tazgodxpigs will have wings in the next version?00:03
tazgodxyou have no idea what thats gonna do for my love life!00:04
tgm4883_laptopwoohoo, we've been made popular00:04
tazgodxsomeone going to answer that last guys question on there about the live cd?00:06
tazgodx95 diggs...wow00:13
MythbuntuGuest29anyone home?00:15
tgm4883_laptoplittle crysis right now00:15
=== MythbuntuGuest29 is now known as redsix
tgm4883_laptopwhats up00:15
tafkazhm....what is the root-password....doesnt take the sudo passwort !00:15
tgm4883_laptopit should be whatever you sent for the first user00:15
tafkazno its not...00:15
redsixif i wanted to upgrade or reinstall Mythbuntu and keep my recorded programs, what part of the db do i need to export, just the recorded table?00:16
tgm4883_laptopok give us a minute, we have to deal with something00:16
tafkazno prob....seen your website has some probs00:16
redsixI tried the entire db, but that caused some issues, although my recorded shows were there, it broke som eother functions...00:17
redsixwould just the recorded table work?00:18
superm1tafkaz, okay no root password on ubuntu distros00:23
superm1use sudo00:23
tafkazsuperm1, i know...00:26
tafkazthe problem was that the keyboard at in xfce is still us00:27
tafkazwhich is odd cause in the terminal it is right....german00:27
tafkazso whenever i typed in the users sudo password i mispelled it without knowing that00:27
tafkazbut...now that i found out i can go on configuring ! ;-)00:28
redsixhi superm100:28
superm1tafkaz, that's really odd00:28
superm1i'm surprised laga didn't catch it00:28
superm1hi redsix00:28
tafkazwell....just in case your planning to release some bug fix...:-)00:29
superm1frink_, your box is holding up it would appear :)00:29
superm1tafkaz, can you file a bug after things calm down?00:29
tafkazwell later yes....00:29
tafkazbut now we re all busy arent we ? :-)00:30
redsixsuperm1, if i wanted to reload then restore my recordings, do i need the entire db or just the recorded table?00:30
superm1redsix, well that depends on if you want old recording lists too00:30
* directhex needs to magic an extra 500 words from somewhere for his article00:30
redsixnom just whats on the 2nd hd as recorded shows00:30
redsixsuperm1, what does old recordoing lists provide? re-record info?00:31
tazgodxcan't you just copy over the actuall recorded shows, and not mess with the DB?00:31
superm1redsix, yeah00:31
redsixdont reallt need that, it will just re-record some stuff right?00:31
redsixsuperm1, you ever used knoppmyth?00:34
superm1redsix, i tried to install it in a vm once00:35
superm1but it never worked00:35
redsixsuperm1, was curious if adding the restart and shutdown menu items to mythbuntu would be hard, like in a "Power" menu item as options00:35
superm1redsix, its one of our specs for hardy00:36
superm1just wasn't addressed for 7.1000:36
pdragondefinitely like the new mythbuntu theme. thanks to whoever did that up :)00:36
superm1pdragon, juski did :)00:36
superm1its based off his old "free" blootube00:36
redsixsuperm1, do you know if there are any plans for ReplayTV support?00:36
superm1redsix, not that i know of right now00:37
superm1if you want to write a spec for it though00:37
superm1go for it00:37
pdragonmythbot on vacation?00:37
superm1pdragon, mythbot never seems to stay alive00:38
* superm1 glares at therethinker 00:39
redsixsuperm1, i just reinstalled and now it seems like the backend isn;t starting automatically, any clues?00:46
superm1redsix, check /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log00:46
superm1likely permissions00:47
tazgodxwhat key changes what tuner i am curently watching?01:03
directhexY i think01:04
tazgodxim having a weird problem here, not sure whats to blame for it either01:43
tazgodxbut when i watch TV with a PIP and switch, the screen i was watching rewinds all the way to the beginning where i started watching it01:44
tazgodxof course you could blame this on my ever dieing HDD and ill believe it :)01:45
tgm4883PIP works?01:47
* tgm4883 hasn't tried it in ages01:48
tazgodxwell it works in the sense that i can watch another screen. jsut switching between during commercials is useless01:48
tgm4883what are these commercials you speak of?01:49
tazgodxyou know those annoying things you are forced to watch durring live tv....01:49
tgm4883live tv, im drawing a blank01:49
tazgodxdo you seriously not watch live tv?01:50
tgm4883no point :)01:50
superm1live tv?01:50
tazgodxlive sporting events01:50
superm1i dont watch sports personally01:50
superm1so no01:50
tazgodxsports is not the same recorded01:50
tgm4883sports is way better recorded01:51
tazgodxwell im watching chuck, and trying to switch to Monday night football during the commercials, but everytime i switch my PIP it goes all the way back to the beginning of chuck01:52
tazgodxno way, if i waited to watch sports they would be spoiled for me. my friends would ruin everything01:52
tgm4883tazgodx, thats why you only wait about 45 minutes01:52
tgm4883then start watching01:52
tazgodxand chuck and heroes, my friend watches, and sends me texts wanting to discuss parts with me01:53
tazgodxduring the show, so if i don't watch it live, that is also spoiled for me01:53
tgm4883heh, I haven't tried PIP since MajorIdiot told me it didn't work01:53
tgm4883at that was at the begining of feisty01:53
tazgodxwell, besides that one problem, it looks like it works for me01:56
tgm4883i've seeded 7GB in an hour01:56
tazgodxmy u/l speed SUCKS i couldn't do that01:56
tgm4883now if i could just find a good benchmark for my Hard drive01:57
tgm4883i'm using my school's connection01:57
tgm4883I had to remote desktop in to do that01:57
tazgodxi want to get a better connection to do that01:58
tgm4883did you digg it?02:00
foxbuntutgm4883 yes I did02:01
tgm4883it's hard to tell02:01
foxbuntuI see your back to being the Digg slut tonight02:01
tgm4883not anymore02:01
tgm4883just to you02:01
tgm4883no need to :)02:01
foxbuntuholy crap02:01
foxbuntuis our server dead yet?02:01
foxbuntuthats awesome02:01
tgm4883our server is holding up very well02:02
tgm4883except for a small hiccup02:02
tgm4883that was our own fault02:02
