Ubulettewhat ?00:05
asacUbulette: actually we should consider to just use seamonkey for 2.0 ... the idea was to use iceape to embrace debian00:05
asacand build a bridge of cooperation00:06
Ubuletteyou mean I'd better start from scratch, like i did for xul1.900:10
asacUbulette: no ... we can go ahead from there00:11
asacif it doesn't make sense we can start from scratch00:11
asacbut maybe we can then branch the ffox-3.0 branch00:11
asacand reuse that00:11
Ubuletteseems closer to xul00:12
asaccloser to xul?00:12
Ubulette+ user profile from ff300:12
asacits an app on top of xul ;)00:12
asaclike ff300:12
asacisn't it`?00:12
Ubulettewell, not sure it's ready for an external libxul like ff300:13
Ubulettewe can try00:13
asacUbulette: it should be ... otherwise we don't want it I guess00:13
asacUbulette: a main goal for hardy is to not ship duplicate mozilla code anymore00:14
Ubulettei know but i'm not upstream, so I don't know if it's ready00:15
asacbut i see that this will be difficult :) ... tbird will probably not be ready  on trunk in time00:15
Ubuletteisn't tb part of seamonkey ?00:16
asacthey share a bunch of code (mailnews/00:18
asacbut mail/ is just tbird00:18
Ubulettewhen you fetch suite, it fetches everything, browser/mail/mailnews/calendar/etc..00:19
asacon trunk?00:23
asacon branch it didn't do that00:23
asaciceape-1.0.11~pre071022$ find mail | wc -l00:23
asaciceape-1.0.11~pre071022$ find browser/ | wc -l00:25
asacsame for browser00:25
Ubulettelol, right00:26
Ubulettetrunk too00:26
asaci don't know why but client.mk appears to always fetch _all_ version.txt00:27
asacno matter what00:27
Ubuletteit'd difficultto convert all this junk to cdbs00:37
asachmm only things i see is 1. generating images ... and installing some branding items to proper place00:38
asac(i look at 1.0.x though)00:38
Ubulettewhere do you put what it's in install-stamp ?00:39
Ubuletteall the install -d/-l00:39
asaclet me look00:40
asac# This target should do all the work of installing the package into the00:41
asac# staging directory (debian/packagename or debian/tmp).00:41
asaccommon-install-arch:: testdir common-install-prehook-arch common-post-build-arch00:41
asaccommon-install-indep:: testdir common-install-prehook-indep common-post-build-indep00:41
asacis that good enough?00:41
Ubulettehmm maybe00:42
Ubuletteleft the 3 binary targets00:44
asacleft? please rephrase00:46
asacwhats needed there?00:46
Ubulettenow I need to the 3 binary targets to complete the conversion00:46
asacok but what do you need from there00:47
asacin 1.0.x it just do more or less normal stuff00:47
asac        grep -v \.jar $(TMP_DIR)/usr/lib/iceape/chrome/installed-chrome.txt >> $(CURDIR)/debian/iceape-browser/var/lib/iceape/chrome.d/00browser00:48
asaci hope this isn't needed anymore on trunk00:48
asac(lets assume they use the modern toolkit)00:48
Ubulettethat could be common-install-arch:: too right ?00:48
asac        dh_strip -a --dbg-package=iceape-dbg00:48
asac        for lib in $(CURDIR)/debian/iceape-browser/usr/lib/iceape/libsoftokn3.so $(CURDIR)/debian/iceape-browser/usr/lib/iceape/libfreebl*.so; do \00:48
asac                LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/usr/lib/iceape $(CURDIR)/security/nss/cmd/shlibsign/*/shlibsign -v -i $$lib; \00:48
asacUbulette: i hope its not need ... if its needed you can either do it during install or use a binary hook00:48
asaccommon-binary-post-install-arch:: $(patsubst %,binary-post-install/%,$(DEB_ARCH_PACKAGES))00:49
asac$(patsubst %,binary-post-install/%,$(DEB_ALL_PACKAGES)) :: binary-post-install/%: binary-install/%00:49
Ubuletteremember i'm still with 1.1.400:49
asacfor per package00:49
asac diff debian/tmp.list debian/pkg.list | grep "^[<>]" | grep -v "^> DEBIAN" | sort00:51
asacdo you have that line as well=00:51
