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zandoshey all.. hows everyone tonight?06:37
zandoswould this be the place to mention iusses i've had with the installer?06:38
superm1hi zandos, file a bug on launchpad06:39
superm1this channel is more for development purposes06:39
superm1the installer team regularly triages all the bugs filed06:39
zandosrite on i'll file that bug.. thanks06:40
tepsipakkiis there a way to preseed partman to use crypted disks? The documentation doesn't mention that09:10
tepsipakkiah, found it09:15
tepsipakkibut crypto is not mentioned as an option for gutsy09:16
xivuloncjwatson, when you have time can you please have a look at lupin-support gutsy?10:25
xivulonI have added the files required to make loopinstallations boot/unboot10:26
xivulonI hope I did not my messed up tha package too badly (first one for me, so be kind).10:26
xivulonThe plan is to use overrides to replace the package available on the ISO with this one10:27
xivulonFor hardy, the changes in lupin-support should hopefully be incorporated upstream10:30
xivulonI had a few reports of system hangs while copying files. What is the status of unionfs?11:12
xivulonBug #138915 is still triaged11:13
cr3regarding bug #156042, is there a way to preseed the driver which will be configured in xorg.conf?14:27
cjwatsonthat's up to the X maintainer scripts14:33
cjwatsonthere used to be, but you'd have to ask them14:34
cjwatsonif it's still how it used to be, the installation guide has the necessary information14:34
xivuloncjwatson, did you see my previous messages?14:35
cjwatsonyou should ask the kernel team about unionfs, not here14:37
cjwatsonlupin I'll look at when I have time, but only with an eye to hardy14:37
xivulonwell, as mentioned, for hardy the stuff in lupin should be moved upstream14:38
xivulonlupin now is mostly a workaround for bugs in current gutsy code14:38
xivulonre hangs I was wondering if you had any new reports about problems while copying files after the final release14:39
cjwatsonnot that I've seen but I have mainly been concentrating on UDS14:40
cjwatsonevand may know more14:40
cjwatsonat least some of lupin I'm not convinced will ever be appropriate for mainline - the sysctl stuff14:41
xivulontalking about UDS, can you approve the https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/installer-for-windows14:42
xivulonre sysctl, it could use a conditional switch: if on loopinstallation do this otherwise skip14:42
cjwatsonapproved for uds-boston-200714:43
xivulon[ -x "$(/usr/lib/lupin/host_device)" ] && [ -n "$(/usr/lib/lupin/host_device)" ] || exit 014:45
xivulon-x /usr/lib/lupin/host_device that is14:45
evandI haven't noticed any new bugs regarding unionfs nor have I seen issues myself.  Given the changes the kernel team made, I've considered the situation resolved.14:46
xivulonHmm strange.14:48
xivulonevand, If I wanted to make Ubiquity install my custom lupin-support package as opposed to the one on the ISO, what route would be preferrable?14:53
xivulonconsider that I can override the files on the ISO14:54
evandwhy not remaster the CD with the custom lupin-support?14:54
xivulonBecause I do not want to destribute my own ISOs just for a package :P14:55
evandah, right14:55
xivulonThere is an override mechanism in place, that allows to change files of a stock ISO before the Live CD boots14:55
xivulonI can of course install the package using success_command14:56
evandif you're using ubiquity it needs to get added to the manifest, otherwise it will be removed.14:57
evandthat's assuming you intend to put it in before the install starts14:58
evandas you say, you could use success_command.  I'm not sure if there's really a "best way" here.14:58
xivulonI was thinking of overwriting pool/l/lupin-support but then what other files do I need to change? md5checksum?14:59
evanderm, I believe you also need to change the Packages file.15:01
xivulonnice, I'll have a go tonight.15:02
cjwatson$ test -x ""; echo $?15:03
cjwatsonyou don't need that [ -n ]15:03
xivulonyeah corrected that in next line, the second part though you need -n15:03
xivulonsince host_device will return a string only if on a loopmount15:04
cjwatsonoh I see, I misunderstood your correction15:04
xivulon 15:09
xivulonThe file /lib/lupin/host_device is in the new lupin-support/gutsy files15:10
xivulonIt is convenient to factor it out so that we can change our definition of host_device/loopmounts without changinging other code.15:11
cjwatsonevand: would you register a spec for hardy-ubiquity-usability and propose it for UDS, please?21:15
cjwatsonevand: my notes are as follows, but feel free to add other stuff of your own21:16
evandwill do21:16
cjwatson         Incorporate the output of usability reviews of Ubiquity. Include21:16
cjwatson         also:21:16
cjwatson          * fixes for auto-resize text21:16
cjwatson          * general autopartitioner revamp (ue-partitioning-tool)21:16
cjwatson          * UTC/local question21:16
cjwatson          * allow use of smaller screen size21:16
cjwatson         oem-config has much the same UI and may benefit from the same21:16
cjwatson         reviews.21:16
evandshould I also ping the tech board and ask for approval?21:16
cjwatsonjust ping me21:16
evandwill do21:16
cjwatsonI can do it now21:16
cjwatsonevand: have you also read through http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/uds-boston-2007/ and prepared for the things with your name attached to them? if so, now would be a good time to do so21:17
cjwatsoner, "if not"21:17
evandalso, while I have you here, are there any specific main merges that you'd prefer I don't take21:17
evandwrt the installer21:17
cjwatsonnone that I prefer you don't take21:17
evandcjwatson: yes, I have been keeping trakc of it21:17
cjwatsonI did a batch yesterday and today to try to get ahead a bit21:17
cjwatsonprobably quite a few left though21:18
evandindeed there are21:18
cjwatsonof the current list, I've done anna, and partman-basicfilesystems should wait until the version I uploaded to Debian today is available in the bzr branch21:19
cjwatsonclock-setup has a lot of interesting changes and needs some care21:19
cjwatsonactually, I should probably do console-setup21:19
cjwatsonand I synced libdebian-installer21:21
cjwatsonI don't see anything else of special note21:21
cjwatsonapproved, thanks21:22
evandah, you successfully lobbied to get the permissions changed, I see.21:22
cjwatsonI did21:24

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