foxbuntuwant to know something really awesome?02:02
tgm4883whats that?02:02
foxbuntuI am like weeks away from filling my papers of Incoroporation02:03
foxbuntuand we are going to smash our traffic records tonight02:04
foxbuntu1991 right now02:04
tgm4883already beat some02:04
foxbuntuwild stuff02:04
tgm4883i think we beat the ISO d/l before we hit popular on digg02:04
foxbuntuand hopefully tonight my stupid truck will be fixed02:04
foxbuntuso its been a great day02:05
foxbuntuwow almost a 50% dl rate today02:05
foxbuntuthats impressive02:05
tgm4883torrents are running great too02:06
tgm4883arg we still don't have updated stats for most things :(02:07
tgm4883only through 4:00 CST02:08
foxbuntuCentral Std Time02:08
tgm4883is that what is short for Central Time?02:08
tgm4883Wanted to be sure02:08
foxbuntuit think its that becuase I setup the acct02:08
foxbuntu 55,411 total visiting since 9/1002:08
foxbuntu222,203 page views02:09
tgm4883200 more diggs to make the top 10 in tech02:09
foxbuntuand its only been there like 8 hours02:09
foxbuntutgm4883...uh you may want to look at the updated visitor numbers02:14
foxbuntuit just updated02:14
tgm4883I just saw that02:14
* tgm4883 jaw drops02:14
foxbuntuwe destroyed the records02:14
* foxbuntu drools02:15
tgm4883look at the d/l02:15
foxbuntumine hasn't updated02:16
foxbuntustill...holy crap02:16
foxbuntualmost 6000 visitor tonight alone02:17
foxbuntuthats insane02:17
foxbuntuand we added 6 countries02:17
tgm4883foxbuntu, join -dev02:17
tgm4883we're looking over it in there02:18
=== MythbuntuGuest21 is now known as stevetv
stevetvhello :) ... has something clever happened to the mythbuntu website and the forum?02:39
tgm4883like what?02:39
superm1stevetv, clever?02:40
stevetverr.. well tgm i noticed you updated the mythbuntu page.. now it doesnt seem to fit on one page.. like the support button is on a different line.02:40
tgm4883if you're talking about the sweet new look then yes02:41
tgm4883looks alright to me02:41
superm1depends on the font that you have set for your web browser02:41
tgm4883whats clever about the forums?02:41
stevetvand the forum seems way different.. wish i could post a frame grab.  but there is a whole bunch of blue hyperlinks on the top of each page02:42
stevetvmaybe its just me.. cause the mythtv wiki seems screwy also..02:42
tgm4883i wish you could too02:43
tgm4883because nothing was changed on the forum02:43
tgm4883does www.ubuntuforums.org look the same02:43
stevetvits looks the same as the mythbuntu forum yes.. different to what it used to yes.. it must be my isp .. maybe theyre caching things differnet..02:44
superm1that is how they look for me02:44
tgm4883must be the sweetness of mythbuntu release02:45
tgm4883Mythbuntu - too powerful for the internet02:45
tgm4883only 223 people online right now02:45
stevetvlol.. well its very different for me.. must be my isp.  the bastards..02:46
superm1tgm4883, remember everything on the website is 15 minutes delayed now02:46
superm1due to caching02:46
superm1stevetv, try restarting your web browser?02:46
stevetvwait.. ill upload a screen shot.. just to applore that im not retarded..02:47
stevetvyup... done that.. i think ive got isp issues somehow02:47
stevetvnaa... im not clever enough to upload a screenshot.  im sure its just my isp..02:52
stevetvits not important anyway.. sorry to bother02:52
stevetvha .. works a treat using ms explorer.. my firefox settings must be screwy.02:54
stevetvanyway.. tgm / superm1 .. im working on a script to automagically setup xmltv for australian users02:56
superm1stevetv, cool!02:56
superm1stevetv, that's be a great thing to include for 8.04 and put on the forums for people to use on 7.1002:57
stevetvi can write.. pretty much.. the script to run as a post install executable..02:57
superm1stevetv, what language?02:58
stevetvit just needs polishing.. but ill post it on the forum once its reasonable.. im not much of a programer02:58
stevetvits python02:58
superm1stevetv, well if you abstract it well enough, perhaps it can grow into a generalized script02:59
superm1for people to use02:59
superm1and then eventually add on pyGTK gui to possibly02:59
stevetvyes that was my hope02:59
stevetvim not entirely sure.. possibly it could be improved to apply to other tv_grab_xx as well ..02:59
superm1yeah it can then become *the way* to setup xmltv :)02:59
stevetvactually.. i won't bother asking you guys much.. the forums a good place for it so someone better than i can polish it up03:01
superm1stevetv, well if we rowl up some more python guys this friday03:04
superm1that can be something they might want to take up03:04
superm1can you right a spec for it?03:04
stevetvyeah .. im just about to get on a plane do fly to brisbane tho.  I'm away till next wednesday.03:08
stevetvI'm just post what i have on the forum next week ... i used it already.. it works fine.. ill leave it to someone with more than my over so slight skill to make it more user friendly03:09
superm1stevetv, okay sounds good03:10
stevetvcurrently.. each user will need to modify the script to reprent their location of the .xmltv file .. so mine is /home/steve/.mythtv/"$SOURCENAME'.xmltv .. i can't figure out a way to automate that .. but im sure it's possible03:13
stevetvanyway... i wont waste your time.. have fun.  im on holidays as of now so i don't care about anything.. enjoy03:14
tritiumsuperm1: how was your test today?04:16
superm1tritium, less than optimal actually.04:16
tritiumoh, sorry to hear that.  How about your interview?  Or is that later this week?04:16
superm1tritium, that went pretty good.04:16
tritiumThe mythbuntu intsallation went very well for me with the alt key allowing me to re-position the ubiquity windows :)04:17
superm1tritium, there was a bug filed today about making ubiquity work on low res displays04:17
superm1so hopefully that ends up happening04:17
superm1so you dont need to do things like that04:17
tritiumcool, did you file that?04:17
superm1but great that it worked04:17
tritiumYeah, thanks again :)04:18
superm1no someone else did.  i get all the ubiquity bug mail04:18
superm1so i saw it fly by04:18
superm1bug 15510704:18
superm1if you want to subscribe to it04:18