asacwhat does it do?00:51
asacit doesn't actually write the output somewhere00:51
Ubulettejust stdout00:52
asacso its void and we can ignore it ... right?00:52
asacbinary: binary-indep binary-arch find debian/tmp -printf %P\\n | sort -u > debian/tmp.list find `grep Package: debian/control | awk '{print "debian/"$$2}'` -printf %P\\n | sed 's,usr/share/iceape,usr/lib/iceape,' | sort -u > debian/pkg.list diff debian/tmp.list debian/pkg.list | grep "^[<>]" | grep -v "^> DEBIAN" | sort rm -f debian/tmp.list debian/pkg.list00:52
Ubuletteit shows the files missed by install00:52
asacok ... lets ignore them :)00:53
tonyyarussoasac: Was about to report bug #138968, saw that it's already reported and fix due for release October 26th, so here's your hug :)00:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138968 in ubufox "The Release Notes Menu on firefox shows ubuntu 6.10 notes" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13896800:54
Ubuletteso jsut the DO_CHROME00:54
asactonyyarusso: well ... this doesn't deserve a hug, but a wip ... this should never have ended up in the release :)00:55
tonyyarussoasac: True enough, but I'm feeling charitable.  :P00:56
Ubuletteasac, why did you drop calendar from iceape ? sunbird is standalone right ?00:57
gnomefreakITS FIXED i think (atleast longest build since failures00:57
gnomefreakUbulette:debian dropped it iirc but they might bring it back we have sunbird instead00:57
asacUbulette: common-binary-post-install-indep:: ?00:57
asacUbulette: calendar is abandoned upstream00:58
gnomefreakasac: wondering if we should drop composer (you know since tonyyarusso builds kompzer)00:58
asacgnomefreak: its still supported by seamonkey devs00:58
gnomefreakthats right it was upstream00:58
gnomefreakasac: i know it was more of a joke than for real00:58
gnomefreakUbulette: did you get iceape 2 to build?00:59
asacUbulette: it was never supported upstream afaik ... it was one of those painful debian ideas to package it00:59
asacgnomefreak: we are still at migrating this crap :)00:59
asacconverting 1.1.4 to use quilt + cdbs is what Ubulette is doing00:59
gnomefreaklol i know its a bitch, but i was gonna try it but havent found time for the headache01:00
gnomefreakyeah i was gonna do that with 1.1.x but said screw it too hard for this01:00
Ubulettehmm, clean is unclean :P01:01
asacUbulette: is that with original iceape 1.1.4 or with the cdbs port?01:03
Ubulettewith cdbs port01:03
asacline 24-31 isn't a problem01:03
gnomefreakgood this means hardy will end support for 1.1.x series (assuming devs can get 2 done)01:04
asacline 32-34 is a bug of how we tar it up ... those can be removed before01:04
asacwhere are the symlinks created?01:04
Ubuletteby build01:04
asacwhy didn't i see that before?01:05
asacthere must be something crazy going on01:05
asac(maybe its a seamonkey hack though)01:05
Ubulettei've built just before cdbs for a few minutes, then aborted. ported to cdbs, then dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot01:05
asachmm ... better start with a clean source base01:06
Ubuletteunpack/clean seems ok, then source; kaboom01:06
asacthis looks too fucked up to be true ;)01:06
Ubulettei mean unpatch01:06
asacyeah ... maybe there was a dpatch that wasn't a diff, but a shell script that created those links?01:07
asacUbulette: yeah ... better start with a fresh orig :)01:08
asaci think it must be something like above01:08
asacok abort and clean01:11
asacand build again :)01:11
Ubulettefakeroot debian/rules clean01:11
Ubulettenot good. it just clean my stuff, not sources01:12
asachow did you hook in?01:13
Ubulettei've cleaned in my bzr tree -<8S01:14
asacmaybe the wrong place ;)01:15
Ubuletteok, nice unpatch + distclean01:15
Ubulettelet's see01:15
Ubulettesame problem01:17
asachmmm is make clean invoked?01:18
