imbrandonhrm do i need to recompile the kernel for a new fs driver or just get the headers ?00:22
crimsunneither.  The headers are installed by default.00:22
crimsun(also presuming you've just grabbed source and are compiling modules)00:23
imbrandonhrm well no this is a not included module , expirmental fatx fs00:23
imbrandoni've done _very_ little kernel hacking specialy the "ubuntu way" so i'm kinda winging it here00:25
crimsundepending on the invasiveness, you may well need to patch the source00:25
imbrandoncrimsun, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/41773/00:26
imbrandonhere is what i have00:27
imbrandoni was hoping to just compile it with the headers and modprobe it, but something is telling me it wont be that simple00:28
imbrandon( btw this patch was ripped from a fedora6 kernel svn )00:29
crimsunok, on a slow connection00:30
imbrandonnp, i'm on a slow computer ( 200mhz ) so this might take a while :)00:31
imbrandoni'm reading through the customcompile wiki now00:33
crimsunright, that's not going to just drop in easily00:34
imbrandonhrm the wiki says grab apt-get source linux-source , which grabs the meta package and no source tar only a debian/ dir with the various configs00:38
crimsunyou want `apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)`00:38
crimsun(linux-source's source package is linux-meta, not linux-source-2.6.22)00:39
imbrandonahh darn wiki00:40
imbrandoncrimsun, after i do that can i just debuild it ?00:53
imbrandonwhat about lrm and the other meta stuff00:54
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crimsunimbrandon: you can use the packaging infrastructure, yes.  Just pull source for l-u-m/l-r-m/l-b-m and do the fun.00:55
imbrandonerm but if the configs are in the linux-meta but the source is in linux-image-* 00:56
imbrandoni'm a bit confused00:56
imbrandoni have both apt-get sourced in diffrent dirs, and the patch seemed to apply to the -image- fine00:57
imbrandonbut i'm trying to build it the exact ubuntu way ( sa as to redistribute or upload ot a ppa maybe )00:57
imbrandonso i'm assuming i need to debuild (-us -uc) the linux-image then install it then rebuild the meta ?01:01
zulimbrandon: what are you on about? :)01:02
imbrandonhaha zul i'm trying to do some leg work for you01:03
imbrandoni got a patch, but i'm clueless how to build a proper ubuntu kernel, only the old vanilla way01:03
zuloh thanks :)01:04
zulwell i could create a debdiff for you01:04
imbrandonzul did you see the fatx.img gave you01:04
zulimbrandon: nope thats from work puter, im at home now01:04
imbrandonits 260mb uncompressed, its a streight dd of one of my xbox memory cards01:05
imbrandonso it might have some game saves on it01:05
imbrandoninfact i know it does01:05
crimsunimbrandon: are you using wiki/KernelCustomBuild?01:06
imbrandoncrimsun, i was, seems some steps are missing01:06
zuldownloading now01:06
imbrandonzul here is the patch, you might have to cherry pick just the fatx fs though and watch out for the included config , that will make the kernel only boot on a xbox01:07
imbrandonshouldent be hard to just grab the fs/ though out of that i assume01:08
zulimbrandonL is it the whole thing? or just the patch?01:08
imbrandonits a pretty small patch01:08
imbrandonjust the patch01:08
imbrandonits actualy a patch to include fatx AND make the kernel boot on an xbox if #ifdef X86_XBOX = y , i was looking to just grab the FS01:09
imbrandonif possible01:09
imbrandon( the other stuff is some pci patches01:09
zulso you just want the fatx stuff?01:09
zulok gimme a bit01:10
imbrandonbasicly so ubuntu can read fatx hdd's and memory cards ( usb devices ) ootb01:10
imbrandonthis is actualy being looked at upstream on lkml but i'm trying to preempt it a bit01:11
zulill make a patch for lum-2.6.2201:11
Nafalloanyone here?03:11
Nafalloregarding usbsuspend03:11
mjg59Which aspect of it?03:18
imbrandonanyone know why i would get this .... debian/scripts/misc/oldconfig: line 66: /home/brandon/files/xbox/kernel/ubuntu-image/linux-source-2.6.22-2.6.22/debian/scripts/misc/splitconfig.pl: Permission denied04:52
imbrandonwhen running the updateconfigs04:52
imbrandon*debian/rules updateconfigs04:53
imbrandon( and yea i ran it with sudo fwiw )04:55
imbrandonahh it wasent +x , doh05:01
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thr1lljockeyis there something special i need to do somewhere to boot a custom kernel *without* a ramfs/initrd?08:53
nevion_afaik you just put it in its own section in grub without the initrd option08:53
nevion_and it should boot fine08:53
n2diy_thrilljockey owes me a beer.  ?08:54
nevion_whatever happened with this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/13363608:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 133636 in linux-source-2.6.22 "[gutsy] hdaps module does not load on Thinkpad T61P" [Low,New] 08:55