* superm1 kicks ubotu 04:18
tritiumOnly annoyance now is the slight overscan problem I have.04:19
superm1that can be adjusted in nvidia-settings in mcc04:19
tritiumAnd I still need to enable XvMC04:19
tritiumI'll work on that, but I've been unable to correct it to date.04:20
tritiumI'm thinking about installing the mail server task on the box...04:36
superm1tritium, i like that as an idea04:38
superm1like something that can email you when things go astray?04:38
tritiumThat's one idea, but mainly because all of my current email accounts are either forward-only, or webmail-only accounts.04:39
tritiumI want to run my own server so I can use a mail client like evolution.04:39
superm1ah yeah04:40
tritiumI have dyndns, so I believe I can do it.04:41
=== MythbuntuGuest63 is now known as DrtyVicar
DrtyVicarhello? can anyone paste the MD5?  I was able to download the ISO but cant get the md5 to verify it.05:04
DrtyVicarsorry, the md5 for mythbuntu-7.10-i386.iso05:04
MitoTraninthe md5 files should be posted on the website05:05
DrtyVicaris a download link for some reason & apparently it's now swamped...05:05
DrtyVicaryes it SHOULD be posted as text...05:05
MitoTraninit's impossible to be swamped... there's a pool of almost a dozen mirrors05:07
DrtyVicardid you bother to click on that? I get a blank tab & no test or download... still...05:07
MitoTraninanyways, here's the text of the md5 file that I got when I clicked the link I just posted...05:07
MitoTranin4608c04122a65d828c3417f330e3eee0  mythbuntu-7.10-i386.iso05:07
MitoTraninyes I actually gave you the link, then clicked on it05:07
MitoTranincan you tell me what mirror you're getting those errors from?05:07
DrtyVicarwierd I get nothing...   been like that since 9:3005:07
MitoTraninwhat mirror is it trying?05:08
MitoTraninwhen you click on the link, what is the location it tries to grab it from?05:08
DrtyVicarI cant tell. i just a blank tab with the address of http://www.mythbuntu.org/download/?file=mythbuntu-7.10-i386.iso.md5sum05:08
DrtyVicarIt might be this stupid windows machine...05:09
MitoTranincan you do a shift+refresh of the main download page, and then try again?05:09
DrtyVicarsure  brb05:09
* MitoTranin is using a windows machine, using firefox05:09
DrtyVicarme too but this one is ready for reinstallation...05:09
tgm4883DrtyVicar, where are you located?05:11
tgm4883do you happen to know which mirror it was trying to d/l from?05:11
DrtyVicarok I tried that IE too and disabling my firewall to boot no joy05:11
DrtyVicarhow could i tell?05:12
tgm4883it would be in the address bar05:12
tgm4883looks something like this05:12
tgm4883it would be the05:12
tgm4883us-az part05:12
DrtyVicarhttp://www.mythbuntu.org/download/?file=mythbuntu-7.10-i386.iso.md5sum is all it says05:12
tgm4883and a little download box doesn't pop up?05:13
DrtyVicarit's opening in a new tab  no no box,05:13
DrtyVicari got the ISO ok05:13
DrtyVicari should probally reboot & try again05:13
DrtyVicarthis pos if getting pretty flaky05:14
DrtyVicarif = is05:14
tgm4883ok, let me know if it persists05:14
tgm4883I can't get it to duplicate here05:14
DrtyVicargood news is that the md5 is a match, Thanks!05:15
tritiumI'll be darned if I can't get vnc or a remote myth frontend to work!05:15
MitoTranintritium: did you static the IP after enabling those options?05:16
tritiumMitoTranin: yes05:16
DrtyVicarthaks 4 the help! I have to go play now <grins>05:16
MitoTraninit's a bug that I found, and reported, that if you static the IP after making those options, then they no longer work05:16
tritiumMitoTranin: did you find a work-around?05:17
MitoTraninI had to do a reformat anyways for a different reason, so I didn't really work on it too much05:17
MitoTraninand when I reformatted, the first thing I did was static the IP05:17
MitoTraninthen after that, I enabled the others, and it worked like a charm05:17
MitoTraninas for the vnc I would suggest just disabling it and then re-enabling it05:18
tritiumShoot, I'm too far along to reinstall.05:18
tritiumDid you try disabling/enabling in MCC?05:18
MitoTraninI did, and it didn't work, but there were many other problems that I was having that could have had effect05:19
MitoTraninthat, and it was the beta, not release05:19
MitoTraninso bugs have been fixed, etc05:19
tritiumI'm working with the reelase.05:19
MitoTraninso I would definitely try it05:19
tritiumI guess I will.05:19
tritiumDisabling the MySQL service seems to have hung on "Configuring MySQL tweaks"...05:22
MitoTranintgm4883: any ideas?05:24
superm1tritium, hm that's not good.05:25
superm1tritium, did apport catch it?05:26
superm1or is it just sitting there05:26
tritiumsuperm1: apport?05:26
superm1crash reporting service05:26
tritiumI Ctrl-Ced it.  Now I can't re-enable MySQL05:26
tritiumNo, it didn't.05:26
superm1tritium, can you launch it from a command line?05:26
tritiumMCC?  yes05:26
superm1like that05:26
superm1sudo /usr/share/mythbuntu-control-centre/bin/mythbuntu-control-centre05:27
tritiumone sec...05:27
superm1hopefully catch a backtrace05:27
tritiumMySQL Server Information is all greyed out now on the MythTV Configuration tab.05:28
superm1is it still a master backend role?05:28
superm1oh not there.05:28
superm1the services tab05:28
tritiumPrimary Backend yes05:28
tritiumMySQL Service is greyed out on that tab.05:29
superm1well that's really odd.05:29
tritiumCan't do anything to that control.05:29
superm1can you check and make sure that mysql-server is still installed?05:29
superm1i wonder what you did to get it into this weird state05:29
tritiumNo, I saw it being uninstalled when I disabled it.05:29
tritiumJust like vnc-server was uninstalled when I disabled that.05:29
tritiummysql-server-5.0 is installed05:30
superm1but not mysql-server05:30
superm1install mysql-server05:30
tritiumbut not mysql-server05:30
superm1what did you disable to cause it to be removed?05:30
tritiumMySQL Service on the System Services tab05:31
superm1wow that's very odd05:31
tritiumI thought so too, as was the removal of the vnc server package on disabling that.05:31
superm1well you probably should have just "reconfigured" it05:31
superm1not disabled it05:32
tritiumOkay, had to quit/restart MCC, but it's there now.05:32