asacmaybe thats missing?01:18
asachmmm mikes package does distclean only as well01:18
asacok i have downloaded pristine 1.1.4-...01:19
asacnow trying01:19
asac1st. dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b01:20
asac2nd. fakeroot ./debian/rules clean01:20
asac3rd dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot01:20
asacits just a.out01:21
asacwhich is a left over of an aborted configure01:22
asacso this problem doesn't exist on pristine 1.1.401:22
Ubulettewell, I don't have much in clean, just clean:: with the branding stuff01:23
UbuletteI see distclean invoked01:24
Ubulettebut it wipe the makefiles out01:24
asacthats normal for distclean01:24
Ubulettebut there are tons of leftovers01:25
asachow long do you wait until you abort the build?01:25
Ubulettenot long01:25
Ubulettebut it was already building01:25
asacits not hte in pristine package then01:25
asacbut those .cpp files don't exist either01:26
Ubulettedist is already there01:26
asace.g. xpcom/glue/standalone/nsCOMPtr.cpp01:26
asacoh now i have it01:26
asacyeah and its a link01:26
asaclets see01:26
Ubulettei have 201:27
Ubuletteix:~/bzr/build-area/iceape-1.1.4$ find . -name nsCOMPtr.cpp -ls01:27
Ubulette8393920    8 -rw-r--r--   1 fta      fta          4926 Nov 24  2004 ./xpcom/glue/nsCOMPtr.cpp01:27
Ubulette8395334    0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 fta      fta            46 Oct 23 02:11 ./xpcom/glue/standalone/nsCOMPtr.cpp -> ../standalone/../../../xpcom/glue/nsCOMPtr.cpp01:27
Ubulette8395348    0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 fta      fta            38 Oct 23 02:11 ./xpcom/build/nsCOMPtr.cpp -> ../build/../../xpcom/glue/nsCOMPtr.cpp01:27
gnomefreakok its still building if im up ill check it a bit later if all is good ill install it and spin source (i have to make sure that the identification is correct (as mine still says 1.1.4 but i swear i installed 1.1.5 last night01:27
asacUbulette: i couldn't reproduce it01:29
asaceven though i stopped at a point where that link was setup01:29
asacmaybe you just hit a corner case01:29
Ubulettehold on, i'll push that and you tell me :)01:30
asacwhich branch?01:33
asaci don't have any for iceape here ;)01:33
asacbut still 1.1.4 orig?01:33
asacok its building01:38
asaclets wait a minute01:38
asacok now: ../build-area/iceape-1.1.4/xpcom/glue/standalone/nsCOMPtr.cpp is:01:38
asac../build-area/iceape-1.1.4/xpcom/glue/standalone/nsCOMPtr.cpp -> ../standalone/../../../xpcom/glue/nsCOMPtr.cpp01:38
asaci abort at this point01:38
asacnow clean01:39
Ubulettebtw, the crash that everybody is seeing with gtkmozemb could be caused by a missing --with-default-mozilla-five-home= in ff2,01:39
asacthen dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot01:39
asaci really missed that switch?01:39
Ubulettei haven't checked but now that I see it in iceape, it rings a bell01:40
Ubuletteso, does it work for you ?01:41
asacnot yet sure ... currently creating the diff.gz after clean01:41
asacyeah there are a bunch of links not removed01:42
Ubuletteso i'm not crazy01:42
Ubuletteany idea of what I did wrong ?01:42
asacthats strange ... there are even files in01:43
asacleft over01:43
asace.g. dist is not cleaned by distclean01:43
asaccreating diff.gz agaiun01:47
asaclets see01:47
asacat lesat distclean did something for me now01:49
asacwhat i find wierd is that patches are unapplied before distclean?01:49
asacthats the wrong order ... for sure01:50
Ubulettelook at the diff, it's wrong01:51
Ubulettetons of sources in there01:51
Ubulettei'm too tired. I'll see that tomorrow. if you have an idea, just write it here :)01:55
Ubulette'night all01:56
asacwill go to bed now as well01:56
shirishhey guys anybody up, esp. Ubulette?03:50
gnomefreaki really hate PPA08:22
