed it iirc and update 1 is in feisty09:41
gnomefreaktepsipakki: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sun-java6/+bug/122442  this maybe your crash or not09:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 122442 in sun-java6 "Memleak in Sun Java 6 on ubuntu feisty" [Wishlist,In progress]09:43
tepsipakkignomefreak: update 1 is not in feisty..09:45
tepsipakkibuild 1.6.0-b10509:46
gnomefreaktepsipakki: i know that is the one i had debdiff for so we could move to update 109:46
gnomefreaki had updates confused its been a while since i did that09:46
tepsipakkiwhy bother, straight to the latest one ;)09:46
gnomefreakagreed at the time update 1 was latest it wasnt even in gutsy at the time of that bug09:47
tepsipakkiupdate 3 is in gutsy09:47
tepsipakki# Problematic frame:09:48
tepsipakki# C [libc.so.6+0x6d688] strcmp+0x809:48
tepsipakkithat's from the current version. I'll ask the reporter to test update 309:48
tepsipakki(a local student)09:48
sorenIf a postinst has an upgrade quirk (if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" le blah; then foo; fi) that checks for version that is pre-dapper, it should be ok to drop it, right?09:49
tepsipakkisoren: AIUI yes09:51
tepsipakkisince pre-dapper releases aren't supported anymore, and neither is upgrading breezy -> hardy :)09:52
pittimjg59: do we actually need this hal SSB bus support patch for anything? there are no bug numbers referenced in your changelog, and upstream didn't apply it yet because they are waiting for an update to the spec (http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/hal/2007-April/008078.html)10:30
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pittimjg59: same with the memstick patch: no upstream bug, no LP bug in th changelog, nothing on hal@l.f.o, nor in git head10:42
pittimjg59: what is the use case for this? can you please forward it upstream with some explanations?10:42
sladenpitti: Sonics Silicon Backplace, I suspect it'll be some on-chip wifi/similar cores that are directly connected without even CI10:52
sladen..be for some...10:52
sorenStevenK: I'm doing the devscripts merge, by the way..11:04
StevenKsoren: Fair enough11:09
soren...unless of course, you've mostly already done it?11:10
sjoerdpitti, sladen: ssb is used in some linux based access points that can run *wrt.. Iirc on those based on broadcom chipset11:10
pittisjoerd: and it is actually useful in hal?11:11
pittianyway, I ported over the patches, but eventually those should go upstream11:11
sjoerdUnless ubuntu runs on some embedded devices with a similar chipset, no not really :)11:11
iwjYay.  `(i) The bug contacts for apt (Ubuntu) have been subscribed to this bug.   Page not found.  Theres no page with this address in Launchpad [etc]'11:12
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pittimjg59: btw, if you have a hal ubuntu branch checkout, please re-do it; I recreated the ubuntu bzr branch from scratch as a proper fork from the Debian svn (through bzr-svn, pushed to LP as 'debian')11:21
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pittiasac: yay for xulrunner!13:07
=== zul_ is now known as zul
asacpitti: thanks for confirming this ;)13:10
ScottKpitti: Have you gotten a chance to review jdong's email on azureus yet?13:10
=== dendro-away is now known as dendrobates
pittiScottK: not yet, sorry, will do ASAP13:25
ScottKpitti: No trouble.  I look forward to seeing your reply.13:27
mjg59pitti: Yeah, I'll sort those out13:34
pittimjg59: thank you13:34
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CarlFKmpt:  "a way to make Synaptic easier to use?"  yes  I added it to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IdeaPool14:02
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pitti$ submittodebian14:25
pittiImportError: No module named debian_bundle.changelog14:25
pittidholbach: ^ what's the trick to make it work here? looks like a missing dependency14:25
dholbachpython-debian, I guess14:25
pittiah, python-debian14:25
dholbachpitti: soren wrote it14:25
sorenInstall python-debian.14:26
pittithat should be a dependency then14:26
sorenpitti: ^^14:26
sorenSure, I'll add it right away.14:26
pittiyep, that worked, thank you!14:26
sorennp :)14:27
pittisoren: if you are at it, how do you feel about incorporating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Debian/Usertagging into submittodebian?14:30
sorenpitti: It's already there, actually.14:30
sorenpitti: reportbug needs a patch to support it.14:30