tritiumreconfiguring didn't work, though05:32
tritiumStill can't VNC to box.05:32
superm1it didn't?05:32
superm1you restarted X05:32
superm1after reconfiguring it?05:32
superm1well that's it05:32
tritiumDidn't know to.05:32
superm1it starts the vnc server as an X module05:32
tritiumI see.05:32
superm1i guess that needs to be indicated05:32
tritiumSo, "MySQL Server Information" is still grayed out.05:33
superm1can you file a bug against MCC that a message telling you to restart needs to be put in place for multiple areas05:33
tritiumWhat other areas?05:33
superm1well there are other similar situations05:34
tritiumI can, but I'm only aware of the vnc case.05:34
superm1i anticipate05:34
superm1like changing autologin05:34
superm1or the autologin user05:34
tritiumOkay.  Now, should the mysql info be greyed out on the mythtv config tab?05:34
superm1is mythtv-database installed still?05:35
superm1woah yuck i just tested that on my system.  that is bad that you can remove the mysql server so easily05:36
tritiumHow did you test?05:36
superm1installed a master backend role05:36
superm1and then enabled the mysql service05:36
superm1can you file a bug about that too actually?05:37
superm1that disabling "MySQL service shouldn't remove mysql-server"05:37
superm1now the thing is after changing that setting, it doesn't restart mysqld05:37
superm1so it odesnt take effect until you restart mysql or restart the comp05:37
superm1which is probably why it seemed like it wasn't working05:38
superm1(Another item that needs to be addressed)05:38
tritiumI've tried "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database", which failed the first time.05:38
tritiumI then "sudo invoke-rc.d mysql restart", and then retried the above, which appeared to work.05:39
tritiumstill greyed out in mcc, though05:39
superm1well the only code that ungreys that checks to make sure "mysql-server" and "mythtv-database"05:40
superm1are installed05:40
superm1note that's mysql-server05:40
superm1not mysql-server-5.005:40
tritium(which I reinstalled)05:40
tritiumii  mysql-server                               5.0.45-1ubuntu3                      MySQL database server (meta package dependin05:41
tritiumii  mysql-server-5.0                           5.0.45-1ubuntu3                      MySQL database server binaries05:41
superm1what aobut this05:41
superm1are you missing a file /etc/mysql/conf.d/mythtv.cnf?05:41
tritiumand I just checked -- mythweb tells me database access denied05:43
superm1wow. how did things get so broke?05:43
tritiumsimply by disabling MySQL server.05:43
tritiumNothing more.05:43
superm1that's crazyness :)05:44
tritiumAnd I did that because mythfrontend wasn't working (both from ubuntu-desktop install, and mythbuntu livecd)05:44
MitoTraninsuperm1: now that he mentions all this, this happened to me to with the beta05:44
superm1because mysqld hadn't been restarted05:44
MitoTraninand I reported it etc05:44
superm1MitoTranin, you reported this exact issue?05:44
superm1i thought we had resolved issues you reported05:44
superm1lets see05:44
superm1MitoTranin, do you have a bug number?05:44
tritiumMitoTranin mentioned these problems occur if you change your IP to static after install.05:44
MitoTraninit all was caused when I changed my IP from dhcp to static after enabling such things05:45
superm1well because mysqld needs to be restarted05:45
tritiumbecause of my overscan, I couldn't even see the network-manager applet, so I didn't think to config network at that time05:45
MitoTraninvnc didn't work, and I couldn't get anything remote (such as remote frontend or mythweb) to work05:45
tritiummythweb had worked prior to this mess05:45
MitoTraninbut mythweb worked fine when browsed by the local machine05:45
MitoTraninsuperm1: I'll look to see if I can find the bug number05:46
tritiumcheck your launchpad page, MitoTranin ?05:46
superm1MitoTranin, that shows all the bugs you had reported05:46
MitoTraninyou know, I remember now05:47
MitoTraninI went to put this bug report in, then talked about it in the chan first, and ended up reporting bug 15038905:48
tritiumMitoTranin: so, you have to set the IP static while running the LiveCD before you launch the installer?05:48
MitoTraninas the solution, but it didn't say the reason...05:48
MitoTraninsilly/stupid me05:48
MitoTraninbut we did talk about it in the channel a lot05:48
MitoTranintritium: no, I installed the system, rebooted into the main system, and then the first thing I did was exit the frontend that auto-started up and then staticed the IP05:49
MitoTraninrebooted, then continued from there05:49
MitoTranin(well, that's what I ended up having to do to solve the issue)05:49
tritiumBut you setup mysql root password, etc. during install05:49
* tritium thinks this calls for a reinstall05:49
MitoTranintritium: sorry, if I had remembered that this was the result of disabling it, I really would have tried to stop you from doing it :)05:50
superm1well i knew if there was anything that would screw up with release it would be something mysql server related.05:50
MitoTraninbut I didn't remember that this was the result of that05:50
tritiumMitoTranin: :)05:50
tritiumsuperm1: do you want me to create an account for you on my machine to do some detective work?05:51
MitoTraninsuperm1: that's why I made that bug/suggestion about the static IP though, as an avoidance of this05:51
superm1tritium, MitoTranin well please get all this into bugs :)05:51
tritiumOr shall I reinstall?05:51
superm1tritium, actually yeah can you do that quickly05:51
tritiumone sec05:51
superm1i'd like to poke really quick05:51
MitoTraninI'll report the bug now05:51
superm1MitoTranin, unfortunately setting up static before hand is a bit troublesome to put into the installer :(05:51
superm1thanks guys :)05:51
MitoTranintritium: I just remembered05:53
tritiumMitoTranin: what?05:53
MitoTraninor rather, though05:53
MitoTraninwhen I installed, I did the typical install05:53
MitoTraninI didn't do advanced05:53
MitoTraninso when you asked about the mysql password, I don't know the answer really05:54
MitoTraninbut I would not enable the remote front-end option until after you setup the static IP05:54