gnomefreakseems that after every build that 8008:27
gnomefreak-system_libs patch changes (tells me uncommited changes go to commit and that patch is there) revert and clean-trree fixes this but why does it keep changing is what bothers me08:28
gnomefreakasac: grab it right from the branch please. it builds fine PPA is being a fucking shit head atm its not yet 4am and im not fucking with it now because dput wants to uplaod new tarball and LP guys are saying that i shouldnt be. dput doesnt have a flag for push all but tarball08:45
gnomefreakeither i change the name of tarball wait for them to add remove package or you grab it from branch maybe ill change name a bit (not sure how the fuck to change iceape_1.1.5.orig.tar.gz any other way08:52
asacgnomefreak: ok09:05
gnomefreaki think i found the old tarball09:07
gnomefreakim trying it atm09:07
gnomefreakthey really need to get the option to remove from PPA soon i would love to start clean09:07
gnomefreakthis should fix it all09:15
gnomefreakasac: ok fixed source was accepted09:22
gnomefreakok im gonna try to go back to sleep. iceape ppa2 should be on my PPA shortly (it was a accepted 10 minutes or so ago and Lp seems to be running slow anyway09:31
asacgnomefreak: ok i will try to remember to take a look in an hour or so09:38
gnomefreakwhat do you want me to do with hardy?>09:38
gnomefreaki updated branch for hardy changelog09:38
asacgnomefreak: lets talk about this after you got some sleep09:47
gnomefreakasac: ;)09:47
gnomefreakworking on it soon09:47
gnomefreakits 10 til 509:47
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gnomefreaki love when things just work out13:43
gnomefreakasac: about iceape 1.1.5 for gutsy i asked if needed a SRU and here is what i was told (not sure if you can bypass it or not)13:48
gnomefreakasac: 08:46 <          ScottK > gnomefreak: Yes.  That with the added provision that13:48
gnomefreak                          before the Hardy repos open you need a motu-uvf ack.13:48
asacgnomefreak: no ... it will be pushin this through security13:50
gnomefreakoh ok13:50
asacgnomefreak: i asked our security team and they say the procedure for security updates is the same as for main packages ... just that there aren't any advisories13:50
gnomefreakah ok wasnt sure if you got to them or not13:51
asacgnomefreak: can you post urls to your iceape dsc, diff.gz and orig please?14:43
asaci want to spin them for testing before going out to lunch14:44
gnomefreakasac: yes i can14:44
gnomefreakgive me  minute i think im low on mem for some reason14:45
gnomefreakjust wget them and your all set14:47
gnomefreakbinary 64 is built 386 hasnt started yet14:47
gnomefreakim out for a while need to run some errands14:48
ex__asac, is the extension blacklist feature being implemented by someone else?15:13
ex__i mean, that stuff warning you if you try installing an extension that is known to crash firefox on ubuntu15:14
=== ex__ is now known as exception
=== exception is now known as _ex_
asachmm ... gnomefreak when exception returns acn you tell him to stay online longer?15:53
asacwell  if you get a grib on him before me of course :)15:53
asacgnomefreak: +#82_prefs_ubuntu.dpatch .... thats bad16:04
asacthis should not be changed in a security upload16:04
asacgnomefreak: and document the CVEs in changelog ... not the MFSAs (well MFSAs are good to have, but not essential)16:05
asaci can do both now16:06
asacgnomefreak: hmmm ... you must base the security updates on the same package version that is currently in ... not on the latest you have prepared16:07
asace.g. you used 1.1.4-1ubuntu3 as a base, while currently in gutsy there is 1.1.4-1ubuntu216:07
* ThunderStruck plays spades while transfering mp3s17:29
asacThunderStruck: thats most likely illegal :)17:38
ThunderStruckeh might be17:38