pittisoren: hm, not in the current version at least; maybe in unapproved?14:30
sorenpitti: ...so it's disabled.14:31
pittiah, I see14:31
Hobbseesoren: feel free to merge it, and add that too14:31
sorenI'll upload it when Hardy opens.14:31
=== agoliveira is now known as agoliveira_lunch
Hobbseecool.  then you can be bitten by the TIL principle :)14:31
sorenTell me about it.14:31
sorenI'm just happy I haven't touched something like dpkg.. Eeek!14:32
sorenI took a quick peek at the merge.. I haven't slept since!14:32
soren(ok, it was this morning, so it's not that strange, but still!)14:32
Hobbseesoren: i've uploaded that before.  it was very scary.14:33
Hobbseesoren: apt and mesa are also fun packages to upload.14:34
sorenI can only imagine.14:34
Hobbseeactually, apt's just a horror package.14:34
sorenPersonally, I would just have bribed mvo to do it.14:35
pittisoren: hm, submittodebian did not tell mutt to attach the patch; I had to fish it out of /tmp, copy it to a sane file name, and attach it manually14:37
Hobbseesoren: that may have been teh smarter move.  but it tends to be quicker to Just Do It, rather than by the Nag Mvo Every Day method.14:38
sorenpitti: /me blames reportbug :)14:38
* Hobbsee blames soren, for not merging/dealing with it earlier.14:38
sorenpitti: Could you file a bug about it? I'm a bit tied up right now and is likely to forget all about it.14:38
pittisoren: yes, can do14:39
Mithrandirsoren: but dpkg is lovely.14:39
* soren hugs pitti 14:39
Mithrandirsoren: a bit of rough love, admittedly.14:39
sorenMithrandir: <g>14:39
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pittidendrobates: dtghadgtnadgtnad? were you born in Wales or so? :)14:44
dendrobatespitti: Is that hard to pronounce in German?14:45
tepsipakkiHobbsee: mesa is no horror anymore, since it began using a patch system (quilt, but anyway) :)14:45
Hobbseetepsipakki: haha.14:45
pittidendrobates: I got as far as "dtg" when my throat deformed to a knot14:45
* ogra_cmpc trise to get the knots out of his tongue14:45
Hobbseetepsipakki: it's still got all the libs differing by one letter.14:45
dendrobatespitti: that was me angrily banging the keyboard because14:46
* pitti flushes the hardy queue14:46
dendrobatespitti: I had to recover my nick yet again.14:46
* Hobbsee has an alias for nick recovery.14:47
=== pitti changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Development of Ubuntu (not support, even with hardy; not application development on Ubuntu) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy | #ubuntu-motu for getting involved in development | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | Hardy opened, go wild!
* pitti flushes the first round of pending autosyncs, too14:47
Kmosoh yes :)14:48
Kmospitti: danke14:48
Hobbseepitti: lets sync debian-installer.  i think that would be fun.  and adept.14:49
Hobbseepitti: can we sync the entire debian kernel, too?14:49
* ogra_cmpc humps asac's leg14:49
ogra_cmpcxulrunner !!!!14:49
* Hobbsee covers eyes14:50
ogra_cmpcmy first seed change in hardy will be dropping FF, yay14:50
* ScottK takes video14:50
* Hobbsee wonders hwat happened if someone requested a sync of the kernel.14:51
asacogra_cmpc: hehe :)14:51
Hobbseeer, what would happen.14:51
MithrandirHobbsee: they'd get told off?14:53
HobbseeMithrandir: hmm.  might be fun to try.14:54
ScottKHobbsee: Save it for near a milestone when the archive admins are really tired.14:54
HobbseeScottK: i'm listed as one of them myself.  i'm unsur ehow well tha twould go :P14:54
ScottKAh.  Right.  Forgot about that.14:55
MithrandirScottK: then we might not just tell somebody off, but actually yell. :-)14:55
* Hobbsee ponders if that would be amusing or scary.14:56
* ScottK thinks it'd be amusing to watch it happen to someone else ;-)14:56
* Hobbsee has already set off a whole bunch of work alarms tonight, so is somewhat game :P14:57
Hobbseebut seeing as they have a 30 min response time, it's easy to get away :)14:57
tepsipakkiI'll hold the new xorg-server 1.4 until broken keymaps with input-hotplug are resolved (bug in evdev)14:57
tepsipakkithe new hal includes the .fdi file for it14:58
* ogra_cmpc grumbles ... why the heck isnt pidgin capable of running fullscreen15:01
tepsipakkidoes anyone know if the rooms at hotel@mit have power outlets for european devices?15:02
Mithrandirprobably not.15:02
elmothey don't15:02
* TheMuso is just taking an adapter anyway, as it will be needed at some point.15:03