nevion_it was so close to being fixed... and then it just stopped..08:55
thr1lljockeyi get a panic at root device mount08:56
nevion_make sure you had your needed fs modules compiled in08:57
thr1lljockeycannot open root device "UUID=blahblah"08:57
nevion_as well as any other thing you need to read off the hd08:57
nevion_consider starting with ubuntu's configuration and slowly triming it down to yours08:57
thr1lljockeyeverything necessary is compiled-in (aside from uuid support, evidently)08:58
Mithrandirthe kernel doesn't do UUID mounting natively.08:58
Mithrandirso you need to pass root=/dev/whatever08:58
Mithrandirbut why do you want to avoid initramfs?08:58
thr1lljockeyworking on an embedded install08:58
thr1lljockeyand i guess my latent instincts for defiance beg the question, 'why do i need one?'08:59
nevion_anyone know what the status is with x86_64 getting config_no_hz set?  From what I can see, its been available and functional for a while09:01
Mithrandirbecause it makes it easier to rescue a broken system, it adds uuid support, etc.09:01
thr1lljockeywith the ability to boot from a livecd, for example, i'm not convinced i need a 'recovery-boot' option09:02
thr1lljockey(personally, of course...)09:02
nevion_keeps you from having to compile kernel n^2 times09:02
nevion_so you can find out what modules you need to have loaded at boot time easier09:02
nevion_so its not needed... but adds convenience in that sense09:03
thr1lljockeyi know there's a wealth of reasons from a distribution standpoint; i'm not trying to be antagonistic or anything09:03
thr1lljockeyi just prefer not to use them myself is all09:03
thr1lljockeyand thanks for the tip about uuid being handled in the initrd, i fixed menu.lst and i'm up and running now09:04
Mithrandirnot initrd.  initramfs.09:04
MithrandirUbuntu hasn't used initrds since 5.1009:04
nevion_conceptually the same, but different details, right?09:05
thr1lljockeysorry, old habit09:05
Mithrandirquite different.  tmpfs instead of ramfs, no pivot_root, for instance.09:06
thr1lljockeyinitramfs is faster and causes less litter in kernelspace, isn't it?09:06
Mithrandirmuch less stuff done in kernelspace.09:06
nevion_damn though, I'm having a hell of a time finding any info about x86_64 and tickless/dynticks/config_no_hz09:06
thr1lljockeyi thought tickless systems were basically broken until .24?09:08
nevion_I read some blurb about that in july from linus... but ingo molnar's had it working since that time pretty much09:09
thr1lljockeybtw n2diy_ yes i owe you a beer09:09
nevion_I think redhat's picked it up by now, not too sure09:09
thr1lljockeythere's likely a backport09:09
nevion_like I said, I've had a hell of a time getting details09:09
n2diy_thrilljockey Cool, GL!09:12
maks_thr1lljockey: initramfs get control much early, you can costumize them much better if you wana checkout latest intramfs-tools git clone git://git.debian.org/git/kernel/initramfs-tools.git but pay attention it does not yet have the dpkg trigger set as dpkg has not merged that feature09:15
thr1lljockeythanks! i'm willing to be convinced that initramfs is not as undesirable as i used to think... i'll look into it09:19
imbrandonzul_, bro i got fatx working :)10:05
imbrandonping me when your round10:05
Whoopiehi, I've a short question: when compiling a custom kernel, do I need to add the apparmor patch to it?10:22
amitkWhoopie: why do you say so? Apparmor is in LUM10:26
aboganiHi All, Someone know and could tell me if Ubuntu Gutsy kernel support "Filesystem Capabilities" ? Thanks in advance!10:29
Whoopieamitk: yes, but I have built a kernel, and I'd like to know if the apparmor module is needed.10:31
NafalloSuggestion: Enable USB autosuspend by pressing the U key or adding10:31
Nafallousbcore.autosuspend=1 to the kernel command line in the grub config10:31
Nafallo[    0.000000] Unknown boot option `usbcore.autosuspend=1': ignoring10:31
maks_Whoopie: if you care about security you'd want to use selinux anyway10:32
Whoopiemaks_: but ubuntu is based on apparmor, isn't it?10:37
Whoopieand there're some rules for cups.10:37
MithrandirWhoopie: there's no requirement to use apparmour with Ubuntu.10:37
WhoopieMithrandir: so it's not activated by default? why do we have /etc/apparmor and /etc/apparmor.d ?10:39
MithrandirWhoopie: note: requirement.  As in, you can run without it.10:41
amitkNafallo: see bug #8548810:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 85488 in sane-backends "some usb_devices fault if usb_suspend enabled" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8548810:43
amitkNafallo: autosuspend was disabled for all non-hub devices10:44