ThunderStrucklimewire to windows windows to ubuntu17:39
ThunderStruckcant help it i love motorhead17:39
asacThunderStruck: limewire should be avail on linux as well ... its java17:40
ThunderStrucki never got it to work17:40
ThunderStruckonly tried frostwire and it was hard to set up iirc17:41
asacThunderStruck: for me limewire just worked17:41
ThunderStruckmaybe ill try limewire from ubuntu and see if its different17:42
gnomefreakasac: all i found were mfsa's one i did it as mike had done it and when i go to seamonkey page it gives mfsa's not cves but yes normally i would use cve's. why is the 82_prefs bad patch (and its not enabled anyway)17:48
asacgnomefreak: its enabled in gutsy version ... i don't know why, but ubuntu3 isn't in ubuntu17:48
asacprobably that was my failure17:49
gnomefreakasac: because you never pushed it17:49
gnomefreakand when i got to bluekuja about it it was too late17:49
asacoh right.17:49
gnomefreakubuntu3 i disabled the patch17:49
bluekujagnomefreak, which package?17:49
gnomefreakbecause i couldnt get it to apply17:49
asacyes, but that was never uploaded so it should not be disabled now in security update17:49
gnomefreakbluekuja: iceape ubuntu317:49
bluekujaah yeah17:50
asacgnomefreak: whatelse was in ubuntu3`17:50
asacwhy was it prepared at all?17:50
gnomefreakasac: removing the suggests on -calendar17:50
gnomefreakinstalling it suggested iceape-calendar but we no longer build bins for it17:51
gnomefreakthat was the reason for the upload to start with (the patch was just eh lets try it17:51
gnomefreakif you grabbed from my branch ubuntu3 was applied17:52
gnomefreaki cant help it didnt make it in gutsy all i can do is try17:53
gnomefreakok now how does this work17:53
asacgnomefreak: create a .gutsy branch ... start with the revision that was the last upload (ubuntu2)18:06
asacis the branch in code.lp.net/~mozillateam ?18:06
gnomefreakwhy not just remove ubuntu 3 and combine them into 1.1.518:06
gnomefreakasac: no i use personal branch for iceape18:06
bluekujaasac: small question18:06
bluekujaasac: -v variable should be used with latest ubuntu version right?18:07
asacwith the last version uploaded18:07
bluekujafrom Ubuntu18:07
bluekujaof course18:07
asacall versions > $version will be included in .changes18:07
bluekujaevery debian revision will be in18:07
bluekujasince the latest ubuntu one18:08
bluekujaasac: only problem18:10
gnomefreak00list has #82_prefs_ubuntu.dpatch so it is disabled (not sure why yours is enabled) and if you look in control -calendar is gone from iceape suggests) just combine the 2 changelog entries should be all that is needed (do you want me to fix this in branch (seeing as ubuntu3 isnt gonna get uploaded)18:10
bluekujais that changes add Closes:18:10
bluekujato the changes18:10
bluekujafrom debian BT18:10
bluekujaI guess it doesnt matter18:10
bluekujaas far as we use launchpad18:10
bluekujaand Closes-LP: feature18:11
bluekujanot Closes: itself18:11
bluekuja(in .changes)18:11
asacgnomefreak: create a new branch called ...gutsy ... and start with latest revision uploaded18:11
gnomefreaklatest gutsy revision of 1.1.418:11
asacotherwise we will face the same problem again18:12
asacon next security upload ... e.g. you don't have a branch to work on18:12
* gnomefreak not seeing a problem18:12
gnomefreaksure i do 1.1.518:12
gnomefreak1.1.4 is gone 1.1.5 is replacing it so whats the problem?18:12
asacthe problem is that there are changes in that are not security related18:13
gnomefreakwhen 1.1.6 release i can work off of 1.1.5 since they are going in to gutsy as 1.1.5 1.1.618:13
asacjust branch of your iceape branch from revision 9118:13
asacthen replay the revisions 95, 96 and 97 on top of that18:13
asacand push to ubuntu-1.1.x.gutsy18:13
asacthe ubuntu-1.1.x branch will be used for hardy ... while the .gutsy will only get changes to security updates18:14