tritiumah okay05:56
tritiumI did advanced05:56
tritiumThanks, MitoTranin, superm105:57
tritiumMitoTranin: so you got mythfrontend to work finally?06:00
tritiumand vnc?06:00
superm1tritium, after you restart X hopefully VNC should be good now06:01
MitoTranin!bug 15608706:01
superm1MitoTranin, ubotu broke somehow06:01
tritiumsuperm1: That would be cool.  I'll try that.06:01
superm1and so did mythbot06:01
tritiumfrontend still not working, though06:01
MitoTranintritium: I got it working via a reinstall.... :(06:01
superm1MitoTranin, could you actually link that to a separate bug?06:02
superm1i'm pretty sure that will get overlooked and forgotten there06:02
superm1given that static ip addy's will be a tough problem to solve06:02
Mersault|Homeso superm1, how much has changed in mythbuntu since the last time I tried it?06:02
superm1Mersault|Home, when's last you tried it?06:02
MitoTraninsuperm1: so you want them listed as two separate bugs then?06:03
superm1Mersault|Home, we had an RC2?06:03
superm1i thought we only had a RC06:03
tritiumhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1230/ <--mythfrontend error from CLI06:03
MitoTraninthat was my first thought :)06:03
superm1MitoTranin, yeah sep bugs if you can06:03
Mersault|Homeah, then that would have been it06:03
superm1Mersault|Home, bug fixes in the installer and a new default theme06:04
Mersault|Homeexcellent. I ran into some weird problems with the installer last time06:04
MitoTranintritium: try installing mysql-server via apt-get and command line06:04
superm1tritium, did you reset the normal mythtv mysql password somehow?06:04
tritiumMitoTranin: it's installed06:04
MitoTraninbut I did get it so that mythfrontend did work after screwing it up like that06:04
MitoTraninyes, but try it again06:04
superm1tritium, oh06:05
tritiumsuperm1: it's definitely not what I setup during install.  It's totally random, but I've copied that06:05
superm1rm ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt06:05
tritiumno, that has the right password06:05
superm1yeah the systemwide /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt is what you should be using06:05
superm1that has the right password?06:06
superm1can you try to connect to mysql manually with it?06:06
superm1oh wait06:06
superm1i see three different hostnames here06:06
superm1what is it supposed to be?06:06
tritiumfirst paste is from the backend06:07
tritiumsecond paste is from the laptop06:07
tritiumbackend is at
tritiumlaptop is
superm1where is that pastebin from then?06:07
tritiumrunning "mythfrontend" from CLI on laptop06:08
superm1tritium, launch MCC on the laptop06:08
superm1and on the mythtv configuration tab06:08
superm1double check the info there06:08
superm1and hit the test mysql button06:08
tritiumI don't have MCC on laptop.  I installed mythtv-frontend06:08
MitoTraninsuperm1: how do I make the bug reports related?06:08
MitoTraninie: I just submitted the 2nd, but how do I link them?06:09
superm1MitoTranin, just add a comment between in them06:09
superm1with a link to the other one06:09
MitoTraninah, np06:09
superm1tritium, that pastebin you posted showed it trying to connect to mysql on the laptop06:09
superm1which won't work06:09
tritiumsuperm1: but when I tried the livecd, it never worked06:09
superm1it needs to connect to
tritiumI think that's the server rejecting the request from
superm1okay lets start from the backend and work forward06:11
superm1do a netstat -ant | grep 330606:11
superm1on the backend06:11
superm1make sure its listening on all ports06:12
tritiumShall I pastebin the output?06:13
superm1tritium, sure06:13
tritiumI see ports 41035 through 41048 listed for
MitoTraninsuperm1: interesting non-related problem that might be a bug06:13
superm1how come people find bugs *after* release. :(06:14
superm1what's that MitoTranin ?06:14
MitoTranindo you remember my problem with not being able to delete my recordings etc when they are stored on my network share?06:14
superm1tritium, okay so its listening on the correct ports06:14
superm1tritium, next thing06:14
superm1try to connect from the backend via command line06:15
superm1mysql -umythtv -p06:15
MitoTraninsuperm1: I have had this problem since I got my tuner to work, which was around rc, but I hadn't narrowed it down yet enough to file a bug06:15
superm1and then type your password thats in mysql.txt06:15
tritiumfrom which machien?06:15
superm1MitoTranin, no i dont recall that problem06:15
superm1tritium, from the backend06:15
superm1want to isolate the issue06:15
MitoTraninsuperm1: ok, well I was initially having problems with my backend not starting due to the nfslockfile.lock file not being removed when the backend stopped06:16
tritiumno worky06:16
tritium(access denied, blah blah)06:16
MitoTraninso to get the backend to run again I would have to remove the file manually, then restart the backend06:16
superm1tritium, okay then i suspect your backend isn't working either.06:16
superm1tritium, in terms of mythbackend process06:17
MitoTraninthen I found these messages in the backend log:06:17
MitoTranin2007-10-22 06:26:08.280 Error deleting '/data/mythtv/recordings/1010_20071017001445.nuv' could not open06:17
MitoTranin                        eno: Permission denied (13)06:17
MitoTranin2007-10-22 06:26:08.284 Delete Error '/data/mythtv/recordings/1010_20071017001445.nuv'06:17
MitoTranin                        eno: Permission denied (13)06:17
MitoTranin2007-10-22 06:26:08.285 Error deleting file: /data/mythtv/recordings/1010_20071017001445.nuv. Keeping metadata in database.06:17
superm1tritium, can you dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database06:17
superm1and make sure you put in the correct root password06:17
superm1when it asks you for it06:17
MitoTraninSo, I then su'd to the mythtv user and he can remove the files without problems etc06:18
tritiumwhich is that random string from /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt ?06:18
superm1MitoTranin, it sounds like the mythtv backend process doesn't have write access06:18
superm1tritium, no06:18
MitoTraninvery odd06:18
superm1tritium, that's whatever you set when you first installed06:18