StevenKAll of the devices I'm bringing at this point will work for 110V, which is nice.15:03
TheMusoStevenK: Likewise.15:04
ogra_cmpcmost modern powerbricks have autosensing though15:05
jdongogra_cmpc: yeah, just need adaptor for the shape of the plug...15:06
ScottKAnd even if you get it wrong, 220v device in 110v outlet just doesn't work.  The reverse is often more spectacular.15:06
Mithrandirheck, even modern computer PSUs seems to be autosensing.15:06
tepsipakkiI'm trying to find a suitable wire for the lenovo laptop charger15:07
tepsipakkishould be somewhere..15:08
jdongMithrandir: not autosensing per se... most I've seen still use the 110-240 switch deal15:08
jdongMithrandir: the cheap ones I've sacrificed to experimentation do fatally brown out on the wrong setting15:09
KeybukI need to file a critical bug against myselkf15:28
StevenKKeybuk: Oh?15:28
KeybukI took the battery out of my laptop, so I could put the larger travel battery in15:28
Keybuksince I'll want that for the Boston flight15:29
Keybukchecked charge before I did, and thought "hmm, could do with emptying it first, so it gets a full charge cycle"15:29
Keybukso I pulled the power cable out, and then put the battery n15:29
=== cprov is now known as cprov-lunch
jdongKeybuk: haha, nice :)15:35
* jdong still sad launchpad.net/jdong was declined because I am not an open source project15:36
mc44jdong: gpl your dna ;)15:36
Keybukjdong: as iwj has said in the past, we need to be able to file bugs on people15:36
Keybukmc44: his DNA is almost certainly patented15:36
jdongmc44: I wish I could, but isn't providing your DNA to minors illegal in most places? ;-)15:37
jdongKeybuk: I tried registering myself as a product :D15:37
mc44Keybuk: yeah, I wonder if the prior art argument works there ;)15:37
=== agoliveira_lunch is now known as agoliveira
manchickenmvo: About time m8 :)15:39
manchickenmvo: You got a second to answer a question that I've probably over-simplified and haven't been able to answer on my own?15:39
mvomanchicken: sure15:39
manchickenmvo: If I have a package entity in libapt, how do I determine the package's priority?15:39
manchickenI'm trying to put in a warning to help prevent removal of important packages.15:40
manchickenOr at least warn folks when they're trying to purge libc :)15:41
mvomanchicken: I would check for the flags: pkgCache::Flag::Important and pkgCache::Flag::Essential, give me a sec, I dig out a code example15:42
manchickenMuch thanks.15:42
mvomanchicken: something like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1238/ should work (if you have a pkgCache::pkgIterator for the package, but I assume you have15:44
manchickenWell I'm trying to remember where this is...15:47
manchickenIf I weren't in the office today this would be much easier.15:51
=== ogra_cmpc is now known as ogra
manchickenBTW, those who remember me complaining about python-mode in emacs22, (re bug #155681) dpkg --purge python-mode fixes it and makes the world a happier place.15:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155681 in python-mode "emacs22 and python-mode do not play together" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15568115:54
ograapt-get install vim ?15:55
* ogra runs and hides15:55
manchickenogra: No, that just makes the world a sadder place.15:56
ograthats a very subjective view :)15:57
KmosI agree with ogra :)15:58
Hobbseeogra: lets just purge emacs from the repos.15:59
Amaranthgedit ftw15:59
minghuaDoes anyone else get a mail to -devel-discuss list dated March?15:59
ograAmaranth: wow, do you know anyone really using it in actual development ?16:00
gaspasoren: I see... :(16:19
sorengaspa: Huh?16:20
gaspathanks, anyway.16:20
sorenYes, sorry about that.16:20
sorenThere's still plenty of merges to do, if you want to help out!16:21
gaspanp, the next time, i'll worry ask before make anything ;)16:21
gaspasoren:  but is  http://dad.dunnewind.net/universe.php updated? it doesn't seem so16:22
ScottKIt's generally updated hourly.16:22
sorengaspa: I think it only runs once a day.16:22
sorenOh, really?16:22
ScottKMoM is less frequent.16:22
sorenWell, the qemu upload didn't hit the archive until just about an hour ago.16:22
gaspaqemu is still open16:23
Adri2000DaD universe is updated at :30 each our (and main at :00)16:24
Adri2000(btw last update's time is written at the bottom of the page)16:26
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
SolarionVote for the gibbon!16:38