gnomefreakwhat about revisions 92-9418:14
asacthose are hardy only18:14
asacwe don't want them in gutsy18:15
asacbecause they are not in gutsy now18:15
gnomefreakah ok18:15
gnomefreaki see it18:15
asacwhich is what i am talking about the whole time18:15
asacif you can't do it i can do it tomorrow18:16
asacnow i have to go18:16
* asac runs18:16
gnomefreaki know but it doesnt make much sense to leave them out since they are needed regaurdless if security or not. so what you are saying is under gutsy we can not do anything un security related at all?18:16
gnomefreakyou do know im sick of this autoconf shit right?18:17
gnomefreakasac: where are CVE's llisted for releases?18:33
gnomefreakand im still disabling the patch since it doesnt apply correctly but gonna try first18:34
gnomefreakhttp://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/known-vulnerabilities.html#seamonkey1.1.5 is all i find18:35
gnomefreakoh looks like cves are part of mfsa18:36
gnomefreakthat makes life a bitch18:36
Ubuletteasac, what did the fix for iceape ? the flip or the dual clean ?19:14
Ubulettebtw, you committed on top of my fake that i wanted to drop :S19:15
gnomefreakasac: ill finish and push new branch maybe later tonight or tomorrow, i just got bad news about a friend and im going to head to hospital to be with  her rest of afternoon (maybe tonight if she needs/wants me there.19:37
bluekujagnomefreak, I hope everything will be ok19:47
bluekujafor her19:47
bluekujatake care19:48
gnomefreakasac: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~gnomefreak/iceape/ubuntu-1.1.x.gutsy  i did it sinc ei had to wait for someone. its pushed let me know if you need me to push to ppa, if you grab tarball from ppa and use branch you should be good. later everyone20:14
Jazzvaasac: Just to inform you (as my mentor) that I'll do that apturl feature request. I talked with mvo an hour ago and he agreed with that.20:16
asacJazzva: apturl?21:08
asacUbulette: i think it was the dual clean ... the flip just made the unpatch happen after clean/distclean ... which we want both21:09
Ubulettestrange as I used the same order in xul21:09
Jazzvaasac: Yes, someone reported a bug 154593... It's actually a request for feature. I talked with mvo, asked him if he was planning of adding that to apturl and then I offered to do that :).21:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 154593 in ubuntu "apt:// protocol, bug with multiple programs" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15459321:10
JazzvaThat would let you install multiple packages with syntac "apt:pkg1,pkg2,pkg3,..."21:10
JazzvaThe only way to do that atm is using "apt:pkg1;apt:pkg2;..."21:12
Jazzvaasac: You asked a day or two ago what should mozillateam do for hardy. I remembered there is one player, that is built using xul. (though, it's not like there aren't enough players already.21:16
JazzvaIt's name is Songbird, info about it can be found on www.songbirdnest.com21:16
JazzvaIt looks a bit like iTunes...21:16
JazzvaAnd the only thing that might make it bad is that it's still in development, I think that current version 0.3pre2 or something like that21:17
Ubulettei wanted to do that one for a while, but it still seems to be based on xul1.821:17
JazzvaUbulette: Hmm, I don't know... haven't checked :).21:18
Ubulettemaybe we could do a xul-1.8 in par with xul-1.9 for all those projects still using ff2-dev and not ready for xul1.9/ff321:19
Ubuletteand drop the old/weird xul21:19
JazzvaAnd I read today that Instantbird (xul-based IM client) is developing. I think it's using xul-1.9.21:20
Ubulettethis one is maybe really too young21:20
JazzvaIt is...21:20