superm1in the advanced install06:18
tritiumI'll try06:18
MitoTraninwell, the mythtv user can remove without problems...06:18
superm1tritium, okay well try again now06:18
MitoTraninjust now I manually started the backend process via console (where before I would always use the init.d/rc.d scripts)06:18
tritiumno luck06:19
MitoTraninand now it works perfectly when deleting them06:19
MitoTraninso I checked again what the difference was...06:19
MitoTraninthe only difference is that when root deletes the file, it just deletes it.  when the mythtv user deletes the file, it asks if I'm sure06:19
superm1tritium, okay one more idea here.  dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common.  set all the stuff that is in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt06:20
superm1and then dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database one last time06:20
MitoTraninsuperm1: this is the result of the delete commands when used as the mythtv user:06:20
MitoTranin$ rm deleteme06:20
MitoTraninrm: remove write-protected regular empty file `deleteme'? y06:20
superm1it will reset the password to the info that it gets from when you set mythtv-common06:20
superm1MitoTranin, that's normal for any user06:21
superm1MitoTranin, how did you login as the mythtv user?06:21
superm1MitoTranin, well you can't login as the mythtv user that way06:21
MitoTraninjust then I did a sudo su to get a root console06:22
MitoTraninand then I did a su mythtv06:22
MitoTraninto get a mythtv console06:22
tritiumI'm in...06:22
superm1tritium, okay that worked?06:22
superm1tritium, okay phew06:22
tritiumThanks :)06:22
superm1that was way more hectic than it should have been06:22
tritiumI'm sorry.06:22
tritiumcool, frontend works too :)06:24
tritiumthanks, superm106:24
superm1tritium, no prob06:24
superm1tritium, but was this all from just disabling mysql-server?06:25
superm1or were you fsck'ing with passwords and stuff before?06:25
tritiumYes, superm1.  Without a doubt.06:25
superm1my gosh06:25
superm1that's really bad.06:25
tritiumAnd remember, I disabled it because none of these remote services were working.06:25
MitoTraninall due to setting a static IP06:26
tritiumNow, I'm trying to recall which bugs I have to file...06:26
MitoTraninwhich is something that all primary-backends should have06:26
tritium1) vnc reconfigure needs to notify to restart X session06:26
superm1mysql-server being remove MitoTranin made06:26
superm1but mysql-server needs to be restarted when that happens either way06:26
MitoTraninsuperm1: so, about the files being removed...06:28
tritiumanything else for me to report?  mythweb and frontend breakage appear related to mysql-server being removed, yes?06:28
MitoTraninthe permisions before were set as -rwxrw-rw-06:28
MitoTraninbut that wasn't working, so I changed some options and they were then -rwxrwxr-x06:29
tritiumah, mythweb access denied again..06:29
tritiumdpkg-reconfigure appears to have fixed...06:30
tritiumnow, why was that necessary?06:30
troy_sfoxbuntu: Hit me with pm if you are around.06:31
troy_sfoxbuntu: I will have those bits for you, but I would like you to have the final cluster of tones and such for approval etc.06:31
superm1tritium, hopefully you dont have to do that once again06:32
superm1but please file a bug against mcc for mythweb reconfigure not working as well06:33
superm1MitoTranin, this all seems rather odd06:33
MitoTraninsuperm1: yes... I know.... which is why I hadn't filed a bug report yet, since it's so odd that it might not actually be a bug06:33
tritiumsuperm1: okay, I hope I can keep all the cause/effect straight in all of this...06:33
MitoTraninmy network storage is on a debian system that I'm using as a NAS06:34
MitoTraninvia a samba share06:34
superm1tritium, yeah a lot of the cause and effect here are related but i suspect that they were not directly from the removal of mysql-server06:34
superm1but rather steps done after that06:34
MitoTraninthe samba share right now is set to assign the file and directory mode 777 to all new files and directories06:34
superm1to try to to resolve $things06:34
MitoTraninit used to be set to assign all files and directories to the nobody group too, but since that wasn't working, I removed that06:35
tritiumperhaps, although there wasn't much that I did before you came around and helped06:35
superm1tritium, well its the stuff after i came and helped here06:35
superm1that mixed around things06:35
superm1particularly the dpkg-reconfigure's06:35
MitoTraninit is also set to be "read/write to all known users"06:36
superm1MitoTranin, what is it mounted using?06:36
MitoTraninsmbfs gives mounting errors06:36
MitoTraninwell, not errors, but it doesn't actually mount properly on boot06:36
MitoTraninfstab entry is:  // /data/nas-mounts/risk cifs username=tvmyth,password=mythtv 0 006:37
MitoTraninif I change the cifs to smbfs, it works fine if I mount manually via mount -a06:37
MitoTraninbut during bootup it locks those dirs and any program that tries to access them06:38
superm1i'm really not sure06:38
MitoTraninbut the cifs works fine06:38
MitoTraninas far as the share goes (it always mounts without problems, etc)06:38
MitoTraninand it is mounting properly06:38
MitoTraninand all users, including the mythtv user, can delete the files via the share06:38
MitoTraninand they can write the files there06:39
MitoTraninbut when the backend is started via the init.d script, it gives the cannot delete error06:39
MitoTraninI have it started via a root console and they are deleting perfectly fine06:39
tritiumI'll be back...06:39
superm1do you perhaps need a 'user' parameter06:40
superm1in that mount command06:40
MitoTraninI don't know why I would... it works properly, as far as all the files being accessible etc06:41
MitoTraninrecordings are being made properly etc06:41
MitoTraninI can touch new files06:41
MitoTraninall while su'd into the mythtv user even06:41
tritiumCool, VNC works now, as you said it would, superm1 :)06:42
superm1tritium, did you not activate it during ubiquity?06:42
superm1or were things broken off ubiquity?06:42
rhpot1991here is a question06:42
rhpot1991I managed to screw up a recording playing around in edit mode06:43