Nafalloamitk: so I can't enable it by force?10:50
pinais it just me or ubuntu's aptitude's TUI is obtuse and IMO, counterintuitive10:59
Mithrandiryou're at least way offtopic for this channel11:00
pinai know.11:00
Mithrandir(and I find it quite nice)11:00
pinajust playing around with the kernel andf the pkg manager11:00
pinamy complaints are largely semantic:P11:00
amitkNafallo: No you can't. Upstream decided this. http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-gutsy.git;a=commit;h=e818eec4b546562fb1215a8756805eadb0c390c211:00
Nafalloamitk: cheers.11:01
WhoopieMithrandir: ok, thanks.11:09
amitkNafallo: you can actually force it11:25
amitkI was reading the code incorrectly11:25
amitkfind /sys -name autosuspend11:26
amitktype ^^^ command11:26
Nafallohehe. so /etc/sysctl.conf rather then /boot/grub/menu.lst then? ;-)11:27
amitkNafallo: umm.. no. /etc/sysctl.conf can only address runtime parameters in /proc/sys11:29
Nafalloah right... so /etc/rc.local?11:29
Nafallooki, added. lets see if it blows my computer up or not :-)11:33
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thr1lljockeyi think this is the best channel to ask in... do the process accounting tools in the "acct" package support v3 format?11:43
Kanohow about adding11:52
Kanoit has been reported serveral times in your bug tracking system, just was nerver fixed11:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 97655 in linux-source-2.6.20 "dmraid45 target please" [Wishlist,Confirmed] 11:53
Kanopatch applies cleanly, adds one module, which definitely works11:54
Kanoif someones does not get raid 5 working it is an issue with dmraid package, which needs to load the additional module11:55
Kanothe needed changes are mentioned in the bug report11:56
Kanosomeone needed an additional sleep before dmraid -ay however11:57
amitkKano: could you mail kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com with the request. IRC requests might get lost12:13
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aboganiNobody know if Ubuntu kernel support "Filesystem Capabilities" 13:15
aboganicofeineSunshine_: No File Posix Capabilities (http://www.friedhoff.org/fscaps.html)13:19
zulabogani: IT MIGHT13:21
aboganizul: Ok, Sorry. for bother13:24
zulabogani: sorry caps was on13:26
aboganizul: :-)13:26
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EtienneGjust curious: as CFS was introduced in 2.6.23 (IIRC), we do not have it in gutsy, right ?14:41
zulcorrect because we use 2.6.2214:42
aboganiEtienneG: RT have CFS14:48
EtienneGabogani, zul, thanks for the insight guys14:48
surfacei have facing a problem, when i log off from desktop to kdm ( using kubunu ), monitor screen turns black, all keyboard lost function, is it a kernel issues?15:08
Angelushello guys15:08
Angelusi want to report this issue about the ubuntu kernel15:08
Angelusim using the amd64 arch, the vesafb module is not compiled in ubuntu's kernel, and the booupsplash is enabled. this will result in the monitor turning off till the login sscreen apears .or a blank picture.. on some cards. many people are expiriencing this issue. the only fix i could find is compiling you're own kernll with the vesafb enabled. please fix it.15:10
EtienneGAngelus, I have heard about that15:11
EtienneGhave a bug been filed in Launchpad ?15:12
AngelusEtienneG:  i filled a bug, and the fix too15:12
EtienneGAngelus, bug # ?  I am interested in subscribing15:12
Angelusbut i reported it here because, newusers sometimes will find it hard tocompile there own kernel 15:12
Angelusand its the only posible way to fix it15:13
AngelusEtienneG: this is the fix i wrote. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-default-settings/+bug/15622515:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 156225 in kubuntu-default-settings "Fix For the bootup splash on Gutsy." [Undecided,New] 15:13
EtienneGAngelus, thanks, not a dev myself so i cannto help further but I will subscribe to the bug and monitor it15:14
Angeluswell i hope some devs will read it because its an issue that many people are encountering, and sometimes they don't install kubuntu/ubuntu because when the monitor turns off they just reboot . they don't know that its a bootupsplash issue.15:15
Angelusbrb , training15:17
zulBenC: ping has imbrandon talked to you about fatx?18:52
imbrandonzul, not yet, i got that from the lbm changelog18:56
Yannovitchis somebody there ??21:27
Yannovitchi would like to know if you plain to put as soon as possible alsa version 15 21:28
Yannovitchbecause i ve lot of problems with my soundcard under linux21:28
Yannovitchand version 15 will solve that21:28
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Lutinhi there21:58

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