JazzvaI checked it out, it doesn't have most of the stuff it should have. I couldn't even turn off the notification sounds (or maybe I'm just too blind and missed it :))21:21
Jazzvabrb, smoke21:22
Ubulettea xul-app for LP would be a nice thing to have21:22
Ubuletteasac wanted to do that21:22
Ubulettei did a webapp for lp, not convincing as LP is not designed to be used as a webapp (unlike most google apps)21:23
Ubuletteso a xul-app using LP api could be good21:23
JazzvaHmm... that sounds interesting :). So, the point is to use LP from a program? (if I understood correctly)21:29
JazzvaUbulette, in case you missed: Hmm... that sounds interesting :). So, the point is to use LP from a program? (if I understood correctly)21:39
Ubulette_did you try webrunner ?21:40
JazzvaHmm... that could be nice. Especially if it's organized in a good way :).21:40
JazzvaNo. Where can I try it?21:40
Ubulette_in my repo21:40
Ubulette_i mean ppa21:40
Ubulette_the freshest is there21:41
Ubulette_ /~fta21:41
JazzvaOk, I'll check it out :)21:41
Ubulette_there are some google apps ready21:41
Ubulette_i really like the google reader one21:41
Ubulette_(ie webapp)21:42
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=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
asacsorry i am now back22:08
asacJazzva: still there?22:08
Jazzvaasac: Yep...22:08
JazzvaWelcome back :)22:08
JazzvaA friend recently switched to Ubuntu... Now I'm helping her to get used to it :).22:09
asacso do you need advice for the apturl feature?22:09
JazzvaWell, not at the moment. I took a look at the code and I don't think it will be hard to implement. I'll try to do it tomorrow and I'll ask for help if I bump into a problem, if that's alright :)...22:10
Ubuletteasac, i think I've found the problem with iceape22:16
Ubulettefor the clean rules22:16
Ubulette1st, the tarball is rotten22:16
Ubulette2nd, debian/patches/60_distclean.patch is incomplete22:16
asacUbulette: he? it works now, doesn't it?22:17
Ubulettewith the double clean yes but I don't like it, it's artificial22:18
asachmm ... for me just distclean never worked22:18
asacactually ... try to just do the flip22:18
asacshould at least bring you to the state that mike's iceape package has22:19
asacwithout the flip the distclean patch is unapplied before distclean is run ... so the distclean patch isn't used22:19
Ubulettedistclean is only missing the top level, so just dist/22:19
Ubulettedid you read above ?22:19
asachow far above?22:20
asaci read that you don't like double clean ;)22:20
Ubulette1h ago22:21
asacsame order for xul?22:21
Ubuletteyes + rotten tarball22:22
asacwell ... even if it works ... its wrong ... it only works for the embedded tarball layout, because it doesn't matter as in the end it just rm -rf build-tree22:22
Ubulettexul is not embedded22:22
asacUbulette: yes ... but you probably don't apply a distclean patch :)22:22
Ubulettehm, no22:23
asacthe order doesn't matter ... but do you see how its wrong to unpatch _before_ clean/distclean?22:24
asac(doesn't matter if the patches don't touch the clean/distclean targets)22:25
Ubulettei do22:25
Ubulettewell, even flipped, dist is not wiped out22:26
Ubuletteit is with make clean, not make distclean22:26
asacyeah ... thats a bug then22:26
Ubulettebut it should22:26
asacactually distclean should run clean first22:26
asacbut it never did that for mozilla build systems ... which is why i always wonder why mike tries to go back to just use distclean.22:27
Ubulettenot here, distclean is enough as it uses the same GARBAGE_FILES & GABAGE_DIRS22:27
asac(without fixing it)22:27
asacthen why isn't dist removed?22:29
asacis that a manula rm -rf instead of garbage_dirs ?22:29
Ubulettei think i'm loosing my time with this dead beast. I'd better start from scratch with seamonkey222:30
asacwhats the problem?22:31
asacwhat doesn't work?22:31