rhpot1991now I made a backup first, so I restored that06:43
rhpot1991but my 30 second skips are all crazy, jumps 10 mins at one point, and then jumps all the way to the end again later06:43
rhpot1991something in the db I need to clear out?06:43
tritiumsuperm1: I don't recall for sure, but I thought that I did.06:44
superm1rhpot1991, just hit Q06:44
superm1in edit mode06:44
superm1to clear the edit points06:44
tritiumsuperm1: I think MitoTranin said it breaks if you change to a static IP post-install.06:44
rhpot1991still doing it06:44
MitoTranintritium: no...06:44
MitoTranintritium: I got it to work by setting it to static in the post-install06:44
superm1tritium, well that shouldn't be the case, just restart X after turning on static ip06:44
MitoTraninBUT, it has to be the FIRST thing you do06:45
rhpot1991q removes them, but it doesn't seem to save it06:46
rhpot1991cause if I go back in to edit again and hit z, they come back up06:46
superm1well hit escape when you are done06:46
rhpot1991ya did that06:46
MitoTraninsuperm1: I really need to get to bed06:51
MitoTraninI'll catch you later about this delete file oddity06:51
superm1night mindframe06:51
superm1or MitoTranin06:51
tritiumGood night, MitoTranin.  Thanks again.06:54
tritiumGood night, superm1.  I'd best file those bugs tomorrow.  I need some sleep before work.06:56
superm1tritium, okay great :)06:56
superm1try to remember to do so, i know i'll forget about them otherwise06:56
tritiumThanks again.  Have a good night.06:56
tritiumI will.06:56
rhpot1991got it fixed, had to use mythcommflag --rebuild06:56
jeezmosjust wondering ... how do people connect their pvr to the home TV box (I'm currently using uverse from att, but I think the same would be true of dishtv or any service that requires a set-top box)... is doing the ir-blaster the only way to do it?  or are there simpler ways?08:00
cann_tgm4883_laptop: i can digg it \o/08:53
billfHow do I disable all of the baloon notices pop up, like "Software Updates Available" ?14:03
=== pdragon_ is now known as pdragon
tritiumsuperm1: I'm accessing my mythbox from home.  Normally, when I go to http://my.server.example.com, I see two directories: apache2-default, and mythweb.  Now, mythweb doesn't show (even though the symlink is there in /var/ww), but if I go to http://my.server.example.com/mythweb, mythweb does load.  And after mythweb loads, refreshing http://my.server.example.com will them show the mythweb dir.17:19
tritiumIs this expected behavior?17:19
tritiumIs something hiding the mythweb dir from being viewed at the root level?17:20
tritiumI've not seen mythweb or apache2 act this way in past installatinos.17:29
MitoTraninare you sure that you weren't loading a cached root page previously?17:30
tgm4883tritium, mythweb is hidden by default17:35
MitoTranintritium: don't forget to file those bug reports from last night into the mythbuntu bug tracker please!  :)17:37
MitoTraninand on that note, I need to head out and actually do some work... later all17:38
tritiumMitoTranin: I will, after work18:04
tritiumtgm4883: that's a new feature?18:04
tritiumtgm4883: i.e., mythweb was not hidden by default in feisty18:05
tgm4883tritium, true, it has to do with now using schedules direct18:06
tritiumah, I see.18:06
tgm4883because people will access it over the net18:06
tritiumWhere is that setting made?  apache config file somewhere?18:06
tgm4883SD doesn't want you to start hosting channel data18:07
tgm4883probably in the .htaccess for mythweb18:07
tritiumThanks, tgm488318:11
tritiumGlad it's not another bug :)18:11
tafkazmythbuntus install went pretty fine18:40
tafkazi only need some little answers...havin had myth running under gnome before....where dfo i put my gnomerc equivalent ?18:40
tafkazi need to start nvidiasettings18:41
tgm4883you can start that from mythbuntu control center18:41
tafkazand i didnt get my lircrc to be read...18:41
tafkazhm....going there moment18:41
tafkazok where can i set nvisia-settings to be loaded on startup ?18:42
tgm4883wait, why would you want to load that on startup?18:42
tafkaz/usr/bin/nvidia-settings -l18:43
tafkazto have my screen maximezed !18:43
tafkazthat was the line i started in a .gnomerc file18:43
tafkazanother one....how to start mythwelcome instead of mythfrontend at startup ?18:45
foxbuntu_tafkaz, you need to make sure to setup your settings in niviia-settings for that user and the it will write a conf in the users ~./ to keep those settings18:45
tgm4883your screen should be maximized from startup. nvidia-settings should be adjusting xorg.conf  to do so18:45
tafkazhm....well i wasnt very happy with the generated xorg.conf so i took my own working one....maybe i should look into that then18:46
tafkazhm cant find anything in the old xorg.conf that would load nvidia-setting's settings18:48
tgm4883look at the differences in the screen section18:48
tafkazModes      "nvidia-auto-select"18:49
tafkazis that it ?18:49
foxbuntu_tafkaz, no18:49
foxbuntu_thats an app that selects the res based on probing info from the monitor18:49
tafkazthere is no other line that would load settings18:50
tafkazactually my screen section is huge....18:51
tafkazand the old one is small18:51
tafkazbut the picture is much beter now18:51
tafkazalso i copied my working lircrc file into /home/user18:53
tafkazwhat else do i have to do to make it be the one ?18:53
tafkazi never worked with xfce....so i dont know18:57
tafkazhm...irw says connection refused19:11
tafkazok....dont get my remote to work....have a perfect lircrc here...have the lircd.conf ond hardware.conf from my last installation....but i just dont get it to work like it used to19:24
tafkazi only have basic functions19:24
tafkazlike up down aso19:24
tafkazm......this is odd....i actually like the whole idea of mythbuntu...but it all worked on ubuntu 7.0419:26
foxbuntu_tafkaz, what remote are you using?19:29
tafkazhaupauge nova-s19:29
foxbuntu_what buttons are you having trouble with?19:29
tafkazactually i really only have some basic buttons...19:30
foxbuntu_and which remote did you select in the Remote Setup?19:30
tafkaznot even back worx19:30
tafkazi used all three haupauges19:30
