jpan_robr, ping02:34
robrjpan_: pong02:36
jpan_robr, do you know how do we generate modules.dep file for each kernel?02:36
robrjpan_: this a #moblin topic, but image-creator runs depmods at target image creation time for each kernel installed into /boot02:37
jpan_robr, it seems modules.dep file is different than what i run depmod -a on the target fs02:39
robrjpan_: how so?02:41
jpan_robr, let me double check. but i put the new psb.ko in with dependecy on firmware class then i recreate a new image, the modules.dep does not show that new dependency.02:43
jpan_robr, so it should rerun depmod each time i create a new image, right?02:44
robrjpan_: that is correct ... this sounds like the same problem that rustyl ran into02:45
rustylwhat are we talking about?02:45
robrrustyl: did you ever figure out the issue with depmod that you were seeing where the module dependencies were not getting updated?02:46
robrrustyl: read jpan_  's comments above02:46
jpan_robr, rustyl , the problem is that modules.dep is not updated when i create a new image with a newly loaded kernel driver.02:47
rustylrobr, i fixed a bug where we were updating the project root instead of the target root02:49
rustylthis is handled at image creation time02:49
robrjpan_: are you using the latest and greatest image-creator?02:50
jpan_robr, mine is sometime last week of days old02:51
jpan_robr, i will update to the latest and try again02:52
robrjpan_: rusty's fix has been there for a couple of weeks...but update to the latest and see if this fixes the issue02:52
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dholbachgood morning06:47
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simoncpuHave you guys had any luck running with WPA on iPAQ H5550?08:09
MithrandirI don't think anybody has tried to do anything on the iPAQs at all.08:10
Mithrandirthey're ARM-based, aren't they?08:10
simoncpuyepp yepp08:13
simoncpui'm actually using familiar linux on my ipaq, but familiar's support channel seems to be very quiet08:14
Mithrandirpeople keep asking about ARM stuff, but nobody has so far picked up the challenge to begin porting to ARM.08:14
Mithrandirwe're targetting lpia initially.08:14
simoncpudo you guys use openembedded build env too?08:15
Mithrandirwe use Ubuntu packages08:15
simoncpuubuntu mobile looks very promising08:17
simoncpui hope i can play with it on my ipaq later08:17
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smagoundebian n00b question: can I rename a package simply by changing the package name in the control + changelog files? I don't care if it installs cleanly over an old version.20:59
smagounMithrandir: ping21:14
ian_brasilsmagoun: you will need the orig.tar.gz and then run dh_make ..make your changes then run debuild -S -sa ..i might be mistaken on this however21:30
smagounian_brasil: I don't have an orig.tar.gz (it's a 'native' package I think?).21:31
ian_brasilcan't you apt-get source?21:31
smagounI'm the upstream for the package (it's only a handful of files), so I just have a bzr project with the files and a debian subdirectory. I build directly from there21:32
ian_brasilmove the debian folder somewhere else and then run dh_make ?21:34
ian_brasilthis will create the 5 files you need copyright, control, rules, and changelog21:35
jonnylambsmagoun: Are you sure you want to rename the source package, and not the binary package?21:35
smagounian_brasil: So I can't just use sed to update my existing debian dir?21:36
smagounjonnylamb: Eventually I want to rename everything, bzr repo included. binary is most interesting to me at this point though21:36
jonnylambIf you just want to change the binary package name then change the appropriate entry in control.21:37
smagounjonnylamb: ok, that's what I hoped. I assume I need to update the package name in the changelog too21:39
jonnylambNope. Make sure you change "Package: foo" and not "Source: foo".21:39
jonnylambA source package can be "bananadotcom", and still contain binary packages called "libc6"..21:40
smagounso the changelog keys off source package. gotcha.21:40
smagounsupposing I did want to rename the source package as well, I would change the changelog and Source: in control?21:41
jonnylamb..of course my example would be just wrong though.21:41
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jonnylambWell, you should only have to change "Source: foo" and the changelog entry, but there might be some other stuff in the debian/ directory that needs changing. grep is your friend though.21:42
smagounthanks for the help21:44
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