* tonyyarusso can't...is actually feeling pretty disappointed :(16:38
tonyyarussoIs BenC awake by any chance?  I was wondering if you could explain the issues causing the bugs relating to no virtual terminals when using vga= options other than normal in Gutsy.  ('tis quite annoying, so hoping there's a really good explanation)16:44
Hobbseemvo: can you tell me how to fix https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-restricted-extras/+bug/152358 ?16:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 152358 in ubuntu-restricted-extras "Xubuntu Restricted Extras has no entry in Add/Remove..." [Undecided,New]16:44
Hobbseeit's a desktop thingy, which i think was your domain?16:44
mvoHobbsee: sounds like a desktop file missing. I can check the repo16:44
Hobbseemvo: thanks.16:45
Keybukand *that* time was GNOME Power Manager being somewhat optimistic about the battery charge16:51
mjg59If it's the first time you've put the battery in for a while, it'll be entirely uncalibrated16:52
KeybukI suspect it's the first time it's ever put this battery in16:53
Keybukthough shouldn't it at least use the battery's own guess in that regard?16:53
mjg59I believe that it does, in the absence of any other information16:55
mjg59If the battery has been sitting on a shelf for a while, the battery will have no idea either16:55
mjg59A lot of the battery figure comes from monitoring how much energy has gone in and how much has come out. If it's been slowly self-discharging, that's going to be wrong16:56
Keybukah, true16:56
Keybukit's the travel battery, so it's been on the shelf since ... Seville :p16:56
Chipzzogra: I think there are some other things wrong with pidgins GUI too ;P for example, why the view log dialog has to be modal :S16:58
ograChipzz: well, usually i dont use pidgin but i'm to lazy to install xchat here17:01
agoliveiraKeybuk: IIRC, right after I bought my asus notebook I had to run a calibration routine on the bios to have an acurate report from the batery.17:01
Riddellmvo: is there a UDS sessions for LTS upgrade?17:02
seb128_Riddell: does that need discussion? "make it work" ;-)17:03
Riddellseb128_: there's always some amount of how to make it work17:05
pittiwell, as long as we keep all the transitional code in maintainer scripts until after 8.04 release, it shouldn't get too bad; then u-m mainly needs to sort out things like which packages to additionally install/remove17:06
pittiISTR seeing changelogs which dropped transitional code, but I don't remember which any more17:06
mvoRiddell: not that I know of, might be good to have one, also there is a spec from last uds17:07
Riddellmvo: should I register it?17:07
Riddellwe'll need to look at porting the Kubuntu upgrade tool to dapper17:07
mvoRiddell: yes, I think that is sensible then17:08
mvoRiddell: to register a session about it I mean17:08
Riddellmvo: I've proposed lts-upgrades for UDS Boston17:11
DktrKranzhas ubuntu autosync already turned on?17:13
cjwatsonDktrKranz: started today; not quite finished the first pass yet though17:22
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
DktrKranzcjwatson: thanks.17:23
DktrKranzcjwatson: do you know when it will be fully functional?17:25
DktrKranzok, thanks anyway17:25
cjwatsonit is in progress, that's all I'm prepared to say :)17:25
brycethis looks odd - http://merges.ubuntu.com/main-trend.png17:31
calcbryce: what is odd about it?17:32
calcthe lines on the left should be on top of the color right?17:33
calcor something else?17:33
calchmm actually thats not quite right the color should extend to the left17:33
calcand there are no new lines for gutsy17:33
geserpitti: Hi, can an accepted upload to gutsy-proposed be removed from it?17:36
=== norsetto_ is now known as norsetto
pittigeser: only until the publisher runs18:07
pitticjwatson: do you have some time to look into dapper's d-i linux installation for lbm? do you want a bug report for it?18:09
cjwatsonpitti: do we have current images I can grab and hack on, that have l-b-m seeded?18:09
pitticjwatson: ah, no; if you need that, we'll need to wait until tomorrow18:10
pitticjwatson: kernel was FTBFS, new one is almost built (and then lbm and lrm can build over night)18:10
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cjwatsonpitti: it would help18:12
=== geser_ is now known as geser
cjwatsonthis is a little bit weird and I'd rather not try to get it right first time without something to test on18:13
pitticjwatson: ok; CDs should be there tomorrow morning18:13