Ubulettefixing that for nothing as it is obviously fixed upstream22:31
asacif its fixed upstream then ignore the current clean glitch ... the package builds ... move ahead from there22:31
Ubulettewell, removing the unbranding is another big/useless task22:32
asaci can do that22:32
asacits just dropping the patches and the installs/copies from rules22:32
asac(and in turn using a pristine upstream tarball)22:33
Ubulette+ the iceape patches22:33
asac"just dropping the patches"22:33
asacok let me wait till this thing is extracted22:34
Ubulette(i've uncommitted)22:34
Ubuletteok, found it22:35
Ubulettethe missing clean22:36
asacwhy do you uncommit to not leave a trail?22:37
asacso will you do the unbranding now or what?22:38
Ubulettebecause yesterday I pushed a fake commit just to show you22:38
Ubuletteand you built on top (:22:38
Ubulettewhat do we do about the tarball ? it's dirty22:41
Ubulettemaybe just ignore as it's too late?22:41
asackeep it that way ... the dirtiness (e.g. AddressBook et al) has always been there22:41
asacor which files do you mean?22:42
asacthe .o .mm files, right?22:42
asacthe ones that spit out warnings on diff creation22:42
asacyeah just ignore them ... if its still dirty on trunk we should bug upstream to remove them22:44
Ubulettegood, clean worked twice in a row22:44
asac \o/22:44
asacso did you fix the distclean patch?22:44
Ubulette_asac, are you working on ff 2009 ?22:57
Ubulette_read something about it this morning22:58
Ubulette_more fixes22:58
Ubulette_security iirc22:58
asacthere is nothing about it on the security list .... so no idea where that news comes from22:59
Ubulette_so pretty public ;)23:00
Ubulette_ok, regression23:00
Ubulette_only some23:01
asacmozilla bug 39669523:01
ubotuMozilla bug 396695 in Extension/Theme Manager "add-ons go into "needs to restart" loop commonly after a firefox update" [Major,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39669523:02
asacmozilla bug 40042123:02
ubotuMozilla bug 400421 in Layout "Removing AREA element makes the image disappear" [Major,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40042123:02
asacmozilla bug 40073523:02
ubotuMozilla bug 400735 in XBL "New startup crash [@ nsXBLBinding::AllowScripts]" [Critical,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40073523:02
asacmozilla bug 40040623:02
ubotuMozilla bug 400406 in Layout "Layout badly broken in, CSS issue with floats or negative margins or display property..." [Major,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=40040623:02
Ubulette_enjoy :)23:02
asacwell only the last is claimed to be fixed23:09
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
Ubuletteasac, why did mike remove MPL ?23:23
asacI assume because debian distributes it under GPL ... and MPL is considered non-free23:28
UbuletteLicense for iceape_icon.svg and iceape_logo.svg artworks.23:32
UbuletteVersion: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.123:32
Ubulettethat's crazy23:32
asaci remember that i asked the artist to tri-license it23:33
Ubulettebut the MPL file has been removed23:34
asacyeah ... thats not a problem23:34
asacall upstream source files are still MPL23:34
Ubulette(debian/control of iceape 1.1.5 still mention calendar)23:37
Ubulettewell, I guess23:37
asacdebian version? ... yes23:44
asacmike thinks its a good idea to keep an empty package23:44
asaci already discussed that with him23:44
asacbut he stayed firm and says that he wants to keep the empty package for the unlikely event that he can resurrect it23:44
Ubulettein 1.1.4, calendar commented out so not even empty, but iceape description mention it23:47
asacwhere? in debian or here?23:48
Ubulette a Calendar (Iceape Calendar) (not officially in the suite)23:54
Ubulettein iceape-runner too23:57

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