tafkazbut i do have a copy of my working lirc files...19:30
tafkazhardware.conf & lircd.conf19:30
foxbuntu_I don't think that remote is currently supported by Lirc is why...and becasue of that I wasn't able to add support for it (I manage remote support)19:31
tafkazand i have a very long and individual lircrc19:31
tafkazit worked a week ago on 7.0419:31
foxbuntu_with Mythbuntu?19:31
tafkazbut now that you say it....19:31
tafkazno with ubuntu and your weekly builds....19:32
tafkazbut now it comes to my mind, that i built my own lirc then or found some other lirc.deb somewhere19:32
tafkazbecause it worx with the latest version of lirc19:32
foxbuntu_we only support what upstream Lirc does...however alot of unsupported remotes can be configured to be used with Lirc, just not via our remote config system19:33
tafkazdo you know some deb ?19:33
superm1_Daviey: fglrx 8.42.3 was released19:48
superm1_Daviey, have fun with it :)19:48
tafkazi will try and build my lirc from cvs...19:56
tafkazyou need to have the Linux kernel source installed for this driver20:00
tafkazbut it is installed20:00
tafkazlinux-source and linux-headers20:00
tafkazwhat kernel-src could configure mean....20:05
tafkazi mean...i need lirc...a newer version...and i am willing to build it !20:06
tafkazit is tared ???20:09
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "theend", sorry.20:15
mythbotMythTV -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV20:15
directhex$theend is the beginning is the end20:16
mythbotAlthough I didn't know, ubotu says: Your edit request has been forwarded to #ubuntu-ops.  Thank you for your attention to detail20:16
directhexaw poot. mythbot's much less fun than dpkg20:16
mythbotAlthough I didn't know, ubotu says: LjL wants you to know: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids. Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...20:16
therethinkerOh crap20:16
directhexyeah, #ubuntu-ops meaning the main ops channel20:17
therethinkerWell, no20:17
therethinkerI'm thinking that phenny might be in a conversation w/ ubotu :P20:17
directhexit;'s still smelly, and less fun than dpkg!20:18
mythbotWhy haven't you dugg it? http://digg.com/linux_unix/Mythbuntu_7_10_Release_Final  Once you digg it.  Then comment it :)20:19
mythbotWhat is thy bidding, my master?20:19
mythbotThe current version of Mythbuntu is 7.10.  It was released on Monday, Oct 22, 2007.   For more info go to http://www.mythbuntu.org/7.10/release20:19
foxbuntu_$poke tgm488320:19
mythbot/me stabs tgm4883 violently with a rusty spoon20:19
therethinkerI mean :P20:20
* directhex wonders how badly his latest article will be taken by the assorted distro communities20:20
tgm4883$poke me20:21
mythbot/me stabs me violently with a rusty spoon20:21
directhex/me is a common irc client convention, your bot probably needs to send the proper ACTION command20:22
therethinkerI noticed that :P20:22
directhexi need someone sexy to give me feedback on my article. i'm fairly confident so far20:24
therethinkerdefine sexy before tgm goes and gives feedback...20:25
directhexhe qualifies, you don't ;)20:25
foxbuntu_tgm4883, sure is not the person you want20:26
therethinkerFoxbuntu, dispite his foxy handle, is not foxy at all20:27
directhexand despite your pseudonym, you don't think freely at all?20:27
tgm4883and contrary to you're handle, you prefer to count in binary, not hex20:28
tgm4883indirectly of course20:29
therethinkerAnd contrary to YOUR handle, you were not born on 4/8/83...20:29
tgm4883don't forget that tgm doesn't stand for The Great Man20:29
therethinkerI thought it was completely random20:30
tgm4883everyone tries to be random these days20:30
tgm4883i prefer not to be a sheep :)20:30
tgm4883so instead of being random, i try to be unrandom20:31
therethinkerPass the salt, please20:31
tgm4883$shrink foxbuntu20:33
mythbotSorry, foxbuntu is beyond help.20:33
tgm4883so true20:34
foxbuntu_you got that right20:34
foxbuntu_you should ask my poor wife about that20:34
tgm4883more like20:34
tgm4883$shrink mythbot20:34
mythbotSorry, mythbot is beyond help.20:34
therethinker$shrink tgm488320:34
mythbotSorry, tgm4883 is beyond help.20:34
NeoFaxCan someone help me get a ati usb remote to work in mythbuntu?20:37
foxbuntu_NeoFax, use MCC20:37
NeoFaxI tried to use the mythbuntu center, but it does not work20:37
tgm4883$man tgm488320:37
mythbottgm4883 is the man, and don't forget it20:37
NeoFaxI only get basic functionality20:37
foxbuntu_explain further20:37
therethinkerwho set the man command?20:38
NeoFaxI have atiusb driver installed and running in 2.6.22-14 kernel on the most current gutsy kubuntu setup20:38
therethinker$man laga20:38
mythbotNeither I, ubotu, or Wikipedia knows about "man laga", sorry.20:38
therethinkeroh, nevermind20:38
NeoFaxWhen I push buttons on my remote nothing happens in mythtv.  however, in KDE i can move the mouse and use the pseudo mouse buttons20:39
foxbuntu_which remote did you select in MCC?20:39
NeoFaxThese r the only buttons that work on the remote20:39
* directhex prods tgm4883 20:39
NeoFaxATI kernel20:39
foxbuntu_did you have the Frontend running when you made the change?20:40
directhexfine then, /me tries therethinker20:41
therethinkerwhat? Oh, I need to fix that20:41
therethinkerI got inturrupted20:41
therethinker$slap directhex20:42
mythbot/action slaps directhex20:42
therethinkerthat's odd...20:42
* therethinker slaps directhex20:42
* directhex beats therethinker with a herring20:43
therethinkerdoes that show up for you?20:43
therethinkerit doesn't for me, it says "/action slaps directhex"20:43
directhexmythbot isn't doing it right yet20:43
therethinkerwhat is it supposted to be?20:43
NeoFaxfoxbuntu_: irw even does not work20:44
directhexACTION i think20:46
directhexwith some kind of prepended control character20:46
therethinkerits doing "/action"20:46
therethinkerACTION is running20:46
therethinkerhttp://youtube.com/watch?v=iWtxR_61CaY -- aww... even little kids love Ubuntu :-)20:49
directhexi'm not a little kid though, hence by hate and rage!20:51
pdragonwonder how many users they'll get in the classroom when Mark shows up tomorrow21:09

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