pitticjwatson: I just hoped to get test CDs done by Boston18:13
cjwatsonwe want to install l-b-m unconditionally?18:13
cjwatson(on new installs but not upgrades)18:13
pitticjwatson: if that isn't much work, do you reckon the d-i changes could be done tomorrow?18:13
pitticjwatson: yes, that was the idea AFAIK18:14
pittiBenC: ^18:14
cjwatsonpitti: probably something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1250/18:17
highvoltageLaserJock_: that you?18:18
pitticjwatson: s/\(linux\|linux-image\) looks funny; I didn't know that this DTRT18:19
cjwatsonpitti: should do, what do you think is wrong with it?18:19
cjwatsonsed takes basic regexes unless given -r18:19
pittiit looks a bit indeterminate18:19
pittilike, linux-image-generic could go to linux-backports-modules-generic or linux-backports-modules-generic-image18:20
cjwatson$ echo linux-generic | /usr/lib/initramfs-tools/bin/busybox sed 's/\(linux\|linux-image\)/linux-backports-modules/'18:20
pittiif sed always prefers to replacte the longest possible match, it's fine of course18:20
cjwatson$ echo linux-image-generic | /usr/lib/initramfs-tools/bin/busybox sed 's/\(linux\|linux-image\)/linux-backports-modules/'18:20
cjwatsonsed should always take the longest match yes18:20
pitticjwatson: yeah, I didn't doubt that you tested it, just mentioning that it looks a bit funny :)18:20
cjwatsonthat is generally true of regexes18:21
cjwatsonI hadn't actually tested it before you asked ;-)18:21
J-Unit24520 jdong     35  19 1707m 653m  724 D    2 64.8  46:31.76 trackerd18:21
cjwatson"If the RE could match more than one substring starting at that point, it matches the longest." regex(7)18:21
J-UnitDear Jesus and Santa: Tracker should not use 2GB RAM18:21
J-UnitP.S. Sorry about those jokes last week. I didn't mean it seriously. I hope I still get gifts for christmas.18:22
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lamontif I do dapper->gutsy, I assume that we should be filing bugs (against what?) so that they get fixed for the dapper->hardy update-manager thang, yes?18:28
* lamont pokes cjwatson 18:28
cjwatsonlamont: dunno why you're poking me ... but 'update-manager' typically unless it's clearly a package bug18:31
mvolamont: what cjwatson said, what packages/problems have you seen when you tried the upgrade?18:35
lamontmvo: it mostly came in the form of file also exists in bar type errors, and the fact that evms needs to be eliminated if one wants to live.18:39
lamontI just have another machine to upgrade, so I figured I'd actually be pedantic about it.18:40
mvolamont: ok. i expect that missing conflicts/replaces will be a large chunk of the problems18:43
lamontmvo: and those are package bugs.  nice for you. :)18:44
BenCpitti, cjwatson: Yeah, lbm on livecd, and d-i should be default18:46
pittiBenC: thanks (we won't rebuild live CDs, BTW)18:47
BenCah, right, server only18:47
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sistpotyhi folks19:15
sistpotyhey LaserJock19:15
* slangasek waves19:15
sistpotyhi slangasek19:15
sistpotyis there any reason why nvidia-settings is in restricted instead of main? (looking at bug #59945)19:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 59945 in sensors-applet "no nvidia support" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5994519:16
sistpotyactually debian/copyright only says gpl-2, and I didn't spot any deps/build-deps from nvidia-settings outside of main (but have looked only 5 secs at these though)19:17
cjwatsonnvidia-settings> because it came from Debian contrib19:18
cjwatsonand doesn't it only drive the closed nvidia driver?19:18
slangaseksistpoty: at a guess, I'd say it requires nvidia-glx-legacy to be useful but only Recommends it because it's a virtual package provided by the per-kernel bits which may not be packaged or may only become available later19:19
Pierreand hello (first :)19:19
slangasekcorrection, nvidia-glx-legacy is a real package that depends on the kernel bits19:20
cjwatsonor because generally userspace stuff tries to avoid expressing dependencies on kernelspace things by means of package dependencies, because it causes problems / doesn't work right if you have multiple kernels installed19:20
cjwatsonI hope gouki enjoys the EISDIR from his quit message19:21
sistpotyok... what do you think then would be the right fix for the aforementioned bug? duplicate the source to multiverse (which imho is ugly)?19:21
cjwatsonI think I'm OK with a source in universe building a binary in multiverse as long as it has no non-free components itself (i.e. it's only Debian contrib-style)19:22
cjwatsonbut the source could always be moved to multiverse and build a binary in universe if somebody has a problem with that19:22
sistpotycjwatson: but it would have to b-d on s.th. from restricted, wouldn't it?19:23
sistpotycjwatson: ah, if that's possible, cool :)19:23
cjwatsonthe source package would probably have to go in multiverse then19:23
cjwatsonbut that's OK, it can still produce a universe binary19:23
cjwatsonour closure rules aren't quite the same as Debian's19:23
cjwatsonthough, hmm, that does feel kind of icky19:23
cjwatsonI think universe actually technically can build with restricted19:24
sistpotyeven better, that would mean less stress then :)19:24
cjwatson"Secondly, enabling NVIDIA support would be an Ubuntu-specific change to the package, so the Ubuntu packager would have to make it." sigh why do people say that in Ubuntu bugs? you file an Ubuntu bug because you want Ubuntu to make a change19:24
Pierrebtw, they are completely broken on amd64 with serie 8x19:25
sistpotyok, I'll start out with a patch for nvidia-settings then (as the header isn't shipped atm.) thanks for your help!19:25
Pierre== crash19:25
cjwatsondo please make sure that the restricted build-dep doesn't influence the binary in universe in any way, though19:26
cjwatsonand it might be a problem later if the package is ever to migrate to main19:26
sistpotywhat do you mean with influence? if I get it correctly, nvidia-settings only ships a static library, so it would definitely have an effect on sensors-applet19:27
cjwatsonerr, the actual binary in universe? I thought you were talking about creating a separate binary19:28
cjwatsonlinking a library from restricted into an executable in universe is not acceptable19:28
sistpotyah, ok, got it... so I create two binaries where one goes into multiverse, right?19:29
cjwatsonbuilding a source package in universe and having it produce a binary package in universe (which only uses stuff from main and universe) and a binary package in multiverse (which is not limited in that way) is OK, provided that the binary is only in multiverse due to dependencies and not because it is itself non-free19:29
cjwatsonif the source package only produces one binary and that requires non-free things and so is in multiverse, then the entire source package should be in multiverse19:30
cjwatsonyour choice19:30
sistpotythat would be the easiest thing, not too sure if that's desirable though19:31
bryceare backports of lrm feasible?  (bug 156325)19:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156325 in fglrx-driver "New fglrx 8.42.3 to Gutsy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15632519:36
bdmurrayRiddell: bug 153889 requires verfication for Feisty and Gutsy correct?19:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153889 in adept "feisty dist upgrade check does not work" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15388919:46
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Nafallombiebl: I SO agree with your last post on upstart-devel :-). KISS FTW.22:00
Riddellbdmurray: yes, in feisty it didn't show when it should have and in gutsy it showed when it shouldn't have22:05
bdmurrayRiddell: okay, I was unable to verify the fix for gutsy22:07
Riddellbdmurray: it still showed?22:07
bdmurrayRiddell: Yes, after launching Adept in the system menu and then clicking Fetch Updates22:08
bdmurrayI put it all in the bug22:08
Riddellbdmurray: that's with 17.1?22:11
Riddellrunning kdesu adept_manager?22:11
bdmurrayI ran it from System -> Adept Manager which then prompted for my password22:15
bdmurrayI could try it via kdesu adept_manager if that would make a difference22:15
Riddellshouldn't do22:17
Riddellbut give it a shot anyway :)22:18
Riddelland obviously make sure it's adept-manager and adept-common ubuntu17.122:18
Riddellit definately solves the problem for me22:18
bdmurrayokay, I think I see my problem then22:20
bdmurrayjust installing adept from proposed is not enough?22:20
bdmurrayIf so that isn't obvious from the bug report or verfication steps22:25
Riddell"adept" is just a meta package22:25
Riddellmaybe we should add versioned depends to it22:25
Keybukevolution takes so long to build23:56
ion_There’s a cure for that. Do all builds under valgrind for a month. After that, everything seems to build quickly.23:58

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